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Sri and Kira Live, May 24, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era
Auburn Street on call and give her lots more of these Mysteries author Lysol readings invite you is open up your mind Body Spirit 9 for the shipping bring a new Fresh two factors that is diagnosed with them or 3 inch hero
Namaste beloved ones and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am Master wisdom teacher cuz I will affirm and I am Master lady sincerely delighted and honored to be here with you today right now and I know you're feeling it I know you're feeling it so let's just begin with a beautiful affirmation hello and a shout out to all of you that are joining us in all the different kinds of Irish at coming in from YouTube video to PBS radio to Facebook
show on audio through the regular channels on the radio thank you thank you thank you thank you now hey I'm watching right now so you can call in 888-627-6008 is our 800 number to talk to a producer John and hate let them know if you have a question for you to ask questions about your Ascension symptoms and all their physical experiences that may be moving screw you in the moment and so I'll let John know and he'll let us know 888 +627-600-851-7208 1500 517-208-1500 and again with that phone bank if you have a question for Street just use the raise hand feature how do they do
it's not available nevermind 5170 * 5 arms album keep dancing I feel like stretching out Kara keeps his body and so we are loving that we are reflecting to you right now wondering why don't we just kind of let them go guys are okay okay and the Moon is very much going to be this explosion with us next week will June is about
5th dimensional experience and so fat pyramid which was formed by that super full moon of March april-may has anchored and this incredible energy lifting that's coming in with the eclipse in June is igniting the eye now what's this over here so my beloved, I'm telling you back in ride areas Closer Closer Closer this is that Incredibles fear of our divine sacred Mastery of Our intention of our creation of her calling for word and what is half is that because of the June resinous and where we are going and where we are birthing right now that energy is becoming your Bridge into full anchor ship
it's going to be all about the 5th Dimension the moment as we said in our ecard to go beyond the Law of Attraction and there's a lot about that we haven't talked about it's about mastering our self transformation through the art of ascended living and the Art of Living is really kind of like the two are one it is the instantaneous manifestation in action early is yeah activate are abundant flow how to call in the perfect partner in a more more fulfilled life experience and it seems that we are always coming out
from the lands of where we were rather than the lens of Who We Are
plus one of the essential pieces here the lands of where we were means I'm I'm looking at what miss me what was missing and then I'm looking at times and it hasn't come yet and those concepts of something missing and stand and the concept of time or very much foundational eyes in densities exactly exactly and that is enough to navigate there we are okay let's go to bring up we are now entering into June and if you 20/20 that we have January February and July and August are part of the eighth month continuum
you're with but it's going to be those last four months of the year were all the real work yet done September October November December are are each individual each individual and and so what we are in right now is the final piece of the four remember the perfect balance your perfect balance where March April May and June together as one energy ignite the upper part of the pyramid notice the Tail of the Dragon Fly right there between April and May is Lyft has come up from the beautiful colors of profound shift so with the anchor ship of the June energy the pyramid is open and the multi-dimensional experience is going to get even further enhance because right now is the moment a Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation
and that brings us right to say I want to go right here because as we've been talking about all month long right at the beginning if you gaze at the corner of the calendar if you look down at the 24th if you look at today you will notice that words now down at that area this entire week is going to be about the group and our high heart and that these are the lowest that the energy that came in from the entry what is so unique about this month this is the first month and the only must that we know of that is coming from the outer reaches of our experience and we are being called beyond that which we can
we are being invited to we have been blessed blessed blessed all month long and it came in from the higher chakras and now the universe is saying stabilizer that your high heart and if you look at the other Corner looking starting with the new moon up level on the 22nd you will see that the energy came in starting last week but that we have now pulled the energy of our creation into our 5th dimensional experience over the next few days we're still calling it in and then starting next Friday the 29th it is all hands on deck for the June experience that absolutely because wow is June has been coming in and
activating the throat chakra in the high throat chakra remind me also to remind you yeah a lot of noticing all of these frequencies that were the body was having to work through and and right now this month is very intense and chocolate actually are updating the Ascension symptoms and so where is all of us bringing us right now why are we at this moment of the law of instantaneous
information that can bring us to instantaneous manifestations how are we self transforming well if you received our newsletter shree and I don't have that graphic available on the street and I in our newsletter hopefully you got it put a picture of us from 2005 and a picture of us from today and will let you decide what you see and the differences between the two and a part of the universe has been calling out is that when we live the art of ascended living when we say yes bring you all on a little journey we had another installment arrived this morning it arrived in our time this morning at 11:22 a.m. coming back because he actually got it posted to our website before we went, right you'll see it it is right there
we already knew we were talking about this today we already were clear on the energy what we did not know was that the Divine director yes this is important to pay attention to because this is so far beyond the Law of Attraction but before we can even share with you about this installment that just came in and the PDF before we can even go here and talk to you about this what is most important to call forward in this moment right now is the recognition the remembrance that we are at the final moment twice smuts and look where the energy is hanging out in our truth and are high heart we are being guided sat because of where June is coming visualize this it's like this energy I'm going to sit right in front of fear for those of you okay in there
