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Zero Point, April 3, 2010

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Zero Point
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with Dr Christopher Holmes

Zero Point Radio

Dr Christopher Holmes hosts a bimonthly online Radio Broadcast through . The broadcasts are available for online listening on the Zero Point Page at the Archive service--and include talks on the zero point hypothesis, the magical formula of 137, consciousness and the heart doctrine, the magic of nature, the tragedies of humanity, and the trials and tribulations upon humanity in these end times.  James A. Moffatt serves as co-host and commentator, along with varied invited guests.

In Kabbalah, as in modern physics, creation emerge from within-without from a Zero Point source, out of a seeming void which is paradoxically a plenum, through a hierarchy of broken symmetries in higher dimensional Space.  All of this precipitates dimensions of being out of apparent non-being, everything out of nothing.  As above, so below:

Kabbalist views of creation anticipate a series of the newest ideas in modern physics and cosmology. Kabbalah provides a mathematical model of the inherent structure of the quantum vacuum!  People do not realize that this is what the Tree of Life, the Ladder of Jacob, or the Star of David, essentially represent.   Dr. Holmes offers a modern interpretation of Kabbalist metaphysics and symbols--in the light of modern physics and science.  Dr. Holmes illustrates the relationship of  the "matrix of creation" established around the divine source emanation, illustrated by a Kabbalist on the left below, to the newest concept of a seven dimensional Calabi Yau Space  underlying every point within the four dimensional space-time complex, described by physicists Green and Atkins in recent science writings. 

On the left we have a Kabbalist depiction of the 'matrix of creation' (or intelligence) surrounding a zero point centre, with the Star of David within the inner geometry.  On the right, we have the 7 dimensional Calabi-Yau Spaces depicted in the newest models of physics.

Zero Point

Christopher Holmes is a mystic scientist. In his thought provoking website, lectures and books, he explores the enigmas of human consciousness, the mysteries of the Heart, psychology as a science of the soul, the physics/metaphysics of creation, and Zero Point dynamics. He presents a new way of relating ancient metaphysics and the wisdom teachings to modern physics and cosmology-in order to explore consciousness and creation processes, and the nature of the multidimensional holographic universe.

Dr. Holmes is studied in the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky, G. I. Gurdjieff, Kabbalah, yoga and Vedic science, and esoteric Christianity, and has investigated psychic and paranormal phenomena for over thirty years. Christopher draws from ancient esoteric teachings, modern science and personal experience to provide an inspiring perspective on the mysteries of life, death everything in between.

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