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Unlimited Life, May 26, 2021

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Yakov Smirnoff
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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Yakov Smirnoff

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Yakov Smirnoff

Title: Yakov Smirnoff

Description: Famous comedian Yakov Smirnoff shares his humorous secret to leading a happily ever laughter life. 

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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon
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Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Nicole Brandon with hourglass brides and Welcome to our show today I am so excited about today's gas because we're talking about laughter in a relationship and all of the show's over the past few months we've been talking about communication we've been talking about steps and stages and tools and techniques to a better relationship and I honestly can't think of a better tool and take me and laughter we talked about that on everybody's list people are always looking for a sense of humor and I know personally for myself my father proposed to my mother on the very first state

and my mom said yes and when I talked to my mom and I've asked her how did you know you only went out with him once how did you know and she said honey you made me laugh like I have never laughed before and I thought no matter what happens in life if he can make me laugh like that we could get through anything and they just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and you're still so in love so I know how important that is and today's guest is my celebrity he is a friend he is known throughout the world of making people laugh bringing up really late when you humor and bringing love so he's so excited to have Yakov Smirnoff with us today he is a Mainstay in the entertainment seen since the 1970s he was a regular guest star on your ward winning NBC sitcom Night Court he's been a popular guest on numerous national television shows including the Tonight Show you seen him on HBO you've enjoyed

humor and his critically acclaimed Showtime special Jakob he's also co-starred in movies with Robin Williams he was in the Moscow on the Hudson movie he was with Tom Hanks in The Money Pit Streep and Jack Nicholson and heartburn Richard Pryor in Brewster's Millions he was invited to perform at the White House for several of the presidents and their honored guests President Ronald can you talk to me President Ronald Reagan if you think about President Ronald Reagan and the time that he was in office and what it was like for him to be in office and he brought your coffin and he called yok off the National Treasure and I know I'm watching his work he really isn't looking to talk about some of what he's done not only for the life of the people that he's touched a train station 1992 he has performed his very own theater and that's in Branson Missouri which is just absolutely beautiful or he has entertained over 4 million visitors

he's produced outstanding award-winning shows and his mission statement is to experience happiness and then to teach it to the world with a passion to Comedy and sensitivity and his newest Endeavor is a show it's called happily ever after and it's in Los Angeles right now at the Acme Peter and I've had the opportunity to see this show twice and I can tell you every time I watch jack off and Stage something else unfold inside of me there's another part of me that is open I hear things I've never heard before from him and I hear things and learn things I've never even known about myself until it's such an amazing journey into one's own passion and compassion and where those emotions you tried and he does it with such hilarity and said that in such as we yell and such enthusiasm and such Bliss but you can't help laughing has brought everybody I know

and I certainly would like a minute you come to this show so we're there on stage you know where whether he's in a class and he just loves audiences and audiences loved him and so we are so lucky today we are so honored and so blessed and so gifted and so many things to have amazing amazing guess. Thank you so much right now I I loved introduction thank you thanks for sharing God to see your show and it's brand new every time I see you on stage

I hear something I've never heard before and I learned something in myself and there's a swell it's almost like this deep deep well and Barrel of laughter inside of me and I didn't even know you could go any further and every time I'm with you it's just he's like effervescent bubbles better coming out of joy and so booty begin how did you decide or know that laughter and love her connect

well it was something that happened early in my life when I made my parents laugh and I didn't really mean to we lived in a communal apartment in Soviet Union Nine families live together and you know my parents when they want to be a romantic they would send me to look out the window and then my dad and my dad said what do you see in the wind I said our neighbors being romantic and and and you said how can you tell if it's because their son is looking as me and my boss laughed and this was such a joyful feeling because all of the sudden there was a sense of connection and and I felt loved I felt I was in the presence of love and yes I was a little kid so I my kind of food that in my mind together this last are really

is a confirmation of people being connected to one another I'll show to believe that knowledge I went to the world and wanted to connect to my classmates and so I would make them laugh and that's what results teachers didn't care for those results but that would be the principal's office to watch made me want to continue to do this enough that even when I was coming to America and I didn't speak English my biggest desire was that I will make people laugh

it's so amazing I mean and you truly have a gift you are so tired because you touch people that are truly it's to you touch people on every level of their life when you talk to them they recognized something in themselves they recognized something in their Partners they recognized something in their family and their friends and their neighbors and in their world it's almost like you play the Symphony of human emotions of laughter your comedy shows and how did you start doing your television shows any wooden extra

