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Sri and Kira Live, October 25, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

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Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live as a World's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean missionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra Rock explore these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
Namaste and welcome beloved visitors to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka welcoming you all once more thank you for being here take a breath we are in a week right now this coming Saturday October 31 is literally the single most mystical opportunity in this entire year we have got so much to share about what's going on in the week ahead as today if you are with us live and if you're not we're timestamp in this in we are here in the energy of the ninth Avatar of ma Durga this is the moment of carrying that Triumph of the good over evil through the Empower divine feminine exactly the energy that is ours to call forward anchor and hold onto As we soar
to this literal Collision Course with November 1st about how much we have to share today and you feel it right you guys feel it I know you do this this dream is being picked up and sent all over from one is talk radio to BBS talk radio to the official YouTube channel and it's also being simulcast over at Whitten Twitter and other places so many other places that we are hoping to reach out give you all a hug is robust we are loving you and hate these phone lines are feeling today you can give us a call over at bbsradio at 880-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 Rod producer will get to chat with you and remember if you have a specific questions about the
tension symptoms for Sri or any of that let him know so that he can let us know all right same thing over at 1 this talk radio give us a call in that call board is pretty close to full right now give us a call Board in no 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500 and if you have a question about what works at talking about if you have a question forestry it's * 5 is that right I'm really wanting to dive in because like I'm feeling you guys feel this this is a massively Crown chakra week and I think we should just go right to the energy flows what do you say Garden circle around and die again again
what are the 2020 energy flows The 20/20 energy flows this is what we put out way back when in the beginning of the year that actually last December that 2020 is going to be this year of Master experience that was unlike any experience with ever had before and that it carries with it this energy of the dragonfly and because of this dragonfly energy and let's do that again against Detroit what are the 20 so much okay so Street let's pop off the 20 20 energy flows now the 20 what are the 2020 energy flows The 20/20 energy flows this is what we put out way back when the beginning of the year that actually last December that 2020 is going to be this year of Master experience that was unlike any experience with ever had before
and that it carries with it this energy of the dragonfly and because of this dragonfly energy and it has all right we are live again and may we stay live I am hoping that we are live over at PBS radio as well so hopefully YouTube people will come back you know Bria Rose help help us that YouTube whatever you need to do to get people to show up wherever we're now broadcasting that was really powerful stray yeah so if you run out what happened with a battery backup and the energy Spike went through the battery backup and still pulsed everything working at we're going to go back and we're going to recap right now okay so let's go back and recap right now what's going on and let's all hold presents this material is so powerful and so profound
set the minute we start talking about the minute we put those energy flows up was when that NASA's fight came in and it's three mentioned we are we are not only redundant we have like redundancies over redundancies remember we lived off grid a very long time so I find that really important yeah I really starve okay so once again I believe the called words are back up but get in there 5 1720 a 1500 and of course over at BBS 888-627-6008 bringing hand or Heart Right does that a firm just the way and I love the Mercury mirror just the way the show came in today the way forward this is a masters week if there was ever a masters week this is it because this is the week right now swear this is just going to be defined by Distraction polarity in fear and and the essence of who are you
really and how you know and and two to really invite your Consciousness to come to a new level of being and this is this is all about conscious. We started talking about this last night our last night last week was heard really acting up about this especially with this this coming Saturday if you were not here before we had the power Spike we work this coming Saturday October 31 literally you can feel it right you just sharing it feel it in your chest feel this energy moving through you this is literally I would go as far as saying the single most mystical day of 20/20 with the greatest ramification and this is why it is a day of presents were we talking a lot about that more and why we have this world wide appeal for as many people as possible to start already paying attention to that day and that we are here today in the ninth Avatar of Durga
on the culmination of navratri in the moment of the ascended presents in the Triumph of good over evil remember without going into all of the mythology that this is such a profound gift because it was Durga who who when no man could stop the evil it was the woman who was created by the strengths of them all who did and if you guys are so up my husband earlier I don't know if you can see but I was really called to wear the all and I won't take time to explain where all this came from but literally it's like all of all of the cultures and traditions are here and it's not it's not moment that were in right now through that that Rising divine feminine celebrating the whole mess of the one that you know one of the things that strikes me about the Durga energy other than the ferocity of the commitment
she's just say this naked whey authentic in all nine for all of her farm and the power to forward for me is that represents the Oneness not an aspect so often the the traditional male power even in this most / Turtle protective expression is trying to guard and protect an aspect a singular object or a singular tried versus to guard and protect the one that it may not fall prey to the forces of separation and Darkness playing the demons will a demon is nothing more than a being that is afraid of light
attention to the false gods because the false gods are rearing we are in let us not forget that we are in this incredible Mercury illumination this is that membership beautiful mirror that's come forward before us and everything is radiating within it literally everything and this is why this week is so important so I want to go back to those energy flows which is where we were going to do this again this is what we were explaining when we got our so this time we're ready right we're all together so here it is this screen I put this out in December 29th. This was the first year that ever looks like this all the other years of had much more linear experiences but 2020 and 2021 have completely unique energy flows I will give you a hint the 2021 energy flow is literally Rising Kundalini it's incredible and the way that it's moving its like an infant
variances what 2021 is when we're going to start talking about that it next week so and so when you see this year you see how it's almost like the dragonfly is flying up like with this why so like it is the energy of the dragonfly that's keeping the whole what is the Trinity of profound shift which you see it is really working the Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation this was the big one this was the year where like it or not you are being adapted to multi-dimensional presents know it or not aware of it or not you will not Escape it even the main quote on quote mainstream media is feeding time jumping in working we are surfing time in a way we never have before yet noticed this graphic when it was when I put this out in 2019 this was the way they showed it to me we are all sitting in the center of the Stillness in our wake and present
ignition is coming from Mark Aardvark round outside of us look at where the physical head is of the beautiful being that is meditating it is sitting in the middle of October and November as the Anchor Point for March and April May and June now we could spend a whole show talking about that you know March 2020 was when the world started shutting down our own country shut down March 13th 2020 and you know when we put this out in March and April we've been going back we've been looking at that this October right now and I want you to see how to put that together it looks like a triangle right you know if you just drew those three together so now that you have that let me let me share with you a little more
that moment right there that intersection is another chalice if if we are able to Anchor this moment in our awakened non-distracted presence and it will either anchor as the ignited Chalice which we've been talking about this chalice energy up again or it's going to enter from the reverse mirrored image from the reverse which will be as a pyramid which means we must make sure that the eye of the pyramid is open because if it sinks into the pyramidal structure it means that there will be eight of heavy dense energy and unless that light is on at the top that portal is going to closed for a long time
