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Sri and Kira Live, January 31, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era

Namaste beloved ones welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher for flying into you today or flying woke up this morning after a date with the canoe that defies words we have so much to share so much so that when we woke up it was obvious we have we have checked out I have not even looked at email I have over in my personal VIP boxers over 55 emails I haven't saved we are still in the energy and this morning we went up to the temple here at OSA Blue Mountain this is our background for going to be talking a lot more about that and a lot more about everything else and so all I can say is Ready set go February

tell you what I in the go-go-go energy we are we are 2 hours whatever it turns out to be we have two phone numbers for ua1720 that's +517-806-276-0008 right get into the Q and high everybody everywhere including all of you over at you too but I know there's robots chat there always is people from right here Tulsa Blue Mountain part of our residential Community most likely for your order in there as well all of us singing hide you and all the way up to the Canadian border where Susan Sturtevant

the other end of this Rainbow Bridge of the Damned hang up there in the Frozen area of the world from Summer here sweating it is a blessing to be with all of us remind free mind yesterday it all started yesterday street do we talked about yesterday do we start there because everything was February began remember this was a unique bugs we started sharing this a few weeks ago that for the first time ever as matter fact let's start with that let's show the February ascended numerology for the first time ever and ascendant numerology chart was affected by a day in the previous month and that was yesterday so you see on the chart right here the Mercury retrograde begin remind free mind all the way through to take us all the way through until March right until we're really free of this energy but it's the

text and what is the six will first look at the dial or the wheel of your conscious Soul's Evolution that's what he is literally charts the conscious evolution of your soul and and where it's affecting this lifetime and when you look at just the chart of February there is a lot going on here and thank God and that's actually how we came in this month so check that out we came in at the point of stability the 6 is directly opposite of the 12 on the dial which means that it Bears everything on its shoulders if it's if it literally can hold it all and even if I share that how many of you feel your throat chakra going through oh my God it's too much right it's been huge it's intense it's getting more intense now look at the body it is our Center of creation and if you look at the body and really shows it even better than the wheel this entire month is about your balance

I need this about saying if I call in balance that everything else is balanced and look what's balancing on your second shot for this month everything right you see that everything is balancing on that and so right now we are balancing in that 6 energy and taking a breath tomorrow February one and I'm so excited we'll be together for Monday magic we go to the nine and what is the nine it is the high heart and so this is really important that we are right now in this remind free mine in the energy of this unification of what's Happening Here at toasted Blue Mountain and this extraordinary medicine journey of the heart which is the documentary were created this is the moment we're in February you are being said you're being created your second which is the love chakra when it's stable right we stabilize as peace-loving

Joy so your creation love which is love of self that energy right now through this reminder free mind is being pulled up to activate my heart and the reason that is happening is because February this February One Moment One breath from now we enter our first and one of the most important choice months of this entire up level to your. Because it's going to initiate a literal February ready March 2nd April

call moment and there's just so much happening right now so let's just breathe in on that and I'll just stop there please the balance chakra right let's read into that which brief time is is really bringing forward this Cosmic support quality of the energy intersex different places and this is what the beauty of the ascended numerology is where are We Energies what is being invited forward and when we consider that the second chakra in the system. Chakras all about emotionality insects

okay it's about procreation Recreation out there creating baby right how creative that when we are in turbulent times when times are pulling on us and inviting us to lift up and threw a paradigm that we're complete with so here this the Earth it so many beans here just repeat repeat repeat we are complete with that Paradigm now are you available for the information the energy and the responsibilities that spirit is inviting you to play

and creativity meaning instead of it being just about emotion insects it transforms or a Sam's into understanding balance and being able to hold a vision in that basket of procreation that the symbolic energy call the Pont to birth our highest authenticity while still in a body that's really what we're being asked to do the you that you are at your highest your most authentic Essence and live it through this body and enjoy being here I am just loving that aren't you just enjoy being here and what happened this morning and I woke up and it's glorious sunny summer day here I mean stunning puffy white clouds with just enough wind for them to be a fascinating story on their own and we heard clearly get up get up the mountain and and it was really an excuse

mention of what happened yesterday in Conneaut because yesterday as I mentioned on a stream myself our dear dear friend Edwin and bring a rose we jumped in the van and we went Venture and we are going to share some of the first of what turned out to be more filling than we know what to do with what we're going to charge us a little over View today during the breaks do you really want to watch this film energy and what is a things that would help our field especially if we're in this February energy and it's the as I show you the energy flow for the small then was Alexander who is the Linea told her that the community that we are so blessed to be working with that will championing and be here on the March event that got even bigger and more amazing if that was even possible and are coming on the plants she was commenting on this is the medicine plant you have the setosa Blue Mountain and we actually said yeah we know we know right where it is.

what we did not really understand or comprehend until yesterday with how shocked he was because when you're here at tosa BlueMountain the one thing that you do see is the stark contrast between literally whatever Miracle force field cuz it's rare here has held the boundaries of this land in his native state and how every other part of our Valley has been stripped of that we are literally an oasis even for the local and Alexander really made that clear to us yesterday and that was part of what has become so incredibly I think the word is sweet harmonious affirming the very beginning of our comprehension of this medicine journey of the heart which is the energy of February and it really started blending together yesterday

coming together and of course it did because it was the refined free mind so yesterday we had the blessing of not only free harmine but it was a mirror of those we were with everyone was really in that moment of expanding beyond their our own Paradise the spiritual blessing of this Mercury retrograde because it's not just about having to repeat redo my mind is an invitation to remember that what you are here to do or remember that what you have set into motion mindful that you are nourishing it and attending to it Mercury is not here to stall your progress together some really interesting spiral people places whatever

I was trying to reconnect and to Free Your Mind of the constrictions which are the habits that keep you caught in perceptual Loops so let's reside in the house I keep you thought caught in perceptual Loops I want to do this is okay but now I know where we are vertebrae look at that you see those are vertebrates this is the prophecy Stone this is a very this is a photo we were called to take this morning so you see that and you see how this beautiful serpent wines you down this entire Stone you see all that right here Ali you see the cosmic highways and you begin to see all the directions this is where I

is reading from theirs were some of the glyphs are three what else did you want to show me where the Mayan symbols Mayan glyph ology but each one of these is its own glyph and you can really when you're here and you put your hand on it yet it's just quite powerful one of those marvelous Miracles that this rock actually still exist because we're talking about a billion years were the weather feel the attention and the entire site up there is vibrating well into the 500 John Hawkins scale with love and joy which is the frequency of love and joy in our hearts are by install what what's with this page don't need it no more