well desire was there from you know you like that I used to work on you know this performer early in life I was 15 years old when I started I started you know it was a talent show in high school and I thought that was a single it was a lot of laughter during my sins so I realized that wasn't healthy however when I was doing it I got it so that was how I got to keep the van and then over the years that there was a crazy idea you know to even consider anything like that to the career because you know they're literally not thinking something at the department of jokes and all the material

the department of jokes it's kind of dangerous thing to even feel like I should have doing anything like that would be crazy so my first degree was actually seriously and so I went to school but the group the school I continue to do shows like entertain people and make people laugh and everyone was before the college military and I got was dangerous

so often during my college I started three more and more shows and actually start getting paid for that and so that's was the beginning of realization because my parents when they showed that I was making money then now now they were interested and so they were kind of supportive of me and and then you know when I looked in the cruise ships on the Black Sea and that's why I got the idea come to America because they were Americans there and they would see me before I spoke on the election at that time they would still laughing cuz of my facial expressions in time so they gave me an idea this late what what do comedy in America and was totally unknown thing to do to come to America and didn't speak English or not

absolutely and I have to learn to learn to love again

the village Dallas was the things that I was just telling the story to people in that always a think I did a 7 and 7 night I would say it's 14 and then when I came to Hollywood salted will be overnight success you know however nothing ever happens like that but I started performing at the comedy store

is that was a place where Robin Williams David Letterman Billy Crystal do it with all this people with her for me there at that time so I was here lucky to see his great performers and my roommate was Andrew Dice Clay I don't know if you know that we are contracted the concerts I'm so clean and he is all difference in a hotel

that's amazing I need just the fact that he'll grave and how blessed I mean it's really just jumping off a cliff to come to California I don't speak his language but I know that there's that when I talk to people they smile and they laugh and there might be something there which I did not know that this will be difficult I literally had no idea that episode when I got the movie with Robin Williams and then I can start doing like television shows to promote the movie it was like people to send you a life how how amazing how big that break is it was naive that I thought well he's supposed to be so I guess I have no blockage in your way. That's what stopped you

that's so great we talked about I have another show called unlimited life but I would love you to be a guest on we talk about breaking his boundaries when there aren't any limitations and how long is there life in the process of that and it's such an incredible way and that's what falling in love this isn't it when people fall in love you just go over that Cliff you just fall into the other person and you're not afraid he there's just it just feels like that's what you're supposed to do and you know what those hormones push us over the cliff I think love and laughter together and how did you when you start doing your best and it's with that or did you just say love makes people laugh for when I make people laugh they love me or love each other deeper

College I went to University of Pennsylvania an Ivy League school and and I got my Master's Degree in Psychology in 2006 so I see the lot of empirical studies because I thought this topic was very important and I I had discussions with my professor leading professor in positive psychology and and he has a very strong opinion about this year you believe that

a lobster creates love that was his opinion and I said to him did you study it or did you just make up this conclusion big-time how did you study did you have like focus groups and said yes I said what was it you said well you gave me a DVD of your Broadway show I showed it to my wife she laughed we made love there's my study

I said okay but I disagree I mean I agree with him in on the surface I think that will all agree that laughter is good for you I don't think anybody on the planet will say I don't want it I think everybody agrees and my quest started was can we use last whether we are on track or like at UPS basically and say recalculating you know your relationship just means you're off course you know those kind of things when that came to my mind and I and I thought that was

listen to it you start seeing the tax as an easy easy one to figure out what did I do this intentionally I made people laugh you know I can be tired I could be not feeling well I knew that I had the formula for that but I didn't you still know what it was and that's all became important to me because in the beginning of the relationship

I would say if you are still listeners that he would say overwhelmingly but everyone remembers a lot of lobster

and I believe that's hormonally driven because we know how to connect to on another photo station purpose and a lot of stuff animals stage and I hope I'm not shocking anymore because you might be you know ready to buy a dress and you listening to the show and I was telling you the death of me show time frame of the honeymoon stage only can last from one to two years

lippy's hormonal is driven and what it what it's doing the hormones affect trains are doctor offer and then you got to pay full price

so you getting you getting tricked into this deal right so the important part for me became what does happen during the honeymoon stage that is natural for us and we enjoy and we so much love and why can't we repeat it it's like me to me it's like making chocolate you mightn't do it intuitively however it's somebody directions to your created the recipe then you can repeat it over and over and over again so that's what is my my quest I decided I'm going to figure out how to make these chocolate cake we will make everybody laugh

