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Sri and Kira Live, January 3, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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bringing fresh perspective in Timeless wisdom for today 15 Paradigm now it is normal for your mind body and spirit that we explore the greater meaning of your now it's serious wisdom laughter and clarity
namaste in welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka we did it right we are here right now and it is a giant rainbow from our giant rainbow here in our little garden to your beautiful world thank you for connecting with us in this glorious moment right now this is a huge show today I don't even have to say anything else you just going to let Keira I know it this is been coming or here and really straight before we go anywhere else I do want to give a big strong shout out to all of you to join us live and to all of you that register to receive the video we're getting the video out for New Year's Eve we are still decompressing New Year's Eve I mean we really are and to all of you that were with us and that are on the list to receive the rest
absolutely New Year's Eve was wonderful to be able to share with you and share a little bit of the festivities here and the energies and such at the time beautiful powerful and so true and I'm supposed to be the registered you're going to receive that link in the morning of our friends PBS radio. Com and the various Affiliates and of course there's a big Community growing over at official SRI and Kira at YouTube so give each other a hug absolutely love you all thank you for supporting Street and Carol live the voice of passionate action and is ever the voice of Pac-Man action was being called it is right now so make sure you are calling in two lines that you can get in on anime
you want to get it over at BBS radio on our toll-free line 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 and talk radio 517-208-1500 517-208-1500 hold on about those numbers remember if you call and visit just means everyone is taken as soon as we get this week all people that's on the Line opens up and if it's meant to be the moment that we connect you will always get through there is awesome that's why we've come up when called bored with all right let's get another one with even more line so let's have some fun today remember hey over at want to talk radio * 5 that raises your hand telling us you have a question for the barn on most amazing medical intuitive on the planet and this is not because I am his wife it is because I have had the honor of living next to Sri for 19 years and witness Miracle after Miracle after marriage
he is the single most brilliant humble authentic medical intuitive on the planet and I bow before you so thank you so Star 5 gets that connection or you just tell her producer over PBS Radiohead won't talk straight let us know so glum is welcome to January 20-21 and I tell you what they're doing anticipation sweep actually began talking about this energy really deliver all of this to you because you're unpacking right now what let's just think of this and pay attention so where is a really slow first thing we're doing is Ron packing the fact that it is 20 21 so what is 20 21 2021 is the mirror of the up level in this decade and I'm just looking to see if by any chance we have that graphic but I don't think we do so remember that
when we opened up this decade this Roaring Twenties is Trey and I have been referring to it that this is very much part it was the first thing that opened up this cycle and when we came out and said of some look a lot like and feel a lot like of the energies of belittle Roaring Twenties of the 19th we had not get a lot of popular male cuz that's the old is Arie the truth is the truth but just because of that doesn't mean it has to replay exactly the same way we are being blessed with something we didn't have them we are being blessed with a massive wave of a waking consciousness we are wiser we are here we are very much awake and aware of of the skull creative intersection that we have found ourselves in right now and this is an accident this is not happening by some pertinent remember that lets go back a couple years free and I first put out.
2014 we put out the extension escalator we were the first people until everybody started jumping on it and that's awesome just again those of you that like to enjoy using our work as your own how much is a quick shout-out Tori first found it and so as we open up 2015 through 2022 was going to be the 7-year portal that would determine determine the next South and that this is this is a game time this isn't about celebrity or ego or money this is about our Humanity as an evolving experience of consciousness
we are at such a blessed moment and 2021 is the mirror of 20/20 and these two years were the final two years leading up to that 2022
it's going to be an explosion the question is an explosion of what and so knowing that ignite Consciousness and assist vibration to raise in 2020 we were greeted with the first experience of the up level energy
and the first experience of the APA level energy brought us to a number of Revelations and in 2020 we talked about the dragonfly Inn and we talked for the first time about spiral time, rich as we moved into mid-tier especially as we got into September was that it was going to actually be the final breath of linear time we knew we were shifting but we didn't know that we were already here but we did do it before the year ended this is kind of a fun because for the last 20 years we've been talking about what time is speeding up now it's a whole different Universe now it isn't about living your time running fast
it's about spiral time and and it's almost as if you're getting a centrifugal whips off because you're around and if we're picking up nuggets of other experiences that we've had years ago right somehow are contributing to the resolution of our personal timeline so consider that for a moment I felt a lot of you as she was throwing that I felt a lot of third chakra and yeah your third chakra is going you know this is an interesting ride so far what's what's coming this is why we're taking it slow so just sit back enjoy your beverage with us than just really follow because this is a big show today that that really Our intention our sacred intention is to get you fully into what's happening right now without feeling intimidated by it instead feeling of freedom and the absolute last thing of the divine presence before a massive
I think it's kind of fun here as we're moving in touch into all of the Preparatory because I was 20 21 is a mirror of 20/20 it is taking many of those same energies and not only reflecting them intensified them because it's a mirror it's it's me it's the mirror everything has been about mirrors and soul mirrors everything and 2021 is the mirror of 20/20 with some dramatic shift back in January 2020 was to recontextualize fear as an Ascension symptom stop right there last year for the first time fear is actually an Ascension symptom so it's it's really important because when you re contextualize what were inviting you to do
I need a list of Bob the level of Consciousness that is in bracing your fear you're going to need to lift him up a level of Consciousness that's afraid of you breaking through your fear and it's that moment of lifting above into that level of Consciousness that is commanded by The Compassion you carry for yourself that ignite surface dimensional presents there by a sending you into that wide-angle lens of the fear we can release the judgment and Ascend beyond that we are that moment right now and it began in January 2020 when we were when we came forward and said you got to pay attention beer is actually in a sentence of them
and how you work with this the energy of fear will determine the rapidity meaning how quickly you anchor in your Mastery as an ascended versus dancing in the kind of a dynamic nobody's nobody's when you try to cope with fear what you're saying is I acknowledge your reality and now I'll dance with you and if you get too high I'll burn a try to push you down and then I do you know it but the fear never disappears does it because you're just coping and you've acknowledged it as a dance partner vs. and Ascension symptoms as I lift my Consciousness that which was created at a lower level of Consciousness has less efficacy at a higher or more refined level of Consciousness so when we use fear to help support us 2
expand or Bishop open our heart when we use it in that you can be grateful that it's Park your awareness and clarify do choices for the commander return it because in order to be at that level of conscious awareness means that's it. Teeter totter of the ego and the Consciousness as to who really has dominion over this protoplasmic experience has reached a mobile balance and this is the gift of this up level moment is that we are being offered the opportunity to call We Energies back into balance
few years ago we first started talking about the lineage holders and I'm really putting it out there and many many many of you are now part of the lineage holder experience and what we have been doing if we gather together and we serve time and as we have been surfing time we have collectively chosen to be in this exact co-creative together
and the reason that we did this is because in this millisecond this is one of those where it where when you look up at the sky and you see every Star is so beautiful it's just one in that moment you can't not look at that's right now and the reason that so profound is that 2021 is a year of Mastery choice and I want to just remind him to put up last year's energy flows so here's what we've been working with an old 20 20 and receive it last year was a year of Mastery experience it was the introduction of this kind of spiral experience yet it was happening inside of a fairly linear yet a little shifted moment right January through August for still very linear yet they were basically the foundation upon which the time compression sequences of September October November and December
