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Sri and Kira Live, June 28, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live as our world's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean missionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra rockmore these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here or 3 and Kira
Namaste and welcome beloved ones to the voice of passionate action I am Shriram, and I am Angels welcome wow so much are about July 2020 about what happened yesterday what is happening right now the week ahead we have to pick up level moments in July and they are both next week 3 I am like just here with all of you we are feeling you and well we're feeling you everywhere so it's so where is everyone joining us to do an audio bbsradio for video and audio Facebook page 412 stock radio
I think that's it at all the silliest the lines are jam and fast today so here are your phone numbers you can get into the call board at 888-627-6008 again that is 888-627-6008 that's are called PBS radio you get to say hey to our produce a dog and he'll get you all hooked up for the show and you didn't get to listen while you're on hold or just give turn down your volume and check out both however you're watching us you can also give us a buzz over at 517-208-1500 in almost all a hundred lines are getting close to come on this is your day and again you can listen to the call board well are you going to listen to go to the show while you are connected We R and ends
why did that you were joining us different locations and and ways to connect because it's one of energy is one of it because when an intention is based in love the energy flow in harmonic then invites a harmonic return and that is the figure-eight energy of the ascended State Wheatley send out and we received an in a ballast proportion you might say you're with us today and we look forward to sharing a whole lot more about the July right now right now look at its very are and it's just so much happening is the only way to say it and so I wanted just Begin by let's take a moment and
breathe because at and I want to share with all of you arrived at our studio this afternoon and I want to show you what my beautiful husband had waiting right here out of your camera view and look what he brought forward for Today Show are those look at those orchids those are from our water therapy center where my husband is really becoming Orchid enthusiasts to enjoy and when you come here you're going to find a dozen varieties of orchids reblooming and sharing their beauty and Love Is Love really sad that I don't have I don't have a way to keep them up here by the camera so I just wanted you to be aware that this beauty and loved very very hard
triple honey this is worthy of a meditation right here I'll for sure you can connect with the structure of the universe by looking deeply into this gift Nature's
so thank you my love and we're at we're really excited about all of the things that are coming forward and I felt it those orcas were very fifth dimensional in their color course we have these these wonderful violet Violet ecolor one because let's take a breath come together kind of have our own little chat and see what's been happening so if you're new to the show if this is your first time here if you're new to watch Street and I have been sharing with the world hey we're so glad you found us and this is part of why I want to track also for those who have been with us awhile so much happening so fast right now it's like oh my gosh you know how do I keep up with it so here's the first thing we want to track with that let us remember that may was accommodating month choice
and so the month of June the June that we are in right now we have been living with the awareness of that choice and there was so much energy that's been building and we have been in these huge moments 20/20 energy flows so as we have been in the month of June awareness has been what it is all about and now why is this the case because remember that all Ascension energy moves in the same cycle it is always a trinity and it is always a suspension end
where did the experience Choice rsrs tension flow swivel if we can move at Shreveport a little bit of green screen on our chair and that's what I've been watching them like okay and so that's what it is a latest out awareness experience Choice June is awareness that means that we are moving into a moment of experience and it is going to be beyond anything we have done before because everything is beyond we have done before let us not forget that in this experience the gift the explaining the enthusiasm is that we have taken ourselves beyond that which we have done before so this has been a Moana
that keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger we are in active unchaste co-creation and the month of June has been carrying the energy of explosion with this invitation and Eve to be able to actually live anchor and stay present into 5th Dimension and I think this is really important talk about especially in context of what just happened this past weekend well there's a lot to share it. Sorry I'm still this weekend in a continual energetic hear that in order to stay attuned to the flowers that are going are we sometimes lose track of the
invitation to look deeper this invitation to be present to the energies that were truly
birdie for us because we had that weekend the return is that the weekend of the 19th we had that Eclipse our excuse me we had the illuminated new moon with the Mercury retrograde weekend so on the 19th Mercury said hey guess what I'm turning my back member we talked about this and so what happened on the 19th was that when Mercury anchored into this profound retrogrades its very much a feminine energy and it's opened up the back of its own heart as like this Transit portal for extremely easy access to be able to go to the 5th Dimension but for those who are not aware of this all they're going to feel this energy of a turned back and it's going to be like you're you're being repelled repel repel and so this
another moment where we looked then okay that was the 19th then we came to the 20th and on the 20th was the solstice where SRI was just sharing that beautiful birthing that womb are seeds of creation ignited if you saw a show last week for your roasted that beautiful film on the fees of creation to RC's of creation ignited and we were all and still are birthing this but here's where it got really even more it if you could get even more Amplified right we had the eclipse the solar eclipse and remember we talked this last week where this ring of fire this illumination came in as a crown and then we were invited to bring that to our third chakra so that we could really stabilize the first second and third chakras of this world so that we could release any Remnant fear release any remnants out Say Yes To Who We Are
and on the 21st when all of that came together we ignited a cycle it was like a chalice and this is why should we not going to say we can roll we can roll and you can see our background so this is what brings us to today's back so you see this beautiful a spiraling energy will this is and then you see over here my love industry is in all of this wonderful Ascension energy frequency and over here is living out here in the 5th dimensional presents what happened was you see the big illuminated hard here right in the center through the all the 21st through the Lions Gate of eight eight we opened up what I want to call like a sub cycle so from June 21 through August 8th we are in a cycle right now we're because of what happened on the 19th 20th and 21st the 33rd Crystal and dimension and that's what this is representing has come in and between the Chalice energy
June 21 through August 8th we are in an open moment where imagine between my hands right now the 33rd Dimension is just pouring out to you and saying my love it is your time and this open heart you see right there it's all about the ascended heart holds open the exploded Crown now this is important to know as we move into July because the exploded Crown chakra we're going to talk a lot more about this and why this is so important and we have visuals and diagrams and so much when we open up our exploded Crown which is what I thought these felt like to me I felt like this could be my exploding bloody Crown chakra do as we say yes to explore the crown chakra then we anchor in The 5th Dimension now this brings us to July
July and we started it right now it is a month of experience energy it is also the first month of profound shift that is actually coming in as a balance I'm going to show you that in just a moment but the key is because the veil is lifting in a way that has not lifted before the veil that is lifting is the veil that will allow the amplification of the all if he sent Lee the energy meeting the energy we are in this Uncharted Territory we are all co-creating we have gone further than we've ever gone before so we're being met with oh well then we can amplify even more we are beginning to release the veil of our own limitation and to really see the limitlessness of our nature and the only way that that's going to be transitive
not the only ways however the way that it can be transmitted with abundance with Incredible Clarity Joy upliftment is by stepping into the law of instantaneous manifestation as your natural state because the law of attraction is going to be Amplified with greater potentiality of densification where is the law of instantaneous manifestation only exist once you by 4 in the third dimension circleback is it might be new to this broadcast is that the ascended chakra system is anchored in the heart and so in this is very congruent with all the great Traditions go to the heart love thy neighbor as thyself excetera the heart is the root center of the ascended state so as we release our preoccupation with safety with competition
