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Sri and Kira Live, September 6, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live Heather World Spins out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors and Pura rod these Mysteries Opera Live so open up your mind body and spirit Paradigm citizenship thing bringing you fresh perspectives and time of wisdom here are 3 interior
Namaste and welcome beloved ones to the voice of passionate action I am wisdom teacher Shriram car bra and beloved angels I know it's a big chillaxing day for a lot of you out there but for all of you that are with us live you are going to be glad you are such a big moment is such a profound experience we are post full moon lot to talk about this unannounced modified and anyway photo that we have a lot to share there is so much happening this week that literally the game within the game has appeared and it is a moment that even saying that how many of you just felt that right you just it's like it it holds your breath or light the intensity so so much to talk about so much to share as well welcome Street I know there's a lot of people listening in everywhere so let's get connected
absolutely we hopefully our chat at the Oneness talk radio. Com homepage talk radio. Com at and I believe in other locations as well and good grief you can call us as well these phone lines fill up both so please wait that's 888-627-6008 and when you call and let the producer know if what you're looking for do you want to sell reading you want to share something do you have an Ascension symptom just give us a little
over at Buena stock radio there is another call in board and that number is 517-208-1500 that's 517-208-1500 and you can listen if oh call boards you get to listen to the show while you're on hold and then we will start taking your calls as we get rolling a little bit later
press star five-five there and that'll raise your hand and that'll tell us that you're wanting to the to share that type of information as well so well a lot of information so glad that one of these places so let's stick with it we really are so grateful for this community service for these two hours of every week where we all get the opportunity to come together and remember who we are just two hours a week is enough to make a difference because September is the month that is saying are you ready are you ready to not only make a difference but to step into the awareness and when we step into awareness remember coming out of what choice of August when we step into awareness we become aware of everything at every level so why debris that in
when you step into true awareness which is the entire month of September are months that is 365 days compressed into one each day is 12 days Mastery experience every day so as you're breathing into that right now as you're feeling that right now if the awareness through the choice of August is Illuminating after this full moon which is why this week is massive then you are at the outer limit and a way to really breathe in or show it to you and SRI forgive me I want to jump right into this but I really want to show this because here is the up level calendar for September and look where we are guys look at September 6th we are at the outermost perspective that's you you see that beautiful in the right that beautiful Angelic presence coming in that you that blue presents but you spiral through all this room
we're always spiraling so right now on the 6th we are in this outer limit coming into this Wednesday very very rapidly remember 12 days per day 6 12 days 7th 12 Days 12 days
think about it another twelve days you will be 48 days the 12 the master greater than you are listening to the show right now and it's going to implode and explode in a way that right now you are in a building building building moment so this is an extraordinary moment of incredible opportunity and in a credible and I'm going to use the word and forgive me but I'm going to use it guys it's dangerous it's a dangerous moment and the reason it's a dangerous moment it's because you are at the precipice of birthing that what you have always been you feel you feel your heart chakra how many if you're feeling almost like you're ready to just like your ear entire body feels too small right like you can feel it that's what's in front of you and because of that everything that density has that it can use it is using
stop you and it is going to come after everything without limitation it is not going to hold back and it's going to be brutal and it's going to be in front of you and here's the gift if you can stay right here it will not stop you if you can just breathe and disconnect one degree one one shift in a momentary dimensional experience away from it and that's all that's needed
then you can see what it is and walk through it and each time you see that and each time you walk through it the longer it takes you to acknowledge the stronger it's going to get because it's having a tantrum remember this is a big month of awareness because what comes after awareness experience how we experience October right now we are being loved so much that the universe is saying look we are going to condense this timeline we're going to give you a Year's worth of Mastery so you don't need to be a year from now going. If I have only know now what I know then write that kind of thing or that makes known then what I know now about that by the end of September we will have all been given the gift of being in the position of I really do know now what I wish I would have known then and living that way not waiting for it and
what is an intense energy you do every have barely remember every little on a couple of days ago what has gone before is really behind you is past and part of this is that we're moving in a whole new timestream right and this day is equivalent to about 12 so consider
breathe consider that a yes you're still here yes you look pretty much the same place as all that is happening right now and it doesn't necessarily have any discomfort although there are Possible's we will talk about that but what it does do is chained our Consciousness our perceptual filters and how we interact with but now I want to share that you know as you were mentioning all of this straight remember that the greatest one of two of the greatest Ascension symptoms for this year that shree and I put out early in 2020 way back when if you want to go look at the video was that fear for the first time ever was now in Ascension symptom so if fear is a
Ascension symptom I want you to really take that in it means that whatever fear is around you is going to be modeled before you in a way that will be distorted it will be a mirror image that will not be reflecting the truth and that is how we reflect and stop ourselves that is that self-sabotage is so again as treated so beautifully mentioned about the timeline right I want to go right here right now let's talk about it and see this full moon so at before we talk about that let me just remind you right here I want to show you the energy flows cuz we've been talking about this a lot if you've been with us tree and I've been with you all since the full moon we have been together with the WWE Global community on the full moon we were together on Saturday with our beautiful Mastery mentorship team and the spontaneous installment that came through and that the information is coming through
this year first and foremost profound shift came in this year because of the dragonfly because of the way that this energy is literally called forward this year because of that First Energy we are also in the only time we've been together this way where there is a collective energy a Visionary Transformations your timeline adaptation everyone is sliding through the timelines as a matter of fact you could be the most densest of the dense as far as the way your Consciousness is and still be talking about aware of And discussing timeline adaptation this is something that is happening at every level of Consciousness so it how it is messed it by the level of Consciousness is the most important aspect and then there is the Awakening to self Ascension the recognition that the absolute moment where the Dogma is honestly released
