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Sri and Kira Live, November 15, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

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Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live as our world's been seemingly out-of-control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra rockmore these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting I'm timeless wisdom here are three and Kira

namaste beloved's in welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka there we are even more sparkly cuz it's Diwali what we are in this and beloved Angels welcome to the voice of passionate action your voice our voice the one voice that is a waking on the planet in ways that has never done so before today is all about passionate actions today is about that illuminated Diwali and New Moon and all of the first and foremost we are broadcasting live from what does talk radio and from YouTube official SRI and Kira

channel that is how we should be over Facebook and of course PBS radio and other Affiliates that are picking up this stream from those places and we are delighted octopus lead on back of phone number 517-208-1500 that is almost full get in there 517-208-1500 hey bonus you have an 800 number go ahead and jump him over there 76008 talking to you and and today what are the tiny the greatest many of your calls as we can so you want to jump in early if you can if you can get you into their because today we're diving into the death of our star Consciousness moments this November energy I think we should begin with yet what do you think we're going to go there so much to talk about it like where do we start

are we are we are halfway into November and and which really means we're quarter way into the energy of of now absolutely we are in the month that is more than a month we are in the time that is setting to stay number one observe to ourselves and the expression of arf arf arf Divine being us as well as preface for what's coming at the end of December and energy the Ascension stairway or the spiral or whatever feels comfortable for you is always this beautiful Eternal moments of awareness experience Choice awareness experience Choice awareness experience Choice whether you're aware of it or not you are constantly in your awareness you are fun still experiencing and you are choosing with every breath

really take that one in each breath is a choice it's a choice of the body to keep going every time you take a breath of choice has been made and you are here right now it is glorious moment so why not say yes to you and so I really am inviting that energy and because right now Street let's go to the November shall we take a look at the November calendar all right here we are you are ready right I just love the fact you make a scene call bat out oh my goodness gracious Skies it was a year ago when this calendar was put out and so you know how beautiful for the validation this is the first time we ever we aren't just about ready to pass the one for 20 21 my goal is December once I've been trying to hold it as part of the WWA like and you know part of that fun but we'll see what happens the next moment

add is the moment you're in right now 15th Sunday now pay attention this is if you look at the graphic remember that the graphics are are part of the experience of the month and it's a choice months are you gazing at this right now do you feel that this curtain is opening and you're coming in and that you are able to see the broader view or is it rolling covering you and then allowing this this energy to kind of like becomes something that's just there is you're making the choice to is your choice opening or is your choice closing something and today in the energy of Diwali yay is this beautiful lighting of the lamp is illuminated presents this specific illuminated new moon comes at the moment of perfect balance in this month this month has 30 days the illuminated illuminated new moon is on the 15th in a moment of Perfect Balance where the divine feminine

is finding her stride where this Mercury beautiful retrograde energy is is in her final Moment The Mirror Has been away right Mercury Mercury retrograde end did but we've been in the illumination of that mirror and with this last of is the way I want to describe it it's like Diwali lit up the mirror again the moon came in and said I will hold that light and we are getting this final week to put pieces together this is a week to make it all happen and that is why I mean go back live now that is why it has been so hard I don't know about you guys but has this past week been like Eva nine more than once was like please write it and then we had everything came up including a momentary blip with SRI where we had to run to the

hospital and and he's here and so I wanted to bring that up right now this is not a hologram right now I just want to say something about unexpected feeling in the body it causes all kinds of attention to rise and attention meaning you know is something wrong what's going on and the one thing I know even though I have cultivated the capacity to work very well with my body I am not constantly Vigilant you know I'm not sitting here like a human x-ray machines see my body every mobile and I don't

was that you could I told you that I wouldn't get other things done years ago I forget what it was it was happening in Laporte you can do that but that would be all you could do meaning. C. Yes of course you can

I am not constantly Vigilant you know I'm not sitting here like a human x-ray machine staring at my body every moment

but you could I could get that I wouldn't get other things done years ago about healing I forget what it was what was happening inside of course you can do that but that would be all you could do meaning. C. Yes of course you can share a little wisdom yakisoba for everybody because of the frequencies that are happening whenever we have a frequency come into that which is semi stationary so what I mean by that is you and me and the world we have form your operating inform now you have a frequency that is like a sonic wave it has come in and it is intersecting with the form there is only one choice if you

speak to the comfortably

how to use to expand you got to go I got to go behind what you're saying because you said there's only one choice if you seek to be comfortable and that is to expand and that's true if you're aware of the choices you're making or true no doubt if you're not aware of what's going on been seeking that which was to try and keep safe and that what you know versus the expansions we can actually call it an opposition so I just wanted to put that out there thing for all of us no matter what whether your body is happy and quiet or whether your body's acting up with your emotions and what's really interesting is that sometimes when we have a hiccup in the body then there's a corresponding kind of Hiccup in the emotional stability because they're so tired

Marissa heart when we begin to get off your anxiety or fear of course there's a physical response now wait I have to okay guys anticipate so all of you who knows that it was months ago I had a major issue that's a heart attack literally 30 minutes was saved him and so we had a truck and a lot of you know that I was alone in the hospital told that my husband was never going to happen so that had started three days earlier

it keeps telling you about had been going on for 4 days and it was really my universe moment of oh my God don't do this please don't repeat what happened to have this minute it has to be sure we have to do it together that's what we agreed to that as you will have each other for this journey and glued that end in the destiny level and it was very challenging for me to do that I really was there was one of course you know character was was in a state of alarm about that

able to be living in my 9th dimensional experience moving through all of these experiences and that's why we're sharing everything that happened last week is part of this Consciousness and star Consciousness that's happening in this illuminated new moon

after all this whole time anyway reaction the pain increase after dinner and I and I thought it was some food digestive issue and and it got quite uncomfortable and then it got better than next day and then it happened the next that's when I said enough I need I need to know what this is because my intuitive capacity said it is not my intestine yet there was a pain in the belly so

so anyway when we went to the specialist doctor larena God bless. Mountain and the Beautiful one who was working with patients that your generosity all donated to I got her involved in Harrisburg that was a beautiful experience medical facilities and and very economical highly professional if you need anything while I'm down here to save some money and have a vacation especially after dinner after they did the stands and such that I was passing a gallstone

so the gallbladder is the liver's servant to release the vile whenever we eat and that's what it got worse after dinner and I thought it was had something to do with spices are quantity of food aggravate it myself a little bit but that's when the gallbladder is trying to release the by now if there's a little Stone in the valley during he needed to see a doctor and so it really was kind of an interesting thing that neither one of us caught what it was just the energy drink a lot of water didn't need any food for a day and a specialist and he said well it's past you said

Verizon with your self he didn't say that I said I was really present I was bringing my energy inward I was seeking to balance everything and there was no food aggravate it and the pain just diminished and the stone passed and so that was the end of the story it was a lovely lesson however in a couple of areas what is when we have a pain in our body how do we really know what's best how do we really know what to do

because there is one side of the spectrum this says oh you have any kind of pain run to the doctor there's another side of the spectrum that says if you don't go to bed relax those are the two two ends of of how to respond and I would like that I did the relax and Dad and and the pain diminished and I didn't make the connection when it came back at the next meal that it was by all related but I do now I got that one in my database but I want to talk about how do this if you have a pain the first thing to do is to bring love to your body especially the area that is Afflicted that is talking

pain is a signal are you listening or are you simply trying to shut it down

because when we run and we grab the ibuprofen or whatever we like do and whatever we basically saying I want a buffer between me and that message because sometimes the message is you have been ignoring me over and over and over really breathe that one because when we ignore the bodies messages they don't just simply go away you might not hear them but the energy of the congestion and the toxicity will build until it becomes unignorable and I might take a month or two or three years or whatever it takes so we sent the balance in your body

so that's just the general message now the gallbladder has a lot to do with processing out grief

yeah so let's all consider I want you just I just actually felt the community heart go like wow when you said that really look at what type of grief has been coming up in your life you know I know for me and you don't get a screen I always make idli authentic with you guys on top of this was tree my oldest daughter who I'm not well and it was a it was a moment where I brought up a lot of grief and so it was a really fascinating into energy to witness SRI and that energy and and other things that were floating through really getting intense last week the world of density. Denser

impressed with how to Exhale yet it's like everybody took in the rain breath and let's oh my God but how long can I hold this at and that's really what's happening and the answer is well you either learn to inhale through it into a higher level of being and let it lift you exhale and do what you got to do and that will start to cycle again either way the choice is upon you and we are back to it is November 15th we are in an illuminated New Moon we are in the energy of Illumination the lights of Diwali are burning we are here saying yes that illuminated presents that tree was talking about earlier remember that we came into this month and that huge my meds can you man and that alignment is tearing us through December 30

and that it's one window of time with each day being lived as a moment-to-moment experience of that day so it doesn't bring me back I think I do want to pop up the time compression one more time I want to just remind us because it all fits together and we've been sharing this a lot because I know more and more of your writing me and going thank you for sharing again I finally got it I'm feeling it now I understand it so let's go back remember in September we had let's go back to just remember to the Lions Gate so on 8/8 the Lions game the divine feminine came out the discus of each new went we ignited this ability to hold open that Thirty 3rd dimensional portal and all that energy and with the Roar and the receptivity and it's like we sent out our Slayer we sent a flare into the universe that said hey guess what we made it we might

turn right in the nick of time but we made it we're here we are here we are ready right we are guided and so the time compression came forward because of our Collective so we had to make up for a lot of time we had to get all the way to the equinoxes of March 20-22 before we hit this month and we did it when we started November one we were literally pulling in from March the equinoxes of March 20-22 and that begin with this month as one energy with next month and what's happening is that the awareness that is coming in 2020 to the awareness remember we're in an experience here right now all of next year is choice you know that that's the fulcrum next year is the critical year it's the top of the pyramid it's one of our voice needs to be as loud as possible

the year that really matters because next year is all about the amplification of the awareness of 2022 and it will be that give rise in Consciousness in order to arrive at awareness of your ascendant present your Consciousness needs to expand beyond that which it carries and I'm utilizing that phraseology because that is exactly what you are doing you are carrying the Consciousness and then there is the Consciousness that is aware of that and then there is the Consciousness that is free of all of the judgments that can hold all of that for the active presence of the yoga of self Ascension which is the conscious embodiment of the master that is Illuminating this form while still carrying it

and be steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust that it takes to do that and that's the whole reason she and I are on the planet it's a model that we're not the only one that's the blessing there are so many of us doing this and as we do this it's the star Consciousness and that's what Today's Energy around passionate action is all about we're on a moment of Consciousness you know earlier when you were sharing about the healing you know about being in pain How can any of a sleep at night knowing that Consciousness is starving and I want you to really breathe that in and if you want to go deep with that he would have got to watch tonight's explore the Mysteries with Troy and I because that's what we died in too deeply because it's more than anyone show like this but explore the Mysteries is back on the air again 9 eastern time tonight when the stop radio and of course a.m.

m247. Com and stations all over the United States this Consciousness moment right now that we are in and it's today and it's and it's illuminated new moon is that where you are being asked to level up again even though it's not an uplevel official moment it is a moment where were in this alignment right remember that we have this rare opening right now and it's the last through December 30th and that this very weak and November is the final week of that reflection of mercury that's like go don't hold back do it so this is a moment of Mastery that cannot be attained through thinking about it and this is a moment of Mastery that's going to as I'm steering with all of you and I know you're feeling it to Sri SRI just process all that grief how many of you have been feeling lots of grief or anxiety or anger or depression activists

bees are coming forward right now because they are what can stop you and still Tater to the ego of the spirits why self and it's lovely and it will live and that's okay if that's where you need to be then sincerely be there well sincerely really you know yeah if you are aware cuz that's the first step awareness that there was an expanding Consciousness then let's further the conversation of How can any of us sleep while Consciousness is starving when we ourselves are that we are the Consciousness that is starving the eats the one they all and when we awaken as my beloved Christian Marte always said then we are responsible and that responsibility the Cubs are presents and also comes because we are conscious and we are able then to respond rather than react

with Consciousness comes the capacity to look at life with compassion to look at life with a sense of detached benevolence you could call that opens up so many possibilities of choice and prior to that time when we really become more conscious of what's going on we are a player we're in on the chessboard so to speak and we are being we're be moved by forces both internal and external versus living in a sended life and and seeing these forces are pulling on the body or the person that's involved but not necessarily controlling that person you're able to have greater capacity

to orchestrate and the more that we live in a scented life we start moving into that zone of instantaneous manifestation where what is required for the journey will somehow magically start coming into your field of experience it's magic to the old way of manifestation then you're aware of it so I'm just playing absolutely what we all see is to be at peace to be at peace with ourselves to be at peace with the world and so the world does a mighty fine job of of stimulating our capacity to expand or hard Beyond reactivity to be able to be in a compassionate stance

with that which we are experiencing

get a one of the things one of my teachers the Dalai Lama said that you love doesn't love only exists when judgment is released as a true love true love is without judgment and that means if that's the blessing is that we have the courage to look at us and that has been the blessing of this mirror this is Mercury retrograde mirror that's getting this one last moment it's like it was fading away and we lit up the sky and the new moon came in and said I will hold the because it's about another Resurgence of divine feminine energy this is about saying yes to the unified field of your own divine feminine within transcending the limitation of all definition and just noticing the balance here we are on the 15th this

a balance here we are in this beautiful illuminated New Moon a moment of balance and so this is a particularly potent for Consciousness because you know I've been playing and having lots of fun with Einstein lately and so you know of course we all know it right you're not going to solve the problem with the level of Consciousness that created it and that is exactly why Consciousness is starving that is exactly why Consciousness is challenged to be healthy Consciousness is challenged to thrive and that is why it's not that it's been eliminated and it has not been interfered with it has just been buffeted by a healthier distraction Zone and it has become attractive to the energy of that which you are in a way that assist you to forget even more

answer to question even more when you do remember and that's most likely while you're watching this show because you do remember and your and you're ready for that affirmation and or because you're not sure of anything and you're like wow they're crazier than me that's cool too because Street and I have been right where any of you are sincerely we get it on every level and so this is that moment where and this is why I together we are better it's the moment where we are all lifting or hand and holding each other's hand and we are not letting go you know we are saying yes right we are not letting go and when we raise our other hand there's another being there early and feel the connection and then don't let you know when you let go you break the chain and that's okay however it seems that all that are holding must be

went for those that do let go because when one let's go you're going to have to reach out further to grab again and this is why we've been going kind of in these ways where it's like okay well this week was great or this day was great or maybe the past few hours for Gracie's few hours oh my gosh these showers good again cuz remember with Etsy stress you're making a choice and so the reason it's been like that in this pattern is it helping me or not it's based upon the amount of moment you are distracting yourself and and also noticing if you have that moment then are you aware of that moment because that's will bring you right back then is Street just mention when you can let go of the Judgment at that moment existed at all that's when you're able to Anchor the law of

and for many what's happening is that they're looking at that moment then they're going back into doubt and the minute you go back into doubt it's kind of when the of the heart which is seeking to keep you in the ass gets to go give me some of that right and so that's why the up-and-down if we are holding for each other and I'm over here in one let's go I need to reach out my hand make sure I get that the hand of the other side you know so that we can say hey I'm still here I'm still here and that's the way and sometimes those you're holding a right there holding with you together we are better and with the important energy of the March 28th 2022 Solstice and that next year this coming year 2021 is the fulcrum here it means this March 20-21 this

is pivotal not important pivotal pivotal to come together and to honestly for one moment be together because it's just the right thing to do to come together without agenda without selfish motive without ulterior motive to come together to witness each other as Masters and to do it in a way that's in the clear strong signal and that is the together we are better WWA Global Summit and it is happening live here at tosa Blue Mountain and it is being broadcast around the world it is our sole intention that this event ignites a power of light and a force wave of white that will sustain us through the next Equinox in March this event is in March and this ignition is huge our beloved kin

a friend who we are blessed to live among will be here live with us they will be up in the Temple of Light where we will be simulcasting from all weekend where we will be broadcasting ceremony they will be in 72 hour ceremony the sacred watch Uma from this land will be prepared by them and we will all be together as we are with Incredible musicians incredible champions of the energy of women wellness and Awakenings and we invite you to Come Dance With Us in every way you can and in order to do that we are building a new structure is critical moment right now November through December 30 set the stage for next year

talk about the the the Dome of Oneness the four directions that are taking Revenge the big bubble of a dome the wonderful womb environment of of bringing the energy Gather in a circle and we are making for mini domes it at the cardinal directions so this is now a dome that has our altars and those altars are just big enough for a couple of prisoners to stay the directions to to call in that energy and behind them to have the sacred objects and gather together at the equinoxes we will have multiple presenters we will be able to put a camera on any One Direction and capture the wisdom teeth that is coming forth inspired by the energy and we all will

be in the center so as the audience with your participating virtually or whether you come here to Ecuador to be here in person you will be in the center of this ever fall is that this there's so much happening with the and so similar to the way the beautiful monks in Tibet start their mandalas months before an event will happen what is going to happen with the Dome at and we're creating in the law of instantaneous manifestations at this this fundraising project will manifest but straight myself and the Beautiful Kennedy will all be here and we are going to offer Punta Blanca in the center of where the Dome will be built and punch Among Us is where we dig a big hole into the Earth and we put in The Sacred Stones and we put in all the sacred foods and they're all are already preparing things and they know that we are

and they're bringing everything and they're putting it all in and then it's the hot coals in there and Earth is preparing the date we will be preparing the all day ceremony and then that night at the music place in the stars come up we uncover and the Bounty comes out and this is the center of where this beautiful down the fort directions will be so that when you walk into the center of the Dome you are walking into this beautiful energy it is Bounty energy of Gaia and on New Year's Eve we are in a lot of diesel. For New Year's Eve with your weightless but I New Year's Eve and I are going to have the blessing of starting the floor Consecration and so he always shared with you about it's the big dome with the four directions attached to it a permanent structures is a permanent structure and we're going to walk out we will broadcast on New Year's Eve message from the Dome it will just be the blank

but I New Year's Eve we will begin the Sands mondala that will be actually painted by the Kenyatta and it begins with strand I just painting the simple Circle the god of creation New Year's Eve and then we're inviting on the 21st we will invite Alexander to be here New Year's Eve as well when they will be painting the entire floor and sodium over from New Year's Eve until March 19th when we go live for the big weekend of the 2nd. We will be painting the floor and we will be giving you monthly updates when we ever going to show you little pieces of it the symbolism what's going in however before we go live on the 19th all of us that are here comes the Blue Mountain when you are in the middle of the Dome on what it what would be the outer the outermost ring so it would go around including all the four directions we will be painting the Gratitude Circle and it will be the name of every single being that can

navigate to The Stone all of our sponsors all of those that are supporting this event all of those that are saying this is outside of ego this is outside of money this is outside of what's in it for me this is about how about what's in it for us let us stand together and say and be clear that we are not alone we are not crazy we are of voiced we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and now that we know it enough is a nut may we stand together with kissing each other Master two Master as the canary dance at the Ancient Temple of Light for the first time in over ten thousand years on the Aquanauts because it's directly aligned with the sun is directly aligned and that's why it was built where it was built because of the alignment with the Compadres mountains

the compartment recently still has touched my heart was that we were all up in the temple and is beautiful young man could have been more than 21 22 years old he grabs me and he said I never thought spiritual temples have all been let's just say shifted but this one was never conquered it's the pure Temple and so this is a true Eagle Condor moment and it's a moment for all of us to honor all of us and I'm excited we're truly enthused what we see is coming into form lights your participation are you can learn more about what's coming at WWE you can tune into the crowdfunding that we have their to build the throne

is there a shirt with people get it on the social media because and there will be a lot more information coming to the website that is there now so you need to keep checking back however I want to talk about Consciousness for a moment absolutely the reason we're here there is a difference between activism

and ascended passion for what we refer to as passionate action we'll talk about that tonight but I want to give you this piece right now to go cuz it's topical when our heart is activated it means that we are in a place of peace and compassion people often don't understand love is the nature of the universe it's not an emotion the emotion of Love is the egoic interaction with family friends nurturing excetera the ascended heart love is a stabilization of non-existence to that which is and the foundation for all qualities of love to have a platform for interaction so it is bigger than earlier