is that you've been sending out to the universe is where it like the Halo it is alright put it around you wear it like the Halo it is and call it in let it lift you up into your 5th dimensional presents and how do we anchor that compassion and it's the compassion in the law that begins with our self bringing that in right here because we are at the final moment and whether or not you are conscious of it doesn't matter if you are conscious of its and are you commanding and a where are there any chance is going on between by Nature who you are because this choice is being invited to come down to the high heart where it will further Your Divine Galactic blueprint and go back up and out where you will stand in June as the Crystal and Fountain it's floating
Mastery presents so that everything around you is cleared everyone around you can be ignited if they so choose you become literally a fountain of peace love and joy and this isn't about telling people about it it's about living it that is the art of ascended living which is the blessing of the yoga self Ascension and so in this moment this week right now pay attention especially for that third chakra pay attention to anything that would speak to call that energy down into the body this energy was meant like a like a champ it's like a song of adrenaline you know it's like it's like we're all getting a shot of adrenaline and say hey hey hey let's let's really rev up that Mastery prep a shot of adrenaline Into Your Divine Galactic blueprint and so this week where where are you
where are your eyes on the Divine or are the issues of the densified realm calling to you because in order to really anchor the instantaneous manifestation that got to be really clear within you and we're in the final moment of choice moving into an awareness energy months with the overarching me you for those blueprints so much more in the living in The 5th Dimension series is coming up right early in the second week of June activate disassembly of The 5th Dimension
glad you brought that up because that's our next series in our Monday for the entire living in The 5th Dimension series is that it is 12 lessons it will be one a week we will do it every Monday nights in August June is about getting into the 5th Dimension and an opening it however it will take 3 it will take June July and August for the steady anchor cuz remember we're going to go into the 5th Dimension in a Mercury retrograde and we are about what happened this morning you know I think that we really this is really it explains everything that we want to talk about today and
diving into another experience with the Divine directors we were clearly shown that the June Solstice we were in instantaneous manifestation with the we walked out to the Fountain of creation that's in our water therapy center here we were shown how to build the flames and how to put this together and we're clearly told to gather as many as possible and this came about a couple days ago our lineage holders are all going to be there and so whether or not you're part of us whether or not you you feel aligned you may want to give yourself the gift of one hour on June 20th and put it on your calendar right now celebration Batman 2 days ago Friday night
I'll be going through a different is Houma today until 11:22 a.m. this morning when this one exactly what is happening on the planet right now it is exactly what we are here to share with you and it's also is a WeChat very ironic or how perfect we already had a lot of this woven into the Twin Soul twin flame experience a lot of this is is coming out Tuesday night with Miracle manifestation and doing live manifestation on are so I was I was really blown away and and so let's let's hear some some updates on what's happening right now near the beginning of this
word after the show me within the density co-creative experience is the law of attraction it is an invaluable step to assist with Awakening the divine within and a blessing for all to discover simultaneously it lovingly of true self through the training of the mind of form how to focus with conscious intent
at its core the law of attraction is the intersection of the Feliz and once a rising through the experience of life in form for all of you because this is so profoundly in the moment right now and when we start transcending The Law of Attraction and understand what this is saying we automatically go into that moment where we open or expand our vision ignite our heart and see where we are okay so so contained within the densified concrete experience the law and the law of attraction exist within the field of density it has to now why does it have to cherish the gift it is an invaluable Step 2
yes with Awakening the divine within as a blessing for all to discover meanings Law of Attraction hit that so many different levels of consciousness attractions about their new car or their new home or something that they want or or some some want that they have and this is what they're saying is that simultaneously along with it being available as a tool for awakening simultaneously it lovingly assist the reclaiming of your true self through training of the mind on how to start calling in conscious intent it's basically a primer the law of attraction is just the beginning it's a primmer and so because it's a primer unlocks energy for many it's unlocked and an opportunity
a belief and it goes back and talked a lot about the least as well which were going to as well and then when it says is at its core subtraction and is functioning exactly as of the highest level the law of attraction is the intersection of beliefs and Rising through the experience of Life informed to understand and then we're going to talk a lot about that in the moment that because maybe we should cut to I'm thinking we might want to cut stew
well I'll let you decide where we're going cuz there's so much here as we are evolving we start to evolve beyond the Eagles cry and desire the law of attraction is very much organized so that the eagle has an Avenue to practice spiritual self about rising and seeing that aspect
but what most people when they're implementing of wanting to capture something that their personality self thinks would be well for absolutely and in what I think is really important is I want to read the next you paragraphs Teresa what would you be
because I know some of your experience here we go let's hear some more this process of self-discovery meaning working with the law of attraction the fuses process of self-discovery andeavor refining Awakening Your Divine Nature awaits your invitation to expand your attraction through the version of divine love that's where the first level of Consciousness happen
