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Sri and Kira Live, January 24, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of hacknet actually refresh your relaxing your body. As we explore the greater dwr now experience for any wisdom laughter at Claire's heater
Save-A-Lot on the glitter going on here with our green screen what an amazing day hate we are broadcasting at 5 after the hour fascinating energy going on you can tell we're going into that retrograde it's already got its Paul right you feel it and someone else my husband to move the side as I am too because this is what's going on this week you see this adorable little kitten but the soul mirror is the lion and I am the angel of our divine Mastery hold it all together and it is the moment we are here now and together we are soaring today is a powerful show it's a show that saying look you know it's it's all here
it's all now because it's you write you the kitten plus you the lion is the harmony of the key the Angelic I am presence of the right now and this is that moment that smile when we arrive it is that recognition of the you are as I am seeing in motion the Divine energy of the incredible Divine directors ensoulment that reminds us that when we only see our highest expression then we are indeed holding it for others and as we hold it for all I'm going to need that just closed calls. For all we are indeed ready for arms around in like I'm doing right now we are not at bbsradio today so you just need to know that because we are vibration is spiking so high all of these components
and this is not an advertisement are Mac and we have a use for the fascinating things up here
chakra because I feel mind we are heading into the power of self-reflection the power Soul mirroring so today we just got that one call board which means we can only please in about a hundred of you to get in the queue so there it is 517-208-1500 517-208-1500 get into that call board that is the only called word for Today Show our apologies is definitely on our end of the letter was
because that's really what this is about right now it's high a moment and I really want to dive into this because this January and and you guys are as you're dating is this we all know let's let's go ahead was put up that up level calendar for January we all know that here we are in January right now and we are in the experience of our extended Consciousness so in the experience of our send a Consciousness we have been adapting to this concentric dimensionality to spiral time to inviting ourselves to go beyond in the energy of this incredible staring right at the top here which is what we were just talking about imagine a world where with every breath and in every moment you only saw each being as the highest potential of there being for this life
and that is how this year began it is an experience year that is it excuse me is a choice here where an inexperienced month and the ascending numerology for the month it is calling us to balance so look at this week here we are on Sunday the 24th we have two massive experiences and I think part of why are our energies up so much is that the first one coming on the 28th this Thursday and the second one is Saturday is when that Mercury retrograde is going to begin and remember that that Mercury retrograde is either going to remind meaning for those are really living in density it's going to really anchor the Mind energy and for those that are ready it's going to be free it's going to remind or free mind remind or free mind and that is this week's puzzle be in the middle of this week look at how do you need this is the single most unique
moment in this week look at the 26 27 28 those 3 days and we're going to have a massive fold mirrors experience to kick this off Tuesday night so you want to be there that 2627 that comes together that night before we hit the pink full moon is a moment where are 9th dimensional 7th dimensional present actually is sending breath back back in time to the 13th to that illuminated new moon event where it's going to spiral right back out again and hit us on the full moon so the night before the full moon your sacred intention matters this month is actually been about the Wednesday's right it's been about the Wednesdays and this Wednesday is no exception and so you're going to want to be with us Tuesday night when we give you a lot more information about that because we're already moving into it dies it's coming this Mercury retrograde and that Mercury retrograde energy that free your mind or remind is taking us through March this is going to go
all the way up and instead of culminates the post. Is going to call at 8 right before the equinoxes we are in that moment right now we are already jumping into the equinoxes so feel that kitty cat lion Angel flying angels are going to talk about this later mystery with Tom what happened to WWE carrying forward from the I am a lion
and this this energy you know the thing that would it was really striking me as I looked at the calendar was that we are able to be connected to more than one point of time easily that we are we are feeling the push-me-pull-you of the time lights at so WWE Global is indeed for you to join in and lend your energy and be part of something fantastic in the way of the world to write down go ahead there tomorrow at noon Pacific Time wheel and the virtual Expo really begins tomorrow and so get in there go see I don't want to take up any more time with it but Tuesday night it we are going to be sharing so much more
it's in the energy of that full moon I was just sharing with you that's the real moon when it's all coming together because it's about you and it's about you it's about this Divine energy within the Divine key to now is the absolute owning that you are as I am that the I am Essence is in the energy of it all and end this week as that merch Mercury retrograde is known as which which aspect is being empowered this week which one right this is the week where it's about saying yes to self-reflection it's about saying yes to self mirroring and it's about really living the walk through the yoga of self Ascension and end at the heartbeat of that walk is the avesa energy and that's real
what's happening this week is the heartbeat of avesa is birthing and imma show that you on your strong genes are in the numerology and then just allow us to TuneIn because we are at a dynamic time a time where the energy pulling it or heart the evasive heartbeat is just there a time when our Crown chakras are opening to a grander flow and the swimming Concentra is a recognition of that which we previously would have ignored consider all of this intersection of world because we are on your computer that bingo
Eddie hit the realignment and the real we are up level because if we were regressing you already know how to do it you can go back to kindergarten you take your nap but we are up level doesn't really trust this Souls 3 and that dirty of trust is brings us right to this moment of saying I am okay and I choose to trust this journey and wow what a ride what an experience want an opportunity for Consciousness is because you are already time surfing ahead to the second Ox this Equinox matters at end let's jump up I want to show you because so much has happened today and so much is happening today
it was one of those days where I do want to give a shout out to breed a rose here in Ecuador. We are getting close to a presidential election which is coming up in early February and we are very excited where we live that are there is an indigenous candidate as or just very excited for him and also love the fact that his flag is the rainbow just got to love that so much because that's always been the sign of the indigenous the rainbow flag and so today is free and I were putting those flags up out on our driveway it was one of those ones where you woke up and you can just feel the energy and because we live in an indigenous Community people were driving by and wave and its really a beautiful moment of feeling our in Lion mint and saying you know this is a moment where we're celebrating Z all and loving is that the indigenous flag is the rainbow that that there has always been this sense of We Are One and and that's the kind of moment this
it's the moment that's pulling us forward and staying The Impossible Is Possible and that this Consciousness is going to really get you through and and so Street I really want to dive into the fact that this is that moment where it's not just about the heart it's about the heart and the mind unifying into the spirit and I want to show the flow of the yamasee if I can grab those the 2021 this concentric dimensionality because this is so important so here we are remember that the 2021 energy flow is it it's literally saying I am here as spiral time ignition and so you noticed what how can that happen well the spiral time ignition happens inside of concentric dimensionality so we are in a moment of concentric dimensionality what is that mean it means that we have in
really giving ourselves the gift of opening that beautiful Zero Point Energy field within the torus field and that's what's down in the bottom there and the reason this is so important to share and so important to understand is that if you are clinging to the linear experience especially this week look at least open eye in the middle there that open up my is all about and if if you look down the bottom of the text I'll just read it to you 2021 is calling forward spiral time as a tourist field of concentric dimensionality now that's a whole Year's worth of teaching and that's what we're going to be learning all this year right this energy is being above as the twelve Cycles those are the worst thing is monsters right but their Cycles this year they're very complete cycle so they're twelve cycles that will concentric Lee affect the yearly energy and this is why this moment is so important because this is the third