call forward in perfect balance the for the infinites spin of the Awakening and if you look in the middle of this graphic receipt kind of like that pyramid experience going up to the heart of the dragonfly. Dragonfly lifted and you notice all last year there were these when I called to sin I was very clear to get the angel wings in there as part of the dragonfly experience of how Humanity was holding itself between February and July and the way this was all coming together well here's was so beautiful and so I see you as you really take a look at the up nope I'm I'm doing the wrong my poor husband I almost gave him a heart attack I go up here okay just canceled the show but thanks to my husband it didn't happen quite so breathing because really in so many ways that would have been like such a the opportune moment that accident was to happen
that was last year's energy flow okay that was the 2020 energy flow you ready you ready for this year guys and it is where is it straight there it is
this is this year and just let this week watch over you let this watch over you this was last year who founded itself when it first came out right represent a little differently because we never we still had that linear linear but we were transitioning from accelerated linearity meaning and we were bringing in Visionary Transformations timeline adaptation American adaptation they were saying hey get used to this and then we agreed it ignite that spiral right and that really finally food go because I had to wait till December because December was the final anchor of the pillar of the profound shift and so then what happened was that this Butte
dragonfly said okay should we go I'm transcending
Sophia what happened and I know I just did just the end even being there the one who's kind of like moving the slide so what's happening is the 2020 assist you to understand what you're even looking at right this took me a long time to finish because I could not it was very challenging to put this into a graphic I am doing the best I can and I do think this one accomplished it the first thing you need to know is that when did all this time expansion happened it happened on 880 Lionsgate and if you have not been part of WWE Global if you did not take advantage of that program go to screen share. Com jumping it at home study program because it's time-stamped that mon this is The ignited discus a vegetable
this is the end cheerier of that discus and its profound creative state and this year one of the things that is so incredibly unique is that 2021 is the Mastery Choice as the harmonic flow of the three gates which you see here and a 12 cycle as you can tell just by engaging this energy this is a dynamic here that is literally going to invite the whole which means without limit to go beyond the path of the accepted Paradigm so so if you start if you keep trying to keep up with what was you will become very subjected to massive energetic interference the one energy screaming at us all and for everyone who says yes to enter I mean really enter deeply into the nature of Interest
you become the Limitless nature of PureFlow you become that I'm in the center you see it's all about this all seeing eye so I'm going to come back to this energy flow in a moment because the all seeing eye is this it is what that dragonfly has transformed into so 2020 was the year of Mastery experience as the dragonfly 2021 is the year of Master choice
as a Rising Phoenix
literally embodied as the lion dragon and this mythical creature this little think about it it's a trinity of energy is the energy of the phoenix the energy of the dragon and the energy of the lion as one unified presents spinning in the past present future of multidimensional time it is the absolute Gateway that exist within each be and it is what that dragon that dragonfly that we all saw so powerful so amazing is how incredible this is what it's transformed to so the key is is this you or is this right now that's a beautiful question because all three of these images of the lion the dragon and Phoenix Phoenix great power imagine the opportunity before you
align with the integrated energy of the three exactly it's at that beautiful Trinity and what I'm loving is that when we get to the ascended numerology remember that 2020 was what in ascendant numerology 20/20 was the four of the double intimate very rare and so the four is all about Perfect Balance it's also about that that energy of Creation with on the body before is actually at the root center of the of the spine and so every single month this year the route has been attacked and just good like boom boom boom it's been it's like this beautiful opening that saying hey are you ready to break free hey are you ready to feel safe hey are you ready to accept every single month every month as the energy came in and then had his qualities that one universal quality was
empowerment pushing or being present at the root chakra of your form and the energy body in happening this form and the root chakra was being knock knock knock you do I called to accept a spiritually based reality the truth of York ascended nature as opposed to a worldly Paradise which sees the world as subject-object lack and abundance and if so in those polarities the root chakra or that is what we were born in the energy is one of where's My Tribe where's my safety I want to be safe and I will give up anything including my soul give up I won't forget that I am a spiritual Master is happening this body now 20/20 was basically going knock knock at the door of the
slumbering spiritual Master saying wake up wake up wake up it's time to foundational eyes your spiritual identity as your true identity there by we walk through all experiences with a masterful sense of peace and ability to command the light and this is the Legacy that we're calling in an evolutionary opportunities
and here's the gift as as you were just gazing at that beauty
Rising Phoenix 2021 is the year of the Rising Phoenix however it's the Rising Phoenix as the lion dragon and so that Trinity. Unified field of resurrected empowerment is saying this is going to be unlike anything you've ever seen because in order to draw the in order to really call forward the blessing of this moment it's going to invite you to go where you've never gone before it is going to invite you to trust you more than you've ever trusted you before and to have the courage because it takes courage to tell you that whatever things are just just as a fun side note is recently as many of you know that that I was a CEO and had a very large corporation I had owned the largest women own insurance agency at one time in the United States and lots of other things and I have not
been in that role in I meant I've been with Tree close to 20 years. Probably 25 to 30 years since I have really been actively in that role and I really was very clear after after many things that happened in my life that that was the blessing that got me to where I am now meaning that I needed that experience to be who I am now well over the past few weeks because of my passion for the WWE because of other things I had to carry that mantle to be able to outreach and put things together and what I will share is that the two things that still seem to be out there are. As much as people talk it very few walk it
. naked city is still intimidating
and that there is such a level of complex misunderstand even through some of the most enlightened beings that we have let our egos guide and in this moment right now I'm going to put that graphic right back up because here's what I want to show you along with it so here is the 2021 energy flows to hear it is now and that I that all seeing eye is the Phoenix that's the open. I of the Phoenix right there that's saying okay here I am this is like the very very very top like a star consciousness of the Naga as the lion serpent you know it's like there it is that is actually in the middle of it all but it is the zero point generator because you'll notice that look at this graph a Q-See January one of those big circles on the left then you have to go all the way to the right to see the
Circle all of the circles are concentric and they are all the same size what you are gazing at is he sexually like a ring like a donut bright like a tourist field inside of a torus field and that's that Disqus of each knew that opened up and in the center is this zero point generating energy that is out of a kind of light do you know hey you know I can't give you any more power right like we're at warp god-knows-what and it's saying either either explode into that what you are meant to be or implode in that which is so dense it won't even be aware of this and that's why we're Thrive or dive moment now as I mentioned to you earlier this is the year of the harmonic flow of the three gate as you gaze at this graphic to see what looks like a green circle there is a bigger one and you see that it really fills the space between Mage La Vie on the way
and June and August on the other side May June July August September October November December are going to be the months that will actually call forward the harmony that will affect 2022 so what's happening right now is that we're coming in at this moment where we have this opportunity to be really aware of are concentric energy there is no one or other there is one Spyro energy of concentric dimensionality and I know that can be a lot for the mind to wrap around which is why we're taking it slow so let me show you something else it's pretty wild so here you got this right to the right to the next one guys here we are this is the field of creation
inside. I see the I write you really look carefully in the center of the golden chalice in the center of this you will see there's that I that awakened presence of the Rob at incredible Phoenix as the lion serpent the lion dragon is the one that is able to hold open because this is going to take a forcefield unified presence of energy that is unlike anything we've ever done before and this is why those of us that get that have been really offering that and saying look 2021 is our first year of true Mastery choice in this decade and this is the moment last year was calling all right workers coughing homemasters into the field of creation cares what's coming
