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Sri and Kira Live, July 19, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live that's our world spin seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra rockmore these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting a new Fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
Harvest and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka you have arrived we are at that moment right now this week is the arrival if you feel it you know and I know you feel that we're going to talk so much more about that including why we have this amazing background today and before we go any further just want to remind you that we are going to be diving into the weekly Revelations everything that the Ascension energies calling forward on this Tower filled up level week up level moment we are in it right now and we are in it with you and we are so glad that you are here with us three I know it where it where is everybody grab the most people are finding us at YouTube or it when is talk radio's video and audio and of course of course
call where you can call in if I from their 800 number which is +888-627-600-8008. But you want to write down that number cuz if you call and get a busy signal it does mean all the lines are jammed so get in there remember you can listen while you are on hold and stream Newstalk radio salute you can give us a ring at 517-208-1500 517-208-1500 and loosing dial and get your get yourself gun logged in and then spirit will guide us and hope you make it on the air right away you may not the way you get to mission and what are there and we are glad that you are here right now. Right before we go any further I think you and I should do our scooch off camera we want to give you a nice big view so here's what you're staring at dupid this week in a graphic so I want you to do something to try and
Mickey off the camera little more here if I can then you go and do what we want you to do is just take a moment right now and really breathe in this energy this is this week and because this week is so profound I was really clearly guided and shown this imagery and to share it with you because this is going to Peak this Wednesday I want you to make a note of that right now this Wednesday July 22nd this is that incredible, if you see it the one that's coming through right now this comment free I think we can scoot back in right so we're so it's so this comment neowise got to love that this comment over by the time you're sorry guys but this, that's coming in will be here again you ready in six thousand eight hundred years now I first saw you to breathe out in because we have
had a lot of comet up level energy in 2020 those of you that I've been following what what has been coming out here from the Ascension Revelations all year know we are in a master reset masri up level presents this is a moment especially this week you're going to see a lot of reconnections this week and other words you're you're not only being tapped on the shoulder the universe sent you a comet hey look beyond what is trying to distract you right now put your eyes back on the Divine stay in the divine presence of who you are last week would we do we opened up that active energy this week is going into action literally literally guys we are gathering live right now and this is going to build build build and so we've got today we've got tomorrow Monday Night Magic tomorrow is the actual up level moment or be talkin about that more than just a moment if you're part of Monday magic phone is tomorrow
tonight we're going to be together on the up level moment very exciting very powerful and then on Tuesday Tuesday is the bridge day between today which is you know this beautiful new moon illumination moving us into tomorrow where we have the actual pick up level bridging us to Wednesday on the 22nd when all of this energy literally activates and you've got to love a mystery that happens to be Mary Magdalene feast day so you don't all know if a bird right look at all this talk about we ate Our Moment where we must be integrating and allowing the feminine to rise it's that moment where this is not about sex or gender identity it's about an energy it's about feminine energy and here we have a 6800 year cycle saying hi pay attention right gray High pay attention. There's a lot happening right now so for sending you
ecology Buffs I want to share with you two things number one 6800 okay in ascended numerology what is 6 + 8 is the 14th what is 1 plus 401 plus the four right so the one that sacred Union of the body plus the four perfect balance in the year of 2020 in the moment of calling in the masculine feminine and then it becomes the five the forgive me street right that's the Fibonacci sequence eternal life stands the moment we're what shree and I have been modeling where reverse aging is real literally literally reverse aging is real and then who'd have thought that this was our part of what tree and I would be asking to do because we chose to stay on the planet right and so we just had and I want to give a big shout-out to all of our Cosmic Origins people missing you already angels and that
as we are all in our Cosmic Origins right now this week is about the activation and I want you to really hear that it is the activation the new moon illumination right all of the 20/20 activations because it Heralds the arrival of the absolute presents its I want you to really breathe out in what you know what is that will that presents is universal Championship right Universal Championship Champion something what you're saying is I will lend my energy to the success of this whatever this is that your if we're together as a family were championing Awakening worst championing selfish and we are championing the coming forward and visibility of the master that you look in the mirror I wish I could be there I will and Tarzan
the club comes off as we shine as we lend our heart energy in our presents out into the world it sends the signal the snooze button is off if there's a signal out to the world beloved ones his time. Slumbering wake up and feel the love the Bliss and the absolute majestry of your Mastery yeah I wouldn't really breathe that in and please with all our heart and soul join us this Wednesday you are alinea told her you are a master and are you willing are you honestly willing to take a stand and do something rather than just say something join us this Wednesday evening 5 p.m. Pacific time go to shrink you cannot miss it is right on the homepage and be with us as we come together for this arrival activation as the universal Championship ignite and this is that
level illumination amplification and and there is so much happening that street myself and just do today and we are coming together as a trinity of light saying look this is such an important week Champions that we are coming forward and we would love you to meet us in this beautiful illuminated New Moon calling forward not just a reverse aging. Calling forward the true illumination of your Mastery presents informed as you're up level and illuminated Universal championship this Comet coinciding with everything and the fact that that that for certain Traditions you know it is the Mary Magdalene a feast day is really saying look up all the feminine energies right of all the feminine archetypes that could be on July 22nd of course of course would it not be the Mary Magdalena Resurrection moment I am so excited about
and so please join us as free and I will die with all of you that want to join with us into this portal and we will time travel together as we call forward the universal Championship ignition the up level illumination amplification because after Wednesday remember we're all still in this chalice energy right let's not forget the Chalice energy at the calendar let's let's show you guys I want to put up the up level calendar the July up level calendar right there yeah. Put that up right now because I want you guys to look you see where we are right now we are at the 19th now again for those of you that are aware of the up level calendar every month Discounters was designed by the Divine directors I was blessed to be the one that they brought it through and all of the art you see on here was actually placed over each month according to the way the energy would flow and so you see that right now we are hovering over the sea of creation
we are already in the energy of our Mastery so remember that you have already illuminated up top there you see the last day of June member when we transited from awareness into an experience months and so as we are there as you are in this awareness experience now we're in a moment where we are gathering and harvesting this arrival and her and tomorrow the 20th on that illuminated new moon in the energy of this incredible 1606 6800 year old comments we will be coming together in a spit a very strong moment that you see you see the ignition so it bills on the 21st and I'm so excited cuz we would have a very special Soul mirrors Jess will be with me again is to be very powerful and on the 22nd to see that burst you see that I'm going to call it a ray of light that bursts out of the 22nd and goes right back up to the weekend of the
