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Sri and Kira Live, January 17, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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experience rating wisdom laughter and Clarity here
Namaste and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Shriram, this is about the time traveler you coming into Divine sacred Union to remember how to fly it is a week that is got so much in it a moment to a lion with the actual who that you are a huge show a human rights of human right I love it I love it because we are all creation is right here in the who that you are right now and hate that you are jump into those phone lines we are going to be connecting with you today as always and
enjoy offering you miso readings answering your questions you know sharing what's going on with you give us a buzz toll-free over at DBS Radio and over there is 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 or over at 1 to talk radio. Com we can also watch and listen to the show 5 1720 8:15 and 3 I don't want to give a big shout-out to everybody about YouTube hi guys better your ad official stream Tara or over at 1 News Talk Radio YouTube thank you for joining us in every Sunday is the opportunity to exercise our choice and I choose joy and I choose to continue the upward spiral into every finding happiness and expression as so I trust that you'll join me along on that Journey
say hi to everybody in the chat specially over YouTube where the there's always a wonderful community that gathers and we offer you are loved and acknowledgement thank you for choosing to be here so let's just dive in shalee I mean let's just go right in one of the things that is so important I want to go right to some of the supplies that we are showing you last week because what's the first look at the calendar okay so I believed know that's the code January 3rd is okay this is the up level calendar for this month 2021 if you don't know what calendar is then I really invite you to go to Sri and Kira. Calm and grab it get it and then pay attention to everything that's in here but was so profound to remember is that the ascended consciousness of this month is all about experience we are in a never re-signing cycle of awareness experience and choice and so we're constantly moving through that it's how we need it will how are we meeting this experience
January 20-21 with the ascending numerological code of perfect balance the four with also repeats if it's funny it's like that last hurrah of 2020 because let us not forget that 2020 was the four plus the double incident and January comes in as before again and again that kept hitting us where it kept hitting us on that root chakra energy so here we are we are here and In This Moment 17th look at the week ahead if you gaze at the week ahead we are still in that last Bastion of accepting and rolling with and really saying okay I'm on board with this concentric dimensionality I'm willing to this multi-dimensional presence and you'll notice that early in the week right now we're being called from our highest sense of being to gaze at the biggest pecs
keep holding that and that's going to be spiraling and lots of different interesting ways and we're going to hit the moment of our greatest Revelation from that pee cup level last week again on Wednesday it's going to be Wednesday the 20th and then the very next day the 21st is we're going to start seeing a huge cycle of elimination again so you see it's it's spiraling is getting tighter tighter tighter tighter Tighter and then after the 20th we can start and there is this new cycle however they're all Cycles everything is fluid and this is important to remember because this is the only week it's the bridge week so to speak between the Mercury retrograde ignition which began last week last Thursday Just 4 days ago we we stepped into this Mercury retrograde the very first breath of what is going to be a Mercury retrograde that we put it into our newsletter that will literally
read my mind the all which means the mind is going to get a good heaping dose of cures all the reasons why you should be out of me right
it was also at the same time free the mind of those that are really conscious and it will offer ever greater Clarity so it will remind or free Mine where where are you going to be when this retrograde shows up and we are in the middle of the basket right this is a call in a basket that's really what's governing this energy so we're in this basket is very first one well there's only one way to go through this guy's and that's as that actual Phoenix Wright as that your what is this year about it is the Rising Phoenix as the dragon head and you know why are the flying headed dragon so it's a big moment it is a resurrection it is a bursting forward it is protective and Dustin energy
take these metaphors and feel into what they represent because that's the energy can be your healer it can also be your Slayer
we have such a distorted relationship with the especially in Western societies where there has been this separation from the natural world has been part of the culture that came through some years ago and the name of the installment is the for nones but I want to give you the first two as a reminder just think along with me for you these Declarations of Truth
I am not my body I am not my body is my servant
it is you get clear on that you create a more harmonious relationship with these vehicles of support your body's here to support your journey you are not your body however you are in Union with this vessel well and you are the specifics really a profound moment to call that in are you loving your body enough are you loving you enough are you able to let go of the invite you to believe that you cannot transform from where you are right if we all believe that then then we would be so unavailable for expansion and yet here we are expanding we are light we expand ecard the graphic that we sent out showed again do we have traffic here by any chance free
last week and in this moment right now the concentric time that is how is that as Einstein showed time is the illusion as a matter of fact Einstein went on to say and you can look this up over there it is my husband found the graphic. Which was the demonstration of the Wormhole and the other thing that said Einstein was able to show or demonstrate is that time is an illusion because it's basically a 4th this is literally on Stine time exist in the fourth dimension but it needs a point of origin which is what keeps the third syllable so do you understand that it is the end is the irony that time is what keeps open the fourth dimension it's where we manifested that's why we can get lost in the fourth dimension and time
here's the key the 4th Dimension needs the third dimension it has to have it because without the third dimension time cannot exist this is Einstein and this is proof of why multi-dimensional existence right now is real and wife is dimensional anchor ship is mandatory and so I Want You to Breathe Out in don't go look this up if I could send you a link on it right I also want to acknowledge something the third dimension realm of form okay the realm that we call form the 3D is intimately tied and in an associate with the 4th Dimension which is the formulas
connected to the form but it's the formless thoughts because it's linear it absolutely is allied with the experience of time and this is why this is why the universe mass or separate two years now said come on remember that's what keeping you stuck it's that belief that keeps you stuck in one of the things that she and I have modeled for the continuously for the past close to twenty years now and we should we share a little secret last night with Bria and Corey who are here at the Blue Mountain that when we are in and we've been so busy serving all of you and there was so much happening that we just kind of let it quietly go by and our necks universities actually coming to our wedding
what's happening right now is that Indies time Loops in this concentric dimensionality and everything that's happening what you bring your hands to your heart and I want to read you the quote that was in our newsletter today that comes from sacred Union the journey home and this is going to hit you on a lot of level so just hand heart you're ready okay so fast tension is the ability to embody unconditional love with yourself
so that you can hold the light for others when they are confused and do not know what is happening and that was the Elohim through me from sacred Union the Journey Home chapter 8 and if ever there was a moment where that quote from this incredible the Bible speak is this little buck and this little book I wanted to share with you that as we have been all in our content Rick dimensionality this week is really about the revelations from to Sacred books to very sacred texts and the first one is sacred Union the journey home and as we were last night with coriander and it came up this is I want to share with all of you okay I'm sure he with you for a couple of reason this is literally the manuscript for what is now the book
disease where you going to open up these worthy this was the original original script for is the original book of sacred Union the journey home and here's another reason I found it fascinating that I wanted to show it to you on the tub or I don't know if you can see it okay that is actually the picture of me that SRI saw spiritual singles I kid you not that was what I was when he met me I was Shakira and noticed right there women Wellness Awakenings and I remember offering stressful life portrait is the process inside of me I haven't done in years so that was very blessed with early on but I really wanted all of you to just connect with this because this was a moment that make it authenticity that burst the work of self a sentient the last time the work of self Ascension have been on the planet with with manly hall and then it kind of went