your vibrational state will sustain a state of health and well-being and your health and well-being will inform your Consciousness Consciousness to so these are wonderful Synergy this is the 2021 concentric energy flows this is not spiral time and here you go really just sit back I heard a few of you going whoa yeah this is a really connect with it which is why I want to show it to you. Ring and so first of all just breathe and relax you are the eye you're in the middle and what's happening right now is imagine if you started where you see the little boy in there for January 7th if you just started your eyes there and followed that Loop all the way up to the top down and to the eye right now and then

moment you are in the middle of the I getting ready to follow that at the downtown Loop bringing you up to where it says February where you're going to come all the way back around and go deeper to connect with these are intersecting incident energy such form the torus field of creation there by igniting the all seeing which is the zero point of creation we are in the month right now this February this moment where our high heart is calling us to energize February imagine if you will that you can take that January February right now and kind of pull them together and close this tourist field

that's incredible I don't even have words for Italy use the word importance of February because the January February feel when these two come together and enter into that I it is as a mirror image and right now we are in the optic Mercury retrograde of the remind free mind that will officially go directly at the end of February however it's not the end of the influence that influenced takes us into March and it to and let me explain to you why as you're gaining as you're looking at this right now you see February well the reason that we that February so important and many of many is that it is a choice month for Ascension energy we make the way that we make that choice is going to it's part of the three-month cycle this is the ready February

you're learning how to bring us all together January was actually easy because we're learning concentric timer learning style time but now we're calling it and do not complete. First infant in court until the end of February when the unified field of January 8th February takes us into March so the choice that we make in February brings us to the awareness which is that energy to set right February is get ready be ready is really more accurate marches set okay that's because it's an awareness months you're going to bring the choice from those the February which is actually the January February into march with all of the greater awareness with the energy of the yes to the one that you are and then April is April is the I am it is the experience and it is where we begin to actually bring the grid of Illumination forward and Ankara

in the nick of time because look at my guys look at maybe we are being given right now this Ready set go because in May the first harmonic wave is going to hit us and it's going to hit us big and it's going to feel like a tidal wave and if you're ready for it it's going to be great you're going to amplify in ways you never dreamed I met you are going to shoot out of the or you are going to bring a relief that's life

guess what you get to practice we get to practice meaning of you know the judgmental my nose say oh I made a mistake or are you practicing your ability to pick yourself up or awake to your discernment and to catch things more quickly because we live in a world that is an intersection of so many energies and you've got all your commitments intersecting with this emerging authenticity you're so let's get in the present time is service at all this stuff that you sent motion from a lower State of Consciousness intersecting with this and it will take a little story which happens naturally as long as your heart is in Trust

and that you are willing to keep moving forward that's the steadfast commitment

it's but fudge February March April are literally Ready set go ready this is the month of the choice and here's another thing that's just how important and profound we are at a moment where it's a February 20-21 is rescuing the heart of humanity that is the medicine journey of the heart that is more than the documentary title that were making at the WWE event the medicine journey of the heart is the unique Journey that is unlike any other because it takes you through the five bodies of Consciousness to arrive at the still Center of your Eternal process and that energy is nice with the heartbeat of a base de and how perfect that in just February 13th Valentine's Day whether or not you think your healer is irrelevant this is about igniting

medicine journey of the heart and the evasive experience ignites the evasive heart beat it gives you the gift of living the avesa life he ascended experience where your Consciousness is here you have relaxed and the creation is the law of instantaneous manifestation sustaining every thought every molecule ever experienced a serendipitous car and that's a choice that's in front of you right now on so many levels and I want is really breathe out in because this is a conscious choice and the next window for this type of conscious choice is going to be may only hurts what's so different and and triggers want to put it up for a second again look at the flow look at the difference is that when The Mane Choice comes it's going to be like like you're standing at the top of the hill and the monk just splashed the bell and you're right there

you are in the Bell what are you doing with it are you overwhelmed by it or are you part of the first harmonic way that's going to jettison a much greater Medicine of the heart around the planet that's why one of many Marx wife February is so important because that decision is actually being made now at the next decision points going to come when it's already here so how blessed are we that we have February March April then we go to March which is going to be that set of are ready set go because it's been awareness do in this month of February where were answering that first incident spin right Ascension Mastery of the yoga's health Ascension remember is the medicine journey of the heart and so did not in March it is of course the time of balance the middle of the cross the five medicines of your ascended presents

up down left right center ignition the living energy of the living off the ecstatic present this is the eagle and the Condor this is the moment before us this is why the canary must be involved because this is as part of the medicine of the Journey of the heart this is about the living examples of how the medicine of the heart not only has been kept alive in the third dimension by the pinata but how those Dimensions flies are happening right now and we had the privilege of literally living that up and you are yesterday so for those of you that don't know where is the province or the state you might refer to it as the historical home place of the qunari archaeological capital of Ecuador area

are in the high mountains these people are used to cold in fact there is there are two industries have those kinds of things in the different covers are fabulous and that's what I give you my sensation climate warm Hearts you know the people we meet we're also sincere welcoming give you a little Glimpse tonight I will take a peek at the movie in a little while the the glitches that in visiting we were invited by

we were there that we really had to be invited and and this was really a privilege and an honor and the good news is it did pave the way for us to be able to bring to his hair to Alexander invited us to come up he said I want to show you where we connect to our ancestors two of you here I need to bring you to the service sacred place and we learned and did not know was that within this province there are areas that the indigenous I believe it was in 1998 and this is the land we were on and I've never felt anything like this ever ever ever so it's fabulous weekend there were these are conserved

top before we even started the ceremony was Alexander at the very top where it was very windy huge faces were appearing in the Visions were coming and there were no artificial stimulants involved are the only thing is happening with the Gathering of the ancestors respecting those who have passed and in connecting to the Legacy that these people are carrying in their spiritual DNA and they have a couple of buildings and and there's not one of the five different cultures within the overall area this is what I found really. I mean it's really a cultural Museum it's fascinating so you wind up they do like a spiral which I thought was also fascinating stories farewell to get up and then you want