so remember that that Mercury retrograde week was what it was seven years the 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th and 11th you were Amplified 7 years of Mastery presents in 7 days or you were Amplified 7 years of density presence in 7 days but that was a very powerful week this week this past week has been all about getting ready for this week and so wow take a breath right you feel it and is not connecting with all of you I'm really experiencing second and third chakra today along with a lot of stuff so it's so let's really breathe into our second and third chakra and just really be there
ons we bring this up right here to our stuff is cuz we really bring it in what is the truth in you that is that is that is part of the arrival you know imagine that rival is what it's like a birth isn't it it's the arrival and it's like all of the Sacred Magi are around us the essene Brethren are here and they're saying look we're going to send you another tangible fine because unlike other Year's 2020 is part of that rapid two-year overlay escalation 20/20 is actually offering us this extraordinary moment of very quickly very effortlessly being in multidimensional space being in multidimensional timelines I want to put up one more time the energy flows for the entire year because this is an important reminder that 2020 is the year of Mastery experience and so remember that this year is about the rising dragonfly which it
I want to see the three energy but in this year those three energies that are rising out of the heart of this incredible ascended dragonfly energy are profound shift not a profound shift as seen on this diagram by the two squares Visionary transformation timeline adaptation which is in between the two squares it looks like the pyramid going right up there. Dragonfly that's literally sending it out to the cosmic universe and then the Awakening to self Ascension which is a spiraling energy throughout the entire year and so let us not forget as we look at July we just moved into the first of a 2-month cycle of profound shift and so there by today this week the energy this this week of July with the new moon illuminated up level is going to offer you the proposed
ocean all the way through until we hit September and when we hit September we go back and seal a three-month cycle that open January February of this year so it'll be the big return so that's why I was saying we're going to start seeing more reconnection haven't talked to in a long while you might you might be remembering things you might be revisiting your own dreams there's also a greater Paradigm that you might and that is when we are at a time of completion which is this time
what comes forward is that which needs to be completed and I know so many of us have gone through some bumpy moments in the last couple weeks that this top-level energy has has really brought forward some folks and this is part of the completion complete means I'm at peace with this right and so that you are not fully at peace with world of experience so that you may love it so that you may look more deeply perhaps get off your position perhaps move into forgiveness perhaps just have a laugh and it's done but it's done from a place of presents
and so presence is the Healer Consciousness is the active principle of that healing so we are at a fabulous time and then I'm just going to bring forward whatever people in your lives that you may need to offer a hog of completion with or connection
because it's moving so quickly spiritual video ad I mean precious beautiful
the meditation the Cadence of the presentation was coming from a place that help me go to sleep greater service this up level moment while it can seem a little uncomfortable at first it's inviting us to live at the speed of light is inviting us to live at the speed of thought it's inviting us to live at the speed of instantaneous manifestation so we order we either an above and say yes yes and and we can develop muscles over the next week so amazing is that is literally right now
and so it's an active energy of profound shift so consider that if you've been putting things together if you've been looking at things if you had ideas then most likely this week right now the one that just culminated yesterday and you're probably still going well what a week right that we was about setting the stage for you to really throw this week so celebrate what can forward what was in your face what was what inspiration came forward because this is the week to celebrate it all of it all and be active with it through the absolute arrival of the universal Championship with in and a way to really breathe that one in because it is something that many when they first feel it that's where we could be feeling this upper breath-holding or the the third chakra this also they
how much will Target emotions because remember that this energy hear this higher illumise remember this is a beautiful eliminated new moon with this 6800 here, coming in right now we are in the center of creation it's in it's already begun as a matter fact if you want to go deeper with it tonight go to self Ascension and that's your right now building till tomorrow when you see the comet it's coming in to see how it's coming in now and we're going through so it moves through building building building at tomorrow we will actually jettison into the up level portal but you're going to be in that portal Monday Tuesday Wednesday the rise of it all when we want to come together and a tune together to this incredible moments
really important moment and so sorry I really want to talk about how as the emotions are running and wild directions and there's also this sense of intensity right you're going to see a big rise in this also people are really going to want to get positional you know that that that intensity is going to come from positionality navigate this with a lot of these is to remember that as you remain in your multi-dimensional self as you stay in your present in the 5th Dimension which we arrive in stores that sell float that self-compassion you are the witness or of this moment and so you are not just the witness of yourself because the witness of the self in the third dimension still off in Carrie's judgment and questions this is the witness or of that person of that witness the one that can keep the loving arms of compassion around at that soft subtle smile that then ignites you see that big tall
energy coming out of The Fifth Dimension ignites because you literally stand up and become the 7th dimensional experience witnessing the witness of The Fifth Dimension and that energy right now is the greater gift of the moment is to say yes to the witnessing of the witness ER that's the moment at hand and that's a healing moment exactly when you knew you were being watched did you behave a little better
Heather he said I see that is the ego is very childish the road of an ego governed Behavior the moment your higher dimensional loving presence comes online as the witness of a witness ER what happens is the evil begins to realize there's a greater contacts then it's small world so let me say this another way your Ascension capacity is limited by the degree to which you invested ego-based Reality by the density realities now what happens as we begin our journey of self Ascension we move out of pure density
Focus that has more principles and integrator inclusiveness but it's very much egocentric from the standpoint there's a lot of right or wrong and nursing them and all that going on and true Ascension is where we can sit at the feet of the Divine and have that direct communication the direct communion the direct reassurance and the direct inspiration to be a conscious vessel of light in form and this is the Exquisite nectar that Ruby writes about this is the nectar of your your inspired mystical experience and this is the old as far as I have ever seen this is the multitude of Pathways that I have no judgment about the multitude of Pathways but that's where is the direct connection so the ego a personality which have
Roseanne in an embedded grip on your Consciousness and your perception your filters it came in at Birth the eagle was a gift that came in with your body a body without an ego as a child will die young think about it the Eagles job is to keep your body safe that you go to job is to protect your your emotions the Eagles job is to help you know the difference between this and and that itself another so it's a very fundamental a self preservative lens it is necessary if you want to have a body and then calls have a Consciousness so full circle back to what I started chatting about it is that when we get more sophisticated our ego also gets more sophisticated and so we need to pay attention to the soul Consciousness which is witnessing the egoic witness and at the ego then realize
part of a bigger picture and it begins to soften it so the 100% disappear but with the loving presence of the 5th dimensional witness the ego gets softer and softer our world has greater and greater illumination more more love forgiveness and compassion and we haven't disconnected from all of the fun of having a body we've just created an operating system of Love A Love based context I like that
