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Unlimited Life, March 24, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Jodie Myers

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Jodie Myers

Jodie Myers - Cinematographer that films Childbirth - MyBirthMovie

Title: Jodie Myers 
Description: Speaking with Jodie Myers, creating a cinematic masterpiece of the first moment of life. Memories that will live forever. 

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Unlimited Life

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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hi it's Nicole Brandon with unlimited life Welcome to Today Show today we have a really special extraordinary episode for you today today we are stepping off the beaten path and as we talked about leading and living in a limited life that means infinite possibilities infinite possibilities are at your fingertips when I met u t Myers I was absolutely Enchanted because one of my favorite questions to ask people when I meet them is the did you know did you know when you were six or seven years old that you were going to be an astronaut a firefighter red dancer an author of Professor a research whatever that is said that person is sharing their gifts with the world that did you know when you were little did you have a clue and an inkling is that who you are is that what came out and I'm always amazed
when people say no
I thought I was going to be XYZ and something happened in my life or I woke to the fact that I had this incredible Talent or this natural ability I had I never really was something that the world would want and need and absolutely be hungry for and something that could change people's lives at such a global level that it would make it impact in an etching humanity and change our lives forever I always love those stories those are the ones that we read about in books are the ones that for our lifetime those are the stories we remember forever and Jody Myers just something that I just think if you can have a parallel life and you could be many things like I always thought I would love to be a ballerina Anna mermaid in this American a whole bunch of things all at once
it would be great to be Jody Myers because what she does is she is a filmmaker and she films childbirth
Ritchie films
childbirth she actually films those moments when the baby is being born in coming into the world starts the movie
just a little prior today and can continue the movie on into the first few years of their life but she is there in that moment
Pet Life is being born
she is documenting that moment the joy when somebody first hold their child there are no words when you ask people to explain that choice but you see it on so you see loved in a way you can never put into words the boys you know it's love
you know it's Venus do you know it's like it's
the most magical mystical marvelous
thing that you could possibly ever share with the world life being born and she has used her artistic talent her gift for filmmaking to be able to film
these babies coming to life these mothers and fathers receiving their children for the very first time and what that is like and I am so excited to dive into her mind her world her gift and her talent and to share with you to these extraordinary guest Joey Myers
dirty welcome to the show
thank you so much for having me Nicole what an intro while you got me a little emotional there when you talked about my dad is when you were little when you were five or six or seven or eight now they can enjoy the joy of life or the Tree of Life
you know I put that's actually a good question because when I was going to film school so many of my fellow students were filming of dreaming of being filmmakers since they were little since they saw a key for the first time Star Wars and that was never part of my vision I went to the phase of wanting to be a Doctor Dolittle I want to talk with animals and then the one thing that I was drawn to I remember of friends of my parents had that humongous collection of National Geographic magazine and I wasn't able to read that kind of language at the time growing up and Israel in particular but I would remember that in the afternoon when we would hang out at their house cuz it go there for the weekend I would sit in the one room and just fill out these magazines and slipped through them and looking at these kids in different countries and saying I want me to say I'm I want to eat I don't want to go there and just all about the pictures for me and never
that one day I'd want to become a filmmaker and then eventually even get to work for National Geographic but yeah my dreams were never focus on one particular thing but then it did move into I knew that it would have to be something creative I did know that I knew that it wouldn't be able to see a 9 to 5 job behind the desk they would have to be something that I'm creating and I started out with learning photography and then some. I wanted to be a photojournalist and then I got really disillusioned about what that whole world is about when I saw how many people live in cookie and then I went to Community College then it was junior college now at the college and took any elective Under the Sun could imagine I even took scuba diving there and in my very last semester I took an intro to film class and that's when it all shifted those already accepted to journalism school but then I have to reach shift and reapply and that's what took me to film School
why don't you know you say that photojournalism and it's an interesting word and especially when I wash your work which is one of the things that I would use to somebody said okay you know what
there is such light there is such beauty there is such and I think it's so far anything on the other side of that Spectrum where is she now
and so I imagine for somebody who cared until is open if yours
