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Sri and Kira Live, November 22, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

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Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and jalad other worlds we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe
what is it all mean missionary spiritual teachers and best-selling authors of your mind body and spirit the paradigms
Namaste and welcome to Sri and Kira live thank you for being patient we just got to stay it's one of those moments but here we are we've gotten through the technical speed bumps and we are delighted to be with you right now and right here yes we are teachers Shriram, and this is my beloved Master lady Kara Ross and we are delighted to be here with you we really are especially given the energy of this very moment self-sabotage or co-creator and wow we just got kicked out of our own Zoom
are you sure that we're still here and I'll light Street try to put our Gracie hi this is what our studio looks like when the Green Street isn't there and that's what it looks like when she gets it right back up and we show you what the world of technology is doing have you had this week yourself I know you have throw it into the chat over there at YouTube at official stream sure where I pray we are now broadcasting over of course at 1 to talk radio. Com and call bored people those of you that called in early over at OTR what kind of hearing are behind the scenes so I can you guys got to sneak of the behind-the-scenes but I do see the rest of the call board is now filling up 517-208-1500 and of course over at bbsradio where you confuse the 800 number 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008
wow I I just have to bow before the energy that is going on and the energy that has been trying to stop a lot of magic that's been happening it's like it's like the magic is there even a phone call I had with a beautiful being of about a half an hour ago everything has tried to stop us from connecting this beautiful man and I and he's over in Jerusalem in on here so we getting our times coordinated and it was really fascinating is that I was how many times have we tried to connect and the things to try to stop us right now but it's a question of what are you really committed to or are you going to give up when when that interference energy is just trying one last time and I'm reminiscing and I bet a lot of you are and SRI I know you want to jump in how many times this week that happened I mean really amazing calls and connections that everything tried to stop this is crazy
kicked out of her own Zoom let's just slow us down for a second one of the things that we've been observing is that high frequency energy working into a density zone is often met with an incompatibility now that incompatibility can be a deliberate interference energy it can also just be we don't listen to that level kind of headers cheap meeting the the example we seem cell phone batteries go dead really fast same with the laptop computers when we are holding that often times two tools that were created in density is here we are with our standard Zoom account and it keeps dropping the signal
a topic I want to get to the essence of it and we have got like so many shout-outs going on today so as we get to today's topic which is we are in the month of choice coming into culmination look at how fast this month went right and it was so fascinating is that in this adaptation remember this is our culminating month of visionary transformation Visionary transformation and how is it coming through through timeline adaptation which is why so many are missing it because they're so walked and that's okay that's where their World experience is happening however as we have all been adapting to really start receiving circular time to being in circular time this month where we quote on quote slow down to one day at a time one breath at a time has really gone by and almost more fat more rapid time than the others and the gift of this moment right now in November is that we absolutely
are at the choice we have been talking about this whole month it is a choice month and we're at the Choice it's right now and it's all about are you going to really do the Ascension or are you already self-sabotaging because that is the energy of right now and I know in the past week we witnessed massive self-sabotage we have a profound ensoulment that ring to reach you short succinct but boy does it really hit it were going to be reading that to you as well so that you can feel and dive into that it's a moment tree it's a moment to say yes and we're sure saying yes your toes to Blue Mountain here's one of the things I want to mention to you is that sabotage is not viewed as Sabotage by the one who instigated
yesterday at tosa Blue Mountain you know we have all these shoutouts for today and that's one of them you know this feeling energy so I really think this is kind of perfect for all of you going up there was a homeless and and mother Gaia right yeah lots of radiation to Healing sabotage is a little bit is similar to interfere self-sabotage is the egoic personality seeking to preserve a status quo know the status quo is your prior level of Consciousness the status quo or the unhealed imprints that you're carrying in your subconscious and in your egoic identity has the soul comes forward as you move on your Ascension Journey guess what the higher frequency Energy starts to take the lead and this egoic energy why
how old is cooperating sometimes doesn't cooperate all the times because what is the eagle want control it wants everything around it and especially what it wants is to be told how amazing it is and how special it is and all those other wonderful reasons that a child would exactly is an emotional peace and this is where the installment that were to reach you in a few moments is so profound because it talks about the underpinnings of true peace and it really really feels to me straight especially in this energy where we are at right now and November that it was very much this reminder that the The Yoga of self Ascension when we are in this beautiful moment of Union of sacred Union with the one as Archangel zadkiel shared with us all those many many years ago it begins was true peace not emotional peace it's that piece that absolutely trust and
those that all is in divine order that all is well and that when that piece enters in our first chakra relaxes and I don't know if we lost all our slides because we hadn't actually broadcast from a whole different way to you right now I want you to remember this is sending numerology because it has everything to do with the self-sabotage that's here right now so if you look at the suspended numerology look at the body especially if we're talking about peace because pieces all about the stabilization of the first chakra of the body that being is of who we are that piece build trust of who we are and if you remember this year 2020 she down at the bottom or on either chart where it says ascending numerology for November or December 2020 is what
4 plus the double infinite so every single month every single month this year your physical body the energy of your root chakra has literally been pelted and it's been pelted from all these different areas and it's an in this is what's been so profound is that well it's always about the energy of the month this has been a root chakra year and we are in the culminating month the culminating month are being able to find our peace with that through our Visionary transformation as timeline adaptation and this is where that double infant is so profound so if you look at both the November and December you see that double infinite those are those two circles around the body well why is that there because of the Year this year is a double infinity year which means every single month we
had a double incident year plus a double infinite mod months which means we have been quadrupling or a four times available to our infinite nature so I want you to really feel that because in November right now and this is why I wanted you to see this chart remember that November and December are clones they are absolute clones except for one thing and that is here in November we get the nine and that already happened it happened November 2nd on November 2nd this whole month went into the high heart and then last week on the 20th right on November 20th right but two days ago right two days ago or just happened we went from the high heart up to the Divine energy we went out and said okay not only have we ignited our heart heart we're going to go right up into that
