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Sri and Kira Live, September 27, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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Welcome to our world we are all experiencing I'm speeding up a shift lead to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best-selling authors. These Mysteries offer live Soul readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit the Paradigm citizenship

Namaste and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka I know we do look where we are look where you are right now this was actually the kitchen area in the section that we called call Old pouty one of the first what was the first archaeological site that we restored here

and they are going to be with you oh my gosh do they have magic to share and your heart feel what I'm feeling we are right here right now this is the culminating week is September coming into a huge October all of those predictions are ahead including of giving you a sneak peek of 2021 because I have already mapped all that out history where people catching us to the officials and we are course are at 1 to talk radio's homepage and bbsradio is picking us up for both audio and video and you can phone in there with your questions Etc 888-627-6008 I'll say it again

304-208-1500 and I'm going to be showing you the scented numerology how we are moving from September into October remember that we are coming out of a month of awareness this month right now September how many days in one you guys know this by now twelve twelve days and 1 think about in this moment reflect upon in this moment where were you when you were September one the end of August just go back to that moment and see where you were because we are not broadcasting we are not at YouTube and so

radio. Text in over at Future right now that I know is that we've been seeming to have an erection that YouTube it seems that our channel is being filtered we're not sure why yet anyway you can always catch us at 1 this talk radio. Com and when is talk radio. Com street is putting the notice in there right now so let's let's let's also presents on take a moment because there's so much to share and look at last week it was the first time we got cut off and now we've had a hard time getting back on and so let's just look at the moment at hand it is profoundly powerful it is profoundly beautiful

so breathing in the knowing and here's why this is just so right from like I'm so giddy about it I can barely say it but the reason it's so rich is October is about the truth revealed that's the overarching energy and its experience this month this month of September is about awareness opening up you're being blessed by the universe so much that everyday has been 12 is one really take that in how loud are you trusted are you that the universe is saying come let us invite thee into a greater state of ascended awareness right now because the world the time is Shifting and thereby your Mastery can shift with it or it can condensed with it and SRI I'm going to stop one second because I have so much

Sharon I don't want to share it twice nor do I want anybody to miss us so are we are we just rollin with YouTube and be bi with when the stock radio on BBS today no YouTube maybe we let it go and join in the slow

all right all right. It was just rejected all right for 3

what I got a studio audience on my side baby all right tree is back we're letting you to go help us spread the word because it looks like it's been a couple weeks in a row we're having a very hard time getting our shows broadcast and even reposted there and so I hope you're all over here when this talk radio. Com where there is life going on please join us over at as well again you can give us a call at 888-627-6008 and 517-208-5800 I'm jumping into the shower

here we are in this bridge week and I'm going to go ahead and put up a graphic and the graphic I'm going to put up is the energy flow calendar the up level calendar for September look at where we are the 27th it's the void it's the complete it is the only time this month where there was not even a hint of that spiral around us we are in that moment right now where we are being gifted with our greatest awareness and we dive into that October energy today remember you see it on the calendar here how are wings are spread how we are this beautiful illuminated blue presents that is spiraling in spiraling out spiraling in spiraling out and so on this moment right now if you look at the 27th and then you see that ray of light on the 28th what happens

it's an arrow that takes you right into the center and then you look at the 29th and you are once more on the wings of your own awareness sailing into the October breathing in experience

this month's go back to the live camera this month

every single day has been 12 days we invited you earlier to really pay attention to invite yourself to to breathe in and say okay alright if every day is 12 days if it if it really is going to be a full calendar year in one year where are you right now and where were you the end of August pay attention to the lessons pay attention to the thing that's been shown before you because expanded energy that energy in September and that energy is reading out and its full capacity this week as the experience of October collides with it and I want to talk about what that Collision Center look like later in the week I keep getting hooked a little bit when we talk about one day is 12 days because the richness of the flows within and what I mean by that is

is is like when you're cooking something yeah we are being cooked levels really take that one in prison will make sure you slowly submerge

you must be hungry right now is that how the present time has been so full with the the presence of the present time and that we are continuing to receive energy we're continuing to lift we're noticing that we're noticing things it was hot like that you know that little voice inside that might even second-guess yourself that what did I just say that I thought I already popping up a little more and and so this this one day equals 12 days has been very hoped and the good news is we're growing revolving annarella pasted that would not have happened prior and as we move into October this this magnification

Pace a little different way of experiencing it but it is continuing because September up the September calendar for give me here it is so look at the body and is that the six now let's remember if you have a wheel in front of you if you gaze at the wheel the six is a very that number means I can shoulder a lot of things I'm trying to keep it everything going all the time and try to keep it balanced and so the six will ride it until they collapse because they're just so carrying the burden so what balance is the six will what balance that burden of the 6th of September was first and foremost this year she's at that for so where is

the six on the body it is the second chakra because the second chakra is are chakra of Creation in the month of this beautiful balanced energy of the planet right this for energy when we come to our second chakra and we're looking for our creative energy to be balanced and then in September what happened we couldn't go from the 6th to the for the normal way oh no we had to dive into the a double infinite we went from the 6th of September go into the infinite and then I always feel like it's like on a bungee cord right here on this bungee and you're here at this beautiful September and they're going and you're just jumping down praying the court doesn't break will it didn't break it when it came back up in the root chakra we literally came in

2nd and brought it back into our root chakra that is so profoundly powerful because it kept bouncing and bouncing in bouncy thank goodness for only 2 days until we hit that September to Full Moon which gave us the 8th and the breadth of the up level and what is the 8th Dimension Lotus chakra so if you look at where your body has been working this entire month and has been first chakra second chakra star Consciousness first chakra second chakra star Consciousness but then you put it all together and it became the manifested energy of the right side of that Divine Galactic blueprint in harmony with the high heart so really breathe that in because it brings us back to January one which also helps us understand this time Loop that were in this is the year of the Abyss

heart this was the year that was going to remember where you were New Year's Eve and if you were here it comes to Blue Mountain we were celebrating the ascended heart that this would be the year that would break open ascended hearts that would ignite ascended hearts that would see more people discovering their send it harder than it ever done before that this would be this year and the ascended numerology has really been all over that especially as we dive into October so as you are coming into this moment right now as you are bridging and this is what I was talking about how this kind of like a collision of energy you have right here in September that awareness those twelve days as one day every day at 12 and he looked at me I'm like yeah it's day 12 of 12 right now in our one day and so as we have been moving through our 12 days and one day I want you to take a breath

and now it's you do really really breathe then

forget all the way down under the root chakra but then it nice soft relaxing third wheel acts the third because as we are moving into this moment of September October in October and it's going to seem like a crash landing and it's happening this week we are going to go from 12 days to 6 days as one day