unless you release the dog you cannot fly and that's where loving ourselves comes in even more so at August look at this that was the end of that pink line you see that pink double sided Arrow there this year 2020 opened with the most unique energy flow we have ever seen for any year because we are in a new time beyond that which we have ever been in before so all bets are off the tables there are no odds on this you are creating them and so we came in and January and then we were a singular timeline experience means all we went through all of these but the end of that let's just say framework was August and August was a month of choice and like it or not at the end of August in this is why things started getting really intense around August 29th between August 29th and until
past Friday September 3rd was the most intense crunch this is what we were talking about with this beautiful Awakening and really helping do to make the harmonies restore you had to jump out of what you think you're doing you you had to just say okay and jump into your Mastery to swing you around literally I'm referring to this as that slingshot around the sun to come back into a different timeline to sling you around and just September which is the first time we've had to do that and the only time we will have to do that and the gift of this is that by making the leap you see that September complete the January February September profound shift experience there but I also offering stability to to actually have that first experience of profound shift be stable now why is that such a gift because
what were your dreams in January how did you greet this new year what were you putting together what was going on for you January through February is ready to birth and still able eyes right now it's the first beautiful anchor and because that her as the pillar in the in this beautiful beautiful Temple is hard you will find great stability when you really lift and become and say yes to you and this month you can't lie anymore you can't you can't pretend you can't hide because
if you do you will explode meaning that it will all come out in front of you it will be in your face and you will be forced to make a choice through your awareness and so the gift in front of all right now is that once more the universe is saying stay with us and we're going to give you more and more visible signs and that's what brings me back to all of this amazing energy that's happening around the full moon effects of that just for fun in this photo and this happened twice that night look at that in the aura of transmutation the aura of healing that is available to all beings back that what you project
is the full moon is the night time sun is it not right
story we want to
right now
I'm sure and I are going to take you on a photo show this was actually the culminating photo so I want to begin with we had the absolute blessing of being with our beloved WWE Global Community the night of the full moon it was an incredible moment of quantum time-shifting and right before we went on the air I was sitting talking to Jess and SRI was outside we were just about to go on air and and and and get rolling with the ceremony and I looked up and I felt the shift in the sky and I took this photo now what the photo Shares are a few things but the energy is there a sound piece of this ceremony that we were about to happen and really I think the other thing is that not only was we were so excited about the Violet even showed it that night and
you're so excited about it and because we had not spent a lot of time with it the second thing we're about to show you which maybe some of you have already seen and we're going to give you a moment start looking and see if you see it cuz we're not going to say anything we're just going to show you but look around notice what your nose all right we did not see what was there when she was compelled to take this picture until after the second picture when we went back and looked at this one again so you ready all right you guys here it is you're looking at this one now maybe it already but do you see what happened right SRI was compelled we were blown away and if you don't see it right here how about Starship of course also this is very obscure Cloud tight ship here as well and we were blown away when we start
sometimes were exposed to an energy without fully understanding what it is or the significance of it and certainly something called me to take the picture and now it's post-event and we're realizing that there was more going on in literally we were going on the air we started the ceremony while you were putting up the picture I mean not say it was literally when we got together with the WWE Global Community I mean this like Armada showed up Cosmic visitors are on a cycle of making themselves more visible and more known that you know and we are at a moment of convergence I'm like prior times exactly I think SRI that's why the Violet was here I think that was their calling card because the whole reason we were so struck by this with the violet
just a couple of days ago on the full mode taken after our ceremony bwa WWE
please please please stand for women to stand up and accept who you are and make a difference through your authenticity which is why we all held this mentoring moment because the reason I want to say the ascended numerology is because he's at the date down in the corner September 2nd 2020 was the full moon of the year that is what brought the balance and for all human remember that this we have so much Infinite Energy numerology no matter what if you just stare at the wheel all you keep doing is going in and out of that it's just a constant bouncing and bouncing it's like being on a trampoline and going I don't know what to do and every time I bounced up and
Bliss I come back down somewhere else I don't know what to do I'm going back up its it's been like a yo-yo you or whatever however but the 8th and this is the first of two which is even more magnificent and offered stability between the four of the six in the 10 so now that beautiful presents storming what I was explaining to the Mastery mentorship team the the swing that then returns to balance and other words imagine if that line between the four and the 10 imagine if you took it and you put the four up where the three is in the $10 then you would have perfect balance would you not and so sometimes you have to swing One Direction to be able to come back to the balance and that is what this month is doing it is showing everyone
just because there might be a swing it's because you're ready for the balance and to be careful of That Swing but yet that swing didn't have support which meant you could have been like you don't like being on really rough seas and that's why that beautiful full moon came in and said no we're going to hold this it's going to be okay and then we're going to send reinforcements when the pre retrograde phase of mercury begins on the 23rd I mean there's so much extraordinary like bona fide this is so beautiful we know it's happening don't be afraid so I worked into the internet and so that's that kind of trampoline effect and there's that where am I
it also comes right into the body down at the root chakra if your your core being us and and so you think about the blessing of being asked to Define yourself fully as a spiritual being we have not only the first two chakra and the second chakra together which is really profound absolutely hate to say it this way I can make the commitment either get into the game of jazz either either go for enlightenment go for self-realization and and recognize that there will be friction or get it
because if you choose in which experience that and when you make the choice
because you're not you're not pulling yourself part you're not pretending you're somebody you're not you don't imagine how much more successful anchored in byard Creative Limitless energy imagine how much more you can have if you had zero energy holding you back or to mine exactly it is I mean that's really the key isn't it I mean that's why I stream The Joy portal if you pay attention to the joy that you experience and is depicted as a kind of a golden elevator that goes to
if you follow your joy even if you are holding the densest of the density this is the thing and when you touch in your jaw even though you made a commitment to get in and play the game and play by the rules you're a lift you right out of that it may lift spiritual activism where all the sudden you're looking at the condition of the world and then the creatures of the world and wanting to help shifted it may lift you beyond activism into Ascension awareness which is that place where we become more detached more transcended we are not living in the world as much as we're living in the Oneness that is exhibited through the world and of course that Joy then leads us up to full Ascension Consciousness which is a state of realization that brings great lisandra
