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Unlimited Life, March 31, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Bobbi DePorter

Unlimited Life Nicole Brandon and guest Bobbi DePorter

Title: Bobbi DePorter - 7 Keys of Excellence 

Description: A conversation with Bobbi DePorter. President of Quantum Learning Network and CoFounder of the Supercamp programs, designed to introduce teenagers to accelerated learning, academic skills and valuable life skills. Quantum learning is used for business programs, schools, and corporations. 

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Unlimited Life

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

hi it's Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited Life unlimited life we talked about ways to lead and to live and unlimited life where there are no walls were there no barriers were there no hurdles and I always talk about turning every hurdle and every wall and everything that you think is insurmountable in your life into a gate because when it's just a gate in front of us we pause for a brief moment and even if the hinges arrested were able to open a gate and to be able to step through and that one moment just allows us to think about what's next in the path ahead
today's guest is Bobby deporter I know that through the thousands and thousands and thousands of shows that I have done over the years
I have had very few people that not only have become a personal Heroes but their way of thinking has changed my way of thinking their beliefs have elevated my beliefs their Joy there light their knowledge has illuminated my life and I can honestly say that I am better than I am different that I am forever changed because I have met
these heroes in my life and Bobby to Porter Falls in a category of the hero of Heroes when I first met Bobby you looking for Avi and she looks like a princess he looks like a queen there is Grace there is Elegance there is beauty extolling and the knowledge and the wisdom that's instilled within it is just insurmountable it's incredible but what's most profound to me is the work that she has created with our children and our education system around the world really changes the way we think about education and the way that we think about learning
I have the opportunity to watch her super camp videos for super camps before it ever had the opportunity to actually go to a super camp I had the opportunity to see a video in advertisement trailer for super camp
and I cried watching the trailer for a kids summer camp and I remember as the tears are rolling down my eyes I couldn't believe that I was crying trailer for kids summer camp but I was so moved by the joy of these children and I was so moved that their lives were changed by going to the summer camp that there was somebody that saw them that there was a camp it figured out a way of how kids learn that if a kid was Musical and they loved music they could actually teach trigonometry or teach math room music if they were visual they were artistic they would be able to see things in those pages and it actually worked with each child on the way their particular brain works and things and then shared with them how to see that and everything so school with easy school was seamless education was fun they were Heroes they were leaders they worked with kids from all of
the world and all these different universities in different cultures their grades just climb they wouldn't have got incredible grades incredible SATs that got into colleges and their relationships with their Community are their children their families everything changed everything grew everything was possible because of the super camps the way these children were taught was amazing and then as I learn more about super camp every time I saw the videos every years I would still crying because I never stopped being touched by the power of super camp and then I learned about their Quantum learning programs that they actually teach teachers how to teach them differently and they teach Educators and principles and they teach parents this is the way your child thinks incredible programs and recently we've shifted as a society to our kids learning on Zoom
and it has been a very
difficult transition from any children because kids are unzoom and their parents are no longer parents their parents are they teachers kids hatin they don't want to be home they're not socializing the obesity rate has skyrocketed and so much has changed in our kids education system and I was looking through the archives of our show and I was thinking is there any show that is Evergreen and vitally important that this information is important today as it was yesterday is it will be tomorrow in 10 years from now and don't show that will really jumped out at me was Bobby deporter because learning
never goes out of style education never goes out of style our love for our children is Everlasting and never ending and so I am thrilled to present to you today show with Bobby deporter truly one of my all-time Heroes Google super camp Google Bobby deporter Quantum learning learn as much as you can and her keys to living by the keys we all should live by it's a way that each of us should have these Keys instilled in us how we speak with good purpose how we speak Our Truth all of these things in the who we are as people how we show up in the world and how we live and learn from each other so I am thrilled to person to you today is unlimited Life episode with Bobby deporter and the keys to Excellence
thank you Nicole I really appreciate that just love who you are and what you do so it's a pleasure to be on here with you
thank you so much it truly is it such an honor and of all of the program and wanted to think that we tried to do with his Bridle and how to make the relationship work out of make their life work how to make your relationship to the cooking some people are marrying somebody that already has children and their step parent dying like The Brady Bunch of families what is starting over the other lies from husbands were lost at War starting again and so that we know of any sign of herself and that we teach her children into each other and what make relationships work. Try listening today than to have you so much