Divine energy which is also the same energy as the month which means right now starting yesterday the 21st which is exactly 4 months from the March Equinox we entered the Amplified phase of November we entered a moment of divine Ascension unlike any other and it is going to carry us through until the 30th when we stop this month with a full moon eclipse up level that's going to send us soaring into our Lotus chakra and Beyond pretty powerful it's crazy powerful and this is why the self-sabotage energy is there because if your root chakra has not yet found the piece of who you are if you are still in that massive doubt whatever you are it's going to get self sabotaging and it's going to be big
does a shared where in a root chakra year stabilized so so let's just have two slides in your mind's picture Booth the first slide is what reality was 20 years ago meaning root chakra was about fear belonging to safety okay if Aaron and if those are tribal issues dominated the energy of the root chakra that's the old story that's the old Cara. My current Paradigm is about the root chakra being infused with your authentic spirit
the root meaning your foundation as a being informed is Spirit in form it's no longer mortality and belief in in separation it's your spiritual truth exactly to the extent that you can accept that an integrated you will be at peace to the extent that the egoic identity all is working off of Old software meeting old Dogma old consensus beliefs and that software system is incompatible with the truth of the Divine energy there will be chaos and instability at your very foundation and you only need to take a look out in the world at the sheer Isis say nonsense but if it's it's the dance of density dancing with lots of polarity that is based upon the foundational root chakras of dogmatic beliefs that are disconnected from the authentic energy
the Phoenix just really breathe out in because remember that and again Arcangel zadquiel when we really have peace it is our peace that knows God and and what that means is it's that piece that knows the God within its that piece that knows that we are one and I want to remind you that if you go to screen share. Com right across the top where it says sell dissension practices it'll drop down a lot of stuff very first thing what is self Ascension learn about it read it it's all on there because what's up with tension is is the ability to call forward within yourself that steadfast commitment focused awareness a complete trust that becomes the framework of that holds open this tourist field that ignites you a Zero Point Energy there by calling the law of instantaneous manifestation in
to form and when you do that the first thing that happens is your body is the first thing to respond because it is the carrier of the ego is the host of all that which is like wait a minute something massive just changed here and when our body speaks it's our moment for the master within to listen it's also a moment where if we are not anchored in that piece that knows God that means I know thyself right if we are not anchored there then the next thing that happens is that self-sabotage and so this is something that is important to really call forwarded to our Consciousness In This Moment is the real clear understanding that that first chakra has been assaulted every month it's been the trampoline right every month whatever the month is it's the trampoline right I mean it will always come in I mean excuse me whatever the year is is the trampoline for the entire year and for this entire year it's been a root chakra. Here's the good news
for next year it's the throng it's all about truth there's a shock right I mean next year cuz remember it's it's a powerful year because next year or is a a year of expansion unlike any other it is a year that is so important and along those lines this is why yesterday was so important and I want to give those couple shout outs right now in the first shout out that I want to give is to everyone are our beloved residential Community here at tosa Blue Mountain we have such a beautiful residential Community here right now and yesterday we held a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony experience and reassure more about that with you in a moment and I want to give my first shout out to Marshall sigurdson who yes that is the host of the show messages of light over at 1 to stop radio has moved here permanently and
forever or Community resident and she has come on as my sincerest personal assistant that is a dream come true and the results are already happening and we are excited to bring us to even do more for all of you so that's that's the first shot up I wanted to give I also want to give a shout out to my beloved temporary resident who's here with us for a few more days and that's to dania who I think she's down in the living room watching I'm not sure but it wasn't that amazing Dania booked her private retreat with us and we just do that this event had to happen on November twenty one and she just happened to be here when it was a week cuz we turned down other reservations because we knew this day was happening and so wow Dania what a miracle for you, there's always magic you know I will tell you more about November twenty one and it just a little late it was a very special celebration day yesterday indeed
Adam Frank the creator of wizio if you don't know this write this down WIS so we if you were in our website today I choose me if you're on our email list you saw this in our ecard we were approached by a demand and in his amazing what he's doing and for YouTube especially those of you over at YouTube you know hey have you ever thought. If I could just have a minute of streams Harris time well now you really tense and it's done in video and that it's very very slick and very very cool and it gave us a way to communicate with your of you face to face literally you know to offer consultations that are personal and direct and Beyond what we can do on the air right and it's not a full-blown for reading it's that that moment and there's lots of other things that have been crafted for that and us right now there is a special going on where we co it was very excited for us to be
are them an offer this amazing discounts and things of that nature so I'm sure that it's in the comments and the the description of the show go find SRI and Kira over at Weezy OWI calm and wow what a great platform works cited because it's helping us to this is why I'm so happy moshes here because now we have time to spend more time to rectally working with you guys and for the first time we really are able to do that and it's oh wow you know we're excited about that so I really want to give a shout out to Adam and his great platform at Weezy o w i e s i o. Com truise you are intimate and productive so you know one of the things I wanted to talk a little more about this place and its sophisticated and let's talk about that maybe get into the insult in a little bit the first level of self-sabotage is something that's been out there for a long time
passive aggressive behavior
no now what were you what we mean by that is when we have repressed and emotional truth meaning when we've denied ourselves that maybe we were hurt or whatever we're feeling a little dick to me when we just push that aside instead of resolving it then often times our response to interactions with the people that were contributing to our our our denial mechanism our response to them is filled with you no deflection or anger or other forms of repressed anger and and discontent so passive aggressive behavior has been around forever and I think most of you have encountered that is really really especially common in younger folks that don't want to be honest with their parents or their school teachers
even though you know I think it's important to talk about to be very unconscious
write like light or you're not even sure what you're witnessing or you buy into it because it's so sophisticated sofa for inviting is a really heightened awareness of this because it has taken on a new level of sophistication and so this passive aggressive behavior is basically the way that the the unprocessed or in this case the egoic aspect of you is saying hell no I won't cooperate I'm not cooperating and I will throw a few roadblocks out whether it's deliberately missing something or just making a mistake that will be having Insurance effect on another or just simply not being cooperative all of that could be passive aggressive behavior but that part and parcel of right and so self-sabotage is virtually the same mechanism only now it's toward yourself it's not toward Mom Dad teach her friend or other person or institution out there it's
me against me so but it's me with the little lamb against the me with the big am yeah I self vs self the self sabotage is a product of the personality self egoic self saying you know I I I feel like I'm losing power here as this Soul energies coming online as you're raising your vibration I don't get as much attention as one of the things to remember is that we must Midwife ourselves into fullness we must love ourselves whole
