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Sri and Kira Live, September 13, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

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Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos ship

be to a new level and a yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra Rock explore these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira

Namaste and welcome beloved ones to the voice of passionate action I am wisdom teacher Shriram car and I am Master lady Kara and hard and awaken presents from right here at toasted Blue Mountain Ecuador welcome to your Sunday service welcome to this extraordinary up level week even as I'm sorry not even if I'm connecting with all of you I feel all of you I think that's why I'm wearing this so tight to my first chakra right or throat chakra today we are being illuminated your truth is radian is as beautiful as our beautiful Cactus wall started a job right up there yesterday in the crystal in Temple and stray shot this is a fabulous and so these are Pizza Hut a fruit and they're blooming right now very exciting so straight it is such a big date so much to share about the week ahead was happening this whole sourcing moment guys this is a big big big week

Co-op level is this week it is the 17th let's know where we're connecting where we amazing Community has been over here on the laptop and I want to tell you things are happening we have got broadcast official stream KIRO where there's a lot of folks hanging out and bbsradio the stalwarts of alternative Talk Radio Star video stream the audio stream going out to you Facebook and all the affiliate for next week cuz every Sunday to offer a voice of passionate action a soul connection and an opportunity to access the portal of positivity

felt that

yeah right that's why we get together every week because no matter what the universe is throwing at you together we are better and you know yesterday just got to jump in guys so yesterday we're giving you a sneak preview and I were the weirdest compelled we were compelled to go up to the top of the mountain either we have guests here at at right now it was like no we need to walk up there and just as we have been sharing the last few weeks on this program we've discovered ancient ancient I don't know what an ancient city covered with vines and growth Indiana Jones hat what's the local indigenous have lovingly referred to as the lost city this is so old

set the carvings in the stones have have faded away and you really have to tune and you'll see will share some with you but was fabulous dormant it has become active and what is activated is an energy from the Garden of Eden this is an energy before all of the developmental times before all of the warring times before all of the nonsense created by a society so what happened to your said we were compelled while we were enjoying a lovely Saturday afternoon and you know I don't want to share that every time we go up it's really fascinating because every time we go up and seems like it takes less time to get there like now it feels like it's more like just a couple big steps and where they are you know it doesn't feel

tight anymore and every time we go up we go up really was no agenda no intention just we need to be up there and we let it unfold and every time it's getting deeper and you couldn't plan this you couldn't it's beyond our mind and it's really helping us to stay beyond our mind and this is why we're sharing all of this with you first because this week we're going to be talking right now about that darker like game on and why this week if you are able to stay beyond your mind and really hold I mean really hold this multi-dimensional presents through the up level on Thursday means got to really hold it for a week if you can commit to a week be with us next Sunday because together we are all going to celebrate that we made that commitment because it's the it's the seven times the 12 right

remember everything is compressing right now so when we were up there yesterday I sure felt 12 days I felt like 12 million years of experience I really did there's a lot to share don't lie about that about this is the overlay of the time that were in together with the discovery of this crystalline city is is quite profound and offered to you by way of sharing is that when we touch a sacred site let alone something that are deeper DNA has been craving reunions with a you didn't know you were craving it you didn't know you were missing it because we grown accustomed to the status quo and this is our important thing to take home whether you're living in Eagle Bass Live or a soul Driven Life you usually become accustomed to the status quo and so whatever

energetics at play are whatever your normal experiences and then we touch something a little that little excited. I touch the lost city what happened was an activation the history books of this planet that predates the archaeological you known universe and that this energy while the artifacts are visible in you're going to get to see some more today the energy activate something so deep and so profound inside that to me is like this is why I came to Earth this is why I took birth here is to bring that in as my toilet the the final puzzle piece for the journey home

take a minute and the final puzzle piece for the journey home our first book with sacred Union the journey home how do you take the journey home through your sole sourcing and this is what yesterday was all about for Sri you are experiencing through straight through this beautiful this was the first gift that came in yesterday was and don't we love look it's a sixth but it's showing up as three sets of sacred Union do you see that I'm an emergency. It's the two the two in the two and it's like you have the wise Elders like this felt like the king and queen energy to me and this feels very much like The Prince and the princess and this feels very much like that's that beautiful god goddess like that that emerging energy and over here feeling all of the protection and the Warriors and the ancient ones and the healers and then you see this beautiful it's like this grandmother who standing here and you see how this looks like a

running the way you feel that you feel it's pointing the way this literally was pointing the way yesterday and it was the first thing as I'm sure in this with you right now I think you should know I am only hearing high-pitched tone

I need to stop I'm sorry guys I'm I think I'm back to where I was yesterday I am only hearing high-pitched tone I'm not even aware of where I really am right now this from yesterday so this is been happening a lot in real time and I think they're wanting it to happen in real time today if this tells you anything about the energy of this week the up level before us all and what this is pointing the way to yeah the phrase sole-sourcing just a moment ago and and we've seen this term to communicate Central ingredients on the Journey of your self Ascension an essential ingredient for your Consciousness to be in full appreciation of the legacy of you

when we live our lives we seem to get enchanted so much by the mysticism the stories the metaphors and and and the energies that are carried through the symbols in through some of the stories they invite us to lift out of our hypnosis and we discover what we will be sharing with you starting tomorrow sole-sourcing you will have the opportunity to feel and touch something so much deeper to give permission to something so much more why then you have before how are you doing you know I'm consciously trying to stay here

I feel like I'm stuck because I'm really wanting to be here and yet as I'm connecting with this energy and we're going to roll of film for you because we did record a lot from yesterday but I feel very much like I'm between all three places right now and I believe it because of the sole source of energy that is needed for this week's this is a great time to talk about this September the September calendar for me straight it is right there yet September calendar perfect so this is a really good time to be talking about this and if you look at this week look where we are guys look at today number one it is the 13th the perfect balance the OnePlus the three is the four in the wholeness of the 13th and you see where we are at the very beginning of spiral we're just at the very beginning and we're moving in really fast to the illuminated New Moon up level which is

actually going to have its peak inspiration begin as you go into the evening of the 16th so starting on the evening of the 16th this week meeting starting right now you see where you are in the 13th you are in the vast expanse of the universe holding you and saying keep your eye right here he's into me Jays back into that Divine stay up here in the 5th Dimension because what's going to happen on the illuminated new moon this week in 4 days today is the thirteenth the OnePlus 2 3 is before it begins today it's what you're feeling it's why I'm having a really hard time staying present on the planet and so the gift is that the next four days are to build your dream to say yes to you and a hold that higher-dimensional container to take

before birth it to do what you need to do to send out the visible signal of it birthing not just thinking about it the visible signal of it birthing and as you send that out then diving into that illuminated moo moon on the 17th it is the up level event of September and it burst you do you see that first coming right out of that date that is that Blu-ray that stunning Blu-ray that seventh recognition and Beyond meeting that Violet wind Angelic presence of the 5th Dimension Illuminating that piece of the portal and if you gaze if you look bring your eyes right down to the 25th even look at the number 25 and then follow that in Array to the 17 do you see it do you see them the ray within the race look from the top of the seven as it radiates down more into this week the 18th look at the

when your wings starts fluttering and then you look at the 20th we're we're going to be all the way out again and the next time we get to this is a respiration and next week we all take flight and I want you to breathe out in because it is a respiration it is an opening it is a visceral tangible up level moment of the source of the soul and to dive into the source of the sold had to be these two weeks of September and this is why she and I back in August started talkin about sole-sourcing and if you are not already registered to be with us tomorrow night not yes they are please