what's the week or Ed and I want you to really breathe that it because this is big stuff and it affects love and the facts the way we live and it is right now has been happening this year and has been accelerating in the second half of this year is that we're bending emerging and shifting are the way we surf the timelines and timelines or something that are not commonly talked about in as as a reality they're talked about is a fantasy however time as you know is an illusion Weber is a grouping of events and possibilities that are energized through the shoals law of and Consciousness for that sequence and the sequence is not linear so let go of that the sequence are connections so connections do not imply Lenny are there any hair
I got it I love it happening with great regularity especially at our celebrations is it we're bringing Consciousness meaning Souls love to time points to Stein stamps to timeline and even lying isn't the right word for this is just very common vernacular vernacular and by doing that we're creating greater magnetism you might say greater illumination for that which is possible to become probable without looking at the content of the probability know this is where it gets delicate this is what I was talking about a second you know earlier is the typical left brain or associated with male way of thinking is content
we're working on this finger in this finger this this action or this project versus the divine feminine is working on the grand Embrace to empower that which needs to stand up to stand up not to say this must be but this is the energy for what must be to become C
and it's so that maybe a little long-winded and we are coming up on a powerful date which is unlike any other guys are truly a moment where your presence can make a will just say it'll have a grand impact on our shared experiences let's I want to pop up the the calendar again vs the October calendar at the up level calendar so when you look at the October calendar you see we're right here on the 25th and 25th coming out of the 24th you see 25 26 27 28 29 30 and then we played we disappear until the 31st this is this week is all about being out side of anything other than the Divine illuminated presence of you as the Creator you are on Earth because you are a master this is the
we own it this is a combination of the March April 20/20 Experience and Anna moment very much is a time compression and so because of that are we culminating as a sacred Chalice of receptivity and rebirth or as we are we, dating as an anchored pyramid where we will literally not retreat but literally be in that I holding open the portal and so they feel it in your breast feel it in your throat October was the truth revealed so you look at this week this week is absolutely incredible because this is the week where you have the opportunity to come in as Durga to come in as the triumphant one and and what do you need to do to claim that energy on your divine feminine it it's that simple and I know for some of you it's not hard but that's really all it is and this started it first with that Chalice Way back way
June Solstice does that not seem like years ago right remember the June Solstice and this all started birthing and then we had that chalice energy that was bringing us to the 33rd held open until the eighth eighth Lionsgate discus of beach new opened up on the planet when that incredible cosmic energy started becoming easier and easier to ask for those that were releasing and saying yes to that and I know a lot of you were hearing what I'm hearing right now really high high pitch in the background almost like a pressure in the ear and so the more that we have been saying yes the faster we have been granted it's it's like this gift we gave ourselves because remember through this Consciousness with this experience we are constantly co-creating is so the gift we have Coke crate together was the way that we have been able to now start surfing these time lines because it is clear that having a greater awakened awareness to the truth of this to the
who's not the science fiction that has really interesting ly enough gotten really all over and and so again about going into the truth of it and I'm feeling is my entire Crown chakra those of you may want to if you're noticing lots of ignition or crown chakras were talking about this so In This Moment SRI let's put the time compression we went we talked about this last week talked about Monday night Tuesday night should we go sure is why this is so important understand and and here's what you really just need to get right now October 2020 quote on quote slow down to where we only when they had six months from where we were when we jumped out of 20/20 September but here's why this is becoming even more important we have literally skipped through the entire 20/20 Experience to the wisdom and energy that in the way that this this moment in the experience of time is playing out
this is the energy that would be there in March 20-22 you are literally literally waking up November 1st 2020 in the energy that wouldn't that would be March 20-22 with the full awaken presence of it to be able to live your highest you to really call in the mail after you to lift the highest expression of who you are right now and here's why this is so important to understand why we're going to talk about October 3rd November and December 2020 R1 energy and so we have gone from time being crazily fast as to your window that we were granted to September being Peak intensity it was twelve days is one every day to October actually slowing down and giving us the gift of being 6 days as one so that we were starting to feel even more spaces to create to everything that is going
be coming together this week everything that's in your life everything you're dreaming of everything you're putting together is going to build build build build build and it's literally massively hinging on the 31st which we're going to talk about that moment because that energy of the margins specifically the March Equinox and so that energy is going to come in November one and it's going to be a stall were then that far ahead in time living with it for a 60-day Windows at am almost getting sick meaning that nauseous from the floating it is so bloated and so because it's coming into the 2022 awareness which means look at the bottom
our year right now 20/20 is an experience here so of course everything that were happening is happening in that experience energy right 2021 is and I'm going to say was the choice year you've already been through it this is why I'm trying to share with you you have gone through a massive Ascension up level because you've already been through all of 2021 you're already into 2022 and so that means that you are going to have the blessing of the complete experience of what was 2020 the choice you've made in 2021 and the awareness that has birth through it all in your Consciousness now as you get to still go through it again this is this is instant Mastery up level at a at a way that I prayed we were describing it you're chatting with just listen to this over and over again I promise you it will make sense
we are in Uncharted Territory and we're being shown the charts and it's just getting more and more incredible a little piece of the further we talk about these dates of these times imagine for a moment that you look back in history and you took away all of the technology and just looked at the consciousness of a particular time
the Consciousness the beingness the presents that was there that worked with weather was horse and buggy or whatever they were working with was the content of that time but the consciousness of the time is what we're referring to the consciousness of now is evolving and expanding and those that are saying yes to this evolutionary process this up leveling process have had quite a ride and those of you that are just saying yes now is the expansion of presents this is the expansion of love and light and that which is the essence of your form the essence of your beauty is so backed up by analogy of of don't get confused by the technology of the time the presents that you are is the nourishment
the Divine connection the gioi the Bliss everything that you seek that is non physical is in the presence of who you are and we're coming up to the 31st which were calling a day of presents and an opportunity to really massive step outside of reactivity and really be with and be conscious Todd as you are being with your divine presence imagine and I apologize I did not have the ability to make you a graphic for this today because Street and I have also been spending a lot of time up at the temple this weekend and we're going to reveal all that it's full mirrors Tuesday night is going to be my special chests are just too much to share about what's going on with that as well however imagine a circle okay and that this circle is this eternal cycle of consciousness
so let's just make it a circle right now so just imagine this and this eternal cycle of Consciousness has the spotlight on it and it turns and every time that Spotlight moves it's just signing a ray of light into this larger Circle that circling around that is the the other both Eternal so they're both ever-expanding and this is all of the possibilities all miss all of the co creative timelines all of these experiences so this is the way I'm being shown to share this with you what's happening and how it's coming in on October Thirty One 2020 and so you have this cycle of Consciousness that is expanding right now that has the spotlight and then you have this beautiful beautiful beautiful expansive experience as a form
and the way that these experiences of form are flowing is that as this eternal cycle of Consciousness is turning it will always radiates at a specific moment when that radiation is needed most when the greatest aptitude and the greatest presents for those who are here will be able to receive and be aware and thereby have a greater opportunity for participation in a culminating moment and so we are so amazingly blessed and and sincerely dies they should be front-page news everywhere help us get the word out this Saturday what's the date of this calendar in this world experience right now October 31 2020 from the Sun up when when the sun first Rises on
