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Writer, astrologer, Sabian symbols, Black Moon and Eris, website developer and co-creator of the Oracle Report

Carla J Fox returns with more of her journeys through the Stargate of the Milky Way!  We talk about doing the Shadow Work necessary to become lighter, as the energies have shifted dramatically.  Like raising a helium balloon, we can only take off when we throw the lead or sand weights over the side....and, the use of others as a mirror, and the 7 Essene Mirrors to comprehend our responsibility and attraction.  I highly recommend her blog, here:

Timothy J Glenn returns with some surprising updates for 2016!  During this show, he talks about Nemesis, also known as Niburu or Wormwood, and 2016 being the defining year for earth and humanity...with a chuckle or two!  He mentions Robert Sutton Harrington's video in which he talks with Sitchin called "Are We Alone"?  and mentions the Bob Dean 2008 Niburu interview with Kerry Cassidy.  We return to the vast nature of the "Cosmic Matrix", run by A.I., and "where did the Annunaki go?"  This is one show not to miss!

Alexandra Meadors interviews Jeffery Godfrey, (corrected my name spelling) an amazing healer with over three decades in Bhakti Yoga, Reiki training and VortexHealing.

The Dragon Families


High Council of Agartha

The Moon and the Montauk Program

Declaration of Independence

Earth Grid

Heaven on Earth

Delay regarding the Financial

His perspective of the Pope

Federation vs. Galactic Federation of Light

The order in which it unfolds

Ascended masters


Density: third/fourth or higher?






Chat with Dr. Black with Dr. La Theia Black

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black and special guest Marie Saint-Louis, Author of RSVP From Heaven

Alexandra Meadors continues to find herself on the other side of the microphone in Part 3 of "Who Are The Guardians?" She and Bibi Tinsley pick right up where they left off in Part Two.

What is a Guardian?

Where do the Guardians fit in regarding the bigger picture?

Who and what is the Guardian Alliance?

Who are The Ascended masters, and what role are they playing at this time with The Guardians?

Who and what is The Great White Brotherhood?

Michelle Walling shares many inspirational thoughts on the present Shift, and covers subjects regarding the "new kids", raising our vibrational frequency, and synchronicity.