first time this year that we are going to go from January concentric Lita February February and you see how this is working this year it's January February March April May June July August so this is the first and broadest Loop that's happening and so those twelve cycles that will concentric Lee affect the yearly energy
ignite Tax Center by the center of the field is the zero point ignition of creation and that's why this is such an incredible moment because we're entering in to the first concentric experience conscious and Center experience of the January February we're entering into it knowing that it is going to Anchor with a Mercury retrograde this this is what so mind-blowing that we actually have overlapping dates between January February that you'll see next week when we see the February up level calendar you want to see it now get the calendar. Com so this is a moment where you've got that three three days cycle of the full moon and two days later we are going right into a refined or free mind retrograde phrase I love it
call Talia in the next exploration however just because to free mind is an expansion and sometimes are expansions come forward based upon a friction or a seeming obstacle just as last year was the first year were fear really could be a springboard and Ascension symptoms overarching at still this year number that was for both years that we are in that springboard energy and think about how an open mind a free mind can occur as a result of a seeming constriction be there because the pictures are going to end up in the remind absolutely absolutely because here's the key the gift of the remind is that
but it will offer all remember both of those energies exist in all the mental experiences sew-in in the frequency of the remodeling for those are living in the third dimension it's going to very much fee for that an affirmation of all that they believed and in the free mind energy they'll be able to really create through that so remember this happens at every level in the Consciousness and the expanded Consciousness the remind is actually going to be more of a smile that has to remember and to stay even more weight to be able to be the lion instead of the kitten to say yeah I get it I've done the work and in the lion the I am ignites the Angelic presence and so the remind is the remembrance and the free mind is the standing up that says I am not going to invite fear or doubt or blame or anger or
I am
what time you are as I am and therefore as we come and complete imagine the first cycle of the 12 is already completing imagine imagine where to be blinking or I will be 20 and so the gift of this moment is our conscious awareness of the you and the U of the Limitless nature of that which you are expressing and of the awakened sense of Consciousness but his meeting it you know years ago shree and I put out of course call descended sanity and it's in her home study program for a bit if you haven't seen it we do plan on upgrading that program probably next year because it's still so important at the end of the day remember that to those who are asleep you will always be crazy
seriously is because you cannot come for you you cannot even begin to understand what you cannot comprehend did you hear me you cannot understand what you can even what you cannot even comprehend and so when you are awake and the smile comes forward and you own forgive them they know not what they do love them they know not what they do and you are able to hold that as a mother father would a child
then you are able to be in that free mind where the inspiration is inviting you to expand exponentially that's the moment of hand for February because it's you know the wax on wax off from home at January February are going to be that first that will really help that tourist field and the eye stay open so which eye is you you know what is your soul mirror reflecting in are you ready to say yes to being the Healer Mentor teacher letting go of anything especially what's left of the brain
be able to say I am and to bring your Consciousness into a lion mint with I am
wow for recognition of the greater isness when we are not anchored in the I am in the position alities that have opponents and the opposing positions the opposing points of you either station or you're using them to confront your perspectives on versus the I am is not only a recognition of your it also recognized Divine Essence operating throughout all those others are so beautiful beautiful teaching and recognition to Anchor
a Teddy do in every lion has a kitten and every kitten has a liar the question it is what it is gracious what level of integration are you bringing forward and are you ready to fully a lion with I am on January 10th and a beautiful email from Randy look before I get carried away and write a novel I would once again with sincere gratitude thank you from the bottom of my ascended heart for all your guidance and teaching it is helped me tremendously on my journey every aspect of it I have been following four of your broadcast for a while now and I never miss any of them it does seem to bring Solace and peace to my world
I will admit with every broadcast if you listen quotes closely you will always hear a tear fall silent of course originating from my heart I was asleep and lost within the illusion most of my life and then at age 59 was awaken to the phenomena of twin flames I have been traveling for two years now
a beautiful and it has been most rewarding time of this Incarnation sending me on a path of new discoveries and search for self I have stepped out of my comfort zone and I continue knowing that the Divine has got my back and all is in divine order I keep my eyes on the Divine 24/7 and it is turned out to be a way of life for me now just like my drastic diet change along with a 24-hour fast each day
I do tend to ramble on a bit now and again but that is the writer within and guidance always seems to propel my words hitting the page so I would like to ask and I hope it is not too full word of me but if Archangel Michael is around and about if he would have an update on my twin flame Journey for me sending a Heart full of love in your direction Randy I think we all just need to send Bob and Randy's Direction right now first and foremost Randy your email you know we have so many emails so thank you I am sorry it took almost 2 weeks to get it on the air but what I'm saying is that during those two weeks your Journeys even been getting more rich and that things have been expanding even more and Industry would you like to share anything before I jump in yes because everything is in Divine timing and
age doesn't matter occupation of matters what matters is you're doing it you are really really doing it and and Randy my heart was smiling that you do today we have this huge dark Angelic presence in the I am and the empowered and lion mint and it's so beautiful because as you ask Archangel Michael what I heard was but we're all here so it's like okay Michaels here and so are all these others that are around you and they're saying that in the energy of that which would be the Twin Flame expand now into the Twin soul that is carefully Illuminating and they're saying remember that you are both the kitten and In This Moment the wings of love are carrying you and that you and the Beloved are getting ready it's like I'm stealing this this huge like Kundalini
level this is been happening with that ascended Kundalini that's free and I have been navigating quite a bit the re-upping is in front of us all and so is that in this moment gaze into each other's eyes and decide where do you really want to take this because it's in front of you and so it is up to you we love you so much Randy you know this is one of the things that that Trina I really had put back in front of us in the past 24 hours that we want to share with you is that part of this you plus you that secret to opening it all up right now is the activation of the that heartbeat and I and I want a quick show the seven numerology because it's it's it's just screaming at us saying hey here I am and so as we look at the January a Sunday numerology look down at the bottom there all right
we've already hit that illuminated New Moon that put us into the 12 that means we are sitting in our star Consciousness so remember that January 20-21 this entire month is about our high heart it's the heartbeat of a Visa that is the high heart and if you look at the 9 as the End plus the info we are being pulled into this massive up level of high heart energy and we were there we stayed there when we got there January 29th and then during that pick up level that first Wednesday experience we went to Star Consciousness and we go immediately right back to Our Roots chakra on the fourteenth member we had that those to write in a row because that was that pretty face well now we are get
ready we've been in that storage in there every single month member last year was a trampoline on the root chakra balancing in a month that's all about your evasa hearts Foundation balance being and on that full moon coming up later this week we're going to bounce the route again but this time it's going to kick us straight out and leave us out in that beautiful infinite presence until February one this is why this week is so powerful this is why we're coming into that Tuesday Wednesday Thursday energy that's going to pull us right back into the infinite and we're not coming back until February one and I'm excited about that opportunity because it's massive I just love the numerological representation of what
