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Sri and Kira Live, November 1, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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live as a world out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kira row explore these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit for the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
hello Namaste welcome beloved ones to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka in a row and the voice of passionate action is here we are ready we are open. I'd us right this is a profound November one moment yesterday that Blue Moon of October did everything that it was offered it could do and more we have so much to share we are giving all the predictions we are doing the ascended numerology and talking about what's coming in 2021 a huge big show today we are so glad you're here and first and foremost jet into those phone to use cuz they're filling up fast remember over at our 800 number is CBS Radio please give us a buzz at 888-627-6008 and over at 1 to talk radio. Com 5
7208 1500 and a big show the energies you can feel it I'm excited to dive in this video is displaying and lots of folks in the community official stream carrot YouTube popping the Cherry offer a hog smile because each other vs as well as all the social media Outlets tied with all of these places I heart all of the affiliate thank you we love you welcome okay okay we really do enjoy that we had that September what's a kind of Breeze back that for a minute so we had that September 12th has won a full year to visit on compression graphic available cuz
Best Buy potatoes to be there watching as well as hearing you can see this so in September 2020 we literally were able to expand out through multi-dimensional Consciousness a year ahead and pulled ourselves all the way into the wisdom of one of the potentiality of from this September 2020 till August 20-21 so just breathe it in and then when it was October one 2020 we were already stepping into September 2020 once we were looking at this energy and how does energy would flow and yet we have had the blessing of that intensity and the claiming of that Mastery wisdom and are ascended presents well this month of October here's what happened we went into what we were feeling or calling lovingly have time where it was six months in a month instead of 12 months in a month right yeah it was still this compression
time but the most powerful gift is the one that happened yesterday and the one that we're breathing into right now and that is that at the end at yesterday when when October 31 completed its cycle and we on this planet moved to November one we literally have called in the energy from March 20-22 and because of the profound is the equinoxes specifically The Equinox Equinox that in breath moment is being offered to us with our full Mastery awareness if we're ready to say yes to it into this November December cycle which is one energy and will feel as if we've hit a. Talk about that in the moment and because of this it will actually amplify the awareness
so what that means is that we begin our Ascent attorney we continue our Ascend attorney and we expand our ascended journey through the same cycle awareness experience choice and it is a cycle within a cycle within a cycle with Anna cycle and I'm going to show you a tree in are going to show you how all those Cycles are coming together right now and as we have entered into In This Moment In linear time in November which is a choice month we are being given the gift of entering into it with the awareness of an entire cycle ahead of us to illuminate The Experience so that that choice is one of Consciousness thereby it is consciousness that is calling in the choice
and it's that moment has yeah if we measure time by the passing of external events
then how could we be at March 20-21 how could we be at the future dates because 22 yes right now so the passing of time so to speak has nothing to do with the external events or the content of the screen it has to do with the inner Consciousness that has achieved through awareness experience in Choice a realization and so this is the key here is that you as a being have experienced more time in the past time that you do you experience a year-and-a-half worth of this entire year right January we came in and inexperienced month in an experienced year and we October culminated
another experience month so this is why yesterday the Blue Moon energy of October this is why I pray you read the installment if you're on our email list you would have received that ensoulment on Friday it was a special instrument that was delivered for this weekend go read it we will be putting it in with other insulins would have come in this past weekend but this pass yesterday and if you weren't able to do it then timestamp back to it there was so much that happen and SRI do we have the picture of the Moon and New York City
this month's really began on the evening of October 30th with the rise of the full moon this was Friday night and this is what happened here at tosa Blue Mountain SRI let's show that came up so profound and you can see right underneath Mars there is the Moon the Moon rise and you see the concentric glow coming up with a full moon this on the left was right before it was coming up over the Compadres and the the six of us that our family here in this community right now we're all standing together at the tennis all because we were we had gathered we said we want to gather at 7 p.m. so this was like 6:59 p.m. and when it all began and before we went into the Tempest all we were able to witness this
and I just want to share that the Compadres mountains and then after a few minutes later the moon was up and there was this beautiful circle of protection that came in around Atlanta and Revelations those of you that know that Mars right now is the closest it will ever be in our lifetime again that that all lined up as we were getting ready to go into this Blue Moon of October 31 and because of living here at Blue Mountain and because of the strong bars message this really tied into Solaria this moment why all of you have chosen this timeline and what street is sharing with you right now that is our temascal that night we had the time
that you're seeing right there that's you walk down the steps and then you have to bow to go in as a ceremonial but then you can sit on their second stand up right away but yeah that you're staring at the the community drama beautiful beyond and beyond beautiful and as as this beautiful energy and folded into the Blue Moon Street and I then went up to the mountain on on the blue moon in our Day of Silence in our Davis ended presents and we were very clear about witnessing what we were witnessing and we have some beautiful emails from somebody that reassuring as well and the context for offering this to you in right now is that yesterday October Thirty One was the single most mystical day of the year with some of the greatest opportunity if you were able to get to Willie disconnect from the distraction because in order to receive its trade do we have
I'll be on the way that the timelines are coming together the Consciousness know the one that I did on the consciousness
spiral do we have the wheel of Eternal Consciousness that is always expanding always spinning a never getting larger inside of that imagine spinning in the opposite direction a wheel that holds the concentric experience of linear time I saw you have this out or larger Circle and then you have this Inner Circle and they support each other in the world of Consciousness they are ever expanding they are ever growing so that their Limitless they are boundless however because they spin and it in these opposite directions in order to really hold open that that beautiful blessing of coke of that coke creative process of of the experience of density or linear time so because of that everywhere once in awhile it lines up
and that's what's happening right now and this is why for the past several years we have been talking about the craziness of living in multidimensional present sense that this stuff is real that there is more than what your mind is showing you that is why so many people are waking up and it's also why so many people are being snatched right away because right now we are in a moment where the crushing energy of the fourth dimension with collapsed many years ago we were the first people to talk about and the only ones that have been able to really if you if you look at explaining that the washing energy is why the ego has risen to this point the ego is getting its needs met and ways it's never dreamed possible and so because of that this imbalance has come in because the ego was never meant to have this much power the death of dance identity was never meant to be this way this is why I was talking about Einstein and Abby
energy and the fact that what all this is is just vibration that has been lowered so much so as the body can receive it and so the only way through it is to stop identifying with the body and as long as the ego is ruling the spirit and that is never going to be able to and so it's it's a critical moment when that light comes together and we have an opportunity to say you know what I really do get the if not now when moment because if it's never been clearer it's right in front of me the fantastic and the ability to discern what's going on actually is never been greater how water resistant duction of the destruction has never been greater either so let's back up for a second ago about the Brilliance of this timeline compressions and traveling
your point of perspective if you define Yourself by the outer world is your contacts the craziness of the outerworld I feel crazy and need to grasp and grasp for civility guess what who does the grass be that's the ego the ego loves to graft and feels like it has a good job you know something to do then back to this this other piece is that the ego
he loves the fourth dimension because the fourth dimension is like active Dreamtime basic training hear the third dimension is the dimension of form you are conscious of yourself having an experience in the third dimension as your Consciousness is the it doesn't have density but it has plenty of form in the forms are ghosts and entities and dreams and UPS left off energy and energy Czar Earth Centric they want to participate in your experience here on Earth but they don't have the form of a body of a person and so the ego gets fed these energies and loves to jump in and make up stories and in and play with that.