now you're very welcome you know that it's at the 18th of think of it is excellent they keys of Excellence is really about knowing who you are and coming into relationship is the most important thing is being really secure and knowing who you are what you value what you stand for and then looking at your your partner and what do they value and what do they stand for so the Eight Keys of Excellence her about a Guidance Center of principles that really Define a relationship and need to find a family is you come together as a unit and I think it's so important I know it's so important as you come into a relationship to take the time to really discover sometimes we let you know I have different types of conversations but getting in one about really discovering what each of us values and how we lead our life because it's about you know you're relation
put yourself first of all really knowing who you are so you can bring it into the relationship and then it's your relationship with each other and then as you come together as a unit you know it's how do you go back out into the world to it snowing on all of those levels
until what am I depressed about how to get the finances and look for keys and how does somebody know if it's even around it
first of all of our teeth are Universal principles one that would everyone would agree with that those are important and then we get deeper into volume but having that poor set of principles I think it's the first set of you know that you practice them it's like you can learn them in a few moments 10 minutes we can learn them on the show and then it's up to each individual to say how does that apply to my life because I've been teaching Yankees of Excellence for 30 years and I'll tell you when our office every week at our weekly meeting we talked about one of the keys and you keep going deeper and deeper and they keep showing up and all areas of your life but when you're aligned with somebody else that makes touching it important different that you know who they are because when you know who they are and you know what they stand for in that they share your principles and then you know what their values are it builds trust and it's all about trust
knowing yourself knowing the other person in the communication and it'll one of our our first Cheese's integrity and with Integrity it's about matching Behavior with value do with Integrity it is working at what you value and what's important in your life and one exercise we have is where each person sits and just write in journals let it flow just what are your values I'm looking to see what stands out and then you can take a Venn diagram two overlapping circles and one of you write your values on one Circle and the other on the other Circle and then you compare them and have a conversation and anything that overlaps you right in the in the middle and I think that that is the basis of a relationship is knowing what your shared values are and then putting attention and activities on those share values because that will to find your relationship together
that's amazing because my parents last week just celebrated their 50th wedding such a beautiful relationship and my father proposed on the first date
they love to tell the story how she could make a lot like that they can get through anything and my dad always told me that my mom has wedding anniversary my mom was saying it wasn't just him and his sense of values she said I eat with a Chance of integrity and she couldn't even through the years he was going to present Maryland state if people were losing money in the night and if he didn't think that they were going to be okay or that they did the right thing or what was happening in her life and she said and even the community he always
gadgets that you can't use a negative doing the right thing and his value to always took every day of their marriage she comes over and over and over and over and over again for you to say that that's that my mom is just share that with me last week as one of the foundations of the wiser and you know that they recognize the values in each other and I think that's why he would impose on the first date because when you hear your behaviors match your value they come they shoot out of you and then if they match who you are or that something that you value as well you feel that instant connection an affinity for each other and and that you know you talked with your father that he doesn't just buy you something but he doesn't just talk about it but his behavior is out in the world they do it over and over and over and that's that congruence where your behavior is matcha
values and then knowing each other values and behaving and having actions in a way that they see those values and that you share them until that creates added attraction that's beautiful that they've been together 50 years that's wonderful
what a wonderful already married with Children you can put as many circles as you have family members you know Annie Chen it's important that you just reflect on your values privately without writing and in front of everyone cuz you get influenced by what else is there but help here just to look at your guys and write them down and then look at the page and look at where those are connection I think this is one of the most important absolutely the most important thing to do before marriage with your such a commitment because you know I do know if people that have very sad stories that got married and very soon after found out that their values didn't match and some really core values or or needs you know from each other and you know I could find I can bring at least six people to mine
remind where I know that that happened and it's really sad so it's like to find out ahead of time and to really focus on that shared area is just too important to limit what is the activities of that shared area so that your actions and behavior and time is spent together
text beautiful I love that takes that's where we view failure is feedback that provides us with the information we need to learn grow and succeed and to me it's it's always learning and growing and you know that there's going to be so many mistakes that happened in life but in a rather than holding back and not willing to risk it stepping forward and be willing to take rest and then learn and grow because you know we'll be better next time in a relationship there you could do something that hurts the other person's feelings or you know other things that could happen but when you know you you want to feel free to live your life and what you're doing and that exuberant sitcom that you want to express yourself and stay cool be made but always know coming back to that place if I'm always