it was lobotzke and so this is a moment where this book and I and I want free to show you this is the original original book Robert D Reed publisher so if you have one from Robert D Reed Publishers you have a first edition it's this book this is it today and it has been in continuous print been adding more and more updates and the reason that this is so important to remember is that this is the time for you to have that sacred Union with the body to come into the ascended presents that you are and as Arcangel zadquiel teaches and eternally has offered to the world through this book is the remembrance that you are a traveler that you've always been a traveler and that's what we are doing right now is we are
Sibley traveling and this is the moment we're for all of us that are still here for all of us that are informed right now we are here by choice because it is our moment to know without doubt we have expanded Consciousness farther than we have ever gone before but it will only be through your multi-dimensional acceptance in. Word Union with this body of form that you will be able to like you never have before law of instantaneous manifestation
and you know what the safety valve is on that it's your integrity and it's your willingness to hold the gift of the divine inspiration because here's the irony
as long as you're holding the gift of divine inspiration and willing to let go of anything that would take you from that you're always cared for you will always have abundant there will always be enough money there will always be enough there will always be enough of everything as long as you are always paying it forward as long as it is part of that chain of circular be the more successful you are the more you sustain yourself you know in all of these are really wonderful hotels because when you are taking care of you when you know that this body is your responsibility and that you are loving yourself enough to not compromise the self then the universe the stains you so that your sustain so you can give more far
it's all about the concentric dimensionality that brings us back to the sacred Union of the Soul which is why it is the moment for Seaford Union the journey home and NY I had to just I'm going to hold these and you can hold these tears the Trinity of it's evolutions right and so we just saw someone to share that with you today as well but if you also didn't want that first came out 2003. This is the basis of navigating the animatrix and one of the other rapid escalations as to why he and I are we are we're on the treadmill this year OK every single month there is everything happening so it's important to to get on board this is the year if you're going to do it to it this year if you've been putting it off stop this is the year do it now.
next year is Unwritten in a way it has not been written before and so every breath matters you can't take time off and I know you might be tired but look how much fun we're having by not taking time off right will it take time in a time in and make an investment in our spiritual consciousness we we recorded the explore the Mysteries and it did Will Premiere tonight at 9 is our normal time and one of the topics that we discussed a little bit and I just wanted to offer something right now to all of you and that is that you do Acuras sharing a so much about spiral time and we can be either positive or expanded by the recognition
experience of a multi-dimensional perception or a multi-dimensional space through a crisis a psychic break for drug experience some sort of medical medicine experience and what happens is the perceptual doorways open to them is something that happens to the the difference of what we are inviting you to consider is the path of self Ascension is based in love the ascended heart is your foundation and the multi-dimensional reality which is the Grandeur reality happens through you not you freeze at in this is a fundamental important thing as we love and lift our capacity to a priest
and everything to look deeper to know more is lovingly expanded as part of our Oneness
versus something in the world created
an avalanche ever happened to you it may have given you an important glimpse of the greater reality however it was not your evolutionary process that cultivated that with look what you do afterwards is important you know you've you may be able to take that and live but this is important because we are living we are living lives that are constantly being confronted and as we acre in our ascended Hearts were able to modulate or work with these experiences for the greater good vs play badminton with life and try to log for some form of equal or sense of security but it'll be very temporary everything that is done from Fear will not last
God is so true fear is transient it only has as much power as you give it you know remember with the Divine directors that shared with us when people are afraid they will give away their power when people are in Terror they will give away their soul and we have been pelted with that first Socrates send a numerologist showed us that all last year and so for 12 months last year your absolute being the assault was on the absolute genus of humanity and we are here and we are in this glorious moment of extraordinary support and all we have to do is let go of the Paradigm that really wants to keep us in pain and I want to go back again to Sacred Union the journey home isn't a place to go in the book that you open that won't offer you immediately what you need and this is why you really need to be with us at navigating the animatrix part of our journey this year it's the habit of the habit
the pain of the pain in the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain in and of itself says this is a multi-dimensional release you cannot do this if you stay in a linear experience it's Einstein at his most basic right this is that moment where you know you need to lift your Consciousness that you are stuck where you are that you cannot find a solution soften feeling depressed or trapdoor all the things that come in victim Consciousness right. They're always going to be a blamer a victim or there's always going to be a rescuer or there's always going to be an attacker there's always going to be a perpetrator right so it's time to say no to that Loop and the only way you can do that is to become your own Champion you know that's what this quote is saying and I want to share it with you again so remember what is the yoga of South Ascension it is the ability to embody that is the sacred Union with the soul that is the Ultimate Experience
yoga South Ascension is too literally have the conscious embodiment of the master that you are in complete sacred Union with this body of form naked authenticity that's an invitation where the eagle relaxes because quite frankly the ego can't even begin to compete if it was even a competition with the master builder Saul it's like don't even try and that's why we're so afraid to let it in because once it comes in it's not going to leave you're done you just have to say yes to you once and let it really come in and so it is the ability to embody unconditional love with your self that means you've gotten to that challenge remember there is a trap unconditional love is a trap because initially we look at it with the brain of linearity that's 4th and 3rd dimensional melting and belief of what unconditional love is and what it should be and has all kinds of boundaries around it that actually limits us
from anchoring it's like getting above the turbulence write those Pilots out there hear you were a pilot rights of my husband would know it's not. Okay I know that if I stay in the zone right here yeah I can navigate to hear but a lot of turbulence just left through their seatbelt sign is off right there we are you can only have the seat belt sign off here where you're not moving at all or hear where you're flying above the turmoil where do you want to be that's the moment that's what's happening right now that's the expansion and this is why this is why so that you can hold the light for others when they are confused and do not know what is happening because it will not be your words will be your presents to hold the light for others when they are confused means that you are radiating your Mastery presents it means that they know without a doubt that you know who you are that there
question their Buy in your presence they are either ignited to know themselves or they are terrified and we'll run away this is that lion coming out of the woods this is that moment are you ready to just be the light so that others are confused will go I know that you've got a light I see that I see what you got I see it now thank you thank you for showing me it's not all dark right just have a rational anxiety about something confusion is the Miss identity that you are the Mortal the polarity confusion is about who you are as a bad and as long as you're experiencing anxiety and fear in your life you're confused and and you can your lovable at your gray
you're fine however you have identified with the confusion and say no that's who I am I am one that can be which side I am one that can have my stability salt to be in the love of who you are means you are capable of course, Terry reactivity that comes with having the body and the experience it's not who you are very human mode or whatever it was the union memes I Unconditionally Love Myself