experiences of love it is what it is you know I said it goes in this he order Sri Lanka first piece then love then joy that was very specific about that is the ascended heart opening love is the lifting of the compassion and joy is the conscious recognition of your beat and remember that's the ascended presence of peace love and joy and the way that we stabilized to be able to hold that is when our first chakra of the body shifts from seeking safety to knowing peace right that's that's it too because remember we want to stabilize so that we can hold open heart so look at look at that are you still craving safety or are you at peace with who you are because when you were at peace with who you are you have a knowing and that's what ignites that second shot

into love all of you it's love it's that love that emanates from holness not that sticky love that's throwing out everywhere going love me love me love me love you is because when we have for soccer first second and third chakras peace love joy and then we have Foundation lies our exploded stars are beautiful sign of heart and those two mirror each other and that's when we dance together that is sacred Union comes in and that's when the master is able to fully enter not just a little bit up here not just may be up to the heart but when the the master really gets to fully enter and kind of learn what it's like to defecate this body

enter the body feel safe enough to say okay yeah I'll adapt to that and then for you. View of the thought to trust that enough to let it happen that sucks focused awareness and complete trust that is what it is that keeps just generating generating generating Gentile of it is just as we are as we take this in and recognize that you are actually participating in this we're offering you the deeper understanding of us or your brain can kind of go okay already knows the way soul is very patient with childlike ego the personality that says I'm not ready to let go yet is in Soul consciousness

is you don't want it like one of the some of the vocabulary I have acquired over the years was courtesy of having study with David Hawkins and he's written half a dozen books on Consciousness and surrendering in and how to lift into Steely states of being one of the a verifiable scale of Consciousness and that the scale is the purpose of calibrating is to know whether a person or a teaching or a book is actually carrying of pure energy or is it simply a persuasive assembly of words

persuasive assembly of words well said she is so how often do you do differently when you go to the bookstore if you still do this was this was years ago after studied Hawkins work and I begin to take this seriously is I would go to a book that was interesting it and it caught my eye and I would hold it up to my body mostly between the heart and soul and I would feel but what is the level of Truth in this book not is it interested what is the level of Truth what is the vibrational rate of the of this message and if that vibrational rate wasn't higher than I was what's what purpose could it possibly serve except wanted to have more discussion or

appraising the questioning is the level of Truth and this is this was fascinating to me because hundreds of Articles and books and most of the wonderful things that are out there by so-called experts have maybe 10 or 20% truth in them in the rest is all just filler it's all stories its amusements for the mind is persuasive engagements to get you to give your energy to that philosophy or belief persuasive assemblage of words that the ego will use to help you say that's it now I got to have things I can relax

when there are people and I'm looking at you Beloved Community that are holding an energy of love and you don't have to hold it that you are able to radiate 8N equilibrium that is less reactive and more loving you are offsetting thousands of beings who have not yet arrived at that place and this is the reason Consciousness is it's so important to educate nourish and love each other educate energetically to love each other is we will not lift it doesn't take effort to lift it. The only effort required is to release your investment in that Which is less refined

The Habit is so when we are in this state as as Archangel zadkiel said to us when you come into your send it hard and open open your expanded exactly you illuminate a hundred thousand be you show the way for a hundred thousand beings yes that is the

where is the forest that that hundred thousand just dropped on Japan so the world when I say the world the outer world of mass Consciousness and that is traveling and density is actually compressing and declining in its its level of Consciousness have you ever have you ever had a bad day A bad week A bad mom have you ever been in the thick of your own emotional reactivity and depression your loc level of Consciousness declines when you're in those emotional engagements and the reason is the client is the you invested all your identity

it's like I can I can talk about this world I know this one the ego can relax because you are here and that's it's just that easy and yet just that challenging is it not it's that steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust and this is why we come together every Sunday it is so amazing it really is saying it was last week we did all those amazing food donations and right remember for all of you that are with us every Monday night on Monday magic and also 100% of tickets for the WWE Global are all funding our humanitarian projects and this past week was particularly touching Andrea Rose once again is crafted an amazing film

not even seen it yet so I'm excited to see what she craft is so you want to stick around shortly things to remember is that simply holding this love you don't need an agenda simply holding your presence reseted presents is sending out a way that will invite others to find their own ascended presence versus you know the I grew up I can't believe how many times I heard something like we had to go to war to secure peace rally cry

so we can smile at this the absurdity that you're going to do a big push energy out in the world and not have a push back come on it just as it is. The law of energy doesn't work that way so activism in its own right is always going to fail to produce the desired result because of the level of Consciousness that was driving the cause now doesn't mean it doesn't make incremental or temporary improvements no arguments there sometimes it does you know there's a

he's been demonstrations of the about the women's marches in the early nineteen hundreds of things of that nature but the thing was in the 1960s protest started taking two very different turn really started seeing a lot of based experience along with the anger based experience. Activism and then there is the nonviolent and you can look at the quality of the energy difference it's not to say that those that are Inn Express their anger however what often happens in activism is it becomes an addictive form of empowerment quote on quote Love bass or love energy it's still coming from a place of judgment this is actually where love becomes more emotionally based and it's more about emotional joy and there's a

send some of my way is better than your way and talk and especially activism Ashley mentioned earlier at the end he isn't that it will always quote on quote sale is that exceeds that which is trying to prevent it's actually food for the buffet and I go back to Arcade a lot but not yield formula remember that fear which is the energy of the planetary soft body right now right fear fear plus people are angry that writes fear + acre equals hate I hate me so and so when we focus hate for hate what we forget is that you've basically got a bunch of children that are saying I am terrified and I am lashing out cuz I have

no idea how to handle this because I'm freaking out and the only way we can hold that compassion is to remember that at some point you were saying the same thing to you I don't know how much more of this I can handle one freaking out in the universe coming in all over the place in like what's happening to me you're waking up your waking up and in this moment to meet anger with is the reverse of the Einstein is it not you're reading it with the level of Consciousness which my beautiful one so eloquently this man is probably the smartest man on the planet is it when it when we look at that and then we will be able to hold that 9th dimensional witness where we become the witness again to relax out of the linear experience remember sridevi of the 20/20 energy flow graphic hair I think we do I just want to quickly talk about

this year right now the year of Mastery experienced all of next year is choice but this year was ruled by the dragonfly energy which brought into profound shift Visionary Transformations are timeline adaptation and The Awakening to self Ascension this month November is a mirror of October but yet one energy was December and what that means is that this is actually radiating back what was last May and June pay attention to May and June guys pay attention what last number again is going to either be anchoring it in or lifting it up but at the end of this month that Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation is complete and the Butterfly will start flying and as a butterfly list you see how all that these two like lassos are going up it will

start gently lifting up and spitting it was like a lasso and around those two columns that were made up of the January February September and July August December critical critical must critical and so this is really even more important because as we are in those time compression circles right now when we go into next year and and what when we released the calendar you'll see all of this next year and just like this year was the strangest energy flow calendar I've ever been asked to make in almost nineteen years doing this next year is another first it is 12 concentric circles

