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Sri and Kira Live, July 12, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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experiencing time speeding up shifting to a new level and a yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Gyro explore these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing new fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are SRI and Kira
and Namaste beloved ones and welcome to the voice of passionate action I am Master Ladykiller some teacher Shriram, and we are here with you offering a voice of passionate action
we are delighted and we are having an amazing year so much happening and I do want to give a shout out to the mountain and say hey Bria honey remember you usually take care of our dogs when they are on the air could you come grab them for us and so we forgive forgive us if you hear the dogs going crazy it's that kind of day and he was removed his head to see that right there at is our kedarnath as we all do and we are sitting in our Valley from a picture that was taken yesterday when we were on top of the mountain here opening what they are now calling the Masters Temple and it has been a 24-hour period of incredible level was your 11th up level at closing of last week we have so much to share so much is happening welcome welcome welcome
it is a very powerful time and I order that fund exchanged some comments with you about what you've been experiencing and I want to remind you if you'd like to join the conversation 8862 76008 or five numbers give us a ring a little bit over at bbsradio so we are working on everything that that may be happening right now and thank you for hanging with us on that I want to give a big shout-out over to you to that official SRI and Kira where I believe that there's quite a few of you chatting over there already and all of the beautiful Cosmic Origins group that's here with us right now at tosa Blue Mountain is on there in real time with all of you and so you're going to see if the show Progressive today A lot has been happening
closest ER call bored over here at 517-208-1500 is seriously crowding is so get in there or stay on hold you get to listen to the show while you're on hold and there is a moment right now we are in this July incredible up level is the word experience because July is an experienced energy months and let me go ahead and let's put up the July calendar again because this is really showing us what's happening you'll notice that we had to up level moments last week two of them and as we had those two up level moments it has offered a huge urgency in the up level experience and so yesterday the 11th as you stare at the calendar did you notice a few days at this picture if you gaze at the way this graphic was created yes
did you see we were in it's like we had all shot out into the highest Cosmic experience possibly see that way outside the realm and today we come back here and as part of a rainbow of color and that this is going to keep growing growing growing growing until we get into that energy if that illuminated new moon when you see near the end of the month chart energy is really going to be call to action now why is this so important to revisit in this very moment right now because yesterday was that crowning up level moment when the Mercury retrograde released and when Mercury turned around and said here is my heart here I am and we are all in the presence of here I am here I am
here I am really go into that really breathe that really feel that because that is the energy that we are in right now and it's big and it's expansive and hear it toasted Blue Mountain I am not surprised we're having lots of technical an electronic challenges today because the energy is off the charts and we are today right now plus we have video of everything that happened yesterday which is mind-boggling and of course we are going to be sharing more about the week ahead Street not yet
frosted just as possibility and I think we might be okay so I'm going to do is I'm going to go over and make sure that you think we're okay over there I'm not going to keep rolling let's go ahead and talk about I know I have it right here here it is this victim triangle why am I putting this up here against I'm putting this up here again right now because this is what you are now through I want you to jump up and down pop the champagne champagne cork say yes
because yesterday the 11th was the moment to step into that spiral and decide I still ready willing and able to show up and live as a victim rescuer abuser or a my same thing ready willing able and to step up into the teacher Mentor sealer and this has now come full circle and never last week it was already feels like maybe a year away I know for being does honestly everything from last week feels like it's just a dream and in that dream of the dream of last week what has happened is that we are now able to look back at the intensity did you have an intense week was a lot in your face were you having to go up and down all over right and entries confirming YouTube doin just fine we're really glad to hear it
sorry to interrupt you these little things kind of just pulled the brain and now we're done to 76008 over at CBS Radio where everything is back up and running again PBS radio. Com you can see here and Colony 800 number 860-7600 and of course over at 1 this talk radio 517-208-1500 the book ends of this up level week have been potent and indeed have affected so many things you know it's not unusual for technology to be challenged the Eustis turning of the heart of the of the retrograde and this expansion of the opportunity of of surrendering into a flow of love
verses seeking to paddle on a stream of its amplitude is getting his support this up level event this up level experience that happened opened on V closed yesterday on the 11th when Mercury came in with that incredible Mercury literally turn from the back of her heart which has been what during this whole retrograde. Mercury has been literally focused and holding open that portal and she opened up the back of her head without any hesitation to those that would choose to say yes to to dive into this retrograde not to run away from it and so time as that chalice opened
during the retrograde we got this this wild like a catapult is really the only word we were on the 444 ignition which was another miracle that all happened right to in June on the on the solstice on the 21st we had that 444 ignition which then ignited calloused that has called in this incredible connection with the 33rd Crystal and dimension I mean really take that in as like the elixir in the middle of the Chalice right now that's the Elixir and that is being held open for all of us until the 8th Lionsgate when that chalice is going to go from the receiving chalice to the eternal life presents going to get that right now we're this an odyssey we're becoming this
that's what I'm talking about this disc is the Vishnu that they've been showing me I just been seeing Vishnu with this beautiful Transcendent grin just literally aware that there's this disk and the distance is just getting to me right now it almost feels hot when I do this with starting to spend a lot faster and I'm starting to feel the energy of it and it's going to end up what's going to happen is that his dick gets is preparing preparing spinning spinning responding responding responding and on August 8th you're not going to be able to hold it anymore you're going to have to let go and the question is going to be literally are you going to shake it off like ouch that hurts.. Spinning Disk is that is already really warm or are you going to be able to command it
so that it may be released as the blessing it is meant to be and that is why this chalice energy of right now is so important because what Justin is with the completion of the top-level weeks that we just completed the veil is up it's open it's it's it's right there and this moment right now this week is about the answering when you have the greatest opportunity to not only live number last week is like try on pretending that you really are who you think you are you know stop the stop lying to yourself this week is going to be the active presence of the up level
who are you really and what are you really willing to do and a girl pushed through that says the energy is skewed it's about literally living the law of instantaneous manifestation as your life not having to spit and go unconsciously going to connect with this it's about you are that the energy that is bestowed For Us gift you'll Vishnu is the energy that will support your Creations however you are the Creator you are the one that instigates the the definition of how that energy will take for so the Divine gives us the energy however you are so are you sitting on the fence about self-doubt whatever was put in motion and this is where spiritual maturity comes the first thing about spiritual maturity for me is to
season have patience that all is well then but are you going where is it well let go of your idea of time and relax into your trust of the universe in your own creative nature because it'll keep speeding up as we flow so it goes and as we go so it accelerates so like all big wheels there's a little exertion at the beginning say I'm on my path here we go and just keep rolling his post up level Vale off energy is about the rising Champion if not you
who is the champion what is your idea of a champion who are your champion because we are at a champion time and that is honestly the descriptor the word that the Divine directors have been using is that the Champions have been called to be living here right now in this incredible than yesterday yesterday and today is just as gorgeous as this was taken literally from the top of the mountain and that's the gift is all. We're having a green screen issue he's trying to fix forgive me if you really are able to give yourself this opportunity to say yes let me wait till she comes back cuz I completely lose my train of thought thank you