and just try this on for a moment Hands-On hard if it's safe to do so and breathe
as we breathe into our heart center we are stabilizing Peace Love
does not flourish unless there is a peaceful heart
love requires piece to Blossom
so breathe into your heart and seal that moment of peace
as we feel that moment of Peace were able to say
I unconditionally forgive myself for all that has gone before
I've done the best I knew how given my state of consciousness at those times
I let it go because In This Moment
I am peace I am loved and I am conscious
and from there we move forward
because I want it you do as you were sharing that I felt the integration of that ascended piece that begins with our heart and I was also feeling straight remember that all of 20/20 where was that piece being assaulted root chakra safety and as you're breathing that in as you're feeling that piece I want to show you the ascending numerology again for January because this is really important to pay attention to In This Moment when we're talking about peace because look at that illuminated new mood what it did and then look what happened with the Mercury retrograde pre-phase let's look at our bodies first so if you look over at the body by the time January came in we got hit again in the root chakra but it was the last time we went white sore throat right up to the truth and it was a truce explosion to our high heart and straight out to the incident and last Wednesday
are star Consciousness popped open and then immediately after literally we had 24 hours and just where we were again and where we are right now and so as you were sharing him like wait I've got a show with you right now because this is where true peace begins its the transformation of the root chakra physical body into its true peace and here's the gift we're going to actually get it again on the full moon up mut level but what's going to happen is that everything that we are everything that we are balancing everything that we are holding we are going to send out into the universe and that's how we're going to re-enter into February and February is a moist monster everything is coordinated saying find the peace with yourself love you more be at peace with you there
nearby this physical form will support you more reverse aging 100% real and attainable we are living examples of living examples piece of cake the other thing that happens if your your mind expands with greater Focus Clarity and the gift of that constant flow of divine inspiration that ignites Quantum space and time and suddenly time takes on a whole new experience here in this beautiful body of form and I want to share you don't have been here visiting Blue Mountain have been giggling about that experience several of our visitors have commented on how time is totally different here and we come into all experiences with a mindset you know what's real
the day's over because it has no way to hook into this experience so I want to read something to you now if you have not been to the website recently get their lot of new stuff on complete Revelations I got them posted there right there on our home page you can click right on it but I want to read a couple things to you because it's important to understand that this year is very much about Mastery Choice remember overall it's a choice year so February is going to be our first choice month in a choice year this next segment of January as we were just showing you a sense of humor ology is going to leave us all in a moment it's going to be like that breath we're going to be out into the universe and then inhale brings us all back in and the choices before us
so let's stay in our Mastery presents this isn't we're nearly big moment 2020 is the year everything matters this year it really matters is for me a non compromise here this is the year where the old living the attention is the blessings that are abundant to assault offering all that we have so that more may offer what they have knowing that as we are supported it is because we are supporting others we just beautifully support each other and it begins by loving yourself enough to take care of this body it begins with the body when I was on the treadmill this morning I was like well maybe I need to just reach out to you guys and we could treadmill together you know if we can see each other on the treadmill or something because it's important to get your body feeling that it that you're paying attention how can you let your body know that you're paying attention so
street style what's let's pay attention right now because everything is calling us to take with Union and this is when you go to you'll find the whole text I'm just going to read into things to you all of the gateways for opening and the three gates of this cycle of 2021 Harold the arrival into fullness of the 9th dimensional present this is why the gates are here to remind us of who we are through the layers of Illusion it's like we're getting these extra stages that are as if they're there and I hear them is big beltones and this is why I know we have to be teaching the crystalline Atlantean healing chamber because we teach you how to be able to hear and play the soul song of another so that you can record it and give it to them imagine as a practitioner that you have the blessing of recording someone stole song and they have the blessing of hearing it and really owning that well that's what these Gates
doing their amplifying with harmonic tone and this is happening inside of the twelve Cycles so I want to put up that one graphic again because the energy flow for 2021 is unlike anything we've first before right and so we are tourist the entire year is a Taurus made up of spines rights of an all these fines are the one and you see down in the bottom there that's it is this Taurus energy that we bring upon we can ignite our own field of zero-point creation when we are in our steadfast commitment are focused awareness how we lift our energetic steel to get out of victim Consciousness we stop blaming we are we are in that beautiful Divine flow so 2021 is this
spiral time ignition inside the tourist field where in the center we are the zero point creation of the law of instantaneous manifestation and you see this is actually in the calendar if you want to learn more about it go to shrink your., and get the 2021 calendar but this energy as seen above these are the 12 cycles that will concentric Lee affect the yearly energy and in the center is the zero point ignition of creation energy and so in this moment we are in a week where again before I think when you see the calendar right now today the power we are in our expanded present coming in knowing that were spiraling it again for the 20th where you see that moment where time is still releasing but it's where it's going to be like a corkscrew is really getting tight
and then it will come out again on the 21st but by next week we're in the same cycle and this continues until that full moon on the 28th which will be talkin about next week so it is a moment where the master that you are is the greatest gift to navigate and I wanted to invite again talk to Civic tighten our 9 eastern time tonight then grab it during the week and rebroadcast is his powerful episode really talking about what's happening on the planet and what's going to affect that February choice is starting right now is an amazing time to be awake it is a disturbing
can you Pawn your real depressed
I guess I display my bias benefit received disappointments are there to help each of us cultivate deeper trust the Deep for buoyancy and the deeper capacity to command the light and when you get for a while. Love instantaneous manifestation is something that occurs as you claim and live your authentic being self attention attention is that direct path and and when you start noticing
can your if it's kind of a smile to say okay this is confirmation that I've lined up with my soul's mission is that easy you don't need to focus on results what we focus on is living authentically and the results are feedback that you are living authentically you know many of us have played with the law of attraction which is a way of learning a bit how about how energy works and Anderson portent whatever you focus on energy and the good news is we can focus on the good we can focus on that which is nourishing and helpful
consciously focus on that which is being broadcast as a disruptive energy over the next two weeks so of course your life gives you the opportunity to cultivate your discernment that is why we have so many different ways right in so many different ways and so let's remember that when we say yes to the divine blessing of the temple and we have incarnated here you know it in a sentence numerology there is the sacred sequence and it's and it's a very simple sacred sequence that begins with your chosen date of incarnation because even the fact that you chose a linear. Identifies where in this incredible beautiful experience of of concentric dimensionality to find it to be and we are here right now by choice and most likely you kick some