I'm going to school for a second and for those of you that are watching us what you're seeing right now is in our background today
rays of light that are coming up from the speed of creation that are inside this beautiful illuminated sphere of Ascension Consciousness this is you right you see that that's the cross of Perfect Balance that's you right now that imagine that you are that energy you are that cross of Perfect Balance coming up through ascended Consciousness will this is why I having that left brain understanding of everything SRI sharing is so important for November let's go to the November up level calendar because I want to go back to where I was mentioning earlier
this is a choice month we have disclosed experience month on the 31st of October yesterday that's full moon of the divine feminine energy a rose and a direct alignment with the masculine energy of Mars igniting that huge Dome of protection that we tangibly Breeze in the six of us representing the mark above lights tangibly Breeze in here to toast of Blue Mountain that was so profound that when we went up the mountain yesterday a lot of things happened to you later on in the show and here is why I'm showing you the calendar right now I want you go right to the top because here is the message from the cosmic is seen and this was given to me through me to offer to you 13 months ago and so they knew they knew and here it is you are ready. End of story capital letters breathe it in
take it in know it feel it and in a way to bring your hands to whatever chakras calling you right now I just felt a lot of you in the third and I'm feeling a lot of stuff as well bring your hands to whatever shop for you need to close your eyes what's taking a deep Ave saw breath going in through the nose you are ready
and there it is so looking at November 2020 the first thing we see is that this is the last month of this year of the Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and this is very much a full quote calendar month even with the first occurring on a Sunday it is so profound because we have had to stop and the reason that we're all feeling this the reason there's so much intensity is tomorrow Manana Mercury retrograde ends guys and sober curious when raising his head everywhere because it's coming into that position now will still be in that post phase till the 20th but Mercury retrograde itself and as we get bombarded with another up level and we are still in the energy of this blue moon it is the closing night at that blue moon and that 3 Day cycle
so you have that that's final culmination of the Blue Moon you have this Mercury retrograde at its and saying okay here it is we're on winding now 20 more days and we are up leveling 2 of this incredible month we're going to get a amp that's going to be tangibly felt on the third and this entire time. Is going to affect us until December 30th I mean there's just so much going on here and I know you felt it and I know you've seen in the outer world the chaos the polarity the reactivity because remember
energy is energy how you respond is your choice and how it displays is through the co-creative actions of all that are affected while we were literally 12 September okay we were all just like the intensity that we're still here yesterday we actually had a timestamp it because I felt it so tangibly it almost knocked me over we've hit that walk we've hit that moment in this Coast in the concentric Cycles Consciousness where we are in that direct lock position that radiation the good news is what came in on October Thirty One is hanging out until December 30th so the good news is that wow is that some serious support and radiation
the irony is that we're in the stock position where it's going to be you're living every day you're going to be living everyday and so it's it's really kind of ironic because I think you could feel as intense as September different because in the living everyday make everyday matter this is the moment to get it done every day and and also be the guardian of your own sanity means the emergence the problem with density life from the perspective is its hypnotically seductive is Aunt and we are so immersed in the experience in the vibrancy of the emotionally based reality and Elsa polarity perspective
losing yourself right now to living life is to be able to fully be responsible to that which you are connected with to be able to respond for yourself or work or house or whatever it is and to be the witness of the one who is responded now is you witness yourself responding in the day-to-day you will have a smile on your face because the witness doesn't have the investment that the responder does you noticed that you can steer this ship a little more diligently because you have a higher perspective
life rather than identifying with the lateral experience be the radius and then you amplify you want to be in many different locations at once be able to work with many different things and many different worlds than radiate as more than just one being and allow these aspects everyone has this capability right now because this incredible when do the 60 days of November December before us at our field and you know before we go to the ascended numerology because I want to share it with you two things I want to share number one is that we are already in March 20-22 energetically as far as what you know what you're capable imagine what you've been trying to manifest that that all happens fly through that year with yourself that already happened and then literally call it in right now and allow your third chakra the freedom to navigate the
beautiful form and what street and I can attest to is that when you really say yes to that miracles happen miracles happen and ends and you reverse age you are whatever whatever this is what's happening says you know I'm good you're good and so the Bonnie decides that it's controls the spirit and therefore will keep reconfiguring itself cellular likely to support the mission it's actually when we surrender to our deepest most authentic presents that are eternal life restores because the body is designed to serve the mission at that moment the body that has come to experience and partake inform has completed that's what manifest all of these other things and so it's a moment in November to have to really live everyday and it brings us back to yesterday
SRI I want to do any pictures what happened we were you have any of those downloading I want to begin with how many of you actually were able to give yourself the gift of yesterday was really doing it you put out the article you and and again if you haven't seen or done any of that go to and you'll find it in the Articles page it and really connect but I want to read this on we have quite a few come in all of them amazing including last night for dinner and then had our decompress when the sun went down and it was really quite beautiful and sweet hear this one came in from Sandra Day on Saturday when I woke to a beautiful sunny fall day I heard your voice saying notice what you are noticing I heard those words all through the day it was like a mod
I forgot sacred day and wow did I notice I noticed all the beauty of Mother Earth the trees the flowers the brass the sky the fresh air the birds the small creatures in my yard I noticed but I was eating really noticed I noticed what I was thinking it was the most spiritual day hearing only the wind and the birds what a gift and the best part besides spending most of the day outside was that I did not miss or even think about my phone the computer or the TV I heard Street voice saying it's only the habit of the Habit it showed me that was just a little focus and commitment I could break my quote habit wow another wonderful gift because yesterday was such a blessed experience for me I am making it part of my spiritual practices
there is no reason that I cannot do this a couple times a month and it brought me such clarity thank you both for your service to humanity many blessings to you and everyone at toasted Blue Mountains Sandy in Atlanta exactly was Rudy unplugged from the habits Define our experience we discovered the fabric of which the habits are anchors and the fabric is where creation is the fabric is where life intersects is opposed to intersecting with a refraction which is nothing more than a habitual filters and nature is the best place to start is universal it's all out here let's enjoy it
because I love it and you and I really had the same experience very similar which was I will share that the first thing I noticed was that I was breathing so much better knowing that I did not have my schedule handed to me the night before and that every hour of the day is full including I'm told when I can shower and when I can work out and as much as I am grateful to have my availability that way it was also very Illuminating for me that I had forgotten the spaciousness of that and so that was the first thing that I noticed and as we go back to our story unfolding from Friday night when the beautiful six of us that are living here is community in tosa Blue Mountain when do the tennis go under that beautiful protective Dome of that beautiful beautiful divine feminine Moon and direct alignment with that stunning radiant orange beautiful
empowered masculine energy each other and I guess what I need to share is that through that energy it let us know and threw my recognition of the lack of spaciousness it was the first time that we went up the mountain and we had nothing holding us there was there was no reason we had to be down by the first time since we have gone up literally not have anything saying you're going to have to limit this channel we're good we can see but one of the things that struck me yesterday in my personal experience from the schedule the tyranny of time however that comes forward in your life and choose to be present to what is in our case we were present
