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Sri and Kira Live, June 14, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live Heather World Spins out of control we are all experiencing I'm speeding up chaos shift lead to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean missionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors offer life open up your mind body and spirit the paradigms that are shipping
Thomas Day and welcome beloved ones we are delighted to be with you we sincerely are and welcome welcome welcome to a massive it is the Edo it's the only word straight and it is the absolute only word we can offer about this week this is a massive moment and it is a massive moment on so many levels on a kind and giggling this is like ready self Ascend speaking of the week we are in and let us give a warm welcome to all of you hi everybody and Street where is everybody finding a YouTube channel news talk radio you can pick up the audio stream at and Facebook at 1
Big World site Facebook official stranger are we or is it just the one I'm sorry guys we're working on it we're really working on it so wherever you are connecting with us right now thank you for being here and I also want to give you the phone numbers I see that the phone lines are filling up pretty quickly here so first and foremost +627-600-862-7600 800-number Stations of the energy of the week so that we know when we were taking all of those those collars and of course your 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500 listen to the show while you're on hold and over there if you have a question for sure you got a raise
there it is * 5 so if you call the 517-208-1500 * 5 and then we will know what your intentions are getting with the fact that we are here right now and so it begins. Present was take these beautiful hands and bring them to our heart center
that was a warm up brass
and now we bring the focused attention to bringing in the in breath We Salute The Divide Ave
and I'll be out breath we surrender to the divine
do that again
and as we come together and we feel our start Consciousness opening your head is perhaps feeling too small for the energy it is important to remember that we are better together we are traveling together we are healing together and that we are serving together the Ascension of Consciousness we served through the actions taken by an ascended Consciousness affect healing so service and healing are very much connected but requires action and the other requires presents put the two together and we have an impressive effect on ourselves and the lives of those we love passionate action that's where it is I we are all here collectively as the voice of passionate action and so Street
yummy I'm doing milk long today I don't know if any of you know what that is so wonderful variety of tea that's that's quite an amazing dive in the first one and I are going to show you our background so here we are my angels let's talk about this this is mercury this is beautiful Mercury why is mercury so big in June because we have been with Mercury literally since June one but you see what's happening this week as mercury has been in her pre retrograde FaZe merch Mercury will go into retrograde on NT Rami on the solstice it is an ignition of fire and a depth of Crystal and presents with all the eyes wide open so of course the enlightened presents the all seeing eye is coming together with the Earth this is a week of massive and I and II
just can't let you know when I say it I feel like I'm gonna like I don't feel like there's even enough energy to say a massive up level Ascension stuff is the solstice fire this Saturday which is this you see that that is the solstice fire in this Mercury backdrop and then we also have this ignition that is very much about the level energy of Mastery as a Wellspring as of Fountain of Light right this this ignited present that is literally feeding mother Gaia and feeding ourselves as the embrace you see we have the Violet in the blue we are in The 5th Dimension and the third dimension with the all seeing eye open and so this unification of the kind of this energy of the Tree of Life reopening
Embrace we are in a moment of embrace now what this means is that to be in this type of embrace in the moment of this profile level of co-creation is the release as the embrace the release and embrace and so what's happening is that because this energy is here because it is upon us because there's nothing you can do to run camera way from it can't be if you just can't do anything around it and maybe come over to me so they can see see you see all these beautiful yet really beautiful Flames here you see all this beautiful flame energy really this harmonic is like we're playing a harp and sending all this energy into this timeline so because what
essence of this right now and this is why I have come together in unison and said we are meeting together this Solstice there is a critical mass that is needed we have not achieved it yet it is not many but it is enough the critical mass is for for for 444 beings that have said yes whether you can be there live or not just register to be there you will get the video of the ceremony this Solstice is so important it is literally one of those moments where I lose my breath talking about the energy and we are going to be building into it all week long and and I want to share that because of this energy of the release and the Embraced the one thing and we've already seen a lot of this is really fascinating and pay attention is that many many many many many of you are losing your steadfast commitment or you're at and especially your your focus your phone
and the reason that you're losing that is because you're being bombarded right now you are being bombarded through spiritualised ego out of control I have received no less than 50 emails telling me not sharing an experience or an event telling me why I must on this day do this why I must on this day do that and they're all amazing and they're all wonderful day and all beings are getting their needs and what they all have in common is spiritual density now let me talk about that for a minute what is spiritual density spiritual density is the refusal to see this it's that which says only that which was written a long long time ago only that which was given to the planet a long long time ago is good now do you see the danger of this
we are at a moment we have been at this moment since the release of the Millennium since the year 2000 we have been in a moment where buy everything is expanded we are in Uncharted Territory we are now able to hold our bodies and reverse age and hold higher levels of consciousness than was ever possible before in ways that have never been done before we are in a moment of profound co-creation now because of that all is co-creating and because of this intensity in this two-year-old reliable talk about that morning moment ego especially spiritualized ego is getting bigger than ever we are truly better together and there is room for every every being to have all of their needs met the greatest illusion of all is the belief in competition that is created by your mind
be able to navigate density and that's all it is also that's right. There is a correct way to do something well I want to read to find that a little bit of invite you to look a little deeper and let me give you an example of one of the great religions on the planet has their version of The Golden Rule you know treat another as you would treat yourself the Christian Traditions have the Ten Commandments and there's Commandments and others just pause for a moment and consider these Commandments Thou shalt not kill that shall not steal that shall not steal my neighbor's wife so just take a look at those do you really need a rule to know what is appropriate behavior in those Topics in those areas or would an open heart already know
I hear a lot of you fidgeting out there so here's the key what we're talking about is level of Consciousness as a master who is here witnessing this moment because together we are better and there are many out there who needs is to provide a healthy way of living for those who have not yet discovered that they have the master with him they have the ascended compassion with when a certain level of Consciousness is read you can smile at the dogmen say yes of course thank you very much and I will always decide here and my direct connection will guide me when we come to that place in our journey
we are beyond the scriptures now this doesn't mean you're above the scriptures says not to say I am above it this is to say I am honoring the divine within and the master within is directly informed by spirit and I trust that because if you don't trust that then you are saying I do not honor that which I am I instead honor the scriptures on light so it isn't an even or neither or unless you're at the scriptures only level Denison these are either or okay go for are you sure
because here's why this is so so freaking important spiritual activism is that middle layer of the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening and I apologize I forgot to queue that up so if you want to draw a triangle with at work know about the switch is big and the largest and we are all born in it we all walk through it and as long as you carry a body you will always have some form of it around you that's the blessing of and that's why we come Destiny Consciousness is the appeal and so when we arrive though we are aware that we are ascending from the moment we were born and so we are we literally grow through this and then we arrived into what is the second of the four equal equal sections of this of this pyramid and that is spiritual activism
spiritual activism is the single most dangerous layer in the pyramid and it's where this timeline this group of toe creative experiences is got the majority of energy right now and this week in the name of and with lots of good and passion energy there are going to be a lot of beans telling you why you must say this is a moment and this is going to happen on all levels of consciousness this is going to happen and density Consciousness and end with us know you move through the three the three Realms of Athen the three Realms of spiritual activism we are at a hover moment between spiritual activism and Ascension awareness and that river is a fear Dimension right now and so is Blessing of the solstice and we're not saying you have to join us what we are saying is at least call your attention to it
don't know I'm running a minion wrapping say we invite you but comes back to what I was wanting to share earlier if you feel called to join a different group on a different date or do the mall close on receding or like the world will here's the key is going to happen no matter what now let me share with you why there is a discernment when is at this week ahead and the fire began we are already in The Fire And so there's a lot to talk about this coming Friday the 19th is a profound as matter fact let me go ahead I want to bring up the June calendar let's go ahead and be able to really track this together so you
the 19th is the day this all begins it is the day that mercury will anchor in her glorious ascended matter but I don't remember we entered this energy June in it so this isn't any big great surprise however on June 5th just to run you through how we got to where we are right now on June 5th we had that profound full moon eclipse with oat which open the I write the Divine Eyes Are Open that's why I have the eternal life I Was Here Right Now. The eyes of complete Enlightenment so we have been in this illuminated run this build-up of fire really since June 5th and you can see how the fire energy has been building in remember this is a month just like June came in I excuse me made came in through the crown June is all about holding and living in The 5th Dimension while the third day
tries to pull you back that's why I have old mechanical clock there as we head toward the end of the month and what's happening this weekend is that on Friday Mercury retrograde begins that's the relaunch energy that's the moment where everything and if you can consciously amplify a relaunch for the highest service its successes ashore and on the 19th if you are very much we launching the same old same old same old you're going to watch a lot of the same old same old same old either way you're be launching that energy is going to happen then we moved to Saturday the 20th Saturday the 20th is the solstice fire this is the NT Ronnie moment of perfect balance and we were clear that we needed to lead a ceremony here because where we live in Ecuador in the year of perfect balance and we live at the equator and the solstice exact
Ecuador this year is 444 it was like how many more signs the universe and lots and lots of information and then brings us to Sunday the 21st Sunday the 21st is so remember the solstices the return Sunday the 21st is the remember and it is a peek up level date so June has had will have to up levels which not every month has we had our first one we came right in on June one with the Mercury retrograde 3-phase because this Mercury retrograde is the single most profound one of the year and then we are going to culminate that up level energy with a peek up level during the illuminated New Moon as an eclipse
this Sunday and that is the remember so it's Friday really wrong on Saturday is the return and Sunday is reading and so this Saturday return is a return of its almost imagine we just went through the meteor shower remember we just had the Halley's Comet Trail. Those messages in a bottle when we sent our messages out this Solstice is a moment of return it is a moment of saying I am here I am ready I am open guide me and I have opened my mind expanded my vision ignited my heart let us Heal the World and the fact that we are in the release and embrace week of energy
is the opportunity to walk with Divine empowerment through every breath through every moment through every second doing what living in The 5th Dimension as you embrace all as you embrace all remember the I opened that was that beautiful solar eclipse in the final piece of that super full moon Trinity and now we have this beautiful Mercury energy that saying I will hold this energy so that you may relaunch return and remember why because the timelines have been moving this is big remember that June streaming apps are the energy flows I want to show The 20/20 energy flow there we are is the last months until October
4 months the March April May 3 super moon created that pyramid and the June full moon eclipse opened up the eye of the pyramid this is the bridge this is what's holding us this is what's here right now the timelines have been slipping and this is why all of the lineage holders are getting together on the June Solstice because what needs to come forward in the June Solstice for those of you that feel called as a lineage holder and feel this is a call from your from your true Empower self this has nothing to do with density astrology or any other Foundation has a line in this particular time line that's are good but they're all about this timeline they're all that have a plan it's looking this timeline in this moment and this illusion and that's awesome if you want to anger and understand more about this illusion
go for it what we're doing on the solstice is the ascended return to our Cosmic presents through literally walking through fire as the moment of transmutation to call her a perfect balance black back into this planet so that the illuminated presence of our 5th dimensional self remember part of the Embrace and that is starting right now so the only thing is that there's a lot of fire energy and I want to remind you of something that was said in the Lost Books of the essene which was that many many men as as we know I'm going to Library of Alexandria because
experience of this timeline in the fluidity bar timelines right now it was the burning of the Library of Alexandria where we lost all of the Sacred Scrolls of the Lost Books of the essene which thank goodness we were blessed to have come back through it was also where the original Scrolls of the Magi the birth Scrolls of all of the names of the origination of the energy of this Divine Planet also burned and I want to remind you of one thing I love what they said in the Lost Books at the essene the SE na came forward and said remember nothing is ever lost when is insertion a burning occurs it is a release of energy into the dimensional Realms where you can vibrationally re-access that information and SRI and I have demonstrated that now with all of the information has been coming in over the pace past 18 years from those burned books and so you have the capacity right now
to literally be the eye of Enlightenment unifying The Fifth and Third Dimension as the Embrace of compassion and why use some Buddhist symbolism as we all walk through the fire and often that means to eat the wolf's Lair so in density you're going to see a lot of heavy grinding in a Vigo little Fire and Fire is is really saying we need to lift yet we do not know how and this is why many people in the spiritual world are holding on really holding on to their old astrology and and and and that's fine it's a wonderful map for navigating this way of being and it's fabulous but if you're holding the energy are some say bye and if you're holding the energy of cell descended presents this is a moment to lift from the 5th of into the 7th and that's the other thing my graph
showing here Fifth Dimension as the Embrace to the third see house making the heart will ignite your incident Cosmic presents as an illuminated light presents holding open The Fifth Dimension I sees me the seventh Dimension and up through the 9th that's the gift of this retrograde and we're in all of this right now shoot and sometimes we get a little in an evolving on how we cogitate how do we think about things how do we create a healthy way of going forward with our lives that honors that with wisdom that's been acquired yet is open to the revelation
of that which is before us the revelation of what is before you is not in the book that you read yesterday however your ability to be prepared for the revolution May well depend upon the study and the work you've done so therein lies this this kind of delicate balance and it's important to honor all that has gone before every tradition every dog my every teacher every every moment you've given your heart and and given your shoulder something or somebody or some energy you have extended yourself in a way that will provide a an energy back that can be come back to you in the form of wisdom it can come back to you in the form of expansion it can come back to you in the form of Simply expanding the love and the Consciousness that you are so nothing is lost nothing is wrong
now let's talk about fire well and I want to talk about the fire of release and embrace right now this release and embrace energy is very much the energy that will navigate the entire retrograde time so it's all about the Embrace Embrace however lettuce really pay attention to them because oftentimes we release as a way of running away what we are doing is we we we are releasing because we can't resolve exactly it's like I'm letting it go all right. Just let me know whatever we can't release we hold on hold on we stay or releasing but then we keep repeating the 7 Edge
my shatter we can breathe in right think about it when you breathe in your air is it not a release to Exhale
right and a smile so what if all release was simply the ability to notice that the inhale has not in Hell yet has now been balanced by the X have with a smile as our embrace
when we are on this journey and entry now you know each week we've been diving more and more into her naked authenticity and and this week is no exception when we are on our journey we will all train how to release as we walk from density and especially as we walk through spiritual activism because remember we must walk through spiritual activism it's a necessary energy it's a beautiful extended from density Consciousness and as long as you're part of my group you're okay and that is where the plan of the stuff right now everybody's everybody's tribelink everybody's pulling apart and so this is why the moment to transcend into Ascension awareness is through this release and embraced releasing what you think your journey should look like
it begins with releasing listening you do I I can't stress enough steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust people who write me and tell me how they follow our work a day or whatever word they use their words not mine and then they say it's a betrayal of self it means that you cannot release the other voices you cannot release that Witch is trying to call you away it is a moment we're staying focused and a where is the way through the Embrace that you can offer the greatest gift to the world and that is the release that comes from the Embrace of who you truly are is when you really release the illusion
what do you do we let him what we want to hear the end we choose that which and ready and so it's important to put a smile on your face because we will find ourselves leaning into a certain direction and there will be a moment of awareness we going to wait a minute what am I really do and that's the moment the smile I got off thank you for reminding me thank you for reminding me that I had given away my power to this belief or that I had made a choice that I now realize is not my highest expression so I amend my choice beautiful that's Consciousness in action versus awareness without Focus so focused awareness stethoscope it but excetera excetera
because that's the nature of a complex being when you are part of what's going to be happening for many of us is the fires of transmutation will be bringing forward in your awareness bat which is ready to be transmuted it isn't like oh my goodness I'm burning it's like oh my goodness I'm In conflict that is I have two voices and then as I lean into my ascended presents that energy has felt like a fire which transmutes that which is unlike your expansion so there's a there's a kind of every time we take a position we're saying yes to one way of understanding and no to another
emails this weekend is really appropriate what you're saying good morning straight can I ask you a quick question that made the dress on the show it kind of has to do with the body it's my brain I was diagnosed as bipolar and to try to manage it with love and good nutrition the thing is I have been called crazy my whole life and then she hasn't parens I know I'm not cuz you're a told me I told me I'm not LOL well I'm just glad you know you're not all right when I was young I heard voices in my head and at times I felt very dark like a dark singing so I learned to pray at a very early age to make them stop
for the most part it were long story short my brain seems to always be going way too fast I can't keep up with it I can't get clear although I do have my moments of clarity however they are fleeting the modular self Ascension has helped me tremendously and I use it all the time too, a good move I have my husband say it out loud at times because his voice also brings me peace Ashley the struggle staying focused is getting more challenging up a notch I have to mention this to when I get, quiet repeating the Mantra and deep breathing my brain feels like it's getting electric shocks good and my body becomes full of electricity and chills I often feel chills and fever good we're going to talk about that in the moment it's very hard to explain and it's different at different times but it's like loud pops flashes and lightning bolts like I'm being tased or something to that effect
almost like rubber band snapping sometimes doesn't last long all this time I have kept this secret because the last time I told anyone about my voices or electricity they wanted to heavily medicated me I would really love to hear your Insight to what may be happening and if others have come to you about this you're staring at her I love you so much and I want you to know you are you up literally changed my life now Angel was so much gratitude and love thank you with all my heart well angel thank you for saying yes to you I just want to share that diagnoses I was right over to Sri is the first my opinion it's the first sentence that says stay in density diagnosis is density because of the left brain need to know I'll let you continue because this is
Rich lighter and I know so many of you are feeling the same way of processing the universal energy do Universal call so first off is important to say I am created in the image and likeness and all is well remember your beauty and your uniqueness is part and parcel connected with the gift that you are and what you're here to do and share so let's let go of any judgment any perspective or no that's not right for me that's not good to have a smile about that the next thing is to know is that you're okay
and your processing differently than many other folks process that doesn't mean it's wrong it just means that's what you do are nervous system has a lot of intricacies and I I went through a phase where I was very much bipolar and I wish I didn't receive a diagnosis but I know she right in my life I would get into hyper mode and and the hyper mode was so brilliant and then there were these a crash which would be the depressive boat and I sent her place fries experience of that my experience and probably why I was so hyper successful in the business world is that my brain has always had lots of thing
happening at once and I have been able to keep up with it I have been very clear through it however what I now know is true and what I have witnessed with SRI is that what if just just try this on in this moment of Fire Let's transmute some belief systems around this all of you whose brains have so much coming in you can't keep up with it who go in the highs and lows what if it's because you're caught that you haven't anchored where you need to be this is where she and I both really adore David Hawkins work because here was a clinical psychiatrist who caught that wait a minute levels of consciousness are affecting what's happening to people here this is not density sees it as you are not this is like are you getting an A or a in density sanity right I'll take the F thank you right and so that's what this is all about the definition of the way that the brain can see and the images we can
