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Sri and Kira Live, July 26, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to 3 and Kira live other worlds been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up they are shipping to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean missionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors explore these Mysteries Opera Live so open up your mind body and spirit the paradigms that are shifting perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
Namaste and welcome beloved ones to the voice of passionate action I am wisdom teacher SRI rampai welcome beloved ones to this opened or energy to this moment of extraordinary traversing between so many different energies we are in a week of push and pull we are in a week of anger and love we're in a week we're spiritual Championship will open the door to the greater presence of your Divine and there's a big catch you've got a really be conscious you've gotten power that spiritual champion and so, to you as soon as we can after that incredible arrival moment that arrival has been building to this moment and this energy which will surely
but more with you in just a moment but hey I know that there's a lot of people watching us in a lot of different places we want to say hi to all of you and also tell you how you can connect with us live right now we hope that you're catching this one this talk radio and I'm going to check our video feed right now I don't have to remember you can listen to the show while you're on hold you can call us over at BBS radio or you get to talk with our great producer Dawn and that phone number is 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 if you get a busy signal what does mean all the lines are full hold on cuz as soon as we would say hi to somebody that would free up a line over there and you can jump in over at R1
talk radio call board and hello and we love you to everyone at one is talk radio. Com please go ahead and call 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500 and remember if you happen to have an Ascension symptom question for my beloved incredible evasive medical intuitive my beloved husband raise your hand when you're in the cardboard and you do that by pressing Star 5 or by sharing that with Don when he chats with you and gets you into the Q over at BBS and so Street I know we could like keeps thanking people for ever write thank you thank you thank you I dislike let's just go because it is a moment of coming together and there's just so much to share notes are in a time of incredible upleveling time of incredible transition and I just want to scroll us back a little bit because the last last time we were with you
we were talking about how we were moving out of the Mercury retrograde and what that meant Mercury turning her heart toward us right back other review so to speak to your rival on Wednesday oh my gosh and Empower Empower to be awake in your face is what it is it's in your face I am sorry let's just call it like it is right
forward there comes a moment where we must kind of notice and choose what are you allowing to be empowered are you empowering the comfort zone of the known Eagle reality or you empowering the inspiration of the ever revealing spiritual reality virtual reality it's like okay I'm just as fast as you guys are not only getting our own way but to get out of our own ways there's been this an amazing empowerment energy and This Is Why the pause
what am I choosing to empower now as you breathe into that SRI and I are going to roll and I want you to just breathe in this okay so what you are staring at those of you that were with us last Wednesday when we did when we were all here as the neowise moment came in and that 7th dimensional Gateway open this is what has anchored what you'll notice is behind this you see the door the open door and the huge Cosmic rainbow bridge and then you see this beautiful flow this beautiful ocean of Consciousness and all of the lotuses around it with the wing add chalice well this is the integration of arrival if you were with us last Wednesday night we offered you the collage of the four energies remember she opened up with the show last week this cycle rain right now really began last week with this show and what you've got
is that right now today just as my beloved was talking about the Mercury retrograde post phase culminated and the door opened this is literally today
and that other view to Transit right into that fifth dimensional anchor ship well now we are at this moment where the needle lies came in and at the ball it was this graphic - what's happening today the Chalice open remember what happened on the solstice June 21st we ignited that beautiful toast toast US during that weekend and we are now the Chalice we are the living tree of life and we are still holding open and it's getting a lot harder which is why this week is so intense and why we're going to talk about what all this is going to be about and so we are all holding this 33rd Dimension I remember if you stand like this right if you stay on and I'm talking you know your feet are anchored shoulder-width apart your spine is straight your arms are really up your head is since
Sierra Leone open if you are like this
is a receiving mode in a giving mode it matters not you can only hold that for so long until you need to either fly popover dropped as we often say this week right now as the post has of mercury has finally come to an end that entire chapter has ended mean what we are bursting the next level right now and this birth is going to continue and began actually with the arrival it began with the arrival and from the day of the arrival which was last week and we're going to show you the ascended numerology fat and why that's so important until the 8th is the 17 days well today we got a amplifier today we got the door opened and the cosmic Breeze this incredible flow-rite this cosmic energy just went hey boom
ready or not here I come and that is that 7th dimensional expansion that chalice you see the Chalice is right there now but what you see is that at the lintel is the Chalice at your ascended heart that physical body has said yes and is living in a sea of creation it is said yes I am ready to ascend into a new way of being and the Chalice has stood forward and said are you ready to really go beyond the ego and that's what brings us to this week this is a very profound week and I want to show you guys a graphic those of you let's see I think I'm hoping it's this one those of you it is yeah those are the Bhagavad Gita of Ascension as I teach the Bhagavad Gita you have already seen this this graphic and what this graphic is showing you is what just happened
at the very very top you see well as as we look at this cycle of spiritual Evolution and this is it this is my interpretation after as a as a scholar this is how I present this this energy and so as we all are in the experience remember July is an experience month as we are all in the experience of our spiritual evolution of course we are going to see everything come in how many of you are seeing the Tom has so rich and alive at the third dimension this is where we see that energy of tired or Inspire that's what the inertia is guys where we feel a sense of Darkness where we feel we're not good enough we're crowded by ignorance and where we find safety in these energies well the blessing of this is that if you see that blue arrow there right this this is the moment right now where we soared all the way up we went through the Thomas the rajas the stock pot
Bible we all together and touched. Ottman ignition it's that 7th Dimension Beyond its Beyond The Forum it's the freedom from the illusion and that is the gift that has been gifted to all of us and today the door is opened and said okay who's walking through the ego or the soul because the door has opened on the wall and and this is the moment where your ascended presents
August is all about the dance of the ego and it's and it's going to be about the dance of the ego because that's all that's left to stop you is yourself and the part that you will start seeing this week is that this wide-open energy has called forward all of those energies that when we do we have to fear Dimension Graphics are okay for level of Shannara spiral that I was just showing you as we spiral through and there we are fabulous let's look at this graphic together because here's what's happening and if your left brain can wrap around what's happening in your ability to stay anchored in the fifth and seventh Dimension remember you are listening to the show you are connecting with shree and I because you're
ready to your you're ready to say okay I know there's more I get it I get it and I know there's more and I am not afraid to be that and so what's happened is that the third dimension right now is becoming concretize and we talk we've been talking about this for months and the planetary thought body has become so embody with fear that it created this fear dimension in blending with the fourth dimension and you see that post how we were sharing that this post was going to get bigger and bigger and bigger well the pulse has gotten so strong that's what's happening is when we first created this graphic The Fifth Dimension you see it was created and shown how The 5th Dimension was was like this huge like I like to describe it as a rubber band and that that rubber band at The 5th Dimension was was saying welcome
well because the anger energy has become so empowered remember the all is being empowered right so because the anger energy has become so empowered what has happened is that it when it's now fear + anger and so the outcome of that lovely equation is hate and we're starting to see hate bubbles coming and so the blessing of this and I want to go back one more time and show you the first graphic hear about the gunas the blessing of this is that the experience the energy it's the passion it's the activity but it you see it's that spiritual activists experience that justifies anger because you have a greater cause if it's it's beyond the me into a we however it pits one we against another and so we are in that experience month
