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Sri and Kira Live, June 21, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to 3 in here alive that's our world's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean and best selling authors offer live. Open up your mind body and spirit and I'm sitting here are three and Kyra Namaste and welcome to the voice of passionate action I am Sri Lanka and wow you feel it right yesterday we ignited and and Trina I just want to open up right here if you're watching this is the Fountain of creation
Joseph the 444 ignition that did happen that did shift what's happening right now we are in not only are we in the end up level June moment we are in one of three Peak up levels for the entire year we are in the moment of this ring of fire hands you see my beautiful nitiraj on the creation we are in the moment of this ring of fire of this profound solar eclipse has overlaying the illuminated new moon this is the show you knew you had to be here for and we are so grateful that you have said yes to this moment and shrieks I know there's people that we need to say hello to everywhere so where is everyone finding World Bratz baby lots of folks YouTube channel
I took a peek over there just as we were coming on to make sure of course we're streaming audio to and one is talk radio., and I believe both places are picking up the video stream It's a Wonderful World
is ignition and SRI I'm just like my heart is breathing and my heart is breathing that's actually really true yeah it's like you feel that it's like the heart is the wisdom we're still experiencing after the blessing of what happened here yesterday with all of you and whether you were with us live or not you were here and remember that we are in this profound Trifecta moment and this is the ring of fire ignition this is like the Burning Man of Ascension right we're all coming to the party we're all bringing our unique contribution since we all have the same vision and we are build
this beautiful ring of ignition and
what has been happening since Friday remember this is as I could call you it's like the trifecta the for 4 for Friday Saturday Sunday Monday is going to push an explosion right because remember that June is what June is that energy of explosion and we have been crossing our own Bridge which would be from Friday last week's energy which was what it was about that release some Embrace and how the ego is going to dance with that how was last week for you what kind of dancing did you have to do what was right in front of you that maybe is like oh wow is that in front of me now and how did you walk through it and I found out last week straight and especially as we went into the weekend and all all of them
more than ever that insulted them
6 steps more than ever I think it is for this moment and I wonder what the thing when we practice deliberate Consciousness mean what we say is I am willing to align with my highest energy and look at what's going on from that standpoint what happens is our Consciousness begins to naturally a reside in the witness or of the witness witness every begin to incorporate those steps that are in this installment actually little training on how to get behind that and that's what I wanted and that's the reason I want to start here because it is on our website train if you go to shrink on our home page
once you arrive just scroll down there's just a little boxes you find whatever you're looking for we've tried to make it really easy second row right there are the six steps for navigating the spiral of multidimensional presents now why is that so important that I had to stop and go make sure that you could go read that again the reason is being that June is about what it is about anchoring in The 5th Dimension and you know she speaking of anchoring we are so gone that we did not offer you all those phone numbers as I'm watching this one call Bank almost kill up so please remember that you can give us a call right now let me give you those phone numbers get in the queue to either ask a question of Shreveport a soul reading from me a little bit of both whatever your heart desires 8862 76008 is the line over there at to say hi to Don or producer and let him know if you have a question for Siri 888-627-6008 and of course over at 1 is talk radio
call 517-208-1500 if you have a question for 3 * 5 and that'll raise your hand and then we know you have a question for straight do I get that right I got it right so what's fly guys I really want to talk about this June energy and so let's first go to the calendar right here we are you can't miss it you just can't miss it look at today June 21 the new moon right plus we have the ring of fire and notice we put that ring of fire around the star because it is the union it is the absolute moment of perfect balance the sacred Union the Sun and the Moon the illuminated New Moon the bursting vessel is open right this beautiful beautiful Cosmic birthing chamber is open and has been waiting for
Mustang hey I'm ready what are we going to create and then this beautiful masculine Sun illumination that that has come forward with this ring of fire today and it's Eclipse we have a full solar eclipse meeting a new moon and so this is very much in harmony with what we have been calling as the June explosion and the eye is open the top of the pyramid is here and so remember that this is our first moment of violet Ray anchoring 5th dimensional living June was about what it was about saying I am living in The 5th Dimension I am now here I accepted I'm not going to resist who I am and what is the truth I'm let my ego can realize that it can trust me because I trust me right and so from January one this year and and I love I go back to tosa Blue Mountain
remember where you are January one but I know he has Blue Mountain we danced and celebrated in a parts broadcasted live with all of you the opening of the ascended heart and little did we know what a huge role that was going to play this year we we knew that this was an energetic up level year and some ways that I'm out of time, but we have no idea the magnificence of the energy that has been greeting us all
this week right now is the explosion of Consciousness and the unification of Oneness if you are living from the 5th dimensional space and able to and I was looking for the scrap I can die or forgive me oh I think this is it I found it there it is perfect okay this is a graphic that I offered you at the very beginning of June this is showing you the remember we had those three super full moons in a row that ignited that pyramid you see there in the background that was March April in May but in June the eye of the pyramid opened and then earlier this month we had the explosion energy come in right in on like the 4th of June and what you see there in the top-right this beautiful kind of have Violet half green or with the beautiful energy around it that's the fifth dimensional experience
noticed what looks like the Aurora Borealis because it is coming down from that 5th Dimension into and around this beautiful large Violet Planet energy that's the fifth dimensional experience that's the navigation of living this graphic I literally created based upon what I personally experienced when I enter 5th dimensional space and this is new and this has just come in and this has been in part of the blessing of preparing us for this very week we have had this six-month period between January one 2020 and the very end of this month to engage that Ruby energy to really call that phone or to be with that and I'm noticing his I'm sharing that with you I'm feeling a lot of you right losing your voice member this moment is about doing
everything possible for you to discover that when you relax into your divine nature in 100% balance meaning you cannot be balanced if you are angry you cannot be balanced if you are afraid you cannot love if you are not loving you and so this is a moment where all of those energies are spiral and this is why that article is so important because the energy everything has explosion orgy in it and so in this moment right now as we move into this week into today we are ready to embody that ring of fire around that birthing vessel that opened yesterday and has been creating creating creating
feel that energy and I I just felt a lot of second chakras I just felt a lot of Wow first second third chakra so this I want to close this by bringing it back to where we began which is our ascended heart this is why I'm going to go back to the explosion graphic because this is why the birthing of the ascended heart in January was was what we didn't know was that rather than having a whole year to really anchor that it's anchoring now because in order to lift in order to Anchor in your ascendant presence in order to really bring your roots Center to your heart you must stabilize the ascended heart and that's what this June explosion is doing is saying hey look we're going to bring January one 2021 in now and this month all of June from June one and till January one 2021 we are in this Collision of the ruby in the blue which is caused
bowling in the Violet and it means that you have been called it's like the greatest knock from the universe that could ever come in it's the knock on the door that says okay you've talked about it you felt it and boy am I feeling third chakra history all right I've ever got a lot of third chakra hand raising and so you have been you are ready and that's what we did yesterday we soared past our 444 ignition there were so many more that register we thank you and for all of you that offer donations know that there are people who will eat because of you and have a place to sleep because of your generosity and kindness so thank you thank you and the fountain is still going we this is a picture that we took we have on the Lincoln is now restored until we bring it back down to the pilot by Shiva Temple but we wanted to enter with that energy today
