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Unlimited Life, April 28, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Alessandro Bordini

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Alessandro Bordini

Title: Alessandro Bordini - Backpacking Blind 

Description: A conversation between Nicole Brandon and Alessandro Bordini. Adventurer and blind traveler Alessandro Bordini sees the world through the eyes of it's beholders. 

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Heights Nicole Brandon with unlimited life and today we have such an extraordinary show for you because we have an extraordinary guest
but I am speaking with today today we're talkin with Alessandro
teeny teeny is legally blind yet he has courageously decided to backpack
and at these incredible travel adventures and he has managed to see the world
two other people's eyes
the people that he meets along the way they share with him what the world looks like with the mountain
no bakes in the land and the country
and if you can imagine seeing the world through somebody else's eyes and experiencing that experience and moving forward freely fearlessly I'm down to do with curiosity gloriousness and an open heart
his journey is brave his journey is astounding and his journey as a lesson and teaches us all how to live and how to see with our hearts with their souls with their spirits and that the world is really the most beautiful place we can ever imagine
so it is with great honor and privilege that I welcome today's guest on the Sandra 14
such an amazing story I was reading your blog today and as a result of sharing there were times that tears which is swelling in my eyes and other times I think I was so elated and so excited and so Overjoyed for you and what a remarkable Journey that you was in on
thank you it's a it's exciting for me as well because every time that I made some people that
seals have special feelings like you that contribute to to me to go on which what I'm doing
it's just it's unbelievable to think of that
yeah exactly
and then you actually correct I mean you grew up seeing the world in colors the same lights and people and mountains and oceans and then what happened
about five years ago I had a back to an accident I was kind either I did skydiving for three years and the last Landing was not so I I had a very bad accident and my blackness
remarkable and then so for you so many people would have taken at sites and it stopped the entire life and I know it in reading for your project said that you actually did something extraordinary and exceptional
I decided to do that because when I realized that the people around me who are really really good and helpful I saw that that was a very good opportunity for me to $2,000 what I what I what I understood I really I really had to do so
I didn't care about what some people told me that you're blind you cannot do that because it's difficult it's impossible so many countries but I don't care about the people usually tell me if they don't know
really what that means so I just want to try I think that if we don't try to challenge things and everything that life can you just
this word means to live our life I want to try to do everything that I want and then if I if I succeed very good if I fail it's not a problem I tried so it doesn't matter
that's amazing and so what happened when you took the course and brain function you were able to send you more than most people could wear that you realize that you had senses that we're capable of taking over sensitive or what was the Epiphany or what was the lesson
that was the big wall or do y'all have for you
it's time to realize what what happened to me because in the first month I was my mind was not clear I I spent two weeks in, and about two months of confusion in my mind so I realized about my blindness step-by-step and also I didn't know I didn't know the reason doctors couldn't tell me what happened to me
they just told me that maybe
a good steaks few weeks humans to to have my sight back but that that didn't happen so
I accept what happened to me gradually about after about one year I realized that
Linus would have been my man my future my my my the rest of my life so
good people already found that it was possible for me to leave a very very joyful life so it was okay
and then I also saw on your story that during that time actually after the blind in this happened that you fell in love
and so what was that like to meet somebody and to fall in love and have a different experience of love and being with somebody
you know you can't you cannot control your heart so when something when somebody special comes to you and you can be there if you can be normal you can be black why the toll fat thing you can be everything that your heart cannot listen what what your mind think you can
love each other over Sanchez
by doing that by Falling in Love at that point and having your heart be so full and so enriched did that help you on your journey thing I'm going to meet people and have relationships and just follow my heart around the world and be open to who I need and what I feel
I didn't know you sent this dude exactly what's what you asked me just you know what is enriched when you now travel with it the same for you to say and just following my heart when I travel and see who I'm eat and let my heart leads me
this is not what I'm really doing now because now I have a purity my travel is my priority so my family may be more important than my child but my family is fine is very fine so after my family and all the rest of the things after 2
to listen again my my heart
incredible and then you started a non-profit
and I saw that you started a charity and non-profit
can you tell me about that
I just had to travel to my own project so I I don't have any sponsor I don't I just want to do this traveling with the people that I made
sometimes I find people that have me just give me information sometimes I found people that have me giving me food or small money
I think it's wonderful because I love the fact that you're taking people with you the people that you meet the people that support you the people that have helped you financially the people you know that have hosted you it's such a beautiful journey to be able to see through other people's eyes just fantastic
you speak French and English and Italian