learning and growing and I'm going to be better and encouraging the other person to step out and take risks and learn how you can come back and learn and talk about what did you learn
I mean I know when we would want to know that when you're teaching children that they connect to right away
yes we have to step out you know and it is that sometimes we don't take risks because we worried what other people will think of us are that will look foolish and we want to be in that safe environment where were willing to risk because you know everything every mistake we have there is internal and external consequences and usually the external what really happened is it so that you know we can correct it but you know we want to be strong and side because internally you know when we make a mistake sometime most the pain is just what we put on our self
I got a wonderful wonderful day and then what
connect to speak with your purpose and this one is so powerful in relationship because relationships are built on communication you know I think of it as the glue that holds it together and that I think think you know the single most important instrument in a relationship is our mouths you know it's like what comes out of our mouths and in fact that he came from a book called Rolling Thunder which is about a Native American Indian and the book is written by Doug Boyd but he he says in the book that to speak with good purpose only
and it's about direct clear honest communication but the big key is that it's always with good intention you know when we're honest and direct it's always it could look like in a corrective feedback or something to knowing us or something that's going on but with good intentions it's like are you saying something to build the other person up or to tear down and the doctor Lozano who I study with one of the things he said is that there is no neutral and just coming from that point of view that there is no neutral everything that you do and say is either building up yourself another or tearing them down so we choose our thoughts you know that it's a choice of what comes out of our mouths so we think before we speak and make sure that Our intention of are positive and our words are sincere and there is no greater place to practice that
our relationship with another
I love that I was just this week and I just got back from Salt Lake City Utah and I had the privilege and you was talking about when you ask a question but you get that answer instead of when you ask a question
you know negative answer isn't even in in the question that we asked and they also have any intention of giving him and we can think the best not assume the worst it's a good place to start by assuming the best we have a communication skill that so so powerful I call it magic because it can turn any conversation and it's called we call it otfd which is open the front door
and the old if they all stand for something is to observe your feeling your ear thought your feelings in your desire and so with you know when something happens if you're upset with something it's like all you came home late again and didn't tell me then the other person is just like feels awful and I was lead that awful feeling at the end if the person that you're saying it to feel awkward and embarrassed and what do I do now that if you go through the OT ft step the first step is Observe and the it could look like you start with I statements I was with I statements is I noticed I noticed that you cut me off when I was you know talking and it happens a lot and I noticed that
and in my thought is that you don't care about what I have to say and my feelings is that I feel you know hurting frustrated next day I feel lonely when you do do that and so my desire is that you listen until I get my thawed out before you tell me your opinion and you know what happens when you go through an OTF D with your what happened but you observe what you thought about it what you feel about it and what you want to have happen I think that's the magic step cuz I did it just leaving something I feel frustrated you know you say that what I wanted you know I want you to listen to me in the future because the other person can say wow dancers I didn't realize but yes I can do that at least some with yes I can do something versus just that horrible feeling that just kind of hangs in the air when you just say oh I'm so upset with something
call the visible communication because the person knows what happened what's your thought what you're feeling and what you wanted visible it's not hidden with it did it again another person squirming I did what with a really powerful one
I love the open the front door so the greatest school and let you think about that and I can see how it would be. You did this even though you can say I noticed you did this but it's just I noticed or I saw or I heard you know that something that I observed and that last one you know about cutting off Josie's this one on me my husband Joe because he did not want to talk sometimes you know and he'll start something and then I go right into my head oh how does that match what I want to say how did you know I had an experience like that and he's sitting
you know I had something else I would tell you tell you cut me off so you know sometimes it's had we gotten to where you can do that hand thing don't smell there goes against the other person's part is apologize to have a four-part apologize that goes on it so you know when somebody says what they want you know that I was hurting at the ceiling this is what I want the person can come back with a four-part apology which is the first is acknowledge acknowledge what happened it's like yeah you know I I I cut you off you said this before and he and I wasn't paying attention and I cut you off again I really apologize for doing that I apologize for cutting you off