Madeline to be here and and that's secret's safe with sequins begin with this moment then it began with where you incarnated wherever you were born is exactly where you needed to be whether it's this planet another planet remember there are many worlds of density within density just because we live under the veil doesn't mean that they are not very close and for those that are able to move through the veil then the gift of connection becomes even richer that's what happens when we are here right now so she speaking of here right now I want to talk about how all this leads to Miracles because this is first and foremost if you are not familiar with the ceiling lights please write this down the healing light at South Ascension. Com that is our 24-hour 365 always highly confidential Place repository of your prayers of your Miracle requests of it are you having a challenge and you need to just get it out send it to the healing light
we have been continually working an honor to be working with the healing right now for over Seventeen years continuously we have witnessed thousands and thousands of Miracle because those Miracles those requests every month are energized during the months with shree and I and end in R Violet receive a temple and then once a month we get together with all of you who are part of our spiritual Mastery app and we energize and release them miracles of your Birthright and miracles are real and miracles are happening right now it is something that was not in the causal streaming it was unexpected because the circumstance causality don't support it is a sign that Quantum space is real that Quantum time is real a miracle is an act of Grace a miracle is a manifestation that is
time to have sometimes we don't know it until much later and so we want to share with you that she and I are going to we're going to run just the first couple minutes of a Tuesday night so don't want to be with you right now is because there is a moment to remember that Miracles really are happening and not to deny so before we say anything else let's let's run the first couple minutes of this film and watch this we're going to be watching it with you is dumb teacher Shriram, and this is my beloved Master lady Kira and we are here today to share with you the miracle of the book just want to share that if you don't know what the miracle of the book as Welcome to our community that yet but this is the book and this is a true
sorry we have shared some of it on some of our radio shows over the past 16 years and we're really called in 2021 really document put this down and an assist people to start really having the gift that we are having experience of the book time Loop living facility in New Mexico we were actually 500 exactly the same as it was 2004 I believe November it gets cold there really called with pellet stoves
we were smiling in the front door of the hand saying open unlocking how to unlock it was locked unlock opening the door and literally right there before you walked right in front of you we had a little the fireplace was with the stove going at a little table and that's when and many of you already know this was there
and I just wish I was here this is the book The I am discourses and yes the apparent coffee ring was there and it did have the spine at that time and I remember looking at screen going did you get those pictures because I was just so obviously in a distant because it was not like this but there was also a second book with it so we were presented with was this book The I am discourses we went through our home to get infected so you can call it disbelief maybe someone dropped him off and we called a couple folks with me
not yet happened to us so this was the first of what would there would be then and then as we really didn't open it right away okay so guys are we are that a little bit about the book so hey what are you thinking about the book if you were just there with us and we are grateful that you are tuning with this experience with us because that was our first true like manifested Miracles you know like Sims forms at our house was locked. Unlock further and so we're going to unlock more of that Tuesday night big announcement on Soul mirrors Tuesday night moisture Evancho will be my special guest because there's just too much to share so just
call that Miracles are happening in Miracles are real and so hey what are you thinking about miracles what's going on with you before we go any further today we got a lot of phone lines going on straight and I can't offer lights might have moved cuz I'm getting a lot of purple going on you guys don't mind right so let's say hello where we going so we can slip between the two stations where we going first tree
hello Hi how are you I love you I love you both oh my God Can You Feel My Heart I'm hugging you guys always like giddy up like oh my God yeah
thank you and your eat on your website just pouring my left out for you guys thank you for all that you are and everything that you you bring through your amazing or something thank you for being here right now for all of this you are changing our lives. Yeah I wasn't feeling it earlier today it's like opposite day and then I am and you know I have a million things that I wanted to ask because of what I was doing earlier but now I'm feeling so much gratitude because every time I listen to you guys every time I speak to my soul and my working and I I hope and trust other people are feeling that too but you are such just here and you have no word you are such an inspiration and everything that you
play and share & do resonates so deeply I just love you both and I'm so grateful for both of you so thank you sweetheart table mirror ever thank you for saying yes to you you know if you're in your human side and you have so much I just feel really didn't like the Human Side kind of takes over and so it's always feel like a little
I don't know
you guys make make this past and empowerment so much more joyful you bring sanity into the insanity
I'm so grateful for you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much
hey you know and I love you so much I want to share something that is stimulated by what what she just shared which is you don't we get ignited and the inspiration flows and we begin to ride with that go with that and be informed by that and then there can be a moment where all of a sudden whoa I'm tired for some people that can actually trigger more of a seemingly depressive Moment Like a spiral that's going down instead of even being lateral to recognize that we are all exercising our capacities you know physical exercise off and has a rebound will so does emotional exercise and even though we are working with spiritual energy
the emotional body does Tagalog and the emotional body can get a little 15 by these frequencies and thus it kind of dominates me love me even though I'm feeling tired and sad and how do you take care of yourself is the next question night I hope all of you are with us every Monday night you can find that stranger. Com but this Monday we were talking about just that and I think it's important to remember that this is that moment where everything is converging and saying hey start loving you little more start saying yes to the master with him and the more that you remember the greater the flight you know the Phoenix is rising it's just starting to spread its wings this is January imagine what this year is going to be like and so as I Phoenix is starting to spread its wings how is that stretch feeling
I know there's a time when a good stretch just feels really really good so how far are you willing to spread your wings right now or are you holding close to that which has govern as Arcangel zadquiel sacred Union the journey home are you in the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain or are you ready to really break free and say yes to that which you are and say okay are you do here it is I'm taking off all the ego here I am I'm ready I'm ready you know it's really is so if not now when the ego is afraid of is losing just an ID needed fill in the blank I'm afraid of losing whatever and an army of it all as we relax into a soul forward like everything that you're
personality self that your ego Excel has worked along the way is available for implementation the higher self as you are engaging your wife everything you've learned is this is available this Pony today and and in the availability is the empowerment you're not governed by what's gone before it's a tool chest what everything you've experienced is part of your resources not your definition this is the Exquisite shift in identity that is yours to Anchor it takes a little time to Anchor it because all of the machinery and everything that you do your brain is like a big software program to come into alignment with the new operating system operating system it really is this we were given the blessing
go back a minute rice to go preview of how did we get here when we entered into this. Of time was actually in 2015 showed the 7-year polarities and how the Free Will was going to work and and what was happening and what we call the lovingly call the Ascension escalator and it was 2021 and what has happened is that sometimes it's escalator was going up and sometimes it was just kind of more of a people mover and and as the balance and then it started going in like an okay going down and as the balance started tipping the energy of support we collectively are here now those of us that are still here you ever wonder why sometimes you're still here how many of us honestly could have left it so many other moments on this planet right so we are still here right now because of this moment because we knew it the potentiality of this moment