and and I think it's going to be doable I really believe that I believe that the main ingredient in that cake is that you are complimenting one another versus competing with one another

and when it's over my audience and I are creating laughing together we're told me complimenting and what it means to be accept me as their leader and they sent me to guide them or take them on this journey and they told me compliment me every time they get a joke here and Dad sees me to continue to do that

so in comparison I believed in every area of our life we have someone who is good at giving Deb gift and the other person could be graciously receiving that gift

and then laughter is one of the one of the confirmation said that the transaction is happening correctly or no or a successful

if you're making love more likely you your dad again death exchange of gifts and the giving and receiving was complimentary in and you continue to fall in love all over again

naturally beautiful to think about I remember when I was watching you on stage you were talking about how your mom used to come to your shows come to the audience and end with an amazing gift to be able to do that to her and for some years I just think that's so beautiful and so for each stage of the relationship if we really can use laughter

to deepen the relationship with professional comedian so when you put in front of them to use laughter too deep in your relationship I'm actually sitting opposite I'm saying deepen the relationship and lock the room

it's easier actually to focus on the relationship then focus on Lobster you can't you can't fake your way through life by telling jokes I can do it for an hour and a half that's that's a bandaid that's not what people are missing for people are missing is it is good that complimentary a relationship that produces laughter

that's brilliant and so profound absolutely love that and then is it okay if I want to ask you for talking about the heart and we talkin about relationships about there all kinds of love

that was a love that if you talk about deepening the relationship that was a relationship that became so deep and so embedded and so part of who you are that something so magnificent for the entire nation so can you talk about that gift 11 I felt so distressed obviously as everyone else in the world destruction of American landscape and how violating is was and tell Maya because I'm an artist and that's what I how I express my feelings I started to paint and I wanted desperately to to fix what was destroyed and so in my mind instead of the towers

I placed an American flag in the shape of a heart and you can go on my website yaakov. Calm and it's y a t o z Cam and you'll see it and it said I was painting this I was envisioning got to be a call at the ground zero and I have no idea how to get there or anything like that because I was thinking the 9th of the attack and the picture in my mind was very clear that this was needs to be there and it took almost the whole year because the death time to security during death in that region was so tired and and nobody you know the politicians or the city hall or no one wanted to really talk about doing anything in that area

can I was so driven to do it and so I went again with my intuition and my perseverance and I found the people who own the building right next to the crater of ground zero and and I approached them and after many rejections I got that yes you can you can put up on the scaffolding of you destroy building or the building was damaged now you can put it out there for ten days and see if you can find you can get the permits from the city and things like that and

Charles I'm fortunately again no one was willing to to help out and I reached out is this paration to steal steal union workers have because they are the ones who put up this week structures and big Billboards and things like that and I I reached out to be I'm asking for their help and they came to to meet me in your car I had the building that actually people from Ohio that building in New York and so the Middle America kind of a spirit allowed me to be a little bit and so the New York you know they have you know that those two belts and they all cost in many different languages and you know and all of that

why are you so upset and they said well we are the ones who were carrying the bodies out of this godforsaken place if we don't want to be here why why would what the heck do you want from us you know how to say thank you for coming out and give us an idea I wanted to put up in your old shows like August and the 2002 and I wanted that mural to be there for the first anniversary of the memorial and so I

it's all good they said well are you kidding me there's no way we can do that tonight I said okay how much can I pay you you know and they said you don't have enough money Donald Trump was not have enough money to do it something like that that quickly and I said okay well I guess that's not going to happen until they're leaving their you know I didn't destroy this mock-up of of the mural and they said what he said and I said that's what I'm trying to put up and so now they got quiet and be stuck asking it's around to each other and then the leader said okay

and I said okay what it said okay will do it tonight I said well how much would it cost since you said nothing

and so now it's like I'm going so what's the catch I said do I have the permits and then I show you them the paper that I have very little and laughed and you said you don't have furnace

and you'll never get them but we'll put it up anyway

and they and they showed up and they showed up on September 7th 2002 on this Saturday night at Saturday morning 50 union workers on cars and

it's it's hard for me to even email to continue to tell you this because just saw and they and they work 12 hours straight and they and they made sure that that mural was tight in a little bit you know they went back out the mind-boggling I said to be union worker I said why why did you choose to do that and you said so I can