is not in
goodness or not it or not integrity
what is Far Cry from your soul Journey
thank you. That's really beautiful K to say that I'm here and what I found with the it is to be a photojournalist I wouldn't have control of what happens to my images on time so it particularly I need a different topic but the chick early I noticed this when I was going to go that route through a lot of things going on in Israel and I saw how photos and articles were very manipulative bunch of people with the leave and I just didn't want to be a part of that I still love taking pictures that I didn't develop in that direction and it's true with my work I guess I edited of course you don't spend the money documentary Making and what I do is edited so you're getting maybe my view of it or my perspective or the way that I want you to see it but at least I know that I'm making it in the way that I Vision it and it's not manipulated or changed or edited by somebody else
and I do give it a flow because this is something that these people you know people hire make them their birth going to wash over and over so I want to make it something that they'll enjoy watching over and over and most of my work really does go into the editing
the very last minute of the last day I love it
so fabulous and then didn't feel like it did it did because and I had first thought I was going to go the route of being a photographer and very early on I realised blow that pairing way too much heavy equipment and slipping around stuff and I figured okay that's really not going to be my thing not a very strong upper body strong so I just figured okay I'm not into all the technical stuff I'll pick a different route so of course I did some directing and I did some writing and we get to try on everything and at the end of I am filming and I am editing and I am I guess sort of directing my own projects but in a much more minimalistic guerrilla-style way so I'm back to the universe small handheld and only later it actually kind of all click together that really my love for documenting things get them from my father and even my younger brother who was a photographer in Israel from mobile
and just being around them washing them do their thing and my brother had a little dark room and our balcony and process stuff and I'd be his model so the exposure to format of them creating has been around and then also later I put the whole connect my mom she was she's ready to be a nurse back in in South Africa and her Direction was to become a nurse Midwife that that was her dream and of course she had you know she got married to my father they move to the United States she had three kids and she never really got to finish you finish or Thirty but never got the special eyes and only years later and Israel when we were in a little bit older she actually worked at the hospitals in a labor and delivery department but only later when I got into this career and actually know that her dream was to become a nurse Midwife so I feel like I've taken two of my parents passions and put them together without even knowing it and I just thought that you were saying
magazines night you didn't have the commander the grasp of the English language and so that you would look at
thank you thank you we spoke English at home so I did grow up picking English from great first come first grade I mean and on by studying Hebrew and then when I came back I literally had to take a note basic grammar writing and stuff like that but that's why I never develop an accent cuz my parents didn't speak English at home with us but it wasn't the kind of English with a graphic particles it was all about the pictures for me
it was something you don't want to take an alarm always II when I went to film play when I came to the interview before I got accepted to film so I said I not look into work and features I want work on documentaries and that again was because my thing was I'm going to go travel the world and so I didn't know what it was going to where was going to go how I'm going to do it but I wanted to involve my work in a way that would get me around to different places and tell story I never in a million years thought that it would be focused on that childbirth that really kind of came my way
do you have a friend that said you should say something like that they're very dear friends of mine I film their wedding and she was at the time pregnant already and somewhere along the line probably halfway through her pregnancy they said hey what do you want to fill my birth and I said I don't even have a video camera so I end up using their than actually buying the same ones I liked it so much it had nice Vision it was a Sony that had night vision and that was so useful because most of that birth was to candlelight
glad they were probably three or four candles in the room and I also knowing this couple I knew it was going to be magical I've never been to a birth in my life I never knew there was an option of having a homebirth and all I know of birth is unfortunate but most young women know of course is what we see in the movies and on television so I went with them to one of their of course I said of course I had no idea what that entails but I said yes and I went with him to one of the classes that they were taking with the midwives so I have a better understanding of what it's like to get a birth was expected and the day that she went into labor her parents were actually here from Israel there also an Israeli couple and we all went to synagogue I think it was either before a holiday or maybe it was Friday I don't remember if we went in the morning and she was stepping out of the room once in a while and we were invited by somebody to come to a concert in Topanga that night so we also jealous play it by ear but it was going to start really late it was