as of this most sacred and profound Temple that we are by the frequency and the gift of the energy and this Grand cosmic alignment the very Earth we walked with literally the steps were taller it was the mountain seems higher and and and. No brighter the wind was swingers last night when we all got together and start in Spokane and the Miracles the first thing that happened was it a dragon head we're clearing and it was right at the wall which we're all fairly convinced has the doorway into the middle of the mountain literally the
Larson we're fairly confident that's why I was dragging her just coming from and we thought we would not clear it we've been letting it stay we show you where it is and show you this huge but we keep it we're not revealing it yet but it called me and so I woke up with you have all the time you want this is a Time Out of Time literally and Screen I knew it's where we had to go and the first thing which is like a moment after you cross the moat this is not far up the hill the revelation of the Dragons had which has always been there and the wall calling in a way it has never called before followed by the lion head which is right past the first formal entrance to the temple where the energy start shifting very rapidly first time ever the carved I was there and we've never really paid attention to that there was the perfectly carved I as well and that's what we started knowing things had
I'd have one photo I want to share but if you just by way of shut up so what was transpiring in hindsight was more was revealed and we we we we believe but it was revealed I'm sure you're going to eat it after this further or the spiritual reality of this your attainment is your discernment to her senses fail your attainment is your discernment filter or your Veil and this is why any authentic my master will always smile because there's always more a realization is not a postcard saying I've arrived a recognition or a realization is a signal that you're on your journey and the journey keeps going after all
infinite universe as you are an infant I want to show you a picture okay there's never seen this sound like this before this area is we've walked by this many times this is the prophecy Stone this is the one you seen from the other side that has all the glyphs on the top or I'm normally standing up top pointing over at the other people to look at it yesterday I kid you not I was all I I literally almost fell over because we have never ever seen this before it's like this wasn't here so if you gaze at the center of the large stone and you see in the center what looks like it looks like maybe eight
cross secret looks like wings to say here's Wings here's here's Wings here's wings and you see the center on are we eating it now look to the upper left of the photo or do you see the profile of the Lions head and now all of a sudden this Stone looks like it's a lion with this beautiful adornment that he's vest investment there's more to be revealed here so I have been going up there every week which will be available by December one is coming is all coming from up here but this Bliss guys and and what we saw it it screamed at us and again
why have we never seen it before why did it never screamed before also and I'm really inviting you right now because it's so huge please mark your calendar this Tuesday night 5 p.m. Pacific Time Soul mirrors we will be showing you we had a full-blown Woodland creature appear I was literally speaking with it grabs trees phone could not get pictures I was tried and I was like please let us capture we did get the image and we will be revealing that ensuring it because it's all part of his greater magic that's happening in this was all yesterday and this leads to another to take home lesson
beings and energy reality reality itself exists in different dimensional overlay so consider that all the dimensions are here and that your vocal capacity your perceptual ability is so habituated on 3/3 dimensional form that you missed some of the picture it's a little bit like to get off to get the eyes don't see the ultraviolet but if they did the coloring would change what are not so here we are or eyes are perceptual abilities beginning to see more and more and and this Woodland creature is vibrating in and out of the perceptual field and it was a moment when so many people need just one hint of Confirmation and then we got it we got the picture so so Mears Tuesday night get ready to have your mind expanded even more so before we even go there straight
expand more into you ready for me to send any more ology guys I know you are straight pop up the ascended numerology for November now here it is November is so intertwined with December that posted at our website right now is the full November and December numerology and charting so if you really want to hear more about this if you really want to understand it and if ever there was a time to understand why they did it is right now right on the homepage graphic the entire thing because as you can tell just by looking at this chart you think we're going to be playing ping pong for a little while dies.
just look at the chart and what's happening is is that the higher Consciousness frequency is going to have a great challenge but it has it is beautiful pyramid of incidence support surrounding it and so let's start with the basics we are coming in at a 7 so November is coming right in like an arrow into your third eye look over to the body November is all about your vision and it's a choice energy right what are you choosing to see what are the choices before you so November has just arrived and it's like overnight you just had this blast hit your third eye which means you're being forced to look you're you're going to see the question is who's commanding what you see your higher Consciousness or your body right and this is what happens in mediately every single month this year
sometimes we get this is what it's 20/20 so it means we're going to blast from the arrival of November and this time it's going to go down it's going to go through it's going to go from your sixth chakra where it's been so what is the energy meeting it is a root Center is it that fractured for chakra that still got safety issues or is it that piece filled for chakra that says yeah we got this go for it and it ignites the double incident because that's the gift right that double infant and out of the four you see those two purple arrows that is where you want to be hanging out and so where do you want to be hanging out you want to be hanging out in your left side Divine energy 11th and that means your roots centerpiece is lifting up into your left Divine energy ready to up level immediately tomorrow
where your high heart charge this month that means ascended presents that means support like you've never seen it if you're saying yes to it I mean check out this ride eyes is this the best I mean really so when we look at this back over on the wheel we started at the seven and then from the seven we went right to wear to the four follow the black arrows eye color coded them so from the seven follow those black arrows all the way up and around the 12 to the four what that saying is you've got the protection in the access to the higher wisdom if you want it and then the gift is at 4 as we don't go back into the bath of our divine nature and when we came back out we were right there at that 11 giving our first point of stability between the 7 and the four and what's going to happen tomorrow
we're actually going to go back to the nine for another moment of anchoring stability where we will hang out until the 20th when will go back up to that 11 again until we're going to culminate this month with this amazing full moon eclipse up level and guys there's just too much to Sharon one show but taking a breath because I know you're feeling it right I'm sorry you feeling all my heart and soul I really wrote a really strong comprehensive overview because this is not one is. It's November everything I just shared with you is still going to happen in December plus so November and December are one energy everything that's happened in this early part of November will not resolve until like December 30th but the blessing and we've had this traffic here all year to see how we
what is beautiful dragonfly and here's this moment of ignition where your lightstream is able to meet the light stream of ascended Consciousness where the expanding Consciousness this the traffic's been in front of you all year this is the moment right this is the moment and you know what street if we actually have the ascended Consciousness which I think we do that would help I thought we did the flow of Consciousness okay nevermind so this is it can you let's both Roloff spring for a minute so this in the middle here this is this linear timeline of co-creation this is you in perfect balance standing as the one who is ignited and what happened yesterday was that your ascendant Consciousness was able to and more than just a small little Pierce their this was that distance of each knew it all now lined up because this out or spear see this
big huge right to speak to you. Our Spirits here ever expanding within to this moment now and so as we do that before we jump to the phone lines and ensure a little more about the energies this is a moment right now where I know a lot of you have your hands raised to talk to Sri we have some other people have been sending an Ascension symptom questions yes this is the head moment guys but it's also the route because remember that route Center if I just showed you on the ascended numerology every single month this year wherever that energy first came in its remember the energy comes in it's like boom boom because it's 3 it's always the Trinity the month the song right the whole the whole year to get out of the month of the year and the sum of the month of the year so month year out that has happened now