PS right I mean Mario right where are you there's a lot of people who are enchanted by being spiritual dilettante

dancing with this particular moment in that particular family and I respect the need to explore important I and II and I'm not saying don't do it what I am suggesting is the journey gets Rich when you make your commitment to your soul not the concept that others are repeating that they've heard elsewhere your soul knows the way you have within you the akashic records you have within you all energy healing you have within you everything that your soul has touched in this Cosmos and get it seem so far away because of the hypnotic effect of the way our Consciousness is aligned with the planet of density and a story that begin with your birth and is it current

there's nothing wrong with any of this this is why you took birth to have this fun and

self-realization Ascension Consciousness the path of Awakening insert the phrase that speaks deeply to you

the goal of self Ascension is to become that which you truly are

beyond the surface presentation that which is eternal unchanged and forever connected to the Divine Source that's for me and for you because that is the yoga of self-esteem

Arcangel zadquiel so beautifully shared with string and I when we were first invited to be able to have the honor of the ones Dancing In This Moment to carry his lineage that the gift of the yoga stop Ascension is that through that remembrance your body of form does remain with you through this experience and this experience becomes the conscious awareness of the ascended presents instead of the awareness trying to find it and that is the shift in Consciousness that our entire planet is sole-sourcing right now we are at the sole source of humanity and in order to expand through this moment in order to dive into these next four days leading up to this up level event that is massive in order to collectively expand we are being in divided and that's the word they want me to give you in Dubai

now sure that we are it it's like we're being cut up

instead of being invited we're being invited and and that is a profound experience to call forward the experience of actually being consciously aware of the game

so that your Consciousness can hold the game

you can be really aware of the game and all of its components and all of its conspiracies and all of the things that are designed to keep you afraid

and you can be very good at that

and that's going to be a very different experience of the same energy because all energy is neutral and it's where we need to begin all energies condition by Consciousness and the level of Consciousness that does the conditioning is reflected back in the shared experience of your your life your your interaction so let me say that more slowly the mass Consciousness is a co-created experience that reflects the levels of consciousness of those who have identified with it who are participating with it and therefore this the storms and Wars all that is going on is a reflection of the level of consciousness of the co-creators who are now

once we begin to see that we are levels of consciousness begin lifting and as you lift As you move to a more refined level the context for the experience because the shift it's kind of like the difference between sitting in the backseat of the car as a kid looking down at the road or lifting your gaze and looking at the Billboards and the house is going by or lifting your gaze and looking at the mountains in the distance the greater or upliftment the that which is occurring we become aware of the awareness we become conscious that we are a self-aware being having an experienced through the consciousness of a self-aware being having an experience guess what gets activated Mastery because you're going

I want to really pay attention to that this week remember we are on a 7-Day challenge amongst ourselves to say for this week I am I am the framework of support here that again I am the framework support let me try that one more time. A free part of the fart so how does that come in how do you become the zero point in the center of the Taurus the creation of the energy that is meeting itself through steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust now in this moment right now this time compression that we are living remember that September is the only months in this entire year where we are going to have this experience and if experience is actually helping us as kind of like the warm up for 20 21 saying look guys get ready 2021 is coming so we're going to help you work out a little bit but don't want to give you a couple months.

September is going to be that one. It's periods in one month it comes to about 12 days per day is what your ego your body your mind your spirit is what every aspect of the you is experiencing right now so what does that mean I mean I'm losing my breath talking about it because I can feel so many of you let's stop and take a breath

why you going yeah I get it I've already been living this wheat yes you have so here's the key flowing with it celebrating it what we are doing is we are looking we are going from September 2020 we are literally whether you know it or not telling in we are literally out in September 20-21 right now looking at levels of Mastery that would have taken us a year to achieve looking at everything in your life rapid success what seems like overnight things happening only because we are full time. That year in now shares the good the bad the ugly with that we consciously know what's happening that's a good thing so we can come at this from a level of Consciousness that as this compresses in we are in a motive thank you thank you thank you that moment we were joking about this last week on the show it's it's that moment where you really do know

Wright's like I would have known then what I know now well now you do that is a message and again I want to show you we talked about I showed early on this year why this was going to happen the reason this is happening in September and the reason it is the only month this year is because we have gone through that January to August see that Rose little that was like the ribbon that held those months together because otherwise they would have just been all over the place so it allowed and energy to build it allowed of time for acclimation and allowed us to be able to get used to what was happening this year because it's the first year ever that has this sequence and remember because of that beautiful dragonfly you see that in the middle in the heart of the dragonfly is the top of the pyramid which is flying Us in the 2021 so what we see is that through that energy it ignited profound shift

Visionary Transformations for timeline adaptation and the greatest waking yourself Ascension there has ever been and what's happened is that in August if you look at the the top right there in August which was a profound shift month it was the first time we had to stay outside the boundaries of density jump in to that spiral of our own Awakening to arrive into September as the anchor january-february been hanging out there going hey guys you know I've been trying to hold this Tower up and it's a lot of shifts glad you're here and so now September has arrived as that tripod as well as the Trinity and so it's all about the balance in the year of balance but it's also. The first this is the first illuminated pillar from this year that is going to sustain us in through 2021 and we are being loved so much

we have been granted this month to pull forward a year ahead of time into this month in real-time notice how your body feels notice how your emotions feel notice what you're feeling notice what you're noticing then celebrate your inspiration you'll notice that you're stepping into things that maybe didn't used to make you smile so much and you're anticipating them instead of driving them because you're seeing everything Through The Eyes of the awakened one having the experience instead of the one in density who is encapsulated by it that's all what's happening right now that's a big energy and it's why the ego is going to do everything in his power to pull you out of it at least four days are big and they're going to build and so you have the power to command how amazing they are you want a miracle manifested right now right now this is the moment this week let it happen look these two beauties on my shoulder

what are we are super love it love it love it so we have the rest of the fam hanging out the little babes you a lot of a lot of information I want you to take a moment right now play along hand on heart and a couple of deep clearing breaths

come on join us

I know the next breath stretch the body even wider taking more

but now just relax and know this

how do you feel what are you noticing

what are you aware of In This Moment

there is a frequency that is available right now

and that frequency offers you the support to let go of the habit of the habit of being in pain or believing in lacked habit of feeling that you're not good enough that habit of always having the polarity chaos running in your life there is a frequency of available to you right now that is beyond those polarities

