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Sri and Kira Live, January 10, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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you're alive the voice of passionate Ashley free fresh perspective to open your mind and your body. As we explore the greater meaning of your now experience bringing wisdom laughter and clarity

Namaste and welcome to Sri and Kira live here on car

bra and welcome to an extraordinary moment I want to invite you right now to just bring him to your heart this is a massive week we knew it was coming it is the first of four Peak up levels this year for this year and there is so much to share so let's dive into this incredible moment with our hands on our hearts coming together and community and saying yes because we are here right now and there's a luxaire of the energy of 2021 is indeed powerful it is a v calling us forward to recognize what has begun in 2020 and two in the mirroring of 2022 actually amplify the energy as well that you know remember we are in a profound moment so today right now the Ascension calendar is out we're going to be diving into it

what's really going on concentric dimensionality spiral time pick up levels what the heck are we talkin about including the fact that we are in a year right now but it's all about eternal life and Resurrection there is just so much happening so get into the phone line first and foremost over there at bbsradio 8886 to 76008 get in there 888-627-6008 we are going to be questions during the first hour mini sole reason we happening the second hour but if you have questions they know so if you call in and stay in The Chew but if you have a question make sure you let her producer know over there a PBS 8862 76008 and of course over at 1 to talk radio 517-208-1500 again 517-208-1500 and that's where * 5 you raise your hand and let that means hey I've got a question in guys

if you have your hand on you and you don't have a question don't raise your hand because we're trying to help us help you to show YouTube channel talk radio PBS radio and other Affiliates were picking up the street we want to send a big thank you to your ascended energy this is kind of the moment I am alive I am here I am joyful I am I am I am I am witnessing that

folded pause there for a moment I am I am aligned with my Highest Potential and I am witnessing it unfolding this addresses the fact that sometimes our memory says you have reached your Peak yet it's okay you don't know where your Peak is until you passed it and you may never pass that you make so why not watch and witness the unfolding Revelation that is your destiny as well as sharing is that there is an acceptance of multidimensional Consciousness love you to everyone that was involved overall last night when she and I were on Saturday Night Live it was an amazing experience we were so grateful to be there and really welcome and if you did not catch that last night Saturday night alive

he probably catch the broadcast are we play somewhere and not charge you to check it out method of this planet at this time thank you for that blessing and we know how hard that is it's so weird tip of the hat and and thank you so kindly for all of you that were there last night thanks thank you for joining us so I want to dive into this very moment and what better way now remember 2021 up level calendar on let's start with that so what I want to do is let's first go to I want to show this year's code so right here straight I want to go right there first to the 2021 calendar code okay this is in your calendar when you get it you can get the calendar it's available now SRI and Kira. Com it's right there on the homepage

missing your calendar but I wanted you to see this is right from your calendar is inside of it this year there are some things that shifted a little bit in the way that we read the calendar and I wanted you to see this before I pop up the January calendar so in addition to the energy codes for each month as you see below in those are the ones that have like little pictograms so those are the energy codes for this year on every single month we have notated all solar and lunar eclipses are going to be very important along with what the actual Ascension energy flow for the month is another worth is it awareness is it experience or is it twice cuz this is going to be really vital in the type of year that were in right now plus we've added the monthly ascended numerology code for the specific month the one thing I really want to bring to your attention here is down there in the bottom-right Venus retrograde deeply affected

by what will be next year's energy the Venus retrograde does not happen until December 19th this year however it is already pulling it's like a pole that is going to Crescendo that day and then Propel the 2022 and this Venus retrograde over like really explains how the concentric time has been coming and then the last thing I'm going to show you before we go outside of this supplied is that you'll notice the peak Ascension up level there are four in 2021 now that's what I find so powerful about that is that's the perfect balance before so what that means is that as we jump into these pick up levels it's like imagine before you right now there's a beautiful Valley and end the valley is gorgeous and in order to cross from this end of The Ballad of that into the valley there's four giant pillars

and they're beautiful exactly they're beautiful in there and their and they're Bountiful and they're and their illuminated and there's plenty of being there but you've got a literally hop from each one and right now taking a breath I know you're feeling it here we are in this year of the five which is all about the truth and we're getting ready to take the first week and many of you are already feeling that you already know that pillars there and you've already gotten it that you're like oh my God that is exactly right you've got to really do this and SRI I want to share the five the most I am I think that might be the one that you yes, okay so we're going to go out to order a little bit so here's the other thing since we were just talking about the five

this year is the five plus the infinite 2021 you see that 20201 so 2 + 2 + 1 is the 5 but what do you do with that zero will introduce people numerology you throw it away which is why it's so insane it is the infinite energy it is that presence of the in the absolute imperishable you this is why the zero was so revolutionary this is why the zero is so profound and we are coming out of a double infinity year so incredible is that this 20215 plus the incident is all about Mastery truce truth I'm talking about. Eternal truth that's going to really squeeze your ego it's about Revelation and wholeness through Rememberance

all seen through us all coming forward with ever greater Clarity and presents

clearly calling us to notice and pay attention to the robust and unique cycle ahead 20 21 is filled with truth breathe look at the truth is being revealed this astrology two months ago or this numerology 2 months ago ever greater Mastery through wholeness the entire year will bombard the fifth chakra and thereby R-Truth all the time what is true and what is truth what is true and what is truth

because that's really the heart of it we are at the moment where the heart of humanity is is saying I'm here what do you want me to do well I know for sure and I for us that's killing it with the Ave saw breath what is all they saw all they is the heartbeat of a context right it's it's not complete adoration that hail that recognition that's the render it is the sincerity that is the foundation of Miracle Presa that's the Ave

and so what is this song

infinite unknown because it is ever-expanding it is the release of that which would hold you back it is the opening to that which inspires continually it is the Ave at the heartbeat

as the incident availability and that's the moment were in right now what is the heart of humanity being filled with where is that heart energy right now and is it empowered because the rise in the true deception of spiritual lies ego that believes that caring love has never been stronger and it is more of his obviously why it's not stable but it's strong and it's also remember we're in the time of in line and that's not mutually exclusive to your level of Consciousness you know that's not how it works how it works is that we are in a zone of all messed that we have co-created that we chose to be in this experience right here right now