all about money or your partners or you know it is always money honey as a rule in or whatever around that and then the first the first Consciousness that starts receiving the blessing of the training because remember what did Vine directors are saying is that the law of attraction is like a training it's a primmer it's raining it's helping you get ready and so through that training what happens is as it says right here is your traction field because you're starting to transfer Consciousness and you're also starting to listen to that your eyes are just beginning to notice what is tension awareness looks like that's the first market up level and Consciousness that makes the Law of Attraction start expanding its ability to
so they continue this experience of the law of attraction is the primary tool that is cyst the eagle identity self to release resisting to call to Try lyrics Let's just right there this is bad and I'm feeling all of my God my God this is true or oh my God I don't want this whatever you're right here right and I remember we mentioned this month it's about stay in the Divine Galactic blueprint amplify amplify amplify I've got my hands on my third chakra right now cuz I'm feeling a lot of you and I know that this is is flying in the face of heard before however you're changing to the show you're ready you are ready so let's continue
the ego identity self to release resisting the call to trust the spirit
everyday Miracles are witnessed each moment becomes the food of the illumination for the fear itself your life experience begins to a fan with greater awareness as the ego identity self Begins the day I first met for the very first time in person remember I will never forget he was so proud of how I can get any stop lights turn green parking space I want and there was some visibility and his everyday
Spirit Evermore definitely can be multiple lifetimes of experience or not remember that we are always in the spiral so how you dance it's up to you and the lateral dance is what they're talking about here is that you can literally see and this is what they're referring to and if the dance is something that you
multiple lifetimes and most fulfilling for the fear itself to the remember that your spirit self is intimate you are intimate you are Timeless when you when you go to the website and read this installment make sure you also stay there and read the flow of time so is that your spirit self is here celebrating every single experience that you have even if the third-dimensional emotional body thinks it's the most horrible thing that's ever happened to you and so it is a dance and the soul
body is ever-present and ever
available and this is important because it brings us to the rest of us
Mary by the dance continues is a beauty Shield experience and most fulfilling for the fear itself to witness there by the dance continues as long as the expansion of the experience itself is filled with the transient joy of the Fulfillment of the police and the once until we reestablish the twin Soul energy that ignition and they're staying right here is that this body hasn't have a transient joy that has these beliefs and wants and is constantly having to fulfill it with that has the treadmill
yeah and the soul body is going to dance while you're doing all that the two of you were dancing you're just not dancing together the essence of a belief is outside your divine nature and it is a creation of density
thereby to fully remember the gift of your divine nature is to Simply relax and lift back into that what you are fully and a scented lie beyond the essence of the belief is your Divine memory and it is yours to claim at any time is your Divine memory and it is yours to claim at any time and I mean this is just so rich there there's just so much to share and Street I think that we should go ahead and the essence of it and then we'll finish here is that they go on to discuss how the fear Dimension was literally burst they also for the first time review
what happened and how the rarefied realm of the fourth dimension is it is kind of out there floating around this other part of the fourth dimension and how that rarefied world record time for this this year right now holding ended there for many reasons and so
do all those beings but have a nourishing that's worth the mental energies what caused the collapse of Rapid collapse this is the first time this was explained to us was that the magnetic pole of the planetary body in here that the planetary thought body is fueled by jealousy hate green anger fear and doubt here's our exact message it says the dentist construction within the fourth dimension has added to the ease with which the energies of jealousy greed fear and doubt have other element that propels the energy to even greater Smith and so because that lateral energy is now harder and harder it's like it's like trying to jump into a rope
it's not that you can't and it's just going to take a whole lot more focus and you got to jump without down or the ropes get you caught right in trip up and so that's what's happening in this moment brings us to Breaking Free of the Law of Attraction and this is where the love and love is the only energy that can be inserted into the planetary thought body from the essence of the ascended Realms without interference love is as I am and dust Divine love is how you transform the law of attraction in to the law of instantaneous manifestation let's just stop and breathe I just want to close your eyes
I just listened to take a cleansing breath
you ready
is as I am
login as I am
love is I
Paris Opera
those few little words on invitation if a planetary thought body in this is all in this moment and it get on Tuesday night join us on full mirrors Tuesday night 5 at all the same station to grab the pot today when Bri and I are going to be literally teaching the miracle manifestation process and start thinking about the miracle you want to manifest and so when this comes together they're saying that because of the fear Dimension that the best experience which is why the energy that we're coming into this very moment so important the more of us going to take the entire planetary thoughts
shift from literally the energy into the energy of acceptance appreciation and love to be able to make a difference and the gift is that we are all be Amplified all of us together we are at minimum we figured it was a 10x things that you are able to hold present $400,000 this up level that just happened a few days ago just put you 10 x whatever you're doing get ready for 10 x if you stay anchored in it this installment of it
sentences for each of you when you go to the website and read it you might want to read it true but then please go back line by line because he carries some implications wisdom and Cody that will activate a greater wisdom and soul presents for you any sacred texts that really learn how to do it this is what we go through the lessons together and I literally cheat code so that you can call out your own code detector that will help you immensely so there are two more things you want to talk about with this love energy and and here it is because I want to get down to the poverty Consciousness so if we go down to the Divine love is how you transform the Law of Attraction into
