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The Veterans News Hour, March 18, 2019

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The Veterans News Hour
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Topics: PTSD and marriage, adapting to civilian life, standing up for yourself, and other topics.

The Veterans News Hour with David Cory and Richard Hurley

Topics: PTSD and marriage, adapting to civilian life, standing up for yourself, and other issues.

Tape 1:  What did it take for Linda, an Army and Air Force Veteran, to talk about PTSD with her husband? Listen as Linda and Steve, a Navy Veteran, talk about her PTSD symptoms, the ways that treatment improved her life and their marriage, and how all Veterans can tap into recovery resources.   (duration: 4:42)
Tape 2:  When Ray left the Army, he couldn’t adapt to civilian life. He tried to cope by drinking. After a downward spiral, he ended up in prison. He connected with the Veterans Treatment Court, and his court-ordered mental health treatment saved his life. Now he gives back to the Veteran community.  (duration: 3:25)
Tape 3:  When Pauline was in the Army, she sustained severe hearing loss. She felt anxious, depressed, and had low self-esteem. After surviving two abusive relationships, she sought help from VA. Counseling helped her learn how to stand up for herself.  (duration: 3:27)
Tape 4:  Joshua had a hard time transitioning from the Marines after serving in Vietnam. He bottled up his feelings and tried to cope by using drugs and alcohol. After falling asleep at the wheel and crashing his car, Joshua reached out to VA for support. Now he has the tools he needs to lead a healthier life.  (Duration: 3:44)
Tape 5:  Elliott had a difficult time transitioning from the Marines. He experienced anger and anxiety. Through counseling at his local Vet Center, Elliott gained tools and coping skills to improve his mental health. He then returned to school and earned an associate degree.  Duration: 3:51
Tape 6:  David, a Green Beret, survived Vietnam, but when he came home, he hid his service. He couldn’t sleep, had nightmares, and drank too much. It wasn’t until decades later that he reached out to VA for support. Individual therapy helped him open up about his experiences.  (duration 3:43)
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