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Sri and Kira Live, November 29, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

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Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today it's the paradine now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience breed wisdom laughter and clarity
Namaste beloved ones and welcome to the voice of passionate action I am wisdom teacher Shriram, you feel it you know it we are here it is now we are in this moment this bridge week of the November December energy this is a there is just so much to share and so let's just cozy up first and foremost all of you that are shooting in everywhere thank you we love you and we are of course excited to be with you right now over at YouTube at 1 to talk radio and over at YouTube official and of course I over at 1 this talk radio. Com / at all of the Affiliates including I heart thank you for supporting me and Carol live the voice of passionate action
guy's big foundation +886-276-008-8862 7 008-6008 hey I didn't listen to The Talk Radio you can get into the call board there it is 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500 we just got that launched and I already see people in their place so Jen and Eric 17208 1500 straight I just want to take a breath because guys I know you're feeling it we are in a moment we're even is
I'm connecting with you right now even as shree and I are here and I'm wow I'm really it's really quite beautiful how well my husband's been navigating all these fascinating challenges coming our way and that's part of it it's this we are we are literally this week 3 Let's you and I both wheel away from it all away so that if you're watching you can see our background okay this is this week this week is the bullseye and you see all the flames and it's at Flaming Arrow beside and then the life and what's coming out this bridge week right now this moment in this energy as November and December come together and I'm going to show you guys for the first time the energy flows that we are starting to enter into and what they're going to look like on this show and so this that you're seeing right now this energy is the bullseye
what is that mean it means that and read it to you exactly the way that it was in our ecard today so hey if you're not in our newsletter list destruction. Is free and you know we always include yes I want to read this to you because remember right now this moment we are in this incredible I mean incredible this full moon this lunar eclipse the energy of this type of eclipse and we are in it right now and in Eastern time it'll be roughly between 4:30 and 6:30 am coming right up on us here when it will be visible in both North and South America and so you really if you have an opportunity to drink in this energy this is a culmination of combinations it
basically like a blessing like a handoff from the universe from the energy of November as a handoff into the energy of December because remember these are twin months with one critical difference I'm going to show you that in just a moment so let me just share with you what was in the car going to start there are right please share as we receive the blessings of gratitude the universe opens wider and I do want to stop because we here at tosa Blue Mountain we had a very beautiful unique experience of what many would call Thanksgiving and it lasted a week it was great it was great about the which is truly a spiritual Family Guy
November 21 Gathering to celebrate the abundance of mother Gaia the abundance of spirit and love and and to share food together but more importantly to share the nourishment that comes in the preparation and the presentation of the food that is for the intangible yet visceral nourishment of Love of sustenance and of trust in the universe and that this Thanksgiving meal started a little early by other standards on the 21st
we really all felt like we had had no thought we were done is the site where the Earth was called upon to participate in the preparation of the nourishment there's this spiral Vortex that occur there and it was time to close and give thanks to that and what will tell you more about that is through that it kept extending there was this energy of weight this many more days and then the sacred rocks that we talked to you about that were left here we all gathered thinking we were going this was the Tuesday following the ceremony so I'm Saturday November twenty one was the ceremony we were told to wait three days so that Tuesday morning which would have been 22 23 24 this past Tuesday we all
full-time residents here thinking that we were going to be finishing everything and wound up as you know making the beautiful spiral they showed pictures of that where we covered it up and everything will when we went up to retrieve the Rocks the energy of the stones have become alive and we were feeling very clearly that it's like the left as almost literally Ocean between us and the elders that we have not been met yet the ones will be on the ones and it's like it's like they're visioning it's like we're all sitting on The Secret Circle and so are beautiful on-site resident a beautiful our sights for you the community because
this entire ceremony and unified Harmony to go forward the sacred Dome of Oneness and it is a community project have to be it can't be just us making it happen it is a statement it is a statement from responsible businesses come help sponsor this it is a statement from those of us that are saying yes it does matter it is a place where we can call together all and it's it's really like a round table and in many ways and and so you know if your heart is calling please help us find this do you know what every every donation helps who do you know that might want to assist a project like this it is that GoFundMe and so that's what the plan was to open
tutu really sanctify this the site where this Dome of Oneness will be constructed and one of the things that really impressed me is that simply be in there will first off the site was selected because of the energy then simply being there and focusing together and you've quit ever work with crystals know that you hold a crystal in your hand and you give it energy you pump love to the crystal here comes the moment where the crystal goes I love you too and there is a response that comes back from the crystal bowls reflection you can call it we had that same effect with the Earth the Earth was going I am here I love you I am with you and there was this energy came up we thought in because that was just the first sentence of what was in the newsletter
the reason I'm sure that with you is that experience that Miracle expansion and your and you're going to watch when you watch this video you watch the stones they move they have faces that what everybody's been photographed action for us this morning beautiful sent me another round of stones are morphing and spoiler alert on 12/12 serendipitously we did not even consciously do that is when Alexander is returning and as a community we will be walking into sacred watch una with the Sacred Stones on 12/12 to amplify all the energy that is already come forward so just comes to Blue Mountain on 12/12 and here's where there's there's something we still haven't shared but I really want to share go back to this and and get all these predictions because there's so much happening guys just keep breathing around that you can
watch the video and replay more than any feel it right so is the twin energy of November with one difference and that difference is balanced and so I want to very very quickly remind you of the ascending numerology so here it is in December and for those of you that may not be familiar with the Sunday numerology this is the true system of the numerology of the sequence of the Soul it is not the truncated system that is used in density this actually incorporates the 0 and 12 digit here's the December different so December is a 7 so was November 2020 is the four plus the double infinite that's been a constant all year long December 2020 is 11 plus the double infant so was November so what is the difference this month it is December 14th it's going to be the alarm
animated New Moon which is not only an uplevel it's a peek up level plus a solar eclipse we are entering into right now this today this moment right now he's at the physical body of the December chart this is the ascendant numerology for December look at what is the six it is balanced and it is the second chakra it is balanced creation this we are right now we are so blessed we are so loved that if we say yes to who we are and it's this week specifically starting it we are moving into December and we are going in right now and it starts today it starts with this full moon eclipse this big huge full moon and this is like our own rainbow our own portal that is opened up from now and it's going to keep and then it's like saying used to be