10 p.m. or something and we all went our own ways after that went home and it about 11 or something I don't know what those 945 10-member are the husband called me and he said so ready and I said oh I thought we're not going to this concert and he says Jody you're ready and I said well I can put my stuff together yeah let's go why not and he says Jody is time and labor was talking about and evidently she was actually having contractions all morning and I thought she was kind of walking out she didn't want to scare anybody she was going out doing the walk doing her thing but she was having very mild contractions throughout the day and that night I told my things together went over to their place I was the first one there for quite a while and then I had another friend that came over to take pictures
and then the Midwife showed up later and only the next day in the morning baby was born my went and picked up her parents and brought them over and it was nothing like I've ever seen
was really remarkable
how do you decide to loving each other as a new life
stepping into this world for the first time is it the journey or the that it's all of the above I shall all of what you said I actually sometimes or most of the times in the first one there because a lot really unfold before they are so by being there and actually just having the couple there's a lot of those beautiful intimate moment in the conversation maybe him cheating or something or rubbing your shoulders and then I'll walk out and give them some privacy and then I'll come back in and and then the Midwife show up and maybe she's tracked or if it's the hospital then it's just checking in all of those moments and everything in between and obviously I'm not feeling the whole thing I'm not filming continuously I could be at a birth anywhere from 6 to 20 something hours but I always walk out with something between
two and three and a half hours of footage that's it. It's really just you never know this moment so I can possibly as well but there's Wilmington del Destino film that are just not necessary and as long as I'm told not to fill
how have you and your life as a person as a filmmaker as an artist
one of the biggest things I think is it completely changed my perspective on what childbirth will be like and that's why I felt that my and I'm so grateful as many of my clients specially the ones that I are Liane started with because those my friends of mine allow me to share their birth because it's amazing amazing education full and eye opener for other women I get so many comments on my YouTube channel even more so than my website about certain Berg and you could tell that it's cut off for so many people ticklish can't change their birth plan and what they intend on doing because they seen some of these films and in the past it wasn't that available for people to watch now you can go to YouTube and Google birth and there's going to be thousands and thousands of people filming their own butt
I think what it is educated me in a very deep way and that's also the reason I decided to go take a doula course to learn and understand more from that perspective and also following some of these kids as they grow up because they're close relationships with me it really gave me a different perspective on parenting and different styles of parenting and women really trusting their body and following their intuition is more than doing what they're told to do just because that's what they do so if it really taught me a lot about The Human Condition about relationships about patience and really about letting go and letting things sometimes happen the way they need to you can't be attached to the outcome because with birds you just never know you could be prepared as much as you want and do everything right and still be ready for surprises and that's part of the journey
take all of you music
I mean it is in this section and at the same time you are the doctor and you were there on call waiting with bated breath for that moment.
that is absolutely true and what makes it even a little bit more complicated for me is that I don't have a backup so doctors have somebody that might be on call there a residence that are at the Hospital midwives have backup do Lowe's have backup I don't do for me for instance being sick is not an option being out of cell phone reception going hiking in the Hills not an option leaving town not an option so when I'm on call pretty much twenty-four seven until update born and and that's part of what I do and as I was starting to do this I had no idea what being on call means and what it takes and how to pry something like this it took me awhile to even figure out that I take a deposit before I before I go to a birth and it was all a process of learning I should say now women that are blue
and the feel they're still so much information out there and they have so many of us so they could reach out to either birth photographers which is become pretty popular and a handful of birth videographer there's a community of support. Which is so great and I randomly over the years will get an email or phone call from people from Canada Washington DC that they want to start doing this and is there any information today guide them cry Mentor them and I I love that now that is actually a family of us that that support each other as a Facebook group there's even a new Facebook group now for a birth photographers that are new but they want to learn how to become more change what they're doing and into the field so it's kind of exciting because it's become so much more acceptable I always would say I'm waiting for the day that people aren't going to ask me why you do what and instead they'll ask me or ask people socially yogurt
and then we'll know that we made a shift