I feel. I feel. Because his it going this way or is it going this way the answer is it's going in both directions that's how the polarities are working and so it's going to be a fascinating year and this is why that Equinox will open up and up portal of Illumination next year that will govern between the March and the September equinox energy that's going to be the. Of time it snowed in March through September and everything right now can we do things because it's just the right thing to do and you know that's why you're doing this we are doing it for no other reason we have had people leave invited who clearly said to his high only do this for the money would I also need you to know is that every person speaking is there because they are committed to what's happening because they are very aware of this every vendor every sponsor and that if you

know anyone if you are part of an organization help us help us we need your help to get the word out we need tech help we need social media help we need you this is a moment to say enough is enough because it's the Tilt guys is going to stay really wobbly but we have another gift this time compression because of because of the Linea told her experience we opened up and got this time compression and are being shown a window that didn't exist before how extraordinary is that but no I just love you so much I really do you guys are the best do you know I was the other day was giggling I saw this quote from Dolly Parton and she said I ain't got time to be all that's like I so agree you go Dolly and love with you I love I got time to behold I love it

light is everything that's going on I and I mean everything to keep going on because when we are aligned with our soul when we are aligned with the the higher love that is the nature of your truth then truly your unshakable that doesn't mean you're non-responsive we can respond to acts that touch her heart attacks that we can still smile at the incredible beauty of a universe that could allow all to exist on a tapestry of unconditional love everything out there from the highest high to the lowest low and it all is existing on a fabric

unconditional love love it the Magic Carpet there it is we found it I love it made it everything exactly is the gateway to hold a peace that passeth all understanding and the ability to be in the world but not of the world and these are the qualities that will allow us to be on let's just say silent influencers of the greater Harmony and radiating love into the world those that are acting out will start to find their hearts with I don't know it takes its person's different however when we're holding

presents when we're radiating that energy the it has a positive effect on the Awakening of all those that are in the energy field it cannot be otherwise and this is part and parcel with why when we are holding a frequency we are offsetting that are a cosmic energy to a korsar frequency in this illuminated Diwali is radiating the light you are and I just want to share with all of these are on the phone lines at 517-208-1500 and Coley radio 8886 to 76008

I want to just honor Bria Rose and you because you guys made all these food donations possible and we love you film we have not seen it ourselves let's all enjoy it

and then that will be the center of where the Joan will be and so that energy will up like that like the very first temple strain and I actually Nite build a toaster ranch in New Mexico very similar where we did the center offering though that energy will permanently forever be there it's part of the Dome it's how we're concentrating the dumb and then on New Year's Eve and this is the part that the rest of you guys aren't aware of yet so if you are so we have agreed to be at this event all right this is their the solstice for them is like one of the biggest it is the biggest this is like the best time of year for them they are coming out of their Village in the mountains is their traditional robes and ponchos and hot and we have the musicians we have the dancers we have the real thing and just a few days ago I did get an agreement from the shore people at the Amazon we will have them here as well

and we got a mayor who's endorsing this process what's happening and and wants to be very public with what we're doing here in end and really helping so we're at the whole people that would are really coming together on this right now and so what will happen on New Year's Eve here it's supposed to Blue Mountain is we will light up the dome for the first time for the world to see but it will just be the bear Dome it's like everyone's going to be part of building this and the building begins December 31 the physical construction will be done but the actual building of this WWI Summit energy in the dome will begin on New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve and I will go to the center of the Dome and paint a simple black.

right in the center of the Dome the creation energy and it will be placed on behalf of us all on New Year's Eve and we will be live broadcasting this

and then Alexander and his incredible Artisans of the Kennedy will begin painting the entire floor

and it will be a process that will be filming an unveiling and just before we go live when we open on March 19th we will finish by all of us who are here on site and the vision I've been seeing is and for whatever reason I think it's going to be in white white or maybe gold paint we all right around the close circle of the big interior dome we will be painting the Gratitude circle of everyone that helped every single being every single thing that helped bring this together and it will be a permanent circle of gratitude that holds together world of Wonder. Golden Ring right there and we'll be painting that on and then anytime you enter you have to walk through a Latitude to walk into the store and then remain in that Oneness and these Community are going to be painting you know we're going to have the whole Solar cross and all of the symbologies like I love it this is massive to get them

and they want because they believe this is the true moment of the eagle and the Condor Ascension portal in South it's interesting for us having lived with all these indigenous people for so long that all of their things are converging in there on same timeline and so this is such a profound moment for us that this is really I think the only way to prevent it really captures the real having around structure brings us the divine feminine and the enclosure in the womb of that they're honoring the four directions our connection with the canary Everything Is Beautiful event Dome built we have the connections with the local linear shoulders of the the kid and the choire and others representations of those who have been connected to the pure

so this is going to be a top drawer professionally-produced virtual event this going to work everything we're doing is a blend Eagle Condor you know Earth is Sky heart and soul and my everything is getting blended or so we're going to be using our technology to the ability to connect people will not disconnecting them from the Earth

amazing is under way right now to wear word an emergence of an energy of Union and this is beyond eagle and Condor but yes it's the prophesized this is Cosmic Union as well as touching hearts and Minds documentary worthy and then we may slip right into the solstice and September and do it again and we slipped binoculars and the people will say hi in every time that sun comes over head we are reminded of our connection and if there are speakers that are holding that musicians and what you do this this is we're rolling

welcome back I love my neighbor's I was in love and loving well that was a surprise. So it's thank you so much what a beautiful compilation and and I just want to really acknowledge all of you that was way too short at the end let's get more video of that food delivery because it was enough for you guys to get a sense of how important it is that right now our Humanity projects are doing a lot with food with Refugee housing a we're also not starting to work with us another agency here there's a lot happening and of course the clinic and so thank you thank you for your love and remember if you don't know about Monday magic get to Sri and Kira. Com and get their join us tomorrow night when we will be really excited to continue that remember your donations all go to feed our humanitarian

are into our humanitarian a project so thank you thank you I don't wish to speak in cliches I wish to acknowledge the deeper level of truth that as we expand you and everyone as you lift your energy it necessarily expand as you lift your energy we become more sensitive to that which is Discord and it's part of what is going on for Kira and I is

if your neighbor is starving how can you truly be at peace if you know that their suffering now this is why so many people wish to just kind of put up a wall and say I don't want to connect to the shop free and that's understandable and yet there is a balance point where we know that we offer a nourishment through our prayers and if we can share and help another person sleep better at night another person I'll have better health and help another being not get triggered at their root chakra into fear and polarity right tasty then that person as a love will never almost automatically lift up into their heart and ingratitude and it is it is a matter of How It's presented it how it is it happens so what

we take care of each other we are lifting the consciousness of the world and when this is done from a place of love not a place of of guilt or or or other other principles it's just I realize that there is need here and I'm happy to help to remember that we are connected in so many ways and this is but one way to interact there are others by Gene Autry I'm thinking about all these other places that we can interact why don't we go ahead and and say hello to some of our beautiful colors here so we're going to jump over to 517-208-1500 and say hi up in British Columbia and Namaste British Columbia

