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Sri and Kira Live, October 11, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

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Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live that's our world's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shipping to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra rockmore these Mysteries offer Livescore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
now that's stay and welcome to shriek here alive I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka and beloved ones welcome once again to our old County and actually as our beautiful 10 Yari medicine men taught it's pouty actually where we live and they taught us the indigenous meaning and how the name of our village is properly PA you separate word p i pronounced pouty and so that's just part of the energy that we are here to share with you today and I hope you're enjoying as much as we are the energy of being here in Old pouty right now and three are we able to flip the camera okay hey we have a surprise for you were slipping toward other camera right now here's our live studio audience where you guys had 11
so excited there's actually more of them here then you're seeing it so I just so you guys know we're only seeing from Patty to Amma so aggressive you jump in for a second say hello and there's a lot that we are there we go see there's a lot more of you here yet so anyway let's flip back to the other camera we have so much to share and thank you first and foremost all of you that are turning and wherever you are and remember you can be calling in now getting over here at 1 this talk radio 517-208-1500 that's really filling up fast and of course getting over at our 800 number right over at CVS 8862 76008 again that's 888-627-6708 and I bet you're chatting over there at YouTube for rent or when this talk radio and of course tuning in over at and when does talk radio. Com and all of the Affiliates and
did we get everybody well you did a great job how about the October up level calendar going on this week right now not what you really bring your hands your heart and really feel into this energy because you're dating at the calendar as I know you're feeling as I know you're you're really sensing right now this week right now here we are on the 11th okay we are one full week and from when we started last Sunday into this pre retrograde face and this Friday this coming Friday is going to not only be when the Mercury retrograde begins as the Divine mirror in a bit of share with you why that language is going to be really phenomenal even more important in about a moment so Mercury retrograde remember is going to be a mirror this time it's going to be
and reflection and it's going to not only begin on the 16th it coincides with so many things number one that evening Friday the 16th of this Friday it will be an illuminated super new moon have level now this is massive and it's so massive that she and I are holding a ceremony for this however there's a catch you have to be in our app to get the invitation so make sure you have our app downloaded spiritual Mastery with tree and Cara and if you are downloading in the app you will get everything you need will be in the notifications notifications turned on it will be available to everyone who has a rap even if you're not part of our Mastery team and so just download the app and that's how you'll get the information to join us look for that being updated in your announcements tomorrow with all the monthly weekly update know it's important to recognize when we gathered
together with the clarity with a sincere intention and with present you do so much Beauty can happen and we influenced quite innocently actually because the more we hold joy and the more we hold Focus together we are very quote-unquote innocently sending out a wave of joy and presents that others might go I feel better or the house or at least we would hope to hold that Consciousness Would we not yeah right now this week we've been talking a lot about what more than about how in that dance member that game on dark light game on Wii Fit in it now it started last month you know and it died dancing between this is a week to really dance with the Divine this is a week where you can claim your spiritual tenacity
inaction and this is really the week to have that support in front of you as we are moving toward this Mercury retrograde as that incredible mirror is opening up before us right now whatever we bring into the retrograde whatever has been out of balance is going to have a wide mirror in front of it so anything in your license and balance if it's whatever Direction you're going to see the mirror in this retrograde and have the opportunity of reunions being able to really resolve and and have that rebirth activated and this week is all about supporting that vision and dream and how you support that in the light of density getting desert we're not twelve days is one anymore we're six days is one so there's more space to claim Mastery if you honestly claim.
12 is 1 of September and so in this moment right now as you are claiming that fix day and one with Consciousness knowing that there's that hey Lord that breath that space to offer you through that other energy that's there that valence energy write a week of the weaving the Divine Shiva Shakti their the Oneness if you do that that has you dance with the Divine this week your dreams are ready to manifest in ways that you could not possibly comprehend the connections get bigger the way you come together with people gets bigger as the serendipity's get more profound The Accidental connections get wider and it's because of one thing there is a secret spiritual tenacity and how you are anchoring that and so I just had to open it that for you because that's so important about what
cutting it really is and I want to remind everybody universe will conspire for your success if you hold equal passion for yourself
read that is inspiring for you to be successful provided that you are holding equal passion for yourself when we doubt ourselves we're sending a signal of I don't want a full portion of support when we have beer we're sending a signal of I can't manifest I'm pulling away from ya no because it's too hard right you know that this is not spiritual tenacity I mean this is exactly what this lyrics is there a part of you trust the device says we're going forward anyway and this is why anchoring multi-dimensional presence is so important right it's just it's just critic and it begins with that fifth dimensional compassion right really really holding yourself and loving yourself enough and owning what you've been think
write an N what does that really mean it means that how often have you talked about we Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and I trust my Divine guidance or whatever how how many years have you just had the conversation or pontificate about it with friends are right everything you can read and you think about it all the time but are you really honest enough with yourself to know if you're really living it or are you still dancing with the ego because the ego really really will he doesn't want you to offend and it is getting to that moment of knowing that as you know as we put in sacred Union the journey home so many years ago the ego is a fly pirate and it will do anything and everything to talk to you and here's the irony the sweet irony of that cuz there is a sweet ironing when you finally get to the moment whatever your moment is
when you finally are like okay I'm yours I get it it's over right take me you know you we all get to that moment however you get there when you pop to the other side through that moment the eagle realizes that it gets to still exist and that it just gets into a whole new way of being because the guy you is now commanding the ship your creativity Source the law of instantaneous manifestation is everyday everyday magic is nothing more than you knowing who you are
everything falls into place your dreams expand because the manifestation is so quick you can't keep up with it and Magic happens and I I really wet hair suite at your prompting with what you just said and also because I really feel compelled that we need to talk about the magic that's happening in real time because yesterday was 10-10 right 20/20 bright and yesterday a huge Miracle happens here at House of Blue Mountain in behalf of humanity and it's still all holding him show you the other camera itself keep holding him you got it because I've loved it since you're beautiful and all the ones that are not on camera with you they're all holding hands and I didn't even know that
it's a beautiful moment oh my God all right thank you or are you guys all like is taken as I am right now and like sitting here I couldn't hold life like I was having a hard time holding my breath and then I looked out right cuz this is all this amazing love as we're getting ready to talk about the Miracles yesterday because that's why all these beings are here to is they are witnesses of these Miracles and this is this is for all of us right now in this community so if your Windows Live really celebrate that you're giving yourself the gift of these Sunday services in this community right and if you're catching Us in any form of archive we're time-stamped thank you for feeling the moment right now requires congruence doesn't mean you just have a good spin
it doesn't mean you know the right words it means you're willing to live it you're willing to live what you say in this is why what you were saying you know what to own your thoughts how many of us have put on a good face but internally the thoughts are going on trees out they don't call on me I don't know her. Whatever sounds crazy I don't believe in this but I'll I'll fake it you put on White on it baby TV stand that you are serving two masters to the extent that you're doing that you have split your energy
