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Unlimited Life, April 7, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Aviana LeDance

Unlimited Life Nicole Brandon and guest Aviana LeDance

Title: Aviana LeDance - How To Free Yourself For Joy 

Description: A conversation between Nicole Brandon and Aviana LeDance. Free yourself from sexual and emotional abuse, learn to trust love and find happiness on the other side. 

Tags: Rape, abuse, strength, courage, fear, pain, vulnerability, metoo, metoomovement, sexualabuse, childabuse, selfimage, selfworth, value, happiness, trust, trustlove, findjoy, families, polygamy, cultrituals, cults, boundaries, innerstrength, innerbeauty, grace, faith, intuition, hope, tomorrow, vision, parenting, mothersanddaughters, dreamlife, NicoleBrandonWorldwide

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Paige Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life I am so excited to be with you today and I am also quite honestly
a little nervous to be with you today because we are talking about a subject that is not an easy subject to talk about today
we are talking about how to free yourself from chew toy
it sounds nice doesn't have it for yourself on Julia for all having a bad day a sad day a difficult time a moment in our life we've gone through over the past few years many trials and tribulations many of you we have had the pandemic we have had fires we have had floods we have had a lot of businesses close a lot of Industries close but one of the most profound movements over the past two years has been the me-too movement those that are speaking out against
atrocities and abuse
their childhood and when I met Aviana Legends
I was enchanted by her I thought this is one of the brightest lights I have ever seen in my life she is beautiful and light and Airy and joyful and sweet and warm and caring and kind and accessible
she looks like a supermodel and she
has the heart like a kindergarten teacher either is just there's a kindness that that you just you feel swaddle in our love
and we became an immediate friends and it wasn't until I was
guess several months into a relationship that we started talking about our lives
and I realized
the tunnel that she had gone into and delays she had light
what it took for her to now be on the other side
and I couldn't imagine
this beautiful being could have experienced any kind of pain or any kind of hurt or any kind of sadness you serious smile
but the true gift in Ariana the dance is not only has she gone through
this is come out the other side and not only has she come out the other side but she has figured out a way how to free yourself enjoy how to trust love and trust people had to have this incredible eliminated and unlimited life and nobody personifies joy and happiness more than I'll be out of the dance so I am thrilled for Today Show hold on to your hat it is not an easy roller coaster ride to be on but it is certainly one that can change your life
and certainly one that can give you the tools in any area of your life to get out of the darkness and how to find the light step into the light stay in the right lane and Webster light and really have that kind of joy that you know women are you so I welcome the very open and full heart and great great. Today's guest Outlet
thank you so much nickel I can so glad to be back on the air with you
you know I talk to people all the time when I mention your name people don't just say they know you didn't either of them soon as I say your name is, just knowing you and the way that you toss them in the way that they were involved in the process and so for me it's the greatest gift to be able to give it to you
thank you and you are always so gracious it's the sheer honor of my life in my work that I actually get to work a half a day with you all like you said individuals and it's invigorating how you feel then when we get to get together there on the air and talk about it and bring this information is an Open Door. Which I've been following is that you to the program on how to free yourself
everything that you rested in your happiness and fulfillment and self-care and delight and one of the things that has most profoundly affected years is really your journey
because you really haven't had a life like I talk about it and you know and I know that you've been listening to my shows for years which I'm really great for his well you know my magical journey
from the minute that I was born
I'm really glad and I'm glad that your life has not been this Magic Carpet Ride
and you have found your way to Magic Carpet Ride and are able to take other people and share the journey and share the how and the know-how to be able to get people to the deepest darkest places in their lives to the places of really didn't like that they never knew was possible in his own thing that it really knows how to change the way that you do
again thank you
yes so one of the thought they were things that when we learn to the fuses and I felt the dissension learn to come into His Face of Love engine and competition and need for validation in value from anything around there and we celebrate the things that I was looking at it doesn't come from the case of need and I have conversations with different individuals out there that each one of us is
when we allow ourselves to go on that journey of traversing our internal lateral and going to the core of Who We Are
the most poorest person for many of us at one point or another. Place that we can possibly think of going to go there and then find out from the depths of that Labyrinth out in q
how do you have you from out of the Shadows over suddenly realized that it really makes competition in judgment so unique I'm so magnificent in my own right that I don't have the ability nor the need to compare myself with anyone else and then just like you I love how you use all your preschool or Shadow gluten-free like a little kid from the living room look at my phone when I love the way that you're selling
and so when you talk about your journey in like just what my dreams in this magical perfect right after you wouldn't even believe and the line is that we all have some of us are given magic find Magic from the visit given magic and some of us harm
that's something that I just discovered on my journey for me magic this is why I was given the journey that I was given as I can
you know that some of us have had a childhood I remember why you talk to me so many years ago and you came on Today Show use the word about the atrocities of your childhood are you use
