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Sri and Kira Live, October 18, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live Heather World Spins out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean and best selling authors and open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting
Namaste and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher SRI rampai and we welcome you to yet another incredible Sunday service now taking a breath because really we've got Mercury's mirror wide-open we have not arrived country wearing the divine feminine we are in the middle of a consciousness of salt and everything is coming forward to ignite the next step for Humanity and its igniting literally as we speak literally this week so get into those phone lines now while there are still some available give us a buzz 888-627-6008 also over at 517-208-1500 and remember you can listen to the show you just listen to show while you are on hold and Street where is everybody watching us today
the question is are you receiving
sojourn official YouTube Channel One News Talk Radio Facebook is well thank you and we really appreciate you supporting SRI and Kira live because together we are better and that is the blessing when we come together each and every week in this extraordinary community and I want you to come to relax your breath as we ease into Today Show because this is a huge moment and it's so big and there is so much that's been happening with the time compression that literally we created a flowchart a diagram and so today is the day where we're going to slow it down a little bit and we're going to go through this time compression step by step so that you can
really really give yourself the gift of transcending where the mind is right now and really getting it getting it at that level of experience because let's let's not forget Lite-Brite let's begin at the beginning right now this year this entire year is an experience year and it Bijan with an experience month January 2020 was an experience energy as is this decade a experience decade so this is why 20/20 had so much of that profound energy around it because 2019 was the culmination of the awareness decade everything that came forward from 2010 to 2019 everything that birth all of that awareness is what we began experiencing in that longer cycle starting in 20
this is why SRI and I back in January talked about it is going to be the Roaring Twenties and that this year in particular was going to be a raging River because this year in particular was also an experienced year so in this trisexual of the triple experience this is where we see everything that has been happening coming forward and I want you to really breathe that is because this graphic the reason she and I have this behind us today is first of all a reminder that it was in September that we talked about it was like dark game on and that it's really going to be about this energy continually this is going to always be let go of thinking that you're going to conquer all or all is going to come for you this will always be however it if you notice the fluidity and you see the little gray area here and down here it's that balance it's that
beautiful Divine dance of perfection of bringing all of that into harmonic balance that offers the lifting Consciousness that we are being invited to Shepherd it's an amazing moment Street and what's happening effect of mercury created with having to redo and rethink and revise and and had those kinds of things what we've been noticing throughout this year is an uptick in technology along with the suppression energy of the 5G with the c key to push the spiritual and condense it into density but it really close is the crown chakra and 5G so we got this environment going on where technology glitch
Ed and the mirror effect of mercury is reflecting loved and he had more than telling the truth remember October is the truth revealed so Friday night and and those of you that have downloaded or app because it was free to everyone who is who has the app Friday night we took a Time Journey that has had an impact and this is why we must talk about this today Friday night when all when all of this linear timeline right now experience that super New Moon up level right breathing that in at the moment that the mirror of mercury it was like turning on a spotlight it was like there was this moment where it was a spotlight where mercurius said I will be a liquid pool think about it and mercury in his form and density is a liquid
it's reflective and so Mercury is literally reflecting as this liquidy mirror right now and that liquidy mirror cannot be denied the truth is being revealed and so this is why everything has become up level this is why so many are being called quickly this is why the law of instantaneous manifestation is really the blessing of the conscious Awakening because applying the experience of time into where we are right now is what's causing the friction it really is about realizing it's it's just a fluid filter that you can go right through and stay in your higher self to understand and we're going to take you there today and show you how and why this is so important
is seeing something something frightening as all of a sudden they push through it it's all the Graham it's the big bad creature was nothing more than a projection well that's a type of energy is all around us that part where you can anchor in the trust of your divine nature that you can walk through the projections you can walk through the interference energy and you can walk to your destiny as an awakened to be doing exactly that this picture was taken in our parking lot which one do we have I see lunch but do we have the one from the group yay
that is Chef Douglas standing up and these are all of the beautiful beings that are here at tosa Blue Mountain right now with the exception bring a rose tree and I and wanted to share because these beings have been together for a while now some of them are you going to be staying on for a little while but three of them left today doing exactly what you were talking about and we just want to share this to let you know as you are enjoying this beautiful energy that we are so excited that today we are premiering a brand new segment of shrinks are alive that if you guys like will be a regular weekly segments so make sure you jump into all of our social media and let us know if you like it and we're also going to be a little social media contest with this as well to announce this segment but many of you are already know and as you can tell by how happy everybody wasn't lunch that we are so blessed that the Universe through all of you through our beautiful community and through all of your donation
Monday magic and all of the other programs at 3 and I donate all of the proceeds to we have been supporting Venezuelan Refugee programs we have been feeding people that have not been eating we have now started working with the orphanages thanks to Abby Gooch and her incredible foundation and so the Love is Growing and the and the response is growing and the are coming out of there are hiding places to our Temple to say thank you to all of you and so that's that's pretty exciting when we reside in our heart without judgment we are allowed to respond without evaluation for them home with a five-star chef
anyone that knows how to help us go out there and do it at the same time help us do that because our Spanish audience is growing very rapidly and so today General please we are unveiling the first of what we hope to be a regular segments here basically it is Alice and a tosa Blue Mountain presents chef Robles right from the kitchen right from the kitchen and this even the recipes he is creating his creativity is incredible I will tell you more about that later but you're going to want to have a pencil because the recipe they are showing today blew our minds and we can eat it it's that compatible with really super high Consciousness frequencies so I just had to take a moment as we were
March nineteen the WWE Global Summit worldwide broadcasting live right here from tosa Blue Mountain with the miracle of the local kanyari that are coming down from the mountains as part of the second lock celebration to open up this entire event and so you want to be here live and that energy and my beloved husband is making more space to be more gas facilities and a big dome for our event play frames up here for our longer-term residents there more and more people are coming for longer time and the big event which will also be the stage for the WWE Global Summit and so so much happening so fast it is indeed and it's so much is happening in our world right and so pause for a moment pause for a moment and maybe he has breath
and you notice when you breathe in how full are you receiving the breath notice that
and then maybe choose to except more when we choose to accept more breath we're saying yes to the universe were saying yes to the essential Prana that animates our life let's practice this together
my in breath is a yes to life
and when we choose to accept more life we can walk through the incredible energies of these times we're in with greater ease and trust it's not just about stopping the madness and breathing it's about breathing and walking through the madness and it won't seem so much like Madness anymore how many we've ever taken a walk in the rain or walking the wind it's just weather
