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Sri and Kira Live, October 4, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

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Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and jalad Heather World spinning out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe
what is it all mean spiritual teachers and best selling authors these Mysteries Opera Live so my body and spirit
Melvis day and welcome beloved one breathin experience and we are in a moment unlike any other this week is expanding that energy we are broadcasting live we are and so this is the moment the truth shall be revealed but what are you ready to see and know a known as the truth there is a much greater moment before us we are so glad you are here in streets I'm afraid almost asked where are we shrink are this week
right now honey is back to what we had preferred Hazard and I we tip of the hat to for facilitating as well as to as well as all of the audio so beloved ones for yourself a cup of tea are intended to bring you can join this conversation so get into that too and phone numbers right now you can give us a buzz at 8886 to 76008
627-6008 where you can hang out over there with our producers of or jump into the Q over it when is talk radio that was getting pretty full pretty fast so get in there 517-208-1500 again 517-208-1500 and so remember that you do get to listen to the show while you are on hold so I just I just did this moment want to invite all of us to really come into this October presents and and guys because we've had a fascinating to be dirty starting with what was my birthday show that had so much on it and that was the first show where we had the massive destruction then last week show and here we are we are back and so let's talk about those October Revelations just a little bit more because really is Sri mentioned grab that cup of tea sit back right and give yourself to go
okay I am here I am open to Heart guide me invite your Divine higher wisdom to be with you today invite your higher heart to be with you today to you gift yourself with just this one moment because this is the bad October experience and so Street let's go back to show the up level calendar for October so let's put up the October up level calendar there is a lot of things going on here and today for the first time I'm going to reveal what's going on with the 31st as well so I even as I said that my breasts stopped yesterday so if you do have our app make sure your part of mastering mentorship team and you can go get everything live including the ceremony from yesterday which I think we're all still still in this beautiful stunning
experience off and this is important to notice as you gaze at the up level calendar first and foremost let's just talk about October from the Divine directors themselves you on Earth because you are a master now I love nice right look like how many I just felt that in the in the stomach I just felt all of you wow in a lot of holding of the press so hey breathe in breathe in through your nose exhale it through your mouth give yourself the gift of receiving and I'm going to read this to you again on this is coming directly from the directors remember was last year when I was one of the first three are one of the first people to come out and share that there was this two-year window that we were Humanity was going through that would determine what would happen that where we were going as we come into the 2022 combination of the Ascension escalator and so all that time ago the Divine director said.
shocktober right now this moment in the energy of visionary transformation through timeline adaptation this is the moment and a heart and a third chakra taking a deep breath through the nose and on the exhale receive you are on Earth because you are a master and as I would decode this for you and this is what she and I do in the Monday magic as we go through all of the Sacred texts and we decode it remember that you are is a call to presence on Earth is covered for this timeline this moment the way this experience even names itself but the damier no more of Earth and the word on is saying inform in this timeline because these are energy Caesar experiences that don't exist outside of out of the third dimension and so you are on earth why
because you are a master not you're trying to be not you're hoping you will be and October is the month that is calling it in and you already felt it look what happened right here October one day one micro full moon up level and I am going to come back to the calendar a minute straight because I think it's it's fun to share with everyone how many of you noticed what I called kind of like that Full Tilt Kilt Full Tilt stop from 12 days has one to only six it was a street I were like well there's so much more getting done doing personal stuff which we like well I've wanted to do like you to that little project you want to do forever like and got everything else done wasn't that amazing a massive acceleration of Time Each one
Monday was twelve year one full year of Master expansion in one month whether you were conscious of it or not and that was part of the intensity of the month and so now here we are in October and we've been given only 6 days in one day there's an opening there's a spaciousness that you're anchored in your ascended heart and are in the trust of your Divine flow for those that are anchored in an eagle or polarity and fear govern experience they're going to be tired of that endless call it pressure of the fear-based reality are they going to get tired of it it's going to be like a compression remember if you were very conscious of the 12 is 1 + and thereby able to flourish through it rather than be overwhelmed by
right so if as if you were in that experience of wow wow wow you know that blessing of we we've been giggling about this all month all month of September if I only knew then what I know door finally knew that whatever it is
is right
Mastery gross if you've chosen walkthrough that in you September 8th is so that yours worth of growth is right here upon you and now we're walking into October where this path continues truck stop on October 1st where it was 12-6 boom there was no there was no waiting. There was no moment and what that means is that the Russian for those imagine being in that okay everything's being thrown at you I'm getting a Year's worth of gross that I did not ask for this is when the sleepy are being asked to awaken rapidly and this is why it's WeChat you immediately have the ones have been wanting to wake up at are grateful for the information than the ones who are like you must be kidding me tuck me in harder
and so that was the energy of September that through the blessing of your Divine awareness you were able to call forward into this realm right now all of that wisdom through the experience that's presenting in this moment of time now breathing what that is for those of you that have said yes because those who have not those who are you have said yes to density what has happened is that they have gone from this 12 to 1 meeting this is too much I can't handle it oh my God everything is seemingly out of control everything is blowing up everywhere because you can no longer sustain the wise the energy of the truth is here right now however I'm going to scroll away for a moment and you you would have seen this in our cards remember that we've been in this light dark game on moment all of September well it's not that it's gone away it's just become a wheel
and it's a wheel within a wheel you see how there's this other kind of compass E-Type wheel right here will right now in this moment that young young that is also turning you see that here we are this is October so we have this one little teeny tiny moment where were lined up with the greater illumination and truth and the ability for that to really, however immediately right here you see that that little hint of where are you know it's the Perpetual spin where the little bit of that dark energies coming in. That's happening right now and so the gift the real gift of this is to stay in your multi-dimensional presents there by being able to hold that truth rather than be let's just say letting your ego decide what the truth is and this is where it today show can get very interesting so before we get any
deeper into that because we have a lot to share I want to go back to the calendar and show you two things because one of them is happening today right now if you've got us live right here Sunday the 4th right now today and I want to show you these send a numerology and why this is so important so again October came right in and we had the micro full moon up level it was profound it was intense it has it went from 12 is 161 and ignited this revelation of truth that you won't be able to hide the truth anymore. You really see who people are in stop listening their words watch what they do you how what are they doing and then you look at today off for got to love that the perfect balance the Mercury retrograde preface has begun now this is really important because this entire I mean this entire month is all about this watery creation of the temple diving in the depths we've never been in before
