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Sri and Kira Live, June 7, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to 305 Heather World Spins out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos giffany to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it on mean missionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors call and hear a rock opera live Soul open up your mind body and spirit the paradigms wisdom here are three and Kira
Namaste beloved ones in welcome to the voice of passionate action I am Shriram car first and foremost taking a breath and just bring your hands to your heart and energy and we are going to be talking all about the explosion of Consciousness through awareness what this means and why it matters a huge show today so thank you for being here with us plus by popular demand another segment from Bria Rose earring to you or some other video that I think it will be really excited to see so come out today because we are just riding that way to June June is a vacation on like other magnifications
the PBS radio wonders talk radio and the video is streaming YouTube and Facebook are you catch this the time is right the time is now and let's take a breath together
and I am here I am here and I am ready I'm ready yes you are a hey remember those phone lines I'm watching really fast right now you can join the conversation ask for a mini Soul reading ashtray to assist with any kind of Ascension symptom ology those two phone numbers are first and foremost over at our 800 number +627-600-888-6008 and let Don know if you wanted to ask Siri a question as well so that we may have that availability and over at 1 this talk radio you can get into the Q number there is 517-208-1500 again that's 5 1720 1500 over there if you have a question for free just press star
call Ivan. Raise your hand lets us know that you've got a question for you as well and so welcome everyone we are just delighted to have this June moment with you and Trey time I still somewhat recuperating from even everything that's happened have you felt this June like explosion energy yesterday on the 6th we had our Mastery mentorship Miracle Gathering and wonderful Gathering list of nice large audience participating by lending their energy toward manifesting miracles on this planet and their lives and for the benefit of all creation and it was a fabulous ensoulment at the end of this Gathering and I know that when Kara and I kind of quietly said okay everybody float away
go where you want to go at the end of the Gathering we floated away sat down on the couch
and an amazing about a time went by before we finally came back and said how wonderful oh yeah thank you for sharing that since the energy that ignited during our sharing yesterday and today show I have got letters and Sharons to to Really shout out and I am Christian Mississippi there's a lot going on and this is just the first as you mentioned and this is why we're taking this one week by week because an explosion energy but the bigger the explosion the more intensity of the energy the faster and the faster so I said vast
faster faster faster faster all this is escalating so much so that lets. All right so we're going to we're going to show you the history of the person I want to share with them is the 2-year she is so let's see the two-year overlay overlap right there 20 20% overlap so this is where I want to start because it brings us specifically to this week right now we are in a unique. That was not known until it happened it was literally one of those beautiful blessings and so many of you know that we that we opened up a. Of time from 2015 through 2021 this is the Ascension escalator of authenticity this is when the seven polarity to Free Will are going to be played out
who is really supposed to carry us up until 2022 meetings at the Roaring Twenties was really not going to kick off until 2022 and then what is happened is due to the rise in the sphere to mention in the end we have taught all of this in the program will feel called learn about it but in essence what happened was that because the Roaring Twenties opened up with such profound intensity due to the condensation of the multi-dimensional experience
there was an overlap that was created so 2020 and 2021 are now and if you look at this graphic you see the arrows between the 2020 and the arrows between the 2021 of the hands are breaking free of chains we are literally holding the Ascension escalator of authenticity in our hands and it is at the very last moment that we are actually be told to overlap with the energy that is coming in right now and this is what started the entire two-year up level this is why the up level calendar was listening thank God given to us and and you can find that train and that's why we've been aware of all of these things that have been happening including this and why this is so profound humility is that when the revelations comes
when the Ascension energy call it predictions of Revelations come through they are brought forward as energetics what's not brought forward is the details what will they look like how will it present it's a flow you know what if you have a boat on an ocean the wave lifts the boat and we don't know for sure what the boat looks like until we get there and if so what's happening here in June I just love this graphic if we take a look here that I in the pyramid found symbol and what is happening in June is this explosion of awareness and Consciousness and the energetic is going well we're going to talk more about this today
add a couple of directions to talk about that because one of the things if you were with us yesterday in the Mastery mentorship we started talking about what is happening right now and Shreve this is the Venn diagram there is okay so no that's the wrong one I did not sit but that's not the right one I need the one with all the things written on it sweetheart that I sent to you and that was really really important. I'm hoping we can find that crap I got was a really important one for today it's like the meat of all of this so let me start sharing what you were seeing what is happening right now is that number one we are in the pre Mercury retrograde experience that happened June so right there on June one we fell into yes that's what we hit not only the pre Mercury retrograde and remember we talk
this last night I excuse me last week we are going to have a rare triple retrograde over the solstice but in addition to that we also have what's happening right now which is that we are in that energy and this I opened on Friday during that incredible full moon eclipse why is the pyramid here at the three super moons of March April and may be why is June and that is why it is happening right now I don't know what you're seeing are they seeing that this is why it's so darn important if you today the Divine directors came in and I've been saying I wanted to make this graphic and it was coming in and I just honestly forgot to bring It Forward
play the Divine directors came in and they said cast aside that which causes Fury and you shall release all doubt eternally right now as you gaze at this graphic that red spear on the left side represents January one 2020 through the last day of this month June 2020 and if you look at the right side and the blue sphere that represents from June 12020 all the way out until January 1:20 20 and thank you 2021 and so what's happened right now is that in that can you go back to that to your up level for me now
okay and so the overlap okay so here's what's happening guys we are crashing into 20/20 early let's go back to a live camera what is that mean well and then we're going to go back to this graphic because 2021 is coming in early everything that was going to come forward and 2021 is actually starting to manifest you know this month and and we were talking about this yesterday very blessed that this week we also welcomed our brand new general manager here at types of Blue Mountain Daniel one of the things he shared with us is that he was so excited to be starting June one with tosa blue mountain and that because here in Ecuador and I guess looking around or Valley we should have already picked up on this this is the moment of birth of all new song everything is so big that it's so was so right
everything that that has been coming forward and so when we cast aside. Which causes Fiore and release all doubt eternally what's happening is that and now I want to go back to that vote graphic again what's happening is that we are in this explosion energy because we are colliding timeline remember this year June is a culminating Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation we are not going to revisit this energy and the I literally sit in the middle there the eye has ignited now that is why and the reason we're showing you this so clearly is this month is all about literally living in The 5th Dimension and here is what the Divine directors had to share about what you're staring at and this came in at 11:54 a.m.