Lilly wood feels like a cave like the snake write the community snake so they made the hallway the serpiente then and then you learn about how is ensenar the different the Mayan had many different ways that the interest each one had a a saying about the soul and the heart and and this is why the medicine journey of the heart is the moment at hand lacanada people have always been about the Journey of the heart the Journey of the soul and I love that you were taking pictures of all these beautiful we were there of course on this day of balance day of creation second chakra as we are in February

find yesterday in end in what a delight to be introduced to a living culture where they honor that this particular group was in charge of the we specialize in perfected the techniques of the backstrap weaving etcetera the straw the hatchet in vegetables and another group is is working more with animals and it's like you think we're going to talk dioramas really well done with the diorama this one group is the bar with all the bottles and said dancing again they make the guitars and the instruments and you know how beautiful right yes and one of the lessons for us with that were groomed in the western world is the reconnection with the essential

uses of society and the fact that there are beings who Champion those those elements and that we were making a contribution to the overall society and you are loved and appreciated the magazine the curator of the museum and he brought us and he said will be jealous of us and then later on our way to the Lincoln baths with oh my God it's Peru like I absolutely extraordinary like a Roman baths for the Incans phenomenal but that doesn't the complexity between the two tribes that you out and they're busting your knee but it didn't know about that so that was an interesting Revelation as well so the complexity of this moment

the April go experience that I want to talk about because that's what April's going to be April 10th to be experienced and it's about I am and the building we are literally being in bided to build the grid of Illumination we have so much to talk about all of that and see if we have some comments or questions from the audience I've seen a lot of full phone line with you when you said we're being invited to build the grid of Illumination the each contributing and being honored respect for that let's look at us as Divine beings of light a grid of reunions and reconnection of well-being of Consciousness there are many qualities Associated more about that

further into this hour with you we are living at an intersection moment right now and I think about cross of Perfect Balance if we're going to talk a lot more about him because we're offering you a history lesson. It's about an expansion of love and Consciousness it's about what are the living lessons here that will inform our hearts and help us unite as beings because there are the lesson of unity the lesson of Oneness was Seated on this planet it wasn't like we had to think this sentence we are living

Lester we we get to live literally at the archaeological site and you get to come and be here and be on that plane and and that is not an accident if it blows arm find every much as it blows yours and we had so many people come to kick the tires so to speak to make sure it's not full of crap it's real you know I had one person recently tell me what you know and I get that you couldn't have that those Rock I have to admit it never even entered my mind that somebody would even ask that question or think about that and simultaneously I was really grateful that it's a question was there that it could be honestly we are in the moment we're all of this concentric dimensionality all of the Spiral time is coming together and saying yes and yesterday would happen in Kenya and then waking up and going literally right up the week

and it's the medicine journey of his heart and that is straight would you I have another flight I'd like you to pump before we give our first caller hello here but I want to talk about this is the medicine journey and the medicine journey is the yoga self Ascension Mastery and you know we already talked about this was important to recognize is that it begins the heartbeat of a basin which is beginning in February it's yet to our website. Com register the journey this year-long journey is a medicine journey of the Hearth and this medicine Journey has a hard because February is the time to reveal them it's about not only remembering who you are but living the way you can do that is if you understand how to ignite the five medicines of your ascended Eternal present these five medicines exist within us all these five medicine

have been hidden they have been abused they have been misunderstood they have been manipulated we had. But we are at the moment we're all of the Sacred medicine is coming forward and this is why I Street and I are offering this year-long journey this is the medicine journey of the heart that is what the self Ascension Master experience is that is what the yoga spell dissension masri offers you it brings you to that Divine Center and SRI let's tell them I want to show you guys the five medicines and then again and if you have a comment or question was no Frost R5 If you're in over at 1 to stop radio at 517-208-1500 and if you're over at the toll free number if you would let our producer now I do have a comment or question so here we are is that is that up now Street okay these are the five bodies of the expanded ascended presents

we call it together through this medicine journey of the Eternal heart of the ascended heart we're in the year will be your Healing Heart of humanity where we know we must go beyond our own Consciousness and so this is the moment where the five bodies of the expanded send two presents are ready to be ignited and it begins with the medicine of the physical body and the end of the emotional body the medicine of the mental body the medicine of the spiritual body which brings us to the medicine of Consciousness and the medicine of the physical body as part of our expanded ascended present is the ignition of the avesa breath the ignition of the evasive heartbeat that ignites the medicine of the physical body to be receptive to that which mother guy offers often we are so toxic either in in one of these other bodies or an in the way we're eating or whatever that that witch in Norma

assist us we don't even recognize and so we must free our Consciousness because at the end of the day it is the medicine of Consciousness and I want to read the quote from the heart because everything around this is about Archangel zadkiel and The Shield is not feel and how these five bodies of the expanded presidents have been there waiting for you to remember and your heart

what if you chose to believe that everything in your world was perfect as is right now

what if you implicitly trusted your inner guidance system to produce the words and actions needed in any situation you found yourself

what if every moment was Guided by the one who truly loved you now with guided by the one who truly loved you

that's you

that's your Mastery yoga of self ascended present that is the moment where the higher Essence the full ascended being that you are is a Divine Connection in sacred Union with this body of form

when that moment happens all of the five bodies become the cross of perfect balance and in The Spill Center is where the medicine of Consciousness literally erupts and breaks us free

that is the statuary turning right in front of us that is the year in front of us that is the concentric dimensionality in front of us it is the beat within the beat within the beat within the beat it is following ourselves into that beautiful gift where we anchor the truth of Who We Are

February is the moment where the medicine journey of that Divine heart really amplifies because the January right remember that that does January was what it was experienced the January Furious is now at that I you are that all seeing eye that that movement that Pivot Point creating the February Loop. Together are going to bring us into even greater speed by the time we get to March which is why the equinoxes is so important so it really a profound on the trade Margaery aquanox is truly a balancing point a pivot point a launching point co-created with or it can also plummet us a bit and so humanity is yearning for that Talent

wa learn about the marching band there's more stuff coming to the website soon yes. And you can you can learn how to either come on down here to join us in person still have faith here on site be part of this can you re ceremonies and the live presentations or pick us up online and join as a virtual attendee you have off and we have more options for those are easy to be staying here remember staying here is whether your Casita is on site or at the off-site beautiful little space that we provide all your daily to and from with the stuff happening here that's only for the on-site residence is going to be mind-blowing we will be filming as much as we can but we won't be able to. Let's go to the phone lines let's start where we are or have someone here

Idaho hay Boise Idaho

oh no really

well I'm just watching you on another screen so and talking to you on my phone so welcome

well I just wanted you to know that I feel so invited to be part of your energy for lots of reasons, one that I just got back and I spent an entire week just sitting waiting for

the energy to come in again and I'm hoping that

trip that you made up two of the canaries is that door that's why I'm looking forward for it forward to seeing at today so anyway I just didn't really have any intention other than to say hello and thank you for such a wonderful journey in the last month and tosa I truly never changed my life that were talking about the medicine journey of the heart because today and this is the stone we found your little Jade heart that you would left on the prophecy Stone we and so today little late today I took that Jade heart that was still right at the top of this up here on the stone and I put it on the big main altar up there I heard that it was ready to take that