on inserting what I think before you know that you got everything out so that when I say I apologize it's really different than just saying sorry you know sorry sometimes different sounds of tears but when you really stop and look at the person and say wow I acknowledge I do this I did this and I apologize and it's how do I make it right you know how I can make it right is that I in a commitment to you know when you start talkin I will take a breath and and listen you know or maybe there's a favor I can do to make it right every time you know I do cut you off or come late or whatever it is I do a favor and we make a list of favors and then I recommit recommit to Arie commit to paying attention and doing my very best not do it in the future so
you know what it really is about being real and honest and it shows care for the other person that you don't just left things off that it's important to keep a Clean and Clear Place
thank you so then what would you do
connected this is it make the most of every moment which is focusing your attention on the present moment and keep a positive attitude I do make the most of every moment because they sent the plans that you get so busy with with your big event and rather than making the most of every moment leading up to it and really enjoying the conversation enjoying the interaction since joining the Gathering do you know so that you always have a positive attitude and one is not thinking about the past if there's are hurt from the past let that go you know do what you need to do to Let It Go but be in the present moment and looking toward you know that yes you have a big beautiful future date but take the time to enjoy it and keep a positive attitude I know myself on my wedding day everybody was so busy getting ready that I didn't really pay attention to myself
and my mom was so busy that she couldn't pay attention to me everybody had something that they were doing and I remember I actually almost feeling sorry for myself in a moment it's like my big day nobody paying attention to me because everybody's so busy it would have been in time to use my communication skill you know and look what I need for myself but to be in the present moment and not being worried about what's not happening but feeling just so joyful grateful about what is happening
you are a sign that you talk about that because so many people that we have on the show talk about that how many people miss their wedding they don't even remember that they're so busy that they don't even
find a good present for the moment even enjoy the day as if they're absolutely and you know all the people that are gathering all your family and friends all the most important people in your life or their you just want to look them in the eye and breathe and connect with every single person that there
the number I'll tell him you were saying the vows was I remember thinking it's now it's really now it's really now she's been listening to what's that oh my God
funny really funny how lovely absolutely lovely Brent Hansen relationships in the life not only with each other about yourself when you're loving them and that's important that you know who you are and you feel good about your behavior and yourself and when you come from that place you have more to get
and I know you talked about living above the line for action and it being responsible for our thoughts feelings words and actions and owning the choices we make and the results that follow so it is we have a line and you know that we've had people that have put a line around their house there with their kids out of a poster with the line and there's a statement about where you living and you're either living above the line or below the line below the line behavior is where we're not taking responsibility so below the line Behavior would be things like justify your actions did I am no I really didn't do that it was someone else in or blame
others for what happens and work wit and those are all below-the-line the haters are we not taking responsibility above-the-line sometimes we stay with responsibility or respond ability or our ability to respond and then we have this ability to respond it's really about the choices we make and coming from that point of view everything in our life you know we have choices and so whatever we say whatever we do you know sometime I say all I'm so busy and all this and then I go wild who created all that business that would be me but it's the choices we make and that when we
make Positive Choices when we take responsibility for things that's where the power is you know when you do something that affected somebody else when you step right up and say I'm the one that made the mistake what can I do to make it right this is you know that you're important to me to know listing things that you can do taking responsibility for all your actions and and and the choices that you do make first of all you know that first while you made a choice with each other and that that is such a powerful place to do is take responsibility and not blaming your partner
and you know that we are taking responsibility for ourselves and it leads to the other key which is commitment and because you know when you make a commitment
I think it's it's your responsibility in the choices you're making how the keys can blend together commitment I mean that's the word in marriage that's the word that there is that you're making a commitment to another and I always look at commitment is something that you know we don't take lightly it when you cross the line there's no going back just you hold it in the place of never going back at the old looking forward a commitment without making your dreams happen what do you want to create together and hold it for you to whatever it takes no excuses you just moving forward because commitment you know there's different examples one is when you skydive in jump out of the plane think about you jumped out your wedding day as you jumped out of the plane and there's no going back yuno that all you're doing is going forward to the future and towards your dreams and what you're going to do together and always holding that is your mindset because otherwise
no doubt can come in and different places and you just never come from that place you committed at the cross the line it's forever that's it
I love the word responsibility
will it rain in word that is
because we do have you know some things don't just happen to us