this morning looking at the left side they are sharing 20/20 the Ruby is the energy of 2020 which is the four energy of ascended numerology the steel Center of creation as held together through the acceptance of self-mastery as you're living ascended presents or now remember this is based on how you're spinning right Siri they're spinning up you're spiraling up in this Ruby energy or you're in this lateral downward spiral and they're saying the red of rage and fury that ignited the all through the experience and is also a rising energy and so this is real Discerning and important to recognize that between January and the end of this month we are still in it this is that ruby red energy that was that would have
all of this year and now it's clogged riding with the 2021 energy early and imagine these to the red and the blue overlay in which makes Violet right so imagine the red and the blue overlaying each other and that's what's going to bring us to the end of the year that's when we're going to hit that December 31 transitioning into January twenty one choice moment and it's going to literally be Humanity's choice and the gift were being given his were getting to pay with be with us and be aware of it and have called it in early which means all the gifts everything you've been waiting to do is going to manifest faster law of instantaneous manifestation so here's what they're saying about the 2021 if you now look over at the Blue Area they're the blue sphere
the first thing they said was remember that this will be a 50 this is a 5 plus the infinite is a prime year for there's a visa to take an Ascend anymore ology you know what that means it is a prime plus the internet it is the flowing Cosmos of service it's all about slow and service now here's what the Divine director said that 2021 will call forward the infinite eternal life presents as mirror through the energy of moonstone as ignition of the energy so think of a beautiful high-end Moonstone that has that Crystal and quality with that Disney Cruise ride that luminating blue and here is what they are saying that just like the Ruby that higher dimensional frequency of January through June while the higher dimensional frequency of June through January 2021 is going to be the blue
integration of the crystalline flow of divine presence as a steady abundant stream of support that can only be activated from The 5th Dimension or talk about that in a moment or this energy will be so remember that set up word spiral energy or if you're in that lateral density energy it will feel as if it is water that is freezing everything so Frozen that it cannot move and can only Survive by shutting down what it considers to be unnecessary systems
and so this is a very profound Bowman and in this Venn diagram June is the is the buffer this is where it all begins but it's going to keep imagine the ruby in the blue they're they're like doing this right now they're relaxing into being with each other and they're going to keep coming together until they make violet and so this is a very profound unique moment and this is why the Open Eye of awareness remember a big big big awareness month we just finished a choice much awareness awareness awareness for a while I want you to know that one one of the things we teach and we talk about is how time is an illusion and the idea of imposing Tik Tok linear time is actually an act of fear and an act of
going control so when we take time out of that linear flow and we begin to look at energetics and now come to this wonderful Venn diagram of the first six months of this year greeting of the 2022 grey and there is this intersection which is now chemical interaction that is going to cause many folks who are already on a path of upliftment ever more rapidly and discover instantaneous speed goes all is well I trust the Divine let's keep going and I'll help out who's ever in front of me or call the other phone is this
within the density Consciousness the mass Consciousness there is this this Ruby energy is this fueling this petition to these demands now what happens is acceleration lifts many of those who are caught in the polarity of that anger based rage will all of a sudden go oh wait a minute and they're going to screw well this is I want I want to just reiterate again that the Ruby energy is the energy of the Divine still Center and that it is that they're talking about that I wanted I wanted to share this quote Again cast aside. Which causes Fury morning at 11:44 a.m. here at Chelsea Blue Mountain we were actually in the pool
need to write this down and share it with everyone has to side. Which causes Fury and you shall release all doubt eternally and everything you're staring straight I really if you don't mind I really want to show the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening and the cycle of recognition because that's what we're talking about here right we're talking about the fear and anger Loop so these wonderful energetix that and this Collision in June in at the very human level people are going to be called if they are available to Consciousness to recognize am I in a loop of fear and anger or can I be grateful for all that is in front of me as it restores me to my Center so as you're staring at here
consider is authentic Joy so look at this pyramid the pyramid begins with emotional Joy emotional Joy is transient Joy its needs dependent it often comes in around a sense of something in you that lacks so is it fulfills something that you feel is lacking thereby you feel joyous but that Joy goes away if that situation would change is our joy is so unstable it actually is the breeding ground of here it is the absolute because you're afraid of losing Joy cell because you've yet to discover that the authentic joy and so from that emotional joy we actually are dependent upon it we actually breathe more fear and then when the fear starts becoming too strong when the fear starts becoming its own like the fear body on the planet right the planetary. But he's all about fear we actually breed we actually birth
we are angry that are fear is right and there by our joy is gone and it's a loop and it is a loop that will always blame always have a partner in pain that always wants to talk about the same thing over and over and over again because they are still wounded and this is a blessing to remember that Within the Ruins are coming forward to right now we are in the explosion of Consciousness through awareness that is an extraordinary moment is a moment of gratitude and of course imagine if you were standing in that emotional joy down to the bottomless pyramid looking up right now and as you look up at the top of the pyramid you see this beautiful Crystal and opening and to find it right on the other side is your authentic joy and find it all you need to do is bring a hand to your heart
relax and love yourself enough to say thank you for bringing me here right now the world is not letting go of all hope of a better past and you can see what it manifests what it what a mirror what a mirror and are losing huh yeah I like about that graphic which is so simple is that the true Joy of being us is the Outer Circle and then the very specific human experiences of emotional Joy which is always exterior dependent fear and anger and and the loop and even the Gratitude is what opens up into the greater recognition that everything that is happening is happening with the permission of your soul and the joy of your being
polarized experience where are you putting your Consciousness on the particular subset of possibility which is ever I'm not happy anymore or oh wow look at this you will experience what fun splosion man explosion in perspective with an eagle will periodically give you a little bit allows all this drama to dance and when we anchor our Consciousness in the souls perspective everything falls into place you're never alone
there's always joy and trust and love are the flow upon which we dance just quickly remind you of the energy flow for the entire year because it makes so much sense and remember that March April May June those four months were the first four months that we were all transit and Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation they were forming the base of this pyramid we will anchor this the final two points that lifted into a six-pointed merkaba right now it's a four point of diamond what will finalize it will be October or November so right now we are in the way I described it as we are in the Pyramid of creation we are in this energy of creation and it has ignited the heart of the butterfly
because if you look at January February and September and then look at July August and December those six months of the year are like the pillars of support profound shift and what's so important here is to notice that it opened in January and it's going to close in December that both of those months the opening closing month of the year are like these beautiful caddy Corner diagonal points that are saying okay we're going to bridge this together and what you're seeing and this is that that's spirally she the spiral that brings the whole thing together at set Awakening to self Ascension it's the moment of the absolute explosion of Consciousness and as we talked about back in December 2019 this year was going to invite more people to listen to a higher state of consciousness than they ever have
four more rapidly than they ever have and that was what started that to your slide showed you and why the Roaring Twenties shifted and there are and I really do need to share it because recently I was featured on a panel and they're not and and God bless them they're real and they're experienced however the reason I'm bringing it up and I'm not going to say specifically which what I will say is this this is a moment where the Divine directors have said over and over again. All everything we need to go to the 5th Dimension is being given to us and that to ignite Distortion field and remember it has to be done in the 5th Dimension write that in order to carry this energy it has to be done in the 5th Dimension and so to hold that torus field which keeps the unified field of this body of form
consciously connected here yet, just lie in the zero-point alchemical process it takes steadfast commitment and complete trust and in that moment right now in this open all my energy as we are now going to the opening of the Mercury retrograde we are in a early illuminated new moon and so remember this is for full moons I created this March March April and May and this is the June solar eclipse that just opened two days ago so the explosion of Consciousness and the peeling away of all that which would seek to to Blind you is gone the only thing left is your choice and that's why it's so beautiful
Rihanna wearing this month because your choice and we are in June awareness July experience August choice so look at what's coming forward right now what is your awareness showing you that as this first month of this 2021 so whatever your dreams were they were like all the manifests that next year pull it in and say yes say yes say yes so it said if I think it's just an extraordinary moments illusion of these energies because this explosion right now and one of the other things that was mentioned by the Divine directors is as this 2021 energy is coming to greet
us here in June there are those that are going to find a great sense of upliftment and there are those they're going to feel as if a frozen cap has been placed upon them literally stuck think about that. Blue energy write that in generation that blue energy is either going to be and I love what they said because it's so wonderful they're saying that the Blu-ray integration cuz it was all of 2021 starting to come in now what a blessing right Blu-ray integration of the crystalline flow of divine presence as a steady abundant stream of support activated from The 5th Dimension and this is why I want to go back we have the June energy right just the one I know we tried it early there it is June June energy
going on so if you woke up at the top right that's the fifth dimensional lift imagine that as the fifth dimensional elevator okay and below it there that Violet kind of energy with the beautiful like the Aurora Borealis coming from The Fifth Dimension is spiraling around the planet that's the Ascension escalator of your divine presence mean you have lifted this is from outside the planetary thought body that's why there's no continents there is no division there's no because once you escaped the planetary thought body there's just the loving essence of Oneness and right action so what you're gazing at in the bottom of the bottom corner there with the time the Aurora Borealis is the flow that you're taking and it's imagine those are all beings of light going into that system Edsel anchor ship and and you see I've trailed it up like a rainbow into that and when you first enter it's a lot of green that's because you're divine.