activities it becomes quite natural to hang out in the place of acceptance of Tolerance of unconditional trust in the Divine will from that place this is the foundation remember I hear what we're saying it is okay now that's the starting point of living and send it as our energy Lift-Off we will discover that the what was the traditional Crown which is like a lovely Lotus sitting at the top of your head is actually opens wow look at the light it actually opens bus making available the Gateway for the journey home the gateways to the 33rd Dimension which is up here on this screen and Beyond so this is part of what I want to make sure we we we have a little bit of a mental grasp on because your energy will track
once you do it so let's show you that graphic okay guys and then I want to go back and show you the screen right now is the full Divine Galactic blueprint what is the Divine Galactic Galactic blueprint is your ascendant chakra system it is the twelve pointed system of a standard presence it is the yoga of self a sentience as you practice The Yoga of selfish pension this is what becomes ignite at this is where you live a centrally because you are able and capable to Transit multi-dimensional experience multi-dimensional timelines all of it while carrying a body form however it does demand in art experience we understand it as a yoga what you were staring at is if you look at the big Divine Galactic blueprint they are the full one this is what tree was just talking about
it begins with the first point the Roof Center of your ascended presence is your ascendant heart and it actually anchors when you call in as a double infinite to Spirals of energy one horizontal spiral in one vertical spiral that actually connects Earth to the heaven is that vertical Spa meditative experience extended provide you with the connections to the upper chakras profound UCD energies are coming out and supporting it if you look at the blueprints what you see is the direct energy from the heart descended heart that feeds into the right and left sides of the exploded crown and so now when you go back and you're looking at that close-up you noticed that too violent and it has a pyramid shape and you want to
blacks and start noticing that one of the points also has its own energetic Spin and it is not linear however this is the state of living in The 5th Dimension so this gives your your brain and perhaps the deeper wisdom the reminder that the energetics of the ascended stay in here and lift to the cosmos and we haven't even gotten to the law of instantaneous manifestation yet what's his touch the Earth provided the doorway of Love is open and can touch the cosmos provided your trust in your divine nature is open or active so we have the law
is non. Judgmental as the foundation for connecting interview now is that we are at a time on this planet you can call the crossroads but it's more like a layered experience where people are aligned with the egoic understandings of themselves in the world and me a separate and sometimes I have groups but I want to say there is the ego layer or strata of interaction include some very loving activities ego in the sense of selfishness this is an orientation tour the world in the cosmos then there is the ascended strata which is that place of a forgive them
don't know what they do that place of love them that place of trust in the Divine and it is just it's a refined layer that once you get that there are some strategies of experience then we can say the Law of Attraction begins in the egoic understanding of energy that I recognize there is such a thing as energy and that I can come and energy and focus on seems to get bigger and you know those steaks
fairly density based are usually about money and and things of that nature attraction is indeed a practice of energy management the law of instantaneous attraction is NSA for manifestation part of me is that you're holding and ascendant energy because when in catch the difference there one is it running as I'm intending to manifest which means I'm separate and I'm in dryer so there is a manipulative the instantaneous manifestation is the time in iron for my soul's Journey will appear it's the alchemical process of the law is where you are living in the divine
presence of your own Divine Mastery absolutely no way that's literally because it's not your thought it's the Divine intuitive it's the relaxation of that which speaks to decide how it should be into the flow of that which is and that is such an extraordinary moment of awareness and June I want to go back down and talk more about the specifics is very much a month of awareness explosion it wasn't it wasn't aware that we have been in this explosion we also had two and one of them was one of only three for the total Peak for the year now you made it safe. We sold a couple days left of June the answer is yes we do this
particular week like I lose my breath sharing it with you it's that moment to say yes to the awareness experienced so remember June 21 last Sunday last Sunday right now is that I see this beautiful empowered It Feels Like A Vis new energy to me with a discus and The discus is just spinning spinning spinning right now and there's just this moment of the eyes are closed and it's almost like a trance put on the ace I see the eyes opening and the disc is being released and so this is a very powerful moment and this moment the rise of the divine feminine and this is why the whole post Solstice was so important this moment of planting season 1st and coming forward and saying yes the de
Define feminine not singularly women the divine feminine is going to have a huge presence between June 21 and all the states in the Lions Gate and so this is also a moment where buy every being on the planet it's a moment to look at the feminine nature with him how that expresses is it has been in Dallas how is that, I'm sharing this because it opened last Sunday we're already in the presence how many of you are fine in your feminine masculine balance might be really called this past week since since the twenty-first I I have seen in myself my own energies of wow what's what's trying to self remember this is happening in the space of the time stamping we are still actively time-stamping which is why this Thirty 3rd dimensional support has come forward right now we are in this Chalice of Creation The Chalice came forward imagine
that on June 21st through that beautiful ring of fire and that opportunity really bring that energy in to stay and claim who we are has brought us to this this week right now in to us awareness experience so everything is happening this week we are transmitting from an awareness month into an experience month and I'm going to go ahead and put up the July up level calendar right now because it's really not there I don't know my husband twice let's try again when we try another one let's see maybe we have it under okay well okay I'll let you load it up straight and we really need to see it as you're looking at the June calendar right now you'll notice that we are on the 28th so if you look at the 21st 21st
was last Sunday and that was what it was the illuminated new moon plus that beautiful solar eclipse coming together it was the masculine and The Feminine Pure Balance it was it was the moon revealing the womb is saying yes and then coming together July and here we are and thank you my love for making that happen so let's look on the 5th one week from today and we will be live on the are doing a double ceremony next week mark your calendars be here we already have another up level coming as so you realize that's only two weeks apart from that pick up level we had on the 21st that opened up an anchor this chalice with the 33rd dimensional support until the Lions Gate opens on 8th if you look at the July energy I want you to look right up at the top
turn house. Listen to your own heart listen to your own heart this is why the June and bringing the 5th Dimension is so important because in July it is going to be your own heart that will guide you through and what is the energy of this month already talked about it profound shift we are shifting again and if you look at the calendar right here next Sunday we have another eclipse only it's a full moon eclipse that balances that solar eclipse that happened last Sunday so we've got this 14-day. And then that Saturday look at the frame of next week Mercury retrograde ends and that will be another up level moment if you also look at the calendar of those of yous are familiar with the up level calendar know that this was the calendar that came through from the Divine directors and we were invited to to craft an offer out to you each month
the graphic is placed based on the energy of the month and this is the other reason why it's so important if you look right now it's Sunday Monday Tuesday until we get to July 1st it is the heart of the ascended presents right and you see the rainbow and all the wings June was about anchoring into the 5th Dimension and right now in this moment we're say they're saying to you anchor your ascendant hearts for your wings Get Ready To Fly and look at the bunch of cosmic creation and the water of creation and the flow and the abundance this is a month we're literally and I mean literally the veil tales about our own limitations and in that chalice energy and the support of the 33rd Dimension which is going to be we will drink from the cup on the Lionsgate that's the 8th but this cup is yours