and part of that is standing in our own heart center and saying I choose to love myself more and to love myself more means all aspects I love my inner child I love my inner teenager I love my my adult and I love the spiritual Warrior because we do exist in these archetypal layers to the extent that we push energy through our egoic filter and the egoic filter is the most common way we interact with others density yes band and so it's there and it if it needs to heal it needs to become ever more spiritual if it's going to line up with your authentic self and what is really blooming now that we made it through the 20th right Friday the 20th was when that Mercury retrograde post faced completed we are fully free of that
remember that was that moment where the mirror that final mirror that came out to that illuminated illuminated New Moon week we got like a final last week well that's final was also kind of like a I was the mirror so it meant you couldn't hide that no matter how hard you been trying if you've been lying to yourself if you've been lying to others if you've been afraid whatever has been going on around you got reflected and wow it actually picked on Friday Friday was the last day but it actually picked on Friday and and I witnessed people that have been hiding and lying could not a hide and lie anymore and here's the gift is that in the Divine Awakening of the y'all in the gift of we are now beyond that and it opened up that Lotus chakra for the rest of the month that will illuminate with us till we get to that new moon
full moon eclipse on the 30th so right now these are the peak days November 21 through November 30th our manifestation meditation manifestation however its manifestation through Visionary transformation and timeline adaptation meaning is all of your interactions are done with the in hence awareness of the Mastery presents with the experience that has called forward your spiritual discernment and with the choice to just be that the call back in to every interaction and not if you can hold that this week between now and the 30th which is one week from next from Monday from tomorrow if you can hold that the amount of vast I mean vast Miracle expansion before you right now is beyond your wildest dreams like let go and let God
peace knows God peace knows thyself piece nose trust and end this is the moment we are in right now and I really do feel free that the greatest gift we can do right now is author the installment and then talk about what happened to you yesterday because yesterday here at tosa Blue Mountain we were honored beyond belief for what happened we have a film because we must share this energy with you and and we really encourage you during this film to sit quietly and just receive the film received the energy all of us here are are still basking at because they stays open at the end of The Sacred Stones will stay here now that won't blow your mind that we have been these stones are so sacred and they're not they weren't given to us but there we are getting to be the custodians of them
I need to set for next time and the commitment that was made to the March nineteen and the dstrong you know this is now this is now this is happening with free profound and so this installment for came in just so you guys know that this happened here right before the ceremony started yesterday and shree and I were basically out of pocket with this house was all of our residents that are living here and right before so I think I was late coming down to to initiate everything and welcome everyone that it was just like sit until I saw it and this came through and then I was called to send it to several people to hold presents as well and then I had to go to the Shiva Temple are Violet receive a temple and virtually almost rearrange the entire Temple make sure all the candles were lit a very fascinating Gita passage came through there was a lot happening
just by way of preface so this installment comes through from Master lady Kara Ross and master lady Kara is the ascended presence of my beloved Master lady Kara Ross not to confuse you just to offer a discernment is that on our path of self Ascension our personalities meaning our our interactive land has become ever more aligned with are authentic energy and that is the path of self Ascension that we become that which we really are which is the highest expression of your truth
coming through the form and also when Kira feels compelled to stop and record ensoulment meaning this this high-frequency pure energy is brought into a mode that it can be shared either through words or writing and she's about to share this with you so this is truly a profound and sacred moment of divine communion
thank you straight why don't you got everyone into that moment and I am honored to invite you this is really more to listen than to look so you might take this opportunity if it's safe for you to close your eyes and let's take three beautiful clearing breaths to expand our own Hearts Amber big breath in
let it out with a sigh be open
another big breath in Foundation lysing the heart
Big Brother
I am here I am ready I am open
guide me
and so it is
I'm hearing to share with you the timestamp that was on this that I did not even know until I looked at it right now so this was I was called to write this on November 21st 2020 at 911 am here in Ecuador which this time of year is Eastern time the self-sabotage moment at hand when faced with the vastness of your true nature the energy of the ego will its first be entranced and then will face a virtually immediate Choice point to say yes to the vastness and died with open eyes and Brilliant joy into the ocean of creation or to say yes to the safety and familiarity of density to die with open eyes and Brilliant joy into the ocean of densified experience with the Peace of letting go
peace is the moment where we begin the moment that the first chakra stop seeking any other and calls forward the blessing of being this is the moment at hand and the moment where it all begins again
pieces of peace is elusive to the Eco as the ego thrives on chaos and drama The Addictive nature of the brain that exist within the all is a safety net to the expansion of energy addiction is what returns us to the experience with ever evolving refinement of our expansive nature through addiction we awaken this is why the addiction to our ego are Justified beliefs is the core addiction for all
when we walk through the moment of chaos is when we often call out for the greater peace
it is then that we make the instantaneous choice of the yes being called forward
self-sabotage is the energy that does not trust peace it is the energy that has been so wounded toe hurt so abused so scared so frightened so beyond afraid that it is stronger than the yes to true peace there by peace becomes Elusive and the cycle is a short
chaos drama piece chaos drama piece choice
Awakening to see the cycle outside of any blame or anything offers the moment within the moment of the peace cycle to consciously make your choice to know what you are saying yes to an to possibly for the very first time understand and know true peace
together we are better
as we hold the invited torch for the all and so it is
thank you my love thank you that awaken so many discernments and so many recognitions and one of the things I want to just put through a little bold line under is the addiction density is the underpinning of virtually all addictions and all sabotage because density is the playground of Consciousness that is foundational eyes in fear and separation and as long as fear is running and a belief in separation is running any attempts to create peace from that level of Consciousness are subject to The Whimsy of the external world because peace cannot be created from the material of chaos just like Waging War to create peace is a very temporary short-lived solution piece can only come in when we bring in as we were talking about the ascent of numerology when we
bring in our Cosmic nature into this body Foundation Eliza dinne the Roof Center and say I am a Divine being having my Human Experience when we get our priorities lined up in that fashion we've embraced authenticity as primary and our egoic personality as a tool is the tool well even seeing that is the step into Mastery right going back to those four known I am not my body number one of the four knows I am not my body number to I keep my eyes on the Divine at all times and have a good time doing it you got to love that Archangel zadkiel through that one in their right you know and again recently out I was having a conversation with with one of our mentoring students and it was very honest with them and said you know I'm not sure where the mentor for you because you're not doing the work and
the response was yes but I'm doing this and I'm doing this and I'm doing this and end the key is reading material
taking a moment to study something is absolutely an important step