manifestation Consciousness and one of the things to remember is that you are conscious constantly attracting to that which is your intent coupled filtered through the beliefs and expecting expectations that you have and that we are critical at this time to bring your attention your awareness to the quality of what you are experiencing because everybody is working with the quote Law of Attraction whether you're conscious of it it or not however as we lift into our 5th dimensional ascended Hearts we begin to open up the capacity for the law of instantaneous manifestation free that in so there's two different attractor field is going on here the training wheels is the law of
good witch says what you focus on will come to you well that's a corollary of what you focus on gets bigger so if we're looking at the ER creative people get a little perverted little greedy a little bit I want this and I don't care who else gets what they have I want I want I want play commanding density which is actually a sign of Awakening however that's the Sidetrack is because when we are in our heart what we want is always wholesome for all we may have a particular personal need that is seeking to be resolved
and yet as that need is fulfilled we're in the NFL station because our heart is open to receive what is nourishing an appropriate nourishing an appropriate versus The Law of Attraction is a commanding of the energies to conform to your focus and your focus may or may not be anchored in the highest place so that's let's talk about that dive into that is because you with the energy of right now let's talk about what happened yesterday because this is really applicable the energy of yesterday was about really trying to stabilize the timeline remember that I'm going to go ahead and put up the calendar just one last time to show you that June
is a culminating month we are not going to see timeline energy again not the ability to work with the timelines the way we have until October and so this was a culminating month right up top there of visionary transformation through timeline adaptation to say yes to the absolute truth of who you are and as you breed that in that's where you may find breath stopping here that's where that third chakra might be coming up so yesterday when we all stepped into that incredible vessel of creation when that beautiful beautiful Solstice energy ignited for us all and we went into our moments of Silence with that
what we were doing was gathering all of these seeds of creation right energizing them and putting them together so that in the seeds of Creation in our coal created experience right now of this illusion this timeline this moment this everything that it is that it would stabilize the timelines remember on Friday when this began Mercury said I am here right so mercury has stepped forward in front of you and said I am here and the solstice came in yesterday and said I am ready
right presents wisdom I am here I am ready today a ring of fire literal o a little Ring of Fire has come forward and said I am open
to see what's happening we are each birthing and this and this illuminated new moon and they speak up level moment this is a 24-hour. That will culminate tomorrow so guide me and that is why if we remember that this was re-launched it was returned and today is member remember I am here I am ready I am open and yesterday everyone came together we built the bonfire we came together we lit it up we carried it in and we had enough critical mass to be able to sincerely send a pulse wave that is magnify magnify magnify magnify because as that energy of your ascendant presents releases what was last week release and embrace so as you release more of the
and embrace Evermore choose to embrace the truth of who you are then as your energy field moves out of density and through and up into the 5th Dimension you ignite vast exponential experience and that energy this week is the gift of the law of instantaneous manifestation if you are looking at it through the filters of The 5th Dimension or going right back to where I said let's chat about this if you're in density it will be the Law of Attraction will be used very smart enough
remember this the law of attraction is actually a very smart refined energy of density and so this is a law that is smart enough that it can be manipulated and actually understand that it's being manipulated as it is happening and so to be in this 5th dimensional experience this June explosion the opposite effect happens we're literally as you are ascended heart is birthing because your form is in sacred Union and happy and creating your formal recreate itself in incredible ways for you and show you what to do what is in front of you right now that you are ready to call in to the law of instantaneous manifestation because you're calling it in from here rather than from here
manifestation is foundation alized in and ascendant energy so this is send it energy is who you are many people say you know we have a higher self in a self your higher self is your true self everything else is an illusionary playground and can be a lot of fun so the law of attraction is a way of cultivating consciousness of energy Consciousness consciousness of focus the it's training wheels for learning to manage your energy no Benny's the law of instantaneous manifestation takes that to a refined level Saints I am a Divine being having a human experience and I Surrender the need to control when I Surrender the need to control and a residing in my joy in my soul
play keyboard tab e this person that which is required for your continuous service just shows up and in the end the part of your brain that it's on autopilot from density training is going I don't know where the next thing is going to come from his peace when we resided in the trust of our ascended truth are authenticity Fuller beautiful ring of fire around that beautiful bursin Chrysalis whatever whatever word it just is so sacred I can't come up with the word but I know you all are feeling this is what happened yesterday is that this beautiful energy was pouring down they were seeds they were all of the Seas of the infant possibilities of and all of that gift and Blue Mountain Rose actually
that literally and during our beautiful Community show him that we share with you every week today Bria is going to talk to you about how to really sew the seeds of your dreams and it really brings me to a passionate moment that's happening on the planet right now and that is you know I want to I want to take a moment and kind of move to the Fountain to my switch is the dancing Shiva the dance of Creation with the ring of fire and then of course free why don't you talk about this beautiful being right here Jeopardy creation offering the energy for manifestation Hanuman is saying I Shall Serve that creation I Shall Serve the Divine intention I Shall Serve by Will and in order to be in service to the Divine we must let go of any need to Define it to shape it to control
and so Hanuman exemplifies the ego and I am and is that everything you said is that he arises Hanuman arises as the champion and the champion is the one who says I'm not talking about it I'm living it this is who I am sometimes we have to be yours was this is this beautiful Violet Quan Yin and what you can't see is that I put some citrine in her hand so that the flow that she's offering is always covered with
these energies up here of course are going into the water that's that's coming in and you see again the Shiva linga this is our Shiva linga from The Violet race unit Temple it was all it's fully covered with it adorned as I am called to do that before the ceremony and it is a very large Ruby kyanite that we are very blessed to be this is our nandi little cave of service right there the naughty cable service this is our inti the sun god which here in Ecuador it was you yesterday was inti raymi the celebration in this is as far as we know the world's largest she don't lie and this is of course a big piece of citrine and this beautiful Crystal here that's many many different crystals and I'm sure this with you because you see the colors and the illumination and the way the water is falling
and this makes me it brings tears to my eyes because we are now in a moment that is opening up today actually opened up Friday but today in the remember in the remember today when that ring of fire goes around that beautiful moon I'm I don't know why I'm going to my third chakra it's like I'm taking I'm taking the ring of fire and bring it to my Wu maybe we shall be doing that so let's do this ignite your ring of fire like I'm making like a ring with my hands here and then my eye actually already feel it in my in my third chakra breathing in relaxing your third chakra if it's safe to close your eyes do that and as you breathe out fill your hands there on my hands feel like they are on fire and then but only around the edges the in places like cool and then you lift it up
exhaling and I'm bringing it right to wear with the way my hands are it actually looks like it's going first to third chakra and Brianna just holding it stable and I'm holding it like it's open like it's an open circle you know I'm going to stand up because they're telling me to show you guys okay so right here okay I'm going to start my above my head right okay and it's right or breathing in and on the exhale
this is what I want you to say
I really feel that really invite that because what I said but I'm experiencing through all of you I might add is that we are indeed relaxing more this is more that embraced remember that embraced energy is still with us that was all of last week we entered in the Mercury going retrograde still on that energy of releasing Embrace so Embrace as you call this beautiful unified field together this is the moment when it is a moment certainly for women but it is also a moment that is for the woman that is in within all one of the things that SRI and I many people, is that we both are so not androgynous but very male female both of us we both carry both of those energy
