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Karen Noe - Author of The Rainbow Follows the Storm - Karen was sitting on the edge of her bed, suffering from a high fever and bronchitis, when a beautiful white light appeared in the room and slowly floated towards her. She knew she could speak to it and silently demanded, "If you are not of God, you must leave." In spite of her request, the light continued to move closer, and it finally enveloped her, bestowing upon her a feeling of total peace, a tranquility she never felt before. The light spoke directly to her in Italian, whispering, "Luce lucina, bella luce lucina." Since her grandparents were Italian, she knew what the words meant: "Light, little light, beautiful little light." She was speechless, and tears of joy rolled down her face. From that moment on, her life was never the same, and she now receives very specific messages from angels and deceased loved ones on a regular basis.

Karen is a Certified Spiritual Counselor (certified by author Doreen Virtue), a Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master and Energy Healer, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Past Life Regressionist. She has earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boston University and her Masters Degree in Business from Fordham University.

Her stories can be found in the A.R.E.'s Venture Inward Magazine, and also in Dr. Doreen Virtue's angel books, Healing with the Angels, Angel Visions, and Earth Angels.

The Infinite Consciousness

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Eva Herr

Eva Herr is one of the most respected popular talk show hostesses on internet. She is author of Agape, The Intent of the Soul and her latest best selling book, CONSCIOUSNESS – Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Science of Quantum Mechanics.

Eva is an Inspire Me Today Luminary, a qualified trial expert, mentor for early detection and prevention of disease through holistic means, medical intuitive, past board member of The Alliance of Addiction Solutions, radio hostess and magazine columnist.

Eva's interviews the most brilliant minds of our times. She does her homework and it shows. Her interviews present some of the most astonishing and thought provoking material you will ever read providing hope for your life, and the future of your children, our planet and the generations to come!

Some endorsements:

“Eva Herr interviews some of the most brilliant, creative and visionary scientists, philosophers, physicists, and critical thinkers in our world, all with impeccable credentials and truly remarkable accomplishments… they take us on a journey of discovery that few traditional and conventional scientists dare to take.” From the Foreward by Joyce A. Kovelman, PhD

“Science grows at the edges, and Eva Herr’s CONSCIOUSNESS is on the edge. This book contains information that will force a re-writing of the textbooks in psychology and neuroscience. This is your peek into the future. Don’t pass it up.” Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Power of Premonitions and Reinventing Medicine

Eva Herr has perhaps written the best introduction to the new developing post-materialist scientific paradigm on consciousness based on quantum physics. Consciousness – Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Science of Quantum Mechanics is an important read." Amit Goswami, author of The Self-Aware Universe, The Quantum Doctor, and Physics of the Soul

We need to change the world and we can only change it if we change ourselves. Changing ourselves means changing our consciousness — how we think about the world and ourselves in the world. But we won't change our consciousness unless and until we realize that consciousness is not something abstract and imaginary but the most concrete element in human life — and in the universe. The new sciences, especially quantum physics, lend unprecedented credence to this emerging insight. Eva Herr in her brilliant collection of pioneering thinkers and scientists demonstrates this crucial fact. Her book CONSCIOUSNESS should be read by all conscious people — and that means all healthy and responsible people, whatever they do and wherever they live on this precious but deeply endangered planet. Ervin Laszlo, Author, Systems Analyst, Two Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee