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Sri and Kira Live, May 31, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three injury law that's our world out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors and you're a rotten floor these Mysteries offer live open up your mind body and spirit are dimes that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and time with wisdom here are SRI and Kira
Namaste Beloved Community Our Eyes Are Open hey look at this this was made for me by the local kanyari this is a hand-woven real we support the women's Co-op real hand-woven Panama Hat hand-painted for me with all these beautiful eyes and I don't know but it's gold there a connection and June the eyes are open right now so we just wanted to say welcome what a huge show today is there is so much going on today
welcome to all of our listeners at BBS radio and one is talk radio and you can catch the live video and Facebook so we are making it easy to stay in touch join the community say hi and the chat and get ready because June is a dynamic this is a dynamic show we have got some goodies and star wide-open they are filling fast you can give us a call at 888-627-6008 that's 888 627-600-8004 at our producer Dawn will be over there with you to pick up your calls also make sure when you call in if you call in over the 800 number like Don know if you have a specific question for Sri regarding
tension symptom ology or physical experiences you're not exactly as a 1500 again 517-208-1500 that's the call board over at 1 this talk radio and over there if you have a question for free I believe it's * 5 to raise your hand that's alright you press * 5 pan and then that way we know so 517-208-1500 drill 11 more than that right now we have you do everybody's been asking us about how we eat well Bria Rose bless her heart wait till you see you got the recipe you're going
write this down you're going to want to revisit she gives you step-by-step instructions from the toaster kitchen plus a surprise video coming up in about 5 minutes a lot happening let's take a deep breath was joined together because your Mastery is one breath away to Center in our hearts breath into the hard
the center in your heart center is to open the portal to your Divine Essence to your Divine wisdom and the ability to make empowered Choice it's so easy and we forget to interrupt the nonsense
I'm loving it so guys let's take a moment right now let's just you know I love that you had her hands that are hard the first thing that we want to share as we are here in June is that number one I'm going to get to the calendar in just a second the very first of two up levels there are two up levels in June they are related the very first one is tomorrow you're already in it and I mean I was chatting with some people today and my poor beloved husband he woke up and he was so sweet and so loving and I'm just sitting around like tree we got to go there's work to be done lives to save Masters to say hello to a kid you not how has I mean how has the energy been for you today I mean first of all literally I have been like feet on the street full on with all of you with all that's going on
Galactic Lee since 6:30 a.m. our time and ran out of linear time to even stop for a moment to be until we're here with you right now so literally we are decompressing with you in real-time what has been happening since this morning and it has led to amazing amounts of Miracles and Revelations and I want to share a lot of you have already been writing us and and saying hey Tara I'm really nervous you've been saying that June is this explosion energy and that's got me really scared well I'm glad to hear that because if you're really feeling that then that's actually a sign of anchor ship wobble which we're going to be talking about a little bit because think of it as we were talking about this earlier it's like you know the Venn diagram right so we have that the two circles circles
the other Circle has another quality and then the Venn diagram is where they begin to overlap where do these two qualities intersect graphic I'm sorry I really wanted to so if you draw circle on your page draw another circle on your page that you have the two circles and then you had that little space in the middle that little space in the middle is right now it's this minute it is June 2020 and it is in it and so what you have is in that left side of the circle is January 2020 and go ahead and write that in there or hold that in your Consciousness that circle is January 2021
these two are coming together and they've been coming together we are in the moment of a timeline remember we are still in the final months of visionary transformation through what timeline a. Patient and so as these two areas are starting to come together this is the moment where it's the first real like wait a minute this is really happening is is that this is going to start hitting a lot of people there's going to be a lot of let's just say instead of a gentle my angel wake up you are an amazing being of light welcome to a new level of Consciousness there's going to be a lot more of wake up you've got to be working now and that's how I was woken up this morning literally this morning I felt I literally woke up with a collective and that's what woke me up
I felt this huge anxiety like a a moment of among the planet like a moment where everybody was on and in breath and what's going to happen next and what it did for me was it jolted me into a joyful state of connection creation inspiration and I'm sharing this with you because I want you to really check in right now we are here in real time as when your experience on the very last day of May and may was all about choice choice means you're going to get to witness what you chose
is life gives you feedback doesn't know yes as long as we start having the experience of that choice that was made but if we don't have the experience of having the sun on your flesh so June explosion means release of energy
and if you're open the show talking a little bit about some people said well I tried this feels a little on the unknown or is that which is new fear is a common reaction and for those that are driving. I'm ahead without looking forward meeting their only responding to the past they may stumble into something that will be less than delightful and for those that have their eyes open that are saying beloved spirit I am here I am ready I am open dying me when our spiritual Eyes Are Open we will only expand and what is good for all beings what is good for our path what is good for the service of the expansion of Light have no fear if the question is are you choosing to stay awake or are you choosing to feed your real
DeVito because that will create a split in the path that you were sharing my heart was like yes this is the moment where it really is that rich opportunity to smile and let go of all hope of a better past of all hope of a better past and be here now imagine how free you are if there's nothing pulling on you if the Shoulda Coulda Woulda whatever
skip ball help of a better pass because every time you doubt yourself you're hoping for a better past you're doubting yourself because you're still basing your belief system in your actions upon that which you were not who you are you are I am and June Street let's listen to We Are background this is that the background we've been promising you this is the full June and we actually have it as a slide so we're going to put it up without us being in the middle of it but remember this is all about The Fifth Dimension literally welcome to the 5th Dimension and like it or not that's why that been diagram right now imagine two planets literally colliding
happening is that these two planets so so here are these two planets right here is January 2020 I hear January 20-21 so magic spheres of energy remember that was the 2-year up level experience were only six months into this. So imagine that what's happened is that through the up level success through all the lineage holder amplification and the more egos are releasing in the fact that more waking up beyond the green and then and then all the other things that are fascinating the witness and so what's happened in June is we're stock we're literally see how I'm rocking you are literally and that you know the teeter-totter Shane I've been talking about there's only one way that.. Teeter totter stays and that's what that that perfect balance so June 2020 is the moment
connection it is our first awareness month with a triple very rare triple retrograde energy so should we jump to the calendar USA let's put on I think let's put up the gym calendar because you really want to pay attention to this area is that so here is the June 2020 up level calendar and it is really important and then let's just start that it's. Jill and of course it's not Jill and the reason I'm smiling is because the Divine director all of the ascended presents has to have and this community you are
but a magical experience we just so excited about it and so our next series begins next Monday and it is how to live in The 5th Dimension it is a 12 series 3
I wonder choose to say yes to the app
lots of choice are you awake
fairly anchored as it is ready now to show you the awareness because June is a Apex moment it is that spur or bridge between rat that that pyramid that top-right how we want to see it and it said first brush with the overlay because it's going to be June July August and then in September as well we'll start seeing a new pattern emerge and so in this June July August Rush by I don't want to stay on the calendar right now Street I want you to now pay attention to that this is the final month of the Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation of this sector never there was a four-month transit in the year so pay attention to tomorrow June one June one is an uplevel and it is because of the preface of the the Mercury retrograde
and its proximity to the full moon eclipse so we have we're going right in and later today when I talk a lot more about that but then I want you to go down to the weekend the 19 20 21 because this is the triple retrograde energy so on the 19th we have the official beginning of the retrograde on the 20th the solstice is at 4:44 p.m. Ecuador or Central Daylight time and so we are inviting you to join us on the solstice between 4 and 5 Central Time and together we will dance to the fire and anchor stability into this retrograde returning to be talking a lot about and then look at the 21st what happens is huge this is that triple energy Swan 21st it is an illuminated new moon eclipse right which balances the full moon eclipse on the 5th
and it is the peak up level it is a massive there are very few Keith up-level dates in the year this is one of them and so let's go back a little bit and end share that
this explosion energy is already coming forward on the planet is the overarching energy remember this is a month of awareness from the ascended Consciousness it's a month of awareness and it is very much about not only the balance of the year you know where now the six months and then the six months to go but it's also very much about the ignition of your merkaba and so this is the moment to look at a my igniting the self-assigned a chakra portrait which carries the energy of the merkabah in the golden mean ratio in other words am I holding open my fifth dimension portal we are being given that opportunity I mean it's never been easier right so we are being given this opportunity in a month of 5th dimensional energy or so will you explode into that or will you explode into the merkabah that has an equilateral energy to support another cycle through this experience
you're going to explode one way or another everything is already exploding I think we see that it's happening at every level the key is are you ready to explode to to explode is a shower of light imagine if you explode up as a shower of light and you are a fountain of radius everywhere you go to the beauty the Ripple that could carry around the planet so that opportunity is here for you this month
and you can also explode into the anger explode into the Injustice explode into the density and that's okay to it really is because everything is exploding sound and I really think we should talk about especially from your perspective as a as a psychotherapist and and such a brilliant of AC medical intuitive for the planet we really so let's let's just take a healthy perspective on global events past in just a minute but it would consider for a moment that every being on this planet has been deeply affected by the covid-19 and that is I'm not here to recite the losses
here to honor and respect that it's has been an affront to our emotional bodies it has challenges at spiritual levels as well and then of course there have been physical challenges everything from limited movement to lack of food and many cases so if this is a truly a life impactful thing all of us must bring a little compassion to bear for ourselves and our fellow Travelers on spaceship earth that the cycles of grief are well charted psycho psycho emotional territory and they are indeed predictable and natural and that when we we talked about this some months ago but it's important to recognize the mass Consciousness as a whole moves at a much slower rate than you might move or he'll as an individual that mass Consciousness is an equilibrium
lots of contributors so the shock of what has come forward and the denial of what covid-19
and so just pray that in for a minute because everything is exploding so it's natural that the anger phase would come forward and how wonderful that we've arrived it's actually a state of evolution is a movement forward go go learn more about the stages of grief or if you've been watching our shows you what we've been talking about this for a while we are at a new time we came for the house you were born for this moment or you wouldn't be here the question is how do you want to navigate it because you will always have that choice on the choices you can make is to say I choose to be the custodian of my emotional health and consider that for second rather than just react I choose to be the custodian of my emotional health and that means I choose to forgive and release all who have participated in
this painful experience this isn't about making inhibiting at making healthy choices forgiveness is a different energy forgiveness is giving up all hope if it should have been different exactly giving up all hope of a better past giving up the need to carry a judgment to carry a hurt because if we can Hell in a healthy way to practice forgiveness will move through the stages of grief rapidly and will move to a wholesome Center place where we can make healthy choices so to forgive it means. It's a simple as saying hand on heart I unconditionally forgiven release all the beings who have contributed to this crisis
I forgive them now they're doing the best they know how given their level of Consciousness and that's a true statement read let it be true for you and finish that up with one more I forgive and release myself or participating in the fear and hurt of This Global crisis I forgive myself for my participation in this and I released myself now
and then we gather the wisdom of those prior experiences and everything you read and everything you are and that wisdom will help you make new choices but this is how we stay in present time the 5th dimensional energy is about compassion and in order to get right up and hang out there we need to forgive the past or we'll hang out in judgment and hurt and so this is self hygiene from an emotional spiritual level and I encourage you to wash frequently yeah for the Forgiveness prayer for a while I not explode right I mean really
an exploding with your divine nature I can share with you shrieking sure with you it feels amazing honestly like I was staring at the beginning of the show The jolt awake this morning have not even stopped I'm an enema still here with you in real time and it brings me back to as we were sharing straight I want to go back to the calendar for a minute because again guys want to remind you we pick up level experience and it's part of this rare triple Mercury retrograde we already know retrogrades inside of the up level years are actually times of Great Harvest in great Bounty if you are a tune into it and that's why tomorrow is the first upgrade they it's an uplevel day it's the Mercury retrograde pre phrase opening its the opening of the 5th dimensional Transit you see how on here there's a antique clock that's representing linear time and then you see how there's a rising out of it a beam of light and if you see it going through the ace and right there at the
first in the beans that went in the last week we are in The 5th Dimension experience now we have lifted out but you see it's at the end of the month and it's right at that 21st Peak up level Eclipse moment
you see how we're going to try and be pulled backwards and that is why we're offering you this Attunement today because the Seesaw needs to have the teeter-totter needs to have all of those things because I want to look at the 19th the Mercury retrograde will actually begin on the 19th that's the relaunch member we mentioned earlier this rare triple Mercury retrograde is about relaunch return remember well on the 19th that's going to be about the relaunch run talk about that in a minute on the solstice itself is the return energy Come dance in the fire with us at 4:44 p.m. Ecuador central time line from our Fountain of creation as we all return you are being offered a moment of complete Mastery remembrance and then imagine all of that you have the relaunch the return and then on the 21st it's about remember on this peak up level experience and so
in the spirit of that and in the spirit of of this triple Mercury retrograde that by the way guys in the energy fields that we are blessed to work with we have never seen this before we have never seen it coming this way before ever this is an every keep sharing we are all in real-time navigating this new energy and so remember that as we are entering into right now we're all in this triple energy that's going to get peaked on that weekend but that is really in this month of awareness and remember you're walking into this month at a different different experience Consciousness based upon your mate choice so in a month of awareness where the energy is relaunch return remember