in this moment this two-year up level. Was brought in when we first started saying yes and the lineage holders came together and we started time surfing we literally sent a clear signal outside of the chatter Zone we together lift it up and were able to send a clear signal out through the universe that our Consciousness is honestly expanding that we are all his slave paying attention this is why something as simple as when you take in that deep inhale through the nose the other day and you let it out
I smile when we exhale with a smile we are sending a signal of Radiance to the body of form that says I do love you and simultaneously sending. Clarity through the Universe I am here I am ready I am open I get it. I've me it's that simple it's the laughter of the ego that is the moment that is before us all right now and this is why 2021 matter so much because in the up level experience and the yes to the time surfing and the coming together is lineage holders and remembering we ignited literally a portal of Consciousness and look what's happened the Temple of Light here Tulsa Blue Mountain has been on Earth for the first time in literally two thousand years Miracles are happening every way we start showing you the book you got to be there Tuesday night what's what we talked about today tomorrow night at Monday Magic
talking more on Tuesday night is so profound just this week you got to be here Sunday Monday Tuesday and so as we are in this moment look at the Miracles in your life how about connecting with this community giving yourself the gift of saying yes you know a lot of ego could say I don't have time this isn't worth my time I'm really accelerated we're all accelerated that's the fun now let's come together and that accelerated experience and really see what we can do when we can take off that clothes that says I am the only one this together we are better we are all the Champions we are all the Masters we are all the mentors we are all the healers and that's why this year matter so much and that's why she and I are really sounding out and saying Journey with us this year
give yourself this year and let's really do something and during this year you can be certified to become a practitioner you can be working with others you can be healing within your own home within your family you can be helping your community look at the service as you serve you this is the year to say okay I'm ready for word is very clear Pathways of support journey and the other is the Mastery. And of course the ultimate I can't tell you all of it right now because the website the piece I want a kind of bring your attention to In This Moment is we've been talking about miracles and coming up just in a couple of weeks in February we're going to be
King live the avesa balancing
beautiful piece of pure clear hamalian Courts at the one of a kind that was made for us by the same gentleman that was taught by Marcel Vogel the car and it's a heartbeat that's your basis symbol that is the heartbeat and of course set in 18 and that is what you're feeling is for sharing
the thing that I really want to convey to you to consider is that Miracle manifestation occurs as we lift out density identification when we lift into our send it heart when we open our star Consciousness what we are saying is I am a master inform rather than be Mastered by for one second I want to show you very quickly
our Consciousness to see it right there guys 12th that is where we were for a moment we held it open and then it went into our route Center so the reason I'm saying that is because Ashley just mentioned your star Consciousness is trying to offer you peace right now if you relax into the truth of who you are if you relax back in your master you're actually going to have greater peace the balancing is a gift to the planet that is a shilling call it a technique but the Tree stores authentic balance to both the client and the practitioner there is a Harmony this is one of those Whenever two or more gathered kind of experiences and the evasive Alan Shane is a healing modality that brings the chakras out of density entanglements and invites the chakras to be in the ascent
state so that client well they are on the table receiving this alignment this balancing they discover first-hand this is what it feels like to be in the ascended State and from that place Miracles can happen that is Miracles can be ignited consciously that we can say I choose to manifest whatever it is if it's in my highest good and that the practitioner with the client co-create the energy station of that miracle
this is the little short version of what is the evasive balancing and the evasive balancing is an energy healing the higher dimensional energy and this as you learn the technique you anchor yourself in the energy there it is the wind for the
sting we're teaching it's like the Baseline and and when you when you look at the Mastery Journeys if your if you take the advice of healers Journey this is included if you do with just the yoga self Ascension Journey it's not but you want included you get a discount you really want included and then of course if you go with this the year-long program with us what's that includes everything will then there it is but remember that the reason that we begin in February is because we must call in the balance it is the moment of balance and there is this is the year to get serious are you playing around or not and if you are playing around then as I would say play well right but don't pretend you're being serious because you'll make yourself it'll hurt it'll actually get uncomfortable so either Play and play well or or get serious and died in it still have a lot of fun to do right now to share with you a beautiful little films that it was put together by Bria Rose and then I went in and did I cure a super
put on it and so it took me 5 minutes film but it's coming to you live from here at tosa Blue Mountain we're going to introduce you to two beautiful self Ascension intuitive counselors Masha sigurdson and Corey to Fazio along with some other fun things that are happening so risky and five
Namaste beloved wine and welcome to a very special place here at tosa Blue Mountain this is the beautiful Master Atlanta chamber it is a room that's free and I dreamed about it was the room that when I first walked through the door the termite returned or the very first time where it honestly felt that there was a bolt of violet lightning that came out of the wall and it's like I had hit a trip switch and this is where she and I are going to be so blessed to be meeting with you la high for the first time and I don't even know how many years we have been called to teach personally the Aveda balancing and energy healing and that's coming right up in February and then if you want to go further we are going to reveal to the world we will be teaching the crystalline Atlanta
chilling chamber this is a year 2021 is such a powerful moment and as you connect with all the beauty and love and energy that is paused you'll see this beautiful eshakti is in the center of our altar in the healing room and that this is the moment this is the moment to say yes that are steadfast commitment that is a picture of Street and I from 2004 are steadfast commitment are focused awareness in our complete trust knows this is the year that if you are ready then we are ready to do it with you and so we are going to be relaunching all of our programs updated with the energy that has Earth right now the concentric dimensionality the spiral time unlike any other and then we will move into the ignited goal
open Ray because sneak preview next December we will open the diamond Ray during new year as you connect with everything that you're seeing here please yourself to get we have so much that is coming so weird right now and take a moment bring a hand to your heart receives the tones that we play at the North Pole during the crystalline Atlanta and healing chamber where we literally record your soul song so that the energy of this divine presence days with you we are all Masters and we are all healers we only need remember a face up we know that you know you are ready
I'm Kyla donnella many people know me as much as cigarettes phone and I'm self-sufficient in food with counselor counselor as well and we are here to talk about the amazing balancing
magical experience though I'm bringing the chakras into the extended state
and so here we are truly magical but others have balance in is a gift from Crystal and dimensions I've been doing it for so many years and honestly I was witnessing a loading and white light everywhere and the practitioner was an angel I Woke Up Older looking an angel this dream of being an ass
that is so true I love giving him to it's like it's amazing to watch the climate shift and to watch herself shift and energies is beautiful navigate to focus so we also offer a breath on the Ave unlimited energy given you spell tedious
hey welcome back and we're hoping that you enjoyed that as much as we did you at a little glimpse of the potential that it waits for you really are excited that that's going to getting right instead yeah you want to take it again you'll need to take it again because it's going to be all updated but you do get 50% off so let us help you get in that mode and I want to say one thing out loud and I hope she's listening Masha OMG girl are you reverse aging did you all see Masha I was like now who is this girl berson right there so I moved here to Denver October
really living the protocol is Jamacha way to go and I keep going you look amazing +627-600-888-8627 600-800 to share with your experience of course we're here to run over to BBS radio online for we have Jamie from Salt Lake City to call Hi how are you guys loving you
I've been trying to get through for so long I'm so happy I finally got through.