this is how it's manifesting and that through that we know that all is being in Lyon and never has it been more incredibly important and and this was the show that tree and I are tonight because it never has it been more important to accept and activate the crystalline DNA that ended heart there by holding urine lion presents everything right now is conspiring to that and just like in 2020 remember every month in 2020 with you send any more ology we had the four plus the double infinite so what does that mean meant every single month you were going to get a pound at your root chakra out farther than before

and that happened 12 times in a row this year it's sitting here it's your throat and so if you are sincerely saying yes to you your voice will be heard with Clarity and Andy incredible receptivity that that type of sincerity carries because that's where the love comes in that's where the love comes in that really empowered loved and an evasive the way that we often sure it is that it's like a propeller your heart chakra has a momentum for expansion and a momentum for Lyft

this is the first chakra in our energetic body when we are aligned with it if you used to spin as a figure 8 intersecting to figure eights there is the balanced energy that says and then there is the vertical balance energy that says or I Surrender or reach to the Divine heart beat the igniter of the ascended presence there's a poster of a Ave

and you can start working with the heartbeat

so what are the things that's happening for us all of this year as this cosmic energy is

igniting our throat chakra what is it really doing it's calling or Harmony it's calling you to harmonize what we refer to as the truth chakra so your throat chakra isn't just a numbers not just the fifth chakra of the traditional system it actually carries the energy of Truth what do you know to be true and what are you offering out into the world as truth because if you know one thing but you say something else then you are selling spin right you have an ulterior motive if you know something and you are congruent in your expression then you are quote offering authenticity I'm offering congruent that's the third part of that Miracle formula so we have that sincerity + love +

presents comes when love ignites

the authentic energy so that it can be seen and serve service comes naturally when we reside in their authenticity it's not a chore it's just an expression because it's who you are and I want to share with you another aspect here this is also from the calendar which again is now available train 2021 is the 5 but it's the five plus the internet so there by it is coming in as the five pointed star of eternal life it's actually amplifying which we did not think was possible it's actually amplifying the illuminated New Moon energy of 2021 and remember we're already in it this right now 13th will be talking about it is the first massive pick up level of the year and we just started into it and so sure it is the blue star born says it's so beautifully within the energy of the true five pointed star there is no separation

no judgement there was only the unification the understanding and your Cosmic upliftment and this practice is in your calendar what do you need to apply that's not in your calendar is that I overlaid the living off because that is what this is about look at your throat in order to fully ignite the living long you literally have the watch the presents were the head is back where everything is being offered up where the heart is fully opened and you ignite the portal of eternal life this is the living on this is that split bottom off this is not the densified on when it came into this planet and then when this is the ankh of the eternal life energy that is yours to claim and right there I put the link go to screen go to that yoga's help with tension Tab and click on the living on learn it do it every single day

that is what will sustain you throughout this month because this month is going to be all of this energy and N unless you are really clear on who you are unless you're really ready to drive in the who of you than that what is true and where is truth and and the the Small Voice that doesn't want to expand will tell you what isn't is not true very quickly is going to becomes very self-sabotaging and very robust and so you ready so we are all right so let's hear we are guys here is January number of course when you get to the calendar you're going to have all of these at once this time this year there are some things that are different meaning this month actually has the code at the top so what's with our hands to our heart and SRI are you able to read that I thought I can I can read it to me

bring your hands to your heart from the Divine directors imagine a world where with every breath and in every moment you only saw as the highest

that space what do you see and what do you choose

straight so many amazing emails and there's a couple that we want to do it to bring to this conversation today but this one is so appropriate for everything you're staring right now and send us an email to guest at stream to so this one comes from someone that a lot of you know I'm assuming he's going to let me eat I'm not going to say his name he's a beautiful soul one of our beautiful Indian listeners over in India this is such a profound sharing it brought tears to my eyes and is everything you just said so there's this subject line Phoenix as the lion dragon that is coming out of the woods and that's all capitalized all right now I must say she go home dearest Master lady Kara and wisdom teeth nursery rhyme call I greet you with the bow of respect and gratitude

it is my honor to be able to connect with you right now please allow me open with thanks for your steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust it is only because you are committed to your past that I am here today as far has been anything but easy but I am eternally grateful to have eyes in many ways I regard you both as my parents as always I turn to you today for guidance and reassurance as I trust the path that unfolds before me I first connected with you way back in 2016 when I was 14 years old it is now that I realized that my true Journey has yet to begin and has an away already begun Kira you had shared with me that I was in a five year cycle from 14 to 19 when everything would rebalance I will be turning 19 on the 13th of January 2020

I know this is a big moment for me and I'm really excited to be sharing it with you and this community last year was fascinating to say the least a lot came up and yet here I am Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes to particular things among many have to find the last few months from me and your heart

I finally stopped denying that I was sexually abused and I took steps to forgive and move on and be I made the decision to come out to some of my friends as gay

both of these things don't really important to do if I were to claim my authenticity and it was interesting how the victim energy tried to take charge of the narrative but I was able to move through that with time and hopefully I'm done with that for good and he's got two happy faces and crying faces today I seek guidance for what is before me I want to know how can I serve the highest and fulfill my purpose and Mission which is yet to entirely reveal itself I would like to request the ever-expanding gift of a mini Soul reading and call upon my guys it would also be wonderful if I can get yours and trees insights on why my dandruff has become really aggravated over the last year and what I could do to trust and love my body more through this process of release

one last question I think I already know how you'll answer this but I'm being called to move from my current home which is in Kashmir India just somewhere else most likely New Zealand I'd love to hear your thoughts on this since we are not known by our words but by our energy I hope that you see the Gratitude and the love I have for you and our community in my heart I sincerely pray that we get to meet informed soon it would only be fitting for me to close by saying I am here I am ready I am open guy Namaste thank you love

our beloved one

I don't want you to really so much happened in this email but it was when it started to me and the first thing is and I know that all of you are feeling it to this is what sincerity loving presence girls forward it calls for word miracles of the law of instantaneous manifestation and having us over get to shree and I'm at reading it on the air today that's the first piece of that is really want to acknowledge the clarity encourage that is here because the letter opens with the clarity of I'm seeking reassurance and guidance chocolate perfect who you are we all from time to time and some clarity some guidance around options about and perspectives on how to move forward and so I really love that nugget right there and then of course the sincere sharing.