so what is a champion we feel that our mother guy is partly a champion can you become the champion yesterday and it was just such a beautiful experience of what all these Champion Energy is it's coming forward right now because the Champion Energy is a radiation the Divine directors have described it as it's a radiation it is literally a radiation that is coming onto our planet that is felt by all and that this radiation is actually an invitation to Axton and so I want to share with you how that law of instantaneous manifestation came through surgery and I yesterday and we literally were living this in real time yesterday we last week we mentioned we're going to go to Chelsea yesterday Well turns out we're going to choke sheet tomorrow
it was yesterday the 11th the up level day that the Universe said no it's not about going to Trophy today you need to go up and now ReDiscover the Master Temple and I've been asking for the name I've been asking for the day my Mike what is the name of this site and they said this is the Masters Temple and that soon we will have that language is it in the original language but what it would mean is the Masters Temple and as we were ascending the mountain yesterday and we were sincerely extending the mountain free and I were very blessed to be able to point out to our beautiful students what was happening as we ascended the mountain as we crossed the moat as we went up and I mean the signs and end this is the champion of our heart we were in such a state
women who have shown up in perfect balance for our Cosmic the cosmic Origins we are so grateful each one of them carrying the energy that needed to be carried very quickly were received by the land and the mountain always gives gifts the gifts started happening immediately and we were looking at them and tell who you'll see a picture of a little movie we made his great-grandparents I believe like over 70 years ago it was his grandfather that planted some of the pine trees that we have here right now she loves leading when we go and he he was watching us and we were champing other guy if we were co-creating being able to share with our beloved Cosmic Origins group this is what's Happening Here
look here noticed this and then of course their own intuition and their own ability to speak because sometimes we just need somebody to literally clear the vines right we literally rehearsed a smile on his face. But he was in our entire Journey when we were up there at the tears the recognitions want to talk about this more a little later in the shower and I'll show you a film in real time and distance to and I wasn't really connecting because I want to be respectful to all three levels remember where the bastards Temple spaces and the Rocks Estes level one and so we did all three levels and when we got to the very top he open the gate
our land goes you stare at the mountains and the Aslan begin to be groomed and irresponsible
but we have the Delight of walking some of the perimeter of tosa Blue Mountain there their world forest and we are the only native left and are part of this area and so I think that's really important to understand that this was this was more than just a sign of come look he was saying you are welcome here and literally lift it up the two the two trees and that was because he became the champion in that moment all of us and that every rock with sacred every flower ever experienced heat he noticed what we noticed and then what happened was as he became his champion
we saw the owner of the property above us which is really high. We've never met this person before but he was walking down and his beautiful handmade had on his property and so it was really a very much felt like a welcome it was almost like we did not know that you were here the way you are kind of feeling is the the indigenous peoples for the most part who are still maintaining may have a few modern conveniences long-standing tradition in their DNA of being connected to the earth and the cycles of the earth and the patients that comes with waiting for the it isn't based on a calendar is based on when the timing is right and so one of the things we know him as a
contributor to our Gardens and our commitment to the land so what he observed in a ceremony he was very respectful sitting off to the side quietly his hands were full edit piece that he was sitting there and we did what we did had our beautiful experience and even when we were there deserves is that he was tuning in to the energy of what we were doing and of course it's just shared he was watching us as we would respect
we would ask permission before entering the space as we commune with the rocks and the trees and the flowers and as it was really at the very end when we offered us another supreme law of instantaneous manifestation effect
everyone was coming down after he after he invited us into their world where they still have public you know they saw a public walkways up there but we're talkin like it there all you know what they're beautiful amazing experience it's so alive up there when we were coming down everyone I clearly heard let everyone go down call the main platform where the Masters Temple begin and I was like I know that's especially said oh yeah there's the door is all over it my great-grandmother showed me when I was a child all of the figures that are up here and as we were walking down that one has this and this one has this and he said and I now and he said I think that you are your guests would like to see these yes
and we almost passed out with like I feel so honored that as we Champion we were absolutely out there is champions of the land we had no idea how long we've been champions of the restoration we were just above what I had been calling level 3 are actually right in levels we were going to level three and to the left and he says right there you said you see there's the trail and we could see where it had been grown over you want to say
are you as blown away as we are I mean rituals has been covered over it has been dormant for thousands of years because my grandmother would weed we know it's got to be a thousand but it could be as old as some of the art other things we have discovered with her around 8,000 so we haven't we are having it cleared this week we are going to have it cleared we're going to give a peek we're going to get in there and we wanted to come that's our big reveal today as part of that Champion Energy that what we learn
and we have been here three years and he has worked with us all three years is that because it is so sacred because the mountains not in here because this site is supposed acred because this place is so revered because it was practice that this property fell into the hands of Gringos about probably 40 years ago we are a force I don't know I don't know which numbers in sequence we are of owners but certainly I pray we are the final and is that over that period of time to protect the sacred that's the best and because they're so respectful and they know that it's on our land cuz they're very clear on everything because they're there was we have here in tosa Blue Mountain down by our parking lot that has a hand in it
and I heard the story of how they took it down which means what they disrespected it the local kanyari are trying to preserve the letter right side are really you know we have been the champions of the indigenous since we first moved to Guatemala we have lived among the indigenous more than we haven't in our entire time together and this is this is something that we know is a promise kept from all of you through us is that this Temple this energy is meant to be ignited again and this is why we had to be there yesterday this is why we will be sharing with you a short film that we created from yesterday including in real time we discovered another Petroglyph and you're going to be watch
Discover it together in the pool film this is the moment of the Champions this is the moment of the Divine Palace this is the moment between now and here we are it's already did that happen and so we are at a moment we're coming together to ignite our spiritual Champion Energy is the top on the shoulder to invite those who say yes into a Next Level Up level so important that of course it had to be on the 22nd right number of the archangels mark your calendar right now Wednesday July 22nd 5 p.m. Pacific Time join us as we come together as the spiritual Champions that we all are and we discover call forward and will
go through ceremony together to empower the ignited torch of the spiritual champion and of course that is this is the WWE Global initiative is to be able to inspire the champion within and right now to get that Champion Energy ballast we must honor the divine feminine within all so please join us if you're already a member of the global family this is a bonus you can come if you are not yet that you're actually staring out here receive Food definitely need to get into a pattern flow our pattern flow in your personality your preferences and how we engage each other in the world it's nice to have a little bit
stability. I'm not arguing with that however what happens is the stability becomes a predictability the stability becomes a tap on our creative expression the stability becomes and accepted compromise
and I know if every one of us If we're honest with ourselves how much are you going to accept your life because To Be A Champion means I am going to get clear on my gifts
clear all my tabs and I am going to actively Express them you know we all have great potential but the difference between potential and a champion is the Champions taking action and that's this week as the invitation to ask is so this is why we're we're wanted to try to blow the bugle and shouted from the rooftops this is a beautiful time to step outside of your comfort zone little or as much as you want and discovered that the the clear are outside the comfort zone is really pretty and that the energy of the forward and take actions to deploy our gifts are Legacy and an to be in service to others that are still hot in the hesitation
where are the ascended heart energy this week remember we are all under this radiation as an invitation to action so the Divine has sent a radiation and extended his hand and said and said to you hey I'm right here what are you willing to do what is the action you're willing to take and this is the gift is that when the radiation as the invitation to action arises and remember that all energy is neutral how that energy is met is how it will be offered when we become awake when we become aware to these multitude of radiation