RG and move to the big main Altar and I did that just this morning and I was the one that was right here on the property stone that handed that Jade heart to straight and you put it on the altar on the main author so yeah so I don't think it's an accident you're our first caller I think your affirmation of what's Happening

yes it is a very big heart to me that connection and thank you for spearheading this because coming back into the density has been a little ways to say I probably must have been a long time


we offer you a hug of encouragement know that you are moving forward

thank you thank you so much sweetheart. Bye-bye for now alright well you know Street how about we go to PBS radio we have a first-time caller on line one will say hi to Chico from Connecticut

well, can you hear me you sound great

oh thank you so much I wanted to say hi to Rector and and finding res-q

we're glad you're here

thank you so much so I have been with me to for several years and every time I see you very energetic affectionate Figures it's really aren't you as me up and went through and now I feel like turning point and speak your Wayne in many ways so I'm more try to be who I am trying to find myself a deep inside hidden probably

well you know Angel first and foremost I just want to share with you that I steal your heart so deeply you know here we are today talking about February in this medicine journey of the heart ignition and all of this is beautiful energy and I'm also feeling your your your third chakra actually like it's rightfully between more like the rib and and I'm putting my hand there right now and the only thing I keep hearing there's all these it's so beautiful there's like all these Buddhas behind you like all all of the Buddhas are behind you then around the Buddha something like all of these ascended Master presences and then they're all looking like they're lotuses it's like you're sitting in the middle of the lotus and you're sitting there and it's not that you're hiding it's just like you're sitting there looking like you're in the middle of the lotus and you're looking all around you and they're all looking at you and they're saying you're already flying look up

just look up yeah and and as you look up you will see that the guidance you have saw it has already manifested before you and that which you are is taking you to the next level pay attention to everything that you're connecting to follow through and fries fries fries fries as I connect with you again it's almost like I feel like there's a string attached to your third chakra and it's like trying to be pulled out of your throat right now and given that were in the year of freeing our voice today January 3rd it's like all that you are is saying all right and I'm going to say I am what I know I am and so to from me to you my love I am as you are and I I am grateful for the mirror before us all right now that is known as you and Des Moines

right now thank you for being on the planet most web to you

thank you so much and I'm originally from Japan but I feel that English abilities and made me are going to the tap into this preacher world. Thank you so much we love you honey beautiful beautiful beautiful into our belly and I want to go a little bit deeper into what's happening in February so Street let's put up the February up level calendar you guys ready February free this baby and huh all right so first and foremost let's look at that beautiful comment at the top this is from the cosmic SC nasri want to read that dress is so simple and profound through great presents you find

true great presents you find beauty ascended numerology code is a 9-month which really is we're going to roughly from that sticks to the nine-member so it's like this big swing we're going to go and if you look at the calendar it is another month of Wednesday's it had to be it had to be another month of Wednesdays because February is what we're stealing the first incident spiral so it's the balance right it's both sides of tree off and talks about it as the propeller that spins because of the center so not only are we having these Wednesdays which is the center of the linear time experience we are being called to the center of our heart we are right now we have just started the re mind free mind and this is going to be really moving up until February 11th when that illuminated new

phone is going to give us a bump but it's going to hit on the 19th on the 19th we have not only the completion of mercury we also have enough level moment and then it's tax you see how we have the role of the Wednesdays but then you see you go 11 1927 it almost looks like a pyramid energy remember that all of this energy is near ring itself so that means 915 and 21 are also doing the same thing and it's again going to be about the energy of choice choice and more choice is it going to be that much everything around you all of your choices are going to be put in front of you however I want to dive into this remind free mind because it's part of the medicine journey of the heart as we go through the five beautiful bodies of our expanded ascended presents those medicines that the medicine Journey that we are taking part of the men

end of the physical body is the way that we begin working with all of the medicines of Gaia we need to be able to transcend the conscious experience of the medicine of the physical body to become the medicine so that the physical body itself is the medicine it is the alchemical blessing we are you know if I was standing in the position of the living all right we are the cross of perfect balance and in our Center that medicine of Consciousness is where we explode into the ascended presents the medicine journey of the heart is the most unique medicine Journey you will ever take because it goes out by the limitations of the perceptions and it must begin with the physical beautiful Medicine of the physical body and that is right now that is February and it brings us back to this medicine journey of the heart and

and the energy of February that same look in the remind free mine in the retrograde that's going to carry us through 19 days of a short months the basically most of months where was still be in there the other part of this energy being called and bounce being called involves being called into balance and we're being invited to literally have our 5 screens you know I've always described it as the 5 screens so imagine you're 5 screens are the conscious awareness of your medicine of the physical body Medicine of the emotional body Medicine of the medicine of a spiritual body offering you in the middle this medicine of Consciousness that's radiating into all of them

so what do you breathe that is because this is that important that is the year before us that is the journey that is how healing the heart of humanity is offered and that grid of Illumination is built

the medicine of the heart and its most basic understanding is the medicine of reunification

there it is the five bodies as one absolutely consider for a moment how many people and I'm sure you can relate to this have struggled in your path wanting to belong wanting to be the law for wanting to experience wholesome intimacy wanting to be reunified with that what you know exists but somehow it's just falling a little out there a little ways stipulated a whole momentum call seeking when it's been with you and many many lovely bastards have said this it's already inside you but we still have to prove it to ourselves. This is undeniable proof guys right and this is in there for putting out as much undeniable proof is weak and that's the third dimensional and then that calls us together and then we

come together in the third dimension and I think independently before we activated agreements for this lifetime we were on our trajectory but then we came together we expand it and so and and when we all come together and we start expanding when we sit at that round Crystal and March are that's where that cross of equilateral experience from the center burst forward and those 5 screens open up the next 10-20 that's the moment of February what are we putting into this incident motion remember everything is going into the Simpson and spent what are we putting into this going to support the open torsion field that is the zero-point creation in a moment we're outside of linear time is where it's all happening which is why so many

are being pushed to to stop at a moment where your greatest Power is coming in is the moment where everything will try to stop you and get in your way and you watching your working with an organization right now where are presents was pushing them and they're really having to look at themselves and we've decided to the fascinating moment to see how that's going to unfold and for you to know that the interface of your ascended presents with that which is getting into the sea the free mind is insane it is the two together it's the remind free mind that has the left brain relaxed enough to cross the you that is coming together to hold that Mastery presents and again join us let us walk together through this is very important here and and joy