this planet from the Sun up of that date of linear time until the full sundown
that white will be shining
and that will be shining upon the y'all and whether or not your conscious of it it will still be radiating however with the Mercury mirror look at the timing of this with the Mercury mirror it will be like putting a ray of sun through a mirror and it can start a fire
unless you're aware of the ray of light and you're able to bring it in as a Resurgence and so this is this Saturday October 31 20/20 is that moment where we are either going to Anchor The Chalice through our illuminated presents will share more about that or the pyramid will sink an anchor and we will need to be holding our presence as keeping the eye open and and it will be this is where you'll really want to be staying and so the gift that we're being given is to break free of this distraction the polarity in the fear and two for that one sunrise to sunset wherever you are completely disconnect from technology
and a Day of Silence you can interact you can write you can play You Can Dance you can do whatever you want have wonderful food whatever is calling to you but it's a Day present because it's a day where you are ready to show how much love you sincerely have for yourself for this party for the planet the beautiful cohabitants are here with you it's that day of of freeing love as well that's tree I know you have so much to share holiday of free love is a nicer everyday is data free love and this particular Saturday is a day of expansion and Liberation beyond the norm in fact what their masters have a shared with me is that this this little portal this going to be tracking sunrise
Grand Cosmic cycle motorcycle in this is not something that should be astrology for head here that stuff if an opportunity to feel that what you are more completely and to rate at which you are into the timeline and interrupt because I'm what you need to know is that will come in and is going to guide your entire experience until December 30th where it will impact with the New Year energy on the 31st this is part of why this is so important that you were on a magical quest and you had left behind left behind all of the GPS and and fed
and that you were on a true mystical Quest come come to the temple and that the light radiating out of the temple doors and windows was so bright and it was time to enter the temple would you at that moment prefer to bring out your cell phone
and interact on social media or ask for guidance from robot or would you find it more wholesome for your experience to be present to do that which is radiating which is beyond the creations of of the human particular era and I also have a dramatic context what we're suggesting to you is there is an opportunity being granted it's because we are enough of us have come together to co-create this existence so hey us right it's not about anything right or wrong ever it's about time it's about discernment of course you can continue on like you or whatever your pattern is it in and whatever pattern that you find out if you can continue on
it really well and if any of it brings us to Street it brings us to you do I put in the eCard today what's the catch like what's the catch about this moment because this this week and then moving into this October Thirty-One and honoring the cycle remember that the key is to really we we talked about this last week and giggled a call it like a drones over looking right what it really is is a radiant illuminated presents is coming to this moment while I'm here can I do anything for you seriously guys I mean that's really it it's like okay I'm here and you're going to receive all of this no matter what but hey hello those of you that know I'm here do you need any what can I do to help that radiant energy coming in to be awakened Mercury mirror of all of the Divine creation that you have been calling for word of that Durga Triumph of the
for evil to dark you know Vance vanquishing that which would seek to it to harm you are in your moment of your finest hour and so of course some of the most masculine energies money and time are rearing their heads and so this week you want to pay attention to that because I can tell you guys loud and clear and we're going to talk about this there are a lot of demigods of money and time that are rearing their heads right now and the more that you feel pressured the more that you feel out of breath and more that you filled scared these are the distraction energies these are the distractions and the distractions are large and their lofty and they're not real sure the gift of these distractions they're saying are you ready to love yourself more they're saying hey here's your call to present this beautiful Eternal spiral is giving us the spotlight of rain
ants that we can basket and receive and lost some country SLI with from now October 31 until December 30th how much we could accomplish collectively and anchoring the cellist why October Thirty-One that happens to be when it lines up and I've been sitting with that one you know I've been sitting with that one for about 2 days now and ever since it was really evident what was how this was going to come down and here's what I really been inspired to share that had that has been coming in this at it has to be because that will also be the day and the end they keep saying in God's name insert your version are literally saying it to me that on that day it's going to be a lot of inadvertent offering and empowerment to the 4th dimensional presences and that. Day is also going to have a huge Bello and energy
around the lower casting and they're saying that the that which keeps you bound the bow they call it the bound casting happens as well because so many come together at the same time and so this is why do I have to be during daylight from Sunrise until sunset you simply love you you love your planet you all of this beautiful experience of breathing you become more tactile you spend more time and you let go of all technology I mean turn it off put it away put it down and when the Sun goes down you let your heart decide how you want to move forward but the key is it's about sending out an incredible it's like a heartbeat pulse wave of this energy that's why we've been using this graphic all month sending out this beautiful pulsewave that says
I am here... When these two radiant beams align the receptivity of yes I am here I am here I am ready I am open guide me no ulterior motive no distraction no polarity just thank you for the blessing thank you for this gift right and thank you for life or the ability to touch for the ability to love is about the inspection waiver time surfing right now look what's happening in this experience that we all chose you know we were talking about this the other day member when we all first consciously time served here on purpose of a year ago we chose this so it's our time it's like we said take me where I need to be but we didn't say and let me wait 10 or 15 years or I can pay your it is go right and that's where we're at
I rather futile surfing and energy probabilities possibilities and inspiration now when we give rise to inspiration what are we doing we're tapping into the creative force of the universe were caffeine in to change and when we are inspired we have an opportunity to shift that which is coming our way meaning we literally change the future inspiration does that however then the egoic aspect of ourselves hates change it if uses it as a stimulus to rise up and try that control how it's going to unfold and whether it's safe and lovely will I get approval or not and all that good stuff is so sweet we run this dynamic
and part of the dynamic leads as to the understanding of what is love
Is Love And even go beyond that it's even beyond what is love because that's where we actually come to in this experience of this co-creation of density right now and especially as we are in this moment of distraction and the distraction addiction it begins when we're told who we can love when were told what we can love when were told that things about love have definitions and this goes back to that false. Of time. Of money it's all part of that box that we build and so it begins with we inherently inside of us have a heart that knows how to love and that understands Love Is Love no matter what's wrapped around it no matter how many times it's been attacked or worked with whatever it's there it's there it doesn't mean it'll service in this life
however it is there and the key is that we are in a moment and especially this week as we head into this present moment where when we when we are told that we are loving wrongly when we are told not to love when we are told that the way we love is wrong we are everything about ourselves is just different then we stopped loving ourselves it's how we love the same thing that gives us the experience of so much expansion is the exact same energy that also shut us down and and this is a moment where is that ignition is starting to come forward with the paradoxes will dance with you until you break free completely of them and which case you've broken free of the grip of the pattern
comes from culture and religion and I'll bring you know those patterns and that enlightened State awaits each and everyone of us often times especially as we are in the cycle right now remember all of this fluidity of time the time surfing that were all working with right now so many things are being reflected the world we live in a world where alternative facts gets traction and so that's the gift of that is that it's the ultimate recognition of their there really is ranch fluidity in the creation of if people project trust and belief into a thought and look at the power it has over-the-water barometers because it brings