beer haha or the refreshing baptism that is calling you forward it is it the wind you hide from or the cleansing gift of the Breath of God how are you interacting with this world is really where this is taking me out resistance sucking pulley we can walk through to walk to yes I love that we can walk through to walk to and we are so let's talk a little bit more about how we got to this incredibly powerful week so the first thing that we were sharing earlier was reminding everyone that we are in an experienced year it started off in an experienced months and it kept going that we are in an experienced decade so the energy of 2020 is going to be felt through 2029 and
we navigate that time has already started being anchored and this is why Today show is so important because this is a moment where what are you really willing to do and are you really willing to go beyond what you have perceived to be your own limitation because if ever the universe was knocking anybody was ever going hey hey hello it's right now this is the moment that we're all still alive for this is that call this is that moment that says what you really want this to look like because how much louder does the Kali Yuga need to stand up and scream so much so that our beloved Durga that not a rock tree that the dance of the divine feminine has come forward on our planet and are you dancing in the Empower gift of this incredible being that has come forward on the lion that is standing holding that
try sulat experience write the experience of this moment and where we are and carries it has the joy-filled blessing of the wisdom it has called for the word so that there is no doubt that only this beautiful balance is restored these moments right now and this began Friday night again going back to what we were saying earlier this week and Friday night with the super new illuminated Moon up level crazy amazing diving into it and simultaneously as this beautiful illuminated New Moon ignited the Mercury mirror came in like a Giant's crying last of at every level so wherever your Consciousness is carrying your awareness is member it's always your awareness that ignites the Consciousness right so wherever your Consciousness is Edward awareness is right now that is how you
are experiencing what's going on so sure I'd like to two again we're going to we're going to do this very slowly because this time compression is extremely important understand so the first thing I want you to do is to go to the October up little calendar yeah let's go here so once again I want you to look at the 16th now here's what's important even more so than what's already happened is where we're going please notice that October 31 is blank not even the date is written in and if you gave me is that the way that the energy was a line for this calendar you'll notice that it's also where we are standing outside the temple we are in a moment of transition we're in a moment of grand creation where we are at peace with the void and where we are creating through the illumination of it where that Mercury retrograde mirror reflecting the void reflects the sincerity love and presence of our soul and on October Thirty One
we are inviting you we are challenging you to gift all of humanity this universe this moment all of the Masters that we are that from sunup until sundown and I know it's Halloween on that day silence and you refrain from engaging technology
sun goes down do what your heart calls you to do however and it is that day and certainly shouldn't I will be doing that that day as well everyone who will be here at tosa Blue Mountain and it's not about not interacting it is about silence and presents noticing where your thoughts go whatever you're doing that day do it with presents and awareness of the greater energy let go of whatever you think is happening in the world and stay focused on this stay focused on Perfect Balance do things that you enjoy bring greater Harmony in and give the gift because during that day you will find that the more that you steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust the more that you follow that Journey on October Thirty one and it is this October Thirty-One where the energy of it right now the more that you do that than what you follow that Journey the greater opportunity
this energy to actually manifest now as I sure that how many of you were holding your breath notice your high heart to write notice up here will this is because we are at a massively critical moment and not massively critical moment is because the seven polarities of Free Will are peaking and so we're going to put up this chart because she and I need to talk about this with all of you so that there is an opportunity for you to really receive how important your Mastery acceptances so here's the chart now for those of you that already have taken to seven polarities of Free Will program you have this chart and you had the blessing of knowing shree and I put this out to the world in 2015 this was published in 2015 because that is when the Ascension escalator opened and when the Ascension escalator opened what opened with it was the 7-year window where the
7 polarities of the free-will expression would come forward and if you look across the top of the chart first it's the year then there is right there there is the force of Destruction and during this entire period from 2015 up until 2022 the force of Destruction that was going to be used by density was fear and we've seen that that is exactly what happened and then if you look at the very end of the chart you see the force of co-creation the self Ascension experience which is the multi-dimensional acceptance while in its the self ascended presents and it's all about trust and if you look at where we are right now on the planet fear or trust then there were the chakras that were going to be affected during this time then those two columns there was always the opportunity there's the dance of the Divine Right the density energy and the ascendant energy meaning in 2015 right
thanks I hate there was also peace in 2016 right alongside the powerlessness energy there was also the empowered energy in 2017 it was manipulation and slow 2018 control or compassion 2019 last year green or love and let's let's talk about last year and then we'll talk about this year and why the time compression has now become so important examples of how densities using the fear energy 2019 political instability was becoming coming forward and the corruption the lack of Education that they immediately to the decline in public education
worldwide you know this is not limited to any one country to care for People's Health and well-being was being compromised so those forces of Destruction or present however if you pop over to the force of co-creation of the opposite end of the page in 2019 was also being fueled there was more generosity being expressed self-love mutual respect there were other and so this this tension between greed and love come more forward in that year all about the truth and it was when people started seeing the violation of the truth when alternative facts because people were listening to when conspiracy was starting to be truth this is the
Yuca saying pay attention I am here let go of whatever calendar you're holding onto I am here are you paying attention and this is where these time compression Scott even greater and then let's look at where we are right now in 2020 doomsday preoccupations right look at everything the media new releases out of the Hollywood scene everything that you're looking at pay attention that there is an intentional energy jetting you absolutely almost accepting all of a 2021 World War 3 outcome and you're feeding it all of us are feeding it when we give it our energy and there is anger there is the sense of no future there is the absolute lack of vision in a year that's all about the third eye and there is a fundamentalist experience that is going on that is a Resurgence of that which many years ago the beautiful asking all Brethren predicted
has come to pass when they talked about this in the Lost Books of the essene that we would arrive again at a moment where the Dark Ages would not look so dark and that there would be the play there would be the judge metal there would be all of that and so look at what that is intensity it is fear cuz remember the force of Destruction is fear the force of Destruction Sphere top top very top of the chart and sewing density it's gone from Greedo helplessness because once you've tried to grab everything if you can't grab it all and keep it all then you start going into helplessness and so this is why I look at the other side of this charge this is why the universe is same to you you it is your moment you are being called trust the it being inside of you your master knows the way you know how to do this and doubting yourself is going to pop you into this other side of the chart and then look at that final column in that beautiful force of co-create
Ascension wall and Body in that trust energy this year is about your divine nature it's about the greatest Clarity you've ever had the greatest Vision you've ever had and a flow of knowledge wisdom and Mastery up level that was previously unheard of and now look at 2021 look at the potential there never has it been more valuable or more important for you to claim your divine nature because when we put this chart out in 2015 and if you go get that this this program itself is a home study that are at our website would encourage you to get it it's on sale for $11 were going to donate all the proceeds but if you've never done this program it will really help you prepare for the now because we are at our 11:59 moment on 2021 and that energy is beginning this week so let's just take a breath on that right