and when you gaze at this I'm going to spend more time on this next week when we talked specifically more about January what this is saying is look right now everything that is working at the level of the middle of the spiritual activism in density Consciousness is outside of this time constraint there by unable to sustain it and again this is a whole show and I'm and so I will be talking more about this next Sunday but what's important to see here is where that chalices the Chalice is coming forward because it is the zero point generator the way to navigate this year the way to thrive like you've never Thrive before the weight of instantaneous manifestation is to literally say okay my blinders are on this is who I am and everything else cannot stop
because everything that's going to try to stop you is coming because he remember 2021 is a choice year but January is experience month and so right now you are in the experience of the awareness that came through in December that is affecting the foundational energy of your of your choice
for a long time and remember February will be our first choice month in a choice year double Choice Lots cumming big big big time is going to be another big amplification of the reflection of the human will on the fabric of creation put that in a different sense there's going to be stuff going on right there's lots of stuff going on so let's take a peek at the ascending numerology because this also is going to try what I want to bring a right to this week as well and what's happening here in January so let's put up the January Sunday numerology and one of the things that you see immediately here I want you to look at the body look to the right look at the way Ascender numerology remember is the original system of numerology this is what the ancient Magi laid at the feet of the Masters this is what was called forward
corporates 13 different energies through from the zero through the 12th it is literally your ascended nature and the first thing you notice is here is that for again January in and of itself is the for now it's just the four it's not the four plus the double incident however remember screen I mentioned earlier every single month in 2020 it's been hit with root chakra for energy root chakra for energy that we will now excuse me we're starting at the root as like a comfort so what you're really breeze on Inn we're starting at the store and it's a comfort and then we move to 2021 so from that for we go straight up to our roof and this is where I'm going to go
for a minute again this is where this year is so powerful because it's going to be your truth that it's going to get the 12 months hit and it's the truth plus the internet so what that means is that your roots Center in January is saying let's create whatever you're holding your roots Center has already hit your truth and is trying to free itself out because from the truth is going back out to the internet and then we're going to talk about where it's coming back in this is setting the stage this is saying that you won't be able to hide from yourself
so why not Thrive and if you aren't able to thrive then you're going to die and because this is right now January 3rd and I'm going to put back up the ascended numerology because this is important to see the day you'll realize that until we get to January 13th we're in this so we're in this everything that's in the route with can either be amazingly about peace and trusting and manifest Glory of power and empowerment in business or lot of beer lot of safety issues lot of regression issue right so that shot. Has shot up into your throat right now your truth is being forced out there it is so are you thriving with it or are you driving from it
that went right back out to the incident words gaining this wonderful and powered energy and it had it came right back in a minute we hit January one it wound up at number nine your high heart so right now you are Roots enter your throat and your high heart are the Trinity of motion that are compelling you forward and if you look over at the clock you'll see that we begin at the four and the four is that that rectangle there and the fours also Perfect Balance but from the store we went you see that little purple Arrow we had to go right to the five
but the five takes us right into the incident where we're shooting right back out to the nine that brings us right back into the incident which means right now we are all sitting in a zero point what we do right now really matters and we're going to stay here until the 13th so what does that mean it means the first 13 days of January is 13 it's perfect were resetting we are literally resetting humanity and this is why I sended humorology so it's the 13 digits so very first month we come in and go look when is first cycle of the 13 and these first 13 days are going to determine virtually everything so it's ready go set like it or not you're a master bring forward a recognition of your spiritual experience as relates to these three energies three chakras
kosher is pointing out that was the root chakra which is the four movie to the throat chakra which we refer to as the truth chakra and to the high heart to consider for a moment that you have taken birth you're here as a spiritual Essence a soul having your Human Experience most having forgotten the fullness of their spiritual nature people get glimpses to get pieces to get they get a sense of there's more than the physical but still are pretty addicted to the physical and having the front cool birthday do that go play however the universe is saying beloved ones here are some energy that will activate your principal core Foundation to awaken to a higher level of Truth while you're having this wonderful
so do we already talked about the root chakra as being that Foundation is sit there in your pelvis this is your place of balance and walking inform the root chakra is the foundation chakra it informs your skeletal system and your skeletal system is it is the very structure you hang your body on right so all of a sudden now spirit is saying your skeleton is spiritual now let's go to the throat chakra the fifth chakra chakra is your truth chakra know what is truth many people when they're living One Step removed from a deeper field of perception mean if I'm living just in my head or in the context of densities truth becomes malleable pussy comes whatever whoever gives me a to z Astic sales
little glimmers good Riders I buy their truth so so really this is a whole lot about passion and your own empowerment pure Cosmic spiritual energy is activating the discernment of Truth
I can feel that the discernment of truth because our boys this this throat chakra our voice is one of the ways that we as a spiritual master and form man AR experience and this is why certain songs and certain frequencies and certain such great gooseflesh tingling power for us is we're just Awakening to the true capacity of our capability to come and as we activate our spiritual Foundation than what we are commanding has a connection to our spiritual truth as opposed to commanding from a place of egoic distortion
no we're not done so we had this wonderful energy coming into this and it we're right in the middle of it right now it is our foundation is being spiritually inspired sense of what is true and I end the call to be in your truth or truth be visible to naked-eye honestly invisibility doesn't mean you're standing on a soapbox just means I'm not covering myself up I'm available to take what's the final gift of spiritual gift of the energy
is the activation of the recognition of the global family that my Global family Humanity died of all beings is as important as anything that I love
there is a balance between the love of myself the love of my partner and family and the love of Creations there is a harmonic balance there because of spirit
all the adult filter would prioritize now this doesn't take anything away from what you are loving today is saying me in with equal importance we live in a beautifully inspired Cosmos and as we see the beauty recognize the beauty we love the beauty thereby we sustain
so as we breathe every really feel that I want to talk about what's happening with these harmonic Gates because this is really on you and yet it's so perfect it's it's all about this harmonic resonance all those three gates and what this is doing and let's go ahead let's let's put that up there let's show it to you again I think I want for you guys to just the best way to honestly understand this year is to just stare at the traffic so while I'm trying to share with you so as you're gazing at the traffic right now again the green you see there's like those three green those are the harmonies those are the three date and so what's important to know is that the three gates that are that are opening and they started being revealed in November okay remember that December was that one energy that told 2021 already in so what so powerful is that the
energy assist to energize the twelve Cycles every one of these months every month that you're looking at here is its own cycle within the cycle as part of the suspension or this spiraling concentric energy that is keeping open the entire year then this is what's really important every single aspect of this year is Unified as one is. He's 12 experiences the twelve cycles that are happening within this flow of Harmony so that you can relax and literally means the movement of the life experience to let go of all sense of victim Consciousness that is opened actually ignited because of the rapid intensity so basically it was like the internal generator within the torus field held open by what
is the weirdest complete trust member inside of this ignited discus of Vishnu which Harold it in the unified field of the divine feminine wising the necessity for the feminine energy to absolutely come forward and so as that framework of support which includes supporting that divine feminine presence as that holds open the Taurus energy then we can relax Evermore and remember that we actually are the Zero Point Energy field and that is what's coming forwards right now as this Rising Phoenix as this lion dragon
the essence of 2021 is the ability to be able to Everett Wesley call forward sacred Union of this body of form with the conscious awareness of your Mastery present well fully aware of this incredible moment and so I'm going to talk to you about gate one right now so date one as I mentioned you see is coming in really between the May June area so this is a Gate Road here so I don't confuse you there already here but it's like a three-stage rocket okay and so that three stage rocket is going to begin May June and this gate is huge you ready this is the Gate of the energy of releasing dogma and the energy of sacrifice
