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Sri and Kira Live, November 8, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live as our world's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean dictionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors 3 ROM, and Kyra rockmore these Mysteries offer Livescore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira

Namaste and welcome beloved ones to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Shriram car feeling it are you breathing yet this is an extraordinary moment we are at the moment it's literally a Clarity collision at this this has every connotation you can think of it's like all of those light bulbs suddenly went Ding and what is Illuminating what are you seeing what is the story that's trying to take you away and what is the vision that you know is your truth today it's just keeps on folding and unfolding and I hope you're along for the ride because there's lots to share lots of experience and lots to clean well and I want to just give a big shout-out to Bria Rose everybody go hey Bri Rose you're over there YouTube official stream Kara she's probably

Bria put together a film today that you must see she went up to our beautiful Temple of Light at Sunrise and this film starts at 5:11 a.m. and I just want to say Ria Rose You rock my world that your inspiration is so extraordinary thank you for letting your Mastery present shine and of course I feel most so has another new wonderful creation from Chef do glisten I know that you all are enjoying that store weights and is so you want to definitely hang out for that today as well so straight before we go any further how can I connect with us today we are broadcasting why so many places we hope that you're tuned in because yet over it official tree and Kira Channel at YouTube you can catch this video stream and chat with the community over there and of course one is talk radio also is got the video stream PBS radio it's got the video and audio streams and and then there's the Facebook channels and various Affiliates we say welcome We're Glad You Are

tunde we really are and you know if you're with us live right now get into the two cuz boys going up give a call over there at bbsradio you get to say hello to our producer and that is 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 and of course over at 1 this talk radio 517-208-1500 that for filling up pretty fast get in their 517-208-1500 and as always if you have an Ascension symptom experience that you think is really needing some explanation or some other intuitive issues around your physical form in this experience of ascended presents press * 5 / at the call board there at 1 to talk radio in that way we know you want to talk to Siri and ask his advice for that or when you call in over at our 800 number make sure you tell our producer that as well so wow Straits we just drive in all right let's do it let's talk about it because really I really want to

talk about what is this Clarity collision and the way to really talk about that I think is to go back and and put up a visual what do you think so and so we're want to go right now is to the November calendar so here we are look at this week this week is the week where you are floating in space with a bigger view as a broader curtain is revealed they when you gaze out here you see that beautiful under the be in November you see that beautiful Points of Light imagine that that point of light right now is the diet Dimension and then drop down into Tuesday the 3rd

that's the seventh dimension

and then we come to this week where there's these two two points of light there's the one on the 9th that isn't its own expansion of time and there was that one on the tents that starting to go into the cloud this week is about calling in everything that you have been able to to have from the September awareness the October experience and now you are in choice and you are ready and it's about diving into this week literally claiming your multi-dimensional presents and then right now where you see how we're just kind of In This Moment of really being between the 7th and 5th awareness beautiful experience but tomorrow the universe is saying to you okay get ready for the week ahead and stay here anchor here because on Tuesday the 1st cloud of the third dimension is going to start calling and that's the moment of our greatest Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and before I get rid of this calendar

I just see up the top again because you are ready you are ready right you are ready so I want you to really breathe that in and remember your questions for us you can certainly pick up the questions about what we're sharing as well or perhaps get some answers from Bria Rose over in the chat at you too bad for Bissell Street Ventura what's important to remember about this moment right now is that all of his multi-dimensional present everything that you have been offered has been in that Cosmic time compression so should we show that one more time or not sure either people enjoy seeing Graphics okay so let's go there because you want to remember right now is that look at September in September you actually compressed time you called forward you started learning what time surfing is all about you started seeing the cyclical nature of this that this is not linear and sew in September are

first cycle our first larger sphere took us all the way forward to August 20-21 we did a full year of compression and receive that whether we knew it or not is irrelevant it happened then we started October one and not kind of slowed into half of that sixth as one and so we still called in six more months of compression really learning about our Cycles bring this energy but we also had this other energy available because now that we had kind of like you know how when you first begin working out it's like okay it took a lot more to get to this place without taking a little less we're just keeping it weird were in that you know let's see what we've gotten to where we need to be and that's what November and December is it is one energy we entered it in the equinoxes of March 2022 which was why the equinoxes this year is so important because it actually already happened in September it is one energy and this is going to

amplify the 2022 awareness energy right now so what does that mean it means that we are in this extraordinary moment of choice yet with the full of weirdness of the entire year of 2022 it's like we've culminated that seven-year escalator but now where we see what we see what the potentialities are so we're being shown we're giving this moment to play with these two years it's like we've all been getting our training wheels on how to move and cyclical time through the stabilization your multi-dimensional presence is actually your roots right so you're rooted in your multi-dimensional presents and that's how you are stable among this amazing surfing circular time experience that we are all in right now and that we are going to show you an Ascend in numerology graphic that will blow your mind that we first showed

Miracle team yesterday we are actually getting linear density proof of this so I want you to start relaxing your brain if this is going like Kira where are you today right here is my interpreter right here so what are things to remember is your life is not measured by a calendar time is not measured by a clock and so when we begin to unhook from the notion of time as a sequential you know machine that has no relevance to you or your Consciousness is just in personal marching when we begin to unhook from that we are now free to be the Consciousness that we are having our worldly experience that we choose

free to be who you are and experienced what you choose now that is the essence of living life is a master I think that's a bumper sticker I need you to say that again who you are and experienced as you choose and that's you know that's also I just want to add if you keep going this is also about redefining love you love who you love when we let go of every experience of trying to qualify and quantify love and we just allow ourselves to love ourselves enough we stabilize our multi-dimensional present where love is and you are and so free thank you that was just brilliant and so the piece that I wanted to convey is that this beautiful graphic showing that in the month of September we lived a Year's worth of life

in September remember we were talking about how time was compressed but we lived a full Year's worth of life in a month and so this graphic kind of tapped out those months if you got to wait a minute did I miss out on all of this the drive-by experiences but what you you didn't miss anything you gained a okoro but this in your Consciousness Your Capacity to be awake that's what you get to take home it's not a scrapbook of photos in your phone it's the reality that you are a Timeless speed and so then in October we did 6 months worth it in that one month until what happens here is that now it is the impression on your Consciousness is yours to use as an energetic resource

this isn't about content in the brain this isn't about looking back at the date in the calendar or the photo album and say what happened that month this is about the intangible wisdom the experience that conditions us through having had it and so we were too marvelous marvelous opportunity to make more potent powerful Clear Choices because we have that capacity but no here's the trick or the challenge is there's also the opportunity especially in the world of density to be compressed by all this to be in a in a conflict it is not safe to wake up if there's a floating right B A lot of this I want to feel safer or so here

yeah all the time that's really how many times we lose ourselves in the movie of the of the world you know reality work we're deep in the reactive you do action reaction and what were consumed in all the time we go