everything is going to have a talk or tunity to explode and so it's that has been open and that will fully ignite this week right song ignite on Friday during that beautiful Eclipse so how are we coming forward right now what are we doing and so and naked authenticity we have a way that we're going to do that and this is one of those surprised as we mentioned at the beginning of the show we want to share with you because it really is about our personal thanks to all of you your letters your kindness tree and I know that the reason we came together with not for all the years we've already been out there it was for this moment right now we know that's why we're reverse aging we know that's why our bodies are transforming and why things are shifting around us together we have said yes we want to move forward yes there is this energy Awakening on the planet and so we thank you for that
surprise for you blush blush at various events that we were hosting and you're going to see some faces in that are that you might recognize you might see yourself
Leo has some wonderful this is what we were hope we're hoping to be building online as well as for 7 years Street and I opened up our Ranch once a month and we had potlucks and we would do all types of beautiful processes together we were very blessed to toast a ranch to have a giant merkaba and crystalline grid and we've been recreating a lot of back here in tosa Blue Mountain but this is where it all began and this was when things were getting pretty pretty popular out there somewhere to play this for you as part of our relaunch and for those of you that know us I think you'll enjoy the trip down memory lane and for those of you that are just getting to know us and you may not have known all of this
it programs like 3 and Cara doing people of grounded keep love focused and keep human spiritual potential empowered through these tumultuous in turbulent times
you are the master you get to choose are you making choices to bring you Joy withhold the certain level of truth that I haven't always seen a different Gathering all the things that I doing you're making a difference
you Coulda met on the Internet true Union requires transparency that means no more denial no more playing games with yourself
in the face of true love it takes seconds second chairs
go inside crunch love yourself enough it's just a matter of the moment
I feel elated when I am in their presents still wonderful I'm experiencing a lot of overwhelming Joy I feel very peaceful and I feel very connected
the fundamental piece of our teaching is for you to learn how to trust yourself without down about
basically journalist and this other being like it wasn't sure who it was first time came in and began communicating with me first came in and said how do I know this is true. Phil said you must go into your heart and from there you will know is this expansion is this love is this of the most part they are so wonderful magical there on a such a high vibration therapy really astounding for people
I'm here and so the foundation of our teaching is to make available in many different forms
can people really easy change practices that you can do whether you have a nine-to-five job
individually we are the light that illuminates the civilization follow there's you always carry your oppressor with you if you are free from you are free to let us be free to love
first love Freeway
I am kind of embarrassed
was 2007 a surprise for us to find that as well and I really felt like the Divine director were saying hey you know there's a lot of people that don't know didn't know or don't know who you are and maybe they should know and and it's part of that relaunch and so thank you for inviting us to relaunch with you that's a gift it really is and I hope that you enjoyed that very we sure enjoyed getting a credit to the truth that has been guiding us is the very same truth that is available to guide you and that is the essence of your authentic nature which is Beyond the Veil
we danced with density but we live with spirit and in as long as you get your priorities straight there it's great it's it's an opportunity to expand lie to have fun to be creative and to know if you make a difference and right now touching my head let's do it
go to where is it where did we put it hold on. I want to show them the June energy just the plain this background oh okay alright well then you know what let's go to stay right here from the guys and I can't get the full effect of this this way however if you're on an email list I had it in there as well and I'll put it out more but you see the triangular pyramid here okay this is what's happening right now this this full energy I was told the weather person cosmic energy will be floating in overnight and it's wonderful that is lining up like the two Venn diagrams you see this so this is that fifth dimensional Circle right here now if you go over here right now is what has two
opened up through the Trinity of these full super moons this is what's happening literally as we speak and will come into its full presents Friday when this Fifth Dimension will feel like it's sliding in front of it so you're looking at it kind of coming in from the back versus looking at it coming in from The 5th Dimension when I'm saying is if you're lifting up through that boy to come out and see the 5th Dimension of something that's above you then you're looking at it from the third dimension or over here where I'm sitting are you in your Cosmic creation member this right here what was this this was all of May this is that beautiful energy that was sent right out into the universe right did you have your message in a bottle and so that went out there and so that energy is literally offering you the opportunity to gaze right in at what's ahead to see it to be part of the co-creator with it
and along with that time compression I just want to remind you that remember when that Den diagram what was alive in you January one this year do you remember what were you experiencing what were you feeling where Were You Who are the ascended heart came forward to offer itself this year as a foundation and that's enough reason why are Monday magic is going to be teaching living in The 5th Dimension because it begins with the ascended heart as the foundation so join us on Jake and living in The 5th Dimension just run to Sri and Kira. Com right on the homepage there's a couple places where you can click and learn and enroll yourself in an adventure of expansion it is every Monday we're going to be diving into not only sold teaching but we're to be diving into the recognitions we've gathered over these last many years and sharing them with you
Spire your own recognition Monday magic will go on every Monday
to get ready for next Monday if this is a donation event you can get in for nothing if your heart says I don't want to share and if your heart says I want to share you just click whatever amount because we welcome you regardless of that Karina's and January once of January go back to where were you now look at your energy between January one and June one then you're going to want to look at that energy from June 1-2 January 12021 you're going to notice that it's going to be it's own new cycle but they're overlapping and they're overlapping in a month of awareness where the energy is about explosion where this triple retrograde is gifting you right now it's beginning right now with the energy to relaunch
return remember and and that is the law of instantaneous manifestation in action June is go time it's it's it's go time and whether or not you think you're ready it's go time, but the good news is there's enough of us that are ready that Brio's those of you that aren't sure here's our hands come on come on let's have some fun because it is a glorious moment if we allow it to be also tune in to those dreams those Vision that sense of all of this is going to be grand this is where I'm headed and then you
June Kendall what was healthy for you what was given to you as an honest pure authentic Vision because just because some months have gone by just because there has been a moment where perhaps things weren't expressing in the way that you had hoped does not mean your vision will not bear fruition it means there was a cloud in the sky and now energetically there is an explosion energy of re-launching and returning and remember let's let's use that energy together because together we are so much better and you speaking of that we posted an article over extreme carrot today this was the article that was over at the lineage we did have it on stream Kara but wasn't as easy to find however this is that sticks the six-step spiral energy how to navigate