how big the Joy gets well and that's why you know the key is that you can you can really Ascend at any moment the key is ice about the indication of self to relax number one that judgment right there are four steps in the yoga of self Ascension and the one thing that Arcangel zadquiel has always shared is that these four steps will never stop regardless of where you are in that incident spiral of ascended presents they will always repeat it's just the way that you repeat them and how they shift and they do they really really do and one of those steps is that releasing of that judgment that that okay I am here I am ready I am open guide me and the reason I want to stop with that right now is because I want to share this because it is one of those moments and when we use at what happened right after
the phone man and I had just finished in for those of you that saw that beautiful on a cigar UFO friend that was there with us and that the cloud ship that was coming in all the Violet energy when we came out we were compelled it take this you know we both looked up and we need to even see how much was here until after it was taken to the above to the side is becomes clear that it is a spiral portal energy tography you can just begin to get the the spiral the invitations that that show The Vortex of energy and then he did was said okay let's do this to you really close up check this out so now not only the spiral and you see what looks very much like a nogga head right
but look at the rest of the composition of this and again guys this is we went outside on his iPhone took the picture said wow that's really great and then it was after we really sad with this picture that we then went back and saw the first picture we can put on clothes so here's the one that was then right before I can see in the sky in Germany and this was right after I mean how amazing is that trade-in event in nature however this is beyond nature in the traditional sense energies are using all available pallets of form to express
I'm so the pallet of the clouds is now more clearly expressing energies it being symbol of a symbolic and actual the energy of rocks and leaves him and ripples on the lakes are showing more reflection this is confirming for us is that we are becoming ever closer to that reunions Spirit as form and form Desiring spirit all of this intense energy through everything that's happening through the moment of the moment where we are right now is that interference energy is showing up on the strings and so we have put out again a beautiful article by Arcangel zadquiel that that really offers a discernment around them because right now
the gift of especially this week this is a week about spiritual discernment in the energy of awareness imagine that being offered the gift of really being able to say yes to yet another moment of Mastery knowing and I'm just going to pop up real quick again that September calendar knowing that you are at the outer reaches right now spiraling in toward the center and that by Wednesday all of the energy of right now is going to be coming into that emanated moment where it will implode and send out these rays of Illumination and you are flying in on those this is a magnificent it is a week of incredible Master ate through awareness
and I want to just close with the quote by Sade kill the top there to remember free your mind now and invite yourself to fly into the Borderlands of Sanity are around us all and the question is are are those Borderlands causing you to be angry because you're you're seeing things that you're outraged by things that you've never seen or experienced before or is it taking you to a moment where you're saying I know if I go beyond here like it's The Truman Show right I know if I take this boat to this Horizon there's a door and I know there's something on the other side and that if I have found the door and obviously I'm ready to open it cracked up to be
gold the conformed being in the zone of conformity in fact normal is where you find your peace normal is where you are lined up with your etheric energy your soul your joy your reason for being here that's your normal and so what we've finally talked about is density must be that which does not challenge the boundaries of density so the group think the partners in pain the things that will keep the friction and the fusion and the velcro going. That's normal as normal which is
Transcendent way of looking beyond the individual content and seen the very fabric that allows us to be unique to see that we are all Foundation wised by an infinite Universal energy at that Divine energy is the underpinning of all Expressions all Races all genders all Expressions. It's there and when we begin to let's just say get better acquainted with it recognition to deepen in our Consciousness what we value will naturally shift how we behave will naturally evolve and and now all of a sudden were involved in the new normal and ascendant sanity as opposed to density sanity becomes quite clear at that frequency is then our guide rather than a narrative
the breed that are I mean what you say that again rather than an irritant to the egoic Mind anything that challenges the status quo is seen as either scary or irritating and I know you can relate to that from the emotional level of someone bullies you irritating right there that could be fearful however from a spiritual level that you go still has the same response back in the same defensiveness it seeks to preserve its Dominion its status quo and so that's the the spiritual game that's what we all get to confront nobody gets an easy way out we all have it all have our journey and that passing our walk through this
filter require steadfast commitment it requires focused awareness and it requires complete trust in the Divine in all recognize that your life is your spiritual path that everything you do is contributing to your wisdom your evolutionary process the expansion of Love expansion of service
life is joy is it.
Add self get off we go through the process of arriving at at at the essence of what is so but then we still get to keep walking we still get to have stuff come up only it gets easier because we have a foundation in spiritual truth that we know is our Essence and that makes the journey and form a whole lot easier. And this is something to pay attention to right now because I do want to go back to this unification energy that right now we are all seeing a moment in our first book sacred Union the journey home Sri Lanka discuss the vision that he'd been shown of literally Two Earths being formed and at one point they were unable to stay together anymore and literally it was like one with shield and sent on its own way
we are all in unification energy and we are at the moment where you see at the bottom there where it says Divine Consciousness that. Explain three unifying however as we reunify the energy the harmonic energy the dimensions rather than folding into themselves rather than a having this left what you're seeing is that the fourth hasn't said collapsed and so how the fort where how and when the fourth collapsed
it was when all of this started and if you go way back when shreen I first started talking and Publishing about the 4th of the class in fourth dimension and what that was going to mean it's there it is I mean it's you can watch it over the past 10 years since we first talked about it and it's important to remember this right now because the intensity we don't have that graphic do we the one that I just made that had the the challenge intensity right now the harmonic frequency I'm going to try and describe this as easily as I can because it's really important because it affects everything is why physical bodies are the way they are it's why so much is happening on the Chalice of is that the harmony the circle
is there but it's at the framework is very very fragile because the framework itself is kept Alive by I'm going to call the heartbeat of the universe by this this harmonic frequency and it's it's very much its own energy pulsation that's it and my husband just found the graphic we're going to show it to you so I'll cover you talk about it all right well Center the Ascension awareness this is the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening as all of this is being shown to me right now so this is I've been creating these based upon the Visions I've been showing me and you see that big wide swing at the bottom there that is the energy of density Consciousness that is that pencil that's why everything's swinging them I meant about September is like a pendulum going up and down well it when you look above that.