December fourteen so this week this opening week of November into December this these final two moments of November which is what the final Choice month of 2020 of the first moment of the up level these two years this is your final Choice moment because next month December as a mirror you're going to have that choice put right in your face right we're going from choice to awareness and it's a mirrored month so whatever you have really been doing is getting ready to hit the mark and the what what's the secret staying in the law of instantaneous manifestation hard get out of your head and listen to your guidance what we are here to do is to manifest and I never more harmonious a real
what do you call a shared reality that's a sense of balance with your authentic so we are beings having a human experience and when we only operate through the egoic filter you can see the results is all throughout history it's the lack of fear and all the rest of it when we come into our hearts and reflect the knowings from that level the law of instantaneous manifestation is the feedback that the universe is now a line everything to support the continual unfoldment of your authentic Mission and joy sincerely this past has just been everything is circling around you right it's all right in front of you you're just not accustomed to seeing it in that
experience this is that moment and this is really really important so I want to do this slow and I wanted to just breathe into it I'm going to read you a little bit more and then I'm actually going to show you for the first time what is taking place right now right now energetically and enjoy reading this and I'm going this very week this moment literally this moment the energy that will call forward the balance is calling you out you are being called out this week this is put-up-or-shut-up time this is if you're really going to do it then show it then then stop holding your breath stop pretending move forward this is the weekend and it was so funny because you know for sure and Sundays are actually some of our biggest days of the week and if today to to this moment in the day is any indication
week ahead it's like we can do this. When you first a job to a new flow it might seem overwhelming and it might seem frightening and it might seem scary because things start clicking so quickly Miracle start coming together so fast that the first default is to doubt it that is the default that has kept you stuck in that Loop and so when the doubt default Rises that's the moment love yourself enough to lift up and have compassion for that doubt default and really witness it rather than be it see what inside of you is getting a little more because that's only reason In This Moment
moment the energy that will call forward the balance is calling you out everything you wanted hoped for trade for with full and this is really important and has to have been done from Full sincerity love and presents devoid of ulterior motive is ready to soar and equally that which has carried the strong hidden agenda will be revealed to the all and to the self so taking a breath we are ready and what's so beautiful about that is for those of you that may have hidden subconscious agendas
everything's going to line up around to reveal it and if you're open to see you can walk through it be free of it and finally claimed that which you know you are because the universe is calling us out and calling us up and we are this this beautiful Community Gathering today tonight go watch explore the Mysteries a profound show to sit back up a beverage your beloved and really listen and then tomorrow be there for Monday magic and if you have never been there at Monday magic jumping for tomorrow because we are meeting on the up level another coincidence right but it's a bridge it's open right now and so this huge full moon eclipse up level moment is right now and Ashley and I were preparing for today at 2
because this up level and it's like it's it's like a fast forward of the week ahead of her love your singing and it's like click click click click on this is coming together and things that I don't even have on the books yet I know we're going to be on the books and Morty accounting for that because the all of those who I called I look at 5 to computer screens all the time all those computer screens are like showing me five other computer screens and so the gift of this week is that if you really and I mean if you own your Mastery this week unabashedly own your Mastery this week have no doubt right on every breath every moment what is the highest you were you came to this planet see the highest gift of why you came see it in each other and hold it for this one week and you will be blown away because this twin mirror of December is saying look that choice which we
during the 48-hour window of really affirming right that choice is going to be your entire awareness it's going to be the November Choice the November choice is going to be the full planetary awareness of December and December month that will be that final month in The 20/20 Experience of the energy flow and I want to show you this because the one for 2021 is so radically different and so is this year it was the year of the incredible dragonfly energy into a higher ascended experience it was the year of Mastery experience it called the word profound shift and those were the months Mark with the squares it called board Visionary transformation to timeline adaptation which of the ones were in the middle of the pyramid and the entire year began a spin
to awaken to self Ascension the greater Awakening of the masses and this month December you see is the final piece that anchors the profound shift or are you truly this this Apex moment so many ways in this pile of the graphic of the most certainly heading to your fulfillment you are most certainly heading to the realization of that what you have put into motion and this is part of the mirroring effect is that sometimes what we put into motion is a healing event and the front end of a healing event sometimes feels in congruent oh there's some pain or discomfort there's something I wasn't expecting that's why it's a healing of it it's it's Broad and integrating you beyond the status quo and of course Whenever there is an expansion there's a little
were you trying to go I'm not sure this feels good and yet there's an excitement and a knowing in your heart that this is meant to be and them to be resolved and this is also was upon us so the grand exhilaration of the acceleration and the outcome that will Propel you forward even if it involves bringing a little more love to that which has been set free that in because that's that doorway to that in her compassion that lifts us up to the 5th Dimension and hold us there wish I was deferred to his Holiness the Dalai Lama who has held the 5th dimensional presents that the whole lineage has been holding the 5th dimensional present presents that is compassion The Compassion called into the self is what lifts and sustains Us in Pisgah National presents where we become the witness or of the witness where we can truly compassionately love ourselves and have
Beyond ourselves at Gateway of non judgement which brings us into 7th dimensional space this is a moment where words to become normalized where is just truth and this is beyond those that seek to quickly dismissed or categorize Wu whatever Einstein put this out there now and I love to be doing that we would be talking this way with absolute so yeah here we are right now let's keep going how do we keep adapting Humanities because we adopt we Ascend or we descend based upon our ability to expand consciousness
we are always in this beautiful beautiful beautiful spiral this moment right now and since early even starting right now November 30th 2020 we collectively chose to be here right now for this moment based upon the way all of the parallels would intersect that this is one of those rare unique opportunities where we collectively have the opportunity to have enough of us remember be awake and not doubt ourselves to this time actually affect the balance this isn't about interference or changing it's about bringing in the balance and 2021 is going to be the year that will determine it
I'm so happy just shown you the 20 20 energy I'm going to show you first this month December and remember that this month December want to pop up its November is now moving into this December energy this moment right now we are going to be taking in the level of Consciousness we have felt comfortable expanding into this Visionary Transformations December profound shift energy is unlike anything because breathe in and breathe it in breathe this is what's happening right
oh no that's the two together okay that's next year were missing just December
and I didn't double-check but we had prepared and so ready for you that's like that's it right there. And there should be one that's just December
that's it that's 2021 South right now so this is what's happening right now and I want you to just really breathe that in this is the December 20-21 balanced creation energy and remember that the overarching moment of December 21 2021 or this December 20-24 give me my loves I should say December 2020 ballast creation that is right now but the reason why I messed up on that we are calling forward right now spiral time so the December energy which this is it and you seen some of the elements before we've been working with these energies for a while it was happening right now in December is that the that you see that beautiful