instantaneous manifestation and maintenance service for as long as the illuminated present serve
I want to read that again because there's this is hiding here and invites the form the body to say yes and remain in service for as long as the illuminated with love of Self in harmony with the essence of divine appreciation for the awareness of that which was patiently waiting for you to remember to remember without doubt she remembered appreciate the journey that call forward the remember that through the through the beliefs of the co-creator of Illusion then birth the one
we're going to read the next couple paragraphs because I want to just say this again
to remember and appreciate the journey that through the beliefs of the co-creative illusion the want and want these want are the score of poverty so let's keep talking because this is important and may I share
to want is to declare lack now really breathe that in your not just your not just affirming lakitu want is to declare black that which ego self want is the mirror of that with your belief system believes you lacked you see the double layer the way that you're you're you're getting a NetSpend even harder and so next the activation of the manifestation from the space of black there by anchoring lateral spin of ever greater laugh every time you use the Law of Attraction from a sense of lack there by is coming in through a belief and I want your extra yourself and lateral Spin and it doesn't matter how successful against the law of attraction
wow and let me share because they do a really good job and they say this the activation of the manifestation from the space of lack there by anchors the latter greater lack Divine satisfaction will always be Elusive and regardless of the experience of attainment it will not ever be enough nor will it last the cycle of wanting Jen's from the core of poverty and this is the framework that explains how and elevates the energy of believes that carried out as their essence
be who controls the planetary thought body affects the balance of creation notice the who that is controlling your thought body and then you will notice your balance of creation and there's more but I think you guys are getting the SS right and and the reason we in front of you right now and this came in and we just felt was important to share with all of you so we appreciate it and read it and then Tuesday at 5 p.m. and I are going to be on the process spoiler alert starts right now however maybe think about it outside
exactly exactly speaking of how depression symptoms of going on right now also guys a lot of vertigo and nausea I have been nauseous since the right before the new moon open most likely that's going to stabilize this week but remember it's about staying in this energy stay in the energy that lift you above that every time I find myself coming really huge density is an amplified spin so if you are a few are in Destiny right now you are feeling the spin and so feeling it's been with Doctor Street I think I want to turn it over to 3 to talk about that right now because a lot of Ascension symptoms of getting a lot of emails from people I know we have people waiting to talk to you talk to us about this this higher chakras Spin and you do for those
last week you were on the show Buffalo through the may not know she was in bed all last week with a very high fever moving through his own experience what's happening right now in the unique position to share with us I really do what is the role of a fever as a cleanser and when our body goes into a fever it is to you don't actually have to have an infection to need a little well it's not what's wrong it's what is what is needed in order to radiate more life what is needed in order to support your upleveling and often times I told us whether my taste is kefir was offering me my body an opportunity to clear
forever residues work we're not Illuminating or not supporting my own illumination as well as to cleanse the body but it also puts one in a receptive State and so that's the other caveat is often times when the person is altered wonderful opportunity for Spirit to have its way with you especially if you call in Consciousness the lava cheever what are you showing me what what is here what is coming Wednesday through our breath as we are coming right now what is the high Heart By Heart
Jesus love to all that we began developing a heart chakra learning how to love ourselves and then we learn how to love a partner or a family and so those are the base foundational aspects of love but to be able to love for Global family to love all creation is an assistive love and it is a listing of that heart touching the base of the throat so the throat chakra offers the ability to empower your authenticity to know the joy of you is one of the Essences of this chakra the throat and so whether the heart chakra is listed the mobile family is becoming ever more important to Vacation of the covid-19 healthy many people find their hearts and we take a look at this
I am I tired and then what I'm discovering is that if you just relax and enjoy and go outside don't don't think about it don't stress over it don't use it as an excuse to stop you breathe and go into it what you will discover what I found was an inch of respiration that moment of acknowledgement and and this is why I remember it was all about what expansion and contraction in a month of choice and so many have gone through this month trying to still hold on to both you know I'm spiritual but I'm afraid right or do that make sense
I just can't you know you got to make a decision because if you don't anyway and you might not enjoy the way the decision is put in front of you and you know speaking straight I really wanted to celebrate a few was a few weeks ago Paul partes are Paul Road in about what happened with our beautiful gentleman who I'm trying to find his email because it's so so many artists was the one that was sleeping in bed with his wife instead of free we got another update from the blessing of of sharing this is again instantaneous
how in today's Palmas they were talking about the framework of that which supports the density remember that what opens the framework of your extended presents at 0.10 the tourists of all creation is steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust and in here in two days and I talked about was igniting your framework of planetary belief systems doubt and lateral movement so I thought this was a celebration and all right so this is from Paula Mississippi primary care Aubrey Rose Tattoo on gel and all and on gel is our beautiful tree indigenous beloved Elder we are blessed is here with us
it's right up the street he's the one that you saw on the photos with Bria when they do their food deliveries and we're going to try and get some more pictures this week and he continues I'm going to give you an update very soon to my amazing journey in my first month of Ascension 1 months to the day since that glorious phone call service there is so much to share