Wide Circle there is spiritual activism and that is in the center of where the harmonics are being compressed compressed compressed compressed and you see all those concentric circles coming out to see how thin they are well that light that is is really doing its best to help us and we and we are making a difference it is getting bigger again that has been compressed so far that we are so close to literally
Billy Bragg I'm hearing a semente a shift that will literally say you're either here or you're here and that moment is a moment where
there is a shift in everything and that is a very incredible moment and that moment is upon all of us to make Clear Choices about what our future is looking like and when you gaze at this right now and I lose my breath talking about it and were you able to do that I noticed she was trying to give us all that he did it this is why I put a great so you can see that my husband is a zoom there and you see in the center if you can look straight in there is that like golden right are they seeing girl singing I don't know if they can see are within that is the center of the seed of all creation and this is why we are all the matter you know I always say no matter how crazy you think you sound no matter who sang what if you know it's true
is the time to finally say it thank you sweetie that's beautiful so here we are this is a close up of the center of all of it and at the Ascension Consciousness level that seal you see that kind of oranges Violet that is your fist 7th dimensional Consciousness which is the seal that's holding in you see that beautiful golden energy coming up out of there that's the top of the Chalice the universal energy is showering you with more inspiration more incredible guidance than you have ever received but it's sitting in your Ascension conscious which is your 5th and 7th dimensional self now here's what so beautiful shree talked about the joy portal the gioi portals might hear take your eyes all the way down to where it says density Consciousness music coming out of that are like these gold and pyramids facing down if you look at that energy you'll notice there's the handle of the Chalice going straight up it's the gioi portal and the gioi portal is current
being constricted in spiritual activism which is pulling the natural harmonic frequency of the planet into fear and anger there by choking us off at our very center and so I Want You to Breathe that in because this is such an amazing moment for assault September is saying hey guess what it's as easy as saying yes to you all is not lost we are all here and all of the let's just say other-dimensional otherworldly limits the truth of what we're going to be experiencing the other dimensional experiences are yours to experience with a physical body you can get as high as peak in the 7th with this body living in the 7th with this body take some Extreme Measures which train I've been living and
it works but that you that you can't do it without sin and the 9th is similarly fascinating so this is a moment where if you are able to be the seal your 5th and 7th dimensional sell this is why she and I have never I don't know that we've ever spent more hours a day of service than we ever have in our lives everyday it's more and more hours you always said it's beautiful to have a model because the model that has two things one is it helps the mind come along on the journey and one of the pitfalls one of the spiritual traps that's upon everyone is the role of the Mind in your journey because the mind is either your servant or your impediment but maybe
all the Mind interferes I did until you really look at it and the way it interferes is it you use it to validate rather than serve let's go a little further powerful straight experience or making a choice I go to my mind and show me what's what's what's what and then I'll make my choice so I'm relying on the mine to master me
got your back right Your Brian's got your back and identify with that we rely on our minds because it gave us an advantage but when it comes to the mine won't be your grandest interference if you rely on it to determine what the meaning of a experience a filter if to determine your choices so using the mine to validate your experiences means I'm always going to be referencing an old Paradigm that's how the mind validates there's no room for the new using the mine to help you make choices once you give it an instruction if I say
the life and I'm needing to make some new choices the mind can help you have the garage sale so also the spiritual laws or reality forms that are used to organize your experience now at one level they organize what's permitted once not Nikki people behaving nicely with each other that could be a good thing I did another level they limit your expansion they limit your direct connection and so like at so many things in life they can be very useful and then at a certain point they need to be released to be fluid actually fluid right there never meant to be forever you have enough history in whatever version of history of appeals to you
no seriously cuz it doesn't matter because it's a proves the universal that whatever experience is your experience you will have had enough experience of that to notice dogmas change what is Dogma today has not always been the dog but the dog was constantly changing the dog from constantly shifting and so of course it is so is this constant experience of for so of course if you're going to keep inserting in the same timeline the dogmas are going to keep shifting because of that the game that's the game within the game that's what's coming forward right now remember this week the game within the game is coming forward it's hitting everyone at the deepest level of dogmatic beliefs even the ones you still carry that you did not think we're triggered by dogmatic overlay this is the week where the group
I think is going to be large and lofty and where there will be a moment within yourself where your own group thing is going to be large and lost it because you are ready Sunday Monday Tuesday diving and Wednesday what energy do you want to bring in that's what's so important right now we have an opportunity to so you know what I'm going dancing and I did I was in the ballet studio for an hour before we went on the air today go say yes to you claim who you really are and do it through your sincerity and your love and your presents because that's the miracle ignition and then hold on to your steadfast commitment be the focused awareness and witness as you are complete trust that's the moment of hand and it's also going to involve a lot of breath
a lot of going after that breath guys fluid retention the low back excetera excetera and naked authenticity that you can form to anything what it asked you is to be that what you are and to do that requires that we must bump bump through some old conventions in Old Habits because that which we think we are is normally grounded in any going filter that is rooted in fear and separation that which is eternal and essential within you is does not
have that mortality where that's here so here we here in lies the opportunity as we move from a purely egoic way of being we discover activism as a way to allow our hearts to express through the ego into action in the world and what happens is our heart expands at you want to protect your or do something that we perceive is valuable and put its operating through the ego and okay it's a good step next step is we begin to recognize that there's always going to be lack and fear and anger and those things when we operate from that point of view that is he going or believes in separation and it'll be an endless journey of conflict throughout the whole life there be another battle to fight and that the path of realization the path of selfish
involves the recognition of the truth of this and then the surrender to unconditional love and in the surrendered unconditional love re-release the judge who breathe that would feed the anger and fire up to Ego
surrender unconditional love release judgment D in Union
see that's the Olga assault Ascension that's the ever refining spiral and what happens is that the premise that experience becomes the peace love and joy and we are in a moment right now where are the antithesis of this is trying to pull in every ounce of every light being possible because of what I was showing you earlier this this you know constriction moment that we're at. That's what's happening so the more that we breathe the more that we say yes that mention that that's been coming together and say Hey you know don't know how much longer I can hold us right help me relax it back out again it's about the restoration of the Harmony and it begins with your own Divine Harmony the emanation of your own field of of light of energy the more robust you are with your light you do realize the more protected you are it's
we're just a little bit open that we have the most interference because we're still just a little bit open their boy wear a lot of it and fear and doubt and it's fear and doubt that hold open the opportunity for us to actually self-sabotage ourselves through the energy that would come forward and try to do that this is a moment of awareness from whence you are becoming aware is the moment at hand and to lift into it or at UCSC let's go, so you're talking about reminds me so much of the spiritual traps that we the games we play with ourselves and that includes a denial denying that which we have felt might be true because it doesn't fit in with maintaining the stability of the status quo no matter how painful that status quo by Beach soda dial
