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Unlimited Life, February 24, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Anil Gupta

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Anil Gupta

Immediate Happiness: Learn the three G's to happiness and success.
Give, Grow, Gratitude

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Guest, Anil Gupta

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Anil Gupta
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Celebrity Coach, Speaker, life change catalysist
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Anil Gupta, is an electrifying catalyst for profound change who is devoting his life to helping people rise out of pain and blockage into overflowing abundance, happiness and fulfillment. He has a gift for identifying blocks and patterns that are keeping a person stuck and uses his advanced intuitive gifts to reconnect people with their spirit, truth and life’s purpose. Anil literally wakes up people’s souls to live a richer and fuller life and ultimately to realize their greatness, which is within us all.

Anil is a world expert on relationships and happiness. He has coached some of the most famous celebrities on the planet like Mike Tyson as well being a guest speaker with Richard Branson on Necker Island. He loves helping people overcome obstacles that prevent them living a fulfilled life and has appeared on stages all over the world and recently was keynote speaker in Medellin in front of 10,000 raving fans. He has appeared at Harvard on a number of occasions and is a guest speaker on Fox news as well as best selling international author of Immediate Happiness. If you want to have a dramatic impact on your life then Anil Gupta can help you.

We have to become uncomfortable about being comfortable and comfortable about being uncomfortable. Forgiveness is a major part of people’s unhappiness and Anil has a process that will take people through a journey whereby they can at last let go and be released from the pains of the past.

Anil states “Forgiveness is the express pathway to Freedom”.

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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hi it's Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life we have such a special and extraordinary show for you here today when we create an unlimited life it was our deepest desire to bring to you the very best people in their fields the very top the why is this the most knowledgeable and those that are really truly the experts in bringing you the keys to the tools and a techniques to be able to live and I'm driving with an unlimited life and titties cashed exceptional today we are speaking with Anil Gupta animal is an electrifying Catalyst for profound change to give someone who has devoted his life to helping people rise out of
and blockage in overflowing abundance happiness and fulfillment he truly has this incredible gift for identifying blocks and pattern that are keeping a person's stuff and he uses his Advanced intuitive gifts to reconnect people with their Spirit their truth and their life purpose and yells and maybe he wrote a book called immediate happiness that was an instant success and it's funny because Undercover the book it says be happy now and he has this amazing technique and when she can share with you and work with you and show you how you too can be happy and just a matter of minutes I'm so I'm thrilled for today's game as we probably welcome and you're welcome to the show
good afternoon thank you for having an attitude to be a service to you
oh it's such a pleasure having you here I mean you are and who you work hold you work with people all over the world your television and radio and international guests and I know that your time is so valuable and so precious and it's just wonder if pressed to have you here today and I love the subject of happiness and I love starting the year
we happiness because we all make our New Year's resolution film you say we want more money or more help for a better relationship for a relationship at all and we could create these huge long list of the things that we would like and the things that in our life that we would also like to erase or bury or dissipate never had somebody come to me that said on their list for their New Year's resolutions with happiness but yet when you ask people what they want most it seems to be at the very top of their list
yes and human beings is a feeling of being happy they want the feeling of being in a great relationship having money in the bank so as human beings we are feeding making machines that will do anything for a Feeling
question I always ask on the show but did you know when you were six or seven or eight years old when you were a small child do you always have a gift for helping people and connecting people or was that something that later in life is just as a Tiffany that you were able to reach out and share your wisdom in a different way
I didn't think I had a gift that's what I thought I knew that I was destined for greatness in some way or other way
I love it when you say that you were destined for greatness and so what if you like that knowing this
what if I felt it when I was younger but then I asked as I got older that feeling disappeared because of things he says we have more time to reflect and think and we have more time to just let my mind wander so then we can experience things that we could never experienced if I'm under the closet so when you mind if I said we can experience these great magical moments
I was looking at your book and I was just some of the things that people share they say that it gives you in her peace and that it was a profound experience working with you or that their life is more fulfilling and those are sweeping things to have inner peace or a life change or Insight or so and so what do you think it is about your work that touches people on such a deep level
I have the ability to get into someone else's world see things as they see them but see things much clearer I want you you have you can create Pocus from Focus you can have action collection you can get results without awareness
awareness is
when you think about awareness to our world awareness to a life is that the starting point for happy first let me ask you is Happy possible can anybody be happy and then is it awareness where somebody to chance
happiness is easy in love with the rest of your life when is it the fundamental discipline we need to work on for immediate results
okay and so when somebody is sad or somebody is frustrated or somebody has just gone bankrupt or they lost the stuff for a loved one or they how did they climb back up to happy I mean when somebody goes down a hole or they spiral Into Darkness what's the first drawn
that's the first thing and I've been through this myself is to be grateful legs feet and knows only you could be grateful for freedom but I was suicidal 6 years ago and I have no class with you. I was in my depths of Despair but once the dust come through anything is possible