we have been experiencing because I'm sure many of you can relate to having opened up a greater Soul recognition having now available home it goes boom which is a call to foundational eyes your spiritual trust as we bring our spiritual trust into this body of form as we bring the spiritual alignment into our density vehicle We Up level the vehicle thus Health improvements reverse aging and all the benefits that can happen as the vehicle receives more Divine love and we recontextualize are very world at this is where a lot of people start running into the teeter-totter in the falter because the spiritual
sad that you may have enjoyed
anything that isn't part of the instantaneous constant creation is harder to find those to be with your circle of friends is going to get a little smaller you may have a large circle of acquaintances however the key here is that as your frequency is is leveled up and as your tissues are illuminated more light in your life but he's active you're going to find that the world easy to lose yourself in become tiring and not so easy it is takes effort to stay there which is a call to a choice right now as like this Dragon this lion headed dragon and I want to read another email this one came in from Nadia and beautiful and she sent us some pictures from Prague then I'm going to put up and let
because really a phenomenal email and so I want to share that say beloved ones I am sharing a photo of the Phoenix rising and a portal opening over our mystical city of Prague to get there one day in person as I was captivated by the scene being burst across the winter Sky I felt gratitude and I held the awareness that this has been a hard one piece her inner peace I was joking with the heavens but I was familiar with the Dark Night of the soul but that this has been a dark night of the week I had walked through it without resisting letting the waves wash over me and dropping to my knees as many times as it was necessary in a single day
in the back of my heart I held a Perpetual Whisper of a prayer I Surrender but I need a break
as I said before the Phoenix now I knew that all that has happened in the past two weeks and truly all that has happened in my entire life has led me to this moment Shear now
as I said before the Phoenix I also knew that there may be another Dark Night of the soul in the future and that it's okay. What matters is to keep having the courage to walk through the fire to be to the ashes and reborn I send you infinite love beloved Master lady Kara and beloved wisdom teeth nursery rhyme, and I want to show you is that incredible I want to show you this incredible Phoenix Rising Portal from the city of Prague sent To Us by beautiful Nadia and so do you guys see this let's see if I can go out or write how crazy amazing is that is that gorgeous and Nadia thank you thank you for the reminder that we are all one and you know again guys I
my share in the spirit of everything that everyone sharing and everything that's happening in the world wide things that are coming in tomorrow be there at noon Pacific time when we go live in the virtual Expo begins and I've got to give a massive shout out to Christopher folks over at Sensi mag. Com the genius the genius behind the stove be there still want to stay on-site we do have a couple beers available whether you're right here or just right across that are cute little other Hotel guests here live because there's a lot of events you'll see that are only happening if you're here life carrying a potency with it and if you can participate ever more fully meeting whether you're giving her attention to the virtual connection or you're here which would be optimal you will
rewarded with greater trust and Consciousness absolute relax with that and yeah maybe was taken that beautiful Ave Sawgrass we're going to go through your nose out knowing the I am about Divine empowered alignment within a story with you that we haven't we shared bits and pieces and it was this morning when it actually was put in our face in a way that was so so profoundly synergistically perfect that we realized we need to share the story
okay got it off take it off so just about due to know what year it was when a basa was birth back on the planet with a 2004 we were living in Tulsa, if she was the first person
and then I will kick in so sweet thank you so so I have been called I had been really missing India I am so my my Heritage of an Indian woman and and my most recent Lifetime everything else I was really missing it and she knew that and so I was dressed in sorry and clearly heard that I needed to go spend some private time in our Temple and if you weren't familiar we had it's actually there's pictures of it and some of her earlier books my beautiful husband had built a 16-sided hard shell yurt and so our Temple was sitting inside the truth shock or the Lotus chakra the 16 pedals and I had painted the inside of B12 The Temple at the lotus petal so went when you were in there you were sitting in that and and we had Crystal Bridge that were built into the walls and they were crystals where is it when the foundation and I shared was Frida I probably seem in a day clearly got it was a 24-hour day of complete silence checking out being in the temple all day and it was it wasn't
I don't know but it felt to me like it was like with an hour a few hours maybe less and then later that afternoon when I kind of was with tree and was like you know what I need to talk about with with what just happened and what had happened was that I was in the center of the temple and I was focused into this beautiful Durga who is my personal beautiful being that we rescued literally the day it is wrong that we have and I was asking for guidance because I couldn't understand why I was missing India so much and crying for India really crying for her and and in my own experience at that and the next thing I know there's a Russian woman sitting in front of me and the Temple and so I'm sitting up in the temple and and I'm in the middle of the temple and the altar in front of me the main Altar and she was sitting right in front of main altar very very cute very Stout but very you don't like I really have it
understand the Russian heart so it's very very very very filled with that law that says come on I know who you are you need to know who you are too kind of like you know not to let you get away with being less than you are and so I asked you to please speak a language I can understand and she converted to English and told me that actually I understood Russian that I understood all languages as we all do and that it is only the filter of this world that stops us from understanding the universal essence of that which we are and then she shared a lot with me that has transpired was free and I that I feel very personal and I don't feel I should share in this moment what she did Charity end of the day was which is why I went to get free is that we were being invited because of the yoga spell dissension because of having said yes to Archangel zadkiel and because of having been working with the Violet Ray St Germain and all the other day we were being invited and asked if we would now bring the evasive we would be the carriers of the Odyssey thought energy
and that it would be a road that would be filled with many different parallels but that the world had achieved a moment of Consciousness there had been a collective decision by the Masters the last time the always thought energy was on the planet was 1888 when the secret Doctrine came out and there had been a meeting of the Masters that had come together and foresaw what was going to happen in the 19th century and thereby it's not that the obvious. Energy when off the planet it just went dormant
and she shared with me that ass with a yoga salt Ascension the last time the August all suspension was on the planet was during the time of manly hall and then it very quietly was Wisconsin away again and that if they're became a time where the consciousness of the planet would reach the IM moment meaning we have gone beyond that where we've gone before but the heartbeat of a basa of Ave saw would ignite the wings of the Divine Masters and
Wood Street and I'll be willing to do this and that it's not and it was our choice and if not that there were others you know you're never the only one it's not because you're so special just because it's your coagulated moment in this sequence of this parallel world of time right and so I brought it to straight and then he came back to the temple with me so we are being offered a gift from from the ascended ones we don't fully understand meaning that you know we all can play
I have not ever had a full-blown manifestation as profound as that one I have not had one ever since that was the single most like I could reach out and touch her moment like I was reading a hologram that that intense absolutely and one of the most profound things has happened in my life and it began when I met Kira and Archangels I'd kill came and he's my sanity barometer Helena blavatsky is that the profundity the clarity and the love that was in the energy is not something you say maybe later it's not something that you say no to what we have to look at is am I willing to stay the course
you do it if it says I need you to drive to New York if your car gets a flat tire on the way to do you fix it and keep driving like that when the opportunity to Shepherd a frequency comes forward we have to keep it alive in our heart and then we share as we're able as timing and as things lineup but it's kept alive and and I want to say that a Visa is has been a teaching it has been an energy frequency it has been alive we have been teaching it continuously feel that this year is time to heal the heart of humanity that there are enough there's enough momentum for the out and and spread it widely and as a way of supporting