and divided we fall there's an old adage the more we split our energy the weaker our forward momentum will become doesn't mean you're weak as a person because good Heavens you're covering multiple bases no telling how ever you are full word momentum will come to a standstill and all of a sudden you'll get really tired and that'll be a signal take a look and get on it so yesterday I just am I safe way to do the magic that was happening in yours yesterday what we experienced was an alignment of authenticity and we were visited by 4 I'm going to call him young man because they're younger than me but actually these are people in their truck I've got those dates of all form of linear age baby start talking about the miracle of yesterday are these are the ones that are carrying the torch
leaders in their community and these kanyari came along distance to be there with us and they live in the province called conjar and it's high altitude it's cold it was a stunning views and what they what has happened to the culture as a result of that is these are strong people they have a Vitality to them and they know how to sustain their Vitality using the natural herbs and plants and all the medicines that grow in the Andes mountains and when they changed here we wanted to share with them the lost city and ask them to because all they got here was we did this this is the beautiful man and and it's his family that are the lineage holders of the true konyaalti which is where we live we live them on the
yardi yards are workers here and we have started introducing you about the pinjar and what happened at the Toshi Museum and when they let us hold the artifact and we showed you that video last week well this was what we were telling you last week that we were honored to do ceremony with this incredible being and who normally doesn't come out to do ceremonies with those that are not can you re so that's the first miracle and we when we did that ceremony with him last week just to catch you up I believe we share this with you we had mentioned that we had started this dialogue with him well Street and he had been on there little WhatsApp for like a week and a half to two weeks and they'd be like going back and forth with each other it was really precious and finally he said okay we're going to do it but I have to be on 1010 imagine of course he was the one that dictated the date and of course we held our breath and working because it was a year ago
we were going to be in Peru re-energizing the Ascension portal at the Mirage circles on this day on yesterday 1010 20 20 and we had we had moved back. Experience that was going to be held in Peru all of the energy that was going to be found in Peru actually turned out was here and so now those who are turning with us to Peru are the people you're seeing in the camera however only half of them stayed the journey and so these were the six that were here for this incredible Miracle of yesterday which was when this beautiful Shaman and who is a true kanyari Medicine Man lineage holder his cousin and a dear friend they are an incredible and he and band and you're going to hear their music I ran their music underneath the whole video You're going to hear today music that they were playing taken live at our ceremony and
not only did they come here's the first Miracles that when she showed them pictures of our tenants doll and pictures of our firepit and pictures of the lost city why they were so intrigued to come was because they too had heard the stories as children of the Lost Temple that there was a temple that it was over here that was yet to be discovered and so they really wanted to come to confirm or deny that they were very clear about that that this was the temple and you know drum roll please they confirm this is the temple and the ones that the younger the younger cousin who is just precious he was with me a lot when we were up at the top of the temple with them and we have pictures and things were going to show you he looked at me at one point he was so beautiful he looked me right in the eye and he said and this is Hannah born and raised here has never been much more out of 10 yard
Apple before and I was I don't know which one of us was in More Tears you know and he just and when we were at the prophecy Stone and his questions and the sincerity and the damn every stone he was blessing they were blessing with coca leaves and tobacco and kneeling and it was humbling and so honoring it is a true lie to me it was very humbling and I found the Deep respect for those that are carrying in a very living sincere way the respect for All My Relations the respect for mother nature to be able to say you know what Sarah says we're approaching the temple and they they were just fencing and when they came to the stone witch marks what we call a gate and energetic gate to come in they pawed they touch the stuff they offered coca leaves and it was very sincere
when a ritual is offered with sincerity it's no longer a ritual it is a sincere moment of connection and surrender and this is one of the things that we often times lose in modern society is the our spiritual organizations offer rituals and and many of us become conforming to the ritual like let's get on with it the part where I say that you're supposed to do saying is when it's done with full presents
it's no longer a ritual it's a Divine communion it's real and now and Mystikal and I begin to witness this over and over and for me that was a true GIF the true reminder that every moment is precious and every leaf and every Rock has a gift is a gift and to remind you of the gift that you are out this week right because this is not weak right now when it is honestly about dancing with the divine within and that's why I'm just loving our bathtub so perfect and that when we are dancing with the Divine it means that we are not resisting because that you cannot dance with that you are resisting you won't be able to flow with it it will become will become the word I want to use a self-fulfilling because we are in a self-fulfilling moment so the question is what are you self-fulfilling with
because your Consciousness is creating with every breath with every second with every moment and so what are you creating what are you fulfilling where is your focus if ever there was a moment of steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust is at the framework of the support that ignites that tourist field that holds Us in that zero point generation of being a lot instantaneous manifestation but the other thing that it is is truly the formula of solutes formula that will keep you in this moment of knowing that you are living in illuminated life knowing that you are allowing inspiration account because you have remained in that self-fulfilled state that offers compassion keeping you in the 5th Dimension and In This Moment now especially this week
the dance with the Divine is about lifting through that Fifth and honestly touching if not anchoring in that seventh dimensional space where judgment is released through that huge haha that allows that energy to start anchoring in your Consciousness it's that truly wider lens that will always hold the view outside of judgment that is there for the moment where you plummet into it where it becomes a quick bounce and your back up and you remember versus a plummet that you don't know how to get out of
how you dance with the Divine dance with the Divine you know it's there but you don't know how to get out of I'm sure everybody can relate to that language describing when we are in the emotional pit it whatever that might look like whatever is whatever brought you there and the thing to remember is the ego which is the holder of these trauma imprints the ego is the holder of the the self-defeating beliefs that would say I'm not good enough I deserve to be punished
legal can't get you out of the hole only your souls wisdom can lift you through the delusionary destructive energy of the ego the ego to be destructive and creative but when we were in the dumps it's only the soul that can pull you through it's a spiritual solution to a worldly probably by safe and that when we relax and Trust Universe we will lift out of momentary reactivity when we don't have trust in the universe the momentary reactivity is 99% of the screen and that's where we're going to dance with true and so you don't speaking of what we're dancing with I would like to show you guys too cute pictures from when we were walking up to the to the temple yesterday and SRI the first one there is the one that says prophecy Stone Canyon so let's get there it is so here we are guys so this picture right here is when we first arrived at the
apathy Stone and if I wanted it so you know who's who you see three is right there in the right in the bottom right in the black hat right next to him this is the brother of the head Medicine Man and kind of hidden behind him is his cousin and then right next to in there is the flute player in their band and standing right there putting his hair back in the white shirt is Alexander who is the lineage holder Medicine Man and the body and in the background there in the blue shirt with the hat of course that's our beloved and get all the prophecy Stone and I had just explain to them how I was reading it and they were showing me how they were reading it as well and we were we were staying the same as though they were very excited and then they immediately knew that it was filled with water and they said yes that used to be big and it would be filled with water and I was like yes and I used to float in it face down and they're like yes