blueprint which takes you effortlessly here only begins when you anchor the ascended heart at the top corner there there's this huge like Spear of light coming out of the violin area that is the integration of The Fifth Dimension where buy now imagine that you are gazing for that pyramid and the Open Eye and the explosion of Consciousness and from the perspective of The 5th Dimension what you see is that you are literally directly working with that Crystal and explosion of light right into that void of creation of the Open Eye into the energy of this planet there by igniting a second wave of energy that will shower this planet and unify The 5th Dimension energy once more remember that the 5th dimensional energy has been eroding
that's all we've been doing all the time that's why you staring at here is the Bowman at hand from a cosmic perspective and that is why with all of our heart and soul shree and I were at we were literally asked by the Archangel send it roams to please unlock the keys of the living in The 5th Dimension series and so we are honored and excited now or even after we start you can still join in we will be unpacking will be looking at the codes on how to activate your ascended chakra system how to live in The 5th Dimension with joy and purpose and Choi
and and and I just want to underscore something everything we talked about and everything going on in humanity your freedom is a choice away is just one choice away also not a wish a proactive decision to say enough of what was and now I choose my joy and to let it all fall away whatever is keeping you in the habit of the habit of the pain of the past
dirty Hallmark Angel zadquiel the habit of the habit of the painting of the page you have got to learn a trade up for it is but you admit you know it's easy to stay there I think this is really like that we should lost over the years as we have that is what it's a whole lot of heavy stuff and what news is that if he has become a habit of having the habit of the Habit it is like we look out we we just look out just the way it is really anytime is okay my Consciousness has accepted this level of experience as everything
do I need to complete the mission for my soul in his lifetime so I want to really bring this into perspective because all is okay all of it but goodness knows I went through all of it there's very little anyone could share with me that I probably haven't personally gone through and there was a moment in my life where I felt all of the Cure frustration and all those things that come with that all of it including the four husbands before my beloved Sri Lanka and yet it is when we get to these moments we are here in this moment as any other than meaning that collectively we are at the explosion of Consciousness be on your knees and say I hate you to thank you thank you for you to have consciously called yourself to be here me and you were strong enough to get through everything you had to go through to get here right now
one hell of an ego because it has done everything in his power to stop you and there are times it still does that you are a master If you experience right now if you are connecting with this incredible community of self Ascension at 9 courage you to do so I know that there is tons going on over our Facebook page yet there lots of conversations and postings going on remember energy that you are carrying in this planet right now means that you couldn't fully awaken until you really knew the flip side and then to stay awake means to have complete naked authenticity with the one within that would seek to stop you because that is when the final Mastery key is unlocked and
everyone of us without exception will face that moment the moment where is screaming and justifying and becomes your greatest partner in pain and the habit of the habit of that partner in pain that's giving you all the reasons why everyone else is wrong and why you are right will be the moment of your greatest break you know I'm reminded that you're sharing that form for me and I believe for us one of the greatest breakthroughs for us were the periods of fasting when there is a safe and and for you it could be a liquid fast could be a 3-day fast fast technology would be used to communicate is that when we we went through a series of cleanses leading up to a 40-day water fast
after be a recommendation of the arc Angelic realm help me get behind the camera of my egoic projections that the content of the eagle mind is everything from your old too fast too much weight this is just a you don't have anything to prove what are you doing and all of that and when we began to get behind the construct of this into fire Co created an illusion and move into what was truly essential which is your Divinity experience this is an experience not a reality in the sense of what is truly real and that the fasting it was a fasting from the illusion I didn't I thought I was not eating food
what I realize is we got several weeks hit two fists and ain't read into a state of alignment with what was East Essence and so I sure that with you because it isn't require that you go off in the desert for 40 days is suggested is that you find a way to unhook from the unconscious habits of the Assumption of this is the way things are and it's still you know Beyond the Veil and some people work with psychedelic some people work with their Consciousness some people work with meditation with chanting mantras there's many ways that help give you that Glimpse Glimpse is received your perspective in your contacts then can grow into
Central Way of being outside of Eagle dependents and you got clean I mean nakedly authentic with yourself and you know my favorite example of that was when you first reached out to me you know we met online and my favorite example was when she wrote me for the first time and his his line was escalator 2 expansion and I saw that his subject line at the fact that my girlfriend put me on the site I didn't even know I was there yeah really
such like I knew that core you know that that intuition that knowing that it's like you know I knew that if I even answered his email I could never lie to myself I couldn't hide I couldn't pretend I was going to have to step into who I really was and because of that I think I waited a day or two before I responded to him because I knew if I responded to him what was going to happen and it was like jumping off a cliff and it was not a hundred percent fun those of you that have red sacred Union the journey home know the story but the key is that we are at that moment right now collectively collectively for those of you that are very clear on these moments that you have already had those explosions of Consciousness those undeniable moments that no matter what no matter what confronted nothing can take away what you know is the truth right
I've been so impacted by this we actually re watch the movie contact yesterday and so if you haven't connected with great movie lots of powerful symbolism for this moment right now and I really kind you're looking for a good movie to hang out with that's family-friendly turn the lamps on how the the powers of density interact with the possible Revelations
speaking about we have got so many people that have been whiteness as well and I also wanted to share that a lot of you in response to bring a rose last week sent us your recipes and your pictures and we've been getting poems and songs please please please go to our Facebook that a stranger official I think I might be saying that wrong maybe over the chat somewhere somebody can say if it's right there are groups are post please post post post post bring it all you know please surely did you really are just loving the sharing and I want to go over here because we have here is here we go ok from an and enter subject line is shree's healing readings Ascension symptoms and so this is from let me read her sharing I would like to send an email to
touch screen car radio. Com and we do go through the we get a lot of emails but always send it and of course always keep trying to call as well so I'll read this cuz the types kind of small community I would be very grateful for healing readings during the community hour if possible as I have been compelled to write a I have very odd symptoms with my skin I have red angiomas which started from my solar plexus area during a pregnancy in 2012 I think and they Now cover most of my lungs and body I also have another covering of tiny pinpricks eyes brown dots all over my body and Limbs and there are literally thousands of them my doctor saw this and immediately sent this was showed nothing wrong I was also sent to a dermatology specialist Clinic about 15 or so skin specialist can explain it other than that age and pregnancy I am not on well