without compromising either one I think would be the way to say that there can be no action without spaciousness that all Healing Begins With the yin energy the ability to receive and all creation it takes that Crucible and then with Consciousness moves forward and this is the beauty of the Sun in the moon and you know it one of the things I found so profoundly synchronistic is that here in Ecuador this Solstice is our winter solstice but it's not that cool the seasons don't fluctuate so much this is the time they plant and so this is part of why I breed a rose was wanting to share the planning
we are planting seeds now in The Crucible of our feminine energy would embrace the support and hold the vision of the grand expression nothing happens without that energy it all beings all week but you came here to experience and and how cool is that you know it is awesome the diversity of our collective experience is where our greatest beauty lies yes it did not blessing of seeing how infinitely creative we are the more diverse we are the greater power we have and the key is to be clear
about the distinct energetic difference between celebrating uniqueness and creating separateness and there are better and I want to jump into Howard in this Uncharted Territory and I also want to give a big shout-out to my beloved dear friend and master risata Osiris and just thank you for helping us spread the word and all of you who helped us spread the word because you are the Fearless ones we are in Uncharted Territory we have done this dance before those of you that I've been joining us for Monday magic you know right you're learning how to live in The 5th Dimension we're going through Arcangel zadquiel lessons if you don't know what Monday magic is go to screen and jump and join us tomorrow you can join us powerful energy donation type thing and all of those donations feed our neighbors and
spelling refugees and what we are inviting is that this moment of fearlessness we are all and today is the perfect moment the divine feminine has opened up her circle of creation feel that that's what happened yesterday first Mercury when stationary and Mercury for me this month feels very feminine Mercury feels Violet to me the graphics of a crowded around Mercury all feels very Violet about holding is like Mercury right now is the transit Bridge you see me and think about when we go retrograde doesn't normally mean we turned our back and so what is mercury has said I have opened my back
I have open the back of my heart because I trust you to be here and for those of us that are willing to enter into Mercury as an ascended heart we will literally Transit through that energy like a beautiful portal and arrived on the other side living this entire retrograde in the law of instantaneous manifestation and so that's what Friday the end of people Friday was disable izing especially if there is there is a lot that happened on Friday the way the eagle played out in every way not just personally tribally globally collectively look how that dance and then yesterday
the goddess arrived and she came with this beautiful pregnant belly and the saw smile and the beauty of her heart and she said I will prepare for the fire and offer you the greatest flow I can and I will meet with the unlimited source of divine illumination and come forward and great service and compassion and today the great raw the disc the Sun the illumination energy has come forward as a perfect circle of creation
to illuminate
how to use the word impregnate the divine feminine is rising however her strength is that she may rise through the woman within the all if this is not just a moment about those who identify as women to be a rising that is a separate yes this is about not only the energy of this is the energy also about our Collective Wellness the wellness of our divine nature the Barbary Soul there is a battle for the Dominion of your soul and it has been going on for quite a while and this is why I go to read the article that we have left are we have not posted another one so that it will stay on homepage go read the six steps because In This Moment
it is a moment to remember the truth today is the day of memory is it not as well let's talk about that Wellness of the mind for a moment because that's what's birthing right now and this cycle guys is going on between right now and August and it's going to have a home Simone on 88 Lions Gate and that's why we're talking about all this cuz it be now 21st what are things you know you mentioned this Mercury Mercury retrograde over the last few days is one that I had here and there as I was doing my tasks my projects I found myself bumping into certain moments of frustration that things weren't flowing as I would hope they would flow
once actually in this way crossword Crossroads moment for me my experience of it was due I pushed charge and try to control and change and shift this or do I take a breath
and remember the power of quiet commitment the power of clarity the power of compassion and then re-engage the tasks from a more peaceful less demanding less judgmental energy learning once again through the gift of this Mercury and then I realized it was to pause and expand around that which I was doing not to confront it and you know head-to-head not. You went into the 5th Dimension I mean this would be a good example of every moment that we engage density or density and gauge is us
it's going to keep playing with you because it knows that you are asking to be a master so it's about really seeing this for what it is anything that came up on Friday was your timestamp what is the timestamp old for you how many times stamps have you all been noticing so on Friday what was the timestamp what notice that I want to read an email that came from one of our are everything that you have wanted everything meaning everything that you have been shown everything that your heart knows is absolutely the reason you are here whether you're totally clear on the other manifest are not that are genetically it's all going to be available to you and it's happening right now
and on Friday what happened was I was very much like when he ascended Hart first came in from Archangel when it when the when the sun is part came in right which is what I'm doing is an intersecting to in infinity symbols over my heart and it came in as the new Roots Center and she and I first brought this information through in 2004 we have been living this ever since and so when that happened to left from the traditional for chakra at the base of the spine as your base as your as your route and to Anchor to the heart could be destabilizing I have been doing that now for 16 years and in for a lot of others that they've been a lot of people around us are doing the energy in 2020 when this came in in 2004 is so expanded you can very quickly
we ready because we were suggesting this Friday and it got to all of us because remember we are in Uncharted Territory We Are The Fearless Pioneers we are the ones walking through the dark carrying the light as our presents remember in order to be the one to walk through the darkest tunnel where there are no lights you become the illumination that is how you walk through you simply hold your light and you see it all what was dark is light is it simply you lifting the veil off of your own limitation and so on Friday even for myself Mercury when it was very much like a I'm here and then it was this giant opening that that said okay I am offering you a quicker route I am offer
you on amplification of your stability and so for those of us that were and are already anchored in our heart it was a big it was it was it was just like I felt like I was like being hit with huge waves all day long of energy not realizing because I was transiting a brand new thing and this is what happens when you are a Fearless Pioneer you're going to Go Through the Wormhole first there's a somebody's got to go through so that others will have the opportunity to go through that's who you are you're the one on the front lines with us that's why you're here right now you know how to do this whether you think you do or not you do and the universe is called you and this very week through the law of instantaneous manifestation today the divine feminine Rising as The Woman Within the all
carrying the wellness of our souls energy will call forward the greatest Awakening that has ever been and that ignition is the Lions game this year so it's from right now June 21 until the Lions Gate is this Rising reverberation that begins with learning how to go through Mercury which is what we're doing right now that is tearing us into a greater 5th dimensional holness so that the wellness of our experience can be extraordinary share something waiting for the distortions of density
definitely spiral deeper however the ascended Wellness is foundation alized in a sacred Union or harmony with the body with the emotions with the with the spirit of the being your diamonds to be in sacred Union with all aspects of your expression brings forward at New Harmony a balance that is beyond compromised a balance that is beyond compensation it's a natural Harmony that's the wellness that's emerging and with the emergence of Consciousness and it's awakened state but it's when the ring of fire or surrounds the seeds of Creation in the awakened consciousness of the illuminated New Moon the women wellness and Awakenings
births and Rises and this energy is here this energy is going to reverberate over many years to come but it's beginning today you are here at that moment and so sure that moment right now is also one of our dear dear self Ascension intuitive counselors just do two dude who is with us the audio today and so Jess we want to say hi to you
hello all right
I don't hear
so just
show I know I can feel I think I feel your third chakra as much as I feel trees in mine right now I just want you here and I are holding your hand the three of us are here together to have you here with us as we do our big drummer all right and Sarah and I have been inspired to bring forward a program that will support nurture and Mentor this Awakening and it is called women Wellness Awakenings and the energy of the champion inspired by our beloved Hanuman who really started talking to me about being a Champion Energy back in December in India when we first found this the lot of creature being angel.
