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Unlimited Life, April 21, 2021

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Paul Lazarus

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Paul Lazarus

Unlimited Life Nicole Brandon and guest Paul Lazarus

Title: Paul Lazarus - Slingshot Writer/Director 

Description: A Conversation between Nicole Brandon and Paul Lazarus. Paul Lazarus shares his movie magic while opening the door to solving the world's water problems.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Heights Nicole Brandon from unlimited life and today we have a special and extraordinary show and a guest very different than a lot of the shows that I brought you through the years today we're talking with a personal hero and friend of mine Paul lazzara who is director of filmmaker but he's also somebody who is taking his gift and his talents in filmmaking and created

movies that can change the world that can change humanity and make them Mark difference in people's lives and in the future of the planet and the future of the way that we live and the future of actually having Divine Health perfect health and societal and political shifts and changes that can create a Oneness a piece and really save lives so it's profound subject I met Paul and was privileged to meet Paul at a screening of this movie that we're going to talk about today slingshot

and I don't remember seeing a movie where

I was changed inside during the process of with them something inside me all these little aha's kept clicking and even though I was laughing because of you or of this film slingshot

I left the theater different than the person that came in and sat down and that was the first and only time in my life that I became to change being and it changed person in the course of watching a movie

slingshot is about the inventor of the entrepreneur and Paul's journey to creating the Snowman multitude of other films and projects that we know from television and film his entertainment value and his genius and Brilliance in cinematic is just unmatched but today specifically I would love to talk about this project the change my lives and is changing the lives of people around the world and so today I walk you are very special guest call with us

thank you very much. Very flattered by your introduction and we'll talk about all of the shows you've directed in the movies that you've worked on and sticky a trickle project for Shirley Hughes Stephen Sondheim birthday tribute is looking at you with me that was one of my favorite moments I always have to ask my guess did you know Factor when you were a little boy when you were 6 and 7 and 8 and other boys wanted to be astronauts and Firemen's whatever the present United States were you always creating and making projects like you are now that you have little kids in your neighborhood that you were directed and did you always have an idea that you wanted to share something with the world or your heart or your spirit or soul is that as well

I would say no I was pretty typical little boy I love to swim and play football and baseball and I was real sportif and spend most of my time doing pretty the average things but I but I did have a little singing voice and I from a very early age was singing all of the place and the early as junior high was playing Tom Sawyer in in a little show about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and painting in high school and so I guess I was always singing and singing was my way into storytelling and some around College eyes

became very disenchanted with standing up in front of people singing I love to sing but I wasn't really keen on the performance aspect of that once you fall out of love with Applause and being in front of people you really can't be a performer so people started saying but you really have a directorial I or Benton somehow wandered into that and I was very very lucky when I was in college I encountered a gentleman named Martin best and his wife Sue pads to took me over to England and got me an appointment the Royal Shakespeare company in England and they somehow knew even then that I wasn't really a singer than I might be better off in the other side of the board since they kept saying Your director and you should spend time feeder you should come to England and Seymour theater be with the real Shakespeare company in I was incredibly blessed that they they actually followed up on that and made it happen for me and they've been

I want friends and just having that you're in a half with one of the truly great theatrical companies in the world cemented my desire to be a director in the Storyteller and then frankly it's been way over 30 years since then and I've done pretty much nothing else so that that was money that was my trajectory

hey Google I want to look at your resume that interesting you talk about the Royal Shakespeare company because you've worked on dramas like pretty little liar and then you have these better take this incredible tapestry Everybody Loves Raymond and friends and Ugly Betty and I think that was struck me the most when I was watching yesterday other than the subject matter and judge the art of the incredible project in film that you've created but the fact that you were able to take a subject matter that is basically a serious subject matter and something that has caused a great deal of pain and decided today in a solution and an answer in a way out of that paint but your sense of humor and your sensibility and your craft for story time I thought was unbelievable I was so impressed

thank you yeah I mean it's I think it's terribly important we had seen as we began to work on this project about the world's Water Crisis we've course and we being mighty just pretty small we are very conscious of there were lots of projects about the world's water stresses and issues and we tried to go see a lot of them and we noticed that there was always this kind of hammering effect of ice I call it the bag of nickels affect that's at the end of the movie I felt like someone had beaten me from head to toe back Nichols the problem of a problem but it kind of leaves you a bloody stump with nowhere to go and and an editor friend of mine great editor named Randy uses use the term learned helplessness with me once