Monday magic go to screen share. Com register for that discover the the journey get on the journey joined the medicine of the heart journey be there with us learn about and then let us together build a crate of Illumination and this journey and I want to speak to this a little more the journeys that we are co-creating with you have at first glance appear to be two different streams but they're actually quite connected one of the pathways is is to support

an ultimately is supported through and Ascension or not leveling up their Consciousness which ties to the parallel it is we mastered the art of ascended living we also Master our capacity to be of Greater service and healing energy to others journey to unification is one that I have locked and I I love very much I want to speak to this a little further of Asic Quantum healing was first brought back to the planet through Master lady kuraray in Synergy with Helena blavatsky and we're not going to tell you the whole story that today whenever I want to honor Madame Elena my own beloved here to her off because

together in this presents activated a soul recognition in me and that Kira and I begin to share of a saw saw and that this reconnection to the essence of healing which is a connection to the Divine infinite Essence heartbeat of the human ear

I studied many energy healing techniques some years ago before I met you I had a lot of Drive curiosity in it with my intelligence to I want to I want to get everything I can for this and I learned a lot of energy techniques how many of you you do you would you would go to a medical doctor the traditional allopathic and it wasn't getting there and then you might try or Balaji or you might try acupuncture might go on to the refining subtle value and they have a zone of effective

add medicines as well because as you have it every finding experience things when your Consciousness is at a level of evolutionary acceptance years ago I had a friend and I had not yet awoken to that and she handed me a body a bottle of a flower essences assist me with something and it didn't work it work like you know it just worked beautifully and what had changed Consciousness therapy in the consciousness of the masses because it's a densified energy as those beans begin to lift

I want to see trees at this also applies on for example when we have people that walk our Mountain Trail are archaeologists that only are versed in the past 25 years they go right by the most valuable things that we have here yet when they were like a beeline exactly what they were looking at you the same thing just brings me back to it was chatting with you about it this moment which was is a technique that invites your Consciousness and the physical training this involved to assist another being too experienced State now he ascended state is a state of being that we all have no and can be because it's who you are

some points and we've invested so much of our lives in Conformity and density in working through that which we were given and what we were given a lot of limiting beliefs and a lot of a lot of energy that are no longer applicable to the state of evolution that you are experiencing dust by the need to expand one's discernment soave Sia one of the beautiful things about the Mac energy balancing training is it will help awaken in others the ascended state of being and from that state of being then there are various other energy interventions that can happen which will help anchor ceiling or the client now the client could be your your spouse a client could be your family it work could be a professional practice the key here is that a basic Quantum healing is just that it

works in the quantum field and this is an energy modality that is not based upon a paradigm which is fading it's based upon a paradise University is the standard in our Consciousness that's why your Consciousness is always a salted that's what your Consciousness is that's if there is a war it is a war on Consciousness and this is why you're seeing things like socialism that's extreme fascism other forms of dictatorship that's why you're seeing in this in this deep need to understand the medicine of the physical body this is why the ultimate medicine journey is the medicine journey of a heart that is what the yoga of self Ascension Mastery offers you and N Street I want to go back to yesterday and I want to go back to where we are now

go ahead and read about the bass energy balance he read about these three Journeys that Speedway offered a Visa balance he's so if you're unsure just enroll for that and if you want to get rolling on the full Year's commitment we can roll that into your full year and you can discover how Grand this medicine Journey really is because we're going to take this year, netting with v medicine on New Year's Eve because this incredible concentric time will it rain is going to just make this your amazing and so that will be the final medicine which will be the medicine of Consciousness the Divine ignition of a diamond Rae

what is the Year this is why she and I were called to do it this year February 1st spiral of infinite connection it's a choice and we won't see this Choice again and when we see the choice again we're sitting in the middle of the big Bell what are we going to do with that harmonic call because that's going to be the biggest one of the year and it's going to be huge and it's going to be like how are we preparing we are ready in February we are set in March we are going in April and this is the gift of True Divine illumination it is the way these synergies are coming together you know being up in the canoe our Province yesterday being really deep within the home world and and having lunch in their home and being with these beautiful people have only confirmed one thing forestry and I like this is obviously why we took the journey we did this is obviously why everything that has happened has happened so that we would be ready when this moment came we are consciously aware as I know you are right now

all stuffed into this time experience let go of linear time especially those of you that were with us on all the time surfing that we did as with Lanier's holders we chose to be in this moment so what are we going to do about it you going to jump again because you can do that or you going to stay here and say okay if I'm connecting right now if we're part of this experience and I know we consciously chose to be here before the first time you've ever connected with us for the millions right when he's been with us for the past nineteen years as we just started our 19 cycle with all of you or whether you're just with us 19 minutes this is the moment and so in this moment what are you going to do we know and I know that the only reason we're still alive is because we're in this lifetime with you right now and we are consciously aware that other moments where we have known each other and what we would call the past those have completed and we're no longer on the planet

all of us are here right now because we are at a moment or Consciousness is being invited to expand Beyond itself where we have never gone before and this time we know it we have a moment to get out of our own Groundhog Day experience right how many more days do you want to wake up being the only one who's aware that we're doing this again we are in the moment right now we're all of us are aware and we are ready so let's do this let the only limitation is our own belief system and this is what I believe the unification that's coming forward is about and about this documentary which is the medicine journey of the heart it's about the unification of the eagle and the Condor in the presence of the five bodies of the medicine of our conscious evolution and that the canary have held this inform the crystalline ones that are here are calling it in the bridge

come together WWE their meet people and more of what happened yesterday and when we come back we can expand that even more let me find that here we go

where in Canada right now

Justice they have in every other position

and I love how they have the birthday

and then tell me now

the sound right the harmonica

the entrance of 10 yards and of course it's for all of our gear pinatas bread

dinner with me

I'm ready to transition here

Lego Batman

Party City

ceramic has

antifa it's not fun but you see look

this was the site of the war and everything just massive grave and lots of Bones and evidence of the war and here we have a phone and then look at the beauty that yeah I mean come on that this is a blessing from God. I'm still this I wish I could I wish you could feel this right now

and we're just we're just like being on Native American land in the United States

well I just I just don't want anybody to hurt it.