there are many that are working with what some would call negative or darker forces that are very awake still the same radiation and absolutely know how to use it they're taking action so the question is when we can focus fast commitment focused complete trust when that spiritual maturity arises when everything else when we can just be as are chalices open right now member we open this up in June this is going to stay open until eight eight Lionsgate when it's transformed into the empowerment of eternal life that's a very least and you know as the chemical Angelo man right when we stand like that you are in power and that's 8/8 lyonsgate that's why this is going to soar
the heart in the look at the Chalice but extended hard right here that's what's holding it open that's what's keeping that radiation of the Chalice that has that elixir of the 33rd crystalline Dimension inside of it that is allowing you to connect with that heart of mercury that just went here I am and so instead of the retrograde where we were soaring through with her she is now here staying here I am and the question is where are you who are you what is the action that you are willing to take and if you are stranded heart remains as the root Center of your extended presence because remember what was the June energy all about June was an awareness months it was all about anchoring living in
Fifth Dimension and sew in July we are in the experience of this living and the veil is off and it's really off now so if your heart is stable as your root Center of Your Divine Galactic blueprint than keeping the Chalice open is easy
right because then from our part all the way down for the rest of our chakras. Becomes the pillar of the tree of life that is supporting us this vessel is your tree of life this this this is our beautiful Daya gift right like wow thank you this is the gift of co-creation so if you are chalice is in a moment of yes I am receiving and thank you imagine the action you can take this to manifest instantaneously what you are this isn't about sitting around saying okay I'm going to manifest manifest but it's actually about letting go of what you think you need to manifest and inviting in the manifestation through your action based upon that that's commitment
complete Choice complete trust as a spiritual Champion try that on Tryon that I am a spiritual champion because of spiritual Champion means your soul is leaving leaving The Yoga of self Ascension is based upon living a seoul-based life when your soul is leading of course you're a spiritual champion and as a spiritual Champion only that which stores your highest is going to manifest through you that's our moment at hand as powerful huge about some of the theme some of the words some of the conversation I have Snippets that you say
I don't know that you was really known this before it's one thing to talk about manifestation is one thing to talk about I sold a slight it's another thing to take action into the surrender of control required for the abundance to flow magnificent to your life there is there is a Razor's Edge half but it requires that we hold in this wonderful balance between me and trusting the Devon and having the clarity of intent to do how do you how do you balance on on a you need to be able to see far enough Clarity of a tent together with enough trust to not overthink each step it up
in that inspired you know where were inspired are feeder little lighter in the direction of positive and everything only positive steps emerge so I don't want to overdraft fees I do suggest that try it on from the aspect of trust try it on from the aspect of this moment I trust my ascended Hearts to lead the way and let it happen and then once you get to smile at how wonderful and how how natural and then and there and that's what this anchoring of the level of the ascended heart is what is on the planet right now imagine right now
everything that you know is the absolute truth of you right now without having even know the details you can just call it and just say I invite remember this is a radiation of an invitation I invite my highest presents to serve now
I invite my highest presents to serve my highest presents to serve now and then the first thing you want to notice because you were staring what I was noticing a lot of us want to jump in and go keep breathing a lot of you were holding your breath and I felt a lot of 3rd and height like lower 5th Hai 4th breath like holding so noticed that and ask you the truth of you the champion Essence in this is why I please please join us we're doing this is our world service please free and I and just we'll all be there on the 22nd of July 5 p.m. Pacific is the Wednesday night get your friends get everybody to be there this is the moment. Spiritual championship and when we come together on the 22nd and really ignite that not everyone's going to call the spiritual Championship that's true because spiritual Championship means letting go of all labels and it means
beyond the expansion and I want you to breathe because that's all that's all My God moment when we are invited to expand beyond the expansion when we are invited to let go of that within what is left of the self that seeks to limit the expansion
that is also the moment before you and the action that can so easily be taken and I do want to take one before you are beautiful audience because we are a family are we not yesterday when we all came down from the mountain and credible experience Tuesday night 5 p.m. cuz we're going to talk more about what happens after we go to chobdee tomorrow
but in this moment right now I want you to just really feel into the gift of your divine presence in for doing what you know you want to do and trusting everything that you know is true about you I mean everything those of you that made the journey to come here you know it wasn't easy for art these are our first yes since since the March when Ecuador close the airport it wasn't easy but they did it and they're here and how it is worth it and so they had to expand through their own expansion didn't want her to come and so when we are saying yes to the expanded really are there will be there will be and it's okay and it's important to just know it's there just going to be a moment where there will be a Remnant in your brain
find something to latch onto that will come in front of you and that's the moment that's the moment we take a breath and call our inner champion forward to walk through whatever little turbulence to eat itself through in your road and wonderful things about the universe is there's always a mirror for everything so whatever is in your shadow that might inhibit your friendly advice or or your eyes catching a certain news clipping or whatever to the Forefront versus go start thinking about it you do you know how
think about it versus then we hit the stage where we start to think about it we go when we don't think about it we just know that's really important so you have something coming you just know it and then it's usually after the knowing the vines will come in the moment between the moment right the Mastery knowing then gets his first challenge so who's the champion gear the master or the brain and so the brain will come forward in golf done that and then probably right at your knowing when you were in the knowing you felt happy you were joy-filled
Clarity Clarity Clarity I3 Clarity is the law of instantaneous manifestation in motion at your life it's not something you think about it's not something you consciously call in it is literally your energy in every breath every moment because the master you has taken the action and become the champion of this unified experience of expression in the planet of beauty that is just beyond belief and so I want you to really breathe because I told here yeah that are really soft belly let's go in
really relax relax relax the moment before us is a moment where are under the radiation
as an invitation
your invitation has been received beautiful I had a little wax seal on it right and so you've opened it up and appreciate its fine quality paper in this lovely writing and as you who else is beautiful golden engraved invitation what are you going to do either way RSVP right because it's okay not to come to The Stance not Champion means that you're ready to leave Soul base like you're ready to trust more you're ready to say more you're ready to take action really errors in action sometimes there are undesired out information
because I started to wobble do I sit back down where to put the put the matter is that we course-correct constantly that the fact that we need to course-correct is a sign that we're taking action there's a celebration what is the first step in our ascended Consciousness awareness right from their awareness experience choice
so this is a moment of experience and remember we always moving these Cycles in many different ways June was the awareness and it was saying yes to living in The 5th Dimension Letting Go July is the experience of that with the veil fully lifted and having sleep through that Mercury retrograde the ascended heart that holds open the Divine Chalice of our beautiful unified field of presents here in this specific time line in this specific co-created moments before all of you again I also want to say thank you for showing up for this moment for sliding you know she and I were talking about this and we and we had a conversation about this this morning with Cherise and and all of the girls who are here of our beautiful beautiful Cosmic Origins Travelers because we were talking about what happened at the time portal at the Masters Temple yesterday and where we talked about all of that in depth
Tuesday night Soul mirrors got to be there