and I said them we are not going to teach people to learn how to be helpless than that that's not her gold at the end of slingshot the ideal placement of the audience will be in the morning inspiration and hopefulness and empowerment to actually do something about the world Water Crisis not feel empty and and disempowered in and and have nowhere to go so that the goal became very conscious very stated we are very aware that we wanted people to walk out of the theater feeling like they could do something like there was something to do and that solution is better than moaning and pissing about a problem because I think the idea's going towards solution instead of going towards helpless was for the virtue to be pursued and when you do that went when that becomes your goal then humor and storytelling Dynamics and the notion that people

want to actually watch a movie or listen to it instead of just be beaten up by it becomes Paramount and then you start making a lot of decisions about you know it is a crisis it is it is terribly serious people are dying all over the world because of a lack of access to clean water particularly kids there's nothing more serious than that but if you want people to do something about it maybe it would be a good idea to have a little humor and maybe would be good idea to have some dramatic tension and maybe it'd be good idea to tell a story that people actually want to fit through

so it really guided me and I and I remember there was a I think it was Jessica Wu who wrote a line about documentaries that's the only things that should be in a documentary should be moments that either a beautiful entertaining funny moving touching and we started judging is this moment funny this moment touching is it snow in educational and so it's the moment in the movie didn't do any of that it didn't stay in the movie

and that became a kind of lool like if it's not beautiful if it's not funny if it doesn't make us understand something if it doesn't move us emotionally what's it doing in the movie and it's interesting cuz that's a really tough test because when you have to be one of those things you can't be dull you can't beat you can't be uninspiring and and adhering to those rules at it by the way when you were here so those rules becomes really time-consuming because that means a moment that isn't good enough isn't good enough then you have to keep going and that's why I took a 7 years to make them poop

the end because of inventions and I would love you to share a little bit about the movie and the creation of the movie and your star of the movie that's phenomenal incredible man and I fell apart like I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and at the same time it it literally cradles my heart and we've not had an opportunity to have this conversation yet but you know that I was knighted two years ago and said I was knighted thank you the minute I was knighted people keep trying to give me money it was very interesting people would stop me at parties and say what are you working on that was very new scenario from being in the entertainment business where you're looking for money and looking for funding to ask people trying to throw money at you saying whatever you working all we want to help

what I did was I took several weeks and we shall commence actually of my life and I would watch videos for hours and hours until 2345 morning I couldn't sleep until I had seen the last video on that last little drop of me was exhausted at some of the world's crisis has to see where my heart was tugged and where I wanted to put my focus because there's so many I mean I've helped so many organizations which is how I ended it where I was but now open in these embassies in the world what was the strongest draw for me and I decided to take to of all of the things that I was looking at and almost child Savory all the kids that would be six and seven-year-old girls are being Solomon do you know I'm in the children today that we haven't even realized any other Focus that I chose was water and the Water Crisis so for the past few years

sing I can researching Andy talking to people worldwide and opening doorways so to see your movie and the subject and the way that you share this information just felt like love sustained poison to my heart so I just wanted to share that with you and I really will do everything I can to help you in this endeavor sadly and I think particularly in in America where we are there's just this incredible lack of awareness about what's really going on in the world because we've had since it's so good and so we take it for granted that we all most of us walk to our things and turn on a tap and out comes slowly flowing in a flowing clean pure water you could clean as it can be and we're so used to that but it can't even really Dent our mindsets that all over the world people are struggling to get

that's very simple thing just a clean glass of water and I've been lucky because I got myself into that a group of people taking it for granted and butts to go to Ghana or almost anywhere with this is not clean water and see what's really going on it's so eye-opening and such as changes you because you just can't brush your teeth or have your a girl daughter and I will be after the brush your teeth and the faucets on and I'm looking at it and I'm going on and it's all I can do just not to reach out and turn it off because I just can't stand to see the water being wasted on any level even at that tiny tiny individual level and it's interesting is my little 8 year old daughter