it's so beautiful I remember that Julia butterfly Hill
who is one of those women that lived in the trees when they were cutting down in Ecuador and do you know for the rainforest and and she actually watch one of the people cut a tree in the tree came down on one of the young Advocates this very young man in from the tree from living up there she was able to Witnesses and she said she was working in this field position that moment she's a Juliet you know that you have to have hope because even if you're the only person in the world that has hope hoping just on the planet
add something to eat with me always so I love you to have hope when you talk a little bit about more about what that looks like
I can't focus a ceiling and once you have that feeling it just it it energizes you and the boy flies is you unless what you need you need to stop and change your focus you want what you think if you focus on life is terrible you get a direction that you can go in which will be ultimately very fulfilling
that's just it's so beautiful to think about when you talk about 6 years ago that you were suicidal I don't want to just run past that and I know that I might not be an easy things to talk about the shirt me I'm sure our listeners if they've not been in that exact position I'm sure many of them have but that others just felt just so desperate or so just a tutor it's just the fact that there was nothing last year there were no other solutions to protect themselves or their family or their life and so how did you go from feeling suicidal or fruit feeling so so lost or ready to give up to being able to flip to the other side after this incredible world that you call and media happiness
the secret was I was focusing on myself thinking about what with me I've lost my identity is being destroyed what what other people think I'm a good enough I'm so stupid
but then I help someone and I want to see what's going on here at the different song make
and so was there was there helping the next person or was there some sort of switch for those that are listening that you can offer life ringer rap to and say year do you know if there is a way to stay afloat and not only can you stay afloat but you can actually get to Shore and how to scram life I need the feeling I was experiencing but it it just happened I couldn't explain it was a methodologies it just looks interesting
okay starting my focus was changed my teeth my eyes like I've been away from the pain toward some pleasure not allow this is interesting
learnability shared with me want to believe in our passionate living show about something that your wife said to that profoundly had an incredible effect on you
I know my wife loves me and why don't you say that you're a nervous wreck every time you leave the house back now you don't have to worry about it
you know what you're right you know that that's the that's the type of logic I can respond to but then she said you make one big mistake that's okay because she's going to hold this against me you didn't lose it won't you still have me you still have the kids all we want to do is be with you wherever you go will sleep in the street to protect as long as we with you
why would she do that mean I did everything for her but that's not what she wanted so what is it you want what would make you happy
you be surprised
so sweet and I would hope that every relationship if you talk about how could have somebody with so much support and so much love and I know that in your book you even have a chapter on what is love
yeah you know if you change the definition of something you change your life and the phone doctor failed but then she feel loved
when you had this love from your wife and the support from your wife at what point did you say not only is this working this gratitude and doing for others but what spurred you to write the book and to share this message and to Cochin to teach others but the way that you do now
a lot of people think knowledge is power but it's not. I just don't want to implement it must be in the same position to get immediate results found in an ultimately the book happened to Emmanuel Emmanuel practical things you can do that will make an immediate impact in your life so you can share with your friends with your family be good luck 100 my knowledge has something to share it
and when you talk about awareness I know that there's also a fiction book where you talk about it how you acquire lyrics and so I think that's a great lesson to teach her audience because it's one thing to say beware beware of your surroundings do are there is in the woods do you weigh or whatever that is but how does one acquire you know where it is like a baby looks up and all of a sudden they see their hand receipt or if there is a floor
but is that something that we learn to do or is that something that you need to sit down be quiet I need to find out when when you want to say something to a muscle when you become aware of being aware every time you notice that handkerchief
that will remind you to be a wet you can put a Post-It note on your computer screen
what's the website be a way you could have your phone ring every 3 hours just to remind you hate be a wet I have a response on my wrist which says the weather when it's every time I look at its hey you going to be aware that you're being aware
the witness announce you not to be so judgemental allows you to be an observer of life rather than be a reaction of life
funny that you say that because I'm in a master class and the question yesterday morning that the teachers asked what is Judy and everybody had a different concept and idea of what beauty lies to them but the very first thing that I thought is was a beautiful sunset or an Incredible sky with just described as confused and that when I'm driving or when I'm walking or when I all of a sudden I see this amazing glorious sleeping Sky by pause and that moment and I become incredibly grateful and Incredibly aware of life and everything is around me and I just hate that second or that meant to say thank you in to be there and so I love the fact that it can be anything that you're saying that you can put a Post-It or tie the night or have the rest of their something in your life that
play the moment's just stops you gives you pause and brings you back to the center and the core of Who You Are
beauty is a decision
I'm I'm looking at a paperclip here
yes the functionality that designs the angles the temperatures just it's beautiful to give it time and attention and
the ability to be able to do that would increase the quality of your life because you can see Beauty in everything
okay. Beautiful
it really is too many years never let you down
it's that constantly serving you looking out for you it's eat you did not just yet it going to
we can create Beauty anything in any way that we can watch it again it's just it's just the other people think
that's beautiful
I just think I had thought about this in years but I grew up in a very small City and very small town and we would walk to school the way that kids and in the windows of several houses along the way to school where hands there would just be a picture of a hand and our city implemented a helping hand program and they were the helping hand house isn't if a child needed anything