we are all on this time in this moment of Perceptions in this co-creative slice in this dimension in this experience right now it is not an accident that you found the Shelf it is not an accident this community comes together the way we do we are here right now because of this moment we slid here we are very conscious of the other parallels we've been in by what's happening now that are happening right now is because of the conscious connection through your ass and it presents that has held you in this moment and so remember my angels that you matter you really matter your presence matters your awakened present the holder of the Chalice with the ignited ascended heart as the living tree of life matters and that
in this moment and last week was a really good week that was supposed to trigger some of that and this week with the veil off it's all going to be there right remember that as you engage the density perception that is the only way you can pull yourself out and or anchor that which is seeking to keep it out of balanced we are all here because when we were cruising to Anchor in our hearts were open and said bring us to where we can be at the greatest service we arrive at the place that was the most out of balance and so all we're doing is it bringing it back into balance
that is the path of non-interference is not to assist with the proper balance just to allow things to be in Harmony and it begins with you in order to really facilitate that ascended process for the all you came here first for you you remember through the blessing of ascended numerology you incarnated a sacred sequence your shape with 6 secret sequence as gifted by the ancient Magi your your sacred sequence has come forward now for this moment right now so we I just want to stop and say thank you to all of you because what happened yesterday we three revealed about the ascended masters Abode being here now what happened yesterday with finding the Masters temple with everything else that's happening tomorrow caring this presence of reunification we are all doing this all of our residents here right now I know and I know
that fat is the blessing we are offering each other in this real time to take a breath
every journey is sacred every journey is expanding and evolving
you have to Delight of Shepard EU you have the Delight of championing you you have the Delight of being conscious in a time of evolutionary excitement of the grand completion of an of an ancient cycle
when we pause for a moment and take a breath and just get out of the minutiae of the the words the paradigms the concepts that are so familiar just take a breath and getting neutral for a moment into that beginner's mind appreciate the capacity
it is within you and is shared by all
appreciate all my goodness there are miracles in these hands oh my goodness there is Magic afoot the divine feminine is in all of me is restored now we're witnessing the slow motion restoration how you look at that there is a magnificent creation a revelation that is coming forward if only we just for a moment set aside the habitual patterning of our perceptual habits and trust that intuitive voice trust that feminine aspect inside of each and every one of us that says
you have a sense of this better yet I know this better yet I can Midwife this I can Shepherd this I can show you the way those are the steps of station coming forward I am ready are you yes I felt them I was just following before all of you because we breathe breathe breathe feel this is the perfect time to queue up this little film you want to watch this film there is an energetic transmission today's film is 100% about the opening of the Masters Tempe carrots are so Blue Mountain and as we've been touring throughout the show that we shared last week what we now know is that there is a trinity of energy between Inca Perka app and the Masters Temple here at tosa Blue Mountain and it was just about I don't even know maybe two weeks ago that
beautiful confirmation that the ascended masters Abode that had been with us at like on it lawn had now left the holographic Abode and is now here becomes very overwhelming for me and when we ascended yesterday when when when everything conspired that we had to be here for the up level event which of course makes total sense that's why we wanted you to have this view because this was a culminating moment this was taken when we had just gone outside of tosa Blue Mountain when we were welcomed into basically the rest of the feel it so this is this is quite amazing and of course there's kedarnath and this is really see a lot of it there but looking out for tenderness Valley which you don't ever get to see unless we're at the very top of toaster Blue Mountain and so the film you're going to stay
the experience and I pray that at some point of your heart will call you and we can offer this experience we also have some other private groups coming so check out our website
when you walk up there the journey itself is part of it so we did put in a hint of film at the very beginning I believe last week if you watch the show you saw that Bria Rosanna Perna did such a beautiful job sharing about our July one which was when I first went up there and so look at that numerology we went up together on July one and then we went up together on July one one and no roots were literally are opening an end and I find that very powerful and so that was very profound for us and we have lots of Revelations that however when they first opened she will be shown right away we were talking about we have been discovering tons of ancient temples and of course this was all before the beauty of the champion is around Temple
which the only other round Temple we know of is in and so this is really helping to confirm everything we knew about the connection between these sites six and a half minutes we'll be back because we're going to need to come together
you're staring at an original temple on excavated look through if you shine your flashlights and you look up here I can't even see what looks like columns and possibly windows and so this was the first part when we realized the cactus were leading the way and that if you sit here a moment with these prickly pear they speak and that eat this is the transition you see this is like that you're going to feel the fairy energy very quickly so this is a transition area but you had the portal and so we could granted permission and so the walls and the mortar and you can you can feel you can see it and there's a huge one
write something in real time you're hearing real time I mean this is like you know National Geographic but there's the I look look at this guy's real time 3 you should come look at the look at the map
look up coming forward and at risk of doing anything and look at this beautiful moth let's put this indoor ceremony right for you to hold on. Gift
wow my hands are vibrating look at this tree look at real time we've been exposing the whole thing yeah that's really profound
the whole thing is covered and this is the part went real I purchase the property this was the picture they've shown us that this was the main. And you feel the flow I said this is the back of the eternal life you know the snake though the creation energy and then what's Taco look here we have more hear the sky's so the more you but this is extraordinary isn't it look up here there's so much here and we can see here down here
so I'm not as I mentioned when you were coming up underneath if you look if you've been down we go down here and you look and you look at that bottom area they're quite profound energy and so I asked if you feel comfortable walking around you're welcome to and then we're going to go down here because this was
and welcome. I hope you're still up there at the top of the mountain with us that's what we were staring at when that final slide was taken I mean it's just too bad we sincerely hope that you enjoyed that energy I think we're we're feeling it again it's just like a discovery alright you know as so often we all get excited when we have it at a Eureka moment the AHA where we put we make a connection when we release some energy and then and what we have going on here is there was a call we were called to the mountain it was I was almost like this spiritual snooze alarm had to do a call to chat we had not Champion to the mountain that we really had that that's a very good discernment because when we walked up there and felt the call and what were we
we're being called to act with an upon there was this energy that happened and I and the one thing and I wanted to share this this morning and I was just caught in the Bliss of the morning and I'll share it for all of you is what I observed as a theme for myself and I trust for everyone
was a shilling restoration energy that as we were in the temple as we are on our Mountain the store every level of know there was an emotional Harmony there was a mental Clarity there was a visit Instagram so tired and kind of life it was just this subtle but noticeable sense of I am restored and in the I am restored came the renewal of the enthusiasm to create to Champion to be so it's so important we offer ourselves those moments or those periods of time to nourish Us in an ascended way not in a bag of chips weigh
child of the pattern and step into the glory of the expansion by taking steps that nourish your authenticity that nourish the emerging Champion rather than help you get more comfortable in the pattern and because we are here right now and again we're going to be going to church tomorrow and if you don't know what job she is less than the last week's show watch that video that was so we'll be going to be tomorrow and that will be part of the closing the circuit and I think it's very interesting that we're going on the 13th and that you know what is the 13 for again and end a 13 of course is that sequence of divine Perfection right remember that in a sense of humor ology it is the 0 through 12 it is the full range of our Mastery it's not just about the physical body it's about the soul