what is going to be thrown at you from density and we've made it really easy to access if you have connected with this article in the past connect with it again if you're not sure what we're talking about connect with it go to Sri and Kira. Com right on the homepage you cannot miss it read the article practice this because June everything has got a lot of Rich energy and its really gotten very very big so I know we have a lot of people waiting to talk to us we say hello to a few questions to wherever you want to go we're going to get bring it some and then I do want to remind all of you that after we chat with a few her callers here we have another amazing video to show you because we talked about what this very powerful
open II means so much so that I have to wear my awesome or I really love we're going to do is offer you a taste of all of the community I opening experience including it'll start off with Bria roses amazing tosa Kitchen Recipe that you're going to want for our amazing yummy vegan gluten-free sugar-free grain-free plantain waffles that we eat way to earning and so while before we move into that and our second half of the show we also have some other surprises for you let's welcome in some beautiful people standing by so we're going to start at Line 1 and say hi to Cindy from San Francisco
oh no I'm good thank you
how may we serve you
I am feeling so kind of mired down with my own energy light practices I know all of my heart knows that these are so good for me and it's like exercise I I don't bring myself to do it so just kind of self-sabotage thing I want to ask you about
wow thank you thank you for asking you do as you were sharing within you're within your teeth I mean this is deep deep within your heart center I almost feel like a vise grip like there's this this really strong rubber band around the back of your heart and it's taking my breath away even and so when that much breath is taken away is hard for our truce to fully Express and I will share with you that as you were sharing all I kept hearing was Archangel Michael who is standing behind you and he's got his hand up with his sword but his other arm is like wrapped around you and he's Whispering into you and saying I have you
all you need do is want it more
and everybody saying is that because he has you you've gotten comfortable and so you don't want it enough yet and he's saying what I have you and so right now she's got you and you're having a wonderful Journey but was waiting for you if you say I want it more is that when he removes that arm do you stand next to him with the same power and sew Breeze died in and I would also encourage you to breathe and more I love myself even more and just start there and start sometimes with the forgiveness and maybe crying out the tears that say I love me so much and I am so glad I now know and then I love you Cindy thank you for calling in honey
beautiful thank you so much I love you too thank you beautiful one. She reminds us that you really need to keep your eye on the Divine Eye Care and you got to want the expansion to to say I wish it would happen is different to say that I am taking action I want this to be my everyday experience this expanded State destroy because the egoic have it does you don't even know ego it's just a habit of the inertia the inertia that predictable way of being that's there that take it for granted it's there so the next step is what do you want to be there we don't do battle with the eagle we just simply bring our attention to that which is the higher vibrational truth what we are wanting to claim and so the more we bring our attention
the juice and not the problem the more the juice is going to be tasty how are you guys to stay in your cells you how do you have all this energy you know how you would I have not lived here lots of people I mean in 80 Days over not left House of Blue Mountain and it has been oh my gosh extraordinary really extraordinary and said so so I was listening to our first caller and feeling it to everyone we're going to grab some more color in the moment here in this June energy in this triple retrograde are we going to talk a lot more about that next week as you are moving this week
do this beautiful Eclipse remember we went from a super full moon to a full moon lunar eclipse that is doing what opening this I fully
as you walk through this week in your first week of awareness in the explosion energy of relaunch return remember
are you aware of what is already relaunching are you aware of what is returning and are you aware of what you are remembering because it is 8 and we're in this month and this can happen on lots of levels for some people they're going to get pulled back in if you're if you're behind the eye looking up you might relaunch return and remember some really crummy times of your life you might realize you might relaunch some really nasty tapes that's what's going to happen in density and the key is if you notice it then you are not in it then you can move through it would be no forgiveness practice and you stay
Declarations of release and we release it all to The Container go to Sri and Kira. Com you'll find the container practice lineup and this is how to clear your field because these emotionally driven experiences are not happening now they are an illusion from the past they are a hangover energy and it's time to clear it so that you have your Vitality for Right Here and Now One experienced Shoulda Woulda Coulda have a fire with it the fire fire dance with us on the solstice right here so just it's another donation event
not my guys you can't make that up all right who's next Michigan online to let's say hello
we don't hear hello
oh honey I don't think we're going to be able to hear you I'm so sorry alright Street well let's run to line for and say hi to Amy from Denver from Denver hello like you this morning I'm feeling the anxiety I am an ultra sensitive and so the dates that you mention like a 19th and 20th I got bought out with my gift when my brother died on June 19th back in 2005 it happened to be Father's Day that you so I got pushed into my spiritual connection and so with being an ultra-sensitive I've been feeling the sense of possible senseless death from all this energy and all the anger and of course it's playing worldwide
and so I was crying this morning because I was sensing the senseless death that will be coming due to people not understanding what's going on with the levels that we're going to be a teeming now I really don't know. Looking forward to the 19th because of the relaunching and of course today is also a Pentecostal Sunday so for Christians it's when the Holy Spirit brings down and give people the gifts of the holy spirit in so it's me a double whammy so I'm not liking this come sit next to me and so we're sitting on the couch together honey oh my God I feel like I'm talking to like one of my dearest friends angel angel angel
just breathe and I want you to Just In This Moment lift up with me cuz you can so easily do that and come join me up here in the fifth come come right here with me and I want you to feel how loving how much compassion you are capable of and you are embodying and you are calling forward right now and I'm laughing with you and you're like oh my God I get it I get it from up here this is the day of Celebration pop the champagne coolworks you are being inspired directly all the doors are opening even being here right now you and me on the couch together thank you do you know how many of our community members are here sitting in the room with us right now you had to come in today and this way for us to come together and I'll go of my God thank you I remember this Gathering honey stay up here here
you know how to do this and this morning when I woke up I literally think was choked right it was the immediate call to say step up it wasn't even my poor husband I couldn't even gauge I couldn't even make breakfast it was like to step up and go and so you are here right now because you are and step up and do the aspect of you that doesn't like this is the remainder of that which is afraid to let go and see even more those two are coming to resolution and so it is a profound moment for you and I thank you for sharing it so beautiful all of us today we love you to break out my wings and just start going at it but of course it's what time does Ivy that's what they're saying that we listen honey that's exactly what they're saying it's so thank you we are we are so grateful you are doing it you can literally smile
dance say yes to you it is not easy it really is I love you very much all right there because after this color we're going to play an amazing video you want to have your pen and paper ready Bria Rose debuting from The Toasted kitchen and all of your iPhotos to kick off our community our about having that there we are all right has a handrail let's find
thank you sweetie and Kara thank you so much you're so welcome sweetheart welcome
oh I'm honored to to hear all this wonderful information you're going through and we're all going through it's just profound even watching the world end and they said they're going to kill which is perfect to Ribisi energy that has no body is always dealing with the energy coming in feeling very unbalanced and it's each day is unique in its own way is there a special message for me that you can get me first then yes I do have I immediately.