and some SRI this is so valuable in the moment because remember my angel set in this moment before us and this is another reason why when we are at an arrival moment moment right the arrival the birth and this one is about your Universal Championship about the active presence of universal Championship then that is going to cause literally a tantrum with anything that cannot celebrate shift remember this is a profound shift this isn't a shift its profound shift so it's it's like one of those moments where you know what do you do to celebrate moving to a new space with Dread or Joy right because it's that it can be that that kind of double-edged sword or you can either see it as a way to get it going and set it up well that's the moment you're in right now and that's what this 68
100 year right here is the arrival we are going to send into let's come on that we are going to send into this specific eliminated New Moon Smoke signal from the universe that is so we are here and so are you meet us here they're coming in as far as they can if you want to think about it was when your thought so if you think of this was linear thought and you see it as they're physically coming in and we are coming off then the seventh Dimension is where on Wednesday night the 22nd the two are going to intersect right here that's the 22nd that's the eminent impact so to speak and so we're going to together meet
energy and your heart will take you wherever you are meant to go to fully receive this arrival energy and this is about the opportunity once again member we got that message in a bottle a few months ago member that one right with the last comment this time it's direct contact this is the arrival and so breathe in if all your dreams have always been meant to be then look at the law of instantaneous manifestation to call them forward right now this is about going beyond the illusion of what you think the dream is and accepting the truth of the truth that you are
and that is that moment your tree and I talked about it as naked authenticity it's the moment where the Final Fear will be the fear of yourself it will be the fear of having to confront yourself and this is why it comes forward in that fifth dimensional space of loving compassion of the self and loving compassion of the self also means this self this physical body right now is being offered an experience that that you came for remember that as a Sunday numerology teaches right we all incarnate through the sacred sequence your sacred sequence brought you to this specific time line within this specific experience a form for this specific experience of The evolutionary expansion of all Divine Light and so as we are able to say yes to that in
this moment right now our physical bodies are being challenged you are here at a very unique moment the physical body is saying to you and Anna Street and I are living in many of those are living here with us at types of Blue Mountain also experiencing is that when you are able to hear the body and wrap your 7th dimensional non-judgmental arm around the 5th dimensional compassion than the body feels safe and will continue not only creating it will continue supporting as your level of Consciousness arises you may have moments of of imbalance within the physical form where you are not feeling well however they will be pale in comparison to the infinite presence that illuminates you constantly and testimony to that we can absolutely validate that there was a lot of giggling around our beautiful Cosmic Origins beings that were just here that this is the fountain
vuzix living here and I can't really deny that or who sings right now we're talking about the physical body so if you are over at 517-208-1500 and you have an Ascension symptoms body question that would be the place to raise your hand to ask shree and you're going to press star five-five to do so and if you are over at the 800 number 627-6008 you need to tell our producer and he'll let us know one thing I want to talk about is you know here in Ecuador I do have to do a little bragging I'm going to do a minute of bragging so here in Ecuador we did we shut down March 15th I mean the country just went you know what your clothes
play chill and it's just been really quite a blessing to be here recognized as a critical to slow the spread of the virus as our other sanitation and separation issues 100% of those questions of come from United States and so that I find that fascinating as well and so here's here's where we're shree and I have been experiencing this we are blessed to 7500 feet in the middle of the Andes mountains where the air is so pure and so sweet that it's crazy there are no cases around us they're down quite away from us so what we what we have been blessed with his when we're at our home when were in the energy of our Pure Air of course we are maximizing that however when we have to go to Cuenca we wear a mask
cuz of what I was just saying your physical body is being assaulted now imagine not only assaulting the physical body with the particulates that it's breathing thereby making it work harder right diverting energy from other sources of your divine presence you're also being assaulted in at the level of your emotionality and emotionality is a first root chakra it'll pull you write down keep you in your root chakra it says Hey I want to feel safe and then I want to be safe at all costs and then what happens we start collapsing or energy down down down down down so what is this thing shree and I were really clear about was that a mass does not need to be what it is perceived to be and I am so so grateful that all of our Inspirations Christina over at Aura energy you're going to want to write that down Aura energy Shield. Com developed using our amazing
John Silver 5G fabric right that we all know is so amazing check this out I was so excited because of her and brought them with her we have made spun silver look at this Turrell art are beautiful spun silver real silver masks and their light and Airy look you can breathe your glasses to see the silver and look at my eyes see I'm smiling and you can tell us why my leg I'm not happy right what we have discovered is talking you know we had some n95 is that when we were in India we bought and that's why we happen to have them and I couldn't breathe and there Uber light and look look at this so the reason we want to share this with you is why not treat your body to something that's really
good for it antibacterial I like this cute little thing Christina has like generously offered in honor of the 22nd right coming up this Wednesday so to go to Aura energy Shield. Com Au Ora Ora energy Shield. Calm and you'll see it all this is one of several different varieties of apples and there is a coupon codes you can save 22%
it's a beautiful girl scout wanted me to write this down when you go to check out the coupon is silver summer thank you Christina and guys you know whether or not you were a mask in the end is going to be your own decision what what we can share is that years ago tree and I when we first got together we were talking Archangel zadkiel about how to heal that you know can you regenerate a bone can you regenerate a liver or kidney whatever and and you were the one that I saw till that question and end this is the answer this is what we got and this is one of the reasons why we're sharing this with you because your physical body is being assaulted because you are higher spirit is really ready to soar and there's energy surcharge like that
well in and there's really two answers to this the first one is Zod kills comment to me when I asked the question was I was I was facing a root canal can I heal this way for about 30 to completely heal it if you would like it easier route why don't you visit your medical professional to have him treat pad it'll be okay to have it treated this is a really important because often times they are there really is a depth of should I or shouldn't I know how will it affect how it affects our energy is a direct relationship or bored to how you are holding your Consciousness is it's the Consciousness that needs the intervention
you surviving last year absolute value to come full-circle back to some popular spiritual myths one of the popular spiritual myths is I can eat anything for example and you can process through anything alright it's okay I can smoke cigarettes of course you can at the other level is that really kind to you as an evolving being to add that burden to your energy body talks here when we bring Loving Care
free pure water eat your Foods week we take at you do we exercise moderately and we bring the loving care to our bodies there is there is very little friction for your lift but when you bring other things in your adding to the Virgin and so is that I'm sure we'll get two emails from the
why somebody else out there has told them you can meet and any other thing you want to yes you can however don't your level of Consciousness is your Veil so breathe that in your level of Consciousness is your Veil so it's or not saying it's not that you can't and it's not that you won't grow it's just a question of what what sometimes we're just really happy with the level of growth we've obtained and if that's the case then get really happy there stop making yourself miserable if I watching our show and writing us and telling us why we're making me crazy you know do what you need to do to feel comfortable where you are I know for sure and I are comfort zone is about expand I am here I'm ready I'm open guide me because the limitlessness nature you is absolutely what this form is excited about and enjoying and remember that when the true sacred Union happens right which is that safe