I'm so excited

picture of doggy

I love you guys so much

and if this is just that down

I don't know what time and that

I'd be a lot of people are just finding it difficult

correct polarity in the world

kind of hard to deal with

I'm trying to stay centered in my heart

well that's honest

but I certainly appreciate you too and all that

just amazing to help us get through this time together we are better damn well first of all Angel it's our pleasure and and I want you just bring your hands to your heart because you're speaking for so many others right now so sweet and I just came right out there and said it has been top and and so you know the first thing always is have mercy on yourself right have mercy on yourself the fact that you're even aware that it's been tough the fact that you haven't given up the fact that you have not said I will let you know I'm going to I'm going to walk through this right the fact that you are here

now is Miracle one and that's where you begin you begin where your heart takes you you begin where you feel better about you you begin wait a minute I am wait a minute there are where you begin to grow beyond that which seeks to limit you and you remember that which you are and everything that I'm saying is actually coming it's funny because what we're talking about today is coming from a connection with your star Consciousness right now and so I want you to if you're not familiar with your star Consciousness remember the star conchos if you go to your third eye right there your star Consciousness is right about their electric right now it's about an inch and a half out the right there and you'll know it you'll feel it and the gift of opening up more and this is what all the guys around you're saying and as I'm sure in this with you by the way my

here's it's like I feel like they're being on heroin describe this like you're being unplugged like I feel like there's there's like like these plugs coming out of my ears right now and then there's this massive wave of energy up here very path or I just keep hearing half or half horse half horse half horse half horse and end as that is that energy is like your ears especially it's like this hung it's like you're being given this hum they're saying your mind is still two active and your heart is so radiant and it's your time to say yes to your heart and to let the Mind trust you and and they're saying that the more that you connect with us the more that you stay with us and as I'm sure in this with you all of my fingertips are like tangling

and so lots of energy also coming into so are you taking a deep breath

bring it down into your third chakra relax it out and wow my whole Crown chakra like everything is tingly right now big Attunement energy so thank you for giving that gift to all of us too many blessings my love

I don't know thank you so much I appreciate that thank you dear we love you honey and I must say angel many blessings and you know Street I want to go back to Star Consciousness I feel like it was an activation given to everyone kept hearing was like I heard. Till going now make sure they know what star Consciousness is up level. To really understand star Consciousness either one of the things that I learned initially as I was working with David Hawkins and his material is that the quality of hire States Of Consciousness is the surrender of the need to control the surrender of the egoic

egoic personality most people when we are bored and working and Society all we know is we don't know the difference and then you do it was so full and there was something deeper came forward and is referred to as Soulful or more connected in reality the energy that animates your Jeep is the expression of your soul into form and I ain't so the reason I'm saying this is star Consciousness activates the direct connection to your Soul's energy

and that it is a radiant light and it will it is for those that can see clairvoyantly you'll start seeing the little flash light of your head is a little. We're going to get ready to appreciate you took as as we are understanding of the universe are energy sensitivity and the ability to activate our star Consciousness it comes forward quite naturally however is still a choice. Do something that you would intend to do and so let's list bring that forward what we were in charge right now is that you want to really relax and if you have a partner if you're with someone right now fabulous you want to be facing each other

there will be a moment where you're closing your eyes there will be a moment where your open your eyes so if you have a partner with you right now it's fabulous to be gazing at each other if you are by yourself use a mirror and if not then call up your Consciousness as your mirror because this is this is really a beautiful moment of Illumination and in this energy of Diwali and it's illuminated new moon and bringing the star Consciousness into this illuminated New Moon walking awesome specially for multidimensional awareness which is in this Choice months very very important so you're going to relax we're going to begin with a naughty saw breath and when we when we do now they saw breath remember what that means is that were inhaling through the nose all day you're basically sharing that silently within the Ave is your breath it's that hail it's that hello Divine I am here right so we breathe in all day and then we X

the infinite unknown

and it's very much a heartbeat it's in with the Ave out with the soft and because we're activating star Consciousness were going to do that three times already feeling it aren't you that was a good one reason to the off that you're going to want to consciously go to you are star Consciousness OKC that right up there were my lines are right there I always have my lines painted here there it is and so antennas aren't they cute and so it's always about star Consciousness Consciousness Consciousness and we're going to be doing the just a middle finger and the song Those visa to taking my Quan Clairvoyance but we're just going to do this for just to activate right here then we'll activate these fingers so they will activate our Consciousness a little more and we're going to want you to have your hands in prayer position so little bit of a brain

3D want to die to sin with some beautiful deep Ave stop breathing so

and follow the breath if it goes into the center of your chest which is going to activate your heart center

the inhale we think Ave which is Hale I'd knowledge in the divine all day

exhale song

We're releasing all resistance all need to control we are bowing to the infinite Ave I recognized the incident saw I released to that infinite lists try that again just quietly together

probably one more time

when we are foundational eyes are heart as our new point of balance as the center or Foundation of our ascended state it becomes much easier now to lift

I'm so should we burp like little electric shocks you'll feel it touch with especially specially so now we're going to use that do that continue that but with those pointer fingers first finger right there at least touch at least touch at least touch release breathing in Onondaga play Sawgrass we're going to take the two middle fingers and we're going to place one on our third eye and one of our star Consciousness breathing up

removing the fingers going back with the pointer fingers same two points

releasing smiling remember with every exhale and a smile and noticed the ignition

now bringing your hands in the preposition I'm going to turn sideways so you can see this we encourage you to use your thumb and place them on your high heart see right there where my gowri Shankar is right there so this is it if you can and so what this does is it called focus is that beautiful there it is. Beautiful infinite heart energy and so eyes closed and In This Moment invite your higher self to reveal itself to you and this moment relax away anything other than the absolute knowing that you are ready to be you and that the you that you are is already here closing your eyes are going to take him three more are they saw breast and just asking that I breathe

one more time





and as you are relaxing into this in just a moment we're going to invite you to open your eyes and if you're with another to gaze at their star Consciousness do not look at anything else other than their star Consciousness are going to look about an inch-and-a-half about their third eye keeping your eyes closed right now just relaxing if you have your mirror at home when you open up your eyes you'll be gazing at your star consciousness