releasing Dogma means I'm moving in the present time is was created based on a context of the mole has prioritized so in the Middle Ages the Dogma has a different context in the dog may have a different force and power the contact of today's world and the Awakening energy is quite different so the two release Dogma means I am bringing all of my energy and Consciousness into this timeline and I'm leasing the influence of those other dogmatic beliefs
Bill. Power of balance because what this is this first date and it's a gate right is the moment we're all I mean we're all of that which is part of the all-encompassing humanity will be faced with the energetic experience of the victim triangle Consciousness or the ascended present cycle of creation and at the core of this is going to be self-sacrifice so why you really pay attention to that because what they're really saying is you know what you're discovering here in our school is that admission is granted because you you know you got to walk through the forest of forgetfulness right and that your continued participation means that you accept that sacrifices okay. There's got to be some form of sacrifice whatever it's for estate country whatever doesn't matter but that is a victim belief structure
end world of Dogma then becomes a cycle of experience that seeks to manipulate the creation through self-inflicting sacrifice and so this is going to be the moment when you are going to be invited to lift above the illusion to throw the arms of compassion around yourself and to say yes to your higher dimensional presents that no sense of who you are that all sacrifice is a lie that we tell ourselves to maintain our own disconnection from our own Master ate just a manipulation of creation right and it's also the smile of Illumination as we lovingly wrap our arms around it and reassure it through are awakened does a massive massive gate and this is his Gate 1 2 3 4 to look at this outside of the eyes of your modern lens
often times people live in civilized first world societies you are there is there is there is there is there a collusion but you know that it's okay for you to be sacrificing so much are to not have it's not okay unless you make it okay in the whole concept or or underpinning belief around the sacrifice is if I give up this or if I release my my knowing if I give this meeting if I sacrifice then something better some desired outcome is happening it's this cause effect type of Newtonian Paradigm which is so outgrow yet still is perpetuate
cause and effect it does not a have power in the quantum Universe the quantum universe that allowed to cause and effect to become involved in as we are being called back into the zero-point back into our masteries we are lifting our vibrational State and that all the release of sacrifice the release of dog is is of course right it's like we don't need the limitations anymore all belief systems limit Your Capacity to create they do what is a knighted your Creations are pure your Creations are wholesome and balancing because that's just the first gate so I'm going to go ahead and put up the energy flow diagram again because I know every time I put it up now you're starting to feel a little easier with it right like okay
breathing really I just keep putting it off a little by little this will be the cover of the up level calendar and the reason the upload calendar is not out yet is because there's a there's just that much and it keeps shifting and I keep telling me that I will be able to get it out to you mid-month the latest hopefully sooner but as you gaze at this now I want you to look at the second one and you notice the second one it's like we get a reprieve you see that if you look at the way this is moving so scuse me there's a reprieve there so between the May June July August
there's just a moment where we get a breast to do okay in breast now make your decision and then you notice it's kind of like this bridge energy and it's like a September October shadowy kind of energy this is very important as the second date so it's happening by now is that because this is concentric dimensionality all of these gates are already popping out a Harmonix they're already like a steady pulse wave of energy and the key is how are you receiving that pulse wave and where that pulse wave harmonizes is what you're seeing here but his energies are these gates are already here these energies are already here and so I want to go ahead and talk to you now before I go do that let's look at gate to gate 2 is all about the ascended Kundalini and the physical spine so as We Know
this is already happening do you send it to me nice ring I've been talking about it for about two months now the spine issues when we start talking to Siri I know a lot of you have a lot of spine the nervous system this is what's happening. Ascended Kundalini is literally igniting your unified unique strands of DNA and and you can call them anything you want right DNA is just words were using from this experience of of nature but was in you there are other in active areas of energy that are literally igniting and shifting and sometimes we feel them and that's what we call Ascension symptoms the next week's show it to me talkin all about that but what's happening right now is that you have a new Meridian system or I should say at a ancient Meridius is Meridian on activating Meridian system that is that is utilizing the alignment of the spine
and the central nervous system the CNS and moving through that that's my four years on the planet we seen a lot of CNS uptick lots of disk different things happening with the central nervous system and so that energy is already here but remember I said we're going to get that dress as that one Harmony is at first Harmony of the release of dogma and all of that stabilizes is Gate 1 this gate to is it remember the spine physical body we're talking about actual support structures were talking about everything that supports to we are at every level of creation thermostat again we're talking about everything that supports who we are at every level of our creation our our support are very foundations and this is why
really adopting and coming forward right now you will thrive in ways you've never even dreamed of if you are choosing to stay in that ascended present or you can die into the creation presence of the third dimension and you will see things you have never seen before either way it's going to be awesome
because this energy is available for all now the integration of the energy is dependent a lot upon your columnar your prejudices as well as your degree of accepting the truth of your master exactly because we push away on that which we are not comfortable with and so he would be is the ego sense of stability you know everybody has her when we start relaxing the ego dominance of in our Consciousness and begin to lean into our soul based life then the ego starts to kind of float in the souls energy rather than the soul being dormant within the Eagles
this is a fundamental shift this this ship is your gateway to the higher Realms so I'm going to say this one more time a little differently everything that's gone on in history history of Consciousness and The evolutionary evolutionary sequence text object object left lights polarity and through the tension of the poles Weber has a greater one and then when this energy gets activated the energy has now is saying it's time to birth Your Love based reality as the fundamental truth of the fabric of your nature
this is a little different take on this a little different way of saying it the love face reality represents a vibrational state of unity Harmony and Beauty versus the vibrational state of oppositionality opposition competition. All that good stuff exactly so that transition happens when your Mastery presence is for front vs. dormant within the confines of the ego so this is one of the great breakthroughs this upon humanity is moving out of Eagle dominance into Soul base living even if it's just a little bit but and here's where I want to just jump in and say and here's where for those of you that are going you know who are you to freaky people I'm going to put up my dear friend Einsteins. Here's my babe I love this guy can hardly wait for him and I to have a Consciousness conversation when I have the blessing of transcending up there so here it is not only do we know I mean we all we all know this one right
problem can be solved from the same level of Consciousness that created it in the middle that really are the essence of this everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want you are the commander of the ship right and you cannot help but get that reality type it can be no other way this is not philosophy this is physics this is immutable everything is energy and that is all there is to it and all you have to do is consciously match the frequency of that which you are ready to create and you'll get it law of instantaneous manifestation that how do you do. My next favorite quote on the other side there now let's talk about matter Shelley tree or high so concerning matter
we have been all wrong I love that I love that the willingness to say wait a minute we are too strong right concerning matter with the hell wrong what we have called matter is energy
who's vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the sent to the fences there is no matter this is the illusion that this is that and how do you sustain these levels of energy if you want to really call the Sendik's I love over here where we talked about concerning matter were all wrong called matters energy see quote number one everything is that her see right there it is right that's all there is to it and so if we want to continue this co-creative illusion and keep expanding and we all know that Einstein said many things about being vegetarian the one thing right now that seems to be the most imperative as we are in this battle of our Consciousness is to remember Einstein vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our very nature and I live here in this thriving community in