eight of creation that's over the entire experience City right now that's that dragonfly that's flying and that you beautiful yin yang with all the Lotus energy that's this month if we balance the creation you see how it's bursting forward with the new creation domes and all of the elimination it's calling forward spiral time spiral time is happening no matter what and the gift of December of this this week and you notice how is because it's alright to see that my husband so brilliant you see all the concentric circles that's going to be 2020-21 it's all concentric circles it's a
what is literally what the energy flows look like for next year and I will be putting that we're going right into the middle right inside Bullseye with an arrow that is ignited and so I want to redo these words that came in this morning as as part of that ignition because it also brought a chicken breast because it really is about this December moment and moving forward and why the equinoxes so important and why
manifesting the Dome of the Violet Ray as the holder of the crystalline Violet flame ignition and gateway to the law of instantaneous manifestation this is the energy of Kali Rising as a manifested and empowered 7 inform you dance with the fire of Creation with on abandoned and completely knowing of purpose beyond the boundaries of doubt it is that has been called forward through steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust and I want to invite you all the relax and Screen I want to share with you that one of the other miracle manifestations that happened here
as you all know we had planned for give me I'm really having on my eyes are wanting to tear up weed really plan on building this Tome of creation and we're building a stone and then we got involved and then we knew we couldn't follow through that it had to be this bigger Grande or vision and we put all of our stuff out and hence the GoFundMe and this is part of the WWE Global Experience after I just I really my husband has done this
what my heart has known and what she and I were talking about was that there was another Dome coming to the property didn't know in what way are how and that there was some rat all these things around the domain will we need a welcome center but you know because we have said yes to trust that the GoFundMe will be successful and that the Dome will happen the Dome of Oneness will happen we were able to talk to the Dome manufacturer who agreed to modify the dumbwaiter originally order because it had to be smaller and in that modification due to my beautiful husband the Dome now has pyramid windows and high aspect-ratio it has a wooden door with a diamond
it is violet It Is by what energy it has a center column that is flame inside of a glass square with a round alter Strait I just wanted to publicly say that I really felt that when this installment came through today and the time and this is actually going to be raised this week this it by next week we will be showing you pictures that's that's the lot instantaneous manifestation and you because really what you said is that tosa blue mountain is is an Ascension portal and the ascended masters are all here and we are also showing up in form that everyone who comes here right now is it's really quite amazing it's like we're attracting the Masters it's it's the ones that are really ready and saying okay this level now where you know it's really it's been
hear it takes a master to know that I must complete my healing work it takes a master to know that I must remain committed because the hypnotic seduction of the environment of density will do everything within its capacity to distract you to pull you away to give you a news irony of this is as you lift into your Mastery you will be amused you will have the smile on your face and you will not ever leave a line of perfect balance that is the Walk of the master uniform nothing is ever lost everything is gained and what we have seen these people come here to heal they come here to remember physical emotional any kind of disturbance because we are you are
you are a whole being that has said I'll step into a seemingly limited life a limited environment a body that doesn't yet know how to fly in your wholeness you will inform this body how to be whole and how to fly and we will inform and demonstrate to each other the greater Harmony and beauty that is our Birthright you know I used to Chocolate the mythological stories of the Garden of Eden because Leo where is it what am I going to do what did we do wrong and then the more I stayed the course of the path and the path of self Ascension the path of returning home to the master that you really are the more I realize is we are radiating out the Garden of Eden is reflecting
it is here
it is alive and you are part of it we just need to open our eyes more transcending which seeks to limit us remember that there is one primary addiction that we all carry and that's the addiction to the belief systems of this singular experience and thereby it is the most challenging diction of release and we are at this moment right now and I want to go back and invite and I'm going to really show you now the 20/20 by just showed you the energy that we're going into right now for December and then I'll share it with you next year this is all going to feel this
hey so on the left with the beautiful balancing energy that energy is opening right now for the funnel of the Year this is Broad and so that post of all this incredible Define balance of creation we are literally this is the moment where the dragonfly has become that Lotus of creation and that dragonfly is now starting it's light and if you gaze to the right that is what happens January one
that is what happens January one we have the ignition of spiral time
you see that the Chalice comes forward the golden chalice that Ascension Consciousness anchors as the portal outside of density that the ignition comes forward and a few days at the top of the graphic you see this beautiful circle of the Violet Dome and SRI I just need to share that it also blew my mind that that by like it's like there's going to be a giant beautiful to hold yourself into higher Consciousness if you're willing to say yes to it I really feel that we are anchoring that the coincidences that led to that and then today I found this very powerful I just want to read it again manifesting the Dome of the Violet right so now we know we're calling at the Dome of the by Lecrae
as the holder of the crystalline Violet flame ignition literally you were the one that you eat the flame in the middle you were the one that called that in the center focus of the ignition it's about transformation upliftment and and the recognition that we are beyond the material in the center of the perfect balance and then gateway to the law of instantaneous manifestation and what humbled my heart even more was where the stone is being located the first thing you'll say when you arrive it's the very first thing you will see and it is it's an Attunement it's an ignition and it's almost like it's a point of transition because it's where you'll come in and where you'll be you'll be able to connect with us for the first time where you'll do your registration I mean it's just there it is that's where it will be and so
this is more than just a lot of coincidences that because of the other Dome and this dumb coming together what I'm getting and I don't want to hear that it was a lot of that by I believe that by anchoring the stone this week is a week where we are all beginning to really relax and spiral time remember it's a bull's-eye 2021 is a bull's-eye and imma be talking a lot more about that over the next few weeks because we're all acclimating to it and so I believe strongly that the energy of Ascension that we are Ground Zero for a lot of Ascension energy down here and that we are now starting to connect with other ground Zeroes and that those of us that aren't that are aware and holding that frequency of together we are better this is our moment to stop pretending and start moving forward. Returning means I choose to invest my energy and that which
true are not supposed to direct me to we are creatures of habit until we break free and then we can become creatures of authenticity we've become that which we took birth to be and this is all natural Evolution you know for many years we have been talking about how human beings Consciousness answers in at density and there's an at Mass Consciousness and we evolve through that we have all through to spiritual activism that's all that is focused that we call Ascension awareness when we begin to widen the context beyond the me-me-me to the US us us to the greater universe