yeah I learned French and it was an African I knew very very small French before I started French when I was very young but when I cross the countries in Africa I started to speak French more than before because you know when when you need something you have to do that so he's what I say is what I did I cannot speak a very good price but I can explain what I need I can understand what the people tell me and
that sneezing and then what made you decide to travel the world I mean that is such a
about three years ago I went to a CD in Italy to chezina where I spend most of the time at the hospital after my accident I wanted to go there to meet doctors and the nurses that took care of me
I need an assistant assistance for disabled people used to travel by train station of the train company that day I forgot to do that
and I was at the train station alone I I had no idea about the place I had no idea where to go I had no idea what to do some people came to me asked me if I needed any help and I say yes of course so by the people that I met the day I moved from the train station to outside I wish the hospital I reach all the floors that I need I went from chezina to Lavina the city where there is a Skydiving Center and it was used to to go to the skydiving and I went from Ravenna back to my back to my town just have just because I met a few people evening I so about what happened that day and I was amazing incredible for me it was something new for me
and I started to think about that I started to think that if I could if I did that if I travel to few countries are a few few CDs that day I could do that
old is he why not in Europe why not around the world and that was great for me because
that means that there are good people everywhere and it would show such a great thing so I really had to to spread his message message as much as much as possible
that's fantastic I'm going to ask you to speak a little closer to the phone because I want to make sure that everyone can hear you if that's possible and if you decided to try won't say okay I can do this in other countries it's one thing to go around the world
so brave and it's so adventurous and
I mean did you just decide if I'm just going to do this and I'm going to share this journey with the world
yes of course what I want to do it's it was too to tell about my project about goodness of the people to tell everybody to the people as much as possible
and then you're going very quickly as you say in French beat is that it
screw each country just maybe four or five days in each country
about 5 days 5 6 days it depends about
the country's how about how big is a country United States for example at taking me longer because it's such a huge country or countries I can trust maybe some other countries faster every time it's about 5-6 days
it's remarkable that you went to Africa
yes you been and what was Africa to you
how did Africa steal kill you
well it's it's not so easy to explain what I feel for Africa because I think it was almost the beginning of my travel from Italy I moved to France Spain and then from Spain I went to Morocco after I crossed 24 other countries in Africa and it's been about 5 months there when I was there I had a strange feeling I think I loved and I hated Africa at the same time because it's it was a very very strong it was it was very strong and hard time for me the culture is very different people seem so strange for me at all so very friendly at the same time
now that I far from Africa I don't know what to say in English I miss her so much because the people are so friendly and it's I think it's
the land where we born in the beginning
that's beautiful and Africa Morocco Ethiopia
you're saying friends and end
show me all of these countries and then I read on your blog that there are places that weren't so friendly and loving hotels that would not let you in because our hospitals because they said that they don't let people in that are handicapped or that and what was that like for people not to be loving
can just kind of this happened I think only two times that happened in New Caledonia the first time in Taiwan just few weeks ago I was sorry not for me because I'm I know who I am I know what what I can do I was sorry because it's it's really sad it's really sad I think is some people
are so clothes are not helpful because it's
yeah it's
is it people that don't live with love each other
it's a it's a shame and I think life will will teach them that it is not the way to is not the way to to leave their life
exercise for people to say you know we don't allow or people not to follow through on their word and especially countries that you think would want to share the magic of their country
in the Wonder and enjoy of their country
but I love that you are so sure of your own life
that nothing has stopped you and keep stopped you
I think that sometimes people just are not too busy or too busy with business out too busy with work and job and they they leave so fast and they cannot take a note have time to think about what they are really doing what they are really doing so yeah and anyway that happened only two times in more than one year as in that is not so bad
and when you think about Africa Morocco Ethiopia Eurasia is there something you would want to share with the world and say this is what you should know about all people or everywhere I go this is what I find that people in general or Humanity are
what have you learned about people in general
I learned that people I learned that what I saw in the beginning it was it is correct so people are really friendly and helpful as I told you in the beginning in different ways and different ways because African people gave me some kind of things people in Europe are different people in Asia are different than American people are different as well agree agree with me with my idea and contribute contribute with me to to go on with my travel so
most mostly all good
so beautiful and now I have you ever met while you've traveled other blind people
or going to any blind Institute for schools
yes of course the fish that I meant it was in America with the British the president of the national black Association of Morocco I was just
waiting on the street out of the train station and I met him it was walking with his with a friend and he asked me what I was doing and I told him I left my trailer so he told me I would be very very happy to to help you and I am at another blind when it was in Sierra Leone in Freetown
na magisters playing Association when it was in the car in Senegal
