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Christopher P. Holmes, Ph.D.
Christopher P. Holmes, Ph.D.
Talk Show Host, Author, Mystic Scientist, Researcher, Author, Teacher, Lecturer, Human Consciousness Explorer, Heart Mysteries Researcher, Soul Science Practicioner, Paranormal Investigator, Zero Point Founder

Christopher Holmes is a mystic scientist. In his thought provoking website, lectures and books, he explores the enigmas of human consciousness, the mysteries of the Heart, psychology as a science of the soul, the physics/metaphysics of creation, and Zero Point dynamics. He presents a new way of relating ancient metaphysics and the wisdom teachings to modern physics and cosmology-in order to explore consciousness and creation processes, and the nature of the multidimensional holographic universe. Dr. Holmes is studied in the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky, G. I. Gurdjieff, Kabbalah, yoga and Vedic science, and esoteric Christianity, and has investigated psychic and paranormal phenomena for over thirty years. Christopher draws from ancient esoteric teachings, modern science and personal experience to provide an inspiring perspective on the mysteries of life, death everything in between.

Christopher P. Holmes was born in England, on October 7 1949, at approximately 7:30 A.M., and raised in Ontario, Canada. He graduated with a B.A. from Carleton University, Ottawa in 1971 and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Waterloo in 1978. He taught at York-University, Downsview, Ontario over an eleven year period, amidst controversy over his investigations of mystical and spiritual psychology, science and psychic phenomena. He co-founded with Anita Mitra, three centersthe Institute-for-Mystical-&-Spiritual-Science, Maple, Ontario, the Rainbow Centre in Toronto, and Zero Point in the Ottawa valley. Christopher has worked as a psychologist for twelve years with young offenders at Bluewater Youth Centre, and with adult offenders at Rideau Correctional and Treatment Centre, Merrickville. In 2003, he left the Ontario Ministry of Corrections, to further his research, writing and teaching working under the Zero Point logos.

Dr. Holmes has studied widely in modern psychology and science, as well as in the mystical and spiritual traditions. In his view, the mainstream of modern thought is seriously misguided in dismissing-the-spiritual-and-soul-nature-of-human-beings, and in failing to explore the deep roots of human consciousness and the heart. Dr. Holmes explains that a science of soul and spirit must consider the physics, metaphysics and cosmology of consciousness. Most importantly, it must also involve self study and awakening through the alchemy of psycho-spiritual transformation. Christopher's other areas of interest are in modern physics, ancient metaphysics and creation studies. He argues not only for 'intelligent-design' in nature, but provides a model of such processes based on his mystical and scientific studies. Most importantly, he regards living beings as having such zero point sources, rooted into the grounds of being, little divine source emanations, or Stars, rooted into the heavens.

Dr. Holmes has founded Zero Point, an Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science to promote the investigation of the esoteric traditions and to bring these perspectives into relationship with modern psychology and science, and into the educational system.

The Zero Point hypothesis is that living beings have zero point sources rooted into the grounds of being. Such an idea is found within The Secret Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky, mystic scholar, founder of theosophy, within esoteric Judaism and Kabbalah, Sufism, the teachings of the Dalai Lama, and other sources. Dr. Holmes explores such concepts in the terms of an individual's experience of Self, and in the terms of modern physics and science. Dr. Holmes maintains that each individual is thus such a star--a divine source emanation, established in higher dimensional space. Such an element is a Monad for H. Blavatsky, 'the God Spark' described by Shirley McLaine, and the 'divine spark' described by Sufi masters. Dr. Holmes explores the science of such possibilities, and the mysteries of human consciousness and the heart. This is a wholely alternative conceptualization of the nature of human consciousness and reality, as otherwise offered in the mainstream of modern thought. It suggests that we must understand the higher dimensional physics and metaphysics of consciousness and the heart to gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the Self.

Christopher P. Holmes, Ph.D.
Christopher P. Holmes, Ph.D.