are in that month of July and so of course as the all right as always being empowered as as we were opening up the show saying hey it's in your face Master spiritual Championship is literally in your face right now and so what's happening is that The Fifth Dimension is actually condensing and we were trying to figure out a way to share this with you so let's see if we came up with it as a as a just a solid fixed object right however you want to imagine that rides with the solid six. Hardball right it's a hard ball is this very thin but incredibly powerful magnet known as the planetary thought body and it's very very thin and it's very very menu Louisville and it's very very goofy because it's
constantly being said it's if it's like a self-preserving goop is the only way I can describe it and it's and it's a line with density and that is what we all contribute to practice maybe we should stop and talk about how many years ago that are emitted from the human species so these are the fear the terror of the anger that hurt that the tragic stuff and those energies were not completed they were just out for a sore transmitted so where did they go and nobody could be there in your like whoa what just happened in here that's what we're talking about we're talkin about that unconscious irresponsible sloughing of energy and because I want to put a caveat hear that shree and I were offered
best practice when we moved into tosa Ranch 2003 signal back up that we have awakened and so the the container practice that he was referring to you'll find it at our website tree. Add comment and look for under the practices area useful when we begin to take responsibility for the quality of our energy field what we are doing is two things one is we're sending a signal the universe that we are Awakening to the greater truth of who we are because we radiate energy so let's get this in the proper order your body is encased it's suspended by your energy field you don't actually see with
from the auric field touching into other energies and that's begins to send a receptivity to the physical senses to open up to that experience the truth of that come in now consider that you have an emotional experience or you're carrying a judgement either so let's just call it just, I am trying to control or I have a belief that should have been different and then all of a sudden we're in a relationship either to a lesser or greater degree so that sends a signal out in our energy
if you do not wake up to the truth of this you will always be a victim of seemingly external causes hard ball which is the third dimension and then we had stopped right here you have this very thin every time I actually see it to me it looks like bubbling water looks like boiling water of all the things that are constantly has never ever say about the all the garbage out in the ocean and then I need a floating in the aetheric energy around the earth it's hell to the Earth by the magnetism of the earth and the fact that it was sourced from here and it reflects back exactly and the key is think your way through it the way through the planetary thought body comes the moment you love yourself enough to remember the truth of who you are and then it's on the other side
do you need to know how you got there you were able to love it and see it for what it is so when you are able to be in that moment of holding that Divine compassion for you that loving Embrace and that letting go of thinking that there's something wrong with you and allowing yourself to be in that moment you are beyond the planetary thought but you first have to Traverse the fourth dimension and this is like the next part of the journey and many many many beings get stuck in the 4th Dimension because in order to flip on the other side does not mean that you are not without judgment and it does not mean that you are ascended it means that you have said yes to who you are and you're starting to get the understanding of it where many stop is they believe because they're on the other side they've already hit it and then they lock in at 11 of Consciousness that
it's the third-dimensional ego and gives just enough spiritual confirmation to an awakened being to keep them in a very comfy layer that actually still feeds the lower frequencies because it's very much attached to Eco and this is where spiritual activism comes in spiritual activism is very much about my way is the only way and as long as you like my way we can agree right that's spiritual activism and it transcends every belief system it just is it is an energy and it is one of the ways that our Consciousness becomes leveled and you can spend lifetimes in a level of Consciousness becoming really amazingly incredible activism spiritual activism all forms of it have some form of intention about making the density better
incrementally it is a step up from Pure selfishness and self-absorption it is an experience now everyone will have their own experience of that but it whatever level you have had that experience there comes a point where even those positions those ways of identifying must be transcended so every step of the temple steps in your lifetime is you take a step taking a Breath You Take it in you grab your lessons take another step and there's always here I have this level of attainment is called
can do a chief the Buddha was once I credited with saying those that have heard of Nirvana will ultimately achieve it because the truth of it and Devon is simply a state of consciousness as well but the truth of it is known to your soul will always be there now whether or not it's your life time to claim your Mastery and move forward that remains to be seen however without Clarity of content you can be sure that the forces of friction of gravity of density will tuck you into the dramas and keep you really distracted there for as long as you're able to be hypnotized by them it's it's an amazing game board that there that we live in is that delightful thing to Transit through little little whatever
do the fourth dimension and again that fourth dimension is in the lower areas and I don't mean give it like a lower higher just that that which is closer to our planetary thought body carries a lot of disincarnate being so there's a lot of chaos there and this is why a lot of people are afraid often times I remember oh my gosh maybe it was in my early teens when I was very connected with that part of it and unaware of what it was and it was a it was a fascinating journey and I remember being very aware of the journeys I was having and literally being paralyzed in my bed wide awake in these experiences while they were happening until I was able to train my nervous system and as you train your nervous system and as you move forward this is how you are able to relax through it and so this is why I fear
fear is the fear is the cork in the bottle guys and it's a swell it's a wine cork and there's a seal over it and that's ear is Seal is called a first-year will pork it then your anger will seal it and then your hate will put it in the case and it's gone it's in complete darkness and so these little bubbles of hate that are coming up or what's causing the 4th Dimension to actually get richer because hate also has an ego what component in order to you must judge in order judge at that level it is coming from a very strong egoic position that in the essence is terrified they are even the one they look more dominant amazingly perfect is that they're both mirroring the same sphere and they're unable to get through their fear that's where the
Best of The 5th Dimension opens when we release the fear and it begins with the fear of who we know we are it begins with releasing the fear of just saying yes to you often times we play Roll throughout our lives don't weigh we put on our own little masks because we're terrified of just being ourselves and what that might mean especially if it flew in the face of that which was considered to be either normal or accepted or whatever when you have said yes to you there's always going to be a density consequence that's part of it however if you really said yes to you then your joy your freedom your success your expansion your ability to model and be will eventually
reflect upon those who might have been the first to Runaway who will Who will turn around and say just like Reverend Ike you know that's for me is for me bleed experience living near an army here meeting in her car because anytime anytime we are have a projected energy what we're really saying is I'm afraid that might exist inside of me as well that I do not choose to look and when someone does something that really irritates you chances are there's a remnant of that within you this is pretty basic understanding however it's important to conserve the truth of our own humility that little bit too that he was who is without sin cast the first stone
is better or just or Fair that's a spiritual cop-out investing solely in the correction of density versus investing our energy and our own healing and an Ascension process because within your ascendant process you have the gift of releasing energies like blame energy anytime you are blaming anytime you are shaming anytime you are in the sick of that then look squarely at your participation in that moment and lift through it lift through it because those are the energies that keep that 4th Dimension their food to the 4th Dimension anger greed jealousy all of this is food and the fourth dimension carries enough Mystic