I see what I'm doing I see the interaction and then the part of you this even hiring that is smiling really pay attention to you as you pay attention to all we breathe out into that broader context that multi-dimensional process and remember it all begins with loving yourself enough to stay in that fifth dimensional experience right now because those clouds of densities I was showing you coming in this week and if you look at those calendars remember that this month is very much about seeing through the final Veil I'm going to put up again just for one second and then I'm free do we have the combined calendar would you okay so this is what I was referring to you see on the audio out on either side there you are not on this beautiful gossamer Veil is opening and and you see how it gets easier and easier to see through it and

actually be coming out more available to it near the end of the month and that's because of everything we're getting ready to Traverse and call in and so we are in a magical moment right now where we really are diving in and again we're being invited to dive and with our highest Consciousness first now about a moment ago I promised you that we had linear Pro identity proof of how to start living in this particular time lies so how does that happen how do we have that and I want to show you I want to share this with you and then we're going to show it to the moment because right now we are in a culminating month of this incredible Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and is it any surprise that when this year opened it was because of this beautiful dragonfly right there right in this is why she and I have been using this background the past couple weeks cuz this is where we are this is that opening 2

watch Essence right now so one of those three energies that came in because of the dragonfly was the Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and this year has proven to be I think it might certainly in my experience of this Lifetime right now born on the greatest experience of timeline Temperance and and comprehension integrating these seasonings energies into this point of intersection polar body set your memory capacity they can upset your your line of thinking because sometimes were you know we're in the middle of a know what was I saying exactly my point is that we getting this weekend to this sequential presentation of watching our thoughts we are watching her own thoughts of Wonder Who We Are

and then when I thought start interrupting or because the frequencies we have these moments where we begin to doubt who we are now if you can get behind that movie screen for a moment and smile and say the habitual Observer is dependent upon a mental version of himself or herself and when you begin to loosen up the grip on identifying with the content of your brain or the objects in the exterior and instead identify with the soul the joy the pieced the love that is your essence act through your mind your emotions your tissues excetera all of a sudden we could recant actualize our life in a way that becomes much more joyful and in pervious to all of the junky stuff going on with that knowledge being laid at your feet so that as you would go through this

lifetime your Mastery was assured those seeds of Doubt never had fertile ground and that's what a send a new morology is and has had many many names in this timeline in this moment that is the name and is being offered however this is the essential system of 13 digits it includes the 0 through the twelve it is it is that actual circular time wheel that plot the Journey of the soul and at the essence of it is what's known as a Master Soul code because regardless of the Incarnation your master Soul code will never change that is at its Essence. Which the spark of the you is that is having this amazing awareness experience Choice moment however how you get there is what changes because not every experience of that Soul code is experienced this way however in this world of experience

done through estate what's known as the sacred sequence of incarnation and for October it was an incredible ascending numerology and I want to just give you a year did we already over quickly October with this reminder look to the body look to the right side October was a V with a double infinite which means it was all about the truth it was all about the truth being revealed it was an incredible month of experience however that true needed to be in and out of this infinite present and like all other months this year remember all 12 we have the opening energy which in October and I want you to remember this in one moment October was the right manifested energy and then what happens with every month this year it's slammed right into that root chakra

because it's a root chakra a year and then that root chakra is getting hit and it bounces back out again and for that month for last month it was right manifest route truth okay right manifest route truth right manifest route truth now you ready I want to show it to you while you're remembering your right manifest route truth Street you just put it in where's the new one look at November November starts with the 7 which is your third eye and then it's going to go where you say it with me right as I run with Cara Wright seven chakra excuse me sixth chakra which is the seven ascended numerology equations down to the root chakra again back out to the double infinite and this time it's going to the left and I want

has to pay attention this is a moment to balance the energy because last month was what white woot throat right route throat this man is very much about that 7 so we're starting in the third eye you see how it's like a loop with started so we were out this throat that's where we ended up last month so now we're going from the throat right up to the third eye your truth will become what you see do you see that from October to November cuz October we ended October in the throat and then were opening November this time in the third eye and this is the first time in a lot of months that the month is opening in the physical body and its opening in that area and lots of brain lots of head stop WhatsApp going on but it's your truth that's activating it one way or another and then what happens barrels right down to the route and this one's going to be like the heavy

artillery this is like okay we couldn't get through with a small gun we can get through with that gun we're bringing out a freaking Canon that's what this is so this is going to be all that truth energy has gone up into your higher Vision but it's slamming into your route where it's going to jump back out to the universe again and here's what so it's literally go hold where October opened as the balance will take that one off right now will bring it back in a moment because I want you to see that next to December because that's the most important thing to hear but let's just breathe that is when the truth and I think you should talk about what people are going to be experiencing when the truth goes here and then goes wham wham Manifest this movement is in October was that right side and then we're moving into the left side also

oh and this connection between your foundation and your perception and wisdom and I access is opening up the future so the left side of the body is what's about to come the right side is the Manifest reality of of what has been and so as we in both cases all year long we keep getting ignited as our core and endless pause there for a moment to be ignited that your core means it's time for Corky Corky Lee work or to be ignited at our core means to be authentic in our being

this is a little bit like for those of you that you used to play with astrology is a little bit like the crown return it when Tryon comes back in in your 50th year are usually either lined up with why you took birth your spiritual Mission or are you out of sync and and it's if it has that capacity this whole year has been like that for everyone either either we're lined up in our base chakra with our reason for being or we are lined up with an illusion and we'll have all of the turbulence that is associated with having given our energy to an illusion this out because in this is so true in this time compression with everything you just said look at November and December so November and December are one energy so now that you've just felt that we we ended the end of October and then went into that profound October Thirty One Moment We ended it in our high heart excuse me in R-Truth R-Truth chakra in our throat

and now November one we went boom right up into Arthur die down into Arch root chakra took all that power and energy flow it out to the universe and senseless. The gift of November and December as one energy it is an amplification now this amplification is on everything so everything amplifies and this is why we are at this Collision this is why we're in this moment of this Clarity collision with everything that's converging and coming in and really saying hey are you ready and we remember that the cosmic Justine said yes you are now you are so ready let me show you the November December overlay together so SRI we need that slide one more time taking a breath okay I want you again to look at just the body how this is affecting your body so I just described November look at it again we are arrived

November is a 7 we arrived into our vision and we're and we arrive there from where we arrive there from our throat because that's where we ended October from that truth so it's a riding into a greater Vision it sabores boots ready to be revealed but that ability to see is immediately jumping into the route so what kind of a route is it meeting is it meaning of route that is still seeking safety and is doubting or is it a meeting a route that is happy and filled with the Peace of knowing that this is an incredible moment and then it's going to bounce out to that left Divine energy that's going to amplify and balance everything that started in October so while November and December are one unit they are heavily influenced by October run again this is why that October Thirty-One now look at this number guys is this blowing your mind cuz it it took me I had this done two months ago and I really had to sit with her for a while before I could even release it it's the exact

same energy remember that we are in a standstill moment until December 30th and the only exception comes through the up level but December is also a 7 for 11 double infinite both ways it's the exact month only here's what's going to be different this month of November we enter in at that 7 from our truth so your truth has now lifted up into your vision into your sixth chakra area which means that area is receiving your truth and what you do with it is part of this Clarity Collision right so it went from that throat of the truth for you Amir juice a truce up into Arthur die this time we're entering it from the 11

so did so this month's the differences is that well it's the exact same three energies that govern the month overall were entering from a different place we are now going to enter December from the Divine energy where it will then go immediately back into the route so it's going to go and it's going to come in from way out and go back into your root for that spinal root root attack all right and we're done with this of the year because remember every month this year because it was 2020 and it was a 4 plus a double infant for 12 months in a row it has been prepare prepare boom so every single month the energy of that specific cycle of the bus has come in and then immediately hit your root chakra so this year has been about really hitting you at every core issue that would speak to stop you and this moment right

November tweet that boom of November the difference is that that's final boom of December it's coming from a consciously Universal supported energy that is working with you all month and that could be that beautiful bolt of lightning that hits that root chakra and you go wow and a 2021 or it will be the final bolt that will go I can't take it anymore I quit and and this third this moment of time these two months that are literally mirrors of each other just as the mirror of mercury has released its this is such a critical moment and the greatest manifestation ever ever yeah I want to I want to practice that a little bit late because if we take a look at what year has been sharing we have been given a Divine dispensation without warning

vidi vidi the only warning is our discussion of this that the energy is here and and we don't fully understand the impact of the energy except by looking at their life in the life of those were close with and we begin to start seeing how much life have you lived in the last year that move this whole piece puppies Cosmic energies and he's from the infinites coming in and and influencing the very Foundation of your being

now this doesn't mean that you must know what you're doing when you got there and I felt this need sorry guys I smell sending it your way through is called the fragrance of South America is crazy amazing wonderful wonderful wonderful. Healing medicine in fact so here's the deal the

we have to become ever more loving in order to become ever more ascended this is not a concept this is a reality that is needing to be anchored in that being chakra of our first chakra in the traditional system constantly and to become ever more loving means wherever more Anchored In The 5th Dimension so here he really is the wonderful cycle of Ascension reality outside of your concept of Ascension of the theories and concepts are you able to Anchor compassion more easily than in the past are you able to love yourself just as you are and as you are not I got my warts and pimples and I've got my beauty and whatever do I love myself as I am right now because of course you love yourself

good enough to eat and clothes and bathe and take care of yourself that you can you could love yourself as the precious child of the Divine that you really are as the precious gift to the world sharing your gifts and your beauty with the world so when we really step up our capacity to love not in the manner of giving yourself away but in the manner of appreciate the beauty of this experience in the matter of a willingness to share

best 5th dimensional energy in your core then the Ascension pathway becomes so clear if we've been given is to bring the cosmic energy down in our very Foundation how do we bring spirit in the form except the cosmic energy into this being because that is the unadulterated energy that hasn't gone through the filters of density independent planetary thought body and all the rest of it so

regardless of what you think here you are

regardless of what you believe here you are

and as we trust the being that we are more fully our soul will help us lift into the being that we are meant to be more easily

I'm breathing that one in how about you

it's so it's a wonderful equation we can have all kinds of conversations and the ascending numerology awakens recognition however the energies here whether you're awake or not the energy is influencing our entire world where there a way to it or not and as we smile at this opportunity to reside in ever greater Clarity love Clarity and compassion are 5th dimensional energy as we're able to do that this activation of Britain and root chakra with the truth having been stimulated selling up hear the truth lifting remember truth isn't about

verifiable truth is about knowing what is

in the consciousness of you

what is as recognized by your Consciousness not it what is is recognized by your mind

because those are alternate realities and so as we love ourselves as we relax into her heart the truth becomes ever more unbiased and clear and were able to lift into our essential spiritual nature while still having fun while still having our body and that's really what this is all about is about gaining in in in the capacity to love each other to experience fly to have the joy of Sherry to be in community and just just keep going and streets named or forgot to say something

so the law of instantaneous manifestation is

associated with meaning it's part of this being us that I've been referring to so to the extent that we can relax the habit of having been less to relax the habit of thinking that we're a fearful mortal disempowered whatever you know as we relax into the grand or truth of our being we activate our spiritual DNA in such a manner that we become more attractive energetically I'm not talking about standards of beauty I'm talking about the ability to attract to you energetically that which is a fit and yes that sounds a lot like a lot of traction but here's the discernment it's the amount of ego that's covering it when we lift with enough self-love into our system National presence and we activate

that gift of a master Ace what happens is that all of those beautiful clear Channel's right all of these beautiful clear Channel's of inspiration clear out while they clear because we really start out they clear because we really know who we are they clear because we have said yes to expanding we are the ones that limit ourselves this is the gift of clarity this is what is part of that collision and the one thing I want to share with you right now is please put on your calendars make a note right now tonight this Sunday at 1 to talk radio. Com / at AM FM 24 7 plus on 13th Restoril radio stations around the world we are premiering explore the Mysteries again yay and what we've decided in the reasons for and I said yes to doing this was because this show is really now our another way for us to offer service

there are a lot of you that are asking for in-depth teaching and everything you and I were talking about today is consciousness this is all about Consciousness and so we're premiering explore the Mysteries this evening it is a one-hour Workshop that will be available to every week and I will always be able to find the archives over at 1 to talk radio. Com and over at AM FM 24/7 and tonight is literally the title of the show is what is consciousness and why does it matter to dive and one of the things that that we want to share with you is that the way we offer a definition of Consciousness and I wrote it down so that we would always say it's the same way but this is what Consciousness is through the yoga self Ascension through the yoga of Seltice pension Consciousness is the basis of activating your ascended Master E or hire presents into awareness as The evolutionary expansion through limited perceptions

and I really breathe that at member Consciousness is an ever-expanding ever-widening vehicle of divine presence and the way that we move with that Consciousness the way that we become more fluid and in all because we become more fluid we become more aware is that becoming aware awareness experience Choice it is the master cycle or level of Consciousness your your level of manifest attainment is it has a lot to do with your activating your higher presence into your awareness buy a goldfish has awareness a human being has the potential for great consciousness

agreed agreed agreed and I'm just I have to admit sometimes 3 says something is so brilliant I stopped and write it down and that's why I was just doing because people right and go can you tell me what he said we're both like I don't know what's the Disney tickets at something about 3 and I'll let you guys know and and that's and that's one of the gifts is that we will and have always demonstrated naked authenticity the one thing you can count on was free and I is that you're going to get an answer you might not always enjoy it because we're going to be nakedly authentic Bahamian in that intensity may we each day and hold each other's hand and support the level of Integrity that comes when we are out of cycle of Consciousness shifting like the one we are at right now and I want to show you another graphic again because it really is important to remember this and this is that we are in where is the 2020

we are in a year. When this first came out when we first started talking about the energy flows last year this was last December when we first put this out what was so different was that for the first time ever we were putting out a calendar and energy flow for a year that was that had a semblance of linearity and do it but was very unique and it was something that was very different and it came in because of the spine compression that begin on and and the way that that time compression was happening and then the time compression compressed and I want to remind you of that I'm going to show you right here this was the original overlap and so this overlap came out right around February when the up level calendar and everything else was released when is the first compression was shown but you see how the hands are like bringing these all together we basically were saying okay this Roaring 20s decade of experience remember it's an entire decade of experience

energy like last month was an experience month in an experience year in an experience decade and so remember next year is all about Choice it's going to be a fascinating your choice but the gift was that we started this we knew it and what it did was it slid the time-flow it's where was the first surfing experience and this began with all the lineage holder waking up where enough beings have woken up that we are actually being able to learn how to do this in the responsible Mastery way that this is done and to remember that we've all had to train our bodies train our frequencies train everything especially relax our minds and we're going into a big mind months members all lifting we're right up there in the mine so this is a profound moment to say okay