I can drive with my son and I can show you him this mural and I want to tell him that I

since I helped to put this mural up in the sky

it was there for 18 months it was supposed to be down here for 10 days but the ones they show it out there it was it was a design underneath the human spirit is not measured by the size of an act but but the size of a heart

next to utiful that's incredible

how much magic and how much love you have shared with so many thank you you're welcome

when you talk about her wisdom and bravery and courage and heart and that's all in the sink every step that you have done whether it's to come out of the parents to be brave enough to get onstage or whether it's to paint what's in your soul and to know that you have to share with an Asian

and you really have been Unstoppable and all you've done is share love and love and love and some more loving

what an honor what a blessing and that's on your website people can see that painting if they go to your website

you can you can just Google 9/11 mural Yakov Smirnoff

it was you what you was 200 she told by 130 feet wide it was it was standing next to it was just on the loo on all overwhelming

you saw it in your head before you painted it you know what it would look like I wish I did it would have saved me a lot of energy but I didn't I just saw it and it turned out just the way I saw it

that's incredible it really is thank you for that and I'm thinking you're not just for myself but for this entire nation and for anybody that's ever been touched him move so let me be the voice of all the gratitude for you

truly know when you do a show like you show that you're doing now you're happily ever left your show do you see that to email how the jokes are going to land or the things that you do and that you pissed I think so are you can very helpful he called in because you live here and I'm just coming back from Branson and you know some very nasty people like this wonderful director Andrew Lyman that you brought to see the shop I totally see the results of what I'm doing and I totally see that I need to take the Snapchat chappelear her laughter that we are covering just a little bit you're just a little tiny and I believe there is a huge amount of information that needs to be shared with people like your audience is listening right now need to know this stuff because without it

a lot of things that we do it now in love is like we are blindfolded and it's nice when it's wonderfully erotic or some fun activities but if it's if you if we become stressed out and frustrated and we have no guidance logical guidance not just emotional because that's that's wonderful when it's works but when he doesn't work or you know how how distracted you can be and I'm thinking about how logically Locker lockers very in my opinion laughter is a confirmation of transformation and it's something that happens instantaneously the moment however once you start paying attention to it it could be your guiding force

I think it's a great show also for couples to see before they get married or even come a couple times with my friends now and we've talked about it constantly everything you said over and over and over again and so I think that everything that you talked about really is valuable and a relationship to talk about

is the couple that have been married 75 years now eighty-year-old learned so much about love over the time that you know my parents have been in front of me to show me what love looks like and they have so much respect for each other and I heard for each other and so much integrity and the way that they light up when the other person walks in the room and the way that they put the other person person and I have had such a beautiful example of love as well as I've had laughter into tears being around my parents because they make each other laugh so often and there's such a joy and being together but seventy-five and eighty years to tell you about this area

Russian time I met them when they were you know there is a 75th wedding anniversary I saw them and then I saw the segment I said they are my poster children for happily ever lasted how many couples do you know that they're not support grandparents you know and so I reached out to them and I said I'm doing in Branson Missouri show and I sleep you would be wonderful gas if you choose to you know

come and so they did and you know I flew them to Branson Missouri it was just funny cute story that you know and the limo driver was told it's a couple with their son so he brought a baby car seats

yeah and then expect it and when they got there you know and holding hands and I said to them and they said we're afraid to fall down stayed in touch down I actually talked to him yesterday and I go for dinner at their place next weekend or this coming weekend so doing good they're still hanging in there they're still laughing and and it just it's hard and it's getting harder for them because there are there hearing aids are harder to you know too many

frequency so that's kind of stuff but still hanging in there

that's amazing what a great story what a fabulous Story I mean just to be able to think about laughing that many years and happiness for them and I was talking to somebody this week and he was talking about happiness and he was saying it's not that I've ever been unhappy it's just like when I when I'm happy now it's a different happy is open in a different way it's there something that I can explain the ground and so when you have this different levels of happiness and a relationship in and do you have that with your children do you have that kind of laughed.