they can go ring the bell and knock on the door of a house that had a hand in those people would help you and on your pants they were all these Helping Hands
that is so beautiful you just fart that memory and something in my life and I just love that feeling of Safety and Security and it just always give me just a sense of Peace just to see that his hand
really pretty amazing and so when people come to you in the air when do they come to you do they come to you when they're joyous and happy and they want Grandeur Glisan Euphoria new want the spiraling out of control excitement and enthusiasm for the people come to you for coaching when they're stuck or when they're hurt or their wounded are there
despondent at what point should somebody reach out to you and your work and they just want results fast results I'm ready to present loss results
and I know that you have a 3 minute technique that you can actually help people I love on your book where it says immediate happiness but the other part that I love Daddy happy now
practical steps with immediate proven results and so can we step into happiness is it something like a shadow that you can step into an over here I'm happy and over here I'm not it is it isn't safe to to distinguish that's what you think the song by how much energy you put into it and you could just as easily be happy by putting the same amount of energy in exercising for being comfortable so that the secret is you have to become comfortable about being comfortable and then you have to be to uncomfortable about being comfortable
straight line
but it's true
yeah she went back to be comfortable and somewhat unique mats in a people spend time with you that they give you a lot of attention
that's incredible and what's the difference between happiness and joy
happiness is external Joy is internal motivation is external inspiration is internal much longer lasting a much deeper level
can somebody on the outside make you happy like can a partner or a meat make you happy or a job make you happy or a new refrigerator or car can things make you happy
it should I just love the idea of it and what about kids and teenagers like a child does not get what they want me scream that I Evans and they bang their little hands and feet on the floor a balling balling or a teenager that yells I hate you and they slam the door how do you work with children and teenagers the adults do not get into the world of the teenager in the world if they did they would understand
how do I look
parents get into the world of the teenager what's it like being a teenager what's your favorite music
what can I do to make you feel more like what can I do to make you feel more crappy what can I like towel It's upsetting you
we never had this problem
do you think it's different now that they used to have a village to raise a child and there were people around their aunts and uncles and grandparents and neighbors and and we'll keep the questions our people to go to and now when a child has a question to go to Google
what peanuts are the main priority and I strongly feel that we should make the main priority and if you think your partner your number one priority so they so much as if they were made for important then all of a sudden they not make it so when they have their relationship still do the same thing
that's such great advice because it happens all the time and then all of a sudden the relationships in Jeopardy and then the couple dates is on put the focus back on each other and then the kids just why didn't the kids go crazy
and what about when they're little kids when they're Toddlers and they want something and they will you know the one that laid his greatest toy and house and her from whoever that becomes the most important thing in the world where that cookie or that tree for their happiness
yeah I see this all the time but parents are always seeking to please the child by not taking them on the ride of giving them gifts or whatever the charge will be happy whatever is whatever there is to play with you don't have to buy them
just be with them be present with them be playful with them listen to them
you don't need to spend all that money on gifts because what will happen
Lynette looking for another high another eventually you know what what else can you give them you can get them a call you can get to my house then more alcohol time but the secret is to be with your kids be careful who they spend time with her friends
and how that for you if your kids do is there something that you say or do that allows them to know it's safe to come to you and to talk to you beautiful exercise a day with your readers than what we would sit around the table and I would ask my wife honey what have you done today that you haven't been fined $4 phone so she might say life is beautiful male so we would think that my son would you come home today what are you grateful for what did you see today what United today and is there anything on your mind that you like to talk about
I would like the first day my wife would hate the second day that my son who is Agent that rhyme with leave the Thursday and then my children would lead to sex but also why they get used to it than they make up their own questions so I might an 8 year old is walking around school he's looking for answers the phone and he's just saying what it is what it is
the wow and I'm surprised about that some have a very fine line between psychology and explain to me what that the other day you said you would come and play with me in 15 minutes but you took an hour wow that's a sign you're right I like you it was not my intention please accept my apology
that's a beautiful thing because my kids can come up to me and say anything to me we have great discussions but increase the leadership qualities increase their self expression increase
81 most beautiful thing my son said you know something when you pick me up
if a 8 year old or 9 year old 90s inspired imagine what it's like being right now
let's see what it's like being my parents
what do you think causes that people know I have to be kiss publicly you were held public when you were our fear of what others would think why do you think that I've been when it is in a little concerned about what other people think and I said to myself even if you're 40 years old I will still have dinner still kiss you and I don't care what other people think it's just that what will they say it's a look I say something to you but this is what you can play
how much oil it means that I'm not cool
see that's the problem we need to spend all of this so that you don't have teenage problems
just this is so brilliant I absolutely actually love you work and I know that you were saying that you actually created a happiness meter or happiness test that you can get your level of Happiness by questions just going to end on his face you'll get us happiness you are a couple.