I get it I might not understand it all and that's okay because the word understand is what Ascension code for lettuce brain right so you don't know the Ascension code get it on Monday magic join us every Monday go stranger. Com and get there this is a moment where we are being invited to pay attention to the consciousness of every everything every aspect of who we are every aspect of our experience and again the moment at hand this November one through December 30th. We went from September 12th is one October 6th is 12 November December as one living it moment to moment to moment and then again this is what I just fine so it's so fabulous is because this is why the clarity Choice conversion convergence has come in this is why it's a collision because right now in this moment

a full day is too far beyond even with the 12 was in September yet there is the spaciousness to get it done there is more there is a sense of adaptation it's like are vibrational system for getting ready because that lasso can I show the last song One More Time one more time so here it is the last show of this year you see that it's a big ol Lotto throw around the whole year that was ignited by the dragonfly and that dragonfly at the end of this month will start lifting and it's so imagine the. Dragonfly me see the angel wings around that and then those of you know those was her here in creation that are awake holding open those wings and the end-all of all of that is going to start spinning by December but it's going to be on December Thirty one that basically we're all going to put our hands up that whole baby is left

turn up by the heart of that dragonfly and that lifting spinning energy of the full experience of 20/20 Experience year will lift up and open it is incredible and I'll be putting it out this month the 2021 energy overlays the way that these the flows gopher it is 12 concentric circles and that's all I'll say right now and they are called forward by that dragonfly of this year and the two impression that we've now even compressed more and vibrational frequency adaptation to higher frequency

massive I mean guys were talking about an ability go to places that we have to let go of the mind to even comprehend and it's already begun if you say yes to it and the gift is that the distraction is so loud and I want to talk about the special in the second half of the show that everyone's dredging up their stories as important to pay attention about not getting trapped in stories because stories will take you back into that fourth-dimensional experience because all stories have some remnant of ego sitting in them and the question is does that Remy to be go serve the greater whole or is that remnant of ego just trying to be the one that keeps you stuck and you see I'm spinning right because that's what's going on here with those stories guys you know when we find ourselves waxing sentimental ESPN2

emotional reality that you've outgrown filter is saying come back let me give you this memory let me give you this let me give you this emotionally Laden story so that you can return to energize the positionality of the ego of the inner child of of the wound or whatever it is it's the safety is self is an illusion wrapped up into the egoic reality the ego thinks that it's making you safe by holding a grudge or holding unforgiveness or holding tank because you know we don't pay much attention to that until we start on our more conscious path of self Ascension and then we realized that that

content is our energies tied to a state of consciousness that no longer applies it's as if it were said more to look at Lee hate the past is that get over you don't let it go because you are the product you're the progeny of the of all of that you've got the wisdom you've got the life experience you've got the capacity to be here and enjoy hearing without needing to flip through the instruction manual of the past and be right here right now in that Divine energy meeting with that manifesting where were you in October what have you been manifesting all year what's been coming forward because right now the moment it would teach grass you're able to really call it in and that also means you can really manifest massive destruction justification and all of the other amazing gifts

come with saying yes to density as well we are sincerely it is a choice month so this month the energy is going to be about choice choice choice choice which means you could literally have choices showing up multi-dimensional e and and and the key is that you're going to be able to respond in Quantum space with these choices and this cool facts about a Sunday numerology and I was talking about earlier and how it validates time surfing so straight up one more time and I can I want to show you guys how this when I was telling you earlier so remember that when the Magi would appear at the birth of one they would create the sacred Scrolls and that was the ascended numerology and they would chart sacred sequence and they would welcome the Masters hole code of that being and and soap what's happening is that this is the Magi saying to all of us let us show you now how to navigate the world you're in in a way that you are left-brained can quote

understand you are staring at two Loops here and the Nuance of these Loops is literally in the up level dates and the only difference beautiful ladies to over the only difference is how we arrive into them but we are literally going to be in the same experience of energy this month that we will be in next month as a way of demonstrating an anchoring the body into this cyclical way of being with those of us that are alive on the planet right now we have all been born in two ways of linearity or Lenny ality now we are being called into a moment of expansion that in order to adopt requires if if you if you really want to be part of that set that up level if you do then it needs this it needs the blue sphere you see this beautiful

Shuffle beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful blue sphere. That's what it requires that's the ever-expanding gift of this moment of Consciousness like that's our little world right inside of it right now you see this generator this is all of that beautiful creation energy and we are in that moment of Perfect Balance right now remember this just came in and stayed with us until December 30th to see that beautiful that's you that's you standing there like this and then you're perfect balance all these radiant Sparks of you all these multi-dimensional beings are able to connect with in the energy of this beautiful Transcendence dragonfly that's doing what taking you into the next cycle we're in that moment where we are in this illuminated portal of life and in that moment right now if you can hold your focus outside the distraction at a time when the distraction is really distracting no surprise but if you can hold outside of that between now and December 30th your wildest dreams

manifesting and we are all going to have a party about what happened I had a little startled learning I didn't get it as quick as I get other things is how this instantaneous manifestation percents it isn't my happy little desire machine going on you know I was right all right you know I want I want whatever it is something worldly personality that's what it does for work when I get this all this so you never achieve is so the this is mr. okay so the difference between the Law of Attraction involving spontaneous manifestation is the sole basis soul

if it's as we bring the soul into Consciousness to Ego must relax we're not saying the ego is going to disappear although it becomes less and less influential it's still a precious component of having a life in form because I have my body identity that's the ego I have my emotional my inner child identity that's the ego and I have my higher self which I realize is my true self and that's the soul Consciousness that is intersecting okay so that's okay we have a lot of show the law of instantaneous manifestation as I begin to witness it in my life and in our lives

it says if the outer world begins to a line in a way that your path is cleared

so take this and you can't calculate this the eagle is the one that says if I had if I pay off my bills then I feel better and then I could do that or it would be my lover comes in when my best partner comes in I'll be able to do a variable dependent okay it's conditional exactly that's where it is the longest continuous manifestation is a reflection of the degree to which you have relaxed into your souls truth and in that you are a master navigating the world of form and yes the climate will change yes circumstances will shift and you may not even notice that it's happening at first and then all the sudden things have been working out