yes I do and it. It's Mormon you know she's told you no longer lady evening will boost the garage

fantasy I could see her smiling and I and she said in my Santa suit and she was driving slow to the door of the of the hotel and thank you for you know and I said I pretended that it was a parade the best part of the parade was the driver of this of the clothes and I literally knowledge and she was laughing and tells me

so what did great we know we talked about on the show very often the keys and the tools and the techniques to a happy relationship or how to keep a relationship alive or how to deepen our relationship in this is such a wonderful way and we've been talking about your cell but I want to tell people where do they go to see your show because I love to be able to find you need to go to y a t o d, d Hollywood Theater tickets online so it's $5 an hour and a half or something like that

for the Acme theater and its yelka, and I still highly recommend that people go to the show I really do and one of the things that we've been getting on the show has he been asking people definitions in Deirdre hate was on and we were asking her about what is marriage what is a vowel we've been asking people what is harmony what is a contract what is a covenant and so for you what is laughter

local Local Union Station Parking

it's at its habit or E responds to to balance when both people want and that's complementary continue to come back

great definition I would love to be able to use it on the website and share that with people that's really now I'm up really great thank you and feeling what would be a kid that you would give somebody getting married a young couple what would you say how do they keep that you're saying deepen the relationship and laughter will happen if it the trash is it the truth is it

list of all the attention to afternoon if you can kind of meat is in the planning stage if you think you know this and what are the moments that did that happen because death is yours for the rest of your life if you can make a note since you took a shower together whatever we do no wrong or whatever the circumstances that prompted the flocks of geese honking yes we'll help you tremendously to later on when will naturally I'm not doing this today

and so we can always do that we can always we can schedule to go to the beach and run today I know the kids, you know you're busy and all of that good for you Tuesday so we can create the environment agency

and then people say what we need to check other law that's nice and sweet but as a scientist of lost it I don't believe that I believe that yes you can but you're making each other laugh

get more rest of the time someone is you did you take a snapshot one person gave something but it was a compliment that it was and that's the locket and that's that's one shot this moment the other person given something.

And I'm the first person see you then and boom there's a lot of it but most people are not the way we used to live to tell the law and now we don't post and deep Champion gate something very specific and the more specific. You can make that will help you tremendously in the future

what a great idea I've never thought to do that that's just a really an idea

I used to keep real for years I don't do it now it's much but they used to keep blocking Journal

and I wanted and I divorce is conscious decision that I want to be only with people or more majority of the time sometimes you can't control it but you want to be around people that are you crazed laughter with together

and because death means you're in harmony

and I was thinking about this would work in divorce court as well if you didn't work out so you can see your honor look I Journal this we haven't last 10 years

that's fantastic how how much fun you know exactly

that's the amazing until what's the next step for you you're looking to move on to the television form with your shower touched so many people and I know that you're comedy through the years is just took millions and millions of people and I love now to be able to take the comedy or happily ever after show because it is funny and it is a true and it is not real and everything I would be curious if you have people calling in or if they want to say it if they seen the death kind of a concert would be interesting to watch it would be interesting to get feedback from your audience to

absolutely I don't know if they have the capacity or not for you that it would be something that somebody would want to tune in and see how do you sustain that because I would like to be like a reality show us the lobster and I come in and help them find it or bring it back

I think that's a wonderful idea and I know when we were talking about it just at the Shell in the theater and with some of our friend really is something that can return it because it's something that spontaneously touches you and that's what I think with your show it's something even though I've seen your show several times it's like brand new show for me it's completely completely test every time that I watch you on stage I hear something I haven't heard before and something opens inside of me it's like a little click inside of me it's like a little part of me that that's finally just been released and this part that I've held so tight and so to be able to do that to a television audience

is dinner that would be so much fun to be able to do that every crowd whoever you are that we're all human for all human for all the people and we're all human you know unless you have any you know cats I know my my pets watch television so amazing I don't know what they did you know but even when I leave I try to put on nice shows for them so they're not watching it really looks like they're watching television but most of the television watches are going to be people that are and we're all like you're saying we're all connected through July we're all I wonder I wonder if one day when the commercial for cat food on TV do they go in the kitchen you think

San Jose find a food scientist Epicurious dogs they look like they're white it's amazing it's almost like you don't want interrupt them you want to say I'm leaving

but I know you chose to have even remember it watching television shows that work night time dramas and occasionally they would throw in a line that was funny a line that was real and it would totally break everything and everything will change so

I think it's great I'm not sure that we can unleash people at this hour in the show but you would be interested

and to sing this kind of show for them to be able to contact us so you can certainly email me at Nicole at the Cole brand worldwide or they can how can they reach out to you to let you know that they would love to see this kind of his child if they send it to you you can send it to me so I would love to know that what people see what the sensibility is and especially and relationships and then how did you come up with the title it's the best title I've ever heard so