and I do not believe it is anything to worry about how are the timing coincides with my Ascension path I am currently working on loving and accepting myself in case this is some form of self rejection and would appreciate your thoughts on this and give you full permission to look at it love and blessings and and and and left a little PS about how I I can't call in because of my children and I don't want to hug your time this is an from Scotland you are not hugging our time there's a lot of people having similar things so sure you thank you for offering in this gift and thanks for asking him more than we can go in death wish right now but I want to offer you a few tidbits that I think might be important the first is to recognize that the role of the skin is respiration just like the lungs only the skin is your largest organ of elimination so when the skin has an expression chances are it's working hard to trans
mute and energy to release something so that's sad from one perspective it's important to look at the skin and say thank you for your service and to connect with whatever the outbreak is like it was a rash in one particular area you mentioned that began in the solar plexus area than group is to bring your hands to that area to let go of all medical whatever's overlays and just speed present
so you bring your hands to the outbreak of the breeze and very slowly send the breath down to that area and just asked show me I'm here
what is your message and be present to the message that will be revealed to you from the rash
because there is information there for you and it's important to be in a very calm loving non-judgmental receptive place when interacting with the body the body has a mission to serve you and it's doing his level best to do that so this is one perspective and a very useful thing to do the other is for you to take a look at how fully you are trusting who you are and your willingness to Anchor who you are in this life that you're living because whenever there is a little separation between our higher truth and are expressed truth in the outer World there is a tension and that tension is is is kind of an irritation also and that can be expressed through the skin so wanted to look there so there's two things to look at here's the third sometimes there are cosmic overlays which come in as
reminder that you're not just of this world that's a coincidence or not but it certainly has not been anything that has anyway and I am more than ordinarily aware that I am gazing through what she feels like an outer shell I become aware of how that she'll has been adapting to the frequency and so it could be part of a frequency adaptation just sharing so thank you for all of your letter there was this overall a air of acceptance to say if it is also so this is here I don't I'm not worried I'm willing to accept it beautiful less where you begin and now have a conversation with it from a non-judgmental 5th dimensional energy nobody
tell me a little bit about this you know and be in that kind of open curiosity and you'll be amazed what's Sherry Ln and thank you again for no Street I wanted to really discuss how this moment this up level moment right now so so let's go back and remember again let's let's put the June calendars one more time because I really want to make sure we're all really kind of hanging with that right now so this phone's just opened up and went boom here's the 5th Dimension and if you look at the calendar look at look at near the end of the month there when we get into that illuminated New Moon that's when things are going to try to pull themselves backwards just a little bit and and so what's important is to stay above it to see it for what it is to send it that radius and what just happened was June one was the first see that star that was the first up level of a month that carries to up level moments
that is a peek of level of which are only three in the entire year so on the 5th we open the eye with that full moon eclipse and between now and all the way through the illuminated New Moon actually through the 22nd we are in this heightened creation illuminated presents that is carrying with it the first energies of that Blu-ray crystalline illumination support from 2021 early and this is why I want you to look at the weekend of the solstice you have frightened that is when the Mercury retrograde begins which is going to amplify the creation even more and show you that energy of relaunch return remember so the 19th is really the platform of a relaunch so how beautiful that between now and the 19th you've got everything in motion you're planning your seed you're flowing and then on the 20th that's the return
that's the solstice it is a big day you notice in this whole month that is the day that has the clearest energy outside of everything that's happening in our realm of existence and so join us live from the sound of creation hair tosa Blue Mountain for that fire ceremony of creation from 4 to 5 p.m. and then on the 21st right here on SRI and Kira live we will together dive into the illuminated new moon eclipse a second Eclipse it's crazy it's crazy it's crazy and happy cup level moment that is why right now Everything feels so incredibly intense big time it's really about staying outside of time be aware of the fluid and it was in this energy of this pre retrograde and this illumination we are also at this moment of dancing created
is that it's I really want you to take notice that this is going to be a powerful Solstice by experience for at those that are ready for it and then we're going to have a live broadcast from our water therapy center and the and the Fountain of creation and the fire and the end we're going to be offering you a guided ceremony on that day as well and we will all be live is all live our we're going to get started in central or Central Daylight time when were in that Solstice Mormon
exact moment of the solstice which central time where we live here in the center of the world is 444 so please visit SRI and Kira. Calm and register this is a donation all donations accepted and so register be there please share let us get a critical mass because that Ruby energy and that Blu-ray energy I just want to put that up again guys and I want to share the Divine director shared about this today so again the left side is January one 2020 through the end of the month June 2020 the right side the blue sphere is June one 2020 through January 1 2021 and what's happened is is that this energy is coming early and that's why it's starting and we are in a moment of explosion where these are melding together and how beautiful that when they come together they create the Violet this is another reason why I V
dimensional experience is what's happening right now and again here is what the Divine director said today your heart decide that which causes Fury and you shall release all doubt eternally the full June energy coming in from The 5th Dimension so again you want to come way up to that fifth dimensional portal there and feel yourself and that ascended energy beaming into the energy that is opened up a cosmic universe and I will share with you what came in today
the Ruby energy is the four of ascended numerology it is the steel Center of creation as held together through the acceptance of your self Mastery as you're living self ascended presents or it is the red of rage and fury that ignited all through the experience this is also a rising energy
2021 is the year of the five plus the infant it is a prime as the flowing Cosmos of service the incident eternal life presents mirror through the Moonstone ignition of energy it carries the Blu-ray integration of the crystalline flow of divine presence as a steady stream of support activated from The 5th Dimension or it shall feel as if it is water that freezes everything so Frozen that cannot move and can only Survive by shutting down all unnecessary systems
just breathe that in and ends feel that energy because everything has been illuminated with awareness we are already in the illuminated New Moon up level this is a moment for you to flourish the law of instantaneous manifestation is coming forward so quickly yesterday during the Mastery mentorship Gathering there were so many people sharing the Miracles have been happening new homes new places new situations things that are manifesting instantaneously hearings it was just humbling to be present to all of it that is what this energy can offer you right now but what's the catch it's about saying yes to you and anchoring outside of the rage outside of the fewer and coming into that hire presents that begins with what bringing our arms of compassion around ourselves forgive ourselves first letter
better past standing in our power right now with our eyes wide open and able to say thank you to every single experience that has brought us to this moment now because that's when the dance Begins the expansion of consciousness is an explosion and it is getting bigger right now through the awareness of the moment
important you know I love the phrase let go of all hope of a better past because that is the essence of forgiveness it is the essence of being present in the now however let's let go of all expectations. To have a sense of positivity is just fine to demand things look a certain way is is at projecting a judgment into the future that's what I mean by the expectation to be in the joyful presence of now to have let go of all hope of a better past to be in that beautiful circle of joy that allows you to feel gratitude and to be a service that will carry you and what is required will manifest
steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust and no speaking of all of that this week we've put together a little film for you and what we've done is several things this week and and and really I I hope you sit and enjoy it it's it's only a total of about 8 minutes but we open up with taking you from sunset on the evening of the full moon eclipse from sunset here at tosa Blue Mountain all the way through to the peak moment of the of the Moon here in Ecuador we did not get to see the eclipse that happened during the afternoon but the energy that was so profound that we wanted to offer that gift to you as well in addition to that Aubrey Rose has her newest segments and this week she's got some surprises in there so I'm just really excited you'll get to connect with Bria Rose and strand I also want to extend a special bout you know we have been from the moment all of this we have been
Amazon deck running everyday doing everything we can to help as many as possible and we have been blessed that Monday magic burst out of all of this which we are as we all know we're going to keep going with all of your donations go to the programs that we are now supporting and that now are becoming even more life-saving than we even knew when we do so we've included some beautiful letters from these people pictures of actual people you'll see Bree arose in there you'll see Daniel our new general manager of the Blue Mountain on things that have happened here at Blue Mountain this week I want to share a little bit of that with you as well so quite specific donations for the humanitarian Aid are offering because that money also goes to support
the expansion of the painting of the free pain clinic and and in in a country like Ecuador I think every country has a similar situation that were the most fragile that had the least amount of Reserves at the way of of a food and money saved were hurt and and suffered suffered are suffering. Especially in some of the larger cities I'm so we felt that we can make a difference that we can lend a hand that when people are in need is the time to remember the all the we have and what we can share meals have been served several thousand Bobby got the letters in there and all of that so this is ongoing and some of the people that were meeting we've also been meeting with our doctor
Loreena pintadita who is just Bar None the most amazing generous kind person on the planet those of you coming of course we'll get to meet her in person and of course our love and respect to gym over at Epic Blazers because without the car being affected by the blessing of open eyes and so as all of our eyes are open when you to enjoy and when we come back we will see you guys in just a few minutes enjoy
hi everybody I'm here Road and Welcome to our Greenhouse it is very funny and warm in here and beautiful
here we have a couple of tomatoes look how red they are and right there we have some basil
and we have lots of it not just in the greenhouse but everywhere so today at we're going to show you how to make vegan pesto cursive style the way you pick basil in your garden and me of course you can pick the bigger leaves down here in fact you want to but to encourage it to keep growing
you pick it up here
can you see that
then those weeds can start growing
so we just kick it like this
and then these little guys stay here are going to keep growing and growing
for this recipe all we're going to need is basil lots of it
olive oil Walnut
and that's it
what we do now is build our KitchenAid with some basil all the way to the top and now I'm going to add a layer of walnuts
this is a very intuitive recipe I'm not giving you an exact amount it's really just based on what feels right
for now and we can always add more later and now for some olive oil
look at that
Helen's blend it up and see how it taste
the most likely at some point you're going to have to add more olive oil because you need more olive oil
I have everybody comes to Blue Mountain vegan pesto made with walnuts and if you
so now we're going to put the pesto and he's containers and freeze it so that when you guys come here you can have cash so you're around
the heart of Aura energy Shield is the Silver Lining hours signature silver fabric is pure gold and silver metallic fiber and stands as the antidote IG and millimeter wave technology shielding cells from radiation that pervades our modern society as radiation shielding in space and all over the world it went mainstream with the use of RFID wallets silver is inherently a healing metal the electrostatic electroceutical process worn around the neck or over the head our garments are relieved to the upper chakras endocrine glands and subtle energies of the body
our store is filled with products to enhance your Ascension experience please visit us at or energy Shield. Com
welcome back everyone we hope you enjoy the interlude the sharing the energies the information we want to tip of the hat to Christine and his is the head of or energy shield for her lovely sharing of the 5G Fabric and the Beautiful work being done there pain free clinics projects Otis we sure enjoyed seeing your photos as well and to all of you who would like to respond to bring a rose again can send an email to guests at SRI and Kira radio. Com and I will make sure that those get power did you hurt if you make those recipes can you want to send us your pictures we would love to share them as well and I can't stress it enough find our Facebook the communities are really having a lot of fun over there and that's a place where you can get it up
by the way and share your alterations how you're working with things remember that everything Bria is teaching you is what shree and I are able to eat right now so for example I am believe it or not I can eat no coconut nothing from coconut we accidentally had something with coconut and I literally like my whole tongue swelled up my whole mouth swelled up is Fascinate so we're still dancing with what the up level up level food program looks like because I know the way that we're eating right now certainly would not be considered to be healthy by normal standards and we have let go of what those standards would be and and part of what we're seeing right now is that I have been receiving the Mantra purify purify purified sure if I purify purified and so in case of nourishment for me I'm down to about three foods but the variations are music
it's not even like in my Consciousness I literally because he tells me I have to or somebody else tells me I should eat her I'm like yeah I guess I should eat but there is this energy of sure if I purify purify and so in this awakens light what is the energy of purify purify purify saying to you because in the center of the side right there that's the energy purify by so when we sure if I when we say yes to that what are we saying yes to we're saying to purify your thoughts purify your emotions isn't really saying love your thoughts love your emotions love this experience this is the amplitude the jump so to speak right into the system and so many of you are expressing these this mental energies that we want to share some of your sharing with us because it's just so offended and so beautiful and we
so better offer you something here that to me is a author of children's book she lives we love you just felt really call to issue her own prayer her own call to reminder for all bees like to share with you the eclipse time yeah and just received this beautiful gift children of light rise to the occasion
you are being made aware through the current events of the self-destruction created when your Divine Light is dimmed your truth is to reflect the greatness that is inherent in each of you through your expression of loving compassionate care to each human being that walks on your Earth expression will pull out where to awaken a conscious reality in each one that all life matters all life is an expression of divine creation each and every one of you as well as the Earth noticed mother Gaia has conscious life to be expressed in a harmonic symbiotic livelihood for growth and evolution of each DC you have come to a fork in the road of your existence where you need to rise to the occasion will you choose to Loving Me care for every single life no matter what outward expression or will you
who's to stifle goodness and hide your light in the destruction of humanity and its surroundings you have to make a choice your life on Earth is about the choices you freely make a change is being asked of each one observe meditate on the bigger picture you are only one race you are a citizen of the earth wake up video where create unity and Harmony in diversity honor the greatness and the talents in each one of your human compatriots become benevolent in your diversity or diversity is a gift to create a new environment where all can live in harmony and peace as you begin to understand that you are one citizenship for Unity will pull out to your surroundings creating the solutions necessary for your Evolution your gifts are to be harvested to build one,