Indica I started to think about these Association I started to think about condition of disabled people in in countries like African countries that there are other countries like Africa and in in around the world that don't have the things that we can have in Western countries like in Europe or in United States in Canada they don't have all the tools that we we normally have so one of the first things that I that I will do after my child age to start a kind of no Prophet that thing to try to find tools to channel to send in those countries because it's it's very important culture is very important to
to live a better life and I think this is what I would do
that's magnificent I think that's a wonderful idea and what they needed and I love the fact that you're taking this journey and you're finding ways to help others give back to these countries and they didn't even know I appreciate you and all that you do just incredible
of course when you meet the other line what do you tell them on what's possible
I visit a school for blind people when it was in Sierra Leone and I did the time I didn't have a real conversation with the with the students I just interviewed interviewed them to try to do that also about their story and I I spoke with people inside when it was when I was in Kampala I went to another Blind Association and I tried to share my
my experiences and I think that it was really interesting because they they didn't know
how many things we can really do this but we respect we are blind so I think that it was a good thing because maybe they had more
I got some more
about the two to think about to do more things
about their life their life
is such a hero truly it's just incredible and then what was it like for you you said you were in a coma to wake up and not know what happened
what it was funny because when I woke up I remember my mother that told me you are in the hospital you had an accident and it's 19 days that you are in, and she told me also that I broke some bones and I told her are you sure I feel so good because they were giving me all the morphine so I really felt really really good
in the first week it was I had I had a lot of confusion in my mind so it was not hard to feel that it was a hard situation after maybe two or three months when my mind was was clear but I'm thinking that we can we can handle so it was not easy it was not not easy at all but it's something that I was I was able to do so I did
and what did your parents say when you decided to take this journey to travel
were they supportive where they scared that you were going off
my parents were really really amazing incredible they they were so scared they were really really scared but they never never try to to stop me they never try to change my mind because they they knew that it was something that I really wanted to do and yeah they support me and they believed in me and in the beginning because I already proved them that it's something that I can do
and it helped wonderful to have the support and the love from your family through this process
that must be a remarkable just to have them and to be able to share your experiences from around the world
I'm sure that's what you're doing and what you bring back to them
and how do you decide where to go
I was with a friend one day a week we took the map of the world and we just drove a line through the countries and it was like a game
we try to consider the better things
and also the
the best countries to cross
so I can plan my time whenever I want if there are problems or if there are things that I that I want to change I can do that anytime
and how do you get your visas and your your travel ticket to somebody help you to do all that
yeah Visa it's a very very very very bad things about my travel visa consulate people have me I mean people that are close to me have me do feel forms and do all this stuff so maybe you reach the shops where to applied for
something online
but in some countries it was very very hard I I couldn't cross some countries because it was impossible to get Visa for sun country's it was it was really really crazy and I think we should think about that we should think that's the biggest problem that I found in my travel but it's the biggest problem that I found each other on the word it's just to get a piece of paper not to find people not to find places where to spend the night not to find everything I needed to obtain a piece of paper we should think about that
it's so profound
that is something to think about and it's amazing to say that that's that's the wall That's not the insurmountable Journey that you've taken this incredible loads and it it's not the blindness it's not not speaking the language it's not knowing anybody fix a sheet of paper
is chest
and then how do you find your hoe how do you know where you're going to stay and then you pick a country like America how do you decide what cities to go to or where you go and what you want to see in the country is there certain things that you say this is
France I want to see the Eiffel Tower this is America and I want to see the Grand Canyon or do you just choose I want to experience these type of people
but my priority as I told you it's it's my child to consider everything that I need about my child has the first thing that I need every time that I reach a new place it's to find a place where to spend the night and also to to get Locale look at money if I am in a in a country where there are different Monies
I decide what to do every time step-by-step every time that whenever should a place for example
from Vancouver I went to I went to Seattle because it was them the closest cities people should just be to go there when I was in Seattle I asked to share some information on the internet but I found that many Portland was a better City where to go and also from Portland I just asked the people every time I ask what is the best place to go on every time I ask suggestions to the people the way that I
I love that I love that there's so much trust and there is so much joy and how you move from place to place and then why the country why not spend a month or a year in each country order Amazon
I plan to I plan to cross about a hundred countries so this is the reason why I had to go so fast because I would like to finish my travel at the end of this year United States are my country number 60 and I will be in about 40 40 countries so if I spend 1 month for each country that means that I will travel for about three more years and it's 82