it was so clear that the champion of the divine feminine women had to be just and so Jess welcome and we love to hear from you how are you feeling about Wellness Awakenings and we jumped the energy is here that we're moving into the 8-8 Roar of the Lions Gate when we're going to ignite again so how is that how are you doing with all of this
I am so excited to be here I am so thrilled about what has been birthing through us and to all of us at this time and to really bird this program at this time just means everything with those so the heart of The Passion of the work I do in the world and it fell and alignment and I couldn't be more honored or blessed to be here holding space with the two of you we have this Trio bringing this in right now at this pivotal moment it is just beyond cool you don't. Not only is he on cool but in this moment right now in this illuminated new moon this beautiful sacred goddess birthing chamber Ring of Fire you are hosting a ceremony this evening and I want you to share with everyone celebrate the women
the woman with Indy all remember women. Woman it is about the energy within us all that we are celebrating and so just how can people join your new moon Ceremony this evening
absolutely yes tonight you can join the ceremony it is going to be 8 p.m. eastern time us and you can head over to self Ascension and you'll see online events New Moon ceremony right up top and you register there and it's a donation of the heart it's suggested $3 but just just come and be there whatever you're able to give
thank you Jess I am really excited about that and I think that the timing of all of this is just so huge right now and and so I want you to talk about the wellness because it truly is there not the most perfect champion on the plant then my beloved Shriram to Champions a wellness of the Soul talk about the ascended psycho therapist I mean so absolutely I'm so excited because she has all of that and carries the divine feminine energy so beautifully so I'm I'm thrilled you have so much to share with us all about Wellness well thank you and you know it and I just want to underscore that one of the things I've observed over the years just as your ability to hang in there and Champion the spaciousness of the acceptance of the feminine then and it's no surprise that you help people were in the birthing process as well as hell people birth their dreams
bring certain passions to bear in my history having spent so many years coaching people and working as a Healer and is a psychotherapist in is a mentor on one of the things I've discovered is that as my vibration Has Lifted My Clarity has expanded and there are ways to move forward so much easier than in the past there are ways to claim the truth of you the empowered state of happy being your Wellness is your Soul's Health in that state ascended Wellness were radiating The Joy our bodies are in Balance there's no that's not a question anymore the body takes care of us are itself and then we're back to that law of instantaneous manifestation
Consciousness and it wasn't taught in school was it
Dubai experience in order to really acre the wellness that we're referring to there's there's two sides of the coin there is the side that you already got it's in your soul is in your master and then there is the working with that which has kept it under wraps and and helping that part release the control mechanism release so that the emerging truth of you can come forward and demonstrate its wholeness it's wellness and the egoic fear Pisa just go on about time I I can let go now
I do want all three of us while we're together right now I want to invite all of you to go to WWA WWE and the first thing you're going to notice is the stunning Artistry inspiration talent and bow before Gifts of Christine Purvis I just this would not have happened without you you are an angel Sent From Heaven you and your beloved husband Paul Inspire us and so yes this is Paul from Mississippi and his beloved wife Christine honestly was just took the Helm of this project and it was her act of service to this entire Community Christine we bow before you say the blessings you have bestowed upon us come back to you infinitely you are truly truly modeling The Yoga of self Ascension and action are Define beautiful Quan Yin Hanuman
and so thank you thank you for that and so just thanks for being with us here right now I'm excited you're going to be with me on Soul mirrors not this week but next week we're I know we're going to be unfolding more of this and so thank you for being here right now anything you want to say to everyone before we let you back to enjoying the show thank you so much for having me thank you everybody for being here and saying yes to yourself right now your dreams matter your presence matters and together we really are better thank you eliminate powerfield absolutely thank you you're welcome honey Namaste namaste
so I want you to take in a breath right now and let's talk about those seeds because I'm still feeling a lot of third chakra coming in from a lot of you and and what that means is that you are at that moment and that's what this meant for this week ahead is it is it as an explosion of it is just simply as an elevated State of Consciousness meaning that these two laws are actually going to be working this way we're as they used to work this way in this moment they're going to be working this way which means they will come up against each other but in a very quick moment and so do you work with the law of attraction which is is an ascended way out this is the moment where the third chakra because we are in the balance of the balance of the balance the 444 in a in a month of balance in a year of perfect balance in size
an experience overarching energy for the entire year so your third chakra maybe go a little crazy right now and it make a little crazy this week this is a true we empowerment empowerment and the Kia's remembering that all energy is neutral empowering and are you conscious of it law of instantaneous manifestation 5th dimensional attainment being aware that every tentacle is coming after you is just saying oh you're a master would you like more practice right one more tidbit that died Consciousness have shifted on this planet dish the shifts have been underway for decades for many years they really got rolling with the harmonic convergence
oh well golly that's 30 years is it. That's that's a chunk of time from a worldly perspective here here's where it comes into the third chakra that Humanity has been lift and evolving and its Consciousness for a hundreds and thousands of years and Consciousness precedes very slowly it's it's kind of lie if it's an inclusive about to rock the boat much doesn't really want to change and so the traditional chakra understand energy as conditioned by the consciousness of the mass or the collective
that those lower chakras were about fear and tribe it was about re-appropriation sexuality it was about dominion and competition and power they gave you a quick rundown of the root chakra in the old Paradigm was about survival and the animal that later on what is intimacy and the creation beyond the physical
and the third chakra was the chakra that actually governed your muscular system so take that in was about competition and demonstration of ability and do Minion Attack power or grab power or claim power this is a empowerment moment the on
propulsion of The Human Experience and recognize that you have been birthing and transforming quite a first and then we have all been Transit out of that Paradigm and anchor ascended energy and so this bringing this full circle the third chakra then is transforming from this competitive Consciousness that is grounded grounded polarity protection cuz the is being informed by these lower chakras you know it's like if you look at all of the tragic Expressions examples of I have to use my power to get to get my dollar or to get my meal or to get my sex and to power over to manipulate 2
those are those are the outdated that are still being played out in Mass Consciousness Consciousness is self-preserving sole tries to keep a history lesson chakra of spiritual empowerment the body will take care of itself when it's lined up with the soul let me think about it what animates this body it's your soul
I'm so stupid to come into four and forget that the soul was the primary cause for this this delightful expression to forget that is really a you know what that is the truth of the cosmos