unity in diversity have suffered far too long it is time to acknowledge citizenship of the earth and in this way scene the Creator's light within each one compels you to respect the rights and property of your brothers and sisters to live in unity and Harmony while being in diversity the overflow will be a caring for all conscious existence of the planet mineral plant animal and human rise to the occasion plant seeds of Loving Care to extend forward start in your community it will flow outward and great pools of energy and light gratitude is a great energy observe the Earth is still abundant the sun still shines even in your chaos many have shown the way to loving compassion move forward to
Google to a sustainable existence become one as many in diversity and love peace unity and Harmony piece of by many as one from the Reverend you jet castanedo so that feeling everyone who's been holding on the phones and so why don't we start and see who we have holding with some questions for you and so let's say hi to all of you were at the 800 ly BBS we have a first-time caller and this is Lydia from Arizona online for hello
Namaste I'm in love with you
I guess the reason why I'm calling is that. A lot of things that are like earth-shattering that's going to make a great impact and I'd like to see what you feel about it
well first thing I want to share his wow like but that's the only word that keeps coming out as well but as I'm sharing that with you when I hold my physical Heart Center it feels like there was a nice that was put in there a long time ago and it's never been pulled out it just has become part of the fabric of what's pulsing and it's like as I'm looking at it looks like a mesh like a mesh that that literally is holding open this type of support and they're saying that if your breath I guess I'm connect with you I'm almost having a hard time speaking I feel like I'm trying to be choked has like gasping for air and so what they're saying is release any sense of doubt
and swallow in the air of Truth
as the swallow begins again and part of this flow for you is about really saying I get it which is really saying to your ego you can relax now I am here and I and I see and I am grateful and and this mesh is just dissolved in the sense of gratitude and it's like he's floodgates open and so that's what they want me to share with you today and I on our you because wow you are a profound Master thank you for being here
well I understand and thank you in just one little question somebody wants me to reveal the truth and the truth is I've been studying a lot of Law and a lot of that's been hidden from all of us how to pursue the truth to set us free
I have the key that opens all that for everyone what you feel your mission is encourage you to do it that's that's the moment before you that's really it it's it's too it's to do what you feel is right in the Forum that is the one that you are ready to come forward in so sorry for saying yes to you say wow are we blast what do you know thank you thank you all for your hands up over here so let's go to Montana over to go to Billings Montana call Ryan Billings Montana
Namaste train Cara I am so honored and blessed to be able to talk to you both you are just amazing and I I I can't express my gratitude for
just all your teachings and your guidance and you're sharing of amazing information and guidance and inspiration and this whole community and just think you like my question for free well I've been really struggling I know what I want I know what I need to do and it's like I take one step forward and then get pushed back have things blocked me and and a lot of fear coming up about speaking my truth about moving forward and
and as a result I have a lot of like digestive problems and I'm just wondering if you can look at at what's going on with my body and just make sure that there's nothing that is more serious I guess and any guidance is much appreciated thank you
well thank you for your trust and and for calling in and once again there are some players here and I do want to say something that when it comes to digestion and in your case one of your most powerful chakras is your heart chakra and your ability to learn to love yourself with ever greater depth because the digestion is about I'm willing to try to take nourishment there's a symbology there of I taken nourishment and I assimilate that nourishment for my soul's mission in this body so when we have digestive troubles and it often times indicates that we are of two minds about our minds about you do we have the part of us that was conditioned in trained and then we have the innate
the conditions of our person in cultures and families with the highest expression of who you are and this involves back to your heart to love yourself enough to be willing to let go of what is no longer serving you and to accept that which is of the highest now those are that's a general kind of phrase you have to distill that down to what in my life am I not digesting what in my life is causing me distress and that we can't do here on the radio you know that's more of a longer discussion but I want to encourage you to bring him to your heart and to be able to say I trust myself I trust what I know and I'm willing to bring that trust right down into my digestive area and say that I accept my life and I trust my life and I am
willing to move forward in a way that's wholesome and nourishing for me start with yourself
what do you want to have I would really like to just share my love as you gave shree and I both permission ic3 what look like lumps in what I would call the is that the transfer has been shipped it's about self-acceptance it's about self-love and it's about releasing that which no longer serves you are literally tied in knots right now and this is all coming down to the Divine director said today which is cast aside that which causes Fiore and you shall be least doubt forever right now you really need to get clear on what you want because it's bottled up inside of you and it literally is is keeping you stop you're in that lateral its ass like you're just it's it's it's just not moving and the key is that it will move the minute you say yes to whichever choice you want to make doesn't mean you have to make a specific choice just make a really
choice and get rid of the fear and the only cure is to look it in the eye and love it for what it is the remnant of an ego that is terrified of change become the mother of you and all wilber's powered so thank you for for being here today I really on our you because so many are going through this so thank you for being so courageously bold ion are you
thank you so much and I'm say to you both minute much love and many blessings think you do that right now and to be unexpected that here we are you know what I'm talking about that third you feel that the third chakra I want to remind you for a moment if you've been with us for a while you already know this we were in a choice month and it was a year possibly sooner. Where the energy was coming in and it was to stop here remember it was all about opening up these channels and igniting them back out for this explosion energy so this has happened so imagine that all this explosion happened and you haven't filled up
so you have this huge propulsion but if you don't have enough fuel for the journey is going to be hard to keep up that's what the doubt does it delete in the doubt is that slow seeping hey we're losing oxygen right that's what doubt does and what makes the whole that you re energy that anger energy and so it's like there's a machine-gun of anger and fury being sent at your force field of illuminated presents
is it strong cuz if it's strong it can't come at right you don't even know it's there and the reason you don't know it's there and I want to share this again right now is because of this because this month is about living in The 5th Dimension it's about really saying yes to who you are very quick overview of this diagram again that beautiful violet plant there that is a body of our current existence our current heart rate of nature of Gaia that Rising rainbow is beautiful beings look at sublight ascended presents that is the Gateway that is open right now as you enter into that fifth dimensional experience we're by the violent energy really come forward and then when you're gazing back at the illumination at the explosion that white explosion of energy there that's how you get into the eye
ignite's all presents that is what's going on right now and and that is why this is a moment of saying yes to you because the all is carrying that energy and that's pretty intense without anchoring and truly trust in yourself without loving yourself you know so many people say they got to love yourself have high self-esteem to the deeper knowing which is why I trust who I am that I am I trust I am and in that trust is the foundation of my actions therefore arrives from that alignment of divine trust in my Essence in my soul in The Light Within use whatever phrase get you