for the 11th time and so there's this is one of those and a lot of split between root and Crown lot of split between the final frontier isn't it especially when the ascended heart opens tomorrow the distraction is the challenge and I just want to read to you this is the official 2021 predictions which I put out already and I'll be sharing with you now some of them and if you subscribe to Sedona Journal you already have them and they will be up on our website by tomorrow at 3 to the first paragraph about the year ahead because it really has already been lived and this is the key is that everything you're going to read about the year ahead you've already lived and received the the gift of the choice of that in a month where choices the energy you see where that choice energy is coming in again because next year is a choice year yet
and so really inviting that multi-dimensional presents to receive let me just share with you twenty 21 the harmonic flow of the three gates and the twelve Cycles this year was a single cycle member that next year is 12 Cycles within a cycle and so that talk about a compression and that's really going to squeeze that that spiral of Consciousness and so you're just going to get compressed and so how are you compressing you either going to hold tight you're going to you're going to shrink or you're going to expand but you're going to eat you won't have a choice everything is compressing and we're going to have 12 Cycles within Cycles next year it's the first thing I've written about it welcome to a truly Dynamic here that will invite to go beyond the boundaries of the accepted Paradise the one energy is calling
those who choose to enter deeply into the divine nature of the interdimensional weaving of energy as the Limitless nature of Pure Flow and not sure little keyed what's coming next year I also love that after the galactic encyclopedia it's the lessons of Oneness that's another one of those great accidents that that will be teaching starting in 2021 so I'm just excited about that too I really am humbled and and also passionate that this is the time you have waited for and it's time to stop delaying your commitment to the essence of who you really are the miracle of the cycle of the ages the miracle of Ascension energy is the opportunity to come into call it right relationship with your soul
to understand that the ego is a vehicle for navigating density not a definition of your Divinity the ego is nothing more than a childlike lens that we use for interacting with form and enjoy it and have fun with it but don't let it drive the vehicle the hives over the years we talked about you don't check your ego in the car seat don't let it drive the car because it's it's got the wisdom of a child so here we are at this amazing time where time is compressing the the timelines are you we're surfing them were able to consciously more aligned with the authentic energy of the power of our souls capacity and yes to the habitual way of looking at things it could be a little frightening
a little odd heifer word comes to the hot challenge V
now we're getting to break the paradigms in a way that is far beyond any teenage rebellion we are still at the rocks that no longer serve our expansion as beings of infinite love the constructs which do not authentic Lee lineup and whether those are social or political and ended one level of experience or whether their belief systems and lenses of perception at your own highest seemingly highest level of connection there's more always there's more than you have ever dreamed of because the you that is dreaming is Earthbound unlimited literally it's about letting your dreams dream your biggest dream and then and then I love how you're stirring up because one of them was a beautiful gift that happened yesterday
Rupp is that this beautiful area that that is lovingly being called The Pines and it's this beautiful area this time for us it's very very fast and there were these four Pines standing together that called tree and I there and what happened there and the way it happened there and then it was right after that communion that says being appeared to show us an area the right there and say look this is the Lost Grotto of the Pines and people need to sit in here and it was incredibly healing and the message that was so clear and we have video of this in the installment that came through it again it'll all be on Tuesday night but the message was so clear stop resisting and start receiving and I know when that message came in yesterday I was very clear and mediately and saw where the resistance is are so I invite you to to really give yourself the blessing to stop resisting and start receiving and in order to do that we often have to stop resisting
the idea of not resisting you know it goes so deep right with the level of your perception when when you're able to start witnessing the witness sir then you begin to see around the edges of the curtain you begin to recognize that you are in a grande habit of identity thing that happened yesterday and that was the thing with the ninth Dimension story that I sent up today let's go back so you know that we have been talking about since 2018 you can sit right down there that we were the 5th dimensional witness sir is The Wiz
can you sing the you the witness witness yourself that's the that's very popular and very very easy to do and the ego loves it and awesome right because it gives rise to the 5th dimensional witness sir and The 5th Dimension witness are arises through compassion when we wrap our arms around ourselves with enough I am I love me enough holding compassion for herself really doing the honest forgiveness work really saying is letting the eagle relaxed that then we can from that anchor space and I want you to notice in this graphic you see where we stand up the greatest presents and it's been here since this was first put out is when we enter our 7th dimensional witnessing you see how are wings become more functional there are no longer a framework
they are an active presence and you see their side beautiful like Crystal and sphere and you see all the bubbles and you see behind the head there's like three more heads to Trinity of experience that's when we release our judgment expanded presents that we are and are able to list into the ninth where we are commanding because we become the witness again if you gaze around the outer rim of this you see that there are eight there's there's the what look like the the diamonds are the pyramids coming in it would be the north south east west and then each of the corners what looks like maybe the squares this is the eighth dimensional presents and what happened yesterday and was so profound was that I had the blessing of spending the entire time in active 9th dimensional frequency as the active Witness
looking beyond that and as freaking share at once I I I do remember Street one point saying to me I think we should get you down off the mountain yet I was very aware of everything that was happening and I and I think it's important to talk about this because the year ahead we are being called into that because you have already anchored it we are capable of making these higher jumps and there are so many people we are literally time surfing that is what we are doing because it's who you are at your truth and then there was none of those of you that know about Solaria to Landstuhl audiologia pay attention to the fact that Mars isn't direct alignment as this beautiful empowered energy holding open that Ray for that full design feminine to come forward the next moment everything is about the divine feminine it is
building and the first critical other than the 60 days and how we're going to culminate this year the first critical days I mean like really massively critical date of 21 is the March Equinox because it will be a time surfing experience past and future that could come back to the moment we're creating right now and you might have to replay this a couple times to really catch that but I know your Mastery presents got it
and if you have any doubts then it's time to tune in more because it's not just words it is an energetic that is intended to resonate with a deeper level of knowing inside of you when we can begin to feel the energy behind the words we begin to touch something that is more pure and more essential than Concepts words or concepts in there either batted around
which looks like our ascendant numerology for November actually we are a community that is awake and this is why we are here we are with you on Sunday said again on Tuesday at Monday magic and we are exploring the energy and the truth of conscious Ascension stealth Ascension is a reclaiming of the truth of who you are while you are still here in for that sacred Union where the body has said yes and you know as we've been talking about the ascending numerology and we're going to share a lot more not go anywhere we're getting to you I do want to remind us all of something that we started talking about last week and I want to go back to Einstein ascendant numerology and what is happening in this moment and that is very simple
will do the Einstein first and that is right here I want you to look at everything is energy and that's all there is to it match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality it can be no other way this is not philosophy this is physics and concerning matter we've all been wrong what we have called matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the Sun to the senses there is no matter why is that so important to remember because when we when our senses