neither would think about that that you can't go hiking or that you can't be you know out and about now lives in my building and often times will go do things together and sometimes it's only across town if I'm on call we still have to take separate cars I've had to cancel trip. Have to return from trip yeah sometimes I do get hired after I've already made plans so then it's a little trickier but it's so once I get everything else is gone and disappeared and I'm on my way it's really exciting and I love personal caches in the title and the credits because it's one thing to be show me
have a good journey and that you are getting into something that is old
beauty and then we should probably know that you're going to do it from start to finish and I actually do the end of Fire
crafting of the song Until I had no plan and like I said in the first birth I filmed I use my friend camera and I gave him the tape and I never thought for three years I never thought up the footage and then three years later another friend Daphne at this point I bought a camera ready and I did edit their birth and I was using iMovie I didn't have Final Cut Pro I didn't even know how to use Final Cut Pro and I edited that on iMovie and it was quite happy with the results although it was way too long so I ended up making a short version and that's why I asked the first couple for their birthday so I could make them aversion too and that's where I started playing with the editing because they showed it to the midwives in The Midwives were why we never seen anything like it in our classes so one of the husbands Mania website and they told me you should print up some card let people know that you're doing this and I just was doing it for Fears on the side here and there and I was using iMovie at the time and I think I used that program I don't know if it was I move
3 or 2 or 4 but I used it to the max I was doing things that I didn't even know you could do with that and then eventually has to shift to something that needs more flexibility and creativity so I thought. So late friend of mine brought me tutorial for my birthday and actually recently what I do have I do still do most of the editing but I actually have another woman that I work with who I'm also a task for me so if I have a couple references can't afford my Ray and they still really want to have an attitude I have somebody else do it but under my supervision I still need with them like they will make the final changes and endnotes but she does the editing and she does a great job and she's already done a couple for me and I hope to work with her more in the future because it's tough thing in front of the computer for hours a day and my my love is really the filming part not so much the editing so if I could do more filming unless editing I still be happy with that but it is
fun picking the music and putting it together and making it work and tweaking it a 30 Dias but definitely part of part of The Craft
novel and we may have some people that don't know what that is or what they are can you share what it do it is I'm going to actually deliver there they do everything they do the prenatal check they follow me throughout our whole pregnancy sometimes even while the woman is trying to get pregnant and all the way till after I she's there for the whole birth so you can think of a kind of like an OBGYN go with a different approach doulas are there for emotional support physical support educational support but we do not deliver babies we do not touch the baby we are not allowed to do check ups on the mother they're more like a support
and I think that I don't remember who the doctor was that said that there's some quotes that a doctor said that if doulas were a drug it would be unethical not to take it and I honestly believe that every woman deserve to have to do a lot of her birth touch and ended help the partner as well they're there a fantastic thing they work wonderfully with with midwives in at the hospital grade hand and it just makes the whole different experience is a matter of fact I'm continuing education as well there are many amazing doulas in the Los Angeles area and you could get trained for doulas I'm sure in almost every country and it's become a lot more popular in Moore, I know it is a thing that's a lot of people still don't know about but more and more people do you know about it and I think there's even a couple of mail do look out there was quite incredible
I've ever met them in person but I've heard and seen I think one of those one of the blog it's typically a woman's job
how much pain and then when you and you have your husband there your address and your mother your sister your friend is it
you know it's okay kissing people selling their own home
I actually I believe that everybody deserve deserve to have their birthstone if it's something they want is clearly not something for everybody but I also think it's really important so first of all you don't always have a professional birth filmmaker near you you might be living in a city or town where there's nobody in your area so I actually created I hope it's a funny funny short video blog my top 10 tips on how to spell childbirth and I created that for people that really want their birthstone but there's no one around there to do it or they just can't afford it and one of my biggest tip there is do not have your partner filament many reasons first of all that means that they're not going to be part of her there once you put a camera between you and what you're filming it's a natural barrier even if we're no longer holding it up to our face and we may be holding it at chest level and looking into a spring we are now separated from what's going on and we're in our