power experience that many many many are enjoying it there and doing it well and you know it always says right and there's a lot doing it well here's the key they are all doing that so well that the 5th Dimension in responding to this fourth dimension firework smell like the 4th Dimension is just having a Heyday and we can use it so the two are just perfect victim Consciousness beans did you see the victim Consciousness there it's so with the arrival that just happened it up for this very week this started last week now I don't know
I'm just going to put this up right now okay just so you guys can see it there it is okay so is that are they singing This is how about we make it between the toes this was the ascendant numerology if you were with us life that night you saw that so this is the ascending numerology for the arrival so in a sense of humor ology numerology July is it 11:00 so when you look at the way the charts it begins at the 11:00 now what is so powerful that the 11 is the OnePlus One is all about us being reunifying then July 22nd of July is a 7 so we go backwards we say okay I'm in back to the 7 but then the 20/20 is the four with the double infant and this is where all bets are off because What's Happening Here is that
we are at the at 11 and we go down to the seven instead of going around wheel to the fore we have said no we are jumping into the incident and we are going to jump out again and then the entire date of the arrival July twenty-two 20/20 is the 22 as the four again which means we jump back to the seven and begin a loop of Mastery if you are having symptom ology if you are experiencing things let's begin again it descended numerology a sin in numerology charts on the body as well remember this is the ancient system of the ancient Magi and they seen that the 11:00 is actually the Divine energy of the left side which is so feminine and communism
art when the WWE Global initiative goes live and so this was the 11 for this entire month so everything in this month has been coming in from the outside so if you are not a way to it it's going to feel too intense you're going to get really agitated going to have a lot of curology of the seven placed on the body is your sixth chakra what are you choosing to see remember the veil was uplifted in July will on the on the arrival the veil. Lifted even higher and then we go down to the root chakra as the for where we ignite the double infinite which starts suspending our entire body in multidimensional presents and this is why we want to show you the ascended numerology because that opened up on Wednesday and that energy has been building building building
I took today right now when this door has opened and this Cosmic ocean is letting it and so you are either going to drown and not know it's there and feel like everything is closing in on you you're going to be very angry and why is this happening to me and or you're going to lay out and Float On the Ocean of divine creation where SRI and I are and I'm waving to you this is a blast this is a this is a birth of your Cosmic presents so if you are willing to say yes to the birth of your Cosmic presents the week ahead is going to blow your mind because remember we are building to the oddest one moment this Saturday and Arie
we need to talk about John the 31st as well but I'll turn it over to you because there's that much more coming this week and that the energies of this time can support your creative application of your divine presence or they can support your creative application of your vehicle of Separation known as the ego either one can be supported this entire experience is is divinely except supported so there isn't a right and wrong here there is a call to Clarity on this. Spiritual champion champion energy arises at a moment when the majority fall because for a champion
rise in the world that we have co-created through a planetary thought body for a champion to rise it means that there has some something has fallen and that is not to say either is not the gift for whatever has called you to arise bow before it and allow it to offer you its blessing everything literally everything in front of you around you within you as you has brought you to this moment and if you are connecting with this show if you are aware of the awareness if you are able to stand in the energy of who you are right now then trust that you have been called to your Champion moment
there are all these little paint bubbles we were talking about earlier that are floating around there and they're actually they go through the 4th Dimension the 4th Dimension can receive them as he's little bubbles however when you hit the 5th Dimension. Cannot enter and neither can fear fear and hate refine As you move through the fourth dimension and this is why that fear Dimension has come forward this is new this is never been before even trying to graphically put it together to show all of you was challenging because it came in as a pulse and and it was a very distinct frequency that was so far out and I don't remember was first shared it with us we were living in I remember distinctly cuz we were living it looked like stanzas with I was making music but it was actually these these things that we had no idea what they were right now
can be so easily dissolved by love that's all it needs its fear love you can't carry the two and if you think you're in love and you're afraid then pay attention because denial has already set in and so when we are able to let go of the fear of ourselves when we trust our own decisions knowing what there's never a bad decision any decision you make is the right decision when you stop doubting yourself and you will doubt yourself more if you keep asking for outside help and this is something I just want to share is that those of you that have readings with SRI or I the one thing you will always know is that all of your answers are gifted to you through you during the session and that we just have the blessing of witnessing that evolve
call your answers from the depth of you if you don't know how to take Quantum Clairvoyance or book a reading but you are able to do this this is a moment where you're going to have remember August we're going to talk all about this next Sunday mark your calendar the August for addiction to run it will only blow your mind and we have committed to start doing the full of send a numerology for each month every month as well starting with August so you're going to want to be there next next week right because in the month of August as the ego is really going to be in its last straw for the Dominion of who you are it is a choice month so you are going to be making choices like all the time all the time about being an energy by choice every moment
it's always one thing that I think is transitory so often when we have a moment
the pulse of fear which is a natural human thing is immediately reacted to as if it were a character flaw or an announcement of something worse about the versus a pulse and it goes and so fear and anger therefore are often deeply hooked together because anger is the emotion of self-protection anger is is the forceful APUSH energy it says you have violated my beliefs or my body or my my emotions in some way and so I am now pushing you out like I want distance because I'm protecting myself but if you look a little deeper you'll see that there is fear associated with that I somehow I fear that I will lose who I am or or have have an injury beyond my ability to repair
are you really willing to see what's in front of you and are you accepting what you're seeing or are you repelling that conscious remember that we are on a healing Journey you do people say it is disconnected from means that we are fractured in some way we are disconnected a separation has occurred to heal that and that means we're also healing those fractions fractures inside of ourself whatever hurts from childhood whatever hurts from later years whatever judgments an unfinished business work consumes our energy so how can we be in the present moment if a big chunk of our energy is tied up in the past in just
says it hurts say yes we have this crap because it's all this it's all the victim triangle the third third that fourth-dimensional egocentric basis that is saying I really like the victim rescuer abuser model I love it and I'm going to I'm just going to keep reforming it and then the victim abused our rescuer becomes our spirituality I mean we have done them were already in a position ality are we not so then we justify our retraction from our higher self because it's comfortable to be
with another group of angry people then you don't think there's anything wrong with the anger you're Justified and we are not condoning anything I want to just put our little caveat in here what we are inviting you to do is to recognize that when you can hold the ascended presents and be the model of higher Consciousness you can we have a greater effect on the outcome because you are holding the energy of the restoration of balance you're not feeding it from within remember what is the problem not only is there not a solution anchors the problem at an even deeper level of concrete and that's what this week is going to do this is one of those weeks where because
this door is wide open that beautiful see that see if creation there there's people get it there drowning in it already and so they're going to violently react because this week the floodgates opened and it is a 7th dimensional invitation which at the very least and is still you'll at least be sitting here on the 5th Dimension in full recognition and I'm not inferring that there's anything wrong with that I'm saying to you what if you try on being who you are what did you do just do it two hours a week when you're with us for the show because the gift of Us coming together is that as Community not only are shree and I sharing what the week ahead looks like we're also coming together and creating this incredible container where we are all in the moment of a balanced energy of exchange of giving and