say yes and remembering but knowing that the light is right there you see the very top you are on Earth because you are a master that's where the light is coming in you are a master that's what we'll bring it to you as of today this Mercury retrograde preface will get us started so that we are building into the 16th which is a massive moment 16th not only does Mercury retrograde begin not only is it an illuminated new moon it's an illuminated super New Moon up level is the convergence on top of a convergence on top of a convergence and it sets the stage for the 31st which you notice we left off a calendar and I will share with you why and just a moment let's go back live read that in because hopefully that helps you see the experience of the October moment with even greater capacity
just keeps happening or invite us all recognition that will cause a stirring a possibility of earning the difference between essential and soul base and what is transitory or Eagle based beautiful group of beings that were here for Cosmic Origins some of them were still here they're staying on for several months actually and our next group comes this week very excited by the timer with you next week they will be here and what would so amazing right now is that I remember that what one of the sharing with one of them this is what it's like when you live the work when you don't just talk about the work you know if that's the one thing that she and I
there's a blessing waiting years we have always been open and right out there and this is the gift of this moment is to say okay this is what happens if you really live the work that the Robinson tiniest manifestation is the truth always being in the right place at the right time not spending your Consciousness preoccupied with worry and instead constantly creating constantly and creation constantly creation because of open inspiration and matter so much oh my gosh this month is massive it is
how many more times are we supposed to go in and out of the instrument while the answer is a lot so remember that 20/20 in and of itself is the four plus the double infinite and so if you look at the clock you look at the wheel of the ascended numerological system remember this is the ancient original as seen this is what the essene did this is what the ancient Magi these were the ancient Scrolls when you incarnated literally the beings would come and offer this information to the ones who were blessed with being able to Shepherd your Mastery and it's really quite profound that this is back on the planet now because the last time this was really available was when Mastery was ushered when you came because you knew you were waking through this so when you look at this chart and that's why I put it in kind of that pretty Autumn allure in color if you look at October that's a ten that's where this all begins and then from the 10 you go right to that store but because that's the year
4 takes us into a double infant and that's when it goes into the infinite which is to come back out again to form the month year October 2020 which is the five plus the double infinite now because we are in the year 2020 every single month this year carries double infinite energy this is a year we're diving in and out and getting incredible Mastery up levels is not only the most of it's easier than it's ever been because every single thing has conspired to assist it to be so so he was so profound when we look at that Mastery micro full moon up level that happened on the 1st that brought us first from the 5 in perfect balance to the 11 through the infinite because remember once you hop out of the five you are an infant in space because of the double infant an experience is happening
immediately this month opened up and said I'm going to give you another dose right but it held it open in suspension so when we looked at October one through what time today through October for it was actually holding open a balanced wheel it's not in perfect balance but it's really close write the perfect the 5-11 is actually a really strong indicator of positive momentum in the ability to really start bringing this together now here's was so powerful just like a pendulum has to swing out of balance to come back into balance today gave us the swing today is the swin we are coming out of that 11 through the info again today those to be there with us live where time-stamping this whenever you get this in the archives you have connected with this show because somewhere deep within you you know there is more and you know you are getting there
you know it is happening and this moment is saying look claim it now because when we get to that Mercury retrograde it's going to be like everything in a mirror and so we are jumping today back from the internet to the four and remember that that for is also the for of this year you see we have the for energy that was already there plus the store which means we're going to be bouncing right back in and out of that double incident until we actually get to that retrograde on the 16th which is going to bring us to a seven and a fabulous way that I won't talk about until later this month but before we go off this page look to the right look at your body this is your body on October and so what's happening here is that remember October is a 10 so this month is all about manifested energy this is an experience months and it's and there's no surprise it's an experience mod
about manifesting energy however it's about your ability to call it in because it's been sitting just outside and what's so fabulous is the year remember our entire year every month we're going to go from whatever the month is and we're going to pull it into a root chakra and that's happening 12 times every month this year whatever the energy is it starting at the roof so your root chakra is being exercised and then because of the double infant it from your root chakra or you're going to go way out again and in this month we come back in at the throat and so I think they really that says it all cuz it's from our right side energy and remember this is a month of experience last month and so okay I'm ready to manifest my dreams I'm ready to bring It Forward if I'm if I'm in that space from in that multi-dimensional space or on manifesting laying or whatever it is whatever you have
put in the creation of your manifest energy where your thoughts have been that's the entire month of October as it comes right into your root chakra ignites the body then goes right back out to the universe collecting really more amplitude where it comes right into the throat so he feel that the truth it's incredibly powerful beings the for energy at your route to move through life instead of that being about safety which implies fear is real
consider that for a second if you see faith is safety what you're saying is fear has power
if we instead choose beingness then the truth has power and the illusionary forces are nothing more than little breezes that happen in our experiences with double dip that for is that you're being asked to foundational Isaac let that be your source of being a cosmic experience experience at 4 as we really say yes to our spiritual truth say yes yes yes
instantaneous manifestation later let's just go to the truth chakra football so whenever energy is this chakra Richards traditional 5th chakra is about truth and the ability to connect your hearts knowing to your conscious recognitions so you know the old story if your live by your brain by your heart without code is powerful because it allows the connection each informs the other as the joy
the truth Shopper can become the joy chakra because you're anchored in true peeing us connected to True guidance living an authentic life and that is the Bliss of self Ascension your words line up with your authenticity the truth is revealed because you have been spiritually tenacious continue to bow to our spiritual nature and wants the captain's hat and apparent so who's
current year
pause hahaha oh you guys already know the answer to that one right through that childlike ego aspects Embrace without having to hold the stress of trying to run your life instead let it be what it is living life with you complete have joy in the body and be part of the grand experiment of for relaxing a little more of the energy flows for 20/20 and remember I put this out here actually late last year 2020 is unique
this year is is lying before it is part of Greater spin Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and the greatest Awakening self Ascension that has been and so that dragonfly energy has been lifting the year and if you pay attention right now where October is in the energy flows reminder September was the first completion of that pillar of profound shift that opened in January and February yet we first stepped into Visionary transformation through timeline out application last March which was when the experiments began that was when we first stepped into experience of expanding through experience