Frisian and Trust


SRI I am number one street smile at the most beautiful smile you've ever seen I heard show them the ascended numerology you were just modeling so guys pay attention let's look at this because the ascendant numerology for September is wild and remember that right now we are in the up level you see that this is that nine coming back in from the 10 so this is just appearing this week so what is that mean well let's not forget that September 20th plus the double infinite so it has been literally ricocheting In and Out In and Out in and out because it has had nothing it's been like a wild a beautiful balloon so filled with helium that you're jumping up going hey hey right to get down here you could help me help me do more inform help me have more fun help me no more help me see more and so that's this week how exciting is that you see right there in the Square

up-level dates September 17th 2020 is the and you see that it's the first time this 10 gets to go wow you mean I get to enjoy the ride you made it fits really it's really that moment of September saying look no matter how hard it's been no matter what you've been doing no matter how long it's taken this is a moment where you get to go hey if you want to pay attention if you really want to know then you're going to get to have it all and here's what's so amazing guys because 5 days later on the 23rd we go into the Mercury retrograde pre-phase which is that 8 comes in again and it goes from the 9 will be going from the9 to this it's going to take us back up into the infinite which is going to fix your this beautiful Loop of incidence the port you're going to be able to go from the eighth into the incident to

982 the incidence 10 9 8 pulsing in Mastery at a rate that is so profound you have not ever experienced it before it's going to take you that much further and SRI you want to talk about this on the physical body if you guys look to the right there remember we're coming in at the high heart this is all about the high heart affecting your your stability of being further about that so take a look at the human form there and you see the the green the for energy at the that was there and you see the Manifest energy coming into the high heart and that this high heart is about your Global family this is about not being separated so consider for a moment to see referral

that everything that's been going on in the world of density has been separating and isolating people that is kind of like the last ditch effort of collude colluded reality to say we need our participants to be separated from their soul families to beat in their own sense of lack able to Source your soul unable to Source your physical and emotional needs Etc. It is from a from a descendant perspective that's playing out and the game is on this is about September has dark light think about high heart high heart actually if it can affect your breath as well as your capacity to trust the universe read that in

the ability to feel safe in the physical peaceful in the emotional and trustee

to be safe peaceful and trusting activates are ascended compassion activates our ability to there I see you and me I see me and you've activates the sole energy the soul Consciousness the center of the torch the torus field you become the Zero Point Energy and it's because right now I'm more toward this virtual way of being together is so important that we still we stay committed to being with our community and you don't know the names of all the feeling in this is Lisa's back to what we're doing tomorrow night solsource understand

we as energy beings need to be consciously connected to others that are holding that frequency this is part of your sanity you know years ago they used to say if you want to see auras around people who see auras and so one of the gifts that tree and I always used to enjoy and still do enjoy is when we would have our evasive workshops and they're nice people would start seeing more of those who have never seen or has it was always so fun and and to have that experience well that's the moment right now with multidimensional present right if you want to honestly anchor your presence that's why you're here you're here because you're either having experiences that you're not sure you understand you're here because you're pretty darn sure you know who you are and you're glad to know there's other people who know who they are to write you're here for whatever reason you are here for and so one of the gifts and I always used to enjoy and still do enjoy is when we would have our avesa workshops and entering these people would start seeing auras

I've never seen or is it was always so fun and end to have that experience well that's the moment right now with multidimensional presents right if you want to honestly anchor your multi-dimensional present that's why you're here so let's go ahead and continue our show then SRI I'm going to wait till you're done cuz that's what you're acting sorry guys it had to be just a massive amount of energy surging let me go over here the phone lines and see what's going on at one is do we still have you're all still there ye hold on our right wonderful and we have bbsradio so we're going to pick it up in

search all right it looks like we're back okie doke so let me let me just recap a little bit here because that's what I like that's what I want to recap about is because the energy that is being supported here is beyond the technology it is beyond the technology of modern let's just call it two ways of of video and such and that the frequency is sometimes interferes with or incompatible with your device has we don't know why for sure why are we are here we're continuing to be connected and we're going to continue with this presentation because there's a lot to share that's really important for this time and we were just talking

does it go about the the quality of this poll created in

garment that we call the game board you know that past Consciousness and how that for many many years

people who are motivated to improve themselves use the tools of the game board for self-improvement and this man this man have a good life as defined by the culture as defined by the religion or whatever other contacts that you adopted and that those are the Avenues that are given to you by the conventional Mass Consciousness and there's different levels of it and they're all wonderful things to experience however the path of self Ascension point of recognizing that this is an experience that you can not a definition of who you are because your life up to this point for most people is simply an experience that you are engaging and for many people the qualities

your life becomes your definition in fact you are not that life that is only an experience you are having and when we begin to step back behind the projector a little bit and look at the movie when you when you awaken it can feel unstable at times because you're peeling away Falls paradive but actually it is not unstable it is crazy making it is another experience of the relaxation of the eagle controls all Perils of Awakening involved relaxation of the ego

how you choose to do that whether it's live a life and on your deathbed you let go of the ego are they all are all the angels and helpers and waked may be gradually or sometimes however the thing that we're here to share with you is you have community that we are here that there is a community of Awakened beings who are discovering the fullness of their Mastery and that through this Awakening we can learn ever more about the truth of our souls Journey

there was a moment of such Exquisite remembrance and end it was the first time we had a spontaneous and like massive installment come through and lots of things really showing you but it was very much the energy of when we can stand together and honestly see the equality of the one and the all when the ego no longer binds us and the inspiration guides us that is the moment at hand and unless we can demonstrate that right now not in a Hollywood movie never having to wear a badge not my having to do anything other than just say yes to who you are just honestly say yes to who you are you are because I am

each the one is when we can stand together and see the equality of the all

and it takes the all to see

that's how the shift happens and so as we expand our Consciousness as we expand our Consciousness as the first thing that starts hurting is our physical body because the ego wants it to remember that the ego is a fly pirate the eagle will do anything and everything in Fair unfair doesn't care to keep you from expanding too much and so the first line of defense for the ego is the physical body how many people do you know that are defined by their illness is defined by the drugs they take defined by what they have in common with others how many people do you know who this is that week of Breaking Free of the definitions of the body

this is a beautiful protoplasmic jumpsuit that we get to play with an altar and end and experience through