just picked up on my feeling about it and I'm not because I'm beating her up about it but just because I just can't handle it and so now she reaches out and closes to the water off the water off because I think she understands that there's something tied to that bigger than herself and what saddens me is that we're living the country where we're still do Lively ablett we're just oblivious to what's going on I think but it won't take long before the world's water issues to spend on us and it and it hits us at home but I'm delighted to hear you say that that you have identified that is one of your two primary focus exit and yes there's so much to choose the correct one of the things that really Jazz me about yesterday when she saw and the screening was Linda the twenty-year-old

woman raised her hand and said you know this is this is a movie from my generation we want to fix it I thought to myself you know that's what it is this group they call the Millennials the postcode post-college a true I think they have realized what they are the previous generations have done to them in a really big way and I think since it back they want to fix it like that. Generation of motto of its we can fix this and our generation unfortunately we broke it guilty or not I should say I'm pretty guilty of having broken it without having the foresight but this generation coming up seems to be all about we can fix this and that spring up that's gives me hope

absolutely I have a friend of mine who is an 11 year old son and his son is determined to find a cure for cancer 11 years old and knowing that he was going to an integrative Medicine medical conference I posted on my Facebook and Angel Academy in the transformational Leadership Council a lot of the organizations that I'm part of that I had a friend to an 11 year old son who's determined to find a cure for cancer and he was going to be at the integrative medical conference and if anybody was going all of the healers out there in the alternative medicine practitioners out there if anybody knew someone who is going to a time for an eleven-year-old please to let me know so I could arrange time for him to talk to us with this kid is determined to find a cure

agree that's great I love little boy yesterday that I asked you what he was like 9 years old to hosted in his school and he said I'm going to host it at my school and I I guess I just love that that kind of useful

images of optimism and and dedication is really Soul filling and then and lovely to see and luckily and I appreciate your comment as likely to move seems to get that response which is great because it's clearly about a very very serious problem but the responses let's fix it.

and so how did you go from I mean when I look at your bio it's amazing to me first and makes me laugh and makes me smile it in chance me because every single one e-juice from Stephen sondheim's birthday to Everybody Loves Raymond and friends too Pretty Little Liars you know one of my favorite shows and that you've created and I mean you have just created the world of entertainment enjoy and laughter and heartfelt stories and what made you step into the world

well you know I don't know exactly how to answer that I didn't you know you kind of you don't do a lot of things by choice you bump into things I I I I like what I bumped into my life and I think that what's that incredible line about luck is actually opportunity meets preparation and I kind of believe in that I think that I have done my homework and done a lot of hard work to to learn how to do what I do and then I just doors that open that's for me that have been really wonderful and and lucky and luckily I've been ready to handle them but I think I'd like to find the humor in the drama I don't like to find a drama in the humor and the something about mixing the two that seems to appeal to most people that when you're doing friend

ostensibly a comedy I think I try to find the underpinnings of the seriousness in it Everybody Loves Raymond the same thing when you're doing Pretty Little Liars you know which is very much a traumatic kind of crazy piece I like to find the humor and with slingshot which is obviously a very serious topic more serious I tried to find where there was glimmers of fun and that's why you have someone as serious as as Dean Kamen the inventor of the even talked about who's the center of this movie

possibly 15 + year Quest clean up the world's water supply along the way when they're working hard on their machines they tell jokes to each other because you've got to how do you keep going and one of those things that happened in the course of filming the movie was I asked him to scribe and early machine machine from 2006 and here was this incredible genius eccentric lifting off the cover of his 2006 prototype to a device that cleans the world's water you can basically take any form of terribly contaminated water and turn it into Clean safe portable these lists off the cupboard he's there with his fellow engineer Jim Scott and I say you know I don't really need the audio could you guys just talked about it and it stinks cuz it'll be a picture that we use to illustrate this this early version the machine and they start talking and I didn't know any could see you don't need the audio

just talk about whatever you want to see list out the case and they start doing this Abbott and Costello routine about you know this part is made entirely of expense him and and here's where the unreliability mm is and this is exactly where I can't make two of them they literally at the routines like it is not not far from Abbott and Costello and this is inventor Dean Kaman and his associates in Scotland and I listen to this when I go oh my God that's going in and I just said to him we don't need the audio but they turn this absolutely Monday moments into this hysterical comedy routines that any engineer in the world would understand because when you are spending fifteen years of your life reiterating the design of the machine you start to make jokes like the well this is expensive diamond this is unobtainium because that's the kind of

battle that you really fights too expensive it's difficult to find it's unreliable it's going to break down and and you can't recreate it and I can make two of them but the engine meegeren the the comedian Indian turns it into extension unobtainium unreliable and that's why the movies is painless to watch and hopefully moves you but it's partially engendering these moments and knowing to use them because they can say is very serious difficult process through humor