and when that context is ever more wider we discover that we are Beyond this body that we are Consciousness and the in that is the joy play of Consciousness self-knowing self-reflective being in this wonderful life while connected to the eternal life I'm smiling because really the mantra for this week the easiest way to navigate this week is Clarity passion and purpose Clarity passion purpose if it has Clarity if you have passion has purpose then go go go go this week and and I want to dive in one second and bring it back to the numerology for December because remember that it is the mirror of November November was the month of what it was the month of choice
who is this month of really really being all this when we hit that 6 when that balance really says yes to our creation and we are in it right now it's opening with this incredible stunning up level right now full moon lunar eclipse begin tomorrow morning 4 a.m. eastern time going all the way to the December 14th illuminated New Moon Peak up level and solar eclipse and so I want you to look at one thing first of all look at that root chakra right every month this year. Root chakra has been bombarded by the energy of the month well here's the exciting piece we are entering into December from the 8th position which is the Lotus shop
because that's where we were left in November and was fascinating is a Lotus chakra right down to our route chakra so and it's the last time we get that big trampoline but it's going to be a big trampoline Remember December is going to be a mirror of everything that was chosen in November everything and so that Lotus is going boom down to that wonderful beautiful root chakra and then it's jumping out again right going right up there to that incident energy for December 2020 where it's going to stay it'll be right now it's all about saying yes to you it's about hitting that Bullseye with your sacred intention and it's about letting go of the doubt through clarity through your purpose and through your purse
and this is the moment at hand this is the energy we are in and remember that this New Year's Eve and we've been talking about this all year long it's it's own entity more and more we are now very aware of that and so I want to make all of you aware that if you go to our website you'll find that this New Year's Eve I should be right on the homepage almost support myself Ascension., but I from the Dome of the Violet Ray we now have a name for our new dome with that flame ignited the nitiraj they're all of our on-site yes from here at tosa Blue Mountain Ecuador right you are Beloved Community please join us online for our 6th annual yoga of self Ascension World Community broadcast
held at 8 p.m. eastern time December 31 20/20 all donations benefit the toaster humanitarian Aid projects the minimum donation is a lot to be there and please help everyone that you know to be there because this is the energy that we're going to be birthing together and these New Year's events are are massive they are there massive massive in in the sense that they are pivotal your
recognition momentum acceleration and joy and when I say that I've chosen my words carefully they are pivotal what is a pivot is the fulcrum on the teeter-totter if you are able to be there live and receive this energetic transmission you will find its is going to flow a lot easier for me to be our first live world ensoulment from the domes a violet Ray. That is just being installed this week it will go in in the very early part of December it's going to be going in this week we will be giving you photos on next week's show and on December Thirty One with all of our beautiful we have so many people coming in from all over the world that will be here live we will all gather together with the central flame ignited and the avesa amethyst and call in and anchor the Abode of the Masters that has been blessed Lee follower
and I for our tire travels it was whistle it was with us in like audit lawn and the Hologram of that is still there it came with us to Uruguay and all of the crystalline Realms there now is here and that I do want to do a special woman in your hands to your heart because when all of this came in today all of these pieces including the fact that on 12/12 which the stone will be here for we will as a community step into sacred watch Uma with Alexander on behalf of a lot of energy
all of that right now all of these synchronicities this is a dome of the crystalline Violet Ray and that was very clear in ensoulment not just a violet Ray this is the anchoring of the crystalline Violet Ray and of course the sacred Priestess of the temple is here and I want to call up to Kyla and I pray you're listening live I tried to talk to you soon I tried to grab you before the show but we figured okay it's just meant to be on the are you are here because you are the Priestess of the Crystal and violet Ray Temple and Kyle's new home is literally been built so that when she goes home at night she's the protector of the temple she's right about it we've been talking about how this is the sacred Temple where all of them all of for ascension all of the Shiva hum pieces will be because they've been radiating with the planet and that you know Marcia really is the goddess of
SRI called in the sacred flame and then we realize that New Year's Eve the circle stream you're going to be painting be around the sacred flame and remember that on New Year's Eve we invite all of our guests are always here dressed in their Divine Mastery and so when you tune in with us New Year's Eve try on your Mastery dress up be there you know join us in that spirit and so join us this New Year's Eve December 31 8 p.m. eastern time as together we anchor the law of instant manifestation and receive the installment every year these in somis have been extraordinary experiences and 2021 is the year that's going to make a big it is such it is the year it is literally the year we need to really give ourselves the gift of
receiving that blessing and coming together around this year this is a really a time where light is being anchored here on the planet and in a most profound way and that as we gather with you know so often people try to walk through their life using their beliefs as some sort of roadmap the beliefs are just the mind's way of understanding things they are not necessarily A roadmap do they can be used that way when we gather together with an open heart and an open mind then we've created space to be guided from the highest guidance we've created space to have the greatest amount of Love Shine through as you and that this is the miracle of self Ascension this is the miracle of a master inform it's not about having a guidebook it's about being the guide in the spontaneous flow of the
expanding universe and when I say a guy that just means light your torch
attention. You may not go put in contacts yet I'm just really quickly for example when I was getting ready to come today headpiece write you guys a lot of you only had pieces from amazing right at your solar plexus and so you can say it's right here at my solar plexus and so those of you that all these right now try putting them on and notice what happens when you're wearing them at your solar plexus this is part of the adjustment to Circular time you're taking member has all the crystal energy on it and the energy you're bringing all the types of the solar plexus and calling it up and holding that energy we are transiting into spiral time
we have a lot of information to share about spiral time we're going to be talking a lot about this is the first time in our Collective awakened conscience awareness this experience a form has gone to this moment of expansion this is really a big bang moment in a lot of ways and because it's a mirrored moment remember that everything everything that got set in Motion in November will be the mirror of December they are twins and that's why months ago when we were sharing about this these two months are going to be their own little unit go back to Sri and Kira. Com read the full ascended numerology we have it up for the November December two months combined because it's one energy but it's it's going to be that balanced creation this month is about balanced creation
and so as we are the balance creators what are you going to see if you don't mind this was part of it was also I want to read it again so this very week I mean literally the energy of this week so those of you to have the app make sure you listen to our weekly energy update this very week this is the energy will call forward the balance meaning the energy that is making that balance happening is also calling you out you can't fake it you can't hide and so for those of you that are excited you'll finally be seen and you can really do what you need to do get ready to flourish and for those of you who are terrified of being seen get ready to deal with it and that's the gift before you it's going to be how you deal with it and end this is what it says right here is because everything you've wanted everything you've helped for prayed for
stool sincerity love and presence outside avoidable tear your motive is going to soar I mean sore and equally and this is the part we need to take a moment equally
