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Unlimited Life, February 10, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Paul Scheele

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Paul Scheele

Unlimited Life

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

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Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

hi it's Nicole brand with unlimited life I am so excited for Today Show when I created unlimited life I really wanted to bring to you the very best experts from around the world in new medicine science technology unlimited health unlimited healing ways to lead and to live and a limited life today's guest is the cherry on every Sunday of unlimited living today we are talking with Dr Paul scheele Dr Paul scheele is one of my heroes he is the smartest most ingenious just most phenomenal man I've ever had the opportunity to meet and I truly believe every time that I talked to him that he is leaving a mark on this planet and evolutionary shift and evolutionary change that hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of years from now people will know the name dr. Paul scheele for his genius
for all of the things that he has come up with and taught us and ways in which we leave and live and unlimited life I am thrilled that he is with us today he is a friend and he is one of my favorite guest of all time I am always learning I am always growing I am always enthusiastic and excited every time I speak with him and I am thrilled today to share with you the brilliant the genius and the mystical magical marvelous dr. Paul scheele
Nicole Branagh from ready to look younger and I'm so excited for Today Show as we've been talking about rolling down the hands of time and ways to live a happier healthier life joyful life of vibrant life a life of Wellness of fitness and truly mental Body Spirit connection I am so thrilled for today's guests because we've been talking about the right spices and the right exercises we've been talking to that Experian talking about energy levels of the talking about forgiveness and intuition and today we are going to talk about the mine and then lying Body Spirit connection at such a high level that you're just going to be blown away and that energy balloon will take you to a whole new level of really living the life of your dreams today we are talking with dr. Paul scheele who is one of my favorite guess of all time and Paul and I have a long history of bring Paul onto my
shows and I can honestly say that each and every time I've interviewed Paul I've learned more and more and more and I could honestly say that the quality of my life has improved in change with each interview I really feel that every time I'm talking with you I learned something to make my life better to make my health better to me I walked better to make the quality of my life the next level of excellent and really I you know what say that the reason that I'm truly living the life I'm living today is because I met you in the pathway and that he's giving me these incredible tools to be able to leave this kind of life so thank you so much and I'm so thrilled to have you is today's guests to be with you and what is the light to know that this is a great New Direction the idea of being able to achieve a sense of longevity
fullness as we age we can age gracefully so that the rest of the life is the best of the life right and I've been following you for years I mean you know that I if I was not doing this radio sure I would start a fan club for you and I would be the president chili everything that you do and so I want to talk about some of the things that have really blown me away along the line so you talked about the genius mind and I remember you saying something on one of my previous shows this might have been me the five years ago or something that we were talking about the football field
and that most people seemed just like what's in front of them on what the mind is capable of doing can you talk a little bit about that for the people that we actually live with two unique Minds The conscious mind which gets all of the attention when we're growing up and were in school and all about but there's also what we would call the non-conscious mind it's the part of the mind that is other than what we carry around at a conscious level so think about it this way if your sensory systems are picking up the world we're picking up 12 million bits of information every second the conscious mind
only receives only guess at a conscious of what you can pay attention to it only receives about 70 bits of that 12 million bits of information so there is a processor that's taking all the information and delivering it to you in a conscious level will guess who's really charge it's not your conscious the band with the processing bandwidth of the conscious mind is very limited so imagine it this way if you could take the database
of your conscious mind everything that you can gain access to consciously everything you ever learned that you can remember all of that and if you could put that in a space about 12in in diameter so if you look down at your feet it would be a circle around your feet if that's the database of the conscious mind the database Southern unconscious mind is a circle that's 11 miles across
so it's 10 billion to one more vast than what we carry around at a conscious level so there is there is beyond genius resources within us that we are never educated to use in school doctor Buckminster Fuller said
everyone's born genius but out of 10,000 born in the world 9999 of us are going to be systematically di genius by well-intentioned well-meaning adults that are keeping us from exploring the real potential that's within us oh yeah I'm excited about how easy it is for all of us to gain access to that great a resource that's what then that's that's incredible I know that one of my favorite experiences was I flew in and took one of your photo reading glasses
