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Unlimited Life, February 17, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Amanda Rain

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Amanda Rain

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Heights Nicole Brandon welcome to unlimited life I am so thrilled today to introduce today's guests of all of the years that I've had the opportunity to do radio which has been many many many many years now and all of the countries in which I have been doing radio broadcast I have had the gift and the blessing and the opportunity to interview thousands upon thousands of people around the world and today's guest is the guest that has change my own life more than anybody else today we are speaking with Amanda rain and she's going to talk about how to speak the Unspeakable how do you have those conversations in your life that you
I have a difficult time having how do you talk about your past relationships how do you talk about what you want sexually how do you go in and ask for a raise how do you talk about your finances how do you talk about your views on the world the way in which she teaches you how to have conversations with those you care about those you love your colleagues
your neighbor's your community and the conversations with yourself I have been interviewing Amanda on so many of my radio shows and often when I'm interviewing Amanda I find myself just taking notes and I'm writing feverishly and then I realized I have to ask you a question where are the radio show but I am myself and learning constantly when she is talking we have had radio shows where we have had people in Q4 hours to talk to her and to ask her a question where we've actually had to add hours and hours and hours of programming just to keep bringing her back and so I am so excited that she is with us today because truly Amanda has changed my own life and a life of my colleagues my friends transformational leader around the world and I'm sure today her information is going to change and shift your life and give you the words to really step up and deleting to live and unlimited life so if
great joy and thrill of my heart I introduce to you today is very special guest Amanda rain
magic thank you so much for being with us and welcome thank you so much for having me to call and along with all of those beautiful words thank you so much I do know it's my absolute pleasure truly when I think about you and I think about the first time I met you and it really is one of those things you see who is that person of the room and there's just there is such light. Just imitate Sunshine from units really want to think of you I think of you like a lighthouse that you just spread this light wherever you go and people that are in darkness you're able to guide them to the next place and people that are really doing well you're able to illuminate who they are in such a beautiful way and so it's such an honor and such a blessing and such a gift to have you with us today thank you for that reflection how did you come up with me I love speaking
who sings in the world is how do we say those things that we've always wanted to say and how to give you some begin well it was at the overview of all of my life experiences and you know within an apprentice to a shamanic Cass and within that work there is much talk of speaking the Unspeakable of how do we be real with people in the moment when it's necessary so that way we can have real connections with people that are based on honesty and integrity and so it is that working when I heard that you know I was like yes that is what I feel like doing I'm originally from Detroit and Detroit people are often very outspoken and so there is definitely part of that within the way that I was raised to be outspoken and over the years with the training and with the spiritual work that I've done I've and you know also moving to the West Coast
enable to soften some Luther Harter edges that I carried and be able to really surrender into the beauty of life and at the same time so holding this edge of we need to be real with each other we need to be honest with each other and it's through that that we actually respect each other and so when I was looking at what is my unique gift to offer this world what am I here to do that's what came was was is to help people speak the Unspeakable and terms of my advocacy work and helping people be more effective at speaking their truth and speaking out for Change and creating positive being a positive force in our world and then also in our intimate relationships with each other with our families with co-workers and being able to have a healthy happy connections with people and so that is what inspires
I love that and I think that that is the most difficult place to share your feelings and your thoughts whether be something horrible that happened in your past to you or something that it you believing that you see the invisible or or even a desire or passion or something that you have that you think somebody is not going to think that it's right or love you the same way if you were to share that and so how do you open to intimacy and how do you be vulnerable
with somebody especially when there's so many influences that say we can't trust your somebody's going to love this last if we share the olive who we are and say what we really thinking or feeling
yes it's so important for us to step into intimacy and one of my teachers likes to say intimacy into me see so that's when we open ourselves for people to see us for all of us on the ability all of their strengths all of our weaknesses the challenges be overcome Beauty and it's a vulnerable place to be in and of itself because we have this meat need for love and belonging in the named in the words of brene brown who does Research into shame and shame resilience and how to be connected and with that need for love and belonging when we put ourselves out and open this