that which has been carried with the strong hidden agenda maybe even yourself will be revealed not only to the all but to the self and that's the moment because if you can have a secret hidden agenda reveal to the cell from the south can you read it with the love and compassion and thank you we could finally move forward or will it be that moment to employ this is is it's a fundamental healing opportunity field all healing all healing is made is a return to wholeness hates When Love Is there when something comes up and it is judged you have energized the need to put it back in the shadow when something comes forward and it is witnessed
it's like a beautiful flower that the Dew is is evaporating and it will begin to show the love behind the Distortion or behind the imprinter behind the trauma it will reveal the value that it carries the difference is the light of Love versus the light of judgement and receive it hard to use the word light of judge but there's still some love and judgment because he's trying very hard for the perfectionistic motive about the reason we're here is to is to eliminate that light and about the cycles and Cycles where that elimination might not be and I think you know she actually really diving into that that you know remember that every being has a spark of light every single being and an otherwise they think they could not be here however
discovering that light turning that light on how that light ignites well that's the unique aspect inside the all and the one that's so wonderful to be able to have a shadow greeted with the attitude and and do your best to just suspend judgment it's kind of one of those thank you for coming forward so that we may reintegrate through love and and the reintegration through love is actually and empowering experience many people on their on their healing Journey they they get hung up on one side of the equation which is you know I don't want to do it doesn't feel comfy to go to the other child and yet when is he
happens there's a joy and empowerment a sense of grand confidence in life and the resolution is worth the journey so don't be shy don't be timid Embrace everything that comes forward this week and use it as momentum for your highest expression we are poor resolution is the journey resolution is the journey there's another SRI as am I just had a underscore it go ahead and we are what we are at this moment we have the opportunity to just get on with it because you've held many people have held back there has been a habit of self inhibition
and what that happened can be dissolved by simply embracing the true you with a celebration of show me hey I'm here let's do this what's discover how far it goes and that is the joy of the instantaneous manifestation that is you that is your legacy and is the gift that we each give to our shared experience to our work and really breathe and let us also bring our hands to our heart and we lie say thank you for this moment because you are here right now you are on this planet right now because of this moment we are at the moment of a Clarion call we are here now and this time compressed expression that has brought us right now the moment that we are
transit 21 2021 will be the second year of the two-year up level experience it will be even more intense it is spring forward incredible energy along with it and in that energy it will be the end of March and the solstice and September or September excuse me it will be those two points that will be like the the balance within the year it's going to go in Fast and strong and by the time we get to March Twenty One 2022 and beyond that and we have already called that energy back in so that we can eat relax even more and we invite you to relax and receive even more the truth of who you are to trust you even more to love you even more to say yes to lube
I'm going outside the Paradigm because on the Equinox on March 21 2021 that whole week at 19 20 and 21 that is a moment when there is going to be an energy field that is going to be screaming out to the world for awakened present for balance that is not coming from the energy of anger remember that activism however well-intended at its root Center is a sense of Injustice and anger in a balanced action is the embodiment of our Mastery presence working from the higher state of consciousness spiration there by literally living the active presence of Einstein's Axiom of you cannot bring a solution at the level of Consciousness it was birthed you begin living outside and as I just said that a huge hummingbird just had our studio window I mean a big did you see that did you hear that
is your dad so there is are there is our validation we want invite you to breathe in and relax we're going to show you this amazing form of what happened Thanksgiving here and we invite you to relax and receive this beautiful Journey will be back in just a few moments to expand it even more
this is the first floor this is thy will be done this is weird and it is now filled the vault in life
all right if ever there was no doubt we are here are some energy
store directions
az1 with Cabernet
so it's like it's gotten to see her with her eyes like the Entrada
33rd crystal in German
so I wanted to wait
hey hey how beautiful was that and we wanted to jump in here because our producer was like are you guys still there and that's because our video the audio and I want to share that I think the audio when streaming the perfect moment so that you could really feel the sacredness of what was happening and so she going to jump in and let's just really take a moment and bask and that energy and so I can come back from the other side we are back and we'll come back alive chosen to be here with us as we celebrate Consciousness as we celebrate Ascension as we consciously choose to self Ascend and one of the things that comes forward for me every time we do a ceremony and We Gather is community is that we are connecting the most basic fundamental energies of you can say density
it's to the energetic Foundation that allows it to be and that is spirit Spirit into foreign energy into form and these amazing rocks it which we were you do spontaneously
Shannon Wright
3/3 crystalline energy and that was the number of rocks they brought right yeah so we have to bring the heat to the fire in the womb of the earth be out there and they were heated they were transformed they were energetic call it FaZe one literally no that is literally to bring the rocks in conscious recognition of what had happened so they encircled this beautiful that it was this wolf of the earth us on that one week prior and
there was more receiving there was more there was more that needed to happen I observed tangibly and directly as we carried the stones to the fire pit is there was a healing energy that came forward from each and every one of those sacred rocks and then all you had to do was look at 1 or connect with one and what to me the experience was we moved from this wonderful womb of creation this wonderful feminine power and energy in and brought in at the fire Circle and that we begin to feel this healing energy because the balance was brought forward through in a very clean Shore Manor there was there was no competition it was just simply a balanced energy of healing and that each of these Stones is a Record Keeper each of these Stones is a missionary of Lights
are speaking 24/7 for so many years I used to work strictly with crystals because crystals carry such a high frequency and I still do love the however to work with these volcanic stones and recognize that they carry this same energy as a pure Crystal when they are not composed of the quote stuff of crystals the energy overlays it's going to radiate through this beautiful is available to offer a healing radiation and here's where it gets fun in your life this is your take home you get to reflect back the healing that you require at this moment so the energy of this time in this bullseye
what about little lonely the the ceremony that we were closing in with the Sacred Stones the reflection it you're the mirror the energy is radiated to you and you're choosing what you're going to reflect forward into your recognition
you may or may not notice the healing energy you might only notice the results of the healing if you might notice the experience presenting itself for your awareness there by you can choose to lovingly reintegrate it and move forward everything is good and so we share these these ceremonies we share these experiences that they made ignite a greater acceptance a greater love a greater love for yourself and your experience to be working with the pH of cortisone times to heal it had been so overused it would literally just let it heal and
I came to us and the cosmic by radiation has very much been that Bullseye and that is is emanating out right now and what this Violet Ray Dome is calling for is the unification of all of those energies we are at a moment where it is about the unification of all the energies which is why we were called to the bullseye of Ecuador for us it's the heart of the world it's our Bullseye is that we knew when we left United States permanently which is been almost twelve years ago now we knew that it was to be anchored when this moment came and what we didn't know was the exact moment in the timeline because remember these time lines are fluid and we're constantly shifting however in this moment we are all here in this one having this experience together and so