judging it is an energy that limits it and limit ourselves doesn't not and so this is a profound moment of healing that is a pain to be able to really I mean really say yes to the multi-dimensional presents the expanded Mastery The Yoga of salt Ascension inform through the sourced Soul twin soul and I are going to be so cute he's the babies are earlier it's like I didn't see them I think we first have always been on the air all right guys so so in this energy of twin flame twin Soul the most important gift and this is part of the Mind expansion the most important gift you can ever give to

to yourself is to be least the conceptual mind that has been fed the planetary spin

and to extend through that by inviting that which you know to not be in resistance with that witch want to know

there's a big difference between that which you know and that which wants to know what is Central things and this is the foundation of all healing is to be able to love yourself through the evolutionary voice when we transition from one understanding of how things are to Immortal there's a moment avoid while on letting go of you know how crazy I thought I understood the Mind freaks out because he wants to hold on to the old Tara die the ego is is like a little a little a little guy trying to drive the car trying to drive and I know it was this big beautiful energy that says go ahead go ahead I'm patient have your date and there comes a point where we realize that the way of being

no longer is satisfying for the true evolutionary process that we took birth to manifest level of that experience is that the Twin Flame energy and this is why so many people get confused around that because it's all twin flame twin flame twin flame was very much yes because it's very much about the weeding together of the elements of this experience so there is that energy very much so that existed it very much is a twin flame energy it but it exists in a very different Furious

and then there is the experience of that same energy as a twin Soul experience and that is happening simultaneously sometimes in a different realm of experience and that's one of the most important things I think you were saying it so beautifully I wanted to emphasize that right there a metaphor of the blind man touching an elephant and let Edward you try to approach truth from the ear of the elephant is quite a different experience than the nose of the elephant or the foot Bill and so nothing they Gabe's anything else is only the ego that thinks it's limited so as we grow we grow through layers of I think I got it I think I got it oh my God I'm falling apart oh I think I got it I think I got it over. If we go through

these These are these kind of breath these these expansion and contraction every moment they're part of the journey is there because of the equipment be in the Easter Bunny's coming tomorrow and I'm just using metaphors to describe this state of Emergen-C and then we cannot help but grow up we cannot help but relax the intoxication of immersion but we look for new intoxication we like that state of emergency that's the addiction right now remember these next four days are going to be

8 Days x 48 days Wednesday night to be diving into that illuminated New Moon take advantage of this time right now in Paradise so the emergency that is so not the being really wants to experience

it seems like you're losing it until the portal of divine recognition opens and then what we experience is Persian it's union now this is a sophisticated different when we start experiencing Union Union whether it's with a partner with the Divine with the union and she is a dissolving of the sense that I was separate and when I mean Everything is Everything is one that is the mystical experience that are most people are seeking without perhaps having the words to describe it this is why the Twin Flame vs. twin Soul becomes kind of the first the first stopping point as we're evolving out of our Pure egoic stands looking for other half it's often times with

wait a minute I had a twin flame but now I have this other person I know how could I have to if this one was that or that one was that because we are incidents because there are so many expressions of the being that you are and that again to be able to fully Embrace this is an expansion of the mind and give an example bite my fourth husband and I look like identical twins in some respects our past life experience and have never shared it with me and I had no idea I just was completely blinded by it until I had a profound past life regression and saw that he was my twin brother and that we had both been brought to the same concentration camp and I don't need to go into all the details but we both died

at 4 years old in different areas of a account and the reason I'm sharing that with you is because he was very much a density twin there was very much a karmic energy there there was very much part of the experience of the twin energy we very much were a twin flame energy so much so that we ignited each other out spell fascinating is that we were twin souls not to insult but we worth twin energies that have seemed of always incarnated in different different forms of the same aspect meaning male female but but always into very unique different forms because in this lifetime his energy resonated with the soul group of a twin

yes I am and will always be a one with my husband right we are union we are a union he and I he is a dual his other. I believe was very much his first wife and then our experience was because of a twin flame through the aspect of density tree and I are literally Quinn's full energies meeting that we are one soul that has the experience of this as do All Souls have that potential yet not in the way that this type of Soul experiences it and that's why sole sourcing is so important is because all the answers to everything I just said is more than a show it's a whole experience and you have to be attuned and that's what we're doing so it's important I hope this is kind of tickling your recognition a little bit

romance so maybe often times there is this reason to come together like your resolution part of it is coming to completion with this other being and at first it can feel like I found my twin Soul there's that excitement that's tense of I know that we have work to do together the three beautiful together excetera excetera it go

because we're now complete with that energy vs. the deeper than through sole-sourcing to be able to recognize and the deeper Union is is there a Russian of an expansion of love and this is the gift is that every being has a has of course there's a twin Soul we are all the infinite reflection of this is where the end it was in our books where is I feel talked about the for soul groups before Original Soul groups and what is so fascinating is that we are now living in area that they are calling the Temple of creation and so I really want to show them the video I think so I think we need to talk a little bit about this video we're getting ready to show you because a lot of things happened yesterday so much so that train I lost the entire day we were incapable of doing anything else after our experience at the temple yesterday

just a little nugget yeah. Please we need a nuggets because we were talking about sole-sourcing solsource is far more than just that please do yourself a favor click on the link fine and enroll starts on Monday to the 14th level we had to do the first initiation Attunement before the up level and then there's a specific thing to lie up level and then the culminating one on the following month it is a two-part experience and it supports the indigenous in the outreach program what we're sharing about our experience yesterday as we we touched in with the Temple of creation

that the activation was so deep and so profound that we completely lost all sense of time and you know we looked up and all the sudden it's at night kind of saying and we were up there at noon that everything else was just challenging as if this is one of the paradoxes that's really fun is to be in in the multi-dimensional capacity to be connected beyond the form into the form list and in the various radiations are formed the dimensional strata each have form but it's quite different than what we're used to as a density be and should be able to Transit well still maintaining your body and the remember that the timeline for the most part is tied into this density experience

and that what I hate to say I'm and bridging concept here but here we go to that dance City and our shared world is experiencing a compression freaking out 12 touch stand in the lighted to be able to feel this connection and to have it activate within us a recognition through that we are

we have we experience to Healing as well you when you come

and our energy and enthusiasm to be a service to keep the conversation alive with truth with honest sharing with authentic being is how we can serve and assist and so we want to offer you this video what else you want to say about that I wanted to share though is that when you cannot put this that this film we had mentioned earlier today if you were in the first half of the show that we thought we were going to last week and certainly we did and we have a lot of information and it was actually from the Naga stone that we arrived at this experience that will share with you right now there is a moment in the film where we did not include because we are still unpacking it ourselves you will you'll see me drop a little bit and that moment there was a it's almost delivered.