we have a lot of concern around what people are going to think about us whether we're going to be accepted whether we will have that love and belonging that we so deeply in innately me need and desire
it's part of the work is being able to do that is to love ourselves so fully and completely that we know that those who accept us are the ones that are deserving of our deepest connections and that those aren't going to be broken by our Humanity in our imperfections are those flies they give his character and make us be who we are and that actually are much of our Brilliance and our Beauty
and with that work you know it's for those who don't accept and love us and you know that's okay not everyone is going to like us love us and it's okay there's so many people in the world so once we can really love ourselves we start to understand that some people we will align with and others we won't and there's nothing wrong with that it doesn't make them wrong it doesn't make us wrong it's just not it's just not an alignment okay but if you're with somebody that would someone know that you're aligning with and
you still afraid you know like as a woman how do you ask for
what you want and if you're not in the lineman with somebody out how much can you say safely
so that's where the strategy peace comes in in terms of Binx and strategy really comes down to being thoughtful and thinking about you know what is you're aligning with your court Ruth first and that way you can bring that into the conversation and then you know use he put a little thought into what real needs to be shared when you're looking at what needs to be shared you're looking at what do what is actually pertinent to this conversation and what is pertinent to their decision making it there making a decision based on something that we are offering or speaking of our needs or what's important for them to know about where we're at and how we feel it's so when we put it into that contacts we can be much more effective when we bring things forward you know it's true that when the closer someone is to us the more susceptible we are to being afraid to share and
send ourselves and you know I was just speaking with her brother yesterday and he know he feels
no he's having trouble of being Intimates open to allow people to see him and in that way
you're one of the things that I shared with him is that we all have things that we are hard on ourselves before we all have things that don't meet our own standards and often times our standards are much higher than those who love us the people who love us love us and there are hard moments that we haven't in this world it's just part of life is to have you do moments there a little more challenging than others and when we can be honest straightforward and speak from our heart we can move through the challenges with greater ease and in ways that will actually deep enough connections to where we know that no matter what happens in the future we can get through it because we've gone through this particular Challenge and we've been able to speak our fears to each other you know a lot of a lot of what fear is being afraid of the unknown
and soaks to to counter that we have to make the Unknown Known and what happens is when we have something difficult to share a lot of times we spent a lot of time spinning and I'm lying you know creating stories creating how they're going to respond to it or you know what's going to happen if we share our truth instead of speaking it and actually being the real connection between two people and navigating that out and figuring that out together as opposed to one person you know working it up and what happens when you do that when we create those stories within ourselves me and up not being at making yourself so nervous and so afraid that we added that much more into the situation so if we were to just speak it you know kind of do the self work first of what's my truth what's important here what's important to me what's important for this other purse
to know and then once that's clear going into the dialogue and if you know it if what I do when I'm really afraid or don't feel like I'm going to be articulate cuz it's easy to talk about this but when you have your emotions connected into this when you have your love in your heart connected into this it's guide and so what I do is I tell people this is really hard for me I don't necessarily know how to do this or how to save as well and so if you could just bear with me while I while I speak to us in and if you could not take anything personal in that if something comes off as hard as that know we can talk about that and we can address that together this is something that I really need to speak to you in. It's so beautiful to say this is new for me and I am going to be in the moment and I'm stepping into this and I'm being brave and you know sharing my truth with you because I care whatever that is and you know and I and I love that
if they don't take anything personally because out I guess was one of my questions because I know I've heard you speak about what women can speak their boundaries powerfully and with Grace
and I know when you get scared it doesn't sound so very powerful and sometimes when you're tripping over your tongue it doesn't sound so very graceful but if you're saying it from your heart and it's both of those things right yes completely
so if we were to speak about Andres and we wouldn't want to do so gracefully
and it feels like it's Infamous in that in the situation we can say you know thank you it's got a compliment that you you don't want to do that with me or have that desire I'm not able to feel that at this time but I want you to know that I really appreciate you bringing that to me or asking me for that
and the more that we can also think people like if someone were to say can I have to get a note I kiss you