receive and the voices we experienced and I am not saying that there are those I do not have a bona fide need to be working through density psychiatric illness I am not eliminating that I am saying if you have been called to activate a higher principle within you what I have discovered is that the more that I have anchored into higher levels of consciousness more TV screens open more information comes through and the clarity is stellar and so what if your navigation was what brought you to be Sri Lanka because we all have a path in the middle of a kind of things we we can have suffering we can have doubt we can have ecstasy I met many people that when they're Kundalini opens they think that's it
I am great energy great sex and I'm happy until that begins to experience around the Kundalini Awakening make sure you're getting enough vitamin B anybody nervous system is being taxed is working hard you need your B6 or B12 excetera especially if you are lined up with a vegetarian nourishment form then we do need to make the mindful about that give the nervous system in the myelin sheath around the nerves the support they require number two is to balance that energy with deep relaxation one of my
Brits is to go float in the pool just float surrender and then be supported that provides a balancing energy we're all of that activity can slow down some people achieve this with meditation I just prefer to let go in the pool and float away we are ways to ride with those state of being the other thing is to take an attitude of acceptance I accept myself as I am and as I am not to be able to articulate In This Moment eyes I accept myself as I am and as I am. It sends a signal that brain that says but I'm not conform me to some standard that you know I thought was right it just let it go I accept myself as I am
and I trust that I am evolving nothing is permanent we are energy and motion we are Essence having a density experience and this leads us to the quote diagnosis diagnosis are Frozen pictures that seek to make energy conform boxes Frozen picture so that then the treatment will work or at least 60% of the time it'll work and the other 40% oh well that's just the tistical you know what happens is you every one of you listening here is such a powerful co-creators that you will throw into the future a holographic form of expectancy that conforms to the diagnosis as well as all those other beliefs that are out there and this leads us to the whole reason why we're doing the June Solstice timeline
back until we as as co-creators and say I am I am and I trust my life and I keep a smile on my face and see the Divine everywhere I look I see the sparkle I see the joy I see reflected back to be that which is the Brilliance of the device the pictures because we're moving out of the repetitive Conformity to that which was repetitive Conformity to which was take your timeline beloved be there 5 p.m. all your favorite channels just like station
within this linear timeline as matter fact let me show you I like I think that we can use the 2-year where was the overlap there it is okay so you see the Ascension escalator of authenticity and end really naked 2015 through 2021 and under for everything that was going to happen and it's been very accurate something very very accurate but you notice that what happened was the Roaring Twenties came forward and we have an overlap now of energy for 2020 and 2021 original the Roaring Twenties was not going to start roaring until around 2022 and this is why there are so many confusions around dates and times because if you're not looking at this from The 5th Dimension and I want to remind you
here we are in The 5th Dimension let me go ahead and show you the visual so here we are in this energy where you see that pyramid that pyramid was the 3 super moons of March April and May and then in the middle right there you see that fiery open eye that spitting out that beautiful cosmic energy okay that happened with that final full moon lunar eclipse June 5th and that ignition that Crystal in ignition that you see coming out of there is a propulsion all of the energy you see around that triangle is the vastness the hugeness of the support that is being given to us right now those being showered on this planet now if you look up at the top right you will see a smaller sphere that has what looks like a rainbow it's actually the Aurora Borealis I use that when I was creating the graphics that's coming from The 5th Dimension spiraling down to the planet and you notice on the planet
I just seen Violet Life Crystal and sparkles and energies in this huge massive up level moment well here's the key right now it's a question of where your anchor June is about anchoring in The 5th Dimension and The Fifth Dimension is that top-right Spear and from that top right sphere you open up what I call the conduit or the highway of divine reconciliation and that Highway that conduit is exactly what's happening on the solstice is that huge firing ignition and so because this 2020 / lab has has come in we have is kind of moment where the time stamps are before us so what is a timestamp a timestamp is a moment from your consciousness of whatever time line you're flowing and because what's happening is right now your blending parallels the parallel timelines are not hard and fast
erosion going on and that's what we're working on right now is stabilizing that's why the solstice is so important it's like we're not going to have any resolution until we anchor and we were anchored it shows you the power of this pull right and so the timestamp for example I'm going to give you guys an example and I think I used it last Tuesday night are yoga dance studio I finally was able to be doing ballet dancing again very very very very amazing and the very first day that I was in there working and I'm doing everything what stopped me from pursuing a much larger career in valet was the fact of the day teen I broke my ankle while on toe shoes it was very silly and all that but what was fascinating to me was the timestamp here is Cara 18 years old
doing ballet and Big Dreams and crash and here is Cara 59 almost 60 WhatsApp timestamp did was create a circle is an Embrace and within one session of the laser tag laser go check it out with the conscious attention that I was created a circle instead of that I was holding that intention Welsh reapply the laser light my ankle is left and it has not come back that is the power of the timestamps that we are that are we are working with right now and I want explain this example of the power of your Consciousness in conjunction with the energetic of the laser
this week and this must come up this week as part of this time stamps in our life our how to fold the timelines I wouldn't take that we're bringing together
harvest the jewels you're bringing it together it's like making your own Crown it's like you're just bringing together all these time Sans and you're where you like you feel you feel yourself getting taller and taller with each one of these beautiful time stand because as you harvest the jewels you reignite your passion you read that your flow and we are in the moment of the release and the Embrace and so is is your power off or is your power on and if your power is off right now is it because it was a moment of reprieve for you to really survey the situation of the self that's the question that's the moment and as we move through these timestamps this week and as we are together the density energy is is Sri I have another email I want to read
all right this is from Rachel hey Rachel trinchera thank you for all you have done and bless this community with your presence as you have said to us matters you sweetheart the incident of the title meaning of sentience work I think that's important on June 11th 2020 I think I got hit by a Shockwave and as it happened it felt like I was falling backwards or spinning it took myself because there was no this was nothing like what guy has sent out of her earthquakes in such thank you again for all your presents and Rachel this is real
beautiful and valuable sharing because I know a lot of others are going hey I'm having this experience to so thank you for sharing share with you one is that often times when we're least suspecting will have that moment of connectivity that moment of energetic that kind of gets in under our filters and feels like a shock because we are attention was here but the energetic was taking us somewhere else and I know you have many many people reported their moments of inspiration often come when they're exercising or in the shower or something like that it can be like that for your workplace as well that there's a moment where it catches you quote off balance
I thought it was really important to know that she was at work asking is that there are a combination of things this this is based upon the level of Consciousness you're carrying up a time so as I don't know your work environment only you do however you gave us the date it happened June 11th 2020 at what time and can you remember what you were engaging that's important information because yes my love as you ascend more this is why I write this down Aura energy even their masks are lined with silver Aura energy why do you think I've been talking about this cannot leave this we literally cannot leave unless we are wearing some form of