Union of the body and the Soul as the one whole being emerges in that moment everything and I mean literally everything comes forth in that moment that level of Consciousness from that level of Consciousness you've you become the living embodiment of what the cosmic brother and have to do it directors the essene SE not have all said that nothing needs to die for you to live nothing nothing needs to die for you to live and this goes back to the original seating sacred and revered as one
I remember one discussion when we had a beautiful group of people here studying The Works of the essene and and and the SE not which is the closer languaging of the essene the escena are ascended group
basically said
do you wish to ingest fear it's your choice but do you really wish to end it all animal protein sources were killed in fear I put your head on a chopping block and and how would you feel about those around you going only love you so much you know it's really it it's it's I forgive me but it is level of Consciousness and all levels of consciousness and so we're not saying that any of these are not good they're all serving what we're inviting is releasing the Judgment of the Judgment of the judgment and I want to share story because
and the doctor you know we checked in the hospital I said I am a vegetarian. Through the first to see if if you can even absorb anything and they'll bring you the cup of Jell-O but the doctor said to be your body will have to have it not only that he got so angry with me for not signing with him the doctor pulled me out and said she will not live unless you feed him and I am going to give him right now this is a man who has been for over 20 years and he's going to put chicken in front of him and I stopped it and to this day he's or not
tree would not be able to live unless he was eating me dialogue in the hospital you know because what it happened and there was a moment when I eat all of the doctor's or they're they're saying congratulations you know you you're you're doing great you're going to need a high quality protein you can only get that protein from certain meat sources and this is what's required for your body to function was there the other priests
and I said well thank you let me let me think about that and I found myself in that moment it internally going well maybe my situation has changed maybe I do need and if I were to eat a protein what would I eat and I kind of went down that path for a little bit I fell asleep
what I want is the energy of Resurrection what I seek is the energy of renewal I don't speak that means to get there when it happened was that group had left I was there I was still there in the room with him lunch came and chicken soup was on the tray really going to do this and and that's when it happened what what is your Consciousness it what it called forth was are you going to stand committed to the level of Consciousness which act brought you to your Awakening or are you going to regress into a conventional Paradigm based upon levels of consciousness that believe in subject-object cause and effect if so then you work with him
and you will be limited by that system and have a good time or full of Truth I've calling a D4 which is there is a Quantum reality there is an infinite present infinite presence the world of form and the what we all see is direct connection to that infinite present change while we are alive in our lives whether it's a health emergency whatever it is whatever brings you to claim your highest expression to say if not now when
and that law of instantaneous manifestation be in around us listen to The 5th Dimension to become the witness or of the third-dimensional experience in that moment because you're outside that of want or need the Law of Attraction remember is your springboard the law of attraction is based upon wants and needs I want this I need that gimme that I want this I'm going to Manifest this very oriented and the law of attraction is also used for the greater good. It's fabulous and it's wonderful and we've all use it we are so grateful that it's out there and the reason that is so well-known and so popular is because it is such a broad
why do beans and then when you're ready to really go and live in the system internal process the law of instantaneous manifestation and as as happened this past week when the cosmic Origins was here in just a moment he's a very powerful little short for you today
one of the things that happened at the cave those of you that were with us last week saw the photo of the the video of the cave in the activations and everything to happen there well with Great Awakening comes great responsibility was delivered and and threw me and and so with Great Awakening comes great responsibility and that's responsibility for your own divine presence that's the responsibility your body and sacred Union has said look over Saul look higher Master self I'm going to trust you enough that I'm going to show you what I can do and and shree and I have been modeling this right you guys have seen me I went from almost wheelchair-bound really having a hard time walking extreme pain to an hour a day on the treadmill minimum I'm dancing an hour to 3 hours a week on in the ballet back on my toe shoes in my ballet studio walk and running up and down here
Temple of the Masters I think I'm now pounds lighter than I was a year ago and that's because what anchored and Worcestershire he's deaf but that really angered admit it was our re-upping right to talk about the experiences my husband released close to 70 lb and through experience of the Consciousness that he so generously literally died for so that we could reopen its reflecting and me as well as the sacred Union and so when your body is looking at you and going hey what are you doing are you paying attention because this is that moment this is the arrival are you paying attention your body will will give you the blessing you will I honestly can stay
and on the top of a mountain and scream that I know this works because I'm living proof of it SRI is living proof of it if you really want to commit steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust it's exactly what I thought you were saying about healing the tooth only Woodstock only what the Divine directors are saying here is that steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete Trust In Your Divine Nature in your path not letting the distractions come in not doubting yourself not constantly making yourself crazy just saying yes to you just say yes to what you know is true that if you can do that this happens your dreams on only manifest the law of instantaneous manifestation when held with the recognition that was great Spiritual Awakening comes great responsibility then becomes the joy of your everyday life and the Miracles are so fast so abundant so instantaneous that
Needs & Wants disappear because you're not looking at them from the third dimensional experience that would have any lock in it at all you are a complete Divine conduit of inspiration and thereby you are now living in the Divine Galactic blueprint fully ignited there by the body feels the upliftment and says hey I'm liking this let me show you how I can support you versus an emotional physical body that you can't move through and that you're in too much pain to think about that your spiritual experience becomes down here because this says no no no no it's all about me hear big moment is important to
have a little patience with yourself to have some mercy on all of the affordables that happen because the evolutionary step is moving out of a Newtonian reality cause and effect we touched on that earlier but that whole subject object way of thinking way of interacting if I do this then this will happen and at that egoic model functions well within its Zone okay and that zone is mass Consciousness and as we are being called a zit to a seoul-based Life As We awaken we are moving into a higher-dimensional understanding and operating system on a different context which is more based in what other word would be flow it's more based an instantaneous manifestation and the more we allow our car
just missed a lift into that and identify with it meaning our ego is not in opposition to it it we're not talking ourselves into it but we we are claiming it instantaneous manifestation and the prior to that point just consider for a moment the reality of your Consciousness is this whole subject object versus Unity Consciousness we look at ourselves that way how you how often do you judge yourself you know there's the emotional aspect of the subject object that you're not good enough to know you screwed up how dare you and and all of that horrible ripple effect your body is needing some love and attention when it has a symptom if we treated like an object