this is how it was really fascinating that we were filling in gaps of each other's understanding of this so it was really very exciting and so that's the first picture and then let's go to prom Throne of a tuna so this is the Throne of Attunement that we have recently been working with and that what is so beautiful is that all of our beautiful beings here in our lives video audience are going to be the first group that will be going up after this reactivation of all of the Sacred centers up there and receiving this a tuna in this throne and so this is actually at a piece of an ancient Throne you can see we're at the laser blasted then you can see kind of the X carvings there in the front there and where their hands are is where there are constellation markings and there's ways that you work with it and I had just finished demonstrating next time you're going to see that in the video we're going to offer to you and this was done working with this before they even got to the spell know they had already confirmed that this was indeed the temple there
they start sharing things with us from their prophecy and we are going to start making a little movie about all of this cuz we're just getting too much put in front of a snob or are you one of the things that I've enjoyed is years ago I had read Zacharias Hitchens work and had he wrote about the war between the the gods and how far do kid excetera and up here and the stone that has all that you know they're weather carvings in Austin there's a straight line how do you cut a stone in a straight line on coming out listen to because we know the stones are millions of years old this is not a temple that was carved you do 3000 years ago this was carved a million more than years ago
is in their prophecy and they were talking about these prophecies and this is how this Temple has been in so the one thing that's free and I have been humbled and honored to know is that you know it's no accident we're here and it's no accident that we were invited many years ago to leave the United States and start the journey we have started and the spent seven years with the Maya and to spend two years in the crystalline Realms of Uruguay and then to come to the Center of the Earth to dance with the dark in the heart and it brings it to again this week because let's not forget we are heading into Navarro and and this is one of the things that I want strictly pop up the calendar again real quick straight sew on the October up level calendar remember here we are this Friday get the app join us be part of this it is a profound Ceremony this Friday the 16th is not only when they're beautiful huge mirror of this Mercury retrograde is going to open in a little minute
what else is going to happen if it's a super New Moon up level and then navratri begins which means the lion that carries beloved dirt stores out into the world for 9 days in Stowe this is a profound moment and it is a moment that is calling on the divine feminine in ways it has never called on before and before we close the calendar I wanted to erect you again to the very top of the calendar to this quote from the Divine directors you are on the earth because you are a master
add on Earth is code for you can go back to on Earth is code for this timeline right now because it's in this timeline and this experience that we have this Collective Agreement on how we say things and and how they are looking and perceived and so you're here in this moment and moment this month is October month you are here because you are a master so why not dance with the Divine and let the master lead let that Alter Ego have fun and be in its rightful experience so that the illumination is for rayshun the law of instantaneous manifestation come see all that you are is important to remember that Mastery refers to a spiritual attainment not a hierarchical till minion as the to be able to
take birth here on Earth to go through the veil of forgetfulness and Rise back through that again and awaken is the evidence or the proof of the Mastery the master doesn't have to awaken the master can radiate light in a less conscious manner of however each of you this tuned in with this work these presentations this energy in this community has said I choose more I choose to awaken to the truth of who I am I choose to serve the expanding light in whatever fashion your heart is called however your service will look to find joy and service is Again part of the feedback of the master
to know that you are a complete bean and have gifts to share and even though part of you that she'll may still be carrying some Old Wounds from old imprint the rest of you the greater environment in which that little Shelties is floating is driving the car so to speak its carrying you forward and this is one of the paradoxes that we danced with so often we have this egoic part which is a personality self based upon one Lifetime and one set of imprints good and bad as that we have this masterpiece of ourselves that is did is timeless that has is in access to him Infinite Wisdom power and love and it's holding presence for this part that is still healing and will probably use most of your life to be able to hold both and your Consciousness with love is
majority of the master
because it ignites The Compassion right when you can do that you would like to compassion and that's what begins the standard process that's what brings you from that that moment up and so I'm loving that and you just going from that moment. We have two more pictures and and I want to talk a little bit more about the 10:10 20/20 Experience because how was your yesterday look at how it remember right now in October time compression is 6 as one which for those who really receive the 12 as one as that freeing experience of September than In This Moment you're dancing in the spaciousness of the creation and you're feeling great this the space at this and remember the opposite of that is feeling the compression wow I had 12 now I have six it's going to feel like compression it's going to it's going to be in Traverse energy lots of people pulling plugs on things and going backwards or really hunkering into a position ality
very very very prevalent right now as well because to the to the density experience right now it's becoming intent to the Mastery experience it's become so it really is quite extraordinary and and quite quite ironic within the own I guess the word I want to use his mind games we give ourselves to stop from arriving at a place it's just so much easier to be and I please hear that that it's sincere when we when we give ourselves the gift of saying if not now when I mean owning that owning it seriously if not now when and if you were with us last Monday night I have to jump in because if it's comes into this not now well now went right we opened up the galactic encyclopedia for the first time in 15 years and wow oh wow and so if you were not with us yet there tomorrow night Monday magic the girl
encyclopedia mind-blowing but last Monday lesson one did we not get that exact conversation in that first lesson which was basically saying go forestry I am I am often the energy of of the whole lesson gravity PediaCare he's our profound energy of Awakening each other that way to you
here's where I was going in the installment right in the insolvent if you read his incredible message basically saying look if you were clear that this was it if you were clear that right now this was this was your culmination this was your moment how would you act what would you do how would you live
and is it not the moment to really invite ourself we can all continue the illusionary densified spin which is the prevailing party that not only wants to afraid it wants you terrified just get right out there it's sprayed is nothing in the name of Terror they can control you incredibly well so they don't want you afraid they were terrified and then while they won't totally restrict what you do they're going to make it harder and so for a lot of people it's just easier to give up it's easy to hide behind well you know it's too hard that's a sign know maybe it's an invitation to commitment
steadfast commitment there's a reason that the Divine directors came out and offered that a while ago steadfast commitment energies were going to become so intense that in order to hold open the Taurus remember when you ignite when you become the zero-point generator of the law of instantaneous manifestation it is because you are holding open that Taurus and what's holding open up. Taurus in the third dimension steadfast commitment focused awareness I am not distracted because it's Braxton is the tool that is out right now and complete trust meaning my inspiration dies my mind rather than my mind tries to control my inspiration
so really breathe into that because in this week as we are being invited to dance with our divine self it means that the other will also try to pull us away and and freeze it and remind you of a quote and there it is people are afraid that they will give away their power when people are terrified they will give away their soul
and this came from this buying directors through beloved Tara rod and it's important reminder that in our world of of the mix of Consciousness has the the density playground
people that have not anchored in their awaken spirituality are more likely to be afraid yes and are more likely to seek a rescuer how do you spell nature that's the nature of the fear-based reality as there's always a perpetrator something to be afraid you were to make it all right and you will always find an abuser you can turn anybody into an abuser even yourself if you have to and post that you know I'm obligated at this point we have to put up the graphic there it is right there because this is really an indie. October is just so so abundantly offering us experience right it's an experience energy months so there it is the extended version of this experience it's all the same spiral so are you spiraling as victim of these are rescuer are you in that energy many spiritualize egos are very good