body protection we are always always in that why because your body still even though it's definitely shifting a lot of you right now your bodies are shifting from carbon-based is still a lot of symptom ology however because you do still carry a breath and and lungs and N you interact with this planet to sustain this body of form you are going to be affected by 5G pulse waves based upon your level of Consciousness meaning snow was like the first time I ever went through a box cutter machine and and the only time I ever agreed to go through many many many years ago the machine almost passed out and I probably vomited and it was all because when I went through and then I went through that machine it was that horrible
Consciousness so we're what time at work what were you engaging it because it could have been a 5G it could have been a pulse it could have been and if it's what she actually could have been stopped resisting release any fear of it fall back bring your hands to your heart embrace your heart and immediately no do I need to clear this or engaging the frequency that is being irradiated upon all the beans affected is one that causes or will support the collapse of your higher chakras now this doesn't mean you can't survive it it means you're going to be working hard it means it's it's just it's just work it's it's created it's creating a
heaviness of friction and an inn that pulse wave if you are a being that's open and you get and there is an amplitude in the frequency that could be felt as disorienting it could be felt as fatigue can be felt as a momentary I don't know if I can stand up all of those things happen through frequency
remember in June right now explosion empty Ray me we're going to talk about the why is all this happening again look at this photo look at this graph could we create it there is that pyramid pyramid again it was those three supermoons March April May June full moon eclipse on the 5th now what happened is that we have this Ruby and RJ this this beautiful energy that that is just absolutely stunning
and I want to read to you while you're gazing at this what the Divine director said about this because that what they're saying about the Ruby and the Ruby energy was from January one 2020 through the end of this month so all the way through the end of June 2020 and the Divine director said they said during this moment of the June explosion cast aside. Which causes Fury you shall release all doubt eternally that is freedom for reincarnation that is free for transmutation the Ruby which is the four of ascended numerology is the still Center of creation as hell all together through the acceptance of self-mastery as you're living self ascended presents
or right so that's 5th dimensional experience ascended presents or it is the red of rage and fury that all through the experience and this is also a rising energy so so sometimes people if you look at this beautiful Blu-ray energy that begins Collision which is remember what do red and blue make and so we have June one 2020 with where the Ruby collided with the Blu-ray and this is going to continue until January one 2021 when these to do when the ruby in the blue are going to be completely over like she is what they said about the blue
the Fall by the 2021 if you look at 2021 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 is actually the 50 which an ascended numerology is not only a prime experience it is the 5 plus the infinite it is next year is all about the flowing Cosmos of service and so this this fact that we pulled it in early we're collapse a timeline even more which is why everything is so intense is that right now this blue energy is the integration of crystalline flow of divine presence as a step of support that can only be so sure up in the 5th Dimension really live your life from there and call in a steady abundance stream of support or it's going to be experienced as
water freezes everything it's like throwing cold water on to the fire but it's so cold it freezes it and thereby the only thing that survives is that which is deemed necessary because everything else is shut down so you can see where we're at in this year of perfect balance in this moment of perfect balance and I happen to be living at the equator of the earth and this year right here the solstice is at 4:44
be with us join us go to screen is that it's a donation acceptance you can make zero your donation if you have if you don't want to donate anything of course all the donations go to serve the indigenous communities here help us help everyone if you if your heart isn't called we understand and we are good with that we're just want you to be aware that we are at a moment where the release into the Embrace is extraordinary really more than just one breast it is a collective large breast and speaking of the collective large Brethren prize that we're bringing in right now so I know all of you have been writing and just loving up on Bria rose with such good reason Uber special episode with Bria Rose coming up in about 30 seconds plus we have shown you some incredible video of what's been going on with the energy ships here at tosa Blue Mountain little bit about the water therapy center
because on the solstice we will be broadcasting live from the water therapy center and the Fountain of creation will also have the fire in it and the water in it and we will together be in this energy of coming together and so lots of special surprises including a brand new song from Benjamin Bob so right after Bria segment enjoy Benjamin beautiful news musical selections that came in just in time for us to share this with you today all of your phone calls to Master Soul Radio
hi everyone welcome using cabbage that we grew right here
purple cabbage
so we cutter cabbage Into Thin slices as soon as I enter
and the amount of salt it's just going to be 2% by weight whatever amount of cabbage reused
add the salt to your cabbage
and now I'm going to use my hand and squeeze massage until a lot of the juice from the Cabbage gets released
put all the cabbage in your jar followed by juice
so they get even more juicy
we have to get it
hey welcome glad to be with you and we hope you enjoyed the interlude and the energies that were presented to you because we are at the time of the really glad that she shared that with all of you and that you had that opportunity to learn that great recipe from her every week such a treat to have her on the show and also shot some of that video that was attached to her as well and I was just excited to go with all of you and I'm grateful for those of you who is a fasting moment because I know there's people that leave
cuz they don't feel bad so important and that's okay it's a moment there where I want you to hear that while you're enjoying that but that interlude every week from 8 to 10 minutes we are here holding that energy you know that's our moment where we were just really hold and I wanted to share that for those of you were here right now you can see it in my face right I can't stop smiling I can't stop smiling because you are so amazing said yes to expand beyond your own perceptions and that is not easy to do that's the opening to Divine Mastery was reflecting over the break as well as I was digging into that the energy of tosa Blue Mountain which always up lips me is that it was so beautiful to know that how many of us in our time stats remember right now we're wearing timestamps like little crowns so this week is your time stamps come up how many of us have had diagnosis in every different way
talking about physical diagnosis self-diagnosis that our entire should we share our entire staff is Virgo
what are one beautiful crabman are beautiful I will hold you to that drive that that intercepts of I know there's more I'm ready to do this I want to do this and I'm really holding on to that energy and that is that are coming together to to put together this energy at tosa Blue Mountain and so it is it it's just a beautiful day and enjoy this energy and discover a deeper level of truth for yourself because our whole journey here in form is that of expansion it sits in Everett
I need energy and we are constantly being gifted with deeper levels of Truth deeper levels of recognition of being us and Consciousness Embrace in this June explosion and this is another reason why is part of that you will be sent the video but this Saturday from 4 to 5 p.m. central Time we will be on the air Together live you need to be registered to be there at 4:44 p.m. at the exact of June 20th out of 19 as come together it's a building this week and as I am losing my