that's how you break free of the victim triangle how about it is blessed to give and receive that it is a balance it is an exchange is not everything slow when we hold on so tight it slip through our fingers overtime deeper levels of Truth Shipley are recognized and to say it's better to give than to receive has its pros and cons but if I were to rewrite it I would say it is better to give than to take
it's right there without shell. Steal anyway I we are marvelous beings we are magnificently created your crazy incredible and the amount of energy awesome and learned through the application of the science of of a medical intuition is that we survive even with a fraction of our available energy you can survive you can have your wheelchair or your drugs or your treatments which may be really necessary I'm not just saying you can survive with only a fraction of your energy available what would happen if we resolved more of our past hurts and pull that energy out of those congestion and
what would happen if we release our dependency on fear-based realities and beliefs and instead align with expansion Airy realities
well here's what happened what would happen is the amount of energy right wheel reversed most all of your Affliction but you got to believe only you can do it I know I know how to do that if you are sincere and resurrect your life and will show you how to really do it to really do it surprise announcement of the weekend we do have one again for this week this Tuesday
we are the place that you would want to come if you really want to we're going to be much more yoga of South Ascension forward here meaning that when you come to spend time with us here we do you have a weekly schedule of self Ascension experiences that happened here all the time you're welcome participate in them or not but the key is that we are at a moment where each of us has to look ourselves in the eye and say am I tired or Emily inspired and through our inspiration what we know is that we are blessed to be here at what we really feel is Ground Zero for self Ascension on the planet and I want to share a story with you that happened on Thursday because Thursday Street and I did something we have not done here three years we have all of our guests but we have never gone to Piedras de Aguas and it is this incredible oh my gosh it's a real thermal hot springs in the mud
only like an hour from tosa Blue Mountain and we were inspired to go because Patty and Crystal who are just here for the cosmic Origins experience in July one day and they look so amazing when they came back so we went and OMG so because of the Cove in the entire Spas by reservation only you are the only people there it was about five or six swimming pools and a volcanic thermal water lovely temperature nutrients get in the water and we were down in these caves it was so freaking cool
and a coffee scrub and a salt scrub that was like crazy over your body make yourself look really fun and of course as you know so much now go to a different hot pool and and check that one out for a minute and then apply the blue mud which has gold gold silver and other other minerals in it which now is providing incredible arrangements so I know that these kind of therapies exist all over the world and we're so wonderful that exists here it's coming right out of the mountain the thermal water in the pot
hot water to deal with it
cabinets with fresh eucalyptus I mean come on could you ask for anything more where we were then whisked out to our private lunch the entire restaurant seating for us it was just great guys it was $49 you got to get down here and so we were we were like thank you it was our first moment first and only moment we won't know until probably November it was very exciting but the reason I want to share with you other than I think we were enjoying our reminiscing moment of our four out of first four hours we've had off in 3 months are driver on the way home I was sharing with him about what's happening here at times to Blue Mountain so hopefully last week you were here and you saw the video and I'll we could always play the same video again today Sri if we wanted to maybe we will instead of the other one I don't know but
started uncovering through our spiritual championship of this mountain and protecting it ever more and more it turns out that there is most likely an entire city at the top of our mountain and and we have started Excavating from the top down this Wednesday we will be going up there and getting you more film for next week's show so you're going to want to be here for that as well but here's what happened our driver who is bringing us back from the spa when I was telling him all about how you've got to come climb up and see what's going on here we are when I shared with him what was happening he almost stopped the car I mean literally his mouth dropped and he looked at me and he said Cura when I was a little boy My grandmother used to point over toward your house because he literally lives across the Valley Road and cancer
how many many kilometers away and he said I know it was your amount she was pointing to and I said well and you have to come and lock and so it turns out there is a huge huge Miss Laura and we are going to ask the grandmother's to come on Wednesday and we are hopefully going to film them for you and we'll have a translator there are beloved dr. Rana so we'll be filming the quiet down with their saying in their native language while she's interpreting for us but there's a lot of mess and they call this the lost city of the ascended ones and so I can start really do you get the chills I freaked out I was like what and then he said it again he said look that's what you're saying is happening he goes everybody has always talked about the lost city so that some of the newest information that we have but we do not have any photo documentation of that other than what we had last week
our spiritual path is always been to in service to our divine guidance and and the expansion of the Awakening energy that the attention that is on this planet and we were guided here to become custodians of this property and now more and more is being revealed this Friday and I'm probably going to say it wrong is Eid Al adiyat and the reason that we should all be lovingly present to that is because in many ways I feel like it's archangels odd kills day this is the day of the celebration of Abraham not sacrificing his only son and as many of you may or may not know Archangel Gabriel is the angel that is credited with holding back the hand babraham and thereby as we have been working with the lessons of light the lessons are living in The 5th Dimension and archangel
tomorrow night but I really heard you if you're already registered try to be there live this is Zod kills week as I'm even sharing this with you do you feel this now for Zod feels energy to be so profound this week that means we are all being invited into the energies of mercy and compassion and they need to begin with ourselves mercy so that you can ignite your higher presents compassion so that you can stay Anchored In The Fifth Dimension August is coming in with an egocentric Roar it is another month of profound shift and it is a month of choice it's going to be an anomaly August is going to be a month thankfully that will be an anomaly so July is the entry and September will be the exit remember profound shift profound shift profound shift so really breathe in
the energy right now of knowing that your Veil is up in this last week of July it's odd kills week the week of mercy and compassion of holding the energy of mercy and compassion for yourself and everyone else first meet with mercy and compassion when anger seeks to swell and we can watch those hate bubbles start dissolving and the planetary thought body start lifting and the 4th Dimension feel a little less eclectically electric so that the 5th Dimension can relax again because the 5th Dimension right now is condensing it's like it's it's it's having a that's what's happening
is a powerful wonderful week and I want to bring your attention to something we'll talk more about in the coming weeks and that is you know August has long been known as the firing in this year of 2020 is that this force of of call it empowerment I has the opportunity to either be the steadfast commitment of spiritual Clarity and the Champion Energy of saying I align my purpose my passion my power line it with my spiritual truth right this isn't a need to dominate in order to find strength and that's the the shallower expression of of the of the Leo energy of the domination is the police that force is required if I find strength in those who have submitted to my intention
The Rescuers
these are also on their last gasp at the border where it's like I am not going down you know that that know it's always been this way I think about the masculine energy I just have to jump in because this is very masculine this is very and we'll just beat everybody up till everybody's dead right and I know it's a terrible way to say it but that's what it is I mean we're in a moment where density of saying look if I hit you enough and you have not enough respect for yourself you will fall to your Consciousness and forgive me but it is
more for your Consciousness and you are being assaulted every time you give your power away to something other than your heart so just read that it is the fundamental truths that is motivating the upcoming series wa you get it please this is a matter for Saturday's for Saturday your empowerment to Shield the feminine issues and then into nurture their arising a balance within men and women to heal the wellness issues that are keeping you from having your.