the peace I didn't fully understand back in 2005 was that this is a multi-dimensional initiation and healing and that having studied many energy modalities and that's using that brain with the octopus some heart and I begin to approach it from my more clinical mind but when I begin to actually except the energy the doors of perception open wider
unlike any other training quote on quote that I had been in this is not a technique this is a vibratory initiatory opportunity the avesa energy from which comes a healing greatest I'm so grateful that my husband always modality the way plus he's like the world's most Master filled of a sequana medical intuitive there is on the planet and and what happened was that when they all they saw came in and we were both Reiki Masters so when we came together we both were already Reiki master so we were very aware of energy working out of work at our our first date was all about crazy people like us to do when we had the blessing of the savaysa come through and part of why I'm having to wear this shirt today guys you don't ever
the heat I can't stop we are being filled with this up level energy and so the Ave saw is it been around our Consciousness has arrived and today as we were preparing to be with you and this was earlier today it's been a really big day so our day started with for me the blessing of being out on our street putting it on putting up our rainbow flags and showing their solidarity and then I had to I had to get on the treadmill I had to run and being flooded with all of this information about this week which Teresa Hut profound full full moon right that Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Bridge make a note Soul mirrors 5 be there be here with us old mirrors is coming Tuesday night the Wednesday night intention setting that needs to be a one-on-one you and you this month is about this month this week this weekend it's really coming down to this Wednesday it's going to be the you and you intend
set this Wednesday and you need to do it you and you it's your secret private ceremony that we're not hosting a group thing this is you and be there Tuesday night because we will offer you a 3-day window of incredible up level and then we hit the Friday remind remind remind remind take that one in so it's free and I were going through this morning we came back together in a little apartment and I had taken a moment because I was honestly I don't tell you guys the truth and and how many of you are noticing this is happening for you I'm so tired and I've been what I call stress sick day because there's just been so much to do and loving doing it and that when we stay in Divine flow for such a long period of time sometimes we forget until the body says hey you really do need to pay attention to me and I am the first
one on that train because I have to admit if I'm addicted to anything is the divine inspiration it's the Divine flow it's crazy incredible and why would you not want to be in your Divine manifest what was so for me my level of expansion is learning how to integrate that up level with this body without the body having to go hey right so was one of those happy moments and I was sitting on our cute little couch and I left over and I have my eyes I do some really silly but I have this if I could only have so many books what books would I own self and then I have my other Library which is the rest of my but I don't want to get released either because I love books but right in front of all the time are the two volumes of Isis unveiled which is phlebotomy first 2 Masterworks and volumes 1 & 2 of The Secret Doctrine and you can see I'm even using an emery board because I was that I don't like
getting there and I clearly heard pick up volume one and I was going to go for Isis unveiled at I heard why would you waste your time I was like okay and then and then it hit me I was like woah this past week has been st-germain big-time shree and I announced and I pray you'll be with us the I am discourses shree and I are going to be unlocking those keys that's part of Monday magic that's why you want to be with Monday magic now because what we are learning at Monday magic now will prepare us for them and as I'm looking over and I'm hearing why would you waste your time pick up volume 1 page 1 and I was late and I was thinking to myself yes I am all that would bring me so much joy to just sit and read and be and then street we have the picture then I opened the book and and saw this where are they at where it is
this was on the very first page and so this is actually and I want to show you the book in the moment but you got to love it right there in the middle there is no religion higher than truth no let's repeat that
then truth and and I sat there and this was actually right before she came in and you have no idea that is it told me right in because it is it is a challenge to stay consistent no matter what in a world where it where it's at absolutely doesn't want you to be right and then I just want to show you all right here in the real time right so there is Helena and when she appeared to me her hair was not like that it was long it was very thick very pushy but it was long it wasn't tied up and she was wearing more of like what I would call a very dark dark dark dark violet color like a dress but it was but it is and I love
the Bosque put it in
look at that is that stunning is that stunning is that stunning and you know where it took me immediately was going to show you the part that will actually there it is that's that's what I was just showing you again right here because I hadn't realized that it's because I was like but of course this is what wow okay so we can we switch to other camera this is the backup camera what's happening because look at the background it's not about us it is right it's about you and you and the heartbeat of a Visa and and I heard her talking to me and then I not only do I love reading and touching real books I then went and I love this I want to read to you this is just
so here's what it is all right this work I dedicate to all true theosophist in every country and of every race for they called it forth and for them it was recorded and my heart would like to thank you Helena thank you because that is exactly what the arc Angelic realm the ascended masters the Divine directors the cosmic SC not all of them have been staying in all of the installment that we are here now because collectively we asked for that information to be here now and that when we come together we are better and we are the ones co-creating this and this is the moment and this is why she and I have been like driven that this is the year that the are they saw. Only is is really
Meowth on the planet is being up leveled the harmonies are coming together because we are at a time where the heartbeat of the are they saw Will anchor that hire experienced and keep us in this level of Consciousness right that we allow the truth or being sure to come into our field of recognition so often we lead with the mind and try to figure out the words rather than feel with the heart and allow the mind to catch up later it had so Ave saw which is a recognition of the infinite
this this is so simple and so profound and its absence because all day is simply the recognition with respect of of the of the Grandeur of the infinite I was in Ave Maria hail to Maria Hail to the energy of of of of that out the idiot
that begins the animation of a body so to breathe in with that Consciousness is to say I am witnessing the instant Fifth Dimension right lifting your Consciousness and what is the surrender to that very Divine it is I have no resistance
saw is the I am here I am ready I am open guide make this is why so many beautiful beings are saying that they are so you know I am I am I don't believe in any God I don't believe in anything I'm an atheist will you know what yes to get outside of dog but of course your face is like this without saying however to limit yourself is what the word atheist does to you so yes you are outside of the dog's butt and and and in every single way and I are going to want to read if you don't mind this is just from The Princess and I just want to read to things here because I felt that they were so incredibly powerful and one of them it is just really really fabulous and and so stream everything is too pleased at the one that's really important because it's this moment it's the WWE was doing and remember this was written
in 1019 excuse me 1888 London in the physical world yet yet she was aware that it was coming so I'd like to read this the writer which is herself is fully prepared to take all the responsibility for what is contained in this work even to face the charge of having invented the whole of it I just want to stop there and say spank you right what I have read I have ever since labosky appeared before me and everything that came in of course I wanted to learn as much as I could this woman was targeted she was projected upon she had everything a Charmed Life at all plus her physical body could not understand what was happening because it was so much harder to carry a physical body when the consciousness of the planet was what it was and she still did it and if you've ever connected with Isis unveiled or this one