you almost ate it is not possible it's absolutely not possible to be able to read a book the information I just an hour later three days later but 30 years later that you still had this information and one of the things I found incredible with sick people could read books that they didn't even know the language and they got it
or they didn't even know the subject matter where the information it could be something they know nothing about but yet at the end of the course it was easy it was effortless the mine was had these capabilities I felt like a superhero I went to the airport and I was like looking for the cake because I was like I could do this and kids and people that have reading problems for years all of a sudden it became a breeze how does that work in the mind how does
nevermind connect those dots isn't it spectacular when you think about it the way in which were taught to learn is very linear and very sequential mean the speed at which Everyone's Watching and listening to us it represents a fraction of the speed needed to be able to process us could you imagine we could speed this up two hundred times and people would have zero loss of comprehension imagine being able to take a book and at the speed that you could flip the pages you could expose your brain to that and then your brain can guide you to exactly what you need in the time that you have available to get the wreath to get whatever it is you need out of that and I developed a good reading for IDs American Express here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and st. Paul and their information systems data processing group I developed it in 1985
now the book is been published there's a million users of it worldwide there it's it's been phenomenal 43 countries people are using so if you think about it this is something that anyone could do you said you saw kids in the program the youngest that have taken it was 8 years old in the oldest is 93 the man in in Buenos Aires Argentina 93 years old retired medical doctor when we asked was why do you want to take photo editing he said there's so much to read I don't know how I don't know how much more time I've got so I got to read fast amazing so how did you do this I mean where did you begin the thread of the genius mine and photo reading and some of the brain activity I watch the presentation that you deported the transformational leaders
Council on the brave I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my whole life it was the funniest presentation but I've ever seen and I haven't forgot the second of it too because the way that you talk the mind and Consciousness was so incredibly unique in a way that I've never seen before so are you interested in this is a kid who lived in to my fullest potential and I noticed that I would get stopped by fears that if I didn't think I could do something I I would choose not to do it while I one point in my life I said yeah ice in my frayed to do this thing that I really need to try give it my best shot so you know I tried to be a go to Toastmasters and I got up in front of 18 people and I fainted in front of the group you know that's for my for my ice breaker speech
so I needed to know what if I want to be a public speaker and I'm passing out in front of 18 people how is this going to be possible obviously whatever training I had as a kid didn't let me think I had resources and I had the good opportunity while studying biological sciences at the University of Minnesota to take a course in how to hypnotize so when I was 19 years old there I was a clinical hypnotist my summer job is working at knossos and one of the things that I had discovered Nicole is the resources are within people but they're in a trance of limitation big believe they can't believe they don't have access to it and so what I discovered is that I'm not a hypnotist putting people into trances and Maddie hypnotist Awakening people from the self-limiting and self-defeating trances that they're all right
so imagine this what if
you knew that you could not fail what if you knew you have all the resources needed to achieve any goal that occurs to you and even Emerson talked about this back in the eighteen-hundreds he said you would not have the goal if you didn't already have what you needed to be able to achieve the goal so that's the ideas if there's this much potential in every single one of us how do we overcome those self-limiting and self-defeating trances awaken from those trances and step into the full level of resourcefulness and you see to me that's that's really the most important thing about all of this is how can we awaken to our true potential that make sense absolutely I love that because I think that that's so much about what ready to look younger is there saying the world is your oyster and at what point
do you want to step up at what point do you want to leave this crystalline life in the sparkling Shimmer and World At what point do you want to see everything there is to see know everything there is to know experience everything there is to experience and that you have that opportunity today to actually do that and that what we have to do is we have to become more disabled as we age we've got a really challenged that trance I met somebody in who considered the possibility of being immortal like an autobiography of a yogi they talked about the immortal master of India and one of my teachers went and studied with this guy who materializing dematerialize his body at will well there is an interesting potential right what if we could actually have that much control over