a timeline jumps we were all given the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of our own perception to be able to dance and understand this we have returned here again in October and you notice that if you look at January February and September and March April and October these are all pyramids aren't they whether these pyramids are the foundations whether they are pointing up or pointing down on is 100% based upon the perspective of the way you are entering the energy flow of the year it's why I want you to really breathe that in how you are experiencing these pyramids and so we just completed won the January February September which is why September was so funny because those three months where what was your dream when the year began where were you and in january-february before the March covid-19 things to shift your life that blessing that
that person is yours to say yes to again right now and we walked into October in that beautiful micro Moon and experience and so we've already anchor pillar and so this first half of the profound absolute Visionary transformation is right now the March April October Union Howick Tober effects what happened in March and April is what you are doing right now and one of the first things happening is that truth which was not giving in March and April the truth about March and April is literally coming out right now and 3 and I start talking about this two weeks ago long before anything came out and I'm just giggling because everyone's talking about March and April and we've been talking about this since early last year that this was how 20/20 with flow that we were in a 2 years
Michael said it was being created go and that's why the September time compression and Mastery expansion is an absolute sign from the universe that your life matters that what you're doing is affecting things positively that if you are able to stand firm through the spiritual fatigue and I'm starting to see that word salt and pepper it around a lot of different places right if you can stand firm to the spiritual fatigue if you can stand firm through that 12 is one which I know for sure and I was massive oh my God it was just like I don't know if I can handle this and then we would breathe and go ignant what day is it okay what's go to 12 right and we were still within the same day this 621 right now is Another Blessing however I want you to pay attention to the monthly Cycles so we began a one year in September that means we have pulled in now the timeline is
at one year from now September 2020 by the end of October we will have called in October November December January February of accuse me of of 2022 so that's why the number 2020 I want to make sure this is really clear on September one we literally were given the gift of being able to be at September 1 2021 and call in the 12 months between September 2020 and September 2021 all of the growth all of the experience all of the blessings we called that in because we were awake to receiving that
now we're starting a six-month cycle and that 6-month cycle will bring us into the first stages beyond the Ascension escalator this is critical mass time critical mass time and we are being loved so much that we are being given this compression and I suspect that based on how this balance is being maintained we may see more we may see less but we are being gifted with the conscious ability collectively awakened Lee and responsibly to be working with this time element right now for the highest service now make no mistake this is this is certainly a blessing but it is also a grand experiment we have gone longer than we have ever gone before we are already so far beyond what we have made it ever
this form of evolution of Consciousness we are co-creating the longer we go the greater the gift and so the only way we can do this and I'm literally the only way we can do this is to Bow our head to the higher master that is you to let the two really it's like what will it take for the ego to stop stop right to really let the eagle relaxed to pay attention and stop lying to yourself and to say you know what if not now when we've been at that moment you guys know we've been talking about this for months now if not now when and treat it brings me to tomorrow night I have to talk about it because if not now when you guys may remember that SRI Naidu and a graphic to show them and I are so blessed and honored that when March started when the Cove in started we said in March we would be with you
all the time we would do more than we have we are we are we are an amazing community and sew in September it was very clear very very clear that the sole sourcing had to come in and wow has that been profound and in the return once again we are resuming Monday magic tomorrow and if you have not registered for the galactic encyclopedia revealed I would just ask why because what has been so phenomenally profound for those of us of community this first lesson I heard to start translating it today normally we wait until the day and we do the 2020 version to send to those that are registered well today I heard clearly when I got up this morning that I needed to connect with it
my mind is blown that I'm reading literally. And told me I could have been delivered right now and and was delivered for this moment in time and you do for those of you that don't know and I've shared what we know is that the reason we are here the reason we are literally and yet another life together is that it was so we could teach this material and unlock the keys to this material because so many of you are ready to know the greater truth of the material and this is beyond anything what's happening tomorrow and on Pat through Divine wisdom is about Divine Harmony it is about everything that October is bringing forward and so they the synchronicity of this is so superb the other thing I want to say to you
when you choose to awaken you are more responsible than ever before this means do not cast your attention away lightly just because something is abusing such as a conspiracy presentation on the news channels whatever it might be if it is carrying a or doubt or judgment you are punching a hole in your ass. Anytime you choose to remain in the mass Consciousness field of energy even though my my nose of this
I would rather engage the drama so think about the quality of the choice that you become responsible for our own energy field there are ways to pay attention to what's going on without being Belt Road into the polarity this brings us to our good friend the victim triangle remember that as you as you pay attention to the victim triangle here right now spiritualised is victim Consciousness because the spiritual ice ego will always have an abuser a rescuer and a victim in times we are so wise and we believe that where the teacher the mentor the Healer but we still have abusers Rescuers and victims really spiraling around us
the reason this is important to take a moment and and breathe into is that often times we play these roles ourselves do we not this is where the truth is often repelled the most it's through that resistance and in that lesson 1 from the galactic encyclopedia an incredible section on this resistance energy and as you were just talking about the key is to remember that when the sacred Union the sacred Union of this beautiful body is body that gives us the gift of touching each other and feeling each other and growing Nails growing hair looking around seem different color this gift is a gift and very much like a young child the beautiful patient ever resilient infinite energy that is offering this body the gift of the animated presence will take its lead from the body
until the body finally relax is enough to receive what has been waiting and in order to do that you have to get beyond your own self deception self-deception is the number one reason we cycle recycle because we deceive ourselves we cycle because we need to say whatever it is we need to say because dealing with a situation would be worse because the pain we know is easier to live with intolerant than the fear of the pain we don't know and the lack of trust the blessing that we are and so in order to fully come into the yoga of self Ascension this is why it is it really begins with you come together and you really say yes by doing something about it what I mean what are you like talk about that you want to do something you might come and listen to the show but what are you doing about it during the week how important is it really to you and yours
clear on that how important is your gross to you and you're clear on that you're a lot happier because you stopped and that means if we see you Monday night in Monday magic we're so excited to do that whatever it is but when you're clear your peace your love and your joy birth forward and your Clarity cannot ever sustain or or be expansive until you get really nakedly honest and authentic with yourself my at my ultimate dream was to make that million dollars I really really why was a businessman it's like the measure of success is your profitability there is no other measure starting the self-help books in the world