secret Doctrine there is no way anybody can make this up just just done all right especially given that this one was written in 1888 continue that it has many shortcomings she is wholly aware all that she claims for is that romantic as it may seem too many it's logical consist of coherence is logical coherence and consistency entitled it's new genesis 2 ranked at any rate on a level with the working hypotheses so freely accepted by modern science
further it claims consideration not by reason of any appeal to dogmatic Authority but because it closely it hears to Nature and follows the rules in the laws of uniformity and analogy of this work must be stated to show that nature is not a quote fortuitous concurrence of atoms and to assign to man his rightful place in the scheme of the universe to rescue from degradation the archaic truce that are the basis of all religions and to uncover to some extent the fundamental Unity from which state all spring
finally to show that the mystical side of Nature has never been approached by the science of modern civilization if this in any degree accomplished the writer is content it is written in the service of humanity and by humanity and future Generations it must be judged its author recognizes no inferior court of appeal abuse if she's accustomed Calamity it's her daily acquaintances and it's slander she smiles in silent contempt de minimis non curat
I do not have time for the Federalist or the law does not have time for the frivolous the universal law I wanted to share this with you because this woman in 1888 with championing the energy of balance and she was absolutely attacked in every aspect of who she was because of it and she still did it she did it for all of us that are here now just like 3 and I announced the other day this is the moment of all the great books this is another of the book right this is the one that manifested books that we are going to be teaching from this exact book starting in April and so you want to make sure you're part of Monday magic this is that a song moment it is about you plus you it is saying yes it is about saying the kitten is the lion or the lion is the kitten but when we ignite the wings of our our
power I am Mastery presents we are able to solve that which seems unsolvable seems unsolvable is to live the miracle of your truth
we are a miracle manifestors you know we had that whole deal goes sideways we had we were moving down you know from Upton Boulder there in Colorado moving everything down in a container in a moving van we were there with our Great Dane in the back seat right over that Apollo's in the back seat and we show up and we're being tailed oh yeah this deals dead is like wait a minute and then they're telling us $800 a day to keep our furniture in storage and and we are we have no place to live we check into a bed-and-breakfast have been literally told that because we were buying too much land at the very last minute they realize I do know we only loan up if we had 25 acres so long story short we asked we asked
thought you came in and taught us the miracle manifestation technique told us exactly what to do we got our realtor to get the owners who really didn't want to to let us onto the property we weren't allowed to go in the house we didn't care where you exactly where we're going we went right to one of the light portals that we had identified did everything's Abdul shared with us and what it was the next morning. One night and lovely B&B and then the next morning that suddenly another mortgage you're pre-qualified all the inspections this is a done deal and of course we'll look to you versus nothing literally overnight and the current owners were like completely
we stunned and shocked and this is the power of the law of instantaneous manifestation that rather than freak out we found a lovely B&B we checked in and we went into Divine communion we actually had an installment and that's when the miracle manifestation technique that's when the container speed bump is a launch these two practices the miracle manifestation technique have been the foundation of living The Yoga of self Ascension and today we have a very special little moment for you here we only have about it and a half minutes and I will be right back but what we want to do is invite you to connect with the energy of the container practice Kirito Sao Blue Mountain we've had several World containers we had an incredible won in Uruguay of course the original one at tosa Blue Mountain New Mexico incredible authentic ones also Mayan containers
in Guatemala and it's Big Kahuna large is an authentic antique artifact Incan container that the only reason it was left was because it was broken in the people figured it had no value and it turned out to be exactly the container that's been waiting to be the world container which has been bruised has great value has practice because this is a time where you going to be using it we're also going to introduce you to the living off practice and remember all of these practices are yours to get just don't cost us know nothing other than go to screen Cara. Com does the cost of typing that Ennis RI and right across the top or see yoga stop Ascension if you just click on that all these practices will come forward and so we're going to give you a moment to attune to these practices and when we come back with a lot of Shadow including were going to start taking your calls so stay with us and watch and
we'll be right back
Namaste by here and gorgeous day and beloved Tulsa Blue Mountains and be here for container practice would you like to clear unwanted energy and this is the beautiful original authentic Incan sacred container at tosa Blue Mountain
you don't want do it by yourself you don't want to do it alone so you're standing you left hand and you receiving pure white light in your left hand
it's all about balance given in this chicken so you're receiving pure white light stand in your right hand of Western
and you go through your every single chakra you energy centers profitable if you had to do chakra and you collection over energy with no longest-serving you and your profanity sloth and you sending it to the container and we will be doing it together
is depressed
thank you I love you go through every single Energy Center of you collecting everything was no longer serving you before I send it Forward because it will find a way to a container let's do it again
anything was no longer I'll let it go
collect collect collect go through every single Energy Center chakra
definitely a few practitioners you want to do it in between with clients as well or you can do it as much as you need you in the day you had the conversation is was harsh
listen to a container
and this is the container for everybody I'm free arose and we're going to show you the living on practice and this is something we use very often here it's great for lifting your energy while also just sharing your body that you're safe and your state to live spell Tyler Run has murdered in the living on practice at least vonderful practice anytime you have to find it Center you feel like you're losing your Center you lose in the stands The Village it's wonderful practice and practice is very unique because you don't have to send anything to it for a few don't have to grow roots in the Earth but hold to God's if grounding in the same time so I'm Livin On Frost
Bountiful uplifting Center in the Verizon fraud
underfolder made X4 you comfortable and I hear is wonderful because I'm in the beautiful coffee grounds I can feel
beautiful lies the beautiful ball of golden light on the right
standing on the ball of golden light up your right
wow well welcome back and I'm hoping that you have taken the opportunity to clear yourself using that container practice and take it to stream little teaser there you want to learn how to do that beautiful living all practice and I was true before we go any further I just want to give a shout out to our beautiful residential queens that live here you beautiful gorgeous ones my goodness gracious the Beautiful the one the only breed a rose will tear for her I'm sure you guys are all giving her that what she deserves richly there in the chat room I hope and Kyla how guys I might not the only one seeing like this incredible beautiful like hello young woman birthing out of this incredible Russian goddess and I yes you could hear that I do want to take one moment before I ignored your other beautiful being there that much today when blavatsky was there she actually gave me a message for you and that was another part of the affirmation there's a lot more than to be transcending with this reacquaintance with the evasive labosky
wow thank you for being here Masha thank you for sharing that call and then of course all the way from New Zealand living here now full time in the riverhouse The Keeper of our Amazon is of course Jeanette who is also the keeper of our kitchen and so thank you three beautiful ones for taking the time to 2 really guide us all in those practices and hey here's my challenge to you guys let's get more of these right here agree we need more of these come on let's find some more let me know shree and I would love to jump in let's get some more of these practices on Tillman populate that was over at strand on over the phone lines in just a minute but remember we only have one bank today so get in there 517-208-1500 517-208-1500 you do get to listen to the show while you're on hold on we're going to be getting back to you quickly but Street how are you feeling I'm feeling that has a slow heartbeat I'm feeling that lying I'm feeling the I am I'm feeling that Mercury retrograde right that's this Friday