sure give me a second please
all right well the first thing that comes forward for me is around your throat your 5th chakra and that I want to remind you and all those that are attuned in with you as the surrogate energy for this moment is the fifth chakra the throat chakra is about living your full truth not living a compromise of the truth and know what this means is that it's time to accept who you are and be willing to be seen as who you are anything short of that restricts our respiration our ability to inhale life RN bility to inhale air and that's going to create in the body levels upper respiratory type symptoms anything from sore throat and even goes up into the nasal cavities the fifth chakra inhibitions can be there now the good news is is moment you bring your hand to your throat maybe have a hand on your heart and hand on your throat and you just connect your
start yourself love to the love of your truth you can say I now release my outdated beliefs I now release the habits of being a fearful I released a habit of allowing myself to be small and I've simply going to calmly with great love and acceptance accept what I know is true and live from that standpoint and so that's the first message I was guided to offer to you and there's just one more little caveat with that and that has to do with your 7 chakras you have a lovely Divine connection listen more
the guidance is there for you and it's just a matter of relaxing and saying I choose to be informed beloved spirit guide me and then when you receive something that you go wait a minute all my habits aren't sure they like that you got to laugh at it and say which way do I go to try the past or the future by Spirits or the old habits so that's seven chakra will inform you and that'll help your fifth chakra meeting your authenticity to come online more fully because this is what he's sharing is exactly what they were showing
which is the evasive breath is your key to freedom and it's all about when you go in with the Ave rice of the evasive breath you know we go in through the nose with the energy they all day you want to consciously pull it up to your crown pull the Ave up to the crown feel the breath come down to the throat and a slow controlled with a smile and they're saying you do three of those and see in sequence each time your body starts acting out rather than to fall into the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain which you are in and are comfortable with if you wrap it with you have a moment where it's really calling your attention they're saying hand Hearts 3D body saw breast lift and ask your body your body is merely saying what I'm hearing is why don't you love me and why won't you listen to me
and so I'm really just ecstatic that you called in today because I know a lot of beans are in this moment right now and it's because of the massive ship to vibration your connection is moving faster than your body feels it can handle and it's just a moment of attention it's like a mother saying oh honey I'm sorry I was at work late now let me be here for you are doing it absolutely thank you my angel thank you thank you as always surrogates for another moving forward right now in the second half of the important the word atonement energy for the level energy that's going to happen tomorrow that's going to carry you right into that eclipse on Friday and start spinning spinning us throughout the whole Lots you don't want to stay tuned for that
and in this moment we are excited that you all of our beautiful Community responded so well to all of the eyes and in the second half of the show about noticing what were your noticing room talk more about what's coming in June more about the energy that our head in this very rare triple retrograde and for this moment we're going to invite you to kick back and enjoy yourself and learn how to make some great plantain waffles and relax into the energy of your amazing photos video
everybody I am Bria Road and welcome to the House of Blue Mountain kitchen and when you come here this is where all the meals are prep cook and love today we're going to be making plantain waffles that are gluten-free sugar-free grain-free and super delicious and you can make for breakfast or you can have them as the bread substitute which is usually what we do you can even when you name it they're really good for these truly amazing waffles and almond milk
a green plantain garbanzo flour plantain flour cinnamon
salt vanilla and baking soda
tell her first we're going to take a plantain in a green plantain and they're a little tricky to get the peel off so here's a trick there a local you cut the ends off
EXO and then you just want to clean out a strip this is Skip from the plantain
I meant for the rest of your hands to peel but if you use a knife to do the whole thing it waste a lot of plantain and it's also
turn off bedroom
and if you can see here I've just cut the green plantain into chunks
and place inside of the Vitamix
now I'm going to add almond milk and water is a blender
Brandon are green plantain and liquid it'll be easier to are all the flowers and dry ingredients in them
when it all together
all right now we're ready to pour are better that we just blended into this Cuisinart cup it comes with the Cuisinart
the perfect size for making a waffle
and this is the consistency were looking for
runny but also thick
it's hard to explain but hopefully you can see it's like pancake batter that's what she wants
and there we have it everybody
gluten-free grain-free sugar-free waffle plantain waffle
and it's not the perfect shape this one anyway but that doesn't matter when it tastes super super delicious
Namaste beloved ones and welcome back to celebrate all these fabulous photos and thank you Bree arose for your effervescent sharing of what is a favorite recipe here lots but I like seeing if you wind up making them send us your pictures this week with segments and learn a little bit more about our Cuisine that we serve down here when you have the blessing and we have the blessing of sharing time with you. But to restore your health is the Garden of Eden and the Consciousness and everything that is prepared is done with great love and mindfulness
be the custodians of the Sacred land and look forward to the day we welcome you to it in person and we're grateful that we get to welcome you to it each week here on our Sunday service we are delighted sincerely you talk in a little bit more we have some slides and then we want to jump in and hopefully we'll be able to see the the chat will hopefully be able to disengage that as well but we had some other where are we okay let's talk about right now the year let's put that one right that we have the overview of your honey did we lose that one there's June but where's the one for the the year new computer or computer to get fixed in the in the overview of the Year remember this was
year of the dragonfly the year of perfect balance and the way that this year laid out was not linear it was the first time and all the years that that the ascended ones have invited us to put out these energy calendars for the Years first time ever last year's was more like an up Arrow but it was so linear this one was very much about the Consciousness Ascension and about the Trap of the linear Ascension there is a lot of linear Ascension energy happening and they're in the middle of that when you would look at the graph answer was the dragonfly pulling that up to what look like the energy of a pyramid well that pyramid opened and is behind SRI right now through these Bowl 3 supermoons and that was shown in the graphic but the Anchor Point is the Open Eye and that's what's happening right now this brings us again to where were you January one 2020
and then look at where you are now this is a culminating moment as it is a relaunch moment with an overlap so this is a month to birth your dreams this is Austria and I are relaunching you know where we I never thought we would step foot on what I call the carnival circuit again and we are doing one event because the producers a friend of ours because it's New York and it feels like we're supposed to be there and especially now that it's Halloween weekend so if you want to join us we're going to be at the same hotel where Tesla lived were very excited about that works and are ascended Vision are sending choices so let's keep going
is we constantly or saying yes I was thinking earlier today about how this yoga of self Ascension differs from many other spiritual orientation and the one thing I want to share with you or remind you is that in the old of self Ascension it is as unique as you are the this is a way of honoring who you are without you needing to conform to any Dogma it's a way of coming to a loving acceptance coming to peace with all that's gone before in your life and there is no Dogma there is only an invitation to restore your heart restore your ascended Consciousness and say yes to your Ascension process without having to transition you know you can do it while you're alive
is really the gift that we give ourselves however you know as I was reflecting back on some of our earlier colors as well and something that we've been sharing for quite a few months now with a lot of insulting us around it you got to want it I want this is why we really been returning to the naked authenticity and sharing more of our personal Journey because we are in full recognition that our lives have played out on your screen for a chinos of either known us that was Linda from Clinica Linda in that 2007 video in Lynn. Imagine my smile when I saw you there oh my God so I had to throw in that that's who you were and it's so that little Linda from Seneca Linda it was something I put on today that's not in the original video but the reason I'm sharing it is that what are Yuri launching and how are you launching it and which three and I are sincerely committed to and have never stopped