then we are not in sacred Union we're in a relationship with the body and we're trying to dominate not the drama dated by our symptom ology so the it all flows together and then we be in the Breakthrough into this this 5th dimensional light above realm of existence than the sacred Union with the body and as long as the soul is expressing its Divine Mission which for all these has an element of be who you are just be the authentic presence of love and life and then use your gifts and whatever math method is joyful so in that divine presence the body along with you as long as you're doing it for as long and I will re remake myself I will show you my healing capacity and you are not needing to use
all of your higher frequency energy to do it because the body trust you this is that difference write the body now says okay you are taking care of me definitely I definitely in your eyes and you guys can feel it right so last week we showed you the video we talk to you about what was happening over there and we started talking about spiritual championship and about how when we were up a toast to Blue Mountain with our Cosmic Origins through what his grandmother and now great-grandmother used to take take him to all these sacred places that happen to be on our land and that these places have been covered in Cactus as you saw me so you should lose
overgrowth and he started saying you know there's this over here there's a
there's more petroglyphs here there's this here and so a lot of things started happening between last week's video and what we're going to show you in just a moment we are calling what we're showing you in a moment Phase 1 Phase 2 will begin this week we will keep live updating you on this Thursday the 23rd because we've been clearly guided it had to wait until after we all come together the 22nd so we have tonight tomorrow Tuesday Wednesday it's like afford a perfect balance really try to be with us all four days you're already here today try to be with just two nights of Ascension Studios magic tomorrow Soul mirrors Tuesday Wednesday the 22nd
right there we are okay hello how are you and we will have that hello how are you so what has been uncovered this week so far is that what we do know is happening here at tosa Blue Mountain and is obviously not an accident this is a major Temple this is a major site it is huge it is so much bigger than we thought we will probably be Excavating it for years if we really want to do the whole thing I don't know that we'll be able to but what was discovered this week alone in the energy preparing for this moment and this excavation is going to continue this week and we will get you documentation of each day what is being uncovered because we are breathless what's happening here and we are going to show it with you in today short film in just a moment last week
and perhaps elaborate a little bit remember the physical is a representation of an energy and not a full representation it is just a way of it's like touching the fabric there were these these beings that were we were able to touch into them through the roof of the cave and if you go back and look at that video Work especially on the on the upper left side the camera cannot keep the focus it is there is a router Ripples and waves of energy coming off of the ceiling which is was the connection point and one of our our beautiful community members Road in to talk about that so we want to read this email from
Patricia and we are going to share a lot more about what's going on in that video and of course bring in your phone calls with your questions and your basal reading requests and sharing and sharing more about the energy of this week as well so I want to read Pat's first and then also the second hour we have a couple other emails I think we're going to be able to read as well subject line said this was last week's video if you have not seen it last week I just watched the replay of the video at the cave at choji and the energy is so strong it enter it radiates through and I can only imagine what it was like to be there in person wow well you will in October when you come here we're taking you there all right so amazing and strong truly I am humbled to witness it I was reading about how childish she means the house of stars yes that is
True Grit is the translation maybe this is Left Brain but I can see a triangle in my head and it's a pyramid between the park and tosa Blue Mountain temples also reflected or followed three of the stars of the Southern Cross which I am sure had energies and its own name long before it was ever given that name and maybe there is a fourth point to be revealed see the constellation in the middle of the picture yes that's in the Fifth Dimension it's the three with the for anyway I so appreciate your sharing that you were able to share and I am in so all of all that is unfolding Before You tosa Blue Mountain and the whale
holding right now and this is all happening pretty much it's real time and thank you we on the books with things happen and then we're always after the fact that was pretty cool and so we know is getting ready to reveal invite all of you to bring your hand to your heart that we have put together a very short 7 Minute video that will show you just a hint of where we began last week and take you through to phase one which will start expanding tomorrow we will be back to share a whole lot more after that so stay with us there's a lot to see received this energy it's a blessing in the moment
okay so here's the wall
to the right
an angel says that expands
all the way up here but there's lots of cactus
Boston Market Cactus so we're just wondering
what you think about that
but you didn't clear up there of course
and then
here's the wall
was all the way down
and we're wondering if
if you should clean all the rocks
the Viking
if you should make a trail on one side of the of the wall or
we're not
can hear an old saying in the nother Antigua rock that has some okay
here it is on a trail
is clear that
reduce farther down
the second Loop
you cleared out as well
and we do love you and welcome back and we are still basking in that film ourselves and really kind of pinching ourselves that this is happening. Thank you to all of you for holding certain this is a reminder for me to remind you that there is power in the witnessing and the presence of Consciousness when we gather together we are in a magnifying experience span that Harmony and that radiates out into the shared World in and it's very important that we gather from that place of love that play
I I stand I stand as a champion for the Awakening and cam click on you'll find it on the homepage just just register and be there by the expansion of that which is positive wholesome and the opportunity before us all are Universal Championship that begins with r and Mary magdalene's Feast at you. I just love that when we look at the triangle this is the energy that has been either pushing you or pulling you this entire time and it is getting very very strong and this is why you're seeing a lot of positionality
all this spinning was probably overlapping so fast you might not have been able to keep up with it so remember that the density experience the me Focus Center is all about the victim rescuer abuser we are always one of those roles and we are always looking to call to us others to fill the ones we are not and in our scented presents we are all now being tapped on the shoulder the universe is saying are you ready are you ready time to transform time to be the teacher Mentor healer of the master that you are you become you transcend you transform and so of course you have walked through all of that energy of course it's all been before you of course your mind is going crazy it's all part of the victim energy is it. The victim abuser rescuer and a really want to share that this brings us to Partners in pain because
Partners in pain are the ones who will always support your pain rather than love you from the expanded presents to say hey I love you and you can have this experience if you want I'm going to hold who you really are right here and I will see you in your highest always that energy begins with you holding that for you because all you can break you out of the victim triangle and entry it brings us to a letter we had and sometimes we don't know the difference between a partner and pain and a loving friend be happier with being stuck
because they don't they like where they are and here's a danger Partners in pain right every time I witnessed it this week you know I always want it so beautiful to witness is that we anytime we are at a peak Mastery moment I mean one of those while I'm being tipped into a whole new experience of what balances was a freaking out or you lift up and fly and yet there is that moment and the way that this experience this form of density that the sacred sequence incarnated us into the way that works is is that at every moment of Mastery expansion must calm simultaneous the moment that would seek to stop it because that's just the the experience you're in and what does happen is that as you do expanded to every
finding Dimensions those moments become much less frequent and much more refined very fascinating energy but they never stopped or at least I've yet to see the completely stopped so what happens is that when you are in that moment it will always and in one way or another be a partner in pain moment either the partner and pain will be ready to go cuz your ego as usual your biggest partner in pain so remember always starts with the self or it will be a family member or the person you people you consider to be the closest in your life and these are usually not always but usually the same people that as you grow will seek to have you challenge the growth or find or just start talking about their own pain so that you start focusing and become a what a rescuer with loving in