are your it's more than a ticket it's more than an opportunity it is a reflection of the truth of what is seeking to emerge within you and sometimes a little mentoring will bring it into fruition of the truth of you now I want to share that with you because I do want to share one thing when we went to call we heard the call for the WWE Global Outreach program that we knew it had to be August we were already aware through the up level calendar which will be talking about a lot at Mastery mentorship to Saturday so be there we we we we knew all this was going to be there and we knew that there would be a need for all of us to gather every week in August over and above this show Monday magic and Tuesday I mean literally were saying August is one of those months where
we are going to grab hands and we're not letting go right we're here this is another April moment I just want you to hear that when when April first came in and I were the first people on the air that said we are here with you we will be with you we will do whatever we can do we are still in the midst of feeding a lot of people and again those of you that are with us on Monday magic your donations are keeping a lot of people alive we thank you we honor you if you are not part of Monday magic join us you can come in for a zero or even just a dollar helps us feed another person so please join us because this is all Joe's week and this week right now this energy that we're in right now is taking all of us to the core and what is the core it is the center of your Resurrection energy and everything is going to go out there and that's why this week is about Moritz on kills week mercy and compassion Violet Ray and
support because this week culminates on the 1st with August coming in as its own little anomaly months we're starting right there on Saturday just to give you your lineup right get our app spiritual Master he was chewing carrot just here's your to-do list download the app Hits free spiritual Master he was trained Cara at least get that on your phone start using it and it's everywhere you can find it anywhere and then join the miracle team get become part of Mastery mentorship you can be a part of mastering leadership principles $2 a week and that you will be there this Saturday cuz we are jumping into August with a roar so again all of your Mastery mentorship members get there be there live so Saturday will be with you every Saturday in August not just starting it starts this Saturday the 1st then it will be shrink are alive Monday magic Soul mirrors and then we go to Saturday with WWE Global learn about it
be there WWE or go to shrink this week you can still join the entire program for under $100 with payments and that's going to end on Friday so take advantage Plus on Facebook and a personal attention Workshop kind of environment where there's a lot more interaction in Tennis Court by the minute you register and that's where we are in the middle of that 17 day challenge so get in there and say yes to you this is a big month of support you're going to want to have your tribe around you this month because if you say yes to that she said yes to yourself this month it's going to come back to you infinitely you are going to have an incredibly creative sore filled Open Door month of creation if not
it's going to be intense studying test them out or what's the question is how do you like to do you want to use that intensity to inspire you and birth new things that's what wa Global can offer to you and it is for both men and women and I'm excited to say that we're picking up a lot of men registration thank you man for jumping and you know any of you women out there looking for the man of your dreams he would be in WWI I'll tell you that right now, just as a wholeness of the unity on energy and when one is swung out too far into the far end of the yarn that is a wobble. Wobble overtime create imbalances in our capacity to orchestrate our reality to be the master that you are
turn all of the emotional and other stuff that comes along when there is an imbalance so one of the best things that healthy balanced empowered energy of the male-female in harmony I am holding compassion for myself into v as I released that judgment through mercy and as I arrived into that field my heart pours out for all in the recognition that all deserve to be and Harmony is calling back in the balance it's just out of balance it's not that there's bad and good it's just out of it so we're going to take a moment a balance and going to be about three and a half minutes but we are really excited because during this moment of balance in this moment of birth I love how Bria did this
bring you another very special Berea Rose segment I know a lot of you been Hey where's Bria Rose so we're excited to say she is right here will be back about 3 and 1/2 minutes and in the meantime enjoy this chip that certainly something we do is a lot of sprouting here at 2 p.m.
right behind
Saturday more
so today we're going to talk about sprouting beans here at Sousa Blue Mountain Sprout all of our beans before we cook them black beans garbanzo beans lentils and more the reason we Sprout all of our beans is because beans as well as certain seeds and Grains all have a protective natural Cooney on them and critters from eating it before the bean has a chance to begin its life cycle and this natural coating is hard on the digestive system and can actually reduce the body's ability to absorb certain minerals
sprouting your beans actually increases the levels of Vitamin B and C within the beans themselves
crowding in
phone number to the kitchen and get started first we're going to pour sand dry beans into a bowl and fill the bowl with some water to soak are beans overnight are beans are going to double in size so we want enough water to keep them covered all night but not too much that are Bowl overflows with water now it's the next morning about 12 hours later and you can see that are beans are much larger now I'm going to drain this water fill it with fresh water and let it soak for another 6 hours for best results you want to soak your beans between about 18 and 24 hours now place your soak beans inside of a colander the idea here is that we want to simulate a perfect environment for study by giving an air he has a hole in the calendar with this paper towel a little covering so that it says if Sabine
under a little layer of soil we are going to keep this here on the kitchen counter and rinse it everyday at least three times a day how many days will depend slightly on your climate but here at Tulsa runner beans in just a couple of days you can also use sprouting jars which is really just a mason jar with a mesh lid on top and he's was really great and we use them all the time there and already we have these little Sprouts coming out of our garbanzo beans they are now ready to be cooked a little salt or however you like to cook them thank you all so much and if you end up sprouting beans at your home or would like to share some other creative inspiration from the kitchen share with our community our Facebook group at the official Facebook page
see you there
and see you here hey can we all give a big Applause to Bria was not the best thank you for your Bria and I can share that today at lunch Street and I had those sprouted garbanzo beans as and it was fabuloso made by the one and only a part of who also has been making her own me on site so maybe we can talk her into making video as well because things are really doing well as far as the whole cooking scene here at tosa Blue Mountain and I'm always excited the first group we tested Ecuador's famous chocolate wine and that was a very fun moment we also did sourdough pizza out of our pizza oven so that was really fun bring a little enthusiasm to your cooking
sprouting your your lentils your your legumes in your beans not only increases the nutrition in decreases the life force
it's now a live and active and I know I can certainly feel the difference and it my digestive system can handle it so much more easily it is just a blessing to do this so we offer this too many of you will go see I remember this make sure you're doing it you put a quarter cup of beans in a mason jar and pretend for a couple days and you'll get over that he needs a sprouted beans together add my next thing you know you've got very creative ways to let's not let's not at the moment but I am excited for when that moment comes later on during this extraordinary way
you are beautiful Community hour with all of you I want to remind you that you can jump into the phones were going to start taking those calls pretty soon here 888-627-6008 over a BTS Radio remember if you have a question for sure about an Ascension symptom over there please let Don know so that he can let us know and of course over at 1 this talk radio at 517-208-1500 where if you have a question for sure you will want to press star five-five right and that will raise your hand
and this is why we showed you and I and I want to pop up again again really quickly because this was a very powerful offended numerology and the reason we want you to pay attention to this is starting next week you'll want to be here next Sunday we are now going to be offering you the ascended numerology like this for every month including the up level dates on the wheel because when you gaze at this and I'm not going to go through the whole definition again if you missed the first half of the show go listen to this part again with the body so remember this entire month is at 11 it is that inflow of the divine feminine energy the left side of the body symbolically is represent