not in her heart so that would be one reason technical the Parker is part of the story him holding her holding the baby for the first time rubbing them others shoulders whisper something in her ear none of that is going to be happier if they're holding a camera the other thing is they could be super nervous and and and miss all the magical moment drop the camera cast out you never know how somebody's going to be at a birth they've not done this before usually you if you're going to choose someone that's not your partner I would pay be selective about that to not somebody that's going to be super chatty that's going to talk about the filming or or somebody that will get overly emotional because if I get emotional when I'm filming believe me the loudest thing you're going to hear is my sniffing cuz I'm the closest to the camera so it's actually it's a certain energy or bringing to a birth as well and the results are going to look different when I
talking about all the birth that you can see on Facebook I mean up crying out on Facebook on YouTube usually there either a tripod with a camera filling it from one angle the whole time there's a lot of times there's light issues Focus issues or movement it's not it's not going to be on professionally it's kind of like having your husband on your wedding
or some major events like that it's a completely different completely different results but I still believe that if you have no other choice and you still want your birthday have somebody do it for you even if it's not professional because one that moment when that day is over it's over there's no way to capture it again except for what you have in your memory and I was just thinking the other day when I was thinking about what we're going to talk about I was thinking well you know I wonder what some of the kids that are the baby that I somewhat they're going to be one day what if one of them is President United States and there's actually a movie of the day that they arrived on-planet how cool is that they're thinking imagine you don't even know my father's been filming us since they were babies and since before I was walking I would have loved I don't know what I would have given to see the face on my parents when they saw me for the first time when they held me for the first time and I could I could imagine that would be amazing for anyone to witness that so this is a generation of children that are going up that way
they have that and it becomes their favorite movie from from H3 of using with a parent start sharing it with them and it replaces Barney they want to watch it again and again and again and then I'm sure that once they start hitting puberty that Mike Shane and then maybe when they're in their twenties but they're fascinated by it as the day that the loving relationship brought them into the world
I mean it's so special I ate really invited cancel your something more special to be able to offer and then I was by your early childhood you have videos of kids and their relationship with their bonding and growing and it wasn't aware that you were still make it was almost like you need cameras in their house because the moment award that year and that precious and that end in the between the parents on the show like you were out of we're watching it and I was thinking as I was watching some of your early childhood movies as well that
Play the song if I was a major director if I was you know if I've ever seen it if I was a writer I would want to write this is actually what I would want to incorporate into a feature film or into something that shares would humanity is your what my sister something because I don't think I've been as movies that I can watch anything earlier that that that movie that you say that and and none of it is really directed but I have to let me know obviously in editing I would take out things that would make it look I mean obviously kids are so aware now of cameras from a very young age because they have their parents iPhone or smartphone and they're constantly posing and filming themselves so of course
plenty of moments throughout the day that I'm filming up yeah there's probably going to be looking my way and even talkin to me when you develop a relationship that you're comfortable around you for that and I couldn't really fun to get them when they're young and they change so much when they're young sous-sol capturing those different times of their lives is pretty precious and what you like but Allison do you know that was my first my filmed on my new camera at the time which is why I use a Panasonic for that one so it's more of a
DSLR vs. video camera and what I loved about that one is Alex is a single mom and told me after the film has made that she doesn't have all these moments of her and her daughter together because if there is anything she's the one taking the pictures of filming it so being able to get that for her and having those moments of just the mundane daily moments of their life so it was just precious for me to see but also for them to have and even if of course there is a husband involved and a wife it's usually what I hear from parents as well everybody thinks I'm a single mom or single dad because the other is never in the filming one of them want to take for the camera and then the other one doesn't show up so there's not those moments from an outsider's point of view and I could say that was the same will actually no I asked you have to say that when my father was filmed
he actually had in my Mom the camera over quite a bit cuz my mom got some great moments of me and my dad and my brothers and my dad so we have a pretty even out but we rarely rarely have anything with the two of them
in their hair to the cooking of the sewage you taking a nap to moments that are so another car and the first time that the witness things they open their eyes and touch it taste things and experience
yeah I agree I agree and I really enjoy making those movies
because you're playing with these people at the same time to your they're hanging out with them and it's gray
I just need two people call you and say