but there was one element there that if persist because it has some universal truth and that is if you want to be successful whatever that might be whether you define it as money or Define it is a spiritual attainment whatever it is that are doing that if you hang out with Partners in pain if you're a Healer trying to build a thriving practice and be one hundred percent A Healer and sustain hang out with the ones that are complaining I can't do it nobody has money but there's always a good or what I really couldn't charge them so we just trade in
so something for you because I was born I deserve to tap into the Abundant flow of this nature the nature of this universe we we live in an abundant Universe question is are you bonded with fear and doubt or you but it was Trustin and and flow remember every single month this year is going to come in with its own energy and where is it going to your root chakra and sound like a bike that is the I deserve because I was born and so at the essence of this year is I deserve because I was born now expand that we deserve because we were born
Planet deserves because our planet was born you see where we're going with this this is the moment at hand and it's hitting that root chakra every month with another head is like being hit again and again but the good news is it comes right in and every month because of the double infinity it comes in whatever it is it's always going to shock refers So based on how healed your root chakra is will determine how hold this year will be for you breathe then because if you're rude shock or you can be healed everywhere else but if your root chakra isn't healed this is going to be one interesting ride for you one of his every month you're getting boom boom boom with whatever that energy is and this month has happened what right sided manifest energy wow so you're right sided manifested energy chakra bounce back out to the universe
so imagine if your root chakra is not healed or if your root chakra is just wide open doing its thing and it went way up to the universe and hit you in the throat feel that collapse. Just shut you down which means I have a lot of Aries fairy and not a lot of real manifestation mean that spiritual energy E-Z-Go and about the recognition between an energy experience and an Ascension energy up level
so just play with this for a second energy is that's what you are that's what everything is energy is we took birth in to form we popped into these bodies and when we were having sex. Now the Awakening process really gets supportive first there's a yearning that comes from inside and then there are the feedback experiences these energetic it start to stimuli seems like a recognition and so as we are growing we may notice all Beauty energy beyond that predictable box expansion so so many people talk about you all the Ascension flu so
Sandy's Ascension symptoms experiences they are not necessarily feedback on your state of attainment years ago we were the first people to put these out on YouTube and we call them Ascension acceleration energy experience
directions to H&R Block. And that's an important and so because the Earth and and the universe is loving us we are noticing these energies however are you surrendering your grip on reality that is it won't take responsibility for my spiritual life I won't allow my soul to come forward and insult one of the most important things to go hang out with people who are successful or are on the same path as you
but if you'll be asleep you will also fall back asleep comfort those who are asleep and we offer unsolicited feedback when we offer unsolicited advice we are violating that energy there and they're telling you they're asleep it is only your ego that thinks you need to tell them otherwise or share something else with them it is only go out of balance as the mother father sister brother friend whatever that thinks you have to rescue someone where did I hear that word rescuer before the victim triangle if you feel you need to rescue someone then first stop and look at where you are the victim or the abuser because any time there was a rescuer there is a victim and there is an abuser and that is the third-dimensional sequence and it will always be
right now look at what's happening on the planet look at the victim energy look at the way things are even phrase who's the victim who's The Rescuer and who's the abuser and those rolls are like pins on a board they change constantly the only way and it was the only way to move through this is to pay attention to the fact that it will not be solved at the level of Consciousness that created it and this be true to yourself as someone the Lost Books of be seen because your ego told you to do so you make a pact with yourself that you will never violate and its self sabotages Your Truth Ascension
I saw the spiritual is really the answer of the crew me up a little bit we have to have a more ascended a more refined perspective and and so the spiritual that needs to be this way vs. that way it's still is on our group of polarity the church we have a movement we have a country whatever it is we have a species or whatever it is we are we're still dancing with the of the of the crudest of the only now we have a more refined playground it's a step in the right direction that's great however Ascension always opens more
love does not happen where there is Judgement
all judgment wounds under neon sign say that again what is an evolutionary Divine process into an intellectual scale
and now you're saying I know better than the Divine spark that is within that being single most dangerous step as your Consciousness that you have a broader more sophisticated language for the same filters of density and it's based in emotionality emotional joy and righteousness dog loves activism in the synopsis versus them now if you look at the colors here because this really is about the way the energies are working through the physical body you will notice that the blessing spiritual activism
absolutely get you there however most people get stuck here with justification of who deserves the heart and who doesn't wear it where it goes and where it doesn't which is still an active exercise the heart right there up near where the spiritual activism transition to the entry-level dissension awareness this is when we pop into our star Consciousness experience Ascension awareness begins when we honestly anchor outside of the third dimension experience it is that that is focused the spiritual Detachment the peace and the spiritual joy and the way that I enjoy describing that is that spiritual Joy is that smile that saw smile within that no matter what's happening outside that Divine knowing cannot ever be shifted this is the moment word out leaves fear releases and inspiration becomes the guy
traffic that was the energy of the traditional throat chakra the blue getting set free
who is looking at the truth that is just such a big rabbit hole isn't it love and expanding trust in the divine nature of all that is that's a little different than Ascension which is traditionally associated with the body show the reason I bring this up is what is the purpose of holding any kind of spiritual discipline of being tenacious about that what you know is essential in true
if we do not stand in alignment with our highest truth and truth can refine as we grow if we don't know what we're saying is it's permitted to have degradation in our shared experience killing of course they're bammy really
that's a whole nother conversation people exist in Polish strata reality call whatever you want it's a level of Consciousness where certain things are more governing and real at that level than they are at other levels and this is part of the evolutionary process spiritual life is a beautiful step and then when we grow beyond that we are beginning have direct mystical connection with Divine truth that supersedes consensus truth and there's so many ways that that we navigate that they're just so extraordinary and so so
and again I want to share with all of you as we go right over here so if you don't mind I would like to show once again that when we look at the pyramid this is what's known as The Joy portal and really Joy is the activator isn't it because usually the first thing that you will encounter is the polarization of those that have been your partners in pain Because unless they can step into the joy portal with you they they you're no longer at a frequency that is compatible happiness upset the applecart off jar are you get your life together how dare you get that divorce or marry that person you really love or really let yourself be who you are how dare you because I am not that is the partner in pain and if you have someone that has left your life than sincerely if you stay