I mean I have solutely loved it and before we talked about doing I would love to talk about the opening and closing line in the movie

yeah I look at 68 the line is Dean Kaman who has a very peculiar instinctive way of speaking uses phrases like this other hurt your brain and when he says this hurt your brain what he's really saying is you should really pay attention to this cuz it's incredibly important he says this other hurt your brain we could get her breathing half 50% of the world's Stillness by just giving people clean water and when he said that I said my God it could not be clearer half of the world's illness in the Westwego Alzheimer's and cancer and heart disease and appendicitis and all the things that people die of and they're very serious in the West

that adds up to 50% the entire rest of the planet are dealing with water borne pathogens and diseases that derive from contaminated water it's a staggering staggering fact 50% of the world's illness is directly related to bad water so if you clean water you can get 50% of the Worlds

and that's so you know when you think about that and the incredible profundity is that simple statement and what clean water means and by the way that when I say clean Waters and do what I say 50% of talking about cholera and dysentery and all the things that come out of

drinking and is experiencing bad water but really all sir and all the offer off of cryptosporidium and all these things I do not have been down all that water so I just felt that that line was so important that it was worth starting in the movie

I just thought it was an amazing number and it's something I wanted to hear again because I wanted to get it in my brain and so the fact that you're able to share that again and close with you leave with that in your mind and your Consciousness in your spirit and your soul in your heart and then you want to walk out and you want to tell everybody that you come across a possibility there's a way to be able to help to be able to heal and this is all we need to do and it's possible and so I was just absolutely Blown Away by that and and and I know she talked about the sense of humor Dean sense of humor and his ingenious is interesting because without even knowing it was Dean

truly years and years I have blogged about his products and his materials and in a wheelchair is because I'd like to Sony keep on the Special Olympics and Parkinson's and polio and and a lot of his creations and inventions I've actually posted and passed on for years not even knowing they were hit and what I want

it's instead staggering how many things he's done in his life you know what I mean makes you makes all of us sort of makes me feel like what what did I do today or what did I do this year because he's getting so much done so quickly and so dedicated Lee he's he's so he's a force of nature Jane and there's not many people like him he just relentlessly pursue the things that give people a better shot you know whether it's iBot wheelchair that can climb stairs or prosthetic arms for veterans to come back missing a limb or insulin pumps for people with diabetes or kidney diet kidney dialysis technology that makes you be able to do it at home instead of in a clinic and the 400 + stop and set the man has an end to all of them or most of them much too great for things that makes people's lives a little better and

it's a pretty remarkable it's a pretty remarkable man in and that's that's why I felt he could be the subject of the movie and he could a lot of people kept criticizing me first why don't you have any other Elsa's voice in the movie and I kept thinking but but who else would you want to listen to if you have a chance to spend 90 minutes 15 Canon I never doubted that he was working 90 minutes of your time and people would always say to make a movie with just one voice and then wasn't that the movie that they called him An Inconvenient Truth wasn't Al Gore The only voice in that that movie too terribly and intended know why do people keep saying to me that's that it can't just be Dean Kaman I don't know anybody more interesting

so I kind of stuck with it and and now people don't say that to me but for years and years and years making this movie all I heard was well you've clearly got it have other people in the movie I thought no I don't think so nothing you find the range and you approach him and say I want to make a movie on you and your life or can you happen to meet him and say Josh this would be a wonderful story what came first I have a very lengthy relationship but before this movie we hit ask me I met him in the early eighties for my father actually and he had asked me to continually make little videos for him about his first robotics which is his organization that gets kids excited about science and technology to a robotics competition I probably made

you know it doesn't are so short movies about that and I he asked me to make a little movies about his Segway