the more that were able to say thank you for asking the more often will be able will have that question asked to us cuz what are the things that we're coming out of its kind of the way that we used to living in a way that we see things unfold around us and in media and out you know in places other world is that men you know what they're more especially with the energetic of the masculine it's to go after what you want that's how men are large women are largely trying to not use your voice
to really be in service to our relationship which I think is it is a beautiful thing and we have to be able to speak our needs to speak our desires because I'm hungry and so the more that women speak up and then open his face and ask a questions the more we'll step into
I'll feed you see connections where we can have what we want we can have our desires fulfilled through doing that work and so it's important for us to be able to speak and you know sometimes it's it's really challenging and so it's important for us to follow our intuition and if something you know if we're not really in alignment with something then wait for a moment and if you're a heated moment with someone it could be that you hug them tightly and just say will you just hold me for a moment I just really need to be held since stopping what's happening in San wait this isn't working for me move it into an action cuz none of their reaction oriented and make it into an action that the man can feel like he is supporting the woman because men want us to be happy
they want us to feel fulfilled and satisfied and and they have so much that they gain from our happiness when they love us until it being able to support them and getting our needs met and being able to speak them publicly and with Grace all of his music is so amazing to me and it's such great information and we have so many women on the show that are starting over again and relationships are people that have been married a couple times and they don't really know what happened because they just didn't know how to communicate their needs and then we have people who have been abused fan art meeting to learn to trust love and it's okay to trust love and to trust men so for women that are just finding their voice that the justices this is a new scale this is new like teaching a baby to walk or whatever and that they're they're just taking steps Fullerton finding their voice and communication what would be a tipler tools or one of the
steps that you would say to somebody that sticks this is brand new and they so desired want to communicate with somebody in a way that they're being heard and that they're being that your voice is being received
I would say to ask for patience from those closest to you naming your vulnerabilities naming your fears when we when we were able to speak fears that when we were able to speak our experience it essentially has the ability to put us at ease once we name it and so then we can actually address it directly in conscious awareness and so you know how people hey I am in need of cleaning my voice and so as I go through this journey it may come I may come of harsh at times because I'm finding my way it's kind of like when we're starting anything they're just like life when we're a child start to kind of take things too far and we take things and we don't take things far enough in order to find a comfort zone in order to find our way and what works for us
Central letting people know hey I'm in a learning curve right now and this is really important for me and and if it's someone who is engaging love again after abuse or you know a broken marriage
telling someone I really want to have this connection with you it's very valuable to me and I want you to know that you know I'm healing from a lot of abuse and Trauma and so the more that we can have open communication so that way when I get triggered
so I can come to you and say hey I'm triggered I need a little space so we don't just you know disappear for a bit or say I'm really triggered and I can't have this conversation with you
and then come back to it at another time is asking for that support that we need one of them portent things in terms of men and women as we speak different languages we had were wired differently and we have different aspects of our physicality that impact the way that we communicate women use way more words than men and their many other differences and so when we're going to mad at like me needs to process something like something's Weighing on us or we need to support or just want to unload after a rough day at work or whatever it is it's better for us to call a sister to call a woman a woman friend because we speak the same language so they'll be able to be support for us in a way that we need men want to fix things that's what they do their action oriented you give them a problem they're going to start to solve it
and that's their medicine and so if we just need to process we should call sister if you need have something that needs action taken and we're not attached to how it's going to look cuz we don't want to micromanage that men do for us take that to the man and so is it you know when you take something vulnerable or something where you're triggered you could say I'm really triggered a list of what I need from you whether it's space Orcs will you just hold me these different things that we can ask for to be sold in that way they can feel like they have a will they have a purpose they're supporting us and they can feel empowered in that as we call ourselves even words that they use differently and I was told Amanda Armstrong was talking about when they will you know in her credible text her and she was telling you about that when a man is finally ready
to make a commitment to a woman that he will often say something like you know that I care about you they took to assure her that he loves her to show her that he wants to move that he wants in a relationship and that when a woman is ready to leave a relationship she says to me and you know that I care about you. She could always leaving and right away she shuts down and now all of a sudden she's disappeared from the relationship and that you know now he's taking steps forward and she's becoming a bitching spinning out of control or whatever that is that he does and he said what happened after you know he finally tells her he cares and it's so it's funny you can just see you some words that we use words differently