did record I still have not listened to it yet I'm still integrating it on an energetic level on this is why we have not offered it out to the public yet but we will release it either in sole sourcing I have a feeling it's probably part of both forcing you to read the results for a thing or maybe on small mirrors Tuesday night so relaxed and we're going to be right back with you not remember if you've called in hold on second half when I get to 517-208-1500 or 888-627-6008 get in there and hold on me back and enjoy

hi so this was the very first of the stones when she and I first came out that called that I started clearing and everything you were aware that it was this beautiful beautiful flow Stone you know probably not a traditional you can say that there was a lot more here and that's what we're trying to discover and some of the pieces are here and as part of the revelations of 2021 there they say that this stone is the sacred container and there is actually a way that you were into it that when you would come here if you would have to end this way it reveals more and I just had the and they're asking me to share it right now and that as I was doing this all I heard was that there were never any sacrifices here that this was all

Temple of creation that this was the Temple of the creation of the manifestation of that which was expanding into that which has always been and will always be and there's enough of this left now that we've identified it and it was the very first stone which I find very humbling before we knew about the wall before we do anything it was when I was touching the stone it was when I was uncovering the stone that on gelo right there on the trail said just ran. Will you know there's a big wall here and I just want to show you where we are right now you'll see is he around we're at the very top of the wall

yeah this wall was completely covered with vegetation so you wouldn't have even seen it and the pathway actually is here

and then

when we began to uncover the wall and there was a profound energy release and the stone that Kira has been sharing about is right on the path and it too is covered but enough was exposed that we were able to immediately find it

there was about you can see right here this is how much was exposed this part right here and we were coming down from our Perry Village which is a whole lot of experience and it literally called and I started swiping it away and then we noticed that it was definitely more than what we had seen and it was actually the first full exclamation That was done it was right here that on gel said to us when you come up to the paper container and you come from this direction you feel the energy it's very important.

and there's any right here and they said this is so that it is comfortable to place the forehead and it's really beautiful here when you gaze at what's coming forward there's a very profound creation energy and so you take off my glasses what you do is you come up and wow you feel it immediately I will tell you there's like an energy that comes right into your third chakra right into your power center and is really trying to lift that up and so I have my hands flat and then you want to put like this you see how the nose

6 because of the weight of stone is

can you close the eyes and roll up onto your star consciousness

You Begin by placing down here and then you need to understand to roll up into an activated star Consciousness and it felt like it locked to me

this is where that energy of the secret and then they said after you ignite it to give yourself the gift

a being in and it's in direct alignment tree I may be behind me it is in direct alignment with the sacred Notch even the angle and to just sit and be

so this is what we'll be doing on the equinoxes here

is this is where that creation energy began begins

I steal rainbow energy I feel

incredible presents and the inability to really say anything else

they're calling it The Rainbow cradle

that directs returned to Consciousness has a strong diversion being pulling it and if you enter that diversion you see this

you can't go that way version you must cross look at this little Bridge you must cross the bridge going through what's going to be

experience that is still open

connect you back to where the choices right now

all paths will bring you back it's just a question of how you want to get their look at that is showing it is showing it this is this this one's already closed it doesn't go anymore it's been shut That's How Strong that compression energy is but before you was a bridge and if you just cross it or if you don't want to take the direct path right now then crossed the bridge become aware of the next experience so that you are ready to walk through and walking that there's going to be a false

that when you start walking again you also often have a false start or a false spells you passed away and you get to where all is not a direct line right is it still available

right now we have

or we can be called into this huge magnetic pole is very attracted to Ego

some will say I know the way and they'll get stuck and this is the spiritual activism trap this is where a lot of people will stay by the way not everybody come back down

the good news is that they do if you're up here or you're going to come back down either way you're going to have that fascinating

welcome back to the pathways before us now of communicating you know it's so visceral able to touch the Rock and be so much deeper levels to this incredible energy actually felt some of that alignment that was going on as I mean just wow watching a movie just brought us one thing that we want to share with you is this the secret container in the film that is very much a gift that is being given out that really says remember the divine feminine is birthing you know this paper container the birth this this Cactus this this is literally what greeted us when we got up to where the petroglyphs are this is

say hello everything is birthing and so in this moment right now as we're building towards is equinix and we are so blessed that we have been granted permission to be holding an authentic ceremony in choshi with our Cosmic Origins group so we will get film for you but we are going to be having the blessing of all coming together right now what are Weber State what is humanity calling forward and I feel that this star Consciousness activation in harmony with the divine feminine is saying pay attention this is the whole WWE only the woman women wellness and Awakenings WWE Global is it an initiative founded by KERO to support the empowerment and Awakening of the balanced energy which involves embracing the feminists are world has tilted so much into the zone of competition and

patriarchal Woods at add hierarchy at all of those those energies and the Cradle which is why this stone is like an open vessel what is the feminine energy in braces Creation in braces that which is emerging does not seek to control it to find it in limited as if it offers the permission for the beauty to emerge and and as we Embrace that within ourselves we embrace our true nature so here's work when we are able to look at Creation in to look at ourselves from the attitude of being in the attitude of being grateful we allowed birth to be and so are the other thing I wanted mention is the star Consciousness alignment so this opportunity

I will now sure I cuz I said I went through the process and I found was a position where everything is it just cradle right in the traditional 3rd chakra up into the star Consciousness now for those of you that are going well what this star Consciousness let's just say that this is the access the direct access to your souls energy it is the radiation of that portal and that if you would look at it well and I got to jump in and it's

what's the first part of sole sourcing and it got activated for us at this level in the moment that's restoring so star Consciousness what I felt what you will feel is as we anchor that opening we are therefore in Creed into our souls energy you are a Radiant Star your star Consciousness is that state of being us that state of four also opens perceptions that is beyond the influence of the worldly chakra system remember the six chakra is tied to the seven chakra system it has its purpose and it has its spiritual contribution star Consciousness is the resident energy of the I am

of who you are informed and when we can look at this what I experienced at the lost city in what you will experience as you open your star Consciousness is a deep sense of peace I sat in the Cradle of the stone gazing off at the Compadres mountains

it's like they're we are there was no questioning there was no sense of time there was no sense of wonder what's going on or my butt hurting or none of that there was yeah I am and in that as I enjoyed that and then moved into being aware that I was aware you do kind of thing it might begin to recognize that this was an Incredible Gift of spiritual attainment you can talk and bring in

we are very elastic it seems in are vibrational capacities meaning humankind can beef pretty nasty look out the world that you can see you so much tragedy and if there's there's so much love

and that's just like me but we could be free the last ticket are vibration when we experience such a thing tomorrow or coming here and visiting this what happens is we get to integrate a frequency into our identity that is to say the part of us that would pull us away from truly being authentic get educated it will give permission to dwell there longer and then it starts getting integrated the energy disintegrates into the various the others along the way