so the third chakra which is the one that interacts with your your digestion and your stomach when it learns that I can trust my divine nature my digestion proves my Harmony of the muscular system moves into Grace rather than you know competition we we become a balanced being of divine information and divine feminine Rises you need that receive energy and so this is very much about sacred and that's why in order for the third chakra to stabilize the ascended heart anchors as your root chakra it's that's the lift into the 5th Dimension going from a third chakra imbalance right who's pulling up my who wants me to us or whatever believing in competition believing scarcity believing that you know that you are less than
not loving yourself that's where it always right here 123 what you are not stomaching in Life or what you are unable to digest and so for the third chakra to say I trust you is when the ascended heart that we aren't right when are Senate Hart as the cross perfect balance as two infinity symbols anchors there by radiating this energy throughout holding us in our higher presents the first second and third it's like it's like open open open instead of safety word peace instead of the sexes in the other issues there we're in love true love because we understand the love oh my gosh this is such a gift is to have this body and then the third chakra becomes the joy of living in this body of remembering why are you doing it pay attention to that when that happens
it was a shame yourself ascendant chakra portrait which is why this is so profound with the ascended far then the ascended heart says I got it go have fun and your Divine blueprint opens this week the missing link for many for our Collective world and the extra length that is being offered to all of you who are already doing this is that the divine feminine today June 21 in the integration of the 19th and 20th on this day of remembrance it's all coming together and so between right June Twenty-One and the Lions Gate of 888 we are in another cycle that is building up and we really see it as the lion coming out of the woods it's always been the line coming out of the woods and of course with women Wellness Awakenings it is about the roar but it's the collective Roar of us all
the Cubs the Lioness the Roar of I am here to the guide me tomorrow and so beloved ones we have so much more sure about this on this show I've got letters from all of you we have a full roll call Stephen Foster and how it's coming forward and so we're going to take a moment and and we're going to give you that promise video about planting the seeds of your dreams and we're very excited to share this with you enjoy and we'll be right back
how to say everyone in the next couple of minutes we have a video for you on planting the seeds of our dreams and the celebration and scared of the June Solstice video of our staff
Blue Mountain planting sunflower
as well as our dude perfect to me to write thank you for watching and we hope you enjoy
Awakenings I am master and my heart is blessed to have this moment 93 I was very blessed and inspired to actually create this
I am so excited in this moment
women Wellness Awakenings is now about women
what we are representing now WWE
every limiting gender identity
bring you to the precipice
invite you to know that we trust you and we are on the planet
this program right now
welcome to women
play everyone
all voices of unity deserve to be hurt or hosts are committed to upliftment inspiration and positivity for all of humanity we celebrate it together we have collectively agreed to be here on this planet now and what do you mean an important time this is we are not here to convince or persuade anyone of anything and it is our Birthright to be able to express ourselves our truth our hearts and live authentically many of you have a seed of a dream to share your voice with the world and we have one is talk radio are here to support you when is talk radio is not just a platform for expression but a community that understands that competition is an illusion and we are here to support the opportunity before everyone
to share your vision and live your dream and so we asked if not you who if not now when if you would like to share your voice with the world and be a host in any language I want to talk radio please send us an email at Studio at 1 to stop or visit the host page or webpage when is talk radio. Com
that will be joining us and all new music music from around the world as well as an indie folk and reggae playlist with lyrics centered in tire
around 1 Ascension and together we are better and today the brand new master lady Kiera Rose get up and moving mix every day at 7 a.m. Pacific Time whether you are in the gym ready to dance or simply in the mood to lift your energy this is the list for you are Rich Blend of 70s 80s 90s and today it is sure to get you off your feet and smiling thank you everyone for your presence we sincerely look forward to hearing from you but you are future show and welcoming you to the one is talk radio family many blessings
how do you say we didn't forget we were just kind of waiting Street did not know that was in there the video so he was caught off-guard I hope you enjoyed our time that you're really really diving into the seeds of creation that you're calling forward into your life right now this is that moment the flow the ever beautiful flow the rising energy of this beautiful weekend of it is beautiful Mercury opening up the back of her heart to say I welcome you I trust you you are ready and this beautiful Solstice energy that brought us into that perfect balance the 444 right here in Ecuador in the heart of the world and then we are here today now I'm just smiling at the Perfection of all of this it's just so humbling it does bring tears to my eyes it really you guys bring tears to my eyes
that you do think the convention is this is the day
but we do but we do by the solute the fathers who are who are offering that guidance protection mentoring and thank you for your role in helping the balance to be accelerated is that which would seek to encapsulate you we thank you and we honor you and how beautiful that it's Father's Day as this is the Dune 21 to August 8th divine feminine ignition and density right now is carrying a heavy masculine energy in The Fifth Dimension it's the moment of the ignition
divine feminine as part of the seed of creation I mean I don't know about you guys but that's Tuff boggles my mind I'm like wow you know it's just it's so the universe is always like look we're going to give you more than you need to figure this out but we'll just keep giving it to you until you go wow you can't deny that right there's just too many synchronicities that layer when we lift our hands and I want to show that lens again I want to lift us out one more time and go here again because this is the energy rain right now you are that rainbow spiral that is moving between the 3rd and The 5th Dimension and the question is are you receiving that explosive energy that beautiful energy that is going to be coming right back from the moment of that beautiful see the pyramid again and the eye that is open what are you willing to see what are you willing to say yes to and in the June explosion
I trust that what you're willing to say yes to is you to say you know it's my time to perhaps dance you know yesterday we were talking a lot of March is Sheba and the Beautiful dancing posture and sometimes I feel the reason I'm taking a nap and Anna doing ballet again is literally that reason I'm flexible describe you must never told me that she had this lingering to express through her body as a ballet dancer with the grace and all of a sudden this has come forward again I mean it's not a surprise when I learned her true history about having had so many years of training however when we got together we just hit the road running
we didn't you know there was just a little Snippets here's like you're a little bit of context just just turned 41 he was 15 and we were like we need to just get into this mission right so we was all about now and what was there but I scream so much at one of those times that are set in motion as a younger person was all of a sudden with with a mission we have a wonderful yoga studio here and Elsa Blue Mountain that is now a yoga dance studio at the bar and I was just peeking over YouTube and I want to say hi I was quickly glancing there so many people over there that are sharing their love and they're encouraged
their stories and way to go
joyful Community what we're sharing from the heart when we're celebrating our joy when were able to give a hug to people with a virtually energetic this is the energy of the new this is the new Earth is here now it's never been Consciousness to arrive I just did a quick side note we bumped into a gentleman who had developed some Zero Point Energy devices and they were there and functioning and he came to one of our I can demonstrate it why is it this out there and Josh's response was level of Consciousness that the Consciousness on the planet was not at a place
