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How can you meet business, social, and environmental needs and gain competitive advantage in this current world environment? How can we create a game plan for success?  What steps do we take? Can we make a difference with all of the confusion and conflicts currently in place?  We'll find out. Tune in and hear what Eric has to say.

Premier strategy and sustainability advisor to CEOs worldwide.

Bonnie is an incredible woman whose life has followed a most unique pattern. She founded the world's only academic college that awards associate and master's degrees in dog studies. She works with at-risk youth and is the winner of Oprah Winfrey's Use Your Life Award.

Founder of The Bonnie Bergin Assistance Dog Institute
Owner/Creator/Founder of Adizes - a worldwide consulting organization, Founded the Adizes Methodology™, International Bestselling Author and Speaker,
Transition Coach, Entrepreneur Coach, Consultant, Community Manager, Columnist
Public Speaker, Author, Business Turn-around Expert, Life Management Facilitator, Personal Success Trainer
Mass Communications Expert, Speaker, Media Trainer, Author, Motivational Rebel, Inspiration Facilitator, Mentor, Personal Development Trainer, Spokesperson, Music Prodcuer, Non-Profit Volunteer, Hypnotherapist
Author, Keynote Speaker, Motivator, Writer, Career Coach, Humanitarian,Ballplayer, Teacher, Community Volunteer