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The purpose and potential benefits of sacred circuitry: sub-conscious light code sequences that assists with DNA activation, synaptic enhancement, Energy re-organization, consciousness enhancement and more.

A Fireside Chat with Lance White and guest Steve Richards

Aboriginal Shaman, Holographic Kinetics, Dreamtime Healer

Ann Kreilkamp weaves a magical tale, which we can all relate to on many levels.  We discuss Permaculture, EXOpermaculture, astrology and how to navigate these times and why.  A master storyteller, with wit and wisdom.  We'll have more chats this year, "by the fireside".  Enjoy!

She also writes one of my favorite blogs, which you can freely subscribe to, here:

The Expansion Point with Brad Johnson - Show #2

Topic: The Nature of Channeling

Author, Mystic, Seer and Prophet