where could accept the keys and the truth of the Zero Point Energy so consider yes we become the hero point which means you become the emitter we become that engine and as a Divine directors have said and I think this week more than ever it is really needs to be a guiding life it's going to take steadfast commitment commitment steadfast commitment and then it's going to take focused awareness focused awareness is code for sitting in the awakens presents that's why the third energy at this moment is Awakenings and and this is all about staying in the awakened presents staying in the awakened presents it's going to take steadfast commitment focused awareness cuz remember what is awareness the base of the ascended presents right awareness experience Choice and then lastly complete Trust
complete trust the willing to stand at the top of the cavern and jump and I'm not meaning literally what I am saying is that it is that moment to say that's the job isn't it isn't that you don't watch the Indiana Jones movie again love it love it love it because of what because in the end in order for them to succeed in order for all the the doors open for eternal life to be granted for healing to come in to take a leap of faith and and in many ways that's what you're being invited to do today over the next from June twenty one through August 8th it is going to be all about women it's going to be about wellness and it's going to be about Awakening and this is just the beginning and as you may have seen during our break if you were watching the video
in 1993 when I first brought that program out to the planet I had no idea about this moment and so I am time-stamping right now personally girl from when I was 33 years old and it has not escaped me what the thirty-third year symbology has in all of Mythology and an all of the dogmatic traditions and so I am watching that time stamp come together right now it feels very much like today with the ring of fire remember in the first half of the show we had this practice come in while we were on air together this was not here before we were together guys we call this in and is about collecting that energy of the Ring of Fire of today I'm sure just one corporate this this evening freezing up exhale
and receiving unifying and then they're saying do it in reverse breathing up exhale
wow three times let's do it again two more times breathe in
Jack's Revenge exhale
wow you feel that all right last time breathing
wow do you feel that is like an instant through that mercury heart we were talking about now and see if that's going to be and you are going to see this rise of the divine feminine in a way that will attack Wellness you are going to find the feminine attacking itself it will not attack itself in ways it has before it's going to go after itself in ways that will just be in the third dimension something that will either make you angry or sad and this is why I June take advantage of this time you just come up to you and please take advantage of this time because we're being granted this blessing of this overlap mugs to get ready for the bigger Violet energy right
tiger Ship by the end of the year but it's Crossing and so as we move out of June and this is why it's June 21 through August the Lions Gate there is going to be like a struggle in the world of what is considered to be women or woman lay it's going to be big and it's going to be directed organized and well-funded and then in the 5th dimensional energy space where I know you're all here with shree and I and hide all of you that are up here with us in the seventh and Ninth as well the blessing is that the 33rd portal is also what's happening and this is what happened yesterday that was the magic of the 444c how to stay for the second hour to hear it the magic of the four for four with that we opened the 33rd Crystal and dimension of creation and it has now become to feel your you feel your your crown right now do you feel that like it and it has become like this
spiraling energy that is going to be here for those who are in the 5th dimensional experience ready to ignite and dance with us on that escaped and the disc is takes off and spins in ways that has never spun before that's the energy that's coming in right now guys and by igniting the 33rd crystalline Dimension we actually brought in what feels to me very much like a brace that's holding this timeline it's saying okay we've got this going we're going to stay here and if enough of you are here to sustain us here cuz this takes a lot of combined energy so as long as we remain here that energy is here and we are able to hold open and honestly affect the balance
meaning call it back in the harmony not asking for one side or another to have a win to love them all they know not what they do as we love our self enough to call forward a rise in Consciousness as we all danced through creation together in the flow that is pouring all over us right now that's why the time stamps are here and they're profound practice the website looked at it this is going to help you recognize and extract the meaning and the wisdom from these time stamps because circles their Divine circles their continuum's actually made
discover what the meeting is for you and this can be also enhance your perception your ability to become aware of the degree to which we are dancing and multi-dimensional space is happening all the time and as we begin to become aware of it than the experience informs us than we were able to make new choices and we become more masterful in our ability to be enjoy and service is so beautiful about the timestamp experience is the subject line I love that and this is from Sarah Sarah we love you all right
Co property and so I love the time I don't think this was intentional I think it was just a fabulous moment I thought it was wonderful with a special shout-out to thank you and our planet thank you just doesn't say what is truly in my heart I'll sweetheart we love you so much thank you thank you I had a moment today. I love this when I noticed a fly that had been making a lot of noise
as wild as it sounds I felt connected I seem to see it beyond what was the common experience but a more completed State the fly seemed more and its own personal be the five-year-old me that would get very upset when my parents were out to kill nuisance flying around recalling how I would feel sad even how when we moved when I was six my mom found a little jewelry box in my room that I had laid to rest 3 of the Flies that were swallowed it
even typing this I smile because many would not get the idea of connecting with that little fly but it was a gifted moment as I looked at those fly today I felt connected with that little girl the one that didn't cover up the compassion and acceptance that I felt for all of life even a fly
I felt a rekindling a strength a Resurgence of my signature holness! With the conversation being about timestamp during the recent shows I wondered if that's what I was experiencing what I know is that it was a gift and I felt a tremendous Soul reunions with that of what my earlier experience new with unabashed knowing with some serious love and gratitude Sarah Hey listen to love and gratitude wow I'm loving this letter aren't you guys staring right
it is so resident with the timestamp experience that we are each being called what was the last time you had that because we are all being called and you know what I'm experiencing cuz remember we're all territory it is our light that's walking us all through this creation tunnel as we are all walking through this right now I think it's important to remember that every time we ignite are like every time we have a moment come forward with the timestamp is doing is giving us an opportunity to call forward the master to that experience so it is I see it and you're the psychotherapist you could you can confirm or deny but I see it as it helps with a resolution and density that relaxes the brain even more to their by ignite
greater wisdom and spiritual discernment have an unresolved energy is released because it's a resolution witness those completions those and those are renewals actually what we're saying is I am whole night there is a wholeness that comes forward and that's part of the wellness is to be a whole being experienced at the end of your spirit there in the body right we in order to stay in the ascended presence we want to stay in this that women start seeing