every wild animal there is live on our property because they we have we have no fear because we do not smell like Predators it changes at leave an impression on your very nature your energy become even more refined because it's not vibrating with the energy of fear no matter what way an animal is murdered it's still murdered for you to eat and it leaves a deep impression on your very nature and if the whole world adopt vegetarianism it could change the destiny of humankind and I just want to share that I find that very profound because you know many of you know and I'm just going to say it despite any hate mail I might get that might might I have a digit is hard in an Indian soul and every time I'm in India my heart hurts when I see people who are at these devout temples and then they go shove me in their mouth
and that it's okay to be a part-time vegetarians it's not either be one or not it's a 10 we're not passing judgment what we're saying is that this is a moment where we are all being called to the highest service of that which we are and to transcend all dog as that gate open that gate coming in in May June July August that gate that first big vibratory gate is going to be all around dogma and it's going to be all around victim Consciousness and the end Vise so you see how many ways so why not let it be the moment of the Divine dance and this is why the March Equinox is beyond important I mean Beyond important because that is the moment of peak balance to be able to harness that
so that April becomes the moment of the adjustment before we hit the first outer vibration in May
this is it such a huge year and we have another date and we have a lot of people holding and thank you for your patience and stay on the line and before we get there before we share anything else with you two things we want to share with you right now the first one is Monday magic resumes in one week was Monday January 11 and we are going to be diving into how to live an ascended life right now how does thrive do that how to really be able to do that we are going to be diving deep into those Ascension keys and this is your moment remember even if you've been with us at Monday night at you have to register again for your privacy we don't just roll you over so please please please go to Sri and Kira, write down the homepage you can't miss it click get in so donation basis whatever your heart would like to donate and all of your donations go to all of our beautiful humanitarian Aid projects here in it
you know what one of the things that I love about Monday magic is that we get to slow down and have an deep exploration of the truth that are applicable the trews that are relevant and revealing so you don't life is a revelatory process and to live an Ascend is life takes Clarity and it takes that commitment as well as a group and talk about these truths and the principles that are associated with the we begin to adapt our own reality to live with that he's and grace and grace yes yes fries at in and we have had we have had this beautiful beautiful Dynamic group with us and everybody still here right now our first beautiful family is leaving this is a show cause
is today and we will miss you dearly it has been an extraordinary New Years Journey again do I broadcast thank you all of you that are registered to receive broadcast the video it's going to go out tomorrow the gift is that when we come together miracles happen and once again our beloved Bria rosewe you are our family every every week we have the blessing of being here with all of you and so right now in this moment we want to share with you the Miracles have been happening here over the past few days and invite you to just received this gift because sincerely we have felt you with us and we're going to be back right after this beautiful to talk about that spurred portal start receiving all of your calls and questions I know you have a lot of questions about what's happening feel free to ask them to bring hand your heart muscles and a whole bunch of love to very tired as you did an amazing job once more and enjoy this beautiful movie
birthing this is a moment of Freedom Harvest Bounty you see the color look at how ugly God look at that juice with me wow look at the perfect oh my God
CJ so she's remarkable.
this is an original painting and so when we were living in Guatemala we as many of you know we would have to buy the Mayan and what I love about this artist and his arm is that all of the shamans are we still dark and it was always has very heavy energy vs. smoking you lots of really dark whereas this is the awakened presence of the, this is an all of those older than tradition for KiKi stop this is the Awakening charm and so we would like to work with you is one and the more you spend time with us a really crazy to do that are coming out the way that you can see is done really look at him dancing once and once handle on walking out
anytime form Missouri
nature of having taken infinite possibility and gone there isn't it there's a frog okay once its name
the Old Testament that God gave adam the right once it's named it has definition and the energies of Consciousness meeting the unlimited
yourself who am I oh I am and you know we start off life in the first part of you go to hey what are you do you know you're a nurse or a doctor who you are who you are
so this is the problem of our co-created experience everything has form and definition
and then we all collaborate at pool
leather creation level what we're saying is I'm going to walk with my garden for the rest of my life
or can I dismantle it what is the purpose of it
it is to unwind our Creations that are not supported
how do we unwind a creation Wilfred Amanda
and because not everybody knows how to unwind a creation oh my field and all of those emotions
cancel all of that momentary response
what were you doing those forms even though they are not in physical and it will take those out of this Dimension and unwind them that your energy
so the concept of online something back part of the knee
hold on quotes for humanities in the 400
the difference between holding knowledge and living love
so one of the reasons to hug the rock is to say thank you I want some of that from you help me remember that 500 help me to my own
give me to 12 Montgomery Road
and this is a dragon you have a good day and right here so the first thing is to connect and you can and I'm leaving
you see this part right here this will Marlon hours apart and start Consciousness to it and it will open the gateway to art
Namaste beloved ones and welcome back and I just want to Bow before beautiful for your rose and say thank you with all my heart and did you all see the Phoenix this I just want to celebrate that it was my beloved Sri Lanka we were so blessed this is the first time that because it was New Year and because of the way that it was about the void of a 31st we assembled at midnight in our old County Rd logical site where are the overnight watch Uma ceremony of divine love a bird and it was so beyond extraordinary and at the end when they were literally culminating when she went down for the very end of the ceremony
on his own nobody talked to him about how the 2021 energy is the Rising Phoenix Wright she created that out of that hash because that was what his guidance invited him to do just another fun miracle in a confirmation in the authenticity of the of the more deeper connection there is indeed the universe coming forward and and this is a shaman that is as has stepped outside of the dog not honor the Traditions open to what is and so there is a respect for what one and an openness to what is to be one of the things about the tradition if you keep the you get an ad during the night and during the ceremony and yet as you're the fire is creating the ass excetera and so he was compelled to create
Alex Alexander is of course that the lead beautiful being up of art that will be with us at the WWE Global event bringing and the beans that he brought with him the family now when they come we're having the children hair during their and end the wives are coming and it's just becoming family is it it's really family there's a Oneness between these communities and three rows take you that we could not get you more film about because of the sacredness of that ceremony that was literally so but there were all these beautiful I think we believe had 17 beans participate in that that we can always talk a little bit more about that I also want to remind you that I pray you really saw this whole video all of the wisdom my beloved was sharing and especially about the container practice you know right now so many people write us they say what can I do you know I'm losing the battle on being distracted I'm getting angry I can't take it anymore what can I do with a stray so eloquently just shared with you
you can really clear it right out and remember that you can find a full way to do the container practice along with a lot of other all our gift to the world's Street and right up the top you'll see where it says yoga is help with tension hover over that all these practices and things are going to drop down look for the container practice and we really encourage you to to take advantage of that gift right now and teach others cuz it really does work if it's time to recognize that you are sovereign you have the capacity to control or command the light to command a Miss creation out of your feels so I can be on wound back into Pure Energy rather than allowing that that unhappy creation to continue to provoke on happiness exactly now more than ever you know many people have talked about the power of the I am
and this eighth district is recognition has been around forever the moment of now is vastly more potent you feel the energy of this time in the creative capacity of this this is so available this is a spirit has turned and is to go down and just start that what you are now we talked about this New Year's Eve and again if you have not yet registered to receive the New Year's Eve video in its entirety with what turned out to be a fairly massive ensoulment included in it you can just send an email to support at stranger., say Hey how do I get the video and will let you know what's important to pay attention to is that what he knows.