engine seek to help you become happier with the status quo or to cope with the status quo and there's an let's just say there's going on at the other level when you are breaking free those friendships that have that quality will actually be like I need to keep you from the Sandy can only Break Free of the partner in pain need cuz it's actually need go with me you can actually Break Free of that when you started that fifth dimensional aftership until you are fully anchor can you will be cycling through Partners in pain and remember that unless the partner is willing to grow with you they often become the first polarized
the need for validation and he and understanding or he go that we need to be validated source of your truest of your ship your soul energy and thereby we've lost that velcro hook to the partners in Pain by Angel and I think a lot of our community is off and communicating with him as well so here's a subject line we've all made it to July 2020 with a lot of exclamation points, right right okay
cost of fully step into who I am clearly the universe has other plans and we have the little blue mountain March has not been I found myself being pulled into the victim of use our rescuer cycle over and over again and I sort of lost my way in the sense that I completely lost touch with my spiritual life I'm just breathing that in that like I feel it in your body bad to breathe right here in the past few months I've tried numerous hurts and wounds and I hope I've been able to navigate them successfully today I am making that commitment once again
this is not how I want to spend my life here I won't use words to describe what I'm feeling because I trust you will know when you read this
Darris Kara please bless me with a mini Soul reading I know that soon I have to make decisions that will impact the rest of my life and I invite guidance about the same and anything else that is meant to come forward I also have a question for Sri for the last few months there has been something going on at the bottom of my right foot any insight you can offer are most welcome thank you for the blessing of you. You and thank you for this amazing Community I'm so glad to be back I am here I am ready I am open guide me and thank you thank you sweetheart and I guess it's like a punch in the third chakra as SRI was reading I was just like a woman
so sweetheart if you're watching this in real time or whenever you would connect with this hand on the third hand on the 5th now I want you to consider that right now if you're if you're sitting imagine that you're standing up and you're standing up with your hands like this and you're having the balance on your left foot what happens how do you feel pretty unstable huh and bring your breath between your chakras right here it's 3rd to 5th 3rd to 5th this area has thing I want to say is it's exhausted it's been jumping up and down and jumping up and down and jumping up and down last you wear your ascendant heart can't balance so your life has had a really hard time coming into balance and it is through your ascended heart that you are now coming back into balance and as I share all this with you and as I begin to feel greater I want you to really bring especially right here who'll really breathe and bring it
I have to do that before you can continue talking around you is like a goddess of Hircine and more and they keep transforming from form to form was formed for Less form to 4 Less and they're right here at the upper part of your crown chakra and they're all saying the same thing I'm home waiting and there's all these other beings with you praise priestesses gods goddesses and we're all swaying and moving and they're saying our most of who you are or has your hands wants more let go of the doubt that called you into this moment knowing that this is the moment the doubt prepared you to receive
and they're telling you to breathe in again and they're saying go to your third eye go to your star Consciousness go to your crown third eye star Consciousness Crown third star Consciousness crown and they're saying that the River of Light Up and Luminate that which is ready to be known so are all and that may the king within know that this moment was called forward on behalf of many as a service and that the many say thank you as the ignition continues
just enjoying it starting a hard time hold on glad I had this big chair you guys don't know that I'm like her in this chair because my husband I'm feeling very like the Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday they're saying that this is an ignition and that we're going to need to get to the phone lines that you we are all going into the ignition together we are all co-creating it together want to speak briefly to the right foot oh yeah I forgot about that
baby as you go back and listen to this again and be with this again it will take care of it however I want off of your mind a little bit of a paradigm that you can work with with your spirit is I looked at your right foot and and the problems not physical so you probably already knew that that the the discomfort you're experiencing there is basically as Cure begin sharing it's about how could you walk without being able to use both feet how can you move forward and this pain is about the knowing this that you're moving forward to something that you are attached of meat will be forwarded us more distancing from something you're attached to it feels like family to me I am so it's important for the freedom of expression we allowed our loved one to be who they are we allow ourselves to be who we are as well and sometimes that looks like there is a separation or a distancing and that will
how to find things will return to a perfect balance after the transition is fully loved and hit it too and so you need to kind of look in your own heart I see a little friend of energy from your right heel going right on up into your sixth chakra which connects you to spiritual family and also the history family because we're going into it to the connection with the spiritual family the Attunement they were just saying remember remember and it's so it's it's third eye and it's the two its Consciousness Consciousness Crown third eye store Consciousness Crown 3 * 39 * Consciousness crowd and then I'm really sensing that the spine as well so I would encourage practicing that most likely tomorrow night which is the actual up level event we will incorporate that
I not get in there go to stranger. Calm and remember tonight and I suspect jesel include it tonight you can also start this whole thing off with ceremony with Jeff Juden who is of course one of our Champions on the 22nd and so self-centered tree we're going the phone lines where we going from where we at now Westford Massachusetts
Hi how are you we are well you're welcome any packages birthday and I did it would be honored by thank you and I'm feeling you are so funny as I'm connecting with all of you what's so beautiful is that there is this moment of of skepticism but there's this like this smile of anticipation of the connection and that it's one of those Beautiful Moments where as we are this week in this arrival in this rebirth I'm seeing Archangel Michael and my throat chakra I'm going to take a sip of water wow this is Gabriel by the way
Archangel Michael Archangel Gabriel an archangel zadkiel and they're standing around you right now and they're all it's really interesting it's like they're there they were standing but now they each have Michael has the sword. Kill has like this quarterstaff it looks like violet light to me and Gabriel has what looks like one of those Longhorns almost one of those ones from like the beautiful Tibetan monasteries and and so they're all they've got those like hell and they're and they're walking around and what they're saying is is that Union is the greatest gift and it comes through the weaving of all of the parts may In This Moment all of the parts reveal themselves and the puzzle pieces parlayed before thee it is now your time to blend them together in the way that brings the greatest joy
before you now is a vast opportunity of creation we are here with you now as we have always been and may the seeds that have been sown begin to Blossom for together there is a great Harmony moment before you and so it is thank you for the blessing thank you my love thank you oh my heart how's your heart story that. Whenever we come together as Community whenever we say yes to together we are better whenever you know about the letter from akhil and what he has been through the way the journey happens it's about the moment when the Mastery is remembered and bring up when we are in the moment of remembering our masks
