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Director, Associate Director, Project Manager, Staff Researcher, Statistical Analyst, Associate Professor, Doctor of Information Sciences
City Planner, Architectural Designer, Writer, Lecturer, Creator of the Governors' Institute on Community Design, Contributing Editor to Metropolis Magazine, Author
Right Wing Conservative Federalist, Patriot, Rdaio Host, Small Businessman
Mayor's Executive Assistant, Past President of LAMSA, Author, Editor, Journalist, Speaker, Chairman of Southern Christian Writers Guild, Planner
President and Founder of Doug Elwell, Inc., Bachelor's Degree in Cinema & Photography, Master's Degree in Communications, Proofreader, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Internet Consultant
Transition Coach, Entrepreneur Coach, Consultant, Community Manager, Columnist
Speaker, Counselor, Consultant, Lecturer, Radio Show Host, Psychologist, Quantum Life Coach, Author