completely completely into the more you know that's where it's important for us to ask clarifying questions one of the things that night debate training has been helpful for is to be able to see how ideas or concepts are in the debate Worldstar called arguments interact with each other and how when things are spoken what you mean can you pull from it and what meaning is missing from what is spoken in so many reasons so many less words than I do say something in another man will understand completely but the woman who will be wondering left wondering well I can see this going in five different directions I'm not sure where this is why I mean I've had the conversation with men where I say you know from every when I look at our conversations over a span of time I could think that
you're really into me you're not into me at all and Oregon your indifference are your you might be or or your open or not open and I'm really confused and so I just need to ask you directly how do you feel about me
and this particular minute I had this conversation which was really grateful that I was direct with him and that I would be able to name the lack of clarity so we could have the conversation then to get clear
is it incest asking your clarification cuz you know you said this what is this word mean that you said that I've never thought to do that but how genius to actually say that basic you know one of the things that I remember hearing when I was studying so much about literature in English and state truly the truth Harem English is it the most difficult word to learn in English language for somebody that is come here from another country and their learning English is the word beat
and it's true and I thought I mean I have read that in so many books and some some of the University's because there's so many meanings I can beat you in a race or I could beat you up or there's a heartbeat or there's a music beat or cops walk on a beat or you can eat a beet and so they're just said you were here from some other language how would you know that cops walk on a beat or that I beat you in a race or that there's a music in there so different in their meaning until to ask somebody what does that mean to you when you say you care what is caring when you put it in whatever that is and so I love when you say that and when you asked and sofa people that can speak people that for years of clear communication what happens if you want to say something
makes you need to talk about pillow talk we want to talk about sexual intimacy our fantasies or desires and so is there a way to share that and is that different than sharing your heart is saying ouch that hurt and where that at I'm triggered right now is sharing something that you desire or your fantasies or whatever is that the same sort of communication you could definitely run parallels if like if you have a fantasy that you know you could snuggle up to your partner and say I'd like to share something that you know in a lot of times our fantasies are something that is at our age you know if it would already be doing it and I'm kind of nervous or I feel embarrassed or you know you could name how you feeling
and I want to express it to you because if you're open to this it would have really excite me to be able to have this experience with you and so then you could go into it and you could feel a lot of times what is commonly thought of is when we talk about things we take out the Romantic juice that that sultry energy and it really just comes down to how we do it in so if you were to snuggle up to your partner and you to start tracing on his chest and start talking about your fantasies
it would create so much electric energy between the two of you that it would be really sweet and so when he want to be touched in a certain way we can guide the hands to go to the area that we want to be touched and you say you know this is how I want to be touched and then they love the man that I've spoken about this they loves to be told what we like because women are kind of mystery I mean I feel like women we are Mysteries unto ourselves in many ways and so for a man who doesn't have the wiring or you know they don't have a womb they don't have a vagina they don't have breasts in the way that we have them and so it's a mystery and so the more that we can unlock the box of mystery that surrounds us
and invite them in the more they appreciate it until you know they want to hear our voice they desire hearing what makes us excited what turns us on what is going to bring us the greatest pleasure that we can think of
and so when we open that dialogue once week and you know the first time that we open these dialogues it's the scariest but then the more you do it some more practice you get the more experienced the easier cats and so you know it's like building up that courage and building you know encourage being made him the Heart of Courage the leading from the heart and and stuck me out to be open and vulnerable and saying I really want this and it can create so much juice and intimacy when were able to speak at desires and how we want to be touched
maybe that's one of the questions that we had all the time and one of the most difficult things is out of your share your fantasies how do you share your desires how do you share your whatever that is I had too many other day that I highly respect and we were having a conversation with a group of men and women and he just posed at the table you know what made Fifty Shades of Grey Goose vodka why are women attracted to this or let you know and and it's interesting for any man to be asking how does a woman want to communicate better what and how did she Express or how come women don't talk to us their house and so to be able to stay but I love that you start with the innocence of all kind of nervous around through the various benefits.