however it's about the tools and it's about how are you utilizing the tools that you are gaining from that you know it was Saint Germain he reminded us so wisely that when we seek to seek when we questioned a question were actually impeding our own progress and and to remember that it is the self-fulfilling prophecy that is also basically the bed partner self-sabotage and and this is where you know that they ascended masters have been very clear from day one be mindful of that which seeks to tell you an outcome because that's when you set it in motion and and many other things that we could share about this and this is why I just wanna go back to the ascending numerology because he ascended numerology is so spot-on and I know it challenge is a lot of you the first time you see if he's like oh my God what is that in his charge and how the body and what's crazy is different because you have been trained you haven't acclimated to be truncated
ascended numerology is cyclical it is cyclical it is part of the Spiral of time and as we are moving into an incredibly complex yet beautiful year that's all about harmonic frequency adjustment and fluidity that's what this moment is inviting you to do is to relax your mind ever more and do we have the energy flows available street is that one of the screens that we might have available or not if we do I'd like to show again The 20/20 energy flows right there there it is right there we've got it all right we're going to screen share that with you right now and what I want to do is have is Peyton how do you pay attention again to the energy flows for this year so if you look right here what you're going to see is that this is again look at November November is the final the culminating must a Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and
see how it's the balance it's the Catalyst of the energy that was here in May and June remember we opened up the year adjusting to our linearity week we work they're still pretty linear even though we're inside the cycle for the first time January through August was when that all ended and it really ended on 882 Lions Gate when the divine feminine really roared back into this planet and we are seeing the absolute blessing of that and that expansion that's part of the WWE Global Experience and as you're looking at this right now you see how it looks like this pyramid going up to the heart of the dragonflies who sent flying it up with the wings of the angels in the ascendant realm that's what's happening right now we are starting to lift into 2021 where we will literally be lying up the entire year will have been like pulled up into this where the butterfly is lifting us up into that year but we're going in spinning and we're going in
10 into a 12 month cycle of 12 concentric circles and we are going in with the Awakening energy having found profound shift November and December finish the cycle and what we are in right now is all of the things are saying are you ready to let go of your linearity are you ready to just even pretend that you are more than this one cycle can you hang out there with Einstein as we always enjoy and say look we cannot call forward the solutions that we are dreaming of at the level of Consciousness that created them and this is why I send a numerology challenges people and this is why it's a challenge I throw down my gullet and say work through because ascended numerology is a cyclical process that includes the zero the infinite presents through the 12th it is the wholeness it is not truncated it is the original
system of the Magi of the cosmic a scene of the essene Brethren it is the moment we're way back let's pretend pretend with us right way back is the informant said this this was the planet of creation this was because of the complexity in the way that this planning to come together this was like the most sought-after place to go this is like the ultimate vacation paradise and so when when you're when you incarnated here for the experiences and for what it brought nasri was assured it was only because only a master would come here at the master he was assured and and so the sacred Scrolls would be offered in whatever energetic form was appropriate at that moment of creation so that those who had the blessing of assisting you to come forward we're clear on what your Soul's Evolution was and then as we truncated so did that system
and it's now that it's back do the accuracy and the things that were watching an end and I do these I put these out two months ahead so you can have your own little experiment with them nominal what's the easiest numerology truly offers and understanding and a blueprint for the energetic set the time on a comment that some people ask about what what were the hell does this differ from astrology a lot and has great used within density Home Instead configuration of the Stars at the moment you took birth they do have an energetic that influences your personality development Linn can't even influence a little bit of your physical development well that's part of your sacred sequence this time
exactly as we grow through the density and evolve into our authentic spiritual being then we have to go through all of the astrology and now we're lined up with the ascended numerology more visibly because it's and it's not limited by the way the planets lined up in this timeline in this film form of density remember planetary knowledge is density knowledge it's part because it's in the stars is irrelevant that's part of density this experience and that's why it is a fabulous Navigator and I I do want to share and it said it and it's in the original I am discourses it's right there it was the ascended Master Saint-Germain who has said more damage has been done for the ascended presents through astrology than any other process on the planet because
every time you read your horoscope every time you read your astrology you self-identify and you start manifesting and so what a fabulous density is a fourth-dimensional density experience has shown an operating Zone if you are awake then you can pay attention to what it's saying the density experience so what it was saying to you is in density this is what density is trying to prevent you right now based upon this how you manifest that is the Mastery that you take and the first one is to just stop reading it if you want to go beyond it astrology actually limits your ability to be a multi-dimensional presents and and that's important to really pay attention to is that if you are following the ascended masters if you are part of the I am experienced if you are actively in a sentient than every time you read your astrology every time you look at your astrology you are self prophesy
a density overlay that will keep you stuck it will keep you in victim Consciousness because remember victim Consciousness is the is the the mind of density victim Consciousness would give you a horoscope that says today your love life for today this it's emotional it's based on drama it keeps doing Chaos and it's saying here's how I can be rescued let me rescue myself and read the whole thing. Tell me how my day should be look at the victim energy goes back to what you were saying earlier this self-sabotage this energy is passive energy does passive aggressive kind of nature it's soft it's sophisticated and I know we might be pushing your buttons but guess what it's the truth so go is it right to pay attention try it out the moment at hand is to say we are more than the limitation the ultimate addiction is what the addiction to the density belief systems the addiction to the patterning so if we awaken through it
fiction then at some point if we will smile at what we believe rather than be so positional and so judgmental that we'd rather be white and if you would rather be right then go into density and do it really well on everything and then fried in that because what you make a choice you're out of pain right it's when it's when we're pretending is when we're lying to ourselves it's what we're just not this is not easy to do what train I do is not easy because it demands every rest of a conscious yes because everything out there will do its best to distract all of us take a breath
one thing I know to be true is that your joy is not dependent on another being
it's one thing I know to be true is that your joy does not depend on outer circumstances and when we start to really allow the truth of that to come in the joy is a quality of our being not a state acquired based upon variables
we when we were able to move into that truth all of a sudden the dependency energy on the outer worlds soften soften softens and Fades to nothingness the enlightenment energy comes forward forward forward and glows brilliantly this is the journey of self Ascension spiritual maturity you give it whatever words work for you it involves what the mystics would call Direct connection which is your Birthright yes it is and let's breathe out in because I want to talk about yesterday a little bit just enough so that you can say I want you guys settle in you want to watch what I think is Bria roses best film yet Bria bless this girl's heart she purchase we were all there yesterday as you saw I wrote you know the installment came through it 911 911 and