energy is about what's about to come or the fear of a bus about the lifting meal wise, at the arrival moment there's a way that we had the powerful week of seven days and seven years right so everything in this month is coming in it is a tidal wave of multidimensional feminine presence that is riding in I often feel like Durga right we are all riding in together saying we're here we get it we are you know we have we heard your call it says if we have been you know how we're often called The Travelers by Arcangel zadquiel and it's even his weak right that we are often called The Travelers because we move between the dimensions and arrive in time lines where we are needed and so when we are needed we are activated and we all consciously chose earlier this year when we did our first time
we consciously chose this moment there's no getting out of this you're here now like it or not whatever you asked for when you slit in your time zone whatever your overall sacred intention was that is playing out in this experience now and the moment you see that you can relax through it and create into it and that's what July is setting the stage for because check this out we come in as this huge feminine tidal wave of divine energy and where do we hid the body star contact scuse me third eye the brain that they have to mail it is the male energy is getting assaulted right now and it's fighting back so what do it retreated root chakra do you see this look at that Arrow the top of their the 11 left Divine energy is the first numb
we're coming in this month and it comes right through the body like an arrow like an incredible wave hitting the brain hitting the third eye and then out of fear. Ives down into the first root chakra what is that all about safety sex Dominion me I care about the basics get me in a house give me food give me a distraction and leave me the f--- alone that's what that's doing but then I love this because the year is 2020 in any other year right now this would be a very dismal picture but here's what's so amazing you see that pyramid that's the 20/20 it's the 22 is the four with the double incident I love it I mean you just got to love it right and so and it's a double it is from that red circle
which is where a lot of beings are staying the double infant was born this energy is so intense that when it came down when it integrates when you say yes to that feminine energy you see that arrow shooting out there what happens is not only do you catapult be on the third dimensional Bubble Witch is the in a red circle You Free Yourself immediately into the Violet flame of creation and anchor in The 5th Dimension and the only thing you need to do is say yes to your divine feminine rising and again this is not about sex this is not about gender this is about the energy of the divine feminine the door has been opened and so it is about all of us of all genders of all standing together as one voice saying we are here we are ready we are open and
we get it and we have become contributors instead of tapers we are active instead of passive we are aware there by we are present for the experience and a wake to our choices that's the blessing that is opening in two-story minute and the question is with your Veil lifted and with everything in front of you are you able to gaze at it with compassion and mercy that we are loved so much that These Wings Are archangels I'd kill flying in and saying I will hold back the hand of Destruction all I ask is you have mercy and compassion for yourself so that you may remember who you are and full and fly and sore with me again this arrival began on the 22nd
those of you that were there with us watch the video watch the video if you were not there with us we are going to make the video available on a donation basis will be up on our website hopefully by tonight go to shrink this is an important moment the more that you connect with the arrival and this is why it is available as a donation basis and why we are not making it widely available because it's so sacred that those who are ready for it will find it and it is so precious that it's worth the dollar to know that it feeds a child and it's worth a few more dollars to know that you are loved beyond belief we are at a moment right now of saying yes to who we are and so breathe out in breathing you this is the moment of you the universe is in your face we've talked about this the beginning of the of the show today and as we're sharing this week
share that our cat is once again jimmying opening the studio door I hear the Jimmy
so we'll see if he shows up ologies ahead of time
or really touched me the early years of the blessing of direct communion with this archangelic energy or two sentences or statements that were given and one of them was zadkiel saying you can't mess this up if you start to fall we will catch you was also offered but they the reassurance that you are a Divine being having your Earthly experience you cannot miss this up go have your
Sirius the other piece Usopp is
be present to what you're doing because if you don't enjoy it you can make a new choice if it isn't an alignment with your emerging authenticity you make another Choice awareness experience experience Choice it's windy out gets a grip on us and we would fail to be actively involved in our own creative expression that then we suffer as a choice which is Wednesday. Kill said that you cannot mess this up because you cannot mess this up was that kills kind way of saying let go of the doubt because doubt is the shackle doubt is what holds you back you get inspired and then you doubt you say yes and then you say no and this goes back to what we were sharing right before we should do that amazing birthing sprouting video
that we are all at that moment what are you bursting what are you bringing forward what are you saying yes to and are you saying yes or are you one foot in into back right doubt we'll put you in shackles there is a war for your Consciousness and your ego has sided against your soul by so now the divine within right bringing that body and that Soul into its Oneness is the is the the nuclear weapon for your ego right because when the ego sees that oh I can trust me
oh I can trust this oh I love me when the ego sees that it becomes the most inspired creative blessings ever had because it can finally relax and receive the information that is then transmitted through that brain of creation and just third-dimensional experience like that and that's the law of instantaneous manifestation and that's why it's a simple as can be but it comes with a big warning sign you got to let go of being afraid of you he got to let go of the doubt and only you can do that for you and and here's yours one of them so I think it's a fun secret around that The Closer you are the harder it'll feel especially when you're at the moment where it's right in front of you everything you've ever wanted
but it's right there is going to be the moment when your ego will dredge up everything
all because it knows it's got help with that you're going to win and it's like oh my God I don't know what else to do and in that moment if you can be your own hands and say I got you I won't let you go I thought you and that moment
you're on the other side and nothing will ever feel like that again but only you can walk through that open door and that door open today remember the door appeared with that 7th dimensional Neo eyes on the 22nd that's when the arrival came but it's and it's been kind of like you know showing you the cracked today with the release of this is the last day of that post Mercury phase we're wide open so when you're wide open it means you're either available and ready to lift or you're afraid to be seen and you can track that's what's going on guys
powerful time and time to remember that fear and doubt are the weapons that the ego you can go
where we going first mile of okay say hello Namaste and welcome to the show
hi hi hi Namaste welcome
I get to speak to my Ascension symptom is cheap I've been having fun with, is that part of a century since I'm sure some information that you might find helpful your teeth are part of your bones your bones are foundational what are you anchoring on am I angry in trust or am I seeking to survive so let's just unpacked out a little further the very basic energy of my orientation toward the world is either one of trust or one of having to manipulate having to survive everything compete
gums that support the teeth because the teeth do one more thing they offer your nourishment they break down the nourishment into digestible pieces so you start playing with the symbology a little bit and I am willing to work with what is in front of me to make it manageable and compatible for my experience in my needs so that's one broad-stroke to understand your teeth there are there are micro understandings because they each one conforms to a meridian and there's other stuff there this beyond the scope of a conversation here on Sunday it's important to get clear as you do self-care around your mouth in your teeth and your gums to get clear that I am loving my life and I am safe to except
experience pack which is the for me I'm also feeling a direct connection with your third chakra so this is also tied to your the moment a big transition you're getting ready you're getting ready for a big up level is all I will say and and there's it's like I feel almost a grinding energy going oh my God oh my God oh my God and your third chakra going oh my God oh my God I keep going back and forth with these those muscles into a different pattern laugh at it consider shifting your diet just a little bit to that which is more perfectly compatible to