it is a deed and and you know one of the things that I just really desire to impart is that this is no time to be shy yeah we talked about the alliance the Lioness the rise of the divine feminine we have been speaking to these essential ingredients of empowerment for the last many months gredients of empowerment R-Truth nuggets that truth truth lenses truth the aspects of who you are and that we humanity is in the great habit have having been less than that in the great habit of having embraced victimhood in the grave believing there is something wrong with me Universal Life script Universal negative belief there is something wrong with me permeates society and Consciousness on YouTube and on until
you say no more this is about me this is simply a program that I know I am dismantling that lives that that belief and that is the empowered Mastery coming forward knowing there is something right with me there is something beautiful with me I'm not the original said I have the original blessing that I am here now to radiate healings and assist the heart of humanity in the greater truth of I am so sorry and we are already manifest pure healthy and true it is here now. It is a nice now
I got to share with you that and I recently had a really being blessed to be popped out of our little bubble and I'm loving it and it is really we're really up leveling Spanish and it was so beautiful about it is that we're in a witnessing moment where what we're soul mirroring is we're having the blessing of of of having this beautiful communication building with these incredible beans that are also upleveling and are saying wait a minute I'm willing to see what's going on here too and so it's like we're meeting outside of all of our bubbles in a new mirror and it's and we're creating and we're inspiring and we're creating Miracles and this past weekend I just want to say with all my heart and soul what's the most Flawless manifestation of a miracle ever with what's happening at WWE did you write that down what's happening it's Outta control guys help us get the word out we really need the Grassroots this moment is Big it's so big that my screen broke out the feather earring wait how do we I want to do I have something that I can put against it that's dark here it is our book sacred Union our book cover here we go all right are there we go now here we go why not use our book cover all right so they can you kind of see it right there anyway so much happening on the 30th because this is no accident we have we have been invited I'm breathless talking about it I'm really getting breathless guys because on that Mercury retrograde
no accident no accident
remember it's always three before 3 after eating day we were invited into the deep Canary territory and we are so blessed that our dear friend Edwin we had said to him hey we've had this invitation here's the two days we were available will the only one that really worked with January 30th and we we took it without even conscious recognition of the power of that date and so myself our dear friend Edwin lots of you know he picks you up at the airport and our beloved Brea Rose as a trinity has to be Trinity we are walking into the beautiful blessing of our country are elders meeting more of the incredible Community up there we are having no idea what's going to happen that day other than they have accepted us as the keepers of the mountain they and they say that the mountain causing its Keepers and this mountain was dying we have been able to save the little bit that's left and I would buy
leave it around it if I could because it it it was dying and so they in honor of us becoming the keepers of this mountain would like to introduce us to their Mountain call Alexander's family has lived in the Guardians of this mountain and waterfall at at at at how they cleanse and clear and stay alive this is an honor I mean I'm kind of freaking out about witches is kind of part and parcel of the deeper understanding of the eagle Condor today talk about that Robinson station so just today we're already in that energy of both of the equinoxes because of what's Happening
tomorrow we launched the viral event right get in there tomorrow noon Pacific Time right Tuesday Soul mirrors We Begin the full moon diving and intention Thursday is the full Moon I mean and then we have the Friday moment to really anchor and Saturday we go so this is not an accident there is a orchestration of foot next week this show we will have a lot of footage because you know we're not going this for us this is part of the greater what's going to be happening I'm sure they'll be footage will be exclusively over at the WWA enough I believe for anybody that would have registered you'll start getting this kind of you know what's happening we're kind of like in pre-production and we're going to have a whole back at an energy where if you're already registered to the event
start seeing all this other stuff so tomorrow is that you have choice
and so often we forget that if we don't take action we don't receive as fully as there is there is a Wonderful Grace factor involved that all beings are receiving gifts and when you say yes and you take action you open up or is my my my buddy Red River Nike would say go down to the ocean of abundance are you carrying a bucket because the ocean will give you whatever you want to feel girl with your bucket till you receive the flow that's this year about say yes to this entire up level wave this is a crescendo that you can sing with
let's go right ahead over here to the phone lines and I'm still getting right here and hey I think this might even be Gary Gary is that you what we are loving you Gary welcome to the show
thank you love in the show loving you guys I just can't stop writing poems I thought I'd share them with you guys
all right cool it called Miracle Song
Advance America begin angels singing America blessing into freaking love in the miracle that angel just browsing through just because by all in the room
call Carrie we love you thank you thank you thank you for always being so slow we love you so dearly Gary many many blessings Namaste honey wow do I do want to share that you got to love that you were singing you were singing and that is we went about singing and this is at law of instantaneous manifestation that slow that's that co-creative beauty of our community of incredible free where we going from the Czech Republic
microgear I can hear me calling you sound great
it's me not you.
You know I was just so taken aback by you reading my email and then I was called to call and I thought it's already miracle that the email was read but let me see if another miracle can be pulled out and how are you hello sweetheart we are loving you share your love your Outreach and your cherry know if of that beautiful energy in the sky and life is what we make of it is it. Let's make Miracles starring that with you I I do want to share that your I love that picture and I love that you were saying yes to you that's really the miracle you know I'm in first of all
it got the tree and I cuz we get a lot of emails but it was it was Easton 3011 presents right so when we embody sincerity love and presence we are the walking energy of Miracles and that incredible picture is is is captured so perfectly and so beautiful and I love this coming up from the Czech Republic and it came to us from the moment that you were awake and said this needs to be shared because I am as you are and that's why you got through today that's why you were guided to call that's why I like you're sitting in the room with us because my love it's your time and it's really your time and so remember that February is a choice month and that the universe is talking to you it's time for you to buy you are as a lioness you are that beautiful beautiful Phoenix and we celebrate with you and thank you for reminding us all As
what's up to you today I love you guys so much I love you guys so much and I and I hope and pray to see you very soon in person I cannot wait so much sweetheart, wow this is so great play are we not Nadia has sent us an email and recognition but that right after she had that recognition disappeared and that's what you are also sharing today is what happened with lobotzke way back to Mexico and what happened literally literally today it's been a massive day and then of course we're blowing up Electronics with that funky stuff with a camera earlier it's a big fat retrograde is going to be what remind remind remind remind
dimensionality we're circling back you know what we were called very clearly to bring forward with the updates of the energy and and and the applications to consciousness of the avesa quantum healing techniques and that includes the evasive balancing the energy healing which is so simple and easy to learn and so valuable and then it moves with Quantum Clairvoyance and the evasive medical intuitive training all of these are in a beautiful flow this year that you can join in and anchor your professional healing practice while also and we've ever had a moment where the third dimension is said hey activate your healing molecules activate your higher healing and I have had many opportunities
could have been exposed or or had a code that experience and we have not contracted this and I'm not saying that we have some magic bullet other than what we are witnessing and among all those that are around us is that the level of Consciousness that meets this virus is affecting the way this virus manifest and those around us that we have seen that are caring High Consciousness have moved through the process of Tober Ting very very quickly and having lost a brother I can absolutely validate level of Consciousness in that case along with lack of care of the physical form because that's the other thing over a year ago we were inspired to not only really own the reverse aging that was happening to let go of our own just believe it just dive into it the we were I was very much call that I had to get my physical body and Peak Peak shape and