good at using this energy with spiritualize language but if you were deserting if you're really conscious of your own ego itself then you can see it and it and it makes it easy actually to start filtering that information which is actually keeping you in that role and the information that's actually freeing you from it and yet it to manage your own discernment it demands your own commitment steadfast commitment because then we transform we are the teacher healer Mentor this is that you cuz you're always all of it right you're always all and so we really have the opportunity to either be dancing with the victim energy or dancing with the mentorship at the Healer energy and we are all teachers and we are all mentors all of us and that's something else to remember to because we have all been the victims to
exactly part of what we grew up with its new right it's the dance it's this to bring it all together the compulsion to dance with the victim energy to be the abuser to be The Rescuer the One Step Above feeling victim e is to say I can rescue others and feel a little stronger but I'm still hooked into the victim Paradigm and when we begin to discover the peaceful place inside and we refer to this is the fifth dimensional can we listen to the ascended part it is easier easier to recognize the I am energy the is energy is foundational eyes in a sense of peace and a sense of not being blown in the wind it's a I am
and they don't need to add anything more than to it and what we lift it to the 7th dimensional energy that I am foundational spiritual orientation moves into the sense of no need for the position ality of judgement no need to separate reality into good and bad right and wrong higher or lower if he gains with compassion and peace and then it evolves into that energy is needed in order to claim that as yours we work with the steadfast commitment are the focus to where it is and the complete try to lift ourselves into the spaciousness of I am at law of instantaneous manifestation and miracles and our next two pictures because I put it up because as you all know following her back to our story so as you are beautiful beautiful trauma tour beautiful lady told her medicine man arrived here to do this
mod on 1010 and it took to I took a truck and a car for them to bring everything and I was loving caring about their Journey coming over the mountains down from into parka and down to the other way and they literally like Mountain Run to get here it was fabulous and one is a gift that don't Simeone who has really been our Guiding Light since what Amala CNN Center transition has never really left there was a difference between a ceremony and a burning and it was a very powerful discernment it was a spiritual discernment and and he was referring to that there are many people claim to do ceremony and they don't what they what they forget is that the way that you are things are put together the way that you offer them the way that you clean up the way that you post them the way that you care for them the way that you carry them that exactly all of that
goes into the ceremony and that many and and especially those that do like just tourism ceremonies it's like yours the kit you know here's your little tickle out and give him a ceremony right it's okay we do this we do this and it's really you know that's what it is it's a burning and so we we are always been very sensitive to that ever since then and Alexander is an example of a master who comes from a very long line is very proud of his lineage you talks about all the generations and really keep stalking a really powerful and we have pictures here of the altar he created is it happened yesterday and I thought it might be nice just to take a moment and let you really see what you're going to see how amazing guys so what you're seeing here this is from the side and you say right in the very front there there's two pictures down there there's like a glass pitcher and a bottle and then to the
you see the yellow flag with that beautiful Crystal coming up out of his staff well look directly to the next staff the one that has the gold tip in the feathers hanging from it and you notice that's in the ground when Street and I first met him then she loved how you described his staff is the height to the heart of the one who your staff and all of that that was to his heart level but it also is a sphere and I'll answer it was really quite powerful. It was it was really your protector both in the spiritual realm and the school now down at the bottom of that do you see the size of those Condor feathers right now are those incredible look at those boxing and everything you see here let's go to the other one that says alter
to where I want I want to really give you guys an opportunity to see this incredible there it is we were standing up so you can just rip it Shadow but you're now since the left that Crystal pointing up when you see those two huge contour feathers that are part of his fan and you're now seeing the top is he in his painted of the for all the colors of the Cross there are painted on his chest you also notice that two feathers coming out of the Fist that's the indigenous solidarity and then in the center of that red cloth that is his beautiful pipe where we had the chance and you see there in that by hand carved what was what was that car bows at marble maybe or was he in laid in the middle of the stem the long stem of the pipe there the roses and then you see the beautiful way that they decorated our firepit and rice
route one of the beautiful things every there's four at each of the four directions there is an offering are on the upper left where it did by the dram in the bowl of fruit in the north is the dwelling of the grandparents and so the offering is for the Abuelos in the well has it in the offering of the fruit in the food is that they would continue to guide us and then when the ceremony came to its conclusion those fruits are planted in the earth and that's in the video show you and I are going to be a very short edited clip it's only 7 minutes long everything that happened yesterday including beautiful beings and I want to share something that
funeral shooting last night when Theo ceremonies last hours always I remember what the Mayan you never knew how long the ceremony was going to be you were just prepped for the day and he has same thing here is that we knew the ceremony was the star at 3 in the afternoon and it would roughly go till 6 will throw that out the window right and I just kept going and going and going and it was stunning and so we do have footage go from days till night and one of the gift of Kenyatta ceremonies is there all about music and so there was guitar and flute and drums and rattles and singing and celebration and their their ceremonies are all about the joy of living or you'll hear them singing the word Corazon is heart listen to how many times you hear them singing about the heart and so this is really a beautiful moment because in this Valley the reason
said it was so important to Street and I to have someone come here is that we are very aware that we are living on a Kenyatta Temple we are very aware that we are the only non can you live in RV and we are so grateful and so humbled and we were also very aware that the community needed to remember and he ran our little village there is no one that remembers the really ancient stories and prophesies and it broke my heart it reminded me of the Tibetan people and the exact same thing that his Holiness the Dalai Lama is working with is that that his people do not forget that. That the Tibetans do not forget may all cultures be blessed with their lineage and and Mayo celebrate that when we invite all cultures to celebrate their lineage is when we discover our Oneness
that's only can sit in a circle and share all of our lineages and each arrived for our own heart at the self recognition of the Oneness of the one our diversity is our one there is our diversity diversity is the source of Creative Energy let's hang out with one way of being when we honor one way of being and we are open to feeling and and listening and being a participant in the other ways of being then the creative Synergy Athens this was such a beautiful beautiful lineage holder say yes to coming here saying okay we will we will we will come to your land because he had been like no you need to come here you need to come my place need to come here and so it was really quite a thing and then again it was he who said but it's got to be on 1010 we're like
yes please do and and soap
the reason I'm sharing all of this is that as we remember our stories as we come together when when this ceremony happened when they came here what my heart knew and celebrated and I was turning the street last night was at one point as each of our beautiful blessed ones with going into the Thomas Golf personal like shifting experience that we're going to be talking about the second half of the show that you really want to connect with Iris purchase tree I wonder when the last time this Valley heard this music
because in the valley were living in even though it's a canary Valley they forgotten this and so last night was the first night that the song of a canary with song by the canary and their Temple and probably hundreds of years
and it touched me at 11 I can barely discussed and so it was it was very deep for them as well there were a lot of tears and there were a lot of offerings that this Valley and it got very very quiet and what had been a cloudy Sky cleared and the planets were incredible and Radiance and the stars were luminescent all of that was here and it felt like a resurrection of the Temple and so we I really want to share that with you before we show you this little film it's only 7 minutes long because we have hours of film and they started sharing their prophecies with us and their prophecies they believe she is in there they've day they've already cooked they're just convinced he's part of it and days already started talking about things and the greatest law of instantaneous manifestation after they started talking us about this coming March this is why we were up at the