Yes they are
how may we serve you dear
I just wanted to see if I could get a full reading
I'm sharing that with you sweetheart I'm feeling right here like right right kind of it the upper part of the chest and when he's just covering your hands they're just really allow yourself they're saying relax into the presents and the beauty that you are that within the light that is Illuminating you now there is a spot that has yet to be ignited and that spark within you has been speaking and it is they're saying bout that spark breathe in the energy of Illumination and know that you are being illuminated it's like I see these angels in front of you and it's like they're lighting you like a lighter it's like they're laughing and saying. It's like it's now it's it's it's now and that this Vale of doubt that's been really holding you here lots of head energy right there saying
Let It Go that that the affirmation is in the connection and that the connection called forward the affirmation and so it is and you are so beautiful and I just want to know how much I love you you are amazing keep going thanks for getting through Jamie it was absolutely your moment to get through you many blessings wow I'm loving Jamie so much sweetheart and you noticed how the camera fluctuated that there was this pulse of energy and and that the focus of the camera shifted during the during our interactions and either one of the things that creates energy
I have a brand new camera high quality best babe I want the focus and the last night I wouldn't check the quote engaging with you is outside of the norm
I used to have a column called show me your orbs and we had orbs as all the pictures of the phenomenon is about capturing energy energy is flowing and being aware of it because you can show what you I remember when they first came out you can show to people the same picture once all the orbs and fascinating in the early days as well alright alright by namaste
oh my goodness I just called in and I got you I'm so excited I'm excited Matthew 3 Theatres align call and I'm like why not thank you so much I really appreciate that welcome to the show and how may we serve you say I've actually been missing a lot of I guess it's tension Simpsons I would really love if you could just take a scan and tell me what you see and hear that you're hurt your feelings I really appreciate that
so what it what I want to offer to you is that the first thing that is calling my attention that I want to ask that you give more attention to is around your third chakra the third chakra is that zone that governs our muscular system are digestive system and it is influenced by the degree to which you trust your spiritual nature
this in the old Paradigm this was the chakra of empowerment you know empowerment meeting muscular and keto and Kung Fu and all those kinds of things in the spiritual life this is the chakra of trusting your spiritual nature and the degree to which you trust will influence your comfort in the body and your digestive system however here's what this was fun is you're also being called forward to see more clearly that which is calling you now that's a traditionally is the sixth chakra but more importantly it's about the discernment of what is spiritually appropriate for you who is part of your true family versus an old concept of what friends and family ought to be just as you were sharing right before she started speaking a condor
flew right in front of us right here and as you know we live in the Valley of the Condor so they're here but it's not usual for literally fly this close to our window while we're on the air at this time and the message that I got was that that Condor was speaking to you and was saying do not be afraid to fly alone because you will fly high and you will see everyone and so it is
wow that's do it you that beep that's big I've been really disturbing that I'm playing alone and it's bringing tears to me because I've been really working with accepting that
I am I am I got you I am right I mean I am so proud of you I got you you are right here and keep saying yes you are not alone you will find your tribe we're all here just keep walking
thank you we love you honey, everybody you feel it this is the power of saying yes to her Mastery that we come together we remember who we are the miracles happen look how many first-time caller is today than I've been trying forever to get through and they're getting so very very exciting it really is all right where we going next what do we eat when we got here looks like Atlanta, Georgia
hello there
oh my God
you think it's crazy like everyone Lagoon person I'm not a person call her but I haven't called in quite a while and I've been wanting to call I just kept making myself not do it getting your way in like I'm like today if he's got a call in like everything you're saying I haven't been asleep but like watching your every like and for like several years and I just kind of fell off the past few weeks and like the past maybe two weeks and it is like my medicine I feel so good but thank you I'm reminded of who I am I feel so inspired I'm like and then and then like the other color early everything off I use the victim like I don't want to come and save us like I don't want to call and tell her I'm struggling I like found out about the healing like thing today I'm so excited about that but anyway I could talk to you
Stripes Forever and Ever but I am just so blessed by you and the community and I hope that I could see you in person as soon as in they are all of this stuff instead of asking them this world and everything is good and people are angry at each other has just been so hard for me and severely empathic and there hasn't really been community and I am just so grateful to be able to be reminded of the truth of who I am why I'm here but I would love a I love them every single time I've gotten to him and I'm so grateful that I get to have one I can feel your heart I feel your openness are you said you're an empath and yes it's important to practice
I have a couple things but here's what I want to share with you is that we learn through discernment your soul your empathic nature your heart your send it presents is already forward and guiding you you've got that piece if the integration into the vessel of form and the society that's in front of you you can choose where you intercept you know Wheatley you don't have to dive into all of it now I'm back in my Center again and all I have to say is good for you the more you discern that the more you see the wobbly nature of that the stronger you will become there's no fault in that whatsoever that's how we learn dad so I just say to you practice the I am practice setting your boundaries and practice no
surrender means I'm available to Spirit not governed by density and let it out with that beautiful smile right relaxing ever more into you the energy that I just want to offer as kind of a ribbon around with SRI just shared with you besides they're saying to you let go do things like go of trying to catalogue it and let yourself just be it and that it'll become faster it'll become clear and that the greater smile will keep a rising. Just keep bringing back the greater smile and the last thing there's this cute little being that was like walking make sure you're putting you first and that's
and she's just giggling and running away and so it is
thank you so much and so are we honey thank you love you so dearly love you so much so it's a delight to you because everyone of us and that's one of the gifts that I enjoy about the second half of the show is when we really had the opportunity to form the community and really what is it that we create right now and every one of these trusted those of you that are in the chat over at YouTube offer you some love and reassurance to each other because everybody every one of us has those there's little bits of our life that we're going to go in okay I can't anymore
we sure had fun I can tell you that
Daniel Tiger
my name is Lauren I've gotten through a couple times and I I've been trying recently and what's and then I stuffed myself you know I'm not going to college then going to like kick back and listen and then literally at 1:11 p.m. I quit told Colin I'm like what I'm like okay whatever and I figured I would just get it so here I am and I just I want to say how much I am being schooled on concentric dimensionality as an experience you know like I'm like the amount of time that I feel like I have like a like it's group chats with you guys
yeah and an especially like really honing in on this 5 screen you know living and what you know what's so funny literally for my job that I just got promoted in my boss is like you need a second screen so I'm I'm going to use this
do I stand in down
do I have the boss finally car on
obviously like laughing at cuz I think in metaphors I'm like okay, I would like this is so how my guys would work with me and then like and literally they're like yeah and you're going to need a third green ASAP like this is so funny guys like this is all really happening to you is like I always end up kind of framing my time with you guys in the same way but I can I can't help it so I just kind of offer myself to you humbly and act like please to take a look at me both of you either of you and you know whatever blind spots need Illuminating and whatever regard to my girls like I just humbly open myself up totally transparently please and thank you sweetheart thank you thank you before I sure was there anything you wanted to jump in with offer to you is your opportunity is around your seventh chakra