what's going on I found a book by Ashley montagu called growing young and there's a science called neoteny and that's the ability to read in juvenile characteristics into adulthood so what does that mean creativity self-expression Suzy azzam curiosity generativity and these ideas that we could in fact take the best qualities of our youth and continue living into those for all the rest of our life as one friend said her mother would always say you know we're all going home someday but you don't have to be sick when you get called home right so we can live fully to the very last day of our life but what do we see his role models around us people becoming a gin and demented and you know crippled by their aging what if that was just a big
what if we could actually rewrite that and I I created recording you know my paraliminal technology I recorded one called youthful what you actually take these neotenous traits these traits of juvenile characteristics into adulthood and you actually focus on developing one of those each day to not only are you physically growing younger and more energetic but you're actually driving that through the mental in the emotional part of your life really fun I love that it's so exciting I just want to back out for just a second because you talked about paraliminals so for those that are out there that this is a new word some really cool words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of those words
but I remember when I was first introduced to paraliminals I thought this is the coolest technology ever came along for the airplane I just went
what a genius idea to be able to do this and can you share what a parallel is and how it works had been meditator I had been trained in hypnosis I was somebody who listen to a lot of audio recordings Earl Nightingale and all of all of the South development work that was just really getting started at the front end of the human potential movement and I got this download this voice that said you know we don't need to teach people how to live their lives
we need to bring them to a place where they can access the resources that are ready within them and then show them how they can bring that out into the world so the ideas we don't have to stuff into people we need to release out of people those resources that are within I was 12 years later before the technology digital audio editing was even available and I met the beta test site the engineer for the beta test site of the world's first digital editing sweet and so the idea is I'm speaking in both ears simultaneously it right now you probably if you're wearing headphones your hearing you and me and both ears but imagine that my voice separates into two separate years and one script that I'm speaking to you and speaking to the left hemisphere of your brain the other script the other
tax the other way in which I scripted it is speaking to the right hemisphere of the brain so the left is a logical linear sequential here's what you have to do to make this shift in your life and then the right the right hemisphere of the brain is the creative holistic intuitive part that embodies indirectly embodies those changes that are taking place you can think about it that your conscious mind establishes a goal but you're not unconscious mind finds the best ways and means to achieve it and so in these recordings paraliminal means beyond the Limon are beyond the threshold of conscious awareness of you can hear everything that's being said it's not like subliminal where you don't hear something you can hear everything but it's more than the conscious mind can process and so you just sit back enjoy a relaxing experience the words wash over you and
speak to the non-conscious part of you to make the changes that year Desiring to change within yourself so that's how paraliminal technology is actually designed it's all originally scored music they're all specially recorded Digital Imaging we have a Bill Harris Centerpointe holosync tracks that are on that help place the brain ideal learning State and they're phenomenal others over 4 million of them in 185 countries so there's a lot of users of paraliminal Technology around the world wow that's astonishing I'll post on our site so people can find the paraliminals and how to find you and all this incredible material so if you're out there don't worry you don't have to be writing frantically I'll make sure that you have everything to be able to do this and if we talk about rolling back the hands of time
what would you suggest for people that say I'm starting to forget things that my memory is not as good as it used to be you or
they start repeating things over again have I already said that or is there a way to keep the brain young to keep the brain sharp to keep their brain in a useful lubricated happy healthy say yes absolutely there this is probably one of the most sought-after fields of research in cognitive Sciences today and if you think about it why that is historically we only lived too early forties I mean up till you know several decades ago there weren't very many people live in 80 90 hundred hundred five years and what we're seeing is year after year after you more and more and more people are becoming
that old butt
what's going on with the brain and why is it that so many people are having this Alzheimer's disease which is just discovered fairly recently when you think about it
500 years ago the medical society thought the idea physical hygiene was ridiculous the idea that you could go work on a cadaver and then go deliver a child with the same hands unwashed and it shouldn't create any problem but women were dying 500 years ago from what they called childbirth fever it was sepsis they were becoming septic and dying from this fever the song you know it's carried from the germs but when a fellow by the name of semmelweis tried to explain that his study showed he had everybody in his operatories wash hands as they went from cadavers to the childbirth room that childbirth fever drop by 70% he was a laugh