and they they just unprompted it was when we were stepping out there's an altar area up there and I had just let Alexander and we were both up at the altar at the same time and he started talking about March in about how this coming March which is what we have been talking about that this coming March is going to be a very powerful point and he said I can bring the grandfather's in their red Poncho's here on this land in this and he said this is the temple it has to be at this Temple to this temple in March the entire Community to dance for the equinoxes and of course we have already released the WWE Global Summit to be on that weekend and we had said nothing to him and I have had this vision of these natives you indigenous beings dancing knowing it had to be hosted here and that we would be able to broadcast from the temple
and we had said nothing to them and that is now confirmed
that is not an accident we find that even more affirmation of the WWE Global Summit and the importance of it and stay tuned to it make sure you're visiting WWE Global often Mark the upcoming March Aquanauts get here live or get there virtually but be a part of this moment because this is no accident and they were talking about the unification of the eagle and the Condor the next steps of the prophecy of the coming together of all the tribes and how yesterday we were modeling the coming together of all the tribes we literally had people here from all over the world we were all represented experience to be in the sincerity in the love of celebration of life and one of the things that comes forward so clearly for me is the recognition that for the world and the children of the world to have a wholesome eggs
Lister we need to respect the Earth love each other and listen to the wisdom of the elders that when we are mentored when we are loved and when we live a life of respect Harmony emerges quite naturally because we're the respect calls us to notice the harmony that's already there and then the we become amplifiers of that and the one thing that I was very impressed with with these Lydia told her that came to be with us was there all of their songs
my heart is a star and I signed into the night was one of the phrases and that there is Happy song and the flute playing is this bouncy happy flute that we're dancing through the year of the better was supplying them yesterday morning and on the way down fun taneously he whipped out as pan flute and they're walking down the play the Pan Flute don't like this is out of the movie like this is not even really happening cuz it was that incredible sex like crazy amazing is so one of the things that come forwards if so viscerally for Kira and I is to be able to share this energy and here's the entirety of it and maybe the beauty of it is that not everybody can get here to do this so there will be virtual conferencing live video conferencing
the opportunity to use the technology to connect. To be disconnected as we can bring forward there will be WWE Global groups all over forming a part of this extraordinary moment for all of humanity and my heart is singing that the indigenous have walked forward from the heart of the Earth from the top of the world and said we will come and we will open this for you and so I said that was just so spot law of instantaneous manifestations so beloved angels we are going to offer you this little Stone and we're going to also invite those of us that are here if they want to go around watch they can make your little jumbling and then shree and I will be back but you know what size you got to watch this whole film because it even features rare footage of Sri Lanka finally publicly playing the flute and did you know
he was so good at it all right my love
yeah it was the templo de
or I can Lowe's
ABC lineup
Shawn Mendes best friend
800 Sutherland
hi everybody I'm surprised it's me real rose drink here will be with us
everyone don't you just love it nothing like lies stuff huh there you go is proof right here it really isn't my battery my baby Henry's right here he had to follow us down so welcome back every once and hey what you guys think of the movie did you enjoy that right now. I'm hoping that all of you enjoyed it as well and now that we have a camera on all of you guys and what it was things I was thinking is that maybe Brina and Cherry why don't you bring your chairs over and you know just kind of like stagger so we can see everybody because it begins with Patty so maybe put it like in between you know like in between, there we are and then block anybody exactly perfect
where is it for now what happened why did our camera move there we go hold on to keep going okay so we thought we ended, so I don't see I don't see Gabrielle at all so you want to come on over honey and so guys the reason we're introducing you to our beautiful studio audience and more more more like you have to go almost Beach and we're even a little better okay so we were wondering if any of you now that you just seen the movie again who would like to share anything about what happened what it was like to be in a ceremony like that on a day where are sacred intention was really about Oneness and calling forward this this greater Harmony and and how your experience was anyone like to share
okay thank you all this is Alma wrong wearing her beautiful mind calendar I remember when we got those in Guatemala beautiful hi sweetheart, this day I had in my heart I have brought it with me last night but I sent and transmitted the love we have it there connecting the
the respect
the welcoming hearts of these wonderful kanyari men who are to me the hope of the world Community love energy that was a green energy was coming up
collectively from us and from the fire and I saw it Go in all four directions and coat the Earth with love light and healing and I knew we were at the exact moment at the perfect time and everything that ever happened to each of Our Lives do matter how difficult I had to brace my whole life and just say thank you thank you for sharing so much but yeah I see a lot of others yes go ahead
okay I will show you I thought you were getting ready to speak their you are sweetheart yeah the Purity from their car and then one heart one heart one heart and hearth and also that of appreciation for all that has gone before thank you Tasha yes
so much love I honestly was felt yesterday with the one-day honestly more for my phone so fewer and so loving with a level just floors and just enjoying a lovely music I love with you with it was a lot of Magic Mike Reed
well thank you for being here right all right who's next it looks like Bree is ready to burst so so profoundly was the mixed of not just the languages but the worlds and the traditions of them and also stream here and how you all just how we all came together and co-created something so uniquely beautiful that will never happen again the same exactly how it was taboo for so long to have to get the ceremonies and sing me songs and and how there's this Resurgence in his interest here for all of that happening all over the world that these older traditions and ceremonies are coming back
it was really beautiful thank you for sharing that yeah that was really again you know when was the last time this Valley heard those songs really touched my heart at a deep level last night Corey I know your heart was touched
surrender of the ego in
feeling of
and expansion of lifting up and just rising up into the clouds and in like dancing with the spirits in the clouds in the stars came out and it was in the music in the frequency of everybody else has changed and then the time in the tennis Kalin and thank you Cheri you look ready to jump in on that love love old love and I was kidding that we went there and see the portals open and we are there to Anchor and I can really that's why I have to sit on the ground because I feel that we are anchor t
and so and then I got love words love compassion healing and then light and I did feel the presence of Dalai Lama right in front of me and you said lineage and I was getting his lineage was there as well he carried at lineage when I saw him right in front of me it's such a wonderful thank you oh where oh where anybody have a dry I left them and everybody all right well let's go let's go right over here to Gabriella hey sweetheart how are you thank you yesterday was just a profound experience I felt so much their hearts and even with really know English you know very little English and but just the energy was there you could feel it so deeply and I feel very very privileged to have been a part of it thank you
you my love and how about all of us when he was trying to teach us their language right you know teaching us all those words and internet hey sweetheart I just see you still Bliss filled it's like Everlast
what's the weather
found it was one with great connection with these
I'm giving me the words of the songs and singing with them with an n and a hot was just we see it well I think all of you have said it so beautifully is there anything any of you would like to share about your tennis colics. If you have any idea what happened yesterday with that this beautiful man Alexander did something. Even 3 and I were so a hundred and delighted with is that we had agreed that he was going to do clearings what we did not know was that from the time we met him
morning until the time we got into tennis call that night his higher self called him to do these are the things that people go and pay him to do like the he's the medicine man of feelings come there too and he did this for free and you're looking at everyone who received one and so anyone want to share anything about that experience cuz it's really this is the real thing guys this isn't just that Pat Pat Pat so just curious if anybody would like to share anything