ability to speak because I'm feeling a lot of heavy heart and so this is another reason why guys pay attention right now what are you carrying what is your timestamp trying to show you and I want to read again what the Divine director said right past the side that which causes Fury and you shall release all doubt eternally so of course in order to walk through the fire imagine right now this Dimension to get our Graphics rightly see if I can see this is what we doing this together this is the inti raymi moment that's why this is such an incredible solstice this Solstice is more than just plant seeds eat food this is a solstice about all levels of consciousness planting seeds harvesting food igniting the jewels
I'm saying yes to the greater experience this is co-creation at a pinnacle moment and you are on the planet right now because you chose to be here and if you are here right now this is part of it you were meant to hear this whatever however it filters for you start their start trusting what you're connecting with and what you feel when you do as Archangel zadkiel has always had the ultimate truth detector is right inside of you it's that bullshit on meter and you know you know and sometimes the brain activates the bullshit I'll meet her when the heart's going but we put on the brakes here that's the moment that's literally it's not in its Third Dimension his Dimension and what it's saying is which part am I ready to Anchor we are in the moment this year was all about
what anchoring you send a heart that's the ignition of the Divine Galactic blueprint and I are teaching living in every Monday night tomorrow this is just like when we living in a joyful and The Illuminating the opportunity for transmutation when we talk about the timeline adaptations when we talked about bringing your ascended presents forward and trusting the revelatory energy that is upon you what we're also another way to take this in is the energy of creation has more more potency than the energy of fear and collapse
so when we say I am here and I am ready and I am open guide me when we say I am ready to be ever more of that which I am I'm aligned with the fire of creation to transmute that which is unlike that a sense we are transmitting that which is holding us back where is worn out and and feo is no longer needed in the fires of of the Soul stirrers it comes the opportunity to become ever more refined and that which is essential rather than fear collapse you it's going to try and this is why the timestamps so when a 3D timestamp comes up
when you start becoming more aware of your time stance you start reverse TJ's not only is it because the timestamps become the rims of the crown it is because the timestamp some cells are resolved there by the vitality and the energy that was stifled in that moment releases on toe shoes at this 41 years I have not put on dance floor for ballet and 41 years and so that to me is yet another sign of what's happening with the reverse aging you're welcome and and that is the moment at hand are you ready to twirl and be as beautiful as you are that's the fire and I don't want to share this again this dimensional let's call this
beautiful transportation of fire third-dimensional beautiful Transportation on fire to beautiful you are right here in the middle you see that this is your parting of the Red Sea you are at the bank's you are standing at the water and you have resolved that which you are as you gaze ahead and see the spiral of the infinite and the fire of ignition into Divine Alignment calling you into a 9th dimensional experience
you have steadfast commitment you have focused awareness
and you have complete trust so walk with me because I've already arrived at the other end and I am simply saying come join me hear the Flames will not collapse it is you that holds them open you are the master you are the one you are the gift you have been waiting for you for the Divine moment that is first thing we are at the moment of inti raymi this is Auntie Ronnie from The ascended State and so let's talk about what is inti Ronnie and of course you do you save me God knows I sent you about and she will life preserver that's what I feel like this is this this this weekend is you know because
Auntie Ronnie is and and what you're staring at their is the graphic that I was invited to make everything I've been showing you today was what I was shown and each one of them is a little different and I will create the whole series and send out the whole series to those of you that register so you will get the series of Graphics a lot of you have been asking for them so that is our free gift for all of you that are registrants and so Auntie Ronnie the word Ronnie comes from the cay Chua language of the Incas shree and I literally live on an ancient kanyari settlement they were the predecessor of the Year an empty is the Sun and wrong is festival or celebration so a celebration to honor the title in t or father son
because of the Heat and the energy that it radiates from the Sun allows the plants to grow allows the green to flourish and welcomes a new cycle of life for pachamama mother earth because remember one thing sure we are as we are honoring the Sun as our Cosmic like this is our moment of all of those beautiful energies right we happy ability to reconnect to remember where we launched and so as we look at this in our ascended presents it is The Light Within allowed us to become where we are now as we say yes to Who We Are
birth again the re-launch on the 19th in the energy of this beautiful Mercury love love her I keep feeling a feminine Mercury energy very Violet that's why I created this graphic this is one of the graphics you'll receive for when you register is that there is such a profound energy coming in right now that is saying we are ready to rebalance the masculine and The Feminine in way we have never done this before because we are at a moment of self ascended presents we have never been at before their by Jonas is bigger than it has ever been before and the only thing that we do is to balance our fists and third-dimensional Nature's together to form the heart that will ignite that which makes everything grow right now I'm sick
what's missing right now it looks like this and this is tilting in because there's nothing to balance it and that's why density and polarity look so strong and that's why it's as easy as saying oh yeah we forgot we are not crazy we have not been diagnosed we have been intentionally suppressed for our own good and I want to hear that in a loving tongue and cheap way tongue and cheek way meaning we all have our story don't we could get together put a billion all speak at the same time and actually hear each other because we all would be saying the same thing I am not crazy I have been told I am I am not alone because there are others who know and there are just too many of us to be denied and the only thing that has stopped us is our refusal to be seen
because we have been afraid we have been afraid that we were not going to achieve that which is only real in the consciousness of density when you can stand your ascendant presence and see the blessing of this co-created experience this is the gift this is the gift to love them they know not what they do to stand without interfering while holding absolute in lion lioness roaring energy that says I get it and I will hold you and I am not running away and if they attack us some really sharp claws and there's a lot more on the front line
that's the moment we're at that's the courage it takes and then you know what happens you come running out to the middle of the field right lion comes out of the woods you come running out into the middle of field walk out and realize everybody's having a party because once you get on the other side that's the blessing that awaits you but only you can make the step that's this week the release has the Embrace for a lion to run out of the woods they must release the woods and that usually means your family of origin It could mean your children it could mean your partner it could mean your work it could mean your sanity
but it also means of you is that steadfast commitment and that focused awareness and Virgo compulsion that knows if you keep walking forward it's already done and that's this week and I think that's really exciting thank you hahaha you do part part of clarity is say no to that which would interfere with you some people experience that as though as though as we move forward with that which we know as wholesome and true and a for us we are saying no to people or contracts or exchange that we're not really
Essence and your Eternal experience you are love you I have so much love around you that you are literally kept in a need-to-know basis no matter how late you are no matter how good is Siri you are no matter what you will always be kept on a need-to-know basis as a blessing and said here's what's going to happen you're going to your life