charred is that this is the year or more people will discover their divine nature and I want to underscore this we do not live in the polarities it's through the divine nature that we balance those aspects of ourselves that are interacting with the density World well opening to the trust which lifts us off that game board of you since the whole torso is supported a spiritual expansion right this isn't to say that there are some folks that have had some depression and some other issues because depression and and other issues to show you where you were attached show it show you things
however that has a call for inner awareness and divine trust and I know a lot of people we have talked with have shared that they have up leveled during this time this is because of the conscious Awakening the conscious awareness of it now it brings us to why this up level so powerful right now we are in this moment of the divine feminine anchoring her power and that begins today and so as this divine feminine is anchoring her power imbalanced mail is not going to be happy about this because it's going to challenge everything that the male identity has called forward to be that which it is similarly always balance the divine feminine is being called into a much stronger role and a much more present role than they have ever had that experience of and all of this is how
within everyone this isn't about men or women or whatever gender it's not about that at all what this is about is claiming it within you every one of the one carries at first the two and so it's about the unification of that 2 into perfect balance it is the ultimate Shiva Shakti it is the dance it is the co-creation it is the recognition of all that we have ever been and this. Of time right now especially during navratri is going to be the dance of the divine feminine and this masculine energy finding their true way of harmonizing and then as they do this energy will lift an extraordinary extraordinary portal of light
I want you to feel your heart as I'm sharing that with you because as we move through these days what will happen is that we're going to get to the end of the month and I'm even feeling is I'm sharing it and I want to share with you what this time compression looks like sorcery let's put up the time compression so this is what has been happening we've been talking about it and we really wanted to chart it so that you could really understand now in this year of energy flows in September 2020 let's start up there you see that we opened up September 2020 and in that month it was twelve days as it was a full year experienced in one month so in September 2012 we actually went ahead from October 2020 November December you see all those months there it we jumped ahead all the way through and from September 20th
we went all the way ahead to August 2021 now I want to stop right there and I want to go back and remind you that 2021 is that final year in the seven-year Ascension escalator and we have been gifted and this is a gift as it's really like a back to the future we have been gifted the opportunity where we have been able to call in a heightened state of awareness a heightened state of wisdom a greater sense of discernment the law of instantaneous manifestation giving ourselves an opportunity to course-correct into the balance and it be more conscious of what's around us that's the Clarion call the time compression the saying we need everybody who is going to wake up this year to wake up now
especially September and continuing design to support your Enlightenment and I want to ask each of you to reflect for a moment are you not wiser now music now because this is the the grace the gift has been given is 2 in is where we've unhooked from the linear calendar we're no longer having to March through X number of days to get to a Year's worth of knowledge by that or that trust energy you seen what's happened over these seven years right it's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger
real ceremony it is in the app those of you who want to listen to it again the video and the audio or in the app support find Jumpy and on what we have been facilitating is the recognition that when were able to unhook our energy from a linear progression we then are free to be observing and to work with the energies of multiple timelines nnnn this is part and parcel with ancient wisdom of of the shamanic recognitions that we exist on multiple levels multiple timeline it's important to practice bringing your Consciousness to this truth because what happens as we do this as we expand expand
and perhaps consolidate Despair and timelines talk about the caduceus let's talk about the timeline it is it is that fluid energy we are we are constantly in a fluid experience when when the ascended masters asked us to compile and put together the seven players a free will it took us a bath because our entire time we've been together that was the most specific thing they would ever let us put out there and it was because we have such Clear Choice in most of us are waking up have an opportunity to honestly call in this balanced and so I want to continue on this compression because this is why it is it brings us to this week so if you look at the top-left if you look at September 2020 at the end of September in the last day of September of this past couple weeks ago
you were already ahead energetically into August 20-21 and then what happened follow the red arrow October 2020 began and the good news is that we slow down to half of the compression instead of a year as one which is what happened in September we were now at the listing of six days is one which for those of you that were aware of this massive gifts and you were like yeah give it to me give it to me soaking it up like a sponge up love love love love love now in October you have literally all this time of ailable to expand into that gift while you're still receiving I mean is wonderful now here's why this is so important and why it begins this week by the time I get to October 31 the day out of time
is the moment We Begin March 20-22 and that is a massive moment and this is why we go into the end of October and in October 31 it's like we've had this 12 is one we've had this 6 has one but March 20-22 is going to be reflected as one energy in November and December 2020 so however we all choose to really show up right now will affect the March 20-22 experience and remember those two months will amplify it because 2022 is an awareness year you see that at the bottom so in this experience were taking we're taking that 2022a wearing
energy from March 20-22 meaning your multi-dimensional awareness of that energy you're bringing it into the experience of November and December 2020 and it will affect the choice which is the entire year of 2021 so I Want You to Breathe that in it really is better for a lance through the magic of multidimensional truth that you can call forward the wisdom the knowing us and the power that resides in the future by based on that old timelines and bring it into the now and thereby you will make choices you will affect was coming in there in the near future it said it could be a little before that used to thinking literally but
Arcangel zadquiel shared so powerfully some years ago there is only now and the soon-to-be now and what this means is that we are in a momentum of evolutionary expression and so through Consciousness we can dance with the flow however we are moving forward are we not yes we are and this is again one of those gifts we're in this six days of one of October let's take a look one more time also at the ascended numerology for this month because I want you to look at the body really pay attention to the body and remember those of you that are calling and you can always raise your hand to talk to Sri about what's happening in the in the in the symptom ology world what's happening to your body but if you look at your body right here I want you to look at the Mercury retrograde super new moon October
20/20 is the seven we have now gone through all of the dates that affected Us in October we're now in full October Radiance and so it took until that moment of time it took until the 16th virtually half the month for us to adjust and adapt to the fact that we have all this amazing stuff happening around us if we choose to see it so here is so profound in order to get to that seven we were coming from that beautiful energy of the 11 so if you look up top you'll notice on the top right of this diagram there's that red circle around the 11 that is your Divine energy that is your Mastery present saying I am right here let me help that is what opened up on the first that is what has been waiting for you since this month's opened and so everything that's been building everything
been working on it's all opening this is the week that we begin the Fulfillment of the Ascension escalator you're already on the other side you're already in 2022 you're already working from the other dimension and then what happened on Friday on October 16th was your master came in and said I am here and your master arrived in your third eye you see that beautiful Violet like soft rectangle there that energy is right now in your third eye and it is also impacting your star Consciousness and it is offering stability because after and you can see look at how many times we've been in and out of the infinite this month I mean it's been crazy we are finally home we are finally all you are the universe is saying look if you're ready to do it this is the moment to do it but are you really ready to listen are you really