like you fit in a Synergy and you sit in a flow and things are going really well and then to actually witnessed what ships in you when they start going South again and off and it's because we take for granted things are going well and so the piece behind us that has not yet accepted the Mastery is going yeah yeah come try this again no no come on back here I don't you like it not going well this is the deeper layer guys many many and I were part of the money because it's mostly all of us you are actually Addicted to You are addicted to the store you are addicted to the drama if you have nothing to complain about Zen what if everything is Flowing perfectly then what will here's the den what you're staring at the Den what means that it is on you to really live what you said you are to really live what you have been modeling to really move forward and do it and to live

we put everything on the line do it and I step into this and we literally put literally our lives on the line and everything that goes and no matter how many times our little lies have been threatened and and taken and no matter what has been shown to us no matter what we have quote suffered and then just talk since we've been together none of that pales in comparison to the blessing of the gift of Consciousness and the life that we have been blessed to call forward and and and experience with you that's the blessing this is the moment together we are better that is a declarative statement right together we are better it's a fact it's just a fact and that's why

everything that would conspire to stop you from being together would be put in front of you if the best you comes when you are with the ancient Magi when you are with those who only see your highest adult time then we manifest only our highest you know that's why people come here to tosa Blue Mountain that's why so many beings are here right now and it's also why we're so honored and excited to be rolling out the WWE Global Summit right here Ground Zero for Consciousness Mart on Tuesday of March 19th through the 20th 2021 write down the website go there visit their November 15th everything will be up there and you want to be here if you can't be here live you'll be there virtually and in a moment we're going to show you a beautiful film from Bria and it begins with sunrise at tosa Blue Mountain and really before we got into the video SRI I wanted to share that

is not every Sunrise the moment we breathe clear broth the sunrise lives in you and I know when people come here tosa Blue Mountain my heart valves and we have people here we just received new guest 2 days ago we everyone that comes here the first thing they notice is the clarity of the are the blueness of the sky the lack of any noise in the sky and I'm really there's just that moment of wait a minute this does exist I can breathe it in and then I can keep it in my heart there's nothing here that will stimulate your density know you don't want to push me out Carey have its own the internal try to stay stuck in the way it is this is a place of creation

and and and be happy again in a way that we had may not have touched in a while and so we invite you to touch that energy because it's available to you on the breath of recognition so how about you bring your hand to your heart yeah go into that breath of recognition and enjoy this beautiful tosa Blue Mountain sunrise and honor Bria Rose in this wonderful film that she craft and we're going to enjoy it with you and then we've got so much so to go we'll be right back

whats 5 of 11

you can see here we have Venus King over the Compadres mountains

exactly where Mars Rises around 7 p.m.

Douglas is making cream of mushroom soup with water first you add water and then a little bit of dried mushrooms to maybe a handful

a little bit of Flash

Senator salary

Aloha pepper

we're going to let it cook for a little while and then blend it is for 5 minutes or so

you add a peeled potato

to the water

negative that creamy texture

okay food stamps ready and we're going to blend it

Aleppo pepper to spice it up

what happened discovered at the top of our mountain is what the canary have prophesied they call it the Lost Temple they see it as the time of the true England Condor do you know what the canary India have you heard of them because you already indigenous okay so here's the key nobody does and here's why I know this is happening here and it brings us to the summit have documentation of living here I mean like real hard to all that mystical evidence you hear about that everybody tries to bury in the missing Goulding this and that I've seen it all with my own eyes because they're showing it to me they have evidence of their existence here over 10,000 years ago their level of Consciousness I've lived among I have been honored to live among indigenous and be accepted by them and be put into place the other people don't go for over 12 years now

the kenyari are wide open in Consciousness they are holding the energy of the awakened planet and check this out because I didn't know this so they are the only indigenous culture that was never conquered by the engine everybody goes crazy about the Inca but they only lived here 73 years they were at 73 years and they came up here tried to conquer the pinata and the one they go down back into Peru takes them a year-and-a-half where they amass an army of 150000

come up here to take the community and it can reach in Dumont walks out and dug with a canary have done forever she comes forward with peace in his heart the wisdom of negotiation and the recognition that are solutions cannot be first at the level of Consciousness that called them forward that we must meet them at a new level of Consciousness where we come together with the respect for each one because we are that one and I even if I share this with you and I've been so blessed with with living among them and being accepted by them and what's coming in among them and this is where the the teaching that tree and I have an offering came full circle as to why we obviously left United States and started this journey when we did because here we are right now in a moment on our planet you were forgetting who we are we're drowning in the distraction the minutiae

we're letting everything around us forget that we are at our Essence one heart and that we must raise our Consciousness right now that those crazy ones of us have been working in the higher Consciousness movement for many many years we have to do something we can no longer be passive about it and so the greatest gift we can give is the opportunity for us to come together to celebrate each other to know there's more of us I didn't know you guys existed to know that sat there are that we're not alone in this that and that we are actually backing up what we're saying we're not full of shit we're not walking around talk talk talk talk talk but at the end of the day there's always an ulterior motive no no we're going to do this the right way because it's just the right thing to do in this moment and the right thing to do at this moment is to say if I have been given this god-given whatever then why not come together with others who have his god-given gift

stand together and model what we're praying for why not just live it right now why not just bring it into form in this very minute. What the WWE Global Summit is about

hello beloved that's what the WWE Global Summit is about and I first and foremost want to applaud bring over some territory there sunrise and so on bria's inspiration when people come to town so we're not going to make a guided Sunrise tour available and we've also made available I've got pictures coming up for you on that you'll find them over to our website soon our amazing private Park picnic where you can be here at tosa Blue Mountain and we pack up a good old-fashioned beautiful very elegant picnic with bottle of wine if you enjoy and get it up to the mountain for you with your little Glam Camp kind of setup and a private tour of our archaeological Park which is getting more extraordinary every moment so I'm excited to shree and I test drive it it's definitely got our signals yes and so let us because we would be

are guys or abrea rosevear Park I'd as well many of us here to say we love you and saying we love you hey all of this community I've got to shout it out matcha our beloved Marcia who is also the host of messages of light over at 1 to talk radio is permanently moving here to tossa Blue Mountain this Wednesday. She has graciously going to be filling a very much needed position here we are excited she is coming and I just want to say how much we love you and excited to welcome you this Wednesday what's going on, if you don't know get down here and listen feel free to give us a ring and get part of this conversation I know if there is a line open over the 800 number you can call 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008

full but you can try and get in 517 208 1500 is so streets yeah let's just jump in let's get some some conversation going here so you guys thinking about everything that were saying how are you doing you a question for us what's going on in your world where we going First Street we're here and we're going to say hi to maybe it looks like Maureen and New Jersey hey Maureen a New Jersey Namaste and welcome

absolutely sweetheart and you know I'm really I'm really finding it no accident you're the first one because I am almost stuck in my throat right now I want everybody bring a hand to your throat and remember where are we right now throat the truth is coming up into greater vision and here you are our very first one and wow so let's all really pay attention I almost feel like I'm being choked deep breath and then deeper again really deep deep breath and then they're saying lift on that next to breast lift that love light presents and wow I'm feeling a pulling the heart hear lift lift lip Lip lip lift it up put your hand on your forehead if you had other hand on the heart if it's not already there and now take another deep breath from the nose

all the way up yonder the heart out

she wore times up through the nose

down the Heart Out song One More Time. There it is one more time up

who's Tom and then relax the hands to the heart relax the head ignite the inner smile and they're saying the wisdom you seek has merely been trapped in the congestion of that which seeks to stop simply say yes and the rest is revealed and so it is