right now it's been placed on your altar and so what are you ready to call forward and in this moment this week what is your awareness experience biscuits even deeper with everything that started happening with the installment of the Party come in self is always Universal energy is always neutral so for those that are on a path of Consciousness Awakening everything for you for those that are immersed in the density Consciousness orientation for all beings so what happens now is that what they're Desiring what they're wanting to call forward even if it creates polarity opposition or other other forces
so you're going to talk about that can we talk about this is important to talk about because we're navigating the spiral right now cuz remember that everything is a spiral energy the forces of the All In This Moment are beyond anything that has ever been and this is why there has been such a strong beautiful loving presence this entire year fall of 2020 has been The Universe coming in as a matter of fact let's let's do this as part of the energy overlays I'm sure we still have that there it is okay so as you look at this right now do you see why July has a square around it and this is why I started talking about earlier and this is why what's happening in density is going to be so intense this is the first month of profound shift
it will be July and August because in August remember we're going to have that 88 Lionsgate Roar in August combined with some other energies and we with profound shift in September if you look at the other half of this diagram however the September shift even though we're in a 3-month cycle of July August September well they will all carry the energy of profound shift its July and August that are going to reflect their own energy a profound shift and when we get to the Hammer sounds just energy that will stabilize the opening of February because what you're going to be literally looking at is how that balance is coming in 2020 is your perfect balance all the energy flows of the year are about
able to navigate profound shift Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and Rapid Awakening more people are going to higher levels than wherever possible because of what's happening however it will only be those who are saying yes to that call within their heart and that is why there is about this with the installment that came in yesterday that's that's incredible there is a moment before us where and in July and maybe we should because it's kind of says more than we can this phone in July is going to be about the darkest dark and the brightest bright specifically go after the feminine it's going to have a real heavy masculine tantrum and really try to Anchor victim Consciousness and so I want to talk about the victim Consciousness right now because this is also something
very important to pay attention to during this time we have talked many times about at the dominant energy of density is that victim triangle that includes the roles of abuser and rescuer these rules are learned at our dinner table especially on Thanksgiving holiday density Consciousness it is the natural result of an emotionally based on separation Consciousness do and I'm a victim excetera will those those are velcro Moments by experience and that is that layer of of density as we begin to grow El revolve is better said we evolved both emotionally and spiritually and we begin to access what we refer to as ascendant forgiveness is is the Run
ignition that I can let go of the past is just that it's past and then I can release the the
people that I held judgment stored or hurts because I choose to live as an ascended enjoying now and so what happens if there's a Natural Evolution and where the victim can become a teacher The Rescuer transcends into the Healer and the abuser actually becomes one who can mentor others these are fluids so another words it's not that a victim always becomes a teacher you you are all of these in all of these experiences the reason that we created this specific graphic is because a tree was just talking about earlier with the Ole Miss and the way that all of this is coming so I want you to gaze into the center of the triangle right now are you being pulled in or are you feeling it come out
is the spiral calling you further into the spiral or is the spiral literally coming out to meet you are you exhaling or are you inhaling what are you noticing the reason we created this graphic is that everything is in the spiral energy right now you have been handed this chalice with an invitation to receive from the 33rd crystalline Dimensions this loving crystalline energy that and put us together and said I am handing this chalice to be with between now and 8 Palace will transform in that energy right now the victim abuser rescuer is playing out in ways that have never played before and this is density Consciousness when you are angry or upset whoever you are blaming is your abuser
whoever you are complaining to that you want to reassure you that you are right to be in your judgment is your rescuer and if you are the one lashing out and giving all then you're the victim however just because that may be the way one scenario plays out in time if you have been in your victim energy long enough you must become a rescuer in order to move it doesn't mean you're improving it needs your shifting roles within the same Dynamic and this Dynamic is being empowered this is what the July energy will use your brain to keep is that you will be your own victim rescuer abuser and you will need to pay attention to. Which is keeping you stuck in this
or you can invite yourself to witness it and when you feel you are the victim invite yourself to go into your higher self and notice the pattern we are also had a moment where that cycle can be completely free and listed and transcended as you embody Your Truth when you say yes to who you are you can only be the teacher Mentor healer is all you can be because it is the Divine expression of service inform the victim energy is is grounded in the fear of being alone the fear of your Independence so-called aloneness the ascended triangle is rooted in the foundational recognition that did that all is one and that love is and that service is joy as they are
one energy the victim abuser rescuer is one energy and we we circulate among the three similarly and we offer service through those faces and so consider that of course victim really take this second victim rescuer abuser needs a dogmatic tradition with saviors it needs somebody to come in because in that triangle in the victim rescuer abused or triangle there is absolutely no tolerance for empowerment and that begins in your own in your own belief patterns in your own situation you are the master and so in order to really accept your Mastery still have that compassion about yourself to love yourself enough to Anchor in your 5th dimensional exploded crown
that is the moment where buy you free yourself from the need to ever be saved there is nothing that needs that you need to be saved from perhaps only your mind right there is nothing you need to be safe from Fear comes from the victim doesn't not is a victim not always afraid of being abused right is is the abuser afraid of being discovered is the The Rescuer afraid of looking at their own life so they'd rather make sure everybody else's life is okay or do everything they can feel good about themselves by taking care of others even when they know it's not the highest so think about the entrapment I'm going to put it up for one more second again just put it in front of all of you think about how in trapping it is to be living in victim abuse or rescuer and victim abuse arrest you were actually continues all the way up through spiritual activism
because in spiritual activism blame and anger still exist in spiritual activism my savior is the only Savior and you're going to go to hell because you don't believe like me that is victim Consciousness to truly be the teacher Mentor healer is to live as the truth of who you are and this is why in July right now I love that the essene remind us listen to your heart and this is why as we mentioned earlier the choices right now are you listening to your physical card or you listening to ascend of heart because the physical heart right now is being challenged by doubt and fear and that's out and not fear is exponentially expanding as the dependence on savior mentality in the Almased is expanding
all dogmatic Traditions are anchoring right now because they must because all 100% of dogmatic Traditions are born of all of our co-creative col Collective power in this timeline in this moment of our co-creative Limitless nest and in July that video of self-imposed limitation has been lifted which means that when the Wall comes forward it's going to entrench and so we're in that spiral will you find yourself if you are in the victim rescuer abuser triangle you're in your mind of density and the Heart of Destiny will be directly affected if you are in the teacher Mentor healer you are living in your 5th dimensional compassion
thereby able to call in the inspiration for the action in form that can truly have profound shift a balance remember the your perfect balance where this is all about balance you know how to do both you know how we all learn that once we know how do we know how to be competitive and hurtful and we have come to an understanding of the discomfort that is associated with we also know how in our DNA the key here is to continue to continue to express your willingness to trust your nature to express your willingness to trust your divine nature by making informed choices by being present to the energy