and all of the words that I've ever used I never use the word
Brittany Snow. It was like being punched and I can barely breathe because the idea that you had suffered atrocity
who was like my mind Loving You Is person that I've comes with the Sheraton to do work has suffered so much pain that you could use the word atrocity
just took me away in a way that I have never been able to know that you live and not only that you join that you share and then to the world and even go through situations in our own adult lice whether that be a lot of Financial and physical with personal life
why did this happen to me funny how people get out of whiny
great question
why me God is one that took up a lot and I'll tell you it's an easy like to go and if I may be so bold and I think it's a lazy place to go
really and please allow me to see this this is why I say it so lazy like to go because it requires no thought required no accountability it requires an engagement and it requires no stretching of our perspective
one you know it is very possible that every single one of the people that exist on the planet at one point or another has and I must say you have it or not I'm saying maybe there's another way to look at maybe there's just like everything maybe that thought that emotion I'm just a thought
Brompton Street estate
because if you're in a space of experiencing something and you're going
why me I think this question really comes up when we reach the end of our Horizon
because a whiny speaks to the fact that we have left for second where we do not have the fact that we've been brought to the edge of what we know and something is happening and you cannot see the correlation
if you're standing if you see your life in your perspective in your Louise's and everything you know as a landscape and you're standing in the middle of it so that you can look 360° all the way around you you know the lay of that lamp
you know how it wins you know where the water runs and why it runs that way and where there are there's a powdered sugar
in our life that means that when certain things happen when I speak this way I know people really respond this way if I show up this way if I came this way if I do that's true you know my relationships are fairly predictable
you know what's going to happen
God is not where roast that is not where we find our gems magic and we use our magic when we constantly are brought to the edge of a horizon because in this internal World it doesn't exist like the way doesn't keep walking I will always have very heavy music
psychologically spiritually emotionally
that is not the case you can literally walk to the edge of the Verizon Encino
I got to the point where something and events can happen at the edge of your horizon have no perfect no frame of reference for what
that is a brilliant moment
they just been washed in the wave of love
thank you so much for sharing that I know we're just taking a break that is so you
to meet the Rubik's cube of the human Spirit where you talk about the different body
physical body spiritual body and emotional body layers of ourselves
that when we're together in the right combination
return from where we return here I'm still just a salute just answer their of the winery from here
Nicole Brandon welcome back. Incredible Journey to freedom to one's life and even from the deepest darkest places and I'll it doesn't matter what the situation is it doesn't matter what we've been through or what are here's our or any place where we have been put restrictions or any other side of that wall and really pretty and beautiful
is always an honor and a pleasure seeing that apply function like Google things to do over the world
Tampa Theatre program
and all the yellows and all the greens and it makes it perfect infinite complete
beautiful picture that you look at me there's a Feeling
yes I think that's a fantastic metaphor
yes that that is how it is and it's not just wonderful metaphor you'll you'll notice as I talk I do use a lot of men metaphor because I feel like it ring relevant something that we can relate to as we Traverse out into New Horizon know it allows you to be able to walk further out into the unknown her into the darkness
so we that we do that is by creating Clarity and even though I use a lot of metaphor you mentioned that your writer, poet so few words juicy delicious visceral Sensational experiences and love use of words to create imagery the great experience send I always make sure that we follow up with practical ask how do I root into my day today like it's one thing to discover new ideas are exploited things that suddenly start to feel good
I don't actually make an impact then they say don't and this is the other relevant of the four body is you mentioned the number of Journey
Journey in the room
Lenny's house has aspects of the journey that will remain? Until you gems inside unlocked
show with the personal running
structure of the four body is not metaphor it is the structure of the energy of you are you know that we have and so many of us regardless of what word sense of. So that's what I search for body that I'm in body of your house
and then the two bodies in between that really get either forgotten or mushed together so important she comes to an identification of their individual full body
the time when you put all four of these together
is create a powerful powerful Clarity in your life because it is how often do we ever get to the moment where something in contradiction
and until you know I'm in our body is saying something else and then we have all of these voices inside of it we're not sure which is coming from where which helped out wondering how do I know hello
and when we create this level of clarity and specifically this is what I created the whole well is that it allows us to take time to go into each party understand what is the purpose of that body how old is that body is that even matter and once I know these things how do I
Tablas what is this health care how do I get all the bodies working together
so is it someone that's been somebody that's been abused you and say okay I know that the whole well-being is the next step to my happy
that's the Brilliance I think because of being what we're doing with your shipping everything down to work
getting clearer on your energy where are you where do you want to meet that doesn't matter whether you're coming from atrocity do I want to live or if you're going from I can't you know I've made a quarter of a million dollars in a year I want to make some money
