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The Holistic Health Show, December 20, 2008

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Internationally Renouned Authority on Dreams

My Guest is Dr Patricia Garfield a world Renouned Authority on Dreams and Best Selling Author of Creative Dreaming. Patricia has written 10 books on dreams and kept a dream log for 61 years-probably the longest dream log in existence. She has researched dreams world wide and found that there are common dreams for all ages, societies and cultures  She was one of the co-founders of the Association for the Study of Dreams that is now the International Association for the Study of Dreams and was its president from 1998-1999. She has appeared on such television shows as ABCs 20/20;  Good Morning America; and CNN. Come join us for an interesting discussion on dreams and dream analysis and also interpreting dreams previously submitted by listeners.

The Holistic Health Show

Show Host

Beat the Odds. Avoid Chronic Illnesses and Prescribed Medications. The Holistic Health Show teaches you how using Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationship, Environment, and Political Interventions.

This show could save your life by providing you with comprehensive holistic interventions for staying well and overcoming illnesses. Staying healthy and overcoming illnesses involve a combination of body-mind-spirit-environment-relationship-political interventions. I believe these should be the most effective ones available and also the least caustic and invasive.

The host uses and recommends a combination of holistic interventions for maximum effectiveness in maintaining health but many guests will present an in depth discussion on one aspect of the whole. Interventions in the six areas identified above should be used together, however, for maximum effectiveness.

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