I need to put down the eagle that's been stopping you are you really ready to do the work it's going to take because guys there are so many people out there that are going to tell you this is easier give you whatever steps you need to take your self Ascension is as individual as you are and there are practices but how that comes together you know for some people that comes together by coming here to Tulsa Blue Mountain where where where we can work with you and just get here on the campus could remember this is a self Ascension campus for others it's reading the books for others doing the practices get into Monday magic what are you willing to do because the universe is calling is screaming to you and I want to pop up those energy flows one more time SRI because you mentioned them and it was really a valuable reminder that we never we put this out last January
2020 is the year of not just experienced the year of Master experience where the triple energy of the dragonfly is carrying us into the ascendant realm through the energies of profound shift Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and The Awakening to self Ascension and this has been happening with greater propensity in October and October on the flows right now October is there is the energy that is touching back to March and April inside the container of timeline adaptation October and November are going to be the single most important months to be working with balance before we hit the December which is the final anchor of the pedestal of profound shift and it it's just if ever there was a moment to say yes to you this is it this is the moment
and this brings me back to October 31 how often do we take time out to radiate the peace and Trust of our own being has to be fully present to our own divine nature while holding space for all while holding presents not seeking to orchestrate manipulate and not even seeking be there it is knowing that you are we radiate an energy that is a balancing Harmony if it if it'll work everywhere and to take and a deliberate act so you know I'm going to take
a time in my right actually took a time and for as long as you can do that as quietly and his joyfully as you can do that it would just come down on your own property and in the celebration of your business we can all be nourished notice what you're noticing notice how your day floats can you really give yourself and our planet and the world that clear signal you know
the more clear signals we give the faster are like takes off and it really brings me to if you were with us at Soul mirrors Tuesday night then you already know what happened on Tuesday if you have not watched all mirrors where could they watch it right here at YouTube right they can watch a video off but we were taken to a very sacred sites are some very beautiful sacred connections and it was an observatory a very very very ancient Canary Observatory that we never even knew was there and yet every time I've been to chochi it every time I need to go there so well in the magic that happened there there was this beautiful being of light as true to laudia this beautiful being who has been holding open the frequency essentially fraternity
without anything other than just presents and we all after it was such an honor to to connect with her her ignition has ignited all those who were there including our kanyari guide who himself for years has wondered and we sent a clear signal that day and that signal went up from that Observatory that signals been going up from here to collectively every being that comes to toasted Blue Mountain is literally going home with like a piece of this beautiful torch and as each one of us hold our each unique torch with the presence of this together we are better the universe is going you have grown up
you are here you know is Archangel zadkiel shared with us so many years ago you will never be known by your words ever your words are irrelevant it is the presence the light the illumination the emanation of the you that is being reunified with the one and you're in a moment where if you can give yourself a gift of expanding beyond your mind and I do want to pop up the seven polarities chart one more time and again if you've never taken this class get the string go to home screen grab it look at next year with you for fear right but the force of Destruction is fear right in density and 2021 is where you would see a World War 3 white experience on massive lack of resources gas is short water shorts food is short lots of authoritarianism and lots of power through Dogma strict adherence to Dogma
intimidation and of course it's about the crown chakra it is the country Smith assault and there is a huge Consciousness assault so much it's a whole second half of the show and because of that it brings it takes from hopelessness to whack and so if you go all the way back up to 2015 in the density energy call him look at that progression where there is hate there is powerlessness which allows manipulation which thereby invites greater control which there by birth greater greed thereby creating hopelessness and lack or
starting in 2015 there was the peace and that piece was anchored in the first root chakra of the physical body the Peace of knowing that any acceptance that we are here we are ready we are open let's get on this escalator and go and threw that piece comes in powermint the second chakra becomes empowered and births and birth in the connection and we nourish our souls and our vitality restores and in 2017 we become the flow and the abundance is revealed and then we can release our financial dependency we can redefine what wealth and flow looks like which listen to the 5th dimensional space of compassion where does that begin in the ascended heart where we are aware of planetary Evolution I'm we collaborate with guy we are the presents in the spaciousness of the love
look at 2019 more love Came forward more beings woke up through passionate action generosity living the truth South log with mutual respect and harmonious interchange which brings us to right now trust this is the Kahuna of the ascended energies this is where you got to jump off the void into your divine nature your Clarity your vision and your flow because what's waiting is actually the greatest abundance you've ever experienced honest-to-goodness planetary Harmony shared resources joyful Spirit exchange and lice enhancing Community that's right there for you right now we're earlier today we live this 24/7 this isn't we don't just talk about it when I just teaching it I think we're one of the only people out there that honest to God Lives it 24/7 and we are so authentic about it we have opened up our entire home to anyone who wants to come witness that
you know Ascension is the anchoring of trust in your divine nature and self Ascension is the living applied spirituality of that process to apply your Consciousness through focused awareness in those those energies because that opens the Gateway and the momentum is important understand that your evolution is not a concept you're a has nothing to do with principles although it can show up in principle-based living meaning a sincere application of higher principles that can unify Humanity they can serve Humanity however that isn't the guide the guide is your divine nature and this is the difference between the fear-based density reality and
a selfie in reality it is Trust In Your Divine Nature from which all of these qualities flow when we are disconnected from the Divine what we're left with is the world of scarcity is the world of mortality the world of limitation and competition and then picture goes all of those are ants in the face of a green base fear-based reality virtual nature and it's because of this here it is when we believe we must save others then Dogma takes hold as our commander-in-chief because the victim must have an abuser and the abuser must
have a victim and a rescuer must always come forward or it can't continue its a three-legged stool in order for it to run you need all three and when you gaze into the life experience that's happening right now where is this triangle still holding you and it's sophisticated and it knows it and it gets really smart and you can be in this energy and actually be seeing the 5th Dimension actually believe in your in it and that is very common I call it the glass elevator where you're in there but this other energy is still running you because somewhere along the line the ego is terrified to let go this is the blessing of seeing it and knowing it because right now this week we are altering the 2022 energy so are we going in his Humanity going in as a victim of use our rescuer and a lateral spin that's going to take us where we have been before and and okay it's going to be another ladder
however many years or can we honestly give ourselves the gift of saying enough is enough if it is my experience in this lifetime to be in the ascended State then now is the moment and that's when the victim becomes the teacher when the abuser becomes the mentor when The Rescuer becomes the Healer and remember it's all fluid we are all that and we have that in exponential different experiences and so in this moment right now as there is and words that we're offering is a Consciousness assault and the blessing of Mercury's wide open mirror as the beautiful energy of the divine feminine comes forward and says I'm right with you