we were back again until maybe it was a it was a long beautiful amazing moment that culminated in our have a skull and so that's why the videos will dark but you do get to see everything that's happening there and Bria Rose I just wanna give a shout out she and I were in lifetime communication at 5:30 this morning and so I honor her and I want you to honor her because this film was is really for you to just feel we had authentic punch sham unka are beautiful kanyari family and we we talked about the WWE Global Summit we talked about why this was so important we share the dreams in the Visions they they are absolutely not only committed now it was what will you pay for the bus because they're their grandmother's coming your grandfather's calling yesterday the cheetah which was served during our punch sham unka was made by Alexander's grandmother and education just make us
because you must enjoy is called the song Ray the blood of the salt the blood of the Soul which is the earth in this is a corn Drake the slightly fermented delicious and it's a wonderful dream giving of Spirit and the sacred attention the ceremony what you're going to see in just a moment is that this was all done outside at the site for the Dome of Oneness and it was he came with a compass and it is and of course the directions are exactly what we had always imputed them to babe it was nice to have that confirmation the fire itself is happening what would be out in probably the East Altar and then where we dug this beautiful pot and I'll let you know if anything else was really see the blessing of what happened
is in the actual center of the Dome and where is it when the Dome is built that energy of that Bounty and that blessing will always be it was an incredible day of even greater bonding and greater greater really bonds of strength between the Kenyatta people and all of us here at tosa Blue Mountain and I just I don't know what else is there to say other than please gift yourself sit back and receive this blessing because this was not just for the blessing of you we will complete the the GoFundMe on the Dome and we we really invite you to help us help the world and put this together this was the consecration of the greater Mission and Alexander sharing with us the visions that he has had and we did not know the visions that he had the last time he was here the things that have been happening and we will share all of that with you after you watch the film so relax anything
no I think you're going to enjoy the video and will be back in about 13 minutes and we'll see you with a lot more updates right after you enjoy this blessing here we are
The Mentalist
SSC CPO for the simplest computer
the medicine of the first ancestors
despite all invasion
they came here today because they know what we already know the time for Oneness is here
I imagine that we're going to put this transformed steak
birthing and sending out energy and food in him and then we're going to be in sacred ceremony and then we're going to receive that that's what this is about this is about opening up this moment in Consciousness isn't just about opening up the Dome today but it had to be today it's about the affirmation the end end the resurrection and the people around the world need to know the story of the two know who they are
direct alignment and we're not far off of it most of the year and we've been watching
a line over it
read the full moons come up and everything is in that alignment NEC is it any accident where today the compass verified perfect verify it
Sam Bradford
and that's what I meant to say
give yourself that's like being touched
look up way. O b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b
bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing
and December 3rd
until March 19th 2021 we open off at incredible
they are
the entire floor we are painting the new one
all the all the all the joy and we're all stand in the Middle dad in the middle without any ego his holding each others hands and can we accomplish this one thing that seems to be so hard to just come together because it's the right thing to do for money
we're not going to do what he's going to do it because what's coming in March we can really start sending up a signal of ways that says there's enough of us that are remembering that we can effect
it's important part of now too many people are living in the past or dreaming about the future and they forget that if we don't take action right now we don't have a future where we don't have a world worth in joint the heart must come through the body into action and the Heart must be guided by the wisdom of the earth and the cosmic guys together we stay together we are better we mean together we are.
that's just what it is we don't know the future we know the quality of
boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby you don't have to take them but I'm worse than others.
And see if you notice anything.
big big big big big big big big big big big w
hey how you feeling and welcome back I'm trusting and praying that you are feeling as amazing as we are after reconnect we're still basking in yesterday and I hope you really enjoy bria's handiwork thank you for your for getting up at 5:30 I noted that the end of the day in my own ref Recollections was the difference in quality between this Gathering of a family spiritual family and to be a family gathering it was just for those of us that are living here comes the Blue Mountain and when the food was prepared with prayer and celebration this wasn't a momentary pause and give thanks this was a celebration for the whole day from the Gathering of the food to the cleansing of the food to the poor put it in the ground to the ornery
he was a prayer every thought it was a true Thanksgiving quality of the food was so fantastic and thunderstorm thunder lightning and everyone was I mean they were like do you know what a blessing this was where like yeah like literally every sign including after all the food went in and you might remember where we had where the grass mats went over and then all the the dirt goes back on and we had to keep putting dirt on because it was so hot that even though we had sealed it put it on then the bats Bend more dirt it was like we had our own Yosemite going on right now
how long were like okay there's a there's a plume coming up over there there's smoke coming up over here but then it was for us to put the flower of hearts on it the heart flowers on it and when everything was put together their the sacred intention was then not only did we put on the heart but we're at the light but we also put on the wings and it was about the ascended heart and it was a moment where it really felt we felt the spiral of death of next year we felt ignition and next year it was exactly four months to the day November Twenty-One to March twenty one which will be the closing culmination of the 19 20 21 experience and it had perfect balance and member the minute it got sealed we were sitting right around we're all sitting right around just off-camera where when it was being sealed with all the dirt and after we did all that and I was sitting there almost unable to function because I could feel this
huge portal open up and that this is now the 911 The Ground Zero of the center of this Oneness energy the temples already and then at the end of the ceremony we mention this little bit earlier than the show today when she and I went up with Alexander and the storm had passed and that's fresh ozone smell comes up and it was still kind of Cloudy and Misty and it didn't you know since early morning and he said as they were pulling the sacred rocks out using these antlers right you saw how they use the antlers and they have the energy around that he said I'm keeping the Rocks here and at the end. The first time ever work for those rocks without a ceremony and choke sheet when even holding one each one of us hold one was so sacred we were all like what you know of my God and that's the first we've learned about them and now they're here which was really powerful
energy carriers from the sacred mountains I mean we located the site of the Dome where is he know that you're right now it hasn't been constructed yet because of the energy there and then the view that already knew it was the right spot but what happened when we took what to the center of the energy an inbuilt the you know the whole with with with a prayer and permission and the sacred rocks went in there as we were sitting there covering it up and going to the final ceiling that there was this spiral energy emanating from going out through the Earth the music stores rocks yes you saw in the video so they built and I I want to share with you and I think somebody got it on film there was also a professional photographer there because as you all know we're really we feel this needs to be.
