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Sri and Kira Live, July 5, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live as a World's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra rocks are these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira

Namaste and welcome to the voice of passionate action I am Sri Lanka passionate action on what is a very passionate July 5th 2020 we are in right now this moment massive show shoot up level as we speak we are in it right now this massive opening the July 5th full moon eclipse up level that is going to have an amplified second up level this week the 11th when Mercury opens its heart while I'm already losing my breath thinking about it we're coming to you from the top of toast of Blue Mountain for a talk a lot more about the opening of all these crystalline portals that's been happening the energy around welcome welcome to a Big Show and remember we are, dating Today show with a live up level experience

together I am so excited I gotta love it I have arrived at your appointments right now

how exciting is bad and thank you for saying yes to you and this moment at hand so welcome to July because July is right here it is thundering it's happening at is Kyra just shared where we're in a bracket moment of the up level energies that is occurring within a rising tide that began in the late. But it got an amp in June I think they're going to happen June and as we sure when June either you are riding that wave up you know enjoying the the Vista and feeling the tingle of it all you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and pressured by it yeah because we are where we are everywhere video streams at Facebook YouTube official

and add to BBS radio and it won this talk radio's YouTube channel. Com if you go to one to talk radio. Calling you get a choice you can listen to the audio or listen to the watch it on at the homepage we love each other sites are available for your pleasure and all of the Affiliates thank you for supporting the voice of passionate action I also want to share that I'm seeing both phone lines are are filling up pretty quickly and also wanted to remind you that that's at the BBS radio Facebook page we are also broadcasting as well and so hey if you want to get into the Q two phone numbers you can call us at 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 that is our 800 number you can speak with our producer Dawn and he'll get you all to top for being on the show Remember When

calling you do get the blessing of being able to listen while you're on hold or of course you can be on hold over here and listening over here that's up to you and so also we are all ready and going and I see the called were pretty big filling in we're getting ready to turn that one on 517-208-1500 again 510-208-1500 because as always we welcome your comments or questions and of course your request for a mini Soul readings with either Street or myself what a blessing to be with you now and so let us all take a nice deep breath as we dive into the moment and I want to just invite you as you are really taking in that breath and calling it into you noticed your upper heart no. You know the space between the throat and the Heart notice your breath there because the energy that has collided into this upliftment of the Veil

is this July experienced this weekend I wish we mentioned earlier this week is like a okay I thought you you got me we've got each other and let's do this and if ever there was a let's do this it's this week as far as what if what if even just for the moment of this show and if you're and if you're up for it maybe even for this whole week ahead or just an hour or a date whatever starts you maybe your life but what if everything that you have ever dreamt of the u.s. ever been sure you were remembering that you were really clear was real but we're told it wasn't what if you actually could try on knowing that is the greater truth of who that you are and that that energy that experience even that is a refraction however it is the moment of that uplift

experience and then by giving yourself the gift of saying yes to you then you have the blessing of being able to be in full awareness of this co-creative dream there by holding your higher ascended level of Consciousness Vera by having that passionate action of divine shift through the ups holding of Greater Consciousness when we anchor into our highest Consciousness we live in the law of instantaneous manifestation and how we achieve that anchor ship is Bruceton 30 + love + presents that's the miracle formulas that simple does 30 + 11 + presents will always create Miracles and the ignition of the law of instantaneous manifestation is when we say yes to who we really are because we have released the fear anger down anxiety right now the reason this is so important to talk about right now

on this profound full moon eclipse up level day is because more than any other week in July at does why is a hole is too is carrying this energy we've already talked about it but more than any other week in July this week is going to be that rich opportunity to really anchor Your Truth while the fear Dimension is upping the ante so what's happened is that you know just to put it in a very layman's terms with love just had his bluff called and what does that mean it means that we have been in this moment for moment tree all right let's talk about the I want to put this up because if you if you don't remember this we have been talking about this now for months that what has happened is that this fear Dimension has come forward because the planetary thought body has been growing with fear since the beginning

escalator free and I've been talking about this since the Ascension escalator began in 2015 that there was the collapse of the fourth dimension and what has happened is that because of the collapse of the fourth dimension the planetary thought body was so much fear energy has literally helped co-create this heartbeat if it's like a heartbeat of fear and it is intended to be distracting it is intended to be confusing it is intended to be overwhelming and it is intended to say ok love those of you that I've been holding on are you really walking your walk or not because now what's happened is that the fear Dimension knowing that it's becoming destabilize because of the greater essence of love

has pulled out its last weapon in the hate formula

the formula for hate is very simple it is fear + anger fear + anger equals hate remove any one of those variables and the whole thing destabilizes so in order for the planetary thought body to shift into its final moment of evolution as far as that the way that that's firewood go down which is what we can only go up right so as it would be moving into that we have gone from this pessimism for the future that been turned into fear that is now being salt and peppered with lot of Hefty anger to be able to get it to stop the spiral and that setting or energy exactly is the most polarizing frequency that we can muster up because it creates the Target and it creates and displaces so much at that Target

remember is fit we are at an evolutionary revolutionary time revolutions been going on and will continue the revolution however does not need to be a violent understanding what it needs to be appreciated for is its capacity to let go of what was and embrace what is soon to be joyfully jump into that consider that what you just said this is the essence of the fear anger energy right it's no I refuse to change I will not see a future that is different than the past I like this cycle and this is important to witness because this is part of the creation and this is why what you're saying is so important it's really important for each and everyone of us to kind of take a look at ourselves and what is being mirrored in the outer world because the level at which you engage

the outer World affects the perspective me to talk to you so let's let's just recap this for a moment because it's very important material is is deceptively simple where there is fear there is a collapse or a disconnect from your authentic truth okay fear is a belief in the separation of belief in the distant Powerman and fear invites in that car is a paradigm of the third dimension called the victim triangle come up here right we were all your breath right here as you started sharing I'm noticing the collective breath also holding here so what that saying is that this is why this week in July is too important spell invaluable right that dream that is wanting to Anchor hate energy

is going to use the anger book bullet this week and it will do everything in its power to get those that are are not committed into that steadfast commitment of the higher love energy it will use anger to pull you out and and this is really important to keep underscoring see ourselves and I think before we show them the victim triangle let's show them the week and so let's look at this week and then let's talk about the victim triangle because this is this is so important to understand and so let's go to the July calendar there it is and so as we are in the July moment right now again reignited this open Chalice of the divine feminine on June 21st and this is literally carrying us into the 8 8 Lions Gate energy today if you look at the calendar is the full moon up level

moments this is massive we're all going to go there together near the end of the show today we are going to culminate with this journey but look at the week ahead Mercury is already flexing her muscles Mercury is turning member it was like it was a felt like a feminine Mercury and her back was turned with that portal to the 5th Dimension well by on the 7th that is going to be the first there's there's four more dates and in this month that are really important in at 7:14 2128 the first hit it is like a propulsion is going to be on the 7th and that's going to be because Mercury will have we will start seeing her face again and so on the 11th we have the second up level in the same month in the same week as mercury will then fully reveal her heart so during this week