and if it's you and your Consciousness when you open your eyes noticed what you're gazing at

so it's taking a nice seat Bobby Sabra

Opening Our Eyes

and greeting each other * 2 *

feel the energy in your forehead notice notice what's there

show yourself connecting to the other being * 2 *

if you get a deep breath

and letting it out with a smile how are you feeling give us a call 517-208-1500 or put in the chat over at YouTube how are you feeling and SRI with a special person holding over at 1 this still feeling the breeze up into that star conscious to send the breath out there and relax any congestions that would inhibit you from just hanging out there when we reside in our star Consciousness we are in the place of Peace in the place of Soul connection

and that it influences the quality of our words it influences the quality of our conversations it influences the quality of our interactions with other people so it's a wonderful wonderful place to begin to Anchor your Consciousness there you know the Dalai Lama and that's the teachings of compassion it one of the most Eternal 5th dimensional presences on the planet it's when we have that compassion for us. We're able to lift into that 5th dimensional space and anchor there and most certainly with with the duties and and and the the experience that the energy of the Dalai Lama calls in living in The 5th Dimension would pretty much be mandatory to be able to really flourish through that experience and have you ever noticed how the Dalai Lama response

with his star Consciousness his hands on his hands are always and it is always and it is * * and I know when you met the Dalai Lama his Holiness the Dalai Lama it was a star to star connection for you yeah it was a big forehead to forehead touching this is offering that transmission or or reinforced in a variety of traditions because the truth is the truth and no matter I need to the end of the day

67-68 while there's an open Line album that means it was meant to be yours has run over there now it looks like her hand raised how are you my angel

play beautiful angel by the whole thing after wisdom teeth surgery RumChata and beautiful Master lady Cara

we love to welcome angel thank you

I love you and I'm going to celebrate with you and the cosmos The Lawns of WWE global

it's a rebirth moment for our planet and it's time to say yes yes yes yes yes I got my gloves on for that one yeah I'll be in the center of the ring on there

put that crease in. Right there on New Year's Eve

how to make bourbon wine

I would love a mini So reading and some things that I've been working with releasing some old energy and the right side of my hip I was hoping you might help

well I think I'm first going to let Shriram come jumping on that because I can feel his energy field already having some experience with that so I'm going to let you jump in Honey yeah

so the energy on the right side of your hip is something that many people out there have similar symptom ology because what it is you're seeking higher order of balance in your life that is unfettered by the patterns from the past

now that's the general and you get to apply your personal experience you're seeking a higher order of balance and the reason the right hip is acting out a little bit is because of the imprints or the patterns from the past which no longer can support the higher-order balance remember that the pelvis is the very Foundation of your body informed and that your your gate you're walking and your ability to sit at your ability to be permanently in the now on contaminated by the fence and while the future is is passed upon you you're living in the now knowing where the future is versus I've I've detached from the dab when I'm not present

really also has a lot about multidimensionality in there as well as so beloved one the energy released relates to Old fears it relates to old relationships because the first and second chakra are influencing that energy on your pelvis from your hip and remember the energy is behind you this is not pulling you forward it's behind you what I would suggest you do for the purposes of a phone call right here is bring a hand to that area of the body and do this and meditation Just Breathe In and Out one hand on the heart one hand on the hip and breathe and be as send the love energy into the hand of the heart around the shoulders and out down to the hip

and just fill it with love pump love love I love you I love you I love you I'm puppy love and then pause and listen

pause and listen. And sweetheart

and what will be revealed is for you to know

and all of your guys are saying that is the reading that you were here to receive

thank you I am grateful

as are we thank you my love many blessings and I'm going to stay let's go over to I want to go to the Twin Cities right now address Twin Cities light Twin Cities News Talk Radio Namaste and welcome

learn things oh my goodness so happy I love you so much we love you too thank you

I am tapping into my kemetic yoga more and more in my moo dresses and feeling called to really happen to the car would be wrong, so beautifully represents which is full spirit

and I just am looking for some directions in terms of bringing more that

abundance into my life I've been dependent for many decades and I'm feeling like I wanna fly and I would love some direction and I hope that I can visit you all soon and I just want to give a shout out to Bria Rose because I think she's just a beautiful addition to the family and I connect it with you guys and I love you so much because you are my teachers and I love you holding you really got my arms around you and I know she does too and it's like Wow first and foremost I just want to honor you you are if it's so beautiful it's like you're just beginning your you're just beginning and as you were speaking I found myself moving more and what I was feeling in you is that yours

send it to nalini is stuck in your like what I call her your wings are right that area right there between the shoulder blades and that as you are working with your ascended heart that's also why the law of instantaneous manifestation it's like it's it's it's it's not unified there's this there's this piece of you that is doing all of the things and in so doing you are expanding and then there is this piece of your infant powered I'm going to call you in power that is still not anchored and it is very much the words are giving his confidence they're saying it's very much about the confidence of knowing and that this is not the egoic presents that says I am the end all it's the confidence that comes forward and says I know where to get my answers I know how to implement the information and I know how to thrive

that's how we know that the confidence is out of the master who is aware you're all these beings around you that are speaking to you right now and end it's funny one moment I thought we were in Stonehenge that we were in like Machu Picchu that we are right up here at the Temple of Light when you first start speaking I saw you here so I was giggling when you said I'll be there soon as I can. And that's really exciting and so your your freedom right now is in your isn't it and they just keep pushing you like now they are the wings are now you're like a little baby fairy and these two fairies are going like I just pushed you out of this mess and you're like wow like it was just like this momentary Willow and then I will send these Wings you don't even know you had started flying sweetheart it's your time

confidence trust you more love you too it's a little more and your group has been with you a long time Yuri know the way I call you a dancing volunteer what that means is you keep dancing as a volunteer because you just like being here and so thank you for saying yes to form I'm really grateful to know you I really am I really hate you I love you both so much thank you so much I threw all of you beautiful fairies get thrown out of Nest right now. I love it it's gorgeous because it reminds me of Uruguay nights at Terra Nostra when all of the group's to be down there I've never seen fairies that thing in my life I mean like huge unmistakable and we would all just sit there quietly

we had this one area of the forest and watch people that's why we live there well because it was two years to live in the crystal & Fields in the crystalline Realms which is not easy to do a lot of people couldn't do it we barely got through it and I'm grateful last after our work was done there that we were here too kind of food that was quite a ride but that is is this week.. Light is open again we have this beautiful illuminated new moon so fly so we're flying over bbsradio right all right tell you what lists we have a first-time caller I should come back sweetheart don't first time welcome

how can we search Google

hello my sweetheart how can we serve you

thank you for everything that you do and I would also like a mini shoulder if I'm a sweetheart with a bow before you wow your amazing it's so true