you who are you who are you really because the addiction of the distraction and the the heightened propensity of the distraction thrown in with a heaping dose of polarity and has become quite a cocktail and it's got so much sugar in it that it's being consumed incredibly and many other illusionary experiences including safety and so we are at this moment of presents it is it is such a gift because it begins by loving yourself by remembering that and by remembering that to to break free of the allusion means that the ego is going to throw everything is Scott and his Arsenal at you to stop you and that this fourth-dimensional intensity member the fourth dimension has compressed something very gooey says it's just like a fat
overstuff something right now so that's why it's like I'm liking this she has just like this big old hunk of jam around the world right now so this is Dewey 4th Dimension it's got a lot of people loving it and the ego and so the way through that is with your laser beam right against you that jam that laser just kind of melted goes straight up so that the jam is fine but you're just passing through and that's for self-love that's that's the saying yes to you remember we are in the year of Perfect Balance let us not forget September but she's me all of 20/20 is the four plus the double intimate your perfect balance and on every illuminated New Moon we put this out in the up level calendar review the perfect balance checklist when you are out of balance is when you are going to have the easiest infiltration possibilities meaning you will become depressed will become all the things that are opposite
loving you so that you may love more if you really want to be a service if you sincerely want to achieve a state of divine self ascended presents love you more and raise discernment filter If Your Love Hurts another than that is not love of the highest remember that by loving ourselves more we free others to do the same and no way no way would we ever be trying to in capture them to do something different because there's there's a lot of misunderstanding about what if I'm doing it because I love them so much while there is no no you don't love you first exactly exactly awareness experience and choice we are constantly cycling through the process of self Ascension and awareness experience and choice inform the soul
wisdom and and and then we go to the cycle again and again and again because that is the beauty of this particular ride that were hot station the joy of it what are the things that I want to remind you is think about how conditioned we have been for the concept of love
even giving you the concept word you must love this way you must love this. We're literally talked to doubt love and that's where this all comes from
the first breath begins to awaken presents more consciously let's take two more conscious breath right into our heart center Ave
one more
and just quietly think along I am love
I am
I feel that
I am light
I am lost
and if you breathe into that being
just simply notice
love is an energy which defines our presents
true presence always radiates love
conscious love is present
and what we were
inviting you to consider for October Thirty One Is to start right there to be in the presence of your divine nature before that energy gets conditioned by egoic patterns and others impulses is it that let me just do one last check or is it waking up with this absolutely radiant Freedom anticipation of a of a glorious moment that's been put in front of you for the Wi-Fi and we turn off the device will be on ya no radiation just enjoy the day
anything about but we will make sure we share with you and we'll do some writing and sketching maybe that would be lovely now so let's really breathe in and feel free we have some people holding this question absolutely okay well over to BBS it looks like Kira from Hawaii is on line three and she has a question
hello hello from Hawaii you even more love you lyrics to Happy I got through I have a question and a concern and then I would love to have a mini Soul reading if that's possible out of nowhere I started coughing up blood on Wednesday and I went to the emergency room and they did a bunch of tests and determined that I have a lung infection and I'm still a bit anxious I had no other symptoms I'm absolutely fine and healthy and everything so I've loved you for reading from you if I possibly could thank you so much thank you thank you first I want to offer you a big hug and
States you're not you're not the lungs carry
carry the inference of our prior sufferings
so remember this the purpose of the long is to exchange Essence so if the basal scientific understanding the lungs is a trading carbon dioxide oxygen at a more profound recognition what the lungs are doing its exchanging Essence and we're exchanging transmuting the essence of suffering and separation into the essential connectivity and Oneness and so this is a needed clearing of old energy of old suffering and to be present to that which you are letting go of and call in the light of that which you are now ready to receive what is the essence that is yours to create with what is the essence that supports your joy and the focus on those aspects of essence
well the lungs to come online as the supporters and the expanders of what is truly joyful at is potential
yeah so freezing that in my angel ash tree was sharing with you it was actually your blood that was talking to me and what I was seeing and entering as true sharing is that your blood was sharing to you
are you willing to sacrifice all that you are or are you willing to love you more
it's like your blood was coming out from within and saying I post with your joy and your sorrow and I am here for you always and it was like it was like this old blood that came out as like the sacrifice giving away and the rest of your blood is saying what are you really pulsing through me are you ready to add this crystalline light are you ready to really call forward that which is what are you willing to really say yes to Andy do going back to a tree with sharing to about the lungs area I'm seeing it also as your whole ascended heart it's like your lungs have been trying to beat with your ascended heart while your body has and there's been this other energy back here has been like I'm I'm trying to do this but I'm not quite sure I know how and then down in the middle of your back there's like this the right one described it as if it's not that it is it's like it's in two different directions saying okay
let let's put this baby in One Direction and Foal I and so in order to fly you're going to have to exercise your wings a little more and what they're saying is go outside ascended living on go outside stand in the living on posture let your head go back let your chest open up let out what needs to be let out and receive that which is coming in now and they're saying that your heart is getting ready to dance with a new beat your soul is already aware and the rest of you is just waiting for you to say yes so it is
thank you so much I appreciate it, I love you too I love you both so much Aloha and Mahalo thank you sweetheart thank you my heart is just like wow tree I want you to click on this caller right here we have a caller right here and here we are on clicking on this and this is over at 1 this talk of radio and street do we actually have it on for the talk right now okay so high we are over in in Illinois is this Gary
I don't see anything that was some steak honey I really don't think our call board is on right now
let me know I just see what happens and let's see what we've got sitting there all right then there we are we back let's try again now let's say hi is it scary over in Illinois
yeah this is Gary again icara I'm so glad you
thank you for being here today
I've been sitting here not listening to the show because it turned off and then I called the whole time so I really want expecting to get through but I'm glad you guys answer
it sure is for all of you listening right now if you gave me the honor of being with me on during Soul mirrors last Tuesday night then you heard Gary story and and Gary you have had so many people sending you so much love and so much like thank you Gary you have paved the way you are really modeling with happening on the planet right now so my angel can I ask you to share your story again that you shared on Soul mirrors Tuesday night
yeah yeah you can help a lot of people sober
dance your heart everyone
okay well then I heard September was going to try to jump us out of our flowing out of out of work concentration or whatever it was right what was my mom had bought my plane ticket to come back and pay my grandma's house on the 18th of the day after my birthday a week after she bought me the ticket I got the phone call that my grandson drowned in the swimming pool
I called
Chalmers the day before I got on the plane to come to the funeral and I told him before I got on the phone and said if I don't connect with care then this is The Universe telling me I'm ready to go I can Master to it I can walk through there and I didn't really care and I got a phone call I'm going I'm going to shine
got on the plane come down here on the plane actually started just really meditate and talk to me Carson my grandson I said if you want me to call my boy with got my waking and going to
next time your mother and anyone else who wants to hear it you just make it possible sun and I will do it
and I went to the church the next day me and my brother showed up
and that was funny about it is when we got there we have to take my son and I don't want to try to see me but they don't know I'm awake and they were I saw the fear come over on that I was there but we got in there and the funeral was beautiful.