are attuned to our higher dimensional frequency then we are vibrating at a higher frequency there by our body and this is what we were talking about earlier our body we organizes itself to support that higher frequency and yes Dramatics just happened with that but it comes to that steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust employee rights that framework of support that ignites that Taurus field where you become that zero point generator of energy we are by your Consciousness is reignited and we're by the body is actually joyfully sustained so I want you to really feel that and breathe that in because we are at a moment where with the Kali Yuga Rising with the energy that is coming forward with the fluidity of all that is we are sitting in the moment of a crucible of a choice
and this is where we want to be in every moment and and how we nourish matters so I want to remind you that nourishment was yesterday a day like yesterday was to nourishment a lovely letter from the from Sondra and many others sharing the same thing. Nourishment comes when we get ourselves enough to have that compassion wrapped around when we say you know what I am distracted enough I do notice that when I connect with that how many times do you connect with a device of any type and suddenly you're agitated your anxiety increases your addicted to that you like that even if it's making you angry or upset you're actually addicted to what that's doing to you your spirit can offer you the exact same physical experience through
Joy perceptor versus a Tech 1 remember that Tech is your servant just like your mind is your servant and just like the mind has been allowed to control the check is being allowed to control and when the tech controls the mind you are now two layers removed from the truth of who you are not that you're not there it's just getting harder to find and this is what we talked about all last year about how that cement was coming in and it was going to get really tough and that it would make it harder and harder it's not that the you is not there it's that there's no extra layers around saying yes to it so thank you for all of you who said yes to yourself yesterday and for all of you that are continuing to say after yourselves and I want to say that one of the blessed our our physical nourishment the way that we get to nourish our bodies
I want to remind you all back up here for second is this other famous quote in food leaves a deep impression on our nature if the whole world adopts vegetarianism it can change the destiny of humankind powerful world to be a powerful word destiny because of living in a very clean fuel diet plant-based diet is that were able to walk in nature and there is no fear the animals do not fear us nor do we have a residual reflection of fear when we see an animal and the other thing is it certainly has to do with the Equinox Eco cycles of of the earth to be able to come into a Natural Balance going to preach on that other than to remind you
wonderful quality nourishment can arise from a vegetarian kitchen that will blow your mind
after my
tell me the name again it was acute mesenteric ischemia
where the doctor said and
vegetarianism never never changed the key when we give ourself the gift of clean living and Clean Diet we become happier we're able to really selfish send an amazing Chef Douglas who is one of our family he's part of the merkabah of our sex and of course our beloved Bria and today's short film about 5 minutes it down might want to write this one down or grab it again in the video I do so enjoy spring I will be back in 5 minutes while you nurse yourself a lot of show to go today see you soon
hello everybody Welcome to the tilt of the mountain kitchen where Chef Douglas is going to show us how to make a garbanzo bean curry with veggies because the last group that was here really loved it and they requested that just make a video
but I know what this is
sprouted garbanzo beans
Indian toes and yellow peppers diced with ginger juice with broccolini from the garden dark out we're getting some broccolini and the garden boiled in water
SNL cast sesame oil cinnamon
tablespoon of ghee
epic seven
first day of the mushrooms
with the geek
but I will let you know.
you are able instrumental me who Liana yellow bell peppers
and along with the ginger as well
what do they have mushrooms carrots yellow bell peppers and Ginger
I don't know what's best for 5 to 6 minutes
NBA mobile
I would rather.
set the garbanzos 3 4 minutes and then add the tomato
money we win money money
Camino Del Curry
play my late night cream
you got through
Cocoa Cinnamon
hello, Altima
Laura Vandervoort even boiled in water for a little bit
play bar at the top on and cook for about 5 minutes
Justin Bieber
got a license.
Lafayette Amigos
That Fun Place Douglas and I hope you guys make that recipe and let us know how you enjoy it we are really blessed that really shifted lust has become family here and our heart just things that it was really such a beautiful blessing that through what happened in his life and and how everything just kind of came together and so once again magic is afoot and we are nourishing so we want to go back to something we were talking about right before we went in and this is about nourishing ourselves especially because I'm just going to show you again quickly that offended numerology chart for November because remember that I'm going to quickly show you this one here it is the up level calendar for November it is a choice month and it is our final months transformation through timeline adaptation now we are going to go right into this Mercury retrograde ending plus up level event Monday and it is
the culminating evening of the Blue Moon energy that we called in yesterday so this is this whole week this whole month does incredible what's happening in front of us and remember that with the ascending numerology because trees going to want to be talked about you this talking to you about this and just a moment and here it is all about your beloved body November is a 7 it's always three energies literally shot into your head and then it went great. So whatever was rolling around in your head where is your thoughts Bend where is your Third Eye Blind if your Consciousness is then the good news is you got a nice heavy dose of higher Consciousness into your root chakra to help it feel even more piece build and then that bouncing back up to that 11 of your Divine man really calling in Your Divine energy that left side
energy that's what's happening right now now because tomorrow all of that energy is going to get pulled right back into your high heart the body is going through a lot and we've had a lot of you sending us emails about those symptoms as well as treat let's let's dive into that what I'm I'm really fascinated by it's like you don't third eye route and then hello right I'm up here on my left side going how's it going and then tomorrow this is all going to hit the high heart
well let's pause for a second the ascended numerology is so accurate and in somewhat complex it first visit that sometimes the mind gets in the way of understanding the flow of of what is being communicated and I want to offer all of you a foundational piece that's just really important this body of form is a vessel for your spirit
my body is a temple for my Divine Spirit to express through the body to engage other beings to cultivate the learnings and of of density the learnings of expanding Spirit into form and to bring that wisdom back to Oneness talk to the one so this is kind of this sacred Mission so the body there for
has evolved as Consciousness has evolved but the body is was created in Perfection from the get-go the Consciousness has Miss identified over the Millennia so when we first took birth into form did we take birth into a Garden of Eden and Plenty or do we take birth into a consensus of fear starvation lack of those kinds of energy because actually you had both it in your in your realm of experience the reason I say that is the root chakra the foundational chakra of the body is located in your pelvis
now your skeleton is the structure upon which all this physicality hague's you know your your your skeleton is the foundation for the body and when we have a skeletal system then we start and this may sound cruel but it's kind of real we just have to use as leverage to push and pull and walk you through life and the organs in the end the vessels and all of everything else is connecting everything to the guidance system so I'm going to come back to the foundation your root chakra is in your skeletal system it's in the pelvis which is the biggest bone the foundation upon which we navigate we walked the spinal column connects and grounds of the pelvis
are you grounded and fear or are you anchored in your spiritual nature song is being compressed and pull down because fear keeps you in the downward spiral or literally lift you up so that you are not compressed or calcified and that you are able to receive we're in the moment right now where the ascended Kundalini is is trying to pulse through your spine and what I can share with you is the vibration of it is so high that you need to prepare your spine for it and as seriously this is the moment to be moving that spine it will come learn ascended yoga 20/20 with us get down here do it you know we're going to put out a video hopefully soon but this is the moment to be moving the spine guys because that is
what's happening in this tell this energy shree thank you the reason I'm offering this to you as number one is to give you some conceptual tools with which will help you understand the frequencies when we as beings identify with the density mean the Forum in the separate nurse in the competition black and separation and I'm seeking to heal that through community Through My Tribe but how can you heal that which is anchored in a falsehood