they're just purchased everywhere

Michelle has a use for money at that it was probably a bead. There was probably more to it but this this was most likely probably jewelry

as we go up

yeah that feels better look like we're releasing the energy

woman with a disease that shoe

do I love their mistresses



yes this is like your medicine hat

wow excelente

oh yeah

wow wow

I just want to say wow free of Rose you rock so you know. Was with us and and made all of that film and put all of that together and I hope and trust with all my heart that you guys enjoyed that as much as we enjoyed as we can now bring you oh my goodness gracious to take it all the various footages and flipping it down into a wonderful experience that you've not seen yet there was so much that happen one of the things that happened which was very similar last time this happened. I was when we were in Washington DC capitol because it really worth having the capital of the indigenous territory at the Highland Mountain and of the hyades and while we're at the Museum and again we've had this private tour we came out 3 and I had just been shown does other Temple that was there that it was very sweet because Alexander said hey he didn't show you this but it was

other massive Temple site on to things happen the first thing that happened was one that we were at the top and it very much looks like one of those kind of like to call type very high incline step the way they're done it very much like art Encinitas tile when we look to the left for young women it was just my heart so beautiful and I think you might have gotten a picture so this backdrop public site where they have the two different Museum building on days it wasn't for water and there was this pyramid energy off to the side we realize we were at the top of a mount and so we went to the very Apex and we're looking down and where was this little public kind of picnic area on the side and these young ladies all dressed in white

people like ornate hand on Canary weaving I mean stunning their party to welcome them to the community of Women Marry they are now you know of a party there were they were there the center receiving flowers and there was a guitar playing and they are in some of the young men were singing to them and then there were other kind of innocence and such sweetness and such honoring and such presents and it was really quite beautiful to to capture that divine feminine honoring in that moment that all the ceremonies we're witnessing it was one that that was really honoring the divine feminine and that was being done with so much love and family involvement it was really quite beautiful

so that was the first thing that happened and then after we had that beautiful witnessing and we were trying to be very non-obtrusive and and not let them know we were looking even though my heart was like oh my God you're so beautiful on the side of the pyramid Edwin and Alexander started walking the other way and Bri was kind of walking the other way and this man comes up to us and they're all getting nervous like North America States and that we've been in South America now for 12 years run to his car and Alexander like oh my God who is this man and I'm like free I get over here I think this guy just said he's going to interview us for the radio station will turn.

exactly what it was and so he came up to us and this is where was exactly like in Washington DC the last time and it was green I were appearing there at a conference and we were picked up a radio station who literally came running up to us and put you on the air happened and this was so cute because it was like the heart of ink of her car radio isn't buying a perc I remember this is afraid of hurting is the only divine feminine temple in the entire world on the way home we passed a huge Tower the tower little white building does the voice of Alexa

our voices are transcended you know that regardless of where we are who we are when when we were what's the law of instantaneous manifestation right off her sincerity and appreciation to the locals who are conserving their taking you don't there I think many generations go through this there's a. Of of trying to integrate into a new Modern Life and then losing touch with what was good essential traditions and and it certainly the Canon had this experience and they had to go back and reclaim some of the crap I think that's a really important as medicine during the heart which is you got it you got text and at some point the empowered thing to do is to take a stand

white learning about the medicine of the emotional body is so important because at some point you have to take a stand with your emotional body and in order to do that you're unable to even free yourself to experience the medicine of the mental body because at the end of the day it is this unified presence of all of that freedom and so taking the stand begins I did with the canary said was look that what you saw in the video go there and there is a whole video around that we were literally picking up I mean the things in museums that are under glass cases it was it was like when we first went into the first time you're in that field of temples in me and Mark there's nothing to describe it because it's overwhelming no matter how well-traveled you are it's overwhelming how many they are right it was the same feeling it was like I had just arrived at the field of temples in Myanmar and and the first thing I heard the screaming there was a lot of deaths that it happened there and

genius moment and then the lack of Consciousness all of the holes that you see in this is a whole other film that we're putting together the whole space called are you from those that were trying to steal from it looking for jewelry whenever it's destroyed cards of parties and so if it's really is a monument to the many levels of consciousness of man

to the level of Consciousness to how it even got built the level of Consciousness that tried to invade it the level of Consciousness that is now protecting it and the level of Consciousness it took to once more into its highest state it's a living walking Journey Of Consciousness it really is and and that's how it felt like we were walking through a field of Consciousness and we're literally walking on these Pottery shards at where was a little cave at one point in the receiver bones spine bones you know the dog little puppy comes up with a bone is like a thousands of people walking into an archaeological site that's been pretty dog instead of hey now we're at the part where everything is go I mean I was picking them up it's a living site and thank God they were given control back of it

sebaceous level to the most sophisticated level in order to have in order to have initiative those parameters put your attention and and how does the energy flow and cultivated through discernment

true loving discernment hopefully always go ahead and show you once more the ascended numerology for February because this is where our bodies everything we're saying right now free so remember we're actually in that sticks right now let's look at the body were in that six were Mercury retrograde is that's where we are right now tomorrow we're going to shoot up to the high heart and then we're going to end in one breast you're going to go from a moment of being in this Venus right up into the high heart then you're going to go to your throat the insect 5 back out to the incident we're going to come back into the throat again we're going to go back out to the incident where we are all hanging in the energy of creation and balance until we zoom in to the 9 on the 11th it is a illuminated New Moon up level

Larry 11 and that is where the nine and where does the nine take us yet again the high heart it's also the overarching energy of February February is about the high Hearts February is the month where the journeys of medicine journey of the heart is right now and in that medicine Journey you discover the five medicines that are your secrets couch the one thing that we don't have that wish you would have grabbed was when you tell them what happened and that's part of another video but I think we should go ahead and respected

TR World on top of this Turtle Mountain on top of the of the turtles are there is an altar and the four Sacred Stones and he he was conducting a ceremony up there and offering tobacco and alcohol and clearing and and and then Monica took off the medicine pouch that he was wearing and offered smoke and cleansing to it and then presented it to me and that was an acknowledgement of our Brotherhood an acknowledgement of carrying the torch so to speak of a bean or beam one that is carrying the medicine is that will support the families and the children and those who are coming and each other and it was a very tender moment because I the gift that was given

was a gift of recognition and support we weren't telling a lot about that part but his words were we may all have different bodies but we are the one heart this is why the equinoxes important it is a yes moment that must come forward with the biggest voice possible that says we are different bodies one heart how beautiful is that and yes we are here and we are here in the active balance creation of our high heart choice in this month of February that is the moment where the medicine journey of the heart is the greatest most unique medicine you will ever experience it is the medicine of the all-encompassing essence of all of the bodies of all of the energies without the attachment to any

it is the moment where the steel cross in the center of Perfect Balance there that still Center is the medicine of Consciousness we are currently right now cultivating the medicine of Consciousness and it is through all of the medicine that come together in this healing Journey that we are able to become the living medicine that inspires others to do the same it is always going to be our presents that are words that will assist the Consciousness to continue to expand into hold open and create the grid of Illumination that begins in April when we open the sacred books and begin teaching from them and if you don't know what I'm talking about get to Sri and Kira. Com join us for the April beginning when we teach the I am discourses and get the hardcopy we're sending out a Clarion call

jet old copy as you can of the I am discourses so that we can be able to really grid that together because one of the little surprised when we open up the WWE Global we will be opening up the pre grid and we're going to invite all of you to have books were going to talk about getting you to try and do a big huge Zoom of all of us with the hard copy let's create the great of Illumination let's say yes to who we really are I am as you are and three we have collars that he just over there going we are going to run over to BBS radio from Florida first time

