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Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez. Another power packed episode of real estate information.

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez, the best show on radio to learn about real estate, and how to make it work for you!

Talk Show Host, Author, Public Speaker, Private Investigator, Certified Hypnotherapist, Past-life Regressionist, Minister

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez - Today's Show was a Powerhouse Show that should become a Real-estate MUST! What is a Short Sale? What do they look for? Do you Qualify? Why do a Short Sale?

Debut of Destiny by Divine Radio with Jules Kennedy on BBS Radio, with special guest Rajkumari Neogy!

Divorce Your Debt - A Spiritual Journey from S.E.L.F Debt to Deliverance

By Terrence & Marlene Trimuel

Divorce Your Debt is a guide to wholeness. It’s a declaration of independence and a decree to become free from “every weight that so easily besets us.” It’s a conscious choice to become liberated from the chains, bondage and the traps of the enemy. We all need to divorce or rid ourselves of something in our lives, so we can truly follow God’s will and please the Master.

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez and special guest, Juan Carlos Garcia

Why Use A Home Inspector?

What are the benefits of having a home inspection? What does the inspector check for? What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection? What is a four-point inspection?

Consultant, Corporate Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur, Transformative Leadership, Coach