please by Chicago
talk up honey
okay so but what happen if I didn't understand that if I was in The Tempest all any of you like to talk about what happened or not how how the process worked
it means that the shaman has Sacred Water that he blows at you is part of the cleansing process I'd like a definition there on that okay because branches and padding and open a clear and clear it out
it was also in our tennis call so you were in that Violet Ray Crystal and chamber in that sacred energy and that would that sacred medicine experience and and the reason I'm just experimenting biting you to talk about it at all, they're listening you could understand why they can't write and that's the gift just just connect with where they are and you will understand why they cannot share about this order put you guys off the hook and go back to our camera
2 lbs to stomp on herbs that are on fire today to it and have the Earth underwear was on disclaimer number to the road to have my chakras blasted with the energy something that could have happened a century ago and eat on her exactly exactly
on some level I am here in that cage that time and it's being given to us in this time to remind us thank you for that what a beautiful sharing thank you so much and yet so as you guys can see that's what's going on here and I know the lot of you being kept and waiting to jump into the show where people holding ever over in her 800 number right here over at her other number and so Street where we going to begin radio van from Boise Idaho holding on line to a namaste welcome to the show sweetheart
thank you so very much I'm very privileged to be called upon to help you here oh just watching the ceremonies and listening to your beautiful soul reading for us that are connected with all of that and
words cannot come so thank you sweetheart well first and foremost we are honored and I want to take off my glasses I'm really feeling your heart your physical heart and so the first thing I really want to invite you to do it I'm doing it with you is to put your hands right over your physical heart and as you do there is this incredible it's like a presence that that's wanting me to just gently bow my head a little bit and just really relaxed my energy field and this voice that surround use is this beautiful it's a very high high high high high pitch voice coming in from a very high frequency and it just keeps saying the same thing over and over again the more that you relax your guard
the greater the receptivity the greater the receptivity the greater the ignition now as I'm sharing this with you they're saying tell her as I'm holding my physical heart on the left side of my body coming out the right side right here next to my shoulder blade like on the inner part of the shoulder blade it's like I'm feeling this energy of receptivity coming into the heart filtering through the high heart and like coming out of drain on right here it's right on your right right right there right there at the center of just behind the shoulder blade and they're saying that this is a new flow that that you're in a moment of like a cleansing slow and as you allow yourself to receive you will relax out that which no longer serves and only that which does will fill it
and so it is thank you for that blessing
yeah, I think we need to just too hot for a moment and have a moment talking about that moment so what I mean by that is first of all my right hand is numb like my whole right arm is numb to fear if you're feeling any congestion that was a very powerful powerful cleanser the calling it The Heart cleanser and so it was a very powerful heart cleanser that has left some won't roll your shoulders because whether or not you're working with you whether or not you're just connecting that was for us all that was for us all and so it's a really really powerful moment notice if there's anything that you're feeling in your right shoulder or right arm remember we are receiving right now to the Last Stand and really creating with our right and in this month of experience in this beautiful
Divine dance we need both and we need them in Balance right when they are left and are right in balance and so what they're sharing with me right now is to take your hands bite my fingers are pointed up bring them bring them together at the tip bring them together at the tip and then kind of roll them in together pushing pushing pushing almost isometrically keep pushing pushing pushing bring it all together pushing pushing pushing pushing touching the nose with the hands holding that and then they're saying bring as you inhale lift keep it as tense as you can
and then begin to open open open open open open open left
on the exhale
and we're going to inhale as we come down slowly and front
exhale out
I'm going to pull it in
lift up
wow how are you feeling how are you guys feeling oh good you're at your like right right okay so the reason that this practice just came through after this reading is because
are you okay okay so the reason that this practice just came in after this reading is because we were all whether we were conscious of it or not participating in this slow and the stream and this is again another good reminder that when we are awake to the experience and October is an experienced much when we are awake to the experience we can become the conscious co-creator with it there by every moment is an opportunity to expand every moment is an opportunity top-level every moment is an opportunity to remember the master you are and this was just one of those moments you're feeling a difference in your body right now aren't you right so you're going to want to come back to the show and Lauren that and do it often because that's the gift of this blessed Community every single color every single one of you all of us together forms this community
and that's the Divine dance the remembering that together we are better and I with all my heart again want to invite you if you are not yet with us on Monday magic every Monday night number one why not just go to Sri and Kira. Calm and it's right there on the homepage and as we mentioned last Monday we unlock the galactic encyclopedia for the first time in 15 years and the messages and the energy are we roll up leveling so fast that it's just extraordinary it's really like get on board the train guys cuz it's leaving the station and it's going opportunity before all of us is to surrender our need to control and to lift into our destiny to lift into that which we truly are and if we do that we not only discovered the Bliss of Liberation we discovered the power of the Manifest create
can acting within this zone of interaction this shared community and we are at a time where this evolutionary Transcendence process is not receiving the the air time you might say would be nice to offer because there are children there are beings having experiences there are people that are saying in my crazy do I need to medicate what in fact what's happening is everything is Shifty you are I won't mention your name but we just had a beautiful man leave here go back to New York City and he was here for a private San Pedro retreat and was this not like one of the most beautiful things we've ever had here. This is someone who showed up that before we even met I'm being called guidance is like okay hand them this Crystal or give him this thing the blessing was that when
at the end he said to us I didn't even know you existed he's like I never even knew people like you existed I didn't know that and it was a blessing to be with someone who potentially I think it was for the first time has been with people who really understand him and the truth and to be able to be here for a whole week and able to thrive and the Beautiful one who arrived and the Beautiful one who just departed has my heart forever because the the blessing of watching that much expansion in such a short. Of time is humbling and beautiful and it it brought me to what Alexander this is the medicine man with Alexander said when we were up at the prophecy Stone and then he said it again during this closing tunupa of the ceremony last night when we were passing the sacred pipe and
it was the same thing that both Don celso and don't send me instead it chose a la Laguna and it was the last time I've heard it and he said this is very sacred property it is very pure and the energy here is pure and it carries the Temple of healing of this is his Divine Light and he said anyone can come here with any information of the Mind the body the spirit whatever and find Healing here and it was like Dimitri immediately back to those ceremonies in Guatemala felt our time in the felt it all come back here and it was like that beautiful moment that said yes this is a portal this is a hard and that we already knew that but to have the validation come from such an outside source is pretty exciting
hey I'm going to let go of my need to stay in my habits and instead I'm going to let myself be nourished by this environment and some people with the who was the television show where is the bar but but if you have to be entertained by distracted rated as opposed to take a vacation from a pattern and fill with something authentic is true nourishment and to fill with the Vitality of a friendship and song and good food and an environment that is holding a frequency at the love level that I mean that quite literally