one of the first tools that the ego will use to dismiss anybody in any energy because remember in the fluidity of the Dogma in the game the game that is within the game right now is that it's at Route core experiences and so the game within the game of the Dogma is going to be exactly what you're just talking about and that's why I want to say that to dismiss anything that might not conform to the inner status quo that it's got a handle on what is expansion
we're we're we're all talking about I'm lifting I'm on my path of Ascension I'm expanding do you think the eagle feels comfy with that
so it doesn't matter how far along so to speak you are there will always be some tension between the path of expansion and the path of the egoic wanting to get a grip on things wanting to employ to dial is that the biggest one ever because it feeds projection it's beads righteousness is Justice it's the antithesis of I'd rather be happy than right it's actually I would rather be right at all cost right is is one of the fundamental positions of the egoic reality really fun for debate team really really funny
but put on your politician Falcon spiritual Evolution that anymore word that describes the various things energy represented by people are forces that can pull us from our path or impede our surrender interference is a classic one is energy absolutely right up one more time while you're talking about guys pay attention in this pay attention cuz I know where broken record because this is it groupthink density consciousness
abuser that's the cycle rescuer abuser is one of the play books of density that is widely widely used it is it is because it takes you from your power your true power and your to willingness to accept that which is one of the things about this really stressed today is there's the outer game and the inner game absolutely is believing that something has power over you now there will be lots of arguments to come up you know they they sprayed the sky with the chemicals that this happened or that clapping density they are not your definition nor are you a victim
they are simply also poison is in the air now what do I choose how shall I be with that how do I take good care of my body what do I need to do and if what you need to do might include election because you want to have that you can do that you're so many choices there might be that we need to think about where we're living and what we're doing there's a myriad of things to do however to feel victimized and then to go out and and use anger as your fuel will lock on the way you'll you'll become an abuser that point it locks you in so that's the number one but the way we interfere with ourselves let it go let go of the victim when we take a position a point of view that energizes a dog, or a conspiracy theory or a point of view
that seeks to give us gain or financial we are now interfering with ourselves because that's what that naked authenticity comes in as well you can't get beyond the interference until you're ready to look at yourself with love with love remember releasing judgment sugar is the most General way of saying this is interference is anything that impedes the expansion of Love interference is anything that impedes the expansion of love and we live in this wonderful world where there so many mirrors are we not loving ourselves enough are we in the inner game or we interfering with our own gross and beauty and joy because we're holding righteousness tour ourselves and self-judgment Shoulda Coulda Woulda
are others offering that energy into the outer world and we're drinking at that juice bar with them you know we're allowing ourselves to play the victim game to be interfere with 40 walk right by Mentor mode we're in the Healer mode where is in the teacher mode as we interact with others and we are not caught or velcroed by those things so interference is a part and parcel of the earth school learning of interference is being able to really be at the moment of naked authenticity when you can see it for what it is interference it doesn't negate the experience it offers you a moment of Mastery around it and how you move forward from that is when the real Mastery comes forward does it not as long as we are carrying bodies a form there will always be however rarefied a moment of body and
experience until this body of form is transcended fully that's just part of the deal and how wonderful that's why we're here I love that I can smell things and I love that I can touch things and that we can connect in so many different ways and the gift of that is also that no matter what the interference looks like it won't stop you and it takes me to today's Belmont very excited about the Fillmore to be showing you today I know we have full phone lines guys hold on please do not go we're going to go to you right after the film but we're very excited about the spelling because they actually started last week recipe that were with us last week know that shree and I on August 30th went up to the beautiful beautiful beautiful Temple at the top of tosa blue and you've all heard about our little rain that we had here by the ministry of culture and all the other silly things that happened and we have been so blessed that through trees wisdom we also did this
an Earthly at Terra Nostra Bruce trees wisdom we have been putting pyramids up here it comes to Blue Mountain and it's very beautiful that as we have been putting up these pyramids then we've had like we showed you today these beautiful I don't know what they are I'm just going to say beautiful beings of cosmic support showing up in our pictures and that the girls are the girl's house and our beloved ones went to the pyramids they also went up to the caves we're building another new pyramid so all of this energy has really been quite extraordinary and the we also were blessed that in creating a pyramid over a vortex at Renew was there right around the energy of this Moon last log know it started on the 30th and now it's would have gone through last week we found these beautiful quartz rocks that we realize we're actually building in 2 quarts and we had no idea so it's kind of fun
let's see how this goes we'll be right back
now we're going to show you the Cave of the mountain and he got a little journey from The Fifth Dimension of the night and Beyond
and yeah I'm in the seventh now with the pyramid
and we're going to walk up to the night where I will show you
and this fire that happened is what revealed the two caves but I'm about to show you
and one of the rocks that came forward is really beautiful and an example of why we need themselves have a porch that is resident with the rocks on this mountain so literally the walls the foundation of our home all had this wonderful crystal energy that holds the entire Place lives with us
Blue Mountain has many high frequency energy sites on the land and it's been such fun to listen to the land listen to guy determine where to locate different structures and meditation areas this particular site is the entrance to the steps that lead up to the lost city and it's a wonderful place for people going up to pause and collect themselves before beginning the ascent because when one walks up to the ruins of the lost city each and every step along the way we feels more information and the frequency gets higher and higher as we Ascend and for people returning from their visit this is a wonderful place to pause sit under the new pyramid and integrate that which has come forward or not which is about to come forward the pyramid we've designed this so that the base of the pyramid is actually do
be about 30 inches above the floor and the reason for this many people don't realize that pyramids send their energy both up and down it's as if there is an invisible pyramid that comes to a point deep within the Earth so the energetics of a pyramid provide and acupuncture like effect into the Earth we are used to enjoying what we see at the top exposed but similarly Mother Earth enjoys the frequency as it flows down into the ley-lines and the energy channels of the earth there will be more to be revealed and we'll look forward to sharing the completed pyramid with you in about 1 week
hey you there I see how do we get rid of high everybody where it's the game within the game I love it I love it I love it I hope you enjoy our sharing and bring a Rose thank you once again for Extraordinary edit and put together of the film she's just become quite a producer and hey I do want to thank all of you you know as we mentioned in the first part of the show the work of the Ascension Street and I have honestly in are 18 years together I don't know that we've ever been of more service than we have in right now literally putting in anywhere from 10:18 hour days everyday of the week
and as such really we need a personal assistant someone who wants to live down here at tosa Blue Mountain at least a one-year commitment it would primarily be working with me but you would be working with both of us or I should be saying assisting us to serve more people is really what we're looking for so a lot of you've already responded and thank you I have not gotten to any of them yet because they've been putting them all together for me so if you are interested if that's something you think you might enjoy and and have a reason that you would want to be hanging out with us for a little while please send your inquiry to learn more to Namaste Xtreme cheer up. Com Anna I just want to take all these it already sent it and you will be hearing from us tomorrow so I'm excited we need help that we do need help and this is over the years we've offered many different classes many different