this is that moment where your past lives are paying attention to you resolve this is why I'm fixing triangle anything that's on resolved within you will come up and so how will you handle it this week it's it's going to be one of those in your face weeks being held open by the universe saying look if you're going to have a week or it's all going to be in your face then why not let Joy the law of instantaneous manifestation incredible co-creation Serendipity new connections why not let it be a week is that why not try that on as being in your face or that's going to be the sincerity love presents experience or you're going to try on a lot of fear + anger because that planetary thought body is actually trying to condense into hate is a very powerful love hate moment

found its form lb underscore this any energy set in motion seeks to preserve itself

so Their Fear Dimension exist because it is the repository of all of these emissions that have come out of the of the human contributors and if they quiet is the light on the track for like in there and and they become self-preserving energies so this is why the fear Dimension is it kind of the gateway to the astral so to speak the astral the fourth dimension has always been around is a repository of Unfinished Business mostly ego it's very much very much afraid to mention is something we co-create it so remember that the fiery the only way to resolve this beer + anger equals hatred is to bring a dose of deep unconditional acceptance of love to a

participant in that Loop that is willing to be with you now this doesn't mean having an argument what it means just that understanding the nature of anger anger is a demotion that says you violated my boundaries you didn't meet my expectations you hurt me that's what anger is if it arises when we feel like we've been violated or her just said is a projection isn't it fascinating it's a 100% projection energy I know just don't feel like you've been victimized were looking for the perpetrator and now I can see art we just start dumping a lot on the perpetrator and and the anger gives us a sense of power I feel stronger it may be short-lived and may be misguided but it said if it's a sensation is so it isn't it's a delicate thing to unravel but one thing I do know is that all things are

through acceptance and love this doesn't mean we accept the behavior of the angry person not acceptable however the being that is a little confused and wound up needs a dose of acceptance presents just be any presents so that they can find their way and we you know what this is what friendships are for this is what some forms for and spiritual Community such as this to beauty that gathers here to respect each other to provide a safe place where we can sort through that was needs to be sorted through and it isn't about emotional growth although sometimes that's there it's about that necessary environment to support our creative expression to support our being not our misguided

I was feeling all of you the community that has been growing a WWA write that down WWA get over there jump in you know this chalice opening June 21st through August 8th certainly no accident there when we looked at the dates for at 4 for the for the opening of WWA we did not know this was coming and so very fascinating Serendipity and for all of you that have said yes I'm going to take this journey together we are all going to dive into this in August remember that you get instant access to the lie for him where everything you just talked about is happening if I just want to give a big shout-out and and also to invite all of you that have a wake men in your life or to all awake men out there remember that Sri Lanka is part of this program there is and is that just because the word women is in the name this is just for women women Wellness Awakenings is about women absolutely it is also about the Woman Within all this Pro

is coming out at this time because the divine feminine balance is going to be the most important harmonic we can bring onto the planet right now and women are still finding themselves either very disempowered injury weeks or overly emasculated and thereby not in balance with themselves and this is a moment where we are coming together and the wine stroll that is opening up this one is just June to my beloved husband and myself and what we know is that WWE Global is part of this moment that there are more Champions within all of us and we look forward to Champion and and bringing you in as Champion was WWE so please help us help people find that and then let's know that we can move forward with that because this victim Consciousness that's happening right now let's let's put up the spiral so this is what we're going to show you

she's a link between the victim Consciousness the fear energy and this week and why you need to look at how this all comes together so and Dole Justice 5 minutes to put this together so it all begins with this it all begins with where is it oh my beautiful husband put this up here I don't know where it is we found it so it is all right it all begins with the first thing that we want attention to is the spiral right we are all always in the spiral we are constantly moving any of these can shift to any direction and overlap together at the same time let go of looking at this as a linear model and feel it and I know a lot of you are and if you feel it and you actually feel nauseous then pay attention to the shop or that's calling to you if you feel this and you feel elated pay attention to the shop. It's calling to you pay attention to the ShopRite is calling to you as you connect with this right now

are you gazing down into the spiral or are you gazing up into the spiral

where are you here because it's not about your mind engaging us a Sri Lanka just shared it's about lifting up when we owned the compassion of self when we love ourselves enough to have enough compassion to Anchor in The 5th Dimension this can no longer exist is 22 is the the phrase victim rescuer abuser because victim rescuer abuser is one energy with three faces to matter how you the perspective that you're gay is Will land honest about the behavior of the energy you summon to engage the world so victim rescuer and what's beautiful you do when I have for many years I would sit in as a counselor as it is a psychotherapist helping people make friends with them

emotions so that they could move through the darkness you know that the velcro what I didn't have when I first began that pollution that happens that is beyond the simple implementation of better coping you know the phrase he or she is a high-functioning what happened high functioning insert judgment the roll back way I'd was to help you become a higher functioning something-or-other need to cope with life the role of a spiritual Mentor is to help you evolve into the truth of who you are and sometimes the stepping-stones along the way when our little sticky sometimes they're a little messy okay that's part of the fun because it is fun to discover where we left our energy if we deposit it energy in

did the victim role and then we pretend we never did it that energy still sitting there waiting to be triggered and there's plenty of things out in the world that will trigger your inner especially when the fear Paradigm knows that in order to self preserve it's got to get a heaping helping of anger opportunity that we are sharing with you is that we can move into a Healer teacher Mentor role

the gift when we read when we awaken from the victim we become we transform you are the butterfly that comes out of the Cocoon to be the teacher and when we realize that rescuing people will never heal our life that the only person there would ever beat a rescue could be ourselves and perhaps we can heal that then we Are the Healer that has healed by stealth and we become the true healer and when the abuser stopped abusing themselves because within the voice of every abuser is absolutely the self abuser all abuse begins with self-abuse and so when we can love ourselves enough to say yes to who we are then our Mentor self emerges and again all of the cycle together and so this very week is very much about that and I want to talk about SRI we talked about back in March and I started talking about

there was even an installment I came in that talked about the stages of grief and as we're talking about all of this victim energy as well because you know that the energy flows through it if you believe that's not in your life you're in denial the look at where it is and then look at where you can transcend it right and how to how to love it because victim Consciousness brings us to the ultimate forgive them they know not what they do love them they know not what they do and bring that to you the moment you're able to say that to declare I forgive you you did the best you knew how given your State of Consciousness that's what you need to know to relax in the old irregular is forgive them they know not what they do what was really being said is within their state of consciousness they can't recognize the error we just what they know not what they do because they do not know right those

why not join us we've been teaching the power of that word and when it's used they know not what they do you are able to just bring your hand to Your Heart Take a breath and Center in your heart

Vivid into my own heart center I relax all my judgments all my worries for this one moment

and as I look out into the world whatever my Consciousness in the outer world try this out