able to say I feel safe enough in who I am to share my experiences with you and do my share with you my love is when you were talking about moving all I heard was yes but you need to do it soon as soon as it's not there is a future there I'm just turning in the future there may be more problems so that if you are looking to make that if you are sincerely feeling that draw Then I then yeah your guys are saying that this would be a good time to do that however all's not lost if you don't it's just that it may be different how you ride there if you want to talk about what's going on with the dandruff because of not eating because what you're talking about so many are going through right now and and what your modeling is that Phoenix as the lion Dragon coming out of the woods I mean your subject line was right there we are at the

time of Enlightenment and the current that you are modeling I am right here with my arms around you on the front line I am so proud of you beautiful being you know that you're saying yes to you the key is now to become the master we start holding our spiritual discernment and that's when Life Starts bringing lots of different experiences around us and this is right for your crown chakra absolutely you know there's an interesting overlay between the spiritual energy is an organ of elimination and the largest one matter fact so we have the classical discharge the energies that no longer service so with that in mind then consider the location of this discharge the sloughing off and it is

influence directly by your sixth chakra and your seventh chakra and starts with letting go of the past to be able to see clearly what is before you and who it is wholesome to be with

that's a blessing a big part of what that chakra offers us is the recognition between the distinction between that which is of density and that which is of spiritual Harmony the seven chakra of course is about connecting to your Divine wisdom so take a look at what's happening in your life is your being guided with more clarity you're seeing with more clarity and that which would obstruct or are your ability to expand even more is sloughing away so I want you to look at the dandruff issue a little bit is like a signal that I'm on my I'm on yes that's exactly what it's like all the things that would have held you back all the little you know going to call them to Dusty thoughts right way to work out the timing and how it makes complete sense of it's been growing because it's like you are outgassing your master

presence is coming in and when our Mouse represses comes in our body shift your things start happening to our bodies and this is that moment your sacred Union right you ask about how you can love yourself more all I'm seeing around all these beautiful day it is I mean you carry them all my love you are really the rainbow of them off I also see you dancing if you're not dancing dancing market and and so what so beautiful is that they're all saying the same thing now is the time for you to rise and as you arrived your Mastery filter will clear and you will discover before you the pathways while calling forward the gift of the depths of Who You Are

you're saying that as you are revealing to yourself the world is revealing to you and that this is the moment that you have prayed for and your prayers have been heard so I am sure that with you I got like a very deep deep deep pressure right here in the center of the heart doctor send a heart stent in heart is saying I am ready to Anchor and your body is love me more love me more and in the whole time she was sharing with you I just kept doing this really holding you know in any of us that is that is really holding the crown chakra and saying I am here I am ready I am open by me and releasing that and really receiving that and and paying attention to it they're saying that love is following you and now it's time for you to command it

and a wonderful wonderful sharing representing the truth of so many are experiencing and have a little more I want to share but first let's breathe together

are they saw right

and a smile

what is a Community member brings forward in my recognition is the need for clear

proactive forgiveness now I chose those words because Claire means I know what I'm letting go of proactive means I know where I'm going and I don't need to carry this with me there it is okay really forgiveness has nothing to do with the ACT whatever the Act was that injured you or perceived injured injury they're both are usually forgiveness is about calling back the energy that you invested in the hurt in the pushing away of the memory in the Judgment that came with it so hurt and anger judgment and denial and pushing away or all this big happy experiences that are in the past and they're just that passed so let's get your energy back to now so that there's more clarity and more capacity for joy

import Clear Choices so the in in this particular case were talking about how the organ of elimination the skin was Finding its Gateway in the areas where the greatest opportunity is is presently holding

so when but forgiveness is about expelling meaning I no longer I'm releasing that which I've been caring it's it's actually a clearing Act is sitting with forgiveness work for all of us because we all have injuries we all have judgments judgments or like a knife that slices energy and makes gives it a definition that then can go on eternally rushing you dissolve it and remember that judgment is what stops you from lifting Beyond Fifth Dimension experience you won't even be able to Anchor V with judgment because everything you're talking about brings us to concentric time but did you want to share something else

a box with some texts and you can download the Forgiveness practice whenever we are approaching a practice bring your sincerity love and presence into bearing before beginning the practice that is 3 I'm here I'm open you know I'm here I'm ready I'm open to be present be in your heart symptoms of practice and it will be effective and thorough and you will gather your life force energy back and it'll lighten up the need for other organs to work so hard GIF to you it is on the homepage extreme which is just been updated with all the things I've just been posted so yeah you'll spoil a little bit and you'll see it right there so what a perfect moment this is exactly what you're feeling now again this is also inside of the 2021 calendar that while you're visiting screen you want to get so let me explain what's Happening Here If you gaze

put that top experience that is the energy flow it is a torus field and it is what has called forward the concentric dimensionality so what's what's so phenomenal is that we spent all of our up level 2020 adjusting to multi-dimensional experience remember it was about time line adaptation through Visionary transformation that was one of those dragonfly energy and it was also about profound shift and it was also about more people Awakening then than ever before all of which has happened but in this mirror energy of 2021 for the first time when you gaze at that diagram up there what you're going to see is that there are 12 concentric independent yet related Cycles they are concentric Lee affecting the energy for the entire year

has like a cross section of a Taurus and that every one of them is a spine meaning it's one of those things that holds open that and what's happening is that this is inside of the ignited discus of Vishnu from the 8 8 Lions Gate of 2020 that was like the date that ignited where we are now that made it possible for this to even have and this is why that Rising feminine balance is so important and in the center of this torsion field is your Taurus field a few days down to bottom left but this torus field is going to demand unified presence of the masculine feminine balance within to be able to sustain the power of this spiral time concentric dimensionality squeeze on the throat this is why for many people it feels like there's a little noose around their neck right now and so in the center is that

Crow Point ignition of creation so before I talk about the Taurus field on the down the bottom I want you to gaze at those three white arrows so that Center arrow is the ignition it's showing you that this entire torus field is suspended created and generated by your open ignited Rising Phoenix energy that is your own you are literally igniting your own field inside of another field inside of another field and that is why what is the truth where is the truth can be so easily destroyed it because you're you're literally in a moment where if you are awake to see it all it's like get the popcorn and let's chat it's like the best thing you've ever experienced is going to blow your mind and if you are afraid of it or you're not aware of it you can very easily be crushed by it

this is extraordinarily incredible look at so you see the left Arrow January if you follow that's the big cycle dare you see that it's already part of everything is already unified this is already happened but to reduce it down to our linear experience in everything that is already happened to to lower the frequency as Einstein with tell us all goodness gracious what did I do tree graphic tonight that I do something. On that I thought I did well I wanted to show it to them again the energy flow 2021 energy flow right there that one yeah

nope I did something so right so let's go back to the other screen there we are so. And we have not only do we have the incredible concentric months and you saw that was pointing the January and February every set of months this year will be modeling January February March April May June July August and they're going to be a squeeze yet they are a slow there it is my love is so amazing there it is okay so you will see right here again if you look at January on the left and February on the right these two are actually happening already together and everything's going to keep him floating and coming in that way and if you see those three easy those do the green circles look and you see between May and June you see the first one there the green and then around September October and then around November December these one-sided are those are okay with those are the heart