we have the ability to respond we have the ability to make choices it's only the choices we make and the results that follow because we're making these choices and it has certain impact in you fully on everything that you do
and I just thinking about it and we had gone and she was talking about what is about what is marriage what are these words actually and the word when you want to talk about it that way as if you're jumping out of the plane as if he's committed your whole heart. I'll be in your moving forward
what a magical I love him and again you feel good about yourself everyday and what a nice place to be that your feel good about yourself you feel good about your partner you're sharing principles and values and you're going forward in a focused on your dreams and commitments together very forward-thinking you feel like there's forward movement versus being stuck in a place you know which it's always feeling inspiring in and going forward no matter what
even when I am really tired
who is he when you're really tired when you're really tired it's like we have met most of it's a pretty busy lights and full lights and we make time for each other and you know sometimes I do so much better I'm traveling and I'll go to bed and let this really is a moment for me when I wake up in the morning because the alarm goes off and there's this you know I'm so tired and and can I get a few moments sleep and then when I get my body to you know get up a little bit and then I throw my legs over in my feet touch the floor and it's got instant anchor for me when my feet touch the floor like oh I love my life I'm so glad to be married to Joe I love what we do in the world that looks like I almost forgot
apartments in Southern Pines
Patrick Reed and it's absolutely love that and I love you and you know I want to get to all the amazing and I look so much and there's a joy if you walked in the room and then you know from everything the way you can work people and what you doing the world and so new and this is the very first and you have any secret on what makes them that the marriage work and last name
well one day when is the next he actually which is flexibility you know that being willing to do things differently and recognize what's not working and change to get your goal so there's that was going to be saying that you know I have a path I know what our values are and we're doing it together but if something's not working and I want it done a certain away you know it's being flexible so we're both flexible with each other you know that he could be as simple as you know coming home earlier than I do from the office and you know then he'll be flexible with okay with something else that's going on with him that we're getting space for each other and with what we want to do in that moment and you know something isn't working that. Yeah we try try a different way
it is just being flexible and not rigid opposite of being rigid
you know that Joe there was certain things that you know that I cooked that are his favorite there's some other things that he cooks them and so flexibility is that he's taking over the cooking in the house I'm just being flexible
I love to do it.
oh my goodness and then throw pillows kids balance live your best life be mindful of yourself and others while focusing on what's meaningful and important in your life and inner happiness and fulfillment come when your body and your mind and your emotions are nurtured by the choices you make but I love the part of being mindful of yourself and others I could say be mindful of yourself and your partner you know why poke while focusing on what's meaningful and important because that's what the film it come to no balance I talked about being tired sometimes I do a lot in the world and you travel and you do things but it's it's that sense of fulfillment you know I'm doing things that are really important to me Joe is really important to me my children are very important to me the work that we do is very important to me and find mine full of myself and others
you know why it's as we focus
what's meaningful and important in our lives so it's a different than I used to think about Alan says one-third one-third one-third or personal relationship and work that's my life never knew everything kind of blows true and I look to see what is Meaningful and important you know I can be working on a project but then there's something I know that's going on with my granddaughter and he's on the East Coast so I stop and get a text or call her get involved with her just all the things that are going on in the life just that when you know it's important that it it does fill you up and you have that sense of fulfillment that comes and that's a beautiful place to be why you feel
Fairfield and inspired everyday
if somebody can work with you with learning how to be able to practice them or you coming their life they have a program called a cheese 8 weeks until it's 8 she's 8 weeks. Calm and every week will be focused on another key and there is all kinds of conversations and activities and book book chapters about the key as well as audio conversations where we've gone in depth with each one of the key so there's it's a prompt you know I know that someone focusing on a kiwi
will have better relationship feel better about themselves to shift in their lives it will guarantee there's no way not to buy by focusing on them because we get what we focus on and focusing on these together what a beautiful way with your partner to focus on the keys because there's so many activities and conversations throughout this where you get together and have that shared conversation or what do you value or what what are areas that you have problems with or more challenging to make of this is that moment out of than just really go deep and have the conversation early on is just so valuable cuz of knowing who you are and who your partner is and coming together to know what is it that you're going to share and are you going to spend time and how you going to be with each other
I love it I think that this is so valuable for couples after stepping out Sports her wedding and even valuable for those of you that everything I know we have so many lizards are the married 25 years and more people that have been in a long-term relationship and that you're choosing to be part of this show relationship and I cannot think of a better idea in a better thing to do as a couple to go to excuse me until we have to live above the line stronger that are healthier and nearly the kind of Fairy Tail