October experience is about compression it's about slowing it down and for those that have been acclimated to 12 days is what it will first be felt and it will be sustained as the spaciousness to expand and create to be able to say yes to everything that came in that year of wisdom that came in in September and to really start finding that this is how it's manifesting however compared to the 12 to 1 time with the Mastery wisdom of The Twelve to one time the ability to begin on folding it in 621 time so that is the amazing dance ahead for the experience of October and I'm sure about what that really means on the other side of that

for those that have been feeling the intensity of the 12 is won the anger of at the realness of it how dare you replace Bader Ginsburg right now you know she's barely in the ground you know how dare you do this and all of the things are happening that anger that's happening heightened state of Rage worldwide much less the rivers that are screaming the planet that is screaming if you stay alive without energy it is going to wrap you up and eat you alive and that 6 is one will be felt as a compression by 50% meaning that the truth revealed is because you can't hide it when you're Zach covered in compression energy when you're that angry when you're that unbearably without a way to understand you will erupt

and that energy is coming in this week it begins this week I love your own experience. However it is critical that we have a contaxt so that we can be compassionate in the world

opposite is true as you're listening to this experience of 12 is one day and we're moving the Sixers one day for those that have not been tuned into that contacts for those that are just feeling the pressure of the time and and the constant bombardment there comes a point when we are just fatigued when we are just when we don't have the perspective to look beyond the immediate and even the sixth one will be too much and that's where the reactivity and the protests and the rest of it in the sixth one is going to give them the freedom to respond to react it's very reactive it's not it's an entity I was sharing this was three last night I was like how do I share the October Revelations and the the only way that I keep coming back to it I'm going to show you more of what's coming in October but I I've been

ahead of time because ever since we've been in this time out of time I've literally needed months to acclimate to what they're showing me and the energy that's really in October is very much about arguing with a drunk you cannot argue with a drunk they will never hear you they will never respect you they will most likely forget you even try and so the key is that this is really the Lost Books of the essene because you cannot argue with a drunk and and the more you try the more you yourself

and so in the month of October it is truly the moment to walk the shoes of the essene and you know book 1 chapter 1 of The Lost Books of the missing will always share with you to do what are higher energy of October then it would be expand into those six days has one through the blessing of the master you are and comfort those who are so this is what I was referring to with this context in mine it's easier to be compassionate and then they need to feel the energy of love and acceptance because anything other than that it's going to be more education and more fuel for tragic expressions

that are paint arises does it not as as the beautiful Divine directors through all of the ascended masters in the ark Angelic Realms remind us one of the first things archangels on kill ever shared with us that's in sacred Union the journey home

oh no hyphens no exceptions all beings are having your needs met if you sincerely are ready to accept the energy of ascended presents then the Mind must expand the expectation that I am putting this against that that this has a right and this does not and to transcend the energy of judgment because it is in the energy of judgment that we find all that which keeps us separate from ourselves and when we transcend the energy of judgment we lift with compassion for the self

to see that when we are aware right ascending Consciousness all because of awareness when we are aware of what we are witnessing

that is when we are also able to let go of the need for justice because we are in the trust of the flow of Justice

the way we perceive but they shouldn't be able to get away with that of course not of course not in the in the experience of density all of that it is is is a fascinating journey is it not there will always be a yes and there'll always be in Dell there will always be one that does and one that does not it is how we co-create that energy that matter right now we started with the calling of the lineage holders two years ago for this moment we are redefining Humanity the rest of this year is more important and more extraordinary than any of us knew and it keeps getting more and more amazing because more and more of you are starting to say yes

and October is that call it is the truth revealed because no matter what no matter what face it takes the truth is being revealed and it will not there will be no more lies that can be told because you'll be staring at the truth however

resist synonym

how you see the truth

how you see the truth how you see the truth how you see the truth how you see the truth that is the council that I pray we can call together and remember to respect and honor

all truths are being revealed it is the level of Consciousness we are bringing to the table that is being invited to awaken right now and this six is one that's the odd part of the October time experience because we're now offering you those every month as well that is very much another gift it's saying look at what you've done in September coming together boom do it right create go do it or it'll be I can't take it anymore I can't take it anymore I can't take anymore anymore and you're going to see that really Mushroom in the experience of October

means I have a sense of Love toward them how can you comfort somebody if your anger angry with them those who are asleep means I allow them their journey I do not need to interfere let them rest the next reminder from the cosmic a scene is to be present for those who are drowsy now a person who is drowsy is sometimes asleep and sometimes a little bit wakeful

and they go back and forth and and we have all been in that place on our own Journeys so to be drowsy there's times when wait a minute on a Saturday and there's times when we are open to new ideas were open to expansion and other times were just don't bother me with it and that's that's why it's drowsy so the present and and mutually share and support be... Present with those who are drowsy we don't hide we're not in the cave we're not hanging out somewhere afraid to be who we are we are present among

presence does not demand proselytization it does not demand a word it's when you walk into a room and your energy says it

there is a presence that says it is immutable this is the who that I am and when we hold that hire presents for all those around us it becomes day because you are I am. Is that not what we are at a moment of holding when you gaze at others when you have media propelled at you when pictures go by you are you judging or are you seeing the highest are you judging or are you seeing the highest

is the illusion got your attention or reality

this moment is a breath is it not and you know I was so excited today when we tried last week to broadcast from our living room we have some fascinating challenges so my beloved husband worked all day to make sure we had hardwire is here in the presence remember October is an experience month so what do you want your experience to be right get excited right now what do you want your experience to be what do you know about yourself right now what is that dream that you made the choice in August remember all this was a choice month that then we had this massive full days is one September come in and all of the energy that have happened here right you're calling in master calling and master calling and Mastery now you're getting ready for a month to experience it all

this is a tactile month lots of touches this month guys this is a tactile month is an experience month so what are you ready to experience I mean I think that's pretty exciting so all the people that are here right now at a whole bunch that are coming in October and November and December are going to be experiencing some of this and so we wanted to share it with you right now so we're going to move forward with the camera what I want to share with you is we are in an architect archaeological ruin of a house that existed a couple 300 years ago or so I can't be sure of what was left and we're going to show you a little bit of that now