it's always about what next because every 20 of our journey you have the ability to hit it's getting to the edge of your perspective
painful to hit the glass ceiling
and I did a back aerial am I feeling down from the ceiling and broke the fall with my face and my face I was rushed to the hospital and feeling in a literary proceed Owen down to the floor you know and just saying
and it's really important to know how high the feeling is before I say yes
my cold has always been this year
getting a glass replacement in her head okay this is where I am
and I see somewhere safely and share my gifts and talents where I'm not going to hit that feeling but I'm going to have the freedom to go even higher than I've ever been before
I love that you interject metaphor because that is such a nap representation of what so many people like you okay I learned I can give you think children are just so
turn out in this laser beam just so clear and joyful and excited in here let me show you everything that I can do it or we get a bump or we call or you know however that looks like it was somebody told us chewing on
you're not supposed to do that
shut your mouth you know we don't want to hear you you don't have a voice
weather at the heart out you know for the little boy on the playground if you pull your pigtails doesn't matter where it has moment that we have experiences we create a belief and not concern that into actual body and it whenever there's a boy there is an emotional or where we have choices this is where we have the ability to directors of the way from our highest we don't know understand what we're doing because it's spiritual body that is your highest surest Sign Pro in the physical body is literally just a printout of everything else that's been funneling funneled into it from the other three body
so emotional body where we decide what to believe because here's one of the greatest secret is that police are not an eight least are not immovable you get to choose what you believe
and every one of those believe has an emotion attached to it we decide whether to be excited or frightened something hits the geologically this thing we decided which one we shoot somebody to do in your situation could have said I'm not doing aerial acrobatics anymore because I hit the ceiling and I now have a belief that I don't want to put myself in the position of torpedoing into the Oregon because that hurt I don't want to hurt anyone
you have a choice
I love you
Gotham City world
call Brandon welcome baskets has not living lyrics Steely Dan live that life that you always knew is around the corner and meant for you and this for me is such a great pleasure in such a great honor secret Ariana today I had the privilege and the pleasure through the years of interviewing
did Jerry Skinner field from around the world and it's unable to Grant you the wisdom keepers of the world to have the keys in the tools and the techniques in the secret in the door Wavin the Packers and the windows are really needing emerging I have had the opportunity to work with and not only have had the opportunity but it had the opportunity to have a life-changing experience has evolved such a level that I am able to share the more with you my audience and my friends and my family and I'm able to bring a higher perspective
a higher sense of love and vision and commitment and Direction and share it with you in just such a remarkable way and I have had the experience of working. Rihanna and she has evolved and changed my life to such a degree that I truly credit her for a lot of the work that I do on this occasion throughout the world and so I know from the deepest place in the choir by how hard work and affect somebody's life and I'm such a huge fan of her work and is always an honor to bring her on and to share her with you because I know
state of emergency
thank you so much and I appreciate that
and we don't have the the word describe one that kind of Life can you not for me and this is what regularly happened with clients personal alignment alignment positive undefined alteration and so I so appreciate you sharing that because I know that your audience with you and for you to give them a spot that really opened up this idea because my greatest joy my great joy comes from being created
shoe architect you create why love to get down into the spiritual Anatomy the harmonic resonance picture of your being because this allow you to get over how to make what kind of sweet in your life yet. And you know you and I have talked about it so often it's that thing it's like I'm doing all the right things I love using weight loss as an example or money love relationship either tell me the three most handleable things and the three-month units
but I like the tangible because Brinson is you are as somebody who is wanted to lose weight and eating on the right thing you are exercising Jesus cool your body just will not get rid of the weight simply a physical thing this is where you wearing a liquid body soap powerful because it means that the block is not in the physical body is in the emotional or the intellectual and when you're able to identify that through the steps and through the kind of schools that you talked about in the whole world
that is the key and go to the kind of things that house you and I work together I know that you and it's amazing because the first time I met you
there was a knowing
I know you there was just that very often when I see you are a reflection of mirror into my own self install oracene price of myself that I've never seen before or present myself that may have been hidden or that I haven't played with for a very long time almost like finding a toy from your childhood memory from your car just bring such great joy an emotion and overwhelming love and in safety and beauty and Grace
don't even know why
and so does that happen people that they can sell
yes that is what I love that you put it that way because none of this is about what I work with somebody
my whole job that you will need to create a face like in the movie The Matrix when he goes into the training room it's like okay let's step out of this whole life thing and coming to a place where you can play with what's going on and you can understand what happened then you can take it back into your life and
this whole journey is about finding yourself and when we have those experiences