hi Judy you know I just found out I'm pregnant and whenever baby at 9 months or did somebody say my baby is due next Friday and I still haven't found yet I've had it all all always first of all I have a Facebook business page is my birth movie I have a website my birth Moon I also have a Blog and and the rich and it was just a website so of course people would not typically find me randomly because nobody really knew that there is such an option of having your birth still go at the beginning it was really word of mouth and also there's an amazing hypnobirthing teacher her name is Alicia kanburi and when we match and she saw my film she became my number one fan she's been showing my early films in her classes for years now so she would always refer people to me
it started out like that and then of course it's social needed it can't be coming what it is today so much easier to find me on the internet but I would get calls that would be we just found out pregnant and we're considering having our birthstones and it was either a referral but when it started showing up that people said you know I wanted to have my birthstones and I didn't know if there's anything like that out there Ty Google and you're everywhere you're the only one that I found so I would get some of those as well and
I did have I probably had there's one particular birth I remember that I literally got a call on Friday morning I don't remember how they found out about me I think they Googled and found me and then said you know my wife's due date is next week but like we kill it might happen earlier and I told him all you know I do take a deposit up front and we're going into the weekend so if you guys are seriously considering hiring may you need to go to the bank now because it's Friday and when deposit in the bank I'm going to be on call this weekend otherwise I have plans I have planned a whole weekend so he went to the bank and then call me to let me know that and I was on call and the next day I got the call and I went there so it was literally the day before we never met before we never had more of a you know a lot there if they knew that this is what they want it with a couple at least one sometimes twice before and we do build a little bit on that relationship and then we're in touch as it gets closer
but I love it when people are just looking and then and this is something that they're seeking out and they actually find one of my clients found me on their Midwife website she has Elaine Thunder I guess the related links the recommended length and that's what I find so when I called to thank her for the referrals just refer them to a great way to get yourself out there to being tied and hooked into the community in the community about me a while back in the day time and the funny thing is the people that reached out to me after that or people that wanted to do more interviews one of them was accounted for the Swedish or Norwegian radio show a guy out here in LA and he saw that in the LA Times never heard anything about it before and he was totally intrigued than we did a phone interview the next day never heard it don't know what he said what he translated but he died because
show me in the LA Times so it's kind of random where it comes from
love that you're doing that earlier
how did somebody decide okay there one or two to five what is the best time to make a childhood movie
I think honestly if people can it will be wonderful to do it every year because from age 1 to 2 and then from Age 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 they're completely changing their vocabulary changes that look changes their interest change first they're crawling then they're walking then they're running so I think every age has magic I guess once you can maybe hit 5 and 6 if you want to slow down a bit but I think for those earlier it's just great to have it all the time I have one client of mine I'm actually going to be filming their second birth
are the summer and they've also have me come from the first birthday and the second birthday and it was 2nd birthday session you know we're not going to wait for the third birthday want you to come in the middle and get family moments because of birth is a completely different thing and filming a second birth when the first sibling is there is also pretty amazing stippling being a part of it participating one of my one of my dear friends and the 3rd 4th or 5th birthday I feel I'm like them and her last baby and the last day that I saw him the two girls were there and the one the oldest girl she was like a ten-year-old Doula it's incredible she was taking care of her mom and rubbing her mom's shoulders and just be quiet until presents and so gracious
and then she was being a mommy at 10 years old she was completely getting you know I do love her mom it was beautiful and the other one was bouncing all over the place but it was it was really it was really beautiful to see that once I have an attitude that when you don't have to get around to that beautiful
I love that and I also love the moments with your pet
yes I'm trying to think which one of them has passed totally getting my mind right now but there have been there have been burst that I've been where the pepper present go there yeah wow there was one that right after the birth the father brought both the cats to smell the new baby soon as I really really got to put it this is not a birth on my website though but the daddy brought the two kittens to smell the baby and they were the baby's head and then everything just to kind of introduce there's a new smell in the house is a new being in the house and he was a couple years later I got an email from them that they were so happy that we got those cats in the film because since the cast of both passed away they were older cats and which was heartbreaking for him because he had them for probably 18 years and he was just so happy that we held had those moments of the cast meeting their new newborn on film