Sonic frequencies that are going to be the amplifiers of the energy flow of this year so imagine that if you're having a hard time right now with your truth or you know people that are it's just going to be in your face more and more and more which is why the appearance of increased and enhance polarity is going to be so big and it's going to be big is going to be big because there's just no way it can't be everything is showing us that I mean everything is showing us that and I want to pop right back to the January calendar because the 13th is this week and it's in the shadow of mercury already going hey get ready because the the mirror Mercury retrograde January are going to be a ignition Cycles but this ignition cycle is actually being affected by the 13th the power of the 13 in the illuminated new

Lone Peak up level and we started talking about that a few weeks ago and the way I've been describing his eyes it's just like a boom like just a boom like a big meteor going to be like a big in your world like everything is is being celebrated all the fireworks are going off if they can be that kind of day to be a massive ignition

so the key is where are you igniting and where are you paying attention the week ahead is going to pick up level everything and I mean everything one way to understand the power of our continued excitement polarity and some activities that you're going to see in the news but the key is if you if you noticed that to come back to the heart and lift into your presence because remember there are strata that are responding your roll your job our job is to hold the ascendant energy of peace love and joy and to be in the compassionate of that

it's about creating right now everything is creating everything is creating so if you are not actively engaged with what you are create don't worry about it the universe has got you covered so the question is where is your focus where is your passion and I always am so honored when we offer mentary we Mentor everybody from people who are navigating personal times of their lives to CEOs of major corporations and the blessing is that when we get to that moment of our own Divine empowerment when we get to that moment of saying yes to who we are then our presence makes a difference for the rest of us in the mentoring is that most of the people that we have connected with not all but a lot of them are really wanting to do the work but then they don't

so we may make agreements and then two weeks later those agreements haven't happened and if there's always a good reason so the question is where is your steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust give me an example and and and Justice Just as an example and it's not meant to be anything other than an example right but yesterday was one of those days where our day started at 6 a.m. and literally did not stop until midnight last night literally where we had to food breaks that were 30 minutes each and I shared only because we were vitally movies for the day it was productive a locked iPhone there's a lot that needs to get done that's Quantum time capacity on a Time capacity is when the inspiration is coming through you so profoundly that it is absolutely sustains the field

and when we let ourselves disconnect from that when we let the distractions come in when our ego says I really want to know it's going over on over here what's going on over there does that really serve your highest because the key is that's what you're creating right now we are all in a massive creation cycle and its expansive and it's outrageous and remember of course things are looking strange and wild and oh my God I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime or any Lifetime right the reason that's happening is because we're Beyond where we've never been before we are all writing the book together so how do you want this thing to be written that's the power we are all wielding but there's many out there that have no idea how to wield it or what honestly the fourth dimension was the best is those that are just awake enough to be easily manipulated to wield it in ways that they don't even know what they're doing

and that their ego will will help them stay stuck with all of it perfect for this moment because all that needs to be out there how can we really expand all is not in front of us and for those of us whose Journey it is in this lifetime to be the torch bearers of Consciousness then this is our moment to be the torchbearers of courtship of Consciousness because the amount of density distraction in harmony with how we have chosen to be in this moment is right now in the power of the 13 literally why is it sending numerology back on the planet why did Helena blavatsky appear before me and an offer free and I are the codes of a baster why have the ascended masters been around us now for over 20 years why is all this happening right now

breathe out in its right now send it to morology the ancient numerology of the Magi and the Espionage and the essene is the system of 13 digits it is the infinite + 12

and when all of the things of Dogma came in things got truncated because God forbid you knew you were turn on nature God forbid you knew how powerful you were and SO2 e Luminate the presence of the 13 is profound and it is not an accident that in this particular timeline what is going to be one of the most profound pick up levels of the year it is the igniter it's that first jump on to that first post we talked about earlier today it's on the 13th it is a call is it the cold truth and it is a call to the action of your empowered Mastery presents to stand and say I am I remember to live your life at the very top I'm just going to put up one more time so that we can all read it because it's not important and then please go get your own calendar to imagine a world

wear with every breath and in every moment you only sought each be as the highest potential of there being for the lifetime taking a breath

you know it's as simple as if you want to be awake be with those who are awake and then see everyone is awake because when we are connecting with our star Consciousness instead of our brain our presents with others creates the harmony of Consciousness and in the harmony of Consciousness we know the truth give you a quick example of that a few weeks ago I was talking with someone who introduced mentioned somebody else and I was like wait a minute I got to meet this person I know this person just turning your name activated something inside of me and when is person and I finally got together and we as we just a few days ago it was over here is our Consciousness a tardy come together the agreements were already there we were just pulling them out of her Consciousness and bringing them into form because it had the same experience

this is the moment we're in where the invitations come out the connections come in spiral time spiral time pay attention to what circling around you and what is circling back and what is circling out spiral time is now forever you know what there's that pattern again what's different now is the level of empowerment that you carry Consciousness spiral you have an opportunity to witness that quote from the Divine directors me to lend the energy so that this time around is of the highest

that whatever is Cookie for you is evolve into a greater more a beautiful expression it's not about all I having to do that again it so I'm getting to do this in my Highest Potential in the highest weight

right because you

what are the things that come around for Kira and I is the recognition that this year of Mastery choice is also about calling forward your capacity to be a healing presence and your capacity to Anchor in your enlightened bastari right as so what became very clear for us to bring this Consciousness into the avesa balancing modality is The Incredibles way to for anybody to experience the ascended state to integrate that energy into the now and when this first came forward through the grace and blessing of Madame blavatsky some years ago it was indeed