free that we are at such a profound we really are and I do want to share that if you're enjoying these photos please please please head over as long as I do is a favor please head over and then give us your opinion of our all brand-new tosa we are celebrating today Brea Rose and Christine Purvis the genius Picasso genius has really made this thing alive and verse and have brought forward and we're so happy and thankful to them we have a few little worried about 99% done just about a 1% tweak still coming but check it out, so probably celebrating in this week of celebrations and I hope as well that our officially open we are officially open we've had our first official guess this weekend

officially open meaning we have gone through all of the checks and balances in paperwork in legalese and all of the way we were actually knows you can be a licensed by the ministry of tourism in the country of Ecuador this means we meet all of the sanitary standards and Ashley and that there are several other countries in the world that are not surprised with the virus thing as long as there are some sensible standards in place everyone can continue to interact in and have a good experience the other thing I want to mention is that once you arrive at the Oasis is Blue Mountain Sanctuary is profound at all levels

greater harmony with the physical the emotional the mental in the spiritual bodies that the alignment that comes into play is more natural at this is what we refer to is that Mastery that Garden of Eden is that we're going out of balance that what's happening in the outer world is one of those games where the call at the friction the war between light and dark the war between polarity love and pain and dance with polarities we can be over here is pretty righteous that we're doing it right now if you hang out there too long what happens is you activate more separation energy know it's important to touch into polarity in order to understand Unity if we didn't have polarities where would be the

the deep-seated recognition of the Mastery of choosing Oneness what is the energy that allows the poles so we don't have to participate in the polarity yet we don't have to discount it either choose your Anchor Point

and in Star Consciousness is the state of being this where we can be all that is and that recognition is an also an evolutionary Journey it begins as a felt sense which later becomes ever more conscious

so so much fun is happening so I hope you enjoyed the video there's so many more photos and experiences that will be getting you through that but you might remember from the video that right after we had this profound experience with that beautiful sacred container Stone after it was like we were literally guided to the carvings on the side of that that beautiful what looks like it was a piece of a wall maybe of a border of a wall with some of the clearest cut glyphs I think we've seen today very evidence of where it's missing a but it's very clear glyph some of the the more visible once I think we've seen and I don't even know how many times I swear it was like wow how did we not do that before so all this energy started revealing for us and what I will kind of tease you with at the end here is that just when we thought there couldn't have been any

King else that we received from that day and there were a lot of other things we were both done with the discovery of a massive I mean massive car we are knocking released pictures of it yet we will but we really want to honor that energy and so that it is it was a fascinating Discovery another huge stone that we have lost by I don't even know how many times and never saw this until yesterday so there's a massive up level Awakening happening on a lot of levels all of which is inviting all of us to keep expanding Beyond and staying yes receive receive received the energy of this time is working through you right your beliefs your paradigms your Consciousness so we are not suggesting

a universal experience we are offering you an invitation to a recognize the energy that is bathing all of us the experience unique the energy Universal yet see how it how the droplet bounces off the ocean is is if we are at a time of great compression and one year and one month we're pulling me and say if one day equals the experience of 12 days and after a couple of days goes by you might have trouble remembering where you were this because it was 24 days ago right about this morning guys right

feel this sense of time is one of those things now when were in a very strong density orientation we're going to have our support network to keep us committed into time segmentation weathers the alarm clock to social media whatever is keeping a Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck in there and what happens is the universe is so kind that it sees that you're getting hypnotized and we'll throw in some polarities to help you notice that you're swinging

source is a funny fake the compression and the polarities ultimately are designed to help you wake up and to remember this is the moment you have the unprecedented blessing of advance notice really that's really the way to look at it is that it you really do like wait a minute I've been able to pull in a year from Dow everyday is this year one year for word and I'm pulling that in and I'm pulling that in an employment in I'm pulling that in case I'm reassembling how this month goes I'm in a state of great Mastery Union presents this is why this pole is inviting to be sourced and I were inspired an end and really clearly delighted to offer this follow-up to the Twin Flame twin Soul energy we really didn't know it was going to be the first thing we didn't we

we thought we were a couple years before we reach that yet it was so clear that it had to be this year and it had to be this September so much so that we interrupted the monthly magic the monthly Monday magic so hey that is not ended October 5th at resumes again so make sure you have registered for that you are not automatically re-enrolled we wouldn't do that to you you do need to say hey yay I want to continue with Monday magic so get in there that's also a call saying yes and making conscious choices all the way through this. Of time is a moment of zast empowerment and fast blossoming the question is what energy is meeting that energy for you and 3 I think we should go to the phone lines because we've got people holding thinking about their body people who have three questions people ask questions people that has Flo Rida

we want to hear from you also where we going first we're just going to start saying it looks like we have a first-time caller Oliver DDS

thank you for having me an honor

don't say I was curious as to what you can tell me about my soul first color and it's your first time and that you're asking about the soul experience in the moment of the sole source energy and so the first thing that is always a blessing when we connect is that your soul is really just gazing at you right now and radiating this beautiful smile of presents it's it's like you've arrived and I'm watching this hand is like coming out of the ethers and it is very very beautiful and lots of beautiful rings and jewels and it's just like this and you've been kind of very shy about accepting that you've been looking at it you've not been looking at it even looking at it even up and look at it and it's like the hand is now having a face and your beginnings

play it's you and you're starting to look like rip off the veil and stop being so shy and and they're saying that you're at a moment of that remembrance that it's really okay to to take off the veil and say yes and they're saying that you've already really done this but that there is still right here I get it right at the top of your throat into your upper High Hartley Street to talk about the high heart activation bring your breath in to hear love yourself a little more and say yes to hearing even more because the presence of your muscles with them is so rich within you and you are really so good at cheering it so thank you for the blessing my angel namaste

thank you thank you so much both of you will tightness in there better So Below movie the front of the line Erica from Eastern Oregon three sweetheart

hi there speaking with you

how can we serve you honey

but you guys can you also my boo

call you in a little bit but you can hear us so thank you for calling thank you for calling first and foremost I want you to just really breathe into you and I know you might not be able to close your eyes in this moment but I want you to feel your inner eyes and just smile because right in your chest right here right right in the the high heart area which is exactly what the activating right now you have a very strong energy that is feeling very tight to me almost like it's got a band around your heart and as I share that with you my crown chakra Gasol ignited and it starts almost itching and what's happening is that there is a there is a

the words are staying stuck this there is a stuckness between your heart and your crown chakra right now and this is only because deep within you you are you are so where are the other changes that are before you and they're saying be not afraid for that which you must do you have known this time was coming be true to yourself and your soul will leave the way fear not for we hear what you have not been saying it is your time and we are with you let each moment be confirmation of the magic within and the blessings that are yours to unfold and so it is my love namaste