call thank you so much more pleasure Thanksgiving you sound beautiful sweetheart

okay awesome so I'm very guided today for some reason to call in for a mini Soul reading

well wonderful wonderful did you want to share anything else

I honestly don't have anything on my mind right now I just felt guided to call and I I just I guess I would like to hear you guys have to say thank you for sharing that I do want to share this with you that I want to go back to what you said the first time which was I felt guided for some reason, to call today and and the reason I want to go there if that's what you called you called for that some reason you know you are at a moment right now where is so precious you are such a precious heart you're in that Divine moment of I really think I know but I don't know if I know or maybe I know it it's just that moment of let me know when I look at you I see the joy of the Innocence of the Divine Awakening and I see the wise woman who's sitting behind that

be careful but then I see another layer behind that being saying you're good to go trust you like you have all of these beautiful layers in the middle of it right now is you and as I gazed at the you as I'm really gazing at you right now there's this beautiful the word they want me to use it over so there's this beautiful oversoul that's kind of gazing back at you and and just saying to you look when you get clear on what you really want it's going to be really obvious until then

let go of judging until you experience and once you experience trust what you know

you I just need you here because this being is like whoa it's you I was a huge it's like I just want to smile at you and say the only thing you need to know is that you've already got you know what you need and want to do and you just have to give yourself permission to say yes I don't need to share anything with you that you already know the reason we connected today was because you're over Solace same trust me more and the last thing I share with you as I get a pit in my stomach as I'm sharing with you it's like there's this this little it's not big little like a spear sing in the middle of your stomach that's just saying you know what okay I can trust me again and more and it's like you just pull it out and it's like the sound like now I'm getting off right away it's like boom here I am that's really what it feels like so thank you for calling sweetheart I love you very much

thank you so much love you sweetheart I need another one you guys are deep wow wow wow wow yeah we're going to head to Line 6 and say hi to Violet from Florida Violet from Florida Namaste Angel welcome

play Mexican Train can I call you welcome sweetheart

oh how I miss you so much well I connect with you all the time but I miss I would have gotten one connection you are my man purse you are my teacher actually I see you're more like my spiritual parents and I love you so much and I'm grateful for your Mastery and cousins and all the love that you're providing to all of us coming today but it because I was called to too cold for a mini sole think I am going to make it big, I know it's going to be it's going to go fast and not a lot of speech changes are happening and I'm claiming them Mastery and I just wanted to let you know I'm leaving to have some country kitchen make sure I not I am on the right side and thank you so much I love you

first what I was experiencing in my physical body member Medicine of the physical body wow as you were sharing I felt three punches it was like I got punched here right about the physical heart and it had like a reverberation on the other side and then it was like my third chakra very much like this a chalice that's open that's that now seems even losing my breath connecting with it supposed to feel me feel me feel me breathe it in

and that there is an energy me right now that's in your third chakra it's like it's and it's an engine that saying I'm ready I want to go I want to go and then their sisters like a doubt that's just enough for to go hey come on and and so Angel you can trust me I'm losing my breath connecting with you you cannot go if you if you stop you if you have to beat you you either forgive me you've either got to be all systems go or all systems stop there is no middle ground for you right now

I can't talk any more honey you need Ave saw breath a lot you need breathing with SRI I am forcing tree to start a new class breathing with straight razor yeah all go or all stop and both are okay

but you got to make a choice and you don't get really clear on it okay I love you

I love you thank you so much thank you so much I love you love you love you honey. With sound

now we're going to do Ave on the inhale and exhale Big Brother

wow wow wow wow wow wow you doing it opens a recognition is open Saturday to begin with a little practice you will enjoy the fruits of that even more remember every Monday we are living the ascended life and this is part of that February energy this may join us for Monday magic at the bare minimum be here every Sunday join us every Monday for Monday magic and be there every Tuesday for soul mirrors bare minimum tonight on explore the Mysteries if you really want to do this go to explore the Mysteries every Sunday night and I offer as part of our savior to the world and in-depth exploration of the self ascended energy that is coming forward for you in this moment for this very experienced this week's all about the heart again and it's about this profound energy and releasing attachments and the cosmic Etsy not have a lot

to say that premieres at 9 p.m. eastern time tonight over at 1 to talk radio or AM FM 247 or I heart wherever you're catching explore the Mysteries catch it every Sunday night give yourself a date to go deeper with the Mysteries and it really helps to unlock more but she and I are doing on this show as well when we send energy to each other we all experience cost you one thing your attention if you want to take a little further and we pray that you really do this is the year join us for a year of Mastery of the yoga self Ascension that unlocks the five medicines that unlock the five screens so that you really are able to navigate this concentric dimensionality and moving to a flow of Mastery abundant presence unlike any we have ever experienced

we are co-creating us together and so SRI let's go back to our co-creation and which phone lines are we going to know okay hey Georgia Namaste call Georgia USA

hi sweetheart Namaste welcome

Hey Hey My My name is

turn down your volume

okay that's much better I'm sorry

I have had the most amazing weekend of this Revelation this weekend and you can hear it in my voice

but it felt called today I have been watching you on TV for over a year and following you and beating Billy from 2018 on your website it's all just come together for me.

call Michael I don't I don't know

so why don't you relax all right first of all wow wow wow wow wow wow girl just connecting with you. It's your first thing I see is you have his beautiful Halo of like beautiful little flowers all different types but it's not on your head it's literally spinning around your head like energy and I kid you not I'm hearing Beyonce Halo like just spinning spinning spinning around you and then your whole Crown chakra is like de pelo is spinning around you and I'm seeing what look like showers of crystalline light coming out and then shimmering your hair is like this multicolored shimmering I don't want to send lasers it so it's more like fluid light I think that's why I would call it every color there is

and what my hands your hands I'm seeing them like this and they're saying three times just three times and what are we at I heart right it's like you're in this moment where you're my heart you're saying touch three times so 1 2 3 and I'm going to find anybody who wants to do this because this beautiful angels bringing this through for all of us and so we touch three times right here 1 to 3 and then breathe in the oven be exhaled and it's hard and now like I feel like I'm just wanted to jump I'm feeling this energy stood up go right out that that Halo and your Ascent your ear Divine Galactic blueprint is fully opening and the message this Michael energy is the energy of protection but it's more than just Archangel Michael there is like this field of the energy they're saying we are the Michael of the Realms of ascended preza

and we carry with us the swords of the all you are now being armed with that which will protect you have no fear for the moment is now and so it is

much love to you dear

we love you honey and we had to mute you I'm sorry for that because when things like this happen if you very careful about blowing up the stairs and I'm needing a moment right now I'm not even sure I all I hear is high pitch tone I just need you to know that how many of you are hearing high pitched down third chakra with that Frozen beans to allow love to join with consciousness

presence is the energy of mindfulness which is the energy of heart centered compassion in part of your word is supposed to be present to ourselves