and so it was only after the truncation that came as a dogmatic tradition solidified that ass numerology came down to nine digits 10 11 12 were thrown out and God forbid you include and so the gift and the blessing of ascended numerology is that this is the blessing of the ancient Magi this is what was laid at your feet and so I am finding it I am just bowing before the all that in this moment with all of the other signs that have been put before us about this opening of the Masters Temple which now it wasn't until we went up yesterday and I saw on gallon are on the rock with the ladder it wasn't till yesterday and until after all of that happened that then we find out that there's a round Stone Temple here we have no idea what kind of condition it is it might just be the circle walls we don't know but we are going to start Joy of missing every week
Ford champion us to be able to Champion this and so thank you and and this is and then going tomorrow to Cho sushi on the 13th in the energy of the the spectrum of why this timeline Why Us why now and the perfect balance because of the Sunday numerology is a 13 does become before but it's just so many signs this is at law of instantaneous manifestation we did not consciously make this happen we literally unfolded it as the universe was showing us at needed to unfold and then we look at it backwards and go wow look at that that's a wow look at that and the other wow look at that are are called words we have people that have been holding forever and we would love to say hello to you all right well let's hear how your champion and it looks like online
from Illinois, say Wednesday welcome
hi there welcome welcome
thank you so much for helping me I'm super excited lately I've been called to expand my career job that I really felt like I was taking up too much of my time I'm actually was at because we called can you actually chew up Adidas and Feline and now all the sudden it has become about two weeks or so until I'm supposed to secure my house I'm kind of having this gut feeling of wondering if I could get well first of all I'm just my feet are vibrating so I'm in I'm sitting right now if you were sitting lift your feet off the floor literally your feet are vibrating and I'm loving that because it's so cute it's like they put a hoverboard under your feet and it is so it's like your feet are vibrating write your signature
lifting up and what they're saying is that welcome home to you welcome to your Mastery this is the final you're at your doorway you've ascended the stairs you're at the Gateway and so the only thing left could be there this is exactly I love love love that you're our first caller today no accident at all because this is exactly what we were talking about the first part of the show is that your cure this is that Dale is off your clear you saw the move you took action you're ready to go and this is I love it it's this is exactly what we mentioned earlier and then you will be right at that moment when that final Remnant is going to come forward and go okay well let's see how ready you really are so this is your yes moment and I will share with you that everything around you like everything I'm sharing on just loving that came through and Today Show you have got you don't you don't have
have a couple of Masters around you ride right and they're ready they're like hey what pact let's do this thing and so it's time for you to do what you already know is the best thing you have ever done and that's not me sharing that with you that's not your guide sharing that with you that's literally I'm having yonna right now I see you right in front of me I mean you and to that you thank you for being here right now thank you for being a spiritual champion thank you for saying yes I will arise and put on my Champion badge I'm ready and you are ready this is your moment honey thank you
you thank you both so much, we love you. I love every color brings forward forward a need or a question or energy that is serve so many in and I just found myself stimulated in a couple of areas because the number one she took action by saying I want a question I can offer me a reading help me confirm my clarity and in really what she was saying is I'm testing my hone your ability to develop and deploy my Ministry but I'm also remembering something else if there's a little more into it for me and that is when we are on the cusp of an action that will bring us greater spiritual authenticity
that will bring forward get off at 2:30 that will bring forward greater spiritual empowerment Your egoic Shadow Remnant with very cleverly find reasons good quote unquote valid reason to pull your attention to that Which is less than and seek to undermine you no matter what the cost now here's the thing the ego doesn't value Things based on worldly cost whether it's money or emotion in the amount of energy you put into something all the eagle is Francine is the balance of power is about to shift remember the ego likes and balance Thrive so my personal by in one is when I knew in my heart of hearts that I had found my beloved partner and when I knew I had found Kira before I'd met her in person and we had talked and we had to reflect
talk to each other our knowing yet the day I was to meet her in person I freaked out out I lost I lost I said her and her I was during the headlights you know it's kind of all kinds of Behavioral things go from that but you can all relate Moment by moment you were about to change your life forever changed the balance of the ego isn't going to be and expansion there will be whatever it is for you that moment is so beloved lives Eve thank you for bringing that reminder forward because we can laugh at this time we can celebrate this and we can also sincerely say it's going to be okay because the egoic REM responds to love if it does not do well with criticism or
White Knuckle ate it it will just wait and speak to sabotage further but when we bring love to that part of ourselves that was just misinformed let's leave it there just doesn't quite have the vision of the soul and I forgive that aspect of myself because it doesn't really know the level of consciousness of that aspect of me I just needs a little healing you know it's just love it just love it and it'll come along and it'll cooperate and overtime the need to interfere goes less and less and less is so true and I do want to spare before we have been dealing with a lot of questions from people especially as people were getting ready to come here to Ecuador and one of the things that we have been doing a lot of people have asked us about
how do you guys do what you do or whatever is we are very blessed to live here in the Andes where were here in Ecuador specifically which is very much the Himalayas of this side of the world and off as my friend are you here I was even thinking of Bhutan and other places we've been and I was like you know it really is a look what's in your own backyard moment for me every time I'm in my own by the artist pretty amazing in the Andes Mountains having bowel pinch me and one of the other pinchme is is this and I want to show it to you this is God help the guy kids Palo Santo oil see that part Osa Blue Mountain logo and fun little box thing we have been supporting all of these fair trade indigenous companies right now and so this beautiful family Palo Santo oil is good for everything and this is real organic telephone to oil and the only reason why do people ask what we do
defuse this in our bedroom every day are you working your bedroom all you do is know that Palo Santo has been there right and so it's it's really good with all spiritual applications and especially amazing with negativity and Immunity and the reason I'm sharing this with you is that we have been supporting this family and so this product we don't have a lot of it as matter fact I don't have enough right here right now for the people that are here but it is one bottle and it's the big bottles you know there and it's a hundred percent sure I mean you know it's frankincense right you do know what South American frankincense that's what callus on toe is the same genus of tree and I mean these trees have to lay on the forest floor for 8 years and they do ceremony they honor them whereas not everybody does that you can feel it in the oil and then they properly put it together so here's why were announcing it on the show and it's probably the only place we could be able to announce that we can send
I'm home with one of our beautiful yes that's on site right now which would mean we've got to order it tomorrow because it comes in from their Farm on the coast and it's one bottle for 25 or 4 to 4:40 and we're just going to send them home and so they made the boxes we didn't ask for this are these the cutest Soroka come in this world cute box so anyway if you want some please what should they do I'm going to do with all this or whatever words I should have told you that you're good at the right support professional support at South Ascension. Com or any email you have for us to go hey I want some of that oil let me know how many because we will order them tomorrow and then quietly kneel before one of our students and say thank you I'm only sharing it with you because it's that good and it's that valuable at this moment
this Royal is anti-inflammatory it is clear as respiratory issues it is a beautiful anti-mosquito kind of natural my aunt is beautiful on the skin and if you're going to use it for that purpose you can easily dilute this you do for 5x and just put a little oil and put it on your skin and you will have a happy way of being outdoors. Dashiell and that we liked it and put it in and out everyday this is so much better than sage and other ways of clearing is just pure in high-frequency produced in to be using it every day here in tosa Blue Mountain and we just had this wonderful opportunity we can share it with those of you that are interested that's why we're here and so anyway if you want some sent us an email
yeah I need the email in the next 24 hours
who's on the phone with Leslie from Arizona online one is way ugly Namaste welcome sweetheart
Namaste and blessings Master lady, and happy birthday late birthday wisdom teachers when I get on the phone with you so I'm going to breathe and I am the opposite of your first caller I have just left a very difficult piece of work for a couple of years and I'm enjoying the time out with on the planet right now with the virus and I'm so grateful for your teaching your lessons off light living in The 5th Dimension and they bring you such as your wife and I'm doing all of your practices.