and it's important to recognize that your pants is not a destination it's a method or a meanings of celebrating your authenticity and so each and every one of us has perceptions and needs that may be different at different stages along the way at different times in our lives and it's very important that we separate the belief in particular judgments or hierarchies and instead look at the motives and intentions that are sacred around what your what your life and how you approach those that you trust is that we we are each Spiritual Beings having a human experience and making the best choices that we know how to make absolutely I'm giving our level of Consciousness at that time that you are are finding your way and we are here to lend a hand into the
best of our ability so we invite you to check out the home study classroom at 3 and Cara. Com to learn more about women wellness and Awakenings WWE global
that's coming up on Wow September is the month of this all week you've been hearing a lot about this there was a lot even that came in about this and that installment that showed up during the Mastery gathering on Saturday we are going to be transcribing it we do think it's that important this is the month where you see that spiral when we give ourselves the gift of working from the essence of a whole soul presence meaning within ourselves is the depth of the Oneness. That piece that literally passeth all understanding it's that inner smile that says I am I am right here right now and in the understanding of that which is when the left brain enters
the unified Spirit can be one again and your creation energy lifts in the middle of September right in the moment of the birth of that Awareness on the frequency energies when at a moment where that constriction member we will have been halfway through the year has 12 months has one so it's think about it think about how fast all of this is coming in what would have been happening in New Year what would have been happening next April next may remember this is going from September to September look at what's compressing right now that you are going to be awakened with the I do know now and I can do something about that that's the empowerment that awaits this month you stay in the system extra experience loving yourself enough to stay in those four steps of the Otis self Ascension and I am seeing full phone lines lots of hands for straight over here we have a question
free want to start a PBS commercial welcome sweetheart welcome
thank you thank you I love you both so much we love you honey sorry I talk to you
can you hear me please it's okay I had a history of heart attacks and many other health issues over the years and I have recently been tested and retested for numerous things including heart problems and stroke and things like that and I keep getting from my own intuition my own gut instinct
it is energetic
because all of my test to come back positive that I mean it in a good way you might my tests have come back where everything is normal and I'm just wondering why am I still having all these problems and I keep getting for my guidance that it's an energetic thing not a physical thing so Angel first and foremost I want you to breathe and feel love and joy you got through you know we're talking right now and they're saying that part of the reason we are here today right now is for you to just simply really in quote-unquote real-time connect with the energy frequency that you're already wanting an able to carry all the time let it breathe out in and just smiled at in even if it's just for the second and then went straight continue and then I'm going to follow up because
open up for a lot of people honey this is a Mastery moment for you so thank you for being here
I can't breathe deep and I don't know why relaxed practice the breathing in a deliberate way from time to time for right now just be just relax and whatever you're doing is good enough it's important also that your heart is your foundation you and your younger years you had many challenges that you had to walk through
and you know create some well let's just say that they create some unhappy memories they grade some patterns they create energetic interferences but that's their past what were you where you are today is about Foundation lies in your heart as your Center yourself because I want you to I want you to just receive this with a smile honey
this is really your moment to decide what are you willing to do to break out of this pattern because the energy that's around you has become comfortable with the pattern
and so it's a moment of saying am I really wet ready to take that step and and or not and if you're not too then be good with that and that will also heal your heart you are very much in that that very and it is so painful position of not quite over but not quite back and so this is a moment of smiling that your choice is so clear and that you are capable with whatever choice you make right now and I know you've already made celebrate that you are awake to it because this is a new day for you no matter where you go with it you honestly have this moment of a new day in front of you and it's just that easy to just to say yes to it really is so thank you for bringing that reminder to a lot of people
one more thing I want to share with you
we have a wonderful signal from Spirit called our body symptoms and when you have heart pain you're really your body is and your soul will bring your attention here bring your attention to your heart a heart attack meeting means more love please or love here at my heart and I want you to just smile at that simple way of understanding it because it will not fail you as you bring more love to yourself to your own heart chakra it'll get easier to listen to that guidance that you spoke up because the guidance is authentic and we need to love ourselves enough to trust it fully to take action on it and Damn the Torpedoes I'm moving ahead with the Divide
prank calling sweetheart we love you so where we going
so we have I don't see any hands so do you want to take a question from over here or you want to go here so we're going to start we have a wireless caller from Concord California let's say hi
hi sweetheart Sarah hi sweetheart
thank you for taking my call today so so many levels and the graphic that they've been following for the last two years appear to be culminating
and that is too powerful and it's town because my antennas
and that was but in order to reach the 5th Dimension the ninth dimension
apparently takes so much adjustment to the physical form
I was hoping that maybe you could give me some guidance because
that is a new technologies me I thought that when we Ascend emotionally that that was the the the brass ring that that we have to do it outside of the mind is powerful enough helping you could expand on that will take you for asking all the above thank you for caring enough to ask I love that and she would you like to begin or was because I can to going to go through it all let me pick up on the Mind thing cuz that's that's one of mine first understand that your mind is a Healer and a Helper and an inhibitor of your joy
you can still hear us and then we're good the thing I want to share with you about the mind is the mind can serve as a filter as you're making evaluations and looking at things and that's fine useful however when it comes to knowing who you are don't ask the mind when it comes to knowing who you are don't ask the ego instead we simply be that which we are and it begins at the heart we love ourselves enough to trust the energy of who we are rather than seeking definition or guidance about who we are so that's that's the one essential thing I want to offer to you today I am and I already kind of forgot the earlier question to archangels odd kill one of the
when we when we when we begin to seek of the seeking when were asking this type of question when we're saying yes to ourselves and then when we talk about Ascension there are as many experiences of Ascension as there are thoughts as there are mines and Arcangel zadquiel set it so eloquently in our book sacred Union the journey home. So one of the gifts that I would invite into your experience right now would be the ism of Ascension to let go of the should have won the pain of the physical body is a direct relationship to the ability of the mind to relax and invite those first second and third chakra store charge to control
and then the ignition of RS and part ignites are Divine Galactic blueprint which to keep open challenges the mind again because the mind me saying wait a minute I can deal with this third eye but what about the star Consciousness and how about this huge this dimensional overlay are you leaving me I'm scared and so the body starts acting out because it's scared and then from there all those Ascension symptoms and other things come in when we ourselves self impose our own Consciousness limitations until we discover that each one of those what what train I called Ascension acceleration energy experiences is merely a wrong on a ladder that when we break free and see it for what it is weak become at peace with the body to let it do what it must do their by the pain leaves the body normalizes
inspiration expands in the questions does all and so I think it's fabulous that you brought this forward and you're in a moment of gazing at your own expansion in September awareness everything we've been talking about so thank you for bringing that forward and I think SRI unmuted you there you go so thank you
thank you for getting through exciting to be with you today blessings Namaste unknown Wireless all right let's bring it in
okay hi there wireless caller with the two hands up okay well let's go over to the PBS radio show where we have someone from Denver hey Mary from Denver Online to question I'm just thrilled to talk with you hey you guys boy talk about Insanity I can relate to everything that you've been talking about my question please help me I actually talked with you probably about two years ago asking you about moving from my home in Denver