it's an experience not a resolution it's an experience that you can have for a lifetime or more so this is why in the in the you-know-what Carolyn mace bless her butt years ago was the one that popularized medical intuition and her root chakra understanding was about fear was about tribal needs and what I've noticed over the years to my own discernment in my own experience with beautiful clients who have shared with me is that it isn't just about bringing your spirit now that's seven chakra in your connection up here so I enjoy that it isn't just about bringing spirit in the form its anchoring your skeletal system as I am a spiritual being formed
High part tomorrow I am spiritual being and my nature is service what is the nature of love is to expect that service is so when we begin to Foundation lies in the very core of a Barbie I am a spiritual being I am here to serve the expansion of Awakening then my root chakra okay let's move let's go let's go we are in flow because spirit and love is expansive and then the next step is one of the gifts that I've learned along the way what are my natural abilities and a great one right so the root chakra van is about service it's about the essence of your being and this is why it is the energy
it goes from the energy of safety and that's a big shift because the energy of safety is paying I need to stay safe at Altos I will give up everything for the perception of being safe because I so do not trust me I have given all my power away because only you can do that and that's the good news because that means you can claim it back how easy is that it's so easy the other a chakra that we were talking about so how many of you
amazing spiritual experiences and observations Revelations whatever my feet and you can't quite ground it they can't quite integrated in fact it's almost disruptive these experiences
so that's your wake-up call yeah what are you saying is the foundation of my chakra system is incompatible with the expansion of my information and truth because I have brought into my core the complete Trust of my spiritual nature the trust of the Divine expressing as me and that the device pressing through me and ask me can only happen when two things honestly take place you are in balance with the divine feminine of your own being and however that expresses but the divine feminine feminine in the masculine must be in Collins and so that's the first thing that has to happen and the second thing is that your ego has relaxed totally
I'm not supposed to mention the ego is a necessary tool for an individual ated form we don't want to step in front of the bus you know we learn the lessons of density we keep the body out of Harm's Way that's not much more than that it is to keep the situation everything else was at it was an overgrowth so you can shift this this is not an indication that you're messing up this is the discernment of where you want to go and what what is the healing that is needed to fully anchor Divine love into this body now where you really need to be and I know you're saying Charlie just wanted to see if we just anchored V and for those of you that did that with us life thank you and if you didn't come do it again is that our website living in The 5th Dimension
call everyone into the seventh because of its eight dimensional it's like the 8th Dimension is coming in and it's not that it's closing off access to the 9th it's just that there's not enough folk there's not enough energy in the 7th and this is our moment to stand and our moment to stand we have been granted this beautiful opening and really the gift of experiencing ever fully really experienced each day don't waste any one of them we have is beautiful. Between right now in December 30th manifest it put it into action do it don't hold back say yes let's start coming forward take the leap right because just the opposite is going to happen right in front of you and it's going to happen with so much focus and so has polarity that if you're not careful it will shut this down
and so that energy is for us to decide and I want to show you one more time the energy flows for all of this year for 2020 because this is what's really important to remember you see right up at the top where that beautiful beautiful dragonfly is that's that top where the Cycles have come together now where it opened where the dragonfly starts lifting it's like a lasso tied to the heart and it's pulling it all of this energy up in the twenty20 and so October just close with that blue moon energy that is still bouncing over to November and October just sealed the energy as he's with a chalice receiving all and an offering all or the upper Plains callus or it's sealed as a pyramid that has gone deep into density to Anchor itself with the choice
to be living up in the I holding open the portal of Awakening now here's the good news we can balance this energy in this month November is the last month of this year a Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation we can balance that you see how oft Oberon November are between the two hands they hold the balance because they are part of the time surfing this is the culminating month of that because December will anchor the profound shift that will call back in that which was in July and August
and we'll set the two pillars for this entire year and how this energy flies into 2021 and as you're staring at this in this final month of choice because December is going to be another awareness month. He has to open our eyes to see what the head even more
we have an opportunity right now to say yes to listen to the 7th Dimension to give it a try and to really say yes to yourself so so the next couple months are huge go to screen share. Com read the entire article that has the complete ascendant numerology because it's one unit and the sooner you read it the sooner you can really get the blessing of it and I want to jump over the one that's talk radio hotline 517-208-1500 because we have so many people to happen and so let's go ahead and pick a hand right here so pick a hand any hand SRI where you going which hand are we going to are drawn to the unknown drawn to the unknown okay we have or are they there it is we have that unknown wireless caller that has raised their hand so unknown wireless caller
okay great I'm told you I wasn't already
yes I had a question for I can run a mini sewing but I did have a quick question for me I've been having like mosquito mosquito the not mosquitoes I know they're not biting me but they didn't keep a bumping Lights I've been through what part of your body are you noticing this on everywhere I don't know what to offer to you in general is remember that your skin is an organ of elimination and when the skin eruption has irritation it means were asking it to do more than it was comfortable doing you know it's it's it's
toxicity through the skin now what that might be is very individual but the key here is to do two things one of them is talk to yourself and say what what am I releasing that no longer serves me and when we bring Consciousness to that which we're releasing it resolved much more quickly than trying to press it through the organ of of your skin I actress that makes sense so I'm not here to diagnose what you might be working on it you to relax into the truth that you're growing that's something is transitioning and go ye
can you sweetheart
very good because as tree with sharing with you what I was experiencing is that within you there is this constant voice that just doesn't stop and this voice just constantly asking questions doubting going on in the background just just all over the place and that part of what's happening is that your body is also showing you that you are being you are being eaten by that which is not what you really are asking for yet you are letting it be
and they're saying that you are your gift of being is to relax even more and to start trusting you again in a way that you have not before and that as you do it's like this door that that you closed will open and you're going to see a lot more than you saw before and so it is thank you for joining us today my love many blessed thank you thank you I'll tell you what we have another Rays Tanning here from Denver Colorado
my name is Sue
I got a question
what can I do
believe in myself
first of all I want you to take in a deep breath right now and sincerely bring your hands to your heart and the first thing you can do is know that you got on the air
and to know that you believe in yourself enough to make a call to wait to hold to not hang up and to know that you know what I believe in nothing myself to know that this is my moment and everything around you I kid you not everything all these you have like these huge I mean like a huge being around you like I keep hearing the word like the Trojan like like cuz they're these big like Warriors they're saying that for a fact so that they're saying we are saying is perfect so that you know what they look like and they're like a first line of defense and and what they're saying is that you have had beautiful doors open in front of you and now it is your moment to say yes to the one that your heart is singing with and that believing in you Begins by taking the action that keeps those doors open
and that each time a door opens it is still your choice to receive it and that in this moment and I think we are all feeling what I'm feeling right now in both my throat and my heart chakra so I'm going to put my hands in this moment right now in this very second
stop believing in yourself
it's about saying yes to the master that's already present