it's too long for me
and when you blog about your travels
what is the response of people that follow your blog are they cheering for you are they curious and what you will find are they are they what is what do you find the people do in their YouTube blogger respond to you
well yeah of course the way the people are doing is changing in the beginning nobody knew about my travel just a few people and day by day country country up the country people started to be more and more so recently every time that I that I post a new new articles that many many people that just gave me an answer to just approve what what I'm doing some people made me or give me just some comments on my blog and that's gay. Give me
go to energy because if I if I know that
people are supporting me another
another reason for me to go on
genius and then how do you write your blog is do you have software or do you do it vocally and it's specially people you know themselves and had no problem seeing as how that's possible to share the information
well it's easy I have a iPhone and iPhone it's a very very good to for black people because there is a screen reader program that can read the screen for me and he's on board is just a little bored I'm bored so I can I can do almost everything with my iPhone it depends about how applications how websites are made because if they are what made everything in the people that build websites and application don't know about some rules that they respect to Maddie's
accessible for blind people that could be a problem for me that I cannot use so
I can do I can do other things now I hope that in the future people will start to to think more about those show the others
beautiful pictures on your poster do you have other people take the photographs for you and help you food or are you able to post the photos
sometimes if I wouldn't if I with somebody I can ask to I can ask them to have me to take pictures sometimes I'm alone and I just take random pictures maybe 10 20 30 40 pictures is in 50 seconds so I am quite sure that one would be good
that's just following your journey so incredibly beautiful are the places that you want to go back to
now that you've had this experience
yeah of course already
some places that I probably I would visit again after my travel
because yeah because many iPhone very very good people I found very good friends or maybe because I didn't find what I expected and I want to find that
so I know it's because I'm starting to really enjoy traveling so
yeah I think I can do I can I can travel some more countries
and what has been your experience of America sofa
well it's very very easy because
from Canada I cross the border by land and I didn't have any problem to enter I didn't need visa I just crossed the boulder by bus they put a stamp on my password and they told me welcome thank you so much people I found very very helpful and warm people
so I think that the United States would be probably one of the place
but we appreciate that and has there been any for your family to join you in any of these countries
I need the my family my family is good I told him I would be back here in about 6 or 7 months there waiting for me and yeah that's okay because they had to take her to daycare about how is about job about my dog so we can
we can talk by skybeacon ToK by by messages and it's it's okay we don't need to to to meet us in person
can they train the dog to become a seeing eye dog
no because my dog is very very old and
he cannot he cannot walk well anymore so it's a
is 13 now and yeah it's just a old friend no
and will you still be able to parachute is somebody don't like you would use with you again
I did that I did 2000 jams after my accident because I wanted to I wanted to experience once again and what was to jump out of a plane and bought a phone that is not the same it's not so exciting as as before what I did is I need indoor skydiving by wind tunnel it was really really big challenge for me
yeah it it was not easy in the beginning but I stopped to do that when I decided to to travel on the road because it's a very very expensive sport so I had to save money to travel
I love that you're doing this and so for those that are listening to you or financially support you on this journey because it is so inspirational that you're doing this for all of us
my blog is ww.w. Like the planet. Net and I think that you can also Google it and it would be easy to find it everything is it's written on my blog
and I also have a Facebook page so every time that I post an article on my blog I post it on Facebook so by my blog up by my Facebook it's it's easy to follow me
this is so great that I know that it would be so wonderful in it and I believe that you have with you somebody that's hosting you now and you know I would love to know what that's like is an experience to be part of the body that you need your touching your inspiring you're showing them the world in a whole different way
yeah definitely making a part of Machado with be in every country in every place is I I I
I meet people that put a piece of travel with their love with their help with their smiles with something that I need so it is not something that I'm doing just by myself it's something that I'm sharing with the others and it's something that is it it's composed by all the things that people are getting me
and then as his journey comes to a close at the end of this year would you have somebody write a book off of all your blogs or create that documentary film to be able to get this information out to the world
well there's a friend a friend of mine back in each other is doing a documentary and I'm writing a diary about my travel who knows maybe I would I would write the book and so long in the future because I know I can think only about today tomorrow and the day after I want to I want to see Curtis and traded about my my real time and I will think about all the things when it would be the time
and I know that in reading your blog and it says that there was hooks for possible surgery in the future should we gain your try and do you look for a time when you can do that when you can see through your eyes again or are you happy now just to be able to see through others eyes and to see through your heart and to see what the future holds
it again please
search for possible surgery in the future