the course at some point they will see this wasn't a phase they will see that it wasn't a lie and they will realize it is the truth. As you look at the joy portal you see it's a direct path to Ascension however some of those Partners in pain that might jump in the portal with you in density Consciousness will often find a way off they'll find a floor and spiritual activism and the reason many beings behind that floor of comfort and spiritual activism is because the eagle has it it makes people feel good about itself it makes it this is the right thing to do this is the right, this is the right one and we're right and they're wrong and darn it I feel good about that that's when you know that the inner work is still not complete and many many many lives are spent getting to certain levels of spiritual activism and and that's a wonderful blessing and if that's this life for you than be in the blessing of it and do it well and so many are
dark angel zadquiel in our book sacred Union the journey home go read all are having their souls energy at all. You're just in case right now are having and so that's a truth that once we accept pops us out of the ism because then we start seeing that all that is focus in the Ascension awareness and that's where frequently and I would say it happened to shree and I minute you hit that and really say yes to it the remnants of any Partners in pain will not only Fall Away they usually get very violent about it like you know I've been with you this whole way and now you're going to do this or whatever it is you're waking up to whatever your beautiful soul is showing you maybe it's maybe you're screaming say how much longer can I pretend to be
when I'm not how much longer can I live this way how much longer can I do this as you two to be in your truth and to claim it with true peace love and joy to heal that you will pop through intersection awareness but here's the warning if you're not healed if you have not healed that aspect of you you're going to pop in for a look-see and Trust they will do everything they can to get you to return
and the day is very broad including the inside of you all when we do quote good works we can judge ourselves favorably and there's nothing wrong with doing good works do something do it you know if you're going to be in density be in density
the hidden wisdom in there is you are a sovereign soul of course you have the right to do that and as you do it fully without doubting yourself you come to a point of getting the lesson of it getting them learning getting the souls experience and it may it may come to a natural completion weather this lifetime or another that isn't the point the point is to love yourself enough to say I forgot
the path of self Ascension is a path of self-empowerment via the trust of your divine nature salsa path of Enlightenment and sometimes we do it we talked about Ascension Consciousness Consciousness is the essence of self-realization to be that which you truly are and I won't fill in the blanks you know you know
do that again with all of our heart please please please go to Sri and Kira. Com right there on the homepage Monday magic get registered you can come in for a dollar if that's all you want to offer it doesn't matter if he's proceeds are that have nothing so thank you for not saying yes to our community has two supporting others this is we donate all of this out reach program against SRI and Kira. Com come really explore the galactic encyclopedia with us we are at such a profound moment and the Masters are speaking and we are all so blessed to be receiving to today's moment and feeling into so much has happened here so you got the app if you're part of the team you been seeing everything is going on but we went back to that we felt really needed to be hurt again
right now that's a little bit and then we're going to play this this this ensoulment I am reading it and where you have our friend David and our tainment is offering you some beautiful graphics and and fractal energies that are in Trancy and perhaps we'll offer an opening together with the Divine wisdom from Archangel zadkiel so we're delighted to share this with you as we move forward maybe take a breath and calls and share so much more so please relax and receive your
Divine pillars of white smile and remember that you have ignited relax and breathe as you are in a crystalline Temple of Creation with us if you are in and we asked you to celebrate as you celebrate we encourage you to celebrate every breath celebrate how do you use the pee come out of the shadows and take in the breath of life that sustains
and yes as you breathe you release and as you breathe you open the portals to fulfill many Destinies as you offer yourself love of breath as you are love you are together this becomes the one gift the one ship of the one being when you serve love you have everything when you serve nollie you will constantly keep seeking when you seek knowledge you are perpetually when you see love you are perpetually and In Perpetual fulfillment all knowledge already exists
you all will always be yourself away from Divine Bliss in search of more facts
distraction is the moment when you separate from the Blissful state it reinforces the energy of lack or when you are constantly seeking can you ever find bite you to remember where you are already found
have you looked lately
are you recognizing through saying yes to the Divine gift that you are are you experiencing everyday is oral Sparks of one Divine Light
When You Love Enough separation dissolves without the need to ask why or seek and Ensign spaciousness of the Divine when you are the love of one's when you are the loving one's I hope that you experience all that you do, love you Gracie it is important that you are being tested with the offer
we invite you to notice why you seek knowledge and to play with cc to seek knowledge or knowledge sake
you seek knowledge for knowledge sake
when you enter the balanced Perfection of the loving spaciousness of that which you are from there
and it has already been redeemed in the loving Trust of your Divinity and mastering presents all that is manifest
are you loving yourself enough to accept this
black orlov understand recognition and absolutely effortless read number you are here to experience everything without limitation Darkness appears as a byproduct of the sea
this is because the many unanswered questions open the opportunity to for the brain of form to be the only recipient
in the wholeness of divine love Darkness does not exist
this is not that one is better than another or deed without the light there cannot be dark and without the dark there cannot be light great combination and through this moment the recognition of divine Perfection of why you have come right now bite you to remember Darkness manifest from the pursuit of knowledge or the seat of knowledge because it is a variant of the Mind energy
how do you know if you are in your heart how do you know if you are in your mind how are you feeling you want are you feeling what is manifesting around you the life experience because all comes in two variants energy instead of for example you are entertained by the Astro as you release desire and expectation for what you believe
every moment of every day with every single thing that you do all is revealed in perfection
are you in the presence of the Divine at all times or does the mind and treat you to be seeking knowledge what is important to you
your children may you are sending presents remembers that if you must believe in what you refer to as Sin that it would be a sin to interfere with the path of another send
has another soft to take that what you know is true have you left the energies of another stop you from moving phone where is your heart
and if indeed you call that energy into yourself love yourself love yourself dearest children have escalated and many have felt it as many accidents physical body into the heart energy released judgement together into one energy vacuum you are preparing for a great implosion
you live in the world of an explosion so it is helpful to recognize you're heading into a powerful time of the multiple energies that you are loving and experience you have ever had and when you do
smile and say thank you
you do not need to cross over to have a panoramic lights review you can do it like now every single day have been where they all did their jobs well love them so well or should a different can you get yourself with the loving recognition that all is in divine order and after your panoramic view can you get yourself with a panoramic
when you can come to peace with all that is around you then you can hold Consciousness or 100,000 others but gift of Peace self recognition
offer yourself back you do you wish to be the explosion or do you wish to burn the heart quote what is your choice with the recognition of the Divine Perfection of all that is happening around the Divine Perfections your children it is your choice and either choice you regardless of your decision allow yourself to release Judgment of the choice you make you have to play your part perfectly all of your actions interaction expressions of beingness gratitude gratitude love divine recognition
or simple things to experience your life in form with manifested abundant flow recognition of love divine loving Source guides the life flow as you know without doubt that each of you is in the other we encourage you to once more ignite the Divine portal of self truth know how loved and supported you are creating this moment every