and this is why this intersection between June and July right now is the the make ascended choices this is another one I want to make sure everyone walks away with a clear understanding Cassidy to create you and you and you and me and all of us are created beings and we can create a do you take a look at the creations of humanity the Creations on the planet this is a reflection of the Almased
the Oneness is the ability to look through the artifacts the individual expressions and recognize the fabric that allows the individuated polarize experiences to exist they're held together by something that's the one that's so as we begin to train ourselves to see the Oneness we do reach Mastery and as we move forward with that we then begin to hold on to the compassion that will recognize that many people don't have that recognition working that they're dancing in the polarity good bad higher lower and what happens in a world that is seeking to gain control over others control of resources and others
polarity is a weapon polarity is used to create allegiances alignments and to harness energy for the Law of Attraction and it's no secret for anyone that's been around a few cycles that every four years and in the United States were unified the political party gave you do and how they're the marching drum and everyone got all excited and they were using seek to influence the greater fabric fabric of experience of course they are how could it be otherwise
it's important to hold off and anchor in your heart which will learn to grow and to evolve even holding. It's about the real and that is the Steph you didn't release into the compassionate energy of your absolute 5th dimensional present to see the blessing of the oldest the oldest is the blessing of our divine nature and while we are here in form imagine how Blissfield how blessed build your life is as you engage the instantaneous manifestations from the space of the lack of the doubt of the truth of who you are and in order to
that sincerely it is the moment you step into the truth of yourself as the teacher Mentor healer there will always be a victim rescuer healer happening and and this is what Archangel zadkiel says so eloquently in our book sacred Union the dirty help with the pain of the pain the habit of the pain of the past that we often experience with our partners in pain which are those that are with us in that Loop all of those friends all of those relationship all of them they are all inside that loop it's not mutually exclusive when we break free of that is when we meet those who have also broken free when we are seeking nothing because all is within everything comes forward
Tabriz. One in the more we released the more we receive and so I want to share that we are in the moment also hear atosa Blue Mountain and Ecuador we are just having extraordinary things happening as you all know we have been very very blessed to keep up with all of you even greater Pace this is why we unveiled Monday every Monday nights also very very blessed if you have not been to WWA get their register join us the minute the minute you say yes and remember we're going to Roar on the Lions Gate that's when we begin our for week of August because in August we are all going to need to be lions together and so join us get in their private area where SRI and I and just been in there and say hello and and and helping to support that as well
yep all during the month of August we're going to be there with you as as mentors we are going to do is we can recognize what is appropriate or right or good or what we desire is a commitment of courage and notice another to take action and action is the Hallmark of your Mastery when we say yes I will and I take action whether it's to join a training Washington Wizards to stick around and doing the energy of this this recognition in this community that's an action step and we applaud you that when you do take action what you're saying to the universe is I trust myself
I trust myself we trust you and we were we were all here and lots of things have been happening and one of the things that came forward before we get to this installment does a sinful man is going to die. Us through the whole second half of the show and will be taking your your calls as well we have a video all about this installment today's video is very much just about the installment you want to watch the whole thing but what's the beautiful is that all of you are helping the work of the yogasalt Ascension to get out there and we are very grateful because we are not a big Corporation we do not have been corporate sponsors we could have but we said no we said no because we trusted you we trusted that when the contracts are put in front of you and you become nothing more that I just couldn't with all my contacts to say yes and neither could shrink you are not a product right
but you realize that part of us what's happening right now is there are a lot of heavily funded teachers who could care less about you you've you've never talked to them once even though you think you have they have sounds of people who do everything for them they are not that and they are serving their purpose I mean cool if that has called to you then take you to get every ounce of that you're meant to get there is much easier for everyone and every teacher will help you hone your discernment in all of the channel to 5 p.m. Pacific join us Monday night for Monday magic would you can join us for eating because of you we're going to be doing more FoodShare is coming up next few days and get more pictures out to all of you we have refugees that have home in the home but they places to sleep at night their children or sleeping thank you
and so what street and I were invited to do and this was from our beautiful Co creative team over at WWE headed up by Christine Purvis who we love and adore and who offered us her part in creating a website with a part of the temperate temperature rises now here in Ecuador full-time and of course our beautiful bring everyone came together and said hey stream Kara you have the best Auntie Anne's in the world which we do you guys are amazing and they said why don't we invite everyone to help everyone in this month of an opportunity and so if you visit any of our social media pages on you need to do a like I don't know how this works I'm helping Bria roses in the the chat she sent me an e-mail I completely did not understand and you guys know that's me but here's the essential part of it which three and I are offering and this is this contest is going to be running all through July and we will announce the winner on
Ciara and the beginning of August but for every time you share about I believe it's a share of WWE Global top and shrimp are., I believe that every time you share that you will get a registration into this contest and what we are offering is what everyone decided to call 15 Minutes in Heaven and it is a 15 minute drive personal one-on-one video Zoom with you and Street and I and it's your 15 minutes we can chat we can offer you a reading we can listen we can answer questions but you're 15 minutes and we are excited to meet with you and thank you for helping us to spread the word to Tachi and and and see what's going on in this energy and these offerings each will make their own decision however the invitation we need your help let's get the word out
Bernie Sanders campaign we're out there and we and we are staring and have been sharing for over 18 years and have never compromised and because of that we don't have the big heavy sponsors and help us help us help everyone is this work with an ace with you if you'd like to get a chance to be in the contest then let's spread the word because honestly Together We Are Better Together We are better and Street it brings me to I want to I want to set up what happened yesterday I think we should talk about it so let's begin with yesterday morning I don't know how many of you have been feeling us but for the how to fix the 21st remember it was last Sunday was the 21st for a mid-cycle right now this Sunday and then next Sunday we up level again so think about that we're in the middle of these two massive up level moments like a pyramid and so I've been really nauseous since this anchor
and I've been finding. When I spend too much time in my 3rd dimensional body all I feel is nausea really anchored in the ascendant present but not and they speak so much that yesterday I could not accompany my husband and our beloved Beauties here on what turned out to be a spectacular moment for all of us and even more about what's happening in July in Mark's when she said she couldn't accompany is inform thank you are there are no boundaries energy has no boundaries and then our Consciousness has no boundaries and that we can connect with anybody anywhere anything any place any time exist in
Cosmic now and so that is available as we're able to relax rdr2 individual that we use to help Tik Tok through density
that are
with each other and if so what was it what happened we had a wonderful invite to go to one of the most ancient archaeological sites in Ecuador has a fabulous history
so it requires that a few of your kind of walked meditatively to be open to what is wanting to be revealed because on the surface there's a photo and it is dated the Inca so for those be the kind of tracked with the South to dominate
so their stories in history but that's the stuff what what is beneath the surface is the recognition that like many in Asian cultures there was a cosmic understanding in the unfiltered experience of the ancestors of the ancestors didn't say that I I found it very fascinating that just what you don't notice what you're noticing just two days ago the crown gold rays of sun and elimination was actually taken from here and given to Queen Victoria and just a few days ago they have requested it sweet thing is illuminated energy that's going to really be important a moment