we enter into this into the cycle of ascended Consciousness remember that when we are when we free ourselves from density experiment we free ourselves on the pyramid Spiritual Awakening from the density Consciousness when we lift up their spiritual activism we kind of way that River and we wake up into a new awareness that is when the cycle of ascendant Consciousness begins and it's a cycle because we aren't we first become aware of that which we couldn't even see before and this awareness happens when we break free and it really sometimes those feel like you're losing your mind right when we have to let go or what I call go to the Borderlands of sanity and say okay if I'm ever going to what is this all really is real what if I really try it on right that's when the awareness begins and then the greater the awareness this it's a cycle and it's a never refunding spiral we then move into the experience phase and then from there
choice where are we moving to experience eyewear in this again as Arcangel zadquiel always says has just recently said is well aware re-upping right we have Monday magic last week to excuse me in this phone that experience right now but I really want you to feel it pours but as this comment this 5 plus the double Infinite Experience of a comet in the fully illuminated New Moon is beautiful fully illuminated new moon is going to come forward on this Wednesday and say hey are you ready to meet me here and the more of us that say I see you the greater the gift of the illumination this is an arrival moment and this is the moment when your Universal Championship arises even more and the
what is it that does that is I want to where is it right here there is unification the way that it does that is that we remember that we are in a moment of unification and that the way that we can unify is only through becoming the champions of unification knowing and living together we are better knowing and owning the law of instantaneous manifestation that there is more than enough for all and that the lack Consciousness is the key to separation we should means that this cycle is birthing the next cycle and then we will lift we will merge with that which we have forgotten about so it might feel like the unknown which will be somehow feel familiar
you noticed that there's that expansion from Divine Consciousness that brings us added like stretches ass out all the way in identity yet we are all the energies right the Elohim all of it we are all of that we come through all of that into this beautiful experience of density for a moment we believe we have to look up to connect with it where we then literally you know consider it your shotgun around the Sun moment right where we literally then begin and ever beautiful folding of the dimensional energy into the reunification this is the arrival this is the moment where the universe is saying are you ready to be the champion because you already are and in so many ways I was giggling with SRI about this today I think I like the verb better you know that to Champion are you ready to chance
because as you Champion so are you the champion right and so exactly what I'm saying it just become Masters Mastery and so this is this is a moment where the universe has arrived and it's saying what we're going to get even closer we sent you that message in a bottle when we flew over last time ever the last up level that have the common energy wow here we are again wow only this time literally I feel it like the hand coming in and our hand is coming forward and we're just days away from holding hands and we're already in we're already in the energy so on these as we as we move through the experience of this week why not give yourself the gift of saying yes to you in a new way why not allow the active championing hard word to say for me all of your own being
be the gift you give yourself lift into the 5th Dimension come join us here in The 5th Dimension love yourself enough to hold back compassion and then stand up into the seventh Dimension and become the witness or of the witnessing and begin to really experience the gift of knowing who you really are as a lot of instantaneous manifestation guide you as the judgments literally fall away because the greater vision is all there is read that in its the Divine directors all those months ago saying hold the highest of each and it shall reflect back to the allow it to be right what a what a moment in this beautiful sweetheart. So here we are
anyway so we're in this beautiful creation yes we are going to keep rolling here I'll tell you what why don't we go to Portland Maine
Ciara I can't believe I got 30 of course you did I love this a few years now and you bring me such peace and groundedness and whatever internal knowing I I am fortunate to have and I was hoping if possible yes of course and and yeah hand heart and heart as I connect with you the house you were sharing and making that request and you are so beautiful and I am just so honored to meet you I could feel like almost a tightening in your heart at just as you finished with the request and so I want you to really I'm going to bring both hands to my heart center and I invite you to do the same and I'm really like it's like it's like my hands right now or are saying to my heart don't worry I love you
got this right everything just keeps coming in as saying don't worry it's really okay you've got this and they're saying that you are so ready and that your guidance is spot-on and as I'm sharing this I'm noticing the third chakra getting tighter so I want you to move one hand over to hold the center of the heart bring one down to the third and and here's the other gift is coming in and it's this message is going directly into your third chakra you were born for this moment and everything you have done has brought you here
pay attention to the blessings that are already unfolding around you if you are ready together we can take this journey and you will find and discover the truth that lies within a beauty that defies the mind and the support that you have cried out for we are here and we have heard you
and now your heart is hurting again so I need to bring that hand up to your heart both hands on the heart and I'm just following before these incredible beings that are sharing this information with you you are part of a soul experience that has these huge rays of light that many would call Wings and they're saying as you bow your head with sincerity as you hold your heart with love and as you smile and breathe in your presence you will discover once more of the power you are ready to wield and the way to do so that will radiate
thank you for the gift of me and you my love I'm so honored
no thank you so much you're so beautiful we are just a reflection might just do a little heart double check our supplies this person online one over there many years ago, stay
it's joke so with you all this last week specially through my Divine surrogate sister so touched by the power of this moment shared with Crystal my sister in a text of witnessing east meeting West of you both being Divine pillars and Witnesses and three wonderful sister priestesses carrying the flavors and energies and frequencies of the East and three amazing sister priestesses from the European descent from the west and The 5th Dimension Vision was so powerful
multi-dimensional instantaneously on so many planes your ceiling grid your healing us your healing the planet and then the solar system and Beyond in the power of this moment and the support that is coming through of all of the different wonderful connections were going to be making in the next few days and noting that the Masters and all the light beings are here to support if I can't remember in my personal history ever being in such a powerful neck and
extraordinary blessings
and I've experienced recently shredding 20 years of my life literally all my papers
and loving that victim triangle that I was in and acknowledging it and sending it on its way to the Violet flame and previews quickly tomorrow night if anybody listening could come to be with everybody tomorrow night Monday Miracle magic because that kill will share all that is transferred everything is come forward before is just that and you are nothing and so thank you I just want to send my love and gratitude acknowledgement
Luna Rossa blessing of you I'm just saying that everything you're sharing resident and perfect and thank you for opening for Cher Miracle Energy may others call in and share fell because this is the moment that together we are better and we celebrate so each other is like a joy house not a fun house and together we are marrying each other's light and love thank you, we love you sweetheart Namaste alright alright let's go back over to the OTR, or where our way we are in Houghton Michigan is that michigan-michigan namaste
hello how are you thank you so much how can we serve you my angel
be pleased to have a guy that's from both of you and just blessing because I know this is the time
are they needed a heart code for its size without you said you have any soda leaving you to like you want to offer it to me thank you so much and many blessings the first thing I heard was to hold up my teacup because well I love this because it's green but what's even better is because it's green do you see what's happening to it it is a lotus and I noticed the Shiva linga of light is coming up right now you see that tree that is not on the cup eliminating are you watching the street this is amazing what is happening right now so they're telling me to hold this up and that the reason the first reason they told me to hold it up was because