I forgive you you're doing the best you know how given your State of Consciousness I forgive you and I release you now

and as you practice the Declaration I forgive you and I released you

when you can say that and be at peace without having a year but come up in your pocket you're anchored in the 5th dimensional energy it's that easy The 5th Dimension energy is at peace with the world this does not mean you do not choose to serve an assistant that you might have passion for helping in a variety of ways because there's a lot of fences that there's a lot of work to do with the world if that is your calling but to do it from that place of acceptance that place of a wonderful love that is not agitated by the anger or the Judgment that it should have been different Age of Aquarius is within you absolutely and this is why we wanted to remind you about the stages of grief we in March started talking about how everything was going to come together and with all the poor

directions we gave and how it came in that it was very clear that the stages of grief were being reflected according to the level of Consciousness that was reflecting them and that we have been very slowly globally moving to the stages and now it is that we we were unified there was a unified co-creation at one moment when this began and Free Will remind us of all of this in a moment and when everyone was in the same stage however in that moment we talked about this during the times of the retreat have you been in Retreat have you been really cleaning and reclaiming and getting ready to come out of that Retreat and who is emerging and we're in those moments

but what's happening is that now the the Discord of the fear energy with this anger put on it has already ignited that thin little hate layer that's why we can see it that's why it's becoming ever more visible and remember everything's up leveling today the energies neutral everything's up leveling and so as we are seeing this energy come forward right now what is I forgive us I guess we must have lost our connection with our producer my apologies. Completely distracted me guys Street was really important I was talking about and I bet you don't remember anything that the planet is moving through different stages now so what that means is that when we were all unified going through the stages of grief and now we're not

so now you're going to have multiple birth or separations which are are looking like the lines that would divide up the planet in the country's going to see is that in a very sturdy level countries are going to be at different evolutionary stages of their levels of grief and thereby you're going to start seeing these stages come together in ways that will either be met with sincerity love and presence to make incredible Miracles or there's going to be an even greater enhancement of the fear because the anger will be injected and thereby this is what's so important to understand and I want you to just breathe that in and so you are at the moment we're looking at your own stages of grief with Integrity is also going to be important because the veil Is Lifting and we're getting ready to take you on a journey and the next half hour of this show to all of the crystalline light portals have been opening week

documentation we have a film Street and I made were going to be showing you there is so much happening and to really embrace it it really is about saying yes to your 5th dimensional presents do we want to just offer you once again a quick reminder on the stages of grief because we haven't gotten that far as a globe you know that's for sure I know something to say they don't forgive me I'm sorry I didn't realize that my husband was still working so let me let me start then Street whenever a stage of grief is initiated it always begins with shock right it's shock and denial and that was how the Cove experience came in it came in around the planet with with there was a knowing there was an inkling and then there was that moment of shock and denial and when that moment when that shock and denial came forward in that moment it was as if the entire planet took in the breast

and felt us and remember our beloved mother Gaia is tired we have been invited to not send chords into the Earth since 2004 and so she's tired and she got up out of bed and said you know what I know you need me however she couldn't hold that forever and so as these up levels have been happening as the out-breath has come forward there has been a breast of energy that is either going to be received and uplifted or repelled because when you're in the dark the light is painful and that's not a judgment it's just what is so 3 Wii Fit in that shock and denial and that manifested a lot of things well here's the thing this is not as simple as 1 model get one model will help you unpack if you want to go look at the model of grief online there's a lot of different ones we all and I think most everybody with the shock and denial

call when the covid-19 first entered our personal lives it was more than just stay out there something happening in another country and that the loss of freedoms the loss of movement excetera. So the shock that happens that triggers degrees cycle then is immediately met with some denial and you saw that in some government an individual

what is broad spectrum the denial is a way of kind of keeping a handle on things I don't want to have to change your number density Consciousness remember this came in at density Consciousness which is why some of your greatest immunity is your level of Consciousness Consciousness the less you will be affected by the worldly bugs so the assuring that the degree to which you participate in the cycles of grief is reflects the level of Consciousness with which you look through that is to say when you look out at the world or you review yourself and if you are feeling triggered if you are feeling up so you're coming at the situation from a more traditional emotional orientation and in your cycle through to resolution will probably follow the predictable

when were able to really lift up a door hard as we just practice with the Declaration of forgiveness and if we're able to sustain that fifth dimensional energy let alone hire we are able to process through the worldly shocks much quicker not deny them but to see them for what they are

when we can see something for what it is it loses its power over and simply becomes an experience and that's this week we are in what an experience month and this week right now we are in an uplevel and it's going to keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until Friday Saturday the 11th when SRI and I and our Cosmic Origins group welcome our first group back will be in choshi and we're talk more about that in just a moment but this is a week where you have an opportunity to have an incredible life of really saying okay what if I try on who I really am you know we went into Retreat March 13th it was March 13th when Ecuador shutdown we had clients literally some of them coming in a few days

when that happened and so we were in Retreat until now right and from then until probably a few days from now and for us the retreat as you all know has led to Monday magic Community getting even more together has led to profound Revelation 2 expansion so many of you riding so many of you finding each other WWE Global was born so much has come forward and so it is your past life energy that is really going to call you this week and and this is why I think it's so important that we go back and talk about clearing out this energy and your victim energy because often times and if you were with us yesterday in the Mastery mentorship Gathering we went on a time travel to do this but often times we carry past life energy with us because we like it because we're attached to it and it actually will limit our ability to Anchor Beyond this world

so I really want to emphasize something thank you we carry past life energy because we're choosing to accept it at some level not resolved it we carry victim energy because we identify with it at some level we haven't a send it through it it's a similar thing so consider for a moment the residue that's in your total Orangefield your Total Resource kit of who you are and you've got the past life influences you've got the worldly training that taught you how to be a victim it to be a good little girl or a good little boy and all that stuff on that experience is what angle is a that's where the world is that right now globally we are at Angkor however we do have individual countries that have moved Beyond and others that are beginning to experience

are your trampolines to Transcendence exactly every time you find yourself in a victim energy every time you find yourself in anger or or what comes after what's that what's that Google uses for this year so every time you find it yourself having those those course or emotional experiences that's the time to go all I get it take a breath and go to the density is pulling me into the polarity Dynamic am I complete with this now and one way to find out is it Donuts are you feeling any energy around frustration and frustration can be part of anger can be part of doubt it can be part of guilt but anything that leads to that and let's tell you why because frustration energy is the energy that is the buffet of the planetary soft body of fear it's built on frustration it wants you confused it wants you to have what one of those arrows saying

lack of belief especially for yourself right restoration is an essential disconnect from your flow from your trust from your Divine creative nature when we are frustrated we're believing that something outside of ourselves as let us down is not coming forward as a station repels it does not attract so when we are frustrated we literally repel Bounty by by the saying I am available for poverty Consciousness when we are frustrated I am available for depression I am available for addiction when we are frustrated I am hopeless when we are frustrated I have a lack of belief nothing is real or everything you see what happens here and the reason we're sharing this with you is because it's a very simple formula and it was in our books when he calls you have a choice it was again in 2012 Atlantean Revelations sensor

attracts and is also what's of Cornerstone the foundation of Miracles since Saturday attracts frustration repels and so this week is very much about the sincerity frustration Ascension process which if you look at this Ascension stairwell here right frustration is separation and its worst fear this is why the fears of engine is here shall result it is burning from a refracted belief the belief in the separation however when we begin to relax out of that this is one of those hand on heart moment essence essence we find our sincerity