Teresa showing you the tiles okay and that's the top of the chimney area of the of the kitchen that you're looking at right now right are from grandfather's house that when he heard that we were restoring this she wanted us to have old real tiles they're not as old as the house with their good hundred hundred and twenty-five and they're the real thing and so we were very excited those of you that saw a little movie on the return the grandmother's met on Dell and it and his beautiful mother as well as sharing is if you look right over here you see there's a wall there with the exposed Kane and The Big Timber on the top there off my shoulder well that's what's left of the original wall and that's all we have left

another kind of bamboo like they used in Vines as I was just push into place and then lassoed with with natural hemp rope and put on Top of the Rock Foundation we have protected plaster temperature is conserved because it's that fix Adobe you know the natural mud of the Earth

and and so we walked out with you again as I want to pop up here for you right now the ascending numerology for October let's take our first look at that and I'm going to for those of you over there on the other side of the camera if you want to see it there it is you guys can look so here it is this is the ascendant numerology for October and if you look at the chart you can see this is a busy month this isn't it I think about these September chart it was in and out of the infinite it was said we're going in and out of gun but the September chart was very much about the wow the inward Journey kind of the churning right if you were waking up it was I didn't wear journey to not really turning and awareness of something that's burning inside of you have some fun when we do so first and foremost look where we begin this month remember September was 6th September was saying okay we're trying Cherry doll and balance I got this i got this September

the 10 going very much the OnePlus 0 and we are all about the one plus zero this month and we are coming in an interesting place to insert because when you look at the body look where we're coming in we arrived here in September this is that right sided manifested energy we got there in September but this is October check that out it's all about manifesting that energy.. Creation energy that's that's really coming into me right now now yours was so beautiful when you look at the 10:00 because it does not have an infinite he goes right around to the four through all of those other numbers and what's so fabulous about this right now is that if you drew a straight line between the ten in the four you'd see that we have very much when starting to look like again Ian symbol you have the top and the bottom you have

White and the dark and so it's showing you we're not quite at Perfect Balance but we're coming in we're getting a good start and we've got a lot of good solid stuff coming in here and where is that again root chakra which was where in September right out of our second chakra here we are in October coming in at the energy and yes I am one with the spotty the truth will be revealed it's not true sacred Union stability and you're so powerful because I-4 is a double infinite the minute we bring into our root chakra we shoot back out to collect more infinite energy and when we come truth chakra the number five you just got to love this I mean you've got to love this

notice notice how you're feeling right now the truth revealed is the truth chakra going to be really coming forward to coming forward in the way it has not come forward before remember that October is very much a return the energy flows don't me let me show you guys really quickly dinner G flows because this is this is where you want to really bring that in her smile so remember September did what is resting on the energy flows September was the first pillar anchored it went back to the January February what was your dream how did this year start before things got different what was the vision you had well in September right now we are anchoring that dream that dream didn't die that dreams been percolating because it's meant to be even more amazing and so we percolated and that is the first what that is the first color of pro

I don't shift and we will balance that pillar in December but right now both colors are there in this one is stable so what is October doing October has been just what today showed you on the September calendar we have to step into the void out of the pillar into Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and October is all about the experience of Truth through that experience and it's going to remind us of March and April and this is why do your support as I said that third chakra chakra March that's one country started shutting down April that's when the denial started changing into anger this month is literally the part of the pyramid that's trying to balance that or we'll bring it into higher frequency and the gift is that it's happening inside of his energy transformation through timeline adaptation

uninstall as you reflect back to March and April of this year and take a look at the energies that were at work there because there is a Reconciliation on opportunity to balance and he'll that October because March and April energies are actually influencing October's energy as well as soon as we take their there was a sense of shock

it was a sense of denial. We had people on the plane so so that March April energy here's a gift okay you are now a year linearly more mature more Discerning more awake more available we were given this gift what are you going to do with it what are you going to do with that because this is the moment I say okay knowing now what was that this is how I am your own Elder remember we were

September we've been given the energy of if I knew now what I knew your escalation Brainiac about it are you going to actually step out and dance and that's the final part of the essene isn't it it's to comfort those were sleeping through your presents those who are drowsy but to be with those who are awake and that is the all-encompassing Divine moment of steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust are you feeling great and then you're so addicted to feeling lousy that you put on some media knowing it will take you out of your great mood knowing your self sabotaging the matter what

challenge something were confused or upset what are you choosing to do and that is not even being present with the housing that is choosing to get in bed with the asleep and his archangels like you always says if you want to get in bed with the asleep then sleep well go in and have a great time right but stop pretending because that's what brings you pain that's what brings you pain it's be who you are and let go of the illusion and if you are on a precipice if you are at a moment where you know you're ready to break through and you're committed to that then be with those who are that's what we do every week right here we are all being together yes we give ourselves the opportunity to go wait a minute there is so much more I am so much more this is the moment I am not crazy

you are not in October in that interview this coming into the shift is a reminder of this very teaching because the fifth chakra is your truth shock right the chakra at headed when one of the Angels or the Angels referred to as the chakra R-Truth is lined up the door when we are believing some spin or propagating spin why do people because they have a motive in the money I could be whatever is manipulative none the less so when when the truth chakra is influenced by distortions and spin Joy isn't there could be there manipulation or Chris Maynard you could be there but the joyous they're not there and you'll steal it and this is part of the authenticity of October

it's like way better than we ever could wow guys the day before we went up to the temple with our entire group Bree and I had the blessing of going up together and it was near Sunset it was beyond transcendently magical and as we were coming down I was invited to stop at the prophecy Stone and they showed me the third chakra of October

and in the third chakra of October it had two faces it was either this robust six pack abs having fun empowered moving around you do do do right or it was like it was really nasty to see it was like this this the six pack abs but within and festering and so that was the message they offered me for October that you're going to really want to pay attention to what you're feeding yourself and I'm not talking about food that's always an option right that's always together I'm talking about your Consciousness what are you feeding your Consciousness what are you giving yourself are you honestly have you seen would say being with the awake and when you are interfacing with The Drowsy are you present or are you falling drowsy yourself and when you are