almost in the energy of judgment and both right and wrong is all there is the unification and the Divine Perfection wheel of many blessings
wow and many blessings I'm just I'm just breathing how about you three absolutely I am delighted to be with you just want to give a big shout-out to all over there at 886 to 76008 and over at 517-208-1500 so many jump in and say hello as we are ready to say hello to you in just a moment as well so thanks for absolutely
you always have a choice and whether your choices are driven by a fear-based reality or you make your choice exercise your empowerment exercise Your Capacity to be conscious to pay attention to notice awareness experience and choice are the three steps of the self Ascension process awareness experience in choice there's no judgement around what you do there is a suggestion that you'll have an opportunity to lift out of the level of Consciousness that created the quote problem all solutions are found
renewed or heightened level of Consciousness otherwise were recycling the same old reality with new faces
we have that Graphics year because that might make it even easier for me to share with you that every signing spiral of Consciousness you can never make a mistake because you will always be a part of the Spiral the question is where are you spiraling are you spiraling up or are you spiraling down or are you in a lateral Spin and so what's happening on the planetary body right now is that because it has had such an overlay of fear it has created you see that pulse that harmonic frequency will this is what the benevolent ones are going to be talking about tomorrow night in the galactic encyclopedia going to be talking about these harmonic frequencies and about how you can harness these harmonic frequencies rather than have the harmonic frequency harnessed you and so if you are experiencing fear and doubt and you are having a challenge getting out of that yet you consider yourself to be really ascended chances are you're dancing in the fourth dimension
how's the fear energy which is aligned with the egoic present feeds the ego to make it feel safe and it'll it'll give you about 80% part of the astral is that the very Adept in the astral are about 80% accurate and that's because it thinks just enough of the ego yet behind it the victim Consciousness still exist fourth-dimensional presents energy is very much about victim Consciousness and this is why when we walk through the 4th Dimension with a release ego we are able to really work with the higher aspects of the 4th dimensional Creation in a way that it creates and Integris heart and opens a Channel of Purity that then pops Windows Vista mentioned so fast it's why so many people don't talk about the fourth that often because the fourth is very much about the happy spiritualised ego and so I know that
triggers a lot of people and that's okay because that's what happen when we get triggered it usually means our ego is not a barrier and so that's what we have to just stop and wait a minute and my triggered or am I at a barrier of a new frontier that's a moment of choice for that refused with a level of reality that is the band in Anger exchanges it could be the partner in anything other than a love based empowerment
and so we fuse and that Fusion then it is an eagle a process that gives us practice at dancing with density and hopefully will stimulate a look at me the first step that we're watching ourselves we can just choose a new dance partner the benevolent wants an archangel I feel we're sharing in less than one of the galactic encyclopedia is to hug often and that if you are not hugging yourself enough begin there that this energy right now of Celebration and really offering that love love yourself more no matter how much you think you love yourself now
yourself more we're not talking about narcissism here we're talkin about making the space for you making sure that you are greeting every day in that peace love and joy of that soft smile of the universe that is called in that sacred Union which consistently animates the presence there by whether you're scrubbing a toilet or writing a novel or breathing air is all with that peace love and joy it's one and the same that's a Mastery moment and that's that's a gift that is before the all right now so what's breve that one in and really the chakra wow guys really feel that right when we say yes to letting R-Truth and again I go back to the first part of the cell where we were sharing that I actually share that with some of our Cosmic Origins visitors that when you come to tosa Blue Mountain you actually get to touch into what it's like with people that are really living there truth
we are all here living Our Truth this is what it's like to be where the people are judging you for who you are and your supported to be who you are where your mind is open where your heart is ignited and where your vision is expanded and you know yes we do offer our incredible sunpatio dirty's here and I want to share that we have been very blessed because in this month and especially with the divine feminine Rising this month of our grandmother who literally not only voluntarily said I am ready first before she gave herself at the end the way that you process that you always replant and is already growing again for the grandfather just burst figure that one out it's really pretty amazing outrageous
at at expansion and Ascension exactly the expansion of non judgement give them they know not what they do
to hold that level of Consciousness and you can do this easily your heart and breathe out of your heart
and you anchor yourself this is my Center
I forgive them they know not what they do they're doing the best they know how given their state of consciousness Ruth everyone is doing the best they can give them their level of Consciousness and as SRI is guiding you through this if you're having problems with anger and frustration and forgiveness right now go to the Forgiveness packet sitting there take advantage of it be seen those pain based in Princeton hold you back the number one thing people forget to do is to forgive themselves and you may call into mine if you want to a painful situation that still has some energy on you or just be with this statement
I now forgive myself for showing up to be hurt I've done the best I know how given my state of consciousness
I forgive myself now
I took the best I knew how given my state of consciousness I forgive myself now let it go
where are you now
and you see how the self love comes in and the freedom and notice where that might have released was it something you were carrying on your heart was it something you were carrying in your chakra notice what's freeing that's a Mastery present moment and remember in the month of October every month an hour and must 10 you have been bombarded that root chakra every single month coming and going okay here I am back out I'm back and so what are you willing to say yes to are you willing to say yes to you and the key is to say yes to you in the manner that brings you the greatest peace love and joy and a stay with it if it brings you peace I mean that true peace if it ignites that love that goes beyond the self if it radiates joy and you feel joy-filled connected with it then say yes to you what are you willing to do to sustain that because it just doesn't magically Seuss
we are in a creative environment we are here to constantly Creek so we are constantly creating that's why everything regenerates that's why we are constantly creating and we are right now where we are in a beautiful Universal moment of truth that is Illuminating everything and when Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th which is just twelve days from today until of the 12 right 2 days before 12 days on the 16th it's going to Mercury's going to come around like a brilliant star and it's going to shine a light and I don't care what you're trying to hide it will be there and you get the blessing of living that gift all the way through I mean this is a big long ride I will share with you that I am intentionally not releasing the November December send in numerology yet because those two months are riding together and I feel it's important to home
until the last month of the last week of October and earlier I'd I'm hearing some people say hey Kara what about October 13th of what's coming up because we want to get to all of your beautiful phone calls specially those who've been holding so long so when you look at the October calendar the first thing is you noticed that the 31st is literally at the abyss it is a moment that every single being will be in a moment of deep deep deep connection and this day is so important that when the calendar was put together and I've had many people write me and I've not wanted to share ahead of time to say why do whatever this is what it's about the 31st is literally going to be a day out of time and for those of us that are able to do so from sunup to sundown that day we are