this is the moment to celebrate and to remain in the wisdom field experience of you and why the ways you do that is how do you spend your time how do you spend your spare time meaning are you feeling yourself with that which nourishes your soul or do you feed yourself with other things like you not are you addicted to that which you know is not nursing and so one of the things that you may want to do is have some fun with literal nourishing and I wanted it transitions into this amazing film we're getting ready to show you and SRI even today we still have people were constantly running asking us hey how do I eat like what you guys are doing how do I do what you're doing well in all honesty we have not been doing anything since Chef Douglas arrived it's been him contrast
long known truth that a vegetarian lifestyle support your vibrational upliftment as well as your physical health there's nothing to discuss there as well prove it and then of course there's variations of that locked over and being is excetera it has continued to lift is sugar and Grains a 9th dimensional frequency I mean to really live & Stream I really live this this work you grain cannot come because green is too sugar it's just instant sugar and so sugar really becomes you're not your friend in any way it is
if you want to support your expansion of love if you wanted to support in comfortable having a body then take steps and and so is what what era was the chef Douglas mountain and as a classically trained Chef understanding flavors and how things interact when he began to hear of what are nutritional requirements were challenged it was a practice we have been taking pictures of these and trying to get them out there and so it was just so obvious and and we really are looking forward to opening up a weekend restaurant here at tosa Blue Mountain really it's just do glasses restaurant
would you really help more people feel the blessing of his high quality food so when we come back as as our way of celebrating this new segment of the show we are going to be announcing away that you can win a 15-minute private session with shree and I on zoo so go ahead watch enjoy write down this recipe it is so good I insisted it be the first one they do and we'll be right back with so much to do a special about this assault on Consciousness Big Show had
and it's our last day of the group together here and we're just going to show you a little bit ago but
Cook Brothers
salad of beef carrots and sauerkraut and weight from Cuba
of course my friends names
button but I don't have the platinum dragon
Ramada Inn
and smells amazing
as you saw this recipe that we made was not begin to use eggs and so those of you who would like to try this recipe but you know add flaxseed or applesauce and Sunday in alternative please send us your vegan version on to support at self eccentric Cam and then next week we're going to make your different recipes and live on are we will taste test blind taste test your recipes and I know your favorite with the love you so much thank you ok everybody but here we have Masha and Corey and they're making some
plantain chips
running a small slices and I'm going to throw this into the dehydrator for a few hours later on thank you you're the best
Namaste to you and we love you Chef glass we love you everyone here tosa Blue Mountain we love you are beautiful Community Street I just so excited so as you heard for your rose and now that recipe which is I mean that is like the single best paleo amazing gluten free grain free bread ever and we've had it made with stevia and cinnamon and raisins and you know is sweet or salty sow this week if you want to be kanai's that recipe please do and send it to us at support at self Ascension. Calm and then next weekend is Chef Douglas is going to make all of your recipes and we're going to do a blind taste test on air and the winning recipe gets 15 minutes was straight and I and we're excited about it and I'm excited to get your vegan recipes in so get him and guys will share yeah send those recipes
let's have some fun and really such a beautiful moment my heart is smiling and I want to go back and just catch you up if you're just joining us in the second our pretty fast here so we're going to start taking your calls pretty quickly here if you want to get in 8886 to 76008 over at our 800 number is or a 517-208-1500 what is talk radio that is pretty full get in there and so let us take a breath and give the gift of this conscious connection to yourself
and SRI why don't we just opened with a mantra self essential I just feel like that moment yeah
think along with me I am here
I am ready
I am open guide
I am here
I am ready I am open
and you know as you were sharing that I was back in that beautiful video made by Bria Rose is she amazing and that that closing photo Journey you know Bria thank you for including not because certainly for us in the vastness of six days is wine so much has happened here and in that which is linear it has only been awake and that which is galactic it has been Millennia of healing and claiming and the witnessing of those that arrived here a week ago and those that left today and the knowing that the fluidity of time and this is why we really are time surfing that that as we are in that as we have become the cosmic snake right as this ascended Kundalini is awakened up right now as we say yes to living in our ascended heart the law of instantaneous manifestation is just pouring through and end this is why there's an assault on car
because wow look how amazing you are to transcend The Law of Attraction means that the fourth dimension can no longer interfere with you because the law of attraction is based upon a density perception of what is the law of instantaneous manifestation comes forward through our absolute Consciousness in the illuminated presence of the Grandeur experience of what is through anchoring in our multi-dimensional presents this is that moment and we're there and it's right now and can we really quickly show the time compression against tree I really feel we need to just really pay attention this guy's and this is why we made it a diagram and it will be posted on our social media Ria Rose Has it you want to connect with this more so make sure you did there get a copy of it look at it so remember that we're working with a tongue compression sequence that's literally going to stop
for two months we're going to be living with an energy for two full months this is why the ascendant numerology 4 November December went out as a unit this is why it's hard to to do you know to take it apart I've had magazines refuse to publish it because it's just too much material because God forbid you you give a little prince Space 2 how big this event is right guy so here it is November and December 2020 are going to be the reflection of March 20-22 and it's going to be a 2 months stall now how did we get here look at the top-left September 2020 was one year as one month it was 12 days for every day seeing the middle there we went through our Mastery are wisdom our experience of humanity we literally jumped into this River of of Surfing time and in that month we surf all the way out
where when we stepped into October 2020 we were already in September 20-21 she really want to breathe in how big September was and that September was also when it was that light dark game on because when we died out into a multi-dimensional present when we really say yes when we when we when we really get up until a broader lens we're able to easily and effortlessly really call in all of the wisdom all of the learning all of the knowing and the key is to let the heat go relax because the ego is terrified of how rapidly or upleveling because the ego is of density so it's only the ego that keeps you in that state of constant lack of clarity because it wants you there
so what you really breathe that in and now I want to jump back to the compression one more time and here it is right now October look at the top right we arrived here in October and it was already September 20-21 and by the time it is November one we hit March 20-22 and literally the entire time compression is going to stop and this is a big one this is so imagine that you've been this intense download movement expansion and then for two months you got to live with it and you thought this massive Mercury mirror beaming at you so who's getting ready to really take 2 months to walk and roll or to rock and roll
surf with it it's a party and it's a great one if you allow it to come in yeah it's amazing Mercy on yourselves because the universe is giving us an opportunity to wake up tomorrow up to wake up your birth was a Divine event was a celebration to be able to take that solar energy and didn't to Aberdeen experience in full and you deserve your legacy affluent abundance and an expressive love and light feature Legacy