he was laughed out died of broken men and it wasn't until Lord pastores are talking about germ Theory and a dr. Lister you know we have Listerine dr. Lister proved Beyond any shadow of a doubt that we need to have physical hygiene soap we take care of ourselves we bathe ourselves you so sweet you know we do all of the things we wouldn't think twice to not do it it's ridiculous but now
we don't consider neural hygiene and we believe that 500 years from now people are going to say you did what to your brain play I can't believe anyone would do such a thing that's ridiculous so we need to think about our neural longevity are no girl hell and it has to do with our nutrition and has to do with the challenge at we given you know that Einstein pick up violin in his later years Churchill Winston Churchill picked up plenty are painting in his later years and you know we need to do thing learn a new language is shown to be very important for our neural help why because it stimulates the cells which force them to create the secretions that keep the brain alive
so what sort of things do you tell yourself how much stress are you under an ongoing basis how much water are you drinking if you're under hydrated if you're undernourished you're eating too much sugar in the wrong types of fasts I mean all of these things are going to be super important you're watching horror movies on an ongoing basis sorry I know that you're that you were in one so but you know if it's if it's horror that's frightening Eve instead of making you laugh then yeah I could be a problem right so the the ideas we need to be able to take care of our Neural Health and then yeah there are a lot of things we can do with our memory to keep that wonderful gold bullion of Neural Health
login to our later years in life
North girl hygiene such a great tip and something people just don't think about its
first of all I love the story about
the cadavers and the baby and I mean what a high percentage to shifting to change simply by washing simply by doing something and this is as simple as washing your hands
people do what they have to do is you don't like I don't want to take on any more I don't want to I don't have the energy is a lot of what you hear from people and this is such a simple thing not only to energize your body and your brain and your mind and your Consciousness and your life and how stimulating to be able to learn a new instrument a new language something you've never thought of before
yeah for me playing guitar I did it when I was a kid started back in the fifth grade but you know I was busy businessman father your husband you know a lot of other things going to be in there while I decided to pick up the guitar again guess what I got a call from some of my old bandmates this and we're getting the band back together so learning new songs I'm actually starting the saying and it's great stimulation extremely frustrating and this is one of the things that research has shown you need to challenge your brain to the point of frustration like to the point of tears that you can't seem to be able to get something because it's in that pushing of your neurology that the dendrites of the brain actually grow these are the the connections between brain cells and the other exciting thing is you know 20 years ago
believed were born with a limited number of brain cells and if they die off that's all you got now that we know there are what are called stem cells that will actually I'll rise as new brain tissue is very exciting and the new science of neuroplasticity shows that the brain will we wire itself according to the demands placed on it so what are you going to do your tired your exhausted you want to just dumb down Kickback have a couple of drinks watch a lousy movie Very passive right and it's not particular good particularly good here in Minnesota a big sport that's just coming on at all of the parks around us is something called pickleball Libby and I just joined up to learn pickleball the other day and you know great so it smooth
it's challenges Focus as I hand coordination it's you know it's moving the blood through the body it's whatever you could do
that would give pleasure to you and challenge you as well that's what you want to get into that's going to be one of the first and easiest things you can do for Neural Health also the paraliminal technology or are going to be great for you you kick back and relax you close your eyes seems passive but because of the stimulation of the brain with the whole of sing technology in the dual voice is listened to a paraliminal called memory supercharger or personal genius or youthfulness these paraliminals are going to help you a lot if you're stressed out
the deep relaxation paraliminal or be anxiety-free paraliminal and this is something before we're finished today I'd like to offer a quick 92nd way to overcome overwhelm because that's the other thing is so many people are so stressed out what can we do quickly throughout the day that's going to diminish a stress get the cane group cortisol adrenaline norepinephrine cane these are the secretagogue these are the hormones that are stress-related that have a negative effect on the body and the brain do we can get rid of more of that we're going to be increasing our Neural Health
how is awesome That's so exciting I love it 90 seconds 92nd
who wouldn't want to do that and have their brain be bad and then I had too many questions I wanted to ask you at the top of my mind are there foods that help brain activity
yes absolutely what we know is that if you can stay in more pH basic as opposed to pH acidic food groups are going to be really much better off in one of the types of oils are called the omega-3 oils for example salmon have a tendency to have omega-3 oils not all fish do for example tilapia for his come into our diet a lot there's some fish that are more omega-6 which are actually not antioxidant so anytime that you can take what are called antioxidant fruits
vegetables leafy green vegetables now I don't know if you know this but