interfacing among the sleepy are you getting in bed with them or are you letting them sleep you cannot argue with a drunk and the only person that gets hurt when you try is yourself and so why not take all that energy all of that frustration all of that energy that just the questions the frustration the I why not release it all into the beauty of you what if all that energy instead of being directed at all those other issues that all those other problems and challenges that somewhere within you you've been too afraid to walk through what if you just walk through it all and got on with your life

and said yes to who you are but okay I get it I am going to put I am going to walk through whatever it is because I know that I am if I owe a men's here I'll offer amends here if I'm ready to flourish here than I know that my activity is encouraging that because the law of instantaneous manifestation is real it's happening it's yours to claim the minute your full-time attention is on the union of this body Soul presents so that 100% of your illumination is from the divine inspiration there by you let go of all day out there by you let go of ever not trusting because you are absolutely in Divine flow in all ways

breathe out 1 in

really she said you feel it

feel that one as well

that's that moment of that that's that WWE Global that's that moment of that reunification of that masculine feminine of the ignition of our Cosmic Prime Meridian Star Consciousness star Consciousness was September this month is tactile it is the 10 budros of Divine Light and SRI and I were talking about this earlier today we have made a decision we are allocating space on our website it'll be up by tonight every month right on the homepage you will be able to click on and get the current month's ascendant numerology and the practice for the month and the chart right there before or on the 1st of every month and October is everything of sharing with you the whole thing will be calm by tonight we should continue to bring your good mind to Bear upon a deeper level of Truth we are so easily seduced by the words and the spin and

news flash. News flash this social media post excetera and the ascended numerology is a deeper level of Truth ascended numerology takes us beyond our present understanding of the influence of these energies and this is why you only first CareFirst be in sharing this a couple of months ago some people are going yes and other people going I have question yes your mind will ask questions so to be able to read and reread will inform you and help you because we are beyond the Spin Zone are I'd be October experience the the BS that is so a circulating out there is only fed when you give it your attention otherwise it's nothing more than a bit of dust in the air

able to have a rich glorious full life without having to engage it we create our own pain we feel this compulsion to engage often because we want to be more compassionate when what we're really doing is giving away our compassion instead of wrapping it around ourselves to be the best presents we can be so that we can maintain our 5th dimensional presents there by holding our arms around there by lifting into that 7th dimensional space of non-judgment where we are affecting the consciousness of the one that is affecting Consciousness through our own Divine compassionate inspired presents and there is no passive your presence is so far beyond passive remember they're sending numerology was the ancient the ancient writings of the of the ancient magi the ancient a scene all the way back to the seeds of the Creative Energy and so

as we are reversing together as we are unifying together as Humanity walks into October I want to make sure you give me with us next week as well plus we have a lot to share on this show still today I mean next week I'm going to give you the 20 21 predictions going to give you most of them because we really need to know them now this is such a fluid moment before us 2021 is the harmonic flow of the three gates and the 12 flows and they are flows and they are flows of energy and they will pipe somewhat Loosely to our calendar cycles and because we have pulled in this year member we pulled January and now right beyond that next September so we have all the way through that by the end of October we're going another 6 months this compression energy is bringing it all in so that by the time we get to New Year's Eve this year

there is a massive energy burst that is building and it is a combustion of light that is extraordinary and it is one that is worthy of your time and your presents and all it is is you saying yes to you and just holding that energy and so as we move forward through everything is happening right now SRI what are things I'd like to do is just make a note as to where we actually are right now where are we where only broadcasting where was I'm saying are Our Fate is not going to be vs either this everywhere else, so please out there will Street what I was thinking is let's talk about these physical symptoms because a lot of people you know when they put up the October and they were going to get you those phone lines guys we see you there or so hold on and then

have a surprise coming up for you. We were surprised coming up about three minutes let's talk about the surprise

love surprises I love surprises so let's talk about the surprise group of people here and these are Speedy spiritual Travelers have been bringing so much love and presence to tosa Blue Mountain and have been receiving so much love and presents from the cosmic Universe expressi through the stones the trees the cosmos and the inner portal as so are they have some stories to share and then celebrations

I wanted to share with you that normally we make a little film then we show it with you and the reason that we felt this was so much more beautiful as number one these beautiful beings we are just call me or Cosmic Origins we just had our closing Ceremony this morning so they're all still here and we are getting ready to go to all of our beautiful places around the world but this week as we all walk through the Aquanauts we opened up this group carrying all of the planet & Beyond in our heart on the evening of the equinoxes with what we're calling the Nefertiti fire and the documentation that come through the magic that has been here the Miracles that have been happening the things that have unfolded we wound up in the sacred site of chochi with an authentic teaching us things they normally don't teach we ascended up to the temples here and so sincerely with all of our heart the greatest gift we can offer you as the experience of

October is coming forward and while we are still in the 12 days of September is for all of you to receive from all of us and so bear with the moment of of the crazy chair connection here but we are going to be arranged our beautiful Cosmic Origins move our chairs they can come in and Bree I guess you need to be in front of the computer right honey we're all coming they're coming home. It's in this check is for your needs to be there and you know we all know the drill and so make sure okay

turn up more that way we can make sure that he gets that we might need to do a third. I'll be alright so she and I are just as excited as you are right now meet the family man I know I was talking to you you need to switch over

all right so beloved ones mystify us everybody's I am free a rose and as you just heard this is the cosmic Origins group of September 2020 so we're just going to share a little bit of our experiences here and ask people are showing all share some photos of our journey here as well

hi I'm so jealous of you show me the last Sunday and I want to say that well it's been an amazing journey here then my words could even say to open myself even more to the Divine and to have the blessing of toaster he ran in the Grove and SRI and Kira and Bria of the day

and the shaman and I've never been in a real incredible shamanistic ceremony I've been in some kind of things can look but nothing like it up level incredible list of the shaman in the ceremony you can we actually drink some tobacco that was from the Amazon that's been age I think it's 7 years we've breathed it in and it's kind of like open up the whole head so I think it needs a lot of ways and brought my start Consciousness to a more hard place and I felt the energy and he's such a loving being when he hugged me hear you felt it was incredible beautiful man and I guess she loved the people in Ecuador here they are really hot presence that's even even just beyond what we have in this group and then of course

the going to the mountains start Consciousness open more and that of course is what I wanted to do always working on being closer to the Divine this gave me that and much more than I can say today thank you