do frequency more green Foods more fruits lighter Foods whip some things up in the you make your smoothies you know that kind of thing will give those bones a little rest but will provide High nutrient to Value into the body and it shows a conscious decision to lift your elevate your nourishment and also known as yourself by finding a, do you love and go binge on it we love you all are you smiling I hope so and Hae that was one of the things we did on the arrival is we actually opened up that night with a fabulous song inviting everyone to sing so again and those of either or with us for the arrival go watch the video again this just anchored and it started on the 22nd if you were not with us it will be available for donation later today at stream
and straight we're going to go over to PBS radio now the 800 number line I see nice to speak with you
I would love to get a mini Soul reading from you guys and I had a question about Ascension as well in the last few days I have been experiencing a lot of flights almost wind like a wind tunnel in my ears on little drumming and then it keeps going away is that something which is also part of the Ascension symptoms for a share what you're experiencing I am just coming into the sixth chakra one of the most places the Ascension energies affect us is in that entire Crown area your crown governs your organs of sight your organs of hearing and your endocrine system
something people don't talk about when I'm getting all this make us feel like our hormones are out of whack if you can have hyperness or or moodiness of activity energy and I sense that some of that is true for you and then the ears are the organs of hearing so the dimensional background noise you could call it is something that you're going to start proceeding along with those energies that have a message for you specifically so it's it's all good it's just that we have to relax and go wow I'm lifting and you know like on the airplane there's a moment where there's some turbulence
sweetheart because it really ties in to the soul reading around you right now which is that it's your being trained they keep using the word trained all around you at first I thought you were on a train cuz I can say is that you are you are it's not that you're out of balance it's like you're you're going if you're going in between Dimensions more is like a Stairway than a smooth transition and so it's a little it's a little challenging and so it's like you're being a tune to a frequency literally and part of this for you is around your breath they're saying that if you are able to really take I'm running five minutes a day even if you did it 1 minute 5 times a day would be fine but five minutes a day really focus on that in through the nose all the way up into the crown down out there
Losa and really focus on that and just relax relax relax and like I'm saying even one minute done five times a day would work they're saying that everything you're looking for is right here but it's it's it's stuck in this imbalance and it's and it's why this energy is literally pulsing through your body and this is really I'm glad sure you mention about the Senate numerology I mean you are really literally demonstrating energy of this month so the other piece of this and I'll share with you as I was mentioned about Archangel zadkiel offering this message is take care of you put you in the spotlight right now and from there it will all manifest and so thank you for the blessing of connecting with you again sweetheart it is a gift
thank you so much I really really appreciate it thank you we love you sweetheart and I must say things that I'm reminded to remind each of you things are going to be in your body as it was sharing with her your six seven chakras are are dramatically effective and we have a little bit of understanding chakras govern certain bodily function what's going on in your sixth chakra so a sixth chakra that is out of balance meaning not at its full potential is very much wrapped up in old trauma
it can't see what's before you because it's too busy looking at what's already happened look at someone clairvoyantly and try to offer them perspectives in techniques to help them move in do Liberation and having their energy back it's sometimes sixth chakra issues are directly affected by the family of origin imprints you know and we all were imprinted by a family of Origins and sometimes quite strongly compassion for the self you know if you've done our forgiveness practice this is a great week remember mercy and compassion for you mercy and compassion for all and empty just stay in that creation because the creation this week is going to be great we're bursting is birth energy and sometimes Birth has a little pain with it but it's always worth it right
is the lack of Need for much sleep people are waking up more and then they're waking up at early hours that do aren't there, because there is enough energy the body's receive the rest it requires there is enough energy coming in and stimulating the endocrine system to give you some extra juice as well and so these are all part of the intersection of your physical form with your level of Consciousness and the great environment that is bathing our planet right over here and I assume I just hit select and it looks like
hello dear Namaste welcome
welcome and it's not a me I'm using a
I'm having trouble
several years ago I put two compression fractures in the small of my back has been hurting ever since
what can I do
Beautiful Pain
well that yes that's a perfectly appropriate question thank you for asking sweetheart thank you for your energy field it's about your support at all levels you're a beer emotional support on a Feeling safe and nourished by other beans there's there's elements there that tie into financial support a feeling enough abundance that you can relax and also it ties into the energetic flow the spiritual flow of to allow a spiritual call it Paradise to dominate those areas whenever we have a fracture or an injury of the spine it's saying I'm being called to look at my core beliefs about the nature of my being
and so this is what my invitation to you is you tried whatever you tried other things and I wouldn't bite that's how we discover where we need to go there there comes a time where we have to just surrender all all ability to control it and instead try to get behind the picture a little bit because you have this incredible group of beings around you and they're like screaming right now and that's why I'm jumping in so much so that my ears are actually itchy because the vibration that's coming in is so strong and and they just going to let them speak and they're powerful and it's like their energy is coming right through your back I feel like I'm being blown forward right now and they're saying You must
more in all areas of your life and that that that's what one is saying I got to stay for you and then another one is saying I am speaking are you ready to hear that which is to inspire you and this fourth ones for which perfect balance or speaking right now is just staring at you and they're all saying the same thing get real with yourself get real with what it will take and do it and they're saying that the doing will not be as comfortable as the one who sits in form would enjoy yet the result will be that which you have desired and from there the next life shall begin and I I just want to Bow before you because I have personally gone through this moment and I have shared with a lot of people on the are you know she and I were talking about how was I going to live in a wheelchair here at tosa Blue Mountain and I know what it's like to
at this moment and so what I can share with you just from meeting you my angel is that to be at this moment in this week right now and that you got through on the show right now means that you are being offered a moment of Grace you are being gifted with an opportunity and we all say thank you for that blessing to witness that moment being offered to you right now and so we love you honey namaste
Cool Breeze and receive that because those four Angels were very profound and I'm using the word very is it would be I don't even know what other descriptions to put on these beautiful beings but what I'm needing to share with all of us right now is that Sue just helped all of us to receive for things that are important to remember during this moment and and the one that I know is radiating very precious Lee with what we were talking about earlier in the show and is certainly with numerology is that remember we are at a moment where there is an absolute downpour of divine feminine energy hitting a masculine energy mind and that has blown open the store did not graduate flew open and today it's at. And so how are you receiving that are you flying in the Wind
indoor are you being blown away by it because all is the experience in this experience right now and so I think it's powerful when we come together as a community I think it's power field when we listen to each other's calls and receive each other's questions and sharing isn't your your gift of presence is something sweet and I treasure because without you we are not right we are all one we are the one energy together we are better and in a month where everything is going to be thrown at your ego mercy and compassion ignite in Zod kills week you will be given if you if you're getting tired holding open right now that 33rd Dimension starting to feel a little overwhelming cuz I'm still just offered you the wings of protection let dog kills Wings carry you through this week remember we're all in this posture will shift to a very beautiful celebratory posture
188 Lions Gate a little healing perspective so thank you sue for your sincerity and your vulnerability and talking about the pain and spinal pain is nothing to joke about I want to offer a couple of of perspectives that may be useful to people and one of them is that the purpose of pain one of the primary spiritual purposes is a call to Unity pain is a signal from the soul who bring your consciousness