I have no plans I have no ideas I have no big dreams I love when she said that I invite my highest presence
kisser now but I guess I'm just
looking for a little guidance because I want to be a service but I have no dreams or visions thank you thank you my love and the first thing I want you to do is bring both of your hands and really breathing let's do that together I'm going to do that with you
really relax relax relax relax relax and then leave one hand on your third chakra and bring the other one right up here in heart and let's just breathe into I might go all the way down the back up to the heart let's do that
I really feel like you bring that hand from the third chakra up to the heart to meet it and I want you to take in a smile and feel the radiant it's this one that is speaking to you right now is very much about very very tall very very large I'm not seeing much of a face more of like this gold in Hood I would call it but I think it's really more of like a champion I don't know Cape or whatever but as I'm as I'm with you and as this being is speaking I'm watching this energy come around you like is gold and radiation and what they're saying is our most beloved one
there are great dreams within the all you need do is take the action to unlock them let go of that which stops you and say Yes again to that which you have already known it is deep within you have already touched it you are simply afraid to see it again
you take a deep breath and what they're sitting and they're showing me that
you're already really clear you're really clear but you also are there's a there's an overshadow of you that has so much doubt that that's Champion right now you have to Champion this whole part that's why that's why you're I'll call her right now that's why you got through this is golden huge like it's almost like I see you've going into it it's like they're putting it on you it's like this big and it starts this big light energy here and it's like you're putting it on you right now is playing now lift your head up look straight ahead and take action and so that's that's the kind of here to give you that you're ready we're kicking me out of the nest beloved one you know I just want to add that respect your sincerity that you came forward and said look on finding great joy and the practices and and it's like you're rekindling your willingness to step out in the world again
I feel there's a sense of their there's been a your own restoration process and so the action step is I deserve to know
I took birth and I deserve I deserve to know guide me and just say yes when it when it comes forward keep breathing and let it keep creating you are amazing and I am so grateful for this moment with you thank you Angel
thank you, say wow really incredible everything that's happening right now on the planet and I want to bring all of us right now back into this moment of the up level I want to bring you back to what honestly for me feels like a year ago which was last week and one of the things that I only revealed as told me last week because I was guided not to reveal it at the beginning of the week was that last week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday those 7 days equal to 7 years of linear time up level for those that chose to integrate that energy and for those that were were not integrated energy it was going to feel like 7 years of struggle and so how did last week feel for you and the other key to remember was last week was that the first part of the week was very much about that full moon big eclipse
Synergy and that powerful full moon it was gold here was so beautiful and so we had that huge energy coming in well by Wednesday that was then meeting the energy that was coming in from what happened yesterday and so Wednesday was like a wow can I handle this you know feel like even if I'm trying it right now I can feel and you might be stealing it huge surge of radiation in energy in the offended heart chakra and you might want to truly feel into that I'm also hearing really high pitch tone really really high pitch tone and so this is all part of what happened on Saturday yesterday so when those two forces converged on Wednesday that was literally a moment of am I going to let these two basically flow through each other and thereby unify the week or am I going to keep trying to keep them one or the other
and that's why there's a lot of push pull a lot of struggle energy and so now on the other side of the upper level with that Veil fully up this is a moment to look at do you have something that's in this Dynamic where you at one energy coming one way I'm going to go to work although that was moving I am trusting myself I'm moving on moving I put that plan in motion know I've made a terrible mistake what am I doing if those energies State each one without resolution that becomes unbalanced and balanced between these energies arise there but these are conscious awareness exactly they create a discomfort inside before you finally it bubbles up into what's really going on you know and I know a for me I Had My Moments in this last week as well and part of that is when we are operating a new paradigm energy
ethically but we try to deploy methods that were created in a lower frequency you know that's my myperspectives moments this weekend I'm going to just isn't right things just aren't going the way I wanted them to go at deploying and old strategy it at the new the new Earth you know if we take forward the wisdom from our experiences but not necessarily all of the tools are applicable all of the strategies if the strategy is based in go again or G chances are he's not going to function well in the higher Dimension so breathe on it because that's awesome you know sometimes people say well how do I know how do I know if it's coming from my higher self or not well remember my angels anything that
ends up with a blame energy or a sense of higher lower or anything that gets you off the hook right away is usually an indication that it's a third-dimensional fourth-dimensional self-preserving energy and so the gift is that as we said earlier in the show June was the month to Anchor living in The 5th Dimension how do we do that by keeping that compassion Raptor on ourselves by remembering and loving ourselves enough that we become that witnessing present then let's go ahead we've been showing this one for quite a while now but I every time we put it up I think it helped this is what's happening right now The Fifth Dimension is open as the witness sir are you in that a bit are you giving yourself the gift meeting are you witnessing yourself are you really looking and loving the witness her is the one who is just that the one who is objective the one who looks
log That's The Fifth Dimension and you notice in this graphic that's the one with the widest wingspan so too big because this is one of those larger moments on the spiral of our country and when were spiraling upward through the 5th Dimension it becomes a great support and then we lift Again by releasing even more judgment beginning with ourselves is how we literally have to literally rise arise and that's what the Champion Energy is this Champion Energy is the seventh Dimension come live with us into the 7th Dimension spiritual Champion you are and enter into the witnessing because in the witnessing of the seventh Dimension Solutions are birds from the Eternal Source because there is no judgement
and that is the blessing of this moment at hand and then of course the blessing is that once we Master our championship in the seventh Dimension we then literally arrived into the night we become the witness again where the cycle continues and with the Chalice open right now and your ascended heart as the root centr on your Divine Galactic blueprint igniting your living presents as the tree of life you right now are being flooded with the support to do this in record time and last week gave you a 7-year jump and everything jumped in an energy how it jumped remember it's a spiral goes up and down how it jumped as individual but that's what was out there and it was big it was very big and I think that whether you felt a pressure or upliftment or there were moments I know that in my life
experience there's lots of moments and it is kind of like a spiritual trailer 20 minutes or whatever it is I didn't you get the experience the Glimpse the taste and add the preview and that van with that inspiration and with that Clarity we then I get to heal resolve and forgive that which is of a different order and that this this you don't get the Glimpse coming back and doing the work getting the Glimpse and doing the work well it is this isn't a requirement it isn't required that we do it this way it just is a common way of taking our steps, obviously but I do want to talk about the uncommon way which is right here that remember