is that this land is vibrating about 500 on David Hawkins scale which is one way of measuring the this beautiful man who came to spend time with us loved why use the T and happened to bring some from New York City with him and it was really beautiful because we have the actual why use the branches from the Amazon brought To Us by Edwin who is Aishwarya whose mother cures them according to the ancient Amazonian tradition and then we are blessed to have here for our guest and that was part of what eating real food because of course he only buys organic but it's one thing to buy organic from a supermarket it's another walk outside with the scissors and say can you go Harvest this and this is weird now eating a good portion of our meals are coming from our land or our neighbors right here so it's it's truly is it love
this way before we learned a lot through a comparison having to experiences people don't realize the difference between nutrition and common food we are 100% whole food and 100% organic and anyway just had to share because in this moment of this Divine dance and is one of the Divine dances that we're certainly celebrating talk radio we do have someone with their hand up that means they have a question for you because goodness knows there's a lot going on right now with those chakras and the systems of intuition that would call on you so let's say hi to Wyatt
sorry about that. I wanted you to share a dream that I had Friday
the entire cloud and it was
I think I'm trying to decipher it I would like to have a little more information because I love it well first and foremost hard sweetheart first and foremost thank you for staring I'm feeling almost what it's right in the center of my chest exploded heart it's like a it's like a bump that's just going here it is right it's like a wow and what what I'm being so so beautifully is that it was the Kumon as it was the Hanuman as it was the end of Kumon and stream if you want to talk more about what the Kumon is but this is very much about that incident presents reunifying with the infinite presence however the in
Temple overlay is is number one in a form that you would feel you would know and then again I'm feeling again like a boom like another almost like they're like like those life-saving titles coming in on my send it heart you know it's like that you know Claire boom right that's what it feels like it's what I'm feeling and they're doing that more than once and if it's this moment that sang Stand in a rise the service that you seek to offer is a service that you are the service before you now is to remember that
and so it is
no thank you we love you honey Namaste wow Breeze right are you guys free wow wow that's the first time I've ever seen like a like a really like an amplifier to the ascended heart it's it's like it's saying okay open okay open Moore okay open Moore okay open more and very powerful very very powerful the sound refers to the spirit that is the Divine you could go some traditions by called the Holy Spirit or the spirit that's the essence of the truth of the Divine
and of whom on is the spirit in form
but you mine the spiritual being you are not of a biological animal you are a spiritual being. You know the whom on it's saying like Okay more right let's do more you know really powerful really powerful so you all feeling that cuz when you really breathe into it and you really understand the Kumon you feel the expansion of it right then it becomes us a lift you know I always like to refer to as it's the moment your wings big night and you're no longer walking it's a beautiful experience yeah so I am loving this practice is used with the breath to call in more fully this spirit
they are very powerful and very beautiful I tell you what we can do to do that it says here we are PBS we have Kate from the Bay Area and she's online free are welcome angel
High Street hi Kira can you guys hear me absolutely you sound beautiful
oh thank you so much and say I just a big hello to your wonderful beautiful powerful audience impressed to see everybody there at my question I had for Street and it's a bit of a doctrine that I learned just recently the word Hosanna coming from the Bible I learned stand for save me please and I wanted to ask you what chakra or what energy is behind that word Hosanna because I've never used it before
I want to make sure I heard you correctly that your definition is save save me please right okay so that's all about the first chakra and it makes complete sense that it would be in this moment right now the first chakra is the chakra as tasty and it is the soccer that until it feels safe meeting that until you feel safe in your physical until you you feel really safe with who you are until you have healed the wounds that keep that chakra open their there will be this energy that will always be saying please save me one of those little bit that I want to offer here is there also is a connection to the seventh chakra which is an acknowledgement of the Divine is coming out the Divine from the Savior mentality saying please be here because you know I have fallen I've separate from you however there is an opportunity for unification to come,
through a sincere surrender to that energy
7th is it's not anchored and so it's a very powerful moment and thank you for asking
and there was a girl that just
Jaime I don't know if you heard that but dad's think that's profound confirmation does thank you thank you thank you I love it I love it I love it cuz you know I'm like bird woman so I love it even more embarrassed to say many blessings fabulist I love when that happens I do know that happened yesterday when we were up on the mountain and you know it I I will admit that every time you go up you when I go up to things always happen so much so that we will take them for granted and that is drag at least one dragonfly will always appear if not tons and the Condors always show up when I'm about three-quarters up the mountain is when I usually sight the first one well yesterday was no exception other than yesterday was the first time we went up with our beautiful kanyari Brethren and they were so excited about the Condor and it really helped me remember that I've been taking him for granted
because we happen to live on the mountain where they nest and so it's not like it's a real, and so it was really quite a beautiful a beautiful gift and it recognizes that the Condor in South America is the one that can see far it is the high flying bird and its cousin in the north is the eagle and the eagle also is is the energy of Eagle medicine is to be able to rise above the worldly concerns and to be able to see far and and to be able to speak more connected to the Divine what's going on in the Earth where we are in the state of unification or unity and and that opportunity is now
the reason why the we shared our Journeys with the Maya with these beautiful kanyari brother and because these beings that came and grace us here do not normally work with those that are not part of the canary community and that is because for many years this was taboo and and for many other reasons and when we were able to share with them and what happened in our watermelon adventures and the Beautiful 7 years we spent and you know shree and I have been written into the book of days and that happened when are safe couple Bots ceremonial site was consecrated at Lake atitlan it tends to La Laguna as a resurrection of an Ava and many many many sensories year old site and energy those years with them and and really completing our work with them because what they were very concerned about with us having the truth told about their calendar and one of the things that Alexander said during the ceremony last night was that there are many who have tried
how to learn the ways of the tribal Elders who write books and disappear and who come with false reasons and who come without True Heart and that they were dancing the dance of the Divine they were dancing the joyful celebration of being in a table of unity that celebrated the all and the way he described it was when your table is square than each side has enough and when your table is a rectangle then there are those who are left without
and it was a really beautiful sharing and she and I were very blessed before we went up the mountain to also spend quite a bit of good time with these beautiful men having incredible conversation about the cosmos and the universe and the the moment at hand and with all my heart I just want invite all of you to remember can we pop up the October ascending numerology strength but if you look at the sna numerology for October I want you to look over here your body right now and remember that what is that 10 it is the manifested energy yesterday was 10:10 October which is the 10:00 already tense another 10 we have an amplification of our manifest energy which is on the right side of the upper Lotus chakra however that energy is directly affecting this
if you look at it all the way the being that you see that the for that energy of the four is that mercury preface that opened up last Sunday remember we go back into what chakra root chakra or call who just called root you know what that's what's going on right now and remember have mercy on yourself the root chakra look at how much your root chakra is being assaulted this month I mean really look at that so so this is why this is why it's an important moment to dance with a device if the root chakra is screaming at you that it's time to look at whether or not you deserve this experience because that would be the lights in front of you if you are if your root chakra just can't stop then I don't deserve is in your face one way or another and so the affirmation is simple is it not I just
because I was born
. End of story can you try that one on I deserve because I was born and really breathe that one it is it's important to understand that the root chakra and Carries dead foundational energy of of I am in body and who is in body