then Our intention shifts from a I want a brand new car to show me my true life show me who I really am let me be me and that's where you see that little steadfast commitment because until you can be aware of your own sincere intention the steadfast commitment cannot begin these two are literally Twins and once we get really clear we have that said fast commitment we are sincere in Our intention then our life begins to align with our Consciousness through our sincere practice this is when we aren't doing something just because we think we're supposed to do it I'm not going to church on Sunday because I'm supposed to do and I don't want to go to hell in that moment of divine even if it's something as as simple as hand heart that one second in the true Temple is a sincere practice and threw that brings you into the

focused awareness we are sincere dedication verse dedication is willingness in actions when we are willing to follow through on our spiritual understanding on our end and we do our practice dedication is the natural Zero Point Energy that keeps it going to do it since your dedication means I will focus my Awareness on that which I know is true and that's the difference between dedication and then of course it brings us to the ultimate sincere recognition complete trust and I want to I want to look at the top of the traffic from elmet Divine recognition first sincerity YouTube on the graphic artist frustration birth fear here's the gift many times when we are sincerely frustrated we can actually pop into that moment of divine recognition but we're unable to hold it over

how many do you know that have actually seen it and can't live it can't hold it open that's because of the rest of those steps this week is those steps and the more that you say yes to you the more that you say yes to the incredible things that are happening on our planet the more amazing is going to be because we are at the time of unification and entry and I want to show them that this is a lot of you have asked questions about this and this diagram was actually given to us by Arcangel zadquiel and it isn't our book 2012 Atlantean Revelations but the Divine Consciousness can only expand even density is expansion it's basically a loop so in the Journey of Consciousness in his actual refers to us Archangel zadkiel refers to us as The Travelers that we have been traveling into ever denser forms of experience and when you look at the the num

is it the top that's on the reunions side but it applies to the expansion side to is that from the 33rd Dimension we have gone through ever densifying layers into the 15th the 7th the 5th and the 3rd and the third density is as dense as we can go literally this is the dance of the dead so celebrate how much of a master you are this is really an amazing moment so this is an expansion of some people refer to this as an expansion of spirit into forms which is fine but what's happening now in the third density is a rehash of the same energy that's because there is infinite creativity so we're not becoming dancer those are participating in the density there just creating more density experiences that is you know how how creative can we get to do the same energy over and over and over

it has the dimensions are falling into themselves we open. Chalice of reunification June Twenty-One we are in a moment of little is continuous manifestation I mean how cool is that and so I guess we had shared you are that chalice it is it is your badge in your your angel wings open right this isn't the upper chalice in the eyes are on the Divine and we anchored in that June experience the 19th 20th and 21st the 33rd Dimension anchored in the Chalice giving us this opportunity to as a Divine directors have shared receive receive receive up list of Lift Up Lift and the veils are lifting and we are in this moment for the whole month and the stem of the Chalice is our physical form offering us this moment of anchor ship and saying yes yes yes the law

all of instantaneous manifestation and what is the catch in a moment where everything will do its best to pull you into that third if you are giving yourself the gift of being in the 5th Dimension on Loop that's the only catch and to perhaps just try it on even if it's just an hour at a time it's a lot easier to swim with the current to be true hiccup Street the current the cosmic current right now is carrying us to Union

90s. That's graphic we had up show the expansion into density and then a kind of the holding pattern because that's the final thing to pay attention to is that right now it's about getting outside of your linear mind so the linear mind keeps thinking that our future is going to be an extension of the past the Quantum Mind realizes that all time exists at once so if we look at this graphic the the on the on the left side Indy do you have that linear traditional way of looking at things past present future and I got a giggle remember years ago that used to show it was a children's game where they had a big loop in a stick and somebody would keep beating beating with their stick the loop and it would turn and end if you look at this on this line look at how if you look at life this way the present just becomes a cycle of the same old thing over and over again in the middle

you know it's a good inside and so we're all very familiar with linear time because that's what we were taught and so it's it's just a language is the way Feliz distant where is we look at the drawing on the right is just intended to trigger you into the recognition of to experience Oneness we we need to try to take this past present future timeline and wrap it around ourselves like a hula hoop because we're in the center of it all past and present future is not a sequential thing it is an experience of Consciousness and when we move our local or are locate lokai locus of Consciousness out of the linear and into the whole holographic Center we begin to recognize that fall is here

reminder this is another reason why you want to let go that when you're thinking that we are in a moment right now where the eye is wide open the illumination is here and that the timelines are literally holding and so if you try to stay in linear time you're going to find it to be very challenging and where what we're saying is it's not about not saying I haven't ate or I have a 9 it's really about flowing into that and then really noticing even more and and that brings us to I think really one of the more for me what has been such a profound moment so on July one last week since we were last with you all and you will remember that last Sunday we we discussed this the week July want to July for was very much about the awareness experience that that first the first few days which was the end of June was about this awareness coming forward and that as we move into the experience of July we're all of these bills are

coming off the middle day last week July one was actually the peak of that moment where that awareness experience was coming forward and a couple things happened on that day one of them was that I was told to take a deer beautiful friend of mine on a on a vision and it happened to have been up at our top of our mountain and I had never been there I've never been there before and as my beloved husband and I were having lunch he said you know look at how beautiful it is out why don't we climb up and it and this is something we would want to do for a while and in the shadow of choshi which was last week and remember last week was that middle strata of all these up level moment's right and so in the middle of that and the energy of chode she and us getting ready to go back to Toby with our group and everything that was happening it was just such a beautiful gift for you to say let's go do that you know in the moment of all these temples of the Gods being revealed and all this new Crystal Inlet energy being revealed

for the first time you were looking at the timing to stand lift you do to go up to the mountain is it wonderful metaphor for the spiritual journey is a lot of conversation even more insights coming about it that when we moved here from Uruguay in Uruguay we were complete with the anchoring of the crystalline light portal it has been completely closed Uruguay remember had completely decimated their indigenous population we were blessed to live on a property where there were actually probably the only ruins in the country left we activated lots of light and dark anchors and when we came here to Ecuador we were clear that this was going to be our permanent place and even we didn't know the extent of what was coming forward but when we

this property it was literally in Ruins I mean it was barely barely habitable just repair and covered over lots of trash and all of the things that are history has been a problem at all the trees all the fruit bearing trees now I'm giving it away but everything was dying and the minute I hugged this house because our our house is very beautiful it's made of modern bamboo and strong no no Nails no nothing immediately showed me what it is now and Sri Lanka had the exact same experience we had many of the mystical things happen here for two full years we worked on restoring the property and that wasn't just the physical structures it was also about making it an essay a true Sanctuary because we are one of the few properties left that is holding all the indigenous plants were not pulling out when you come here you're really seeing

the Andes mountains and it's getting harder and harder to do to see this the real thing that was two full years of loving care and we have noticed and witnessed Miracle after Miracle heightened energy energy and really I don't think you and I were aware that there was this much more until July 1st there's so many wonderful metaphors for life because there are areas of our life that need our attention and those areas might be one of the themes associated with the lower chakras you do the emotional themes the safety themes the the survival themes and all of that we evolve through our relationship with we always are going to have human needs but our relationship with the needs is what evolves and how we manifest and where we place our trust and so is Cara was sharing we've spent a lot of time taking care of the foundation the foundation of toast