yeah yeah you never know what's going to happen at a birthday shoe or that comes out sometimes the things that come out of people's mouth and then you also have some other I do I filmed you what you were asking earlier the difference between a doula and a midwife so there's actually a really short great documentary about what a doula is that it's called the secret ingredient of the secret ingredient or something like that I forgot but it's on the donor website Donuts answer I'm doulas of North America which is now action International Organization but it's a short documentary that they put together using a lot of my footage showing what I do last she does and there's also there's a link to that on my website there's also this movement
call sacred pregnancy and they have Retreats and workshops and beautiful painting throughout the United States and actually the world so when they had one of the training to birth professionals out here in Japan they hired me to film that and that was beautiful beautiful experience anybody wants to know about that it really shows and then a beautiful way what the hell process is about one of my recent projects that I'm super proud about is a 4 DVD series by director and producer Sarah camera it's called happy healthy child and that is a holistic approach to pregnancy birth and babies and we were introduced by milk from Golden Bridge yoga and when she introduced the two of us we felt like we were basically each other's Missing Link because she was doing this amazing documentary and had the or DVD series which had probably over 30
I'm missing the footage and I had the footage but not all the scientific and evidence-based and research and interviews that she had so putting the two of them together created this incredible Siri and I think anyone is considering being pregnant while pregnant right now or even right after having their baby should take a look at that and evidence-based very recent research and it's pretty eye-opening and full of information so there's also think that on that same other stuff that I feel
strain on your account and you're just amazing and then I won't even just working
yeah that you know it all. I mean not even really all ties then when I started to learn about the birth world and getting involved with all these birth professionals think their passion about their work in the change that they want to make in the world is inspiring to me I'm not the only one out there making documentaries to help change that for me there's dr. Elliot Berlin who wants to reduce did the rate of cesarean births in the United States which is extremely high and he's doing little documentaries and he's going to be using so much footage in that as well and and I mean when when Ricki Lake he not with her movie The Business of Being Born That shifted so much of the way people perceive birth not only in the United States I'm sure in the world and I think it open the door so many people and even even to people like me because birthstone we became something is totally okay to talk about and then dokumentumfilm so it's it's all
Titan I've taken even though I don't practice with Abdullah you know I've been hired by some friends to Be There Delilah but it's really not my focus because I could refer people out there so few people that do what I do that I'd rather focus on that but I constantly take different training to do with birth postpartum it's just such an amazing education and I love learning and then somehow along the line I got to get those two essential oils not only do I see midwives and doulas using agar but I started using a couple of years ago myself and it's completely I like I was saying earlier that for me being sick is not an option when I'm on call I would be the person that if I went into a room and there were sick people or one chick person I go home and I was sick so when I was introduced to using essential oils and started using them I'm no longer afraid about being around sick people give him a hug coming over and giving us some oils because I know that they work and it's really blue
did my insistence I am not as nervous when I was on call that I might get sick it's not even an issue for me anymore and when I started realizing how useful they are in my life just like that I love traveling by take them with me I was traveling this summer for 2 months and I was using a stranger's on the airplane neighbor of my friend and when I saw the impact it makes and how empowering it is the people to be able to handle these things immediately by themselves I came back and I decided I'm going to start teaching this and more people need to know about it so I do that as well and it's all Tyson and it really gets me out there and I love that lasts after this interview today
that's what I would love and we talked about that I would love to come work with you and there now is Aziz Ansari
that'll be awesome
good question
so we are really really lucky and Southern California I have never came into a situation where I was told not to film of course I have an agreement and a contract with my clients and I make sure that they get the green light before they hire me so they need to get that from their caregiver that you would be up to the doctor and if the doctor says yes the hospital using will go with that but there's no hospital that I know of here that will not allow filming of birth however if a birth is either a plan to Darien or a cesarean birth you know bye-bye just making a change in the way things are going most hospitals will not let me in or let anyone photograph however I have to say that there were two hospitals I did and one of them was in Whittier I forget the name of the hospital but it was thanks to the Midwife I just was a birthing center birth and ended up being a surgical birth it was not an emergency it was a weld