I meant that there's a greater message in and help us manifest that vision and so we took some very high-quality film those rocks those sacred rocks when they were building but like he called the, the bed when I was sitting up on the hill looking down at where they were building the fire and the way they're putting the rocks on I was literally back in Varanasi and I was like look like tree you know what remember we are and I really felt like I was gazing at a funeral pyre and end the symbolism that went into this and that I really and I invited those around me and said now watch and consider that these rocks this this dense Rock right the densest of the death of rock is being late on a funeral pyre in prayer and reverence and gratitude and appreciation and being offered an opportunity to now transcend that form to be of service and so as the fire began and a
we thought we literally watched those stones transform I need to the point where they were so transformed whoever people were taking pictures when we were all watching in the energy and the prayers kept going and all of the reference was there and then as fast as the wood became ask it revealed these transcend it was like watching the Ascension it was literally saying here is a transformation and so when we begin the ceremony it felt very much like may all that is trying to stand in the way may all that is preventing Harmony may all that is outside of balance be transformed
and then these beautiful Stones when into our beloved mother Gaia as a prayer and then the Bounty of Gaia which had been fresh-from-the-farm all off the Farms of the qunari all of that went into this with the Sacred Stones then with the energy of ass was put in the video that the men do all of the the sewing right and and the women are the ones who pull it you know the the harvesting
there was so much love there so much patience and what I remembered was Don Simeon our beloved Mayan Elder who we were so blessed to study with for so many years and John Simeon always remember there is a ceremony and there is a pyre there was a burning and it was the way that everything was done that everything was the ceremony is it a supporting reminder that the mind can be fooled by the outer appearances of things the rituals that the dress the guard the words
the heart
with your ascended presence your ability to look through the superficial will unfold for you it will recognize the truth ceremony
ceremony is the respect the Bowing to the Divine to you know it is one of the things that why do we do spiritual practice why do you do your an ass or spiritual practice often times we began doing a spiritual practice because we're hoping for something better than our waking State you know it's like we do it they're called down or do you spell connected to something but truly what we're doing with a spiritual practice is that we are discovering the Peace of our authentic being us and the truth of our divine Guidance the piece of who you truly are and that your Divine connection and that all spiritual practice has that a blessing potential to bring you to that moment
and that is the moment that is beyond addiction
we began this this presentation today the Sunday service talking about how the addiction to density underpins all addictions while density is this belief in separation and is not the not the attics desire to medicate is in part of it is I don't want to feel separate alone and fearful anymore no make me feel like I'm in Union I want to be in Union with something and if it's a a medicated State and I have my moment of respite so the truth is that the addictive personality is part of the konstrukt of the ego that we took birth to evolve through
not to be defined by evolve through not defined by we all grow up don't we read of meeting we all evolve at whatever pace is appropriate for you to whatever degree whatever timing is appropriate for you this is why we must if we choose to live a truly ascended life it's incumbent upon us to trust the Divine in full moon in another being each has their own timing and each has their own path because your life is your spiritual path and how you approach your life and how you live your life will reveal you to you Sabrina
revealing you to you I want to head over to bbsradio and I want to give a big shout-out and a big welcome to someone that I know screen I love and adore and and just hold in our hearts so dearly and that is a birthday boy out of Washington DC name Sean Hayes on Zafir
Onamia stained my favorite most lovely couple I love you so much I couldn't wait to get a greeting for my birthday you and a meaningful reading
call bake you for your love and I just love hearing your voice
energy and M and sincerely my love wow and happy
Oh my God genre is the difference
I'd like you to just take a moment bring your hand to your heart and and stay in this moment I celebrate myself and feel that energy you put it in that to be able to kind of in your own minds in your own self talk to say the gift I give myself today is to love myself more to trust the Divine expressing through my life and to know that all is truly well happy birth day
thank you. It's so lovely I love it
well Sean I want to invite you to just breathe a little deeper and really receiving all of that that that SRI has just shared it ignited this powerful energy around you it's like you have these they look like chunks of crystals all around you and they're like all around your head and they're so bright I can't open my eyes cuz they're like really dry and that's literally what they're doing is there Illuminating Illuminating Illuminating and they're saying that the year before you will be one where all of the crystals will come together and the vision you have sought will open
when you have that which you have gays. And dreamed of before you hit send your heart will know the way and so it is what a beautiful year and my hands are on fire like right here like so much so I'm like this is all I can do like I can't I act like I have to move them and it's really like here they're sending you so much healing lights so much feeling like so much feeling like so much feeling like so much feeling like so much feeling like like I can't I've never had this one chilling like I'm through me and it's coming through right here and it's just really really really going through and there's and I'm watching it's almost like I'm in an ER and I'm using paddles was like boom and I'm watching you and it's boom and I'm watching you and I'm watching that reverberate in everyone around you the year before you will have lots of that and they're saying that it begins with you
you it's time to think it's time for you to step up and you know how to do it and that the year ahead
the blow your mind blow your mind and I just want you know from me to you how much I love you and and how wonderful it is to be here with you today so thank you for celebrating with all of us we are so grateful thank you sweetheart
8-year Namaste can't wait to come home I can't wait for you to be home Angel we're waiting and we're right here we'll see you soon, stay my love many blessings thank you hey I also want to give a shout out I hope Gary's watching Gary Watson down to Florida Gary thanks for sending the photos I don't know that you ever got a response from us but oh my God angel thank you for the gift of connecting with use of being and I just my heart. Really really touched that that we had that opportunity to connect with you and that you shared that information with us and then sent that to us we just want to give you that shout-out and also to say that you're also part of the inspiration why we said yesterday we go you know we co., because so that we can have more time so that we can have greater conversation or that we can have these little videos between each other that at the end and just really have that opportunity communicate and so I just want to First give a shout out to Gary and
really celebrate you and and sending out a we love you and thank you for sharing you and so often we get pictures or photos or or things coming in that are just beautiful and in the other shout-out I want to mention it if you have not been to want to talk radio. Com please check out Rebecca Gregory show this this past Friday night because if he's heard you and I we were delighted to learn some energy and then talk with her this past Friday night fabulous show and it was great fun so are you we just want to say thank you Rebecca this is your life on us for those old enough to remember that with all these surprise people talking about us to our face and so it was fabulous it's another check out kind of a more a little off the beaten path show with us thank you Rebecca for engineering that and putting that
the other industry where we go and let's grab another, here we have a first-time caller standing by at BBS it alright Nadia from the Czech Republic online beautiful Nadia Namaste welcome sweetheart
number to stay free and clear I can you hear me like you're sitting right now
oh sweetheart did we lose you
no no no I'm here can you hear me yes honey we are maybe BBS can you help her in the come back to her can you hear us honey
I can hear what welcome like you okay can you just we're going to stop Nadia right now
talk to Nadia while we're on with other color will come back to her so let's go ahead and we're going to go to right over here at 1 just talk radio where we going straight to you what a strange. Cole lovely speak with you both thank you so much