is your next

OK Google I'm Kate I'm from New York most of my life I felt very unseen and also understood English as second language left no room to express the light and love that I carry in my heart so much so that trust myself less to feel small insignificant I wondered if my life even really mattered and my led me to the screen to your show and then to this land

when I saw grandmother son picture with all the wounds in her body and then I felt how much love she still carried within her

and then when I saw the Naga stone with that

small little tiny place left that still radiated light despite of the darkness in spite of all the destruction


a lot of things but the biggest gift that I will carry home with me is the recognition that I felt from the earth it remembered me

did recognize my light

make me feel unconditionally loved

without judgment without protocol without

expectations for me to be this or that

and I know that I am here because of my love for the Earth that her and I will one


with every experience that we have in this week I failed a healing healing that came directly from the Earth and

that recognition and got experience defend my own trust in me that it doesn't really matter if other people recognize me if they see me if they see my intentions if they see my life I know why I'm here just and I will continue to rise and to serve the lights and to serve this regardless

from Germany and I'm here now for 11 days and she is like I've ever been here and I came as quite some buddy issues and I walked to so many faces of changes and

getting pain being out of pain and then I twisted my foot in the beginning of the week and I didn't know if I can get to the top of the hill end in divorce such a profound feelings and and experience that I ever went without and it was just a blessing and it's so beautiful hair is actually going to be with us here at 12 or 3 months for living room

I'm Donna and I'm from Montana and I came here to release some past traumas and pain and you remove the blocks is self-limiting glass on myself out of my spiritual gifts and my healing abilities and say yes to me basically and

really you owe it to yourself to give yourself the gift of coming to this magical place and experiencing depression transformation that happens from the beautiful leadership Upstream Chiara and I'm so blessed and honored to have been able to be in their presence I've been following them for about a year-and-a-half now and I'm so grateful to have found them Brianna Rose here is just a beautiful beautiful soul.

and thank you shrink your place from the very first nights we're beautiful Dean which is intake Mayan ceremony and going to and and just biggest transformational experience was going up on the mountain and there it is truly magical and the last city that they have discovered in connecting with is is like heat

it remembers you and you remember Ed's and for me I remember who I am and I will forever be changed and I'm looking forward to going back to Montana and sharing my expanded gifts and helping to spread love more love and Heal the World

okay and I'm here for my own Cosmic journey and my biggest weakness and so much weight,

to us and as us and expensive is that extended Museum Miracle stunning artifact

and Stockton connected

we've been granted the miracle

oh her touch with artifact

common forward.

It goes up leveling it's worse and back to remember deep deep deep down in the earth asleep delicious new agreed to be a part of the group

Justin Timberlake like to share my name is still compelled to return experience last year and Museum I helped piece of an artifact and have this stuff visual of this sun Temple

he had a smile on his face I wasn't sure what that when we went up to the top of

the mountain here and I felt such a visceral amazing experience connections the land that that this indeed was where that happen very profound experience.

uncovering some very special energy here it's just been such an amazing experience and I really feel blessed and so honored.

Extreme care artist which is so amazingly authentic and beautiful beings and I feel so profoundly blessed to be in your presence so thank you all of you and the community also so wonderful and Sakura and thank you all so much and we love you we look forward to welcoming you here at Tusculum at these people you know that you are somebody might have said whatever propaganda was put their way their heart your heart guy to do and the reason that these miracles of all happened is because you didn't say no you said yes

we say yes miracles happen and so we are grateful that you get to witness all these beautiful Miracles with all these beautiful beings and thank you for witnessing down with us thank you we love you.

I'm in your way thank you honey

so are you digging our wall isn't that great

don't forget to hear the sharing Zen to be part of a community of Consciousness curious, I've got it

scallops when we said yes what we would love you to do today was such a blessing it was really such a gift and so with everything that you were just receiving and SRI I I wanted to go back to the first half of the show plus we do want to talk a little bit about the artifact that Masha was talking about did you guys show a picture of that at all. Don't see any of that okay we actually have a video of that that we will play Maybe It's old mirrors Tuesday night because one of the one of the wonderful things of the cosmic Origins Adventure is to TuneIn and touch and touch that which was recorded for you from a prior time all of the inspired Artisans are leaving behind and impression that Spirit has has

call forth from their soul and that impression is Terry's information and sometimes the Creations whether it's in Pottery or in stoneware were set to set in motion and energetic and to hold its form and sometimes those Creations were intended to call forth something from you or both and so the joke she has a very special piece very special so it was so unique and its connection that the conventional archaeologists do not know what it really represents mind blowing leaves thank you is that never have I seen our Cosmic Origins better documented than the sequential way that they have literally

what's it called them the ceremonial masks of the of The Artisans and it's right there if you're if you see it and and so this artifact the first time you and I saw it we were like oh interesting really sat with it however but I find so powerful SRI as you're getting ready to share is that the first time but I believe that that Miracles also facilitated because it is this moment right now there was certainly an intersection of energies that brought forward the opportunity to take that which was under glass and bring it forward to be connected with to be to allow it to sing its message into our awareness

and it's a beautiful beautiful gift and we will share this with you in an upcoming show at Blue Mountain those who were here with us those that are feeling it and I know you're all feeling it that's part of why I was so grateful we can broadcast do you live right here from our Old Town site this is a moment where your active Mastery presence is being called to a new level of Activation so consider that and it's a month of experience experience it's right you're in your first fair you got your first big cotton candy what is the stuff out of they make it oh my God it's a miracle right and and so it can be cotton candy month and I don't mind rainbow colors and I want a big ol one right and so we got our cotton