that tells you something's wrong that some way and then they they know the area that they can work on so that will take that matter
it's just putting I have somebody take the happiness test
speaking of 25 questions and then let's say you got it 3 first 17t throw yourself into the river or save this is how you can you know raise your score in these particular areas
a 10 or 20 East you should be careful about it because the school
from 2240 Parise from 4216 Parise it's very simple very powerful Minecraft people
phenomenal I love that and when you're cutting my teenagers and you're talking about your kids and I know that you also have a daughter and there is a chapter I seem to remember a new book on dating the dating facade and so can you talk for a minute on that and also what is like you would give to a young person whose beginning today or even as an adult as we date
what the number one problem facing the reason why people have bad relationships it stays dates the wrong person for the wrong reason the most important thing is to pick your partner what you said you wouldn't do an employee have to pick carefully but people choose partners for the wrong way she looks at Taemin and she's looking good right then they get married so then he says we have to do that stuff anymore he really is and then all of a sudden
that's how my witches breakup but how cool would it be if you knew exactly the type of person that would be perfect here before you even dated
I can count to you and 90 to 95% light
set if you think the way I tell you today that that person will likely to be your next partner
how does that work now we got all these questions you can see the screen and you
what's the number one thing you have to work on yourself first you have to become a stronger healthy Amor banquet makarimul Joyce must be getting on Chancellor person you have to let go you have to let go of the trauma because I remember talking to my daughter and my kids weren't allowed to date until it at least 18 19 and I will find the kissing six or seven letters relationships
I can't believe that mean what it would be like if you kept very weary you can change it you just you know dissolutions where is he at the beginning you sorted out
you will be in a different place you would be so much more joyful so much more playful so much more
tequila people are asking here so don't you think they're saying that don't you think that they would know what they want like the instinctually they think that they know what they want to do what she wants she can you make that decision alone
I said that again
it's three things that people are looking for to find a mate each person has three things six afraid sample has to be loving
he has to be
this is great happy people here honest healthfully passionate and the great communicator
next person said I want someone is living grounded has integrity and it's happy
laughing inspiring and contributing
I want someone who is loving respectful playful census I got Integrity grounded passionate loving loving
has he found someone loving that that that is a major part of the relationship
it seems so simple but yet most people don't even put that on our list is getting out of it thank you but they can change the partner if you stop thinking you can change the partner it's not going to happen
I just love this information the others Australian people are going crazy here and so
when you said somebody loving or asking about writing faithful or committed or people really want faithful or commitment or is that just fear that it's really these other things they want which is the inspiration or that happiness or the
it depends on the person do you speak the native language because I didn't speak it someone who didn't want three I want it I asked my wife perspective would you be willing to live with my parents
that would tell me how loving she was and full by said the question was do you love children. You like children do you love me
I should have asked and you could because she did not to cook but I was more time
it's so fabulous
and you know we met Three Times Lucky married 26 years life with Lisa Lopes and then she let me talk now.
but you see how how the past can determine how you act and respond so I had to feel beautiful women what was Safeco
I love this this is just the most beautiful precious information I might say that a lot but I really do enjoy this information and I could see the people that are you listening all over the y-axis you could see all this from all over the world these questions that we have coming in on these relationships and so let's say you've been married three four five times because it's one of the question here is if you had multiple marriages are multiple
landline from relationships I think it said and so how do you know that this one
it's going to work so it's about asking the right questions before you move forward again or not just eliminating all the things that didn't work
I'm trying to unleash them right now but we're having trouble with Apple keyboard typing in the crazy so but I'm trying to do the best I can for yes for sharing their information so that's what it said were after world has blown apart several times how do you do you eliminate the things that you know aren't going to work or do you look for something you now or in a different way the first thing to do is to work on yourself and you have to clean up you have to clean out the past relationships because it's only going to come into the next relationship but then is human being a lot of people have to be right about being lights so that it safe to have a clean slate they can go into a relationship without any past without any pain without any feelings
she's not going to work
just genius Virginia
unless it is now
I'm hearing myself back which is kind of sexy and wonderful on the process for businesses for a company because I know you that you coach people all over the world that you also coach Corporation
you know it's the way I teach it if it's really in line with the fundamental laws of the universe again but if you're not happy
the tendencies that you not going to be happy at work and the tendency is you going to compensate somewhere to get your happiness and joy that you overwork your eyes are trains will you spend time away from home or what whatever it is you do that you can have that financial success you don't have to if you have time in your business not only will you add more money but the quality of earnings will be increased and the quality of the
that's a great answer that's I mean they're all sorts of Partnerships from coaching the company or Corporation somebody independent is starting a business with a vision or dream or even if it's your life partner your mate and how you work together in those situations
yeah you know that I do a lot of conflict resolution because in Partnerships one partner feels that they do more than the other will be at the top is not contributing and now and if you have a conflict and not mine. It can affect the whole business that the whole team can be affected so that we use many practical strategies that can help people get clarity
