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Stream Talk Live, November 18, 2015

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Stream Talk Live
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Guest, Jake Sommers and Tom Cavallaro

Stream Talk Live with Dean Welsson is an educational show for digital broadcasters. We will teach stream quality, technology and much more. Dean has been a member of the digital broadcast community since 1995 and helped pioneer digital streaming.

Today's special guests include Jake Sommers, Production Director at Muse Digital Media and Tom Cavallaro

Discuss new technologies a little bot including LiFi. Professor Haas.

** Talk about the little things that make a difference. Speaking of little things. We discovered this week that some browsers won't resolve a .digital domain as a top level entity. If you are having trouble getting to the website we found using the www in from of the domain name generally fixes this problem.

• Buffering & restarting your router vs. blaming your stream host.
• Blaming your web host on website slowness. How about checking your error files and maybe optimizing you database?
• They way you submit a support ticket. Instead of being demanding how about asking for help.
• Instead of blaming everyone else, how about looking at what you are doing first.

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