SOB are balloons of the expanse we are and bring It Forward check that out I'm excited about October and yes just as you can sit in the busiest Street Corner in New Delhi and being complete Oneness

so will October be that moment for your Mastery the outside in will it it's having his last and it really is a very profound moment that is seeking to to call as much food to the banquet as a can and remember every time you give in you become food for the banquet and so Master arise let us manifest together let us experience a co-creative dance unlike one of the experience before let us let our truth to be revealed because like it or not everything's being outed it's the great outage month if you roll with it then you get all that extra propulsion energy to support you but if you resist it it will consume you

so breathe that in this is a must to say what am I resisting and why would I do that why would I choose pain when I can just as easily choose Joy

well there's a profound question why would I allow pain to be in my experience when I could choose joy and then there'll be the piece of the brain that says well but you do what you do is your sister I have this condition or that's outside my control or lalala what's within your control is everything that goes from about 3 ft in front of you into the center and that's at that you have direct domain dominion over and then what's beyond that those few feet in front of you that that meter or two depending on how big are your field get what's beyond that is a collaboration

so yes others are influencing the shared reality and you are too so to the extent that you are influencing our shared reality are you happy with what you're doing are you content that what you're contributing to the shared reality authentically represents Your Truth your heart and your souls reason for being informed guess really into the sacred Union moment at every level within that 3 foot range is your bed who are you sleeping with you sleep with you let into that sacred energy

and so who you sleeping with and how does it feel because if there is not complete Harmony and energy

then there is a disharmony in your own self love and so really breathe that him and here's the key this isn't about morality this isn't about judgment this is about your energy Pure Energy really go there energy energy is the underpinning of all that we are and all that we interact with you take energy you apply Consciousness and what do you get for how fun is energy plus Consciousness okay now forms floating around out there and it's on the side of the face you go bad for Asian or a Miss creation based upon Consciousness yes your consciousness

up to the point of being able to embrace it and dismissed the reactive participation reacted participation should oughta be taught in school because unless you're up here in Conscious Creation Of The Law of instantaneous manifestation come on what a great ride I just like to dance

are are are particular remembering those more Awkward years but anyway you say I can't dance and you can get that you can get in flow with a partner so this is a metaphor are you trying to dance with something that's unnatural are you conforming to the music up the time so to speak the cultural Harmony of the time rather than listening to the song that arises from within your heart song nor will provide you with the gate became the pace the tonality and the actualization of the dance this is where the misperception of generation ality comes in for example of rock and roll

a lot of the reason I'm sharing this is It's not that each Generations music is offencive to the other it's that the frequency that experience of insertion into the timeline experience of creation that group that incarnated during that time needed that frequency could insert into the co-creative expansiveness energy it is always carried on the harmonic think about the evolution think about the way that these musical experiences have gone from very different harmonics from a slow or vibration from being at its heart beat to a lengthening of a breath to an expansion of movement to now let's just say

ewe recalibration to the root chakra every generation is carrying its Harmony as it is that's why we incarnate in our sacred sequence what is the primary Foundation of your sacred sequence it is the day and the year the month day and year that you insert month date year that you insert into because you're picking this timeline because of the frequency the harmonic that your soul is vibrating at that will thereby afford the greatest Assurance of success meaning the accomplishment in this lifetime

so I want to breathe in and I want you to slow because this is really important and so as you really begin to see that the sense of your music or your music disappears and it becomes our music it is a symphony that is meant to be played together it is when we pull the base out or we told just the heart out or we pull just a flute out each and its own beautiful and an amazing part of the journey and always always there

it's forgetting that we put it all together and that's when we found the most beautiful that's when the rich tonality that Harmony that transcends the mind that steps of restoration comes forward that's what this music is showing and it is at a point right now where it is intensely root chakra or that of course the moment of balance is at hand so I really want to expand that conversation I'm saying to you about the time with a sense of acceptance and exploration expands recognition to talk about something using it as a platform to pontificate a predetermined agenda does little more than collapse the collaboration that is possible mung beans

so when we seek to promote an agenda we are basically saying I I Seek You to conform learning step out there that are not what you choose to dance with

see that's that's right isn't that it is it is it if you are trying to speak to a drunk why are you hurting yourself why do you keep thinking it's your job to speak to the trunk why why is that your burden to carry I want you to really breathe that in because that's what you guys know it victim Consciousness I am the Eternal rescuer victim beanie me I have to come on guys it's sophisticated victim Consciousness become be breathed live as the mentor live is the humor what is the teacher what your life be that you are the Healer the mentor and the teacher as much as you ever were the victim The Rescuer of the abuser that's the conscious connection is to hold that Fifth Dimension container enough to witness the victim

does the victim always has

there's always another ways to expand our cognition to allow ourselves to experience something more fully to allow ourselves to have a more enlightened conversations grade poetry is an attempt to capture the essence of something that is uncapturable that's lovely of our human being this however is when words become the definition of our experience that is words or concepts and we're choosing to live a concept rather than live directly then what we're saying putting up a barrier around all that I am and all that I will be based upon a belief based upon a Dogma or based upon this sequence of words

it's totally cool if that happens it's it's really important to give yourself the moment of self-reflection that can invite the acceptance of the experience

when we can invite the acceptance of the experience for what it is the experience when we lift into our higher awareness we then maintain our assigned a Consciousness and again this is what holds open those portals of inspiration and you know I'm feeling so many portals about words we've been talking about who are you going to dance with what are you going to dance with Will present itself through your preferences and your joy

we don't have to figure out what our life purpose is we need only pay attention to what brings us joy

we do not need to convince others to accept us we only need to offer love out so that others may feel the love Within

it's so simple to live a spiritual life as soon as we reduce the velcro for a so many limiting beliefs and Concepts and begin to live at the heart now the throat chakra the truth chakra is the the portal between your heart and your guidance and this is the last piece I wanted to convey today received Clear Vision receive wisdom from the cosmos your guidance your heart is the truth detector your heart is always going to give you a sense of what's real and what's not real and what's appropriate to to act on and what's appropriate not too but if the throat isn't open we disconnect for our guidance and we're left with words

if the throat is open to our own heart then it's open to our own guidance it's it's like a funnel point and so the throat if this is why I so much enjoy is not just the truth chakra which it is it's about knowing your truth it's about trusting your joy how can you know your truth and not have joy

how can you have joy and not know what is true for you

and so the two go together and this is what I wanted to impart today is to be authentic to speak truth to say in this moment I tell myself the truth I trust myself I tell myself the truth I trust myself