and I also left you had a section in your book if I seem to remember about being right
and I remember when I was a small child that my father when we were there need to cross the street and my father would tell me that pedestrians have the right-of-way which in Stayton I grew up in is when you stepped off the sidewalk cars were supposed to stop for you and so he would think a def Jam's have the right away but that you also have to look for cars because you may be right but you could also be that getting you also have to watch for a moving vehicles and and that you don't always have to be right like you're saying you just have to be aware and smart and so I'm sure and Partnerships in marriages in business Partnerships and anytime that there is a board of directors or many owners of a business that somebody wants to be right how do you talk to somebody through that need to be right
it needs to be right but you can increase the awareness so that this is several things we can do the number one things you have to throw away and I would ask him a question what is the cost to you being this way
well you know it's costing me my relationship is costing me my self expression with happiness or joy that's really what you want what is the outcome you want
oh then all of a sudden they get that clarity
We Can't Stop ourselves from being right documents and then at the end
if you can just have that awareness that you can ask yourself better questions the quality of your life is spent on the quality of the questions you ask yourself what is this costing me am I being right here what would happen if I gave what is it I can do to change the situation and then the other person ever to be apologize if you know what I'm sorry I should have done that night wasn't your fault it's my fault
the weekend we get reactive and spend it instead of response to do you know the difference between us
I do but I'd love you to share for the audience because they're I would love you definition if you don't mind sharing reaction but if you respond to something is looming sort out you look at the situation and you make a response according to what they need is so just have a look when are you react if your child teenager comes in upset you react so do you respond to yo honey
tell me what am I supposed to
okay so then there's another aspect to that that I know that you spoke about which was patient
this is one of my favorite sentence is infinite patience produces immediate results
internet stations yes please great grades but not anything we want to get great grades but we want to be in the talk I should I would send my son to a particular school and I'll get an extra tutorial lesson 2 extra coaching extra homework and I and I used to think this is so painful to me because you know he's not enjoying it I'm not enjoying it not enjoying it so I looked it to my friends and relatives
I didn't want my son to get back way to make me look better than I thought, oh my goodness what am I doing to him so I'm going to let it Blossom but if I did not at the beginning that he would Blossom anyway I could have had that immediate peace then rather than having to worry about it so if you have infinite patience know that everything will be well in the end and if it's not bad it's not the end used to be peaceful now
that's a beautiful statement and you never that's the first time I've ever heard something like that so everything will be well in the end and if it's not well it's not the end
that's a phrase if you could just write everywhere
and that takes care that takes care of any aggravation that takes care of that takes care of that takes care of any
any reflection on Wentzville is you're saying just to have that faith and trust and knowing this
beautiful what a beautiful way to live
I really have to thank you for sharing that that's why it's like 10 times with lots of exclamation points forgiveness and then repeat that this is so powerful forgiveness is the express Pathway to Freedom the quality of your life is depending on the quality and death of the Forgiveness you able to extend in your life and you may have to forgive yourself
just I love these coins I love the way that you teach I love to tapestry in which everything is woven together it's just such beautiful information and something immediately you feel you really should steak marinating in a tub of Truth
exactly what it feels like if you say it to me it's wonderful people find you and you work and work with you
at the best way to the website and I meet you at happiness. Calm and if you want to start a C-section if you just go to the website that they support in there and then we can do a strategy Kool-Aid long-lasting question that I will that work if you guys want some time to get to a high-level pasture-raised
wonderful people are excited to jump into this then I want to talk about another word and chapter in your book which is expectation
yeah expectations will always sleeps upstairs when you expect a certain outcome which is what happens without children we expect them to behave in a certain way and when they get upset as parents we have filters we have a filter for a boss and have a built-in surround parents when you look at your kids you have a filter anointing the filter is that they sat an expectation that they be that way you want to be right so anything that happens you confirm it
but what would happen if you remove that filter you would get to see what really is and then you don't have to have that judgment you didn't have to have that expectation you can respond as opposed to
just thinking about that. We all have expectations either stay okay I'm going to be happy now
I'm absolutely not going to be happy now and make that decision to do that just having an expectation how that can wreak havoc with your life instead of you saying the same as I will be well having a trust in that face and that gratitude in the knowing this to me a loudness of that Magic Johnson called and why does it seems that I think I loved so much about you work that I'm just absolutely just so drawn to but something that I really hadn't stopped to think about before did you talk about the people that use surround yourself with and I know that they say they like the 10 people you surround yourself with that financially where you put yourself into wealth or into hell so I can but can you talk for a second about the affect or effect of the people that you surround yourself with
is it this is particularly important with your children we would always know
select children's parents where we would only know who our children's friends with
it's important to know who they hang out with it's important to know how much time they spend with these people because all you need is one part in front and back and destroy everything that you done with that child who you spend time with it till you become look at your friends and a weekly Spencer them the next next to that write down the grade you would get them right away would be there to the inspiring helpful caring loving people great to be would be so kind and generous but you can take the people who