creating this place as a true Sanctuary it which is holding his creative nature as a vision center as a place of peace love and joy is it literally said what happened for us when we walked up the hill and we crossed there's a little river a little stream I call it the moat I'm now calling it The moat so where is this later evolved is that the River from the Andes appeal from us is split there's a down stream and there is a thinner little stream that has supported the irrigation needs of the farmers cuz this is an agricultural Valley for for many many years and so there was a natural stream is very small and over the years they enforced it slow so we have to cross the upper division of the stream to go up the hill

beast mode is very much at a energy flow of a beautiful energy flow and they're really the minute I crossed and it crosses our entire property at the center right I mean it's just too profound in the in the chakra system the traditional it has so this flow of nourishment energy for us it was very much like going into the upper chakras once we cross that foundation and we're walking up the hill we begin to the air gets thinner are out there but there's also this expansion the the earth and the creations of the Earth are supporting a connection

is uplifted beyond the normal connection you do a quote normal is a word that on a throw it out you because Northern judgment normal normal is just wherever you feel good that's normal you don't work you feel at peace and happy so why don't we just use the phrase I'm I'm at peace I'm in happy rather than I'm conforming to a norm sidetracked because we went up the hill I know that my experience was one not just feeling my feet on the earth healing of the lightness of my feet on the earth walking with the Earth which then moved into a sense of feeling embraced by an energy that was beyond the kind of the Tactical you do it when we go out and touch the Earth

and there's there's a reconnection to the natural world as we climb the path what I found is we were lifting up and a time for myself the level of connection kit moved up into every find appreciation of the beauty and being touched by Beauty so it don't try to communicate is what is the Embrace of beauty what is that like for you what is the Embrace of spirit like is the experience that awaits as you find yourself in this moment so it was July one went straight and I will call to go up and we were called to to really look and on that day I will share it that after the installment that came through it shows she we have had many many more come through and a lot more talking about how the cosmic openings are defining and to be prepared for the August connections and that there are,

defining moments that are going to be coming in in July you're going to see a lot more increased activity with Cosmic connections through all the dimensions and the messages that came through up here were happening at every level and I were at one point I thought we had just finished a deep connection I sat down and then it is real time then we found what is like a garden of petroglyphs we knew there were some there but we found so many more and this huge you're going to see it she got it we got the pictures video huge silver dragonfly I kid you not wingspan my eyes are so good as I was worried you don't got it in there very clearly the reason this is so important for all of us to celebrate right now is that we know by living here when toes are blue mountains are revealing itself

now revealing her exploded Crown chakra for three years we have never been up here because I had the D surgeries and all the other and abilities and now I almost ran up here as a child and we went all the way to the top which you'll see we discovered even more and so In This Moment Discovery and this crystalline energy and as we are preparing its profound up level combination in the next hour of the show we're also going to be taking all of your questions and and questions and requests we want to offer you a video and this video is 100% put together to assist you to really be on the mountain and we're excited to share it with you and just relax and we'll see you when it's done enjoy your week go

hey everybody this is Brianna Rose and right now a permit and I are walking at the very beginning of the trail that goes all that the mountain here at toast at and in just a few moments SRI and Kira will be sharing a video of them from this last week walking this Trail and revealing some of the Hidden Treasures right here at tosa Blue Mountain you may remember from last week's show and ensoulment that came through Master lady Kara while some of us were at chochi an ancient and ancestral home of the canary people here in Ecuador and in that ensoulment part of what was shared with this energy of the unveiling of the Divine illumination that has been in stasis

and now this week right here at House of the mountain there has certainly been an unveiling of the Divine elimination that had been in stasis and Cara have lived here for nearly three years and in this video you will see them sharing some of what has been unveiled and revealed for the first time just this last week that had not been present prior to the activation that happened at chochi through the heart of Wellness Within

Cosmic origin

feel the love of V Temple of Oneness connecting with that and igniting up pimple that is within at all times and always

merry go climbing the hill

we are on our way up to our 2500 year-old archaeological site it is a gorgeous breathtaking

who is Henry show us the way

do I need to be archaeologically excavated that the sun is much bigger than we all thought so you'll start feeling this

and it is just a spectacular July one Hill to go to the ancient and cabinet return and see the river and an Ecuador they like to use green houses to grow roses and tomatoes as the climate is perfect for that

as we hiked the beautiful mountain to come to a major encampment this encampment was quite old you see this wall the stones are deliberately placed they use some natural sand and mud motor to help keep things in place as we walk here you realize here's the corner of the house and if they Incorporated the huge Rock in the back has a shelter

what a wonderful place

has returned to take in the Vista we imagine what kind of life these Fellers would have enjoyed being so connected to the energy of the mountain and the energy of the Nashville spirit world

the Aku

so this is an interior manifestation area and I'm hearing that this is very similar to the crystal energy field that is over at 12 she and that that is why they took that the two had to open together that this is like an instantaneous portal of connection and that we are a whole ceremony here this area has been quietly waking up this is very much a lizard head

that if you think about the ancient canoe re if we come over here was this area right here as you entered into the structure you'll know what is also the curve out there we have a fire ring and that many and it is absolutely older than the 2500 diesel are younger than the rest of the the big block sites most of the model S that have been huffing and when you're up here the energy is beyond tangible and this is the blessing of House of Blue Mountain Street let's also show them. Thanks printable here

La Chapala the pink steeple

oh honey

thank you for picking this moment

have you do blends in

he was silver it's like he changes with the Sun

oh my goodness. Look what I am seeing to our loan

the way that the stone was invented in trimmed and was most likely used for polarizing most likely spices or some type of grains most likely for Ceremony because it's a big piece and it's at the end of what I'm seeing here is quite a bit of other you'll notice right over here by the cactus there's a lot of other Stones this very much cuz he had it was the snake and the Macaw parrots are there two largest totem just like earlier this very much with design for holding it isn't Bethel and so it's worthy of our appreciation we've now climbed all the way up to it where knowing and feeling is a land of fairies and wanting you to feel this energy as we are continuing up lots and lots of beautiful look over here look what's hiding everywhere you look there is something hiding you see the in

functional cutting of the stone and the way that the trees have overtaken the archaeological site that's the site all of the energy is here and we are now heading up there is my beloved so this is. Grove he was just mentioning and we'll see you at the top

Welcome to the top of the mountains free ronca

quite extraordinary up here way up on our boundary

set behind this mountain mountain many many stories here

so we hope you enjoy this video of stream KIRO showing all of the secrets in Revelations that have come forward here on this land and we just invite you to explore you know the spaces that are in your backyard literally or your neighborhood and just witnessed and the presents what is ready to be revealed that maybe wasn't there before

when taking a breath with spring our hands to our hearts wow welcome back welcome to Street and Carol live the voice of passionate accent our second hour which we like to call our community our because we get to spend even more time with you are Beloved Community and on such a special up level weekend we're going to be going into the the Divine creation. Together thank you for joining us a little late and we hope you enjoyed our our video sharing because we we certainly enjoyed putting it together this is all beans leave a legacy the question is can we hear them

it's always bite you to tune into maybe watch that again to get yourself here and and discover how rich your beings can be make sure you're part of our social media get into our Facebook I believe it's official stream care of course right here at YouTube official stream Kara help others find it and I believe it on our social media platforms so I think we'll be able to get it out to there as well if you would like to watch it again because what's the overarching reason that we are sharing this with you other than I don't think you ever left. I really guys did you see the mode my mode. You saw when we were first walking over the bridge and where Brianna Guerra when they made that beautiful intro did they do a great job and so when you when you walk to that side there is a moment of magic that is extraordinary because the magic that you feel here is already so profile