I'm in very good physical shape my resting heart beats and very low sixties and I work out an hour a day every day I actually have muscle enough that we are in that moment but there was a greater force that was preparing this is part of those Ascension symptoms this year
really physically attending to your body is an Ascension symptom and I want you to take that in because the body has come forward as as as blue as the governing died and it's testing you it's like a child that saying look I know you're in charge now and I get all that right this is because we allowed that take with Union and then the Mastery over soul but I'm still here and I'd like a little of this so how about I give you a little of this right it's how we respond and that's why I again this week it's very much going to be re mind free mind remind free mind and how we meet that as we are incapable more time you have level calendar I just want to give you a quick reminder since we showed it in the very beginning of the show today is that we are right now you see where we're heading 26 27 28 this week is actually all about Wednesday it is going to be the day you see where it's the brass it's the breath that's breathing
the form that which has already been that is coming back around again on the 28th it's that moment of diving into absolutely letting go of that which would stop you from knowing your incident nature and it is a self intention that brings us into that full moon which prepares us fully to step into that include incredible Mercury retrograde of remind remind to be daunted by the energy we get expanded our joy this expanded our happiness in our ability to serve all the share this beautiful. We love our dancing
our most recent trip when strand I went to Bhutan and then had our unexpected eight days in India that became probably the most magical 8 days we've ever had in India so it kind of was made for us the remover of obstacles the one that is is an inspirational moments to remember that you are that
you are that yes
it's so as we are in this January experience remember that right now it's an experience year experience month but we are in a choice here and in February the first choice is made and this is why the first choice is free and I offering you the blessing of joining us live for a couple Saturdays from our Atlanta chilling Chambers Mountain live let us offer you the blessing the Attunement and the absolute freedom that comes from saying yes to allowing the healing energy of a center life whether your professional this is that moment where we are being called to activate and we're even including a bonus teaching you how to give these remotely and we're also including of a bonus bonus at the WWA Summit we will be given an additional experience that all of you that will be with us in February we'll get to hop into in March and so I invite you with all our heart and soul to go to Sri and Kira
check out the Mastery Journeys for the year but at the very least join us in February for of Asa because it is the heartbeat of humanity and it is pulsing right now and give yourself a gift just give yourself a gift and be there and three speaking about giving themselves gifts we have such a huge phone line going on here and so we've got a hand raised over here in California hand raised that usually means I've got a question for free near Eureka how you doing
and I've been great you guys are having so much fun I'm so excited for you I can't wait to see what you guys come back with pictures Mountain MTG come mine is blowing my mind and my question is under the right shoulder blade right through the navigating inner Matrix I've discovered where is kind of self-sabotage and the layers and I've been using the Eraser practice I love you
did the singer that says that I'm thinking it's like the color red that I need to work with to really kind of just like filter everything out it's red and gold at this point but I thought color everywhere and I would love to have him any full reading around that too if possible to thank you so much for multiple ways to be with that which the body breaks for worms and and while working with colors can be useful my favorite is working with breath and so I want to speak to that and offer you that and then taking take whatever this is for everyone wherever the body is saying ouch yeah here's a constriction is to first first before dealing with the body move into your heart
breathe in and out of your heart and anchor the peace that comes when we open our hearts header then send the breath to the body part that is wanting more love and light because all pain is a call for more greater love and light so that whatever is tight can be Unwound and breathe in and out and breathe around that body part and use your breast to soothe soften without asking anything of it just I'm here I'm offering this breath of light to you and then listen
and I'm going to leave you there for today we're going to do more of this when we get to WWA and 2 in terms of how to go deeply but I don't want to put everyone to sleep either how ever I just want to say you can work miracles through your breath and after you have connected with it if there is a color B4 of course go with that and I'm having a hard time having a hard time sitting with everything that's happening especially where it is and and how it's coming in down actually really low in your spine and working up even a little bit more toward like this the lower half of the spine do you send it to the leaning right now is like really preparing and that's why I'm thinking that's why there's that red there and I see the gold and it's like it's like you're going to different directions
One Direction he got this gold kind of dipping in right and so what they're saying is Breeze me together that's why the breath was tree read me together and then it's like feeling the to come together and I'm watching right out of your crown and right back down so it's so is tickling and and then it does that again it's like this breathing in and out and they're saying
that you are breathing in the creation that what you wanted the question is have you really looked at it from the bigger picture because there's more and that you know that and so this is why the tightness here because it's like a wing it's like One Wing is open and the other one is like hey I'm ready and so your balance is in front of you and that's why it's all here so thank you for being here and reminding us all of that today I'm very grateful thank you so much
thank you this is part of that you and you that's the energy of this week right now is that the physical body right now and you feel that the physical body is dealing with an entirely new electronic electric frequency so you're nervous system you always talk about this years ago and I think it's important to bring It Forward again because we are at that moment the nervous system why do you think there's so many things that attack the nervous system the nervous system prepares you to ascend or keeps you from waking up here that'll offer to you and it's really for those that are going to want to participate in the evasive medical intuitive training
there is so much happening but the reason I'm sharing this widely right now is the frequencies that are bathing those who have said yes to Awakening are resulting in new symptoms and picking up on what it what year was sharing about the nervous system I recently had a client and as I was scanning the nervous system her nervous system presented as if she had multiple sclerosis that end in there's a whole technique for but when I went further I looked at her vibration I went back and touch the nerves and what I saw was not multiple sclerosis sclerosis not a mess it was a challenge in the myelin sheath around each nerve me imagine you have a short in a wire the installation is drippy haha if I was impacted
quality of the current flowing through the nervous system know there was a challenge in the nervous system to carry the frequency she has said yes to and it will resolve and at that was the Peace of being able to take and look deeply at what is presenting as a symptom that medical science would normally drug it versus saying let's work with this so that it could resolve naturally in order to get to the ER it's the relaxation and the recognition that you must have science religion and philosophy all in the same bucket to be able to break free of the limitation of the mind of this experience
if you are just all science you can't break free if you are just all religion you can't break free if you are just all philosophy you cannot break free but when you can look at the totality and the faculty of the whole this is that balanced then Consciousness stores and and I just want to say that that's I really believe that you and I are creating right now with Sensi mag and a lot coming out around that next month but I just wanted to pop that in there because this is an organization that gets it that gets that Consciousness can't be a missing piece it needs to be the piece that brings the other pieces together and was the beauty here is that 70 magazine is what they're bringing for the recognition that the medicinal understandings of of the plant medicine together with the need for society
Consciousness and look at the timing of what's Happening we are at a convergence that is unlike any conversion for this ever been that it's going to challenge everything you have ever believed and starting this week this 30th when wearing we are up with Alexander and his home in his world it's read my mind for remind remind remind remind remind let it liberate you I am on call all right let's liberate a phone call on let's go up here in California it looks like I'm not sure somewhere maybe a valley somewhere in California say hello