I trust my joy I trust my guy has and what is appropriate has revealed these are the fundamental you can build a beautiful life their platforms of evolutionary process and speaking

call Laura to head over here and take that look like San Diego there we have a caller from San Diego where did I need that line hello

hi guys while I have been resonating so deeply today with every word that you've uttered I I really needed this it's been awhile since then and I'm so grateful and I'm wondering if perhaps I could use this opportunity to just really happy that hold up a mirror to allow me to see perhaps things that I have been blocking perhaps in is self-sabotage better to not really be able to tell myself that I need to know well first and foremost sweetheart thank you for your mother I mean sincerely as as as you were sharing and as we were connecting with you what is what is first so evident to me is that there is a pain in your heart it's I'm feeling it very deeply in your heart especially in the left and it's very much saying it's like a

squeezing energy on your heart that saying it feels to me like an old life script that that's just really saying you know come on come on let go let go and end as I sure that these beautiful beautiful other beings are coming in around you and they're all Whispering it in green saying the same thing give yourself more attention and breathe often for the moment at hand as with many others is often dismissed through the presence of a brain that seeks to still respond and so does my love thank you for calling in

thank you so much thank you blessings blessings before us and the brain gets even more activated the brain keeps trying to talk us out of it the brain will come right in and go yes yes yes but but but but but and how often do we stand up beautiful loving adult and say hey brain I got this one have a moment go go ahead go have a nice cream now this is Again part of that connection from heart to the upper well I look at that from the spiritual standpoint and is the connection to authentic divine inspiration authentic Divine guy

is a challenge when the world is screaming its density based fears and and beliefs out there has been commissioned is this gorgeous like so when we went out and and then sit out here and listen to our beautiful Cosmic Angels described they're sharing cheap pets tell them what this is is this plant called Ruda plant used for cleansing there's also a big thing around flowers or not it's me that there's very good energy on the property when I first moved here we had at one teeny tiny little rude rude plant at the base by the ceremonial site that was literally we thought Dead really dead and about a year later it was very alive

gifts from the land gift from nature and the Beast gifts reflect and energy and reflect an opportunity to align now free in a dance with I love it let's grab another call or I'll tell you what we've got to stay.

we like them both

freezing cold

like you win in Arctic with no clothes on and everything and then I didn't get more until Saturday with my body he came back can you tell me what that was first and foremost welcome to multi dimensional existence as you already know so the gift and the blessing of what you're bringing is I was also really feel in your heart honey because you know on Thursday it was very very cold here as well and Thursday was the day that we all here do a deep deep deep deep deep into Cosmic Soul origin where we all went into a deep Cosmic life regression and in many ways you are with us and then we went into the child she ceremony on Friday and that was very much about preparation and reunions and Remembrance and their end the ignition of Miracles and form to wear on Saturday we were literally so hot we've had to be giving people pieces of Art

open the Sun burn that happened in the heat so I first wanted to show you the old literally what this group has been walking through and sharing with you that whether you were doing it with us or whether you were just doing it you have been on a Jeep Cosmic Soul journey and you're getting through today in this moment and we're going to Anchor this time because many in this moment in the preparation for October are just starting to integrate as we claim the rest of September and move into October so I really thank you for being such a profound being in for blessing us all with sharing your journey thank you

thank you you are so welcome I'm grateful for the confirmation always a blessing when we thank you my love thank you a little deeper a little more because it reminds me of how how do you experience energy you know so many people get a chill other people smell they start perspiring

that's true except for headaches or are the stomach of a body because we're tearing a predisposition to a certain way of of proceeding and and that it even goes further when I teach people how to read energy mmm a medical intuitive classes we need to trust the predispositions we have some people are very Visual and when we invite them to tune into something they merely get a picture or color other people are very cute aesthetic and they keep looking for the color I said no listen to your body Allisonville you know the truth in their own body of what is actually out there in the client and we begin to realize it's it's a sympathetic interaction with the energy that we respond decor

two are natural inclinations now you can refine the other channels are perception those that are kinesthetic and however a little practice and commitment so you start where you are you go wait a minute. What's going on I'm a Synergy what is this energy a indicative of a strata a dimensional strata or is this a projection because how many of you have ever picked up the phone and knew who it was or

do you do if you get the email or the text I was just thinking of you that's the projection we are all connected and you can connect to anybody anywhere as long as we learn how to relax our own filters of determination and instead be available to what is thinking of someone and then that email appears are they called literally on the same frequency it's literally like a walkie-talkie not able to do this it's just that there are many many experiences a frequency that call that phone word to be able to bring forward within your own life experience that's also

level trust you have in yourself remember that is Archangel zadkiel is always said so many times so beautifully your lie detector is sitting in your heart the greatest hear your heart always knows that no matter what is being shown there's just that knowing in the heart that when acknowledged and received with our infinite presence will always guide us if it's always you always be in the right place at the right time you'll always be where you need to be the doors will always open because you are trusting the universe and thereby the universe is entrusting you with an Ever greater capacity to command the light that it's all part of it all layers of trust you know let us not forget that it was Archangel zadkiel who said trust is love and love is trust and you all these Jewels always will pearls that were with you right now we would we would pray that

might want a few more of those magic October are so excited to have not gotten the memo I think you've got to re-register you are not just automatically rolled over because we respect your privacy and your wishes so please join us we are going to be diving into the galactic encyclopedia revealed and just like the living in The 5th Dimension series if there was ever a moment where it was perfectly time for kind of the opening the breaking the seals of the galactic encyclopedia it is Monday October 5 with the energies coming and it's like wow another how blessed are we and just a comeback this community is always such a big help the energy of the community and the be in that Embrace assistant

contextual information that will help us make greater sense out of what we were Sensi I wore or will help us a tune to that which is being presented so it's a wonderful gift to gather and explore this together by inspired material is just that inspired to be in the experience of this October where the truth is being revealed and where that energy of March and April remember that Visionary Transformations are timeline out of Tatian that energy of March and April is once again coming together but this time October is a catalyst so knowing how March and April were how would you like your October to be you do know now and it is then so what is the action you are taking right now today

I do and I just want to follow that up Ice Age


800 number 888-627-6008 if you want to call in toll free 888-627-6008 we're going over the Oneness talk radio call board and SRI where it looks like we have a wireless

maybe not okay let's continue straight let's go we have a another wallet Wireless color there hello Wireless unknown caller welcome again I get in manifestation I'm just loving were proven that on the air