I haven't called him in quite some time and I'm so pleased you took my call what a beautiful sharing I felt like I was at the celebration that was really that was so I mean things why I appreciate his hard work for doing that for all of us to partake and I I I know I know I am not my body forever my body is talking to me adamantly and I am experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in my left shoulder and it's been several days and I know I've been doing a lot of steering and I feel like my root chakra
but this whole birthing it is just not it's just bothering me. Well let's let's speak to that a little bit the first is acknowledging that you're doing some clearing and that you've been focused on your own healing one of the things I want to remind you is ultimately
we bring love to all that has gone before and we offer forgiveness to our self and others or our participation in that which was wounded
forgiveness is the act of transcending the incident Gathering the wisdom and freeing our energy and so part of this healing I want to just make sure that you bring your attention to I forgive myself for my role in the pain and whatever pain you have to know what you're working on I forgive myself I release myself now I forgive myself for my participation in this so that's the general piece for the healing side as far as where this is manifesting in your body it's interesting because I'm seeing two intersections one of them is your muscular system and the other is your heart
and this is why the heart is of forgiveness is so essential to forgive yourself I did the best I could give him my state of consciousness to forgive other beings they did the best they knew how given their states of Consciousness and to keep repeating that and take a breath and released released release and then to take a look at
I am willing to embrace the future even though I do not know what it will bring I am willing to embrace the future even though I'm unclear on what it will bring to have that degree of trust will lighten the load that you're anticipating
and that's what I feel is appropriate the sheriff for right now so thank you the entire time that you have insurance I have connected with what feels like a band like a rubber band that is got all of this noise and it's the only way I can describe it it's like static noise attached to it and it's got your third chakra and it's like a direct and this is why the heart it's like it goes it's like going like this straight into you and and what's fascinating is that as I was connecting with you and ashtray with sharing with you
it's not your first chakra it's your third and what's happening with your third is that it's feeling congested and it's very much about what it's like you're being stopped from holding up the torch you're being stopped from really calling it in and and and it's gotten to the physical level because your third chakra is like what do you really want to do it's like shut off the fence just go and I'll answer when I connect with your third chakra I feel this Jeep connection right to your shoulder and this is I be loving that you got through today I'm just like wow is your intuition spot on because not only is that the energy that's happening right now that's exactly what self-sabotage energy looks like and so it's not it's not that it's conscious it's that it's there and they're saying meetings a this WOW massive group around you there all
saying the same thing just start singing again sing to yourself singing your dreams singing your song singing your voice they're saying bring the music the harmony of you really front and center and let it be amazing they're saying it's not meant to be hard this releases the minute you resolved that and so thank you for letting it come forward because of course it can forward right now this is exactly the energy you are 100% aligned with it and you are ready to go to the next level so thank you for knowing that to I am honored honey
oh my goodness gracious tree I'm just like well might you guys all feeling that and I'm wow and now I'm looking back over at BBS and I see Corey from California online to so alright let's say hey to Corey from California online 2
High School
Welcome to our Green Room I mean so much, everything just really hit Home Run Inn gosh thank you so much you guys for putting so much shouting in the timing is just that fabulous I mean we're all experiencing so much healing him being in the green room with you at 11 it would be today right exactly as usual interview and and you guys all know this is Corey Wright the host of his amazing show go ahead for the journey and Cory is really on the TV
yes absolutely and saying yes and yes and yes and I've been feeling a lot of that pushing pulling and perseverance is definitely the the energy of the day right now and just keep going and I've I would love a man eating well thank you my love everybody to know too if you're a fan of Cory's or you don't know who Cory is Corey will be here in March for the WWE Global and I'm very excited about that and support I'm sorry I just had to say that because it's a fact that you're going to be here in person with these people and and here's the thing that I don't know if I've heard enough yet so Corey you're going to be here you've chosen to be here they will be here opening a ceremony at noon on Friday March nineteen that will continuously for 20 72 hours continuously roll through the entire event at the top of the mountain and so and they will be in Wauchula Sarah
County with all of the elders receiving the messages for the from the mountain that we will then be delivered in real time throughout the weekend
well I'm fat my whole body is vibrating just hearing about this is and I'm so excited I can't wait to hit those yes these beings are so amazing in that energy about having gas it's it's phenomenal
I just to share with you and everyone listening the other thing that the qunari are bringing is a portable sweat lodge and a diversion of the tennis tall and they're going to be hitting the rocks and they're going to be going in and doing the sweat and receiving the messages and there's literally running up and down for the world allowed in that sweat lodge except that Kenyatta and so I mean Cory are you feeling it
call Unbelievable believable that unbelievable it's like a dream really and it's it's the new birthing this new Earth birthing dream and it's I am so so excited I'm so honored to be a part of all of it it's amazing it is amazing and this is all of those details came in yesterday then this was one of the things since you're on I like I just feel like we want to share with your Corey let's catch up and so so here's the right and so yesterday remember your ceremony was Alexander remember when he came
yellow yes yes right
I was just going to say he's so amazing in the Ender and all of them they're just so yeah I got comfortable right away and it just just there's no ego it's just it's just really amazing I'm just going to keep using the word amazing cuz that's truly what it is with grouping everything is happening you know where defying is even why it was like just watch the video right but yesterday she revealed and and this was during that ceremony when you were here he said that during that ceremony she had been in sacred trance the whole time and talking to the grandfathers and talking to the Elders of this mountain and that the mountain spoke to him and told him that we are the lineage Mountain holders of this mountain and that our mission is very very big and involves the entire world and that there was also great warrior energy here
and that is the first time we're sharing that with anybody because we were just told that yesterday during the hour and a half that everyone can come and go do what they want while the food baked spray. CR and 1/2 and during that hour and a half while we were sitting around that beautiful pot that was cooking our food in the earth seven Condors came and one of them came down so low I almost thought we were going to be able to have it come to us and the signs and the wind and so I just wanted to share that with you because you know exactly where we were an honest guy people a lot of Sky people
wow I ain't got that totally validates the Visions the first Vision I had it so it will not end it was just all these lights and energies coming from the mountain and encapsulating the Earth with pure light and healing and so wow wow wow wow complete Army of llanto are all about I mean there's so much more that was said yesterday and like I said we had the professional photographer here as well which was another blessing and how he came in and his service and it was totally you know his donation to be here and help us with this this is the moment and all of this actually ties into your soul reading my love which is why I felt the opening to have it so I know you're welcome as a bringing it to you you are holding and energy that many are holding right now
and they're saying that you are being handed a mantle it's like I'm watching kind of like the escaping draped on you and they're saying you are being offered this Kate and you must choose clearly whether or not. Because the time is no longer sit with it you must stand up and wear it and that should you just choose not to accept it this is fine as well there is another Kate that can always come however this is one of those moments where are clear choice is before you and it must come from the there's they're saying it was come from the witness of the one who is afraid