my beloved my Eternal Soul excuse me you're going to reunite with this beautiful gift from God and you were going to have this incredible incredible partnership and all these beautiful things but the fine print was really fine and the first part of my fine print was you will have both of your children taken away from you you will never see one of them again you will have lots of things happen that no one would wish upon anyone and there was a lot of fine print you will have people around you that you will love and trust and give your your absolute everything to and they will betray you and this will happen more than once
add had I known all about upfront I might've said you know that contracts a little too rich for me to sign a release what we braced the entire time and this is the reason I'm sharing this is that when you Embrace when when what you are is what you say and what you do which is what you get with shree and I liked it or not right this is not what we do this is who we are and so when you Embrace that when you are living in that level of authenticity and when you honor and respect others enough to allow the ego to relax and as your son spiritual are traps are once you have ascended quite a while
literal Crystal an explosion Uruguay was a gift from God a miracle in motion and once you arrive there what's your on that other side of that moment in your spiritual Evolution moment you become the presents that has ignited not only $100,000 it has gone exponentially beyond that and I do want to bring it will say yes and let us let it be 4400 which I would never understand why I couldn't be other than whatever in this Dimension we don't know about getting the word out and so this is a moment
you feel it
to be your guiding presents and I really wanted to share that story because I think it's really important to understand the energy of release and the energy of embrace because we have never stopped and bracing and those of you that knows the part one and oldest daughter in the hospital last year through everything and we have never once stopped connecting with you because when you know what you are doing when you are clear on who you are that stuff is just the final resolution the moment of the Divine Bow Wow that's the Embrace of the release that's that beautiful gift that's nice
what is it has been hand-raised why not and we have oh my goodness
thank U Namaste SRI and Kira how lovely to see you this evening thank you likewise been working on my solar plexus by the way my name is Marcy I just feel it's only fair that we been dealing with a migraine and nausea and a little bit thank you for your sharing and and you're willing is the area of a opening that allows our vision to come online and what people sometimes don't understand about the 6th chakra is it's not just about seeing any
we're seeing beyond the physical it's about the recognition of what is true and wholesome for you it's about the recognition of what is spiritually appropriate are your spiritual family the and listening to the guides the Angels those that are your your fellow Travelers that are here truly the sincere ones that are here to help and also the clarity to know when you're being messed with so all of that comes on board as that 6 chakra opens up in the seven chakra kind of a corresponds there at the same time the seventh chakra governs your nervous system which is that brain that sometimes it gets a little ache so between the two of them Opening Ever wider be coming for your your choices the beacons for your life there is a a moment sometimes where we are unable to fully process those energies and and there is a lot of experience in the body of discomfort now is you
this is clearing and what I want to affirm for you is that yes you are transiting through not hanging out forever the you do this this didn't come to stay it came to pass in six. And so that I want you to do is to go into a meditative State and be present to the experience weather Begins by that is now revealing itself post migraine be present to the space of guidance the space of expansion the space of your Divine Connection in a new language so to be present means I'm not going to impose how I think it ought to be I'm just going to witness what is revealed
I'm going to be in the energy of the witness with the intent to be informed and as we do that as we bring our presents to that area of the body that is energy experience that we're having more will come in in the way of recognition and acceptance which creates peace you and actually kind of busy right now so right about the eyebrows I'm feeling right right beginning right about the eyebrows and all the way around where my ears are very gently like you falling just underneath where my head she says they're there is a piker it's like you're you're hitting yourself there's there's this huge opening right here the crown and there's a huge lift coming up from the heart but there's this
the time stamp and I think that's why you're our first caller today there is a voice it's an energy and it's like it will also lead you to that resolution and we're in that moment of release and as you release that it will happen if you embrace the reason is here and then you're free through it so thank you so much for sharing
thank you very much love you so much sweetheart thank you for sharing it and let's run over to PBS radio we have caller it looks like Shayla from Asheville online for
hi this is fire
I'm so glad you went through while I'm a little nervous to ask a question
yeah well I hope that it's appropriate but so I was having like issues with candida for a while at least I took antibiotics which unnecessarily I think but I took them and then got candy. I've been like dealing with that and then that I thought it went away but then then I got a bacterial infection in the root the yummy and you guys keep talking about the heart like the ascended heart and Route is new heart and I was like okay as long as I heal my Consciousness and not but it's something I've been struggling with for a few months and was wondering if there's any thing y'all can tell me about that
yes and I am so grateful that you called in today thank you thank you thank you because this traditional route is acting out as well and remember that this is there's a lot of symbolic acting out in the route of the traditional route center right now so I just want to put that right in there and your timing is divine every time I love that you got through every one of us is in an evolutionary process and that sometimes we don't realize what we've taken for granted you know what what kind of Paradigm we were operating on until we have a conflict with it until we bump into something that bumping in can be a diagnosis of discomfort or whatever and so in your case this evolutionary shift of lifting
anchor ship out of the root chakra up into the heart
means we're transiting through a couple of other chakra energy so I do not and in the transit incomes perhaps what could be perceived as a challenge to the Paradigm of those chakras example your second chakra which which governs your organs of creation is asking you where it was your vision what do you believe in what is it what are you holding do you want for your future and is that under attack is that in Conflict so one of the things to remember as we lift out of the the traditional root chakra chakra which is about that anchor ship into belongingness and we come into the sense of I'm at peace with who I am we didn't have to Transit the second chakra which is about being able to release what no longer serves us and to embrace a new vision so that constant cycle of change comes forward the second chakra to brings us to the third which is
your favorite still watch the third chakra is about really trusting yourself is about really saying I can let go of all these old Concepts and Trust who I am and find joy in the essence of who I am and that opens the Gateway of the heart to unconditional love for all beings so it is it's it's this this evolutionary step a practical things to do you need to confront whatever the infection is and you also need to confront the energy meaning your emotional body that would allow this thing to manifest and we confront that by loving ourselves Evermore sweetheart as a shrewish bring with you and as I was connecting with you keep hearing that your body is too acidic and that you need to be looking at better ways to alkalize your body
coconut oil would be like your skin is dry and epsom salt bath there's no way I want you and then get into an Epsom salt bath and when you're in there I want you to light a white candle