device which was then called ginger in the late 90s early 2000s and we just made all of these projects in and then what happened was in about 2006 he told me about his work with water and I just thought it was the biggest thing that he was ever touching and it's worth a lot of the populations he was reaching with his medical devices and nobody you know what comparison of billions to millions and I said you know this sounds like a story that's worth telling in movie form could I turn the camera on now and get some of your time to talk about this and visualize it because I want to I want the world to understand what it's like to go from an idea in your head to reality cuz it's it's it always seems so easy we look at the iPhone now and we don't even remember that you Gibrick that we used to carry in the 80s

nobody remembers how cell phone started when you have the iPhone in your hand but the cell phone didn't become and didn't start out as an iPhone cell phone started out as this really ridiculous huge wait wait wait it's it's it's a it's done as a joke and movies now the people hold them but that was what the cell phone started how will guess what the slingshot is the brick not the iPhone if it's in a place where I was compared with the beginning of the cell phone story so just think about how far it can go from what you saw in the movie yesterday is sprinted lb solar-powered slingshot Sam Milby biomass operated slingshot and it will get smaller and more efficient in and do even more good if it gets deported and you know disseminated throughout the world if it will become an amazing amazing store

I feel like we're at the beginning of it


yes and I asked him I said I don't think either one of us had any idea how long it would take

I just remember watching a movie and his attitude towards you with such ease and such graciousness and such desire to get co-creator in this process and getting this information out and that to me was just so delightful to see it was and making it into a very interesting man in every respect and he's just so driven and so passionate and so you don't mind is so brilliant and and what I've always admired about him is that he looks at things the same things we all do but what he sees just sucks he's it's so different he sees people struggling with kidney dialysis and having to go to clinics and using these Antiquated unsafe unsanitary machine and he thinks

this is not this technology is not really addressing the problem the problem is is person doesn't have a working kidney how do I fix that how do I make it be something that's sustainable will it be better if instead of having to go to a clinic they could just plug into a little machine next to their bed and do it while they're sleeping and wouldn't it be better if it was sanitarium and then does all of that and end so he's asking cuz I believe when he was first approached about dialysis he was approached by the company that was leading the world in the in the technology called Baxter and they basically said can you help make our machine better and what team does he looked at their machine is all in the movie, he looks at their machine inside of this really isn't the right machine so I could fix their machine but that's not interesting why don't I just redo the entire technology

does and it suggests that it says he says and I'm quoting the different approach to the problem when a slingshot is a different approach to the water problem and I think it's a could get out there in a very large way it could could absolutely alter the way people think of how to clean water weed I think he mostly think I clean water in very large terms big Municipal plants and pump the water that's dirty to this big plant it cleans the water and then through the system of pipes it gets spread out to all the people who need it so that's lovely if you're in Los Angeles it doesn't work so well in a Crock on it

they're just and that's the capital of God they're not going to do it then I'm going to ship the water out to audio so and and pack Real Gone on Patron in 90 minutes away not that far to not going to build the pipe systems that don't exist or not going to create the infrastructure that doesn't exist so so how do you help these people were in remote Villages all over the world who have no access to clean water and that's what teams came up with me came up with a way to bring a point-of-use

Bottoms Up solution right to where it's needed that's pretty breathtaking to me

it's amazing it's it is absolutely astounding answer for those that are listening from around the world right now and we have people listening and it's amazing the listenership that we have on his show and I'm so grateful for all of you that are here and Desiring line to create and live Mead and unlimited life in a different life for the planet is for the world and so for those that have not had the opportunity yet to see the film can you share a little bit about what the actual problem is a water problem and then what can identity has come up with to be able to be able to shift that is an example of one Village in Ghana cuz that's so you have let's say a village of 2,000 people which is the town of its active Township

body so, and they have a river it's the den Sioux River and it runs through the town look at that River and I have no doubt they have virtually no other source of water is a little bit of Municipal Water but it's completely unreliable it was one of those described to me that would show me the top and I would say and they would turn the tap on it wasn't working on why isn't working and the family would say well maybe once a week it works we don't even know when we just tried every day and if it works it works and we're not a hundred percent sure that the water coming out of that tablet is entirely clean but that's our Municipal Water otherwise we have to go to the river the river dance to