Longley calling forward a day of Silent Retreat that in your own way however you are called to do that you take that day from sunup to sundown and I know things around it it's part of why it's so important this year October 31 is a day of extraordinary capacity and we are we here at Tulsa Blue Mountain will be doing this and we encourage you it is a day of Silent Retreat of light eating from when the sun comes up until the sun goes down and then have fun do whatever you want have fun in your silent retreat but we will be talking more about this the closer we get to it when I also talked about the November December Union these these months will be one month however how October 31st manifest will be a big part of the North
December energy as well so you don't have to meditate all day you can paint you can draw and go for a walk and do whatever you want to do but it's really about being within how do you want to express that moment I know I'm going to do my best to be able to talk about him I can tell you that always good yes and the boards we have a first-time caller that's been hanging out over at bbsradio so hopefully that person still online let's say hello to it looks like Namaste owe me from Maryland welcome and thanks for calling in
Hi how are you we are wonderful sweetheart what a gift to connect with you today
it is so much it's my first time even trying to call in and I got through so I'm excited
I call that meant to be absolutely well I guess I would love a soul reading
well we would love to assist you and you know first and foremost shree and I it's always so beautiful when were able to open up the show with not only a first-time caller but that is the first time you've ever even been in the queue and that you got through because that's just right there truth all the above the key for you as I'm as I'm connecting with your beautiful Consciousness right now is there that you are such a blessing you are such a big presence in the world that you have so much power yet deep within you there is this moment that keeps stopping you and it's like it's like you're going forward but then you're you're holding yourself back you're going forward then you're holding yourself back and they're saying that walk out and really taken of rest and notice what you see and they're saying that it's that everything has been right in front of you and and what's been happening is kind of like very much or talk about today was probably why you were first color and why you got through
really willing to see they're saying the glasses are those things that are not really see what's right there and they're all looking at me and her puppet meaning like teller teller teller and they're saying we are right here no matter what you do I will not fail and so it is
thank you so much in that resonates tremendously because they've been showing me major massive things for my future and I'm just like who this is huge and I'm knowing that I must step forward and I am thank you thank you sweetheart and blessings for everybody know sometimes we need to remember that the resources available to you are beyond your visual comprehension there is so much energy and so many beings who have taken form to travel with you to lend a hand just to ask for help
tomorrow night the galactic encyclopedia revealed this is the continuation of our Monday magic that we started back in March 2020 and I find it no accident that the October energy is reinstating that so are we this is a profound series with profound Revelations and eating everything you're saying right now straight my heart is excited and so get to Sri and Kira. Com make your little donation and feed some hungry people while we all together feed this community and I know we'll see you tomorrow night will support your evolutionary process and nourish your soul so please be with us it's a joyful exploration you do get the video and all the PDFs on so don't worry about it just be there and say yes to you 3 where we going to jump over to the other call board right now we're going to call Rice & Board
talk radio and where we going it looks like we're going to Florida. We're going all right hey sweetheart, we can hear you just fine sweetheart
Namaste I am so excited I have a depart questions day maybe eventually I can get a full reading but I have stream
I had Archangel Michael appeared to me he introduced himself or people on either or
people on either side of him
and he looked at me and he told me that many people will be dying
but it was okay because everybody who passes will be protecting you and I believe he meant you as a collective
yep so so first thing I want to do is breathe because one of the things as it's a it's a very powerful thing when we have these type of prophetic dreams and when they come in especially was like Michael and then you have the other beings that were with him the first thing to remember is that it is it is not the highest if it offers us anything that would ever make us feel nervous or scared and so that's one of the ways that we look through and so has your heart would experience Michael this is the way Michael would address your feeder and offer you reassurance that is the energy of this dream because the dream comes in at the level of our Consciousness while we're sleeping that seeking the greatest resolution so deep within you right now there is a deep level of fear and this is part of your many soldiers into the back of your heart right here has a
like a bolted on Armor that saying you will not hurt me and the front of your heart is so big and so huge and you give so much of you and do so much are you care so much that there's within you within you is almost like a conflict with what you're witnessing in the planet right now and so the gift of this dream is so massive for you number one it's offering you an opportunity to start honing your spiritual commanding you know remember we each have the ability to expand light and so you have the ability to come in and Archangel Michael and say Archangel Michael I am calling for us to have this conversation I'm calling for the greater Clarity I am calling for the higher aspect of Michael because I am because we eat call into that when we are ready based upon the level of Consciousness when we especially when we're sleeping
the truth we could be because unless we go into the conscious dreamstate using the evasive we're all over the board were sleeping so this is a massive moment for you because it's also addressing the greater planet and it's also giving you reassurance in a way that is addressing many levels of your own Consciousness thank you for thank you for sharing and reminding all of us that death is an illusion and that and that every being has a mission a purpose and a service and sometimes their service is not to be in this form in to be offering an energetic that is perhaps beyond the comprehension of this more
play climbing yoga there their mission is to be doing it exactly the way we're doing it the greatest gift when the explosion front of us which it is right now the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be really anchored in our ascended present knowing that every single be is an is getting their souls needs met in the way that is perfect for them and if we really own that that our actions are Guided by that and that's how we can hold the greater Consciousness portal so thank you for doing that we are so grateful to have met you thank you for that blessing
thank you I feel so much better thank you we love you honey important not to shirk their conversation whenever we lose a loved one there is a natural grief and when it ended you are that's part of why we're here is to experience Zachary's to buy shoes 14 years ago and and there were great tsunamis in India and Indonesia and thousands of people left and right before that Arcangel zadquiel had delivered it that said there is going to be a great aunt in your plans right now for what is coming and so we all
perfectly and when we when we really don't just talk about it when we know that we are all playing our roles perfectly it makes everything so much easier it really does becomes that peace love and joy is that snow steadfast commitment that framework of support steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust how I know so many beautiful but say hi Kimberly from Illinois Illinois welcome
Namaste stream Kira thank you so much for everything and I just want to tell you that I have gotten through this year because of you guys and everything that you see me all the time and I thank you so much and I am asking for a full reading my birthday is 10 10 20 20 lb 37 to the 3/4 of 7 there's a lot of tens and I would just love any guidance for anything that you have to share
call a angel figure first and foremost. God celebrate you know wow what an honor to connect with you right now you know first and foremost is so funny as you're sharing I kid you not there are like these 10 masters are like all dancing behind you and then then I watched someone then they become 10 again then they become one then they become 10 again and what they're saying is that you are in the moment where the one that you are is ready to infinitely expand out with that which you have come to be and deep Right Here In Your Heart Right Here I feel almost like my butt pressure water pressure right here on your heart because you're offended hard as I can breathe really breathe it in its like your ascendant heart is beating