so they got ignited that was great on Sunday but now it's Monday and I forget what happened and I signed up for 3 Saturday conscious healing class wow this is why you are slowing down if you ever slow down it's a celebration of the framework of support of the steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust and thank you for updating us
if it's right behind you and your wife going we love you guys so much and so keep going and keep sharing we are grateful we have been sharing in real-time what we now know is that our journey to date and entryway our bodies have said yes to hang out Andres formulate because we have let the highest death by think we're both still on the planet is that released into the Twin Soul energy. As part of that we've been sharing with you in real-time what that massive up level Evolution looks like what some of the symptoms and that over the past years that we have been on Earth since we ever got together the whole reason we were together and that since that has happened
beer has been so much that we have we what we share with you is not coming from an esoteric filter it's coming because we have been literally devoted to the art of the Ascension solidly without fail in steadfast commitment we have had times when we have had you name it thrown at us and we have had some of the most beautiful moments and some of the most yet through them all we have been us there has not been a moment when we have not been in the steady flow of the yoga self attention as our Rock and so we've been sharing that with you as we have been guided to offer the Twin Flame twin soul to our event this Wednesday please be there and help us bring people to this event it is really going to assist with
instantaneous manifestation and breaking through the illusion of what all that is about so we've been putting together these videos and last week in real time just before Soul mirrors we had another event happened that we feel is very important to expand and talk about the second hour of Today Show also last week on this show showed you some of our wedding RR 2003 wedding for the universe and so today we wanted to take you into a little bit of experience before we continue the second hour of the show and I do want to share that there's a lot to share yet today this is this is a big moment if you're not here you're going to miss a lot so you want to queue up the video and tell what they had
this is too for us to share our our beginning as a couple with you and also to honor honor our Union in an industry we are also Helping Hand
so the other thing is about the Masters and that this video will also demonstrate the the we're going to talk a little bit about the Masters when we come back actually thank you for hanging in there with us last Tuesday we had a profound Masters experience come forward and the last time we had this is my last week we release the flow of timelessness Attunement if you click through Reading someone from today and the one right next to that is the flow of timelessness Attunement how about all around it is also the reason why we want to share this video with you again if you were at Soul mirrors last Tuesday
really relaxed this time if you're seeing it for the first time just feel the energy and know that there is a moment before you that we are getting ready to launch as soon as we come back and we invite you to enjoy the next few moments we ready all right
the weather to begin tonight with a little song
using the harmonium instrument that came to India from England
of course of a century of self harm only asking you to join with us with Darkness about your voice makes sound like sound with your voice open your heart and have an opportunity to share this moment with us as we collect ourselves as a community community in song
and also want to let you know that Artemis and Paul will be circulating to smudge each of you and in the tradition of the many indigenous peoples are the second smoke is a way of cleansing your aura the way of releasing what you carried in here that is no longer needed a realtor
and you know me
there's a portal for divine energy
May the Divine always find its way through our Open Hearts
god dammit
I'm saying nothing to you my dearest one
or you have brought me home
to myself
1/12 to the 1 Song
I stand here in Switzerland
Dan Heroes one who loves you who is he
pronounce gyro
who will always hold you think room
I will always honor you
I stand here as one who supports you
girls down by omission
will be by
I can't hear
knowing that in our home
whether it be honest and reminder tomorrow in the land of the city we are always
know that the Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you from the moment you sought me out
and I give thanks to the entire universe for allowing me to give to a separation for Mom and me to give to pain for allowing me to get through this lifetime
it would be hard to say that I only love you with my heart because it wouldn't be enough
I will simply suffice to say that I love you and you are me and we are one
hi everybody has years later still doing the same thing you decided not to hang in there and that's cool cuz those of us that are here together right now you are a master that is mastering Mastery in real time and that was the message that came forward last week for us all and Friday we're still look at all of the creation come from Halley's Comet so we had this beautiful transient energy between the 3rd Dimension and all of the other dimensions tangibly available to us it was a moment to do
smile and say thank you for letting it Beach just visit easy and either street that was one of the other sentiments that was echoed in the info was that all of this has set it up so it's already are going to have an easier way how exciting is that I'm Still Loving You from our video strikes me is that from the moment. I got together the Masters begin to appear and I am in one of the ones that really touched me off when we began to notice the master of the boat that was floating above the lake at that time and there was also a smaller Abode to call the Abode of the Warriors
the reason it's we were literally in a direct communication everywhere they were these Warriors who who with their sincere hearts and present for sharing what they considered to be gold have have assisted that area to become a load of that blessing by your divine presence is more valuable and is not a spiritual Warrior the Abode of the Warriors your Warrior presents
presence is merely the presents that will not allowed out and it's it's a huge gun in the movie Dune Paul Atreides keep saying fear is the mind-killer however doubt is your Ascension process remember I was there as a Divine director for sharing in today's installment doubt and so I want to go back to the ascended masters right now is that when we had this engagement and I do want to give a shout out by the way.