make sure you let me spend time with a symphony or with the Seas you can or let them go because if you get some empathy they'll stay in that well without sat and they had a big issue and I couldn't bring them up because it's draining is painful
what about people that do drain your energy but if you were to look at them from the outside if you talked about looking at somebody found an outside window may seem like caring loving and kind successful happy wonderful people but yet when you were around them
you feel their need totally drained I'm your your life is there a way to still be able to separate yourself even though you there's nothing wrong with him to see them as being wonderfully good people die forever changed what was great about today what are you grateful for and what's magical what are they passionate about what can they do to you together to create a great feeling comfortable so unknowingly they may become comfortable it in in a particular way of being but if you can just change that for 5 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes. Muscle gets developed and then she spend more time doing that it gets stronger and stronger
you don't have to cut them out completely but you spend less time with them because you know you have a duty to your family to be strong powerful caring loving and are you spending time with people or not you'll see pride in your family of that gift
the same questions that you asked your children you know was there anything you didn't get good knowledge for today or recognized for today and what kind gift did you see him with kindness did you asked me what did you notice is that something you can also do with your colleagues or business associates are friends
what is it in a slightly different exercises that I would do with business people you know what do what you love to do is there anything that you've done that you found penis knowledge people who stay with you not pictures of money because they feel important they feel that they say leader in in place that is inspiring so if you can create that feeling for your employees you'll find a cyclical style day more productive than they become raving fans then all of a sudden you get people knocking on your door wanting to work for you
well that's very powerful it's really powerful and is you talking about asking what are you great at what did you notice what to give what do you see what did you do beyond the asking I know that you actually speak a lot about listening and the power and the Art of listening
listening is very important because it's human beings that we want to be listened to and if you don't listen you depriving everybody of many gifts thing is particularly important for men
because women want to speak and men have to listen to don't have to fix things but that's the problem with men that women don't want that to be the case I just want to be listened to
the men she's the best advice I can give you the one you love listen to her and that will be painful for her I know you want to I know you want to jump in but it sounds
you have no idea what advice that is
absolutely and unlimited life had to leave that unbridled life without any barriers without any lie in the same way that there aren't any lines between States they're only there because we put them there or we draw them their imaginary line imaginary lines in our world that we should realize or just imaginary lines is there a device or secret or tool or technique Reiki that you can say if you just did this
he would have boundaries of your life
okay so it's pretty simple if you had a swimming pool in your backyard and then someone pooped and then someone else pooped in the oldest Hoops with plastic
bouquet using playing in a smaller tool you can playing a smaller game thinking that you couldn't play the biggest game in the pic of cool
set alarm at things that stop at the right maxillary we not good enough we not smart enough there's something wrong with us we can affair with imaginary
as human beings with we made for one reason the last appeal of we we all handle something like that millions of other candles without being diminished
I read some of the other day don't be afraid to love your partner more
instead of calling
it truly is afraid to love your partner more
why do you think you know that we are afraid to love more to love them I know that people always tell me that I'm emotionally Brave and at first it was blown away when somebody said that and now it's a look at my life I say yes I have I'm emotionally Brave I allow myself to feel I allow myself to think what stops us from loving somebody more
it is not having it back there is rejection. Something good enough smart enough being loved and not enough in the way we want men to the lady you can buy honey what is it I can do to make you feel more loved
latest this is what you can ask your man
what can I do to make you feel more respected
generally men want love men want respect about love and women want love respect so if you can put in your in your partner and respect your man men Partners way
your relationship will improve immediately this is just said thank you so much for sharing all of this and I know that we don't have a lot of time to ask you as you talk about this our fears and our schwebel's are our failures are the things that we trip up on and how we can expand and live share and Trust in her face and I remember somewhere that you had some sort of process where people could do it like it's an experience
switch out right that you had a jelly clearance process in which people can
is that make me Planetshakers that a wave that sweeps over you every day so you can have the information and they used to wear at you can replace it with positive affirmation but I am strong I am powerful I make it different I'm trying to I am Serene I'm opposed to good and I'm here to make a difference I make it so I can look at whatever whatever it is you can make that stronger and ask you to be part of that muscle as you as you increase activation magical things. I will see things happening people will come to your vibrational energy changes everything we do is buy price match
Danielle I just want to go back since we don't have a lot of time but I just want to go back to 6 years ago for you when you were saying you're in this deep dark place and so for those that feel that they're falling
internet keeps our place before you get there is there a way to stop it or once you're there when you feel like you can't even breathe is there one small you talk to that hope but sometimes I know once you're there it's really hard to see that light that you would stay if you or anybody you know where love is ever
Falling Towards The Darkness or in the darkness and feeling trapped
stick do a t or c
that's the first thing is to help someone else other people 50 things you should be grateful for
write down the piece of paper people that you can be grateful for that piece of piece of paper people that you love loves you