some of the heavier leafy green vegetables like collard greens Calles things like that they actually have in their plant physiology a little bit of a Toxic effect on the body but the benefits of the antioxidant qualities within them overcome the effect of the toxicity so everyday I drink a green drink you're familiar with it from the Alca gizer Prime I drink is an avocado and it's I have avocado every day have spinach I have kale I have swiss chard celery parsley a coconut water a little bit of jalapeno little bit of lemon and even though lemon is acidic it actually has an antioxidant a basic more bass effect to lower the pH in the body
and it's also I have some ginger in there so this combination that I put in a Vitamix is something that's fresh as green is going to give me the nutrition I want it's also going to help in my brain longevity
how to make I love that we're giving people really simple things that they can do and so many different ways for the brain to be alive for the body to be alive for you to strive for your mind pure Consciousness for your spirit for your soul and things that that all could you guys there changes your skin it changes your physique it changes your hair your nails your energy level so beyond the brain your entire body and tired energetic field is being pumped up having a Foods because so often what we turn to when we need energy is the quick shot of something with caffeine and sugar that has a tendency to wreak havoc on a lot of the organs of the body is the spleen the pancreas the liver the kidneys are all the organs that are essential Life Energy is coming from
and those are being taken out as result of a lot of things that are promoted as food so you know a lot of times the best thing to do is just Hydrate with clean fresh water if you can
do you believe in the alkaline water
well you know I've had some
dialogues with research scientist on both sides I am quite a fan of Robert Young pH miracle and the idea of drinking a more alkaline or base water seems good Eric edmeades a colleague of ours says Nat has no such thing as alkaline water you know what good is that so it's hard to really say what the final word is on the effect of the body I have a tendency to try to do things that are going to lower the ph or the acidic level of what's going on
play down thank you for that and then my other question had to do with sense lavender or eucalyptus are there things that you can burn or smell that will also open the brain the conscious a diffuser in the back of my office I diffuse oil now it's
most therapeutic grade oils essential oils are not good to burn because they they had it has a negative effect if you're actually burning them so a cold diffusion just a water diffuser izbacen I did a brainwave study of this is the Young Living product called sacred frankincense and this is sourced in Yemen I always have it at whenever I do my meditation I have a diffusing in my office I use it throughout the day as well this stuff is amazing it seems to lower the the noise level in the brain it moves us more into this prefrontal cortex I presented my findings of a month-long study front of 5,000 people at their National Conference for Young Living it was just an opportunity I had the
the government of Yemen did not allow their frankincense to leave the country for almost two thousand years in fact it was a criminal offense even have the resin in your possession in the olden days they would chop off your hands if you had it and this was reserved for royalty only this is probably the most important commodity in the world in the ancient days and dumb what's unique about it's different than boswellia Carter I which is source to end
Topix did I say Yamin this is actually a car drive is from Yemen and Somalia this is from Oman this is Omani frankincense and it's called boswellia Sacra in the constituents that have the beneficial qualities are many times like five acts what other kinds of Frankincense do so if you can find frankincense that's good if you can find therapeutic red that's better if you can find Omani frankincense that's the best in the world then it's so exciting when I spend in my study I've never been without its son so yeah there's a lot of things that we can do and it's interesting because the ancient people understood this puts us in a spiritual experience that moves us into that place that researchers now identify is that place of The God Spot will we know is this
prefrontal cortex of the brain think about an architecture that's been evolving from The Reptilian to the mammalian to the neocortex and now to that prefrontal cortex of the brain is evolving it's as if you and I and Nicole and everyone that's watching us and listening it says if everyone is living in a skyscraper but we're only living on the first five floors of it we've got this amazing architecture and everything is wired for used but we're not moving the energy we're not flipping the switch to turn the energy on into these higher levels of brain capacity and that's where these kinds of Technologies these kinds of understandings help us we're moving into a higher brain State as a culture
hopefully in time to save humanity and the planet right but this is really the essence of our work to live in, make a contribution to the evolution of humanity are smiling because I'm thinking about you fainting and kind of 18 people and ships and shows your huge success and how your passion for this and how you've been able to share this all over the world through the millions of books and other people that you touch a really remarkable and I love the work you're doing you know that and then I have two different kind of light bulbs and all of that and yes it seems to matter quite a lot in the color of the light can make a difference in how the brain works to read for example so there's a group that takes