and it's like it's saying when are you going to let me come but what are you really going to rip off the veil and in that they're showing me it's funny I am looking at your feet all the sudden and you're showing me your feet and your feet are so cute and they're little like like I'm looking to stay thinking this is this is maybe like 8 to 10 years old and you're just kind of like tapping your feet and your and your tapping your and they're saying remember the dance that you have always known it is time for you to dance it again reignite the side and move forward now for the doors have opened you are ready and so it is
thank you so much I love you both so very very much in the whole Community party right totally wonderful I love always there when you're living in the law of instantaneous manifestation is the synchronicity of more and more people are listening to the show you all because truly Street and I are are blessed to be with this community every week and we invite you to help us expand the community if you are enjoying what you were hearing if you find it valuable please please send them over to stream or invite them to subscribe right here at YouTube and efficient stream Kara or over at Oneness talk radio. Com
you bring an experiment and and bring your friends here you're creating your own community of Ascension Consciousness is critical because of this time there is indeed a war for your soul for your attention it's a Consciousness and a war isn't that if there's going to be winners and losers what it means is there is a tension and that tension is seeking to consume your sacred so the intention is to consume you in some degree and your Consciousness and bring you into alignment and so that in itself means either you're complicit or you make a different Choice I-10 and that's just an act of awareness however once you say I am choosing to wake up fully I am choosing to live my soul's
I am choosing to make this lifetime matter in a in a way that it brings joy to my heart and make those action required every step you take Every Breath You Take align it with your sacred intention eyes on the Divine at all times it is when we live the energy of our divine nature live at what are breath becomes our elimination when our ego has relaxed enough to realize that it's so much more fun to Just Dance with the body while the spirit leads imagine the vast space of creation that you are ready to call forward into manifested activity
when you let go of worrying or stressing or or freaking out and you just invite yourself to keep moving forward focus on the vision he is alive because he waited an emergency room clearly aware of moving forward write each of us where is your vision what is the truth you are willing to receive and are you willing to walk through the limitation of your own ego to get there by like I was really sucked in there for a while to say I forgive myself I did the best I could get my state of consciousness at that time I let it go now
and you let it go okay we go from here I forgive myself now I recognize that I did the best I knew how given my state of consciousness at the time I let it go
give me my state of consciousness at the time and if this is a something that you've got to do a dozen times a day God bless you for taking action a dozen times a day because because yes every time we take action on a higher order of Consciousness we open the portal a little wider a little wider a little wider and the radiance that is your ass end at Ruth people refer to the higher self I remember asking Arcangel zadquiel about this years ago I did tell me about the higher self and there is just self
and it is the projection of the world of density when we individual and went through the forgetfulness during that 12 minute of tuna that you received today right within that ensoulment where it was shared that let go of the knowing for the knowing sake let go of the questioning for the questioning sake to seek to seek and to constantly have to seek to resolve an answer of density takes you further away from the ability to receive the abundance of Eternity breath love a smile to your face and let's say hello to someone else you're going to British Columbia Namaste British Columbia welcome
hello hi
my name is Becky and I'm in Vancouver British Columbia and I've been just really appreciating your your knowledge and what you're teaching right now on the planet can you hear me oh good good and you know
I didn't like tuning in like maybe every other week or so it just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what what I'm learning from you and I'm I'm just trying to make my way down the path and you know I'm not get too distracted with the all the you know all the density or around me but I do get I do get pulled into it when it's like oh my God no I don't know if I have to take more of a witnessing perspective and you know and just I suppose
certainly appreciate it first and foremost breathe in and thank you for bringing Vancouver Vancouver and so thank you for sharing that I know sincerely ends and so my love first and foremost your heart is outrageous and so I want you to just really bring a hand to your heart if it's safe to close your eyes I want to do that to you have I called them the three Marys they're right behind you and they're all putting like these roses I'm watching these rose petals come all over you and it's like I've got my hands on my heart I'm just feeling all these rose petals and all these different colors and they're so fragrant and they're so beautiful and they're all saying the same thing you have forgotten how beautiful you are you have forgotten to love you you have simply come to this moment to remember that the energy of the Divine illumination has always been
and is yours to activate with the breath of a single rose and so and before you get there saying now the Thousand petal Lotus the Thousand petaled Rose are calling it has opened around you and I'm seeing you literally like a Buddha and this beautiful rainbow it like Crystal and energy and you're just sitting there really happy and this huge thousand petal listen to thousand Rose to make beautiful thousand petal Rose is open behind you and they're saying all you need to do is relax and come here and remember that when the distractions that seek to stop you come forward and you become aware of them even more to celebrate and dance for each is a moment of knowing you are ascending and so it is
that's very helpful for me
and I love you guys so much I just wanted you to know that we love you and you're just basking in the Thousand petaled Rose so thank you for bringing that to all of us smile of many blessings thank you so much
cool by heart I'm still trying to catch my breath are we all are we all catching I'm trying to catch my breath how the honest humility of saying I know what we're what was before but we have been talking about today right that is exactly what we can you let it go relax enough to go wait a minute and relax enough so that I can up level so that I can go beyond and move forward how exciting in one of those things about our lives here is Mercy on our yes yes course you will do things that you think are mistakes or errors or distractions
do because you're bouncing up against the perimeter of all of the permit whatever of course there will be things we can't touch them feel Lamont and then let it go forgive of course there will be opportunities that you either take or don't take and once again have mercy on yourself because you're doing the best you know how the pressure you're under the stresses in your life and the preoccupations of your Consciousness and it couldn't be different if you're like how do I do this go to screen
download our free forgiveness packet and it's just do it there's no strings it's not it's literally our gift to the world before do it again and the other thing I want to call your attention to is there are many practices found a trigger. Com that are that are free that are designed to help lift your energy whatever is troubling you if you bring your focus to moving the energy expansion that will be your gift you are and you are love you are light you are Limitless and thereby when you offered that gift through conscious attention into the body of form not just esoteric was thinking about it not just talking about it when you live it when you breathe it you are the law of instantaneous manifestation reverse aging body
normalization when we say yes to the sacred Union of the one and the one this Divine dance everything flourishes please join us tomorrow night go to be there at Monday magic and guys know this
we love you
the Lord you say I love you
thank you for joining us at the green Carillon have your questions answered, and check out

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