what that what you break that what you got to do because I would divert your attention it will divert your vision you focus and once you start saving other people it becomes addicted just it just feels you out and in the reason I feel job because if you meet these three cheese you will be fulfilled. The first years you have to give if your Tanya energy you love you get brightness you enjoy your happiness your presence your kindness give it away without wanting anything
the second G is be grateful for what you have and don't focus on what you think
we creep in in water that other countries would like to drink answer that do I do we have a think about that we haven't developed that muscle and the Sochi I promise you if you have to grow if you're not feeling joyful one of those three cheese is not it is missing other you not giving you know
3 G's like now that I start my ABCs or so do La Fonda Del Rey right once you have these notes you can sing anything you just think with these three notes you can live a happy fulfilled life
cast of crazy question for you and so they don't know who is typing this but I miss your calls or bill collectors
and when all of a sudden you're the energy of your day changes
whether you run into somebody who hurt you or you get a phone call that tells the pot how do you pull back and get to the other side quickly so you're not falling falling falling down the stairs he just sits with his questions that can guess that's what I'm pretty sure it is
so something happens we make it mean something so I can call my wife she doesn't call me back I make it mean she doesn't love me she doesn't care for me she doesn't respect me she doesn't honor me all that happened was she didn't call me back when you get a debt collector calling you what do you make it mean does it mean that you're stupid that you know who did Matthew orfalea you shouldn't be happening why me all the time he's calling he's doing his job
I know you find it to your job but it's a difficult time do you mind if I call you back and you go back another day
there's no need to get upset as soon as you get that person power of your life because it's your life you can choose how you live it
you choose how you living you choose your life rather than choosing years
yay I want to stand and cheer for you as you say that and I remember reading on your bio that you are Harvard speaker and so have you spoken at the University to the young minds and students
yeah I was at Howard University experience
and so when you're speaking with you knows the Young Lions are at a consciousness of tomorrow and today how do you share with kids or young people that are forging roads when they think that
they know how to make the future work that they have a new idea but the power comes in from the fact that how we how people talk you know my children are the tire of Happiness fulfillment Joy giving gratitude because that's what they can both shopping you know that we need experience fulfillment when you experience Joy when you experience Bliss
it's a beautiful beautiful lemons and as you experience it you love it and it's you love it you want more of it and then if you're not have to get it you'll get it but none of us know how to get Pokemon happiness but that is the wrong thing, not have to do it and once you not have to do it you can do it
absolutely extraordinary and then I have a question here about pets
biggest hits making us happy or catch that Express happiness. I might I know I have little dogs and they Joy Beyond Joy the new day they dance Ace Circle they're happy to see me as people can we connect to that kind of feeling
they give you an tea party love and attention when it when you come home and the dog sees you it's so excited
we don't get that from anywhere else that's why they start magical moments because all of a sudden wave presents
but don't expect you as you are
we could all be that way in our lives
and I know that you were staring at the top of the show that as you were going through this journey your own personal Journey your own personal climb to the other side or weakening and where it is and this is incredible or option of light and love and Newfound ways of experience in being here on this planet that you were writing down your thoughts to writing down stories and they became a book how important is it for people to write down
their thoughts or just share them in a way that they're not inside
what to write down the sort you can always come back and review them I'd like to write magical moments and say something magical happened. Like to write it down then I can come back until I remember that all that was a beautiful moment I was a beautiful Mainland that it's human beings what we do at least it's a graduation day or make a habit of it because having everything written down to give you access to genuine feelings that you may not be aware of and unless you like she was moved down
I love that you took time out to be with us today this is so extraordinary and so special to have you here and your work is lucious it's just that there is So Divine it's like running through a field of flowers
a glorious hell and you just want to have this bleeding be dancing around excited to be able to say I'm an expert on a happiness what is it like to Steven to be able to see into lead a life where you're an expert on something just so beautiful aureus
yeah you know I don't even think about it
can is there Everest an area where
you just say okay it's okay stay in that dark place for a while it's okay to wallow it's okay to
breakdown and then when you're ready you know we'll talk about the other side or is it always the time when you can say I'm just going to In This Moment even in the slightest our deepest dentist places of my life just breathe and be grateful and and
see that light and and know it's there what do you say for people that are grieving or people that are sick or people that are in situations in which
that emotion is just a strong Anacortes so cheap
I have my moments that there are times I request but I can live in a kid crying but it would enjoy that moment because it's a 10 leave in that well because if you listen that well it's not going to be forced into something to be joyous fears think of ways that you can get out of this by just doing one of the exercises about having that awareness spending time with other people saving other people and then as you do that you will stop to ship where you are and then you'll become a different person and all of the sudden suspect that you not resisting the sides part of your life
all of a sudden it's gone because if you don't give it any attention
just wonderful work and yell it's so beautiful it's so special and for everybody that's out there to be able to find you to work with you to find their happiness meter I absolutely love that and to be able to grow and step into places in our life where we can be happier where we can change it I love it when you talk about the Partnership if your partner score is lower than yours your score lower than your partners and how to team you work together to pull those a few think it's every surprising it's a return to the staff and say wow I didn't realize you were unhappy in that area.