get you a little bit of energized because the key is that when we are loving ourselves there is a Wellspring of energy from the trust of the universe there is well stricken what is creation creation is the synergistic expression of Consciousness forward into creation into manifestation creation is the essence of the expanding Universe you are part of this you're not just sitting right inside of you and it's time to get off your butt so to speak with this life I've been given a privilege I've been given the opportunity to be conscious of an individual interactive expression with a greater con
oh my goodness how do you always say so beautiful way off the gameboard only left and the universe has just offered you a giant opportunity and now I want to just make sure you get that that is Without Limits in limit is right it is out there because in the experience of light white is white expanse it is eternal it is continuous it is without judgment without words and as you were just sharing the gift of what tree was mentioning is that you are being invited to let go of
that which is linear
in the linear experience right now we have a past and we have a present and we have a future and we can turn in this way we can turn and look that way or we can just look this way but we never see the whole picture and it is not a reason why I go watch contact again you take this line right I take this out of this end and I'll bring it together and circle and then you have a choice are you going to stay on that lawn on that Circle walking around only ever seen but you still be still can't see it all right but you but that's like a fourth-dimensional moment where you're walking that bridge and I call you I see I see I see and you're chasing you're chasing all the time because you have to keep walking to keep seeing further and so it's very much like a hamster wheel or you can dive into the circle to stand in the center
and see it all
from the perspective of the Divine compassion within the one thing that I am so grateful for among many many many many many things was that during my near-death experience in 1989 it was so evident and so clear that we cannot mess up that you we are all one and that through that awareness through the acceptance of who we are is how Consciousness changes we talked about how War affects our world we talked about how all these other energies affect our world the conversation needs to be how Consciousness is affecting our world that is the war it is a war of Consciousness to use those words of the words of this realm and sew in or a Consciousness the things are the opposite of density
thereby you must lift through it and in June we are the only time I can however we are all being gifted with an opportunity that was a bust of the dimensions for having your hands open you need to be working because there's a lot that are coming in for the first time and we all need to be here together there is room for everything everyone and then there's those of us that need to be holding that 7th dimensional Gateway open so that the system initial energy can get the support its needing because of what's happening in the fourth dimension and we won't take up time on the show today but we've talked about this and so that is what June is giving us an opportunity as these energy so I may try that again. Kind of a collision scene okay this is it the June
explosion of the eye is open and in this Collision it's about absolutely anchoring into your fist dimensional presents because it's all about lifting lifting lifting and again I'm going to show the June energy seeing it all from the 5th dimensional presents where everything is aligned and you're able to maintain what we like to refer to as that wide-angle lens and this is also why I can't stress enough that the the June solstice time please go join us live you can't on his life at least register so you'll get the video this is not going to be a public event it will be easy to access we're going to do it at you too but it will be a private event and and we really encourage you to please give yourself the gift of joining with this critical mass because it needs to be a fire activation it is a profound moment for Humanity it is in the middle of the strip Ellena
she of the Mercury retrograde that is already or influencing our creation it's just about saying yes to you everything is exploding right now and so how it's exploding is the blessing of this moment for you
and it reminds me also to remind you that Ascension is not a phenomenon it is all about Consciousness and that the world outside the mass Consciousness that is expressing in many ways that could be called tragic is expressing as best they know how given the pain is given the State of Consciousness the rent and that the only solution if you feel it's a problem is to lift Consciousness on this planet not to engage it at the level of its creation because then we are engaging the polarities and that dance goes on ADD infant item so they appear in your own perceptual filters to be able to Anchor in that glorious state of Joyful presents I am
to be able to look at other beans and say ahh so may your path lead you to the peace and the joy that you are seeking in the way that you wish to find it and still to be available when help is needed because I'm hearing
get away with that I want it I really want to clarify that because I so can be so easily misunderstood and it's so important to discern so here's the key it is absolutely brutal to move through what density will do it will do everything in its power to stop you and it will put everything in front of you that it knows it will be like glue it will be like the most irresistible energy that you've ever seen you will be like compelled to watch that story or follow that thing or believe whatever it will become compelling and the reason it's doing that is because deep within you you still have not said yes to who you are you still don't trust what you know is true so you're looking for all this outside validation can we put the cycle of recognition back up here looking for all this outside validation and I'm not talking about the you that's why
show right now I'm talking about the you know sweetheart right here at this one yeah I know are stuck in the emotional Joy of being fed you know the UFO conspiracies and why aren't we talking about the false Flags because that's all emotional fonner it doesn't matter it matters to those who need to create it we are all involved in the co creative process so where you choose to create so through that constant up level that that absolutely irresistible attraction Spear and it's the fear of what the fear that it just might really happen the fear that's like oh my God why did it while you know what this is important about it and all these other people are angry and they're feeding the same sphere and
have to talk about it it's not just something that they stink to talk about they have to its what glues them together and then when you become the one who starts holding that hire presents as a means to witness to that being that yes this is all very true if that's the level of Consciousness you want to carry and to model a different level of Consciousness there by one of two things happen either the one that you are with sincerely begins to up level their Consciousness with yours and this can happen spontaneously and we're going to read you a letter from one of one of our favorite Community couples everybody keeps asking about her or the separation
and then in the separation in The Knowing we'll come the test after the separation because the minute you say yes the minute you say okay I have just Lost Abbey usually it's a relationship or a person or a family member that moved for is the strength of density trying to stop you at the moment of breakthrough and that's what's happening right now on a personal level for everyone on a global level on a galactic level on a universal level we are at a collision moment so the place to be with that wide open why is that that zero point in that torus field holding the alchemical transformation of the yoga of self Ascension through steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete
Fleet trust and that means stop looking at everything what are you committed to what do you really want and that's the moment before you and all the lights are on you not everyone can stand
well just call it like it is Rock on
I said what you don't we all find our way controversy and conspiracy sometimes provide a few and end as it is with any passion and is expressed through reactivity it will become an endless loop if you allow it to to be to be an opportunity to gain and discernment and then to step through it is about holding a space not responding to contact breathe you say that again when is truly a spaciousness not a reactivity to content and and so the content of our world is an endless machine spewing out little nuggets that you can choose to grab a fuel inside of you