is that in the energy of this and I'm going to put up the graphic of it again because it really is valuable to connect with this incredible energy this is as 20/20 with the year of the dragonfly 2021 is the year of the Rising Phoenix as the lion dragon and this is only showing up because as you see the other flying energies there because the past present future are now and have ignited concentric dimensionality you're you're being made where you're being given answers to the biggest mysteries you've ever considered and because those answers are here now you're in self-denial around them it's that you know when you at what happens when everything you ever ask for company front of you I'll tell you the first thing that happens you usually blow it up. And I when we first met you if you haven't read our book sacred Union the dirty home why not go read the book
book you know Big Love Story met online real excited getting ready to meet Phoenix airport for the first time I get all dressed up to meet my beloved immediately reject me I mean even though we had had completely truthful interactions and photos of the whole deal when we are faced with our greatest blessing everything will show up. It's an experience this wear something that's truly what you wish for it's beyond your experience comes in so big you're like oh my God that's the career or the Beloved or whatever it is that weed because it's beyond your current experience when you were right on the cusp of real the egoic says I will give you good reasons not to
go there because it's self-preserving self-sabotaging and self-sabotage is one of the greatest obstacles to your personal group because we meeting the egoic reality will try to preserve his form even though it's form is limited and fear base still seeks to preserve itself and this is the very essence of personal development techniques self self-empowerment techniques all of them for the most part haven't read them all. He's gotten most are designed to expand your egos operating system not launch you into the Grandeur of your Mastery breathe because we talked about this more than what are you one years experience repeated however
where are you 20 * 30 * 40 * 50 * the experience
the answer that question because that's the push-pull energy and that's what lost with him and in this moment right now I want to go ahead and pop up for you again the field of creation this is this year this is that incredible concentric time experience as a field of creation and now that we talked about cuz they're a little harder to identify here but if you now that you know to look pick up you see that green that first harmonic that one there the release of Dogma you see that one was going on there and and the sacrifice you see that May June that is spiraling around very top of spiritual activism if you gaze at the very bottom and you go up when you can barely read are a spiritual activism what I did was I superimpose the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening to try and show you that is the energy right now that this entire year is real
leaving from the third-dimensional experience to imagine that pillar of light is coming up right now imagine that that's the base of the spine at the base of this diagram coming up right now spiritual cat Noir juice and so you're going to see a lot of interesting things happen especially the amplification of the 4th dimensional experience 4th Dimension is what it is he going to present it is Mystery for mystery steak it is teriyaki for teriyaki steak is all of those things but notice what happens right where if you look just up above where the spiritual activism right there that's that's the Tipping Point of Ascension awareness there's a straight line that comes through where the inner circle is and you see the green and I know this to be really confusing I really want you to try and see it see where the big green circle is coming through that May June cycle okay that is the harmonic frequency that's going to do
tide what explodes then it's either an end no matter what we're already set up for it it's going to happen but how it happened and what happens it's going to be a hundred percent based upon where our Consciousness is as the Rising Phoenix and if you keep looking up you noticed that right there just lifting and holding yourself in a pension awareness frequency is enough to send out a pulse beam of light that sustain with in concentric dimensionality balance to breathe and now I'm going to show you where that I is and where that's taking you that's what's going on inside the eye
how many b-rhymes fire are you spiraling right this is what's happening inside the eye because this is what spiraling as of the spine of the interdimensional experience the bridge between density Consciousness and concentric dimensionality and this is that moment we're all the way in the center is the truth of who you are and it's not that it's been hidden and it's not that it's missing it's just that you didn't know how to find it
ensuring that I'm feeling a lot of beings holding your breath and let us not forget we've just entered the far-right this entire year is going to hit your breath is going to hit your throat and it's all about naked authenticity because we still the third cycle to talk about and it and I don't want to do it yet because I really want to hear from you. The phone lines free we have a couple of call or standing by over here at the 800 number for those of you that want to jump in is 888-627-6008, right there it is and remember also 508 BBS radio and say hi to Jacqueline from hey Jacqueline from Austin Namaste welcome sweetheart
hi honey
all right let's try another one well let's try line for over there and Marie from Toronto first-time caller
hello beautiful humans I can't even believe you're our first caller look at how the universe set that up I love it
just how I would want would have wanted to thank you so much for having me on our pleasure sweetheart how can we serve you
I was looking to get a stool reading it also just wanted to let you guys know I only started listening to you guys about a month ago and I literally cannot stop listening to all your videos and all of your lies
you guys are like Drop show me Freight little for me I'm a little show chili cheese that I'm I'm on fire oh honey thank you for receiving you know that that's the blessing is is when we finally say yes to ourselves and thank you for the affirmation of you and celebrating that with us right now and especially in this extraordinary and so of course I still reading my goodness gracious as I'm sharing with you the same thing hand and throat well hand in throat and the other hand kind of like between the second and third chakra what's so interesting here as I just keep hearing the word power and and they keep using it like in in in power great power to buy power integrys power knowing the truth of power and then they just keep saying that as you breathe in and I'm really feeling this down here in that second third it's like
breathing it in and it's like this warm liquid light coming up right through my heart right into my throat up through the third eye right out of my crown chakra and the beautiful beautiful goddess I mean like wow it's like it's like you coming out of you is gazing at you in her hands are up and there's like this gold and plate and it has all these like beautiful not cards or they're like gold like thin gold plates and they're like a single bar single bars on his plate and they're saying it doesn't matter which one you pick they're all going to make it for you
spell heartwarming I'm feeling that in my heart rate now thank you honey thank you for calling thank you and I want everyone to thank you for opening up what I want all of us to take a deep breath because I am still not back in my body from that connection and that portal and and this is the beauty of this community we have sincerely my heart valve before you guys this is the most ascended high-frequency High vibrational Community ever and when we come together every Sunday just our mutual field every one of you two calls in is is a master opening up for others whether or not you can get on the show it's just about you being in the phone line and so thank you because this is what matters right now and I am still feeling how many of you know that gold plate was put before you and that there's this beautiful to verify my tasks
before I forget they're very thin not like paper but thinner than cardboard but but not sick very thin and it's like when you pick it up my hands right here this part of my chakras at center of my chakras right now and you might want to do this I see why do I feel that he might want to bring that up I'm feeling that I'm holding one of those gold bars right now and so yeah we're going to do this together do you feel that wow just keep him really about this far right now part however much that is hold it there to try to do it exactly holding that I feel but almost like a sheet heat and numbing and they're saying that you are activating the golden tablets of the divine presence of your essence and now what was SRI was demonstrating very very very slowly open wide and come back until you really start feeling that try to keep spine straight as you can and also feet flat feet flat feet flat
straight out okay finder straight open and closing very little bit and you're starting to steal this create the filtration energy now they're saying close your eyes hold right here bring your heart forward
notice now what is the deepest gift inside of your heart
spirit and call it out in front of you right now I'm seeing what looks like a movie screen coming out of your star Consciousness right in front of you watch it what is coming into your heart right now
why is this in front of you look at the Integrity of what it what you're creating