so we hopped in the van and Kyra stayed home and was resting a bit and I took a drive through some wonderful towels I'll tell you watch a Paula Wallace a shorter leg and zigzag this site is for preservation and go get in your bathtub and bring the iPad and and I actually have a fan for my child because that happens occasionally but it was compelling and it wasn't coming from like G I think I should do that it was more like this is
and honestly I resisted it here at 11:07 at 11:07 a.m. Saturday June 27th I was in the tub and I wrote and you'll see in just a moment strong sense to connect with the group at chosen as the July energy begins to unveil everything was coming in and I was completely out of body gone at 11:19 as I'm typing on my notepad on my iPad it pops up from Stree a picture of the quebe Negra Negra is the black cave which is part of this tight and has an extremely powerful history they had just been when I had just literally typed the last word
what you're going to see and receive in just a moment and then they were we were talking going back and forth I was trying to get this to him and I was like Street you have got to read this while you were there and we know we have to share it with all of you today because there's a whole lot more than what you're going to see right now and I'll be honest with you I'm still a great again however this piece was for all of us and as you watch this film that was put together by Bria Rose and myself you'll see where they're going how we're getting there and I would encourage you to just relax it's a short six and a half minutes film that include SRI reading this installment for the very first time in the casa Canyon Rd and the casa kanyari which is when he got this is after you've been through the main site right so by the time you get this. To him
are our group with the wonderful gift important for all of us right now well symbolism as you know we were very clearly called that we had to do the 444 activation on the solstice from here in Ecuador in a beautiful Perfect Balance equator energy on our planet and only did we all accomplished that it was on that day that's Alessandra and Adriana shared with us that they had recently been here and that there is property that they are going to be acquiring that literally you see in the video and that they felt strongly it could be like
satellite tosa at this fountain that they had felt something there and they have this beautiful Divine connection with the weed and Community they'll be able to help the people that live in that Village and so it started on that day and it was exactly the following Saturday remember we had that up level and so I'm a Saturday we were here in Ecuador doing that with all of you then the following Saturday which was yesterday they all went to church today is that middle Sunday in between next week so everything is just it feels to be like it's just like lining up well here's what's so powerful build about Jobe sheet and white robe she has remained so protected and guarded and hint hint we're taking our group their Cosmic Origins people you'll be here you're the first group for taking and so here's the gift when that the king or and forgive me from saying This Wrong by Blue was the king of the kind you are incredible people
new this what kind of like their last and literally the entire people came together and went to the energy center that they felt would give them the greatest Divine connection and that would help them and sure enough they sustained things they did eventually fall but not the way the others did and you know the Conyers today although many have never heard of them everybody thinks about the Inca the kanyari predate them and are still here and so there was this massive energy while you were there and walking through that we were literally in real time and so as you watch our short video we want you to just know all the set up so that the video will hopefully make more sense and we're going to come right back in after the video and let yourself believe
I'll be back in six and a half minutes
hey beautiful community hospital cuz we're going on a poster Blue Mountain Road Trip
as the July energy begins to unveil the Palace of the Gods of the light is reassembling at the time of the great culmination this is an unveiling of the Divine illumination that has been in stasis here waiting for the reassembly of those who have been here before and have held the sacred energy of this Temple as the heart of the Oneness within and it always let go and simply listen receive right we are here and we are ready to assist you to realize your Warrior nature of the spirit through the moment of Illumination at hand
all illuminates the dark is dark is the illumination of the perception of the dark the crystalline light that dissolves the illusion as it frees the spirit to reunify is the full illusion excuse me is the full illumination of the perception of the light that's very powerful I'm going to read that again the dark is dark is the illumination of the perception of the dark the crystalline light that dissolves the illusion as it freeze the spirit to reunify is the full illumination of the perception of the light so you may Ponder why do we offer you the language of a warrior nature and both the dark and the light
breathe in and notice what you are noticing what is calling your attention and are you paying attention to that which is calling
this awareness of the June explosion of 20/20 is culminating as the full illumination of the dark and the light through the experience of July this energy will then begin the expanded call for the warrior nature of spirit to arise within the all and for the all to arise
all B are at a moment of co-creative experience that will offer the greater depth of connection to that which is the illumination of Spirit In Motion
all or having their needs met as they call to themselves the energy of need and all are receiving as they call forward the energy of receiving receive receive receive Up Lift Up Lift Up Lift
receive receive receive lift up lift up and just breathe in and welcome back and wow so much to share and your calls I'm excited about this moment for those of you that were tuning into this the video pieces here I want to offer something that I experienced at the site which was it important to notice yourself noticing where does your attention go and I spend my car at the first section of time noticing with the eyes of this world I was looking at the archaeological formations I was looking at how the cave was structured how can I say
open in the first half of the show at 11:07 I am like Propel to get into a tub and start typing at 11:19 what I did not share in the first half of the show was that along with the picture to the entrance of the cave my husband's email said peaceful place no energy here is so I'm telling you because it's pitch dark siding and that's what you want to talk about this was the energy wasn't is visceral at at first glance it was well this is very peaceful and lovely however the strong to me especially after the stimulation of this installment that wait a minute there it's all dormant
this is actually was given a visual of the tapestry of the Earth as a blanket which was protecting and allowing a dormancy to exist mean occasions like you on this is coming through in this is coming through shirts with so beautiful so this site has been recognized has a little cute little easy in there but it's all closed if you want to go to a museum you literally call the caretaker nobody goes to it because this was one of those sites that was waiting for this moment and not be known by your words you will be known by your presence so what was so beautiful is imagine that you are just being you you and you all just saw that beautiful
all the pictures of free and everything you were there with the 30 love and presence all of them were there in sincerity and present everyone that you were connecting with and because of that you didn't even know it's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right you had no idea that the factory was so are you worthy of me in in that way and then just when they were almost complete and ready to go with when I get the first picture from Street literally as the final uplift had just been written I kid you not I just said uplift I was getting ready to lean back the tub when his email popped up and I was like oh my gosh everything unfolded it was humbling to me and informative to recognize watched myself imposing
are the eyes of this world the more superficial lens so to speak of experiencing this site people hear what will they experience and I'm looking at it from you might remember a picture in this little video of our separation carved line through it it looks like an old rock that might have split in half but the split was exact so this was I didn't even notice the rock on the way
and what I experienced and on other members of the group is this was a Gateway a portal and then we stood there and just relaxed and went into the energy of that Gateway I was all the same. Oh my God we're at the steeple of the temple it's all underneath the earth and its all there and here is a door smile is all here to be discovered for those who are willing and want to discover close these are your perception most of the sincerity love and presence and r n i I also feel that the fact that you've been living in the canary world for three full years that you know screen I overly dedicated ourselves to helping these people those of you that that contribute to our indigenous projects here in Ecuador we support the local Canary tribes and so it felt very powerful. It is