reading to know that you're here at the right time in the right moment whatever you are doing wherever you are however you are experiencing if you're listening to this show right now and you're ready to have a week a month a year that will not only bring you to your personal best but the world will be better because of it because that's the only way it will happen it has to be in the balanced creation energy of sincerity love and presents which does what equals Miracles and so this is that miracle moment and I really am looking at the phone lines I know a lot of people holding I want to give you guys the numbers again one is talk radio 517-208-1500
please hit the * 5 to raise your hand right producer know how to ask a question and all that way he'll let us know as well so SRI I want to I want to hear Miracles I want to talk to Miracles be with Miracle makers which means such people in our community so where we going well we got many options here and I think that I wanted respect somebody who's been holding over here we have a still from Belgium called playing with you tonight oh my goodness or
so long and that was called to call this morning and I never have and so I'm very very blessed to be online today thank you for all you're doing I can still feel the ignition and creation energy in the building up of what you've been saying today is astonishing and I'm so aware that the time is now like never before like the bullseye mama has been mentioned and my life has changed completely this past year and I finally experienced what love is which I've never known before and I feel right today on the edge of irreversible change like right now and I'm ready and I've chosen then I'm red I'm trying not to leave and wait for guidance on my new car until would love a mini soul-eating to propose me forward please
oh sweetheart you are there any Soul rating I mean as I'm listening to you my heart is getting bigger and bigger and it's like there's this pressure it's no accident that you're our first caller today it is no accident that you are carrying that energy really which is about stepping out your foot and saying I am and then trusting what's right in front of you because it's bigger than your mind can expand pain right now yet your heart is ready to help you manifest it and again I get very deep very very deep and I when I say that like a big implosion to the heart I just I don't want to acknowledge their shoes right here
almost ready mother father like to me very much right here and and they're under their whispering and they're both they're like they whisper into you the same words coming in from both sides and they're saying that if you stay right here in your heart with us where you hear us always then the gentle reassurance that you have longed for will be received if you're not step forward close your eyes we are with you now and so it is
I love you so much honey I see you I see you I want to see all good or heart right now because that amazing beautiful being sitting over there in the middle of Europe has is holding such a passion that this is what we eliminate $100,000 so we may all of us eliminators connect with this Eliminator who has walked out into the community and I'm trusting it over there YouTube especially other people from our community are in there and meeting the on-site residential community and SRI all of our beautiful virtual community
going to Michigan, Right hey Michigan Namaste and welcome
Hey Siri and Carol how are you today
you so much I'd like a mini celebrating because I feel a lot of
I don't know if it's pressure to stop doing what I'm doing or what it really is but
can I please get the first and foremost thank you for calling in I honor you and as you were speaking I was literally putting on our Palo Santo oil and so that was telling me that you've been surrounded by some energy and like you see what I'm doing I put the palace on my fingers and I'm igniting my crown while I'm talking to you and now my chest doesn't feel as heavy so first thing I'm doing is offering you the energy of this beautiful taking a deep breath for your nose
and there is this incredible as like McGill's attack is all I keep hearing the kills and kills a huge massive like like the energy is so big it's in one moment of being in one moment of chamber in one chamber and you're going in that you are stuck because there is a veil that is being placed Over You by then allow it to be the gift that ignites the greater in her presence there saying that you received the greater cleansing and lots more breathwork will unify because right here like on the upper heart area right here it's like there's somebody sitting on you it's like it's like I'm on the grass
there's somebody I'm like a no trying to Breathe Here literally what I'm feeling right now and your hands here and a deep breath of
and you're free just breathing deeper into you and it is really the reading and that you'll be going to rain for the next 30 days so it is my love thank you for being I'm really glad you called in thank you for offering this gift to us all blessings thank you know I stay well are you breathing okay cuz I only need to take a moment I mean really doesn't surprise me very much energy because what is December going to be throat chakra throat chakra all about the throat chakra and then we're going to have that beautiful balance coming in so it's it's a moment where the heart is saying hey where which dimension of my anchoring in and said there's going to be a lot of heart and especially when the energy to pull you back
deep and son go after the ego and it's going to be self-aggrandizing and it's going to be a mirror months in general I want to speak to right now is to first take a deep breath and then the next breath I want you to expand your chest even wider a breath in
when we make space for the energy of our divine heart we stabilize our experience your stability is found by expanding your heart not fighting Korean into the earth when we make space for the energy of ascended love to Anchor in this body of form that energy will then guide us through what used to be speed bumps which will then become momentary recognitions no longer do we need to be stopped by that which we were afraid of or caused us paint still be a momentary recognition that
my breath will carry me through this because I no longer live at the level that would intersect in the old way and that's when you know you're in spiral time time let's go of the linear perceptions that would hold you back and so one of the things that's so important to remind ourselves is it's a new time very much that the new energy variants are nmd it's only the egoic connection with your mind the eagle will grab the memories and the pictures that your mind is carrying because your mind is nothing more than a big filing cabinet, let me pull out an experience from the past and put it up in his thinking that's where we're going
like a little of baskets like a little calculator use it when it's necessary use it what is healthful so here we are we are in a new energy this is the new Earth and it's happening now this isn't coming it's not some predicted it's right now you have been called now this week the energy is going to call you out and so where and how will you come forward what is it that you will finally look at it doesn't matter what comes forward the question is going to be how you navigate it and knowing everything remember we are in that you're getting a Sly we are in the last two days of a month of choice and December is the awareness of the choice and it's a mirrored month and so are twins because these are twins that awareness is igniting the choice and all of if it had that pure intention get ready for a sore and if it had any hidden
will be revealed and so it's an amazing moment of Mastery and we're all standing there with our very fulfilled I think I might have lost it this time we're in
is an opportunity to bring your souls guidance in alignment with the VA vehicle The Vessel of form in a new way and this is an essential experience and Ascension energy experience and our last caller brought this forward and recognition that I wanted to share
heart of the discomforts that we may experience will stimulate the doubting mind wonder if we're doing it right to wonder if it's okay because the doubting mind is hooked to the old Paradigm it's a fear-based energy
the heart that I just invited you to expand through the breath is connected to where you're going so remember that every time we have a little bit of doubt that little bit of depression little bit of that is the old software program trying to feed itself with facts and figures that just don't apply to the expanded flow and we need to smile at ourselves and come back to that breath and trust that what you need to know will come into your Consciousness and trust that you are on the right path because your heart is activated all right I said what I wanted to say let's go say hi we celebrating a birthday here going to head over to BBS and say hi to Marie from San Diego