and we're back to this discussion of the IM energy we're back to discussion of the who man and that when we are disconnected from our spiritual nature the only thing left in the body is the Mortal coil so to speak is Cicely the physical and and in that which is associated with mortality which brings in an underlying anxiety that is as long as the belief in mortality and and the existential angst Is Anchored In Your root chakra there will always be an unsettled energy there so how do you know if your root chakra is is needing more love and nourishment you're going to be feeling anxiety you're going to have trouble moving forward and I mean that quite literally 400 in your pelvis and your pelvis is the place that's supposed to swing as you walked left and right
the other quick move forward very symbolic and so are we in harmony to walk forward or are we tentative and an unsettled if it's good to know meaning you know it and then seeks The Loft and choice is the knowing not and a recognition of the awareness and that's the celebration it's not to judge yourself and that's that going back what we talked about the first episode of 7th dimensional experience trying that one on going beyond the layer of judgment knowing that if you bounce on to it you can bounce right back through it because of that greater recognition and eat oshry what I really want to just share one more time right here is that framework of support because it comes down to if we've been talking about this during the entire show but I want to put the graphic up here again that's you in the middle you are
the zero point generator this is literally with the law of instantaneous manifestation looks like it is that moment where you are and sacred Union where are the ascended presence is the overlying presents the body and soul and sacred Union igniting this tourist field that you're gazing out on this picture right here held open by your steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust it is the epitome of keep your eyes on the Divine of keep your eyes on the Divine at all time that if I was to Define how do I keep my eyes on the Divine at all times steadfast commitment another beautiful guest here beautiful young woman from New York City people coming from the city lately is she was really really quite beautiful and she was just so so fast name is everything we were doing and and and really like shocked in like aware
and everything and finally I just really relaxed and looked at her and said sweetheart is this if you just look at what it is when you actually live it and that's really the question your life is what you are living are you really living the fullness of your Consciousness or not your life will reflect that fact to you when you really are living the fullness of your Consciousness than the inspiration that comes in Number One normalizes your body number to keeps a constant stream of connection coming that will invite the Mind initially to be challenged yet once that's cleared out like how we just cleared the heart you sustain sustain sustain and the law of instantaneous manifestation just is your life it just you not even conscious of it anymore because it's just happening and that's the moment of hand Divine dance line dance
do I get good luck right Law of Attraction right there there there is a training that life gives us to understand that when our passion is lined up with our Consciousness into a track now when our passion is lined up and our Consciousness is lined up with our souls Mission our reason for being here we attract more potent Lee
and this is part of of of this presents when you look at that Taurus graphic the energy in the human chakra system the energy you have a funnel at the top you have a funnel at the root and the energy is circulated and it from one stamp if you step back from the picture it looks a bit like a figure 8 and this is the torus field in the torus field or Vitality is expressed your Consciousness is expressed so are you circulating a bunch of garbage or you circulated a field that I am and I am here and I am ready and I am guided and then we just move forward and that which is required seems to magically show up and that is his magical magic is when we move outside of linear probability that's all that is Magic is it outside
what time and space and out there if there's a question because you just are and you melt and the smile of Rise is that the one that would have asked
that's the moment that's the yoga of self Ascension that's the moment and a gift is that when you are living in that moment and you have that moment it becomes something that helps you sustain even more it really does Humanity right now isn't a very deep inhale everyone's inhaling inhaling inhaling and hailing right now and on the 23rd when we have this up level and when miss beautiful Durga my Beba Rises on that lion
those nine days are going to be a slow exhale so why not let it be a song why not right now these nine days be in your office all they write hell hi I'm here incident show me hey I'm right here right how about it's 9 days of how they are they are they are they right now on the 23rd at
for nine days out why not let it be that kind of magic because that is one way to be or right now the inhalers I can't breathe I can't breathe I can't breathe I can't breathe I can't breathe I can't take it I can't take it I can't take it I can't take it
so there are choices ahead and we are in an inhale exhale so the question is how are you breathing and that's another reason I say it wait a minute that is another reason to download the app spiritual Master Secura get the app on your phone you don't even have to be a part of the miracle team just get the app because the only way you're going to get access to Friday night ceremony is through the announcement section on that app and that will be updated tomorrow with all of our details so get in there and be with us Friday because this up level on Friday we we really are clear that it is there needs to be a basic level of interest in South Extension to really manifest that which needs to happen on Friday as part of our new moon up level ceremony so the app is your way of saying you know what yeah I'm willing to do at least that and then join us and you're going to get all those other benefits while you're there anyway including in the free version in the reason it inspired me to say it again my beautiful amazing Sri Lanka teaching you and guiding you through the OA
I own breath practice this is really about invaluable breast practice there are meditations in there get the app learn the o'mallon it's a very easy exactly plus one is talk radios in their you have your own player on your phone right inside the app back to the phone line OK Google telephone line Street it was like a melody
hi welcome angel
oh my gosh I love you guys all honey we love you too sweetheart
are you there I wish I would love a mini Soul reading as I've been so enjoying yourself
well thank you and we are honored to offer you any Soul rating and you know sweetheart as I connect with you the first thing I feel is just a slight congestion in your throat like your breath is like halfway going through so why did it really is funny I don't know if you can watch your not so I'll just say it and I'm doing it but they want you to take your hands like with the Palms facing facing towards your face straight up and gently rub some so you see where my eyes are so that the middle finger is like on the outside of the eye and this one's right here gently rest your pinkies almost at your nose and they're trying to keep a hand straight close the eyes and breathe out through your nose
it on the exhale pull your hands away
wow wow I know my audience felt that and so what they're saying and this is this is okay that's what they're saying three times in the morning three times at noon three times in the end of the day and they're saying that you are rapidly growing and there's there's like things inside of these are bubbling up bubbling up bubbling up bubbling up bubbling up and they're think your eyes are seeing that are conflicting with what your mind is knowing and things that your third eye is trying to show you that are being held back by that which is like it's like there's this ribbon tied all around this part of your body and they're saying that your mind will not be at the release this nor will it be able to take you to the next level what will take you to the next level now is you knowing who you are and so we come to offer this to you so that you may
and I thank you honey for not only bringing this practice in for yourself but for everyone who's watching two practices came through today and so thank you for watching we love you so much Melanie you are an angel and you are powerful keep going namaste
thank you thank you love you looking at the breast looking at everything that's here right now and I just want to share with all of you that yesterday we all got together in the energy of the manifested energy and what are you manifesting what are you dancing with where are you dancing and are you open to the Miracles if you are connecting with this show you are obviously open to Miracles and whether or not you're already manifesting them as everyday magic is okay because you can start right now it begins so easily and in one gift that I would like to offer because I buy God kill is the Montrose Health Essentia and so if you would bring your hands together and tree would you would you offer that to all of us
I don't think along or stay along with me I am here
I am ready I am ready I am open beautiful Mantra of decorations will Center you and open you to a deeper level of guidance and Trust in your own divine nature screensaver. Com join us tomorrow night at Monday magic let it continue Tuesday night with soul mirrors and may your heart know that the Divine dance of this week is yours to enjoy right now we love you
thank you for joining us in Scream here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at 3 and Cara radio. Com and check out more information at 3 and you're you next week, today

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