with every breath being committed to was 100% authenticity in The Yoga of South Ascension of this is what it looks like but at the end of the day it does take you there and it's it is a beautiful gift and the key at the bottom of it or at the top of it maybe it's the foundation is the bottom or however I see the top it's not stay focused awareness and complete trust and always gazing at it this way and seeing the bigger picture I just shared with you and it this this video that is 13 14 years old is is a
or message is consistent we have not modified who we are or what we do in order to appeal to an audience we have simply said here it is and what has shifted from 2003 when we began to 20/20 right now the only thing that is shifted is the depth of our love and the vibrational level as lift and then I hope I trust that you as our community can can testify can see that the our commitment to this has allowed us to become ever more visible and available to help you find your path and your commitment because the vibration of of this upliftment is a never refining frequency and what is so delightful to me what I recognized in the ogre of selfish sensitive is it is ever knew it is ever expire
I need it is Ever Lifting peace love and joy are not just got this much of it
we offered and the service is the joy and we are so delighted to be here with you today are you laughing you know it's like the Gateway
admission to the party is laughing at that was tried to stop you from getting here you know it's it's that moment of the Eternal smile the one that pulses and is in the ever creative moments imagine all of your energy field and this is absolutely happening with this explosion energy right now imagine if 100% of your energy field with 100% focused on your expansiveness on the truth of who you are and I'm going to go back to the shop to say yes just the cheer that choose to say yes you're in the month of choice right now it's culminating as we speak choose to say yes
to the absolute truth the absolute truth of who you are in this culminating month a Visionary transformation Through Time on adaptation we will return to this energy but not until later in the fall this month carries with it one of the only Peak up level moments of the Year this is profound this isn't just a double up level month it's a month where one of the up levels is a peak up level and that is the 21st and that is the remember day so the blessing of all of us being together and this is why that energy think that just that weekend should be doing lots of special events we will be with you Friday Saturday Sunday and so this is going to be all about doing this together and so as we come forward with these energies where you going to be Saturday June
Solstice to be with us that isn't event you must register for go to our website for 44 power time how pressure going from 4 to 5 cuz we're too cold water therapy center and the Beautiful natraj Fountain so you're it's going to be fun to see that there's going to be Community here to gather with you don't miss out this is a great opportunity to a harmonic way of restoration and Beauty to this planet because all of the lineage holders have come together to support this event and we will all be there together and so whether you were part of a series or not just be there together we are better and this is going to be a rock and roll 1 guys and so we're going to dance
the fire in our Fountain of creation from the harmonic balance from the literal equator sending out to you the waves of balance so that you may become the one who your hands are open and the greater grid emerges and that we can stand together knowing that together we are better I'm real the pole and this see that is an explosion energy imagine the power of that water the power of that energy flowing through all of us together at the exact same time and that energy is beginning today how exciting I just a reminder that beautiful that is a handcrafted single piece of moldavite carved into the shape of an eye so I thought it was a double ID
alright you be Stylin I just want to ask a little further in the show we are going to offer you a guided meditation and an activation energy of a disk Moon explosion
why don't we go it looks like wherever you want on the call board there where we heading to Atlanta is that where we're going
oh my God and I called you before and I thought that was my first time calling me and and I was like today I'm going to get through that I really needed today is not my day and both times it was so tree Merlin for real he won't let me put crystals in his beard yet I think it would look really good don't you I love you guys so much you have helped me like not like roll around in pain from the
YouTube watching you guys in the past few months it's helped me tremendously it's like not like living there and and like I was seeing my twin flame and both of us just keep each other there and I'm like so grateful that I love that you say Grateful Dead feel so much that way and people are saying like being pulled back like coming expanding so much and then he's like going to the other end like I can do better than no grief and everything and and then like the doubt
thankfully those are not uncommon but I've been wanting to connect Street on like a medical intuitive reading as well
so breathe Angel first, I am I literally feel as if I'm preparing to levitate out of my chair you and I and this moment all of that chatter was coming from the one who needed to say it but you and I have been sitting here the whole time having a completely different conversation and so I first want you to feel into that because I won't repeat that one on the air but I know you can already feel it and hear it what I will share on the air that is appropriate to share and that will also assist your mind of form to go deeper with the conversations that we have already had that have spanned quite a large amount of time during this Quantum experience
is that you are in a moment of choice
everything around you everything that's happening the dapps that you feel the passion that you carry is so big and so masterful and so ready that literally your throat feels like it's too small for its first step through you because you are afraid to lie
and so I'm seeing this beautiful it's like a golden like a turtleneck made of gold coils and you're holding it and your eyes are gazing up your hands are on your throat like mine are and as you breathe in on the exhale just feel it release
call in the smile and all those gold and jewels are now in your fingertips ready to be put to work no longer is it something you where it is now who you are and you are ready thank you my love I am honored thank you so much so beautiful we love you honey I love you
wow you know I think that was for all of us I should think that was so that when we do this because I'm feeling you guys all feeling like this really everyone in the community today everything has just come through you know an everything as it moves forward that you are here all of you co-creating this community we are we are so grateful and so wow wanted to let you guys know if you want to put in some comments right now in the YouTube we are witch YouTube is this that we're getting the feed on if you want to put a question in there we will do our best we cannot type of response but we will do our best to look here if our love is God like Ryan
so this is one of the things that we love is when we have this opportunity we're all of the tech works and so as we're waiting for some of those to come in let's say hi to call her over at the 800 number straight pick we we have another first-time caller and is standing by over there so let's go over to line to and say hi to anju from New Jersey hello my sweetheart and I've been listening to you a lot and it's really really been very revealing so I had a question for you to how is this has been something that I've been meddling with you for a few few months how do I tap into my life's purpose how do I get into the realization
and I also wanted to see if you can please give me Beyond her office so everything is well because of course the two are one or they not and as as I'm connecting with you honey
the first thing for you is is really about remembering who you are without the doubt there when i gaze into your chakra field and that which is radiating because in order to be able to do a soul reading we connect soul to soul let's not forget that is so low reading is literally what your soul is giving me the honor of seeing to share with you now and the energy that is being shared is the energy of in congruence there are moments of divine knowing and there are moments of yes and then there are moments of hell no and and that they're they run in different areas within you and this is the journey we all take it because woven around all of that is an extraordinary powerful woman and a very powerful master and your life Wow like literally I'm not seeing right now like I'm literally seeing like what looks like flashing lights in front of my eyes as I'm speaking with you right now
that's what's going on inside of you they're saying close your eyes look within see the truth Breeze it and expanded out and Trust what's right in front of you you have the capacity all you need do is say yes
thank you so much much love there you know I want to share with all of you while I'm I'm really busy for give me the palms of my hands right now are really on fire somebody might have the saying there's a lot of profound it's it feels very much like up level energy and again I think every person has been preparing us get to shortly and I'm going to invite you to take your hands right now your palms bring them right up third eye going straight up you see how I have the pinkies together and you're going to feel the heat pouring out of them bring them don't touch your head but just really close and you're going to feel that heat and just relax into that and they're saying some of you that may be having some headaches or feeling some congestions what I'm doing right now is there showing you how to just pull that energy right around Remember The Fifth Dimension this is all about anchoring right where I am on the graphic right now is intentional this is what