cellophane gel colored gel and lays it on books for children Sosa for some kids they can read really well when there's a yellow gel on when there's a blue gel or when there's a red yellow and it depends on how that child's brain works and there is a box where you can actually shift the lights so if you get those kinds of bulbs where you can actually change the spectrum of the light we going to find one that's really ideal for you from learning for studying for living and of course what we know is that outdoor light is really the best for the human physiology try to get some daylight everyday you know they put people into caves
so that there is absolutely no light on them and they find that it really screwed up their their circadian rhythm their daily Rhythm the only thing that shifted their daily Rhythm was light interesting Lee and the backs of their knees so in the back of your leg that that little patch of skin seem to be the most responsive to Daylight that shifts the the whole circadian rhythm within the body so yeah this is an interesting place in which we're learning more and more as we go definitely something to keep paying attention to me dresses now maybe all of a sudden I'm going to wear these clothes
yeah when you're sticking your leg out kicking your leg out behind you to get sunlight and they're saying Nicole what are you doing I drive a red convertible that might be hard
but I'm willing to go for it you know if it's going to make me younger I will even do it all so it's such a pleasure talking with you and I know that you get your PhD and you working on these remarkable things can you share a little bit about the work that you're doing right now the work that I did for my doctor at research-oriented dissertation was to study the critical incident of transformation like when somebody says I was transformed by that experience why does that really mean and I developed a research methodology to actually study it so think about it this way Nicole
once we're all adults we've gone through a couple of stages childhood developmental you know adolescent developmental level in when we get through school and we become a part of society we've entered the third developmental level and it's called this it's called the socialized mind and a lot of our mental model out of our belief systems come from the society that raised us our religion are our culture our family systems they tell us what to believe what to think and it's some point many of us a you know there's a lot more to this life then I've been told so far I mean I may be doing everything that I was told it would work to help me succeed I'm still not succeeding what can I do and then we we start to shift the way in which we make meaning we start shifting to what we called the cell
authoring mind so we become authors of our own lives and as member of the transformational Leadership Council you know that's where a lot of us have spent our careers in helping people with techniques and tools to self author their future to be a person who can create their life the way they wanted to be
what we've discovered that there's actually one level beyond that it's called the self transforming mind and so my work has been about how do we create Technologies not just for people author their lives but to be able to transform when any time a disruptive or disorienting changed suddenly shows up that they can actually a dash shift be resilient and move according to the shifting context of their life that's self authoring mind is what I'm dialing in on so to develop Technologies like paraliminal Technologies is generative what that means is more than just have to fix fix something is broken which is a remedial change its generative meaning that the very Act
of changing this area of your life of solving this problem his train you to become a better Problem Solver on this sort of thing for all the rest of your life you see it's the idea if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach a man how to fish you fed them for Life generative Technologies of sorts of things that you and I are so into Nicole are those Technologies of those capacities as those tools and techniques that help us generate new responses long into the very last breath that we live this life I have I love it and I love that last breath being healthy that we talked about that at the top of the United Way and learning a new language and taking photo reading and reading all the books that you haven't read picking up new forms of exercise and guitar and joining a band I love it all
and I look forward to having you back and to keep you know this conversation going because I think all of it is so important and as we learned in your process from your starting painting in front of 18 people to all of the people that you're helping right now and all the work you've developed from the genius mine in the photo reading in the paraliminals in this incredible work on transformation I know that your mind is constantly going and I know that you're working on something right now and if you follow us and go to the ready fill the younger that will have information on you and where people can get the paraliminals where people can buy your books and these things are moving and shifting and changing and growing and evolving and new things are coming about because your mind is constantly where we want to be able to get that out my people know that you're doing might as well and now I'm so eager for this 90-second so can you take
yeah you know the ideas that we build up a certain level of stress and then we kind of leaning too and hope we can get through the day but what we've done is we've created this this stress response in the neurochemicals within us and become a real problem while I studied meditation with a Swami back in the early 1970s in around the Year 2005 I
took a a retreat with them and it was a silence Retreat and during the silence Retreat he gave us lectures and and one of the things he said those of you started with me 30 35 years ago you know all the disciplines I gave you you know to advance you and your meditation I'm thinking what