that we were sharing with you that the emotional body then gets caught in that cycle of fear and anger and of course is all kinds of it at the end of the day I do want to share that there's two things that are important to remember and one of them is that in this energy of explosion
remember that the victim triangle which is the outer side of his triangle right now that is the triangle of density that is a triangle of the third dimension and a lot of the 4th and it is. Victim abuser rescuer meaning that you will be playing one of these rolls over and over and over again until you lift your Consciousness and move through the fear that life could be different this is an addiction and how you know you're caught in the loop is when you start doubting yourself again remember that's the ammunition and so In This Moment it's about the transformation are you choosing to be the victim of use our rescuer because remember all of those rolls exist inside of all or are you choosing to be the teacher Mentor healer which expression of your divine nature is coming forward
self-doubt is the energy that will destroy the wholesomeness of your creation of that which has not yet been fully experienced
we are you know I got mentioned earlier I got I was feeling very very excited of energized about the the energy of creation and the creation doesn't have a doubt creation weight of course condition is that expression of the Alchemy of Consciousness interacting with intention in 4 minutes creation creation is love love right at the S at the end of the essence of Doubt is anger and fury and that's the difference right there simultaneously birth from angry and so if you are if you are really looking at anger and I get that alot of you are and I still have my own Temptations put in front of me all the time this is the blessing of June if we are being given this open energy to get up there to the 5th Dimension then simultaneously
we will have around us igniting everything that would stop us from doing so as well that is the way of this world that's the Collision of the Ruby and this beautiful blue energy this Crystal and integration of support or the anger and fury kind of like fire and water this anger and Furious meeting water that freezes it so it basically says okay we're going to keep it at this level we're going to put it in this box and when things get put in a box that intense you know if you leave some fruit in the Box for too long because it cannot see light there's no air to breathe and so as they said so beautifully today it is water that freezes everything so Frozen and cannot move and can only Survive by shutting down all
unnecessary systems and the first thing that shuts down when we believe that is our spiritual connection because what we have said in that moment is I will give away to the fear and doubt I am in the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain but I know it it's my pain it's my habit and because of that it actually makes me feel safe
look at that honestly and nakedly and go wow look how powerful I am that I created that is the first step to Breaking Free of it that's in front of you going back to the store that's in front of all right now pretty powerful we'll tell you what we do have a over here just got an email to me Maria from Atlanta thank you you
I was wondering if I could get a mini Soul reading today
well I want you to take a deep breath and relax okay alright and of course and the reason I'm inviting you to do that is it's interesting if I'm connecting with you even if you were saying hello and I'm still feeling it it's like there's a how do I want to try this it's like a big balloon that's stuck right at the top of your third chakra and it's like it's inverted and then there's a cute little pink ribbon that's coming all the way up and out of your crown and every time I connect with your breathing it's like it wants to shop there and it keeps building this energy and the message that's coming from this beautiful ring of angels like there their they're holding hands but it's a ring and it looks very much outside
lots of flowing robes it is time for you to rise and bring your hands to your solar plexus and I'm doing this with you right now and you close your eyes and smile the balloon will become the Lotus that will appear in your right hand and the ribbon will ignite the opening of the upper Realms that you have waited for
all you need do is breed up
and say yes and so it is
oh my goodness thank you thank you so much and I love my chest was going to explode and I'm feeling what feel like little needles in my left arm there so many people that are connecting with this right now everyone is receiving this this profound crystalline moment of us expansion so thank you for opening that for all of us we are grateful thank you oh my goodness thank you so much any blessings to you both. I don't know Paul and his wife Christine who we just adore Road into us after Paul's kind of on-air Awakening after connecting the Strand II from initial reading actually in the house
will happen and so he's been in a lot of you send us and do hey have you heard from Paul thank you letter and stream to let you read that okay or Blue Mountain it was so awesome to see your video yesterday with the waffles so that's referring to last Sunday last Sunday show I am blessed to train 53 adult athletes every Monday morning or every morning Monday through Thursday at 5 and 6 a.m. people we just finished up with I am here Monday and we start off every morning with three beautiful Ave saw breaths and say out loud I love you and all
we are focused on with Monday is that I am here and our minds are open
this is great. I am really digging that
so Monday was our announcement that we made it we put two feet down took steps we are here at Tuesday we are ready to make Positive Choices Wednesday is I am open to taking this as much
we are right so digging this hard before we get home and go to work beautiful and Thursday is loving it if you are not sure what you need to do or where you need to go or what you need to say just now and from there go and Heal the World our program is Impact Sports Fitness and we put it in Festus on impact the world so we are now seeing people use the same teachings on their Facebook Instagram Twitter Twitter posts since I called into the Sunday service on April 19th you honestly can't even imagine appsolute focused and complete Trust
we traveled a few weeks ago and earlier that day I had asked my wife I wonder what spirit animal I am and as soon as I was engaged the first second Bloom there was a lion nose-to-nose with me wow
time in your love and I certainly felt and thank you and love to all at tosa Blue Mountain Namaste call me also sent us a picture they are so beautiful spirituality to make an impact is to say I choose to express I choose to move forward I choose to take my guidance and go with it play ball I really also honor you because this is the law of instantaneous manifestation and it does come from and what you chew or modeling when we stay in that zero point field of the Taurus and we ignite the instantaneous manifestation because we are living in our divine Mastery presents and thank you to the both of you for modeling such beautiful sacred Union Street and I love being your mirrors thank you thank you
beloved was as we are coming to a close for the day because part of the world is moving on a different timeline what's all come back into this space right so here right now
shared about June how about the energies about these first six months of June greeting the next six months of 420 21 coming back to invite us forward there's been a lot shared that I'm sure if you were to go back and watch this video again and I encourage you to do so that you would find it would challenge some of your habits it would challenge some of your beliefs and what's important in this moment is to breathe
and to trust yourself as you are
I am a being that is expanding I am consciousness-expanding
the paradigms that serve me in the past are being renewed into constructs that will help me engage what is to come I allow my constructs to expand I allow my love to expand my allow that was to expand and Ascend into that which I truly meant to express I trust myself and so it is
and so I offer that declaration
2 each of you because we trust you we are so delighted to be with you each and every Sunday to share these Revelations to interact through the phone in the email and to just be in this Crucible of Consciousness love is the foundation and Consciousness is the choice please join us every Monday for living in The 5th Dimension as for the first time ever we start revealing the keys of that ascended experience. All donations will see you tomorrow night and I will see you next week
thank you for joining us alive to have your questions answered, and check out more information

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