it's been here tosa Blue Mountain sostrene I get the blessing of waking up and completing three crystalline Atlanta and healing Chambers that's where we actually play your soul song and video it and now I think I'm still basking in that so I just want to give a quick shout out and about to Gabriella to Cory and Elizabeth on a Ross thank you for starting our day so beautifully I mean really what a guest as a person as a soul comes forward now and that's what we're doing together and that's why we're sharing this celebration with you right now because that's what we're all doing that's this October moment and it begins right now right now we're already in that March 20-22 energy and so let me put it back graphic one last time just to complete it again but remember right here at the end of October we are
March 20-22 and that energy the equinoxes of March 20-22 which is why this Equinox of March 20-21 is a critical mass moment because we will be standing in that precipice of this March equinix 2022 that energy is going to be arriving with November one and then literally guys we are hitting stop for 2 months and because of this one energy it's going to even amplify more what that 2022 awareness is going to be because remember we have already moved through in October right now go back up and look at October 2020 you will see this smart we are right now entering December 2021
this is a critical moment because look at down at the bottom 2021 was a choice year and we're in the last month of it this week this is a critical moment and it initiates what's coming so I want you to really at this is that moment you really that's why we made this graphic and I know this pushes the boundary cool pushing this is the moment has our understanding based on linear comprehend then with a deeper appreciation of the flow so anyways
and moving into the sorry I was thinking of we recently had a lot of guests coming to us via Retreat and so thank you retrieve and where you can find out more about the Blue Mountain but you are reminding me of I really feel like we need before and after photos at the ability to say yes you know I'm going to I'm going to make this moment and and stake my claim I'm going to come forward in and it's so there is a piece where you going I losing my mind really support you in this is what I'm saying come somewhere people come here and cry you know what the most recent things we've heard is I didn't know people like this existed I didn't know a place like this existed I didn't know you could really live
this work we live the work and those of us that live here full-time and that Community is growing everyday we live the work this is not a job this is not a teaching this is self Ascension it this is what it is and so how are you living your life how is your presents Illuminating you and those around you every day we get to witness people releasing lineage holders people releasing helping your children live in a whole life helping themselves find greater abundance that moment and we are at that moment on the polarities all the seven polarities have revealed themselves and this one right now in Ascension experiences is trust and we've been called to this all year all year we've been called to this trust and this is the trust of you your divine nature that's what this year is all about
I've been so beautifully supported forward our commitment and in our Consciousness that I am a Divine being having a human experience we have recontextualized ourselves to become less dependent on form and embrace the formlessness of your souls energy people think of the Soul as if it's an object and and it is not the sole is the Applied Energy of your Consciousness the soul is get it turned around a bit when we take a birth
2m begin to align with the deeper nature of what is and so all we are dancing with here is offering you a further guidance and then The Cutting Edge of of what will become apparent as you relax more fully Into Your Divine trust and the game right now is about Consciousness Consciousness is how this wheel is is how it spins is how it turned to tell the balance is really maintained and as the energy of fear mutates and that is remember that was the density energy for the entire Ascension escalator It Was Fear over here and that was trust over here and so as that beer has been really morphing and expanding because it's not just the multi-dimensional presents in the awareness of a story that's been expanding everything everything is fans together and so the
question is how is it balanced and so in this moment right now what in your world experienced what in front of you right now is is still holding you from saying yes to you and that's where you begin that's where you love yourself more that's where you love yourself more each moment that would cause you doubt be the smile that helps remind you to love yourself more and and just if you can just start training yourself more then you become The Little Engine That Could because every time that little self-doubt comes up every time that little voice of tries to distract you comes up there's that instantaneous thank you I forgot I was a master thank you it's your moment to clean your Mastery every time it happens and the gift is the greater that habit is adapted the less times you need to use it because you're you are the engine that could could could could and is gone and is running
and we're in the running moment and this is why that time compression has come in this is why this is so important this is why this Mercury retrograde is so profound because this energy that has just opened is going to be with us through early December November and December are one Cycle One cycle and the final part of it will be the last 3 weeks of December and this is why October Thirty-One matters it is literally the moment where this gets to go
anchor and the only way it's going to Anchor is if enough conscious presence takes that day off
disconnect from the circus right literally remembers how beautiful the planet is remembers how beautiful owning a body is remembers how sacred connections are
and for the moment that the sun illuminates that Consciousness is held and that if any other preoccupations come in they are simply a thank you okay thank you for helping me remember I had forgotten for a moment my Mastery and it to really give yourself the gift of that day and she and where we're getting a time to kind of acclimate to that it is October 31 it is Halloween we're not saying you have to sit in a cave all day although you might want to but what we are saying is that we're inviting you to disconnect from all technology and to really go with him that day and to avoid speaking as much as possible
yeah well I must not avoid speaking to some callers now let's go let's say Okay. Namaste and welcome
play you're breaking up so bad we can't hear you you really breaking up really bad connection I'm so sorry yeah so I think we're going to have to to let that go all right well Street where we going next
hi guys
I feel like I said kisses so much just in the face of listening to this program today and I would like to have some over to you for a minute already well thank you for asking and thank you for being one of one of the gifts that is happening around you right now is I keep hearing this word activation activation activation activation that it's like and it's very interesting it's very much like a wing and activate my heart and the energy just keeps flowing and flowing around you and it just keeps saying breathe more listen more take the next step and arise and so it is I'm glad that we've had the honor to connect with you today thank you my love
thank you, stay Namaste namaste
nanostation girl this is Benjamin
well I just wanted to call in and say I really enjoyed with a deep is a typical email and I just want to take calling for a this is him and so I just want to give you that shot out my love and my angel is it such a gift to be with you this way right now and I'm inviting you to bring one hand your throat and one hand to like the higher third chakra and I'm doing this with you as well as shreyas and anyone else who feels called to do this as well closing your eyes it's safe to do so taking a deep breath through the nose
letting it out releasing the hands just like relax into the lab there is this beautiful beautiful feminine Angelic type presents and it's right behind you very soft like a violet color little bit of pink little bit of Crystal and white little bit of soft blue and this energy is like hovering right around you and literally like I'm watching this energy as it's like showering you and moving and opening up this this portal and stealing my crown chakra opening up and this beautiful being is singing and saying that your voice deserves to be heard and you are ready to Champion you more
it is a moment to reflect deeper and to remember that which brings you the greatest joy
and they're saying that right before you stands that which is ready to serve and so it is we love you honey thank you for this gift I am honored
and you're not going to beautiful I have noticed
lately it feels like there's an infinite energy and I guess it's tell me what United what you thought today was going to school reading and and I I dunno I need to use my voice thank you so much I really sincerely his music is just so generous and so beautiful it's just always a blessing to connect with it it really is more Northern California
hi sweetheart
hi number one want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to you guys especially for your teaching of divine Trust
and then also I'm open to it tiny bit of Garden or reading