I just wanted to say that my
meet you guys and I just want to say thank you because I love watching your videos and using your website to help me on my spiritual journey and I just look like a mini please thank you my heart so deeply you know it really does So yeah thank you just for being real enough I do want to share with you that as you were connecting what I was seeing you is so pretty pretty if it's like this I want to get the color right it's not it's not they keep saying rosata I live here in Ecuador it's like this beautiful Heroes. It is like a rose color pink it's beautiful and it's fragrant and I'm watching these little dots about as you speak your all of your crystalline DNA is like sparkling it's all in your auric field right now and it's all over the place
I thought your crystalline DNA is like it's dark and it's not there it's like it's not connected it's almost like a connect-the-dots you know it's like okay I'm connecting this not connecting with them what they're saying is turn around and dance more because the gioi this before you is just beginning and they're saying that as you will let the smile get bigger the dance will have more depth and the ignition a greater gift of joy and they're saying that this Bountiful Rosana these Rosie's beautiful like Rich deep pink roses are caring you forward right now and it's beautiful because you're in this life is beautiful like a small boat like this white swan boat who's alive looks like you're sitting on this huge giant Swan who's kind of smiling at you is beautiful like Starfire blue little rains and some kind of winking at you
like you know you don't need these you're in this beautiful that color kind of outfit but the river is these rose petals and they're saying why shouldn't it be amazing why shouldn't it be everything you ever wanted you deserve it and so it is I'm just I'm really in that are you always look who showed up that wait wait wait look who walked into the studio guys we didn't stay alone house so here is that lion affirmation and that came into beautiful taller so hey you got a lot going on there I'm loving it please so as you can all see let's get his eyes right our gift from the mountain become the most lovey-dovey that you've ever seen and I
all his little tufted are there he came with that tooth on that one side all right tree where we going looks like we're going to New York how far we just want to remind you if we are at myself make your choice February February 9th remind me to invest in the choice with action momentum and that means invest in your growth invest in your education invest in your it's where you place your attention and that's why I like because how many of you are still looking at others or you know others are looking at things and you get jealous or you get caught up where you get preoccupied
when you see something that triggers you then why not hey that's for me that's for me and that is the Rev Ike moment that's Lavazza moment that says look I get it and I am here right I am ready I am open this is the moment it's about you and you that's the key there being demonstrates to you that you feel would be valuable you can also do it there is no exclusivity
competition is the greatest illusion the minute you realize there is no competition seriously for everyone and every being you have to know it looks like New York
hello there hello hello
Hi how are you I love you both so much thank you loving you
answer the question on the event that's why I'm trying to see which one is right for me and I see that something call Avista energy and then they came after
exactly so thank you for asking because if you're asking your heart's calling so there is happening this year this year under the insistence of the ascended are offering the really the up level energy of all of our programs so there are three ways you can join us there is just the evasive healers which begins with the savaysa journey in February but then goes on and really guide you through that Journey there's you can do that or there is the art of ascended living which is all of the mystical Journeys that are being done or you can do all of it together and save a discount now the last I know it's a lot of choices so I'm glad you asked the last the last thing is you can just register for the February of Asa if that's where you want to be
and then if you decide you want to continue you can adjust your tuition to fly that healers during that has a limited number of students because of the incredible one-on-one experience you get with Sri Lanka no longer be available just cuz we've got too many people but that's the key of of offend you so does that help
yes it was so much because we had all the archangelic ascended masters and we're like oh my God people can be confused and they're like trust us and so thank you for all that you have any message for meeting absolutely your power is here to provide an example for other beings and I'm not sure how you're doing that right now but I do want to encourage you to come forward as the mentor that you are and if we can support that emergence through the teachings and the coaching that we provide then please join us because it would be our
pleasure to work with you and I want you to breathe in that what's going on around you right now is really quite amazing I'm seeing what looks like the only way I can describe it as a spiral and spray like this like this with light grey Crystal any and it's like it's rotating around you and then there's another one so this one is more like it starts at the feet kind of like the cosmic SE nahi teach all Healing Begins the 50s what time you getting at the feet and stars and it's just as you hold up and claim out what you are right above you right here if it's massive golden spiral and what I'm finding so powerful about that is that today during the the little break between the two segments Suites we started talking about mastering the Living Art practiced that energy is that you are getting ready
activate an uplevel into the ascended presence of that which you are if you choose to stabilize that you're right on the threshold of February that's the choice month with all my heart and soul learn if you don't already know learn the living on practice do it and when you arrive in that position that holds us breathe in exhale the song and allow yourself to really hear what you are receiving because you have opened up a greater Channel than you're even aware of and you're adapting to it's for that nervous system adaptations do you hold such a big role thank you for who you are and what you're doing I really bow before you honey many blessings
thank you thank you so much I look forward to your vagin sweetheart many blessings really pay attention to the spine we are in this moment of incredible up level energy this week again can we put those flows one more time I want to show the 2021 energy flow again because the 2021 energy flow is showing you right now it's saying look this is the first cycle completing and you see we dip into the eyes are so remember where all the way dipped into that I and now it's like if we never happens like that like I don't know if you guys can see my can they see this at all no battery can they see this if I do that I'm going down all the way around the top where I have to go through the eye to start February
exactly it is and the only thing that holds the figure eight is when we remain in that Zero Point Energy generator field of the Taurus and this is that Dad passed commitment focused awareness and complete trust and I do want to share with you that miracles do come true go to tomorrow noon Pacific time let's Show the World We Care WWE this is the moment we waited for tomorrow at noon and if you have not yet become one of the amazing beings that we join with every Monday nights by I mean what you give yourself the blessings that Monday we are currently living in a scented like you can join for a little the dollar a hundred percent of our donations feed a lot of hungry people give yourself a gift and also gift others at the same time we are this
we not are we not all now saying yes this is the moment of our divine presence so important to remember not to be diluted by the delusion the world is continually emanating that which is not going to sustain your upliftment but rather sustain a different Paradise emerged we emerge through density we emerged through hardship we emerged through all of the seeming resistance is because those fields of resistors are like the pressure that creates the diamond know I love that you are at that magnificent all the stories all the misidentification
Liberty beliefs that you weren't enough because it is the heartbeat of it is the information that is pouring through US infinitely that is igniting this balance that is calling in this moment and so sure you would you guys let's do a closing of a Sawgrass today let it out with sound
now we're do it again I want you to think so clearly Ave on the inhale and exhale let's synchronize here we go
I am here
I am ready
I am open guide me
and you shall be guys it crossed
beloved ones it's been hard to like to be with you and as you are here so are we we look forward to be with you again very soon
be there this Tuesday very special Soul mirrors extraordinary show really preparing us all for this full moon that's going to bring us to that Mercury retrograde remind remind join us the big week to stay together at all is
thank you for joining us in stream here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3

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