I'm moving forward it feels like my soul so wants something new
I had just keep vacillating between calling the realtor and letting go
over and over I've been doing this for 2-3 years what is what is it is I just want to be new I want to be in the new environment
I'm I feel like I'm complete with the contract and with whatever I did to serve here I've lived here for a long long time and I just it feels in my heart I just want to move on and I just
make the call I go back and forth because the whole time I could you not the entire time you have this huge energy I mean massive powerful energy has been screaming at you and saying admit what you are afraid of to yourself and take the stuff
that did and then his other ones over here screaming going what are you afraid of and this other ones over here going why are you afraid it's like you are at a moment right now that has compressed very much like I was showing and so right you are complete you are ready maybe the move looks different than you think it might maybe the shift looks different but my angel the energy is already happening around you and this is that moment where you are being given the blessing and that's why you got through today I'm sure but you are being given the blessing of the awareness of September that if you don't consciously act on this Choice which they say you did already make
then they're going to act on it for you and that's when it happened to the ways that usually aren't as fun as when we are the ones that get to command The Experience so Captain you know take charge of your ship where you want to go and how do you want it to look and what's your clear on that all these dominoes are going to fall into place
all of that has been happening so much Cara it's unreal like every fear that could come up every bizarre weird thing thank you so much I just down on my knees and thanking you hey you guys when I saw the video I didn't cry when I saw your video of toast the bird Mountain it's like who wouldn't want to live in a gorgeous place like that since I'm the Magnificent community
agreed agreed I pinch myself every day I really do we are and we're here so that you can be to you know we are we are here for each other so thank you for that affirmation we we feel that in our heart and honour you very deeply thank you Angel oh my gosh thank you God bless you we love you honey so touched right now it is excited to wrestle with a significant decision that you know will be life-changing it's one thing to say okay it's another thing when you know the move is significant exactly and of course the saboteurs will stealthily arise within your inner world the saboteurs
the eagle in the fears will will seek to have a to impede the flow and we get to let them come forward and we get to work with that and find our strength so yeah yeah yeah, stay welcome
Hyatt palace realis dumbest a welcome
thank you
your voice sounds beautiful
and you both read
thank you my goodness thank you
thank you
how can I remove
for a mini four-wheeler
spell macrame Venus has been happening in my life and their challenges that lie and living proof
well firstly I want to start supposed to breathe even as yet I literally lost my breath when you when you stop talking as I claim it don't pass out so honey breathe it's like there's this beautiful Cosmic mother and she's got her arms around you and she's holding you and she's whispering right behind you and she sang honey it's all going to be okay I promise you it's all going to be okay and when you forget to love yourself enough I am right here relaxing to me once more and feel my arms around you know that you are forever safe know that you will be led and guided as you release the grip of the fear and the doubt I am here and I have never left you I have always been with you
and she's saying my beautiful child breathe
and so it is
thank you much love dear thank you I love you Alice thank you thank you
thank you honey
I think we all need a minute salsa breath grateful for the waterproof mascara right
yeah I think that we're at a moment. Guys I'm sorry I think that were on a moment where that divine feminine you know that WWE presents that has come forward is just roaring and and to feel and I and I honor hours for bringing it in for us today to feel the energy of that divine feminine coming forward and saying I've got you
in this beautiful moment of awareness for each of us to know that that is the that to me is the wings of protection to see that Rising divine feminine that's what the WWE Global movement is all about it saying that we are living the work we don't just talk about it we just don't sit around and pontificate about it we don't don't fantasize about it we've made a commitment to say yes to ourselves when we each say yes to each the one we are the one again and I really do with all my heart and courage you that one way you can really say yes to that is to continue joining us for Monday magic we have Monday magic starting again on October 5th and this is a big one we are going into the galactic encyclopedia it is a very big it is about living the cosmic energy it is all donation and again thank you because the last series of the other NFL all the things that we've been doing
and I were given the paper dr. Lorena was here yesterday and she handed us the paper and we did not show it to you yeah you in action really making a difference who are in isolation with the virus issues the covid-19 isolations and are disconnected from their families because no visitors are allowed there's no screening room there's no way to connect when the doctor explain this to us and we brought this forward to the community we all of us have purchased tablets see their families and as you know as we all know when we are connected to our families and loved we heal faster
your doctors already yesterday was sharing a story with me about a man who was not doing well when the iPad when he got his when they brought it to him and got it to his family that this field I don't know how old wounds were but there was literally a physical turn in the man's recovery experience like he was they were sure he was going to do all of a sudden his vitals got better by having this face-to-face this ability to be with his family and enter them all saying what they wanted to say so you really I mean you are literally saving wise with your kindness and generosity and sourcing get in there you can shrink here right now register just be there that's right that's also 10% donation
turn of twin Soul or twin flame and many many people signed up for this because this is one of those ones that really get you is where is my twin Soul where are my twin flame how do I identify and how many of you have gone through unhappy relationships things that didn't work out and in so all of that is a sole-source she begins there and goes deeper and so the whole understanding of Soul groups in twin flames and all of that is an entry point to really going deep consciously and connecting to the energy of you and you and you and this universe actor
and that's coming up is it next Wednesday the 14th or 21st set up at the website for nurse we encourage you to come because this is important as you gather this information this wisdom forwarded to your own life you will be able to serve yourself and others with greater Clarity and trust that will determine the October experience and that's what we want to be breathing at you right now guys is what is that October experience going to look like September has us just a little bit like this saying okay we're going to swing This One Direction but don't worry it's going to come right now how are we navigating that swing knowing that balance is restored and that's why it's here so strange
care alright where are we have a hand up right over here in Cleveland it looks like it is a story I say namaste is sorry it with the hand up welcome
we hear you just fine sweetheart well first of all next week
well I was hoping you could look at something with me that's been kind of bothering me and I know it's weird to talk about it on the radio show after he wrote the situation I've had with hemorrhoids from 20 years ago
will breed that in because a lot of people are dealing with that and I know Street has two really good insight for that so thank you for your assistant goes to every part of our body and where the blood coagulates is saying where do I need to bring my spiritual joy and my spiritual truth so I just want to offer you this Paradigm blood carries the souls Joy it is circulates to the form it's that connection from the heart accepting the oxygenated are The Prana and then delivering that message to every tissue in the body and so as you know at the bottom of your form is the root chakra that the first chakra the physical chakra system and that chakra is about feeling safe in the world and safe to be
Who You Are
to be the being that you took birth to be and so the blood is giving you that nudging and if it came in many years ago then clearly that was a time if you look back you're more authentic now than you were then and a pattern was put in place and that's what happened so accept Spirits message saying it's time for me to love myself fully as I am I being nurse fully love myself fully love myself and I bring that love right down to my route right down to the pelvis without his chakra is and to keep breathing that in deliberately and with a sense of surrender I'm willing to accept myself as I am and I love myself that's going to improve the circulation in that area of the body and its foundation lies your joy and another