oh Angels breathe breathe honey my arms are right around you I've got you you are not alone and I need you to really breathe and I'm talking like deep up through the nose up into that Crown chakra really down to the throat into the belly and I'll help ya wow almost passing out from doing this with you and so my love it's like I'm watching this energy there's tried to come into you and make you afraid and make you doubt and it's like in this moment you are calling forward like this incredible Army of protection and it's like with every breath and for all of us any of us are doing it I feel like I'm breathing in like this beautiful Dragon you do beautiful crystalline upliftment energy than it's just like wow and it's like I hear the bunch of self Ascension I am here I am ready and then it's diving down and I feel stronger and straighter and I
feel like I almost want to vomit this energy that was trying to hold me back and they're saying that you have connected in this moment and you got through in this moment because you are in the mist of a wife shift that will forever command there they're saying that what you are where you go and how you proceed and that this moment is no accident you know that and you are here right now because not only are you here to hear this for you there are many who are exactly where you are right now and you are a warrior and your army is here and we love you and we will not let go and so it is
thank you so much I love you too we love you honey I got my arms are right here we are not let me go or not letting go by quite alright many blessings honey I want and we all need to breathe and this frees up this is this is really important because I know you're all feeling that how How brave are collard thank you thank you and this is this is what I love so much about this community know is that every Sunday we come together and we are able to honestly be together this is naked authenticity this is where the real healing happens that I got an email the other day and it touched me in a deep way because it was from someone who I just adore who said oh my God everything you teach works and and I love it touch my heart on so many levels I just wanted to share that because
number one knowing if you know Siri and I we wouldn't teach it if the right number to everything we teach we're blessed that the way that it has come through is that we've usually lived it a year or two before it ever even gets revealed and the other thing is that all it takes is really doing it the reason that the practices work the reason that you can anchor this the reason that this is reverse aging is real we are modeling it we are living it you can do all this and the reason is because you remember who you are and you are able to do that by transcending the ego of this world
and that's when you are able to call in that Mastery and no own remember that we are here right now to ignite the ascended Kundalini Consciousness is already gone we have expanded further than we have ever done this before we are all in a breath by breath smell that we are all we have to live in the now because they're that's all there is because it never has been nor will it be again so of course we are going to be at the precipice of the reunification with every breath so are we with every breath getting closer to that in a way that is traumatic for many or are we with every breath getting closer to that in a way that releases us into this brilliant Dawn
powerful moment what are the things to remember is your report card if you want to use that word there it is
wherever you are is where you are whatever you believe whatever has gathered around you and your life that's what you're working with that is your spiritual University so we say to the universe thank you for my life thank you for my relations thank you for my perceived challenges and the end my perceived Grace because all of that is the context of your Awakening so it's not about comparing who you are to who someone else is it's not about do I know enough have I read enough I can tell you with absolute certainty there is not a book on this planet that will guide you as well as your own heart and soul that's divine nature right that's your Mastery that's the essence of self Ascension to be in that full remembrance of The Who that you are
while you are still carrying a body and the reason that we are here now the reason the Egyptian healing rods are back on the planet the reason that self Ascension is being taught this way again the reason all of this is here now is because we are at a time of culmination we we wanted to be here
and that's the ultimate moment isn't it that to really to really demonstrate are you real or are you are you really able to walk that what you been talkin you know deep down within the all and within the experience of a body and within the experience of density there we are all Grace at convincing ourselves of many things the greatest Lies We Share are the ones we share with ourselves and that's why it's so hard to let go of the ego because they make us feel comfortable and help us to stay where we feel safe because at the end of the day if our first chakra has not healed that is all we care about no matter how brilliant our language no matter how flowery our life experience that's what it all comes down to nakedly authentically owning
I am absolutely afraid
and then diving through that void to see what's on the other side to do you know stray and I both have had that I remember mine that moment I'm yours you know it is show me and I was shown clearly to pass and I wrote about this and sacred Union the journey home I can salvage the life I was in they showed me how to do it I could continue that way in my life have been very much like that the rest of my life or I can be literally who I am right now
and when that decision is made there is always the simultaneous moment of grief for that which was could have been
and the joy of that which is humanity is at that moment we are all across Road and there will be grief for that which was or is and there will be the joy of that which is and so we're at this moment and you if you stand in The Crossroads long enough you get confused and forget why you're even there and you lose the momentum that comes from trusting yourself and keep walking and one of the Mastery moments is to honor the choice to each makes knowing it is not your responsibility to make a Chase for a choice for them off those that are the closest to us that make the choices that challenge us the most because they're doing their job perfectly I remember when my daughter was recruit
by several intelligence agencies are the United States and I just kept my mouth shut and I didn't say a word and and I was so grateful when she made her choice because it was her choice and I was grateful for the choice she made to go to law school instead and all I can share is that when we honor and resist our ego that wants us to tell someone with your choice should be or why they made a wrong choice that's the moment of Mastery if we really are walking the walk then we must honor the choices of all that does not mean it absolves them of the consequences
and this is very important because this is where that empowerment comes in we are honoring the choice the choice is made will most likely have consequences and some realm those consequences happen but it was due to a conscious choice and this is why when we wake up Taurus and it presents it begins with awareness we become aware and see that which we did not see before it is when we love ourselves with enough compassion that we lift into that 5th dimensional space and we become the witness her of the witness of this experience of Third Dimension we are able to see the broader lens that is where the Consciousness ignites because from there we begin to release the judgement
and that listen to that 7th dimensional experience where we are witnessing the witness her of the witness and that is the moment Consciousness hand through this Divine balance and that is why there's been an assault on it because in order to Anchor this it means your ego must disconnect from believing that anything less than that is happening because that's what density wants it wants you to doubt yourself it wants you to forget to love yourself more it wasn't a bad thing to do its call you in my friends right and the truth will be seen as Ally and Ally will be seen as a truth and it will be only Through the Heart Light Within that you will be able to navigate that which is seeking power
and so this is that moment to ignite that part. Light important as we ignite our hearts and that means to trust the nudges that come from that awaken space it's important that we do
we relax the need to try to push it back into the old Paradigm by I was sharing with someone recently how in my earlier years I sought out Psychotherapy because I was nervous a lot I had an anxiety and I thought there's something wrong with me and and I just had a lot of tension well what no amount of therapy could do for me was to help me understand that I was living a compromise
I knew at the fibers in the deepest part of my soul that I was living a BS life that I had compromised myself really because you you took it to the next level of evolution you know I mean that you really took that to that level me to I wouldn't change a thing as a beautiful you may have children you may have friends who are retreating from the world because they cannot see any Rosie picture there and the Mercury. I trust my heart and in back in my day