we are now in the second month of the collapse of the time and so I wanted you to bring this up again because this is really important you noticed that from January one 2020 through June last day of June just happened right 2020 is one cycle of energy that has now collided with another cycle of energy that was originally not coming in until January 1:20 21 now that began June 1-2 for the month of June we literally had a collision of the beginning of the absolute age work integration of a timeline and this is why things are becoming more I need the word phenomenal because you see right there in the middle of traffic in the middle of the June explosion was that Trinity will what was that Trinity that was those three months of supermoons that led to
the Open Eye in June and now we are in the July not only is the I open the veil is lifted this is rapid rapid this is nothing but this is called action and so this is why now the Champions are being called it's like you know the five star generals have been called We Are the Champions are we ready to stand and say yes and this is why I please join us on the 22nd coming right up because we heard it had to happen right away come join us in the Gathering of the Champions on the 22nd part of our WWE Global initiative be there 5 p.m. Pacific time you can come for a little is a $1 donation that feeds people who really need food in creating an energy together we are creating a Clarity together we are creating the support required to move through any of the residues to Champion means not only to
have a champion but to be a champion and you're speaking of Champions I want to go to the phone while sitting here a long time and so hello beautiful Champions overall record the one just talk radio call bored and we're going to do it looks like we're to go right to Pueblo Colorado and say hi to Donna hey Donna namaste
my friend Kara thank you so much for taking my call thank you for that video my having been up there that was amazing amazing just seppi the video and have you guys going out for nothing spectacular they would really really like how many full meeting for the 4th of July I always go up to the mountains and I don't normally I don't get reception up there but I did not want to miss America theme ceremony so I found a way to get reception and and be a part of it and and then I was inspired a little bit later to make a a little video for students with the crystal a tuner
and I just have to say that at the end of that video I noticed that it was perfectly still perfectly quiet even my dogs that were with me everything in the forest perfectly still perfectly quiet and then when I play that video back to my significant other is showing perfectly perfectly quiet just amazing to me so thank you also for the age you are and I just been having all kinds of Dynamics going on here and there I was just would really really love and appreciate everything well first and foremost we really love and appreciate you and thank you for being called to be a carrier of the Sacred tone and that as you know that is what the a tuner. Is it brings in Perfect Balance through the restoration of our Cosmic prime meridian that were shut down through the structures of the third-dimensional experience so thank you for helping to assist so many
wake up and not thank you for following your heart I mean that's really the first thing that I just want to share with you right now and 3 before I jump in where you getting something around Donna I was thinking you might have something here before I began well you know what are a donut what I was experiencing connecting with you was a bit I feel a shift in you and you know you mentioned things were let's just say bubble in cycling whatever it but that didn't catch my attention well this is going on and I and I took the tuning fork I observe the Divine confirmation
and I just wanted to say congratulations because I feel that you are anchoring in your actions and in your being the next level the next step for yourself and that you you're coming forward right now to chat with us was a way of celebrating that or at least inviting us to be real that back to you so you can celebrate it even more well I I've got to say I'm so glad I asked you to say that because Donna that is pretty much word for word your your Masters are standing around you right now and as you were sharing about the a tuner I just kept seeing them standing around you like proud parents do you know like you like Doug. It all dried uation day you know like all were so proud you know you've done it and then there also stand there with your arms crossed and looking at you and going then why do you still doubt it why do you hide
and that's really what they keep saying is that it is time for you to stand with the greater sense of confidence time for you be spiritual Champion it is it's at moments and that's obviously why you got through today because as with it seems like everyone we're speaking with today and I'm sure everyone that's connecting with the show you're being invited the radiation is around you and so the reading for you today is stop doubting keep trusting walk forward and remember more and they're staying just trust that and so it is
thank you so much both of you I love you so much sweetheart
oh I am soon I'm trying to sort out what date is going to be
how did September you very much love we love you all right straight which called we going to looks like we have is it Gina Philadelphia
Namaste hello I'm so happy to be here with you I just love you both so much and I just want to send you so much love for all that you do for all of us and for me and I just I'm calling to get any Soul reading thank you well first of all thank you you know I it's as I connect with you I feel this energy right here on my on my of the upper heart and it's almost like there's only use the word of rubber band but it is almost feels like there's like a little rubber band in my upper chest just just pulling like compressing just squeezing my hard enough to say hey don't forget don't forget an end and as I'm feeling that as I'm feeling that energy I'm also noticing in your third chakra what would feels like it is so funny they're showing me this adorable little monkey running on a treadmill but it's a closed loop he can't get off and it's just going and going and going right now in your third chakra and as the cutest little monkey
she is adorable and I just want to reach it and go all my angel let me help you out and do what they're saying is that your body right now is tired and it's it's tired on the inside and it's saying that you're over self your your soul self is also calling up to your ascended heart and that this rubber band is this cycle is life like a cycle of words and this cycle of words that that comes in and moves and comes in and moves and let you breathe just enough and then it reminds you you can't breathe anymore and and what they're saying is that all you need to do is make your choice you just have to really make your choice and the minute you do everything everything will be relaxed and. This is not a oh my God what do I do if I make the wrong choice it make your choice and begin to live it then from there new choices birth
and so as I share that with you I'm actually losing my breath in my throat so what you're taking a nice deep breaths for your throat chakra and as I'm bringing my hand in my throat chakra right now and they're saying to bring your other hand write down your heart and close your eyes they're saying your heart is ready to lead the way and you are ready to let your truth and so it is
Namaste my angel thank you and third chakra if I am today I mean wow this is a third chakra moment and it was interesting because both Street and I got hit with the third chakra energy before we go on the show at the same time and the other time I noticed it was this morning when we were all together talking about some things as a group and so if the third chakra is this active today if we are if we if we are collectively at this level of Consciousness looking at third chakra then really love your third chakra because your third chakra knows that the champion is rising and remember that your third chakra is the champion of this the third chakra is the champion of the protoplasmic jumpsuits Oru Champion the champion
love your body and that also means your digestive system doesn't it so Street I want to talk to them about right now you got to be champing the third chakra of the body so that it can Champion your spiritual championship and its birth you took form if it was designed to bring spiritual nourishment to your digestive system and your muscular system so consider that power center that were able to digest our lives I'm able to accept nourishment of this world and transmuted for my needs now is our vibration lifts the third chakra is called to try the basic just you know power of the energy of muscles and and digestion and instead say I trust my life and I am in Harmony in