I you know what I'm not sure it just came to me one day and it was like. I do the one show I was called happily ever as long as the laugh that was one show that I did but then all the sudden this came to me and it was like wow this is so much better this is so much more concise and clear and saw I fell in love with it it's a wonderful title it really is and I'm going from

scanning on a comedy stage 2 working on television to opening your very own Theater which I imagine with another challenge it's just you just I love that I absolutely love that and then coming here with its incredible show and helping all these people in relationships and so how did you decide Branson and how did you decide to come back and help all these people now

in 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed and that was a big deal because she is doing the worst jokes about Soviet Union and when the Soviet Union was gone that there was no reason for me to have my career did not have that much I need or I was releasing the tension but the tension was gone so that's what happened and David Letterman have the top 10 list and you said that analysis seems to go change the display and honey but unfortunately it wasn't so I am

they don't know what I have developed and now I can take it to good world

so it's been great and I still have the to see you today are you know I just come when you can you can find me

I highly recommend that everybody that is listening to the show come and see you because truly you are the funniest man that I know and the most loving man and I know in the most talented man and I know all rolled into one and so then it's just you know that is it three times charm but every ship buddy should be ready for people that are getting married and just starting their relationship together or people that are trying love again to have been married and something didn't work and listening to you and now they say gosh I'm going to keep a laughter Journal we have together and what it is and what we did that brought that kind of choice or even people that have been married at my parents 50 years 25 years like your friends 80 years and to be able to track what is it

siblings of those moments where we laugh together in Hoi I love the idea of having a laughter Journal I'm going to start my own and we'll have to come back on

I would love to absolutely love to be able to do that and we're so excited that you're doing this for the television show and I know that you took to be able to reach so many people with it so I'm looking forward to the audience writing in and saying what you think of this day new television show what you would like to see and certainly what are the things that make you laugh what are those moments in life that has little tiny moments right in and how you're affected because that's what it is when I saw you on stage and you would go from here laughter

could such heart and such compassion and such care and all of a sudden I found myself just so deep within myself until I moved and so I asked and then in that place all of a sudden I would start to giggle again and it take this rollercoaster ride of emotions and that's what you do you really like the Pandora's box of all the Joy on a planet so we were at everything and it said this is such an unusual group because you schedule fun schedule fun and most people have fun but you schedule fun and it was a great guy actually think about that and so should people and couple schedule son

just need to know what it is for them. Sometimes it's a different for a guy and a girl and they need to find activities that you created fun and laughter for both of them

LOL well you such a joy having you today and you certainly are

just such a magical gift and your humor your laughter your talent your timing and your heart the most incredible gift you could have given to this nation other than coming here because we are all so blessed and so honored and so lucky to have you so forever be listening go to the Acme theater and see happily ever after and absolutely go to Branson and stay tuned for the television show at channel is going to become your very favorite show and which is great gratitude of having you with us today so y'all can thank you so much

call me using can you imagine coming to this country not knowing the language and your desire your greatest Hearts Desire is to make people laugh and to be able to spread love and not only to be able to do that on television on screen in theaters

two people that you meet but then also to have a passion to be able to share your heart your pride in your love for this country and what an extraordinary extraordinary man and he gave you the great to keep a laughter Journal so that is today's take away the last your journal and that the more you love the more you connect the closer you are at the way you measure that is how you act together and fill one of our greatest teachers man philosophers Yakov Smirnoff just

truly what is next week we have a very special guests we have DC Cordova and DC Cordova's actually doing both of her shows next week unlimited life and she's on our glass Pride she is from the money and you Institute and I have taken money in you and I can tell you that it is changed my life my relationship to money the way that he talks about money and your success and so we will be doing money and you and a limited life and money in us how you deal with money together in a relationship on next week's show and then after that yes we get Arjuna we start talking about sexual intimacy and we have so many wonderful shows ahead so we thank you for being with us on our glass Pride weekend we think y'all got smirnov and happily ever laughter go to the Acme theater next week make sure you stay tuned for DC Cordova and money and I

learn how to combine your money learn how to be wealthy as a couple and really learn how to prosper and have that kind of life you always knew you can live and have everything you've ever wanted and trained of mostly people after Journal connect with each other love each other and through that deep connection love you'll be able to measure your laughter and be able to measure the kind of life that you've always known you were meant to have some of your dreams come true have a wonderful week and we'll see you next Sunday

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