forward the concept of spiritual Wellness will also have a strong experience coming forward during this time and it's because the capacity for massive Awakening on talking like as I talked about it my whole Crown chakra always tickles against electric shots right now when we say yes to living in The 5th Dimension the moment what is so extraordinary it's like I am staying in this party as long as we can that extraordinary is the alchemical presence of the law of instantaneous manifestation on behalf of the Divine Cosmic Creation with a 33rd special spiral wide open and saying yes as long as enough of us say yes and we keep going so excited
call her a little preferential treatment and say welcome to the show so we're going to say hi to Karen from Salem online 5
I'm here me beautifully absolutely thank you thank you thank you
how may we serve you today oh I'm sorry I'm with you left me with a mini Soul reading
yes of course I ever with connecting with your voice you have around you and actually if you're watching if I can describe but as you were talking I literally found myself in soling the being behind you and it's a monk-like energy but I believe it's a female underneath this robe very much like this this posture with the big Hood but it's a beautiful like violet color beautiful Violet cover and there's the shadow that's been cast Over the face I can't punch in the face but it's very much that that that blessed and it's very big around you and so that was taking my breath away and that's why I wasn't able to speak and I can actually feel this being and it's like this being is around you all the time
and the energy that I'm feeling is very much that it comes in from behind your crown chakra goes down your ears side of your neck and comes together in your chest and it's almost like it's heavy like it wants to hold you one way or another and the message that's coming in from this beautiful wisdomkeepers the name they're saying this beautiful wisdom keeper that is around you they're saying I'm wisdom keep her from that which you have originated you know me and have known me and what they're saying is my most beloved one hear me now
ignite your heart and relax your tears let go of that which has wrapped around you for in the moment at hand the breast of the new life has already begun and that which is inside has been ignited and they're bringing their showing me that the third chakra and they're saying that which was in pain is now ready to leave and be filled with the truth and the love of that which is and so it is namaste
many blessings Dairy
yeah and and here I want to share that this happened yesterday and and we have not I have not yet been able to actually watch the installment that happened yesterday but at the end of the target beautiful Solstice ceremony there was a installment which was not planned it just we treat never plan anything we just let it roll you know that was shared amongst I'm finding myself very much in this energy of sustaining this 5th dimensional energy field that we are all in the presence of and so I don't find it to be any surprise that our first caller had this third chakra and so that's why we breathe in and let it out because we are a beautiful you are
you're and you are a champion and so breathing really deep and relax it out and I'll let you guide me to the next column this is another interesting one from Calgary we have together on Mother's Day so tiny house
and on Mother's Day and we're calling on Father's Day for my dad to have a mini full reading so. Well, good to hear your voice Master West are getting straight to the point with words that I am
brake system
trying to work some ADHD issues on my own now my own by dealing with that and
if to look at for the path around. And
where I need to move in my life with that then
it's like I said it's affecting a lot of things including family and work so I wanted to see what
I just didn't know where to go with it cuz there's a lot of stuff going on
and let it out today being is and go from there
you are so beautiful please first taking a deep breath through your nose and why you just really breathe in through your nose and just relax and out and in this one moment received the beam of radiant love that she and I are circling to you right now that is coming through your beautiful family as well that every being who is connected with this right now is also having a blessing of received just to give yourself a moment like I can't stop smiling to feel you because you haven't had the blessing of letting you remember on this day of remembrance you sleep are ya so I just didn't want to invite you just a first really remember you and and stream to let you begin cuz I know you were picking up a lot and then I'll finish yes we were there's a number of things to share but one of the things that I want to underscore for you is to trust who you are as we walk through our lives we are off
and those challenges are really meant to help refine our capacity to let go of how we think it ought to be and work with how it is and to move into a sense of acceptance entrust with how it is and from that place of acceptance and trust it begins to morph things begin to shift and and your Your co-creative Capacity starts to express in new ways so the message I would like to offer you if you're okay there's nothing wrong and that you can evolve through this perceived challenge into a state of New Harmony and it begins right here in the center of your body saying in this moment I trust myself and I'm willing to be truthful with me and those I love and as we anchor in the trust and the law of solutions are presented accommodations just spring forward and a more peaceful happy life becomes
we day because a lot for use around and it's got to be in through the nose and consciously bring it up to the crown of the throwed and then slowly control do I baste a breathing guitar app to the Omaha and breadth a lot right now and one of the things that I've always enjoyed is that sod kill is very direct very much like your son said your son got right to the point was it's precious that we are sun's energy being there in this Father's Day energy is wise Oculus around you and so what she was saying you are free to be whoever you are ready to be
and you must get clear on what you are willing to do to attain this that she wants me to remind you that when we are in the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain The Habit becomes the diagnosis and the diagnosis becomes The Hobbit and the pain of the pain becomes a way to navigate density that while is is familiar you are in a moment right now where your Mastery is on the table and the victim triangle energy is really inviting you to step up and So. Cal is here you're incredible son is here you have a lot of other support networks around you I keep seeing the pyramids around you lots of pyramid support loss of energy and you got throat and you got on the show today and that is not an easy thing to do there are over a hundred people waiting between two different stations to get on this show and so
that's a moment to say okay what do I really what am I ready to really do and what can I commit to knowing that all it takes is one small step at a time and so that's what they want you to hear today and they also want you to hear that you are Astra mentioned you are so ready You Are Holy you are complete your extraordinary you've just it's your moment to remember that and so let's all bring our has to our third chakra and thank this beautiful life is beautiful body you have a body to be the don't thank you for supporting us a do you are here with a body and you are saying yes and we are holding open this beautiful spiral energy and biting the divine feminine to dancing through the flow of creation and ignite the wellness and Awakening of an entire experience procreation what a fabulous moment
you for saying yes to you celebrate you are here
have a good weekend blessings
wow huh
big big week ahead remember those of you that have downloaded are a spiritual Mastery with SRI and Kira every Monday the installment for the week that's just put in the app state is there is a lot more to share that will be putting into the app so make sure you update your app for Android devices you know worldwide all that easy to get because when we stay connected in this remembrance moment when eat with each moment when we know ahead of time that June Twenty-One until we get to the right now is literally The discus of each new it's like Vishnu step walks in with this disc has gone like this and it's like everywhere that's the 88 Lionsgate ignition that is being shown right now when when I went that's what I'm seeing and so this is a moment to remember