Breathe Again

yeah what you up to love yourself more Hands-On heart love yourself more you're ready you're ready you are ready in the cosmic the scene said that thank you for your blessings are you enjoy some some feedback if you can see this happening for all of us is the heart is expanding you do it in and you can understand that a different levels but how about this the heart is more available as a resource for your foundation as a being of conscious life

the heart is your resource and and it's expanding so that we can touch the global family and understand and be with the global family in the end in more propound conscious ways we can be more available to our sacred partner we can be more available to our body partner we can be more available to our self at every level of Our Stuff Des and as we do that we hold open that Gateway of our awareness right and let's remember that in this moment in every moment with every breath the other thing that is happening is that we are indeed always in this cycle remember it's always a spiral answer the question is are you spiraling up are you spiraling down on are you in are you in a lateral Fin and the energy of the spin of the third dimension of this experience in this timeline is victim its victim rescue

your abuser abuser victim rescuer whatever way you want to run it it can all be in one it can all be in a breath but that is the energy that breeds Dogma that is the energy that says we must be rescued that we are incapable because if you are not the victim then you are the abuser then if not then you have to be The Rescuer and so all of these roles keep us stuck and these roles can become spiritualised and there is a massive amount of victim energy well in the spiritual activism experience of Consciousness and so it's only when our heart transcends the emotional attachment into the ascended awareness that we can honestly transfer from the victim into the teacher from The Rescuer into the Healer and from the abuser into the mentor we are each the mentor teacher healer we are eating that

and so in this moment are you spiraling as the teacher Mentor Keeler are you in a lateral victim rescuer abuser or are are you in a downward as you gaze into the center of this how are you experiencing this moment is it pulling you out or is it coming in is it going in what way you are aware and remember that it is awareness that is the beginning of that mass recycle of Consciousness and we are always cycling as awareness which was October and it was all about the awareness of our priests the awareness of what's going on here right that was October November November right now is excuse me October was the experience the experience of Truth forgive me it was the experience of truth right and very much so the experience of truth that has brought us to this November choice and it's going to be up here so that means this

is the battle between the left and the right brain guys this is that divine feminine coming forwards and and I sincerely in the past 48 hours and I have really engaged the left brain and weight with others in ways that we haven't in a long time and this is going to be a very fascinating moment of opening and so literally look at that wrote was our experienced but the choice came right back up here so the question is whose home here and I want to remind you I'm going to grab my a tuner because I think we should also this is the a tuner I want to remind you do we have a cosmic Cosmic Prime meridians and they are right here literally right there so they they go right right here at the elbow points this is what you have tea is off in here supposed to do this this way and they literally intersect at the third eye area is it

the only place where there's actually a connection it's like they ignite there like they're like these wings for the third eye it's like this beautiful dragonfly it's like they really are like wings for the third eye that go beyond the perceptual go go beyond because the third eye open for many many becomes the Trap and many many talk about and and Buddha also week we can get stuck in a little loose we can get stuck in our own experience of our own experience and so these Cosmic Prime meridians are very much about Clarity in this is why I designed the a tuner with the Bells from the fields and me and Mart when we were there and this is what I call my fret handle because it works according to the diameter and Powerful is that when we open these Cosmic Prime meridians we we not only give a support network to our third eye but we hold open our star Consciousness we are at

that moment we are at that moment because that is how in a moment like this where we've gone from our truth and all of that breed or not it just went boom and it's already there this happen it would boom into here went straight to be aware of it so I just wanted to bring that back into Focus

living in a time where the spiritual truth

is more available to be recognized as is the compression of that Which is less filled with light more available to be recognized you don't want to think that I was I was kind of internally recognizing earlier when we were talking about how we came in from last month without of the truth chakra connection has as one of the beautiful Masters that walk this planet said the truth will set you free every way and my understanding of that is it's the truth of your being

is the foundation of your freedom you being you

living who you are loving going all the way back to the conversation loving how who you love letting go of all of The Limited judgments and always holding open

that benevolent 9th dimensional witness that is Illuminating that incredible 7th dimensional lack of Judge witness ER

that is holding for that system emotional witnessing

of the compassion

of you loving you and at the end of the day and at the most offended presence of your moments those two things need to be able to be one there's not one for this world and one for that world there is the One World and that's the moment we're in and that is just incredible and thank you for calling us here three ungrateful yeah it's a powerful time and I sometimes I feel like I say that over and over however just it's just it's over and over and there's just one is to City of what's true we have more people standing by

I guess radio of yours will say hi to Gladys from North Dakota online to Gladys Namaste welcome sweetheart

number three examples of you how are you we are happy to say hi to you welcome welcome

my question is more probably to treat interesting question is who my body compression around my back to my lungs and especially the last couple days and if I could get some clarity on that I'd appreciate it thank you to look a little deeper


so you say compression are you sensing that as a stiffness or as a pressure

I'll say more of a pressure can I throw out the word congestion

yeah yeah what what I'm going to pick you up on Gladys is is around the area of your third chakra and that that's an opportunity for you the third chakra if you remember is about your ability to trust your spiritual nature as if walked through your form is it expresses through your form and the trustee Who You Are

allows the body to come into alignment with that and it expresses through your muscles and through your digestion that everything eases up when we trust our spiritual nature more fully I'm also picking up on a piece about feeling supported in the world and that this this is classic Lee shows up in the back of it if it's about knowing that you're safe and that you are supported on your journey and and then lastly Sosa remember there's an intersection between our emotional predispositions in the energy of the time so from the emotional predisposition side of it and that's kind of what I talked about is that to trust your spiritual nature to be able to bring that into your work and and to know that yes the universe is got your back you are supported you know that you're there is help out there and then lastly this this energy

of this time is indeed as if we've been talking about is cook compression or expansion and and the dance between that is something that you're going to feel as a tension in your body and want to spend on that will do well I'm happy too because you sweetheart but I'm getting extra sharing all of that then I want you to just if it's safe to close your eyes what they're showing me it's really fascinating wow and my hands are getting weak even trying to talk to you about it so it's coming in right in the center of the shoulder blade area and it's like wrapped around your spine like where your wings with kind of come out and it's like this it's wrapped around it and it keeps wiggling you it keeps pulling you off a soft ballads almost like like I honestly every time I want to vomit it's like it makes me nauseous because it's not it's not it's like I'm spinning and I'm nauseous and then

comes in and then I start hearing a really high-pitched tone and then literally I want to vomit and they're saying that there are things within you need to just you just need to let him go and that this is that time and as I'm trying that with you I'm even feeling find get stiffer it's like it's it's like you're in an argument with yourself because your spine has got all of your ascended Kundalini member we talked about how this is open right now it's trapped here right in your spine so you pulled in the descending Kundalini but now it's hit like a a barrier and so as you heal that which is holding you that barrier releases and this this wobble comes into stability and so thank you for letting us do that