that it really caught me off-guard it's forced me to expand even more and as we were walking up the mountain by Consciousness was so aware of many different worlds you know many different energies even then when you found the fairy experience I mean it's a fascinating spiral an actual with bowed and that's where I'm taking a breath because we want to share how that came forward and well right yeah we've been blessed to have touched many of the abodes of the ascended masters and to have had the gift of of that it's just a blessing to be able to come into the energy that is held out of the Ultimate Surrender of service to The Divide Master is just that ascended and masterful

that the frequency they radiate and the love and the presents that comes forward is is very Healy uplifting inspiring and humbling I am when we were at the bataclan we we had the pleasure of being introduced in end stepping into those two boats are we showed this picture a few shows back let me see if I get it out of the reflection 3. This picture the building which we erected on the lake that was our meditation tonight I was on the other side of this little Lagoon and the water is is got lots of raindrops on it that's why it's not allowed us to capture the picture of The Walking On The Water is the Mist offered

profound reflection of the radius of this being photographed because and this was really an honor when that when is it in Masters first came in they they came in with the beautiful gift of a sudden numerology it was during that time that is sending numerology that's it. I was in constant contact with the Magi that she and I were having our own private sessions with other beings of really coating ascended numerology to come back to the planet and that all happen at the same time and lately with the rise of the Magi and the ascending numerology we are not surprised at all that the most extraordinary humblings gift that came through when she and I did scale this mountain and spend time up here was the sharing that that Abode that was there at Lake atitlan is now anchored as a hologram remember they never leaves that's why it does

why there's always a Bose in so many places because those Holograms are always there for when they might need to really be in a more intimate experience and this is the moment Event Event alchemical transmission and so we are honored and blessed that that a boat is now here literally and that it is huge it's pretty much over the entire Province hear that incorporates Inge Perkins and at the top of that pyramid pose to Blue Mountain it is a pyramid and I look at it for three years we had to go to Ingo parka and every time we went into it and it would open her doors for us and it's so important to go there and and let us help you open the door then go to Parker's very rare access and when we offered

initiation in the egg State portion of the temple before the Inca came and did with all the other dogs must do and built over it but that egg-shaped Temple is the canary that is the most ancient creation portal and so that's the first point and then chose to see is the masculine point of protection at this point and that's why all the time we went there it was literally there Custer's Last Stand with Joe Pesci and it and it was because of the sacredness of that area the sacredness of the point and its alignment not only within the perk up but also was toast

and now there's this site here I chose the Blue Mountain and as we have the feminine in the masculine creation this is the unified this is that which transcends all that is created it's a it's an Ascension monument and that's why these three work together and that's why I'm still having a hard time talking about it but what I want you to hear In This Moment is that when moments like this are gifted on behalf of the world since July 1 Austrian I have wanted to do is get this to you because you are in a moment where this is happening for you really happening I want you to really hear that we opened up the show today can you allow that to really happen for you what's happening forestry and I only because we're saying yes and because of you you because of you we are and so when we walked up here when we activated and I'm playing up here pointing to our background because I don't think I've left and I

no siree and I have not left it our in our consciousness

when you make this connection and these upper chakras ignite with this body of form right now I have been dealing with massive physical issues and and what I have noticed is that I have been called even more even when you think you're going to get that moment to rest even when you think of it might get a little less intense is that your body goes wait a minute I'm not enjoying this right now because you've been out of me so much and so when the body starts calling you back in that Veil that's on lifted right now is saying okay this week is about how much do you really want white and I had to look within again say okay what am I really committed and that gets me through anything it says no matter how tired I am I'm still on the treadmill everyday no matter how ill my body may feel I'm going to be right here with you right now

that's the illusion that's not the real experience that's what this up level moment is about commanding more Mastery no matter where you are commanding even more and we've just been given a massive up level right here toes to Blue Mountain and in this portal energy in this full moon it slips we are sharing this with you as well because we know it's part of the reason that we're supposed to be living here so that this is spread as far and wide as possible from a ballast center part of our world service exactly this reminds me of when we began earlier on in this presentation this this Sunday service talking about the victim triangle in the evolution into the ascendant triangle healer the Healer Mentor t-shirt why because we took birth to serve

we we those of us that are Awakening to the higher aspect of your essence of who you really are what some people call the higher self which is the South and everything else was a refraction was a distortion who is only one self and subtypes when we earlier in our journey we think that's the higher self I wish you would talk to me more know that's you and Betty best start listing for said that evolutionary process happens because we surrender the need for such a self-service and his dad's become selflessly serving and that transmission all your experiences your wisdom your money your where they think it's all there to support your joy it's all there nothing ever lost the entire world

leave me a little bit to we're going to take some calls and I wanted to mention is Kira did a little T up so to speak on putting together formal presentation on that but remember we said we always hold our video and this is the first year were actually to update but we always hold our video until we're done because we want to make sure that when we offer it to you that we're not just talking about it at solterra clear that we actually know, but if any of you of were sitting over the call bored listening to the show if you want to press star 5 on your telephone device that'll let me know that you would like to talk about the physical body in relation to the energies that are at hat and everybody

is going through physical changes like it or not but I want everybody ages and you get to choose whether you like it or not but it's still there exactly right

not this isn't an amazingly momentous time is not dislike the most outrageous moment ever because we are awake to be awake right now means that the universe is tattoo on the shoulder and said what is the world you want to create you are being given we are collectively being given all of the paint brushes a beautiful Candice and an opportunity to create the key has it will take steadfast focused awareness and complete trust there was a difference between commanding the law of instantaneous manifestation through the alchemical process of the yoga of self Ascension and sitting around wishing hoping praying and wishing hoping and praying as active energy is saying Rescue Me Rescue Me rescue me every dogmatic tradition on the planet needs a victim needs a rescuer and needs an abuser check it out

every single one and so that is why to transcend the victim triangle is the first step in trouve Transcendence and the journey yoga salt attention when we can step into ourselves as the witness tree is that still up here I would love to show it one more time it is all to begin the experience of lifting from the third-dimensional witness of what you do like I do did I just do that to that fifth dimensional witnessed her that's that compassion that you wrap around yourself where you can see without judgment without victim e energy that which is and love it unconditionally and then from there is a little left you seen them in the graphic the literal lift up into the witness thing of that that's how much Freedom we gain when we let go of judgment until we released again

become the witness in the ninth Dimension and in 2018 when we first revealed this we didn't have it as easy as we do know to access all these Dimensions I mean that we are giving everything to you earlier if you go with the current the current is above but let's do that says the one that had the spirals right