I'm really excited I wish I had been at the beautiful group of people thanking everybody military for everybody together well you know what sweetheart thank you so first of all thank you for asking and and sincerely thank you for demonstrating the law of instantaneous manifestation you said the attention I really want to speak with them today and your call or is right there illuminated so thank you for that as well as we go in together right now and I want to First invite your heart to come forward as we each come power together with our hearts present the message that all of the beautiful guys that are around you my love and all of us they're all here standing too

they are each gazing at each other and as they are the messages remember remember that we are here in the full presence of the one and that with each breath you are the full presence of the one and with each acknowledgement you are the full presence of the one and that was cheap with each thought you are the full presence of the one and that as that energy washes in and ask that expansion unifies the inspiration expands the heart ignites and the ships, and so it is thank you thank you for asking thank you for inviting that in for all of us honey

much love to thank you

Namaste I need to breathe

so as we're taking this moment I want invite you right now to bring a hand to your heart or Reason to her heart

that there is an opening there is a reassurance that comes naturally

and I invite you to bring your hands to your heart frequently throughout this time especially because we need visceral reminders to Anchor in our ascended this is the foundation upon which compassion is built this is the foundation upon which Ascension of her you can not really Ascend if you're holding judgment judgment

beer bind you to that what you are afraid of

thoughts and you two layers of perception that are disconnected from the actual so how do we Ascend to love

love envelops all love is unconditional acceptance and through acceptance Clarity occurs naturally it is that simple and it takes steadfast commitment to keep coming back to your send it heart it takes focused awareness to notice when you've drifted and takes complete trust in the Divine to carry you through the dark nights that the brain can't figure out

so it is a precious moment lovers now I'm breathless listening to you Siri I mean let's all just breathe and I think it must be this route on his beautiful is that and speaking of beautiful we have full called words everywhere why don't we pop over to PS4 Chelsea from Kansas City to say how are you today sweetheart

I'm pretty good I'm I'm super excited that I got in and I was just trying to see if I can get a mini Soul reading

well thank you for asking and I want it I want to share with you that as I'm connecting with you right now it's really precious right at the top of your third chakra is really cute it's like a little wooden train set and it's like you're playing with this little wooden train set it's like this adorable little child playing with those really beautiful old-fashioned wooden trains and just playing with the little wooden train set and this this group that's around you is gazing at you and they're saying build the city within first and then Earl

and so it is thank you that's wonderful day sweetheart wow you really feel. Wrong to have some fun there in about really you do preparing us to say with all my heart that I love so much for the ascended masters which was these are delivered you do not change one word and you put them out for the world and we have done that steadfast commitment for 18 years this year

we were instructed to open up the keys this year and spend and going through the lessons of light but at first doing lessons of light then moving into living in The 5th Dimension series and what has come forward is is out of it is the awareness and I want you guys to hear this cuz we really talked about is compressed time and sound but what this is is that tree and I are very aware all the attempts on our life all of the experiences that we have had the only reason we're here now is because we live we are meant to unlock that material had we been in a different time line or a different shift that material would still be out there unlocked buy us yet we are the living testimony and there are still plenty of people that were on those in Solomon's live as living testimony that that energy was put into this timeline in those years so that we could all be ready to put the key

into the treasure chest and unlock it right now and say yes to who we are and so I just want to say that I do Bow before all of us to come together every Sunday and during Monday magic if you have not yet joined us it's it's just a donation love donation you get in for a dollar if you want and it goes and it feeds hungry people up here join us you know let us take this further it is is we're really at the if not now when moment detector there is only the open door of divine love the opportunity to lift out of that which is holding you back and it is as unique as you are it is it is so fluid and yet it up to that beautiful place of that one Union to Sacred Union of the Soul with the body while

still in this experience of form and conscious of the multi-dimensional presents it's a beautiful gift message over from the VBS call board and it was Tamarac Florida called but was too shy to get on the air and lots of love and he loves the lesson a Jeffrey thank you for offering the message right now all I feel is this huge heart opening and I just want you to know and feel this is the blessing of being with those who are awake we love you and we see you and thank you for being you I think we're all feeling that I think we all needed that heart moment compliments of Jeffrey so thank you my angel we love you any blessings honey

well let's take a look here

instantaneous manifestation thank you so much

yeah I wanted to say just like the first car at yesterday's session has been amazing I feel like it's the first time we're just every single where's the frequencies I'm just I'm there with you and I are really appreciate it thank you so much I also wanted to scare I don't know if you see a movie at Dillon's head face the music but it's a nice funny movie and with everything that you've talked about today about dancing I think it would be a good movie to watch Love fun movies we will do I remember the Excellent Adventure so we got to continue running to get a meeting for reading I actually I did a quiet to be your assistant Kara and after getting your email I actually did a lot of soul-searching

and it's kind of help me to make some major decisions that I have been mulling over so I really appreciate the time that you took in your response reading to kind of see where I'm at right now and what's the best next steps for me well first of all thank you for calling in and I'm just my heart is so sincerely bountifully filled with joy to connect with you right now and I have like this Cheshire grin on my face because you got this beautiful I'm going to call her like a grandmother but very it it's like that is Spirit grandmother very ethnic and and she's in Saffron and she is pouring oil behind you and I'm watching this River run around you and it says beautiful River of oil and she's saying your life is ready to be very sweet my beloved one and your life is ready to flow in ways that all you need do is relax into remembering

and now she's stroking your hair and it's very shiny and very beautiful and she's saying all you need do is relax your mind and remember I am here because you are ready and the path is being laid before you it is the moment where those around you will stand firm so that you will not go back or she just keeps saying that you need to hear this you need to hear that you need to know and that she is speaking to vary directly with words that are very succinct Because deep within you she said there is this precious little girl who is still saying show me as though she's saying I am here and I will show you and so it is

thank you I I resonate with that on something different level thank you so much care who you are and also the grandmother energy that you bought us a couple months ago and I've actually been trying for years to start my own health and healing practice and I want to call it balance and Bliss gallon and turn into CBC with just how he call grandmothers in India b b e r b d and I want to dedicate it to all the grandmotherly energy out there so I've been thinking about this for years and habitats and scared and I'm glad I'm glad I really am honey breathe in the law of instantaneous manifest

it's no accident she was here today thank you for bringing that blessing to all of us we love you sweetheart it's important to recognize that we are constantly being blessed we're constantly being offered love and light and then play with me one more time

there is an infinite supply of love and light and I am connected to that source

I am connected to an infinite supply of Love & Light

I let the truth of that radiation inform your tissues heal those little bumpy places that are absolutely and please keep going go to Sri and Kira. Com s r i a n d k i r a. Com two things make sure you join us on Monday magic you'll see it right there on the homepage I was in about an hour of this live broadcast you will also find the fullest and enumerated numerology for October the full predictions all of the charts and this month's give yourself the gift and say yes to a great experience of your truth revealed in this October action

may you also remember that all is truly well we love you

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