thank you so much for sitting at and I wanted to ask you about super Cam and I either travel the world talk everywhere I got a lot of things that I don't think I talk about anything more but I talked about supercamp any chance I have at a restaurant at a party and I don't have to do think that this is Julie you know if I had all the money in the world I would think it's the greatest program
it is such an angel programming and it's the values you talking about you and still through an educational process have children or their marrying somebody with children they're integrating families and even those that don't have children yet or starting family that they will have children and they will want to find you in the future so let's take a little bit of your time and a residential programs we hold on beautiful University campuses where they didn't comment a live on the campus of the get the experience of the dorm and and the atmosphere has been a beautiful Campus of such as Stanford for 22 years now or at UC Berkeley we're at Brown University and wake supercamp is is where students discover a lot about themselves just what we're talking about they go deep into who they are
and they get validated for who they are especially in teenage years often times didn't you're trying to fit in or discover who they are or want to be like your act in certain ways to be like but you're really know as you know a student we have middle school high school in University age programs where they come and they really look deeply into who am I what do I value how do I show that how do I show up in the world and that their shift that happened in their life it truly is a transformational experience where they come with all this discovery but along with that they're also learning skills on how to operate at school in the world so things like effective reading and writing and thinking and speaking in memory and note-taking you do people learn differently and when students learn about themselves and how they learn best what kind of learner I am what kind of strategies will work with
you know for myself as because you know we have belief that everyone can be successful learner that they need to learn who they are how they learn best and then match with specific skills they start feeling inspired about themselves look like wow we know the way that we have it the program orchestrated everyone successful we call these many successful is because you know they'll start out with maybe a memory Skilling they'll learn you know 20 items and then they don't know what it's connected to and then all the sudden they run they learn that you know the first items on the periodic table are they learned you know the order of Millie countries they learned something that they can repeat and it's like the amazing tales but mostly it's also looking at what is a stink and finding a voice so really learning the content well so when is about Mastery of content and then it go
you have to have to master content know it so that you can think about it so that you can analyze an associate they start getting excited about their thoughts and have you ever thought of it this way and just my opinion and and then having that confidence to voice their opinion because it takes courage and confidence to open your mouth and speak your opinion and not worry about what others will think of you you know but it's it's getting engaged in conversation so when they come out of super camp there had that energy and feel proud of who they are they feel good about their values and how they're leading the light they have dreams for their future so that it that's what a transformation is is it happen until I get so excited you know when I'm there myself this is 30 under 30 second year I still go around to visit the super camps I'm there at graduation where I I hear them sharing about what
I learned what they got and I still cry at graduation so every time your video your trailer
open your heart to see such confidence xhilaration just lie I mean it's jumping off the screen with happiness with the sickness with the portrait Vision they know where they're going they have in a way that you can help us with every time I see it and then I guess we do on the Terrace commonly spend 2 hours with them at the end of the program where the parents are learning a lot about what they their children learn in a very fast for him but you know it's interesting because sometimes the parents will say well I'm coming just to learn what my child weren't so I can support them and then just in a couple of hours though be going through some of the processes that I see kind of interesting look on their face and it's
wow I just made a shift myself I just went deeper myself so they get it themselves when they come as well
and then how old are the kids if we start at 11 so it's going into middle school and middle school program in the high school program High School is 14 to 18 and then we have a university Edge program which is called Quantum you so that's 18 to 21 and then after middle school high school after they've been to super camp once and there's a leadership track that they can join when they get more leadership skills we have in a 1-1 student came to me and said this is my eighth year at supercab but I had to go my gosh when did you start eating too many program we also have what we call a super Viscount so we have super camp strategies applies I tried to put a worship so that's a new program for the summer as well
that's Fantastic Four how did somebody find super camp whether you're 11 or whether you're 20 or whether you're looking for camper business if we can't, we'll have all the information about the program and videos to watch and date and also from Super you can get to our other side says well right on the gate key sites on our educational programs that just go to super camp. Com
the one you're doing is so remarkable. And you think that I mean that's why I work so much and I think everything help every time every every color in the rainbow is gorgeous in your programs and Trust in a marriage and in a relationship there are no greater.