that we are aware of how the divine feminine is expressing through the all the wellness of our souls energy as The Illuminating present for the Awakening that's why the wellness attack is going to be really directed at what you believe how you believe it and there will be very fast manipulation to get you to believe that you absolutely know are not true and this is why it's a collision of explosion energy and June you are being invited to Anchor in The 5th Dimension and then you're you'll be able to see it witness it and actually shift Consciousness as part of it through the balance that deserves another Breath You Take a big conscious breath
now I have to share that this candle has been going number we opened it up the beginning of the month as I said that I don't know if you're going to be able to see it the wax see the dripping wax look at that and it's forming this beautiful like it's like all I see is just this pouring rain of Consciousness and so I heard to share this light in this pouring rain of Consciousness with all of you because we said we would burn this can until it was clear it was complete and it happened as we were just doing that so I just wanted to share that with you because you were here in that moment
we're just going to let that how beautiful string so how powerful and so together we are better and let's take another first-time caller over a BBS online for we're going to say hi to Greece from Connecticut welcome to the show sweetheart namaste
hi can you hear me beautifully absolutely
this is my first time calling and I've been doing the Monday nights with you for several months now I'm going to be working with Sue in the future to do the other program that I can't remember the name of it but I would love to have a minion some of my reading from you if he was so being quiet you know what to do
bless your heart sweetheart taking a breath and I would suspect you're going to be with Susan Sturtevant for navigating the inner Matrix and I just want to say thank you yeah fabulous cultural Choice really a gift you give yourself and such perfect timing to be doing oh my gosh like wow are you guys and it really does jump from the minute you started speaking all I kept hearing was guidance guidance guidance you have been if it's like they show me you and you're like your you got this basket and you're on this road you're like picking stuff and you're looking at. You put in your basket you put your bass can you put in your basket in your basket got heavy it's like you were so busy putting stuff in your basket you forgot that oh my gosh at some point this is heavy and there's
you're at the right now where you've come to that Crossroad like I see you you're standing on this this path even on you put the basket down cuz it's just freaking so you're standing there is let me catch my breath first of all let me just first of all catch my breath and go wait a minute this is who I am
and you're looking to the left and you're looking to the right and you have been doing that for a while because you forgot to look straight you've got to look at they're saying you're looking like you're looking right you're still making baskets but when you look across the cavern like imagine this is across road but you don't see it right now just looks like an empty field across the road what that is the Hologram until you're ready to open your eyes and see what's what's right in front of you and then I'm seeing the door open this isn't about having to choose it's about knowing it's about not doubting they're saying that the choice before you has been clear it is the doubt within you that has added the click the cloud and that this is the moment for you to trust what you already are receiving and it goes back to the first thing I was sharing you have got guidance guidance guidance and you got a lot
which is why your basket got so full now it's your moment of steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust you put that into action it's like law of instant station you are there you're ready yes I am and I do have that guy instead I feel them around me and I just do what I've learned from you I'm here I'm ready I'm open guide me guided we love you honey so much you're so welcome.
people have been like I've been raising my hands a lot now so let's where we going, stay
Grand Paraiso happy to be with you oh my God I just wanted to say is about Boxing Day there's a lot of knowledge coming to me right now and also bring in the rain and he says the way to overcome these five hindrances was bringing the rain recognize accept investigate and non-identifying I just wondered are these attached to third chakra training or Tennessee elevated the higher-level that's my question is how do you see you in a great question thank you for asking so I want one off your response that applies to everything look deeper
when we receive in a context at another time and say to me is a rose is a flow and we begin to discover that will bring forward a healing and healing always is a new balance it's a recognition so don't get hung up on up on the specific words of the level of density and you are descended being that says I need a trampoline give me a springboard so that I can jump in as ways to springboard ourselves and so is weak as we joyfully say okay thanks for the nudge teacher I'm not going to take it literally right now I'm going to
springboard fourth dimension series you can read the living in The 5th Dimension series and based upon the same thing when I have the blessing of teaching the bhagavad-gita what would I do do is assist you to discover the ascended experience of what's being written yet it can be experienced at multiple levels of consciousness that's how we experience universal truth the reason it's universal truth the reason it sustains the reason that it cannot be denied is because that truth has been called forward into this realm of co-creation so that it can be received by the all yet is accommodating to the level of Consciousness that
meeting it and so this is why it's ever evolving as well and we are at that moment so thank you for bringing your blessing to us today what a gift to be with you
have you guys love you too sweetheart, Roy High I recognize this beautiful by brace
Google I'm full of Giggles every new moon because it means that it's time to join a wonderful community in the new moon blessing with just right and so it's not too late to sign up I just hit the PayPal button myself during the show thank you and what is a building momentum right of a supportive Community but I am also experiencing the time food and it's coming in as a fourteen-year-old another where I was as an eighth grade or Catholic School my name was
be the honored person to place the crown on mother Mary statue at the annual May pageant which I was such a debacle The Nun left the room and everybody was talking a good kid he came back in and he asked me if I was talking while I was what she was going I said yes I found myself in that I did receive the honor that actually lied to the nun right so I wouldn't have been lying I wouldn't have integrity and I was given the option to enter Dave medication was that
Mary has her crown already carry the crown
carry the crown
it's like that's what it's about.
And they've show has been extremely powerful I feel like we've all been a part of a Divine Mosaic each reading nurse that's all and we'll all come together so beloved everyone I love you through and Kira I love you everyone that took the Blue Mountain
I meant to say thank you sweetie I want to jump in cuz we're out of time but I want you to hear this I am now worthy to wear and command the crown
worthy to wear the crown
I am
I am commanding and carrying the crown of the mother Ray I am worthy I am worthy of carrying the crown can I change this extraordinary show when the divine feminine is coming forward when we are in the moment of the expansion open to the Lions Gate and went in this moment that ring of fire is ready to accelerate the seeds of light and bring It Forward in this new moon illumination right now we will be together on Tuesday night at 5 p.m. Pacific on all channels that will be with us tomorrow night at Monday
find each and every one of you that this is a beautiful time a time of emergency a time of stimulation a time of recognition a time of remembering and in all of that we are listed so celebrate your lives celebrate the glory that is expressing through you and trust that all is truly well indeed we love you
thank you for joining us green paralyzed

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