scoop up a bucket of water

walk back the maybe mile to our house and deal with what that water is now we don't know what's in the water we don't have any way of testing it so we left the we let the biomass drop down to the bottom overnight then we felt we we get rid of that sediment and then we boil the water hoping that we kill everything else and maybe if we're lucky we even have chlorine to put in the water to kill whatever else might be in it and then we use that water for everything we use that water for drinking cooking washing and we hope that we killed everything bad that's a typical condition

other word for a lot of people and that's good that's having a good that means there is water to get imagine the the other people can't even get that water from the Riverdance Uno and there's lots of places in the world India in Asia spring to mind immediately where they can't even find the water but a long bad water so so what Dean is done and what I admire your slingshot technology is that most people don't have an ologist in and I'm being slightly facetious when I say it don't have an ologist means they don't have a scientist that can test the water from the river figure out that has color in it and kill the color of the four people drink it. Person does exist the other person doesn't exist is that after the family cleans the one they don't have anybody to test to see if they've gotten rid of everything so they don't have either one of those things we an American the left

chances are somebody is testing the water before it goes into that Municipal plant and somebody for sure if testing the water after it goes through all the prophecies to clean it. They won't go to work unless it is cheese this scientific standard that we are aware of the standard for how many whatever that stuff is in the mall it's possibly not going to drink it till somebody's tested it in in ideal turn but most of all doesn't have this so what Dean is done with this Winchester that died was my attempt at describing bad water conditions all over the world but you know he would take me to the entire program just answer that question but so what Dean is done with his slingshot is that you don't need a neurologist on either end

you put any form of that water into the machine and the Machine through a super high-power distillation process Vapor compression distiller machine using that process and recycling the energy so uses very little energy basically takes any form of contaminated water it gets super heated into a kind of paper then reconstituted is pure water all the bad stuff is falling out all the bad stuff runs out you know he can run back into the water sourcer can it's so microscopic smoke it can actually be put back on the ground in the form of slurry cuz it's so incredibly microscopically small

so then out of the box with your drinking is pure distilled it's actually injectable grade water because Dean first invented it to supply water for his dialysis machines for the quality of the water is higher-rated the normal potable water it's cleaner than potable water so then now you have this distilled water that you can drink you can bathe in you can cook with and it's utterly safe Nabil by the way people get confused about distilled water there was some research done in the 70s late 60s that said it was harmful to to drink too much distilled water that research was a not really based in fact it wasn't really well researched their there's no Truth at all to the idea that that drinking a lot of distilled water can harm you and oh by the way if you really need to add mineral content the one thing that we've gotten very good at in the world

adding stuff to water is soda we are really good at making things out of water we're not so good at taking things out of water but putting stuff in really easy so let's say down the road you wanted to add something to this distilled water at Woods that's really almost painlessly simple so you can admit that you can do all switches that says the machine isn't quite there yet but so what he's done it is in some respects and I don't like using the word magical it cuz it is conveys too much he's what he has done is created a solution where by most people can put in most water actually any form of water and most people get out of it watered it safe

well that's magical because almost no other form of water remediation

is a hundred percent certain that you don't need to test it before or after with a slingshot that is the case so it's such a great solution particularly for remote Villages that have no access to run and clean water there's lots of other solutions that I love we're going to need we need them already be signed legislation is a big one and the bigger centers are going to need to see soundsations lot of great research being done about Israel we're going to need to recycle or water like they do in Singapore already if you want to learn about recycling water study what's going on in Singapore it's it's amazing they are virtually a city where every drop of shower water dish water water toilet water washing machine water is going from this very dense In This Very dense environment it's going straight from your apartment or your house to the plant or gets

properly tested properly and straight back to your kitchen or your shower and you know that's what we need we need every major city in the world to stop throwing away water and you can recycle it because you can you know why do we have to have potable water in our toilet somebody should explain that to me

he's like the water that can sustain life is the water that we are using for our bodily functions it's just if you thought about it for a second it would make you crazy. It's so funny because I always think the toilet seat covers you know that they have the center paper that people punch out and you think only have the papers or did you remember when there was a member when it was less than 10 years ago there was this you and cry from the San Diego area about the notion of tap a toilet to tap it lit the bill that came known as the toilet to tap till in the concept was we are going to take toilet water and we're going to clean it up and throw a plant proper plan and bring it back