now go beyond that which you are creating to that which is witnessing what you are creating and noticed that you are noticing
the Divine directors are saying we wish you a very happy moment as you stand in the center of that which is all creation
feeling and commanding the molecules light that are yours to be with now
this moment to get to the ignition
divine presence besought
for the gift that it is
begins with a mission you standing forward
your receipt in your hands bring them closer together try not to touch them to steal them bringing them closer and closer notice what you're noticing notice how they're moving Rheem heat keeping that beautiful spine straight very very very very gently very slowly bring the hands together you'll notice the electricity it might it might be a little shocking at first just just gently gently gently touching each one of the fingers to the other finger slowly as you can tolerate the electricity bringing the hands to the fingers are now back together
ching chong together aligning the arm down to the elbows
as you can holding them all together listing off
letting the head fall back
breathing into the nose
listing of nursing receiving that which The Chalice of the 9th dimensional golden ray is here to offer the all the all reaches out to the moment that is here now
receive receiving no
receiving expand
Stephen small
well that was a wonderful moment or wonderful practice and invites you to revisit it
how about we introduced a call or let them share how they are experiencing I'm going to that so-called to bring you in while I sip on my Dandy blend and recuperate knowing a little bit about what just happened because the way I'm feeling all right where we going to California to say hi. Concord California Concord how are you doing
phone number to Pizza Perfect
I love you so much
Happy New Year to everybody I feel like everybody there almost every face I got to see on the video the vehicle visit videos de que brilla I know a family so text everybody
transported there's nothing to say every Corporal reading today has been broken
I am just a simple communion with everybody
in the beauty of your beautiful Grandpa can change your name. Forgiveness and love and transformation dare you to call before the freedom freedom call
I need it in this moment I really needed that thank you for calling me back here from that Divine portal with such sincerity love and presents the foundation of miracles in our lives so thank you for bringing the message of Miracles to all of us because I know the miracle that you are and a blessing that we have had to be walking this journey with you for so many years will come to an amazing moment and we're so glad I love you so much
I think I love you so much, much love sweetheart
so let's all just really breathe in right let's really feel bad cast and and really know wow and so you do I want to I'm looking at the time what's another color to talk about that third harmonic cycle because I also want to talk about what the energy of January is remember that to make that Taurus within a Taurus of the concentric time that we are in right now well within that energy there is the overarching energy there is also the energy of the aspect of the Rising Phoenix and so I want to start talking about that as well but next week is when we're going to really explore deeper all right you say hi to some more people right where we going straight looks like we're going in Billings Montana hey Billings Montana Namaste welcome
you know honey we can't we can hear you but there's so much electric electrostatic interference that we're going to have to put you back on you and will come back to you a little later alright let's go ahead Street let's continue where we at where we going now cuz I'm going to Colorado Colorado Springs hike Colorado Springs namaste
play Frank Iero suppressor to be on thank you so much
I just been an amazing show that that that energy thing that you just did just blew me away I'm still standing in the energy of it and everything that you have spoken about about the show has been keeping that the needed with me because I have been experiencing just about every stopped up so thank you so much for being our tour guide through these times we have had to let go of a very dear person to me we have very strong energetic tide and I just dial with would like to request amiibo reading just so that I know if I'm heading in the right direction dealing with her or if there's anything that I should know I would be very very grateful invites free to look at your field soap entry look at your energy
start there cuz that's what I heard I heard that's what we needed to start
it's very interesting as i gaze into your energy field you are marrying the energies that are upon us at this time meeting your first chakra best chakra are all calling forward and what this is meaning to you is that you are in a significant top-level moment that you are redefining yourself you're very Foundation is Shifting it's more about your being this than you're doing your heart is expanding its more about embracing truth and trusting the divine nature than bargaining the truth chakra the fifth chakra is sitting here going okay I'm with you and let's go let's come and the light let's be associated with the higher order of Truth not an old Paradigm which I've outgrown their dead and so I just
that's what caught my attention right there is 14.5 and this unity in the salon at this coming in for you and I want to expand that because I heard clearly letra look at your energy field and share that and so now that you've received that I Want You to Breathe that out and really come with me lift with me it's like there is it is and it's not even me it's beautiful beautiful like a mother spirits and she's got these beautiful hands and she's trying to take my hands just take my hands, and it's like you're saying okay and then you got it and you were lifting and they're saying this is the moment for you to really claim who you are and and to let go of shrinking ever again and that this does not mean that you are drastically changing the energy of who you are what you are doing is saying yes to living the truth
and that. Courage that it's like they keep showing me that you had like this week it's like you've been standing in the middle of what looks like a tornado but it's like slow-moving and every once in a while you're able like looking it and come back out and look at it and come back out in the same look it's time to just let the tornado go because what you're not seeing is what's been on the other side of that and it's like I'm seeing the tornado drop like a person like somebody just answered holding it up it goes and it drops and everything is in front of you the minute it dropped in for you this is like instantaneous you claim it not only do you understand deep within you knew was already happening in was coming so it's like you're at this moment of convergent where everything in your life is saying make your choice and now stand up and love it
so I can't really breathe that in and I want to honor you because this is a moment of great courage and a tree with saying it's everything is going on you you're literally the residents of the energy of the moment so wow what an opportune moment for you and for all of us for having this connection Q
thank you so much Freedom will it take one more color
then we're going to be a more sure all right where are you here where are we here we are in it looks like New York right here all right so we're over in New York hey New York namaste
blessing Tree in here and everyone listening Happy New Year to call me when you get here from love with everyone as well as possible to have yes of course it is and so you know first and foremost I want you to relax your breath a little more as I'm connecting with you I'm actually having a hard time with my breath I'm actually going to I'm resent in my chair play my spine yeah really dig deep breath and and as you do that feel like you're really bring it in and and a streets modeling you know hand to the Heart By Heart
the word it's just like this word and it's like they keep chanting and they're going to trust trust trust trust and it's like they're chanting and they're trusting in their movie in their marching and it's like all these beings are coming in around you has like a little trust Warrior Champions and their end are coming and they all have these these lights beautiful staff and it's like you look to your left and they're like you no trust trust trust trust and look to your right and it's like trust trust trust trust in you look in front of you trust trust trust and behind you and then you are are now in the middle of that perfect balance of trust it's like I'm watching you grow in ways that are beyond the mind of this world and an end in tine experience that is so rapid to this world that it would be almost impossible for me to share with you
so what they're saying is that if you stand in the center of the balance right now and you will hold the trust of what you know is true then it's all there and they're saying that this process began last year you've been in it for about 6 months now and now it's just about you really not doubting and staying the course and so it is a Mustang
you would have thought thank you thank you thank you I needed to hear Lena Street that's really does bring us back to the energy flow so let's let's do it again let's bring up the 2021 energy flow of spiral time there it is and remember we've been talking about these three gate so these three gates ignitions actually began weather November December mirrored time experience begin start having all these other things that were moving up into this energy so here we are outside of linear time completely in this concentric dimensionality and we have talked about this release of dog nuts and and all the other sense of sacrifice is going to be coming in and not wide swath may do then there's going to be that breath there's going to be that moment right and then