I think that there are some probabilities for me to to have my sight back because I'm 28 years old and Technologies are doing amazing things so maybe in five years 10 years 20 years I don't know some great doctor will find a solution for me but yeah if that's what happened I would be
very very very happy it's not it doesn't matter because I already found that I can live my life in a very very
what were the lotto satisfactions so
it's such a beautiful beautiful lady live and I so appreciate you being on this journey and as we only have a few minutes left in the shower is there people in say anybody can do anything or not to be afraid or to live your dreams or what would put information or what would you encourage people to do this it'll listen to this channel
important things that people
people should know she can see there every time I think that if we really want if we really want to do something if we really believe in something if we have a dream and it's something that is not is not bad. It's not bad for somebody else nothing can stop us so we
just have to believe in our dreams and and go home everything that happened to our life is something that is not the hospital is not some bad things that we can do things that happen to us is not something because we are unlucky or
it's just a challenge that we have to face to go on and and become stronger so we can we can handle everything that comes to our life we just we just have to believe that
thank you so much for being such an inspiration for taking the hero's journey for stepping outside and doing what others gear to do and for making your vision include Humanity in the world I think it's the most beautiful Vision I've ever seen and truly such a special is there and for each and everyone of us I think it's a magnificent journey and for all those that are listening to the show I encourage that you go to the website like the plant. Net and you'll see all the logs and how you can donate how you can host them in your city or town your country
share the magnificence of your world and those around you and we shall look forward to following this story and see your Diaries and so interested in the where you stand in the way that you have touched other flyers as they have touched you or and
for the book for the documentary and certainly for all those who you have touched how their lives now are also unlimited to have you on this show
thank you very much it was a pleasure for me
thank you I've had your end certainly I just wanted to say that this show is that being in a limited life and you have personified that you live the way that we all dream and Dare to Live
and I wish you the best of luck and much joy and happiness on your journey
thank you so much
thank you so like Alexandra booking and
traveling the world seeing the world through others eyes and certainly we get to see the world through a new life which is related bravery and Adventure true Spirit heart and hear how the entire Journey was for you and catch up on what the future is for you as well so I hope that we can have you back on the program
maybe maybe I wish you all the best and I look forward to meeting you in person and thank you for being with us today
same to you and I was so I also want to thank you and Alyssa did Jesus in me now and Alicia as well and then leave it there anything since you were there that you would like to share on what it's like to host for those that are listening to the show and would like the opportunity to host Alessandro and their homes and their town in their country what kind of experience is to have that touch your life
for me it was just a blessing when I came across this story because I thought while what a what a great way to live when when you just don't care about the best things in life that happened to you but all you think is how can I make this into a positive how can I do still live my life and to the fullest and not only that but show that no matter what limits good life put that you are you can just overcome them and go so much further and so much more Beyond work what limitations do you have that do you prove everybody wrong including the universe do for me when I came across the story the first thing I said was if you ever come to the United States please do me the honor of my gas cuz I want you in my life because I think you're just going to be such an incredible part of my life so I just make sure that
he came to La I could snatch him in and grabbing him kind of keeping for myself for a little bit so I've been privileged trip for me to like love coming to take him into my life and and share with him what Olay is in the good side of it because a lot of times people forgot about the good sides of a life has been nothing short of magical for me so thank you for stopping by cuz it's it's my privilege to have you
and thank you so much for sharing this story with us Anneliese and thank you for this opportunity for both of you to open the doorway to all those that are listening to the show right now from around the world and knowing that there are no lines there are no down trees there are no borders I think the most profound thing that you said today is the most difficult thing was a sheet of paper not the people not the place it's not the country not the culture but it would stop us is you know a sheet of paper or exist restrictions that we put upon ourselves but not those that are really needed the truth and of her life so I think it's a lesson for all of us away thank you both
thank you thank you thank you for being with us thank you so much
thank you for being with us today my heart is so full and so rich and I am dancing on the sky and Dancing On The Ceiling by forevermore will see darkness in a whole new way into darkness I will always see light I will always see beauty I will always see joy we see magnificent and every person I meet I realized something to teach me and to share in this world it's such a grand gift and I feel so blessed that we all are in this together
so I want to thank our extraordinary yesterday Alessandro berdini for being with us just absolutely remarkable and
a gift an absolute true treasure and gift and so I look forward to seeing all of you next week here in a limited life please find us on her other broadcast the Chamber of Secrets we welcome your comments your thoughts right into us if there's something you'd love to learn about to hear in to see want to know and make your dreams come true and truly we are wishing you on a limited life
and that each and every dream come true

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