beautiful expanded what really is and the only experienced that I'd like to include around that is that you have all these beings her gazing at you and they are saying our loved one why do you keep holding on to that which brings you pain when that which brings you Joy is painless and so it is
thank you I spear streaming down my face of relief love you too sweetheart and SRI we have another person with lots of hands in the air you want to buy Grand Rapids Michigan and say hello Namaste Grand Rapids
thank you so much
I want to offer my love and gratitude I have a question it's like with the Joy from The Buttery heart
okay okay for a second and then I'm going to ask you to talk again what I heard was that you have a fluttery heart and breathlessness is that correct there was a little break up in the end when she has joined that when you have joy come in breathlessness and flow is that your body is Miss reading a lot of signals right now that that there is this when I connect with you honey even though you were breaking up on their ways if I can jump but I was connecting with was that it's like you are so afraid of being attacked it's like you just it's like I can't take one more thing God what if I'm it's like you're afraid to be really enjoy your afraid to believe it's real and so your body is receiving his anxiety because your higher Consciousness is saying we're right here but
there's this piece of you you have got one heck of a strong well there is a piece of you that's just like I don't know if I can I'm afraid I don't you know and they're saying is all sitting in your heart right now as I'm connecting with you I feel like I have got a knife in my heart and I'm hurting and it's like boom and the sadness powerful energy of of light and and I love how our cat showed up it's like get ready to Roar and now I'm feeling what was very much like a physical pain pulsing energy that saying as you breathe into your heart more you will restore with that which is true it is your time to remember be on this time and to say yes to all that you have always known and are ready to own in your heart once
your heart is really feeling and right now I'm just really feeling that as well so forgive me for jumping it's time to Simply relax and trust that it's okay to be happy it's okay to be connected and that you are safe you know you are so powerful that nothing can stop you nothing except this illusion of doubt and that your heart is sitting here so just let me know what you want me to do and let's do this it's like everything is screaming yes and so it is thank you how can you breathe
cuz I'm still really kind of feeling that right now okay sure a well for us and interfere with our expansion because it's not just about what this beloved one was going through but did there is it reminded me off sometimes we misinterpreted energization for fear often times the ego fears new energy and it causes us to be in anxiety anxiety is a signal that we can't trust that were uncertain so it's useful to say I'll say okay so what what level is that one responding versus my heart's in spite of that I trust myself even with this uncomfortable feeling I am willing to keep going
even with the fears I keep going even with the doubt I shall keep going it's that level of commitment that is the the steadfastness that will carry us through the light you know when these situations, not when you're prepared and a minute let me bring the sin and so that's commanding the light rather than being whipsawed by the density is one of the messages of this month you know one of these to be on the lookout for
and anyone offering a little paradox
when we are perhaps engaged in a in a victim drama an inward we're being in in the pity party of that or whatever it might be or when were engaged in doubt if we're able to witness ourselves having that experience of doubting ourselves if we're able to truly lovingly witness ourselves feeling so sorry for ourselves
we have been open up the portal of she lead that comes through the upliftment of consciousness
so it's not about denying your Human Experience it's about resolving a coming to completion with the dysfunctional pieces that interfere with your Ascension process would interfere with your joy and I wrote down and paper all the things that I had shared with us some years ago and this is in an article that you'll find intrigued about the interference interference essentially is something that validates stopping that's all it's a reason to quit
is the interference supports the argument that is too hard let's not do let's not do it let's slow down or upliftment and Consciousness so think about how like every single every single thing that could come up is right in the awareness alternative to us or whether it's our own inner talk one of the number one things that interferes with spiritual growth in so many beans is money motivation to cause us to stop we're allowing ourselves to be interfered or if the person or institution that is quote-unquote lending us a hand is actually being driven by money motivation you might want to look deeper
that's the number one the next one is ego gratification ego either on the outside or the inside is do I drive a feeling of specialist for this does it does it support a little hierarchy give you lift me up in that way if it does then it's feeding the ego rather than opening for your soul and observe that notice how how that those those tentacles are or interacting with you the other thing is does the invitation or the information
come with a sense of right or wrong that this is the right way to do this and to do otherwise is wrong versus a sense of Love is activism activism exactly in and that brings us to it one of the classic spiritual interferences which is well and until I have my Bernie bro I'm just going to do it the other way until you know if God wants it to be different than show up right that's one of the most universal things in order to help your discernment does the energy expand love
how do you feel in the presence of it that's the Ultimate Experience isn't it energy expand righteousness in the sense of justification I have all these reasons I may not be doing anything other than have fun
yeah right. Everything you were saying interference has many faces so you get to discern what's interfering with you you get to see all what's the energy behind this phase and anger is a big as well when there is a need to change the world and that can be changing you and all I am this is wrong a river need to change that that's actually coming from an internet interference energy rather than the nourishment of Love which will expand she'll and allow that compassion that self-love what is fueled by the fourth-dimensional condensation ego gratification and a lot of that comes in with the righteousness and it is
this is why Dogma is meant to be fluid when you realize that it no longer has a grip on you you were able to be in the flow and noticed that the Dogma was just part of what got you to where you are now there by transcending it doesn't come with guilt or shame or doubt or anger or fear it comes with the beauty of the blessing of the Gratitude and the greater expanded presence of that which is that has sustained that which you are to be able to ascend into this moment while caring this body of form in this timeline right now you don't like we can't stress enough guys wearing a big-time this is a massive massive moment it's like shouting from the rooftops with joy pop in the champagne bottles and together we are better and because of that everything will try to tear us apart and I mean ever
and it will come at you from every angle so how that works is it's just that attack on the one for each one that says I'm going to go do this may another one double down because that's what September is asking us to do better going on and I can remember is that one of the purposes of of the density of Earth school is to continue until you say no more I mean distract you in any way possible and commanding the light right straight again teaching you how do you command the light you get to say you know what okay enough is enough I'm ready for both exactly
that's 100 not it really doesn't have to be hard there always is another way right it doesn't have to be hard when it starts to be too challenging there is another way that's being shown before you step back and find it find our safety and how do we know we are safe and this is why in many ways people lean into dogmatic tradition because it gives them the oldest boundaries in the sense of safety in okay that's that's one way to to take a step along the way another way people find safety and it's the seems ironic is they give away their power to another being right
keep you safe you do and it's so now that's the outer World safety and all of these are teachings to help us find the safety within the safety that comes from knowing that I am a Divine being in my Human Experience and that The Human Experience does not define me I am that I am and I am enjoying for and I am enjoying my life and I'm enjoying being of service and in spreading the light not because something's missing but because it feels good to radiate and when we when we come to that plays it all it all flows and that whole thing you don't like what I wanted. Money will take care of itself Across the Universe
closed for today is to be able to trust that all is truly Welsh to be able to trust that you yourself are on your path and that everything that happens is there for your expansion we love you dearly our continuing this conversation Tuesday night on so mirrors we hope you'll join us may your heart now that all is truly well
thank you for joining us in streams are alive.
and check out more information Street and Kira.

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