he said just drop into the silence
2 3 minutes just drop into a place of Silence
every couple hours throughout the day and so I just dropped in that silence and if so powerful and palpable and so renewing regenerative that it was really quite astounding and he came up to me after the retreat the silence Retreat and said Polly and I know that you've created home study programs for people who sell them all over the world is there something we can do nothing absolutely which teaches you a 30 minute meditation and then a three minute version of it that lets you drop into that place isn't so I talk about dropping into genius and that's one of the titles of my butt and I created the meditate with the Himalayan masters with Swami Veda bharati so so anybody could learn to meditate like a master in just 3 minutes and
that power was so available to everybody that we realize there needs to be something else that anyone could do in 90 seconds during the workday to make a shift and there's an app coming out soon that is going to be able to help people do this but let me just tell you what the technology is I did write a paper it's an opt-in on my website just about ready for anybody to get to so we'll be able to post this when you post information so people can get this paper it's a Spanish 30-page paper lot of Fun Lan images but I want to give you the technique it's just 90 seconds to help make a big ship so you know you can set your timer to wake you up or you know alert you every two-and-a-half 3 hours during the day and just do this on your own the first thing you need to do is stand up stretch
and hydrate so if you have some water you can actually do this with me will tether to your microphone that let him do this real quick stretch in don't have to be much just
Spec's your body bit take a drink of water
you don't have to do an 8-oz glass of water or anything like that just a little bit of it and face will be fine and then what we want to do is a little bit of a movement exercise sew a simple movement like swinging your arms back and forth like this or Qigong bouncing where you bounce like that or a cross crawl like that just do that for 20 sack
you stood up you scratched you hydrated you do movement for 20 seconds and then you do some tapping and the Very simplest type of all that you can do is right here in the eyebrow Centre like this where you could do here on the side of your hand and especially if you're stressed this is called the psychological reversal or karate chop point
it is you tap it you said yourself even though I'm a bit stress even though I deeply and completely love and accept myself even though even though I've been a bit stressed except myself love and accept myself even though I've been a bit 10 minutes it just it takes 20 seconds you know you do that you do the movement for 20 seconds you do this
tapping for 20 seconds with a simple affirmation that kind of counteracts whatever it is that you've been going through and then the final part is a drop in and let me give you the quick drop in okay just take a deep breath then
with an exhale close your eyes and let your shoulders drop just let your shoulders relaxed a little bit
now imagine your facial muscles are relaxing your forehead is smoothing out
and you get a little hint of a smile at the corners of your eyes in the corners of your mouth
no notice the touch of the breath in your nostrils
as you exhale and inhale let that breastflow uninterrupted without any pauses are jerks
let it flow in a continuous way
so that the axial and inhale are the similar duration so it's even balance
then open your eyes that's it so you know 20 30 seconds of dropping in like that you did 20 or 30 seconds of this heated 20 or 30 seconds of movement
90 seconds that's it and that simple intervention throughout the day it takes out the adrenaline and takes out the norepinephrine and takes out the cortisol from your body and you and mediately bring all of your vital Life Energy online in Juno Nicole there over 50 Terminal illnesses as a result of dehydration that are instantly overcome just by rehydrating a body terminal illness
that are reversed simply by getting hydration in the Bible so it's amazing you to do something really simple finalize your body vitalize your mind you're going to be more alert more refreshed more focused more energized for all the rest of the day 92nd information on left to feel younger. Com about Paul his website his books the paraliminals this incredible process that you have coming up and I love this 90-day process we're going to go ahead and separate that ass so people can follow along just with that and we'll make our own little video of that as well where people can't follow through so meet us and love to feel younger we look forward to having you back on her show and thank you dr. Paul scheele for your Genius your Brilliance your time your wisdom and your magic every year
we look forward to seeing you and love to feel younger. Com
thank you for joining us on a limited life I absolutely love dr. Paul Shelley's information I feel like I'm smarter and wiser just by listening to him each and every time I learn and I grow and his wisdom is just amazing to be able to have that thought process and to be able to lead and live an unlimited life and what he shared it's so doable you can do this you can lead and live the unlimited life of your dreams
to find out more information on dr. Paul scheele and unlimited life follow us a dream. Life Nicole and don't forget to join us on Facebook or Instagram any of her social media we would love to hear your thoughts we would love to be able to connect you to more ways to be able to leave then I'm limited life and really truly leave the life of your dreams I look forward to seeing you on our next show until then wishing you an incredible day and unlimited life

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