has been in the past. I actually steal it heavy though like it feels heavy to you all this wonderful the cosmic wisdom of the Divine Light is coming in your bio wait a minute this is not the petrol I'm used to running on I know there's going to be a transitional time as you relaxing to trust of your divine nature and the body feels the energy of that love and trust and says okay I'm with you with you I am with you I am with you

fries at in and thank you for calling I'm so grateful we could share this with everyone today because everyone's walking through this one right now thank you

thank you we love you honey, it's really you do move that spine and there's there's just so much happening right now and I and I do want to celebrate with all of you that again you know our our show explore the Mysteries is going to be premiering tonight if you're worthless live if you're not with us and you're not seeing the slides and it's already in archives but tonight's the premier right now tonight at 6 p.m. Pacific Time 9 p.m. eastern time over at 1 news talk radio. Com and we're so excited this show has been picked up by iHeart so I don't know if it's this week or next week so excited about that they able to pick up Soul mirrors as her very excited about the Explorer the mystery is this your Weekly Magazine where we are dedicating an entire hour as additional World Service

we go in-depth on the energies of this moment in a way that we don't have the privilege of doing during a radio shows it's where we've only got one in-depth teaching whole lot going on yesterday about Consciousness more time to explore that we can become ever more appreciative of this wonderful world it was evident maximize our potential on terrestrial radio as well so if you are hearing us in your homes on am or FM stations for the very first time we're going to be very grateful to be there thank you so much so just want to celebrate that with you guys is one of our Miracles along with the WWE Global Summit and I think you saw a string I have a lot of passion for that and a lot more is coming out about that so remember this March so

this is massive because of the energy rain right now the reason the March Solstice is going to be so important begin with this month it begins right now and so we are in that energy that is going to be pulling forward as part of that last so that when we hit this Solstice will tall in that March 20-22 and who knows who knows guys I don't know I'm still working on the up level calendar and that's why it's not out yet because it's changed and so I'm just as eager to use as you to get it out there I promise you as soon as we have something more stable but we vote we will get it out there for you so let's say hi to somebody else

I want to see train tracks hi sweetheart welcome welcome

thank you I just love listening to Christo and Escondido

your place is truth Mystikal and everything that you're doing anybody listening if you've not a huge favor

Acura RDX 1016 place is magical and can I just wanted to say that I love this community and I'm so grateful for all of it

if I can get a mini So reading though and basically I just say how much it cost

thank you dear thank you honey and it's just early and we miss you I I know you'll be back here soon and thank you for that oh yeah and thank you for asking for the mini celebrating because it's so interesting is the whole time you were sharing industry maybe you were picking up on this as well I'm getting a lot around your like what you're hearing and how you hear it lot of congestion in your ears and and also I'm getting a lot of like mixed messages like high high pictures that are being stopped and what it what is experiencing as is I connect with you is that that October truth that you got going is like it's not quite it's like it hasn't fully empowered your vision it's stuck and so in that it what I'm experiencing is this moment that it's so funny when using the word compression today right and this convergence

like you're being squeezed out of an old Shell rather than stepping in birthing into it and they're saying that breathe more cuz I said that like your heart like I felt your heart and your breath. It was almost like what do you mean and they're saying that the more you relax the easier you let it be the more you focus on you alone the faster the joy and the Cocoon drops and there you are and so they're also saying they wanted me to say this again you can make this a lot easier by loving yourself a lot more

and so it is

beautiful thank you

much love to you beautiful back honey we love you many blessings Namaste this is part of what I was trying as well but he don't care we are in this Choice months and I believe that up in the United States the election has been determined at least according to votes in the Electoral College I don't know if it's going to be settled by some other jurisdiction but according to that which used to be the way elections were settled that election is now settled and that has brought forward a lot of the other stories too and you know we talked about this in the first half of the show that this moment right now as this truce energy has ignited this brain chakra which also happens to include the third eye and the cosmic Prime meridians which helped ignite the third eye into a greater sense of vision with holes open our star Consciousness so we can be literally

go right we can be little late lights on let's do this you know hey that they you know we've been like the horses at the gate and it's been like the gates just open it's like yes we have waiting for this moment right and where does partying is a blast or we can be at the gate dropping from exhaustion because we never went and unable to hold it anymore and I think that this is a moment where the stories are trying to hold that drop and so can we explore the little bit right now because that seems to be the big distraction energy right now and I want to just pop up again just in case you weren't with us in the first half of the so I do not pop up again this is the up level calendar for November and the reminder that here we are today on November 8th you see the gossamer Veil this month is all about yet another Veil that we did not even know we had has been lived

because this Dale Has Lifted from the vantage point of are multi-dimensional presents and that is why if you look under that be in November it says if your your equal wet your ear like seeing that the largest so beating in your 9th dimensional presents the veil open to the ninth Dimension this really came in during the cycle and but that Dale is really saying okay I'm either going to whisk back together or I'm going to remain open right and so on the 3rd of November right as part of Mercury retrograde ended when that up level experience happened the seventh Dimension really pull that was that non-judgment

and all of these other experience of these other dimensions are opening up in each one is having their own pole and yet when we get to tomorrow The 5th Dimension comes in much more aligned with the third dimension because it's starting to read to see the clouds and that's on the 10th the 10th is when the third dimension is going to really be asking for the help of look up to the third the direct alignment we really are looking for the third to say wait a minute V isn't going to be enough stay in your 7th and 9th dimensional presents this month is literally working out at the way I look at it it's like we're all exercising our ability to really hold multi-dimensional present as those clouds start coming in in the third dimension

clouds and and other forms of distraction and that's why it's interesting how easily we can become compel give our energy to something that is less nourishing or less uplifting than other options that which is pure and true and uplifting often isn't advertised your heart know my lover is recognizable as one of those one of those perennial caution so to speak of pay attention where are you investing your energy and in the compression like I'm dancing on the perimeter I'll let you know what the one of the oldest magician's tricks is you fought your I will follow the movement

a dead so when this is where this thing's going on but this this hand is movie then that's where our attention goes in society whatever there are crises or involvement excetera that's the movie hand scene look over here while we rearranged something over here over here so that Rachel is being propagated by the Invisible Hand fracture right and so Wendy understanding is offered then the left brain to relax the left brain can say okay I understand thank you Siri now you can lift again love yourself even more because once you sincerely Break Free into this big blessing of honestly anchoring in 9th dimensional frequency

energy as the witness again the blessing of what you are able to comprehend the blessing of the Consciousness and the infinite presence is so Exquisite and so incredibly inspiring that the solutions always exists and that the breath becomes it's a little more rarefied and that the spine becomes just a little more sensitive and the body may become very different