I noticed your breath

and on the inhale the breath can bring energy to Your Heart Center

and on the exhale we just let go and allow the infinite to flow through me inhaling I recognize the divine


no resistance


and as you continue to just allow your breathing to follow its pattern

love to smile come to your face

to know

it all is well

all is well

wow you know I enter sharing tree I just remind all of you the three tops breathing in on the Ave and the letting go on the saw I was doing that extremely profound also being reminded that we are in that moment of this retrograde energy this remind freemind one of the things that's going to be happening throughout February is that this is a moment where missed opportunities are we there recycling back you may have people coming back into your life you may have thought coming back that are suddenly having a greater sense of manifestation you might find that something you thought you were doing for another reason you realize all I was doing it for this reason this is concentric dimensionality it's letting go of that illusion of time and saying if something happened in a point of time even a month ago whatever if it was a quote missed opportunity or something that you sent line is something that did

wine and that moment is aligning now it's confirmation that together you slid into this moment and thereby there is another opportunity to have a greater purpose for coming together you might also be coming together with beans that you could have met in other line and that you are conscious that when you come together now you like oh I see what we could have met here and that that works on a lot of other levels that's a big part of the February mirror of the January is saying okay remember we're close again I want to just one more time pop up because it's really all about this it's why we're giving you the big one with the really big 2021 energy flow is that January and I'm going to run you through this again if you missed in the first part of the show you see where the little j a n there is on the January on the concentric circle with the concentric time start of January and as if you put your finger on the January Trace all the way

all the way down to where January you're in the thigh and what's happening is tight now you're transferring from the eye over to pick up the February spiral and when that February comes up and when that closes this tourist field comes together and the rest of this concentric dimensionality is influenced by the February choice and it's the last choice of its kind in the two-year up level we have going because the next time the toys comes will be in May however it's going to be superseded by the first harmonic of the universe and it's going to come in like this you are standing in the mountain in the field and the and the the Buddhist priest has come up and went to town of Boom works for you that may we're all going to be hitting that gone and it's going to be a big reverberating 100 February March April Ready Set

go with the medicine of the physical body begins with the VISA begins with living in a scented life make sure you're with us on Monday nights at the very least be there tomorrow night get stranger. Com register for letting an ascended life and Trey speaking when it sounded like all these people holding me of such a huge group of people where we going and looks like online V we have Amy from Kansas

Namaste Amy welcome hi sweetheart well yeah we can hear you just fine okay thanks for taking my call I have a question for Siri I've been having the worst last two weeks and I was actually about to give up and

and an anti having some a pain in my back and wanted to know if you can

see what is going on with your permission I'll look a little deeper is that all right


the pain looks like it's right down in the low back and what I'm what I'm seeing is around L-3 what I'm saying is the this pain has triggered some old emotional patterns in you now it sometimes we get in the chicken or egg what did the emotional pattern get triggered and then the pain came we don't need to pack that right now however there is a pattern that you're working through which is about really the bottom line would be to learn how to let go through the Forgiveness practices that you don't have to carry the hurt nor do you have to push a way to avoid carried it you know when we are at when we have something that was traumatic in our upbringing or a hurt even in our present life sometimes our first reaction is push it away I don't want to feel it I don't want to experience it

and then it becomes like a weight we're carrying and then the spine kind of goes I'm not supported right you see that kind of flipped back in there and in due to its location what is showing is it's time for you to be able to breathe into the fact that you are safe you are loved and you can forgive and forget all this come before so I want to direct you to the Forgiveness practice at the homepage of Sri and Kira. Com

and take a look at that in and run through that practice is the 7-Day commitment and it'll cleanse a lot of the old stuff that you're carrying I know and I know you've got some good. Is number one go do that go get the Forgiveness practice number one on top of everything else it will blow your mind what it's going to do because you're active dreamspace is inviting you to to dream the dream and so when you go grab that forgiveness practice booklet also grab the evasive dream practice and I would strongly suggest that in addition to all I keep hearing is let your dreams manifest and and remember them in a greater way and so by igniting the energy through during the Forgiveness practice and maybe you do you know and it would be a fabulous

scroll that you'll see it and I want to share one of the thing with you it's not just your lower back what I also got was that your wings are are actually it's like there's a little string from right between your shoulder blades that part of your spine down to where the pressure is and they're saying if you if you break that strength which comes to your third chakra the empowerment of you is like shoe you're there it's a boom boom boom boom boom. You got that you got this who you do I think a lot of people are going to that street you a lot of people are going through that issue right now quite a few let's let's jump back over to PBS radio where we have lots of other excuse me

will we have a lot of waste and where we going right now looks like we're going to Alamitos California alright Alamitos California Namaste and welcome

I think it's an honor

so I can let you know how I just have a question about guidance but the first film

I want to go back to her when you let you know there's a great we are we are connected to and I went to remind everyone that

August events that are happening right now and on Earth is it always do we connect with any type of way that we are

a bad no way I just feel like a way that you can stuff on it and then I can actually go and look at it. It is never an inconvenience the way you make it to be so I just want to wish to remind everyone and

one more minute hurry so now ask me a question and thank you for sharing that

okay I'm just about guidance about manifesting because you know bud well thank you for asking I'm going to invite you to bring your hands on your heart we're going to have to put you on you as I answer because we are getting close to the end of the show but I bring a hand your heart and I think a lot of people are asking this a lot of people are saying how can I harness how can I harness the law of instantaneous manifestation right now I need hard manifestation right now and believe it or not I know it's going to sound crazy the more that you dive in and say yes to what your deepest truth is showing you the faster that happen follow your guidance is taking you pay attention to your guidance trust your guidance trust you be there for four living in this ended life right get in there learn how to do that it's

easy but what's not easy is living it 24/7 that is where your steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust will bring you into the grid of manifestation always SRI anything you want to ask I just want to offer you a big hug and say keep going keep trusting and success is a short and you have everything you need inside of you that is the medicine journey of the heart is remembering those five medicines to be the yoga of self Ascension to know that you are while carrying this body and sustaining both in always visit WWE be there tomorrow night living ascended life Monday magic and make sure you're there Tuesday night for soul mirrors as well be there

I'm bringing your part of that wave so much for your attention and your next week and know that all is truly well

thank you for joining us industry and Kira live to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3 and Tara. Com

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