let me connect me with talking about creating and emotions around experience we were talking about the weight loss so let me just ring this together as an example of how people working whatever kind of like I'm a little girl out on the playground she's a little boy I think you know I write a note you want to be my boyfriend. You know and I see he has his friends then laughing about it
I don't know what they said and I don't but I've now created a belief that I'm not valuable
and so God doesn't feel good so I take that emotion the night I literally hide it into my energetic structure that creates a block that then create a start to put on weight
so when I go to lose the weight I still am holding onto this police that are not valuable and literally for me to lose the weight would be me taking off my armor and I know that I'm not I would not leave today and I am in self-protection
so it would be acting against my perceived self-interest to lose the weight
do I keep myself safe know some of us experience doesn't it manufactures the ability to love or not to love a lot of allowing haven't seen it or not you know straight through my armor chill. Love him yet the one thing that I crave this is where we become our greatest I worked with kindness over and over and over again this thing we are most amazing in yearning
is the thing that we are most
so that when we get into this process we've been talking you the motion than blocking these ideas up so much it's like creating damn and then we we finally comes with all my goodness maybe that's not the truth maybe that's just a belief maybe that's that I made and what would it look like what would my life be like
I choked different what if I didn't have to protect myself I went into protection mode because I was in an environment that requires
nobody teaches us how to do a armor well
and so often in this is why I tell you everything into the four bodies because if we are addressing it in one of the bodies or two of the bodies but not the others we will not experience
that's not good
I love this I love this word you and I know that you know we're coming up to the top of the hour
and for anybody who's ever wanted to Oregon diving or snorkeling
cereal to get we make it this emails at least we go out and it's time to watch TV to see them free
and to see there's a beautiful day and I hope that you know you'll come back because I know that please share with me how do people take the whole welding course you and you work with individuals you work with every single person I was asking you at what point did somebody work with you but I know that anybody doesn't matter what level of success or what level of happiness that were always ready
that we're always ready for the desert in life you know we're always ready for that thing that you do makes us jump up and down and he's so excited you know about the time and that we're ready to step into another part of life which really you are freaking of
and that really is that you determine are the chi determiner is not how successful you are or if you're in a relationship or how old you are or anything like that she determiner is are you do you want are you craving it at whatever it is is there a space between you and your next your next life
I can work with
what's the best way for people to find
best way to find me and just wright online on my website now if you go to lunch
let me give you a call because the one is just my whole have it will connect you to everything that I do because these principles are applicable like Nichols mentioned I work with a mother with entrepreneurs mobile operation you simply go to Aldi on a lid on it, you'll see where and how I create and you'll be able to come back out one of the relevant Aviana Victor I am on the Ona the dance
it'll be easier because I know the most important one maybe you're not ready to talk to you later you want to find out a little bit more about me
I put together a free gift cuz I know that you and I need these radio still together and I want the listeners who are able to have something that is Peaches out of them
if you go to live in like i g h t e n live in lightning, if you put in your name in your email address what will happens I will email you a free you actually chew things that I always start my
and there is an audio I have a few minutes to that will talk to me it is decided difference in your life
packaging different
anywhere that has an opportunity to know you I can tell you that alone is easier
it's just a few joy to be able to bring audiences creative in their life to be happy people that are ready for the more people that are ready for the next step in their infinite life being or is that heaven on Earth healing or being able to step out of the darkness into the light and all of this means that you are her people
how do you should tell me different levels of light and somebody different levels of hair and we will stop you in a hallway just to say hello or just how much time you were still present if you had nowhere else to go in your whole world is right in front of you and if we all could lead to liberalize that way what did you do to be able to be present in the moment is really just absolutely so strong and so Christine and I think that's why your situation for teacher and such a wonderful man so high
MLB individual in every person
that's one of the main reasons I'm grateful to you for opening up this late for allowing me to come and see here on your shows with you because you know that I will I will go anywhere and anyone who is willing cuz I know I know what that sounds like I know how powerful and I know how far you can take my life expired so that I thank you for being with us as I promised you it was joyful heavy we are in now should be jumping up and down we should be excited we should be thrilled and to know that we all have those tools to be able to get to the other side of anything that comes to our life and to be able to really need and live that happiness and Olive
screens for film that we know we're just waiting for us and we know they're there and it's possible that we can indeed live happiness live your life live action movie love and Brewers and Elation and all of the magical Marvel is wonderful things like life has to offer and so I thank our very special guest today Aviana live bands for her bravery or carriage for incredible spirit for her tools for techniques for ways of leading and live a happy life and I wish you all a smorgasbord and a plate of all the goodness in the world they happiness be yours and I look forward to seeing you here again on unlimited Life podcast
I'd love to know your thoughts would love to know how you are leading and living

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