with that which comes in and that which I express out so Harmony and trust is really what this point of balance is for the body as we lift if we don't clean up and maybe clean up Sizzle is is acid invitation do to look at take ashes if we do not resolve the velcro romatic patterns of our past then that energy which comes more from the second chakra actually will contaminate your ability to trust and to move forward in your spiritual Evolution so there is a dynamic that happens in the lower chakras the lower chakras were what you started out with this is the chakras of your birth learning to be happy in the body learning to be Creative Learning to have a vision learning to trust that I can move forward and as we learned the lessons of those lower three chakras they begin to settle down
because their only purpose once we lift Into the Heart their only purpose is to keep the body healthy and happy they are not to inform you for your future and your choices these lower three chakras are about being at peace being loving and enjoying the joy of having it's it's that level of peace love and joy when will you send it hard activates when we truly say this is the route center of my being right here then the Divine Galactic blueprint opens it's not available if it's a concept or a little Glimpse but when we come forward and really anchor in the ascended heart then the the pathway is opened
and stays open as we are able to bring ascended love which is the energy of the 5th dimensional be forgive them they know not what they do
love them they know not what they do in that essence of true compassion than these lower issues or just the no biggie there's nothing nothing going on there and and from here we lift into the extended Realms more easily and we can be have a let's just call it a two-way communication we still have a body we can inform our body with the Divine energies we can claim our divine wisdom and activated into the world through our our form we can be of service to density we can be of service to 5th dimensional experience we can be of service to higher dimensional experiences that's where is your greatest service but until we come to peace and really relax the lower three chakras into a state of it's okay by I do not fear like any longer I do not fear intimacy any logger I trust my inner Heart To Die
and to make good choices and my sense of power is really about spiritual empowerment
and that's the Champions moment right Champion is the one that is spiritually empowered and saying yes I will stand in my presence there by in the radiance of the invitation to action I will take the action as a champion to be just to be is the beginning to run over to Sri and Kira. Calm and click there at the event at the top of the matters it really does free all these Cowboys going back over here or we welcome The Stranger live the voice of passionate action welcome to
wow I'm so happy I wasn't expecting this High Street High Scarah I feel very blessed to be talking to you it's my first time I apologize for my actions and french-speaking but I'll do my best
how to question something happened to me yesterday and I don't know what you how I could interpret data was elected 11 yesterday a very important date I had to a bird that were in my pipes in the basement of my home and all day I spent all day trying to get them out from there and their mourning doves and finally someone help me and were able to free them and set them free and they both collect together so I think it was a special message or something I'm supposed to understand and that message I don't like you had anything to tell me about that well first and foremost I thank you for sharing this beautiful sharing with us your English is So Divine and thank you for that for the gift of you and I adore your accent as I adore you sweetheart you are amazing and
what's a beautiful as you know I'm I'm very much about birds when she and I were living with the Mayan in Guatemala I am with it cost to Keene which is the the flying kept kept Dakota Resurrection energy and so I heard about your birds of course my heart was immediately wrapped around it and I immediately saw and remembered Don her mom who was our beautiful high priest of the Maya who we had the pleasure of being with until literally the very end of his life and he would always say pay attention when the birds come because God is giving you a message and so I first want to share that with you and because if you did something that not everyone would have done you made a choice to become the champion of those birds and to say I am not going to take the easy route and kill you I am not going to do what a lot of other people would tell me to do I'm going to do whatever it takes to free
because I have steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete right and what you did was that the Universe came and said what are you going to do and you said I will rise and be and so my angel welcome to the party I am just so grateful that you said yes you are a spiritual Champion now just where your spiritual Champion Energy with even greater Clarity because you're going to be seeing even more the veil is up honey and you're ready to see it all you're ready thank you I love you so much
I love you too I'm so I'm to move thank you very much for the thank you we love you honey namaste
wow yeah we love you too honey I I I I really am thinking of you know the went when we had two different milder share that with us when I was remembering when Dawn's cell so did one of our first Mayan ceremony that toast a la Laguna a very blessed art our first Ascension Sanctuary was in Guatemala and I'll never forget when he said a bird is going to come before you don't kill it and then you ask her what happened first offered this bird will come don't kill it I thought we didn't have any idea you know I understand and then what happen if we found it was a little Hummingbird by going to enter our kitchen and you had to walk over this beautiful little bridge to Contour kitchen and right there in front of me was the most beautiful little hummingbird that must I don't know maybe it's guilt the door or whatever
it was lying on the ground. Yeah but it was all I felt was Terror I just felt terrified it was and then yeah and then you came and then we realized this was what he was talking about and it was at literally at our threshold of our door and this was one of our first consecrating line ceremonies because these signs they come in these people command the elements and so we did nothing and I'll never remember that that was like okay we we connected with the birds and we're like okay we're not going to do with me we are good loving energy that was basically creating a cocoon so that it may if it's choice in Destiny was to transition to wood transition but we did not interfere except to say we see you we love you with all of you
so we I'm I'm I'm sharing that because it's about paying attention the Miracles the law of instantaneous manifestation it is the truth of who you are is not you know what when we first remember we talked about how the law of attraction is is is lovely and the law of attraction is based in density and it's very much about a conscious I'm going to do the law of attraction one apply that's going to do this when we transcend any form of need we become that which we thought we were wanting you are the master you are the champions We Are the Champions and together we are better Humanity has been given a huge wake up call and there is a radiation from the divine presence of the Masters that we're certainly feeling it feeling here as an invitation to action the action 3 and I have taken is the completion of what we know is his total agreement to make sure that these three point three
they did on the planet at this moment in time we know that all of you are a part of that and that's why we're literally live journaling this and getting it out to you as soon as possible everything that happens at child she you will see Tuesday night on Soul mirrors be there and cuz that's going to be like a combination of all of this happening Tuesday night on full mirrors what is the action you're taking to say I'm going to Anchor this up level with the truth of who I am I am spiritually Champions on taking action I'm registering to see you guys Wednesday the twenty-second what else are you doing cuz this is the week to really do it say yes to your invitation so often we forget that the power of our inner choice will reflect out and influence that which we allow in and that which we project and is the Divine directors have invited us what if you looked at every being and you saw them at their highest
what if you simply let go of the former lenses and you just looked out and you saw a being and you see them at their Highest Potential and you begin to apply that to everything
to make that choice I already feel like this and I want you to know that we hold the truth of that in our hearts when is Wii games out we see you as the Divine beautiful beings that incarnated here to expand the light and love through the density and Beyond see the Chalice it's wide open and your heart is holding you we love you dearly with you live next week May you please with joy trust the joy and know that all is truly well we love you angel
thank you for joining us here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 and you're you next week, today

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