and so it is
yes and thank you thank you so much we love you so much I am so if you're coming at New Year to right or am I crazy Cory check this out this New Year's Eve you will be here so you just caught up with yesterday right everybody's now in that then this New Year's Eve will be doing the live broadcast again and who knows what kind of phone is going to come through and because we are absolutely manifesting that this crowdfund is happening in the middle of that Dome and you'll be here for this will be consecrating an opening up the infinite presence and so you'll be here for that live and then of course you're here live for the event itself and participating is I'm very excited and I'm so glad you were with us today much love thank you I love you we love you too sweetheart
it is an amazing moment and a guys get to WWE check out everything that's happening and I will share this with you we are going to be sending out the PDF of all the details on how you can participate here in person or you can of course Purchase made it home a lot more of you will be participating at home that are here at person however we have had to wait list of people who want to be here in person. Honestly we're probably going to be sold out before we even announced so if you're like hey know I'd really like to be there in a live for this event please get an email in right now I mean like right now today send it to info info at WWE, that is an email right, says hey get me on the first announced list and we do have that list so it'll again you will be getting all of these details our goal is to announce during so mirrors
this coming Tuesday night and so just wanted to share that with you right now alright okay let's take a breath and smile it is a fabulous time to be awake a fabulous time to be connecting in spiritual community and when I say spiritual community that means you can connect with love to anybody for no good reason at all just because it's the right thing to do because it's the right thing
on as a species are from the Czech Republic we're going to give it a try again cuz she's the first timer on I think I Line 6 or so beautiful Nadia let's let's do this
I think you're I can you hear me
oh thank you so much for coming back to me I am quitting my job tomorrow my my corporate job and leaving behind the perceived security of that because it's just not what I was born to do and on that occasion Cara I was hoping to get a New Soul reading from you thank you so much I love you both so so much and I'm so grateful for your service to humanity has changed my life and I know I speak for so many others and you continually do so and I just love you so much
no sweetheart you know I don't know if you've noticed I I'm holding my heart and I'm holding my throat and I was just noticing the energy between immature and what I want to share with you is that your heart is guiding and it's so beautiful you have a beautiful energy it it it it feels like really lost very Angelic really really Transcendent it really close still very grandmotherly and this beautiful energy just keep saying just do it with dignity just do it with the always hold your head high because you are more than you have given yourself credit for and remember that with each breath you take in with each moment you walk forward to do it with dignity you are a princess now and a queen you will be and so we are with you we have never left you
you stand again and the world is ready and I just keep it's like it's like I'm talking to my daughter right now there's just this powerful powerful overlay this energy and my whole Crown chakra is just like a limited eliminate illuminated illuminated Angel rescue you've got everything you need you really do and you have this being next to you no way you're ever going to fail this is not going to happen I love you so much thank you for your integrity the world needs you I'm so grateful you're here many blessings
we love you we love you we got you I got you I love you because this is the moment of hand you know this is that moment at hand is to really get clear and then you take the action and it doesn't mean you're reckless it doesn't mean you do things that have consequences that you don't know how you will handle it means you are clear when we are clear that's when were able to move out of self-sabotage because when we are clear the only thing that's happening is constant divine inspiration about every one of our callers tonight everybody we've been able to receive on the air today Clarity you know this is where we're at and and the clarity of making the call staying on the line being present you know where we're going to get this message and thank goodness for
or we wouldn't be here at all and so this is the blessing and this is why we are so grateful to be at so many different beautiful places where you can receive this show together we are better met the voice of passionate action that illuminates Consciousness and shuts us out of the addiction to density call forward more into full remember once you remember it gets a whole lot easier it really does all right straight we don't got the phone lines are we going 5 over BBS Dylan
hello well yeah it was just a crazy day when this program is going to start
wow Dylan honey first of all like I got to put my hair back wow okay your ears you're in the middle of a massive up level Attunement Angel that's why you had to call in today and that's why they make sure you literally got the message you are up leveling and your emotional body is freaking out and so that's all this is and that's of course why you got through today and thank you because you're not doing this just for you there are so many others that are up leveling because you are saying yes and that's why you're like what is going on and that's also why that addiction that that self-sabotage that's the energy that was coming forward towards you yet I just want to begin because I'm like all Cheshire ekati around it you or your Mastery presents the saying this is not happening because this is not who you are and so your attention
not only did they get your attention you listened you took the action someone else might have had that call and gone all this is just awful what am I lucky go away you said oh I got it I formation affirmation affirmation all these beautiful Masters and it's a lot of Masters it's a lot of Masters this is up level stuff honey this is. This is where you haven't been before and look at your timing this energy this up level energy just started it just ignited yesterday and on Friday when that huge mirror of mercury closed your body your everything in you got like this. It's like I'm feeling your electrical system and that's why it's like wait a minute and it's been kind of brewing and so the key is your cooked you don't need to carry that energy anymore you're done you get to be celebrating and celebrated
now it's about now and between now and November 30th specially what are you going to do with this energy get out anytime this comes forward to you because you've now seen what the prediction is that's going to try to stop you so now use this moment and they're saying that you are freeing many as you free yourself. I've up in with your breath go in through the nose up into the crown chakra exhale is igniting your star consciousness
call forward your highest Mastery you're ready you're ready trust your guidance and as I shared that with you I just got a huge pain right here so you're one Cosmic Meridian is Claude these are cosmic meridians and it's right here and so it's on the left side and what that saying is you're still hitting it's like a little flooded out is what they're calling it and so let go of anything that speaks just let go of anything that would ever seek to stop you and remember the truth of who you are because when you're ready and the world is ready for you
much love thank you so much I am so proud of you you rock thank you thank you honey thank you I love you I love you I love so much and I and then this is happening with WWE Global as well is that we are a community of one that every show we are always around the globe that we are one and that I always want to honor all of our our beautiful ones who are in phenomenal a fascinating time zones when we're on live cuz you come and you're here and we're Grateful Dead we honor you we really do and thank you for saying yes to you and we are at a time when we
relax into the truth of our send it presents and we get to witness as the density addiction begins to get little pin holes of my to begins to dissolve we get to witness how are egoic presence has knee-jerk reactions as if it were a stubborn child Tran control South Beach and we get to love that little child and it will relax as well everything heals when the light of the love of the soul is allowed to be seen the light of your soul influences everything right and as we call the cosmic energy of 20/20 which is the four plus the double infinite is we allowed at the foundation lies in our root chakra we are saying to the world I am an infinite being I am a Divine being an
I choose to be awake and because of that self-sabotage doesn't stand a chance we love you we know that this is your moment to join us at fold mirrors Tuesday night because there is more of this conversation and hate tonight at all the places you saw this explore the Mysteries check it out a big show much love to you scream here alive

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