from the level of Consciousness and the expansiveness that is now it's not just a gift it's an essential tool or sustain your highest vibrational capacity to see yourself at the highest means I am residing in the ascended State and that the evasive balancing opens the gateway to that is send a state so that it may be integrated into your tissue memory and it may cause the mind about five years since we talked this live and we were very clear at that time that our teachers were to continue to work and that they were the ones who keep it going and since the new year it is been very clear that because of the energy frequencies and because of the crystalline energy that have opened up that it is the time for 3 and I and we are going to be teaching you live Tucson

raise in February get in there now you'll get the current home study and all of that plus 3 and I really calling in training you in person live interaction from our Atlantean healing chamber and that's just the beginning we have put out an entire year will be absolutely say yes to those that are ready because this is the year and we're putting out the challenge in front of you right now what are you willing to do to stay focused this year because this year is going to do everything I can to claim as many as possible and for those of us that are awake for those of us that are climbing higher Consciousness and you know and I have been very very slowly the way I just drive down there last night was we've been on a 10-year walk about you know we're very very slowly kind of Dipping back into the mainstream and

Stillwater reasons why we stayed out and the gift is not an it was so beautiful is to see it all from the way we are able to experience it now and 2in to really pay attention to it. The voice of higher frequency Consciousness is the moment at hand we are awake we are where we are having conscious experience we are making conscious choices and thereby we are seeing a conscious positive momentum and shift and our ability to hold our Mastery and to really stay in the ascendant presents where you can actually giggle at what you see I'm not saying it approves it I'm not saying things right with I'm just saying you can at least be so acutely aware of what it is that you are Consciousness really first honest Solutions you want to help solve it open your consciousness

but we will get you there if you want to expand your Consciousness number one open up your base of heart at the very least learn the evasive balancing protocol so that you understand how to not offer this energy to yourself you can offer it to others you can be certified as a practitioner you can you become a teacher later on if you want so give yourself a gift learn about it and if you've ever taken the evasive balancing program you can join us to 50% off its really get the updated experience and the energy and the tomb is that we're going to be offering so we're very excited to do that and the year ahead is amazing this year is yours to claim anchor presents that you are and to be of highest the highest possible servicenow Consciousness to humanity

unique experience before you we put together three different Journeys for the year and you know if you give yourself a gift and it all begins tomorrow night tomorrow night right once again you know how we will be completed in December we were all Bynes loan get ready for it to continue oh my goodness gracious less than one living that ascended life is all about releasing the Dogma to claim the Divine Mastery and when we get together tomorrow night I have not read the whole thing I only touched into the first page already mind blown we ignite tomorrow join us for Monday magic if you were serious if you want to really Break Free why not join with amazing Community where she and I are able to interact with you live take your questions and really. This is a big year this year matters unlike any other

never matters what are you willing to do what are you going to do and you know straight I want to say that one things I know that everyone is living here is flourishing it is incredible and I bought some cigarettes and who's here who's really championing The Violet do more she has really set up an incredible experience down there. Months now and Bria of course I want to see another amazing film coming in from her and of course the net is stepping up in the kitchen and just finding her way and there's lots of joy and love down there so what happening here with our on-site Community more on-site community members getting ready to join us in the next 60 days I believe maybe sooner so a lot going on here at tosa and we have last week with everyone and some of our guests that are still here Newell and resurrection that Phoenix energy that is here that has merge

have the Phoenix power is yours to harness but not control harness means I put it on I take it in to control is an act of the mind which is not required to do what we're here to evolve and to do it so I tell you what we have a film to share powerful because last week we were in charge D on the morning of the 7th which was the day after the eruption in the United States and so we found that to be very profound you're very very blessed because this film also contains the toning that was happening there and so really give yourself the gift this is up a beautiful film and thank you Brianna for putting it in compiling it we're grateful so we'll see you in just a few moments and remember you want to call in right now 88627 getting that q88 627-600-8517

1500 we get back with a lot of Sarah on the phone lines

we are at a beautiful time to become more fully that which we are in the world eat the worldly vocabulary the teachers healers and actually you somewhat Travelers in biblical times in before the energy of the essene the SE na are the cosmic Masters that took an Act of service to Consciousness to humanity is represented that service is a way of expanding the light for the entire planet in body really say yes to embody Your Divine in Lion meant as your Enlightenment you're in Lyon bent is the

where are the master oversoul that has patiently just been hanging out because that's why you're here that's actually the priority is to come into the conscious awareness of why you are here that is the moment of the Mastery of the yoga self Ascension when you come into conscious awareness as to why you are here and the master oversoul says all are we going to do this dance and comes right in and that's the ultimate sacred Union of the Soul Boolean body the master because we have the courage to say yes to it because we have said yes to who we truly are and

you're the lights Denver Namaste beloved wine and welcome to a very special place here at tosa Blue Mountain this beautiful Master Atlanta and healing chamber it is a room that shree and I dreamed about it was the room that when I first walked through the door the first time where it honestly felt that there was a bolt of violet lightning that came out of the wall and was like I had hit a trip switch and this is where she and I are going to be so blessed to be meeting with you la high for the first time and I don't even know how many years we have been called to teach Personal Taste of balancing and energy healing and that's coming right up in February and then if you want to go further we are going to reveal to the world we've been told it 2021 is the time

will be teaching the crystalline Atlanta and chilling chamber this is the year 2021 is such a powerful moment and that's you connect with all the beauty and love energy that is paused see this beautiful Shiva Shakti is in the center of our altar in the healing room and that this is the moment this is the moment to say yes that are steadfast commitment that is a picture of shree and I from 2004 are steadfast commitment are focused awareness in our complete trust knows this is the year that if you are ready then we are ready to do it with you and so we are going to be relaunching all of our programs updated with the energy that has burst right now the concentric dimensionality the spiral time be with us when we call forward the navigating the inner Ray and a violet recognition unlike any other

and then we will move into the ignited golden ray because sneak preview next December we will open the diamond Ray during new year as you connect with everything that you're seeing here please off of yourself the gift go to stream we have so much that is coming so weird right now and take a moment and your heart receive the tall ones that we play at the song of your soul during the Crystal Inn at Lani and healing chamber where we literally record so that this divine presence stays with you we are Masters and we are all healers we only need remember a basa we know that you know you are right by