this moment they are gazing directly at you
directly and they are inviting you just simply say yes
even if it's just for this moment
and feel a spaciousness in a release and a smile because the more we smile the more we send the signal to the universe that we are here we are ready we are open and size me your guided you are amazing and this was an Attunement for you and for everyone else who's asking the same question so thank you for being the warrior today and for believing in yourself to make this call because you just helped a lot of other people thank you honey I love you so much
I think we all just need to take a moment because I also want to look at the timing with this November one right now with this up level remember the Mercury retrograde what has the Mercury retrograde been let us not forget this giant mirror right this was that massive mirror of mercury that was just a luminating everything and so as we're really coming into that energy as that mirror is really getting ready to just say okay that lights going to shift because now that lights on right you got that light was bright that like was prepped for this lights so you're going to go from that Mercury retrograde in your face mirror to this basically 60-day window of illuminated presents what is being illuminated really breathe that in and so I love how do I trust myself I love that very much
wheelchair for all of us that want to trust ourselves more deeply to believe in ourselves more deeply is to Simply practice affirming the truth which is I am love I am light and in this moment I trust myself breathe breathing deep I am love I am light and in this moment I trust myself
by bringing our Focus to something essential like that the non-essential begins to fade and I think one of the things I've observed so many times is people are struggling with that which is in the way rather than affirming that which is working well I am love
and I love myself enough to call
I am light
and in this moment I trust myself and by practicing those declarations with hand on heart and breathing we begin to widen the space of the non verbal essence of the truth of who we are nothing to prove just be it I love that where we going next we have colors everywhere is right let's let's hear okay looks like we have first time sweetheart, can you give me yeah you sound great
thank you
I just want to say that I'm so grateful for all the support you can make enough to use and really blessed if you care to give me a thank you for some for most for your being here right now for your presence I feel you and I would invite you right now to really receive that you know is that that smile of recut they just keep saying receive recognize remember receive recognize remember it's like you have all of this incredible energy that's all around you and they're saying that every time you go to the little bit deeper receive even more you know an every time you receive every more Evermore recognize pay attention to what's been happening around that and then it will help you remember and they're saying that the thoughts you're having
that you're just not sure a real are very real and that this is a moment for you to say yes and that they hear you and they see you and that your prayers are heard and so it is I'm so glad you got through I love you honey thank you
thank you thank you so much into the energy right now and I want to share we had up a little bit earlier the pyramid Spiritual Awakening with the dimensional overlays on it because we're living in this multi-dimensional experience and this this really is a very actually know about the time but it's really kind of very accurate diagram of what just happened with the closing of October that if we have anchored as this pyramid then you can see that all of the lights has been pulled all the way up to the very top where the Ascension Consciousness is which means that there needs to be nice to mention alenquer to hold it open and that would I called kind of like the joy portal there or the the glass elevator that holds open that chalice that
portal is within density Consciousness but it's it has all these layers that has all these other things being put around it's becoming harder to find and so this is a moment to really look at the Consciousness experience because that is the moment we are in as we move into a very big week you know taking that's the the November energy into even ahead where is now it's boom tomorrow high heart is where it's going to Anchor as we lift through the Peterbilt of Spiritual Awakening which are simply designations or strata of attainment Consciousness do this one before we go back to that because it's important to understand that the evolutionary process is one of lift it begins at the heart
is where we begin to open and if you take a look at spiritual activism there you'll see the transition from the power energy the yellow chakra energy into the green of the heart because the heart begins to come online and to offer the world however it's working through the lens of the ego which now is more spiritual it is still US versus them in your group doesn't or something is wrong with you or them or you know it is caring that that judgment stop saying is you noticed how the green gets really green before it gets the blue your heart can also be your limiting factor and it is what it is it's the hard as overlaid with the level of Consciousness that you're tearing a beautiful things can happen when the heart activate even in the den
contrived and all that is beautiful but the thing that really strikes me in it and the other drawing that I want to bring forward so I lost my track where is if we took it take a look at these dimensional overlays these energy when we enter The 5th Dimension energy what we are is is best personified by forgive them they know not what they do The Fifth Dimension is of clarity that is characterized by compassion we recognize and hold love for all and that we're in the space of forgiveness however even within that space that ability to forgive there still are some colorations meeting you do some some beans or more complete with that than others when we are anchoring in the 7th dimensional energy
lifting further up to the eye of the pyramid what we're saying is I'm I have released the habit of judging others
you know it were that very famous Rumi out beyond all Notions of rightdoing in wrongdoing there is a field I will join you there is is a beautiful expression of that nice eventual energy of I am non-reactive to the content of the courser vibrations I am 1180 love emanating Clarity and I'm in a non-judgmental space
and so this is a beautiful remembering a beautiful teaching them that we you you you you you you
we all know this space is part of us it's wired in the question is what are you energizing where are you identified are you identifying with the struggle in the polarity or are you identifying with the magic of the world that would allow diversity to express when we begin to look through the conflicts and see the ones that is animating everything we're moving into that 9th dimensional space we're moving in or 7th dimensional space we're moving into the place where all it is beautiful journey of completion without the need to interfere
and would you not want that for yourself would you wouldn't got one other beans to look at you and say I love you and I celebrate you a growth and your choices and keep going because I can see how that could become stereotype and so I do want to jump in and because there is always the empowered balance that's with that this is not everybody gets an a no matter what no no no no no this is the empowered side of that the empowered face of that and in this moment right now and I again want to share with you because I think it's important to remember in this time compression moment that we are in November and December are one energy and we are inserting as of March 2022 which if you look down across the bottom that year 2 years from now will be an awareness here
if you look there at the bottom left we right now are in an experienced year and we just completed our final experience month this is our last Choice month the choice we make a November absolutely aspect what is going to happen and so as we are in this this November choice this will amplify the 2022 awareness that you have already got coming into your Consciousness right now and I know that the more I say it it starts getting a little loopy because that's exactly what it is it's a loop it's a time served and we have been practicing surfing together doesn't he live in the lineage holders we've been doing this together now for several years you're ready to do the looping and that's what's happening is that we are being invited into that Loop in this rare opportunity and so as we move through this moment
imagine give yourself the gift of saying yes I just want to color said how do I trust myself right give yourself a gift of saying yes wait a minute I am wiser than I was yesterday and that's because I have I do understand that I have every time we use the word understand those of you that are with us and Monday magic you can learn the code words of Ascension just join us it's virtually free to get in there every Monday night and so understanding is what left brain receptivity so when we are able to really understand and give Credence to are multi-dimensional presence which is why in this moment we also have this convergence where Einstein and the reason I'm making sure nobody remembers ice is because we are at a moment where Einstein is being irrefutable proven like like well now it's like well right yeah he was right we if we have known this without the need for that aspect of it however the fact of that at