Cosmic prisons and we have already put out the call that we know we are to do ceremony there with wherever the ranking mama and tie to our for that area because we are to meet speaking different languages of this world so that we communicate in the language of the ascended presents because we're at the moment where we are all igniting and this woman had to be read there first and there by the recognition and there's a couple things we want to unpack for you as we start going to the phone lines and he feel free to ask us your questions of course you're still reading request fries are extraordinary a basin medical intuitive advice whenever you need but the one thing that was said in this and someone from the Divine directors was that this was the expanded call what they're saying is look we've already called what now we're expanding that means we're getting ready for the second wave the expanded tall is the second wave of every
second wave of everything and in some respects are going to be like tidal waves only they're going to be met by a very different energy this time and so because of that we are all the expanded call is here and this is why and there's a lot more that's been written about this entry and I are going to be hearing more about this Tuesday night on fold mirrors it's going to be all about the warrior nature of your spirit and so this Warrior nature of the spirit is being expanded and called for this is that 33rd crystal Dimension support that came in from that chalice that you are able to step from this is that kind of quiet beach new energy with the with the discus it's starting to amplify that's going to wake up on 8th and start another spin the reason they're using the language of the warrior nature spirit
is because your tenacity your spiritual tenacity your ability to trust your heart will be the warrior nature of this moment if you are not the worrier the champion the five-star general of your own spiritual nature than there are other five-star generals that have a lot more power that are happy to get you onto their team so it's going to be one of those months where it's going to be a Rock'em sock'em 5th or 3rd and and if you are unable to and feel very bossy and Turney it's and that's that's part of that nausea right you know where am I make your choice living in The 5th Dimension join us Monday night tomorrow night yesterday please good idea offeree when people are afraid they
will give away their power so just take that in for a moment because you're witnessing that all throughout the mass consciousness of our shared world when people are afraid they will give away their power when people are terrified they will give away their soul really breathe that in because one of the things that they were saying about the light and the dark that this is very much that moment where you know the all Nest through the problem
no good live camera sorry guys we're having attack issue sorry about that about the illumination and the light and the dark is dark and how that comes together and yes now we will go to the slide because we want to look at that exact language is the illumination of the perception of the dark illumination of the perception of what they are saying here is this is when you become aware
of the illusion and it's so big in front of you that you either freaked out and dive into it because you can't even comprehend it or the next sentence the crystalline light that dissolves the illusion as it frees the spirit to reunify is the full illumination of the perception of the light so you are being invited to really that witness energy do we have any chance the witness graphic I want to point out something here it is the understanding of light and dark
one of the things that was so powerful about this this wisdom sharing from the Divine directors is that when we are awake to how dark it is actually the light has illuminated our ability to perceive it get it if we didn't have the light Illuminating our ability perceived we would have just been swept away in the darkness do we use that illumination to get us see that's one way we turn away from her illumination illumination ignites the awareness start the elimination where is but what do we do sometimes we have to go oh hell no right what do you do because when you see it is when you are at the moment of and you don't even know you're making the choice but it's when that that that trigger or that experience or that that that
flute for you that you either love yourself through it and see it for what it is or is that illumination becomes the Catalyst of the dark and this is why wouldn't I want to flip to the traffic since we do have it this is why how many years has it been now what's the copyright on this 2018 so since 2018 we have been inviting you to really pay attention that the third dimension is an experience where we can witness ourselves own let you know this is what on The Power of Now all of that is to bring you to that moment where you are actually aware of you however that's just the beginning and end that's that's an amazing beginning because once you're there then it's about that loving yourself enough to call in The Compassion that birth your 5th dimensional Pro
as the witness her and Jude has been about this explosion a fifth dimensional presents and if you were one of the things we shared is that you see how the Aunt Dee Angelic presence the wings spread their V is the is the sacred chalice you see that the Chalice is ignited this is our 5th dimensional chalice so we have been gifted from June 21 until August 8th liongate all of that above it you see the 7th the 9th all the way to 33rd V is receiving is the Chalice with the unification of the fits into our third body form as the base of the Chalice you right now are receiving the cop you have it and so as you invite yourself to be the witness to her then that beautiful energy of the 7th dimensional witnessing bringing this to that nice dimensional witness again is how we are able to keep filling the cup had the 33rd Dimension energy
I'm forwarding and so one of the things about this inspiration this Dart versus the light or darkness of night and I want to go to the second half of this installment and I want to read what they said right here
what's the start of the very beginning reason and noticed what you are noticing what is calling your attention and are you paying attention to that which is calling that is a very important discernment really saying go deeper and then they're specifically talking about right now this awareness because remember we are in an awareness moments what they're saying is are you aware this awareness of the June explosion of 20/20 is culminating as the full illumination of both the dark and the light
so that's extraordinary because everything is being illuminated so what is the gift of that here is the gift of that means that if everything is being illuminated many that are still really in the dark experience that that's Theirs to experience or actually didn't have an elimination of it which means there with you one of two things will happen if they won't even really know they're making a choice they will either get angrier and more polarized or they will lift and go oh my God I finally see it now how that can be more Bounty filled in and what a beautiful to me it's like we sent a radio signal out with a lineage holder Gatherings and they and the Soul stirrers 444 and it's like tell us what how we can make this better and they said back okay we're going to send that means you got to really know who you are so the more of us this that can hold it starting right now that can hold this elimination I believe that's why you had to be until Thursday because it's a crystalline portal of life
that was why they went there they knew they had their deepest Cosmic connection they would have all of their guidance and so that's what's happening as we are being call to activate the Temple of our divine guide us because the more of us that are available for this full illumination of Light Within the more visible we are for those that are fully Illuminating in the dark to see you get it I bet it's just it's so freaking awesome you can tell him really jazz is it it's incumbent upon us to trust the Divine relaxing to the trust of the Divine the events of the outer World which are for the large part quite tragic
the the Silver Lining is that many hearts are being ignited and the essene brother and offered this to his many years ago and it you'll find it in the Lost Books of the scene at our website where they talked about the Dark Ages will not seem so dark compared to what is coming but if you want to just read it right now this was I I don't like you ignored predicted but literally everything is happening right now part of my street and I left the United States when we did everything we were told has literally come forward what we were never told was the exact timing what we were given was the energy and the things that we would notice because the one blessing a internist right infinite blessing but the ones that that really I find very powerful for me is that
Brethren the blue star they have all been unified always anyways I'm beginning to notice them all is one energy is that we will hold to the code of non-interference by not offering you specific timelines and that we will only offer that when that course can not be theirs done is done and so we have noticed that in the past six months we're starting to see more and more of that just like in the installment we showed you today they specifically used June 28th and when we start seeing this punctuated active time stamping it is a way of calling our attention and in the teaching of that lesson was about Cycles it was about the cycles of density Consciousness and what can what kinds of experiences then come forward in the world