he said would anybody like to get up and say everything I looked around and no one did anything so I jumped up and grabbed the microphone and I told the story My Awakening story
and I was done the picture grab the mic or I handed the microphone back to him and he told everyone he said my new friend is told you we are called evine beans and he said his goodbyes and left it at that and I just say
that was how that went because everything is it's so beautiful because what you modeled was that trust you know what that is
where you have had that steadfast commitment you're focused awareness and when the universe stuck open that door and said are you ready you said yes and that is that life that is that moment that is before us that is what this week is all about that is what's happening this Saturday when we when we all say yes to that and so I'm just so grateful to you for sharing that story and how can I serve you today because I know you've just served this entire Community with saying yes to you and your beautiful grandson thank you for sharing that with all of us we are all sincerely honored
I'm honored to share it and I'm happy to hear it it was a beautiful moment for my son and he got the healing message and I know it was felt throughout the church and I damn sure fell. I'm feeling blessed right now I just pulled this out right now
well we love you angel and thank you for being with all of us today and just thank you for being you we're really grateful you are here many blessings Gary back to you guys I love you guys very much all of you go so fast guys we have so much to share about what's happening with Consciousness about what is coming forward and about where we are going and that is such a big conversation that we're going to go get some tea and we're going to play this fun little real for you and we will be right back and when we come back there is a lot of show to go so get ready don't leave stay with us
welcome to the self Ascension classroom affordable and beautiful home study for your mystical Journey imagine the gift of studying everything that you've ever wanted at home and on your time yes it is possible and there is so much to choose from as you dive into your home study experience remember that was every moment you spend studying this gift you ignite your Divinity Imagine The Mysteries of the toe heel as a crystal is Clarity and radiant abundance of a Mastery balancing technique and certification process and then Cosmic life regression travel the universe and remember allow yourself the gift of navigating the inner matrix it's beautiful ascended Mastery Program of the Violet flame will take you to places you may not have dared
dream to go and then you will ReDiscover the true gift of your divine nature yes the time is now to study the ancient Mysteries and it's so easy to begin discovered the self Ascension classroom only at Street and Cara. Com that SRI and Kira. Com, today
Namaste beloved ones may the beautiful Buddha of the blue energy Ray shower Divinity upon you as Together We Begin our robust Community our live chat mini Soul readings you are questions and so much more let's go
welcome back beloved ones it is a gift to be here with you now and sneak it in because I asked him to get me a tea my amazing husband and beloved history wrong, hey angel thank you for that and we are just so excited to be here during this extraordinary moment together right now and guys I know the phone lines are getting Fuller again go ahead and get in there at 886 to 76008 Ecorse 517-208-1500 because we're going to be waiting in your calls starting in the moment because we've been sharing because the moment at hand is unique and it cannot be the death of this Saturday the death of 12 days as one in September moving to six days is one in October to this week we're today right now real time that ninth Avatar of dirt
that actual balancing energy that Triumph that unified field of light and dark that there is the restoration of balance it is all sitting here in this licity of saying yes to the divine feminine emergence on the planet it is that simple and yet it tends to be that complex part of the joy of a Viva la Vida are not the little late because there's so many things that have been created it's these one word to describe it needs are endlessly creating and whether you're creating technology are creating naasongs and art already you're creating discomfort and and and projecting emotional distress out there you will find me
call when energy of creation is the intersection of that Divine love with Consciousness and whatever your level of Consciousness is whatever your preoccupation is at the moment your conditioning that creative flow and conditioning the energy and that will circulate until it's dealt with in another way it had it it will circulate and you have the opportunity to create that which is wholesome and uplifting you have the opportunity to create unconsciously you there's no limit the key is are you in a rudderless ship you know those the question is we are always creating cannot not create however we can create for different experiences and we are in an experienced year in an experienced decade in right now this rich
complexity of Creation with the compression of time and remember I'm going to pop it up one more time and I know some of you are like yeah I put up there yet I want to make sure I really get this and thank you remember that first impression was the actual when 2020 through 2022 came in together so we we knew that these two years were overlapping we do that we were being given this time to kind of catch up again to say okay we've got this to your window and then what happened was the up level that's what began this year 2020 and 2021 are normally years and we put out all this information last year you can go RI how we talk about this when it was coming and so what was unknown was that XX didn't happen until that income medical discus to Vishnu it was a successful that was like the first thing that went off and remember we had all of the comments support and all of the other Moon energies and so this
really an important moment and then that beautiful lionsgate's toward us into a September where we were literally given the gift of being aware that we were having the experience of a full-year compressing into that one month and that meant that by the time we went into October one of this month we were actually ahead into August 2020 once we were already eight months through the choice look at the bottom of the chart 2021 is a choice year we started this year already living the choice that have been made
then we went ahead 6 more months this year right now this month so that when we come out of October this right now when we step into November one it is with the wisdom the energy and the recognition of everything that was the potentiality in this timeline being asked to fully experience excuse me fully experienced right now right now in conscious awareness now that means we have to blow through the barrier of our own limitation that is the gift of this week is that we are being given this beautiful ignition we're building up to it you know it when that when that was illuminated portal come there's that there's either whenever archangels like to describe this really well he's like okay here's your little experiment experiment get a flashlight okay hold out your hand but the flash light all the way down
might as hard as you can turn flashlight on but really keep it tight turn off the lights be in a dark room when you're doing this and noticed that you barely have to list it for the elimination to begin and this is what my beloved SRI rampai talks about in in the way that Consciousness and he goes dominance work together and it's such a teeny little bit that needs to open it's so exciting I mean it's literally just a smidgen and this is how you can can really know that and have some fun with that energy well that's what this is like right now that's already we're already at that moment because we're in this week we're building to Saturday but this Saturday is literally meant to be a time out of time and the way to do that literally is to disconnect your technology
and to go with when the sun comes up till the sun sets you are living the gift of you in presence aware be aware the key is you want to be aware all day I plan on Dancing celebrating having fun you can have music playing Just you are in word with the gift there are so many ways to communicate with our beloved without words are there not maybe it's a great way to practice telepathic communication where is your heart taking you and can you give yourself can you love yourself this is that day if you can love yourself enough to do this that day then what you're setting in motion is filling you to be instant law of instantaneous manifestation all the way through December 30 when it will dissolve into the December 31 literal impact into next year fascinating moment head straight and I can
wait to talk about all of those energies next week and I love it or so next week is on November one just after we will have all gone through the October 31 presents gifts so I'm already feeling us I already feel it's like together like we're already having two shows in one we're on both sides of this gift and so really invite that it's your presents right now people that talk about restoring the Garden of Eden references to that natural utopian States and the thing I want to mention right here it was just leave how much more has been revealed