what is it happened to me and my wife has I just mind my son and daughter day together a greater let's fix it says 8 even though I'm in this world we don't always know what's going in other people's minds if you a direction that you can go into any issues so when we put together something because we had a lot more clarity
play one of our listeners is a very powerful leader in our country and our nation and
I've been very grateful because he's been an abscess Nur to all of my shows for several years now and I didn't even realize that he was listening in when you were on the passionate moving show and I received a message Shirley have to shove saying thank you so much that was a wonderful showing and acknowledged you and all of your work and then the last line said I'm going to go take my happiness guys they have any sleet or whatever that is right now and you know he was happy in this life and where he could improve on that misses someone that's very Towers on making a difference in all of our lives and so I love the fact that at any point we can take this test
and we can live up on my happiness meter
yeah and then you know what once you get the test back if he gives you a full breakdown on areas of your life that you can work on a once you do that it doesn't make it so that when some of the areas that we need looking at
well I'm so grateful that you were with us and please share with her audience how they can have their very own copy of immediate happiness be happy now how did they find a book that you can increase the quality and fulfillment in your life and it's just very very easy read that the chances are it from the house that are the practical they're the things I use in my seminars that I have a lot of the world Final Chapter we teach you how human beings wear
brand new Tesla human beings where if you haven't have an issue to fix it and make it mean this the reality is that I can do this and I'm done
I would love to test okay
so it goes when it's your birthday but one of our guests that was on one of my other shows we were talking about Harmony in a relationship
beautiful Harmony in a relationship and I was sharing a story about how I had this beautiful piano this incredible piano that I fell in love with him and that I had planned to shift down to California and how I took care of this piano as if it was one of my children I just absolutely adore this piano and when I was moving sale in my home and one of the neighbors came by and they had a little girl who was maybe six seven eight and she saw the piano and she yelled at piano and she run towards it in the mother asked if she could play a song and it said of course and she climbed on the bench and she played like she was box like she was Beethoven like I mean just the most incredible virtuoso piano that I've ever heard in my life and I asked you know how long she been playing in the mother said she'd never taken Alaskan ever that she just loves the music and if there was an old beat-up piano
the gym at school and it sometimes she would sneak in and just play it but that they couldn't afford a kanno and you know I asked if they had one edition and they said that they couldn't possibly you know of for this piano and I said that know that I would give them this piano for the price of you know a ticket someday when she becomes a concert pianist that they would remember me and find me an invite me to one of her shows I just do this little girl had talent and I even had paid to have my movers move it to their house because I want to do that and to have a chance and I just knew in that moment that piano belong to that little girl and I was sharing that someday I knew that another piano would come back to me I just had him for Clear glowing but that the right one whatever and shuffle my life one day and a couple months ago
they were some of it by the story somebody died heard the story actually gifted me an antique piano that I have now that I cannot tell you how much I love and so so you don't know so when is your birthday and Neil Tesla
because you work this is exchange of people's lives and so many may stay like you knows he needs is just a demo for his speeches
absolutely and it's wonderful having you here it's always such a joy and truly I am such a fan of your work and I am so grateful for you and your wisdom and your knowledge and the kindness
that's even still in that lives inside of you and not just for everything that you know but the way you share it so freely so generously just was so much heart to see so many people around the world you really are such a grand gift and I am so grateful to know you
no thank you so much. I love the passion I love to eat the difference that you make and that your energy your boyfriend see you through your thing is is truly beautiful
thank you and you and you and mediate happiness be happy now or go to www. My happiness School., erasing to do that and I absolutely love this work as much as I do and we look forward to having you back here in the Shell wonderful and special New Year and thank you for all your work and you'll Gupta and happiness what beautiful information you've truly astounding absolutely astounding if we could all be happy and an instant and his three cheese I love the way that he talks about giving and I love the way that he talks about growing and all of these things that it went
deepest darkest place when you're in a place where you feel the walls are closing in and there isn't any help go feed the hungry go do some small act of kindness for someone and make a difference and Get outside yourself I thought that was amazing if I so much of what he said was just everything was just right on I love the way you know what were you not acknowledge for today what did you notice when act of kindness did you see what I could kindness to do you have what do you appreciate all of these things that he's been able to open his children's eyes to a world of living in such a way or for woman how can I love you better and then how can I respect you more on what can I do in this relationship all of these tools and techniques and keys and secrets that he's cute and everyone
if you stepped living that ultimate happy life and so I so look forward to having you back here with us next week finding a group to end his work it's amazing it's extraordinary and less than 3 minutes you can be on the road to happiness share this work with your partners your loved ones your life but mostly I wish you
truly and unlimited life and so this is Nicole Brandon and Anil Gupta wishing you immediate happiness and the unlimited life you always knew you were meant to live that you dream of you desire and deserve
knowing that you have it inside your heart to live and to have it all we look forward to seeing you next week

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