this is a powerful moment to be at hope she has a day where humanity is fighting for the school today in Dari Smith and here we are and she tell you if there's ever been a moment for us who we are so it was it's the history of your father's she would pick up 1015 rocks and these rocks for your family's Rock and that's why he's helped me understand is this next part of the wall and all of this those are the family history those are the libraries of those family and they would use the rocks and made because the Rocks thing and breathe and speak to them these would go on for a generation like a touchstone to help them remember the stories

because the rocks are there history

razza Pizza

Namaste beloved ones and welcome back I hope that you're feeling still as much as I am that extraordinary energy from that beautiful chobdee experience and I'm just so grateful that that was videoed and that we were all able to receive the blessing of that town and I'm hoping you were toning as well that beautiful beautiful sacred area that we recently uncovered one of the guests that I'm praying you connected with when you saw it in the video on disturb these sites are such a blessing to be there with our groups and it was just such an honor to go there that day at the very beginning of that video you saw a photograph that was taken of all of us at one of our dear friends and Indigenous Kenyatta how's this beautiful authentic area where they they made us this beautiful life and it was that glorious moment of standing in the Andes and breathing and V

having the gift of being in these types that have not been overrun by tourism and that to be there in person until you saw when you when you hold these you feel this is it was like when you and I went to the crop circle you know how many years ago we were Guided by Arcangel zadquiel we years prior to it had under trance I drew of a crop circle and there was a whole informant that came with it that said that if the time it arrives we would actually done with this crop circle is manifesting what we would do there and lo and behold that happened and then you would go to crop circle there was a distinct difference between a crop circle that I've been there even three days which the first one we went to is 3 days old and it was virtually Dead 2 wand that is a mediately which we were blessed to do the blessing of sacred sites around your aspect

that is eternal and knows the downside is that wants to become popular is bendy magnetized a bit it withdrawn from use it as a garbage dump the people before them just raped at they took every artifact that they could put in a truck and sold it and so the land hit and appreciate it and thereby it is it is here now one of our honors is to be the custodian of these teams that come up the rise from it

turn up to us beautiful Keeper of the cosmos well what we are I think we should be able to have excavated Enough by the time we get to the March is we have found a matching structure to what you saw there at our property line and we are beginning and it's going to be an interesting excavation but we are going to try and have that opened and and that is the gift what's happening is that what is spiraling it is no accident that SRI and I happened to be blessed that the mountain called us here to be the keepers of this mountain as the Kenyatta play as well in this time because this is the moment where the temple had to be revealed but there is more how many more temples are being revealed that's the blessing and it begins with you revealing the Temple of you and that's the enlightenment that is remember what is the choice energy and remember it's Choice energy that is calling open the Phoenix

which means the strength of that choice so the Phoenix is coming up out of the ashes as a lion dragon

really feel that slow you don't feel yourself perhaps you've been through that sets fire how many of us have been through The Inferno this past year I know I've been through The Inferno how many of us have been on fire and at every level because everything's been on fire around you so everything had to ignite again what have you done with that fire or are you letting it rage because while the fire is Raging the Phoenix cannot be born

Phoenix is born of the ash

Phoenix is born of that which has transmuted and is had that moment

where are the infusion of life is from the Mastery Consciousness that calls for word the reassembly of the ash as the awakened fiend with the empowered lion as the head the wisdom The Lion energy is the head

and the dragon as the one who is basically inviting the Phoenix 2 guide

with an extra set of wings it's a very powerful year it really is and it's your truth plus the infinite and the Phoenix is the incident that's that's incredible pizza but you know it kind of brings me to a pause it's just like everything happens when we stand in the non-reactive heart-centered witness of what is unfolding and and that is the Alchemy of the energies interacting with your Consciousness and what you know we all have Journeys we all have subjective call it experiences because we have positional points of you and so each of us will find the way that these Expressions these energies are expressing in our life and what's a rising 4 resolution what's a rising 4 renewal what is being resurrected what is keylink we all have those discussions the key is to understand

this is a gift and you have the opportunity to be with it consciously and in the Consciousness comes the empowered Choice there it is again in the consciousness of power choice I just thought that was fabulous straight we are the phone lines are open house at 886 to 76008 and 86 to 76008 might be. When is talk radio and we're going to say hi to the United Kingdom United Kingdom Namaste welcome

hello hi sweetheart like more near the repair and what's going on

can you play do you know who I left it if I missed it like find one thing one place it's just jumping from one thing to another room what do I do I need to pay Hines

remember the feeling defensive it the light somewhere in the mix up is

Pelican Island Titans

first and foremost I just want you on behalf of the entire Crystal and realm we have our arms and braced around the entire United Kingdom and all of you who are on this beautiful island who are carrying ascended Consciousness right now the work you are doing in that part of the planet is so profound said of course it's going to shake you to your core before your power and your steadfast commitment and you're focused awareness and your complete yes you can and you are doing it you absolutely know it's the time and I'm looking at you and they keep calling you her queenship I'm feeling this very heavy energy on your crown and I'm inviting you to sit just a little straighter I am to my back actually first and and I'm feeling this huge energy around you

lifted my feet my legs are tight together and I've lifted them up as one unit and they're suspended off the floor my hands are up and they're saying receive that which is beyond for which is the Divine moment where you can relax all that seeks to take you away from your truth exhale with relaxation and stress that it is absolutely okay to fully remember pull into this lifetime Stand Tall smile and say that it is this freedom of your Consciousness that is the ultimate protection and will guide you and as I'm sure this with you I'm feeling very heavy bands of energy right where my wrist hits right here where it hits my hand especially in my right hand as I'm holding it up and then it's like I'm doing this they're staying balanced

it's like I'm watching my eyes it's like balance balance balance the energy and they're saying that you are ready and just remember to keep it in balance and then I'm watching you get like a panic attack and they're saying and when that happens take these two hands and balance the Senate this practice they just taught you you're going to want to watch this again and so is everyone else to get this practice thank you for bringing it hard for all of us do this often and when you're feeling it bring it and the other hand I heart receive fries




is it your moment stay here in this knowing and and wow let it be amazing Just Let It Go and Let it Be and so it is thank you my angel I love you so much

oh so much thank you thank you forgive me I need my back and my back how's your spine how's your spine

all right let's go up that practice and this is hard what's going on with this is so sincerely I'm asking my spine right now is saying yeah let's activate more so so what just happened was and again do UK and I think we all should should really give about everyone who's on the island right now everyone is on that island earnings are profound and will affect the planet and that's every country is if the way that they're doing it right now it's getting very small and very into going to really take our recognition of those who are doing the work like our collar and look at the blessing and that recognition we're all just given that incredible Attunement were going to have to breathe

cut that out make sure we get that out as a practice all right but let's go over to looks like online we have Consuelo from Chicago first-time caller