in the past week so please forgive me I want to share is that in
the time of essence words were not used nor were they needed and understood by today's brain as being soundless words right
telepathy is a communication and it could have actually come along with the song it could have come along with some toning as you do those were all possibilities the whole concept or the introduction of individuated words to connote a defined meaning and ever more precisely get Evermore Define meant we were chopping up flow into discrete content and that was an act of the manipulation with wood seat to inhibit your joy and your Divine connection to the Grandeur flow that is the essence of who we are the irony that some of the tastiest inventions have come from The Brady had extreme contributed to this this flow
did it erupt sloped and they're there was some books written years ago back when I was in business school this was a while back and they talked about the difference between a high-tech and a high-touch society and that when he became prevalent we needed to find other ways to receive touch or society would go out of you know balance in a not a good way look what's happened because that's the gift of this year is that we're remembering that we came here to touch that we that we came here to be that when we love and guitar experience of ourselves when we can feel better about ourselves by gazing at an illusion of ourselves when we can start becoming more enamored with our other life than our own life then we willingly have given away all that we are we we become the carcass that is easily robitaille's that is easily
persuaded into groupthink and then we're told who to love and how to love and love is defined and we are putting little very definitive box that give us just enough room to think we still have freedom and yet not enough to be empowered and we live by and I want to share we live by you guys know it here comes where is it there it is we live by the victim triangle and so it's really important look at this victim triangle go right into the center are you going in and Breaking Free or is it coming out and encapsulating you the gift is it's always going to be here it's part of this level of Consciousness your greatest protection is your Consciousness and this is why it is so coveted and why there is such an outright battle for Consciousness and a victim who needs a rescuer and an abuser
will not ever be able to break free because they will always have an ego to find experienced the ego itself is born as all three it is the abuser it is The Rescuer and it is the victim and it keeps running through all of those rolls until that inner portal of law restores through those experiences which cannot be avoided right so as you've ever evolve through those experiences and you love yourself more then we transcend then we become the teacher Mentor healer through our presents what is the evolution of our ascended presents awareness experience choice so you see all of the alchemical formulations are all coming together right now all of the geometry all of the album he's all
the languages all of the tribes we are that one we are that one it is our moment to come together and I do want to share that you note please mark your calendar for this year March 19th 2021 that weekends at Solstice for the WWE Global Summit we have already started getting people coming here but can Yari will be here the indigenous are coming the celebration is bursting the speakers that are coming and my husband you have to tell them the surprised we are building a drum roll please we are building and it will be for this event hopefully we might have it for New Year would be even better to consecrate this. Then furthering Dome this not just a dome directions do each of the four directions will have it
stage but we are all songs but it's the one center of the foot of the cross and I'm in a lot of surprises coming with that I am so honored and excited and the view it is at your street like this right this is what's being built and it feels like that's going to be the view right is it in the dome off all month enough is that we actually already are working on that right now so calm November 15th we will be launching everything I've got a lot of you on waiting lists already we will do our best to help everybody as quickly as possible Mark the date to get everything you need to know it's going to be November 15th WWE this is the moment this moment matters and it moment it matters that we're launching it right now that we're talking about it right now that we're in the energy of the summit right now because of
this Saturday remember we are going to go crashing in November we have been in this 12 is 1/6 is one and we are crashing into November and hitting a. Tilt literally live what we have been calling in and so when you really pay attention to what that means in these time lines when you really start looking at that and you've got to be with string and I Tuesday night on Soul mirrors all the same connection points because we have a lot more to share especially with what happened up on the hill over the weekend this is a profound moment this coming Saturday is a moment where this light is being beamed you are being given that opportunity to be in March 2022 living in the awareness right now of the experience choice and awareness up-to-date that you've made and then being able to amplify that again
and I I hope so that's making sense am I making sense sometimes. I really hope you are in a call in and ask your questions I know we've got a lot of people on the phone right now we are happy to take your questions and happy to share what we say hi to some folks would have been about it looks like we have Melissa from new you work a first-time caller and Namaste Melissa and welcome Angel thanks for holding
hello thank you so much for you and Kira I love you so much your energy is amazing and you're spreading it all around the world and it's awesome honey I love you. I just love your reflection precious thank you
calling first or eating wow I'm so I'm kind of settling. Really I'm like settling into your energy because as even as you were asking and inviting the soul reading there's like this adorable little group behind you that's just all giggling going out there like just let her ask and as they're just they're sitting behind you giggling and giggling and giggling and they and I don't look at them and one of them's is like a rocking chair and one of them is open dancing at and one of them is very much just standing there holding presents with his beautiful smile and this other one is just standing there with her arms out like this and they're saying we are the four aspects of the mother within and the mother around the mother that has always been and the mother that holds you now for you are
ready to arise from one stage to another and this and so is how it begins call forward before into balance and remember the all taken the breath of presidents and so you are you are beautiful thank you for igniting all of us today
wow thank you I love you honey I love you so much I just go have fun they are all right there waiting for you, stay many blessings I love you both so much I love everyone from others have come forward right now this perfect balance right remember that today the ninth Avatar of Durga the Triumph of good over equal the first saw you know that the recognition that it took the divine feminine all of the best attributes of the men woven into just the one empowered woman consider the power you can wield when you say yes to your divine feminine when we remember that we are the all that we are all as one and that is the week ahead and the radiant a lumen
ignition that says when you go into November one when we hit that all brakes stop moment a manifestation you've got all this amazing amplitude all this energy this beautiful mirror of mercury saying shine baby shine it's incredible moment as long as we just keep our Consciousness in that broader View and the love stays really present balance it's all about balance it's really secret to me so I can call her over at BBS radio online
Carlos De all my goodness for the work that you do it's not the easiest path and I know you both have led many different lives just as I have and and been asked Against All Odds and against all societal Norms to leave those Avatar behind As We join together want the price of of the warrior and I sit here and I look at this golden statue that I got in India. A couple years ago two years ago almost exactly and it's so powerful because I got that when I broke my foot
yoga teacher training in rishikesh. Taught me a lot about the divine feminine on Kira you and I have so much in common in this world and three you remind me so much of my father who was my first guys in this journey of divine feminine Divine balance so I just wanted to thank you and I'm standing on the precipice of Unsinkable persecution I have been guided here to this desert to give a voice to the natives just like you but in the process I have encountered Hernandez Hernandez
pain and I'm confusion on loneliness in this journey and I am going into a week that is a combination I know the energy needs are such that the world has never seen before he met his medicine so my question is is a great compass in this journey this upcoming week is going to test me so to provide the greatest amount of strength and guidance that I possibly can through that Avatar and then of course thank you if you could afford a mini film rating thank you