it's it's so feminine and it's so long ago and it's so curious and it's so adorable and it's so sweet and yet it's so sexy at the same time
create an event for men the Taproot to vulnerability they don't have that natural connection that we have and still going to be able to connect into our vulnerability and we are able to bring that into a relationship that's one of the things that they haven't need from us we need that engage gain access to that through us and through us being vulnerable
Isabelle full movie open the door for us to share our fantasies that can give them permission to share their fantasies and Tamara can be an adventure in an exploration into what what are desires are and when we can eat especially in long-term relationships when you're continually having to meet each other and really each other and keep sings juicy and find things to you know spice up the what can become a monotonous day-to-day of living stepping into this fantasy world is Israel a powerful way to keep that connection strong and keep it juicy and keep it alive and keep it and I'll keep you asking what is today going to bring and that will keep the excitement of the relationship alive for a long time
I love you and Susie as a man I just love the spontaneity and the desire of that the opening of that it's like a full minute of each other and the gift and then I had to go in and ask him who you are and there's nothing sexier more beautiful and so I think it's perfect and I'm but my device got a question of when you teaching people how to ask for things and how to be supported in the communication and I think of everything you said is just a perfect I'm taking notes on the practice with somebody else but how do you not become co-dependent as men are supporting you how do you fall into stepping forward in your power and not wavering back and letting a man whatever that was the book like
so we have a big pattern within our Collective it doesn't mean you're not everyone has he put so many of us have struggled with codependency where we get into a relationship and then all of a sudden everything becomes about the other person and I would fall into these patterns where you know there's a lot of pain and see if there's the persecuted enable and the victim and so when we ask for something if it doesn't get puss filled and then we go into victim of why aren't you doing this for me this is you know you know this is a dream and our relationship in your not coming through on it and then we come into this place of meeting us God has helped me on my journey is to make sure that I'm maintaining a balance I had one of my relationships I had
my partner was he said you don't need me I don't know you don't like when you do for a woman doesn't mean I stopped dead in my tracks cuz I've just been so independent for so long at that point where I didn't meet him until then I was like okay he needs me to meet him and what it did was it opened up all of my codependent patterns and it got ugly and so one of the things that they are harvested that relationship. Of course it did not last when I harvested that relationship I said oh he just needed to be able to do things for me he didn't need me to meet him okay and so it's maintaining a balance of doing continuing to do for ourselves so that way we are still fueling ourselves that way
Phoenix Tiffany come into relationship if you know there's the the one thing I'm not even in general but just one person to 1% individuals within that and so it's important for us to maintain a Tapper into our own unique individuality
and at the same time we come together in relationship and that ends up creating almost like a third entity right it's like the relationship has its own being its own Essence and so when we hold ourselves as Unique Individuals coming to this relationship to create something greater than ourselves to think later than we as individuals can create it holds that balance of I am still who I am and I am coming to the relationship you know in service to the relationship while I'm still holding Integrity for my own needs and so fulfill the needs first house
you know and also also maintaining a sexual relationship with ourselves so that way it doesn't all get put on a partner
not infecting something that commonly happens in so if we you know if you look at sexuality is the core of our essence you know if it's the act that brings us into the world is such a core part of who we are when we can maintain a connection within that for ourselves
it doesn't necessarily exclude apartment but definitely is something that we feed ourselves with that we can maintain greater connection to our self throughout and maintaining that relationship with ourselves and when we can do that we can engage and Cullen parlament which is stepping in to know instead of persecutor victim attends enabler we have Challenger supporter listener we can listen to each other we can see how we can be in support to the relationship and we can tell each other say Hey you know that didn't work for me let's do better what can you do that will eat you know have you feeling fulfilled and have me feeling fulfilled
sex on my gosh that's amazing you know I love your work I have to tell you that idea of speaking unspeakable on it everything that you said is so opening and so right on and such an incredible tool and key and technique for sharing your heart and sharing your soul and getting closer to the person that you love especially the time when people are getting married and they're sharing a life together and look better time to learn to communicate with your spouse or the person that you love and so how did someone find you because I just sent that you work is just gold do you do workshops do you do private sessions