this is about being open to Spirit open to Divine wisdom and open to the Gateway of the journey that you've already said yes to which is up here and I just want to reinforce that with you yes you have a job yes you have a career and yes you have a job you have a Destiny and your Alchemy is learning how to integrate the two is there a cyst like behind you it's like it feels like a gallery like they're like like you're you're sitting in this room and there's a there's these beings up here looking at you like from a bob like they would look at a surgery right but it's you like in this Cosmic desk with all these screens and what's happening is they're saying that your world of form is starting to mirror or the
next on that you are currently holding in the world of the cosmic universe and that when and that this promotion is actually more about your Evolution than what you are there actually during the day very acutely aware of sitting with your spine is straight as possible setting up like every every 7 minutes just stand up stretch your arms straight out and they're saying your extended Kundalini is going to start weaving with this 9th dimensional presence of you that is actually right now the conduit of all that you are receiving and that the reason you got through today was because you're at that moment of stabilizing that and that you eat yet stabilizing and and the key for you is they're saying stay focused in that what you know and and and
just stay with it it's right there and so thank you for that blessing thank you for bringing that's all of us today
yeah that's okay this all resonates big-time obviously. May I ask just three are you talking about my star Consciousness I gather that's what you were intimating am I accurate in that
will more than that what I'm saying is your guides you have the guidance you require it's time to trust that and trust that opening and yes and that store Consciousness helps with your Clarity of discernment or the sense that this might help others with like a sentence in some stuff my sinuses have been going through a really wild rice and what is the guidance I've been given is like oh don't worry it's just your star Consciousness recalibrating the Knotty I think like that like Just Energy channels like just ride with it cuz I was the Super congested and then everything's fine and then Super congested and then everything's fine so just wondering is there anything I haven't received or am I already being guided everything
cool I've been putting up the right your Cosmic Prime Meridian is your Cosmic Prime Meridian is all the same thing this is that exact Chanel this is. Channel so there's the only thing you need to do is just relax and do you see that's the really really that's it that I ever had a very strong very visual connection with liquid light the three days after that I had what would have been a faucet coming out of my nose and there was nothing I could do to stop it when we are exposed to that much light it clear as literally clears the head so it is a good thing Let It Go yeah yeah we're going to say thank you I love you and I'm going to talk more about that once we hang up
different kind of grades or form a picture of your true self which people used to refer to as the higher self you're not the higher self is your true self at the physical personality self is a vehicle through which you can experience 3rd dimensional reality so the piece I wanted to just underscore as we begin to align with the frequency and the truth of the are divine nature yes what time is Kira was mentioning the cosmic Prime meridians and that you can see many of the yogis in India with the lines drawn on their forehead
light that is entering into the sixth chakra through the star Consciousness and actually through the 7th they all intersect at the Pine Hill as so you're very sure that intersection of Illumination is is a burst of energy that will affect your skating little off illuminations going on in your vision the optic nerve will go into crazy mode sometimes it'll be like you're looking through icicles there maybe sounds that have oscillations going on there maybe this this this kind of very refined mucus come down the back of the throat they refer to that is the nectar of your Divine communication and that nectar is a uniquely as a youth
quality to it is because of the light that has illuminated infusion is massive and so all you need to do is smile and say thank you and relax thank you thank you thank you beloved spirit for gifting me with this conscious connection humility is not a goal of the ego it is a recognition of the truth that the world the universe the Divine energy is so Grand and that is we come ever closer into that we are being given Grace and in the grace is the illumination
it's it read read your destination is assured absolutely however the time and how you go about it is your choice you can take many lifetimes you can do it very quickly that's your choice and so I want to bring us back to this Choice which was our very first book it is the classic on South Ascension it is a book that will live on long after we are here to share this out loud and I want to give you the second paragraph of this one section and how he looks so interesting is
how does Paige came to be to show today is I was very clear that we had to talk about time travel today that we had to talk about the fact that we are all travelers that we at we need to remember that and it was very clear that the keys inside of sacred Union the journey home or getting ready to be revealed because we'd entered into a. Of deep steak with Union and I grabbed this fucking said okay I need to know where The Travelers where did they talk about The Travelers and I literally open to the page literally and this page was one of the few that was not stabbed and so I want to reach you the first paragraph which was in the second paragraph because it really is the moment at hand it is the moment that invites us and reminds us that we are all expanding remind us every time I read this book I'm so grateful we didn't sell it out because the reason that we rejected the contract was because they had the right to edit out the way that these words were given an archangel
she said do not you know we agreed to be The Keeper of the word and we kept our word and now it's becoming so much more evidence and so let's bring him apart and okay so you know that's the two paragraphs right there all right so let's engine is the ability to embody unconditional love with yourself so that you can hold the light for others when they are confused and do not know what is happening
this is not a mission of recognition platitude or gratitude to the ego this is one of true service to the six billion who are all coming home all 6 billion for there is no difference we are all travelers on this what you call a planet and we have put this planet here as part of the evolution of the Soul
you have been here many many times you are here now by choice
you chose to be here specifically for this time which is why your activation has already begun it is why you chose your parents and your situations move into your flow
and this is a part of a longer dialogue and there are many such dialogues in sacred Union the journey home which is going to be taught by Sheree and I and that's part of one of the journeys coming up this year I pray that you really took that in there we are navigating you really want to take this one this is going to be all new we are unlocking the keys of the books this year and that's also why we showed you the video of the miracle book because it we are for the first time since it has been other than we've written additional introductions and you know some of the later editions this is what it currently looks like if you buy it and it has been so consistent is that these installments are for this moment and just like everything else that we've been unlocking 2021 is the
so we are just like all this is just showing up in 2021 we are up and our we're up and our Jane inviting you to join us with it where the integration and the claiming of your sending presents and the empowerment the joy that comes with that this is the manifestation guitar a week to this fulfillment are healing the heart of humanity it's not that we are
needing to say go heal the heart of humanity it we are through our presents and our actual active service contributing to the New Balance the new Earth and healing the heart of humanity year of divine service and divine low radiation is going to influence the next thousand years on this planet and now it's specially that you've had to hear Kool look at how accurate it was and how it brought us all to this moment now and right now in this month of experience remember January is about experience and it's about the experience around balanced how are we experiencing balanced that Phoenix is starting to
we are at a moment where we are getting ready to move in a way we haven't moved before to be able to be more flexible to see the greater picture to have that empowered alignment and the fluidity of the Eternal Naga presents this is that moment because February is going to be all about your presence and your choice inside of a profound Mercury retrograde that's going to be about the re mind or the free mind and it's going to be a big retrograde that's basically all of February so this is this is that moment where we're bringing it in we're coming into the middle of this week and we are holding our divine Mastery process
trumiracle let's let's make another miracle are you ready for a miracle are you ready to go over to Oregon say hi to say