I'll put it up you can tell me if I'm right to keep talking I don't interrupt you the grand cycles of the cosmos are ones that either or supporting the expansion into density or supporting the reunions into the Oneness and that the reunions is indeed a spiral that takes us from the dentist third-dimensional energy into the more refined Realms of the fifth seventh ninth etcetera however the third dimension is we shared with you earlier is at a creation that seeks to preserve itself and the way that preserves itself is through the attention and energy of the participating players so as long as the planetary thought body has got you as long as fear has got you as long as victim energy has got your attention you are feeding the manifestation of the third-dimensional experience and that's okay

do it the quiet is when when when are you complete with it because no matter what we are in that every fighting spiral right it doesn't wherever you are you can't not be and that's really the blessing and end most commonly one who is very trap and density is unable to hear that however you do a bow before Krishna murti you know until someone awakens they just are not responsible right they can only be awake so their level of Consciousness is my husband has heard so many beautiful times write your level of Consciousness is it it's just a really profound remembrance and so in this month we're all of our tails are being lifted even more any time available list the ego must relax more exactly and so the method that it would be using and it's going to be a particularly big this week so the method it will be using

week is going after anger anything that used to trigger you or the method of this week will be about love co-creation and this is like you just hit the ball and now you're seeing how many yards it's going to go before it touches down on the Earth again on the 11th and so I don't know about you guys but I am taking the high one on this let's go let's be the shining stars and that's the gift is that mercury and I want to close with this before we do the phone lines because this is important to know for our journey mercury has been in this very feminine experience of herself it's been very fascinating every time you connect with Mercury very very feminine over life very very feminine and the way that this retrograde has been an extraordinary for us and that got 19 20 21 experience while right is that her back is toward our planet right now

yet her heart is wide open and it's set Center heart it's that heart that says I have removed the Old Wounds that say you cannot get close to me you will never hurt me again you cannot come in I I will not only have I remove that I trust you so much I don't turn my back leaving that wide open without even an ounce of doubt that one of you may try to hurt me

think about think about that energy and so to meet that energy is to be able to store up through that portal that mercury has opened to help us all anchor in The Fifth Dimension remember June was about what it was about really anchoring at least in the openness to staying in The Fifth Dimension about right and I know what that feels like I get it I get it but it is an opportunity real is what you define it to be however this is very real for those of us that are living in this energy right is that a good way to say it without limitation what was definitely is around what you look at determines what you miss

nothing to judge about just as have a giggle okay now we're going to bring our attention just a beautiful colors because they're going to assist us to look deeper yes we are over here to the one that's talk radio called board and we've got several hands raised we're going to go to Monica she's had hers up the longest Namaste Monica welcome

Namaste the love history and hero gear welcome

thank you for taking my call I love everything you're tearing thank you for your courage and your tenacity in your big cards both of you I would be very honored if you could offer me a reading regarding stealing my TMJ and the teeth grinding is this issue has been there for some time thank you thank you for asking and you certainly ask the right person and at the right moment and so I'm going to go ahead and meet you again cuz we have a little background noise but stay with us so let's talk in general terms and we'll talk a little more personal the TMJ is right here as we all know what this is It's a grinding or clenching bruxism also in and what happens is the muscles of the jaw are overworked and they get into a pattern of grinding and being the focal point

the release of energy and the energy has to do with the on acceptance of what you are ingesting what you're choosing to do you think is important so I let me unpack that a little further TMJ has two prongs one is if he comes in energy release of that which you wish to break down I wanted I want to make my life more palatable I want to be able to eat my food so I have to smash it and make it smaller right so I can digest it now look at that on the emotional side of things if I'm chomping at something I'm wishing to manage it and this is where you can decide how deep this wants to go with your personal so there is a piece here and it's about your fifth chakra. The fifth chakra is the one that says I'm willing to accept what's really true rather than what I wish were true or what I was told was true

I'm willing to accept what is really true and I will digest that rather than try to manage my reality to make it conform to another belief system so dear one please understand that these are the lessons through which we learn how to surrender to our higher wisdom and stepped out of a pattern that is based upon an emotional response reaction kind of thing so that's one piece is to remember there's a tension so once your body finds an Avenue for the release of tension other tension can go there so it's not just what I said which is how this came the beach but now if it's a preferred child because it's open so I can have tension from the day I can have a little anger about the day I can have my disappointment my frustrations my my responses to the

hey and they're looking for a place to vent while hey how convenient I can do this at night I can do this I don't even have to pay attention it's a process of number one coming into closer Union with what's going on and number to unhooking a pattern that is being used more than it needs to be taking a breath on that my angel view in one second but I do want to share with you that I was speaking my ears started itching and I kept hearing the same thing over and over again so I'm just going to share it, I close my eyes and let it come through exactly as it says it's been sitting here and I want you to hear this thing yes field harmonic of the one next to me. It has been staring and that your wisdom is being wasted

you offer your words too many who are not ready to hear and you do not listen to those who are sharing the words you are waiting for

In This Moment of divine connection your voice is tired and your mouth is tired

it is tired because your words of wisdom are great and the depth of your knowledge bound list

it's time for you to arise it is time for you to say yes to you too love thyself Evermore to re cognize the value of your divine nature in time for you to say yes without giving away all that you are so that the V that you are may find a smaller piece to be happy with

ask yourself now who am I

illuminate more


and as you do you will discover more

tender breasts are 1 have a closing word

I love you both so much with all my heart you are both so precious to me I love you I love you I love you I love reflected back to you dear. That's all I'm taking a deep breath because I am looking into all of us and knowing each one of today's colors we are building do y'all feel it I mean courage in you to just start relaxing into this building because we are in this building energy moving into this up level Attunement that we are going to be doing live and you know travel alerts we are going to travel from today to the 11th and FYI when you do that on the 10th send a happy birthday to my husband because his birthday is always going to be like over my birthday on July 10th drop a pastry we're so glad you're still here right a year ago they told me this day would not have

and I think it's fascinating of the energy of this week that you are in as well so incredible. All right all right has their hand up all right, stay welcome

oh my gosh this is my first time calling you and I'm so glad welcome

thank you thank you bless you both my numbers from California but right now I'm actually in Texas and I'm okay I'm sorry I would love to have a mini Soul reading

okay we are happy to help and so I want you to bring a hand to your second chakra kind of actually really actually between the second and the third so likely no higher second lower third area and the other hand I want you bring right now to your heart if it's possible to do if it's not then steals that other energy there and as you breathe the first thing that's all around you and I'm just finding it very powerful on this day is that you are it's like your breath is stopping and it comes and it stops and then it sits then it goes out again then it comes in at stops and then it says and what they're saying is your flow is like that it comes in it stops and then it has to keep coming in again and again and again and that you are in a moment right now where they're saying that drinks from The Well of that which is

before you now that that very much like screen our talking about that mote in that water flow here it comes to Blue Mountain they're saying that you have before you right now this well of opportunity and this Wellspring of knowledge and that within your heart in the still moment is the truce you already know and that this moment right now is for you to activate that I didn't even more expanded level

I'm stealing your your ascended heart moving together right now and I want you to take a deep breath and let it out

you are and to know

that you are already in this process of divine manifestation and present thank you so much my love because there was a lot of background noise again so we apologize all right we're going to go to looks like Ketchum Idaho has a hand up forestry hey Ketchum Idaho Namaste and welcome

this is Gia is I'm in Boise Idaho and welcome what a gift to talk to you today

when will I see you my love

I just I'm so connected with you I feel so beautiful. I just I am requesting a mini Sol Medical Center me I have found within my mind at the book I've had for 30 years and it's still there