call number sick drink your thank you so much as such a blessing and I'm totally thankful for this experience for this present moment for all of your wisdom and the activations that have come forward and I receive it straight to my heart and it fills me with the greatest joy to have this moment to be a part of this beautiful salsa community and I would love love love a full reading a Minnesota reading with you if you have time of fantastic first and foremost sweetheart and here's why because number What I Hear You giggling you're too cute so number one here's what's going on this year and this is why I love this incredible incredible up level Eclipse energy right this year right now for you is very much about saying yes to you
about absolutely not letting go of the yes and cycling and they're saying allow your cycling to now spin you into the Eternal moment of Oneness that if you can keep refocusing the year ahead will really offer you that what you are beautiful so I won't offer you a big hug and say keep going
are you guys doing me thank you for my beautiful silver evening and for your love and your light and I express the highest gratitude love and appreciation thank you thank you we love you happy birthday thank you love you too sweetheart candy and really like the word celebration sometimes were just effort and what I've learned and keep seeing over and over when we can bring some buoyancy to our journey whether it's through humor or whether it's true gratitude there when we can recognize the beauty of this journey even
and breaking it and then gluing the pieces back together and you having the gratitude for the restoration of the vessel and it was a very symbolic practice about healing and the journey we're on and I it just came forward my my mind right now because are we not mending together that which was separated and the mini together of that which we've discarded that which we deny that which we haven't fully recognized as we men that together integrate not only do we become more powerful we become wiser we become more passionate and more available to life the reminder that when we want to really do that with our energy field there is the container practice and in a month like this when there is going to be a lot of that energy
wondering and playing and seeing how we can see pin usually through doubt if ever there was a moment to consciously connect with the container practice every single day between now and December 30th Is Right now and so just go to stream and right across the top of the Ascension click on it and you'll see everything you need to know is there and remember that when you come here to tossa Blue Mountain the container which I find very fascinating was our final to take her we had many world containers everywhere we've been this one happened to be here waiting for us and it's an authentic ink in pot wood carry water or wine or whatever liquids for their Journeys and so these were the giant the podcast
the movement just laying here on the property sign of evolution or attempting to start recycling everything yet you waste your energy and throw it away there by the planetary thought body becomes a collection of the lowest denominator of energy and that is exactly what it is that we are now at a point where the collective sloughing of energy of the Plantera. Body is fear and this affects are vibrational rates dramatically so much so that we did an entire show on it and and I really heard you because it's really Tonight Show explore the Mysteries is really me kind of interviewing Street talking about what has happened
vibrational rate as Consciousness is expanding and what is Ascension in context of that and so you know AM FM 247 we're broadcasting they're over at iHeartRadio 13 Trestle stations I don't know which ones they are but also over at 1 to talk radio. Com and add when is talk radio YouTube YouTube Oneness talk radio get over there and subscribe there as well subscribe first and foremost YouTube official stream but then he get over to us talk radio YouTube subscribe there are lots of other shows Lee and it's important to continually feed your attention with that which expands and I bless you you know one of the problems with human consciousness as it is expressing through the form of the vehicle of density if you do nothing you will depress your energy will decline
it takes focused awareness and commitment the Journey of upliftment gets easier and easier. However there is a gravitational pool in density and so the
the energy broadcasters of density are transmitting that gravitational pull through the video games through the TV through the media Etc this doesn't mean you can't take a peek now and again what I am saying if you fill up on that you will most certainly have your energy start collapsing
if you balance that with activities and at em giving your sacred attention to that which is positive healing beautiful and uplifting then you are nourishing your soul and offering the Gateway for your expansion so it's very important to be making choices yes
presents it's that moment of awareness and again remember that we are always in the spiral it is awareness experience choice and so this month twenty was a choice month remember that this entire year this entire year of 2020 has been an experience year what does that make 20 21 a choice year and this is a choice here I just like I lost my breath as I even said that this is a choice you're unlike any choice year we have ever entered into before and we are having a blessed gift of walking into it if we choose actually consciously awake and aware of what is happening giving enough of ourselves Collective permission to do what we know we need to do and to thereby really anchor that moment of light and that is first going to expand I got to put the song
I'd it is first going to ignite on December Thirty One and so December this December 31 please join us. Get just just register join us live here from the Dome of the Violet Ray atosa Blue Mountain Ecuador or 6th annual yoga of self Ascension World Community broadcast and it will be at 8 p.m. eastern time on December 31s go to the website go to shrink. Com learn about it'll be up within about an hour of our Lives show this moment of community you know every Sunday we come together every Monday tomorrow night's Monday every hour of your time to really come together and and say yes to the year ahead of us in a way that we are going to know that we are better and how we can take each other's
and not let go and say all right we're going in with open eyes we are awake we are aware of our experience and we have made the choice it's going to be a big year year and big week watching it today right now do ya so you got mine always is that each and every life that is radiating the light of your authentic sole offsets the negativity that is generated from a hundred thousand beings who are living unconsciously castrated by a variety of sources that
she might say or condition the shared energetic that is surrounding this Earth in a way that slows the depressive collapse that that negative energy which will happen if we don't maintain our positivity it. Only slows that down it sends out a signal to those that are just waking up of sweetheart. Crazy and you're not alone you just hadn't found your tribe that's all it is coming into these scented heart as we use that and we open up the higher chakras and reside there and we're now residing in a 7th dimensional experience where judge has disappeared and were able to offer that Angelic Embrace of divine love and acceptance to all beings then we're off setting 10 million
so it we're not doing it because of the math I share the math as a reminder to the parts of you that want to slow you down meaning the density have is that wait a minute there's good stuff here you don't matter that what what is the purpose of the newer now it is here now just clear the lives of this energy for all of us because the moment is for us to All Connect from all of our beautiful places right now and to remember this collectively and I know that those are been coming here to toast Blue Mountain on
all kinds of Miracle things happening when they go back and was going on and so what world are you living in what are what dimension are you bursting them because we're all working right now every single one of us is birthing at the same time so let's all have a little Mercy on each other and be here for each other that's a gift right I just want to reach out and share again. Remember that everything sweet I've been doing has been our donations out to our humanitarian Aid projects and our New Year's Eve and so it's a dollar forty for donation to join us New Year's Eve let your heart guide you and and let everyone know because the greater we come together for that moment we collectively collectively affect the installment and that ignition will then be catapulting us to the WWE Global together we are
are better Summit please write this down WWE go check it out the residential packet went out 24 hours we are all sold out if you will even thinking about coming and want to stay here that residential packet is up at WWE is also up at SRI and Kira. Com right there on the homepage of Miss where to click learn about it and it don't want to stay here you got to let us know fairly quickly and we will make things this kind of tickled my my brain as well as my soul is what has been uncovering and revealing himself here in tosa Blue Mountain Ecuador confirmations of our Cosmic Origins and confirmations of the death of the Soul's journey and