many blessings

okay thank you right and your street

my heart I did want to get a birthday wish out and a birthday Minnie Soul rating and this is going out to Linda any and Linda Road over at the guest at SRI and Kira radio. Com email so if you ever have a question or request you can send it there again to guest at shrinker and it is Linda's birthday tomorrow the 14th and she is going to be 46 which of course is the 10 the one and the infinite I just love that and what I think is really important she says I feel extra that this birthday is extra important since I celebrated my 45th birthday one year ago in a hospital with severe difficulties to walk and so she's she's asking for a lot of other things and shared a beautiful painting with us and Linda I wanted to just take a moment and and wish you that beautiful birthday many Soul reading and also reach out to everyone who right now is conscious of this I found the timing of this

probably in the peak of its 1-year coming into one of Leaping head while we're looking back because it actually ties into your mini Soul reading and so right now let's all take a deep breath and as we bring our hands to our heart go back a year ago

each of you that is connecting right now for we are each going through this moment together and as we each go back a year ago Linda you were in the hospital with walking difficulties each of you who may be connecting with this energy right now where were you a year ago

what was your life experience a year ago just gaze out at from above don't engage it witnessed it be above it witness it witness witness it stay in that multi-dimensional experience of it you don't need to feel it witness it you're watching a movie

now feeling the wisdom of the you that is witnessing stand love back through that past year just keep flooding love love love love just send it back to a full year go into that energy you fit in see that love and feel all of that staying with that experience of this past year filled with love every single thing that has brought you to this moment now every single thing is filling it with love filling it with love feeling it was love

areas and then in this moment right now

consciously aware that you have already called forward this very moment in September 2021 that you've already pulled that in that you're already in days 13 that you've already picked that calendar for 13 days bringing these two together what are you instantly see a year from now

knowing that this year is being integrated and knowing that as you start begin letting go of what even looking at what a year would look like what do you just know is true

and this will train you to release all that is holding you in density

go beyond into that what you know is true as You released all that is that a density feel yourself floating now feel that beautiful remembrance of the fluidity seeing the all in the expansion what is it that you know is true

that is the moment your soul is sourced and you begin to unfold all that is

thank you for calling forward this reading Linda because it has benefited the all and the one that is the world we are stepping into right now when we choose to let go of our ego and meet each other without the jealousy without the competition without the ego when we can stand in unified Spirit as inspiration is the guide

coming together in the harmonic respect and Remembrance that as aspects of the one we all the each is the one and the one is now here

when we can do that we can come together when we can each carry the sword of our unique experience standing next to the one next to the one

that's when we can really shift the Consciousness and I just want to share that that is the WWA Global Summit experience but we are having right here at tosa Blue Mountain in March 20-21 and I invite you with all your heart and my heart and our Collective heart to join us here and let us Roar together let us send out a signal of light from the top from this Temple where my husband is going to have us broadcasting and let us gather and demonstrate what we already know is manifesting this isn't the time to talk about it it's the time to do it we are at the literal zero hour we are at the literal if not now when moment so much so do you think it's not blowing our minds what's happening every time we go up there. I mean guys everybody's minds are being blown we go up just because we want to breathe because it's just some nourishing it's so inspiring we right

enjoy the views but then it reveals more it's starting to trust us more Andre and remind us all of the blessing of trust that we are here in complete trust and when not sincerity love and presence is received by mother Gaia by the ancient energies that have held her together by our known presents it's just as Archangel zadkiel said when the time arrives you will not be known by your words you will be known by your energy and buy your heart the emission of your heart is the creation of the energy around you is neutral you cannot play your way off the game boards you cannot bribe your way off the gameboard you cannot manipulate your way off the gameboard you cannot do anything to play a game board it is a Consciousness experience and that is the path to Freedom

and that is truly what our world is so thirsty for as we look at the guy and the band The Children of Gaia and the countries in the people's on this planet to the more of us that can anchor ascended Consciousness within the body at it we're having right now the more of us that can bring in the simplest word to use is to bring the love of the Divine Express through your form and radiating non-judgment out into the shared ocean

we calm the waters we Inspire others to do the same and we have great joy whilst being and doing it right and so the world is saying the only thing that is required is an uplifting of Consciousness because it means we each of you must do your work and your work is unhooking the addiction to the egoic lens of Separation by angels that it is that addiction to the fear the doubt and the anger the jealousy the greed and our very first book sacred Union the dirty hell which is been continually out there now for 15 years because it's really just an eternal book. Jill talks about how the fuck there will come a time when the false god of money

will come to rule we are at that time we publish this 15 years ago it's about the false god of money and then. Jill talked about the false god of time would be the next marker we are there because we can no longer live with in the sense of the time does it matter fact trying to is why you are being bombarded there is a 24-hour attention-getting system that is in competition for your consciousness

are you sleeping and able to release that you know have you connected with the evasive dream practice remember that you were spiritualised experience the soul energy you didn't the gift of this entire Divine energy does not stop just because this body needs to be plugged in for a while when the body sleeps everything else is still going and the conscious experience of that of putting the body into stasis well consciously joining with the Sleep space is a way to expand your Consciousness and it's as easy as the evasive dream connectivity practice was made this free for years this is the time when learning how to command and sometimes the only way you can begin is by commanding in your sleep and just saying okay I can't turn it off here I'm I'm not I understanding like a failure okay stop stop Trying

what do something do something or stop trying to do something and died in over here Arcangel zadquiel has always made that clear just get off the fence you know find your joy and follow it because regardless of the journey it will take you where you're needing to go as far as experience goes and then you'll wake up through experience that is there's always more it's when we actually believe we have attained our highest state of consciousness or that there's nothing left for us to learn that we have indeed reached our Plateau we accept self-imposed in like right there's always more and let us not forget that we are now at a point on our experience on our journey of all of us doing that we have gone further than we've ever gone before we are co-creating us together we are collectively doing this in real time and so the more of us that are aware

is the more beautiful it can be you are not a victim and let us not forget that it is the victim energy I'm getting tons of email stream everything tons of emails from people saying I had you know people riding on your show and everything was great and now it's bad again and this turned around and I'm having this experience and I experienced guys it's the victim triangle having his last hurrah that's where the ego reason is because the ego needs a victim the ego needs a rescuer and the ego for sure needs an abuser and its trying to stop that new age of the mentor teacher experience and the energy you know all of the things we've been sharing with you our ways of languaging something that is occurring you will have your own ways of language you have your own experiences in Hugo okay now I have a direct experience that matches up with what tree and Cara were sharing the key is not to think that you have to have the right car