to that which is beneath the pain meaning it's not about the physical as much as what is represented through the physical so is a call to Unity it's also a call to surrender the automatic World habit of seeking to control now this doesn't mean you know if we have a pain you get a spider bite you don't take your Benadryl or do whatever that isn't about that's being responsive to the song about there is it's about using pain as a tool for Spiritual acceleration
and usually we don't get to that moment of choice point until we're really on our knees were seeking to do battle with it to control it to modulate it to distract ourselves we go through all those things and and I have been through all of those fakes self and I I really know in my heart the income when the pain just is interminable
and when we can get behind the pain using our breath in our Consciousness to go beyond the surface pulse the surface radiation that is so dominated and use the breath to get underneath there
there is a moment of spiritual release and empowerment that awaits and so I offer that as encouragement to all of you that are working with your bodies as a teacher for how to beat Livermore spiritually focuslife your body will help you and then it isn't the normal Journey the journey he is one of of a different quality of surrender that often times is not our first choice
very true very true and you know Street I want to I want it really feel that blessing as we dive into another color and we have so many people that have been waiting so long so you know we're going to go all over looks like we're going to go where is Sri is it look like Newton British Columbia Canada allright Newton British Columbia Canada
hi we can we hear you just fine
we're not hearing you now
let me know okay we hear you great now we hear your great now question or had some heart problems and you heart attacks and now they say I have like half a heart left I mean the other house is like not there anymore so I have low energy and low
blood clot on whatever and I don't know I was hoping to it. And I want to share just breathe relax cuz we're getting a lot of distracted yeah there we are okay so here it is
as you breathe
what I want you to really experience is the recognition that you are half here and half there when whenever we accept a prognosis of density it is an acceptance that the physical body adjust to however as we Ascend and if you were not a sending you wouldn't be listening to the show right now no matter what you're judging yourself to be right as we Ascend what we remember is that our spirit is able to activate and regenerate this is the whole presence of reverse aging that she and I have been modeling right your heart is saying you only need this to keep this portion going it's enough and the other hasn't died that's the reframe that you're being invited to know which is why you got through today which is why your call was picked to be on air
when I at one example when I was told I had to have a hysterectomy and there really was not any choice it wasn't one of those borderline things I remember shree and I taking days before the procedure replacing my third dimensional uterus with a crystal and uterus energy not allowing anything to be dead inside my body but allowing my crystalline womb to come and depressed and when we look at our time together I had to do that that was absolutely perfect for who I am now so what is your heart inviting you to know about your crystal in nature what is the beautiful blessing that you are that you have yet to embrace your energy feel the saying I'm tired and York wristlet heart is saying I'm inspired are you ready do you want to be more than this because if you do let's do this let's or so this is a moment
Swiss and isn't that what all this is all about so I celebrate that you are so powerful that you have had to have your available lifted and literally put in your face and I can share with you that I know what it's like to be so tired you can barely move I know what it's like to spend all day in bed and put on my makeup right before a show and have just enough energy to be here with you guys and go collapse again cuz I did that for two years so I know what it feels like and I can tell you that if you make the choice and you say yes to the crystalline nature who you are so perfect mama to call in my love and thank you for the honor of connecting with your beautiful heart you are a blessing thank you so much
I think I'm bi bi better start connecting with my crystal and hard right away now I'm perfect, this is the universe saying hey it's right now you don't have to wait so thank you for helping us all we are grateful to witness this birth today many blessings my love, blessings to you before us of Zod kills week of mercy and compassion wow I I just want to share again those of you that are with us on Monday magic make sure you're there tomorrow night because of course we've been living in The 5th Dimension and now she was saying I will welcome you into the 7th and so another powerful sharing ahead tomorrow night and then we're going to be commentating this moment on to
it's old mirrors where it's just going to be sure and I there is just so much going on this week that we need to keep sharing this is a very big week it is the culminating experience it's going to be a fascinating ego Journey with an open door to be living in the seventh while receiving support to stay open wow why together we are better yeah absolutely helpful throughout your day hand heart conscious breath
you can very quickly in the matter of a few seconds restore your balance
when we move from one stimulus to the next stimulus to the next stimulus we start getting bombarded with a state of being partially disconnected from our higher truth and I are higher energy and we become acclimated to that sense of off-balance and we start to call that are normal read my joke about it so stressful or rather than confront any of that subconscious breathing throughout the day
well even as our caller one minute five times a day very much worldly time to sustain your true peace love and joy and from that perspective we start making healthier decision decision that are more aligned with our essential truth rather than a coping with the insanity that we've invested her head
believe me we all have that for many years as well as part of the ultimate moment of that where it's been okay as we've been cultivating as we've been moving as we've been coming around every one of these you know I always see it as like I'm out riding out on this big Prairie and you know there's nothing and then all the sudden it's like oh no another ladder you know just when you're you're most tired and yet if you keep saying yes if you keep looking up and by looking up I mean that dirty figuratively meaning if you keep your eyes on the Divine at all times that is the moment where nothing is heavy and everything is illuminated and that inspiration that pours in is immutable because the doubt is gone and I I want to remind you one more time I want to put up once again what is happening this week we already have hit an. Mon moment that
was the arrival right there we were all able to jettison regardless of where if you arrive with sincerity love and conscious presents then you were aware of the 7th dimensional experience and happened on the 22nd however this experience happened how it was received and you see the way that these rays of light or Illuminating and going in many ways how it was received will will totally depend upon the spiritual evolution of the being yet all beings had this shower area of gifts come forward so it all comes down to the choice and this is why again you want to be with us next Sunday August is coming in as a profound Choice months and it will be an anomaly there is a lot tree and I have to share this week will become intense and tensor and 10 system excetera and that is why we are going to do it together because why not let it be in
Ensley amazing why not let it be intensely Bountiful intensively filled with the best amazing first field creative momentous active presents ever that's all here for you and that's what we're going to hold over the next few days so join us on this ride say yes to you because you're in a big moment and August is going to be a profound shift within profound shift moment and a lot more about that next week and of course first dibs on that Saturday on August one at our Mastery mentorship Gathering and ceremony when we will be together live to Roar and initiate the month ahead and lots of happy faces and smiles and hearts and all all of those are expressions of support
planes are or words in the chat was that your presence counts we live in a world of energetic balance and even though to the world we may say things look a little unbalanced consider stepping back for the picture and noticing that there is a great intersection of call it the higher frequencies in the denser frequencies at work to just sustained what is before us that each one of us that is holding the positivity off of the pure connection to the Divine of the positivity of the energy of true creation and love is offsetting a whole lot of negative way D and disconnected we it isn't that you have a job to do is that your presence matters
you are felt you are contributing you are important and we are glad and delighted to be with you you're the lion getting ready to Roar may this week assist you to walk through the door of Consciousness into the law of instantaneous manifestation we love you we'll see you next week. Call and check out more information at SRI and Kira. Com see you next week

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