that second date which is all about the anchoring of ascended Kundalini and the physical spine remember we talked all about what that's fine really means which brings us to look at that Circle. November December now it may look like it's a lot smaller and it may look a lot tighter but that is actually you see the illumination of the eye of the eye that beautiful all seeing eye of this Rising Phoenix has the lion dragon that energy is yours right now and this is the key and what it is is the energy of star Consciousness meeting inner resistance star Consciousness in her resistance it's that moment about letting go of resistance and inviting yourself to receive pure to find flow of your Majestic Mastery presents that could have been stagnant for a while
simply because of lack of direct connection with Spirits I mean we're talking about the ultimate sacred Union that releases all that is unlike toy because it's the essence of unconditional love and the moment when you are able to fully exhale and reclaim through the depth of knowing you I mean this is massive moments guys just massive massive moments and that is what that third gate is an opportunity to really not only deal but to move the resistance because remember everything this created seeks to preserve itself even if it is a quote Miss creation or outdated software systems day Everything is self-preserving Everything You command be dismantled and that is we align with a higher
order of truth it's really invite ourselves to break beyond the perception is reality is density and when we can relax and go beyond the perception then we see the totality of expanse and then we are able to become that there by the law of instantaneous manifestation sacred Union Mastery manifestation and so these three gates of 2021 are outside of your control meaning they are coming to you at 11 Consciousness that is inviting you to meet it there because you are capable of doing this and we that's why all of this has been happening you are if you're connecting with this radio show you are capable of doing
and so as we meet this energy at the level is being offered the opportunity to thrive and to restore and simply hold the balance this is non interference this is outside of judgment is simply saying that be all is seeking balanced and that the portals of ascended presents have been trampled and one of the other Miracles thought in the movie you saw the little area very little area up here by our Temple where we have the forest of the for grandmothers and the Miracles are happening now and this is where that fits a metal photo was taken that we showed a few weeks ago we are at a moment where those of us that are saying yes will be offered the keys and so why not let your life be filled with the Madison The Wonder of the divine presence of you in your highest expression
ABCO creative Mastery listen to Skateway this portal is going to really reinforced the capacity of your star Consciousness and we talked about this off and on for several years but it's a here's the peace for right now your your star Consciousness is connected to your multi-dimensional truth your souls Essence your soul doesn't just exist in one dimension and so when we activate and align with our star Consciousness we are also connecting to all of the wisdom of the universe were connecting to the truth of our being and guess what would seek to interfere limiting beliefs and the content of the ego so as this activates you're going to see more clearly where are you are in the habit of the habit of the Archangel zadkiel 101
what's prime meridian Cosmic Primary in all of this is happening and you will get the opportunity if you cultivate your ascended witness to notice the interplay between the goat Abbott and the presence of your Divine Mastery Consciousness and you watch the meter playing so there's a part of you that is a test from the that dance and is able there for to influence with peace in your heart which direction you go really breathe because I sincerely want invite you with all my heart and soul to do two things what are our sister show that also premieres on Sundays at 9 p.m. eastern Time watch explore the Mysteries really watch tonight's episode this episode is about right now it is about the energy and the courage that is needed for you to stay
and if ever the show was more perfectly timed if you want to expand what train are talking about if you want to understand at a deeper level explore the Mysteries is our teaching * free teaching that we offer every week to the planet you can find it over at iHeartRadio you can find it at 1 to talk radio. Com / at 1 to talk radio at YouTube YouTube lots of different places Watch tonight's episode because shree and I dive into the depth of what it's like for you to come out right now as that Rising Phoenix as that unified lion dragon as at Trinity of energy that is saying I am here I am ready I am open Lookout right right it's just saying I know who I am this is not about ego this is saying hey because I know who I am there's no time to spare thank goodness we can wrap
spiral because we're already out of time we have literally left linear time and and I know that sounds crazy to hear and in your screen I have always been so I know there are those of you that can receive this right now just like there are so many of you that are receiving the material that we first put out in 2006 because all those codes are unlocked this is the gift of seeing what's in your spiral tree and I know and those of you that have been with us over the past many years many times 3 and I have been called off the planet and the only reason we're still here right now it's because of this intersecting moment because of the time slides that brought us here so that the material that we were blessed to see back in 2005 6 7 unlocked right now
you are here right now because your Mastery presence has said you're ready now in order to be ready there's a moment where that support network shows up that's the gift of our Sunday service and that's why I invite you to do that the other thing I really with all my heart and got you to check out is Monday magic this is like the inner sanctum Frost every Monday magic it's like right and so we all get together on Zoom Street and I unlock for the first time right now because this is the first time we've been doing is so this is fresh in the future this won't happen again we're on locking these keys and so go to stream and register for the ascended living in ascendant Life Begins next Monday so please join us it will nourish you in ways that you did not expect Consciousness what we're really saying is I value
need a wake value and I am grateful for this life and thank you for creating the upliftment with me so it is it's a wonderful opportunity to to lift and be grateful and to know the truth of who you are sincerely it is and how are you feeling right now check in you know I'm going to go ahead and share with you one more time because that was the guidance was to keep sharing it with you all throughout the show I'm going to go ahead and one more time and here it is this is 2021 now on you're gazing at this the one other aspect I have not started sharing it was that each one of these month January February March April calories an aspect of the unified field of this Rising Phoenix energy as the lion dragon and we come straight
out in January as the NOG spirit and so January is the NOG and this is saying that the energy is here in the in the multi-dimensional Ralph the reason we are here the reason you are here now is because in the energy of that nogga Spirit coming in as January there is great protection and blessing of fluidity and multi-dimensional add activity this is also a month of each new and how beautiful that this entire year is existing within that ignited discus of each new and so you can see what's happening January is 8 power months of power that is at a level that is saying stay in the energy of your extended presents fluidity is a blessing multi-dimensional adaptability this is the month to get over it if you're not sure you even do
but then this is the month to decide it do I believe it or not that's why would I make a decision and if you don't there's nothing wrong with the choice it's totally cool a line with what brings you greater peace and stability because remember in January it's all about right now until we get to January 13th when we will go to the 12 but right now we're sitting in it was so powerful is that when Humanity's shoots out of his boys on January 13th we are resetting we're coming out at the 12-hour it's a reset so what's a precept looking like for next 14 days this month in fact let's try this on right now and on your heart take a deep breath
report to do this throughout the day together
the heart is your foundation the foundation of the ascended State and now let's try on this declaration of truth I am conscious
and I am grateful
I am conscious
I am Rachel
as we reside there everything unfolds quite beautifully doesn't. And I do want to offer you one little do I have to fold mirrors Tuesday night because For the First Time there's going to be a big reveal and the start of a massive month of incredible people incredible energy all of it featuring The Incredible Sensi mag big announcement coming Tuesday Soul mirrors Lowe's of this interaction today and let us know the truth is truly well
stream Caroline to have your questions answered send us an email yes at 3 and Sara radio. Com and check out more information at you next week
coming Tuesday so mirrors today listen to us and let us know the truth as well
thank you for joining us stream KIRO live to have your questions answered send up an email to guess at 3 and Cara radio. Com and check out more information at 3 and you're you next week, today

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