Concepts the key is to know the difference between joy and no joy no that's not it is tough to know the truth of that frequency of Joy inside enjoy can be very peaceful as well as very electric and when we when we listen to our own truth filters nombre barometer of deep peace and joy will always do you need for dog no there's no need for anything on the exterior to confirm anything's we just trust that which brings us joy and we will refine our palette with more experience or sometimes we think that was little more than ice cream for the spiritualized

debate are discernment and then that's part of the fun of the yoga of self Ascension and it was Archangel zadkiel who said in her first book sacred Union the journey home that it's about peace first that that we begin with peace and it's the piece that that knows the self and then that ignites the love that transcends any need because it is that love of that stuff that arises through that piece that then verse The Joy the tree is describing the joy that becomes the illumination of the Sacred Union of the one

and that moment that peace love joy those are the building blocks that ignite the self ascended chakras that assist the chakras to move from those orbs into these beautiful beautiful Figure 8 and so that's how we hold the ascended present and then we ignite our heart into it suspended presents the double Figure 8 and we ignite are ascended self that's the ogas self Ascension is is a rotting at that moment of the full illumination and that moment is right now and remember that all of that all of that is being gifted in this year right now at a rate that is exponential it is in direct proportion to your steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust because the only catch is that you are the only one who can hold open your forcefield your Zero Point Energy that ignites that framework of support there's a lot of hands over here at 1

I was so I just seen all these people saying I want to talk to straight no I want to talk straight I knew you're going to the wireless unknown I want to talk to Siri a wireless raise your hand

hello there trust it's you and say something

okay that's fine we'll go somewhere else alright wireless caller we tried all right Siri where we going next okay I think we'll just be for fun okay I think we want to try another wireless caller

you know what time are we going to eat honey I see we had our hiccup we are. We're coming back to you watching the board pick up we didn't realize we're going to go to this wireless caller is a wireless caller with your hands up for strained Namaste and we're going to try it again

sorry about that. I was only one on the other PDF for calls and I lost but now I'm glad I got to see my sister she's having a lot of problems

is this part of the century like I think he's losing weight like spirited

so I'm wondering if I'll be here

so what the same person rather than talk about her I want to first ask you how does this affect you

what is my older sister and I actually looked up to her in this path of attention so we went different ways.

Yeah I know sometimes an older sibling can be away show our hand and give you a preview of what might be coming so the thing I want to say number one is your path is yours and the gift of your love for her can inform you and teach you it's yes when a person has a stroke is that what you said she had from an overview the up the brain is governed by the seventh chakra the seventh chakra is the wisdom chakra the Divine connection at the top of the crowd and when the blood clot in any area of the body it's saying this is where I

want to bring my sacred attention my joy that is a reminder that hate this is the area or the environment that is calling to her so one way for Spirit to call to you is is through that number to to pay attention so consider this could be an act of Grace that comes with or the immediate shock and challenge to the physical yet the spiritual gifts may still be unfolding

so breed that in giving you two that's the blessing I was always the mirror it's just such a beautiful you receiving the gift she's giving you freeze her to receive the gift you are giving her so I bow before your Mastery and thank you for calling them into the showtime wonderful love you we love you when I was straight all right where we going next to my love I'm following in the footsteps of our original intention

are you there on the Braska welcome

hello hi Jasmine

hi it doesn't your

sorry your episode

very touching today

talk about the soul twin

De Young

cut something in me because

I was reunited with someone

that I had an issue with 3000 YouTube

years ago


when it was done and if

it was completed

now when you were at the Rock

showing the pathway

I was stuck in that dark

and I would like to know a mini Soul reading

where I'm currently at Ryman

well first and foremost I just want you to bring your hands right to your heart and I want you to just love yourself more I feel a knife in your heart and it's just like a tears in my eyes and so I just want to really hold your heart because where you are right now is a moment of a crew you are at the precipice of of of a truth that you have known that has been denied that has been hurt and and that right now they're saying only you can pull at that knife out and turn it into a flame hold it up as a torch

and become who you are meant to be

and it is beautiful yeah I do feel like my ego and soul


because the soul is incident but the human body is not and right now your egos winning because you're still intellectualizing so so the more that you ask the questions the bar that your ego gets triggered the more that you want to dive into that the Voyager Rico's going yes thank you thank you thank you and then that nosy presents that got through today begins to smile more and starts dancing more and starts going wow I get it I see it let's do this for every question there is a lot of gas waiting and end and that's the loop right now and so it's about looking in the mirror and getting really honest because which do you really want

and then go with the one you want and then go for it but the key is that you are at a precipice moment and you brought yourself here and I found before that the master is ready to dance again and so sweet and I are here dancing already and we're happy to dance with you too so thanks for calling in honey we love you honey blessings reminds me that so often we get to dance with these call it the angel on the shoulder the devil of the help stimulate the experience of frustration and anger arises when we feel like I've been violated a shared and no trigger

or not I mean think about that right in the eyes of the master your ego will always be triggered at some point that's the gift to keep going and going and to trust that the Divine cradle is holding you even when you are not noticing the love wow

you know and then that brings me right back to yesterday when we were sitting in that sacred container that statement cradle you know and enter to look at the way that in this compression energy look at how things are coming together very quickly look at how density you know it's 3rd Dimension all the dimensions are also being very very available it's it's an incredible moment it is a powerful moment can ask for a lot of folks the experience of this power is going to bring up emotional stuff it's going to bring up. You know we use our brain to try to solve problems it becomes a natural way of if I could just figure this out

can you set your soul instead imagine trusting that which doesn't communicate as often in words I'm saying yes I'm going deeper this week remember the next four days the perfect balance moment what are you bringing into that illuminated New Moon because it's all getting ready to amplify this is the week of the manifestation of your dreams whatever you whatever you've been just whenever you think your life is about try it on this week yet it out there do it amplify your life with love and watch what's going to birth this is the way to do it and that's why the source of the soul is standing by to help if you feel compelled or call it all join us go to stream it is right on the homepage it is a donation event your donation and I are doing it at no we are just giving it out there a hundred percent donations are going over to the ended

most people spawns please join us help yourself help our world every time that we take a spiritual education we on our own discernment filters it's not about intellectual knowledge though there will be concept shared if not about getting a certificate on your wall it's about acquiring wisdom that is yours to claim once the mirror has been polished and the radiation comes in so you can see it sole-sourcing is unique material that we will be making available tomorrow evening please join us it'll the bonus that we just want to get that information out there because remember that we are at the moment of divine sacred Union knowing your soul source and the way that you are souls energy is Experian

In This Moment helps us all playing greater Consciousness give yourself the gift of activating Your Divine wisdom in your discernment and the knowing this that will help carry you home

this conversation because you really can heal anything and everything this week be there powerful evening deep breath

kill the gratitude for being together of activating what's activated

and until we come together again next week May you breathe deeply and trust that all is truly well now this day

thank you for joining us being here alive

send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at Street and Kira. Com you next week

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