thank you for taking a breath
yeah and I are the reflection I would like to offer to you is that the energies of your 4th and and 6th chakras are your Guiding Light it's right now and using that as the contact for the conversations the fourth chakra is about balanced love and I underscore the word balance because we must if we are to proceed to support the illumination. We have to love of ourselves the love of our intimate love with another being and we have the love Rebecca Lobo family and that creates a pyramid a triangle of the energy of life and so I wanted to reflect that to you remember to be in perfect balance to the extent that you can in loving yourself loving others and loving Hall and the other chakra this coming forward to to guide you is the sixth chakra which is about understanding
the difference between Concepts and dogma and the universal family and the 6th chakra is and you're already walking this path it's one of your guides and that the as we relax all Need for Dogma Concepts and Convention and just recognize spiritual family in every being we see then this heart and that guidance will cooperate in a way that will bring great Healy forward
so I want you to take in a breath
as as she was sharing and when you had first shared my hands filled with so much life and so much energy that I was just sitting here holding this energy and all I could do was let it process in and around you're saying hold up your hands making the offering of the sincere heart making the offering of the sincere heart and your hands will be filled with the energy strength wisdom
memory that will guide you and they're saying and as I'm sure this with you I'm stealing my hands are like on fire and my fingers are very very tingly at the top of my hands are almost feeling like if I can barely hold them and they're saying bring this to your heart now bring it all into your heart now and as we're doing that I'm feeling this pressure come spurting out of your third eye it's like there's been this cork in your third eye that has limited your ability to really see with the wind with they're calling it with the window of the guidance that is yours to now claim and they're saying relax relax breathe and just move forward that you will always be in the right place at the right time you will you and they're saying and you are always protected and that idiot is going to be your integrity and your ability to see the bigger vision
that will be the illumination the healing and the expansiveness and I want you to know I've got you I'm just right here with you thank you for the blessings letting me connect with you I'm honored and and say to you you're amazing thank you sweetheart
you are both amazing and I just I can't say thank you enough of you you are pioneers and you are bastian's in this Brave and wild Journey that we have culminated together in right now and I thank you so much for your love and support thank you thank you for being the community this is a power day remember this is here we are the ninth Avatar of Durga the moment of the enlightened presents the Triumph within the knowing the presents and claiming that as we walk forward into the Sphinx creation of mirrored reflection taking us to the 31st that day out of time to really offer ourselves that loving gift of presents that will
how are you threw in the Creative Cycle between November and December Thirty I'm really excited straight and I really am so where we going next we have opportunities everywhere we're at where we going I don't know there's a scroll there to all right it looks like we're going to where it's at Allentown Namaste over at 1 to stop radio hi hello how are you guys doing doing well my love how are you today
I am very well thank you so glad to have gotten through as I have a couple questions but I would love to get your feedback on that I have a and I'd love to get both your guidance on this
it is a harder is very picky to get through those instances of those people in your life you know it's illegal that's still holding strong or do you think it's unfinished business that is going well let's start there so let's just take in a breath because you're asking this question for a lot of people and end my angel you know I'm I'm going to jump right in this is the victim triangle the reason the answer to any of this is that within our own experience we are still more attached to the energy of a victim rescuer and an abuser then we are to really standing true to ourselves and Walton and walking through no matter what
is trying to stop us and this is the ultimate moment of Mastery and and being aware of it and and being able to ask the questions and Industry would you like to share more I just want to expand on that a little bit when we are rooted in and egoic reality and everyone is okay is everyone is what happens is as we begin to gather more experience as the sole begins to come forward the degree to which the ego will govern begins to decline there's an opening for the souls illumination to come forward and only takes a tiny little openings for people to have marvelous guidance and insights and begin to gather themselves the recognition that we Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience versus human beings having a spiritual experience and that's probably where the conflict could could reside
like when you're having trouble getting through to people they have a lens up and their lands is reflecting to them that which they have adopted is reality right now in this very moment which is why I love your question right now we had that big Mercury mirror open so the reflections are undeniable October was the truth revealed and the reflections are undeniable so you're either a stoking it up and dancing with it or unable to deal with it from our hearts first anchor in our heart get clear of there I am loved and then we bring her energy up about an inch-and-a-half above the third eye to the star Consciousness and feel its end and be there be there when you're interacting with other people and that will invite them to lift out of their egoic lens no guarantee
vacations and you will feel better during The Interchange because that's where you are residing in Star consciousness
that makes so much sense thank you thank you
pressure or almost like sinus pressure around my temples and almost like a
calling my brethren father it's been like almost like I talk to you because it's fear it's you got fear all over this area and this is not uncommon this is not uncommon to have this presents and awakened energy and have this fear this is everything we're talking about today this is distraction at its peak and honestly I'm hearing go for a run go for a brisk walk tell your body you love it sit and do pranayama focused on a base of breath for 30 minutes in through the nose out through the mouth love more thinking about Carol the lungs this is all about and I'm thinking about the other question we just answer for you you are at a moment right now where it's time to say yes to you and of course you're getting through today and asking these questions because this is. Day is it not
it's the day to claim your Divine empowerment to open up that area right to get that third eye in that seventh chakra more illuminated and so thank you for asking I think you for all of us we love you so much for all of your blessings for you know everyone is in this this profound moment and end this week this very weak right now we are navigating we're already navigating Beyond anywhere we've navigate it before but the call and the race what is it that opens that field what is it that gives us that framework of support where we become that zero point generator of the law of instantaneous manifestations that moment where the true balance of the yoga of self Ascension comes forward well it's all about the basics steadfast commitment focused
and complete trust and I want to go back to Gary because that's what Gary's demonstrating and to the point where he he got on that plane he went to that funeral and he said I am here I am ready I am open guide me and look at the blessings that happened and so this is that moment are we living this is why we sent it again during the brakes are we living the monster self Ascension who are you really and and how do you know this is that moment where it is all about going beyond the false god of money the false god of time going beyond all of the false gods that are doing their best to distract you and it absolutely is residing in your technology right now it's absolutely is and that's not a conspiracy it's just what we've created
and the key is there's nothing wrong with that as long as we remember we are the commander
when we let go of this we've lost a lot I mean really when when did we stop enjoying just knowing the gift of who we are and being able to gaze at each other I II II I know every time people come here to tossa Blue Mountain and we still have beautiful people here with more people coming it's been really quite beautiful toes to calm down here feel it touch it and then bring it back to where you are on the planet we really are Ground Zero of crystalline light guys and and that area is getting smaller which is why everyone of us that holds it open says no we will not let it get smaller we will all cheat this beautiful illuminated presents open and sostre speaking of beautiful illuminated present as we have people over at CBS Radio