E85 and for the family I should be able to bring children into this world and then doing the 80-day that they relationship will have this all very solid foundation of the relationship and that will spread into the family because it's an ongoing these principles are ones that hold forever and when you know someone else's living and sharing the same principle that builds Trust
in our organization that we focus on the keys the key a weekend and that we have every single person in our organization give the key talk and they talk about what that came into them so it's a constant practice you know that it's so much more than words on the wall or wall signs you know it's true it's going deep and it's an every conversation and sometimes you know we do have hand motions but we'd have with each of the keys and sometimes somebody will be saying something and all we have to do is signal you know the signal for speak with your purpose and it's like oh I get it you don't even have to say anything so real quickly will use a body location either mnemonics and things that help us remember & Body location because you take your body everywhere with you and the either part of you so they become you but the first is integrity which is match Behavior with value can we write a
Beyond the Palm of one hand with our finger and do a v on the other hand and put our hands together that's congruence when they line up and put them on top of our heads so we put Integra match Behavior with values with our hands on top of her head and then we touch our nose because that's the sweet smell of success at sweet smell of the stuff that we say failure leads to success and we think about it by touching our knows where we learn from mistakes so tell your way to success is touch your nose then the next is equal good purpose so we take one hand up by her mouth and open close open close like we're talking so that speak with good Purpose with good intention and then we put our hand on Arch in foot arch in up up in the air which is a positive attitude so it's of this is it that this is that positive attitude is putting her hand on her chin
and then we make a commitment sign with our arms like pumping her arms both bar arms up like we're doing pumping and that's commitment and you can actually your arms look like a t on both sides so that's commitment and then we put our hands on our stomach for ownership because that's the power place in the power is in the ownership and everything we put in our body do we take ownership its own the choices we make in the results that follow that responsibility and living above the line and then we Bend our need for flexibility be willing to change things and be willing to do them differently to achieve our goal
and that our feet on the ground is balance balance is live our best lies being mindful of our self and another while focusing on what's meaningful and important in our lives so that the 18th of that, or we take them everywhere with us
and you can also if you know any classroom or that you could put in a child's room yes we do we have Wall signs that are Keys all separate key so that we ate ate small piece that you put up on the wall we have what we call key card which is a ring with cards on them that you can put one key there's a card for every key so you can hold them on a key-ring and those can be attached to just about anything notebooks or hung on your mere we also have the wristband within the Classic rear colored wristbands and different colors on the keys having a key to Excellence book that's all full of stories to tell about the 80 so there's all kinds of resources
knowing I was thinking about Dick earrings and that eats cookies and yeah they're always just such great gifts and you have to give something away and especially what you doing on the website and I would really love you to be a part of it is that we have bridal registry on the website and I just think that you're 18 and a program for a couple years for the bride and the groom gifts them the 8th program to be able to have a relationship
jealous man you looking for really that special gift to give to the bride and groom or if it's your sister getting married brother whatever that these are fabulous fabulous things that you can get from your heart and I think it's so wonderful I love it
it's so pretty how do people find you you you know if they're looking for the keys program they're going to go to what was it that 18 8 weeks. Calm and it's numeral 8 numeral eight Keys numeral 8 weeks. Com till eighteen eight weeks. Calm and also can go to find out about super camp at Super
and I actually recommend that you have a child if you know a child if you have a team if you have somebody looking after going into leadership program where you got some child that is uniquely creative and this is also everybody shirt individuals burn your individual to individual way that you see like and give you those to be confident and like you said to be in the morning to live your life should not a wonderful things are happening around you are missing
cuz which happening in their life in their missing their child and it's wonderful that they can learn together enjoy
are there any before you go any family secret so you have such a beautiful family
well with a shared values really I always want to see what Joe likes to do as well as you know what I do cuz I I love to get excited so I get excited about things and sometimes overtime I get focused on something I'm excited that I just did or something just happened to our conversation and learning more and more to stop and just ask him what was exciting that happened to you today or something that you want to share what something you want to do and putting another focus on the other person and I always see I'm always interested in what he has to say I just stopped and greed and just really look at him him in the eyes and just he knows that I'm there listening and that I care and then I want to know you know what is up with him and what he wants to share about his day
thank you Bobby friss it's remarkable information every time I'm with you I live I learned I grow I am elated and I wish I wish I wish I was between 13 and 23 years old in my Camp is a place to run into growing if we use those principles as people who uses principles in our relationships with ourselves with her husband's with their wives with their children with our community with our business colleagues with their partners with our friends if we use the keys to Excellence as a roadmap and as a yardstick in as a way to live in Tulare we would certainly have the tools and the keys on the secrets to really leading and living that like that we so desire and deserve and so
unlimited life
absolutely absurd is the word Relish in these keys to excellent and indeed you will be living that I limited life that you always dreamed up but thank you for being with us on this extraordinary Journey with Bobby to Porter and the keys to Excellence we look forward to seeing you here again and a limited life and follow us and our other podcasts like followers on Instagram on Facebook on you two would love to know your thoughts about the show with happening in your life things that you would love to see in to learn and she know we are always here for you ready to launch you into the world of your dreams deleting to live the unlimited life you dream of desire and deserve

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