the consciousness of the human and there was one of the sentence in that delivery that came afterwards which I want to remind us now as a result of this experience has many will ask where is the part where we asked where is the heart what we're saying is my heart is aroused my heart is starting to open so is that in the off switch is the infinite tapestry of creation all that the unification with the nature of the Oneness can happen and the what is based in love love is literally woven into the very essence of the experience the creation
it is is love as so we get to refract that light we get to play with that light we get to manifest create and dabbled and we learned as a result love means loving ourselves enough to ignite our Warrior spirit Spirit I am I am I am we are at the I am moment and if you are in doubt and if you are in fear then those are remnants of that which is still afraid and all it takes is literally loving yourself enough and remember Diana want to remind you that we just we're still coming out of it right but we just came out of what would this Mercury retrograde and we're still in the Mercury retrograde but the peak was last weekend
real Aunt relaunch what are you relaxing and what is relaunching in your life right now and then from the relaunch it was all about the return the return to the truth the return to the truth not be afraid of who you are you know so often we forget to return to the truth of who we are because we're too embarrassed angry upset in denial to look at who we are if we're in that moment that we're certainly not in the system thank you for getting me here now so sorry it was hard right you get to be your own champion and then we went into the remembrance and it is this remembrance that's anchoring Us in The 5th Dimension and street I'm looking at all these people that have been holed up through this whole show and so let's start welding the men and and receive your questions
color over bbsradio looks like it's Patricia from New York on for all right
Diamond station Kira hi sweetheart welcome
I sent to move coming on in my life soon and I have lots of options with in options and I would just love many celebrating around that well thanks for asking and it's so good yeah probably is the first thing I am I dealing is not an anxiety it's like a pressure and it's right in the center of your chest what's interesting is it's like it almost kind of knocked me over but it's deep and then it comes up like the back of my throat like it's not quite taking my breath is very very intelligent and just sitting in the back there trying to guide your voice and what I'm feeling as I'm connecting with you is that you have a lot of movement going on in your life wow is that well I just lost my breath again you are the reason I'm losing my brother's I suddenly saw you standing on the very top of a very tall pyramid and you have been balancing like literally are on the point
can you have been balancing and such a darn good job and you can't do it anymore. You have to decide because they're saying you're ready to fly and the only way you can fly is by doing what you absolutely know in your heart is what is bringing you the greatest peace and they're saying always begin with peace because it is the foundation of the law of in from there comes the gioi so the answer is it's right now for you very much about that which brings you the greatest piece and that piece needs to be integrated on all levels and so it is much loved here
thank you honey, stay many blessings I truly love how all of these Benny Soul ratings carry a wisdom and energy message that can be applied to so many people and and I want to underscore that that wisdom of Peace because is truly about peace that ascended love is to be at peace with the creation
and that from their compassion arises that is so peace love joy website, what is the percentage that it was very specifically as well as I know we have more first time callers sitting over at CVS from Las Vegas, Cialis welcome I have always had a challenge shopping into my the third eye in Riyadh there's something that I'm in fear of seeing there's something that I
might be might have too much responsibility for something that has been holding that area of my spiritual growth stock is there something that I can help myself be more open to that
that area's might my first self will thank you for asking question out and I have I have a lot to share and SRI I was thinking maybe the first two because one layer is we have to fully trust ourselves in order to trust the Unseen that is ready to be revealed now this doesn't mean you don't love yourself what it means is there's a habit in place of having had that self-doubt of having felt that I'm not quite enough and that one of the spiritual paradoxes is when we feel very complete with our own self when we can keep our own good company that's when the perfect partner shows up we are Perceptions in our ability to
the world in the world of spirit then more is revealed so I just want to offer that is as a tidbit the other thing about the 6th chakra is it often times carries residual imprints from past traumas and past hurts and that there is a reflexive reaction that if I open to these things that I don't want to see or I don't want to experience and part of that then is resolved through this trust of self knowing that only the highest will be served because of my life and the Divine life so taking a breath and I want to share with you the other than what I was seeing however before I do I'm I'm going to play the a tuner those of you that don't know the a tuner that I developed this is right here and nice are cosmic Prime meridians which you'll notice at the base is our third chakra conveniently marked by the bottom of my
stop to our star Consciousness and that's that's part of what I want to share with you in just a minute my love into the microphone vibrating and and I'm going right here it's like those two points if you do EFT right it's right there those two points on a point to those two points treat these channels are easily accessed because this is the cause of prime meridian energy when it is in the cosmic energy so when it's here it's just rest right here but as we ignite it literally opens as our portal of divine connection so wet saw for that gift to you so I want you to relax and I want everyone to relax because remember all of our readings on there are for all of us so this is a blessing so we're going to
when I put it here you're going to want to just watch her wish we was trying with you
just breathing up I feel that energy right here
here we are and so my love what I wanted to share with you in this moment and I appreciate if you take even a deeper breath all of you feel that you're feeling that result through your nose feel those Cosmic primary music night and just let the energy left my angel Alice you are able to do so much and what's happened is that your brain and it's still beautiful beautiful brain but this beautiful group around you keep saying all my dear one we are right here and we are simply waiting for you to let us meaning that what they're really sharing with you is that you have already had this wide-open yet your mind is is like coming in and saying no no no it's going to look like this no no no it's got to act like this like this is going to be like this and your mind has overridden it and so
I'm going to do that to this must be for you and if so what they're saying is that in this moment close your eyes receive and simply drift into that what you know is true and as you do the writing will begin your third eye wants to open with written word and I would strongly suggest you visit with pen and paper not a typewriter and the more that you do that the more it will ignite and the more the unification will come together from there you are star Consciousness will begin igniting and you'll have some head not issues but you're going to notice them energy shifts in your head totally cool don't be afraid of it drink a lot more water get into showers and tubs as often as you can and tone there is a vibrational thing here and so when you tone Begin by putting your hands on your third chakra and let whatever sound needs to come out come out then raise them to your heart
and let whatever sound needs to come out and each time you're with the chakras what that tone keep toning until you absolutely get it to where you know that's the one do it to your throat and then you're going to bring your third eye and do the same thing and you're going to find that this energy is going to expand expand expand and so it's simply your moment for it to expand and it's been progressing exactly is needed it's just your time my love may blessings thank you so much love you we love you honey are you feeling oh yeah yeah wow wow wow wow wow the toner to the expansion and got to acknowledge that I think almost all of us would enjoy having clear
what we think it's supposed to look like I know for myself the the automatic writing and the paper was at the Gateway truly the Gateway and beautiful beautiful practice also it's important to let go of how it ought it how it going to show up because when we step in and start to shape the writing I would start to make it look presentable I would and then I finally caught myself going wait a minute this is an open channel of information we don't have to speak in complete sentences and so what it was was a grand revelation of how we imposed conventional reality upon spiritual information