three guys my beloved teachers I am so blessed to be able to connect with you today how are you we are loving you sweetheart
oh I love you so much it's really a miracle that I'm able to be connected with you on this phone so I will go right to the point I would love to be available any guidance that you all can offer me for right now I am blessed to be over 4 months off of opioid pain management and you have held my hand through this and I might have so much healing in front of me and I'm just here and available and so grateful
yes I am right yes I am free yes I remember yes I am an m with everything that all day in and that it's like I'm feeling with each yes at your chest there is a like a pressure used with Beach yes hold your hands to your heart and send to your Divine in her presence the absolute
trust Who You Are
you're saying that it's like there's this cleansing for calling at the cleansing river that washes all doubt out and replace it with this Divine Central pillar of illuminated present as I'm sorry that I'm feeling that energy that I felt around your heart now I'm feeling it down like between my second and third and I want you just really be breathing that in as well and I'm doing like a circle I'm just saying like I have my hand in between the second and third and I just kind of like doing circles with it and they're saying you are loved so much more than you are aware of and that inside of you is a birthing creation that is calling out and saying let me know how much you love me and I will return it infinitely and I'm resting my hand there and my other hand they're feeling a direct line between that and the heart and so I'm putting my other hand now back up on the heart leaving the two there and this Angel is literally coming up
finds you in like wrapping themselves around you like melting into and saying remember we are always with you Steve and they're saying you're ready and so it is
thank you so much thank you that's all I need to take all right Siri where we going next with one another press okay
very good
so I tell you what we have over BBS we have Lisa from New York online for let's
not even dating Ciara I love you both and we love you
thank you so I'm calling because I read your book and I loved it and then what has happened is I'm really aligned with the secret Union and you're saying that it's you know coming up a lot right now with energy with just bought them that I'm lining up at it and what's going on with my love life so different people guys are in my life recently that I've been attacked you or you know you don't have connections with have gone away or I've gotten intuition to let them know lovingly that we have to part or they just came up with it themselves and then my my right fingers a small dust and then the left fingers swell. But then the last ones got better and the right ones are still like inflamed a little bit but it's like I feel like it's like some beer a little bit of anger but that's starting to go away more
I'm just your forgiving myself for giving them for you know anything that had come up in our relationship that you know had things with a little bit of anger and the grief is coming through a little bit and like kind of like not being always sent it and I'm working through it and I'm wondering if she has any other insights
well first of all Breeze and I'm so grateful you got through today yeah we really feel you angel of our relationships especially relationships where we opened our heart to another being and whether you were intimate or not is is just an additional frosting on the on the cake of intimacy you know it it when you open your heart to another being what you're saying is I accept your energy for a moment when we get when we open our energy field to another being and if they open to us then we are practicing Union even though I emotionally or physically we might have some boundaries. But we opened
and in the union then we get to process some of the content that that person was caring and that's quite understandable as we just did okay you know an answer these these beautiful beings that came into your life that you're now saying goodbye to yeah there's going to be a little grief because we're letting you know that we were caring and there may be some behaviors and on the part of these other people that we need to run an energy and release that witch we've been carrying so you mentioned your UE mentioned your fingers what year your right side of the body is that which was engaged in the past
it's you know any and it's important to recognize that your fingers and hands carry with them your ability to transmit energy and we don't want to transmit that which is old business you know that what you're working
some unfinished stuff here so we're here's what I suggest you do the simplest way to handle this is to go and visit rean and look at the practices and revisit the living lock in interest actually I hear Alchemy which is bringing the Ascension energy of Resurrection renewal up the feed it circulates out the spine and goes a heart goes out the hands and out the top of the head so would you read this carefully and you consciously command that energy to flow
I came across your forgiveness section on your webpage
I've done stuff like that a little bit in the past the awesome part of it was when you use different names for people like dad daddy Mama me like you're saying that you forgive them and then also when you use your name so you use all the nicknames anything anybody's ever called you and I just started talking because something in my head stay Lisa because when I was little round around 5 everyone called me Lisa cuz my name is always spelled with one ass and then my mom had another ass that was Alyssa and I have dissociated with what had something that happened to me when I was around 5 and when I said I forgive Alyssa I just burst out crying and go let Lisa and it was like such a huge released and then I know you do it 35 times for 7 days and it's like every time I did they got free and free and free her
I think we are celebrating you you did just practice it does that raw for what I'm so we're so excited thank you write on thank you thank you for your sincere commitment you know and this is how we grow and end in more life more everything is going to be bigger better and happier love you thank you for saying yes to you my sweetheart
I love you both thank you so much money blessing today is that in this time surfing experience in this moment where you are being called to let go of the limitation to go back to where we started the beginning of the show today to Einstein right time is an illusion time exist in a 4th dimensional space where the point of origin where it comes into focus is in the third dimension thereby proving the existence of the 5th dimensional experience and here we are right here once again I don't know if we can try that again with a couple of those quotes that help us remember this that everything is energy and that is all there is to it match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality it can be no any other way this is not philosophy this is
physics and entry we can complete with that right now because the key is to remember it is our multi-dimensional acceptance that is lifting us through the distractions that are seeking to stop the full Mastery alignment you are at a moment of experience January is an experienced months in a year of choice we are two weeks away from a Mercury retrograde that will come in on the very last day of this month and ride us through February and it will be a month of presents and choice this very week let's put up that one more quick time here at the calendar the definite yes this very week again you noticed we are having a big swing coming in from our higher Consciousness spiraling in for the 20th where everything could come on fire yet we have this supportive energy of the 27th is Bridge 27th and 13th on either side
it's been a month of Wednesday energy as we hit Thursday 21st it starts spiraling out again it's going to be another big week it feels like a corkscrew and this will not stop until the full moon of the 28th and so this is the week that the universe is saying if you're ready if you're ready to fly we're ready to show you how say yes to you because the conscious evolution of your divine presence is yours to say yes to right now we have already expanded Beyond any place we've ever been before and keep saying yes to say Yes means to recognize that we've have the capacity and the need to choose right is the expression of being self-aware we're constantly choosing the question is are you choosing consciously and we invite you to invest in your Evolution to make a choice to be
to learn the healing techniques to invest Your Love In You solmonson trainings and opportunities to gather as spiritual Community there's a lot of opportunity this is the Year this is the time and we invite you to say we've said yes and we're launching a Visa and a whole up leveled crystalwood way in February get to training Sarah. Com join us and again this week if you haven't already registered either tomorrow night and you absolutely want to be there Tuesday at fold mirrors we have a big reveal coming up and tomorrow night we are living in a sended life with another profound Revelation for this this this year is going to take your attention so keep it focused on that sweet offers you the ability to thrive in the law of instantaneous manifestation of you
thank you for joining us and streams are alive to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at SRI and Kira radio. Com and check out more information extra your adopt

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