music store in the video one of my favorite all-time tracks is Egypt's Benjamin Bob
thank you even more beautiful experience with really important because it came full circle with those Condors that video and this is what has been expanding ever since last Tuesday and what has brought us here today and where everything is coming have some proof of our first ascended masters up and paddle around the Lagoon property was the offices side of the water
and poke around on the shore little bit and is I looked back a drizzle riddle and then you'll see also a property owner
there's a Mystique
due to the blessing of the rain will it cause the ability to see inform this masterful being walking on the water and so this was after we had been in this connection that was so strongly called last Monday when it was like okay that's the flow of time that was posted up at our website last week so Street let's do that so that right very tall definition due to the water to be able to share a tangible evidence
back an hour upon the height of that building and add where you are in the distance X Ico and I'm very aware of myself as 22 ft tall and if you are aware of that as well where you're very aware that you are much much taller times when you feel as if you're like filling up the room you're in a knot in your head and so it actually would be right about that because because our connection with you. It was quite extraordinary and this is the first time and I were living in our open launch the second time we did that was it down in Terra Nostra and Uruguay
open portal if we actually do live actively in about that before we continue with her and I use all around us and when we start relaxing the doubt to dismiss we can be open to what's really there when we start letting go of those beliefs
and the tracking from a sense of manifest that it will never be enough until we lift and the moment of lift is before us in a way it has not ever before we are all parents because it is too high if you are hiding you are lying in the one you're lying to the most of yourself and then and if hiding makes you feel safe
comfortable hiding is what you need to do then stop pretending you're and support you this is the illusion of The Illusionist well that there is only one way you are eternally connected whichever way you decide which ever way you move forward it is absolutely okay you are the one that is making it hard the resistant piece that wants to stay in control beliefs the belief that you must do this or that. It must be this way of self-limitation in order to the high level of Consciousness it just requires remember the law of attraction is a primmer it's to teach conscious Focus meaning is preparing you
Consciousness which is the only way through what's happening right now and however pouring from the Divine directors through that this is the moment of the lifting Consciousness and because of all of us focusing together we have the capacity for instantaneous manifestation in a way that has not been available before if you are ready to say yes if you are ready to empower you before you is because you were born you don't have to worry about anything to see who you are and all will flow as if imperfect
and this is where we're going to bring a little bow around it and start taking your questions
however master who is mastering master in real time you got to watch it and the want is in this is where the Law of Attraction can become limited right it's not you got a really want that car and focus on that car with a lot of traction you do me and I are the successful Witness
above even ourselves holds us together is that in our experience of this life right now it is our absolute object Devotion to the Divine experience that has called this in and I think that's when you break it you don't want anything because you're an instantaneous manifestations universe is directing you don't have time to worry about and that's what we're inviting you really call in because we're modeling it check the love of spirit and might be able to recognize the power you got a little sample of that is the law of attraction the rest of the attractiveness of your
not to focus on what you're wanting but to be that what you are and then the peace that which you are free to you that which is required to magnify everything absolutely just say that we did so I'm not sure what you might have just missed heard but but yes it is absolutely is that how you are calling so there's nothing that we want there's no desire or want and how many are obsessed with what they want in their whatever it love perfect relationship when the self is dry
watch The Law of Attraction is there to assist you to start focusing with conscious awareness beyond that to start seeing more than just manifest in the parking space or the perfect phone call or the check or whatever and so this is an extremely important to give yourself the opportunity to move into instantaneous slow and it takes more than to show you how to do it but you can do it with the mirrored awareness of the doubt and where that doubt is really taking your beliefs and how those beliefs are limiting your expansion
it's about going beyond the comprehension of a believe beyond the limitation of what his mind can create and igniting a higher frequency of Consciousness while still in the body and this is why self transformation and I have been literally our bodies have been active self transformation for a 2020 photo when we eat today our bodies have been all over the place and now they're in another moment and In This Moment different is that the self transformation is being 100%. The relaxation of any sense of Disconnect between the spirit body in 100% Harmony this existence this body equal but both of these bodies have said yes we will do whatever it will take so that you are
able to stay in form and the anime form. Thank you and offering streusel nourishment to the body through increase Vitality inspiration Clarity and I are sleeping that much anymore but we're not tired there's just too much I will share with you the one challenge is keeping up and you will notice the more that you're calling in the instantaneous manifestation you will notice that you're already working with it the more you are the faster your day start going that's one way that you start becoming aware of the release of time in order to be in the manifestation time needs to be a beautiful blessing that you are able to gaze at from outside of and that's when you know you're also inside of quantum space expansion
the Trap is to notice that your notice t810 okay namaste
and I don't hear anything
not no not hearing anything John so what are we going to the other call board for a moment let's go oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I want to say that you know what that I opening in this incredible eclipse coming right up an eclipse that eclipse is opening that you to check this out we got this speaking of New Mexico this is the Sandia Mountains from Corrales and this came in for American Santa Fe and Eric wheel of structure why we were like well we used to live like inserts for Ichiro's right that we went from those mountains in the Andes Mountains
thank you for sharing that we wanted to say hey Auntie of you that are fine mother died at showing you the eyes right now send us your iPhoto so it's just like every kid if you got some Fabulous by photos that are appearing spontaneously this week send them our way and next week we're hoping to put them all together and I'll tumble music with them and celebrate the opening Express through the pictures that are coming next week all right well
okay well hang on a second line
nothing happening okay alright well that's just alright
and I hear nothing okay if somebody give us a shout out that just says yes we can hear you we would appreciate that or are we not seeing her
so we're just going to wait till somebody lets us know they can hear us guys
