Guest, Neveen Dominic

Guest Name: 
Neveen Dominic
Neveen Dominic
Guest Occupation: 
Beauty and Fashion Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Guest Biography: 

Founder Neveen has a passion in fashion, beauty, community development and entrepreneurship, and is currently on a Foundation Domination World Tour 2018-2019, sharing her Flawless Makeup, Skin Care Kits, and Cosmetic Business Essentials. She has an inspiring story!

Hailing from South Sudan, Neveen Dominic often struggled to find cosmetic products made for her ebony skin tone. With so many cosmetics companies touting their foundations' "wide range" of skin tones, Dominic was often let down when she found that these same companies' color ranges so often stopped short at "mocha."

She remembers the days she struggled to find any products to suite her skin tone and although she was passionate about beauty, the limited product choices made it hard to achieve that glam look every girl dreams of. The job of perfecting the complexion is even more daunting for dark skinned women, who often have to perfect intricate makeup techniques or are left without being able to wear makeup at all.  She noticed that even professional makeup artists shied away from taking clients with deep skin tones because of the limitations in their own product offerings. When Neveen saw other dark skinned women turn towards extreme methods such as skin bleaching to fit more Eurocentric standards of beauty, she knew that the issue was more than skin deep.

Fed up with having to compromise, Mrs. Dominic created Neveen Dominic Cosmetics with the goal of making all women look and feel beautiful, regardless of skin tone. The philanthropist and entrepreneur had a vision for celebrating and embracing multifaceted beauty and making accessible cosmetics for diverse women.

Naveen is the author of "Beauty from the Ashes of War: Testimony of God's Love and Dreams Come True", and the recipient of the True Beauty Foundations's "Woman of Inspiration and Impact Community Spirit Award", and one of 23 finalists for the 2018 Mompreneur awards.

Beauty from the Ashes of War: Testimony of God's Love and Dreams Come True