start coming together means that more are being invited to wake up faster there by their left brain still needs to understand this is that moment of choice and the understanding is being given this brings us back What's Happening Here tosa Blue Mountain you know what happened yesterday the installment that came through our greater depth of understanding what we're starting November Twenty-One will talk about next week and what's getting started that will be building up to the equinoxes and the WWE Global Summit we are in a profound moment live each day fully how much can you jam into a day with joy go to bed each night going wow look what happened today right give yourself. Yes for the until December 30th
there's so much going on and if we start dancing with these energies with some fear and doubt our body is going to have a more reactive experience right to head back over to bbsradio and we'll say it looks like online 3 weeks from New York Namaste hello
thank you thank you so much I'm a part of your Monday magic and I tried to catch you on Tuesdays and I'm so excited I am here on Sunday at blood
I would say I would like a little bleeding for me please it's my honour honor this beautiful beautiful the word they want me to use is Guru but but it's so much more but this beautiful Guru came forward and just said it is my honor to serve and and this Google who is above me right now has a beautiful like a white turban gray hair beautiful skin smile and it's like choosing it you and I'm aware that he that says it's very it's masculine but he saying make sure she knows that you and I are together make sure she knows that the voice is one that there is the one that has always been with you and that was in that
fun is the power that you have always thought and that as you relax deeper now into that blessing that you are and as you release all that has ever held you tight may your hearts filled with freedom that is yours to claim and the breath of the life you have been waiting to breathe breathe and now my daughter my wife my lost one the one that I have known for many eons the sister of the brother the cousin the mother the father they all this is your moment now to feel your hands as they are filled with the vibration of this Divine experience feel them eliminate now
and then as you wish breathe and call them into your heart and together we are ready to stand forward again and so it is
Bachelorette Becca
thank you so much
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much that was a beautiful gift he played for me cuz I'm not I'm still not quite sure but I'm unsure why would I feel this was a beautiful moment conversing sharing and living our lives that to just pause for a moment to breathe deeply and to connect with the Greater Community
we do not travel alone you are so loved there are so many Angelic masterful beings that are here to support and guide and that we don't need to name names or pick numbers we just need to trust that this mission of being here in this body is supported by the entire universe you are loved so much so much so much so we're going back to those phone lines where we going straight alright we're over here at 1
well I tell you what okay we're going to Pleasanton California is it in California
a little Heidi cry oh my goodness everything you're saying is so right on and I'm so grateful that you took my car and really trying to do
everything you're saying I'm just like him just right there to move into everything but I'm just wondering if you could give me some insight on Trinity West blocking me sweetheart just relax and analogy relaxing I'm feeling like a heavy energy in your hand and also your belly it's like I just want to invite you to say take your hands to your belly and just even if just in this one moment Healy relax I mean really really really just just on this moment I can just in this one second I can claim a Quantum experience of relaxation
and I can feel filled with peace and I can feel myself dancing and smiling and creating
and I feel the truth of this
what is just breathe in
and receive receive receive because everything around you is lined up
and it's about the you that is asking the question trusting the you that just shared that gift with you and I want you to go back and listen to this again and again and again to breathe it in right now because this is your moment and your moment just also ignited a lot of other people's moments so thank you my love we're really blessed, thank you thank you both so much we love you honey more than time I'm really trying to stay present with all of you and yet our community today I think was so beautiful that we really are practicing multi-dimensional Community because certainly I know I'm having a very multi-dimensional experience and that means that more if you are too and I'm enjoying the Greater Community that that is expanding around us all right now and that's again because of this very much
that ignited Friday night when that beautiful blue moon a rose and direct alignment with Mars and that divine feminine came forward and Union with the Mars energy created this beautiful Dome is incredible protection and I'm sure that's right there you guys because check that out if you did not see this in the first half of the show we were let's try the other one before this which was the Mars Rising there it is so here we are let's look at this one too so this was taken at about 6:59 p.m. as we coming up over the Compadres mountains and straight up there that is Mars and then here we are okay with that one and then here we are just a little bit later
top top of the mountain look at the beautiful Dome of protection and the radius and the rainbow energy all contains a divine feminine at the center of the circle in her full radius of Mars and direct alignment coming together and sing it is time and we tangibly call this in Friday night of course it was Amplified incredibly profoundly yesterday on the 31st today we are still in that energy and tomorrow is the up level when that energy unified moment and I think that's why everybody today is popping right when is pop all of you are on the any Soul readings I'm still like really trying to be here
I'm doing my best guys say it's okay we are all learning how to surf at Freddy's night at Freddy the first time you tried to stand up to be a little wobbly every log We Trust ourselves a Duff to know that we're safe to expand beyond the comfort zone of the familiar
right now this is where we are because what is familiar is comforting to the ego to the inner child and into the Eagles around us and this was one of the challenges that we all have how many of you has you have grown have annoyed some of your friends or family that I've used it annoyed with quotes or maybe surprised challenge their level of Consciousness because we emanated energy it's not just the words we use while you have an instant attraction to others that you don't it's the energy of a Nation we always meet as energy first that's how you always have liked that sends for the adaptation that's why sometimes you can feel one way about someone and then you meet them another time and you feel a different way that's showing you how far their energy can fluctuate it's not that the first time you met them they weren't an energy emanating the way they are it's showing you how they carry their fluff
graciousness with Wesley a tune to be able to recognize that energy is where we meet energy this is where the star Consciousness becomes so incredibly valuable because you really are owning the witness sir you are witnessing you are in that forgive them they know not what they do love them they know not what they do and when you attain this level of the yoga's health Ascension you see the highest of all you will always see their highest whether they're living it or not you will always see it and so that's how you will interface with them and by doing that you know it's like years ago and they said if you want to see auras hang out with people who see auras well if you want a higher level of Consciousness be with those that are hired holding a higher level of Consciousness because they're seeing you and your highest and that's what they will emanate toward you which means you will either lift up to see that receive it be it and live it or it will polarize you the other way because you can't either way you're clear and that
the gift it's all about the clarity right the clarity is where we all definitely want to be important to also suspend judgment about yourself and others because to mention there's timing timing is Right timer wrong time I mean when does the seed germinate how does the flower bloom to you are a flower if you have your own pace you have your own time in your own fullness and just because that beautiful mind of yours may say I'm going here but the rest of you isn't quite ready doesn't mean anything's wrong it just means you got a glimpse of what's coming trust your process and Champion did you know there is a delicate balance between just sitting on the couch and taking actions to support the happening taking action is the number one property of the masterful being inform is you're willing to be
response able able to respond and to be responsible for your experience which is in front of us right now and there is a moment that is going to be a moment every day and you have all these beautiful days to experience it get to Sri and Kira. Com read the full ascending numerology and be there Tuesday night it's only cuz there's a lot more to share your beloved ones as we come to a close for today take a deep breath
and feel the joy of your true being this and from that place may you remember that all is truly well
thank you for joining us as screen Carolina to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 and you're you next week, today

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