50 facts about the enlightened originated and what how they have the back of their neck into the casino is going on the 8th at the bones of the nasal bone head-turning

apps to the bones that's if she has the infection

information I get to be 12 to 18 hours this session and what I want

you are a gift of insight and intuition

for the New Year's but surrounded by a month before and a month afterwards

and when I'm with you which is about three out of the five seven days and sometimes for 7

I am to be there for extended. Of time pirate there is what should I do first

today a special day

the taking a breath and thank you and we're going to share and Shreya let you begin if you like you do one of the things to remember sometimes we travel and then we regroup and weary travel you know it's the spiral path into just when we thought we were all completely something we spiral or around and we pick up another little nugget and a little bit of experience in energy definitely your sixth chakra is the chakra of opportunity to continue to springboard your growth and the sixth chakra does Jax those organs of hearing it certainly affects organs of sight and you know that part of your brain as well at the physical level spiritual level and in your own remodeling this so beautifully the 6th chakra is about seeing the truth it's about looking Beyond the Veil and seen your spiritual family seeing your spiritual Community seeing the divine

find a flow in actions and as long as you keep saying yes to that whatever healing is required will be so it is and yet sometimes the Journey of saying yes to that which is expanding there is a certain just call it yours of resistance years of patterning that were in place and the patterns are a little slower to let go than the enthusiasm of your heart is to say yes so we can have to have a little patience you do take breast from time to time but keep saying yes to your expansion and this is your chakra of opportunity it is blessing you you are also had a moment of yet another choice and they're saying they want you to not show her the background they're saying it's no accident that we have this pack round today with this portal opening with this opportunity

that you are connecting with us on this moment of this full moon that is then going to offer us the eclipse and what they're saying is that you you keep making even stronger affirmations of who you are that the tosa Blue Mountain that's already done is it doesn't it's what it's what your life already sees happening because of that decision that is what where the breath gets stuck and I feel it right here like woke you like hi-hi-hi long and so the reason you got Thursday and the reason you are most likely going to be Mike it one more coloring but the reason you are here is because your body is sending you a formation of who you are this is not a disease that created a hole in your bone

this is an opening that you have been gifted with through that of this world needed to happen for you to discover now what you do with it this next Jeff is yours right now and it's right in front of you and the Divine directors are all around you and all I can say it is all I see you doing is dancing you're adorable you're beautiful and you're dancing and dancing and dancing and they're saying my love dance it is a new time and so it is

much love dear

we love you too see you in person

like another place in Idaho right hey there may be Nampa Idaho it looks like you have your hand up namaste

hi this is Maria and thank you for your work I'm really learning a lot and really enjoying it my question is along the lines of Ascension symptoms and me killing the past can you give me Insight I feel like I do

so long I'm so tired babe I just didn't know that I was welcome home that's why you got through today you welcome home there are thousands of people listening going yes Maria yes we are we are so glad that you say hello and that you're here right now so in this moment would I want to invite you to do is take juices one moment and feel Joy in his one breath right now I am so happy that we are meeting this is not an accident

this is and you are meeting us we are coming together in this huge up level moment I mean I hope you have champagne in the fridge girl this is a massive moment I mean this is called yeah I want to offer you a couple of inspired Moments One is I want you to get a picture of yourself and put it up somewhere and smile at it all the time because it is almost like if you have the ability I want you to photoshop your face into an angel picture you know I said you have to do it all already but I want you to start seeing yourself that way more often and I thought and what this means is to become more self full not selfish so full means I love myself as I am I love my compassion I love my willingness to care about the world and I'm willing to take care of me

I need so that I don't give from an empty cup okay that's one one thing the other thing is I want you to get out your Journal I want you to write about what the vision you have for the perfect day in the world right about it this what this does is going to call forward the positive what you're wanting to see not what is falling short but the vision you have for the children the Earth yourself your love your everything and start writing about the vision a little bit so that that's front and center and between loving yourself or tangibly seeing the positive that you're meant to help facilitate you're going to feel better and you know I want to just close with one thing sweetheart and thank you for bringing us into the ceremony because I can't think of anything better than to have a queen walk office in remember the queen you are how would a benevolent Queen act how would a benevolent Queen respond feel your crown chakra right now as I am speaking with you

both of our Crown chakras are uniting as is all Crown chakras of those who are connecting with the energy of sincerity love and presence you are a powerful healer and the greatest gift the world could receive right now is you saying yes to you I am honored to meet you and thank you for calling us today honey we love you dearly, we love you honey and wow it is time wow so we want to invite you to just really admit it I'm going to do that because I really want to have the rocks and the portal energy and hopefully you saw the movie of everything but if not this is enough to really if you want to have your eyes open so we are going to relaxing to this level moment and invite you to just sore as we begin to do this together it's important that we are where we are

companion and give it a little wiggle give it a little stretch take a couple of big breasts

okay there we go a little movement of energy into the body and make sure that you're safe meeting if you're driving if you're listening to us pull over the car don't go on the journey if it's not safe to do so you can come back to the the replay that YouTube. But here's the thing I invite you now it's safe to do so too close your eyes and to notice your breath

just noticed your breath

no judgement simply awareness

and as you relax we send a little signal to our bodies I am safe

we sent a little signal to our emotional body it is safe to go on this journey I am safe

I am loved

there is an infinite supply of love and light in this universe and it shines for me as well

I wish that reassurance let's take a couple of more breaths to into our heart breathing in deeply through the nose

exhale through the mouth

I just think along with me for a moment I am here I am ready

I am open

guide me

I will take a brass and will do that one more time and preparation

each breath I take I relax further my need to control is softened I am here

I am ready I am open

guide me

and as we are guiding as you are lifting

simply have one last moment hearing the Montrose Health Ascension as you lift Evermore and offer appreciation to the body form that is so beautifully holding this moment of Illumination for the reunification it's just a breath away

I am here lifting I am ready listing I am open listing guide me lifting

now your breath to relax

simply be with thee

and as you relax into this listing as you relax and just simply being

you begin to notice

almost feels like a sound or a harmonic frequency

senior awareness

you become aware that that sound is beginning to look almost like a can of light coming in from what seemed light last

in the spin of light is growing

growing growing

until you are aware now that you are literally inside the moon of this planet of forms experienced inside the moon right now gazing through the Moon


what are you seeing

what are you seeing what are you seeing

noticing what you are seeing

you begin to notice if there is a sense around that skiing

that is love

or fear

Westmont or contraction

stop playing with charging


as you noticed

begin to call forward the energy for you are the commander of this energy into this experience as you are in the center of this Moon experience gazing through this experience begin to stansteel no experience a beautiful golden spiral of light igniting around you

relax into this golden spiral of light relax into this golden spiral Twilight

a lot in to this golden spiral of light

notice how effortlessly

you are finding the gift of love

circulating through everything as the empowerment of your divine nature

Letting Go noticing

you are now in a moment outside of time

and is now Saturday July 11th 2020

as we ignite for the first time in thousands of years the living Temple of the Crystal and white

what are you do casting

what is coming in

as you noticed go deeper

thank you for joining us in Scream Carolina to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3 and you're you next week, today

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