I do I do both I have a website it's found at ww.w. Speaking - the dash unspeakable., and I do workshops at Bayside Portland so I am I do workshops here in person and I also do them over the phone with toddler classes and I also do one-on-one work either you know through the various mediums of Technology as well as one on one in person and so and I love working with people what is my GFCI has been deepening like connection into this work one of my gifts is helping people find words and building their courage to be able to speak the truth I feel like that's a dead juul of my medicine that I have to get to offer people and we know what I say bring a challenge to me and then I can say will hear no see or four different ways that you
Styx s you know what your way and then I have them practice with me so they can build their courage of like I can do this I can speak this that I also help with you know she tips and tricks to you maintain that courage is you actually go into the conversation or the dialogue or just even with the relationship with self in our internal dialogue until it's a it's a beautiful thing is I love what I do and I love working with keep on supporting them because I want to see us be happy and healthy and be able to engage each other from a place of Truth and honesty and fulfilling relationships that's really what it's about is being able to have sex feeling relationships that allow us to deepen our connections with each other I actually have a Selena speaking the Unspeakable for women only coming up at our class this Wednesday
if women are interested they can email me at speak and corsets speaking like using your voice speak rain rain rain like the weather at
go put that up on our website as well because I love to be able to share that information with people I think that your choice of words and a selection of words and each word you use of the word excel opening and so feeling and it feels so safe and at some point I'd love to talk to you because one of the programs that we offer women is how to write their house and we have a whole service to teach women to write their vows and his a lot of women don't say what they want to say because they're afraid or too emotional or a lot of women don't stay within the heart because they're too embarrassed and we had a minister, freaking amazing and he was talking about what's the difference between a covenant and a contract
and that a covenant you're really stepping in a covenant and that when you're saying your vows it's not a compliment like pretty dress I think you're sexy that you can do you know that you can you know write a letter Love Letter to one another and tarek but when you're taking your vows it's really words that are in your heart what you're stepping into what you're going to do and the words that you use are truly so rich and there's so meaningful and they're so deep and there so connecting that I would love you to come to a party tonight and let you know help us with the doll service because I just think that the words that you have really do speak to the heart
I would love that and then you don't go earlier is there a way to navigate really difficult situations with a man
yeah completely one of the things that I find helpful is to the first you know when both people recognize that we speak different languages it open the door for us to be able to name that and then we can name that you know like it's weird as women who use many many words to say something if it's too much for the man I need you to pause for a moment I totally want to hear what you're saying and I love you so much that I want to hear what you're saying and I'm little overloaded right now and so if we could just pause and let me integrate what you've already said that will really help me be able to be present with what you're saying and be able to continue listening with the depths and the honesty and openness to receive it now that I can hold and so if we can I have this moment nor even going and walking around the block in so that way they can become clear of what it is
set their meeting you know so one of the things to is when we have something big that we're going to basically dropped on someone when we need to express something challenging Lee location of one of the one of the partners and it's challenging in the other person's not going to want to leave and you know that and so it's it's whatever it is doing internal work the court Ruth for you yourself what's important to you within that and what's going to be important for that and being open to maybe it's different than you think it is and so that's where the direct conversation comes in is to clarify what the difference between what we think and what's actually true
can we can we can start from that and then we can ask for the space that we need and we can ask for the things that we need within that until knowing our differences and them being able to name them throughout to really be helpful and once we do name it and we land something you know it's kind of feel like it's something on them we speak something and it drops on people that you know when you have something big and sometimes heavy or just a big deal it's it's something that people have to integrate we have to take a moment to integrate that and that's especially true for men it's a women we can see the many different you know like men can say one thing and will sync 20 things about that one thing works that way it's very single Focus like in the work of Alison Armstrong and when we do when we can recognize that we can give them Faithfully speak it we speak her Court Ruth what's important to us