hey Barbara from California Namaste welcome
hello hi what's up with you and I'm glad you're in my life thanks for calling around April anyway get a little bit of information about that maybe
well taking the brass yeah I'm taking a breath and relax and as you're sharing that I can already feel Shrader Street have permission today's a little deeper can he do that quick scams what I'm saying yeah, wherever that can be dissolved so don't get hung up on what medical science needs anything it's all just energy and the other thing is that your sixth chakra is going to help you through this so listless back up for a minute the hip the pelvis is your center of balance in the body and soul look at it from a energetic flow standpoint and it started in April you're a perfect balance in the fourth month before is the number of perfect talent and so when when we have here it's saying I
one way easier than the other one leg will extend more freely than the other leg will extant it's as if there is an unresolved on that one side and your body experience is it as paint so what I would suggest you do is take a hand or two and put it on that hit and begin to breathe deeply into that area and improve your conscious connection with the story or the message that the hip is Carrie and this is why I mentioned the sixth chakra to you because that is a chakra Clairvoyance and intuition but it's also the chakra of where we can receive guidance more easily and so the hip is basically sharing with you the way you've walked in the past will not serve the walk in the future and I want to add in the Real Time with that that as ensuring that and as I've been connecting with the energy in your hip this is affecting your entire spine
well that while she was showing that I was literally guided to take my hands you a preposition and just bring them straight up straight up straight up and from a seated position which I'm in right now and if possible lift your feet off the floor like I have them lifted way high up or I'm actually probably higher than most people would want to but just lift your feet off the floor and have your your hands together and and keeping the head straight look straight out pull up as hard as you can and move. Hip and then bring down the hands remaining in the Strater posture and for all of these are doing it what's happening here honey is 3 much it is that this is about a rebalance you're bringing into your life right now and they're saying that you you have it's not that you took a wrong
stop is that you've been in the lateral steps too long to start working different muscle you're ready for more you've been ready for more as how your body saying hey let me remind you you're ready for more and so is my love this is going to be fun you can unwind us let it be fun love you more and chiropractor says it's in the muscles that I need to rub her in over my voice options do you say Thomas okay go ahead stream what we wanted to do is is not have a medical diagnosis for discussion there is more than one way to do everything they say but if you're calling in and asking for our assistance then maybe give yourself the gift of receiving the expansion of that they stop doing anything we're saying look at it
from a greater perspective and we're so glad you called thank you Barbara Namaste yeah wow Amazing Race is an exact example of the Mind Over the spirit when we really are ready to heal and we are really ready to break through when we are really ready to do the next level we let go of the ego with presents that has to know to that level and and I'm thinking Barbara for giving us all this gift and I want to talk about this in real time when we are in a receiving mode and we are receiving incredible spiritual guidance when we are receiving all of that energy when we are receiving that then we are truly activating the law of instantaneous manifestation because to receive is to love ourselves
and the barrier to True receptivity is the Eco with brain because he's always brain doesn't want you to truly love yourself because the adult brain can only love itself and cannot even understand that you could love everything and so too cuz that's what keeps you trap that's what keeps you in that lower frequencies that there are parts of the love equation within the mind of destiny that can't understand it's impossible love becomes a limiting experience when it is from that level of density and so when we love ourselves enough to let the ego take a Hiatus and to receive an expanded energy
that's when we are able to lift above that energy and all the solutions appear and the law of instantaneous manifestation come forward with such miraculous propensity with such rapidity I mean write your attempts to Blue Mountain this whole thing with the the big four for directions domecoming in the new pyramid housing the beautiful little ways that the Casitas are expanding the revelations that are happening here this is all because she and I live the work and because we live the work when you call in and when you ask we're not going to lie to you and sometimes that means your ego might get bruised and where we get that and will love you through it the key is can you love yourself through it if we are all comfortable with our eco-centric co-created experience the way it is that we need to stop complaining about anything that we think is out of balance and live this is it this is what we've
made it and if you were offended heart is calling you to invite a greater balance Amor a balance that will offer options for Humanity options for this future options within this time plane then it's the moment of really saying yes to your master reith presents and that's what this week is all about and that's what all of these colors have brought in and my heart is just so big trees at this community you are the most you are the bright light you are the moment at hand you are that anchor and remember this Saturday October 31 the day that is literally so far out a time I was told not to put it on the calendar know but if I put a 31 on it then I was already limited to get it I mean I want you to get it by putting just the number on it I'm quantifying it in a linear time. Right now
instead it's wide open for this beautiful moment right where those two wheels are going to intersect and that radius is going to open up this is a massive this is beyond and up level moments this is like a Quantum alignment that says here it is we're going to we're going to stop this compression and it is now the equinoxes of March 20-22 boom go and you got two months to months pretty amazing it's so weird to remind me to remind you that we are at the time of the expansion of love when people look out in the world often times there's so many tragic Expressions so much disconnect going on that our hearts knake
and that's good because it shows you you have a heart it shows you that you you feel the disconnect the the pain that is going on and this doesn't mean you need to run and fix anything what I'm saying is to be present to your experience and to understand the nature of your own divinity when we understand who we are then the actions can flow naturally well and maybe I lovely intention but it will not flow in the same beautiful way
it is more mechanical it is more disconnected it may be better than something but not as good as you could be you'd only be disliked the beat we're so fantastic and our infinite compassion and everything going on our world creation and by anchoring in our presence more fully we will co-create from a deeper level of connectivity rather than use the mind to tell us what it's supposed to look like let's water the garden of our soul and watch what emerges here today because that's exactly what he did Gary water the garden of his soul and paid attention to what emerged and in his family it came forward as a tragic death
young child and threw that a great feeling came forward and a greater sense of freedom for all and it doesn't mean we don't hurt and it doesn't mean we don't have that moment the process that's why we came that's part of the journey is not to deny those moments and the other part is to love ourselves enough to remember that we are here love it in our compassion in that system additional experience as the witness her of this third dimensional witness their by loving ourselves so much we can release more judgment freeing open that 7th dimensional experience where we are consciously aware witnessing is conscious awareness consciously aware of the witness sir the one who's got the experience of the witnessing
that's the moment at hand and you are being invited to take it to a place that has never been before and so my angels know that love the truth of the love that you are as the key be that blessing and make sure you join Street and I this coming Tuesday on Soul mirrors right here at all the same channels lots more to share some big announcements coming up we're going to make him Tuesday night on Solar Bears first we love you for your hair and your hard little smile come to your face and say I choose joy and I'll see you at Monday magic tomorrow we have a wonderful wonderful wonderful time we love you
thank you for joining us at stream here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3 Dura. Com

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