Guest, Thabiti

Guest Occupation: 
Inventor of the "Time Map", CEO at and Executive Director at, Author of "All About You" and "The Secret Wisdom of the Ages"

Guest, Tim Rainey

Guest Occupation: 
Dentist, Inventor, Patent Holder, Microdentistry Expert, Director of the Texas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Adjunct Associate Professor

Guest, Radames Pera

Guest Occupation: 
Actor, Writer, Director, Home Theatre and Sound System Builder

Guest, Jeff Speck

Guest Occupation: 
City Planner, Architectural Designer, Writer, Lecturer, Creator of the Governors' Institute on Community Design, Contributing Editor to Metropolis Magazine, Author

Guest, Marina Kamen

Guest Occupation: 
Fitness Expert, Video Workout Series Developer, Fitness Trainer, Casting Director, Choreographer, Writer, Proucer, Violinist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Aerobic Instructor, Entrepreneur

Guest, Helena Matheopoulos

Guest Occupation: 
Fashion Editor, Writer, Columnist, Author, Mediaval Historian, Linguist, Journalist, Editor-at-Large, Artist Advisor, Speaker, Artistic Administrator

Guest, Rami Kashou

Guest Occupation: 
Clothing Designer

Guest, Christopher Ciccone

Guest Occupation: 
Director, Producer, Designer, Creator, Artist, Photographer, Writer, Screenwriter, Author, Painter


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