within you right now what I got as you started speaking was actually appear in your in your ears it's actually your 5th chakra and that's why your lower chakra is acting out you have two different experiences going on right now and there and you're trying to balance them but your ears when when you were speaking to Sri I found that I had to keep clearing the energy out of my ears and and when I got done staring at the message that I heard was open your heart and your more there is a greater depths that you are now ready to hear receive understand and act upon and they're saying that because of inti raymi I mean look at your timing you're working with the chakras a birth you're working with the unification sun and moon unification and what they're saying and what I'm hearing around you is if you follow this week to the depth of your truth
you will be free of all that pains you because you are growing with the interior Amy which is the solstice I mean it's just extraordinary so this is a very free moment for you this could be very free week for you and that's why you had me on the show trust in go thank you so much love you sweetheart for a man is vulnerable in a in a beautiful way there's so many people benefit representative the group
where would you like to go
it looks like Concord California
I am truly in a state of pain and I always want to err on the side of my highest Authority my highest ability to conceive what's happening with me but right now I'm just really out of it and I was really hoping to hear from you guys and that you don't got serious block it serious anger issues in child has welling up like crazy and so I will take any kind of healing Justin you guys have for me cuz I'm really there on the brink about that last year
I just want you to relax and I want to thank you for for picking up and dialing in today because a lot of people feeling is right now and it takes a lot of courage to bring forward when that's playing so thank you for that I'm very grateful we are in a moment of explosion and so it explodes imploding it's trying to sit when we when we come in like this we lose what we lose our focus and so is your you're being pulled in and that's what it feels and it really feels like that like you're being pulled in and I want a reminder for saying read this to her again you just hear that start with this cast aside that which causes Fury and you shall release all doubt eternally and I know that's why your call had to get through today
because that is this week this week is that energy the fire and the Fire Burns in The Crucible of our third chakra that's our balance Center the chakras of the body that's the one that's what's going on here is that Mount of sacred Union this before you my angel that's why this is happening your body is screaming and your third chakra saying what if you're not going to let me drive then let me know if you're not going to give me permission to become one with you but I'll take it over cuz I've had it earlier today you have called forward all these timestamps what are timestamps there an opportunity for us to fold them into a beautiful bring them together as a circle and where the
as the crowns that they are the more time stamps we can come to our beautiful round holness with the more we gain our wisdom and anchor in our Mastery that's what's in front of you right now only you can make the choice as to what you're going to do and if you decide to go to move through it in the way you have before then love yourself forgive yourself because you're doing the absolute best that you can give him a level of Consciousness you're choosing to ignite it's all before you and it's a moment to breathe and practical step for you that I think may bring you the spaciousness that you're seeking and that is it's time to bring your energy up into your throat and give a voice to that which you have been afraid to say about what you've been afraid to acknowledge that what you fear might be bigger than you are dusty anger stuff and so this involves finding a safe place maybe it's off
on the bedroom or somewhere where you can scream into a pillow where you can cry into a pillow where you can hold yourself as you hold the little child inside of you as a sweetheart I'm here it's safe to say what's been bothering you because what you're what I'm sensing is it is time to release the BS you've been carrying it's time to released the outdated beliefs that are hurtful that have traumatized you and the boys so give it a minute and then I want you to move in if you have the energy and this time if not you do another session is you move into a Milotic harmony with your voice just tone with kind of a sweet harmony
anchor you into your soul song which is just behind all this emotional storm so we're just going to have to play it because now I'm hearing everybody needs a we need to kind of seal that so some of you were the carriers of the town you know what I'm talking about you just it goes right here you're the tone is going to go right there at those eyebrow points straight up so it's going to do it into the microphone and then when I point it you want to just breathe out in
I am so ready
yeah yes you are
we are all in a moment of divine presence
so it is thank you for calling deer keep going you got this
but it's late but I am really enjoying it so much I'm enjoying but what I'm delighting in In This Moment is just the fact that we will have you reverse age you reverse age and so you know Street and I are both we've been we've been having some other celebrations lately and we are now both basically looking the way we did in our early twenties as far as weight and body style as we move through this week right now noticed that you have been in this is why I put this energy that over here by my beloved looks like we're playing a harp the time lines are not parallel right now you see what
and so because of that some of them are overlapping and that's why you can be very very clear but this is also why you might say wait a minute I am aware of this is this is what it's supposed to be happening if you're having a sense of weight this is been Future Vision do I have known this or this is coming from the depth of my presents and it's not on the way that you absolutely know the moment to look at us from outside of density and to pay attention because there has been a lot of sliding this is why the lineage holders are offering this beautiful gift of the solstice upliftment this is why all the winnings holders are getting together that night because I'm drunk but this time we have to literally jump through the fire we have to literally be present in that energy and this is the interior of the ascended Consciousness and in that all needs are met
Archangel zadkiel in response to many many years ago but but one of the things I feel said when she asked about tell me about what is Ascension really whatever their needs met as you transition in whatever way you will be the sum total of the Consciousness that you chose to embody in this lifetime. And it will always be that and because of that your experience of that moment of transition will fulfill that which you are souls energy came to fulfill your mission success is assured because you are
this is how you heal that beautiful for chakra of the body I deserve because I was born
because I am
you would not be here right now if you're beautiful Divine Soul was not already in extraordinary Mastery there is a sacred sequence of birth this is how the ancient Magi we would appear and an offer you the Scrolls for your life and and that is what we are being blessed with doing again it's the system of the roles of your life why was that system burned in the Library of Alexandria because that was dangerous to those who wanted to control your Mastery reconnect right outside of this one linear moment of time what we know is that in the blessing that nothing is ever burned is that we had to become even more voracious had to become even more tenacious we had to say yes
really dive into the density experience so that we could remember who we are lift out of the false identity your identity and this isn't mean we are at conflict this means we get our priorities straight because the density personality and everything you've ever learned and done and in an adapted it's there as a resource to your dance in density not as your identity of who you are it's a resource it's it's something you bring would have fun with and and so here we are as we come to a close for the day I want to remind you that every Monday night we are dancing with the ascended wisdom Monday night's join us it's it's it's wonderful and we are we are digging into living in The 5th Dimension understanding how to implement these energies and what is your Divine Galactic blueprint what is your ass
7 chakra system and how to clean that now well in body well you don't have to you don't have to transition to ascend we only need to trust in order to lift I love it I love it I love it I want to say I love you we love you we are here with you and we look forward to the next time we gather together just like this
and check out more information at SRI and Kira. Com you next week

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