does Hook from the pattern that is stimulating the unrest you must unhook from that in order to find your Clarity so we cannot use the tools of the allusion to reduce all the illusion spray that in Albert Einstein right you cannot solve the problem from the level of Consciousness that created it this is why it is an assault on Consciousness and so the key is what are you willing to do about it I mean seriously what are you willing to do about it one of the things you're doing is connecting with this show and we are great filled with us as Community every Monday night and if you don't know about that go to Street and chair. Calm and join us for the galactic encyclopedia it is every Monday night and this is when we come together
community and we are currently giving the incredible keys to Ascension found inside the galactic encyclopedia series first time we have engaged the series since it was delivered in 2005 and you want to talk about time surfing we are all bowing at the fact that each one of these again was seeded into this moment in the future here it is seeded into this moment in the future to be revealed right now and so if you really want to be one with what's happening staying with this expanding join us and you can get in prison has a dollar it is a 100% donation that goes to all of the humanitarian Outreach projects that we're doing here clinical in defeating those that are hungry helping our Refugee project so help us out and also claim that offended presents that's what the world was calling out for right now
word and we're going over the United Kingdom
hello hello Namaste welcome
beloved shrink era
I know you gave in all you do
and it's because
okay this is an echo okay
I know that. I wasn't ready
and that I couldn't quite lift with that
so different on the 60
and the feeling that
I know so many Americans coming together
when I sit here and wait to hear you I'm aware of Education tightness in stomach nothing is coming out and the stroke and then head to your blessings to help sweetheart being with you in January we are holding you right now I've got my arms out and I feel like I'm cramping but I feel like you're laying right here like we have you like we're in the water therapy center and you're floating in the pool right now and it feels like this beautiful Cosmic chamber of light and love and healing and it's coming in all or I mean like all around you and what what I just keep hearing is that
it is time for you to relax into knowing who you are it is time for you let go of the preoccupations that limit your expansion it is time for you to fully dive into why you aren't able to trust you that there is this very old pattern that is as funny it tickles right here Crown chakra just like it just tickles you and it's it's like this pattern is saying no no no no no no no and here we are in this world of Trust In This Moment of Truth and so I want you to take in a really deep breath and as you do I'm also feeling your spine a lot of this is in your spine and so I'm encouraged you to dance more often to move as much as you can get those shoulders going as much as you can because actually what you're feeling is this ascended Kundalini is right there it's like you're getting ready to go
from it's like a wonderful ascended Chiropractic adjustment and it's just going to go click and you're like wow I haven't felt like this in years let's Tango and it's so it's that kind of thing and because it's so imminent and because it's so big and because it's so exciting there is this little piece that is for reaching out and you're able to call forward the trust to love it enough to say you know what let's let's try it this way for once and so it is my love I'm grateful that you are with us today I'm so great. I love you
I need to love you both really like really damp I mean the other has a profound energy and this happens when we all get together please borrow yes spiritual understanding is there is the traditional understanding of the Kundalini energy which is they refer to as the serpent that rises through the illuminated sir that is indeed a reality the ascended Kundalini is a whole nother level is associated with expansion wisdom joy peace connection as opposed to an invigoration energy that will open up or
it's almost as if the the Ascension process has these mirrors that we go to a refining model where do we continue the journey with a whole different context activated a kind of a head pain at times and this has to do with this energy Rising now I can begin at the opening in the also the the channels here on the forehead or open each but we're also in October which is affecting this as well so there's a lot of convergence here and rather than say I need to fix something we encourage you to smile and say things are going well
that's good
experience into our least we are at which was constrictive and of course as a master who took form good heavens we kind of compressed are Grandeur into this body as we went through all the developmental Cycles from Leonard child to the ego to the to the figuring out things and the experiment requires that we that we expand and that we accept and that we trust and says excuse me there's more and just we thought we had it all figured out right just we thought we had all of the stories in the hierarchies and all the books I've ever been this was why when the moment of the car McQueen
this happened it was such a profound shock to so many because it was the first shock wave so to speak and when she and I first got together Archangel zadkiel talked about this with that comic release came the ignition the potential to have open once again is only happens during his Ascension Cycles the Divine Galactic blueprint which is the twelve pointed Cycle System chakra system of your Ascension ascended presents and where that ascended Kundalini moves up and this becomes like 12 torches it's it's showing from the chest up you see the human form there and the Heart Center right there at the beginning which is expanded on the drawing on the right is an intersecting a figure 8 switch is a balanced heart energy which is the stabilization that opens the Divine Galactic blueprint and the Divine dilecti blueprint is your ascendant chakra system and you're gay
way to the knowing if you don't know much about it. Calm and right at the top of our homepage you'll see it says Ascension practices
turn about the Divine Galactic blueprint because it all did it all begins with that ascended hard and anchoring that and we are at this moment right it's right down guys let's do this right
Hi how are you I hope we get to talk to you and hope the New Mexico woohoo we love you Mexico we miss it very much it was it will always be in our heart there's a lot of New Mexico here
I don't need as many serving are we just going to send you breakfast for all you're doing for me and my husband Anthony Chino and Tammy she know you first and foremost a Angels just for being who you are so beautiful and I'm looking at your energy together and it's just like I can't stop is like the Cheshire Cat smile thing going on and it is it is and seeing is that come come right here it's like this place a little energy that sang Come on come over here and it's like this little Cheshire chubby cat going come come come and we're all running over and there's like this little secret garden door and the door is opening and this little cheshire cat is going come on come on and you're like yeah but I can't get through there like yes you can all you have to do is
remember how to transform out of that which is trying to make you think you are something other than what you really are and see when is
much love to you we love you we love you guys thank you so much thank you I really enjoyed that Journey beautiful thank you so much are you guys I love this whole with the with the welcome and they of course you can walk through any door and the Cheshire Cat grin is likely to go watch a movie I think there's something about the way you guys feel that that's the energy when we come together in our wake and presents it is that Eternal smile it is that knowing that the seven polarities a free will or playing out and each will have the experience based upon their level of Consciousness and that just because there is an assault on Consciousness does not mean that we give hours away it is a call to remember you found the show you've discovered SRI and Kira we are so happy you are here go to Sri and Kira. Calm and say okay what else am I ready to do
what else am I ready to do because the mom is here and if this work is calling to you then then at least join us Monday nights and start learning a little bit more is unique because you are a spiritual Warrior who is taking birth of putting it all together completion of that which was keeping you from embodying the full power of your freedom and your destiny hey pay attention I am here rising in Beloved novel rajshri the confirmation that the cycle is coming forward the time has compressed that we have to go outside of that which are mine really wants to hold onto but that is that velvet right now we are able to be in our ascended presence in our unified field
we are able to say yes to the greater expansion of our Consciousness as the celebration that together we are better. We are one glorious beautiful Bountiful energy having extraordinary multitude of experiences we love you so much I hope to see you all tomorrow night at Monday magic and it's not Tuesday at Sol mirrors right here at all the same stations 5 p.m. Pacific
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