guess we have the time I want it I want to go back and show a picture of something that's from our our Temple Rock a Temple Run has a fabulous of visible visual artifacts that's on our Hillside this one takes your breath away so this is just to let you guys know if you've been tracking with us this is the prophecy Stone from the side this is consciousness so this is kind of boring for us that we had not seen this before. Oh yeah this particular Stone if you stare at it you realize what the weather did glyphs there so many car this was created
okay and Canary prophecies match that and you see the profile of the Lions head on the side and right in the center there is a looks like it could be a wicked creature or something I want to show you a picture here from the Sumerian Tablets and you take a look right in the center there of that Wing added that vehicle and what's your one of the things this fascinating and fun is as we begin to connect the dots of our Cosmic Origins you know Zachariah sitchin did a beautiful job documentary know the stories from the Sumerian Tablets and so you take a look at that and I slightly over late it
see it see it my God you know remember that if you were here with us a few weeks ago we also then had I had a very with SRI when we were in a moment in our Pine Forest where we had a very profound connection with the healing cycle there that we've been bringing people to their now and while we were there when we stepped out of a multi-dimensional presence and said to me and he and a newt an allele and and then I would I got a photo of it then the photo kept disappearing and it came back and we finally showed it on the air and then when this came in a new and so we are we are receiving information when we have no idea where this is all going but we do know that it is called that they have validated that they have cried with us and Equinox this year starting on March 19th Friday afternoon
March 19th at noon they will begin continual ceremony non-stop up at the Temple of Light until noon Sunday and it will be a continual cycle of ceremony and we will be bringing you live messages from the elders in from the mountains to route that cycle will be interrupting the main event down here to bring those messages because that moment matters so much that they have gone into their own Elder experience and agreed to be here on what is one of the most sacred days of the year to be in their own village because that's how powerfully this template that will probably never happen again but this is the first time that can your body will dancing their own Temple for at least 2,500 years and this is why the temp the Dome of Oneness is the balance light that is holding open the light of the temple as together we all harmonize and bring that perfect balance back to the planet it's a big MoMA
and how we danced and the joy we bring and the message we share matters that weekend like it has never mattered before so go check out WWE you can join us virtually and guess how you learn that information by being with us New Year's Eve because that's what we're going to hang out all the virtual information is the first time we'll be digging at giving you the big roll out of the virtual event so if you want to stay on campus that's happening right now if you're waiting for the virtual event then make sure you're with us New Year's Eve just a tiny little cable is so small that can't make it here pay here because we do have space right now and I can't promise
be telling you were sold out I guarantee that the emerging Beauty and Discovery this coming forward to say hi hi are we going straight we're going over to talk radio to Chapel Hill North Carolina Chapel Hill North Carolina
hi honey what are you doing
man oh my goodness that's the only thing he sent me here but this week in particular and I'm so thankful I was able to call in today because it's been expanding in opening even more and everything you say that falling in love with Monday magic and the benevolent one strange Rock Hill with a for noon and the simultaneous League and National Bank clearing out the like it has opened up
so much inside of me and I don't like clearing then and get the buy pality and you know somebody no pimples on my face because deep cleaning then also the emotion that was underneath the surface has been coming up for review and those born
yes in the cosmos in the yard but I love you guys truly sincerely and dearly and I thank you I really do and someone calling really today to get a mini solo reading a lot has happened behind-the-scenes and internally and externally and after terminating 20/20 if I can get some guidance I'm allowed to be completely I'm telling you and I really on it
Mary you know I love you right so I'm just going through the dust of a really Joy you are arriving you are at a moment right now and it's interesting I feel right here in like it would be almost like under your underarms it's as if you've been like hanging on like crutches like you've had these crutches and when you use crutches too long they hurt you know it's like that
you're ready to throw away all your crutches and that some of your crutches have been deeply deeply embedded in your emotional body and a false sense of what you are and who you are and how you are and. In this moment and as this your comments and you got this tribe there's 12 of them and they're saying that in this moment in this year as you are, dating you will hear the song of the Eternal for the first time and you will remember more and the freedom you seek is before you and the steps you already know you want to take I've already been taken it is time to relax and allow it to now manifest and so it is
you so much thank you my heart wants to see you soon I love you honey by honey I'm just feeling Merry and I'm feeling the naked authenticity you know that's it going to do remember everything is going to call you out this week to call you out and we want to remember that you are on your way sometimes were the arrow in Flight sometimes we are our destination but we are we are literally arriving is the flaming arrow and I will share this with you earlier stray that it's very much about you know we're coming in
burn this house down it is the time to say yes I mean you know I always go back to every time we see the second Matrix battle they were partying it's like so you know if we're in the middle of this massive Battle Of Consciousness why are we meeting at with anger why are we not meeting with the collective power of our being of coming together in a room that says you got to walk in the door saying hey I made it that's what's going on here to mountain time is a master it is a gathering of the Masters every one of you that's coming to the property every one of you that's tuning into these shows these programs every one of you that's part of Monday magic you are a master and the communities of Masters are now forming and the key is do you know it because it's okay if you're here saying I have no idea
you're talking about you're cool you're here how do you feel receiving it start their you don't have to understand that's left brain but it's good to know where it is is before understanding understanding comes later you don't we just know that love is powerful we just know that our life is important we just know that things are going to get brighter and more beautiful and more expanded each and every day just know it and it shall be so we are in a moment and December is all about what it's about balanced creation which means the power of creation is more available than it has ever been before and what will bring that in is when our voice speaks Integrity when our energy field admits that which is coming from the
highest inspiration when we are literally right here in our steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust holding open the Gateway we are in an uplevel moment breathe it in where time-stamping it into matter when you receive this if you're with us live be there at Monday magic tomorrow night when we will complete this up level in real time was yet another ceremony Levin
big time I want to invite you right now to bring it down to your heart
I just get used to that feeling home this is your home and now let's bring that breath in and interact with that flame of the heart big breath in
you might even try closing your eyes if it's safe to do that and bring it in again
I am here
I am ready I am open I am a guide me those four simple declarations connected to the heart of peaceful love will open you up to shore guidance Shore peace and the opportunity to live and ascended life
As We Wish You a beautiful afternoon I just want to say thank you thank you and may you trust that all is truly well
thank you scream here alive to have your questions answered to send us an email to yes at 3 and Cara radio. Com and check out more information. Com do you next week

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