yeah cuz everything looks quite normal here thank you thank you thank you all right thank you thank you about what's going on with all of us right here and so I want you to stop messing with text you cuz you're making me crazy behind the scenes and so we have this this moment and I'm excited about it I want to go back to the you know I had a feeling earlier when we were sharing about having it in slow so again this is the installment that is manifestation and
what I'd like to share with you right now is where they talk about the fourth dimension collapse and what has happened because there is so much that has happened here so I am going to start at the beginning and the end share a little bit more with you and this is just so important and it's obvious why we're having a child stay on we are sweetheart we're eating a whole different section we're not going to come later all right as you doubt this and as you believe thoughts that are the gift of a co-creative illusion this is how the power of the planetary thought body is
the planetary thought body is the repository of all the Leafs thoughts and actions of this co-created illusionary experience because what the Divine directors are saying is that at the core of everything from this belief system hence why the Law of Attraction being anchored within that is like a life preserver and really important but as you believe they have here that these thoughts remember are the gift of the thoughts that are the gifts of the co-creative illusion this is how the power of the planetary thought body and very important is generator
look this is the fuel member in The Matrix all the sudden he wakes up and he's in the Pod field this is the Pod filled because it's the repository of what all this specific co-created body is the density experience any adjectives in front of them there is no separation so when we awake and become aware
all police actions contribute to the planetary as part of the process is really important on conscious of its existence until the moment of The Reawakening of your divine nature the responsibility to love the planetary thought body has been greatly ignore how to look into the mirror and the reason being is that my unconscious meaning that until you until you became familiar with the yoga self aware of the planetary soft body and what it is the one
does body is basically like the ozone layer for your spirit and so the planetary soft body has been getting and doing all these things and then I honestly love the planetary order to do that you have to be anchored outside of the creation which is happening in the third dimension and it hit me that when I read this today I saw it
I was able to experience the full blessing of that ignition and it actually helps keep you angry the vibration where the 7th Dimension has really become a lot easier and so I think this is really important New Concept and you understand durable as your source of inspiration and reaction what it is
put it on your consciousness
how often are going to be affected by the banker in our divine love when were able to kind of Step Back From the picture start cultivating the witness that we can begin so here's where we take it to the 4th dimensional mind-blowing information and I really feel that way because there's a lot to unpack here so would you read the first part right there before the 4th dimensional entities of confusion and ego gratification that were held in loving suspension have now been released by the strong magnetic pull of the planetary thought body of the third dimension
you're so what they were reviewing but they showed me today which was extraordinary was that something that we had never really been before what caused the collapse of the fourth dimension and that's happened a while ago and so when the fourth dimension collapse what happened was that part of the reason for the collapse was that the planetary thoughts of critical mass of fear energy and energy is one wrong or energy experience you give away your power to feel safe again and so when you are afraid you give away your power and so as a planetary energy
the loving Embrace member we talked about it earlier that there's lots of energy set release that are unable to transit to The 5th Dimension and so they are how they are love with these beautiful gorgeous energies of the fourth dimension they are held in that Embrace but they are not because they are held the reason they are held is there still looking down there in the 4th Dimension by Imagine somebody's got you around the middle of your body and your kind of arms and legs are hanging there so you're just resting but when you open your eyes are still looking down or or scary or lower Consciousness because they're still looking down half aware so what happened was that energy it was like an instantaneous moment we're out of love
because remember this is all being done because of the purity of love not the emotional basis of love the support mechanism had to release because it was painful to stay and so the massive release of those energies is what triggered the it was a it was like a a sharp note in a Sonata last you know it was just like that. Which I've drawn diagrams off and throw those beans are not quite in the third dimension but they are no longer in the court of the fourth dimension so that's why there was an intensity in density and it was like the other thing that happened
the rarefied realm of the fourth dimension open and this is why many are seeing the 4th Dimension so beautifully they're seeing the rarefied realm can also be an issue and so what happened was all of those benevolent beings that were that let's just say their job was to offer that beautiful cradle of support have been free so instead of holding that energy their energy was freed up and this is what I was saying earlier and it's like this beautiful rarefied Realm of the 4th Dimension that is the state Transit Zone it's like welcome to Tollgate stir up and it's literally a rarefied that once you are able to ignite into it really does offer you deep healing and clearing however this is a realm that is only match
you can let go of the ego driven and start really lifting up into that's his dimensional space and the fact that is open and how that happened is my fighting so much more that we are at a unique time the portals are open the doors are open that right in front of you you still have to pick it up and drink it you take action with with the steadfast let's keep going because once you get where that is a grander experience if he comes
you're an easier but just like lifting out of the Earth's atmosphere it takes a lot of fuel for a rocket to get up into space and it does take a little fuel through right you have to want it and again the irony is that in your steadfast commitment you're focused awareness your complete trust about being the animator of this life experience the wanting there is nothing there is not even the question because the instantaneous manifestation is
is Easter so important let us not forget love is as I am love is as I am and for those of us white as we all know love and Trust are the exact same energy and so when that love and Trust love and Trust the sacred Union we bring all this together and the truth of what are twin soul is this is why this week this Wednesday 5 p.m. be there this is that moment and I want to continue because there's been a little more let's start right there with the has added to the ease with which the energies of jealousy Hatebreed anger fear doubt have together created a binding element that propels the energy
this is also why the energies of divine love and nourishing Sports support from within the refined Realms of the 4th Dimension are now assisting with anchoring and stabilizing the 5th dimensional Gateway we're being offered exact Dimension. Very very rich give away their power but when people are terrified and I love this I love this next section because after they tell all this and they say look now