and I'm going to let it be in a space that pregnant pause so we let it be in the space and we allowed at and it's awesome awkward which is why we like to continue to speak because it makes us feel more comfortable but ultimately that person that were speaking to need to integrate that and need some time and date so that way they can come into what is there truth within that and then make him speak that back to to us and that's important to it's taking you know a lot of breath during breathing really deeply through the challenging things in this moment when you need to integrate and naming how we feel throughout the encounter so that way with something is spoken and it triggers us we can say wow that really triggered me or wow that really hurt I just I need a moment to be with that so I can make sense of it for myself so you need to not be afraid to hit the pause button just do it
making agreements about okay when we hit something that doesn't work for us like how we want to approach it how do we want to sit down and talk about this since and then also recognizing that sometimes you've talked about it and process it and there's no more that can be said about it and so let it be for a little bit allow it to space and time to be integrated so you can find an approach with that cuz sometimes and sometimes seems to be much simpler than we think it needs to be until holding space that sometimes take me to speak it and that's all that needs to happen and there's no follow-up or action needed you just need to be heard and then other times there is follow-up to Mary's action that's needed or some kind of response succeeded
I mean it really yours you're so terrific and you were so inspirational you really are I mean not just doing it to slow many people I truly what I said we've had our guests after guest on the show of the top experts in the world one more profound and more riveting in the next and the work is incredible and I had the opportunity to work with so many people and be glorified and enjoy some many people but your energy is it's just different when I from the time I first met you say something in you that you know you so open your heart and share your heart and now you're able to teach other people how to open their hearts and share their heart such an incredibly profound and loving level and so I will highly recommend that people jump on your killer seminar on Wednesday and I know I'm certainly am traveling but I wasn't going to try to jump on
well because I would love to be able to continue listening in this work with you and that people find you in especially if you're getting married or if you are married or if you've been married a couple times and the communication thing hasn't worked for you and this is you you want to learn these tools and techniques in these keys and want to have these words in these sentences and these doorways and pass the windows and entrances to being able to say what you're thinking and feeling and being able to share and Express in a way that it's finally being hurt and that you feel safe about talking about everything and so I'm just so thrilled that you're doing what you're doing and that the person on the planet doing what you're doing is you because I can't think of a better person to do that and yeah if you inspire others I want to ask what inspires you
yeah there was a shooting at one of my own personal journey of healing and healing my relationship towards masculine and toward men and and within myself as a woman and Pinellas out at Burning Man in 2007 and we brought out there the guy in the Triad goddess Temple and headed to women and it's in his face we had a son in one of the it was two domes and it was in the center of one of the domes was just thrown it was the goddess throne and it was for women to come in and feel empowered and there is a time that I sat in that throne
and watched what was happening we had Alters the different goddesses around the space and person after person I mean watching the women come through the door and falling to their knees it's so grateful for the space that honored them and then simultaneously watching Men come to the door and fall to their knees and for the goddess and it inspired me to believe that we know all people all people want to be able to have healthy relationships with each other and it was one brother that fell to his knees in front of the throne as I was sitting there and he said I know we can do better than this
I don't know how to get there but I know we can get there and I was a really touching and inspiring moment for me to see this man want the same thing that I want and so many people want of being able to have healthy relationships with each other to have the spelling connections and that deaths of connection that we can get when we work together and open ourselves to be vulnerable and to be seen in two until it's it's that hope in the end up knowing that we will get there and it will be beautiful and we are the creators of this until we get to we get to take what has come before us and
build on it and make it better for future generations and so we can have the enriching lives that we so desire