opening and you see this green that's all about the ascendants heart energy that's coming up you see all this the top so this is this is the explosion into those run right where we're right here there we are I just want to try and help you see that feel that energy right and so were able to Jamie's and become in that one energy without any interference by chance Seattle right now so exhausted school by but it was about Sensations in the feet may I possible nerve pain and and issues in in the in the feet because this
is both an Ascension symptom and a particular you know symptom to you and so I want to offer a couple of perspectives that might be useful for folks that are having issues in the feet number one it's time to remember that we float on the earth we do not ground into the Earth so this is a gym without you need to say that it was time for you to be the master that you are and you take care of the earth and be good to her so the first step of about this is to lift into your heart and we float in the heart energy which opens up our ascended chakras and our feet then become conduits of energy that lifts up but that conduit is not coming from
the center of the earth they are condo is coming from the cosmic atmosphere that we are floating within that and so this is something that we have talked for a few years it's important to revisit that and make sure that you're not using your feet to try to ground into the earth now number two is to also remember that we need to clear ourselves so declare ourselves meme do the living on practice you'll find that at 5th Street and Jerry. Tom is under the practices and this involves bringing energy up the feet now what this will do is it will start clearing the channels for you okay and I want to share one other thing about the way when we ignite are Taurus field and in order to get their it takes that steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust when you are in that
torus field constantly been the energy that sustaining you is ever uplift it's always you always in it but if you are unstable and that then you are this is when that energy enters up the trees talking about that comes in from from the earth and that is the energy that is the it's the first entry remember that the I love it so much but that begins at our feet this is the Earth's way of getting your attention if merely receiving from her is causing pain then she sang beloved Master please help me and I'll walk through this for how many years I walked through this for like 4 years really important because not only do they move energy they help you anchor in the ascended perspective one other thing I to have Sensations in my feet quite frequently and what I have
sound is applying a liquid magnesium offers extra mineral support to those tissues because the Ascension frequencies are we even though it's it's like you go exercise a lot you've depleted certain vital minerals and proteins and things from your body stores now and so these frequencies the Magnesium salt they sell it in many places you plan to the bottoms of your feet and it will not only offer nourishment to the cells of the nerves you will also have an opportunity while you're applying it to bring that welding energy to your feet where we begin our healing journey to free the feet from the clay of density and we have so many other questions going on in the church
how about hares wine like I'm meant to be there to first and foremost I hope you are with us during hashtag Monday that except for the lessons of light lesson 11 because it's all about this and so if you were with us for that go back and revisit lesson 11 any of you that lesson of light lesson 11 is this energy and this is very much what was happening May right expansion and contraction and that it was going to be that you know I'm expanding but I'm Contracting and it's some point Something's Gotta Get Up and if it did it if if something hasn't if you haven't found that resolution than what you're sharing right now is one of the experiences that can happen the key is you can all
so be witnessing the Shadow and this goes back to what we were talking about on the first half of the show today which is in June right June is going to be this massive explosion energy and it's going this energy of you do in that relaunch return and remember what are you re launching what are you returning to what are you opening to are you returning to the truth of yourself as Arcangel zadquiel so beautifully says about this month's energy right that quote from document calendar so are you saying yes to that or are you returning to a pattern of a pattern or working to watch Hill so beautifully calls at the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain the habit of the habit of a pan of the pain is comfortable and this is where you don't have to worry about rocking any boats this is where everything will stay as it is and if that is where you are then relaunch yourself into it stop trying to pull out of it. Be where you are
are and then flourish because you flourish no matter where you are if that's the illusion the illusion is that somehow you've got to do your life differently it's not that you need to do your life differently it's that you're calling in a level of clarity where you feel comfortable with the experience of this co-creative illusion and that's the beauty of the Spiral is that we are never disconnected we just fine in different places where were dancing and at some point we wake up to decide if we're a sending or a stain where we are and so this is why we also put out again that the article please please please Kush strain right there on the homepage reconnect with or read for the first time the six steps through the spiraling and how to Anchor into the 5th Dimension this Bunch. 5th dimensional mirror is really going to matter and all those questions were answered in that
push back and it's very similar to what you were already sharing the thing I want to add for all of us is that when we cultivate the witness energy more for we begin to take a Amorous ended perspective on our experience this gives us the power to make a healthier choice not to feel like you're caught in the energy but that you're watching the force of that energy interact with an Old State of Consciousness or the shadow is was was discussed earlier is so one of the things I want to share is that
when we detach our perspective and look more clearly at what's going on in our lives the healing will start happening automatically the next thing is from that detached perspective this says I love myself as I am I love myself as I am from that perspective you can then read your commitment to lift into your highest expression to be the greatest version of you which says I can do this I want it I claim it it's my truth and the habit of the friction begins to just fall away it take steadfast commitment and focused awareness and complete each one of those is necessary and it and literally in that order you know you've got to want it you've got to really want it for us it is what it is our passion you know we retarded
died last year as part of the lineage holders in the Mastery journey into core if you don't know or talk about it because our passion are if he guy is on our knees okay how can we serve you know show me and that living that way in steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust for 18 years has truly been a journey that I am still humbled I've been blessed experience and we are all in that moment of that blessing of the experience and that energy of coming together I saw a comment here and it was from Masha and forgive me if I don't quote it properly but hurt her comment was that she's been feeling this deep connection into mother Gaia right now and how can we do more for her and I really appreciate you asking that question because remember this is like to imagine that this this this orb which represents
January one 2020 right and this or that represents January one 2021 so these two orbs have just enough to make this opening of June 2020 well imagine how both of those energies feel we are at a moment we're stepping & I by Zayn oh how the sound is it when we step out of linear time when you step into the center living The 5th Dimension and you see the broad picture from the wide-angle lens then what we're looking at right now is in density we are already having an effect on that timeline you feel that we are actually affecting with 2021 is going to look like by the energy of this month this month with a triple Mercury retrograde a lunar eclipse and a
and so we are bringing all this energy together
your Consciousness is exploding so what energy that is being sent into 20 21 in other words the the heartbeat 2021 is is wearing his birth energy right now so very similar to when that first little heart starts beating that is what's happening with 20 21 right now so how is that heart beating what is the pulse rate that we're sending in a 2021 That's The Power of that now that power is being met by this kind of energy remember I mentioned I actually woke up this morning in bed like not like I was startled awake like eating even sleeping for 4 hours I I was like oh my God okay let me keep going right in that moment that's like a what just happened
we just been hit with 20 21 early the time I'm ever that two-year up level experience it's it's it's not stable and so what we're trying to do is to hold the energy of them going to sit right here again hold the energy of the explosion of your 5th dimensional crown of your 5th dimensional energy hold that energy and see everything from the bigger picture lift above the cycles of grief that are happening on planet Earth that have hit the anger phase and lift into the ascended presence of your 5th dimensional beings to explode as a fountain of presents we that is having an effect and needed more than ever
