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April 4th, 2010

Yesterday Dr Carl O. Helvie, Host of the Holistic Health Show, interviewed Dr Francisco Contreras and Dr Arlene Donar. Dr Contreras is the Medical Director, President, and CEO of the Oasis of Hope Hospital where they have treated over 100,000 cancer patients using a natural holistic approach. More information is available on an earlier post on this site

Dr Arlene Donar, a Naturopathic Physician, is in private practice working with clients with chronic conditions and lecturing locally in the New York and Connecticut areas on prevention and treatment of diseases using biological medicine and clinical nutrition.
Dr Contreras is the Medical Director, President and Chairman of the Oasis of Hope where they have treated over 100,000 cancer patients since opening in 1963 and have an active research program on effective interventions for different cancers. He is recognized internationally as a cancer expert who combines conventional and alternative treatments with emotional and spiritual support. Currently he oversees the treatment of 400 cancer patients annually.

Dr Contreras graduated with honors from the prestigious School of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and continued studies at the University of Vienna, Austria where he specialized in surgical oncology and again graduated with honors. He received personal instruction from his father, Dr Ernesto Contreras, who was a pioneer in alternative medicine. Dr Contreras lectures frequently at Universities and Conferences throughout the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. He has authored 12 books on cancer including The Hope of Living Cancer Free, The Coming Cancer Cure, Fighting Cancer 20 different Ways, Dismantling Cancer, and his recently published Hope, Medicine, and Healing. 

Dr Donar graduated summa cum laude with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is board certified and licensed as a Naturopathic Physician in Connecticut. Part of her education took place in Switzerland where she worked with patients having cancer and other acute and chronic conditions. She also completed an extern program in New York City at Callen-Lorde community Health Center where she worked with allopathic physicians who specialized in HIV/AIDs health care.

Dr Donar is the former Medical Director of the supplement manufacturers, Heartguardian, located in Princeton, New Jersey. Currently, she is in private practice working with clients with chronic health problems and lectures locally on prevention and treatment of diseases using biological medicine and clinical nutrition. She has written articles for magazines and been a guest on Tribecca Radio. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic physicians.

I will also talk briefly about my lung cancer experience 36 years ago when I was given 6 months to live by traditional cancer specialists and consequently chose an alternative approach to successful treatment. My focus will demonstrating the holistic approach I used that involved physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

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The Holistic Health Show with Dr Carl O Helvie
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Dr. Carl O. Helvie, R.N., M.S., M.P.H., Dr.P.H.

Beat the Odds. Avoid Chronic Illnesses and Prescribed Medications. The Holistic Health Show teaches you how using Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationship, Environment, and Political Interventions.

This show could save your life by providing you with comprehensive holistic interventions for staying well and overcoming illnesses. Staying healthy and overcoming illnesses involve a combination of body-mind-spirit-environment-relationship-political interventions. I believe these should be the most effective ones available and also the least caustic and invasive.

The host uses and recommends a combination of holistic interventions for maximum effectiveness in maintaining health but many guests will present an in depth discussion on one aspect of the whole. Interventions in the six areas identified above should be used together, however, for maximum effectiveness.