Kitchen where you could drink it and there was such controversy about that and to me it's almost become it certainly ironic and it's almost laughable we are so headed in that direction it's not funny it's it won't be a choice anymore it'll be a necessity and or will pay $25 a gallon for water and I'm you know what I mean because in order to have enough water to all the things that we need particular with the amount of water that we use

the idea just recycling in urban centers such a good one in Singapore such a great model so there's a lot being done but not a lot of awareness yet that which is why I'm trying to get the movie to so many people because I think once you seen the movie you really can't escape these issues how can people see the movie how can I get a copy of it get ahold of it bring it to their schools or universities their businesses or organizations or local theaters because it really is something that everyone should see the water when you brush your teeth if it's what you sent out an email if it's the fact that you know an organization just like this little boy last night I will have a screaming in my school

that or this twenty-year-old who said you know young people today we want to watch documentaries we want to make a difference if you want to learn and can we get to from Netflix and can't wait to what is the very best way for people to see you soon and take him. That's so important grows out of awareness I don't believe that anybody really changes before they have at least a threshold level of awareness of what's going on our intent with the movie was to get to a threshold awareness about water very very quickly and hopefully they're entertaining Lee and which is not to say that it's silly it's to say that it's enjoyable to watch which what like why shouldn't it be enjoyable to watch while I should be painful to watch and

what people can do now we are struggling and we are in the process of creating the ways that that the entire world can see the movie and then I think we're doing pretty well and that takes a little bit of time you don't snap your fingers and just deliver a story to billions and billions of people but the good news is by November and then that seems so far off to me but it's really not it's pretty close but by November the movie will be available in 15 languages on Netflix now what I hope is that that will be the moment we're Millions on millions of people see it and end in n in their own language you know whether it's French Spanish whatever and so by November 1st that will occur in the in the meantime we want to get that doesn't seem so far off but for me it seems like a lifetime in the meantime you can come to our way

which is if you don't mind I'll tell its W down its like it sounds slingshot for documentary slingshot slingshot website and you're really enthusiastic about what you see and you want to sponsor screening we set up all sorts of ways to do that and you literally can click on a button that says host a screening and you click on that button and it will connect you with our Outreach team and they will get back to you you know in a very short while and you can show the movie in your high school in your college into your water group to your yoga class I doesn't you know we want you to show it anywhere and we tried to create a system where that will occur so the first the step right now is vir website again WWE and it will guide you to how you can do it soak in the interim that's what you can do but the other thing is because we care a great deal about this movie being seen by a lot of people were actually self-financing us a limited form of distribution because we believe that you don't want to go see a movie called slingshot unless you at least heard about it or seen something about it and the way to do that traditionally is to have it play in various cities even in a small way to get some press from those papers and so starting in July depending on where you are you may see an advertisement that were mentioned that says slingshots come in your room and I would be grateful and honored if you care about this subject please come see it then you know bring a friend bring your entire to bring your entire Army of supporters and comes

because that will make that would mean a great deal to getting the story out

that's amazing and I were talking last night can you freeze your slingshot it. Yeah it's it's funny on some level it's sort of obvious but then on another level it isn't obvious at all so take the David and Goliath story and the name of the event or thinks there's a lot of David's all over the world and they're battling this Giant Goliath that's bad water and they don't have a lot of ways to defeat the giant but if we remember the story Little David went up against gigantic Goliath and he had this little thing called a slingshot and that little piece of technology allowed David to defeat the giant of badwater Goliath and then came and I think called his device slingshot cuz he's hoping this little machine this

technology this incredible invention is going to help the world defeat this Giant Goliath called that we know is bad water and then that that's what that's the name I was watching the kids drinking water in the movie and that juxtaposition of all of the children who have been lost simply because they didn't have clean water to drink and it's such an incredible solution and solution and want to offer so much hope and potential and possibility and sustainable life in sustainable living all over the world truly is a treasure and a gift to the planet

yeah I think so and then it's that notion what you just said is really kept me going in my team going through some very challenging times in the making of this project but ultimately if you think about that one child that dies because they drink really filthy water because they have nothing else save-the-dates the only form of water they have is a kind of water you wouldn't give to your dog and that's all the choice and then that child can track scholar or something worse and dies and you know if we can prevent the two-point whatever million kids that are dying each year just because of water just because of not having clean water then all the time that's gone into the make all the effort all the people who sacrificed a no not make very much money in the making of that time May third Corps salary