jobson send energy forward and ask him what are we doing any good for something something about the question so what you're saying is is relevant consider for a moment from the perspective of our job is to love all beings and to listen and hold the space for lineman this doesn't mean jump in and interfere with their however when we radiate Joy when we radiate Divine trust when we radiate the peace that passeth all understanding out into the field we are offering an energy that can be drawn upon by people at every level of Consciousness if you sit and do nothing then what is the field of of the recipe out there for Mass Consciousness they've got plenty of fear and anger already
Ford harmonic balance and all the things can and will benefit and we are not interfering with anybody's authenticity and there and the path I've chosen we have simply given them a ray of sunshine that they can choose to attune with or not and that's the tiredness all right now I'll remember that we don't have that calendar I can't check the graphic again but if you if you have a calendar calendar to look at me again where everything was coming in this way right it was I was supposed to talk and it was about bringing it only down to the high heart and then now in June it's about bringing it all and showering it out so may was receive receiver
Steve receive right kind of like building blocks everything that happened in May or like pieces in the June puzzle right June is about the explosion of everything that was set into motion but this explosion is coming with awareness which means that there will be more to witness that when you have an explosion in a weariness and it can be overwhelming and so this is why releasing got doubt staying in the ascended present really remembering the truth of who you are because of this month the illusion is going to be compelling and it's going to throw everything at you and I want to try sure what just happened with us last week, is that they're not that day, all right so so guys we were not going to share this but as we're in real time with you right now and really clearly sure we need to share this
Trina you guys know we're in our own relaunch and however that's looking and we've been trusting everything that's been happening around us we have not been in a world where people ask for contracts or anything like that in a long time we literally do everything based on trust and it's really been a lovely way for us to live however stepping back out the way the Divine directors have asked us to we run up against some of these energies well we have this group approaches that seem to be very reputable and they just kept telling us luck you know you're not reaching enough people you guys are your sights too hard to navigate near this and you're that would show us anything and wrestling and Beth
to the head of a company and some look we really aren't sure this is right for us and he brought us back and said okay we'll go one step and then you can decide and that was really a gift for us because the reason I'm sharing this is what we learned is that there are and and maybe you guys already know that she might go out. You guys are just could be we are so I do not have e on all of this with the heck is that could very well be the case I did not realize was the extraordinary capitalistic money making machine that is throwing a face of anyone who who who is willing to almost read a script they don't they don't care about what happens to you they don't you are a number in a funnel and you are a statistic and they know it and
when I read the back door information it is 100% about money and how much money you're going to make and why you're going to make this much money and there are names and their roster that I know that I was really wowed and this is that very common scammy thing where you send out a hundred thousand emails or whatever and and then it's like follow it to here and get a free thing here and then do a free thing here and all of that and maybe you guys know about that I know that it's prevalent I know that it's out there I just did not realize how sold out the people that are doing that are and I just want to share with you that I'm not saying that you're not going to get some good information what I'm saying is just know that what they care about most is your money and and SRI and I became the biggest thorn in their side because I wrote I wrote them an email
and I said I'm sorry we are just so philosophically a part that I don't see any unless you are willing to adopt our model which is how can we help as many people as possible trusting in the universe that there will be a balanced exchange then we can't work together and what two hours later we got kicked out. I want to speak to something here and that is that money is not evil money is an energy however it is the Love How does the energy of the Love of Money root of Separation at money is a false god is one of his motives and perceptions start to become distorted and then in the Distortion what is Right becomes optional for what for what
instead of what is profitable that's where the Distortion really adds on a lot of media and you're not even dealing with a real person and have the times the person that you think you're communicating with isn't even that person all I can tell you as when I saw the back end I literally got no I got in my head I was nauseous for 2 days do I'm so sorry you guys are more aware of this than I am but it was so good for me because it did jump me out of my bubble and and it was the same reason shree and I left the carnival all those years ago was because we wouldn't sell out and and so the reason I'm sharing it with you is that as we are in our relaunch right now just as the Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree and everything came to him these people came to us hounded us
enticed us I mean all the above and it was and promised us a lot of things that would have once again but a seven-figure thing which was the same type of deal we walked away from 10 years ago ten eleven years ago now so I feel strongly that you guys are ready for the truth because I think that maybe that's been out there enough that you're wise enough that you're smart enough to pay attention to that and that we are at a moment where if we are not modeling what were teaching then we will never lift Consciousness and you are a teacher and you are a master are you wouldn't be connecting with schrand I because if you are here there is something inside of you that has activated otherwise what we say would probably be like what are they say and that's okay too
you sure because it was important reminder to us we've been activating all along so every day and I hope you been with us for the whole show so let's take a moment now and just really distracted there we are and invite all of you to bring your hands to your heart and we will just end the show with this invite you to start already tuning into the choice awareness awareness and say I love you you can relax while we journey here together take a deep breath in
let it out with a sign or are they saw let's do that again
I just think along with me is I offer the Montrose self Ascension to help deepen our trust and our journey
I am here I am ready I am open guy I am here I am ready I am open guy I am here I am ready I am open guide me open my mind expand my vision ignite my heart Heal the World
open my mind expand my vision ignite my heart
Heal the World
taking in a brass at Divine trust I let myself float into the universe and the beauty of the cosmic star field now
relaxing your breath Evermore
you notice as you gaze and R1 with this Cosmic Starfield you noticed what looks like a beautiful portal opening All of the Stars coming together to ignite the portal and you notice that this portal has a depth and that the energy that you are has already aligned with the Stars and enter this portal
and as you follow this portal and the depth of it you feel all of the energy as if it is a Gentle Wind
that is calling forward to you a unified energy with each moment you are moving through the portal you are unifying unifying unifying calling in massive amounts of information massive amounts of knowing mass is amounts of all of the unified presences of the oldest and this portal is calling you calling you calling you calling you and you were wrong live at the center seed of what is this beautiful incident energy
you are standing it what feels to be a gold and chamber aware that it is in the middle of this beautiful field of Ascension in creation energy
as you are in this beautiful gold and chamber you are aware of the awareness you are aware that you are in a linear Time Field right now that is requiring a greater expansion of all that you know and that you have been granted the opportunity to be here
as you relax into this energy you're aware that the one pedal the one aspect of this beautiful infinite symbol is the January one 2021 20/20 energy and you are feeling this energy noticing how it is bringing into this golden chamber and aware that it is in balance that is needing the other aspect and this other side you are breathing out into it your divine nature already sending into the spiral of 2021 June one 2020 through January one 2021 and you're noticing that there is a balance coming in
and as you noticed the balance you begin to notice
that you were able to travel this entire energy field and that you are being invited to enter it and to now experiencing
thank you for joining us at stream Carolina to have your questions answered spend up an email at SRI and Kira and check out more information
you next week

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