angel angel it's just so true I see you so clearly I mean wow you have but my whole Crown chakra is tingling right and my my heart energy and I just want to say thank you you do all these beings around you were looking at you right now and they're saying we just want to thank you we want to thank you for being on the planet we want to thank you for everything that you are and everything you've done we want you to know you've been seeing we want you to know that we know who you are and we want you to know that you are still here right now because you are red cast forward the Miracles of yourself and that which is around you and they're saying that there's been like a coat around you and that it's the moment to take the coat off and to remember that you do know how to swim meaning you're you're an you're like this Angel flying through all of these different dimensions at once and then

this angel said I love this planet so much these beings need help so much that I will cast aside the greatest part of me you're going to make me cry and I will, I will sit here and I will be here until a moment undeniable activation is put in front of me and this beautiful is it happening

and you've known it and to really breathe that in and I I just want you to know that I really thank you for calling in you you are fulfilling more than just a moment this isn't just for you and so you're taking my breath away and it's an honor to meet you thank you my love

thank you that's the blessing of this community is it not that every person who calls in is us right you know everything I just shared with her I'm sharing with you I'm looking at you right because we are an ember in the mirror especially right now this show this episode this week and I do want to remind all of you that if you want to celebrate this illuminated New Moon Jeff Juden is doing her monthly illuminated New Moon ceremony tonight 8 p.m. great time to prepare for explore the Mysteries right do the ceremony for the mystery so that ceremony is at 8 p.m. eastern time tonight just go to self Ascension and you can be part of that eliminated because

let's go. Timer hey beautiful Belle from New Mexico mild home hi Angel

we are aware that high

okay we're going to have to charge the alarm that will go back over let's go let's go to Taco looks like is that michigan-michigan welcoming

hello how are you doing I would say hi it's you


do this past week I sort of had

this like fluttery feeling in my chest and my heart was sort of beating really fast

and I couldn't really Catch My Breath

it lasted for maybe 30 seconds to a minute

and then it just kind of passed and then also yesterday I heard a like a tone or a frequency and my left in my left ear

and that lasted for 5 seconds

so I'm just kind of curious what could be and then also

I've been dealing with a little bit of grief lately as well

and I'm trying to stay in a higher state while

also allowing my body to grieve and release wouldn't do so I guess I'm just asking for any guidance or a mini Soul whatever you have talked for me today well I know she must jump in and so let's take a breast because sweetheart you got through Miracle one you are here and so she knows what's happening for you is confirmation that you are relaxing the grip on the egoic life and are moving more fully into your ascended life and you're describing a couple of Ascension symptoms or what we call a sentient energy experiences and end at these are acceleration

so the flutter in the heart is has to do with a realignment it's it's it's kind of like your recalibrating the heart and the key there is to breathe and B&N just peel into the center of your chest

and know that you are being called forward because what happens to people who are lifting out of the egoic reality into the greater balance is there high heart comes online more fully the high heart is the peaceful compassion for the global family for all that is an done so that's my sense of of the experience that you received a gift in activations to help balance your heart energy and then this is kind of confirmed up by the year is that you mentioned left ear is that correct the left side is the feminine side the left side is the opening 2 what shall be

the receiving and the right side is just the other side meaning it's what was releasing and the releasee so by having your heart receive an activation and then you're you're getting a little pulse a little toad in the left ear is saying come forward, crossed that you are lifting into a news operating theater so to speak a new zone of reality beings of your divine presence want you to hear is that they're saying that wrestling with anxiety does not serve you

and that your body is showing you many ways it can express when you relax and receive it will integrate and the Creator will arise again and so it is

well thank you so much love you honey. You love you. It was so beautiful all right where we going Street we're going to Utah it looks like

namaste in welcome

okay alright we're moving on where we going now sweet how about Albuquerque let's go back to New Mexico on this side of the board

hello Namaste and welcome angel

I love this. I can't believe it either a little

I would love to see mr. Jamie you know always in my heart always in my heart and it's so I'm loving that you're here today I really am and also sending my love to mohini and so just you know as you bring your hands to Your Heart Right now it's funny you you've got it specially passing this one that looks like a clown literally a very tall skinny clown in like purple and white and end it and this clown is like dancing around you dancing around and then it's like you were fascinated by this like you would just keep looking at it but then I'm watching and as its dancing now it's becoming more like indigenous and

slowing down and it's dancing and it's calling at you and now it has all the colors in it and now I'm watching what looks like all of these feathers opening up and then I'm watching it's like you're becoming broader your your mind is becoming broader there is an energy within use it's becoming broader and it's forcing you to a moment of choice that you have already made and they're saying I don't know about my head this being is saying Be not Afraid my son of the past before you because I am here and I have your hand you will continue forward just keep moving there are more things are more lights than you see just look up and remember they exist

and so it is I am so happy to hear from you thank you for calling an angel I love you

thank you thank you thank you you're always in my heart I buy you like with me everyday I watch the news everyday honey by honey

I can't breathe 16 years ago he was our very first PR person and just an amazing being so Jamie I love you unicorn Smiles Beauty thank you for being sprayed with time to squeeze in somebody else where is that is that San Jose I don't know it's somewhere in California if you're in California say hello and you'll know if it's you

it's Colleen hey welcome Angels love it love it love it yeah we're sneaking you in how did we serve you sweetheart

I had a quick question of wealth I have lot of time on my hands

well first of all thank you for us and really wow you know it's interesting sweetheart the minute the first thing I get from you is your an integration your damn ass if you are at this moment where your eyes are getting broader you got a lot more like the energy around you is like all these fabulous things and it's like everything I go lift up around you and it's like you're taking off what would look like the hood of a cape and you're standing up and for the first time your head can see if you don't say it's like your head could go back even further and your edits look for give me it's all I'm hearing is often a like like like that's all I'm hearing and as for your house I will say that make sure you protect how many people you take care of and you make sure you're taking care of you first cuz your heart's really saying love me more

so calling the thing I would like to offer for your consideration is to bring the hand write to your third chakra it right right above the belly there and and to be able to bring him there and to stay I trust my divine nature to guide and protect me I trust my divine nature to guide and protect me now the reason I'm offering you that declaration is that you are a warrior you have you are a Survivor and and you've learned how to kick ass and skip the notes we don't need a man that's so what you're saying hey let's balance this you don't have to effort so hard anymore at the physical level you have a pattern in place of empowerment in place that will take care of you now it's about bringing in your spiritual nature into the tissues

trust my life I trust my guy has I trust that I am safe and all is well and to keep affirming that and to keep breathing and it will become your reality and we are so excited to close the show with you were going to see you and you years so thank you for calling all right honey and remember join us be here every Sunday get the WWE be a part of Monday magic extreme Kira. Calm and know how much you are loved and then love yourself as absolutely let's make a deep breath together and we know that all is truly well namaste

thank you for joining us and SRI and Kira live to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at Street

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