that you're having this connection and the only way light language can come in is if you let go of the fact that has to have a letter for it has to have a form of language that you feel comfortable with you could have symbol star coming through all of that got lost when we started working on keyboards keyboards limit our ability to express an emojis illimite that even more because of emojis are left open for interpretation as well as a knot and so consider that if you wanted to contracted Consciousness then the first thing you would do is contract the ability how about the written word how about writing cursive I mean really are taking the time connecting with some letters written by Sir Isaac Newton yesterday because a lot happened yesterday and prabhas photos of the original and I found at reading his original letters in his handwriting had more potency for me than even what I had received at
need to go find his letters and like we stepped lot more coming in July and so when we take away the written word we take away our ability to move our arms as if they are what right they are at the mudra writing imagine when writing really writing was a rhythmic flow or how about the beautiful gift working an end and doing some beautiful Japanese painting I'm forgetting the name of it I have all of it calls my body in order for me to do this I have to sit very properly in the way that I hold of Russian the way that the brush exactly the way that the brush floats on the paper and so when we invite our sacred Consciousness to come through us if we released what we think it's supposed to look like and don't want sentences and subjects and predicates we say yes to who you are if we bring it to a keyboard
then we're limited to the keyboard have to funnel it into those symbols that refract refractory attention spans do this with that it's not just a refraction ability to connect it's the also the refraction of the ability for what steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust in order to enter into responded presence in order to really hold that energy your attention span is going to require more than an emoji
but it does something to pay attention to where is the balance where is the balance we're not saying throw one away we're saying just where is the valence are you spiritual Warrior for you are you absolutely in this month and in this week right now we're honest leading into experience and then a double dip. Level experience right balance is going to be the key 5th dimensional compassion glass of water some years ago when I was initially studying a medical intuition and and I had my guides and teachers that were helping me to activate that sense of perception one of the takeaways that I wanted to share with you today is that sometimes we have to re-educate ourselves or
brain or brain train our habitual way of looking at things if we choose to have an extensive experience what you're doing you'll get the same results kind of thing if you want a new result you can come out at differently and so there is there supposed we will receive in this case the pain will always be visible well I was working with some children and has it had ADD ADHD and the recognition that came through was stop trying to teach them and allow them to seal and the way that the healing was coming forward was with finger painting
so what's the nutrition to be able to have the eyes and the hands move into a flow that did not have to conform to letters in the sequence that information and Art became a healing mechanism and that they they reconnected left and right brain through that process took a trust that through the process of finger paint we were able to rewire a little bit are beautiful session here that imagine that in a contracted energy density the first thing you're going to do is get rid of the ability to communicate right then you're going to get rid of the ability to heal because you if you want to contracted energy than all of these things need to be amplify so that they become more and more compressed
what has happened to Art education or music education so the key is what are you calling for you the gift of the contraction is that it offers the moment of expansion just because something shifts in one realm of your experience does not mean it has a negative effect in another if the third-dimensional spirits right now is causing you just trust is causing you fear is causing you doubt is causing you anger or causing you to judge and I'm going to go back to something we put up in the first part of the show because I want us to put it up one more time then you are in the victim triangle and right now you see that spiral guys the victim rescuer abuser is really fighting for its life and the teacher Mentor healer is right here if you're willing to dive into the ascended spiral of your own illumination and as we just heard we are at a peak aluminum
this is really one of those how bad do you want it do you want your life to be the best it can be then you're going to have to do a few things I know that we sure have and is it worth it but if you mean Shining Light on that which was hidden and it's going to be so we're going to head to Billings Montana how you doing
Namaste trinchera thank you so much for taking my call are planning to feel so honored and blessed to be able to share this with you I talked to you a few weeks ago because I'm having some digestive issues I don't know if you remember and you both basically told me I knew I needed to make a choice I knew it didn't matter which way but I need to make a choice and I have to share a really quick. On the solstice I moved out of abusive relationship and I have locks put in the bay I stayed focused you know that steadfast commitment to myself to saying yes to me and I drove over night arrived back in Montana I was just living elsewhere during the ring of fire and
my question for both of you I just want to share that because it's a miracle and it's amazing and and I appreciate your guidance through all of that myself so much for my question for you is I now feel a lot of pain and daggers in my back from my spouse that I left you recommend a way to protect. And I don't want to be manipulated and and go back and ever because I I know I'm supposed to do things and buy something for it into me and accepting me I'm I'm going to help other people and I'm I'm claiming me I'm doing it and I'm so grateful for all your guidance and teachings
well first and foremost and I are so look at your timing in the choice you didn't know we make a choice you said I am here man you did I'm so proud of you I love that we are one full week and you're back on the show which rocks first thing I share with you my angel I have been exactly where you are and I am not proud to say I was there more than once I was that one who left and I was at one who went back I know what's going through your head and I understand so here's what I want you to hear just from I have been there and I really get where you are you are really at a moment where
they know the abuser knows You're vulnerable and the abuser wants to be your rescuer right now because you when you feel like you may want to go back are saying my Victim energy is screaming who's around and so of course the one who was the abuser will also show up as The Rescuer and so in this moment I'm feeling like she did the show for you and I love that you got on today because what are we just talked about again was that how this moment right now it's difficult to be the week if you make it through this weekend I know you're capable of doing it you will really be on the other side because this is the week where you got to love yourself enough to know that you are ready to be the teacher Mentor healer you deserve to have someone next to you who not only loves you and celebrate you but is like my beloved Street and 18 years later you can have passion and empathy for someone who's doing what you're doing right now because you were me knowing what it was like to do that
this is a huge moment for you so I want you to just first receive that offer to you first is to give yourself a hug everyday hand on heart or even bigger I just say hey I did this and I can keep going to be able to offer your own inner child the encouragement to be able to say sweetheart I am a wise woman I am a warrior and I have taken steps to protect us and to love us even more and to let her hear that because you are both you are the child and you are the warrior to have that conversation inside from time to time so that there is a everyday the commitment is renewed for your empowerment so I want to offer you that the other thing is make sure that you have some support other friends
better blood draw
the level of Consciousness that you were working with at the time you entered the ship is different than so have a little Mercy on yourself and we can have mercy on us to believe it or not Consciousness be involved in our shows continue to journal to write to love yourself and it'll get easier and easier and easier
my time you are on your way
yes, la
thank you sweetheart and we are so grateful for all of you make sure you join us tomorrow night Monday magic calm and of course Tuesday night at stole mirrors right here at the checking us out right now at 5 p.m. Pacific nature of spirits a Time
I'm smile and all is truly well we look forward to being with you again next week
thank you for joining us being here alive to have your questions answered send up an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3 and you next week

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