the tea I made today is a beautiful she called Chi Kuan yin and yang. For all of us and for calling in that energy and it is the Beloved kuan-yin who is speaking to you right now and she is standing with two hands that have pouring what is water water water but it's very much like Crystal and flows of water coming out of her hand and this other one is really beautiful it's like sacred symbols and letters and white language and other things and she's just standing there pouring this and she is I feel like she's right here and just bring this to you and what you saying is sit within the waterfall of your divine inspiration and do not be afraid to get wet
it is your time to receive more do more share more and be that which you are and so it is
thank you so much many blessings and I appreciate you all and I wish you all the greatness and come forward to thank you sweetheart hands on hard I'm feeling a lot of energy there so yeah deep we love you honey you are such a blessing and I really I really thank you Grace I thank her for bringing to the show I really found that to be quite beautiful and remember right before the Quan Yin tea today San Diego hey San Diego namaste
maybe it's not sending I think that is San Diego all right we're going to go to we have a hand raised and not I believe it's Monica over in Ohio alright let's open her up hi Monica
oh my gosh I can hardly talk cuz I'm so happy you took my call now let's say 3 a.m. Carol oh my goodness
hang up and down because it's going to be my birthday very soon July 27th and I would really love reading and also a reading of its 3 if you want around my right shoulder which has been hurting since the year 2000
all right we'll take it first taking a breath and I'm loving the birthday energy so just kind of like okay I am here I am ready I am open right guide me so yeah exactly so just kind of really breathe in that Joy breathing that knowing yeah and I'm going to let SRI begin the right side of the right side be a little abstract what are you shouldering that is not yours to carry
you don't have to answer that right now what are you shouldering that is really not yours to carry
the right side of the body is a Connection to the Past they where we have been it's also a connection to our family of origin and a connection to the masculine energy
and those are might be enough guidance for you to meditate with as far as what is keeping you from moving forward with Eve's we often times invest in something or someone or belief system we we get Lindor sacred energy to it because our hearts as I love them and this is what I want to do however it may not be in the highest interest of our souls mission for this lifetime and so this is why you have to go deep into your own meditation talk to the shoulder and asked for it to reveal to you what is it carrying and then threw that loving connection you can make a decision whether to continue to carry it with Joy or to let it go out and that you're saying you had it since 2000 and it's 2020 it's the perfect it's like the mirror right if I take the 2229 lay them on top of each other and it's the perfect moment
okay what is that mirror been showing me in this 20 year cycle do I and I'm thinking very much about the the cycle you know that the or do I want to listen above it and notice what the reflection offers me from the other side and this ties into the mace all ready for your birthday as well because as you relax more right now and I want you to kind of let that shoulder drop like I'm doing it with you I'm like really forcing that right shoulder down let the arm you know and everyone could do this with your left as well just you know really I'm doing it to ya let those hands Point down toward the floor let the shoulders drop let the head get a little more relaxed even just they're saying just let the head relax in front of you and feel the spine release as well
everything that they're sharing with you right now and they're saying anyone who carries these energy should pay attention to what you're being short with because this is the freedom they're saying it's a freedom process to bring the hands down let the head go down field mission in the spine and they're saying the cycle before you carries great freedom and you must say yes to it and that you have been saying kinda because you carry and they're showing me and it looks like a huge Trail they're like ribbons but they're actually cords at the end of every one is like a suitcase and it's like each suitcase is a belief and an editor and something that you just can't let go of so you're moving forward Dragon a very beautiful Cape like looking device that really needs to be untied right here at your throat and left so that you may step forward and they're saying that that energy has already been bestowed
do the practice open and release and call forward to Freedom this is a freedom here for you and so remember SRI always says right we are free from free to write so whatever you are free
be you and so it is Happy Birthday angel I want to share my teeth were chattering as you said that release maintanance you're slowing down my face thank you with all my heart and compassion and join us up here on the 5th wheel of you many blessings sweetheart our community today has been co-creating an extraordinary it feels like a flow of a tuna and remember guys that we are at the arrival and I know what is that important it's right now we have together already opened up this beautiful creative portal of this illuminated new moon this comment energy
coming right in and the call to Champion the universality the call the champion the profound shift into elevated Consciousness is upon you and literally the universe has sent us a tangible died a little star inside your luck here you are you are the star are you ready to grab it and I know we are and that's why we're committed to these four days Perfect Balance today free up level Attunement be there tonight at Jess's ceremony it is at self Ascension tomorrow night as beautiful, Richard Arcangel zadquiel and we will be together for the electric imagine the power of receiving the living in The 5th Dimension lesson in the up level moment tomorrow night that's monday-tuesday soul mirrors SRI Jess and I are going to take it into the next generation of experience as we get really into the 22nd
and that is the arrival moment be there tree and care you got to register to be at that one SRI and Kira. Com homepage can't miss it get there let everyone you know be there help us spread the word is a powerful time in all this required is to say yes say hi to somebody else had to go back over to BBS all right
hi both of you thank you so much for taking me I was calling in last minute I get on the show some part of Monday Night Magic iron I just adore you guys in this family
and I had some things that I'm shifting through and I have Anchored In The 5th Dimension and I know I have to say yes and I know I have to move forward and I have been wanting to rip out and just come alive but there's also the things that come with it so I'm just asking for some guidance for that support with all of that and
well here's the very first thing on a share with you the reason SRI just got out bring him over here straight Merlin just came into the studio and glass sliding door so you just called in your Lion energy and this is Merlin and so we went this is our our gift from the mountain Merlin literally was a when I moved in we've been living here one week when we heard this little kitten screaming and I don't know if you can see why he'd already had that when we got it and so Merlin is our magic cat and he is very much are Lion at the gate and the indigenous say that the mountain knew we were coming and gave us a blessing and it was Merlin and so as you were asking cuz you were feeling we can hear Merlin over here crying opening the door begging to come in and so thank you for bringing in today hey murli show them all your gorgeous green eyes right so you have brought in
running the lion so this is so in harmony with what's happening on the planet right now you are going through a period where you are feeling everything you everything around you is like oh my God Val has been lifted focused awareness complete trois I pray you are with us in the WWE Global Community because you are a moment where you know those other things when you said what are you doing ready to do this but there's other things Merlin just showed up and said really you really think that's real Tryon for championship and watch your a lion and you called in or any presents and so I'm really glad you got through today and that everyone could benefit from this because you are a less collar cuz we actually are out of time so what can help a perfect Landing was real
love you Dana thank you and hate thank all of you for your miracle in Lyon if you don't know about WWI Global you should be there with us Wednesday night Merlin will for sure be there and may your heart know how truly loved you are and we look forward to being with you again tomorrow night Monday magic Tuesday night's old mirrors right here on all the same channels Wednesday night register the arrival we're doing this together guys we are saying yes to the Divine yesterday expansion and breathe and know the truth of your yes see you soon, and check out
do you next week

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