well decision made by by everybody involved at this baby needed to come out with new Varian and because the Midwife had hospital privileges and works at the hospital which was literally has taken her birthing center she said to the doctor she says listen to his mother's dream of having her water birth at a birthing center exchange and taken away please don't take her she's having her birth documented and I think the way that she presented that and spoke with them made them allow me in and 5 minutes early before she went in for surgery and I got the feeling that was the first cesarean birth I got to film and then there was another one of twins which it was it a hospital downtown Good Samaritan hospital and they were awesome they let me in let me see even let me go to the NICU and still in the babies there after work so that was unusual and I know from other birth photographers and a few birth filmmakers in the United States
many of them do want to see if she was in some hospitals don't allow it so we're really fortunate here and my my thing is is if I was a parent having a baby and this is just me personally and I was told no you cannot have that film
I would probably make a decision there what I want to do because this is by far the most important moment of my life and should be denied having that films for whatever reason probably wouldn't sit right with me, but that's just that's just me and you know but we're lucky here we really are
then we could do that but I always always have them make sure they get a green light before we proceed
and it's amazing Miracle of life and that you took this incredible gift and his Joy Of The Incredibles incredible magical
impressed by you
you're crashing
and everything you do everything is such a beauty
thank you so much and you know what's really amazing about a bird that I think a lot of people forget it's not just a baby being born to Mommy and a daddy being born as well or two mommies or whatever but but there's there's a bunch of birth going on there and I actually get to see that I get to see how a woman is shifting from not being a mom to being a mom and it's a very emotional on many levels tested for all the people involved but you also get to Falling in Love falling in love with you you're always in love with them carrying them but when that baby comes out seeing something that you can't even describe sometimes it works and that's why it's so great to capture that on film and if there's one thing I could recommend anyone to do
women that are finding out they're pregnant whether it's the first time or not
I know that growing up were so exposed to what I was exposed which is the winning mommy's at hospitals and cursing out the partner and you did this to me and then drama drama drama we get so much of that on television are we get so much on that in the media that I really really even if it's for inspirational purposes only go to my website and look at some other people's eyes to what birth could be and how beautiful it could be and how intermittent steak with it could be and
I think I think it does is an eye-opener for a lot of people because we're not used to seeing it that way
for your graciousness for your time and your wisdom and your knowledge just your talent for being here with us today download want to go to a movie.
thank you so much for having you back in Curious stories of all the people that are working with you and it's just such a thrilling such a joy and we wish you a wonderful day and thank you again for being with us thank you so much you all have a wonderful day too
air shows that you always remember there are days that you always remember
the first time that I met Jodi
I will always remember
I thought what a wonderful
I can't imagine being a filmmaker and being a cinematographer and being somebody that has a gift to be able to see through the lens
of humanity
the lens of Joy the lens of Happiness the lands of magic
and to be able to create
a beautiful beautiful beautiful piece that will live on forever
there is nothing grander nothing greater than the creation of life
and I think this is just such a beautiful and special and exceptional Talent
and I think it's a great lesson for all of us as we have our sofa as we are videoing our life and our blogs and our podcast and are facetimes in YouTube that are Instagram's and all of the things that we are doing right now in today's world and is we are transparent and revealing Who We Are
and if we can share with his much honesty
sgod shares which is much stressed
do it takes to trust someone to fill in the baby being born if we trust
that those moments in life
I guess
it is moments in life that we share with the world are beautiful and profound
and something happened
is magical and glorious and blossoming and blooming and Nevada special and every moment you fell on your phone and be a slice of Life a slice of Joy a slice of happiness and nose Mona r e n d call living I'm reading it on a limited life and so I thank you for being with us and sharing her incredible well and her incredible talent and her Incredible Journey with all of us and I thank you for being with us today and for really honoring those moments in life that are
romance that I used together as a Humanity as one people
is it one world as we are all born and we all honor the birth of every new idea every flower every child and everything that has a life on this planet so join us again to learn more tools more secrets Morkies more windows and doorways to leading into living in a limited life look for the beauty and everything see every birth and every seed is a blossoming of something wonderful in your life
and we look forward to seeing you here again follow us on our other podcasts at dream life on her social media Instagram and Facebook on YouTube we would love to know your time and we would love to know how you are leading and living your very own Unlimited

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