Hi how are you we are loving you hi honey turn down your

triple nervous right now

we can take a brass we're glad to be with you

I didn't want me to say thank you for everything that you guys do I recently had a spiritual ritual and the name is our I came in to me and I I told I told you I told someone I told your face and I don't know I don't know what that meant and I just like being here listening to you guys and

I don't know I just don't think that you want to say to me

I want to tell you first of all how much I love you you are like my heart is melting because this is your moment we're supposed this is supposed to happen they're saying that what you are now aware of is that you don't have to doubt anymore that everything is seen everything you're remembering everything your knowing this is your time and I'm like I'm so honored I don't know what to say cuz you're so beautiful and the world is still just be you say yes to you and and God I'm just like until I can hold you it's like oh no we could all that you guys like I just love you so much and so just keep saying yes to you because you're ready and you're not crazy you are very very aware so

thank you so much I thank you for everything that you do oh my God I do when I reach what I was doing it was just telling me that I need it I need it in my life

I don't know exactly where that freeze your heart and the only thing that you need to hear is how much I love you that the Universe has you babe there's like this huge massive energy that's right behind you right now and it's like we got you got you

I am here I am ready I am open hide me and you're saying yes amazing and I'm really honoured so thank you so much I'm so glad you called in

thank you thank you so much thank you for everything that you like them thank you we love you sweetheart thank you I hope you're all feeling that as much as we are this is the gift of that Mastery truth earlier and I do want to share one other letter stray because there was another letter that came in and it was just it just touched me so deeply and so touch me because it really is another one of these just like this caller is what reminded me of this letter and I want to make sure I read it is paying attention to everything beautiful community and again you can send us your letters to guest at stranger radio. Com

lion Dragon Phoenix synchronicity and I just find it really great so you ready sit back start sipping how do you shrink Trinity I love turning into your YouTube videos I sync up with what you put out weekly and I'm always in amazement with the synchronicity and the present awareness that comes through but this week old buddy I'm reading for betta okay first off to set the scene has my body is sprawled out on the couch and the other half of me is just like free flow all over the floor half-closed munching away and I'm here just a talking and interacting with your videos like we're just casually having brunch and y'all can hear me yeah I'm loving our brunch okay so I just loving this right so I'm watching a video you put out recently and I'm watching it and first you mention the Lion energy and I'm like

yeah Robin the lion and liron type energies I have a colorful lion Mosaic on my somewhat of an altar space side table this drawing just randomly came into my life as a gift from my little brother in law unexpectedly and it just happened to be there on the table then you're like that dragon energy to though right and I'm thinking well that's pretty cool because I also have a wooden Dragon figure on my table that I love to feel the wisdom and strength of the dragons from and I also was randomly just given this item

I hate this time from a friend who I thought I could do something with it and again it over on overtime ended up on that side table and then capital letters you mention the Phoenix and I'm like no way I have the three large abstract paintings of fiery red oranges and yellows over that side table that were found by my dad and give it to me to do something artsy with I was going to continue the theme and do something fierce Riesling and expressive on it like dragons or Phoenix's so at this point it's all just hitting me that all these things came into my life so effortlessly so casually so perfectly just like me watching your video and perfect Divine timing to show me and to reflect to me my true


our true power to live my truth stoically and courageously with the grace of the lion to be The Alchemist with the transformations of the hold all with an open hand and to remember what is true with the wisdom of the Dragon thank you for listening for simply existing and being you for playing all the different characters in The Amazing game of light and then she has this beautiful white language for some extra empowerment sincerely this crazy magic a little mofo and I want it I'm going to show you her pictures here let's see this is the best I can do it's on my iPad I don't know if you can see it but it's what did I just do

next and this is the dragon and the lions in that frame and loved his entire this is Amanda

so I just wanted to share that with all of you because this is what I see the best looking her that the best picture we love you honey so this is what we're about this is what this is about celebrating and say yes to who we are and spiral time and that was spiral time look at all those things that came back to you that you've been preparing for spiral time over here when the stock radio so let's say hi

hello Namaste welcome angel

Namaste oh my goodness I can't believe this has happened I have been literally waiting for this moment I had to call in today to reach out and it's like it was my playlist on an honor to be here and you both speak right now glad to be with you I just wanted to say since I actually sent out I left you a message on your website to call you just reach out I am done since I came back from my first trimester University I have been soul searching for something I had this to keep it was your channel and I'm sounding breakfast right now because I'm taking a bath by just this particular moment it's amazing

it is done. I just I'm I have this feeling I remember when I was 14 years old and I remember I used to fuel cell in touch with the universal sign for a long time I thought of you guys help me remind myself and was really ready to hear and listen and I'm so grateful for this moment and I'm I'm just an hour and I was just going to fix it

first weekend and I just I first went use fists of I I'm just so overwhelmed and meet you I'm just like loving you I'm like all you are a lot of bubble I'm just like all I feel you are like I feel like you were in the middle of this beautiful Lotus and that were in the like in that beautiful part in the middle and all the other pedals like we're having his private little meeting in the middle of the lotus and everything is fine if you is Radiance your eyes are radiant your energy field is radiant your body is trying to align and illuminate so that you can really see where they're giving me is relaxing to receiving that which you are without the resistance it's like they're saying come into that come into that center of the lotus stay there and received this

everything around you is like new life New Life New Life New Life New Life new life everything around you is forcing right now and paste and I mean that love that cannot be ever taken away because it comes with a presence that generates Miracles you're a miracle generator and you're stepping into that capacity and that's why we're here now that's why you found this channel that's why we are connecting beyond that that's why you're in the UK big work and so you're one of those beings that the Universe tapped on the shoulder and says hey we need you now right until we're going to open some doors for you and that's because you're so beautiful thank you for being on the planet

thank you. Thank you both so I have an immense amount of love for you and I can just feel it in my heart and in my in my gut I just I just wanted to really let you guys know. Thank you for being in just doing what you do. I am so grateful to be in this moment with you by

thank you so much

yeah that University and keep going there is nothing you need to conform to let the let the game come to you we love you thank you what's the weather of Oprah's oh my gosh haha all right this is the gift right this is not surprised moment look how this community look when we get together what happened how you feeling right now right this is also the blessing of hanging out for the second hour this is what I always like to call Family hour and it's another reason why you want to be with us tomorrow Monday Dodge resume tomorrow