always in divine order as there are floods of those who are seeking to enter The Fifth Dimension and will not be able to resist brings me back to the 20/20 energy flows I want to go back and can I put that up on screen for a minute right here there we are okay and so there we are you see the circle right there okay what is that the tri-fold energy of the dragonfly year of Perfect Balance 2020 as a master experience year was profound Visionary transformation spinning all year and what's happening right now is that we are getting back into the 5th Dimension
we've already been in and out already been in out in out that you see by this weekend 29th 30th and 31st is all going to be about the choice and it's going to come down to the voice that is moving through your high heart energy and 10 you and this is what we're going to do together next year we are going to high heart we're going to make sure that it send it hard activation is not only open and maximum receptivity the energy of May but that it is spinning and igniting you're going to be teaching living in The 5th Dimension because we are because June is all about that and in order to really harness the incredible Master energy that you
mastering and invite you to say yes. Send it presents and instantaneous manifestation imagine not having to think about what you would want or why he would want it and just 100% having your inspiration guide you so that all of your doing is being done because it's the right thing to do and that that Circle has been completed with complete something that's the beauty that we are here right now yeah it really is and so this is why I again I I just want to share over and over again please go to Sri and Kira. Com please go ahead and and look at this now what I'm going to do more time and if we can't get into the phone line case we are seeing comments come up for a moment but
if not you can ask a question or not sure what happened over BBS if you can get it will say hi to you still there all right let's see if we've got Benjamin over at CBS Radio
or send me a text
I'm not hearing anything there so let's go over to okay we're going back over here call boards gotten really big stream stupid get somebody hurt to go back to New Mexico New Mexico
hi there
make sure it's not that one color right all right all right
are you hello can you hear me
I know you can hear myself but I'm going to see if it's actually a down so I just wanted to share actually I thank you for sharing so much with us by the way exactly saying every week so far it's been exactly what I've been experienced weather is still my sleep state or away such as a portal of dragonflies
yard if it's beautiful seeing them back and forth I never seen them but you know then the next week I soon into you guys you thought you started talking about it the same thing when she was sick I have a dream that you know I'm a male and he was sick and now today you're sharing about the 5th Dimension and that was my dream of smile and sing the difference between the dimensions I wanted to say thank you thank you for you know for sharing with us and about and I was it while helping me to validate
nothing going crazy here
thank you for saying yes to you
thank you
the first thing that I do want to share with you is that the universe is so cute you thought this beautiful the only way I could just drive is like this mother Angel she's just as beautiful goddess got you by the shoulders and she kind of taking you and she's going are you paying attention to pay attention and and she and she's smiling in your both laughing and you're like if you're laughing with her and saying yes I am paying attention and what they're saying is that think about how many people we had to talk to you today before somebody got on the line and it was you you are being knocked on the head when it comes to the yoga and they're saying you are getting ready to leave for you all about making the choice right now where is your steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust because you're already prepared you're already well
on your journey what are you going to do about it because it's about is you you're right there and listen to Street and I looking at you and saying Master you are mastering mastering mealtime thank you and so it is oh thank you thank you and you're right as I'm looking at you I'm connecting like if your guys are telling me like you're almost there
say thank you guys for your service I love you both and you know guys this is what happens every week is that our goal is always to invite as many colors as possible and we will do everything we can and we as a community co-create this every week Community Street getting into a moment where it's like oh my goodness so much going on I wanted to share with everybody our community one of the things that came forward forestry and I during this time of retreat that we have all been said was how can we serve how can we start what can we do and so we've been releasing these calendar every single week 3 of course we're looking at right now
is 100% donation and it helps us keep feeding a lot of very hungry people so thank you it also supports clinical Linda and then Tuesday not just buy show but this Tuesday 3 is my exciting just because this Tuesday we are going to do the spoiler alert start thinking about you want to call in and then roll please Wednesday I'll tell you what this is going to be very powerful but you do need to enroll please
this is a really important thing it's important to know the very much like a lot of traction and that is the vast difference between the allusion to somebody else you think we can work you have enough time Street
all right we're going to try and get another call in where we going Bakersfield California
guess my number comes up I'm from California. I'm so happy I got through thank you sweetheart can you turn down your volume we're getting a little feedback right then. I've been on both fall boards and for some reason there's a lot of energy I want to be with you so I guess I just would love for reading and I love you both you both look so radiant thank you sweetheart will you know the first thing I want to share with you is that your heart is pounding as I connect with you I don't talk about your physical part I'm feeling like this pounding in your heart really really is is that you are in a moment of ascended breakthrough you are you are you are like it that precipice
and your physical heart knows it and then I'm watching this energy go from your physical Heart Like a plug right into your truce right into your throat chakra and it's like zits you are like almost like a can I take it can I take it this is your moment to say yes and they're saying to bring both of your hands to your throat chakra close your eyes breathe in through your nose exhale
and as you relax your hands feel I'm feeling like hot hot energy feel the energy releasing out of your throat releasing your hands and then bringing them to your third chakra and the message was coming in as from this beautiful like Guru energy who sang my most beloved daughter I am right here why are you so concerned the pathway has already been opened now relax breathe and receive for we are together again and there is much to do
that's beautiful thank you so much. I just feel like that. Thank you my angel I bow before the master you are thank you for helping all of us receive that gift today I feel that we were each just blessed with this and thank you for the gift of you many blessings they said Thank You release it with my father
the Divine and I are one
as I am
we surrender it all to the Divine The Joy magnifies and it is truly our joy to be able to be with you each and every Sunday being with you again tomorrow night for Monday Tuesday night we're going to manifest
thank you for joining us in Scream hero live to have your questions answered send us an email yes at 3 and Sara radio. Com and check out more information at 3 you next week, today

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