what a beautiful answer really has very stunning until your class on Wednesday tell us once again how we register for that so you can go to my website at speaking - 50 - unspeakable. Calm and you can get more information there you can also email me directly speak rain rain like the weather at and I am happy to register people and have a conversation with people to you know one of the things that I like to do within my work is to make sure that it is addressing the specific needs of the people who come and so and it's often fun when I know plan out the workshop and then I get in and I asked you to ask people questions about what they want to get or you not just hear from people and and it's fun How It lines and then also have it all switched shifts
I love to connect with people and make things very poignant and pertinent to their everyday lives because that's really the heart of this work is that it can be lived and walked everyday and I can see the ceiling and again and enriching because that's what I mean life is so rich and abundant with such beauty and the only thing that hold it back from that is us until I'm going to be willing to be the fool at the edge of the unknown is a lot of this is unknown for us and to have the courage to move forward and we can we can do that together and we can support each other and and I really like working with women because there's so much
there's so much there for us to gain and and lead the way and its women step into their leadership within the voice within the home within our communities and within business the more they were able to Judith in a powerful way that's an alignment with the feminine and really bring the gorgeousness of that out the more that everything will be served in life we hold so many keys within us with women that's for for the family for uneven skin tone in business and politics that the more we can clean my voice the quicker things will shift and life can be that beautiful experience that we know it can be
it's great now I have we only have a couple minutes left and we always ask for gas at the end of the show for a definition of the word Deirdre hated marriage in Val and we've had Harmony and and so what does communication mean
the communication is the external expression of our internal word world that internal world and so it is a reflection of who we are on the inside ticket spoken out to create connections with the external world with each other with our communities until it's that it's if it's also the paint that we use to paint the world it supposed to storm were cans to paint that gives it such texture and Rich that makes it engaging
what a beautiful definition of to use that on our website that was just absolutely breathtaking and it's been so magical having you here in such an honor and such a blessing and I love the work that you're doing I truly do and I just think that for everybody that's here on the show right now
dating single person that doesn't have a desire to say what's in their heart and not only could stay at the to have if you received and such a joyous and such an opening such a loving way in the words that you share and the phraseology in the way that they closed and the essence sandwich and then 10th and which they're spoken
it's just really magic it it's really love it's really light energy that just coming out of the grass and so so beautiful and incredible work and it was such a nice to have you on the call in such a joy and truly out you are one of my favorite people are and so much for supporting women and having the knowledge of the tools and the resources to have fulfilling relationships and to help I think love is such a beautiful gift in our world for us to experience and that you support people especially women and even men in having meaningful connections and beautiful relationship I deeply about you and the work that you're doing
thank you so much thank you for being with us and find her find her finder what is the use for cast I mean amazing work just absolutely amazing work and I did something that were working with everybody on and how to write your vows how to say those words that are in your heart and how to be able to not only seen his words but lift those words and live a life that those words have the essence of the meaning of until I love being able to speak in speak about an especially sexually being able to share your fantasies of your secrets of your desires and the tools and the techniques and how to do that and how did navigate those difficult conversations everything that she shared was just so wonderful and So Glorious Oh What A Thrill speaking the Unspeakable thank you for joining us
unlimited life
every time I listen to Amanda my life has changed
every time I have the honor and the privilege of interviewing Amanda rain I know that I have grown with him myself and I have more to even out for you than I have ever had before she is just such an exceptional exceptional exceptional talent and her wisdom and knowledge touches the heart of humanity everyone can learn and be elevated and find the tools in the secrets in the wisdom and the gifts with Amanda rain to learn more about Amanda I would love you to join us I'm dream. Life flash Nicole or you can join our other podcast dreamlife secrets and learn more about Amanda rain and I look forward to seeing you but all of her social media are Facebook's are Instagram's join us
interact with us I would love to know what you think and how your life has been shifted and changed by today's interview I thank you for being with us I look forward to seeing you soon and until then I wish you always and unlimited life

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