I can't hardly wait if you have not registered yet to shrink era. Com register you need to register even if you were with us last year you've got to register it's a new year you got to get in there so make sure you're registered you're welcome to register for the whole series or just grab one participation Terriers test the waters or speak to start conversing in ascended language and with folks that are holding this frequency we are feeding hungry people and helping those without homes and we really appreciate your love and your presence and knowing that there are ways to relieve pain and you know that's the gift of clinical Linda and so please you know know that that your donations for Monday magic matter as of your donations for the calendar get to grab the calendar

I will be referring to it on the show during the entire year so really help if you have your own coffee you cure a raw has brought through so many amazing potent and accurate information and the love and energy she poured into the calendar for this year is is phenomenal by an invite you to connect with it to get your own coffee and invest in the ink and print it out

beautiful the artwork alone will activate something within you are you I just invite you to take advantage of that and also to remember that we are in an interactive service all of us and that as you offer a shock the exchange of weather is $2 or $2,000 doesn't matter what it is is it active hearts that has been shared with those that need that reassurance of support and will together we are absolutely 2021 is going to be about healing the heart and that's going to really bring us into that beautiful Equinox in March and end in the week of the 13th again it's going to be this week it's the 13th which is going to be a massive it's just like an ignition.

ignition and so the 13th is going to be this illuminated New Moon up level literally in the shadow of the first Mercury retrograde preface but it will reverberate as it enters into that pretty face of mercury this is going to be a very powerful time this week what happens this week takes us to the end of the month and that's important to know as well remember look at that full moon on the 28th now and want you to pay attention 13th you'll notice you see the cycle that were in right now look at the following Wednesday the 20th this is a day where everything is come together you got converging Cycles in the energy of the peak up

is picking up steam this is going to be another watch day is going to be January 20th so again this is the moment imagine everyone in their highest the creator of your Divine amazing presence and that's what's happening today or going to invite another to buy amazing wife and we'll go to line for and say hello to Laurie from California

how are you how are you sweetheart you're encouraging need to know that I did so

wondering how that all let's see how the year left but a lot of Love Actually last year

and let's let's bring your hands to your heart and this is part of the Mastery that many are going through right now you are not alone and you are really going through an energy of Mastery Journey which is to own your Mastery presents to the depths of your soul there by being able to see the highest in all experience so that you may continue to evolve anchor and be the highest of your experience

that is what your higher self wants you to hear and when I can share with you is that this beautiful being is presenting themselves very very tall with like this white lights like a call to Vail but it but it's beautiful as it's like a Scarface that's white over the head but it has this big silver like like band that's holding it and I'm not seeing much more form other than face and then receiving what you just heard and and the final message as right up here in my crown is just being like really like wow like big spiral energy that it is time for you to really say yes to you and that you let you're enjoying the collapse and that you need a source that because it's not the truth of who you are yet it is the you that is currently experiencing and the reason you are here now is because you know that

and now you're ready to harvest the jewel of that and so it is thank you so much for being here today we love you so much honey

Namaste Namaste how do you know where in one of those moments there's a lot of energy here there's a lot of energy how many connections that is life meaning the engagements that we have set into motion already will call to you and whether it is a level of Consciousness that you used to propel something is to almost like a contract like this not the right word it's just it with it we propelled something and now it's coming back and now I'm reading that from another level of Consciousness so life will call to you

coming back to the foundation of your ascended state of being the heart is your foundation

and as a foundation you build from their Divine wisdom

Rises up or becomes present as we foundational lies the piece that is love love does not exist without peace as we anchor peace in our own Hearts were able to move into compassion for all that is which is a different understanding of love because of the worldly sense of that and so when I sent you many many connections what I'm referring to is throughout your day do you have a Post-It note on your computer screen do you have some Post-it notes over or other reminders around your work space or your home cuz we need to call ourselves back frequently

and whether it's looking out the window and looking through the clouds in the sky and then look beyond the clouds in the sky and connect to the energy of the cause most and call that is or whether it's using your breath and taking three or four for clearing breast coming right back in the present time and not allowing the distraction and diversionary energies to dominate your day I have it as a mouse pad in front of us right both versions we really do what we met years ago specially I feel like I am here I am ready I am open.

it really guided me for non-dogmatic lines that will take you to your Mastery I am here I am open and when we do that with the auto saw breath we are sending a clear signal to the universe that we are igniting our send it there by we are expanding our Consciousness by we are able to have a greater experience of are manifested co-created That's the Law of instantaneous manifestation by loving yourself and that love of yourself love yourself more love yourself more

about you did it right concentric

because the love of the self and I'm talking about your ascended self brings forward the energy of trust trust is the Gateway energy that allows us to Transit the seemingly unknown spaces the seeming void and it's ice a seeming with an emphasis on once you Transit it it you'll remember it however when we first step in there is a moment where were called upon to trust and Trust deed ascended love

so beloved ones if you know we could say hi to one more call

where we going we're going to win this talk radio

hi we're going to speak at


High connections to have to say goodbye I'm sorry we love you almost out of time and we couldn't hear with all of the static so we're just going to wrap our arms around everything we needed to do together is happening right now so that this is really a moment remember the weakest head and my crown won't stop calling guys really pay attention the week ahead is a profound new moon illuminated Peak up level on the 30 in a moment where the ascended process the incident presents the digit experience of wholeness is being exploded and is coming in the shadow of the ignition of the first pre-phase of the first Mercury retrograde of the year

so everything that happens this Wednesday and Thursday is really inviting you to stay here invite your Mastery to be that I'd love yourself enough to know what are you creating right now ignite your divine inspiration say yes to the higher self because the higher experience of all is yours to call forward by singing in yourself and thereby holding it for all the January calendar for the full year is out please go to shrink your. Com grab the calendar look through it and join us for Monday magic tomorrow night we're so excited living this ended life and told me this Tuesday I have a very high-profile guests for conversation big show this to say you want to be sold as well we love you with all of our heart and may you know that all is truly well

big breath in

Namaste namaste

thank you for joining us as screen Carolina to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3 and Kira. Com

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