since you and then for all of you who are listening out there that are individuals that know anybody that's working on the Water Crisis or any major organization who is a line which is caught and making a difference it's so easy just to go as Paul said to the website and to host a screening and I know is that it's not giving me a broader perspective on the crisis because the movie is terrific and I couldn't be more proud of it and I want everybody to see it that's what I'm really excited about

fundamentally is that and this is a change that's happened to me is that it's just so important that we all be aware of the problems that I don't even care if it's the if my movie is the vehicle is all my movie does he even just this radio program is make you a little more aware of the the world's water challenges and you do anything to improve your awareness or get involved in any way out I will be incredibly happy because ultimately it's such a vast and challenging problem that we're going to need the slingshot Solutions and the desalination Solutions in the water straw the Lifesaver water straw and the chlorine packets that are made that are called Pure and the endless other Solutions we need them all so if my movie can be a fulcrum for just the notion of a of a of the idea that we can fix this

I'm really happy

just absolutely brilliant beautiful and you working it's funny when I was thinking about Stephen sondheim's birthday and I was thinking of that all I was thinking you said I was a little boy I said when you were little boy you've had a little voice in how you have a huge place because you have a voice for the planet and you have a voice the world and you've been able to take some of the top music in the world NJ musicians in in jogo talents and that vibration of light and love and I were all community and we're all line and every step that you take is your little voice getting stronger and stronger and stronger and sharing with the world and you are such a gift ball and you really are what an astounding that and I'm so glad our paths have crossed and I truly want to help you in any way I can be able to get this out there and on your journey because it's the brave gold journey and you really have open the doors

and like like you've never done it before and I am so grateful for you for that my singing voice to my voice as a Storyteller and not that is such a beautiful image I I I take that away more than anything else will just cause I really appreciate that it's a yes it's things are really joyful act and end and one that that's almost can't harm anybody unless I guess it to you really bad pitch but but the idea that there's a voice in this movie that really pleases me and the voice is saying wake up

we can fix it but wake up first and then we can fix it together we can fix it and end this a lot of voices out there that keeps saying it's so bad we can't fix it well if that's the case then I guess we all have to give up because if they can't fix it what's left I don't believe that and then you take the encampment who's getting a world-class innovator this is a guy who has everything he touches is innovation but I don't like him leading the charge because you get behind some ideas like thing came as you can suddenly give people who can't walk any more dignity cuz I can look you in the am I cuz they're on a wheelchair that he invented then you can give people back limbs that they lost doing some horrible fighting for some horrible reason in another country

and maybe you can get people clean water

beautiful slingshot to get involved Osa screening and as we wrap up the show I always love to ask people since the show is unlimited life which is leading in limited life when you get here

doing things that make you happy and not necessarily that don't require a lot of effort but doing things that make you happy and spreading it around that happened

xtravulous and for all of you out there if you would like to get a copy of today's show if you've been deliberately writing down everything that Paul has been sharing and saying is wisdom his knowledge his heart is scared his soul that slingshot his phone history and his voice on the planet in the world if you just pick up your phone and send a text message to 556-785-5678 and a message is Nicole and you can download a copy of Today Show right into your phone or mobile device and listen to it listen to it often and listen to the car with your heart steps for it because this is really a movie

and this is Willian injection that can change the planet and change the world show called thank you for being with us to look forward to having you back with us again to see the movie and it's time to change that's become I watch cry

you know yeah it's time to change that there's no reason not to

thanks a lot you're welcome what a joy to have you with us today that was such a remarkable show and incredible patient must be doing the showing to be able to bring to you people who are creating such incredible evolutionary shifts around the planet and around the world and today's guest, Paris is really a champion and a hero in the Cinematic journey and filmmaking as a director and certainly as a humanitarian and somebody has an Outreach around the world this touching and changing last so I thank you for being with us today go see slingshot it's amazing it's amazing it's fantastic downloaded find it

I can change your life and I look forward to seeing you on our of the podcast Jonas here next week you join us on dreamlife secrets and we can't wait to have you back and I'm wishing you an unlimited life

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