yet the integration with the soul is that moment that we are all evolving into this is the moment of the yoga of self Ascension this is the moment that says the I was in me knows how to do this and so it's as simple as just remembering that and trusting yourself enough to do that that's what the yoga salt retention is it is an assemblage of Masters that have come together in their own wholeness knowing that together we are even better taking that next up because there is always another step by step that says now that I have arrived to this level of awareness or is there anybody else out here and that's what all these little beautiful energies are right here this is that moment this is where we are this is between now and December 30th this is the peak moment of this year and it's right here my loves right here

this is our Peak moment and so now we're going to really lift up as that wheel Has Come Together very mine and it's in this experience but us those two wheels of Consciousness come together at illuminate you are ready say the cosmic esteem and the cycles that are more closely aligned with the truth of the experience of the way that we are and the way that we co-create are being revealed to us because we have attained a collective level of Consciousness that we have not attained before and it does not mean that everyone has attained it what it means is that the expansion has expanded enough to allow the infrastructure of density to support us to keep expanding Consciousness and it is when we are this awake that we are responsible

and that's why the thought of interference would never even come in it's just about Harmony and balance and how that comes forward and Harmony and balance in no way means that within all of the Cycles within the cycles that which is just would not Prevail there will always be Harmony and balance Harmony and balance where there is Injustice there will be Justice it will always balance the question is from what lens are you interacting with it and that's the moment at hand being played out in microscopic pieces to all the threads of whatever you would consider your time continuum to be in the recognition that we are returning to our cyclical way of being which is why the divine feminine must must

Triumph this moment and I do Bow before the United States that put the extraordinarily beautiful Kamala Harris and I have just like ye be on yay so excited. May. Hold and that was personal Wellness talk radio California talk radio Concord California

Tracy Nike Roshe Q4 pick up my call my pleasure sweetheart welcome

thank you it's so funny because the moment I dialed in that while I was waiting you answered my question I love it so much that I would ask is that I had yesterday everybody to Celebration and Elation and besides themselves I was in a state of very quiet contemplation and I couldn't quite place.

first of all thank you for doing that and and here's why I'm sharing that with you what you were doing without the conscious awareness up at however as I share this with you I know you're going to have it immediately was that this was very much like the October Thirty-One there is there is there are so many levels of the experience of the shift that are happening right now and the blessing right now is that an ed look at the energy when that announcement came in that announcement came in while we're in this notice it waited till after we got into this window so what that means is that this could continue being an interesting conversation till December 30th or it'll resolved very quickly and it could start building very very whatever but there's going to be a couple of key dates the most beautiful thing you did was you in that moment of presence

we're in a contemplative state of what the master does that you know have a lot of money you know that you know that that tell the tell me the old Buddhist koan you know before Enlightenment and after lightening before and after that you were actually demonstrating and I and I want to ask because I'm really tree is what was your question that got answered because other people might have had that same question and not recognize the answer so what was your question

can regard to my goal I feel a bit stops in this in manifesting

and so and so how was the answer received for you

that it is through the process of trusting and being in community

Chris will be revealed

absolutely true and I want to affirm that in addition to that and my heart and trees Hearts things that you absolutely have claimed that for you and so it is right that as we are affirming this as you were calling it in it is also the action you take for the inspiration you call in and so everything that you're saying is absolutely that the Oneness and how do we get that around us steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust that is the action that will call forward that which you are ready to manifest and so congratulations and welcome to calling in the law of instantaneous manifestation I'm so glad you called today

hello thank you so much thank you we love you honey Namaste by sweetheart he was once you said as all these results came in from the US election she has it in her say so it's a moment of going okay I don't I'm not dancing with the polarities that's the master and I'm holding presents. That's the chop wood carry water right shift saying when are not chop wood carry water is saying that my knowing my presence is not affected by this outward experience however I am here as part of this experience and then to be able to be in our ascended roam around it helps that experience to be even broader to call back in that

I do find it quite beautiful that the that they were actually signs made that said the word soul soul on that because I don't think we've ever seen in the world that we live in a lot of countries and I don't think I've ever seen the word Soul used and you know regardless of how it got there it's there and you know people are talking about it again and you're not afraid to talk about it again and then the deadly form of it starts debating what it is and so I'm not going there I'm just saying let's just celebrate that it's there at all right and it really is quite a bit, so do we have anyone over going to talk radio again over here at PBS radio so we can head to line free and say hi to Sue from Denver Zoo from Denver namaste

hi Namaste good to see you about thank you sweetheart we actually have guests from Denver to here right now it shows a Blue Mountain

that's awesome yeah I was going to get a mini Soul reading to see what I can expect for the rest of this year and make sure will thank you for asking and you know as you were asking I felt a heaviness on the light light not quite on the physical heart but not in the center of the chest either on the left side here by the hearts and so I would understand bring my hands there and I would ask you to do the same and it's interesting because like your breath is tied to this spot and as I'm connecting here this beautiful and I mean like it's like this big I don't even know how to describe this it's like a big disk has opened up and and your your it's like right there behind you and it's like it's almost like a cushioned like you're leaning back into it's almost like it's the back of a very comfortable chair but it's like the shoes disc and as your

as a relaxing into that I'm now feeling the other side bring your bring your other hand up and like mirror it on the other side of the chest and it says if what I'm experiencing is I'm seeing you just kind of like really really really in this like as a TempurPedic foam kind of thing really into this chair this big circle and I just keep hearing that the more that you dissolve the ego and that which keeps questioning the faster that which you are emerges

anchor in the breath of the freedom that you know is yours to claim and together we shall arise and once more move forward and I'm watching your hands come up like this and these two all I'm saying is two hands and there's these two hands with lifelong literally like he's long Bell very like classic Bell sleeve coming down to reach you or what they're showing me is it's like you open your eyes almost startled and you're starting to laugh and going oh my God I get it and they're saying yeah it's that easy and so I want you to breathe and really be with that because you do get it and it is that easy and I think we all just got in a 10 minutes and I need to get my breath back yeah wow we love you

thank you very much I appreciate it

who what was I going to breathe again we all breathe again like really down into the third chakra to because this goes bad. It's just it's right here SRI so I want to bring it up this goes back to the stories and what we're trying to call in as our own way of of limitation and really looking at are we willing we really were willing to say yes to the truth of who wow and as I'm saying that I'm feeling almost like I'm getting attacked right here I was doing that earlier too and so you guys you might want to feel there's there is this energy of of really saying hey enough is enough enough is enough I am here I am ready I am open guide me and to invite does clarity to really be present and I'm going to need to stop because I'm in a lot of pain

but before we close I want invite everybody to to at least be present in our hearts for a moment

as you breathe into your heart

release the thoughts and just notice the presence in your own heart chakra

allowing your breath to expand your heart

only love me answer here

I am peace

I am love

I am connected to an infinite supply of Love & Light

I am peace I am love I am connected

so we come to a close for the day we invite you to carry forward with this energy of your truth

I made that permeate your thoughts and your actions and expand the trust of your Divine journey to make sure that you go today at 6 p.m. Pacific 9 p.m. Eastern and check out the first episode of the all new Amazing World of mysteries we love you with all our heart wreaths up it is a profound moment big week ahead will also see on Soul mirrors.

thank you for joining us in Scream here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at Street Aurora. Comm unit

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